Coordinator seduced

Let me tell you a story of a girl trapped in corporate world. 
Ridhi Shukla was a girl who belonged to Kanpur settelled in Pune. She had a younger sister, one yournger brother and father in family. Ridhi was aged 27 in prime of her youth who had lost her mother 10 yars back. she suddenly became the head of family as her Father was retired Army officer and was alchoholic. Ridhi joined a small company as a office assitant and had a salary of 12 thousand. her Sister was studying in college and brother in oth standard. She used to get up early cook food for all, Pack her lunch and go to job which was very demanding.. every one used to shout on her and at around 7 pm she would leave for home. Her sister did not take any responsibility of house and often complained of food, clthes she did not have and other things. Her father gave Rs.15000 per month out of pension to her and rest he kept for his drinks and small luxeries in life. he would often go out of station with his retired friends to camp and enjoy life, basically to ru away from his responsibilities.
She was running this life the same way untill one day she decided to post an advertisement in marriage site.
She came across a person called Yash whom she liked very much. Yash was handsome boy aged 34, who was rich and had lot of powerful friends. Yash met Ridhi and understood her problems in life immidiately. Unfortunately Ridhi got busy with her work and after two meetings she could not meet yash more often.Her Sister was having an affair with a family friend son and wanted to get married. With lot of difficulty, The family managed to get her married. Now Ridhi was all alone with a younger brother. 
One Day Ridhi called for her companies work to Yash office and came across yash on phone. Yash recognised her immidiately. he spoke to her solved the issue she was facing and the reminded her that he was the same guy she was seeking to get married. Ridhi apologised and asked about him for which Yash replied he was already married. He wished her luck and told her to call him when ever she needed help. 
Ridhi’s salary was now 15,000 and wanted a higher salary and easy Job. One day when pressure in office took toll on her she called yash asking for his help. Like all women she spoke a lttle about his life and her life and then said, can you help me find a good job. I am tired of working in this small company. Yash smartly after asking her some questions was able to assess that this gorl wanted a high slaary job and was desperate for one. Yash had many powerful and rich friends who owned small pvt ltd companies. Yash tried remembering Ridhi vital stats,
34, 28, 36.. not plump not thin, fair… avg features, killer ass behind her modest salwar, one could see contours as she walked, medium hair, lovely full ripe lips. Yash that night imaged how Ridhi’s pussy (CHUT) would be… hairy he though… all these old fashioned girls who did not have time had hairy Pussies.. he though. She was definately virgin. Yash decided this was an opportunity he would grab and called his friend Mohit for lunch. He sms d him
Mohit.. there is a virgin pussy (Chut) waiting for us… we will enjoy the hunt. Come for lunch tomorrow at palace hotel
At 1.30 Mohit owner of Fizzsoft Pvt Ltd entered palace hote with bulge in his pants.  Yash narratted him entire story.. Mohit heard him well and then asked. What do we get in this.. 
Yash Replied, we get a desi, innocent, ripe girl and we enjoy seducing her… Imagine mohit… She wers cheap cotton panties and bra.. she has not seen a Big Penis for life… Imagine.. how it will be when we strip her.. imagine… think of how it will be when we shave that Virgin pussy(Chut). Mohit smiled and said.. ok I m in… when do we start.. Yash said let it be a gradual set up.. we need to trap this bitch in such a way that there is no way out. Mohit agreed and said he could employ her in his company as first step.. he gazed at Ridhi’s photoes and then said… it will be great fun. 
Yash told ridhi to send her resume and then waited for 15 days … Ridhi had a strong work load in month ends and thats the time when she was in extreme pressure.. meanwhile she politely agreed ato meet yash for coffee and during the time she met.. she noticed yash looking at her hands… bosom and face as they conversed… Ridhi blushed and smiled when Yash praised her nature… her resolve and said.. she was beautiful and intelligent.. She like the conversation and that night when she was about to sleep at around 11. She got an SMS from Yash. Good night … Ridhi smiled. She was aroused by the fact that someone was remembering her for the first time in her life.. With shivering fingers she broke a rule in life (never to respond to advances of guys)..she wrote good night sir.
Yash smiled and said how are you and the sms exchange started   Slowly Days passed and ridhi now had someone she trusted. she spoke of her office issues home issues and almost everything except sexual desires. She did not have any. she did not think about it ever as she was burdened with responsibilities. One day she had a big issue in office and yash called. on phone she pleaded yash for a job saying… she cannot work in a company where there is no respect. Yash smiled. He added fuel to fire and told her… he will organise a job for her.He asked her to come and meet mohit.Company name fizzsoft salary 25000 and lot of benifits but she also would need to travel. Ridhi said she had to come home every day by 9 pm as she had a younger brother for which Yash said think about it. its only 10 day a month max and she will earn good money in travel as fizzsoft is a large company.
He asked her to take leave and come in some modern dress. Ridhi wore jeans and shirt, Her boobs and ass (Gaand) were looking great. She walked in chappals to meet mohit. Mohit put on his camera to show yash the video later. HE looked at her resume and asked her
Whats your name and tell me something about yourself Ridhi politely answered all the questions. 
Mohit said in end. I want some one who is ambitious and can do anything to support company. I pay for overtime but work has to happen. Ridhi said she had no problems working late but had to go home due to family responsibility. Mohit said.. he would try cooperating but wanted commitment and hardwork. Ridhi agreed. Mohit asked when can you join. Ridhi replied in 1 month. Mohit said fine. you need to come to Goa for induction programa d you need to sign an agreement that you will continue working with Fizzsoft for next three years. Ridhi agreed not knowing she was getting into a bad trap.
Ridhi was very pleased and called yash immediately. Yash acted very happy and said. mohit is a great boss and his good friend and he would be in goa when she joins. he teasingly asked ridhi what about my party for which ridhi said when ever you want. Yash asked her to meet him nearby from where they would go to some hotel. Ridhi was very pleased and wanted to thank yash. she agreed. Yash came in his car and ridhi put her middle class bag behind. Yash was admiring her charm as she spoke to him exited about interview. Yash asked her to open her chappals and relax in car. which she did. Yash admired her bare feat. they were slightly rough around edges due to house chores.He said. they could drive and eat at a dhaba and come back. Ridhi did not feel awkward and called her home saying she would reach home by 9 pm. They began to drive and yash midway stopped to buy her pizza from pizza hut and sprinkled some sexually exiting drug along with soft drink. 
The drug in half an hour would act in a unique way. make her drink more drink and giver her urge to urinate. with every passing motion she would get a tinging sensation on her pussy… her nipples her ass hole and her navel. her boobs would bulge a little and her heart beat would increase. She would sweat around her armpits and feel hot. All yash had to do was drive her quickly out of city and then on high way kind of road. watch her depict these symptoms. Yash had decided he would seduce this bitch and seduce her to limit where she would have to break her decency wall and go through torture of humiliating herself in her own eyes. Only that would give yash the pleasure he wanted.
He had stacked drug laced 2 cola bottles to keep ridhi busy.
Ridhi was enjoying the ride and was speaking to yash about interview and asked him where were they going. Yash said you will love the place. its just 30 kms from here .. ridhi drank all the coa and eat some pizza. she loved it. In her life she had never eaten anything without cooking and hotel outings were rare and expensive. after about 15 minutes. Ridhi felt some strange sensation her bladder was full and there was a slight burning sensation on her pussy lips, she secretly tried rubbing it over her jeans and then slowly began to sweat. she felt her throat dry and asked for some cola. which yash gave her. she emptied some in glass from massive 2 litre bottle and offerred Yash who said he was driving and asked her to enjoy the drive. Ridhi began enjoying the ride and drinking cola but her bussy and slightly sore nipples kept her glued on her body. Ridhi was now sure that she wanted a leak but how. there was nothing in sight. she asked yash how far was the place and yas grinned and said 60 kms. Ridhi angryly said she thought it was 30 yash said dont worry i ll drop you by the time you have to reach home. Ridhi was now sweating. her pussy was burning and she felt anymore control would mean she would urinate in his car. She slowly asked yah to stop the car and said she had a small problem. Yash drove a little far and stopped and asked what is it ridhi. he for the first time held her hand. Ridhi found it odd but could not say anything, She said, She wanted to pee. Yash asked her to pee in side of road for whicg ridhi aid. she was scared and she had never pee’d in open. Yash said he would protect her and took her holding her hand behind trees. and said go ahead. ridhi politely asked him to go away. Yash said. you pee here and i will there and saying that he opened his fly ad took out his 7 inches thick black cock and began peeing. Ridhi was shocked and felt like running away yet her eyes watched in facination. she did not know what to say. she went behind a tree and began opening her jeans and polka dotted white panty. yash siled and said her. I have seen what you are hiding and all women have save organ. Stop being like this and the moment he heard some hissing sound start he walked behind tree and saw Ridhi in panty down bums exposed head turned behind. Ridhi tried getting up but realised her bladder was so full that she would have to go through the humiliation of watching yas see her pee and comment on her ass (gaand). Yash said. you have a great gaand mann. Wish i had married you. Ridhi was like ears red in shame. she asked yash to shut up and yash continued. Look at the quantity of pee. Moot ki nadiya baha di (river off pee is flowing). Ridhi decided that guys are generelly shameless and kept quite she finished peeing shamelessly got yp pulled her panty on her bums settled her jeans and walked with her eyes lower. suddely she frooze. she saw Yash with a mobile phone in his hand … she was scared and did not ask if he had filmed it. Yash continued with hs lewd comments. he said. the nats in the area would today drink her pee and behave like drunards and all. Ridhi did not like this cheap humour but was enjoying the attention she was getting. The journey stated and after 15 minutes. She asked for a break and this happenned 4 times. the last time she shamelessly opened her jeans and pulled her panty down and exposed her bums at front of yash who was commenting on this and saying ridhi wanted to keep showing her bums to him to seduce him. Ridhi felt it odd to pee so many time. she thought it was a hot day so may be. when she had finished and got up yash came behind and held her by her waist. Ridhi frooze. She just couldnt utter a word. Yash felt her bumbs from behind and after 5 minutes of kneading them , put his hand in front of her panty and felt her vagina full of hair. Ridhi just kep quite as his fngers carassed her vagina lips and then whispered in her ear. While you go home in car I want you to show me your pussy properly. (teri chut dikhana). her then left her to dress up hot and wet.

Ridhi quitely eat her dinner, . she was panting and her nipples were erect and boobs tight… she felt the same sensation in her ass hole and realised that something was wrong. in the Dhaba there was loud music playing she kept her eyes low with shame and yash was thoroughly enjoying the situation. he realised he was in a commanding position and the girl was easy fodder.He came near her and said. you are a 27 28 year old ripe women. why do you behave like a shy 20 year old girl. Ridhi said she was embarressed. Yash told her. You need to open out. enjoy your youth. he said he was going to a nearby pan shop to get pan and till that time she could watch a movie clip in his mobile. Saying this he opened a 15 minute porn clip on his cell phone and gave her a tight squeeze on both shoulders with his hands and left her wide eyed. She watched with her eyes glued on a lady getting licked on her cunt by a male and then lady giving a blow job and later the guy sucking her boobs and fucking her cunt in different angles. The girl looked like 18 year old and the guy was aged 40. she was shocked at the size of penis and remembered yash penis.
After around 15 minutes yash came to her and offered her Pan. she eat it without realising the pan had been further drugged. Ridhi in 5 minutes began sweating. Yash opened his car asked her to sit and then began driving slowly. Ridhi noticed his hand on hers and then the hand started carassing her upper right hand .. he then held her upper hand and pulled her towrds himself where her shoulder was on his and put an arm around her and cupped her left boob. Ridhi frooze. her drugged blood began raching towards the left boob and she emitted a loud sexy noise. He asked her what is this that I am holding baby. Ridhi replied what are you asking in a blushed way. Yash cleverly took Ridhi’s right hand and placed it on his cock . ridhi was feeling unzipped cock in his underwear. After 2 minutes of fondling. Yash stopped the car He looked at scared and exited Ridhi and said. Darling (Jaaneman) lets smell your pussy (Abb chut sunghao). Ridhi had never heard such obscene language and blushed. Yash shamelessly opened her jeans from front removed it and pulled her panty. spread her legs and kissed her inner thighs and moved deep in them toward her hairy, pee smelling, sweaty pussy. he licked her that made ridhi go wild. she remembered the scene in blue film click that Yash had shown her. Slowly Yash began with his nails rubbing her ass hole as he slurped her juices. Ridhi creamed and screamed. She Yash quickly photographed her pussy with flash light on it to which ridhi objected and yash said its not got your face but only chut (pussy) he then removed her top and bra and began sucking her nipples and went on milking her. Ridhi was now on fire she desperately wanted to get fucked. Yash remembered mohit and thought this women will soon bed with him so he postponed his fuck for some time and began licking her ass, her pussy and her lipples till she subsided. He then gave er his dick in her mouth and in a few minutes Ridhi ‘s mouth was full of his cum. she tried spitting it out but Yash ensured she swallowed it. He then asked her to wear her jeans and top and refuced to giver her panty and bra back. It was 10 pm when ridhi got dropped in corner of her house exhausted she slept getting a weird feeling of being used and enjoyed. she got up in morning freshenned and prepared break fast. She read a message from yash. You are awesome. Ridhi decided she would never repeat what happenned. Replied to Yash please do not discuss this. She then changed and went to her office and put her resignation. She sent a copy of resignation mail to Mohit’s ID who smiled as soon as he got it.

Ridhi joined Mohit exactly after a month. She was during that time getting regular SMS’s and she decided that she needs to keep yash enagaged. She was scared of what had happenned yet she also knew that this job was because of Yash and she cant make him Angry. Yash asked her to go out with her several times but each time Ridhi managed to avoid him. Yas was getting desperate yet he knew Ridhi would be an easy prey once she joined mohits company.Ridhi went to mohits office in salwaar kameez. She was keen in casting good impression. she updated her family that she had changed the job and all in her family were proud of her. Ridhi went and spent the entire day doing nothing. She was given a computer from where mohit could see her. Mohit had camera’s fitted focussed on ridhi s face and body. He could get her down blouse images at click of button. He also had a small camera fitted below her desk where ke could get images between her legs. He wanted to experiment with the innocent mind and see what kind of reactions she would give. Th next day also was unevent ful. In Mohits office there were two more people. Ridhi wondered what they did. One was a pune who without orders gave her tea 3 times a day. He also one day gave her milkshake aying Mohit sirs orders. 
In the team and milkshake that was served to her a light sexually arousing drug was given in small doses to ridhi she would sleep with a pillow in between her legs every night. In the last ten days, She began chatting on SMS with yash who would sms her that he was smelling her panty and what colour panty is this ridhi wearing and all. Ridhi began enjoying these naughty conversations. Her sexually aroused state due to drugs were compunding her state to worse. 
Ridhi spent the next 4 days browsing the computer, reading brochures and content about company. She wondered what mohit did as there were just one accountant and a pune in her office on 10th Day mohit walked in office. Ridhi was very exited seeing him. He did not call ridhi for some time and then finally ridhi could not wait and walked in his cabin. Mohit was on phone and smiled and asked her to Sit on a chair. 
He then opened his brief case and counted 20 lakhs at front of ridhi who had never seen that kind of money. he then put them aside. Called his accountant and without speaking pushed the suitcase and showed sign of 2 which mean 20 lakhs. His old accountant nodded and left briefcase and left.

Mohit asked how was her time in company Ridhi was eager and said she wanted to understand everything quickly and start working. Mohit said, they need to visit Goa for 
induction as he had a training room cum guest house in goa. He asked her to book tickets and gthen said. This is a very large company and that they had 2000 employees 
in software in Pune and delhi. He also added that he had hired her cause he was starting an imported product business with foreign companies and he wanted some one 
very smart who could coordinate and take care of transactions. He said. If Ridhi passes training, he will make her salary 50,000 per month with a compoany car. Ridhi 
could not believe her ears. She was exited and saidwhat she would need to do. she will work very hard. Mohit said, he wanted to offer her this job from day one but 
Yash told her that Ridhi was not very modern, Could not dress smart, was very shy girl and not bold, Could not entertain foreign guests and did not have flair for the 
job. She needed training but he also added that She was very bright and could learn if tought. Ridhi was very annoyyed on Yash. She thought he had spoiled her golden 
chance, yet she knew what ever Yash had said was right. She told mohit she would work very hard to get these qualities. Mohit smiled and said. Buy yourself a pair of 
Rs. 2000 Heels wear a short skirt and walk for 5 days in an empty room, If she could manage it, he would then decide not to hire someone else and give her a chance. He 
said, that he did not want to humiliate her hence he asked her to practice this alone. He also said before leaving, Yash would be a partner in this venture and would 
also support him in this business. Ridhi ‘s eyes gleamed. She realised that Yash was crazy about her and if she payed her cards well, this job was hers. That night 
Ridhi SMS’d Yash, Hello handsome. Yash was having drinks with mohit when the sms came. Yash showed mohit this sms and they both laughed.

Yash replied. hi beauty. whats up
Ridhi all ok how are u
Yash I m good, what about your pussy (chut)
Ridhi shut up
Yash arrey. you only showed it to me once. I need to see atleast another time before i shut up
Ridhi: whats so exiting in it
Yash. You need to be a man to understand
Ridhi: Ok good night
Yash darling what is this. you want to sleep so early
Ridhi I need to go to office tomorrow
Yash ok good night darling 
Ridhi good night
Yash atleast tell the colour of panty you are wearing
Ridhi what will happen if I tell
Yash I ll imagine you
Ridhi was smiling and typed light green now sleep
Yash oh god when will I see you in it
Ridhi Good night
Yash ok good night

The next day Ridhi bought a pair of high heels and brought to office she booked a conference room for full day and wore the high heels in her legs over salwar kameez and awkwaedly strted walking she realised that the heels made her bums protrude further which would invite passerbyes looks. she was a low profile girl yet she realised she had to learn being modern. The money and job security gave her motivation twice she slipped. She realised soon she could not do it herself. She did not know whom to call. Just then she remembered Yash. She quickly called him. He did not pick her call and said he would call her. Ridhi was disheartened she waited for his call which finally came at 12 pm. He asked her why she had called to which riodhi narrated her full story. Yash laughed and said, I can help you but what do i get. Ridhi said waht do you want. Yash said. I want you every day to walk at front of me in high heels and bare essentials no clothes. Ridhi slammed the phone down. Yash never called her. Ridhi was angry she realised that yash was treating her badly after an hour of time in office she sms’d yash she was sorry and angry on him that he was not helping her. Yash said, he wanted to but he was mad about her. Ridhi was very happy secretly. She felt she was having an effect on this guy and called him. Laughed and told him she was game but wanted to do it secretly. Yash said, Come to my farm house. There is a large room in it with lights and she can walk. Ridhi told she had office to which yash said, write a mail to mohit asking for 7 days practice leave on her learning to be modern and meet his expectation and he would surely approve. Ridhi wrote it and waited. She drank milk shake that made her feel wet in between her legs at 6 just before she was about to leave she got a reply from Mohit. Approved.
Yash sms’d Ridhi that he would wait at a mall near her office to pick her as decided Ridhi came to mall wearing salwaar kameez with shoes in her bag and tiffin box. Yash asked her to leave the tiffin box from next day. He gave her a packed of fruit juice as it was hot. The jiuce had the same drug he gave her last week. He drove a little further and parked car in a mall and said, lets do some shopping darling. Ridhi was surprise she just walked behind Yash. He took her to a cloth shop bought some top for her and then asked her to try it looked decent and good. Then he took her to a lingerie section. Ridhi was embaressed she asked yash to leave yet Yash took her o sales women and said, I want you to show me some hot panty and bra set. THe sales women asked for Size and reluctantly Ridhi told 34 B and 32 of waiste. Yash cooly told the sales women. I want a low hip panty with lacy fabric. Immediately Ridhi was hown some expensive stuff. Yash choose colours of Light pista green, Lavender, Rusty red, Bright Red, Black and creamy white. He quickly asked the women to pack and paid bills. Ridhi said it was expensive and why was Yash spending so kuch money to which Yash told her its not much her company would clear lot of bills for yash when he would travel and he would get this oney some how. Ridhi then asked yash what were his future plans to which yash acted as if he was boasting. He said he would join mohit and become a business partner. The company is going to be very succesful to which ridhi said she wanted the role mohit discussed and she was dissapointed that Yash had said bad things about her. Yash smiled and told her. That role needs a mature bold women you are trying to be bold. If you cant buy panty in public with a male and discuss sex freely with men you would never be successful. He told her he would train her but she would eed to be open. Ridhi adly told him she had a middle class back ground and had stopped wearing skirts when she was in 5th std. Yash laughed and told her. Baby you will rock. Trust me. you have soo much talent in coordination. In 20 days you will be able to overcome all your weaknesses. He said put an arm around an uncomfortable Ridhi and whispered in her ears. Just be free with Yash. He would take her to new heights saying this he drove her to his farm house which was around 20 kms away. Dina nath a 48 year old male opened the gate and welcomed guests. Yash asked him to cook meal for them and took Ridhi inside the room. There were camera’s all ove the place. He hugged Ridhi from behind as his crotch was feeling as ass. Ridhi tried pushing him but soon succumbed to his advances and in five minutes Yash hands were inside her salwaar feels her boobs inside her Bra he then put a hand inside her panty and began simulating her. In 15 minutes Ridhi had cum. Her panty was soaked with her cum and Yash lifted her in his arms and took her to bed. Removed her pajama and panty and put his face between shivering Ridhi’s thighs and began eating her pussy (Chut) Ridho sielently let him devour her and aster half an hour began sucking him. She was tired with exitement and slept with him Semi naked on bed before ramdin knocked. Ridhi hurriedly ran in bathroom and Yash opened the door. Yash asked ram din to serve food and then threw Ridhi’s panty to him and said. Smell how memsahab smells. Nice noo. Ramdin grinned to a shocked ridhi in bathroom. He said, Madam smells great. Yash replied this is kanpur ki chut (pussy). Serve her well and you might get to eat her. Ridhi was very angry yet she felt hot. After ramdin left Ridhi walked awkwardly and said why Yash had done this to which yash replied, He is also a man and wants her. Ridhi angry said, she wated to leave immidiately to which yash pulled her and kissed her and said. Relax baby. Get used to men lust for her body. Ridhi tried understanding. She felt confuced. Her upbringing was to walk quitely and hide her private parts while this was all about flaunting them. She decided she would be careful.
After eating food mohit made her practice for 1 hour how to walk. He helped her immensely and then dropped her home. In the night Ridhi got SMSs from Yas who said he wanted to eat her chut (pussy) he said she must wear lavender colour panty and bra the next day. Ridhi smiled. She was enjoying the attention. Yas narrated mohit all the events and showed her video tape. Mohit said yash he was deperate to join ridhi in bed and could not wait. Yash told him Patiance my friend. We must trap this girl properly. Your turn will come. Then I will tie her with ropes for you to devour her, Abuse her, play with her private parts. Yash told, He wanted to see how this women would react to a hot candle wax being dropped on her nipples. He was a BDSM fan. Yash smiled and told her, Pain will exite her. They would both spank her and she would have to choice but to take it cause they wpould trap her properly. They both laughed and the next day, Yash waited for ridhi near mall.

Ridhi was very confident in walking in high heels, She did not mind Yash squeeze her boobs in public, She shamelessly spread her legs for him to such her and eat her, Yash was carefully increasing her drug doose and began making her drink wine. Initially she hated the taste but did not object. With passage of 10 days she could drink atleast two glasses of wine. Liquor liberated her. She did not feel guilty doing sexual acts when slightly drunk and screamed with passion when she creamed cum every day into the eager mouth of her lover, Yash. Yash many times tried making her comfortable but ramdin but so far, Ridhi was suucessful in evading this trick. She would let yash fondle her, Eat her chut (pussy) yet she was surprised Yash never asked for a fuck. Yash made her in the next 7 days walk on a table dressed in Bra and panty like a super model in Fashion TV and she looked delicious doing it. The most killer of her body parts were her ripe boobs and Killer Gaand (Ass). Yash left her pubic hair growth remain. He would humiliate her soon.
He told her they were getting into business of Importing articles that would sell in India and Aferica. NAturally, she was required to bring womens prospective during item finalisation. She would be part of core group and can expect to be made GM in next 3 months if one of the deals they would doo, clicked. He commented on her coordination skills and said, She was good and capable of handling a large team. He then asked her to meet him and Yash in their office on coming sunday at 6 am for a full day session. It was confidential and only to remain among the three. They would lock themselves in conferenc room and work the whole day in planning business. He also said a thrilled Ridhi, In three months your salary will be 35,000 and you will have a i10 car. Ridhi called Yash after the news, Yash behaved as if he did not know much and looked happy to her, He cautioned Ridhi that she will have to work extra hard and she was very lucky to get such a role. He said, Mohit does not trust people easily and Ridhi must not do anything that can make him angry. Ridhi agreed and thanked him, Yash said he would pick her at a mall but she should come in a small flowing skirt and top that Yash bought for her on Sunday to have a strong Impact on Mohit. She though aloud and said, She will change in his car as she could not come wearing that from home. Yash smiled, thinking how this yesterdays girl who was soo scared of showing her bra strap was comfortable stripping herself and wear a dress in his car with him around.
Yash bought her a pair of panty and bra, very thin soft material. He packed it inside his car, put some strong powder that gave a tickling sensation when wet, He was going to be very wicked with this girl. He would plan a strip of this 28 year old innocent and hot middleclass girl. At 6 am in morning Ridhi paid a portion of her salary to her dad and some money to Brother and said she was going for a review and would return late. her family was not bothered with what she did. They were too selfish and self engrossed. She came in the mall and Yash opened the car door, Ridhi quickly came inside. She went a back seat and quickly intied her Pajama knot and asked Yash to pass the skirt. Yash laughed and said, I want your nigh panties dear. Ridhi angryly asked what will I wear, Yash said, Dont worry sweet heart, I ve bought you a fress pair of bra and panty. Ridhi mutterred, Crazy idiot… she pulled it below and gave it in front seat and quickly without realising wore the flimly material around her pussy and boobs. He realised while wearing skirt that panty barely covered her pussy and had a string that was between her ass crack. . She felt naked inside yet decided not to complain, Yash offerred her cold flavoured milk in his car which was laced with drug that made her feel sexually exited and sweat around her nipples, Pussy and ass hole.Her skirt was just above her knees and was flimsy material, sHe wore a loose top that has a square nexkline and generously exposed her boobs in very tight Bra. It was not even a bra,but more like a bikini that covered her mountain like boobs. Before tey walked in the conference room of her office, Yash kissed, Fondled and rubbed Ridhi for 15 minutes, She was panting as she entered in the room, sexually Charged… left in between by a cunning Yash.

They exchanged pleasentries and then drank some fresh tea in balcony of room. mohit looked good in sleeveless t shirt and jeans while Yash lloked cool in jacket, T 
shirt and jeans, The tea had a very hard effect on Ridhi, She could barely concentrate, She began imaging herself getting fucked while Mohit explained the business 
models to her, Suddenly she heard mohit say, so Ridhi you would have understood the entire thing, Now I want yours and Yash view on potential products that we plan to 
import. Please share what customers want, Why they will buy aproduct that we plan to sell and what are the criteria’s of buying them by women.
He listed product names in the board
Hair removal cream
Nail polish removal lotion
Light anesthesia lubricant
Breast enhance ment cream
Nail cutter with polish
waterproof lipstick
He removed table and then adjusted the chairs in such a way that there were thre chairs facing each other and that each could see entire body of the other with no 
obstruction. He then asked yash to select any two topics and begin his speech on knowledge and what he thought about it.
Yash confidently selected Breast enhancement cream and waterprrof lipstick, He carefull presented the facts standing at front of both of them with data showing 
changing trends, market, women getting purchasing power, Sexually active etc.
He gave examples from personal life which mohit nodded and told, Thats a good idea, one can share personal experiences to justify a point. what do you think Ridhio and 
Ridhi said yaa even I was planning to do it. Ridhi had two aims, To rubb her itching organs and get job by impressing mohit, She carefully formulated a speech in the 
mind when sudddenly mohit asked her to go and present the data. Ridhi said she would talk about hair removal cream. Mohit nodded and asked her to go and stand at front 
of board and begin, Ridhi wanted to sit and speak as she was trying to rub her thigs and curb the urge to rubb her bussy and without catching anyones attention rub her 
nipples which were now practically burning due to strong itching. She controlled herself and walked towards board. Carefully she began explaining use of product. She 
sigted many issues why women wanted hair removal cream, She mentioned that women like being clean and hair in unwanted areas causes smell and wetness that is 
unpleasent as she said that she felt a spasm of itching on her choot (pussy), involentarily her hand went to her crotch in full view of Mohit and Yash and she 
desperately tried to stop herself but in vain, She was rubbing her pantyover her skirt in full view of both men. Yash smiled and said, Wow. You are good at 
presentation, Ridhi awkwardly rubbed it one last time and smiled meekly at mohit who did not show any reaction. She continued explaining what colours women want and 
they want surface post hair removal to be smooth and fair and not dark, Mohit said these are very good points. He asked her if She was to buy a hair removal cream 
which one she would buy and why, Ridhi was trying to think of an suitable answer when she realised her lifet hand was rubbing her asshole as she though with nipples 
waiting to be rubbed.. She was in fire and she had to do something quickly, She said, I will first want to take a demo and then decide. Mohit replied fantastic, He 
opened a case and got a 100 ml tube with pink colour, cream colour. Ligh green colour creams and said try all three now and share us your feedback, HE gave her all 
tubes and one of the tube fell town, apologising about it, she bent to pick up the tube and in that process expose her fully ripe boobs in a tigh fitting small Braas 
she tried getting up, Mohit asked her to stay that way. He took out his Iphone and clicked photoes of her boobs without face coming in frame and showed to Ridhi. He 
said, Photography was a passion and she had great breasts.Ridhi blushed, Mohit quickly asked her to raise her hand and smelled her underarms. They were sweaty. Ridhi 
wanted to close them but she noticed another hand on right shoulder pull up her hand and both mohit and yash were observing her small hair growth and sweaty smell of 
her cuffs, Mohit applied cream and after 2 anxious minutes remove it along with her hair, he rubbed the area with hand and said smooth like butter, What do you 
say,Yash said yaa, look at mine and they took turns observing performance of the cream on each others work. Suddenly mohit winked at yash and yash saw an hot Ridhi 
rubbing her pussy, thinking she was not being watched trying to get rid of her itch. mohit quickly opened a bottle f wine and offered it to Yash, while an embaressed 
hot, Ridhi adjusted her cloths, Yash offerred her a glass of wine. Yash knew this would set free Ridhi out of any inhebition. This would pave the way for her to allow 
a full day light strip and photography. She gulped the glass in her mouth only to see it refilled. Ridhi was now 4 glasses down with whisky laced wine. The last two 
glasses had overdoose of whisky and an astonished Ridhi felt her head spinning, She tried sitting down but found no chair.. She heard, in drugged state, This girl is 
ripe, Lets milk her, She heard Yash say, you must suck her nipples, They are bulging out of exitement. She realised, She was in a bad shape and needed to do something 
soon. Before she could think og something, She felt a hand on her shoulder pulling her. She was made to sit on a table with bothe her knees spread and panty in full 
View. Mohits face came closer to hers as he mutterred some obscene language and his hands invaded her wet panty. He shamelssly molested her. He said, What hairy Chut 
mann, lets remove the hair and see what this kanpur girl looks like.She allowed them to remove her skirt and shirt and spread her legs, remove her panty and soon she 
felt cool cream apply on her pussy (Chut) she felt nice. Mohit asked how is your chut feeling baabby. Ridhi replied in daze… Hmm… Very nice. 
When she opened her closed eyes, She saw her bra removed, yash and mohit sucking her mammeries like kids. Ridhi wanted to scream of anger but insted saw her hands pull 
bothe heads as if asking them to feed more on her, Soon Mohit left her righ boob and sucked her pussy. She had cum atleast 6 times in his mouth whhile yash moulded her 
boobs. Ridhi was too tired, She let them film her nude body, her every curve, Her facial expressions when she was getting her pussy eaten, Sher screams of joy when she 
had cum in either mohit or Yash mouth, She allwed cock to enter her mouth and scuked it till she was full of cum.about 6 PM she was made to wear her old clothes and 
given a drug injection that removed all side effects but a faint memory of what had happenned.
Ridhi walked in daze as she enetered her home. She did not remember who dropped her, she went to her room and slept empty stomach. Each time she touches her hairless 
pussy, tears rolled down her eyes of remembering how stupidly she had falled prey to charms of these men. She decided she would resign from job and look elsewhere, By 
morning she knew this plan was futile and she had to go back to wolves and manage them till she found a new job.
The next day Ridhi sent an SMS to Mohit requesting for leave. Mohit immidiately replied to her as approved. Ridhi slept at home, evaluating options. Mohit called and 
told Yash, looks like our bird is trying to run away. Yash smiled and told him, Bird is used to drug. where will she go and they both laughed aloud. 
Ridhi was feeling very helpless by aftternoon. She tried fondling her pussy and boob. Her hair growth had vanished from her pussy making it smooth and sensitive yet 
she did not get comfort. In the night when she was about to sleep, she got an SMS from Yash. Missing you. Ridhi Replied after thinking, I want to forget everything and 
move. Yash replied ok. Bye. Ridhi waited for half an hour and finally succumbed to the pleasure Yash had given her, She said, Even I miss you. Yash laughed cunningly 
at his place and said, Come to office next week we are going to finalise a deal. Ridhi replied OK. She said She was comfortable exposing to yash but not to Mohit. Yash 
replied, Mohit loved your chut (pussy). Ridhi replied very bad boy. Yash said, You are the one who made us bad. Ridhi laughed, She confidently next day entered office. 
She was wearing a red colour curidar. Mohit called her inside and quickly asked her to make a presentation on consumer preference for hair removal cream and lingerie. 
Ridhi behaved as if she was expert but she had no idea about this. She was used to wearing cheap cotton panties and never understood why women wore such expensive 
under garments. 
She had no one but Yash to call, She drank her drug laced beverage in office and called yash, Yash replied, will prepare a presentation and send but wanted a strip 
dance from her,. Ridhi replied she did not know how tofor which he sent her a adult website link on e mail and asked her to practice. Ridhi was shocked at what she was 
expected to do. After thinking aloud that she had gotten so far why leave the advantage of earning money watched with wetness in her pant the show. Mohit watched her 
watching strip dance. He smiled, He had to be present but how he called yash and yash said he would arrange. Ridhi was ready the next day, She wore blue panty and 
white bra. Her panty had a strawberry design over her pussy area. and she realised why yas had bought it for her. They were all after her strawberry. she remembered 
how yash had said that mohit loved her pussy and was secretly thrilled.
Realising that only Yash would be in the room, She came dressed in pink salwaar kameez and stood at front of yash in his farmhouse. Yash offerred her wine, which after several fake attempts Ridhi drank. She was soon drugged to a very strong state. Ridhi was now drinking a third galss of whisky. She was sexually charged. Yash had fondled her boobs while she was drinking and alcohal, drug all had effect on her that would no way stop her now. Mohit played the song Munni badnaam hue darling tere liye, he had collection of hot songs for her to dance and seductively ridhi began dancing along with Yash. Yash then sat while Ridhi began gyrating she suddenly noticed Mohit come and sit along with Ramdin. She tried stopping but realised t would be awkward. Soon she was joined by yash who while dancing began fondling her boobs. He kissed her in between and a panting Ridhi was Raised in arms by mohit and taken around in circle before being dropped and asked to continue. She was now enjoying the attempt of strip, She made many horny expressions as she danced and she suddenly realised. 10 to 12 people where in the room, including her accountant. All were dancing along. She was the only girl in the room. Liquer was freely flowing and she felt Yash from Behind lift her kameez and show her salwaar and ass along with it in pajama, They all shrieked as Ridhi tried to cover. This happenned two to three times, Another song chikni chameli played to the loud hoot of people and Ridhi was enjoying the beat, She suddenly noticed mohit Hug her from behind. His hands were on her pajama knot pulling them Before Ridhi could utter anything, She heard him wisper against loud music, Loved your pussy dear. Its time all watch this beauty and her pajama came down, Ridhi’s naked legs and panty were visible to all, as she turned around with her salwar flying in all directions. All shouted blue blue (colour of her panty.)
Ridhi soon stripped her top and Ram din came from behind and pulled out her bra, Her massive boobs were shaling. Nipples tout with exitement as all converged toward her. She was soon stripped of her panty and taken to center of the room where liquer was poured over her body and soon 10 men converged on her like a family of lions on a helpless animal. Ridhi did not know how mant hands and mouth squeezed and bit her. She screamed, but her mouth was soon covered with cock. making gurgling sound her libs and legs tired of contant pressure relented to a grand abuse of body . The next two hour saw her cum in mouths of many and people began calling their friends on mobiole asking them to come and taste this beauty from kanpur, In all 35 people sucked her pussy that day in next six hours. Her body was bitten, nipples swelled, and skin of pussy red and blue due to eating and licked. Some of the hungry men even bit her vaginal lips to remove frustration. Ridhi limped after the ordeal. She tried covering herself but did not find any clothes in the room. Ridhi cryied and then wiped her tears and called home saying she was out of station and would come tomorrow. Her family did not bother to ask how she was. Ridhi slept nude in the room to be awaked by Yash the next day. Ridhi began hitting yash who cought her arm and twisted it and said in her ears. Dont you dare do this. Your MMS is in every mobile of people who licked you. I will go to police. In the eyes of law you are a prostitute. Ridhi could not believe her ears but realised yash was right meanwhile mohit sent some medicines to be applied to her body. Ramdin did the honours to a complaning Ridhi who aid, I have seen you fully naked so dont worry feel free. Ridhi quitely succumbed and in the next three days recovered to back to normalcy. Her soul had been violated but body had recovered
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