Confession of a Malayali in Dubai

I am an Indian born and bought up in Delhi. My family originated from Kerala and I am an unmarried one. After my Engineering Degree I got an employment in Dubai. I am a very smart looking boy without any bad habits expect taking drinks occasionally. I used to see porn pictures from my college days and I never did sex with any body.
This was happened just after 2 months when I reached in Dubai for an employment contract. I am 23 year old young man with good features. I used to walk in mornings through the park every day.
Daily I was met by a beautiful lady around 35 and her daughter around 16 years old. We were passing each other without any regards first. But One day the little girl slipped before me on her feet and her mother catched her. With a sudden laugh and a look on me mother helped girl to get up from the floor.
It was fully viewed to me the little girls panties when the skirt uncovered for a while. Her thigh was very very.. attracting which I will explain. I supposed her mother’s naked beauty at that night and masturbated. Her mother’s breast was very good shaped and tending to get out from the bra and was very tight and in her walking suit her thigh was very sexy. Her colour was red-mingled white and she has her very good black hair straight coming into her face always. In some days it was seen to me that when the mother was walking her vagina shaped out in between her thighs out to her panties shape under the track suit.
By regular on viewers we knew each of us are living near to my quarters. We used to smile each other. The little girl was very shy when she saw me. I used to wear soft type track suits every day. By the thought of the mother lady.. her name was Jessica and the girl little Jessica (false name). Every day I noticed that the mother was giving a glance at my cock place. My cock is a little more size around eight inches length and circumference was somewhat big. It will not suit in my hand when I was masturbating.
And one day we acquainted each other and knew more. She was the friend of one of my cousin who was working in Dubai. Her husband was a highly paid manager working for a multi-national company. She was a house wife. She was interested in music. She introduced me to her husband and he was very happy to meet me that I was know his ethnicity in India.
Afterwards I was a regular invitee in their house for visit at evenings. We were good friends. I used to give some training in the keyboard to the mother at the presence of her husband when our daily discussion about current affairs were going on and her husband used to take drinks on that intervels. I got from them that they were married by love and she was X’tain and he was Hindu.
My experience started when one day I was helping her in the kitchen to make arrangement for a party going on evening at night at their house.
I was washing in the basin standing and over the wash-basin left upper she put a stand to keep her washed spoons on the wall. She was preparing Chicken Curry and to take a spoon she lifted her right hand over me standing behind me. Immediately one of her breast given me a good spark and I think all of a sudden I bented back to take more of its blissful touch, a small bit I say, I rubbed it with my back.
With an immediate laugh she changed the subject and instructed me to have a look on the Chicken Curry. She went out of the door.
And after the party all the people left and we three people were cleaning the remnants. I was very hurry to left because I have to go for office 7”O clock daily.
Once more…. When I was passing the door with a small bucket in hand She passed across me. This time two of her big strong breasts rubbed on my shoulder. I was a little bit smaller than her height.
A sleepless night was it. I masturbated 3 times in my bed fascinating different position sex with her and doing all in her body.
Days passed and the little girl was studying well and she used to ask me doubts in mathematics and I helped her. Between this time I found all her mother body language though the thin dresses she used to wear. Some days her panties itself was viewed clearly through her thin night gown.
One day around 9 O’clock evening she called me very alarmed and said her husband met a road accident and she don’t know what is happen. I at once called for details and found it was not a major accident and he was admitted to hospital very injured. She asked me to drop her at hospital. The little girl went for her tuition and the very next day her examination is going to end for the last paper. So her Mother said don’t say more to her and informed her that She and Benny (that was husbands name) was going for an immediate purpose regarding the employment of Benny. There was some problems in his office and little girl believed.
We reached the hospital and Benny told me to go and take the little girl from the tuition and don’t return. We planned not to say the girl this incident for a day that the injuries was not hard but he was demanding help. Jessica decided to stand hospital at night and I was asked to bring girl to home and help her for her dinner and accompany her at night.
Around 11’O clock myself and little girl reached their home and the teacher said I was too late to pick up her that her mother told all to her. Very near was her house also. We reached their house.
The little girl started her dinner and her mother phone call attended to be comfortable.
My fate : I went for bath room. After returned I taken one large brandy from Benny’s Bottle. The little girl laughed and said I will tell. I paved her a little rub on her back. Immediately my hand felt the touch of bra of the little girl.
She was not a little girl.. All her features were very sexy and she wore a brown middy which was very short showing the knee part of her leg and sometime lifting up when she used to sit on sofa one leg over one gently.
We taken an apple half-half each other and she went bed bidding goodnight each other. Her books were lying in guest room. I planned to sleep on a sofa. Before going to sleep I was thoughtful about myself. I noticed the books and just for child curiosity I searched her books.
I shocked immediately to get a naked picture of couples fucking,very good colour print and different type of cocks pictures. She put all in a cover and kept inside the cover of the rough book. I was trembling by understanding her nature. I could’nt control myself. I went to sofa thinking the first incident when the little girl fell down and the sight of her inside panties and thigh.
The time approached 11.35. I was lying sleepless.
Suddently I noticed the little girl opened her door and came to me and said I cannot sleep fearlessly because she is leaving her mother for the first time and asked me to sleep somewhere near to her room. I agreed and selected a small sofa in the dining room from the little girls room opened. After she went I went to take one more peg from Benny’s brandy bottle and returned.
After 20 minutes of fascinating about sex I decided to approach the little girl.
I decided to force sex her. I silently intruded into her room which was not locked.
I lied on the floor and slugged towards the bed. Inside the room there was a small light coming through window and the light of the bed room night lamp also was enough to see each other.
I touched her bed with trembling hand and entered the end part of the bed. The girl was lying in the bed covering her face half only. I slowly inclined to her bed at the leg part of the girl. Now I can see the uplifted breast and the half part of the girls lips slightly opened.
I lay there without movements. Immedately the girl changed her position to left and then to the previous position. Now she lifted her legs closer to her
Knee folded and a little wide open to enable me to view her panties inside.
She again changed her position and now her legs straighted towards me.
My hands moved slowly with trembling fear to touch the girls toe. In a way I touched her toe. It was very soft and hot. I started to rub very smoothly on it. The girl was sleeping. My hand traveled slowly by inch by inch ( I taken five minutes to change on location to over next) slowly my hand reached before her knee. I started rub. And I tested my hand to her next leg. She was not responding. I understood when my hand traveled towards her thigh she was agreeing. She moved her thigh upwards to enable me to rub the underneath part of.
My heart was beating fastly. Her thigh was very very smooth and the flesh was very hot and half strong. When I started to rub hardly on two of her thigh she startled and caught my hand and said don’t do please anything and started long breath.
I stopped and put my hands simply on her thigh very low rubbing. My penis became uncontrolled inside my jetty to break it. After ten minutes I started again moving towards her panties. Now the girl lied like unconscious when my hand intruded into her panties. When I touched her vagina(it was not so hairy and I could not found any hair to touch. But it was hairy. ) she immediately opened two of her legs opposite side and fell on the bed which she was early using to prevent my attacks. I touched slowly on the side of the vagina and a little bit opened its side with my finger and rubbed very lightly. Immediately she moaned and taken her pillow and covered her face. In a sudden courage I started to full fill my hands desire for her feet to vagina. I rubbed-rubbed –rubbed as I can and she not responded anything but given high breaths.
The I planned to take a round on her above part. I undressed her skirt and panties and the marvelous sight of her straight abdomen and navel my cock raised too much. My hand traveled towards her breast. As soon as I touched over her T shirt on the breast she pulled my hands and bit slowly on my hand. I taken her face and she managed to sit now and I gave a hard kiss on her lips. At once her hands tightened around my head. I moved cleverly my face down to her neck. She was sliding her neck to two sides when my shaved faced irritated her skin.
Again a moved my lips to her lips and we started a good kiss. Now I decided to pick her breasts and suddently I snatched one it which she was keeping in side her ampit half. Now she not hesitated. I rubbed over the T Shirt and now we managed to out from the bed to stand. We stood on the floor. I was kissing her and she tuned half to me with half naked body. My hands moved into her T shirt and found two big apples inside the Bra. I snatched it. She suddently removed T shirt to enable me to rub without hindrance. Now I managed to move to the switch board one hand to lit the bulb and switch on it. She cried at once and shut her eyes tight.
My cock started to cry to get freedom from the jetty. We stood on the floor and she removed her bra. O… I cannot control myself. What a nice sight was it. Her breast was very round and nipples were very tiny. I started to kiss on it one after another and her hand rubbed on my head. I touched my tightented jetty on her thigh at once she moaned. I got courage again and I managed to kiss all of her tiny body uncontrolled. I put my face on her vagina when she lied on the bed vide open her vagina. I rubbed all inside outside into her wet vagina. I taken my cock outside. It was filled with fluid. I taken her two apples inside my hand and my face rubbed on her navel, vagina, and thigh one after another repeating. She started to emit crying sound which I feared the neighbours will hear. She cried on me to kill her. She complained tomorrow how I will face my mother. But I continued to rub her vagina with my lips and when I put my tung little inside her vagina her hands pulled my hair on the head.
I managed to enter my cock into her vagina. Immediately he snatched strongly on my dick and pulled it out and said no.. no..
I became mad. But she said she will cry loudly to call others I remained sucking her vagina again. After ten minutes she started moan again. Now I managed to move my dick to her mouth and stated continued eating her vulva. I opened it with my two hands and started to lip it like honey. She moaned more one for my one lip. Now I moved my dick to her face. She at once pulled it to her mouth and kissed on it. The she started to suck it inside her lips. She opened the skin of it rounded it with her lips. We continued to do this for each other for 15 minutes. I stood on the floor and she stared to suck my cock sitting before me on knee and rubbing her breast on my knee and thigh. She sucked and liped around it and her one of her hand she put finger inside her vagina and moved fingers. I knew that she only completed her 14 yrs and she said If I reveal anything regarding this she will commit suicide. And again started to suck in and out my dick with an uncontrolled desire in her juicy mouth. My dick now lost all of its control. It traveled inside and outwards through her soft lips and she rubbed my thigh with her breasts again. Oh.. all of a sudden my dick she sucked too much inside and all of a sudden my spam jumped out from my dick into her mouth. I pulled her mouth towards me and she unconsciously obeyed me. My dick spit into her inside mouth and it stood their until the last drop. She was swallowing all and her mouth was full of semen when I taken out it she opend her mouth towards me and spit on a towel.
Again I opened her mouth focibily and put my cock tired peniss into her mouth and with a little hesitation she started to eat my juicy cock in and out though her sweet red lips. We again lied reverse and I rubbed hardly on the two brests of her until she lay unconscious and little moaning.
Gently I started to rub her vagina slowly. She was not responding. I taken my dick from her mouth and put it in between her thigh and moved up and down. She showed no hesitation and at last she opened her thigh and I pull it to opposite side. Then I put my dick softly on her vagina and l lied over her on my hands slightly my abdomen touched on her brests. She immediately rounded me with her hands and without our knowledge my dick’s edge went into her vagina which at once I tightend more inside. She started crying and lifted her legs wide distance and rounded me with it and cried. I pushed more inside and all of sudden my dick slid somewhere and inside her vagina my dick felt the breaking of a tiny skin and she at once breathed tightly and moaned loudly and immediately placed towel and put beneath her fundament. We tightened each other until she cannot bear my weight and I released and started to in and out my dick slowly which she moaned again and again. When I started to push She said loudly NOOO. At that moment I pushed all of my dick inside her vagina in which she screamed… . AAAAAAHHHHH. Immediately my semen jumped out of my dick but I suddently pulled out it from her vagina.
My semen jumped again on to her thigh which she tightened now and I managed to slid it into her breast and mouth. I placed it into her mouth and she slowly opened her lips and I pushed my dick in and out in her mouth until it get dried.
All of a sudden I realized by the sound out side the cars are moving.. and it is 3 O’Clock in the morning. I saw the yellow towel was wet with some blood and I catched her thigh to inspect it. She said please go…please go. I afraid that some thing will happen to her by bleeding if, so I will suicide now. She said one month before when she was sleeping She felt a lot of blood immediately wet inside her panties and filled all her thigh. I said this is not like that. I taken the towel and slowly removed the blood. She was obeying me now. I said I will marry you after your studies. She said until that time don’t touch me again.
But she said that she will tell all to one of her friends.
My opportunities are enlarging “And next is with her friend and she”
Now end.
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