I am Samir, a software engineer by profession, 28 yrs old, 5’9″ tall with average body. After reading so many stories, I finally chose to publish my own story as well.

I stay in one of the mumbai western suburbs with in a typical middle-class society. This was the time when I was 22 yrs. old. My mom had a friend name ulka, who used to stay in our society. She was a very pretty lady even in her late 30’s, she had a divine body with very fair skin. She had a significantly large pair of boobs with very long hairs, nearly reaching her bottom. To talk about her bottom, I am now also getting an erection just visualizing he bottom. She had a hugh bottom which could attract any normal person.

At that time, my mother and ulka aunty were very good friends, so close that both of them used to go together for even the very little shopping. We used to have exchange of specialty food items at least twice a week and sometimes I used to go to her house and stay if mom and dad were out of place.

Then one day, ulka aunt’s husband bought a PC. As they did not have any children, this was a new pass time for my aunty. She was a novice user and the first thing she did, is to ask my mother to send me to teach her basics in computer. As I had finished my computer courses, and doing my further professional graduation in software, I was the first person she happily chose to be her mentor. I did not mind as I feel its that thing which I can give back to the society, the knowledge, which always grow with sharing.

I started visiting her in the afternoon, after coming from college. Till that time, even though ulka aunty was attractive, I did not have any special feelings for her. It all started when I started visiting her in the afternoon sessions that I used to give her computer trainings. One day, I had gone to her house as usual, and she happened to be sleeping. When she woke up and opened the door, I noticed that she was not wearing the bras. Her beautiful boobs were slightly visible through her gown. I did not say anything but, found that a strange emotion took me over and I was feeling the erection starting to take place in my undies. I ignored it and turned on the computer. She washed her face, kept tea for both of us and came and sat next to me as usual to start the session. I started with the session, but did not dare to look at her for some time, as I was trying to hide my emotions from her eyes. I was feeling a very strong lust, to have a good look at her boobs. As some time passed by, I started to take interest in the teaching instead, and so on, I casually looked at her, while she was trying to work as instructed. One look at the front of her gown, and I was completely amazed. The upper one-two buttons were unhooked of her gown and a good view of her beautiful set of globes was presented to me as a grand feast. I don’t know how much time I kept on looking at her globes, but I came back to senses as I heard her saying “is that right, teacher?”, she said that in a teasing tone. I was initially very embarrassed, but did not show my emotions to her, at least tried to pretend so.

She went to the kitchen to get the tea and I took at the look at my shorts. I had a big erection, which I tried to press in between my legs, when she entered the room carrying the cup of tea. I escaped her eyes and took the tea and started drinking it without giving another look at her, or her breasts.

After both of us finished our tea, we once again continued with our training session. I was teaching her how to connect to internet, and do various things at that time. A brilliant idea struck me. I visited the page sublimedirectory and kept it minimized while continuing with her training. She was sincerely listening to what I had to say and following my instructions. I casually took my chair a little backwards and gave her room to be more near to the computer. In this arrangement, if I had to rectify her, I had to push my hand from behind her shoulders. In this way, I could easily get the opportunity to touch the dream of my life for the first time. During the further training, I got this opportunity at least 2-3 times and I utilized it fully without even having to face her eyes. I was pressing my hands towards her breasts purposely and touching her bare breasts hidden inside her gown. As I was sitting behind her back, I had a good opportunity to have a look at her back as well. I was stunned to see her hugh back assets and something started to revolve my head, my mind. I somehow become so shameless, that I started touching her buttocks with my knees, with not showing any sign of uncomfort.

I don’t know how far she treated all this as a mere coincidence, but once or twice she gazed back at me to see whether I know what I am doing. I tried to show the complete ignorance on my face and kept on. Suddenly, I opened up the window of sublimedirectory, and clicked one link; the gallery information page appeared in front of us. I was explaining her about the hyperlinks and how they work and to demonstrate that functionality, I chose the sublimedirectory page to open a page giving up links for photo galleries. She started reading the material, and asked me, “what is this, which page have you referred?” I told her, “Aunty, I think this is the case of spam and porn sites that I talked about the other day. They keep on flashing automatically, without you having to go specifically to visit the site.” She further asked me “Are these really true photos that these people post at the site?” I answered “Aunty, for money people are ready to do a lot of things. Sometimes, even they do all this just to satisfy their lust”. She casually dropped a bomb, “yes, I guess so. Even I have observed people doing naughty things, which they otherwise ought not to do when they are full of lust”. I was completely in fear, guessing that it’s all over. She knows that I was doing it all intentionally. I got up from the chair and went to the restroom. I came back and found that she was waiting for me to carry on with the training session. When I sat down, I saw she had just clicked a link on the page. A new page full of dirty pictures started to appear. I asked to close the page, she replied, “I just want to take a look at it” I was completely lost. My erection starting coming back in pants and my hands started trembling. I was just sitting next to her watching her have a curious look at the appeared page. She watched it for a few moments and then stared back to me and asked me,”answer me samir, how often you visit such pages?” I could not even answer and looked down. She suddenly took my face by her hand up and asked me, “Do you find me sexy? Tell me honestly; didn’t you touch my breasts and buttocks intentionally?” I slowly nodded my neck in the affirmative. She swung back and placed her lips on my lips and started kissing me. I was quite taken aback with such a stance of hers and did not know what to do for a second. She made me stand up and slowly whispered in my ears, “Come Samir, let’s go to the bedroom” I silently followed her. I was enjoying the moment with utter joy, while walking behind her. This was it. My greatest dream of having the first sex experience in my life was getting realized right now.

We entered her bedroom and she slowly took me down with her on the bed. She was right below me, kissing me passionately. I started getting some courage in my nerves and started to move my hands. I slowly reached for her breasts and for the first time, pressed them without any fear. They were so soft. I immediately gained some more courage and started searching for her tits. Once I reached out for them, I took them between my fingers and caressed them for a while. She started putting more pressure on my lips and pressed her tongue through my open mouth. She started moaning as I started applying more pressure on her boobs. I started to play really hard with her breasts now. I was trying to encompass them in my hands but they were quite big for that. I started pressing them more and more. She broke apart from me and asked me,” Samir, you are such a wonderful boy. Take my breasts. They are all yours. Take my entire body”. I slipped down and unhooked her remaining buttons of the gown and started to put my mouth through her gown to her breasts. She cried with pleasure “Aahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…… Esssssssssssssssssssss….. Take them to your mouth. Suck them hard for me Samir. Give me a experience of my life time” I gladly obliged her and started sucking on her right breast really hard while my other hand was exerting more pressure on her left breast. She continued with her sounds and I kept on sucking for a while. Then my hand slowly moved down and I started pulling her gown up with my hands. I started playing with her feet with my feet. She was probably enjoying all this. I finally took her gown up to the thigh level and put my hands on her thigh. Her moaning increased. She started moving her hands all over my body. I pushed my hand through and suddenly my hand struck to the hairs. O god! She was not at all wearing panties as well. I touched her hairs and found her love triangle really hot. It was all wet down there. I started rotating my hand all over her love triangle and she became more and more impatient. She clutched to my back as a tigress and firmly gripped me in her legs. She pushed my bottom really hard on her pussy and kept on yelling “Aaahhhh…. Essssssssssssssssssssssss………….. Take me samir. I am yours. Take me please…” I started chewing her nipples between my teeth ruthlessly. She began moaning more and more loudly. Suddenly, she got up and asked me to undress. I quickly undressed and stood naked in front of her with my 7 -1/2” penis standing in erected position. She slowly took her gown to her thighs and asked me to close my eyes. I closed them for a second but being naughty, opened it up the next. She was in front of me. Fully naked with a great body. I jumped like a leopard on her throwing her onto the bed and once again kissed her passionately. Then I started moving down until I moved and licked my way all way to her navel. I started licking her navel and she started turning from one side to another. I moved further down till I came down to the hairy pussy area which was fully wet from free flowing juices of her cunt. I smelled it and told her “You are really beautiful Ulka aunty. I love you” She Said “I Love you too. What are you going to do?” I started licking her pussy. She cried with utmost lust “ Ohhhhhhhhhhh….. Samir, what are you doing? Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… It feels so good, lick it more Esssssssssssssssssssss….” I tasted her cunt juice for the first time, it was really delicious, that salty taste took my brain away from me. I started licking her juices, with the other hand I found her clitoris and rubbed my finger on that. She cried “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeegaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….. AAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Esssssssssssssss……. Lick me Samir. No one has ever done that to me. Lick me more”. I was happy I could give her a new pleasure. I started licking vigorously. She took my head by her hands and pressed it really hard between her legs. She was on the verge of exploding for the third time, I guess. She gripped her legs tightly around my head and shouted loudly with pleasure. I licked up all the juice she had to offer me. She took me up to her lips and told me,“ I don’t know how to thank you for this. I am really very happy”. “You can let me make you wilder I guess” I told her. She just smiled and took my penis in her hands and started playing with it. I sat down on the bed while she slept on her stomach to face herself right in front of my young roaring cock. She took her tongue to the rim of my cock and started licking it. I was exited. Getting a blowjob for the first time in my life. I thought I am in the heaven. She positioned her mouth in front of my cock and started sucking it hard. I was enjoying every moment. I was so exited that within two minutes I exploded real hard in her mouth. She was happy to lick all my semen and kept on looking at me like a bewitched wild cat while sucking it. I started once again playing with her nipples and breasts. Her nipples had become rock hard by this time. I was twiddling them in a desperate fashion. She continued her sucking of my cock even though it had reduced to its original size and I started feeling the pressure once again building up between my legs. She moved up and caught my cock in the grip of her lovely big breasts and asked me to fuck her breast valley, which I enjoyed doing quite roughly. She was all the time asking me to be rougher as though rough handling was a very new experience for her. My cock sprang back to the erect position once again. She changed her position and laid down on the bed ready to be fucked by me for the first time. She asked me,” Samir, Can you give me a real fuck? I have been craving for it for my entire life. Can you hold a little longer before exploding?” I answered “Darling, I can hold for as long as 20-30 minutes. That is the time I take to masturbate. Just watch me”. I positioned myself on her top, positioning my cock right over her pussy for the very first time. I kept just teasing her by getting my cock to just touch her pussy, enter about half an inch and exiting. She was pleading me,” Please don’t do this Samir. Fuck me. I am your wife from now on. Please enter my cave” I finally decided to listen to her after her request for the n’th time. 

I rammed down the entire length of my cock right at the target at a stretch. She moaned the loudest. I asked her to be a little calmer as someone might come to know what we were doing. She just smiled and told me,” You are my husband from now on honey. You are free to do whatsoever you wish to do with this thirsty body.” I started moving slowly initially, she kept on clutching to my back and making various sexy noises. I continued for at least 5 minutes and then ask her to shift to doggy position. She happily agreed and moved onto her four, ready to be fucked wildly by me. I moved at her back and for the first time, had a very close look at her buttocks. They were enormous. No other word for it. I kept on looking at her gracious ass and squeezing them instead of entering her. She looked at the back and asked me,” What are you up to? Did you like my back that much?” I told her,” I simply loved her ass. That was the most beautiful body organ of her. Can I ask you a favour? Can I fuck you in the ass after finishing with your pussy?” She replied,” I told you already. You can do as you like. But, I have not been fucked in my ass for my entire life. My husband always tried the missionary position. Two minutes and that’s all. No adventures with the breast, the pussy or the ass” I found her to be exhausted by that time and decided not to waste much of the time chatting. I entered her pussy from the rear and she shouted loudly. I loved her shouting at my every thrust and kept on ramming my full length cock in her pussy. She exploded at least twice. But I was not finished. I told her,” See you are exhausted, but I am not. I am still ready to push this rod down your asshole” She just smiled. I looked at her buttocks and pushed both the enormous globes apart to find her lovely pulsating anal hole. I wet my finger with her juices dripping from her cunt and pushed it in her anus. She cried with pain, since that was the first time any object was ever tried to be pushed into her rear. I asked her to be more patient and continued finger-fucking her butt. Then I increased the fingers to two and started more roughly. She kept of crying silently. I asked her whether she was ready to be fucked from rear. She replied,” This is the first time ever you have asked something from me. How Can I deny it? Just be a bit slow” I nodded and got my cock into position, right next to her small anus. I tried to insert slowly the head of my cock in her ass. She kept on biting her lips and not to let any sound out of her mouth. Slowly, after some time her anus adjusted to my cock and was firmly gripping all around it. My cock was a quarter inside her ass. I waited for a couple of seconds and without giving her any further notice gave my cock a really hard push. She could not hold it this time and cried loudly,” Oh my god! You have tore my ass. I think I am going to die” I told her that there will be nothing to worry as it was her first time and everything would be all right. I slowly started moving my cock in and out of her ass and slowly she stopped crying. Now she had tears in her eyes, with all the hard effort she took to take my rod inside her hot little ass for the first time. I started pressing her buttocks mercilessly and started slapping them with my hand. She enjoyed it till it became rougher. Now, I was moving my cock in and out of her ass quite comfortably and slapping her buttocks at the same time. She again started her old moaning. I was beginning to feel it’s time up for me. I asked her,” Rani, tell me where you want my cum? Inside your ass or inside your pussy?” She told me to give it to her pussy. I moved my cock out of her anus finally. When it came out of her, it was full of blood at its beginning. I feared something worst has happened. She told me not to worry much as she had heard from one of her friends that the first time you get really hard stuff in your ass, it might bled. But, it’s normal. I cooled down and started to give a final touch to our session. I once again put my cock inside her pussy and started thrusting really heavy inside her pussy. I reached her g-spot, I guess as she started moaning the loudest when my cock was deeply inserted every time. I increased my pace and finally exploded inside her for a full 5-10 seconds. She was completely exhausted and straightened herself on the bed. I lay down next to her fondling with her breasts and kissing her face, neck and ears. She told me this was the best fuck of her entire life and she will never forget that. She took her clothes went to the restroom and appeared at the door of the bedroom after ten minutes. She was dressed in a sari looking very pretty. She asked me,” Samir tell me honestly, do you want me to become your wife?” I replied,” Yes, with all my heart.” I took the mangalsutra she offered to me and was the happiest person on the earth to tie it round her neck. She tried to touch my feet which I avoided, but eventually she won. She touched them and told me,” Dear Samir, I am yours from now on. Please accept me as your wife” and tears started flowing from her eyes. I wiped the tears and took her in a deep hug and kissed gently on her forehead and wished her “Ashtaputra Saubhagyawati Bhava”. From then onward I had a lot of good time fucking her at each and every place in her house, but that’s for the next time and times to come; till the good news came that she became pregnant. Her husband knew that she had sex with some-one else, as he was impotent and took her to his father’s place and kept her under constant watch. I finally heard that she gave birth to a baby boy. I could not meet her from there onwards

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