Computer problem

 My neighbor uncle is a bank official who married before 6-7 months. His wife (my Anchana aunty) was very beautiful and social and also sexy. Casually we were hi by neighbor. Recently uncle brought a computer to his home, and invited me to see it.
As usual on Monday morning I was getting ready to go for my duty. Anchana aunty came to my house and requested to see the mouse of their computer, which was not in working condition in their house. I said aunty now I am going to office; in afternoon I visit your home and rectify the error of the mouse. In the after noon I came back from my office and went to auntie’s house. Anchana aunty took me to the drawing room where her computer was installed, that day aunty dressed very well and looking very sexy. She offered me a big glass full of mango milk shake while giving the milk shake she looked at me very strangely. I finished milk shake and asked to show the main power supply of the computer. To show the switch aunty bowed her body under the table. Her pallu slipped and an exciting show was in front of me. By this aunty got confused and became very shy and looked at me. For me it was very difficult to take back my view from auntie’s milk booth. I powered the PC and while the booting process was under progress aunty came very near to me and & stood. Her belly was almost touching my shoulder. Aunties PC booted properly and desktop icons arrived when I tested the mouse function it was intact. I said aunty your mouse is functioning properly you said it is faulty? Aunty said that’s I know simply I want u to make fool of this April 1st and said me to sit for a while and went into her bedroom.
Nearly 20 minutes passed aunty did not came out. I called “Aunty I want to go it is getting late to my office.” in the next moment I was stunned to look aunty standing in the entrance of her room she was absolutely nude holding a razor in her hand her left arm pit was shaved she was about to shave her right one. She said don’t be shocked I invited you for this reason please cooperate with me if you not I will scream now and trouble is guarantee for you. I was in shock I just followed the aunty. I her room she sat in front of her dressing table and handed over the razor to me and raised her right hand asked me shave her pubic hair. A good fragrance of imported deodorant from her armpit made me mad. Her boobs were looking very pretty and nipples were erected an inch. As I started to shave her right arm pit I purposefully touched her right milk bank while I was working she opened my pant zip and put her hand into my underwear holding my king and said wow its amazing I have not yet seen such a tool in my life. Its very nice, today my mouse problem solved I can enjoy my system from now. . . . . and till this I completed the shaving session.
She took my organ into her mouth and swallowed completely. This is my first experience with a women and I don’t no what to do in that moment aunty used me fully in her mouth she wants to do some more things with me that day but it was 4PM its the time to uncles arrival. She said uncle is not a man who can fulfill my urge. He simply drills my pussy and sleeps aside. He cannot run a long session. So I was in secure search of a mate. I got interest in you and I want to test you & you got good marks in my entrance test and thanked me lot and asked me to come on next day morning to shave her pussy and to play more exciting games. Not only this after that Aunt introduced me with her more lovely friends and now then I become a call guy for aunties who need to play games.
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