In my office I have a lady colleague whom I know since her college days, as she used to work with me for her college project. She joined our company 4 years back. She is small by height and thinly built. She is married and has a kid. Her husband now is out of India. She stays with her parents. We are quite friendly with each other.
One day I went for one of my ex-colleague’s marriage. She happened to come there with her kid in tow. For the entire time we were sitting together. After the marriage she invited me to her home as it is nearby. Her kid was feeling very sleepy. I went with her to her house. Nobody was at home, as her parents had gone out to attend another marriage.
I sat in the hall on a sofa. She went inside and made her kid sleep. She came back and started chatting with me. She showed her family photographs to me. I enquired about her husband, to which she replied saying that he is expected in a fortnight. Hesitatingly I asked about life without husband. She blushed and smiled at me. I asked her for a kiss. She again blushed and planted a kiss on my lips and went back to her chair. I became bold and got up and held her face and kissed this time deeply on her lips and tried to force my tongue inside her mouth. After initial resistance she allowed my tongue inside to explore her mouth. Slowly she also pushed her tongue into my mouth. I held her body and lifted her up and took her in my arms. She started responding to me. I slowly lied on the sofa and took her on my face. Meanwhile our caressing and kissing was continuing.
I tried to remove her kurta; she understood and removed it on her own and also her pajama. She was now only on her bra and panty. I removed my shirt, banian and pant. I slowly unhooked her bra and released her breasts. Though they were small but were beautiful. I started squeezing and licking. I inserted my other into her panty and tried to feel the pussy. Slowly I touched the lips of her pussy by my fingers. She started moaning. I got up and removed her panty and also my underwear. She saw my erect dick and immediately put her hands on it. She was thrilled to see a dick after longtime. I asked her for a fuck, to which she blushed. She requested me to wear condom as she feared pregnancy. I tried to reason with her, but was reluctant. I appreciated her foresight. I wore my pant and shirt without underwear and banian and rushed down to a medical shop. I tried to calm down as my dick was still erect. Somehow I managed to keep it in check. I bought Kohinoor condom set of three and rushed back to her.
She opened the door smilingly. She had worn a nightie. Surprisingly I asked her whether she has changed her mood. She said no and removed her nightie to become nude. She removed my pant and shirt and made me nude. By the time my dick had lost its hardness and had become flaccid. She started massaging my dick and slowly it gained its strength.
She requested me to hurry up as she feared her kid. I opened a condom and wore it on my dick. I took my dick near her pussy and tried to insert inside. I felt it a bit tight. She guided it inside and slowly I started to make movements. As she is having sex after a long gap, she was feeling bit painful. I realized her condition, so withdrew my dick. I asked her to apply some cold cream on her pussy. She brought some cold cream and applied inside her pussy.
I laid her down on the sofa and inserted my condom covered dick in her pussy. It went inside smoothly. I started to make movements. She started to respond as she didn’t feel any pain. I increased my speed slowly. We started enjoying sex. She had closed her eyes and whispered in my ears imagining her husband. That made me horny and started my banging’s forcibly. I reached climax point and released my load inside the condom. I was tired. But she wasn’t fully satisfied. I withdrew from her pussy, removed the condom and wrapped it in a piece of paper and kept it aside. I went to the bathroom and cleaned my genitals and came back. She was still lying on the sofa savoring our moments. I wore my dress and sat near her. She got up and went inside bathroom. She came back after cleaning her pussy and sat near my still naked. She thanked me and embraced me. I too thanked her and then kissed her on her mouth.
I understood that she wasn’t fully satisfied. I took courage and took her hand and guided it to my dick through my pant. She started playing with it and tried to bring it to life. Meanwhile I started to chew her nipples and started to squeeze her breasts. Slowly our efforts bearing fruits. My dick started to become hard. I removed my dress and became fully nude. I asked her to take my dick in her mouth. She got down and started to lick my dick. Meanwhile her kid got up and started crying. Briskly she wore her nightie and ran towards the kid. I sat on the sofa fully nude waiting for her to return. Meanwhile I kept on massaging my rod to keep it erect. After some time she came back and saw me holding my cock. She smiled at me and removed her nightie. I saw her and immediately wore a condom and became ready for sex.
I laid her on the sofa and fell on her and tried to insert my dick inside her pussy. She helped me and guided my penis inside. I started to make movements and slowly gathered momentum. She was responding to my pushups by lifting her torso. It was a great sight a small lady getting screwed by a tall man. My banging’s became harder and slowly I started to feel in my penis. I realized that I am reaching my flash point. I increased my speed and climaxed by ejecting load inside. We slept for some time in that position. I removed my dick and then removed the condom and wrapped in a paper piece. We both went together into bathroom and cleaned our bodies. I was sweating profusely. I took bath and then came back and wore my clothes.
I kissed her again and then left for home with condom paper in my pocket, which I threw in a dustbin near her building.
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