Chudai ki Koshish

I am from Karachi, the story I am telling about is really. My name is pervez, I am would like to fuck any horny and fucking eager women or girl. Any women/girl willing to be fucked can mail me on with her address.Let us come to the story. Her name was Irma she was abt 14 years old, it is 5 years old story at that time we had tv and they had not yet the same in their house that is why she and her elder sister used to come at our house to see tv dramas everyday. She used to see beside me as there was too much cold therefore I had wear quilt and she set beside me. Suddenly my feet touched her feet she saw me shyly. I got courage that time and turned my feet toward her cunt as nobody was able to see me. As I my foot touched her cunt she became still and kept my foot moving on her cute pussy .After abt 10 min her cunt became wet and was not speaking a word in shyness. I decided to fuck her than.Few day later I got a chance to have her alone, I hugged her as there was no one I moved my hand on her boobs as she was young those were small like kery. It was amazing to touch her boobs. I put my lips on her lips and kissed her passionately. Later on she also responded me for the same. I undid her kamiz he had wear bra. We enjoyed in such position kissing and staring each other abt 20 min and someone was seemed to come and I gone away.One night when came to see drama all were watching drama and I had to go to toilet so I gone there when I came out of it, I saw her opening fridge for taking some water. I huged her she was coming with me maine zabardasti usse doosre akaile kamre main le gaya wo kuch bhi naheen bol rahi thi. I took her on the bed and turned off the light and hugged her tightly and kissed her passionately and she responded me soon as I had opened her all the clothes she became totaly nude in front of me and I became so crazy watching her model and sexy and horny shape. But unfortunately her elder sister called her as drama was over and she wanted to go to their house. After that I got job in Karachi came up here and still I have not got a chance to meet her again and used to masturbate thinking to her. Any women/girl in Karachi will be welcome to have fun with me. How my story respond me on my mail

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