childhood friend Nisha

I am Rahul, a good looking male of 37 years of age, residing in NCR, I am married and also have a child and this is about me cheating my wife and fucking my old friend Nisha. Nisha; female who was sole responsible for whatever happened between us was actually my classmate, we have studied together for 10 long years, from class-I till class-X and then took diffrent streams.

I won’t say I was having some extra ordinary friendship with her, she was just one among 25 friends living in a same town, both males and females who were somehow connected with each other even after two decades,

when we last studied together in the same class but yes as she was living in same NCR region with her husband and two children where I was living, whenever we all friends had a get together she commuted with me. After 2-3 times Nisha took this prevlage of pick and drop fogranted and I was also fine with her.

Couple of times I met her husband too, once when get together was held at her place and once when he came to my place to drop her. While talking about Nisha I would say though Nisha is an attractive female to tempt any male to go bizzare over her and I use to stare at her sexual assets too but still I can easily say I never gave a serious thought about fucking her.

Possibly because by nature since begining I am a shy guy and I have always tried maintaining my dignity and reputation of a gentleman among females of my group. Now after bit of intro if I will come directly to the point I would say incident I am trying to write is happened few days back, exactly when we were coming back from the get together.

This time reunion was held after a very long time, almost after a year and that is in south Delhi. it was a Saturday and as I have six days working this time Nisha was reached to the venue on her own and she was suppose to go back home with me. Time was around 10 when one by one we all started moving back and me and Nisha had a long way to go back.

I was little surprised with a fact that like past she did not tried to hurried me up to reach back home even once, otherwise she use to make me get going by 8 or maximum 8:30. Anyway while I was driving, sitting beside me Nisha was wearing western outfit, bodyline jeans and a cut sleeve top.

Through out the party I did got much time to see her, I was busy with a particular group of 4-5 guys and she was chit chatting with the females. I was driving and Nisha seemed lost while looking out of the window. I casually asked her what has happened to her and she tried to speak something but fumbled.

I was shocked, she was drunk, “you are drunk? I asked her “haan thodi jayada ho gayi” “are you serious? tera husband tujhe kuch nahi bolega kya?” I asked her back in serious tone and she spoke back in soft voice “my husband is out of india from last one year” I did’nt knew that. Before I would have asked her anything Nisha spoke again “dono bache bhi mom ke ghar pe hain…I am all alone at home”.

I asked her about her husband and she told me that he has gone to states on a particular project. We continued talking, I am not sure but certainly she was four drinks down of vodka, I was also two bears down but I was in far better state than she was and her drunken gesture started arousing me.

Like I said including me, in physical apperence Nisha is an attractive female to tempt any male. Standing 5’6” she has a good looking face but with lot of pimples over her cheeks, dark brown eyes and hairs ending well below her shoulders with nicely shaped breasts which are significantly big in proportion of her body.

I must say that I did’nt realize that Nisha has a belly untill she was stark naked in front of me. Apart from that she has nice fleshy thighs with and eroticaly spread ass exactly where my eyes were glued while she was sitting beside me.

Actually Nisha was not in state to notice that I am staring her sexual assets, she sitting with one knee on another and looking sideways I could see the heavyness of her bottom, easily it was really one of the finest piece of ass ever made by god, erotically spread with good amount of flesh over her hips and thighs.

Not much but we chit chatted throughout the way with long intervals of silence and most of time it was about my work, my office schedule, at what time I reach back home and all and I could easily sense influence of alcohol in her gesture and whatever she spoke.

Eventually we reached to her place and after she got down I raised my hand to get a handshake, specifically to enhance my arousal by touching her and she did that and casually invited me, upstairs; at her place for a coffee. “oopar aaja coffee pilati hun….!”

And I replied back in same casual tone “… tu pee jaakar coffee…ek dum tunn hui padi hai” and she said that she will not have it alone and told me to come “…main akeli nahi piyungi…tu bhi chal”. As such I could not guess what all can happen between us over this coffee, still I agreed just because I was aroused because of her and I wanted to spend more time with her.

I parked the car and simply followed Nisha on stairs while having erotic view of her round and fleshy poking out ass packed in a bodyline jeans. Anyway we reached in the house and NIsha casually told me to sit and she will be back in five minutes.

I guessed she has gone washroom and will be back in a minute or two but she took long and in that span my wife called me and I avoided telling her that I am NIsha’s place and lied that I am still at the venue, almost 35 km away from home and might get very late in reaching back home.

As my wife already knew, she asked me about Nisha; if she is coming back with me and saying that she has already gone on her own, I lied again. Truly speaking usually I don’t lie to my wife and while saying that I did not had anything in my mind in Nisha’s concern, that I can fuck her while being here,

I lied to my wife just to avoid further query over this subject and unknowingly that lie gave me real good opportunity to satisfy this sex starved female. Whatever, NIsha came back after really long, apparently it seemed as if she has washed her face, I was expecting she will come after changing but she was still same clothes.

After apology for the delay she straightway went inside the kitchen and came back having two mugs fully filled with coffee. She offered me one and keeping one on the central table settled down on the couch next to mine.

Even after a face wash she still seemed bit smashed, she was smiling and trying her best to pretend normal but her eyes were blinking frequently and as compared to her usual behavior she was more silent.

I must say that because of Nisha I was hard since long, apart from that it was influence of two beers one after another that deep inside I was planning to fuck my wife after reaching back home but that night destiny had something else for me.

As I like to have coffee at very hot stage I was sipping my coffee little faster and Nisha asked me if I am in hurry “tujhe ghar pahunchne ki jaldi hai…?” I denied by saying “Nahi…” “Then relax… itni jaldi jaldi kyun pee raha hai?” I smiled a bit over her statement and halted a bit.

Next Nisha started talking about our childhood time, few incidents happened in a college which were already discussed many times in the past among friends and once again I felt that she is speaking all this under the influence of alcohol. My mug was reached to almost half and Nisha’s mug was still on the central table untouched.

I told her to have the coffee and she moved her head in acceptance but did not pick the mug. “Coffee pee le…thodi si uttar jaayegi” I spoke that when she did not picked the mug even after reminding and she said that she is enjoying feeling of being drunk “mujhe ye nasha achha lag raha hai” and I smiled over her reply casually.

Next she started talking about kind of friendship we all have; that how freely we all talk to each other without feeling any hasitation and as she was repeating same sort statements again and again I just continued assuming she is not in her senses.

But later I realized that by talking about our friendship Nisha was trying making ground for something and before she would have spoke to me about that I casually looked at the time in my mobile and she asked me, usually at what time I leave my office, “tu normally office se kitne baje nikalta hai?” that was third time she wss asking me same question;

earlier this matter was conversed between us in detail in the car, while we were coming back and once again I replied her by saying “9-9:30” and this time after a small pause I casually added that when I get further late; say after 10, I don’t go back home in the night and I stay in the office only.

Truly speaking I did not had anything in my mind while mentioning that fact to Nisha but I believe Nisha was waiting for something like that from me and she instantly came up with saying “to fir aaj raat ko bhi ghar mat jaa…yahin pe ruk jaa” (means-then don’t go home even tonight… and stay here only) l was surprised and for an instant felt as if she is kidding, but NIsha was serious,

her expressions were stern, she waited for me to speak but eventually spoke again “apni wife ko bol de ki tujhe kisi wajah se office wapis bulaya hai” (means-tell your wife that you are called back at office because of some reason) “what are you saying?” I spoke back in surprise with bit of smile, I still could not believe what she was asking me to do,

“Rahul I am really tired of this life…I need something…nahi to main suicide kar lungi” Nisha spoke again and cleared her intentions straight forward and I was again reflected distrust over what she said by saying that she has drunk a lot “tune kuch jyada hi pee lee hai” and she replied to me by saying “you know peene ke baad insane hamesha sach bolta hai”.

Saying that after drinking humans always speak truth Nisha stared into my eyes, she was waiting for me to reply and for an instant I failed to decide what to say now. I was already aroused and thousand thoughts ran through my head in a fraction. I was not fool who would have said no to that opportunity but still I wanted to clear my doubts and spoke again and that is with bit of smile

“no…you are not serious” and Nisha stood up from the place she was sitting and sat down on the same three sitter on which I was sitting and spoke “Rahul I am serious…mere husband ko gaye hue ek saal ho gaya hai…and he will not come for another year….”

To my surprise her voice was confident while saying that, rather by now, my heartbeat was gone bit high and after a pause Nisha spoke again “I can’t handle this loneliness…and I am sure mere husband bhi wahan pe sab kuch kar rahe honge”.

I was speechless; that instant I was not listening what justification Nisha is giving me for cheating her husband, I was getting hard over my Penis while trying to believe whatever she was asking me to do ultimately, and my eyes were getting stuck over Nisha’s big breasts again and again.

And Nisha spoke again “dekh maine soch liya hai ki… maine kisi na kisi ke saath to karna hai…and you are my first choice”. Certainly Nisha was drunk but she was calm with her tone and nobody can say that she was saying all that under the influence of alcohol, but yes I believe intoxication was playing key role for her to speak out her eternal desire without much hesitation.

I was silent but deep inside I was feeling strange rapture, that instant she was sexiest female ever came in my touch and I was hardly few minutes away to get her on bed. Anyway Nisha was waiting for me to speak and I was lost in visualizing myself riding on her and I was about to say yes to her but just then my phone rang and it was none other than my wife and before taking a call,

keeping a finger over my lips I told her stay silent. I spoke my wife casually and as she asked if I have left the place where reunion was gathered, I lied again; that I am little drunk and couple of my friends are perusing me to stay there only. As I said that my wife was disappointed but at the same moment I saw Nisha smiling warmly with a delight.

Eventually I closed the conversation after convincing my wife by saying that at this hour trucks run heavily on the road and there is also thunderstorm coming with light showers and I too don’t feel like driving in this state. I disconnected the call, and Nisha smiled while looking into my eyes and I responded with the same sort of smile and she said thanks to me

“thanks ki koi baat nahi hai…you know friend in need is friend indeed” using my wit I spoke back proverb and after a pause spoke again “moreover it’s my honor, is kaam ke liye tu hum mein se jisko bhi bolti…wo tyar ho jaata…” and Nisha smiled beautifully over my words and replied to me by saying “humare group mein sirf tu hi hai jo mujhe achha lagta hai…”.

Wow I got a goose bump in my spine with that compliment, “I still can’t believe…! you are sure na?” once again I asked her and she replied back by saying “yaar I am serious…I am tired of living alone” apparently I smiled a bit over her expressions while looking into her dark brown eyes and next Nisha requested me not to reveal all this to anybody,

“tu please ye sab kisi ko mat batana…nahi to they will think that I am slut” “obviously…aise baaten kisi ko nahi bataayi jaati” I replied back casually and she tried to convince me her deceit to her partner “main sach bol rahi hun…I am not a slut…I am helpless…mera patience khatam ho gaya hai”, “I can understand…” I replied back, I did not wanted to talk about all this now,

I just wanted get going now and next instant I spoke that “let’s do then…” and once again Nisha smiled beautifully and got up while “main shower lekar aati hun…” and I instantly came up with a thought of joining her “main bhi chalta hun…”. To my surprise everything was running smooth we were speaking out everything casually, I mean there was no hesitation,

neither in me nor in Nisha but deep inside I was feeling really very strange, possibly mentally Nisha was also in same but she was smiling while looking into my eyes. Next Nisha walked to the bedroom and to pass the urine I went to the common washroom.

Later when I entered in the bedroom, leaving her clothes; Jeans and top on the bed Nisha was already gone to get a shower, I could hear noise of flowing water and I instantly started taking off my clothes and knocked the door while having just jockey over my lower half.

“come in” it was sort of magical word which Nisha uttered in a loud voice and I pushed the door and saw wearing a shower cap, facing away from me Nisha was standing stark naked under flowing water. Ohhh… what was she looking? How she could be so seductive even after 10 years of marriage?

I am married from barely five years and my wife has already lost interest in sex, but here I could see that sex was exploding from every tiny pour of Nisha’s body. What a firm ass she had? Erotically spread and jutting out proudly. As I was lost and did not uttered anything for few seconds she turned and looked at me and smiled while saying

“issko bhi uttar de”, ohhh…what a beautiful breasts she had, her melons were sagging sexily and they were far bigger than what they use to appear under clothes. Her thick nipples were standing stiffly in large dark brown aureoles that were puckered with pleasure now.
Anyway I did what she said, I took out my under wear from my legs and now I was also stark naked. I was hard and fully erect and while walked to her eyes were stuck just to my monster. Eventually I was also standing under water and literally water set me on fire as Nisha touched my entire body with her front.

Her soft sagging breasts touched my firm chest and feel of her hard nipples sent strange sensation in my body. I moaned lightly, Nisha also grunted as my hardness touched her thighs. She was looking into my eyes with a smile and I could not believe what all was going on with me, for a moment I felt as it is dream but Nisha brought me in reality as she took hold of my monster and jerked it back and forward.

“Hmmm…..” I hummed in pleasure and to reciprocate reached to Nisha’s fuckhole with my finger and found her sticky wet and amazingly soft. Nisha also grunted sexily while closing her eyes in delight and I asked her if she has shaved today “Aaj hi shave ki hai kya?” Nisha opened her eyes and said yes to it and added “haan…abhi thodi der pahle”.

“That’s why you took so long…?” I asked her again and she said yes again and we both smiled and I asked her again “that means tune sab kuch plan kiya hua tha…” and she accepted that too and further said “haan…I was waiting for this day from last one month…jab se reunion ki date fix hui hai…” and she spoke again after a small pause “anyhow main tujhe aaj jaane nahi deti”

“what if I would have said no….?” I asked her and she said that then should have tore off her clothes in front of me, “to main tere saamne apne kapde faad deti” and I was surprised to hear that, “itni desperation?” I spoke and she smiled naughtily while saying “right now you can’t imagine main kitni desperate hun….but tujhe abhi pata chal jaayega”.

While we were talking, though not on full swing but water was pouring over us and we were touching each other’s gentiles, she was jerking me back and forward and I was rubbing her opening and feeling her sticky juicy over my fingers. Slowly I entered two of my fingers in her fuckhole and closing her eyes Nisha hummed in pleasure.

She was looking so good that now I could not wait and I moved forward and placed my lips over her soft lips and started kissing her. Nisha responded to my kiss instantly and exploring each other’s mouth and leaving our saliva in one another we had long delicate kiss.

By the time we broke the kiss we both were puffing in pleasure and could not wait and Nisha turned the shower off while saying “chal bed par chalte hain?” We both dried our body and after removing shower cap Nisha knotted her hairs in a loose bun on the nape of her neck and that enhanced her sex appeal.

Finally we both came into the room and bed was waiting for us to get going; though we both were heavily aroused but I can easily say we were not over excited. Usually while fucking my wife initially I make love tenderly and slowly enhance desire of my partner with the foreplay and I did same with Nisha, we came to bed and lying sideways started kissing again and eventually took each other in arms.

I must say that for any male there nothing like fucking a desperate female like Nisha, giving me no chance she just went on eating me, she explored my mouth repeatedly and sucked my tongue and with that she was trying rubbing her pleasure hole with my crotch. For me it was sheer pleasure and anyhow I could not expect this sort of love making from my wife.

Once again by the time we broke the kiss we both were breathing heavy, we looked into each others eyes closly and Nisha uttered “fuck me….” and then after a small pause spoke again “ab oopar aakar daal de mere andar” she was turned on but I followed my way “itni jaldi…? thoda sa doodh to pila de apna”

I spoke that while cluching one of her fleshy milk mound roughly in my hand and Nisha replied by saying “pee le jitna doodh peena hai”. I turned her over her back, got up and sat around her waist and started sqeezing her melons roughly with my both the hands.

Ohhh… her melons were really very soft, I was getting excited and gradualy I went on going cruel while squeezing them and also started pulling the ample flesh of her juggs as if I am massaging them and Nisha enjoyed every bit of that. I was pincing her thick and long nipples between my thumb and finger and she was getting bizzare with the treatment she was getting from me over her rigid nipples.

Eventually I leaned, squeezed one of her mound in my mouth and stared sucking her and Nisha cried in pleasure as I bit her nipple bit crewly. Obviously she didn’t had milk in her breasts but they were delisious, I sucked other one too also clenched her other nipple with my teeth in similar fashion and once again Nisha shuddered in painful pleasure.

Gradually while feeding me her lusious fruits Nisha grabbed me in her arms and wrapped her thighs around my waist to adjusted her crotch under my hard monster, so that I can plunge her but I was yet not over with what all I wanted to do with her before fucking her properly and crushing her milk mounds under my broad cheast I started kissing and brushing my lips over her neck and slowly reached to her ears.

I knew the senstivity of that reagion and like I was expecting Nisha started panting loudly. There was nobody in the house who could hear her gasps and I just went on going mad over her and raising her hands up tried to lick her underarms and Nisha just went bizzare with that act of mine.

By now Nisha was reached to the point where she could not wait to get fucked and she once again requested me to plunge her fuckhole by saying “Rahul please ab daal de andar” but I did not listened her and turned her around; over her belly. hmmm… her ass was too good and next I started playing with her fleshy ass mounds,

I squeezed them together with all my strength and then parted them with both the hands and arcing her back and raising her head Nisha grunted erotically and just went on going mad in rising lust, her pleasure moans were driving me crazy and to make her shudder further in pain and pleasure, holding her ample ass I took a bite of her ass and once again she cried erotically.

Next gradually I moved up and reached to the nape of her neck while licking her entire back and Nisha did not stopped puffing, grunting and trembling in heavenly pleasure. I lied over her and took her earlobe in my mouth and sucked it tenderly and Nisha started breathing heavier and tried to keep her ear away from my access by turning her face but I did not stopped troubling her

and took her other earlobe in my mouth and sucked it and her struggle continued for couple of minutes. By the time I stopped foreplay Nisha was charged up to the extent that she did not waited even for a fraction and as I got bit away from her top she got up, took me under and sat around my waist to reciprocate whatever I did with her and bit my earlobe after leaning over me.

I too cried in pleasure and next she bit my nipples and I shuddered in pain and pleasure. Ahhh….what a female Nisha is, after biting my nipples she turned me around and bit my ass too and I really liked the way she reacted, I have did all this with my wife numerous times but she has never counter attacked me like this.

Anyway after hearing my gasps mixed with pain and pleasure she got up, turned me again on my back and spoke while looking into my eyes “ab main daalne lagi hun andar”. Next instant Nisha sat around my waist and holding my monster straight she got up a bit and brought her pleasure hole over my fully erect Penis and simply plunged her fuckhole with a silent puff.

Ohhh…. I grunted in pleasure with clamp of her starved fuckhole over my monster. Nisha was so wet and hot that as I reached to the depth of her fuckhole I felt her juices flowing down to bed through my balls. Filling her fuckhole my size resting her hands over my chest Nisha rubbed her fleshy ass over my crotch repeatedly and panted erotically while looking at my face.

Her hairs were spoiled and spread in the struggle while I was doing foreplay and she was killing me with her looks. Her swollen breasts started moving slowly as she moved back and forward and started thrusting my penis in and out of her hole. As fucking started we both started moaning in pleasure while looking into each other’s eyes shamelessly.

After slow movements for a while Nisha began to fuck herself with deep, skewering thrusts, clenching thick flesh of my chest and rocking her own fleshy hips steeply up and down, to and fro, Nisha was driving my inflamed erection in and out of her wet fuckhole nicely while gasping erotically. I was also moaning nonstop and whole room was filled with our pleasure cries.

Now her huge melons were swinging up and down, to and fro very fast and her nipples were getting stiffer in excitement. I was holding Nisha from her waist and moving my bottom bit up and down to shove my monster and our movements were getting in rhythm.

For me everything was fantastic, Nisha was so demanding in the bed that anyhow I could not imagine that my wife will ever be able to give me this sort of pleasure in my entire married life. Tip of my Penis was rubbing her wet virginal walls rapidly; our mixed juices were flowing down to the bed freely.

“Oh….YEsss… Ohh.. GOD yes… Rahul bahut mazza aa raha hai…..” Nisha uttered in excitement, “mujhe bhi bahut mazza aa raha hai……..” I replied back and also added “teri Chut bahut garam hai”. Nisha was around me somewhat on her knees, ramming and reaming my monster in and out of her juicy,

dripping fuckhole and hearing my erotic Hindi words she increased her speed and moved back and forth furiously in passion and spoke “tera Lund bhi bahut mota hai” ohhh…for moment I could not believe what she said and with this statement our excitement enhanced significantly and she started banging her ass over my crotch with more passion.

Like I said Nisha’s bottom was quite heavy and that instant her furious fucking started hurting me a bit, holding her smooth waist I tried to control her speed but she was getting mad in lust, she took off my hands from her waist and held them tight and leaned over me and looked into my eyes while stroking my monster length in her fuckhole rapidly and spoke

“karne de mujhe jo main kar rahi huin ….. aaj main tujhe khaa jaaungi” She was puffing in excitement while saying that and then Nisha leaned further over me and changed her movement from up and down to, to and fro movement and rubbed her crotch with my pelvis for while and kissed me lustfully.

I freed my hands from her grip and took both of her melons in my hands and started crushing them brutally. She got up and moaned sexily as I went on squeezing her luscious breasts, lust was increasing and I could see Nisha wanted to reach to her peak. She looked lovely, her face was full of lust, hairs were spread, her eyes were open and she was looking into my eyes,

her mouth was open, she was moaning and murmuring in excitement “Rahul…Chod mujhe…achhe se Chod…maar daal mujhe Chod-Chod ke” she knew all Hindi slang words and all that in her voice was really very arousing for me.

Though I was not near my ejaculation because of pain and tiredness of banging of her heavy bottom but still I was very hard over my penis and controlling every fucking thrust as she desired Nisha went on fucking me. From the pace she was fucking me I was assuming that Nisha is close to her peak and might reach to her orgasm but I was wrong, soon she got tired and fell over me.

I hugged her and smelled her sweating body, held her fleshy ass mounds and tried to squeeze them harder and then parted them with full strength and pulled her to get myself deep inside her fuck hole in same fucking rhythm. Nisha moaned sexily as I went deep inside her womb and it was really strange feeling for both of us.

Pace was subsided a bit because of tiredness but passion was intact, “Rahul fuck me….oopar aakar daal de andar” Nisha spoke that in soft voice in my ear and I turned her around. I widened her thighs and plunged her with a rapid thrust and just went on fucking her with good pace.

Nisha gripped me nicely around my back and raised her legs in air, to get a deeper penetration, and I started fucking her furiously as I was also struggling to hold myself for long, and our pleasure moans were getting loud and broken, and I started talking to her in that erotic state “mazza aa raha hai meri jaan…hmmmm….?” “aaj main tujhe raat bhar Chodunga….”

My words enhanced our arousal, Nisha wrapped her thighs around my pumping ass and somewhat nailed my back in excitement and ultimately hissed in pleasure…. “ tez….. tez …. Aur tez …. Aur tez……. Fuck me… fuck me” I was feeling pressure building inside me,

Nisha was also went beyond her control and before I would have reached to my peak Nisha cries grew sharper and shriller, and she busted abruptly. She clamped my pumping ass in her arms and thighs with all her strength and orgasmed violently, her back arched like a bow while her fuckhole trembled madly over my Penis and clamped my monster harder,

she cried in harsh voice and shuddered while holding me tight, her belly rippled helplessly and for an instant she lost her breath. Squeezing her heavy milks I was holding her quivering with all my strength and suddenly I too grunted in a loud voice. Taking my breath away my penis trembled inside her fuckhole and I spewed out my hot jizz in her womb as deep as possible.

We both were exhausted, sweating and puffing madly and I rolled from her top as my monster shrunk and slipped out of her fuckhole, “mazza aaya….hmmm…?” I asked her and Nisha hummed to say yes, she was looking at the roof and after few seconds she accepted “bahut mazza aaya…” and then spoke again “I can’t believe that I have really did it ….”

With that she turned and we had casual chit chat while lying naked on bed and she detailed me everything, that she wanted to fuck with me since long and since date of our reunion was fixed; almost a month back mentally she was preparing herself to speak to me but deep inside she was scared and ultimately it was 3-4 strong vodka drinks which gave her strength to speak to me.

I asked her why she chose me as there are so many males in our group who are even better looking than me “Tell me…why you chose me…? aur bhi to good looking ladke hain humare group mein…” in reply she knobbed her head in no and spoke “…you are the best…casual and simple” and before I would have spoke anything in reply Nisha spoke again “Sudha to tere liye pagal hai”

(Sudha is another female of our group who is actually still unmarried). As Nisha said that I smiled with rapture and eventually we both got up to clean our self. That was our first fucking session and we had three fucking sessions in night and one in the morning while taking shower.

Anyway after first session we stood under the shower clean our gentiles but for very short time, actually Nisha was feeling bit heavy headed. I prepared coffee for her and I too had another cup. While having coffee with just under garments over our bodies we chit chatted for around twenty minutes;

Nisha talked about her hunger for sex and further told me that she would have waited for her husband if he would have loyal to her and then she further told me that her husband was having sex casually with the females who where junior to him in his team even when he was living here only. In addition to that she told me what all she likes in me and I tried asking her about Sudha’s attitude for me.

Unfortunately that instant Nisha did not reflected much interest in talking to me about Sudha, unless I would have asked her if she can agree her to have sex with me and we can enjoy threesome. Anyway slowly we got aroused again and felt like doing it for a second time and this time our fucking started with proper oral sex.

While I stood on my knees on the bed, Nisha took my semi erect Penis in her mouth in doggy posture. Nisha was really good in sucking Penis, using her saliva she sucked me tenderly and I just grew hard in her mouth. Later I told her to get into sixty nine and while she continued sucking me I also licked her fuckhole to make her wet and dripping again.

Eventually in second session I plunged Nisha from behind, she was on her four facing towards a big life size mirror. As I really enjoy talking to my partner while having sex, holding her smooth waist I was invading her fuckhole with steady pace while speaking out erotic which I would like to write here.

Initially I asked her about size my Penis; if it is bigger than her husband’s penis and while getting fucked and moaning in pleasure she said that as compared to her husband certainly I have a thicker one. “Nisha mera Lund tere Husband ke lund se bada hai kya?” I asked her and she replied while puffing

“haan….tera kafi mota hai” next using erotic Hindi slang I asked her if she will always have sex with me, “Nisha…tu hamesha mujhse apni Chut aise hi marwaayegi na?” “haan… hamesha marwaaungi…tu jab marzi aa jaaya kar mujhe Chodne” Nisha was enjoying talking to me erotic and slowly our excitement increased and I paced up myself.

I started screwing her harder and faster and our mutual pleasure went on going higher and higher and we both collapsed on bed just after reaching to our climax. Night did not ended even there, suddenly somewhere around 3, when I was in sleep I felt Nisha taking out my underwear from my legs and before I would recollected she started sucking me and we confronted again, this time in typical missionary posture.

In the morning I got up around nine, when my phone rang, it was my wife asking me if I have left. I said no to her but assure her that I will be get going in next five minutes. But Nisha was not ready to leave me and once again we took shower together, she sucked my Penis while being on her knees under flowing water and ultimately ended up after getting fucked by me on the bed.

In the end I would say this incident is not even a month old, though I did not stayed at her place for the night but since then I have been to Nisha’s place twice to fuck her. I know this is wrong and I am cheating my innocent wife who has blind faith on med but this is also true that Nisha is amazingly hot and so demanding on that bed that she gives me much more sexual satisfaction as compared to my wife.

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