Checkup Ch. 01

I looked at my watch. It had been 45 minutes since I first sat down in the waiting room. Slumped in my seat, I wondered if I was ever going to see the doctor. It was my first visit to a gynecologist, and at first I’d been very nervous over what to expect, but now I just wanted to get it over with.
What was the hold up anyways? The office was small–it looked like there could only be one, maybe two rooms tops in the back–and no one else was here but the nurse behind the desk. It was almost 5:00 pm, surely they would be closing soon?
“Allie Anderson?”
I jumped a little as the nurse broke the silence. “Oh, that’s me.”
She smiled at me warmly. She was very beautiful, with olive skin, grey eyes, and dark hair. She could have been a TV star. I smiled back at her and got up.
“Just follow me to the back, I’ll take you to the exam room.”
Her hair and her butt swished back and forth noticeably as I followed her. Perhaps I should ask her for her number when I everything was done.
Just as I thought, there was only one exam room, and what looked like an office across from it. The door was closed–I guessed the doctor was back there, procrastinating my visit. Hopefully he wouldn’t be too long.

I sat on the exam table as the nurse bent over in front of me to rummage around for something. I peaked down her blouse–a lacy black bra. I was definitely going to ask her for her number later. I looked away sheepishly as she stood up, handing me one of those papery gowns. “Here, put this on and the doctor will be in shortly. Just put the gown on the top with the opening in the front so that we can do a breast exam, and lay the paper gown on your lap for the vaginal exam later.”
She left the room, giving me one last smile before closing the door behind her. I sighed. I hated these flimsy paper things. I looked round the room as I took off my clothes. It was cold and stark, just the exam chair and a barren counter top. And the walls were covered in mirrors. I put on the paper vest. It barely covered my large breasts. I wondered how anyone remotely curvy was supposed to fit in them. The paper table cloth at least covered my lap as I sat up in the exam chair, looking at the stirrups and trying to mentally prepare for the exam.
There was a soft knock at the door before it opened softly. I held the vest in place, trying to cover up as much cleavage as possible. The nurse opened the door, followed by the doctor. I blushed–I couldn’t believe she was seeing me like this! It was nice to have some girl support for the exam, but this was seriously going to mess with my game later if I wanted to pick her up.
The doctor was fairly handsome himself, an older man with a salt and pepper look, but not fat or anything. He was maybe even a little brawny. I could feel my nipples perking up a little bit at the thought–how embarrassing! He was a doctor, though, he must know that I couldn’t help it?
He reached out his hand towards me, “Hello, I’m Dr. Thurman.”
I shook his hand, my paper vest opening a bit, before quickly holding it closed again. He chuckled kindly, looking away, “Oh, don’t worry, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”
I could feel myself relaxing. This guy wasn’t so bad. We went through the basic questions: how old was I, was this my first visit, had I had sex before?
“And who have you had sex with?” I looked at him quizzically. “I mean to say, what is your sexuality? Are you having sex with boys or with girls…?”
“Oh, well, you know, both,” I said quietly. I hated answering questions like this.
“Very good,” he said, looking up at the nurse who was still by his side, “Well then, I think that’s all we need to know! Time to get started.”
I sighed, finally! The end was in sight.
“Now, just lean back in the chair and put your feel in the stirrups.”
I did as his asked, feeling hyper aware of the drafty room blowing cold air around my now exposed vagina.
“Now, since this is your first visit, I’m just going to strap you into the chair a little bit. There’s nothing to be alarmed about, but we can’t have you moving during the exam, and most women flinch the first time they feel the speculum and that can end up hurting them, so I just want to make sure you’re safe and comfortable for the procedure.”
I nodded, “okay.” I didn’t want anything to get in the way of me getting out of here quicker. If he thought this would help, then I wanted to get on with it. He tied my ankles to the stirrups with medical straps as the nurse stood behind me, lifting my wrists to strap my arms to the arm wrests. I blushed as my vest opened up to reveal my breasts. My nipples were extremely hard in the cold air.
“I’m just going to put one more strap around your abdomen to limit any squirming.”
Squirming? He buckled in the last strap, pulling it hard. I felt my back stick to the pleather chair. “Um, it’s a little tight Dr. Thurman…”
“Don’t worry,” he cooed, “I know what I’m doing. Just try to relax.”
I took a few deep breaths. The chair was leaned back pretty far. With my head leaned against the rest, I could only see the ceiling.
The doctor began talking from around the area of my ankles, “Tania is going to do a breast exam now.” I leaned my head up to try to see him talking. “Nono, just sit back Allie. Remember, you need to stay still for the exam.” I leaned my head back down. “Yes, very good Allie. Now Tania, can you do the breast exam procedure?”
Looking up, I could see Tania’s breasts hovering over me, but not much else. They were inches from my face. I felt her warm hands on the edges of my breasts, moving around the breasts while making circular motions. She was working from the outside of the breast in. The closer she got to my nipples, the harder they got. I tried to take my mind off of it, but it was impossible to ignore her expert hands. The air felt so much colder on my nipples compared to the warmth of her hands on the rest of my breasts.
The doctor stood up and was leaning over me now. “Allie, are your nipples always this big?”
“I’m asking medically of course. I need to know if you’re healthy.”
“Well, I guess no…” Where was he going with this?
“I see. Are you aroused Allie?”
I almost gagged, starting to lift my head. I felt a hand push me back down, “Allie, I said not to lift your head. If you try that again, I’m going to have to strap you down.”
“What? Why?” What was going on here? I tried to get up, forgetting about the straps.
The doctor sighed. I could hear him putting down his clip board. He held my head down–there wasn’t much I could do about it–and I felt him tie a strap around my forehead. I was completely immobile now. All this while the nurse continued to inch closer to my ever harder nips.
“Now, Allie, answer my question.”
I was starting to feel fuzzy. What was going on? It couldn’t be… No, I couldn’t assume the worst. I decided to play along. Maybe good behavior would get this bizarre exam over sooner. “Y-yes. I’m a little aroused.”
I heard him writing diligently on his clipboard.
“Tania, I think she’s properly excited now. Measure her nipples.”
“Wh-what? Why are you measuring me? Have you been planning this the whole time?” I started violently fighting the restraints. “I want to get out of here! Someone help me!” I started yelling.
Tania was off my breasts and gone from view. Ha! Maybe they realized that they had messed with the wrong girl and were running away!
Suddenly Dr. Thurman’s face was directly in front of mine. He looked angry and extremely menacing. I was too intimidated to scream with him so close to me. “You can scream all you want, though I suggest you don’t because it bothers me and you don’t want to deal with me when I’m angry. Everyone leaves this office park at five, and it’s almost six, Allie. There’s no one here to listen to you scream but me and Tania, and even if there was, they wouldn’t hear you. This office is completely sound proofed. Now be a good girl for your exam.”
He was gone again. I looked around wildly for him, but still could only see the ceiling, which was soon obstructed once again by Tania’s breasts. I cried as she used some sort of ruler to measure the size for my nipples. Why was this happening to me?
I felt the lap cloth rustle and heard Dr. Thurman from between my legs, “Don’t worry, Allie. Tania’s going to make you feel better.”
I felt Tania’s hands at my breasts again, this time rubbing my hard nubs with her thumbs. The sensation shot through me and I suppressed a moan as her own breasts caressed my face as she leaned over me. I didn’t want to give these people the satisfaction of knowing that they could turn me on against my will.
She started twisting my nipples between her fingers and I could feel them engorging even more. She twisted, pulled, rolled. She would fold them over and watch them bounce back upright. I bit my lip to keep from making any noise.
Once more I heard Dr. Thurman’s voice from between my legs. I’d completely forgotten that he was sitting between the stirrups. “Is this discharge normal, Allie?”
“Wh-what?” My voice was shaking. It was hard to tear my attention away from my sensitive nipples.
“Ah, I see you don’t know much about your own body. That’s very well, Allie. I’ll answer that for you. I’ve done extensive testing, and it’s not at all normal for someone to have this kind of discharge during a routine check up.”
“B-but, this isn’t routine! She’s–” I gasped as I felt a sharp, but not painful, pinch on one of my nubs–“she’s teasing me!”
Dr. Thurman’s voice rose, “You will address me as Doctor when you speak to me!”
“Y-Yes Doctor.” I didn’t want to talk any more. I knew my wobbling voice was betraying my complete arousal.
“Good,” the doctor said smugly, “Now I will remind you that I am your doctor, and you are my patient. You know nothing about this matter. I’m going to have to collect a sample of your discharge, quite a large one actually. Let’s see how long it takes for me to elicit that from you.”
I cringed. What kind of sample was he going to get? I heard his chair scrape and the door open. “I’m going to get my supplies. Continue onto phase two, Tania.”
I sighed with relief as she let go of my breasts. They were completely engorged now and my nipples rock hard.
“Tania,” I whispered, “Tania, please let me out. This is illegal, Tania. If you let me out, I’ll tell the police that you had nothing to do with it, I promise!”
I saw her hands above me, rubber glove cladded, and lathering some sort of gel between them.
“Oh, don’t worry Allie. Everyone’s first time is difficult. But I’m sure you’ll learn to love it. I certainly did.”
She leaned over me again. This time, her blouse was almost completely unbuttoned, putting me face to face with the lace bra I had peaked at earlier. She laughed as she noticed me trying to look away. “Don’t look away now, Allie! I saw you peaking earlier.”
I blushed as she leaned deeper over me, covering my face unavoidably in her tits. She started rubbing the gel into my areolae.
I tried to ask what she was doing, but from her cleavage not much sound made it out.
She laughed again, making her tits bounce around my cheeks. “Shh, darling, don’t worry. He’ll be back soon.”
I felt my breasts start to tingle. What was in that gel? They started to feel colder and colder, even though she continued to play with them between her fingers. I could feel goosebumps traveling across my body at the sensation of it. It was like my nipples were in ice. They were painfully aroused.
I heard the door open again, “Ah, I see Tania is using my cream on you. Can you guess what it does yet?”
He laughed at me, “Not quite. No, it makes whatever part of the body it touches feel like it’s being plunged in ice water. I’ve always loved the way women’s nipples harden in the cold, but too much cold can harm a person. My cream lasts for about ten minutes, but it can be reapplied endlessly without any harm to the body.”
I couldn’t see him, but I could feel his piercing gaze on my already sore nipples. Each touch was an agonizing arousal. My shoulders were starting to spasm with each new touch. The spasms worked down to my back until my entire body twitched in rhythm to each new attention paid to my rock hard nubs.
“Tania, dear, why don’t you make sure to reapply to this one every five minutes. I don’t want her to go a moment without pleasure.”
“Noooooooo” I said through her breasts, the only muffled words to be understood so far.
Dr. Thurman laughed coldly, “And be sure not to stop stimulating her. We need to collect our sample after all. Don’t worry, Allie. You’ll get much more sensitive as the night goes on.”
I heard him move back down to my pelvis. What was he going to do to me? I tried to wiggled away, but was stopped my the abdominal and ankle restraints, and by my own body’s contortions at the hands of Tania. My legs were positioned so far apart that I couldn’t even close my knees.
I felt the doctor’s hands on my inner thigh. “Ah, I see you’ve waxed just for us. What a cute little landing strip as well.”
I wanted to cry, but all I could do was constantly gasp for air with each new sensation on my nipples. I knew I was on the edge of a powerful orgasm, and no matter how hard I fought it, it was creeping closer.
“Now Allie, I’m going to apply some lubricant so that my tools will be able to work unhindered.” I heard him mashing wet jelly in his hands before he smeared it onto my vulva. He applied it to my lower lips, holding them between his thumb and forefingers and sliding the jelly up and down. Then he applied it to my hood and, lifting it, the length of my clit. The more he touched, the harder my clit got. Finally I gasped in surprise as he put the length of his finger into my pussy, plastering my walls with the goop.
I felt the now familiar tingling and shuddered. Was he putting the cooling gel on my sex? On my tits, it was good–too good–but down there, it would surely hurt me! But instead of being followed by the chilling affect, my vulva started to feel warm.
My crotch got warmer and warmer, and I could feel my clit extending. It never got uncomfortably hot, just erotically warm. The juxtaposition of my cold hard tits and my steamy cunt was too much for me. My legs started to shake as I felt the orgasm take over my body. Tania just kept working my tender breasts as I writhed below her, finally letting out the moans I’d been holding in.
When I finished, the doctor spoke from between my legs: “Very good, Allie. I hardly even touched you! But we’re going to need more.”
More? I thought, now starting to feel fuzzy in my post orgasm. He applied more of the warming goo, even though it hadn’t’ completely worn off yet, after collecting the cum from between my thighs.
“No, no, I’m not ready. I need to rest,” I mumbled
“What did I tell you to call me?” His voice was testy. I didn’t want to make him angry.
“Doctor. I’m sorry, doctor. Please let me rest, doctor”
He just laughed as he lowered something onto my clit.
“You aren’t going to rest for a long time, darling.”
I whined as he flicked a switch and I heard a faint buzzing between my legs
“We aren’t finished milking you yet.”
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