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my name is Rahul and I am 29 years old, I live in Hyderabad. I am about to share my own experience which happened couple of weeks back, with permission from the lady in the story. I’ll start from my description, I am 5’9″, slim body, wheatish and I look smart overall. The lady I am talking about is about 5’3″, average personality, curvy and pretty.

All this started couple of months back when I was at home getting bored. Used to chat a lot with buddy’s a lot and whenever none of my friends were online I used to chat in the chat rooms. It is really boring as there are too many males than females in the chat room and most of the females want to see you nude and may be shag.

As I was just trying to kill the time I never showed any interest to all those people. So I started being clear to people that I am just looking to kill time, and after few days of this boring chat I met this lady who initially seemed very busy but then started to respond very well. We chatted for an hour or so and she wanted to see me if I had a webcam and I was okay as we had a very decent chat.

And asked if I could see her now and she asked me to wait 5 mins which I did and then she came back and said “are you ready” and I said yes. Then she invited me to view her cam and to my surprise she was totally nude. I could see her from neck till hips beautiful curvy figure. However I was sitting in my room and there were relatives moving around and the window at my back was also open so it all came to me as a shock.

though I wanted to see her I minimised the window in just a sec. and then she typed can you see me, and gathered some courage and closed the window behind and opened the window again however this time I had a glance at her face when she moved to switch off the cam. And then we started to chat again and I asked to see her again as I could not see her face properly.

And then suddenly she was very nervous and started asking me if I really saw her face and I replied positively. And she was scared till death and I assured her that I am no threat to her. but still she was not okay she didn’t eat that night and asked me to come online around 11pm. and she was feeling the same even after a lot of consoling her.

So I told her to call me or let me call her but she said she’s not going to do another mistake by sharing numbers. That night I tried to convince her but she was in tears. The later day when I logged in I had some messages from her asking me to come online and from that day we chatted every day and eventually we became good friends in just couple of days and she told me her story.

She’s a married woman and her husband is a software engineer and they have a child together she’s happy with the marriage, but she’s lonely sometimes. later she asked me if I had any girlfriends and I replied negatively and I asked her if she ever had a boyfriend before getting married and she said no.

but she always wanted to have boyfriend and do all the stuff a couple would do but she never dared to do, and after some talking she concluded that may be its not sex but the thrill in the secrecy which excites her more. And I said I am ready for that, but she was offline the very minute. And I thought she might have taken it offensively so I started apologizing.

But nothing for two days. After two days she sent me a mail saying she lost the internet and problem still unresolved and she’s sorry not to respond and gave me her number and said only calling no texting. And I called her immediately and my oh my what a sexy voice she has and I told her the same and from then I used to talk to her and flirt all the time.

One day she told me that her husband is going to us for onsite and she might be joining him in couple of weeks after he is gone. Her husband left and the child is been handed over to her moms and she’s all alone. I wanted to have her but could not say it as I didn’t want to hurt her. Then I asked her for a treat to which she agreed.

And she told me she would wait at ameerpet and picked her at about 6pm and shook hands and I asked her so where’s treat?? She replied she’s not that outgoing and asked me to decide. As both of us were not very hungry we agreed to go to eat street. Where we spent time munching and talking. It was dark already and we were ready to leave.

I told her that I would drop her at her home to which she agreed. When I was driving suddenly I sensed something on my hand when turned my head I saw her putting her hand on mine resting on the driving rod. When I looked at her she said she wants to learn driving before she leaves to US.

I thought I would do some touchy flirting now and said it’s not a big deal and removed my hand from the gear rod and asked her to hold the gear rod. Then I placed my hand over her hand started teaching her the gear system at the same time enjoying the touch.

I might have pressed a little harder when she shouted oh that hurts and removed her hand to which I placed my hand on her thigh and asked her are you okay to which she remained silent for a while and asked me to stop the car and as I was about to ask what’s wrong she was a lil furious and I stopped the car a little off the road and she asked me to park near the trees where it’s a little dark.

As soon I stopped the car she grabbed my head and started kissing me all over the face and I grabbed her by the neck and another hand on her hips started to French kiss her to which she did not respond well initially then she started to respond well.

And we decided to move to the back seat and started to kiss again and this time she was sitting on my legs and both of us were exploring the naked backs and when I started to go down she stopped me and sat beside me and suggested to go to her apartment. We then quickly drove to the apartment. She asked me park outside and come after 5 mins.

I knocked on the door after 5 mins and she opened the door, I got in, she closed the door, and we started kissing again and she was guiding me the bedroom and we were completely nude by the time we reached the bed room. then we broke the kiss and she sat on the bed only now I was seeing her completely nude and god she was irresistible sultry babe like a sex goddess sitting there with red face inviting me to have her.

Then I quickly hopped on the bed and started to kiss her from the neck, then the eyes, the nose, lips, cheeks and didn’t feel as good as the neck. she gave a sweet moan while I was licking her neck then I slowly moved to her breasts, sucked them like a baby, she gave a little cry when ever I used to bite her nipples gently.

Then I slowly moved to her fanny where she started to give intense sweet moans and grabbed my head pushed it towards her pussy I started to lick like a dog drinking the milk. She was already wet there and ass soon as I cleaned up she gave a loud moan and had an orgasm. I saw her face and she had her eyes closed and seemed relaxed like a baby.

now I lie beside her with one leg between her thighs and lying on one boob and sucking the other then she took my head and got up and said now it’s my turn to please you so just relax and lie down, and I did exactly as said. she took my hard dick in her hands and started stroking it and took it in to her mouth and I was watching the goddess give me a blowjob and could not resist the ponding titties so leaned towards her and grabbed them and I was in heaven for a moment when she took my balls in to her mouth.

And in no time I cum on her face she drank my juices as she was thirsty and lie beside me and we were just lying and hugging each other. My dick was still hard even after cum and she asked why and I told her I don’t know. To which she gave me a naughty smile came on top of me hold my dick and guided in to her pussy and started stroking and whenever I was about to cum I used to breathe hard and also ask to change positions.

Did missionary, doggy, standing (while I am lifting her). after a real long fuck when I was about to cum I splashed it on her belly and lie on her holding each other, relaxed for a while and then we had fun bathing each other and playing. We got dressed up and she started cooking dinner and started playing with her again and had fun dining. Didn’t miss a second playing.

I said I had the best time ever and would always cherish this day in my life and she said pleasure is all mine. And then I left home. We had a good time until her parents and relates came along then she flew off.

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