chat friend Deepa

I am from south, 27 medium built. In delhi we had an occasion ana all of my friends left to their home towns,

I dint leave because of some work in delhi itself, and the holidays were too long, i.e winter vocation for 15 days, time just passed so fast for the first 3 days as I am fully busy with my work, but later the days were too boring, so I opened my old yahoo id through yahoo messenger for time pass, and went to delhi chat room, and it was too difficult for me to find a woman,

but suddenly to my shock my messanger gave a ping sound, yes I was lucky that day, she introduced to me as Deepa and said she was studying in a college, and from then we chatted fot 4 hours, while signing off I asked for her number to which she said no. And from then onwards I was waiting online for her for 2 days and finally on 3 rd day she came back,

then I explained her how I was waiting for her, that day we had a long chat for about 5 hours, sweet chat no sex nothing, but finally I made sure she wont feel bad if I speak to her about sex and asked her to which she readily replied. And to my surprise she was very free in speaking about sex.

The following day was a turning point for me, I asked that we will have voice chat to which she agreed, and we were speaking about sex and suddenly I heard a baby crying and she immediately said wait a min, and started making the baby sleep whcih I can hear as the speaker was on.

And then when I pressurized her then she old that she was married and had a kid, But she was from a good family and cant behave like this as if anyone will get to know it will be a big problem for her. I said I will never reveal her name and keep that secret and asked for her number, finally she gave me and said whenever she rings me then only to call,

and when her ubby goes to office she used to give me call and we used to speak for long hours, I asked about her boobs as she was feeding milk to her kid, and said I wanted to drink milk from her boobs, she laughed and said you cant do it na… then I requested her to give address so that I will taste the milk and go away, but she was very afraid of doing that,

then slowly I asked her to come out at-least as I can see her boobs, but she was clever enough to not say the place she lives in. But one day she said me how his husband does sex with her, he just does that like a duty but never enjoys nor gives enjoyment to her. Then I said give me one chance I will give you what best I can and will never return to her back again in her life.

So finally she agreed on one condition, one day she will have sex with me, but after that I should never give her call, neither go to her home, to which I agreed, one thing I was very sure she is afraid of lot of things, so I felt I will fulfill my desire as well as hers just once and get out of the relation. the day came she gave me the address and asked me to come by 10 morning,

It was an apartment, and she called me and told the flat number and asked me to directly come in as the door was not locked to which I slowly went in and locked the door, this is the first time I was watching her she is damn hot, she is 5.6″ boobs of size 34 as they were full milk tanks, amazing girl she was, she is 23 years old, married quiet early she gave me something to eat and said now its time you go,

to which I said I dint do anything till now, she said she is afraid if anyone comes and asked me to go, but I pulled her and hugged her tightly, and planted a sweet kiss on her lips, she requested me to go out, since she was wearing a nighty I tour thr hooks of nighty to pull her soft white huge boobs and her nipples were so erect and shard I readily kept them in mouth and started sucking them,

I sucked them for atleast 30min without lifting my head and said iam ready now with full of energy, but she had tears in her eyes and said if anyone comes to know about this, she cant live. I promised her and said I will keep my promise and asked her to call her husband and know what time he will come back and asked her to say ti her husband to get something while coming back as he wont get any doubt.

And then she fed her kid and make him sleep and came back, thats when the real story began I slowly removed her nightly mad her completely nude she was not even wearing a panty I deserted my face on her cunt and started sucking it.. what a taste it is… and she was moaning heavily slowly I went on to her boobs and started sucking them again, she said if I drink all the milk nothing will be left for her kid..

I laughed and smooched her that was a long smooch. and then slowly opened my trousers and pushed my dick inside her mouth she was so hungry that she ate whole dick into her mouth and sucked my dick so well like a lolly pop in her mouth,it gave me great pleasure and I cummed in her mouth she cleaned her mouth and came back and asked me to fuck her,

this was the first time I saw her speak like that, and I pushed my dick inside her cunt quiet forcefully and slowly started moving on her.. she again asked me to fuck hard to which I responded by hitting hard inside with my dick and my hands were all on her body pressing boobs.

And in about some time I cummed and then I layed down.. she suddenly took my dick inside mouth and made it large again and said I love you to my dick and sat on it inserting it into her cunt and started riding me… that was a great scene when she was riding me her huge boobs were moving up and down at the same tims he was moaning heavily..

hmmmmmmmm I want u I love u………………………. these were the words she was uttering while fucking me..and then we had lunch together without any clothes on both of us I made her sit on my laps kept my head on her boobs and asked her to feed me… she laughed and fed me.. and since time is going fast she asked me to fuck once more and from sofa we kissed passionately and fell down from that and made sex on the floor…

I fucked her twice one after another… it was a great experience… she gave me a last smooch and asked me to go I caught her boobs and then said I will miss u both and came my surprise I got a text…”thanx… loved u loved the experience u gave me but will miss u…iam really happy now”

As promised I dint call her again neither pinged her… just waiting for her text everytime my mobile pings…I never said this to my friends also.. I still remember her waving me form her balcony with happiness in her eyes..

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