Chandni – My sister in law

My wife is 35 and her elder sister is 40 married and settled in Mumbai. They have big farm near Vapi and grow many fruits and vegetables. Her hubby stays in the farm house 3/4 days in a week and sell all products in Mumbai. They are happy family. Whenever we visit Mumbai we stay with them like an extended family and my sali who is called aadhi gharwalli takes full care of us. Last year I had to go for business work and stayed with them for 3 days. Her hubby had gone to farm house,where he is taken care by manager and his wife. Usually when I go, I sleep in the hall and watch TV. But that time my sali told me to sleep in the bedroom. She is elderly and her word is order for all of us.
I had no other intention as we are closely related and talk all matters very freely. It was 10.30 pm and she entered bedroom after finishing her work. I was half awake. She asked me for drinks. She offered me gin with lemon which I could not refuse. She told me that her hubby was staying more in the farm house and neglected her. She also suspected that manager wife not only ccoked but also slept with him.
She is not very beatiful but bountiful 36,38,40 and in the dim light she really looked sexy. She wore thin cotton nightie and her bra and panty were see through. She poured second fillings and offered some dry frutits. I listened to her very carefully but did not comment. She came near to me and sat on the bed spreading her legs and half bending her head on hte pillows. I moved little down . She came forward and kissed me on cheeks. I felt the thrill and warmth of her body.. She took my hand and kissed it and kept on her boobs. This was clear signal. I was in my payjama and banian.
Her hand reached for my cock. She told me tonight let us enjoy and caught hold of my cock. It has woken up and 6 inch hard like arock.. We finished drinks and she brought CD to put on computer in the bedroom. I wondered how daring she became. We saw a blue film sitting on the bed, kissing, hugging, holding each other. Still we were dressed. I dared not to open her bra or panty.
She suddenly stood and threw away her nightie. She called me to stand and opn my payjama. She told me show the cock . She came forward caught it and put it in her mouth. sucking it like a bitch. I opened her bra and started sucking her breasts one by one. We lied in 69 position for long vigourosly sucking each other..then I removed her panty. She had clean shaven cunt and I sucked it for long till she was fully wet.
I was excited and could not wait . She herself put my cock into her cunt and we enjoyed in missionary position . She responded every thrist till I blew out.
Whole night we held each other in arms and enjoyed.Whenever she gets free, we enjoy. She is taking revenge on her hubby.but she promised never to reveal anybody.
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