I am Chaitali, a girl from typical Marwari family, married in a same cast and religion. Though my sister is also married in same cast but mine is arrange marriage and Didi had an affair with Jiju for some time and finally they got married. Now if I will get straight to the point then I will say that, it all started when me and my husband were on out station trip to attend one marriage occasion of one of my other cousin sister,

leaving my 4 year old child with my in-laws and my cousin sister Gunjan Didi who is nearly 6-7 years elder than me, was also there to attend that occasion with her husband Hemant Jiju and like mine her son was also living with her in-laws. Gunjan Didi is my maternal cousin, means she is a daughter of my mom’s elder sister, (Maasi’s daughter) and lives in the same town of UP with her husband from which I belong.

After marriage I got shifted to some other city of the same state which is nearly 5-6 hours away from there by road. Now if I will define myself, then I will say I am above average looking girl of 5’ 4” not fair but also not dark in color. I won’t say that I am slim and well maintained rather I have good amount of flesh over my thighs and ass mounds and have reasonably big boobs, with bit of belly.

Now If I will talk about my husband, I will say that we match each other as he is also bit over weight like me, with nearly same height or may be an inch extra. Manish is a fun loving guy, who some times goes vulgar while joking, and in bedroom he often use Hindi slang while making love to me,

I pretend that I hate these types of words and up to an extent I do but they arouse me a lot and Manish knows this that I get aroused when I listen such slang and he uses this as a weapon with me in bed to make me perform better. Moreover from the beginning from the day I know him he has a habit to stare other women, especially there sex parts.

Though initially he use to avoid doing this in my presence, but now nearly after 5-6 years of married life he does not bother my presence, and some times pass comments about whom he is staring. Now If I will talk about the other couple Gunjan Didi and Hemant Jiju then I will say that there is difference in there built, Hemant Jiju is fair, tall almost 6’ with a good built and does not have extra flesh at all,

and Gunjan didi is having heavy boney skeleton, she is taller than me, dusky in color, having healthy body, with nice big luscious boobs any day bigger and heavier then mine and has really nice healthy butt. Gunjan didi is very well fleshed on her thighs, arms and ass mounds and she is also having bit of tummy.

Like my husband Hemant Jiju is also fun loving guy but I have not seen him going very vulgar while talking. My husband and Hemant Jiju have good mental tuning from the time I got married and they have come in contact.

Anyway as I said earlier, at the time when all this happened, we all were in some other city of different state to attend one marriage occasion of my cousin sister and single room was given to all of us which was bit away from the house. Anyway as we met my husband Manish and Hemant Jiju got busy in there technical gossip and I and Gunjan didi also got busy with our relatives.

By the time we reached back to sleep time was more than 10, we sat there and chit chatted for some time and countless times I found Manish staring at Gunjan Didi’s body parts, some times at her big breasts, which were much bigger then mine and some times her ass mounds whenever she turned, once to take out her nighty from the air bag and then when she went inside toilet.

At that time she was wearing Kurta with chuddidar pajami and, the way we were sitting, curves of her bottom were noticeable as pajami was in tight fitting and Manish could see thickness of her thighs. Manish was continuously talking to Gunjan didi, Hemant Jiju was talking to me but I was more interested in knowing what Manish is talking to Didi and exactly where he is looking.

I found Manish even more uneasy when Gunjan Didi came out of toilet after changing in nighty. It was simple cotton nighty and anybody could see Gunjan Didi’s lower half in light, at particular angle with light her fleshy thighs were clearly visible along with her panty when she was arranging clothes in air bag and Manish was watching her without a flick of his eyes.

Couple of times I tried to distract him but he did not bothered to see me while answering, and kept on staring and adjusted his penis in his underwear couple of times. Hemant Jiju was also there, and I was feeling really very embarrassed because of Manish’s behavior, Couple of times I saw if Hemant Jiju is noticing him but I found him busy in his mobile.

As time passed I also changed in cotton salwar and cotton kurta which was well above my knee, and we started thinking about going to sleep, as this matter came in thought, I found Hemant Jiju getting bit uncomfortable to sleep, again and again he was criticizing the arrangement hosts have done for our stay, saying that they should provide one room to one couple only,

after that 2-3 times he moved out to see other room with Manish and came back. Actually it was a small two room portion on the top floor of someone’s house and the other room on the floor was sort of store room. The room which was given to us was good but it had only one double bed.

Some good and thick cotton beddings were also there, so that we can lay them on floor and sleep, as such there should be no problem as it was a matter of just one or two nights. Finally Hemant Jiju came in after making some arrangement in store room and took two beddings from the bedroom.

I was really very surprised with his behavior and I spoke to Gunjan Didi about this that why is he behaving like this, he can sleep with you on the bed if he wants and we will sleep on the floor on beddings, but she ignored saying anything about this except “karne de isko jo kar raha hai”.

Finally after some time they went out to sleep in the other room and Manish came back after helping them to make as much space as possible in that room. I scolded Manish for staring Gunjan Didi like this and blamed him for all this, assuming that Hemant Jiju has noticed him staring at Gunjan didi’s body and that is why he behaved like that,

but Manish denied any possibility of this reason and said that Hemant wanted to have sex with Gunjan Didi that is why he has gone to other room and said that Hemant Jiju was also staring at me like that. I replied him while saying that he is not cheap like you. Before I would have gone further in screaming on him, somebody knocked door and it was Gunjan Didi,

she needed a hand towel from her bag and she went away after taking that, while passing smile first to Manish and then to me. As I bolted the door, Manish passed a comment saying, “see, that’s why they need hand towel, just to wipe that sticky thing which will come out in the end”. I almost screamed over him saying, “just shut up, and behave your self”.

Manish remained silent and asked me if we are going to have sex, after around 10 minutes when I came out after using toilet. I was yet not normal and I said no in the same angry fashion. Hearing “No” for sex from my side, Manish got up from there and wore shirt on his upper half as he was in under shirt, and said, “then I will prefer watching them having fun”

and before I would have understood anything he went out of the room. I followed him and found him peeping inside the room from the corner of the window. I slapped him from behind, for a fraction he got shocked and told me to remain silent. I too tried to see inside what he was watching, and found Hemant Jiju and Gunjan Didi in love making.

Both were totally naked and Hemant Jiju was fucking Gunjan Didi and both were enjoying. From there we could see there side view, Gunjan Didi’s legs were spread apart and stretched out to maximum, Hemant Jiju was laying over her on his forearms and knees, his legs were also splayed wide. Jiju was fucking Didi furiously.

His buttocks were rising and falling, swinging madly up and down like a machine at full blast. “Oh yes, fuck me” I could hear Gunjan Didi saying that and with that she grabbed Jiju in her arms and wrapped her legs around Jiju’s waist. At that time Hemant Jiju was at the verge of explosion and before I would have reacted and scolded Manish and would have stopped him peeping inside Hemant Jiju got up and spewed his cum on Gunjan Didi’s belly and puffed.

I slapped Manish without saying a word, and tried to pull him from there to go back, he simply pushed me a bit and continued peeping, I too saw inside again, Gunjan Didi was getting up, and took that hand towel and cleaned her belly and both started wearing there clothes. Manish was right, they needed a hand towel to wipe out there love juices.

Anyway while wearing Bra Gunjan didi, facing towards window from where we were peeping, though she was not looking at us, she was busy in talking to Hemant Jiju which we could not hear, but Manish was watching her big breasts which were hanging in front of our eyes, by then Hemant Jiju was wearing his jocky, and she turned and spoke to him and Hemant Jiju hooked her bra,

now she was facing away from window and her heavy ass mounds were visible to us and Manish was glued to her body, he was not even flicking his eyes. Gunjan Didi wore her panty while showing her ass to Manish and me and finally after that somehow I managed to take Manish away from there.

As we reached back, I started firing on him and Manish remained silent most of the time and listened to me, and kept on playing with his mobile, he replied in between couple of times and passed some vulgar comments on my words. Finally I lied on bed to sleep facing away from him and tried to sleep. After I think around 5-10 minutes, Manish tried to turn me and said sorry.

I turned and looked at him and continued staring into his eyes with anger. He came over me and started making love to me, I tried to push him showing that I am not interested. He insisted me and tried to kiss me, I continued opposing him saying I don’t want to have sex, but he did not listened to me, and tried to take off my cotton kurta, and I stopped him.

He further pushed me on the bed on my back and nearly sat around waist, next moment he ripped off my kurta by holding it from my the neck. I was so shocked with his this act and screamed over him in control to go away, and he continued taking off my remaining clothes and pulled my bra up and started sucking my breasts passionately.

I was trying to push him but he was getting more and more passionate. He further went down and pulled the cord of my salwar in hurry and it got further tied as wrong end was pulled, and he tore off that too from the center of my legs. With in just few seconds he took off my salwar in pieces from my bottom as the cloth was very thin.

Once again I tried to get away but failed and Manish came over me completely, I shouted “Manish mujhe nahi karna”, he replied “lekin mujhe karna hai,….. teri bahan ne mujhe gharam kar diya hai, ab tujhe hi thanda karna padega” by then Manish was naked from his lower half and he tried to take off my panty and succeeded.

I covered my pussy with hands and tried to get away, but he pushed me and took away my hands and entered inside me forcefully. I screamed in bit of pain as there was no lubrication. Manish started fucking me immediately and murmured in pleasure, “Chaitu main tera husband hun, main hi to Chodunga(fucking) tujhe” then again he spoke, “Dekha Gunjan Didi kaise mazze se chudwa rahi thi, tu bhi mazze le apni bahen ki tarah”

and his words started arousing me, and I gasped in pleasure, Manish sensed that and continued speaking vulgar, “Kal Gunjan didi ko batana, aapko chudte hue dekhne ke baad, Manish ne mujhe bhi choda” Manish was fucking me continuously and I could sense that he was reaching to his climax, by then I was also enjoying and Manish’s words were taking me to my climax,

once again Manish spoke, “waise Gunjan Didi hain bahut mast, unko dekh kar mera sidha khada ho gaya tha, aur kya pella hai ussko Hemant ne, dekh kar mazza aagaya”. I grabbed Manish as I could feel that I will burst any moment and just then Manish too shivered and released whatever he had in his balls inside me, I too grabbed him and cummed violently.

We lied there for few minutes and by the time I came in my senses I was thinking that how I should react with Manish over his deed. I got up slowly pushing him aside with reluctant gesture and looked around, my clothes were totally ripped, and I collected them, took out another salwar and wore t-shirt of Manish and came to bed again.

Manish got up after few more minutes and wore his clothes, and tried to come closer to me. I pushed him showing my anger and screamed over him, saying, “don’t talk to me” Manish kissed me to say sorry, I did not responded to his kiss, “Ok I am sorry, main pagal ho gaya tha” I was still behaving like that, showing reluctance.

“ab ho gaya yaar, kya karun, sab teri Gunjan Didi ki galti hai, jab se unko dekha hai, main pareshan hoon” he spoke again, “Just shut up, you cheepster” I uttered, he laughed and spoke again, “seriously yaar, kya lagti hain Gunjan Didi, Aaj to mazza aagaya unko chudte hue dekh kar” I tried a lot and could not control and smiled on his vulgar words and spoke showing my anger,

“just stop using these types of words, you are getting sick day by day” Manish took me in his arms and fondled my body and spoke again, “main aisa hi hoon, jo bhi sochta hoon bol deta hoon” and tried to kiss me and this time I responded, “let’s see if they are doing again” he spoke again, I pushed him in anger assuming that he is serious, but he grabbed me saying,

“just joking yaar” and continued kissing me and we kissed for a while. Manish caressed my forehead to take off hairs from there and spoke again while looking into my eyes, “Cheitu mujhe teri chusni(sucking) hai” “what?”

I was shocked, “haan, bahut mann kar raha hai, abhi tak Gunjan Didi ka nasha mere sir se utra nahi hai, aur jab tak main satisfy nahi ho jaaonga mujhe neend nahi aayegi” “have you gone mad” “yes, I am getting mad, ab salwar khol aur mujhe chusne de” “ uske baad ek baar aur chodunga(fucking) main tujhe” and with that he went down to me and took less than a minute to make me stark naked and started sucking my fuck hole holding my thighs apart.

With in a minute I started enjoying and soon once again Manish was fucking me and this time he fucked me for long and made many vulgar statements using Hindi words to arouse me and all of them were about Gunjan Didi and Hemant Jiju. He started when he was coming over me to fuck me in missionary while spreading my legs, saying,

“Dekha tha Hemant kaise chadda hua tha Gunjan Didi ke oopar, aur Gunjan Didi bhi kya mast hoke chudwa rahi thi”. By then Manish was inside me and his hard penis was vibrating to and fro inside my fuckhole. He lifted my t-shirt, I was not wearing bra, straight away he started sucking my breasts and spoke again

“Gunjan Didi ki Chuchiyan(breasts) kya mast hain, badi badi, aur jaanghe(thighs) bhi achhi hain moti moti, aur chutadd(hips) bhi kya mast hain, chud chud ke chowde(wide) ho gaye hain” Manish was fucking me with steady speed and I was enjoying, I as moaning with lot of control and Manish could sense that once again his words were doing magic over me,

he spoke again in continuation from previous statement, “Hemant ki jagah main hota to main Didi ko Ghodi(doggy) banna ke choddta, aur uss se pahle unnse apna lund(penis) chuswata (sucking)” then again he spoke, “waise andar lene se pahle Gunjan Didi ne Hemant ka lund(penis) to chusa hi hoga”

that was more than enough for me to reach to my climax and I was on the verge of my burst when Manish increased his pace of fucking me and spoke again, “Chetu, mujhe lagta hai Hemant, Gunjan Didi ko daily choddta hai, tabhi to unke chuttad(hips) ittne chowde ho gaye hain” that was it, once again I reached to the peak and trembled in pleasure,

and grabbed my husband with full strength between my arms and thighs and Manish too met his climax and once again hollowed his balls deep inside me. We both were fully exhausted and lied there for long, I was satisfied like never before in last couple of years and I realized that it happened just because of Manish, because of his unethical act of peeping inside Gunjan Didi’s room.

Slowly I got up and wore my clothes, I saw Manish wearing his clothes, after that don’t know when I slept. I got up with a knock on the door, Gunjan Didi was knocking door, as she wanted to use the toilet. Slowly things came on track and we got busy, me and Gunjan Didi got ready and went down to the house, I made tea for Manish and Hemant Jiju and came back,

by that time Hemant Jiju was in toilet and Manish was still sleeping. Jiju picked up his cup of tea as he came out of the toilet and straight away asked me, “was it good” while looking into my eyes, with bit of smile, “what? tea” I asked back, “no, whatever you saw from window last night” he replied, my heart skipped the beat, and it started pumping high, “what?”

I asked back with fumble, “whatever we were doing” he replied while sipping and continued looking into my eyes, “I don’t know what you are saying”, “ok, forget it” he replied and I tried to wake up Manish, but he remained on the bed and told me not to disturb him for one more hour.

I came back to the main house with hell of mind state. I don’t know what I was thinking, I was little afraid, and embarrassed, and many times I abused Manish with in myself for his last nights act.
Soon traditional customs of Indian marriage started and time passed. Once again I attended Manish, by that time Hemant Jiju was down to the house and soon Manish too came there. I was in very strange mind state and could not decide what to do, I wanted to talk to Manish about this, wanted to tell him that Hemant Jiju knows that we have seen him and Gunjan didi in lovemaking state, but somehow it did not happened as he was busy in talking to other males, and Hemant Jiju was one of them.

After that whenever I faced Hemant Jiju he smiled naughtily and that made me more uncomfortable. Around lunch time once again we gathered to have lunch and at that time once again I found Manish staring at Gunjan Didi’s body especially her bottom, once again she was wearing Kurta and tight chuddidar pajami and curves of her bottom were clearly visible,

and whenever Manish found himself getting caught by me, he smiled naughtily while looking at me, to remind me his last nights statements about Gunjan Didi and that irritated me even more. Moreover when I saw Manish staring at Gunjan Didi, I found that Hemant Jiju was noticing Manish silently, and looking at me and I was feeling so embarrassed.

Gradually lunch time came to an end and once again we got busy, but my mind was occupied and I could not concentrate, I wanted to talk to Manish about this but suddenly he disappeared with Hemant Jiju, after bit of searching someone told me that he has gone to see one of the famous market of that town and will come before main marriage occasion.

For me it was bit of relief because now he will not stare Gunjan Didi at least, but somewhere I was worried what if Hemant Jiju will speak to him whatever he has spoken to me in the morning. Anyway gradually day came to an end and we all started thinking about getting ready for the main function, till that time there was no sign of Manish and Hemant Jiju,

me and Gunjan Didi were in our room and were almost ready after wearing our decided sarees, at that time I thought about talking to her about last nights incident, I wanted to end up all this by saying sorry to her, assuming that she will forward this sorry to Hemant Jiju and just then both Manish And Hemant Jiju came in,

once again I found Manish staring at Gunjan Didi, as pallu of saree was still off from her shoulder and her big breasts were somewhat like feast to his eyes and this time fore sure Hemant Jiju was noticing Manish that he is staring at his wives big breasts.

After 5-10 minutes we came down to the main house and Manish and Hemant Jiju followed us after getting ready in next half an hour and along with other guests we moved to the place where whole marriage occasion was held. Once again everything went out of my control because of work and rush, neither I got chance to talk to Manish nor to Gunjan Didi to say sorry for peeping inside there room last night.

Many times I saw Manish busy in eating and munching with other male guest, couple of time I faced Hemant Jiju and his response was like before, he smiled naughtily at me every time we met and his gesture made me more uneasy and I started looking for Gunjan Didi to talk to her, but she was busy with bride,

I remained with her till I got chance to talk to her and through out that time I could not decide how to start and finally I started when we were relived from the assistance of the bride to eat something, and I started by saying sorry, and my words were, “Didi I want to say sorry to you” “for what” she asked back,

“actually last night, we were watching you, I mean when you were doing that in the other room” she laughed on that saying, “achha…” I too smiled back on her gesture, “actually it was Manish, who was peeping inside and I was trying to stop him”, she continued looking at me with smiling gesture, I spoke,

“Didi I am really sorry for what he did, and….. want to tell you one thing that Hemant Jiju knows this, I think he has seen me peeping inside”……I spoke again, “he must be thinking that it was me, but it was Manish who has done this” “hmmmm…..” Gunjan Didi just hummed to say ok, “Didi I am really sorry for what Manish did and please say sorry to Jiju also on our behalf”

Gunjan Didi laughed a bit on that and spoke, “relax yaar, what is wrong with you, tune mujhe mere husband ke saath hi sex karte hue dekha hai na, what’s the big deal, we don’t care for such tiny things”. Then again Gunjan didi spoke naughtily after a small pause, “aur batta mazaa aaya dekh kar,…. Hemant bahut powerful hai na?”, I blushed on her statement, and did not uttered a word.

“You know, Hemant has a list of cities where he has fucked me,….whenever we go out of town, no matter where we stay he tries to fuck me so that he can add that city into that list”. I looked up to her face, Gunjan Didi was smiling, “that’s why you both slept in the other room” I asked, “aur kya” she replied, “Jiju is really crazy, he should not behave like this, I mean…… this is not the way”

I replied, “what are you saying, any day he is better than your husband, raat ko tera to rape hua hai” Gunjan Didi spoke back and I was shocked, once again I could not think that what is happening, “what” that’s what I could say at that time, “yes, I know jo Manish ne tere saath kiya hai, …..mere saath to ek hi baar hua hai, tujhe to do baar ragda hai tere pati ne”

Gunjan didi was smiling naughtily while looking at me and while eating. “you were watching us” I asked back, “not only me, Hemant was also there” “what?” I was shocked, Gunjan Didi reflected cool gesture with a smile, and looked up to see someone, and smiled, I turned to see where she is looking, it was Hemant Jiju who was standing bit far from there and smiling,

he moved his head in a way he is asking Gunjan Didi that “what is happening” Gunjan Didi moved her head in no, as if she wants to say “nothing”. Gunjan Didi looked at me with smile and spoke, “kya hua, why are you getting nervous, husband ke saath hi kar rahi thi na, kisi aur ke saath to karte hue nahi dekha na humne tujhe” “what are you saying,

I mean…. I think I will go mad” I replied, Gunjan Didi got up as she was over with what she was having and she wanted to get something else to eat, and before leaving she told me to stay here only. Gradually she disappeared in the mob, where the snacks were getting served, Hemant Jiju stood where he was standing talking to someone on phone,

now Manish was also standing beside him and looking at him, I was sitting very far from there, I could see them but could not hear them as now Hemant Jiju was off from the phone and he was talking to Manish. After some time Gunjan Didi came back and bought one plate for me which I was thinking of having and once again sat beside me.

I was still very nervous over whatever happened, and now I wanted to talk to Manish about this and for that I tried to get up and Gunjan Didi asked me where I am going, I spoke the truth “actually I want to talk to Manish” “about what?” she asked me, “about all this, I mean…mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha what is happening” I replied, “just sit, I will tell you” “what?”

I asked back, “whatever is happening” Gunjan Didi replied while continuing eating. I sat back and looked at her as now I was expecting she will speak and she started after a minute, I think after thinking for a while from where to start, “see, Manish knows everything, and whatever happened last night was pre planned….. just to give you a change” I was shocked and going crazy,

I was expecting more from her but Gunjan Didi was behaving cool, “see whatever I am going to ask you now, should remain confidential…..Ok?” she asked and I moved my head in yes, Gunjan didi was still normal, I could not see any sign of nervousness and opposite to her I was nearly sweating, my heart was beating high.

“Actually we are swinger couple, and your husband is interested in joining our group” I was in utter shock, “kya baat kar rahi hain Didi?” somehow I spoke with a beating heart, “hmmmm….. we are already doing that,….. in xyz(name of my home town)” Gunjan Didi spoke while looking down in her plate and spoke again, “ I hope you know what swinging means….. Exchanging partners?”

I moved my head in yes, “see everybody needs a change, and I think there is nothing wrong in this” Gunjan Didi was speaking and I was just listening her, “yesterday while talking to Hemant, Manish mentioned that things have gone monotonous in your bedroom, so it started from there and Hemant spoke to Manish about this”…

“Manish is ok with this, but he was not sure that how you will react on this,… are bit old fashioned,….. so we planned all that” I was sitting like dumb in front of her, couple of times I looked at Manish and Hemant Jiju, they were sitting where they were few minutes back busy talking to some guests, as I saw them again Gunjan Didi spoke again,

“don’t look at them, they know what I am talking to you” “so decide, yes or no and eat fast, we have to go to the stage” suddenly I realized that I was having something, something which I really like and I kept that plate under my chair and got up as Gunjan Didi got up to go, “nobody is forcing you, take your decision and you can ask me whatever doubts you have”

Gunjan Didi spoke while moving and then spoke again, “I can understand your mental state, just try to be broad minded, it’s just a physical thing so think about it positively” “you have whole night” Gunjan didi continued walking towards the stage and I was also beside her. “What do you mean I have whole night; I mean where are we going to do?”

I asked whatever came in my mind without realizing what I am asking, “that means you are ready to do?” Gunjan Didi asked back immediately, “no” I replied realizing my mistake, “then first decide that, and leave rest of the things on us” By that time we were close to stage and Gunjan Didi climbed the stage and I remained there only and settled down on the sofa kept bit far from stage.

It was a weird mind state, I remained unable to think anything properly, thoughts were moving like anything in my mind, I was recalling last night, the way Hemant Jiju was fucking Gunjan didi, and realized that Jiju and Didi has seen me getting fucked, rather I was raped in front of them by my husband, next moment I was thinking that Manish has trapped me, he wants a change,

means he is bored with me, though I could feel what Gunjan Didi has said, that things in our bedroom were getting monotones and whatever happened last night means the intensity in which Manish fucked me was last seen long back. Then suddenly a thought stroked me that if I will say yes to it, then Hemant Jiju will be fucking me, and Gunjan Didi will have sex with Manish,

and then I recalled whatever Manish was speaking about Gunajan Didi, every incident seemed connected to each other, from Manish’s staring at Gunjan Didi’s body till Hemant Jiju’s behavior to sleep separate, and that smile which Gunjan Didi passed while going out after taking that hand towel and that is how Manish knew purpose of that hand towel.

Just then I recalled what Gunjan Didi spoke few minutes back that “Manish wants to join our group” this means there are other people in this group, next question which came in my mind was “who are they?” I looked at Gunjan Didi, fortunately she was getting down from stage with someone, and she too looked at me and walked towards me with that person and introduced me with that lady and we chit chatted for a while with her (she was one of our distant relative),

after that we got alone and Gunjan Didi sensed my state and she asked me, “want to ask something” “haan” I replied, “what” “ iss group mein aur kaun kaun se couple hain”, “for you we are the only couple, I will tell you when you will be part of it” “no, only then I will be able to think about it” I tried to take out this information from her once again that who are the other couples but Gunjan didi avoided again by saying,

“forget it, I cannot tell you that it’s a basic rule, not to name anyone, but trust me everyone is well trusted and belongs to a good family” “like?” I asked back, “just like you and me”, “no tell me, do I know them?” I asked again, “ok, till date there are total three couples in this group, and you also know rest of the two” Gunjan Didi replied and just then spoke again,

“now I will not tell you anything else about them, till you will be part of it” “I am not sure, I mean I cannot decide” I replied in confusion, “ok, what I can do for you is, you can try swinging with us, it will be secret between four of us and if you will be ok with it only then we will introduce you to rest of group” Gunjan Didi gave open proposal to me, that after trying swinging with them,

I can step back if I will not feel like trying this with other couples, and it will remain always secret. I realized that in any case Manish will not say no to it, so everything depends on me and my body went through a strange sensation as this thing came into mind that I have an option to decide whether I have to join them in swinger’s group after getting fucked by Hemant Jiju,

and on the other side Manish will be fucking Gunjan Didi which he desperately wants. Once again I was sitting alone as Gunjan Didi was back on stage, don’t know for how long I sat there as so many things were running in my mind and I was lost in those thoughts. Don’t know when I started visualizing that Hemant Jiju is leaning over me and fucking me, I could visualize his face next me and suddenly I realized that I leaking in my panty.

Once again Gunjan Didi came to me and sat beside me and asked me, “tell me, if your sex life is not getting boring” “yes” I replied, “yes what?” “it’s getting boring or not?” she asked me again clearly, “yes, it is getting dull” I replied, “then you should try, it will improve your relation with your husband, mentally as well as sexually”

Gunjan Didi spoke and then after a small pause she spoke again, “and we don’t do very often, it’s hardly once in a two months, or sometimes if 2-3 holidays comes in a row” Gunjan Didi was looking in my eyes while saying that. “who are the other couples” I asked the same question, she smiled on that, and spoke again, “right now, for you we are the only couple,

I promise will tell you after trying it with us, even if you will not join us in the group,…… but not before that” then again she spoke, “tell me, is it yes?”. I was still confused and could not think properly, and Gunjan didi could read my face, and she spoke again, “think about it, …. consult your husband if you want, we all will talk about it during Phere (main marriage ceremony in which bride and groom walk around the fire).

Once again Gunjan Didi went up to stage as she was in assistance of bride, and I thought about talking to Manish, he was already looking at me while standing beside Hemant Jiju bit far from me, and Hemant Jiju was also looking at me. Once again my mind went to those thoughts, and for me it was hard to believe that Hemant Jiju will be thinking about fucking me, he always seemed so casual to me,

I have never found him staring at any other women and now it was an open truth to me that he is fucking other women, more over from Gunjan Didi’s gesture I never felt that she will be sleeping with other men. I was staring at Manish while thinking all this and suddenly I realized that Manish is calling me by waving his hand,

I moved towards him and waved my hand from bit of distance I did not wanted to go closer to Hemant Jiju, standing bit far from there I tried my best to not to look at him but failed and as I saw Hemant Jiju he was already smiling at me. Next moment Manish was standing beside me and asked me “kya hua?”, I was speechless, could not decide what to say,

I simply got angry and spoke, “kya hua?” “tell me what are you up to” I spoke in response, “kya matlab?” he replied as if he does not know anything, “Manish don’t act smart, you know what have you done” “and tell me exactly what you want” I was back in my senses and reflected my reluctance to my husband about joining that swinging group and in response Manish smiled and spoke,

“you know what I want, now you have to decide and in any case I cannot take decision alone, we have to decide it mutually” “are you crazy?” I replied and continued my gesture, “Ya, you can say that” he replied while walking along with me to one corner so that we can talk. Manish spoke again, “See it’s a fact that our sex life is suffering, and surely it will help” “you are impossible Manish, you cannot see the after effects of this”

I replied, “can you see anything wrong in their relation (Hemant Jiju’s and Gunjan Didi’s), they are into this from last 2-3 years” “and they are enjoying up to max”………… “It’s all about mutual understanding, and we have this understanding” Manish continued making his statements to convince me, and I was looking at his face, he spoke again

“we can try once with them and if we will not be ok with it, we will not join them” “by the way do you know who are the other couples?” I asked Manish if Hemant Jiju has mentioned there name to him. “No, he is not ready to name them” Manish replied, by this time I was sitting on the last chair of the last row and Manish was standing in front of me.

We remained silent for some time, and Manish asked me again, “tell me yes or no, and we don’t have much time, I mean Hemant was saying that he needs some time to make arrangement” “and if it is no then we all will be leaving tomorrow” “and if yes then” I asked back to know there arrangement, that where are they planning to swap there wives,

“then we will cancel our return tickets” Manish replied, “then where we will do, in that room, and in that store room” I spoke as if I am bit frustrated, I was totally messed up with my thoughts and I did not realized that I have started showing positive thinking about all this to Manish. “I don’t know, Hemant has some plan and surly it will not be in that room” Manish replied,

“then what is his plan” I asked back immediately, “he will tell me after your yes… everything depends on you” he replied back and by now Manish was sitting beside me. “Just leave me alone, I need some time” I replied, Manish got up to go and asked me, “want to have something?” “ya send somebody with plain water, and please try to ask Hemant Jiju what is his plan,

I mean I don’t want to get into any trouble among our relatives” “Ok, we will sit together during ceremonies”….. “And stop behaving confused, look at Gunjan Didi, she knows that I know everything about her, even then she is cool”

Manish spoke in teaching fashion, which I did not liked, “Ok, go now, just leave me alone” He went away and sent someone with water and one mock tale. I sat there for more than half an hour and in those 30-40 minutes I went through most weird imaginations of my life.
While sitting there in peace I could not stop visualizing Manish fucking Gunjan Didi and myself getting fucked by Hemant Jiju. Once again I was recalling every word spoken by Manish about Gunjan Didi, about her big and heavy breasts, thick fleshy thighs and big and widely spread ass mounds.

Again and again I was visualizing Manish fucking Gunjan Didi in doggy style while holding her ass mounds as it was his favorite position, and myself getting fucked by Hemant Jiju in missionary as I have seen him fucking his wife in that position and ultimately I started feeling horny like never before, as I said it was most bizarre time of my life when I was deciding, surely with in few minutes I was leaking in my panties heavily and soon it gone totally wet.

Couple of time I though about guessing other couples as I knew many of Gunjan Didi’s friends, all of them married and except 1 or 2 all of them were living in same town but ultimately I could not guess who are the other two couple, as from outward behavior it is very difficult to guess that what that person is thinking, like nobody could guess from Gunjan Didi’s gesture that she will be sleeping with other men,

neither it can be seen on Hemant Jiju’s face that he will be swapping his wife with someone else. Like this I was drenched in numerous thoughts and somewhere I could feel that I am going to say yes to it, I really don’t know how I was changing, it was lust or what which was making me think about Hemant Jiju again and again in that way.

Couple of times I tried to find him in the people and found his glimpse, as I said earlier he was tall and muscular, health wise he was the one which every girl can dream and sexually I could realize from last nights incident that he was much more powerful than my husband. I imagined how Hemant Jiju’s hands would feel on my breasts and over my whole body.

How I will feel when Jiju will take off my this saree, and I will be in front of him in just blouse and petticoat. And I recalled his cock his cock had to be big and thick and heavy, it was nearly limping when he was wearing his clothes after having sex with Didi last night. And in a fraction, desire of having sex rose in me tremendously, it was sort of miracle, I knew I have not felt like this in last couple of years.

Suddenly I saw Gunjan Didi standing bit far, looking at me while talking to Manish and she was smiling. I could not guess what they will be talking but I wanted to know, and for that I got up to go there but Gunjan Didi stopped me by raising her hand and told me to stay there, and she came to me and asked as she reached to me, “hmmmmm…. Kuch decision liya?”

I said, “no”. “What do you mean by no? You have decided not to do it, or you have not decided yet” she asked again and rephrased her question, “I don’t think we should do it” I replied, Gunjan Didi smiled on that and said, “panty to teri puri gili ho chuki hai, Hemant ke baare mein soch soch ke, and still you are saying ki we should not do it” I was bit shocked, I don’t know how she knew this, I looked back if I have stained my saree with the juices of my cunt.

“nothing is there, everything is written on your face” Gunjan Didi smiled further while saying that and I was embarrassed it was clear from my expressions. “don’t get conscious, I have gone through this, rather at present I am also wet and I am leaking since last evening, from the time Hemant has said that Manish is interested” and then after a pause she spoke again,

“and I am thinking about Manish, ….. Seriously I want him to rape me, like he has raped you last night” my heart was beating and Gunjan Didi was saying everything casually, then again she asked, “does he rapes you often” she was looking in my eyes and I was speechless, Gunjan Didi was waiting for my reply, Finally I uttered “no, but sometimes he does it forcefully I mean….”

I stopped in between, and Didi continued, “means Kal tere kapde usne pahli baar faade hain”, I said yes from my eyes, “good, I enjoyed” “anyway tell me, should we close this chapter” once again Gunjan Didi asked the same question that, is it no from my side. I don’t know how I did not said no to it and tried to avoid answering at that time, and asked her while looking at Manish who was sitting far from us,

“what was he saying?” “we were discussing that in which position we will do if you will say yes” Gunjan Didi replied, “what” I was shocked and looked at her face while saying that, and found her laughing “just joking yaar” and then she spoke again “I was asking him where are you, and he told me that you are still thinking” then again Gunjan Didi spoke,

“Chetu dekh I know somewhere you also want it, unless you would have said no at the first second” she spoke again after a small pause, “you are confused, this shows that you are willing to do it”. Once again I was thinking, and went silent, once again Gunjan Didi spoke “we don’t have much time, and we have to plan accordingly” “what is the plan?”

I asked back, “Means you are ready?” she asked me immediately, “no” “then why you want to know?” Gunjan Didi was looking in my eyes, and she spoke again, “It will be safe and secure even I don’t want to get into any trouble among our relatives”. Gunjan Didi’s this statement was actually mine and this showed that Manish has spoken to her or to Hemant Jiju or to both whatever I have said to him, and whatever he has replied back to me.

“let’s have Dinner and you have to give your decision before 12” and with these words Gunjan Didi took me along to have dinner. And while walking Gunjan Didi spoke in joking fashion, “aur na bolne se pahle ye soch lena ki wapis pahunch kar Manish tera kitni bar rape karega, aur kahan kahan dalkar apna gussa nikalega” I too smiled on her wit and asked back in confusion, “what do you mean, kahan kahan daalega”.

Gunjan Didi laughed back very loud on my question and spoke, “there are more places, in which he can insert, isn’t it?” “just shut Didi, you are disgusting” I replied while laughing on her joke. Anyway after a while we all were sitting on long table with the bride and groom with other close relatives. I was sitting beside Gunjan Didi and Hemant and Manish were sitting bit far from us, opposite to the table.

Even after trying very hard, again and again I was looking at Hemant Jiju and Manish and every time I saw Hemant Jiju I found him looking at me and smiling. Gunjan Didi was sensing my state and again and again she was rubbing my thighs with her hand while talking to other relatives, everything was getting bizarre and now for me it was nearly impossible to say no to it.

Finally after nearly an hour, four of us were sitting together bit far from the “mandap” in semi circle of chairs and final ceremony was about to start, Bride and Groom were already in “mandap” fire around which they were suppose to move was lit and at our end something else was on fire.

After casual jokes, once again Gunjan Didi asked “now both of you, say yes or no” I looked at Manish and as expected he said “from my side it’s yes” now all eye balls turned at me, I started at Manish first, he was smiling, next second I saw Gunjan Didi, she was also smiling on my state, I tried to stop myself even then I turned to see Hemant Jiju and he was also smiling, “you want more time?”

Gunjan Didi asked me, “no” I replied with my head, “then say yes or know, nobody is stranger here, one is your husband, one is your sister and one is you Jiju, you know him from last 8-9 years”. Once again I looked at Hemant Jiju, he was the same person whom I knew from years, but at that time I was thinking about him in totally different perspective.

“Chetu speak up” this time Hemant Jiju spoke. My heart beat was already high and as I heard him calling me from my nick name it went higher, may be because at that particular moment when he addressed me “Chetu” I was about to say yes, and finally I said “ok” while looking at Gunjan Didi, and she smiled as I said that and embraced me in her arm sideways and kissed me on my cheek lightly.

I was really very nervous and it increased as I said yes to it. Just then Hemant Jiju started clapping lightly and then Manish and then Gunjan Didi. I tried to look up but I was jammed and looking down, Gunjan Didi tried to lift my face from my chin and said, “face the truth, and don’t feel embarrassed, we all are naughty” she made me look at Hemant Jiju, he was smiling, but I was still nervous,

“just smile yaar” Hemant Jiju spoke and waited for me smile, finally I smiled. Manish seemed happy as I saw him, and he kissed in air to say thanks. “Now you go and arrange taxi” Gunjan Didi spoke to Hemant, and Hemant Jiju got up and took Manish along. I and Didi remained there and as they went I asked her “taxi for what?” “Tomorrow we are leaving for abc (name of a hill station closer to that place), “why?”

I asked back, “to kya store room me soyegi Hemant ke saath?” Gunjan Didi spoke in teasing tone and giggled and I to smiled on her naughty joke. Once again Gunjan Didi hugged me side ways as she was really happy and spoke, “welcome to the group”, I stared at her with question mark, wanted to say I have not said ok to join the group, and she knew what I am thinking and she replied back immediately,

“I know, you have not said yes to that, but I am sure you will” “now tell me who are the other two couples?” I asked her most perplexing question of my mind, “Neha and Vivek” she replied, “what?” I shouted and she started laughing, she was obviously joking, Neha was our cousin, bride of the night and Vivek was his groom, and just then she said “just joking yaar, but you never know what will happen in future”

I too giggled on her joke while saying, “Didi you are crazy” “everyone is crazy in our group and soon you will be one of us” Gunjan Didi replied, “ok now tell me who are the other couples?” I asked her again, “not now,…. after that” she avoided, “please… now I have said yes to it” I insisted her, “no means no, it’s a rule and you too have to follow this rule,

never never talk about this to anyone until you are 100 percent sure about that person that he or she will not leak this” Gunjan Didi was giving me instruction in a way and I could realize whatever she was saying was true as it was really very risky and small mistake can lead to huge embracement.

“This means you were 100 percent sure about me” “off course, at least I knew this that you will not leak this even if you will say no to it” I smiled as she was right. Once again I asked Gunjan Didi, “Please tell me” “forget it, let’s talk about Men” Gunjan Didi spoke, I smiled while saying “what”, “does Manish likes me?” she asked back, “he is mad about you”

I replied, slowly I was getting into it and my hesitation was disappearing. “what does he like in me” Gunjan Didi asked me in keenness, “everything” I replied in one word, “detail mein batta, what does he like in my body” “everything means everything, last night he was getting crazy about you,….” I spoke again after a pause

“I can’t tell you what he was saying about you while……..fucking me” “come on speak up, I want to know” Gunjan Didi was going crazy to know, “he likes your breasts, and your….. bumps” I spoke with bit blush, “wow, I would love to get raped by him,…. powerful hai na?” Gunjan Didi was getting really excited, “that you will tell me” I replied and Gunjan Didi smiled on that

“tell me about Jiju” I asked her and by now I was totally into it, “Hemant is going to blast you like anything” Gunjan Didi replied, “oh shit” I got little tensed, “don’t worry you will not be hurt” “he is somewhat in love with you” Gunjan Didi spoke while looking into my eyes with bit of smile, “forget it” I replied, “no seriously, your innocent appearance and gestures have totally floored him”

Gunjan Didi tried to convince me, and then spoke again, “you look satti savitri type wife, with complete marital make up and all, that is why” I blushed on that. “tell me which position Manish like most?” Gunjan Didi asked me “Doggy” I replied, “all men like this position” she spoke with a smile, giving me hint that Jiju also likes fucking in doggy position, and I asked her that,

“Jiju also likes this position?” “not only Hemant, other 2 men also like fucking me in that position” Gunjan Didi replied, “please tell me who are they?” I asked her again, same old question that who are the other two couples with whom they are swapping partners, but result was same, she avoided by saying, “Hemant will tell you, after fucking you” and just then she told me to go silent,

while looking straight, Hemant Jiju was approaching with Manish and a guy with a tray which was having four glasses of different mock tales of different colors. Everybody picked up one glass and waiter walked back, “what happened” Gunjan Didi asked Jiju, “I have fixed a taxi, we will leave at 10” Hemant Jiju replied.

“Driver knows that who is who, means who is my wife and who is his so no talks on this subject till we will reach there” Hemant Jiju somewhat announced, “hotel?” Gunjan Didi asked next question, “wo bhi ho jaayega, not an big issue” Hemant Jiju replied, “it will be two night stay and dress code is, white shirt and blue jeans for first day and printed skirt and plain top for second day”,

before I would have asked what is this dress code, Gunjan Didi asked Jiju, “why, western?” “Manish wants to see you in western” Jiju replied, “ok” then again Gunjan Didi asked, this time to me “do you have blue jeans and skirt” “no” I replied, “ok, even I don’t have, we will buy new one along with tops, and Manish will pay for mine and Hemant will pay for yours” this time Gunjan Didi announced.

“But why all this?” I asked “it’s an idea of romance; females will be in a same out fit through out day” Gunjan Didi spoke. I could sense that why Manish has chosen western and especially Jeans, just because he can clearly see Gunjan Didi’s widely spread ass mounds.

After finishing our drink we moved closer to the mandap where main ceremony was going on me and Gunjan Didi were sitting together away from the main mob of relatives and Manish and Jiju were sitting bit far from us on chairs, and as we were sitting in many people on the ground we did not had any conversation on that subject, but Gunjan Didi did not stopped talking to me on sex in very low voice and kept on passing naughty comments about Bride and Groom.

Once she said “look at Manish and Hemant, they are staring Neha(bride)” I saw them, and they were staring, “actually they are visualizing Neha’s face while having sex” Gunjan Didi spoke again, “please….” I replied with smile as if I don’t agree, “ya I am serious, go ask them” “shut up, how do you know?” I asked her, “because I am visualizing Vivek’s (groom) face while having sex”.

I laughed on that keeping my hand on my mouth among the people. After a while Gunjan Didi spoke again “Just imagine how loud Neha(bride) will scream and how she will look while screaming when Vivek (groom) will insert his thick and long thing in Neha’s tiny hole for the first time” I started at her without a word but with a smile as she was not ready to remain silent, and Gunjan Didi spoke again,

“she will say aahhh… mummy, because she screams like this only when she gets hurt” once again I started at her and could not control my giggle on her naughty comment. After hardly a minute she asked me again in continuation, “ok tell me, were you screaming on your wedding night?” “ya I was, but not very loud, I mean wedding night pe to har ladki thoda bahut cheekhti hai”

I replied in a low voice, “no, It’s not applicable to me, main to suhagraat se pahle hi cheekh chuki thi” Gunjan Didi replied and in a way told me that she was not virgin on her wedding night. “don’t tell me” I was bit shocked “seriously, not once or twice, many times” Gunjan Didi admitted, “with whom Jiju?” I asked my question, “off course, who else?” she replied and then spoke again,

“ye swapping and all to hardly do-teen saal pahle shuru hua hai” “tell me how it started?” I was again curious to get detail of there past. “That I will tell you later, because for that I have to tell you the names of other members of our group so, not now”. Anyway like this Gunjan Didi spoke many things which can be written but I am cutting it to move ahead.

Finally we came back very early in the morning in our room after departure of the bride, and started packing our bags and made two small bags, one of each family and for that Gunjan Didi gave me Jiju’s clothes as he was suppose to stay with me in the hotel room. Once again I went through strange sensation while packing Jiju’s clothes and under garments in my bag.

Gunjan Didi herself took out Manish’s clothes including his inner wears to pack it with smile. As I took out one night dress to pack Didi stopped me saying “Don’t pack any night suit, you won’t be able to wear it” once again, her words touched my sexual hormones and I felt strange. Me and Gunjan Didi were suppose to carry just one dress which we were suppose to wear while coming back as,

there was a plan of buying two sets of western dresses on the way for the two day stay in that hill station. That night we all slept in the same room, I was on bed with Gunjan Didi and Hemant Jiju and Manish were on floor after laying beddings, and it can be easily seen that both Hemant Jiju and Manish were really very uneasy and they wanted to make it happen then and there, but no one uttered a word.

Finally Hemant Jiju got up and kissed Gunjan Didi for long in our presence to control his urge for me and Manish too kissed me as he was also getting eager for Gunjan Didi. For some time non-veg jokes came from all three, Manish, Hemant Jiju and Gunjan Didi but finally it ended as our consciousness surrendered.

By the time we got up, time was already 10, we started hurriedly and took leave from there with in one hour and bought clothes from one store and changed them there only. Me and Gunjan Didi were in blue jeans and white shirt which was having buttons in front. Apart from this outfit we bought one more dress for next day and it was long printed skirt and plain color top which was also similar.

While getting out of that store Gunjan Didi was walking ahead holding Hemant Jiju’s arm and we were walking behind and as expected Manish was staring her fleshy ass mounds and could not control his excitement by realizing that by tonight he will be holding them in his hands. I was also blushing whenever Hemant Jiju was looking at me with smile as I could sense that he will be visualizing me naked in his arms.

Finally after riding for more than two hours on road we reached to our destination of two days. Leaving taxi we checked in one 3 star hotel, and now I was Mrs. Hemant and Gunjan Didi was Mrs. Manish. We all saw our room and came out of hotel immediately to roam and now I was walking along with Hemant Jiju as his wife and Gunjan Didi was walking holding Manish’s arm as if she is his partner.

Once again I was going through strange sensation and whenever Hemant Jiju moved his hand around my waist to hold me I trembled deep inside and he smiled every time I saw him and once spoke in low voice addressing me with my nick name, that he cannot control himself till evening and his words were, “Cheitu main sham tak apne aap ko control nahi kar paaunga”.

We had lunch together and then moved to some sight scene. Many times Gunjan Didi teased me when no one among two was there, couple of times by asking condition of my panty in Hindi by saying, “Kachhi ke kya haal hain, ab tak to poori gili ho chuki hogi” I blushed with a smile and she admitted that she is at same state by saying, “meri kachhi bhi poori gili ho chuki hai”.

Once she asked me size of Manish’s penis when Hemant Jiju and Manish were gone to some general store to get something, by asking, “tere patti ka kitna lamba hai” “kya?” I asked back “wohi jo raat ko wo mere andar daalne wala hai”. “I don’t know” I replied in hesitation though I knew and she teased me by saying,

“Paanch saal ho gaye teri shaadi ko, and you don’t know ki teri patti ka Lund kitna lamba hai” I got shocked hearing Lund from her mouth instead of Penis or rod, and spoke, “what are you saying, how do you know this word” “tell me how do you know that it is called Lund” she asked back, “from Manish” “so, I too have a husband?” she replied and asked again

“now tell me, kitna lamba hai” I smiled on her eagerness, “it’s just more than 7” “Ok, Hemant has little more than 7.5, aur kaafi mota hai” Gunjan Didi replied and then spoke again in continuation, “jaa aish kar, saat ke badle main tujhe saadhe saat de rahi hoon, aur definitely Hemant ka Manish se mota bhi hai”

I could not stop laughing on her words and I asked in reflex “how do you know ki Jiju ka mota hai?” “bhul gayi kal raat ko maine teri live blue film dekhi hai, aur meri nazar uske Lund pe hi thi” she spoke in somewhat reminding tone initially and then in naughty gesture with smile. “wo to maine bhi dekhi thi aapki” I replied back, “wo humne dekhai thi, tune khud nahi dekhi thi”.

By that time Hemant Jiju were back and we came to knew that they were buying Condoms, and as Manish gave that 10 piece box to Gunjan Didi to put it in her bag, she spoke “mujhe nahi chahiye, I don’t like it at all, main neat loongi” and we all laughed on that and just then Hemant Jiju extended his hand with a brown color envelop which was also carrying same 10 piece box to give it to me and I opened zipper of my bag so that he can put it inside,

and just before putting it in Hemant Jiju spoke “Cheitu tum bhi neat le lena, jyada mazza aayega” and once again my heart beat went high and I was at the peak of feeling shy and everyone was smiling, rather laughing and at the end Gunjan Didi spoke “Haan haan ye bhi neat hi legi baad mein dekhenge kya karna hai, pills are always better option”.

Like that every thing moved and by the time we had evening tea together I was restless just like other three. If I will talk about myself then I was getting uneasy because again and again Hemant Jiju was trying to hold me in his arms from my shoulders and couple of times from my waist, moreover I was noticing Manish as well,

he was comfortable in walking with Gunjan Didi as her husband and many times I saw him moving his hand from Gunjan Didi’s waist to her hips, (when we were walking behind them) and his hand was resting on her ass mounds for long and watching him doing this Hemant Jiju was doing same activity with me. Finally after roaming for one more hour we decide to move to hotel with a small bottle of vodka as all three had a mood of taking at least 2 pegs.

By the time we reached hotel I started getting even more nervous, and I could see that now even Manish was also bit uncomfortable. Gunjan Didi sensed my condition and spoke while getting into room, “don’t worry, I was more nervous than you when we were doing it first time” then again she spoke, “this vodka will help you”.

We all were sitting in the room which was booked with the name of Manish and Gunjan Didi and vodka mixed with orange soft drink got served by Hemant Jiju. It was my 3rd or 4th time when I was having Vodka and it was working, I was feeling better even after first as I was little tensed before that.

With in next one hour we all were two pegs down and I think now everyone was waiting for someone else to raise the matter for which we were here and now I was feeling even more restless than before.
I got up and used the toilet and came back and took my previous seat on couch, Gunjan Didi followed me to use the toilet and finally spoke while looking at me and Hemant Jiju after coming out, “I think you should leave us alone now” “take Cheitu to her room” she was looking at Hemant Jiju while saying that, once again hearing that my heart beat went high and I felt I will not be able to move from here.

I started sweating a bit and Gunjan Didi sensed that and came to me and sat beside me, “what happened?” “Nothing” I replied, “if you want to stay here, you can… we will go there” she spoke, I started at her, I wanted to say “will that make any difference”, but I could not utter a single word.

I was staring at Gunjan Didi and remained silent; once again all eye balls were on me, Gunjan Didi hugged me tight and spoke “don’t worry first time aisa hota hai, sab theek ho jaayega, mere pass isska solution hai”. I too hugged her and waited for the solution she was saying, and tell you truly I could not expect what she started.

Gunjan Didi kissed me on my cheek first lightly which was ok, but after separating me from her from hugging she kissed me on my lips as my lover. She sucked my lips and tried to insert her tongue in my mouth, I hesitated to open my mouth and she told me to kiss properly in puffing voice saying,

“Cheitu kiss me” and we started kissing, Gunjan Didi was getting passionate and I could not believe what ever was happening with me, her hands were moving on my breasts and she was squeezing them. Both Manish and Hemant Jiju was sitting and must be looking at us, neither me nor Gunjan Didi turned to see them.

Gunjan Didi opened buttons of my shirt and rubbed her lips on my half exposed breast. Next moment she opened her shirt and took it off completely, she was just in bra on upper half and her big breasts were caged tightly making deep cleavage. I looked at Manish he was looking at Gunjan Didi and was in somewhat shock on her act.

Next moment Gunjan Didi got up from couch and spoke to Manish, “Manish let’s start, show her that you are fucking me”. Manish was already sitting on the corner of the bed and next moment Gunjan Didi jumped over him and they started kissing. Manish was kissing Gunjan Didi laying on the bed, me and Hemant Jiju were watching whatever was happening between his wife and my husband.

It was actually Gunjan Didi who was seducing Manish, she was laying on top and kissing Manish and gradually Manish was also getting passionate. Suddenly he rolled over Gunajan Didi and took her under his body and in a flick he was also top less. Gunjan Didi was still in white color bra and her big fleshy jugs were desperate to get free, as she was puffing a bit because of rush and next moment she herself unhooked her bra to set them free.

Gunjan Didi was topless now and Manish was sucking her breasts and she was asking him to suck her harder by pressing him hard against her boobs. Manish responded as she desired, he started squeezing Gunjan Didi’s breasts hard along with sucking her nipples and Gunjan Didi was on top of the world and her moans were rising.

Everything happened so fast and I was so much indulged in watching my sister and husband in love making that I did not realized when Hemant Jiju got up from his place and came next to me and took me in his arm sideways and I puffed in strange sensation. I was in his grip and he kissed me on my cheek lightly and a current sort of thing passed through my body and I felt his grip over my body getting hard.

Buttons of my shirt were already open and he could see my breasts packed in bra. Hemant Jiju rolled his hand bit down from my shoulder and held me from the area just below my armpit, his hand touching my right breast sideways and once again he pressed me sideways along with squeezing my breast, I too moaned in pleasure.

He continued squeezing my breast from one side and apart from being n pleasure I was watching Manish and Gunjan Didi and by now Manish was down to her belly, he was sucking Gunjan Didi’s belly buttons and Didi was moaning high and moving weirdly in excitement. She herself undid the button of her Jeans and pulled it apart to open the zip and spoke to Manish from her eyes to take it off, and Manish did that.

Gunjan Didi was just in Panty. Heat was rising in me along with Hemant Jiju’s grip over my body, by now Hemant Jiju was kissing me wherever he could, on my cheeks, on my neck, Jiju brushed her wet lips on my half exposed breasts as I was still wearing bra and open shirt was still on my arms. Jiju took out my hair bow to set my hairs free from the pony tail and now hairs were spread on my shoulders.

I closed my eyes as Hemant Jiju moved my bra up to expose my breasts and next moment Jiju was sucking my nipple, I held him tight from his scalp and continued moaning and enjoying. Hemant Jiju pushed me on my back on the couch and lied over me and continued sucking my breasts one by one, as now both of my jugs were exposed to him.

He continued sucking my nipples and played with my breast and as I opened my eyes I saw that now Gunjan Didi was not even in her panty, and Manish was just in his jockey and he was sucking Gunjan Didi’s fuckhole with intense excitement. My sister was on her back and her legs were spread apart and folded,

she was holding them from her fleshy thighs to keep them as wide as possible and her feet were facing roof, and my husband’s face was buried between Gunjan Didi’s spread legs. Gunjan Didi was moaning in high pitch as Manish was sucking her hard. With in a minute Manish took off his underwear and without wasting a second started fucking Gunjan Didi.

I was holding Hemant Jiju as he was sucking my breasts and along with moaning in my own pleasure I was going bizarre watching my sister getting fucked by my husband. Manish was heavily aroused so was Gunjan Didi, he was humping Didi very hard. Gunjan Didi’s feet were still facing roof and like before she was holding her legs apart so that Manish can go as deep as possible in her fuckhole.

Suddenly I started losing grip over Hemant Jiju as he was moving down to my belly while brushing and liking my whole body and like Gunjan Didi was trembling I too started trembling and screamed in pleasure as Hemant Jiju reached to my belly button and flicked his tongue inside that.

By now Gunjan Didi and Manish were not at the place where they were, now both were bit up from there place may be in excitement they got drifted, and now I could clearly see Gunjan Didi’s cunt getting penetrated, Manish’s balls were pressing her cunt-lips as he use to thrust into her, My husband’s thick shaft was plunging my sister hard and deep, ramming and reaming up and down, and I could see that he was ready to blast in Gunjan Didi’s fuckhole.

“Oh ma oh ma oh ma ohhh uhh” her cries became sharper. Oh my god what was that suddenly I realized that Hemant Jiju has taken off my jeans and I am just in my panty and he is sucking and licking my pelvis. I tilted my head while moaning and saw that Manish was emptying his balls into my sister and both were screaming as they were at blast.

Hemant Jiju also knew that his wife has gone through shattering orgasm and now both are subsiding, he took me in his arms and told them to get aside and both, my sister and my husband followed him and finally I was laying naked from my bottom on the same bed where my Manish was fucking Gunjan Didi hardly a minute back and next moment on the same place Hemant Jiju was between my legs and sucking my cunt and I was trembling like a fish.

Hemant Jiju was licking my slit and parting my cunt lips using her rough and thick tongue, and I was on fire. I tried to push him away but Gunjan Didi held my wrist so that Jiju can suck me, I tried to squeeze my cunt between my thighs and this time my husband helped Jiju and held my legs apart and Jiju continued sucking me hard, I was at the state that I was unable to scream even,

Hemant Jiju was continuously digging my cunt with his tongue and one of his finger or thumb, and with in couple of seconds I too went through shattering orgasm and trembled like never before in last five year of my sex life. Hemant Jiju stopped as he saw that I am cumming, Manish also released my legs and Gunjan Didi started taking off my bra and took it out from my sleeve with in couple of minutes without taking off my shirt.

Once again Hemant Jiju started from my top and started sucking my breasts and along with that he was taking off his clothes and Gunjan Didi was helping him. Finally after getting naked Hemant Jiju got up a bit and cleaned my pelvis with a soft cloth, may be his undershirt, and tried to dry up my fuckhole from inside as well by inserting his finger after wrapping cloth around it.

I moaned in pleasure as I felt his finger in my cunt with a thought that now Jiju is going to fuck me and next is his hard cock. Both my sister and husband were sitting on the same bed, I looked at them with shuttering eyes and moaned as I felt touch of my Jiju’s cock on the opening of my love tunnel, and it simply parted my cunt lips wide and next moment I felt Jiju vibrating inside me slowly.

I opened my eyes and gasped and moaned deliriously, as I saw Jiju’s naked body was leaning over me, my legs were spread wide and folded. Hemant Jiju was moving to and fro between my forked legs, his hands were on my, swollen breasts, and he was squeezing them and toying with my rigid nipples.

Hemant Jiju was fucking me slowly and unhurriedly, running his cock deeply in and out of my cunt with long, measured thrusts and as he saw that I am looking at him, he made an eye contact with me and spoke after planting a kiss over my lips, once again addressing me with my nick name saying, “Cheitu I love you, finally you are mine”.

I gripped him from his back and pulled him over me and murmured “fuck me Jiju, fuck me….” as I was dying to get fucked hard and my Jiju sensed demand of my body and raised his speed of pumping my fuckhole and with in a minute Hemant Jiju was fucking me carelessly with short and fast strokes and I was enjoying that.

Suddenly Jiju reduced his speed drastically and I screamed in demanding fashion to say fuck me hard, but he started making long and deep strokes and buried his cock till the root of it in my cunt and I was touched somewhere where Manish was never reached and I screamed and found myself once again reaching to the verge of another blast.

After that Hemant Jiju’s each thrust made me cry out in strange voice and drove the breath out of me with a whooshing gasp. Once, twice, three, four, five times Jiju plunged into my cunt very deep. At last, Jiju slammed furiously into me and held still and moaned loudly. I gasped very loud and felt his cock vibrated deep inside me.

It jerked and quivered and I moaned again when I felt the heat of his gunk spewing out. I gripped him hard clenching my nails into his strong back as the thick, white-hot shots of jizz sizzled sharply into my slit and just then I too started shivering in orgasm and busted loud. I was fucked, finally my Hemant Jiju fucked me, I was mere teenager when I Gunjan Didi got married with him,

at that time it can never be guessed by me that one day I will be laying under him and will be fucked by him as if I am his wife. I was thinking all this while laying dead under him. Manish And Gunjan Didi used toilet and came out, Hemant Jiju got up and he too used toilet, I was still laying there, thinking and realizing whatever happened in last half an hour or so.

I heard Gunjan Didi’s voice as if she is calling my name form very far, addressing me with my nick name, “Cheitu get up, go use the toilet?”. I got up slowly and went inside and took bit long, I was sitting and thinking, realizing that I am fucked by someone other than my husband and it was none other than my sister’s husband.

By the time I came out, Manish and Gunjan Didi were back in there clothes and were about to leave for the other room. I wore my panty, and buttoned my shirt and came to bed, once again I heard Gunjan Didi saying, “Cheitu we are going to other room, you just relax” and then she spoke to Hemant Jiju, addressing him by his name, “Hemant just take care of her” and Hemant Jiju hummed to say yes.
I covered myself with a sheet, lied facing away from door and Hemant Jiju. I don’t know while thinking when I slept. I think it was just a nap of 10-15 minutes. When I got up there was very less light in the room. I turned to see and found Hemant Jiju on the same bed looking at me with a smile;

he was lying resting his head on his elbow and as I saw him he asked me “feeling better?” “where is Manish?” though I could recall that he was going in the other room with Gunjan Didi, even then I asked. “Must be in bed with his wife” Jiju replied with smile. I turned back and remained unmoved like before, I was nearly on my stomach,

bit sideways keeping one leg straight and other one bit up and folded like we climb stairs and next moment I felt Jiju coming over me from behind and kissed me closer to my ear. I closed my eyes and moaned deep inside, “maine kuch galat kaha kya(did I said anything wrong)?” he asked me in a low voice, and then spoke again, “right now you are my wife and Gunjan is his wife”

and with that he kissed me again at the same place and this time I moaned with bit of puff. Jiju turned me straight on my back and came over me partially and spoke in a soft voice while looking into my eyes, “Cheitu I can understand your mental state,…… just try to come out of it and enjoy….ek baar to ho hi chukka hai”, Jiju was looking into my eyes and I blushed,

he smiled and spoke again, “believe me it was amazing, jitna socha tha mujhe uss se kai jayda mazza aaya” I looked up and saw him, he was looking into my eyes with a smile, I blushed again, “tumhe mazza aaya ya nahi?” he asked me did I enjoyed it or not. “speak up” he asked again “Hmmmm…” I replied with a hum, without looking at him.

Next moment Jiju planted a kiss on my lips and tried to insert his tongue in my mouth, after couple of seconds I opened my mouth and welcomed him, we kissed for long and Jiju licked every corner of my mouth. By the time we stopped Jiju was opening buttons of my shirt and once again I was exposed to him from upper half and once again he started sucking my breast and chewing my nipples one by one.

Gradually Hemant Jiju moved down and everything got repeated once again but this time it was in totally different way. Jiju sucked my cunt for a while after taking off my panty and made me shudder in pleasure. He literary ate my clitoris and made me scream in pleasure after exploring my whole cunt with is tongue.

I was lurching my bottom feverishly while holding pillow in my hands, and Jiju was trying to control my movements by holding my thighs apart, so that he can suck me as hard as possible. Once again I was at the edge of explosion when he stopped and made me cry in greed of meeting an orgasm. Jiju was back on me, kissing me sucking my nipples while taking off his clothes.

Hemant Jiju parted my thighs further apart with his leg and rubbed my cunt opening with the tip of his cock. My god I went mad in just a fraction and screamed Ahhh……. And held him tight to say fuck me, but Jiju made another rub of his hard cock over my slit and parted my cunt lips from down to up and finally crushed my clitoris and this time I screamed even louder,

and demanded him to fuck me in puffing tone saying, “ohhhh uhhh OHHHHHh uhh Jiju please….please fuck me”. Hemant Jiju smiled a bit at my excitement and screwed my cunt, thrusting his penis deeper into me till the root of it. Ohhhh…. God I screamed and arced my body in pleasure, certainly Jiju had a bigger and thicker cock as compared to my husband, I could feel it now.

Muscles of my cunt was stretched apart to maximum at that time and I was feeling him very deep inside me. He paused and bent his head and kissed me deeply, thrusting his tongue into my mouth again. He began to fuck me unhurriedly, savoring the pleasures of my body. Lifting his buttocks after few long and deep strokes, he slid his cock out of me slowly.

I gasped strangely as it glided out of my cunt, inch by inch. For a fraction I thought that Jiju will withdraw completely, as he slid more and more of it out of my fuckhole. I moaned softly and my body trembled in demand as Hemant Jiju’s hard penis slipped from my cunt till only his cock-head was between my cunt-lips.

My cunt throbbed with excitement as Jiju once again crushed my clitoris with his shaft. Ohhhh God I gasped and arched under him holding him tight, my breath hissed from my throat as Jiju’s huge cock-head grinded my clitoris again. Hemant Jiju was playing with my body, enjoying my gestures and I was going crazy in lust,

craving him into my fuckhole I cried in lust “Jiju fuck me ……Jaldi please” I was begging him to fuck me. Jiju went again into me slowly, and I gasped loud, as once again I was stuffed and wanted to cum. He went deeper and deeper into me, once twice, thrice but he was very slow and my hips lurched under him in desire to get him fast.

“Ahhhhhh……Jiju please kya kar rahe ho? Fuck me hard please…..” I moaned and cried out desperately as for me things were going bizarre, and Jiju was still playing with me and my body, once again Hemant Jiju moved in my cunt and his huge shaft filled my cunt-flesh completely, his buttocks started rising and falling almost casually over me and steadily,

he built up speed, going faster and faster, knowing my demand. And with in few seconds Jiju began stroking powerfully in and out, in and out, his cock was hammering me deep from all angles. I thrashed and heaved under him, crying out loudly. I clenched his buttocks fiercely, dragging him deeper into my vortex arched myself and cried out and shuddered as the dam inside me was finally broken,

and I was going through tidal flood, seconds later Jiju relented and drilled deep into me and came, releasing the awesome flood of his steaming jizz into my sodden slit. Jiju was laying on me covering my whole body and we both were puffing heavily, I was holding him like I never held my husband, because I was never fucked like this by my husband.

Jiju was certainly much more powerful than Manish, moreover he knew how to play with a girl’s body to arouse her instead of speaking vulgar and slang like Manish, to do the same. I was delighted so was Jiju, I could sense from his body language that he was satisfied. Once again Jiju got up a bit and looked into my eyes and spoke, “you are amazing” I blushed,

and he kissed me. “mazza aaya?” Jiju asked me, I blushed and said yes from my gesture, “bol na, mazza aaya?” he asked me again same question, I moved my head in yes. “bhukh laggi hai?” (means are you hungry)” I hummed to say yes. “let’s have dinner?” Jiju spoke while getting up from me. “Didi aur Manish?” I asked him, “let’s see what are they doing”

he replied while picking up intercom and dialed there room no. Bell rang for 2-3 times and finally Gunjan Didi picked up phone I could hear her hello, Jiju straight away asked “finished?” don’t know what Didi replied must be yes “how many times” he asked her again, “ok, let’s have dinner we are coming to your room”.

By the time me and Jiju reached to their room, both Gunjan Didi and Manish were ready, as Didi saw me she hugged me and asked me in low voice, “dobara kiya?” I moved my head in yes while blushing. We all to moved out to go to the restaurant and sat together, both men were busy looking into menu card and Gunjan Didi was again and again looking at my face with smile and finally spoke,

“finally you did it” I smiled silently, “tell me how was it” I remained silent, “come on speak up, ab to sharmana band kar, ab to ho gaya jo hona tha” I looked up, “mazza aaya na?” Gunjan Didi asked me again; once again I moved my head in yes while looking into her eyes with a smile, and Gunjan Didi moved a bit to kiss me on my cheek.

Finally order got served and we started eating with casual conversation. More or less nobody spoke anything about sex after that, and discussion went to food, then to next days roaming places.

After dinner we came out to the open area of the hotel, me and Gunjan were together and chit chatting, Manish and Jiju were standing at the other corner. Gunjan Didi asked me with a naughty smile, “aur batta khub mazza kiya Hemant ke saath?” “Haan, aapko mazza aaya Manish ke saath” I asked her back, “Hmmmm… mazza to aaya”.

Once again I asked her that who are the other couple and Gunjan Didi smiled on that and spoke “ok I think now I should tell you” I was looking at her face to hear and finally she uttered, “you know Jeetu, and his wife Shilpi” “your cousin?” I asked her in shock, “hmmm…” she hummed and moved her head in yes, “what….? you sleep with him, I mean he is your brother”

I was in utter shocked, “no…. we don’t sleep we do… “Gunjan Didi somewhat tried to make fun of my statement, “but…. He is your brother” “I know …..mujhe kya batta rahi hai, cousin brother hi to hai, real brother to nahi hai na?” she replied, “still he is your first cousin” I was still in shock, “ok, I agree,… we do… now what” she surrendered.

Jeetu bhaiya was Gunjan Didi’s paternal cousin; he was son of her father’s younger brother, nearly 3-4 years younger than her. I knew him, and use to address him Bhaiya and I knew his wife too, Shilpi Bhabhi. Shilpi Bhabhi was good looking female with maintained body. “And who is the third couple” I asked Didi again, “actually Jeetu and Shilpi are third couple” “Ok…. tell me who is second couple”

I was getting eager to know, “you know Hemant’s elder brother” Gunjan Didi replied, “what” it was a bigger shock to me, “don’t tell me” “you sleep with Bhanu bhaiya?” Gunjan Didi smiled and cracked same joke, “no I don’t sleep with him, we do…you know” Gunjan Didi moved her hand after making punch sideways to say fucking “and Kiran Bhabhi (Bhanu bhaiya’s wife)

sleep with Jiju, I mean….” “no even they don’t sleep they also….” before I would I have corrected myself Gunjan Didi cracked same joke third time and moved her hand in same fashion to say fucking. I was in utter shock, first couple was Jeetu Bhaiya who was Gunjan Didi’s brother in a way and his wife Shilpi Bhabhi, who use to address Hemant Jiju Bhaiya,

and other couple was Bhanu Bhaiya who was Hemant Jiju’s real brother, nearly 4-5 years elder to him and here Gunjan Didi use to address him Bhaiya, and it was really very difficult for me to believe that Kiran Bhabhi, Bhanu Bhaiya’s wife gets on bed with Hemant Jiju, more over with Jeetu Bhaiya as well.

Kiran Bhabhi was also good looking lady with pleasant gestures with a boney structure like Gunjan Didi, but she was bit thinner than Gunjan Didi. My heart was beating high as next thing came in my mind that if I will say yes to join there group then both males, Jeetu Bhaiya and Bhanu Bhaiya will fuck me one by one and on the other hand Manish will fuck there wives, Shilpi Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi.

I was in this thought what should I do if I will be asked to join them and I faced this question on very next moment as Gunjan Didi asked me just then “so you want to join us?” “no” I replied, “why?’ Gunjan Didi asked back me reason of saying no. “I don’t know, mujhe darr lagg raha hai” “Kiss se, Jeetu se ya Bhanu Bhaiya se?” she asked back, “dono say?” I replied,

“believe me, darne ki koi baat nahi hai, dono bahut cool hain” I looked at her face and spoke, “Didi what are you saying, I mean I can’t believe ki you have sex with Bhanu Bhaiya and…. Jeetu Bhaiya” Gunjan Didi smiled, “but this is true,…..we all get together after every two months” “kahan” I asked her where they do, “sometimes we go out of town for 2-3 days,

sometimes go to Hemant’s friend’s farm house, Bhanu Bhaiya has one three room flat in *** ( name of the city closer to my home town), some times we go there” she replied, “how can Kiran Bhabhi do all this, I mean she looks so simple and homely” I was still in shock, “You mean Shilpi can do and Kiran Bhabhi cannot do” Gunjan Didi spoke,

making fun of my statement, “no, but still I mean unko dekh kar nahi lagta ki wo aisa kar sakti hain” I tried to clear my words, “this means mujhe aur Shilpi ko dekh kar lagta hai ki hum logg aisa kar sakte hain” once again Gunjan Didi trapped in my words, “no, I mean both of you are still young… I mean she must be 40” I spoke again and again tried to say what I meant,

“then what, she also needs a change” then again she spoke “you know she was the one for whom it started” “for Kiran Bhabhi” “how” that was another shock for me. “you know, Ritu?” “who Kiran Bhabhi’s daughter?” I asked back, “ya, actually she is Hemant’s daughter” “what?” for me it was a trip to get shocked, I was looking at Gunjan Didi’s face,

“actually Bhanu Bhaiya is not fertile, other wise he is normal, rather he is great” Gunjan Didi smiled at the end after turning serious statement into naughty, “so” I asked back, “After Aaru( Gunjan Didi’s Son who was nearly 6), things were like getting worse for Kiran Bhabhi” “you know what I mean…… In-laws ke statements and all, more over she was feeling jealous of me”

“it was like…. bahut tension ho gayi thi Bhaiya aur Bhabhi mein” Gunjan Didi spoke with many pauses while giving detail of her family problem. “then” I asked back, “then what?, Hemant solved there problem, and whenever Kiran Bhabhi use to sleep with Hemant, I use to stay with Bhanu Bhaiya” Gunjan Didi replied to end the conversation, “No…I mean how it started” I asked again as I was eager to know how all this happened.

Gunjan Didi smiled on that and spoke, “pure majje le rahi hai tu bhi”, “haan now please tell me” I asked her again, and Gunjan Didi started again, “Actually Kiran Bhabhi started coming to our house regularly after Aaru(Didi’s son) to help me and use to say you are so lucky and all,….. God is not replying to my prayer…….U know all that” “then” “then what I could see that she was getting attracted towards Hemant,

and Hemant could also see that” “exactly how it started” I was getting eager to know, “nearly after one year of my delivery, Bhabhi spoke to Hemant that only he can help her, otherwise she will commit suicide” “then” “you know Hemant, he cannot hide anything from me, he spoke to me” “then” “I suggested him to talk to Bhaiya”…. “and Bhaiya already knew this…

that Bhabhi has spoken to Hemant” “then” “Bhaiya was not willing to let her do that,…. but she was insisting” “then” “Hemant spoke to me, asked me what to do?”……. “we decided to ask Bhanu Bhaiya,……that will it be ok to him if I will come to him for which Kiran Bhabhi wants Hemant” “exactly it was who’s idea, yours or Jiju?” I asked Didi and Didi smiled on that,

“we both had this thing in mind but it was Hemant who spoke first, …….he was getting eager to lay down with Bhabhi” “Ok” “and when Jiju asked Bhanu Bhaiya, he said yes to it?” I asked her again with smile, “yes,….. in any case he had to say yes to it, because Kiran Bhabhi was not ready to listen anything” “so you started swapping”

“Ya….. Bhaiya and Bhabhi came to our house to stay in Kiran Bhabhi’s unsafe period, and she stayed with Hemant in guest room I use to stay with Bhaiya in the night” “for how long” I asked back, “for 4-5 days in one month…. you know unsafe period,…… after 3 months Bhabhi got pregnant” “then,….. I mean since then you are into this” I asked what I wanted to know,

“no…., we stopped when Bhabhi got pregnant” “then, when you started again?” “nearly one and half year after Bhabhi’s delivery…..actually it just happened…. we were stuck in fog while coming back from somewhere, Bhaiya’s house was nearby… so we went there and once again both brothers were fucking each other’s wife”….

“this time it was Bhanu Bhaiya who asked Hemant, agar kisi ko koi problem na ho to aaj raat ko Gunjan mere paas so jaayegi aur Kiran, tere paas so jaayegi”. Gunjan Didi explained nearly everything that how it all started with Hemant Jiju’s brother. “And how Jeetu Bhaiya and Shilpi Bhabhi came in?” obviously it was an expected question,

“hmmmmm…., so you want to know everything without saying yes to join the group” Gunjan Didi replied, in a way asking me to join the group, “you promised” I replied, “ya, I know certainly I will tell you, but first tell me are you interested in joining this group” “I don’t know?” “I mean, I know Hemant Jiju very well but his brother…..? and Jeetu Bhaiya…..”

“I don’t think I will be able to do it” I replied with lot of fumbles and pauses. “see as far as nature is concerned both Jeetu and Bhanu Bhaiya are very good, and if you will talk about sex then they are any day better than your husband” I stared her when she said that both Jeetu Bhaiya and Bhanu Bhaiya are better in sex than my husband, “don’t mind,….but it’s true,

I mean he goes off in just 2-3 minutes, kuch jayada hi josh hai, but gradually he will learn…. Rather I will try to better him in these 2 days” Gunjan Didi was so casual in saying that, “aur tu batta, kaisa raha Hemant ke saath, I know you have enjoyed, he was telling me” I blushed, “ab sharamana chhod aur enjoy kar, till now you have not sucked him” she spoke in questioning tone,

“no” I replied, “then do it, I have sucked your husband” I blushed again, Didi spoke again, “raat ko doggy style mein karna, even if he will not say, you have to say” “what?” “yehi ki fuck me in Doggy style,….. I am sure you will enjoy”. Once again I was speechless to say anything in reply. Gunjan Didi asked me again, “tell me, you want to join us or not, your husband is ready”

she told me in the end that Manish has said yes to join there group. I was not surprised with that, moreover I was feeling really strange while thinking about Bhanu Bhaiya and Gunjan Didi and Hemant Jiju and Kiran Bhabhi, just then once again Jeetu Bhaiya came in my mind and I asked Gunjan Didi, “and what about Jeetu Bhaiya, I mean how they said yes to it”

“hmmmmm….. Actually it was Hemant who wanted to seduce Shilpi, so he asked me if we can do this swapping with him”….. “Like you he was also thinking that he is my brother and I will say no to it”….. “but…… I agreed as I could see that Hemant is desperate for Shilpi” Gunjan Didi replied and detailed nearly everything except the thing which I wanted to know and I asked her again, “but how you managed to ask them”.

Gunjan Didi smiled before going ahead and then spoke, “actually Jeetu is very naughty from the very beginning, long time back when I was not married, neither he was, Jeetu wanted to do it with me, indirectly he tried to ask me many times….but I said no to him at that time” I smiled as I came to knew this fact that and asked her again, “then” once again Gunjan Didi started,

“Hemant was insisting me to think about it, that how can we approach them,….. I told this thing to him that Jeetu has asked me for sex long time back” “so” I was keen to know further, “we planned and in one family get together I teased Jeetu by recalling him that and asked him indirectly what if I say yes now” I was looking at Gunjan Didi and she was telling me everything with a smile,

“then what did he said?” I asked her that how Jeetu Bhaiya reacted when Gunjan Didi asked him that, “He was shocked, but could not believe, but I assured him that I am serious” “as I knew, he agreed and asked me how and where to do” “I told him to ask Shilpi first” “then what happened?” I was getting more into it, “he thought that I am joking and said, ye kya mazaak hai?”

“then I explained him, what we are thinking, and he has to convince Shilpi for Hemant” “then” “he tried and succeed in convincing his wife” “after that Hemant asked Bhanu Bhaiya if he agrees sharing Kiran Bhabhi with Jeetu for Shilpi and I asked Jeetu if he agrees sharing his wife with Bhanu Bhaiya for Kiran Bhabhi…. they agreed” I was looking at Gunjan Didi’s face,

how casually she told me everything, as if it’s normal. Once again she asked me same question, “now when will you tell me?” though I knew what she is asking even then I asked, “what?” Gunjan Didi looked at me with bit of disappointment and spoke bit aggressively by moving her punch in same fashion symbolizing fucking, “yehi ki tune Bhanu Bhaiya aur Jeetu se chuddna hai ya nahi?”

“shut up, and behave” I replied, “what behave, ultimately ho to wohi raha hai na….. mera patti tujhe chodd raha hai aur tera patti mujhe” “to Kiran Bhabhi aur Shilpi ke pattiyon se bhi Chuddwa le, kya fark paddta hai?” Gunjan Didi was getting weird with words, “Didi please stop it” I was feeling ashamed hearing such hardcore words from my sister,

“truly speaking, Bhanu Bhaiya ka Hemant se bhi jayada mota, although length nearly same hai” I laughed on that as now Gunjan Didi was speaking anything to convince me, and in reflex I asked her, “aur Jeetu Bhaiya ka?” “more or less he is like Manish and initially he use to do it like Manish, but now he is much better…. That is why I said Manish will learn with us”

Gunjan Didi replied instantly and asked again, “tell me, yes or no?” “I don’t know” I replied “think about it, it will be fun” Gunjan Didi finally ended asking me, and then spoke again, “let’s go” “where?” I asked back, “Chuddne aur kahan, do raat mein tere patti ko dhang se ladki choddna sikhana hai, nahi to Kiran Bhabhi bahut gaaliyan dengi ussko”

then Didi spoke again in continuation “moreover mujhe laggta hai Shilpi ko to nanga dekhkar hi usska paani chhot jaayga” with that Gunjan Didi waved hand to Jiju and Manish to say let’s go and spoke to me in low voice, “remember, Doggy style mein karna hai, aur pahle suck kar dena, he really like that……I hope you do that with Manish?”

in the end it was a question which she asked whether I suck penis of my husband or not, and I moved my head in acceptance while saying, “I do but rarely” “Ok, then it is a rare day” she replied with a smile. We moved to our rooms and started getting comfortable, Jiju talked to me for a while about other couples, Jeetu Bhaiya and Shilpi Bhabhi,

who were in Gunjan Didi’s relation and Bhanu Bhaiya and Kiran Bhabhi who were in his relation and said that now Gunjan Didi has one point extra as I am also in her relation. He showed me many photographs in his big screen mobile,(none of them were objectionable) all of them were close-ups, initially all the females were with their husbands, then I saw Gunjan Didi was clicked with Bhanu Bhaiya,

and Hemant Jiju was clicked with Kiran Bhabhi, then Shilpi Bhabhi with Hemant Jiju and Gunjan Didi with Jeetu Bhaiya and finally Bhanu Bhaiya with Shilpi Bhabhi and Jeetu Bhaiya with Kiran Bhabhi and in the end while closing that folder in mobile he said, “I want to add you in this folder, beside me and rest of the two, I hope you will say yes to it”

I looked at him while blushing as once again my heart started beating visualizing myself getting fucked by two other men Bhanu Bhaiya and Jeetu Bhaiya. Finally we thought about getting into bed and Jiju got up to go to toilet when intercom rang, I picked up phone, by then Jiju was in the toilet. It was Gunjan Didi and she asked me for Condoms,

(actually both the bags, mine and Gunjan Didi’s were in our room) I thought about asking her why she needs a Condom, but before I would have asked she kept the phone after requesting me to give one packed to them as she cannot come to take it. I took out one packet which was in my purse and went to their room, and knocked, Gunjan Didi opened the door,

she was just wearing Panty on the lower half, and her shirt was still on, I think Manish was in toilet at that time. I smiled on her condition, and asked “what happened you were saying ki you will take neat” Gunjan Didi smiled back and said “that I will tell you tomorrow” “what” “that why I need Condom” she replied, “tell me now” I asked her with smile, “no, you just go now”

she pushed me a bit to close the door as she could hear door of toilet getting opened, and heard her door getting bolted. Once again I was thinking that why she will be needing Condom if she use pills to prevent pregnancy. I assumed that she must be in unsafe period and would have preferred double protection.

Finally once again I lied with Hemant Jiju and in whole night we had sex two more times. Initially we started with kissing and I asked him if he wants me to suck his rod, Jiju agreed with smile and I could see that he has sensed that Gunjan Didi has told me to do it. I sucked Hemant Jiju’s cock for a while to deliver him best what I can do and he enjoyed.

Hemant Jiju was laying on his back stark naked with spread legs and I was sitting between them leaning on his pelvis and sucking him while using my saliva as much as possible. After 4-5 minutes Hemant Jiju stopped me and holding my waist told me to sit on his face. Next moment I was sitting on Jiju’s face and he was sucking my cunt, it was really very pleasurable,

by now my hesitation was nearly vanished and I was enjoying my sister’s husbands love making. Finally I stopped him as I wanted to go ahead without cumming, and tried to get aside but Jiju told me to sit on him. I asked him for doggy style by saying, “Doggy style mein karte hain”, Hemant Jiju smiled on that and spoke, “Gunjan ne achhe se sikha ke bheja hai”

I smiled, he was right. Initially he took me on his top and fucked me from bottom and holding my waist he made me jump over him and after 5-6 minutes we changed our position and I got penetrated from behind by my Jiju and I realized that Gunjan Didi was right, I really enjoyed those 4-5 minutes when I was on my four and Jiju was fucking me steadily holding my ass cheeks,

gradually he increased his speed and stood on his feet and started riding on me properly and fucked me hard for nearly one more minute before releasing his seed deep inside my womb. After using toilet I and Hemant Jiju were laying on bed totally naked and I was completely in his arms in hugging position, one of my leg was between Jiju’s thighs and Jiju was somewhat griping me in a way as if I am going to run away.

After kissing me on forehead asked me about that call in which Gunjan was asking for Condoms. I told him that she needed a Condom, he smiled silently on that, and said “ok”, I asked him, why she needed Condoms when she does not like it, Jiju smiled again and said, “you would have asked her” “she said she will tell me tomorrow” I replied,

“ok, then wait for tomorrow” Jiju tried to avoid it, “tell me if you know” I asked him while being in his arms. Hemant Jiju moved his hand on my back and rolled it till my ass cheeks and while putting a finger tip on my asshole spoke, “because she is getting stuffed here”. Once again I was shocked, and realized that whether I will be able to understand Gunjan Didi ever,

I could recall her statement spoke earlier “there are more places, in which penis can be inserted”. “What are you saying?” I asked Jiju with throbbing heart as my heart started beating high. “hmmm… she had a plan” Jiju replied, I remained silent as I was little scared as Hemant Jiju’s hand was still on my ass cheeks and finger was above the ass crack.

Jiju sensed my state and spoke, “why are you getting tensed, main tere yahan nahi daalunga” while saying that once again his fingertip was on my asshole opening and I went through strange sensation. Just then Jiju started kissing me and finally after proper oral foreplay Jiju fucked me again in my cunt and told me while fucking me that till now all three men have fucked Gunjan Didi in her ass hole and Manish is forth one doing it and apart from Gunjan Didi,

Kiran Bhabhi has also taken all three cocks of their group’s male members in her ass hole and now only Shilpi Bhabhi is left out who is not ready to have anal sex. In the morning once again Hemant Jiju sucked me in the bath tub before fucking me and finally pounded my cunt there only. Once again he was pumping me from behind as it was his favorite position.

I was standing in tub and leaning forward holding taps and Jiju was humping me as hard as possible. I spoke to Gunjan Didi about what Hemant Jiju told me and she admitted that whatever he has said is true and agreed that not only she has taken Manish in her asshole last night but all three men,

and especially two Jeetu Bhaiya and Hemant Jiju are trying their best to convince Shilpi Bhabhi to give away her anal virginity but she is not ready. This made me think about not joining there group and I said no to their proposal, but Gunjan Didi convinced me that nobody does anything forcefully and till the time I will not say yes myself nobody among four (Including Manish) will try to insert in me there.

Even then I did not said yes to them to join there group and spent one more day and whole night with Hemant Jiju. I not only roamed with him through out the day but also did my best to satisfy him on bed as his temporary wife of total two nights. Manish and Gunjan Didi also enjoyed there two day honeymoon with new partner and had sex in numerous positions and detailed me his experience of fucking Gunjan Didi in her ass hole.

While going back Gunjan Didi told me that in two days Manish has learned a bit and he tries to control his aggression, and now I was suppose to give feedback to her about Manish’s love making. Somewhere Gunjan Didi was absolutely right, Manish lasts for bit long now and this incident has improved our sex life as a whole,

after reaching back home I and Manish continuously had good sex for 10-12 days as we both use to get aroused while discussing those two days. Finally after 15-20 days I gave my decision that I want to join their group. Nearly after one month our meeting date got fixed, and for fixing that date preference was given to my menstrual cycle,

so that I should be in safe period as all three men wanted to fuck me without Condom. By the time I reached to that place where whole arrangement of wife swapping was done I was feeling horny of my life, though I was more nervous, but once again it was Gunjan Didi who really made go through my fear.

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