Celebrity Sex Stories – A Dream Night with Genelia DSouza

I am an eighteen-year-old college student who works at a classy restaurant as a waiter. This restaurant is located in Nariman Point and caters to the wealthy citizens of Mumbai. My first night working turned out to be my best night so far.

I arrived at work fifteen minutes early, as instructed, for a briefing on what to expect. After the owner met with me, he sent me off to work. This wasn’t my first job as a waiter so I didn’t need too many instructions. A few hours later, I was walking out of the kitchen when I noticed a familiar looking woman a corner table.

“Hey, is that who I think it is?” I asked another waiter.

“Yep, Genelia DSouza. And she’s at one of your tables,” he replied with a grin.

I couldn’t believe my luck that THE Genelia DSouza, the woman I’d watched only on big screen is sitting at one of my tables. I walked over trying to
calm myself. As I approached, I noticed she was wearing a black, sleeveless dress that showed her more than ample cleavage. I also took note that her dress barely covered her gorgeous thighs. She was sitting with a handsome man who appeared to be putting on his coat.

I introduced myself and asked them if they would like a drink.

“No thanks, I’m leaving,” the man said. He abruptly got up and walked away.

“Saala, Asshole,” she said under her breath.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but would you like a drink?”

“No but what I would like is to get back at that shithead. She pulled out a pen and paper from her purse and scribbled an address down. It was that of a hotel.
“When do you get off?” she asked with a dazzling smile?

“In two hours,” I mumbled.

“Great! Meet me here. We can have that drink then.”

With that she stood up and left. I stood there watching her beautiful body sawing on 3 inch heals as she gracefully walked out of the restaurant. Had Genelia just asked me to her hotel room for a drink? Me? I am only average looking! Wow!
The remaining two hours of work seemed to take forever to pass. When it was finally time to leave I jumped into my car and raced over to her hotel. I’m not even
sure how I got there, but the next thing I remember was knocking on her door.

“Is that my waiter friend?” a voice came from inside.

“Yes, ma’am,” I answered.

“Come in.”

I entered and found her laying on the king size bed in a bright red bra and panties. I was in momentary shock. I don’t know what I expected, but that wasn’t it.

“So, are you just gonna stand there or you coming over here,” she teased.

I stepped over to the bed and without hesitation I took this beautiful woman into my arms and kissed her. Taking great liberty, I began to massage a breast. Then almost as if on autopilot I unhooked her bra and let her perfect tits pop into plain view. I eagerly licked and sucked on her hard nipples while she lay
back and moaned softly. I worked my way down to her washboard stomach and continued down further.

My heart was pounding in my chest as I slid of her panties down her tanned thighs and got a view at her pussy. She was beautiful. She was neatly trimmed.

Excitedly I began to lick her moist folds, gently biting her clit. She tasted like a peach. I continued enthusiastically until she began to squirm. Then as if
music to my ears…

“I’m coming!” she exclaimed.

My chin was flooded with her celebrity juices, and I lapped them right up. I continued to lick her slit as her orgasm subsided. This was a story that I could tell the guys for a lifetime, I thought.

“That was fucking great,” she said. “Now its your turn.” And she rolled over and giggles as she took off my clothes. She fondled my cock as I watched her
looking at it. I was in heaven. But when she engulfed my average sized cock with her beautiful lips. I instantly felt like I was going to blow my load.

Now it was my turn to squirm under her attentions as she began sucking me furiously. Drool started running down onto my cock. She gave one hell of a messy
blowjob, I thought to myself. But it was also fantastic to watch her doing me like that. I just couldn’t believe that this beautiful girl would even
want to date me, much less have sex with me.

I knew that I was about to lose it so I pulled her off my throbbing dick and told her to stop otherwise I’d come too soon. But I was in for another shock to my
reality when she looked up at me and said, “So what? You’re young you can get hard again can’t you?”

Then she leaned over and deep throated my cock. This was just too much for me to handle. I grabbed her head and began to shoot my load, holding her face securely over my lap. She continued to suck harder and faster while she milked me dry.

After I was done shooting, she let my cock slip from her mouth and sat up on the bed. She opened her mouth and showed me that my come that was still residing
there. She swished it around in her mouth. She then closed her mouth and with an audible gulp swallowed it. She opened her mouth to show me that not a trace was
there. I sat there amazed and so turned on by her wanton act that I was hard as a rock again in anticipation.

“What? Just cause I am famous, I can’t be a nasty, I can’t be your little come-slut?” she asked with a slutty grin on her face.

My cock got even harder.

“I told you, see, you never even lost your woody,” she said, looking down at my hard cock. “Now ram that thing into me.”

She lay back on the bed and spread her legs and I nervously positioned myself over her. As I slowly lowered myself I could first feel the resistance as my
cockhead slipped between her molten pussy lips. Damn, she was tight. I started with slow stokes and gradually picked up the pace. Soon, I was fucking her as fast and as hard as I could. And she was panting and moaning and loving it.


Then I felt body her tense up under me, and then she was coming on my cock. I was greatly gratified that I had made her come while I fucked her and continued to
fuck her as fast and as hard as I could. After a bit I lowered my face to hers and began a long leisurely french kiss. She came again with me still buried deeply in her.

That was what broke the camel’s back, the feeling of her body shivering under mine in another orgasm, I couldn’t hold out another second.

Genelia could sense that my come was upon me and whispered in my ear, “Come in me baby, come deep in me. But I knew better than that and pulled out at the
critical moment. My first jet of come slatted across her lovely face. She jumped in surprise, but soon got into it. She moaned, “Cover my fucking face.” My
second and third shots covered her cheek and neck. My fourth and final shot landed on her nose.

All the while as I was coming, Genelia was egging me on: “Cover my slutty little face with your hot come. Let me feel your hot come all over my slutty body.”

Then, when I knew that I was done, she reached up and took me into her mouth again. I groaned at the feeling of her hot mouth engulfing me again. She cleaned off my cock like a pro. “Mmmmmm, my pussy tastes good on your cock,” she cooed.

Watching her was the most beautiful sight: She covered in my cum. My cum was dripping down her face, onto her neck and onto her perfect tits.

“Think you can come again, lover?” she questioned.”Hell, yeah, as many times as you want me to,” was my response.

“This is why I like young guys. They can come all night long. How old are you anyway?”


“Eighteen? You’re my youngest yet! Come over her and let me suck that cock of yours again. I’m looking forward to some great sex tonight.”

I brought my cock to her mouth. She started sucking as hard as she could again. She licked my balls while jacking me off. A stream of drool connected my cock to her mouth. All the while she was looking up in my eyes.

“Come on, baby, give me your come,” she said. This is all it took, after watching her slutty little show I was ready again. I began to shoot. She sensed this and moved her mouth away from my cock. She jacked my cock until I was shooting my come all over her again. Some landed in her dark beautiful hair, some landed in her eyes, and some landed on her tits. She wiped just enough come out of her eyes so that she could see what she was doing.

“I love being covered in hot come. I’m such a fucking come-slut. Hey, I’ve got an idea.” She took a cup off the nightstand. She then grabbed my cock and started
jacking me off again. “Give me another hot load baby.” She stared massaging my balls and soon I tensed up. She positioned the cup over my cockhead. She jerked my entire load into the cup. She tilted back her head and poured my come into her closed lips.

She started to rub my come over her lips, occasionally licking some into her mouth. All the while looking at my cock with a lustful gleam in her eyes. I love this woman!

“Mmmmmm, I fucking love your come.”

I could die a happy man now. I had just fucked Genelia DSouza, ate her pussy, shot three loads into or onto her. This woman was amazing.

She gave me a cum-soaked grin and said, “Next time I’m in town I’ll be sure to stop by your restaurant. And, oh, I’m telling all my friends to do the same…”

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