Carpe Dieam

Part 1:
At the time the following events unfolded in my life I had just turned 30. Susan, my wife, was 28. She was a naturally beautiful brunette. 5’8″ tall and had an extremely athletic body. She had recently begun to compete in Olympic distance triathlons. The training for this kept her body in peak physical shape. Luckily for me she retained her breasts, 34C, even though most triathlon participants loose them. She had beautiful brown eyes and I remember when I first met her a friend of mine compared her looks to the actress Christine Taylor. I agree whole-heartedly, they could have been sisters separated at birth.
I have to admit looking back at the events now I was more open to this type of thing that I was willing to admit. I defiantly had my reservations but the mere thought of such financial gain tied to intense sexual pleasure was too appealing. It was our apple in the Garden of Eden.
To most our Garden of Eden would not have been an “Eden” at all but we were content. Our quaint house on a cul-de-sac in a quite neighborhood was our perfect home. Susan and I had been married for 5 years. We met on a semester break halfway through college and became fast friends. Our relationship started off as most do in college, no strings attached, but over the remaining years of college and through other miserably failed and wasted relationships we always came back to each other. Every time we reunited the confessions of our past lovers was always such a shock to me I didn’t know how to deal with it. My “defense mechanism,” if you can call it that, was to get turned on. The first time I experienced this emotion was over the phone.
We were on again big time since our last summer break but were apart for the semester, which had just begun. This otherwise uneventful evening was the awakening of something in me I didn’t know existed. She confessed to me that during our most recent time apart she had been with another guy. I knew this was obviously the case but had never been confronted with the reality before. With my stomach in my throat and my heart beating so hard in my chest it caused me to strain to hear her on the other end of the phone. Panic came over me.
“Really,” I sputtered out.
Her voice began to crack and she went into an apology.
“That’s not necessary,” I said, “I understand, I don’t feel any different about you now.”
I was lying. My adrenaline was peaked! I could break the 3-minute mile no sweat. I could bench press a house. Holy shit I thought I was going to pass out.
“I thought you’d hate me,” she said.
“Seriously, not at all,” I responded, “Thank you for telling me. Do you mind if I ask you some questions about it?”
“If you’d like,” she responded.
I slowly began asking her when, with who, where, and all the other details. As she began responding to each question I got harder and harder. This rush was overwhelming. Listening to her confess her exploits in such detail. My hands were shaking and I was slowly beginning to stroke myself.
“Well, it was Kevin. The guy you met that night we were out together at that bar. We had hung out before and once had a drunk make out session but nothing more,” she said.
“Go on,” I tried not to sound like I was begging.
“I went out with Britney that night and two of her friends from college I didn’t know. We went to the bar where Kevin worked because it was ladies night,” she explained.
“One drink lead to many and before I knew it I was tipsy and in the back of Britney’s car with Kevin on our way home. When we arrived to drop him off he asked if I wanted to come in. I said ok and Britney asked if I was sure. I was drunk and my inhibitions were down so I decided to go inside. One thing led to another and we ended up having sex,” she finished.
Dang, I need more; I’m about ready to loose my mind I thought.
“Where did you do it,” I asked.
“We started in the shower together then finished in his bedroom,” she answered.
“What position?”
“We started doggy but finished missionary,” she answered.
“Did you wear a condom?”
A brief pause then barely audible sigh, “No,” she replied.
BLAM! My head exploded. The visuals of her wet body, her gorgeous long wet hair, the image of her beautiful breasts hanging down and swaying to the rhythm of his hips undulating behind her. I was close! My balls were tight and I was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum now. You could have dropped me into the middle of Times Square, a million eyes suddenly on me, and I wouldn’t have noticed. I was transfixed and I was going to cum. My mind was so entranced I swear I could smell her perfume, hear her moans, and feel her wet, hot pussy around my aching cock.
“So….” Trying not to give away the fact that I was Nano-seconds away from coming.
I asked, “So, did he cum in you?”
“No, he pulled out and came on my stomach,” she whispered.
That was all I needed to hear. I couldn’t take one second more and I erupted. I came harder than I had ever cum before. It was like experiencing an orgasm for the first time and thinking “YEAH! FUCK YEAH! THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME!!”
“Nick, are you there? Hello? Hello,” she questioned.
The second hello pulled me back into reality and slapped me in the face. SHIT! Idiot! You’re still on the phone and she is going to know something is up! Answer her!
“Yes, yes, I’m here,” I stuttered.
“Are you OK,” she inquired.
“Yes, sorry, I was just processing everything.” In reality I was slowly beginning to make my descent from such a high.
We talked for about another hour or so and I felt incredibly attracted to her. More than I ever had in the past. Some sort of weird, unexplainable sexual energy I had never experienced before. We ended our conversation on a very happy note, happier than she realized of course, and said our goodnights. This happened a few more times throughout my college years. After graduation I landed a job in Texas. As the fates would have it Susan did too. This undoubtedly led to a wonderful relationship for one year, our subsequent engagement, and then our marriage.
Before our marriage we did some intensive couples counseling. We are both “planners” and wanted to start off right. During these counseling sessions we would receive homework. We would each get a question, write our answer, and then read our answer to each other.
The topics ranged from finances, to children, to in-laws, to health problems. What happens if you become pregnant and the child has Down syndrome? Who will handle the money? How involved will each of your parents be in your lives and your future children’s lives? I had never thought about answers to such questions before. I was delighted when sharing my answers with my wife I found we could have written each other’s. All but one that is.
What are your sexual fantasies? During this I confided in Susan about the times I would pleasure myself to her past sexual exploits. She was extremely loving and understanding as she always is. It didn’t seem to even shock her as I thought it might have. She said she totally understood the turn-on for me. However she didn’t share the fantasy and I soon found out she didn’t care to even role-play it in the bedroom much.
Fast-forward 5 years. Still married. Still incredibly happy, no children and my career had progressed nicely. My salary had allowed my wife to switch careers and start over in another field. We were more financially secured then anyone I know, that is our age, and living very comfortably. However, in our social circle we see those who have what I call “fuck you” money. Some have enough money that they do not have to worry about anything, ever. Not taxes, not market crashes, not anything. “Fuck you money.” We often talk about how nice it would be to one day be in the same financial position as some around us.
“It is interest over time baby,” my standard response.
“Sock as much away as you can stand now, live debt free, and watch it grow.” One day we will have “fuck you money.” Or at least that was our plan.
Enter Ms. Dana Wright. Dana lives on the opposite side of the neighborhood as us, on a gorgeous lake, in a gorgeous home. Home is not the appropriate noun, mansion, with a capital M. Her late husband was an incredibly successful entrepreneur. (I could divulge the way he made his fortune but since this story is based on actual events in my life it would certainly give too much away.) Dana was 15 years Mr. Wright’s junior. He died in a tragic accident and left her everything.
My wife and Dana became great friends over the five years since we married and moved in to the neighborhood. I always though there was something about Dana but could never put my finger on it, my wife who is way more intuitive than I felt the same way and on June 7, 2010 we found out what it was.
It was an evening like any other. Actually, it was gorgeous out. It was the perfect temperature. I had just finished cooking up some salmon on the grill and whilst enjoying an adult beverage when my wife arrived home. I had arrived home from work a few hours before her so I thought I’d be a loving husband and get dinner ready. I’ll never forget the look on her face when she walked in the door. At first it startled me.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“You are never going to believe what happened to me today!”
I briskly walked over to her very concerned, “What? What happened? Are you ok?”
“Oh I’m fine. At least I think I’m fine,” she stated.
“Look at this,” she insisted.
In her outstretched hand was a manila envelope. Inside there was a large stack of papers, probably 50 pages or so. On the top it had an attorneys letterhead, Michaels and Dowe.
“What is this?” I asked as I started leafing through the pages.
“It’s a contract,” she replied.
“A contract for what?”
“For 8 million dollars,” She exclaimed in a loud and drawn out tone leaving her mouth hanging open in a look of disbelief.
“What? What are you talking about? 8 million dollars for what?” I inquired.
“For sex,” she said with I tone I did not quite recognize.
“What do you mean for sex?”
I was confused but my adrenaline started flowing. My senses were peaking.
“It’s from Dana. It is a contract for 8 million dollars, for sex,” she said shaking her head in disbelief.
“Time out!” I exclaimed, “Start at the beginning and tell me everything.”
Over the next hour and a half she proceeded to tell a story that would eventually take us a full week to process.
She had spent the day with Dana shopping. They were ending the afternoon together poolside at Danas house overlooking the calm waters of the lake she lives on.
“We were just having a normal conversation when all of a sudden she dropped a bomb on me,” Susan began to explain.
“She excused herself and went inside then returned a short moment later with a folder containing this envelope. Before she handed it to me she made me swear that what was inside would not change our friendship. I don’t like making such promises but I obliged her. She opened the envelope and said ‘here is a contract for 8 million dollars to be paid to you over the next 12 months.’ Before I could say anything she nervously jumped into her spiel.
“I want to hire you and your husband. Mostly just you but I know how devoted you two are to each other so after giving it some thought I want to include him for your sake. I want to hire you and pay you 8 million dollars over the next 12 months during which time I will own you. You will be 100% my property. An indentured servant if you will. Starting the first month, if you accepting this proposal, a deposit will be made in the checking account of your choosing. This will continue to happen every consecutive month for 12 months until your debt is paid off. Afterwards you are free to return to your normal life,” my wife took a pause to allow me to process.
Susan continued her narrative, “To be as blunt as I possibly can- I want you to be my sexual slave. I will be your mistress, if you will, and I will be in complete control of you sexually. I will also dictate how much your husband is allowed to participate each month with you. It doesn’t concern me what he does on his own time.”
“I interrupted her,” Susan said, “I was completely shocked, and asked her ‘why are you asking me to do such a thing?'”
“You see Susan,” she began to explain, “It gets me off to watch others get off. I cum the hardest when I know I have helped someone achieve the maximum limits of pleasure. In fact I pretty much can’t cum unless I know my servant is reaching heights they never knew existed. I choose to almost exclusively only get off in this fashion. I am fortunate enough that the universe has placed me in a situation where I have the financial means to make my desires come true. The irony of the situation is I need someone else I can control to fulfill my desires. You have been a dear friend to me for the past 5 years and I know I am risking our friendship right now with this proposition. I honestly feel if I didn’t ask then I would wonder for the rest of my life if you would of accepted. I am also aware of you and your husband’s own financial goals. No doubt 8 million will most defiantly get you into a personal financial situation you both are striving and working so hard to achieve. I hope you choose yes. If not, I would sincerely want to maintain our friendship as it is but understand how I have changed things and possibly made it impossible for that to be. I won’t say anything more. The contract must be responded to within 1 week. After the time has expired the contract is void and I only make the offer just this once. You either accept and fully commit, or respectfully decline and that’s it. I trust you can see yourself out. Hopefully, I will talk to you soon.”
“Then she stood up and walked into the house. I sat there for a moment trying to process what I had just heard,” Susan said.
“Have you read all this yet?” I asked referring to the stack of papers in my hand.
“I have,” she answered, “I sat in my car outside her house and read it completely through.”
“Well what does it say?” I asked.
Mostly it is just legalese regarding how we will get paid, the time and date we will get paid, there is a confidentiality clause, and a bunch of other stuff regarding benefits I will receive while being in her “employ.”
“Like what kind of benefits?” I asked.
“Well, I get a car, a new phone, she will buy all my clothes, take care of any doctors bills or visits I may need or have in the next 12 months, pay for niceties such as hair cuts and “mani-pedis.” The list goes on an on. It also stipulates that this is in conjunction with my monthly salary. Well I guess technically ‘our’ monthly salary.”
“That’s it? Nothing specific about what you have to do sexually,” I asked.
“Well yes, that is all there too. Basically all you need to know is on page 4,” She remarked
I quickly turned to page 4, narrowly avoiding a paper cut I was so hasty. It was a list of rules. They were exceptionally clear and brief.
1.I own you sexually.
2.You will be an open, willing, and exuberant participate in all of the sexual exploits I ask of you.
3.You will provide me with an exhaustive list of all sexual experiences in detail submitted prior to your employ.
4.You will vow to take great strides to fully immerse yourself in what I ask of you.
5.You will be sexually open to any and all ideas you are presented with
6.You will cum and you will enjoy it.
“Holy shit are we in the movie indecent proposal?!?! WHAT THE FUCK!! I knew there was something about this chick,” I yelled.
My wife just starred back at me. After the hour and a half of conversation about this unique situation we were both speechless, and hungry. We decide to go out and grab a quick bite. During dinner neither of us said a word to the other. Both of our minds were swirling. Weighing the pros and cons. Then simultaneously at the end of dinner we both resounded-
We stopped, starred at each other, and shared a quick giggle.
I started first, “I mean 8 million dollars but c’mon, there’s no way. I mean right? There’s no way,” I repeated.
“I agree,” Susan said, “I’m not interested. I mean what kind of a person just throws something like that out there? I have known her for five years and I never would have guessed. I guess you just never truly know someone.”
We drove home and both confirmed how crazy it all seemed. We laughed at its insanity. We mocked the proposal and specific lines in the contract. We arrived back home, joked some more, and then got ready for bed.
“Well, I’m exhausted!” Susan said.
“HA! I bet!” I replied with a half laugh.
“I love you baby,” she said and I responded in kind.
We fell asleep. I was in a pitch-dark deep sleep when I was ripped out of it. Something was pulling on my arm and shaking me. As I shook the fog from my head my eyes in the darkness could barley make out the silhouette of my wife awake sitting up, tugging me to rouse.
“What is it?” I asked.
She responded with only just one word that sent my whole world careening out of control.
It was the deadline. Susan and I were sitting across from our kitchen table together staring at each other. Each of us was running through our decision for the last time.
“We have 15 minutes to reply,” Susan said.
“I know, but we are on the same page right? We are not going through with this,” Which came out of my mouth more as a question than a statement.
Susan still staring at me had a look of uncertainty about her. Over the past seven days our lives had been consumed by this topic only. It was the one and only thing we spoke about. It was the only thing we thought about. Four days after we were presented with the contract I decided to take a couple of vacation days form work. It was consuming our lives so much I, nor Susan, could concentrate on anything else.
We had run the full gamut of emotions. We laughed about its absurdity, we took it serious, we grew concerned; it caused more than one heated argument. It made us answer questions neither of us ever though about before. Every logical argument pro or con was evaluated. We came up with every justification we could then we would immediately change our minds. Neither of us knew what to do.
“10 minutes now,” I announced.
We were still staring at each other. Neither of us knew what decision to make and neither person felt they had the right to make the decision.
“5 minutes,” I said, “This is awful and I’m over it,” I proclaimed with emotional and sexual frustration.
I stood up and walked to the refrigerator, grabbed a Corona and using an opener ripped the top off. After I took a big swig. I looked up at the clock again.
“2 minutes,” I said.
I was in the process of taking a long contemplative stare into the suds of my beer when Susan informed me of our impending deadline.
“1 minute left.”
“Well I guess that settles it.” I said, “Fucking 8 million dollars!”
I put my beer down on the counter and begin to walk out of the room. I had just turned the corner when I heard the phone dialing. My heart skipped a beat. I did an immediate about face and briskly walk back into the kitchen. As I crossed the threshold I heard a voice on the other end pick up.

Part 2 :
“Michaels and Dowe how can I direct you call,” a young sounding female inquired.
I looked at Susan but she didn’t look back.
“This is Susan Miller for Mr. Michaels please, it is urgent,” she said looking up at me.
I mouth to her, “what are you doing?”
Susan just held up a finger to signify for me to be patient and looking away again.
“Right away Mrs. Miller, we have been expecting your call,” the young female voice responded.
There was a very brief pause with shitty music and then an unfamiliar male voice answered the phone.
“This is Mr. Michaels is this Mrs. Miller?” he asked.
Susan answered with a soft, “Yes.”
“Well Mrs. Miller I need to inform you this conversation is being recorded and according to my watch you called with 35 seconds to spare. I assume your call is in regards to your acceptance of the proposal given to you by a Mrs. Wright?”
Time slowed down. My heart was slamming into my rib cage. Susan’s face had anxiety written all over it. Seconds seemed like hours. Then the anxiety over her face melted away in slow motion and I saw a glint of excitement or intrigue or something in my wife’s eyes I had not seen before. It only lasted for a fraction of a second but it was there. I remember it was something I couldn’t quite place. It seared into my subconscious memory. It was subtle but unmistakable.
“What was going on in her mind,” I wondered.
My wife gingerly replied, “Yes,” her voice cracked.
“Excuse me Mrs. Miller but you have to speak up I couldn’t quite hear you,” the strange voice announced.
“Yes, I accept the terms of the contract,” she said feverish but very clear, now just staring at me with her gorgeous brown eyes.
My knees grew week and I had to catch myself on the back of one of our kitchen chairs. I spun it around and quietly sat down. My head was spinning. Through the fog of my thoughts I could hear my wife answering personal questions regarding middle name, maiden name, birthdate and social security number for verification purposes. Moments later she hung up the phone.
“What just happened?” I asked looking up at her in what I am sure where the beginning stages of shock.
“I made a decision,” she responded, “You know what? I honestly believe we can handle anything. I mean anything. Would this be harder than us dealing with cancer? The death of a child? The death of a spouse? No way. This is a drop in the bucket in comparison. Maybe it was hasty but I made the decision and I’m sticking to it. I love you. I will always love you and we are going to do this together. Period. That’s the end of this wretched, excruciatingly long dilemma,” she exclaimed in a tone, which made me sound like she was trying to sell herself on the idea as well.
After a brief pause she began again, “You know what else? 12 months and a day from now this will all be a thing of the past.”
I cracked a smile and nervously laughed, “I guess you’re right. But we need to talk about how exactly we are going to deal with this now that this decision has been made.”
She nodded and responded with an equally nervous laugh as we embraced.
Then out of nowhere, like a crack of lightening the doorbell rang. It seemed as loud as an air horn, considering our mental state, and startled both of us.
“Who the hell is that?” I asked.
Susan looked at me with an equally puzzled face and I left our embrace to make my way to the front door. I cracked it open and an older gentleman in a black suite and tie greeted me. Behind him was a parked black stretch limousine.
“Is Mrs. Miller ready?” he queried.
My wife peeked out from behind me and I said, “Excuse me? What is this?”
“Sir and Madame, I was hired by a Mrs. Wright this evening to drive Mrs. Miller to her residence.”
As he explained himself he handed me an envelope with my wife’s name etched on it in beautiful calligraphy. Susan took the envelope form me and tore it open. I peered over her shoulder to read along with her in silence.
I am glad you have accepted my offer. As it stipulates in our agreement the contract goes into effect immediately. Drop what you are doing and leave now. Bring nothing with you and make sure to leave your cell phone behind. Please kiss your husband good-bye. I await your arrival shortly.
“Really?” I asked sarcastically, “Do you remember reading that?” I directed at my wife.
“No,” she said, “But I’m sure it is in there. I wouldn’t want to break the contract in the first 5 minutes. I better go.”
I was astonished. This went from zero to a hundred in less than two minutes.
“Well, uh, I, uh…” stuttering she pressed her finger to my mouth.
I moved her hand aside and started explaining, “We just said we were going to talk about exactly how we are going to deal with this!”
“We have been talking for a week. We have had that conversation,” Susan said.
“Well that was always in a hypothetical,” I pleaded.
“Remember what I said, I love you always. We will talk and we will be fine. I promise. I love you. Here is my phone,” she kissed me then walked out the door.
The driver helped her into the car. She looked at me in the last moment, just as she was climbing in, and I saw that same unfamiliar alien look in her eye I had just witnessed moments ago. My stomach dropped distracting me from analyzing her strange gaze any further as she quickly disappeared behind thick dark glass of the limousine. Moments later I was staring at red taillights holding my wife’s phone thinking to myself, “What now?”
I couldn’t sleep. Tossing and turning all night long thinking of what predicaments my wife could be in. My mind was running wild. At some point in the middle of the night the sexual images my conscious was force-feeding me were too much. I sat up, pulled off my boxer briefs and began masturbating. Images of my wife being violated and ordered around, her naked body and thoughts of the pleasure she could be experiencing at this very moment brought me to a quick climax. Little did I know it was more than I could have imagined. It didn’t take long before I found myself in the bathroom cleaning up. I splashed water on my face and looked at myself in the mirror.
“You’re a wreck,” I said aloud.
What the hell am I going to do with myself? I thought. I glanced at the clock, 4 a.m. I decided to jump on the Internet. I walked down to the study and started scrolling through work emails that were beginning to backlog since I had taken some vacation. Answering a few that took little thought was not keeping my mind occupied.
“Well,” I thought, “Lets start writing everything down. I can’t speak to my wife, and I don’t know at this point when I will again so I’ll write to her.”
I opened a new blank document and just started typing. Everything was just pouring out of me. A stream of consciousness flowed through my fingers regarding my thoughts, feelings, expectations, fears, and fantasy. It all compiled into one big hot mess of a document. Before I knew it I was starting my 8th page. I looked at the clock at the top of my desktop and saw it was now well after 5 a.m. I was tired but still had an extreme amount of nervous energy. I figured I’d go for a run before the sun came up. Then maybe after a hot shower I could get a few hours of sleep. I hit save on my document and went to get up when I realized the file saved as the first complete sentence of my incoherent ramblings. “I’m so fucking HORNY right now.” I figured it best to change the file name. I clicked on the apple logo to open my “recent files” list and something caught my eye. When scanning the list for my document directly under my most recent addition was a file named “list for Dana.” Anything with that name on it right now was a blaring alert. I double clicked and the document asked for a password.
“What the…” I thought to myself, “My wife password protected a document?”
I started guessing at the password. It only took me a few tries. Every password Susan has ever established has been a variation of the same thing, a childhood pets’ name with a “random” sequence of numbers after wards. There were only a few childhood pets to choose from and only a few permutations of numbers, which held significance in her life that it could be. The file popped open and I began reading. It was a list outlining my wife’s sexual history. I looked away having a conversation with myself. Was I a bad husband for snooping? I quickly came to the conclusion I could handle the consequences of my actions for being a snoop and began reading. I should have asked myself if I was in any sort of mental position to be reading such things in the first place in light of recent events. I only made it to the third sentence before I had such an erection it was actually causing pain at the base of my penis.
“AAH! My dick is going to explode!” I thought grabbing the base of my throbbing cock and beginning to stoke myself.
As requested I am submitting a history of my sexual experiences as I can best recollect. I am not sure the best format to do this in so I am just going to compile this letter informally. My sexual history is as follows:
My first time (intercourse) was when I was 19-sophomore year of college.
My first blowjob was when I was a senior in high college. Also this was the first time a boy ever went down on me
I have never done anal, thought about it a few times but do not have much of a desire to peruse it. Too much work, lol
I have had 8 sexual partners (intercourse) not including my husband
I have had 12 sexual partners total. (Oral, fingering, hand job etc.)
My nipples are EXTREMEMLY sensitive
I once read in a magazine only about 30% of women can achieve orgasm through vaginal stimulation alone. I am happy to be one of those 30% (lol)
I have a rabbit style vibrator
My favorite positing is to lay on top of Nick, with my back on his chest, and I use my vibrator while he fucks me.
I don’t have many fantasies. Not sure why that is, I guess I just don’t take the time to construct them. Two fantasies I do have though are:
1.Fantasy about getting fucked in front of tall glass windows high up in a skyscraper where I can look out over the lights of a city. I guess it’s the thought that someone might sneak a peek. lol
2.Having sex outside in the rain on a warm summer day
I have had three one-night stands. You could probably say 4 but I had sex with the 4th one about 5 times so technically doesn’t count I guess.
I once had sex with two different guys within a week of each other.
I kissed another girl one time in college when I was drunk playing spin the bottle.
I have never done anything more with another woman.
I once had sex with a guy while his roommate watched and jerked off.
I also had sex once in the same room as another couple. (It was dark and nobody saw anybody but we all knew what was going on.)
My husband and I have sex probably 4-10 times a month depending on or hectic lives.
I have had phone sex numerous times
I have sent nude pics of myself to my husband (no face of course!)
My husband and I on occasion watch porn together
Well Dana, hopefully this is acceptable. I guess if I agree to the proposal you can let me know if there is anything else you want to know
As I finished the letter I felt as if a stack of bricks was dropped on my head. She must have wanted to say yes! Who would go through all this trouble of diving into the recesses of your mind to compile a list of sexual experiences? The document had to of taken more than only a few minutes. Serious thought had to have gone into this! She must have wanted to say yes!!! And this had to be submitted in advance of accepting the contract!!
“OH MY GOD!” I said out load. I was now convinced she had been planning to say yes for quite some time.
“Maybe she just didn’t know how, or want to admit, to me that she wanted this!” I thought.
This realization along with the now very vivid images of my wife’s sexual exploits pushed me over the edge. My legs began to twitch and my hips uncontrollably thrust forward. I came hard for a second time within a few hours and my balls and cock were getting very sore. Fuck, my whole body was getting sore. I was physically and mentally exhausted. I laid down on the couch opposite the computer in the study and finally was able to fall asleep.
A doorbell awaked me. My watch said 9:30 am and the sound of the doorbell immediately brought up the memory of a stretch limo arriving to take my wife away.
I threw on some pants and answered the door without a shirt. The FEDEX driver acted as if he didn’t give a flying fuck I was shirtless in front of him.
“I need a signature from a Mr. Nick Miller,” he explained.
“That’s me,” I said.
“Please sign here sir,” he directed.
I signed the pad and he handed over a thin FEDEX envelope. I looked at the sender’s information and it had Michaels and Dowe listed. I slammed the door shut and started tearing the envelope open. Inside was a piece of paper directing me to a website. I read further and it became apparent it was banking information. I ran upstairs, followed the directions closely and was soon logged into a bank account that was located in the warm and sunny Cayman Islands. The amount I saw was staggering. It was our first monthly payment. Well Susan’s first monthly payment I guess. I at this point had not really earned a dime. God only knows what Susan was doing right now to earn such a staggering amount. It added up to just barley more than twice my yearly salary. After some more research I saw that in 29 days I would be able to have total access to the funds. Wow. This is really happening. The gravity of the situation started to sink in as my adrenaline from the preceding evening events had completely worn off.
Not having anything else to do at the moment. I opened up my prior nights journal entry, haphazardly still named “I’m so fucking HORNY right now” and started typing again. More of the same really and I felt I was beginning to become very redundant so I choose to stop a short time after. Before closing I renamed the file. It took me a moment to think of a name for it but I decided upon Carpe Diem. I thought it fitting. That is what Susan and I we were doing I guess. If I had tried harder I’m sure I could have thought of something wittier but instead decided I needed to get out of the house. I grabbed my keys and gym bag and took off for the “Y” to exhaust myself in a workout. I wanted to go get rid of some energy so later I could sleep better.
The next couple of days were very quite. I went back to work that following Monday and immersed myself into my routine. After the evening of the second day I still had not heard from Susan and I was getting worried. I decided to drive to Danas house to contact her. I did not remember anything in the contract about me not coming by and it had been days since I had spoken with Susan. In my opinion it was starting to get a little unprofessional. I went up to the gate and buzzed the house but nobody answered. I taped a note on the gate and went home. A few hours later I received a call from a woman named Lauren who had a very sexy voice. She told me she worked with Dana and was told to tell me that Susan was fine. She also told me that Susan would call later that evening. She gave me a phone number and told me that as Dana’s personal assistant she could easily act as an intermediary to get information to Susan in case of emergency but that Susan was way to busy at this time to be distracted.
“What the fuck does that mean?” I thought
I jotted the number down and sat by the phone waiting to hear form Susan.
The call came in late that evening and Susan immediately began, “hey babe sorry if you were worried. I was actually getting nervous that you might be getting worried since I hadn’t reached out to you yet.”
“Don’t worry about it baby, what has been going on?” I asked.
“Well there’s way too much to tell for me to go into it all now but let’s just say I have been extremely occupied.”
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“Just trust me babe. You will know soon enough.”
She shut down my questioning quickly and began asking me questions about what I had been up to. I briefly talked about work and also told her I found the letter. She giggled and the only comment she made was, “good, I’m glad you saw it.”
We talked about the bank account, which she had also seen. Susan sounded, very happy and energetic. This made me even more interested as to what had been going on.
“Listen,” I said, “I’d really like to know what you’ve been up to since you left in a mysterious black limousine a few days ago.”
Again she laughed and diverted my attention like a five you old.
“Let me ask you something,” she said, “Remember the fantasy you told me you have?”
“Uh, which one?” I asked playing coy.
“You know baby. ‘THE’ fantasy. Do you want me to make that come true for you tonight?”
At this point I honestly wondered how many more shocks my heart could take. If this pace kept up cardiac arrest was a for sure outcome.
“Are you talking about what I think your talking about? About you with another man? You getting fucked and pleasured by another man? I asked.
“Yeah baby, that fantasy. How would you like it if I made it come true for you tonight,” she asked.
“I don’t know I said. Is that what has been going on over there?” I asked.
Instantly upon hearing her first question I was hard. A wave of hormones flooded the receptors in my brain and I was catapulted from zero to “sex crazed idiot” in only a matter of seconds.
“No. She responded. That’s not what’s been going on over here. I promise you will know soon just trust me. Unfortunately though I’m being pulled away from the phone right now. I love you baby and I’ll talk to you soon.”
“Wait!” I yelled, “Are you going to…” the phone beeped. She had hung up. I immediately tried calling back and it went to a generic response informing me the owner of the phone had a voicemail box that had not been set up yet.
“DAMNIT!” I screamed out in pure sexual frustration.
With a raging hard on I drove over to Danas mansion. It was pitch black. After buzzing the gate again I found there was no answer. I called Danas assistant and received her voicemail. I left one that I’m sure was rambling an incoherent. When I got home the realization came to me that I had to assume my wife of five years was fucking another man.
What was she doing? Sucking his cock? Was he going down on her? Was he sucking on her tits? Where was she? What did this guy look like? Did she find him attractive? Was he more attractive than me? How big was his cock? Was it big or was it huge? If it was huge did she like that? Was she experiencing some sort of new sexual heights right now by some random guy with a huge cock? Was she screaming? Moaning? What position were they in? Where was she going to let him cum? GODDAMNIT! I was again, for what seemed like the millionth time recently, jacking off and cumming harder than I ever had before while masturbating. So hard, in fact, afterwards I was out of breath. Emotionally and mentally exhausted again I ran to the bathroom and popped two Ambien.
“There, now maybe I can have some reprieve from my own thoughts,” I remembered thinking.
A short time later Darkness engulfed my reality and I was in a heavy “hibernative” type sleep. I awoke hours later, well rested, and fell into a routine of waiting by the phone in my off time and drowning my self in my work during the majority of the day.

Part 3
I wanted out of this sick and twisted game. I was sitting down at my computer typing out my email to Susan explaining as much when my cell phone began to buzz. It was Lauren. She told me that the next coming weekend, only two days away, I was invited to the mansion. I would be picked up and driven there Saturday afternoon. Susan would be there. I was told I would be able to speak with her and spend some quality time together. I hung up the phone. Looked at my email I had just written, calling the whole thing off and decided, “Fuck it, I’ll tell her in person. She can come home with me this weekend.”
It was the end of the month and we should be able to make a clean break before any more money transferred into our account. I continued to write to Susan every night in my journal and began slowly counting down the days until I could see my beautiful bride again.
I will never forget the car ride to Dana’s that weekend. The anticipation was excruciating. I was finally going to see Susan again and I was going to end this thing. The limousine ride seemed to last a lifetime. I swear the driver was going 15 miles under the speed limit and I asked him twice to speed up. He acknowledged my request each time but never seemed to do anything about it. As the car pulled up to the gate it began to open and in perfect synchronization we pulled right in. The limo pulled around the circle drive and I did not wait for the diver to get the door. I was halfway up the stairs to the mansions front door before the driver was even totally out of the car. The Mansion looked like a castle form the outside. Two giant peeks on each side connected by a 15-foot tall custom front door. There was a dozen or so stairs that lead up to the main entrance since it was located on the second floor of the giant home. Years ago Susan and I had looked up the purchase price. The Wrights had purchased the home for 4 million dollars. Since then there had been an addition to the home, which in my conservative estimates most likely double the square footage. It looked as if two mansions, so massive in their size, had been built too close together, causing their gravitational forces between each to fuse them into one giant home.
I remember ringing the doorbell then immediately trying to see if the giant front door was unlocked. It was so I stepped right in. As I entered the home I was reminded of how impressive an entrance it was. Two massive hand crafted wood staircases swept down opposite sides of each wall. Between them the room was open and one could look straight through and see the glistening water of the lake the house sat on. It was truly a spectacular sight, which never got old.
“Well hello Nicholas,” Dana said from atop the stairs to the left.
“Only my mother calls me Nicholas,” I thought.
Dana was most defiantly not old enough to be my mother. She was obviously saying it to be playful. We were only separated by a few years in age.
Dana was 37. She was tall for a woman, somewhere around 5’11 if I had to guess. Her long skinny legs went on forever. Her entire body was in phenomenal shape, no doubt due to spending hours with a personal trainer everyday. She had done swim suite competitions in the past and won a fair number of them. Her hair was long a brown. Not dark brown but a sort of brown that has very subtle hints of blonde. She had purchased a new set of tits not too long ago. I like to think I’m somewhat of a connoisseur when it comes to women’s boobs. I’m sure all men say this. But if I had to put money on it I would be very comfortable calling her a solid D cup. She had green eyes, which I actually found very attractive.
“Where’s Susan?” I asked immediately.
Dana made her way down the stairs responding, “She is out back by the pool. I am so sorry you have not seen her. I know how hard that was for you. Susan expressed to me a few times the distress you were feeling. Also, Lauren on a few occasion conveyed to me the concern she heard in your voice.”
“Yeah, well I’m going to be honest, that sucked, and I am going to speak about it with Susan as soon as I see her,” I said taking a stance.
As we began to walk towards the back of the house Dana began apologizing again.
“Listen, Nick. Seriously, I understand that it was hard for you and I sincerely feel bad. I don’t like that it was that way for you but the indoctrination process is intense and for Susan’s sake it was best she wasn’t distracted,” She replied
“What are you talking about ‘indoctrination process,'” I inquired, “What is the indoctrination process,” I asked as we stepped out onto the immense back patio near the pool where I could see two blonde women sitting in lounge chairs in the setting sun with their backs to me.
“You will have all of your questions answered shortly. But first I think you should talk to your wife,” Dana replied.
As she spoke the two women overheard her and spun around. Both of them set down their respective reading materials and standing began to make their way over to us. I stopped in my tracks as soon as this happened. They were both of equal height, tanned, and topless. Their blonde hair was chin length and both were wearing large dark sunglasses. I was not expecting to see two random half naked women since I had been so focused on trying to find my wife. Each of the women still had their bottoms on. One was wearing a black thong and the other was wearing regular bikini bottoms that happened to be blue in color. Both of their tits were perfect. I had to force myself to divert my gaze and turned to Dana.
“Where’s Susan?” I asked somewhat sternly.
She looked at me with a knowing smile and I looked back at the two topless bombshells that were fast approaching. The blonde with blue bikini bottoms was approaching at a much faster rate than the other woman. She was now smiling widely and her hand was reaching for her sunglasses.
At this moment something in the back of my mind started knocking. If I had not been so transfixed on the perfect set of boobs barreling towards me I probably would have stopped to listen to my inner conscious.
The blonde’s hand was now removing her sunglasses, as she was now close enough to be invading my personal space. I went to take a step back when suddenly
“Nick! Baby! It’s me!” the gorgeous blonde exclaimed. She started to laugh and then said, “One month and you forgot your loving wife!”
I squeezed my eyes shut and quickly opening them as the blonde began to embrace me trying to focus better. Squinting with a smushed confused look on my face my brain was trying to process the conflicting information from what I was seeing to what I was hearing; the sound of my wife’s voice. Then it was as when your brain comprehends an illusion and the world makes sense again.
“Holy shit! Susan! It is you!” I started to embrace her back. Her lovely tits were now firmly propped against my chest and she was leaning back in our embrace so I could get a better look at her.
“What the hell! Your hair is so short! And blonde! You’re so tan! I didn’t recognize you,” I exclaimed in disbelief.
“She looks fantastic like this doesn’t she Nicholas,” Dana chimed in.
“Baby! I missed you so much,” she professed as she began to kiss me. Our mouths met and our tongues danced. It felt so good to be holding her again. She smelled like sun tan lotion, which I found intoxicating.
“Oh my God! I can’t believe it is you! I missed you so much,” I said taking a breath in between kisses.
“I missed you too! I’m so glad you are here! I have been counting down the days since I arrived,” she said, “I’m sorry if it was hard on you baby. It was hard on me too! I’m so happy! Tears were beginning to well up in her eyes and she took a step back to dam them up with her fingers before they could crest and roll down her soft flush cheeks.
“Wow! I’m speechless. I don’t know where to begin. I can’t believe how amazing you look! I mean you always looked amazing but there’s just something different about you,” I said, “But I really need to speak with you.”
“I know you do baby,” she responded.
“First, I need to introduce you to Lauren,” Dana interrupted, “Lauren has been here for 9 months now. She is my personal assistant and has been my right hand with bringing Susan into the fold.”
The incredible blonde wearing the black thong stuck out her hand.
“Nice to meet you,” I said as I reached out my hand behind my wife, who was now hugging me again, and shook Laurens hand.
Lauren would be easy to describe to anyone. She looked exactly, and I mean exactly, like the actress Brittany Snow. With one exception, she was topless in front of me. I have never seen Ms. Snow topless but if it is anything like Lauren, it is to die for.
Lauren smiled and remarked, “It is so nice I can finally put a face to the voice! And a cute face at that!”
Susan broke our embrace and stepped back, laughing as she looked at Lauren and said, “Easy now- I’m right here!”
She turned back to me and pinched my cheek in a sarcastic manner and with a baby voice said, “He is very cute though!”
I laughed even though the corny joke was at my expense and Dana giggled too.
“I hate to break up such a lovely reunion but we don’t want to be late,” Dana remarked.
“Late for what?” I asked.
Susan leaned in once more and gave me a tight hug.
Dana responded, “I’ll explain in a moment. Lauren, Susan, we will see you soon, Nick please follow me.”
“What? Wait, Susan and I need to speak,” I said very forcefully.
Dana was about to say something but my wife interrupted her, “Baby, we will talk, tonight, I promise but right now we have to get a few things ready, please go with Dana. We have gone an entire month what is another few minutes. Please baby, I’ll talk with you very soon.”
“Well, I keep hearing that,” I responded frustrated. Susan leaned in to hug me and then whispered in my ear.
“I know what you want to talk about, the answer is no, I haven’t, and I wouldn’t without your consent. I love you, just go, we will talk shortly.” She kissed my mouth and took Lauren by the hand and they began to walk off together. Dana wrapped her arms around my right arm and began pulling me in the opposite direction.
“Come now Nicholas,” Dana said playfully again, “Let me show you your room.”
As I was being pulled away I could not help but stare at my wife and Laurens perfect Asses. The crease where it connected to the upper thigh as each cheek flexed then relaxed as they began walking away was mesmerizing. They were both so perfectly round and tan. Just as I was about to turn away and follow Dana Susan turned around and looked at me. She was biting the corner of her lip and looking down at her ass and popped her hip to make her butt unevenly rise up in the air on her next step. GOD DAMN she was so sexy. She shrugged her shoulders then turned and walked off with Lauren. I reluctantly allowed Dana to pull me back into the house and up a flight of stairs to what was now the third story of this enormous residence.
“She looks absolutely incredible doesn’t she Nick,” Dana said.
“There just aren’t any words,” I responded.
“Well listen. When your wife said yes to this contract it involved you as well. That means your full participation is expected. And again I know how hard the last month was for you and I can promise you that will be the longest you will have to go without seeing Susan again. I promise for the next 11 months there will never be another consecutive 4 weeks you are apart, unless it is your choice. You have my word,” Dana said very seriously.
“Well I certainly appreciate that,” I said.
“To prove my sincerity I want to show you something,” Dana said
“Ok…” I responded hesitantly.
She took me to a window that over looked the beautifully paved circle driveway. Parked in the circle where the limo used to be was a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle. Chromed to the hilt and just beaming in the evening sunlight.
“Do you see that?” Dana asked.
“Yes…” I responded still hesitant.
“That’s yours. When you leave hear that’s how you will get home. On that.” Dana announced.
“What!” I said in shock, “Are you serious!”
“Absolutely. It’s yours. I hope you like it! It is a gift from me and will not come out of your monthly salary.”
“Wow! I don’t know what to say! Thank you so much! I don’t even know how to accept something like that!”
“It’s easy, the keys are in your room and when you leave you drive it home. Gift accepted.” Dana said making herself giggle.
I was still staring out the window with my mouth open when I looked at her and replied, “Geez, ok then. But what do you mean my room?”
After passing numerous doors down a long hall we reached one and stopped. She opened the door and inside was a very masculine decorated room. There was a huge flat screen TV on the wall. A very manly headboard and everything seemed to be carved out of fine wood. There was a dresser, which held a silver tray. On top of the silver tray were no less than 20 bottles of cologne. Over in the corner was a wet bar better stocked than many full bars I had seen. On the far wall hung a large graphic but artistic black and white photo of two women making out.
“This is your room. I will leave you now to make yourself comfortable. Please though, take a shower and find one of the robes in your closet. Wear just the robe and meet me at the bottom of the stairs in 1 hour.”
I was in and out of the shower in no time. I was playing with the 60 plus inch T.V. on the wall and pacing around beginning to contemplate doing a little exploring on my own to kill some time when there was a knock on the door.
I opened it and Lauren was standing there. She was wearing a skinny little black dress. It looked incredibly sexy on her. Each ear bore the weight or giant pearl earring that matched her long flowing pearl necklace that disappear into her cleavage.
“Nice robe,” She said sarcastically.
“Wow, you like to tease huh,” I responded.
“Look here,” she said as she let herself in and walked to my closet.
She opened the opposite side which I had not bothered even checking and pulled out a much more lavish robe than the one I was wearing. A long black sick robe.
“I think you should wear this one,” she said out stretching her tanned skinny arm and handing it to me.
I looked down at my white bathrobe I blushed, “OK… you’re probably right.”
I took it and for a moment and we just stood there.
“Well put it on,” she said.
“I’m naked under this one,” I responded.
She shot me a look that basically conveyed that she could give a flying fart.
“Ok then…” I said turning around and switching robes exposing my ass to her.
“Whoa momma,” She said shouted as she slapped my right butt cheek hard enough to leave a very clear outline of her petite hand.
“Ouch!” I yelled jumping forward.
She just laughed and I quickly finished dawning the mysterious looking black silk robe.
“What the hell is this for,” I asked referring to the robe.
“Listen,” she said, “Dana has a specific way of doing things. And it is all to achieve the maximum effect every time. If I just started telling you everything now, nothing would be fun later.”
“I’m not sure I totally understand,” I conveyed.
“What I’m trying to say is that no one is being secretive to be an asshole. We are doing it for your benefit. Relax. Go with the flow a bit. Trust me you will thank me for it later.”
I though about what she said and ascertained that she was probably right. I didn’t have any reason to assume otherwise.
“Ok I will,” I responded, “But you have to tell me what the ‘indoctrination process’ is or what that means. Dana used that term earlier when referring to Susan and I would really like to know what she is talking about.”
Lauren looked at me for a moment then went to the bedroom door. Looking down each side of the hall she quietly closed it.
“Ok, sit down. She said. I have to be downstairs in a minute so I can’t go over everything but what do you want to know right now.”
“What is it?” I asked.
“It is just what it sounds like. It is a process by which I went through when I first came here and Susan has now as well.”
“Wait, you went through it too?” I asked.
“Sure did,” She replied exuberantly, “I’m in the same situation as Susan. I have been here for 11 months now. Next month my contract will be up and I am free to leave. I know the details of Susan’s contract, all except the financial sum agreed upon of course, and mine is the exact same.”
“You are married as well?” I asked.
“No single,” she replied, “I give you two a lot of credit for doing this as a couple. I felt bad for you the first month. All those times I was talking to you. I knew that had to suck ass.”
“You are sort of terse aren’t you,” I said interrupting the conversation.
“My potty mouth offends you Nick?” she asked sarcastically.
“No, not at all, in fact I find it rather colorful.”
“Colorful? Are you gay,” she said laughing and going for the door.
“Oh ha-ha, wait where are you going?” I asked.
“I really need to get back downstairs,” she responded.
“I still know nothing about this supposed process,” I said.
“Ok, I have to go but let me put it to you this way. It is sort of a ‘rights of passage.’ Everybody is born into a world or society with specific ideology about human sexuality. You can see the variations across multiple cross sections of cultures throughout the world right,” she asked.
“Right,” I said wondering where she was going with this.
“Well what Dana helped me and helped Susan do is understand these pressures, where they came from, how they effect us as sexual beings, and how our ideas and mentality about sex evolved through our own personal lives. From our parents up brining to the sexual experiences we had in the past. The indoctrination process helps you dig deep into yourself and find out who you are as a sexual being and most importantly WHY you are that way. Once your mind is free of these constraints it is up to us as individuals how we choose to move forward.”
“Ok I officially have a headache,” I said.
“Think about what I just explained to you. Then think about yourself, and then think about your wife. Your wife is not the same sexual being you once knew. Through her service she is beginning to learn how to be free,” she explained.
With that remark, she stepped outside the door and took off down the hallway.
I lay in bed contemplating what I had just heard. Reflecting on my childhood, early adult hood, and now as a grown adult my own personal sexual conception or ‘misconceptions’ if you will. I felt my mind was really beginning to piece some parts of the last month together when I checked my watch.
“Oh shit,” I said out load, “Gotta get downstairs!”
As I made my way to the bottom of the steps I looked outside toward the lake. It was now completely dark outside and the light from the stars was reflecting off the lake. The lake was so still you could not tell where the sky stopped and the earth began.
At the base of the stairs Dana was waiting. She was wearing a black dress similar to Laurens except hers went all the way to the floor whereas Laurens had stopped at her mid thigh. There was a long slit that ran up the side of her dress that stopped at the very crest of her hip. This exposed the entire length of her magnificent legs. The curve of her legs were accented by six inch pumps I could only assume were very expensive. Obviously Dana knew how to properly flaunt her assets. She took my arm again.
“Before we go meet up with your lovely wife let me show you around a bit more. I know you have been here before but you only visited the west wing of the house. Let me show you what I have done by adding this east wing addition,” Dana offered.
Over the next 30 minutes or so we walked from room to room. Each room opened up to another and each room was themed. There was a never-ending series of doors leading from one to the next all connected by a central hallway. I began to loose count. Dana had spent some time and serous money putting this all together. There was a Dungeon themed room, a room with mirrors all over, a room with nothing but huge beds, a room where the ceiling resembled the night sky, a pool, a sauna with built in seating obviously engineered in mind to accommodate various sexual positions. There was one room with six Sybians in it, and there was even a Gym. I looked at Dana when we entered the gym.

Part 4:
 “You know how much I work out. This is my second gym here. I have a gym fetish,” she said bluntly.
Then there was the library. It was immense and full of nothing but pornography. It contained countless books, DVDs, and Blurays. There were two large televisions on each side with expansive seating to view any selection you may choose. There was also a computer with the largest monitor I had ever seen. Next to it was a laminated card with the usernames and passwords for every porn site I had ever heard of. There were pornographic statues dispersed throughout room as well historical artifacts encased in glass telling the history of human sexuality.
Then there was the crème de la crème, a huge, expansive, elaborately decorated, ballroom. On one side there was a stage about 6 feet off the floor. I could only begin to imagine what that was used for. We walked to the side of the room and stopped at two double doors.
She slowly opened the doors and to my surprise there was not much of an apparent theme, except lavishness of course, that pertained to the small room we had begun to enter. Although it was smaller than the rest it had a very intimate feel to it. There were four over stuffed couches all facing each other. Spread apart with enough room to walk in between them. Behind the most northern couch were two large comfortable looking seats. On the southern most couch, the one facing me, Lauren was there, lightly kissing a younger looking blonde haired man.
“What the fuck? Is it required to have blonde hair here?” I thought to myself.
Susan was sitting alone on the couch to my immediate right. I went to walk over to her but Dana tightened her grip and pulled me over to one of the individual chairs. Dana sat down next to me and I looked over at Susan. She gave me a quick smile then looked over at Lauren and the mysterious blonde man. I saw a small black velvet pouch next to my wife and I wondered what was in it. Susan was almost naked wearing only skimpy lingerie that was all white with poignant black outlines. She had a garter that wrapped around her thigh atop knee high white stockings. On her feet were matching white high-heeled shoes. The shoe it self was all white but the heel was contrasted in black. Damn! She looked incredible!
The coziness of the room began to creep over me and I could faintly hear music being played from hidden speakers. There was an electric fireplace producing some light coming from the wall to my left and a handful of candles placed in groups around the room was the only other light provided. I looked over at Dana.
She looked at me and asked, “How do you feel?”
I responded with, “confused?” not knowing what was expected of me.
Dana just nodded.
“Look at your wife,” She said.
I did. Susan was still looking at Lauren who was now softly kissing the man sitting next to her.
“Do you like how she looks,” Dana asked.
“Absolutely!” I exclaimed.
“Would you like it more if you could see her breasts again,” She asked.
“Yes,” I said and
Dana immediately commanded Susan to pull down the cups of her bra to expose her breasts. I watched as in the glowing dim light I could see my wife’s nipples become erect. Twisting tightly they began to splash a shadow across her gorgeous chest. I began to understand the control Dana had assumed over my wife during the past month.
“Now how do you feel?” Dana asked.
“I’m getting horny,” I responded.
“Good,” she said, “Then we are ready to begin.”
Dana turned her attention to Lauren and told her to strip down to her lingerie. She stood over the man she was with and began seductively moving her body to the rhythm of the music and slowly discarded her sexy black dress.
Then Dana turned to my wife and said, “Susan…”
My wife looked over.
“You may begin,” Dana announced.
Susan nodded back, and without making eye contact with me slumped down in the very comfortable looking red sofa. After she made herself comfortable her hands started slowly wandering all over her body, stopping periodically at her breasts and rubbing around her nipples. She would not actually touch her nipples though. I knew all too well they were too sensitive right now. Susan would have to wait until she was hotter to attempt to bring her nipples into play.
Lauren now down to her sexy black lacy bra and thong was straddling the man in front of her. They were giving each other pecks in between sexy stares and he was exploring her incredible sexy back. Her knees rested on the couch on either side of him.
The look of Lauren’s ass resting on his thighs must have done something to Dana. I heard her let out a soft moan and looked over in her direction. She was now undressing and reaching for a similar black velvet bag as to the one next to my wife. I took a quick look around my chair and I did not have one.
“Lauren,” Dana said, “Lets get things going a bit quicker. We are on a time schedule tonight.”
Lauren stood up and bent at the waist giving Dana and I an incredible view of her ass and outline of her pussy still hidden behind a tiny piece of material. She was working to undo the man trousers and began sliding them down. He helped and I immediately saw is cock spring out from underneath. He was not fully hard yet but I had a feeling Lauren was going to remedy that real soon.
Once his pants were at his feet. Lauren stood back up and bent over in the same position as before. She gave him a quick kiss then with her right hand grabbed his cock and started kissing him all the way down his chest, licking down his stomach until she reached where she was going to focus. She slowly licked from the base of his cock to the tip, and then effortlessly engulfed him. Sliding down until she reached the base and began pulling her moth back up again.
My cock was throbbing. Now making at tent on the front of my robe and I looked over at my wife. She was now completely topless, still sunk down into the overstuffed red couch and sitting with one leg over the arm of the couch and the other planted firmly on the floor. She had begun to rub herself though her white panties. I stole a look over at Dana and she was now completely naked working to open up the black velvet bag next to her.
She saw me looking and asked, “Aren’t you hard yet?”
I nodded my head “yes.
“Well then you need to do something about that. Start touching yourself.”
I reached my hand under my robe and found my throbbing pole. I began to slowly stroking myself.
I was starring at my wife when I heard a buzzing noise coming from where Dana was sitting. I looked over and saw she had in her hand a rabbit style vibrator and was using the “rabbit ears part” of it to stimulate her clit.
She looked up at me working her pussy and said, “I didn’t mean touch yourself so no one could see you. Get your cock out and stroke it. I want to see you stroking it.”
I stopped my slow masturbating for a second and adjusted my robe so I was completely exposed. I looked back at Dana, she had the corner of her lower lip in between her teeth but let it go to shoot me a smile.
“Ummm, you have a nice cock,” Dana mouthed seductively.
I looked away and focused my attention back on my wife. She was just getting her panties over her last heal then placed them next to her. She reached for the velvet bag and out came an identical vibrator as Danas just a different color. She looked up at me for a moment with a sultry look as she adjusted the settings to her liking. As she placed it onto her clit she diverted her gaze back over to Lauren.
By now the blonde mans cock was fully erect. Lauren was doing a magnificent job of utilizing long strokes, coaxing the edges of saliva being deposited by her warm mouth lower and lower to cover his entire length while at the same time squeezing his balls to really get him ready.
“How is he looking Lauren?” Dana asked.
“Ughmmmm,” she responded as her mouth made a loud suction noise as she came off of his now giant prick.
“I want to fuck it,” she said with a raspy, whinny voice as she inhaled deeply and pulling some much needed oxygen into her lungs.
Dana looked at me and I looked back at her.
“I have worked with this talent for quite awhile now. He is a good person and I have an extremely professional relationship with him. His cock is 9 inches long on a bad day. How bad do you want to see that get buried into Laurens pussy?” Dana asked.
I was too shy to reply but the look on my face said it all.
“How about you Susan,” Dana said looking in towards Susan.
“O yes! Dana, let her fuck it. She’s ready and I am dying to see it!”
Susan replied.
As my wife finished giving her answer she took her left hand and moved it down to her dripping pussy. She used her index finger and middle finger to part he beautiful lips and then brought her right hand down with the vibrator and slowly started working it in until it was hubbed. She carefully placed the outer vibrator onto her clit and I saw her press a few buttons on the stock, no doubt changing up the sensations she was forcing her body to experience.
“Fuck him Lauren,” Dana commanded.
Lauren immediately popped up, turned and faced me. Slowly walking backwards to sit down on the enormous cock caused her to arch her back as she leaned into position. This made her chest and ass stick out in their respective planes and created such an incredibly sexy pose. I felt a twitch in my balls. Her long pearl necklace was hanging between her tits as she began lowering herself down for her pussy to meet up with the head of his manhood.
She looked up and made eye contact with Dana as I could see her hand behind her, searching and finally wrapped around his shaft and moving it into position. Once she found the trajectory she wanted she sat down and stood up three or four times. Each time accepting more of his member into her until finally all that was left to see was a small triangle at the base of his penis and his large heavy balls.
Once she had reached maximum penetration her pussy began its slow ascent and her squatting increased in speed and intensity. At the top of her ascent each time she would slightly rotate her hips forward towards Dana and I giving us an incredible view of her filled pussy. She looked over at Susan and they locked eyes. Laurens mouth was open as she began to moan each time she bottomed out and the tip of his cock massaged her cervix. My wife gave her a knowing nod and opened her mouth too as she started breathing heavier.
By now I could tell my wife was getting seriously horny. Her free hand was pulling on one of her nipples while the other was briskly moving the vibrator in and out of her glistening pussy.
“That’s it Lauren. Keep working him,” Dana said.
“OOOHhhh yeah, yeeesss ma’am,” Lauren hissed.
“OH god it feels so good! Mmmmmmm god it feels good,” Lauren exclaimed as she took a moment to swirl her hips around a few times in clockwise motion with his cock buried deep in her.
“Fuck yeah,” She said louder as she was now working herself into a feverish pace.
Popping up and down on his tool, taking great care to utilize the entire length he had to offer.
“Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck,” Lauren was repeating every time she bottomed out.
At this point her thrusts were becoming violent enough she had to grab both her breasts to stop them from flying around so wildly.
I spun my head to look at my wife and she was matching Laurens pace with her vibrator. Her arms pressed her breast tightly together as her chest wise rising and falling steadily. She was now using both hands to thrust her toy in and out of her throbbing pussy.
My cock began to leak. Pre-cum caused my dick to glisten in the light just like the three wet pussies I was surrounded by were.
Dana for a moment had her head tilted back enjoying herself when she quickly snapped it up and looked over at Susan.
“Susan,” she said.
“Yes Dana,” Susan replied.
“Where are you?”
“I’m a solid 10,” Susan said as she exhaled hard from the pleasure that was now coursing through her body.
“Good, keep it there. I want you to wait until Lauren is done,” Dana commanded.
“Yes Ma’am,” Susan responded with out breaking her attention from her own pussy.
I looked at Dana with an inquisitive look as to what just took place in that brief conversation.
“I was asking her how horny she was, on a scale of one to ten, ten being that moment when anything goes. You know what I mean,” Dana asked raising one eyebrow slightly more than the other and cocking her head to one side.
I affirmed my understanding by responding, “I’m a 10 too!”
Dana let out a soft laugh and said, “Good, then we are ready to move on.”
“Lauren,” Dana said in an authoritative tone, “Cum on his cock. Just how you are now and do it before he does. I need him longer and you need to come over and help me.”
“OOOHHH yeeeesssssss,” She shouted as she exhaled hard making the end of the word sound like a snake hissing, “I’m…….there………”
“Remember to announce it when it’s happening darling,” Dana reminded her.
“UH, UH UH, UH,” Was her initial response, “I…. will,” she said again exhaling hard as she was obviously near climax.
Susan had her head pulled back causing her to arch her back. The vibrator was buried deep in her pussy and you could tell she was barley hanging on.
“OH OH OH OH uh ah ah fuck yes oh god…” she screamed and then followed it up with a number of low guttural growls and very loud exhausted breathing.
As her pace slowed and she was obviously now starting to experience an extreme post orgasmic calm she slowly decelerated to being completely still, just sitting on the pole than she just used for such an enjoyable release. She only stayed that way for a moment and then quickly popped up as if she was already energized and ready for another session. As she hopped off, the hired talents soaked cock fell against his abs. Lauren briskly walked over to Dana and I. While passing she gave a soft touch to my shoulder than sat down on the floor directly next to Dana.
“Please stand up,” she directed her hired cock.
He did immediately and I felt someone staring at me. I looked over and my wife was now laying on her left side looking directly at me. Her toy was out and discarded next to her but her right arm snaked around her back and she was softly caressing her pussy from behind. As she looked at me my heart began to slam in my chest. I could hear it beating loudly in my ears and I began to develop a slight tremor, almost a shiver in my entire body.
At that moment it all clicked. I understood the look. It was the same look I saw a month ago when she accepted the contract over the phone. The look she had when climbing into the limousine, it was the look that my subconscious had been screaming at me to pay attention to but I had not completely yet. I could not remember ever seeing it before. All the years I had know her, through dating and marriage, it was absent. Now, however was a different story all together. It was not just a glint as before, but now, staring back at me, hypnotizing me, forcing me to face it.
“The indoctrination process,” I thought, “I get it now.”
It was the look of pure lust. Pure pleasure, pure raw sexuality most people will never experience. Not the “I’m horny and I need a cock now,” but the “I’m horny and I want a cock forever. I want to fuck now, fuck forever, and I will do anything and everything I want or need to do to get it. It was as Dana had found a small brush fire in my wife and fanned it into a raging inferno. My wife’s whole body, her whole aura, the whole essence of her being exuded sex.
I stopped touching myself out of shock. I was frozen. It is a good thing I had stopped because I almost came just from my epiphany. I now understood. This is what Dana had done to my wife. Laurens words from earlier echoed in my head, “Your wife is not the same sexual being she once was.”
This one gaze reached out and grabbed me. It was holding me tight in its lustful grasp and it was not letting go. It was a sensation I had never experienced before.
Dana somewhere at sometime in her life had learned how to find this in someone and knew how to cultivate and it. It became obvious to me in the moments to come that my wife had been a quick learner.
“Go over to Susan,” Dana commanded the hired gun.
“Susan,” she asked, “Are you ready?”
“Oh yes. I have been ready,” Susan replied then she looked at me.
“Are you ready baby?” She asked, “Will you cum with me?”
My mouth was dry and I could not get my tonged dislodged from the roof of it. I just grabbed the base of my cock and nodded.
“Ooooooohhhh…” Susan whined as she took her hand away from her pussy and placed it onto her breast.
“Baby I want you to cum with me,” she said, “We are going to cum together okay?” She said nodding her head.
I again was only able to nod back, still frozen. I could feel my body melting into my seat as the fully torqued, extremely horny hired gun walked over to her. He didn’t need any further direction from Dana. He knew what was to happen. Fuck, this probably was not even the first time he has been in this situation.
Dana and Lauren exchanged knowing looks. Confirming to each other that they both knew the levels of sexual pleasure I was about to encounter for the first time. This was enough to give Dana to her first powerful orgasm of the evening.
My shiver intensified and the world around me drifted away. I could faintly hear Dana moaning as now Lauren was helping her by gingerly sucking on her tits and kissing all over her body.
The blonde man knelt on the couch next to my wife. He grabbed his hug cock and pushed it down to achieve the angle he needed.
“No let me.” My wife said snaking her arm back around behind. As soon as I saw her touch him my heart skipped a beat. My vision stared to narrow and I consciously began to fight the urge to pass out. My arms began tingling as if they were about to fall asleep.
“Oh my GOD,” Was all my brain could think.
“Start stroking along with me ok baby,” Susan said looking up at me while her hand pulled the man closer.
She switched her attention to what was about to happen. She started guiding and pulling him even closer. The head of his manhood was now only millimeters away from the entrance to my wife’s pussy. MY WIFES pussy!! Holy shit this was happening, so many fantasies about this over the years and so many emotions just in the last 30 days. I had thought this had happened. It had not. I was going to be here to experience it with my wife. I now understood this was Danas plan all along. Holy fuck! The effect it was having on me- indescribable!
Then all of a sudden his head disappeared. He pulled back out some at my wife’s direction and then came forward again. My wife must have been so wet. The second pass he was able to bottom out. My wife now fully encompassed around his member let out a loud sigh, arched her back and stretched her arms out above her head.
“OOOOOOhhhhhhhhh GOD,” she said as she let out a low moan.
For a moment he just sat there. Allowing her pussy to adjust to his size and allowing for us to comprehend this changing moment in our lives together.
Then he started moving. Slowly at first and, just as Lauren had done, my wife was making sure to take advantage of his entire length. Sinking her hips into the couch then slightly rising up to meet his thrusts.
I matched the pace of his thrusts on my throbbing member.
His pace slowly built to a steady hump and I noticed my wife was now really getting into it. Her eyes were open and she was staring down at her pussy, watching as he slid in and out. His cock was lighting up in the dim light from the wetness of my wife. Breathing heavily and holding her perfect breasts she formed an “O” with her mouth and exhaled loudly as another wave of pleasure took hold of her. 

Part 5:
“Nick,” Dana said shakily, obviously fighting to control her tone during the throws of her own immense pleasure, “Talk to her.”
I looked back at my wife and did not know what to say. She was starring at me with those lust filled eyes again and she broke the silence first.
“Oh baby,” she said in a whiny tone.
“Yeah baby,” I said confirming I understood her state, “Does that feel good?”
“Oh….fuck yeah, soooooo good,” She said with a pause in the middle from being distracted by building waves of pleasure washing over her.
“Oh baby, tell me how good it feels.”
“Oh god nick, it feels so fucking good. I’m so fucking horny right now,” was her response through gritted teeth. The muscles in her neck were flexing and I knew she wanted to cum badly.
“Oh tell me how horny you are baby”
“Oh I’m so horny I want to fuck this cock. I want to fuck the hell out of this cock. I don’t ever want to stop fucking this cock!”
My wife never spoke this way. I had never heard her be so forceful and so vulgar. It was intoxicating!
“OH yeah! Uh, uh, uh, fuck me! Yeah! Uh fuck yes! Yes! Yes! Yes,” she was shouting loudly. She never was ever this loud before either. She was continuing to stare at me in between long hard blinks she was attempting to control the feelings crashing through her entire body.
The sight of her in this much pleasure was getting to be too much for me to handle. I had never, ever, in my life experienced such a level of pure lust!
“Oh baby I’m dying over here,” I announced.
“Oh yes!” She screamed as her eyes were now rolling back into her head.
“Are you going to cum baby?” I asked excitedly.
“Oh! I want to cum so bad!” she responded again with a low forced growl.
Dana interrupted and asked, “How close are you Susan?”
“Uh, oh, it’s ……immanent……uh….” she said in-between gasps and moans.
Her left arm was bent at a 90-degree angle and her hand was holding on to the edge of the sofa white knuckled. Her eyes were now tightly closed and her toes were beginning to curl tightly. Her brain was being overrun by the pleasure she was experiencing and she was loosing control.
Dana noticed this and interrupted with another command, “Move over here in front of us now.”
My wife did not waste any time jumping up and leading her new lover by the hand to the couch in front of us. She knelt on the couch. Facing us and grabbed the back of it for support. She shot around to her cock toy and made a hurried motion with her hand. Obviously she wanted that thing back in her and she wanted it back in now. He quickly obliged and in only a few thrusts was right back to the rhythm they were just at. She raised up a bit so his cock was hitting the places she desired which made her breasts hang at just the right height to cause her nipples to rub on the back of the couch. With each thrust they were being toyed with, rubbing back and forth, on the soft red cloth covering the sofa.
“Uh god! Fuck baby,” Susan said looking right at me.
“His cock feels so good! Show me your cock baby,” She gingerly demanded.
I took my hand off and gave her a complete view of myself.
“God that makes me want to cum so bad,” Susan confessed
“Oh baby I’m dying here,” was all I could think to respond.
“Are you close Nick?” She asked.
“So close baby girl! Are you?”
“Yes ……I……uh…….. OHHHH fuck….ok…. c’mon nick I want you to cum with me,” said exclaimed as she obviously reached the point of no return. There was nothing she could do to hold back what was coming now.
“Ok,” I yelled feverishly starting to beat off.
“Listen,” Dana said sharply interrupting, “I’ll count down for you two.”
“Ok,” Susan acknowledged like she had done this with Dana before.
“Pffffff” was the sound Susan made letting out a gasp of air between her pursed lips.
“Ready…” Dana began.
“4.” Dana counted in a steady pace then purposefully slowed down.
“Oohhhh….. fuck…. C’mon…..let me cum,” Susan pleaded.
She stared intently at my cock. Without breaking her gaze she began to throw herself into the cock behind her synchronizing with his forward thrusts so she could be penetrated as deep as possible. Her breasts swung wildly and crashed into the backside of the sofa. My brain for a moment jumped into the recesses of my mind and found an image I had built of my wife so many years ago. Susan with her friend Kevin, in college, being fucked doggy style after their shower together. This was my fantasy incarnate. My brain swirled and the erotic pleasure coursing through my being was enough to separate my soul from my body.
“Please let me cum!” Susan begged, ripping me from my flashback.
Susan looked up at me and I looked into her eyes. Her face was flush and she had a small line of perspiration on her forehead.
“Yeah Nick pump your cock baby! Pump your cock and cum for me!”
Dana picked up where she left off.
“CUM!” She said quickly.
Susan began screaming and squinted her eyes closed tight. Ropes of hot cum began shooting from my cock and into oblivion.
“Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” Susan was saying with an extremely shaky voice.
“Yeeeeeeeesssssss ughhh!” She growled still sounding very shaky.
“Aaahh, aaaah, aahhh,” she sighed. Her orgasm lasted longer than any I had ever seen her have. It racked her mind and body.
“Ummmmmmm, oh my…” Susan said softly as she laid her head on the back of the sofa resting as she began to come down from her orgasmic heights.
“Susan he’s ready,” Dana said.
My wife quickly flipped over and leaned back into the lush sofa. As she was turning the hired cock was stroking himself crazily and as soon as my wife was settled, and not a moment later, he erupted onto her. The first long rope landed and stretched from her belly button, between her tits, to the base of her neck. The next tsunami, which was equally as impressive, slammed into her left nipple. Several more shots splattered out leaving her entire stomach area dotted with his hot jizz.
Susan used her left hand to rub the semen that landed on her left nipple around, massaged it in, covering her entire breast with it. Her right hand was cupping her pussy, just holding it and allowing it too relax from what it had just experienced.
As I watched as Susan continued moving his massive load around her sexy body. Picking some up on her index finger she slowly started moving her hand towards her mouth when Lauren interrupted my “voyuering.” She was at my side with a warm moist towel. Obscuring my view she started to clean me up.
“Stand up,” She said.
I did as she asked but quickly careened my head around her just in time to see my wife lick her index finger as if it were a lollypop. She looked up and smiled at her boy toy. I was receiving my millionth shock of the day. My wife had never eaten cum before. In the past whenever I came anywhere but her pussy I would always have to run and grab her something to clean up with. Standing in awe of this incredible sexual being I began to second-guess if this was really my wife. Masturbating openly, fucking another man, talking so dirty, being loud, cumming like I had never seen before, and now to top it off she was taking time to enjoy his cum.
She reached down to her belly for a second time and coated the tip of her index finger with an even bigger glob than before. Again she brought her finger to her mouth and placed it deep towards the back of her tongue. Her Cheeks hollowed and her mouth made a faint “pop” sound as she pulled her finger out. She had sucked it clean. Still smiling at her fuck buddy I realized she had not glanced over at me yet.
“Follow me,” Lauren said.
“Where are we going?” I asked.
“Nick C’mon, that was just an appetizer, now we move to the main course.” She cryptically explained.
I began to walk with Lauren and looked back and Dana. She was smiling widely. Partly because of her own climax but also because she knew what she had just done for Susan and I.
“Wait a minute,” I said and walked over to my wife.
She lay there still basking in a sea of dissipating lust. I leaned over and gave her a sloppy passionate kiss that broke her gaze for the first time. As we were tonging the smell of her perfumed sweaty body and his semen flooded into my nostrils. Then I noticed the smell had engulfed the entire room. The scent of cum and sex was heavy in the air. My cock began to spring to life again.
“What’s happening to me?” I thought, “I’m never get this horny immediately after I cum.”
“Nick, come with me,” Lauren said again as she grabbed my robe for me. We are just on time.
“I love you baby,” I said to my wife as sincerely as I could.
“Whew,” she sighed, “That was amazing! I love you too, and I will see you shortly.”
Lauren grabbed my hand and we made our way out of the room.
“Are they going to fuck again?” I asked Lauren.
She smirked, “Oh yes, but not just now. You’ll be there for it.”
Upon hearing this, my dick became fully erect again hidden behind my elegant robe.
“Where are we going now?” I asked.
“Just through here,” she said pointing at two large doors in front of us.
I was pulling my robe into position so I wouldn’t give away my state of arousal when Lauren handed me a small shopping bag from a table next to the door we had come to stop at. It was all black with red trim.
“Open it,” she said.
Inside was a very exquisite masquerade style mask.
“Put that on,” she commanded.
I did as she opened the two large doors that lead to the huge ballroom and stage area Dana had shown me earlier.
Inside there was a very large group of people. All in similar robes but with varying types of their own lavish masquerade masks.
“Is this what I think it is?” I looked at Lauren and asked.
“Welcome to the main course!” she said with a devilish grin.

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