brothers friend Neeraj

I am Rashmi, female in my late twenties, Married from last five years and have three year old daughter. This is about my having sex with someone other than my husband for the first time and since then I am in this sex relation as now I cannot resist myself from doing that.

The person because of whom I somewhat cheated my drunkard husband was Neeraj Bhaiya, he is very close friend of my elder brother and I have always considered him my brother till that day since I was in 9th standard of my collegeing. To start from the beginning I would say I belong to one of the small towns of U.P and in my college days Neeraj Bhaiya was doing his graduation with my brother from our town.

Basically he belonged to Delhi and after graduation he moved back to his birth place but till he finished his graduation he remained part of our family. As I said at that time I was studying in9th standard and like Harish Bhaiya (my real brother) I always considered him my elder brother and as far as I could see he too considered me his younger sister.

Three years of his graduation passed like flash and I do not have much to talk about them except this that I have studied few topics like Statistics from him in which I was always weak. By the time I reached to 12th he was over with his studies and after that as such I was not in his contact, although sometimes I use to hear from him from my brother but I can say that in that time span he was totally out of my mind.

As I finished my graduation, once again I came in contact of Neeraj Bhaiya as now I was planning to do some professional course from Delhi. Neeraj Bhaiya settled me down in the city as PG and remained in my touch throughout my stay in town during the course and met me occasionally to see if I am ok.

Once again after couple of year I somewhat got detached from Neeraj Bhaiya, as now I was back in my town and concern of my marriage started. Till then I can easily say that I did not had any such feelings for him but certainly by now I was big admirer of him as he is wonderful person in all aspects.

Nature wise he is simple and very down to earth and always helping and I always sensed that he is considering me his younger sister. Moving back to experience, at my personal life I was going through a love affair with one guy since my collage days, he was Rahul with whom I got married later after bit of struggle from my families end.

My family was against this marriage basically because he was not of my cast and with all the habits which guys have these days like smoking and bit of drinking, with non-vegetarian food, which was not part of my family’s lifestyle, but at my end I never felt anything wrong about it, as I always found him in control especially while drinking.

Anyway anyhow I got married to Rahul and started leading married life and slowly I started realizing that nature wise Rahul is not exactly what he use to pretend before marriage and suddenly his drinking habit increased significantly and because of his habits within a span of six months he lost his job and now slowly he was getting more and more into all this.

Some time passed like this, to meet life expenses I too started working and Rahul too changed couple of jobs but never settled down and never bothered about his responsibility and went on spending life like this. Next I conceived from him and delivered a baby girl and expected that now Rahul will try and understand his responsibility and he somewhat tried to change himself

but not for long and failed to retain his focus and once again got indulged into drinking and fighting and got imprisoned for a night. That moment for a instant life seemed like a hell to me as now my in-law were also not ready to tolerate all this and they wanted us to leave there house. I was regretting my decision of going against my parents and marrying Rahul.

My parents, rather to be more precise my brother told me to shift from here and settle down in Delhi purposely to break Rahul’s friend circle which seemed whole sole responsible for whatever was happening with us and like that once again I came in touch of Neeraj Bhaiya.

As I said he was very close friend of my brother so my brother detailed him every minor detail of my husband and my married life and like past once again Neeraj Bhaiya gave his hundred percent to help me in my difficult phase. We both, I and Rahul stayed at his place in the beginning, till we got a good place to reside.

Now if I will detail about Neeraj Bhaiya then I will say that he is the only child of his parents and yet not married and he was residing with his old parents. At professional front he was working with one NGO for not much financial gains. Basically he was not working to earn, he was doing exactly what he loved to do and he was not at all attracted towards money.

His father was getting reasonable amount as his pension and their combined total was more than enough to retain average living standard, and in addition to that I can say that now Neeraj Bhaiya was much simpler then what he was in past, because he was not financially sound I could not see any style in his clothing and all that was something which was appealing to me, that is no style at all.

Anyway after a week’s time we shifted on rented flat, at my end I was qualified to get a reputed job, so within one months’ time I was working and earning again but Rahul was yet not changed. Although Neeraj Bhaiya referred him at few places where he could work easily but Rahul’s irregularity and indiscipline made us suffer and at certain places Neeraj Bhaiya felt embarrassed because of Rahul and finally stopped referring him for a job.

Somehow life moved on and after putting my baby in a daycare I continued my job and now apart from all problems of my life somewhere I was positively occupied by Neeraj Bhaiya, at very initial stage I could say that I did not had such feeling for Neeraj Bhaiya and like past I was his admirer but gradually I started liking him.

The way Neeraj Bhaiya helped me to settle down and the way he cared for me in all aspects, especially financial, I was obliged by his gesture but his casual nature and concerned behavior never made me feel burdened. Even when I was settled in my job and I was managing things on my own Neeraj Bhaiya was very conscious for me and always tried to remain in my touch through phone.

I really don’t know what his perspective was to look at me, but because of his care my perspective to look at him was gradually changing. Whenever he crossed my living area he always met me with something like fruits or packed beverages which I could hardly in that income.

Although I was getting help from my brother too, financial and mental both but awareness of this fact that Neeraj Bhaiya is around to help me anytime made me feel secured and also made me seek life positively and gradually with a passing time I could see that I was getting attracted towards him.

At the other end I don’t know what was Rahul doing with his life, he was totally back on his track of drinking and throwing money, now he had new gang of his kind. Even though he was working somewhere as a supervisor but whatever he was earning it wasn’t enough for him and he initially borrowed money from the people around, which ultimately I paid but later in addition to that he started fooling people for money and like that I continued falling in trouble because of him.

Life went on going like this and for me there was only one person around to whom I could say all this and it was Neeraj Bhaiya. He came to me whenever I was upset and asked him to come and as I said he was always something, sometimes fruits or sometimes something for my daughter.

Like this we; I and Neeraj Bhaiya met several times had good time while having coffee and all such meetings always took my stress off for a while and made me think about him affectionately. Certainly It was lack of love in my life from my husband’s side which my husband never realized,

which actually made me think about Neeraj Bhaiya in that perspective and now I was falling for his every style and gesture and unknowingly I was getting conscious about my looks in front of him. Talking about sex life, I would say virtually I did not had any sex life, though I had sex with Rahul many times during this time span but slowly I stopped expecting that Rahul will be able to satisfy me sexually.

Because sexual satisfaction does not come from just fucking, I use to have sex with my husband just to fill my urge and truly speaking from my side those sensual feelings of getting intimate with Rahul were gradually sinking and as far as urge is concerned because of drinking and smoking physically Rahul was getting weaker in all aspects and during intercourse he hardly retained for minute or bit more inside me and always left me unsatisfied.

All such conditions went on increasing my love and lust for Neeraj Bhaiya and It may seem funny to readers but truly speaking sometimes I started day dreaming that after giving divorce to Rahul I am getting married to Neeraj Bhaiya.

Whenever I met Neeraj Bhaiya I started staring his body and later in solitude while being on bed in the dark room I started visualizing myself lying under Neeraj Bhaiya on the bed busy in love making and all these thoughts made me shiver with pleasant sensation and I started enjoying all this and soon it became my favorite pass time and I started fingering myself in bed while thinking about him and gradually I found myself deeply in love with him.

Talking about my and Neeraj Bhaiya’s physical appearance I would say we both do not match with a physic which we usually read on this site, neither I am very beautiful and slender nor he is tall and muscular. I am bit taller than average Indian woman but overweight with heavy bony structure, having ample flesh all over my body and Neeraj Bhaiya is almost equaling my height with an average health.

I don’t know if I have succeeded in detailing my life to readers and gradual change of my feelings for Neeraj Bhaiya but this is for sure that my all such feeling were reserved up to me only and I never dared to give him any hint of that. Life moved on like that and one day destiny bought us closer on its own. Once again I was in trouble because of my husband.

He was missing from almost 48 hours. Initially I assumed like past he will be back on his own but later in the night when I called him someone else picked up the and told me that the person who was carrying this phone is lying unconscious in the municipal ground on outskirts of NCR. I spoke to him and tried to ask him the location and called Neeraj Bhaiya.

At that time Neeraj was reached to his home hardly an hour back from outstation trip but sensing the seriousness of the moment he moved from there immediately and first picked me up and we both moved to the described location. By now Rahul’s mobile was also switched off, actually it was taken by the person who picked up the phone and described me Rahul’s condition.

Anyway we both had really hard time to find Rahul rather it was Neeraj Bhaiya who did all efforts, initially to find him and then to put him in his car in drunk and unconscious state because I was carrying my daughter in my arms and could not help him much. Finally around 12 we reached back home and Neeraj Bhaiya bought Rahul up to the house.

I could see that he was dead tired but he was thinking about going back to his place. It was a drive of at least 20-25 km, I insisted Bhaiya to stay there and after bit of persuasions he agreed and informed his parents. I was happy, although initially I had nothing like that in my mind that I will be able to get him physically but when after bit of meal when I gave him a casual t-shirt to wear to sleep,

I saw him in undershirt, strange sensation went through my body. I desired to touch him, to feel him physically. Truly speaking that night was really strange as far as my mental state was concerned, I wanted to have sex with Neeraj Bhaiya, just not because I was sexually unsatisfied since long but because I was somewhat in love with him.

I wanted to surrender my body to him because I did not knew any other way to express my love and my this desire was rising in my gesture very fast, may be because I knew this very well that I will not get this chance again. I changed from Salwar Kameez and wore a gown and intentionally did not wear Bra underneath but retained the Salwar on my lower half and came to him and I asked him for a coffee, may be because I wanted to spend more time with him.

Neeraj Bhaiya said yes to coffee and we sat together in so called living room of my one bedroom flat, apart from a small television and side table which was having just a single bed cotton mattress lying on the floor, exactly where Neeraj Bhaiya was suppose to sleep for the night.

My good for nothing husband was lying in the bedroom, no need to say in unconscious state and as such I was not at all thinking about him and my daughter was also asleep on the way back to home. For a while we had casual conversation with a switched on television but at my end I was lost in assuming things, that Neeraj Bhaiya might make love to me and soon I started to get wet in my panty.

From Neeraj Bhaiya’s end couple of times I saw him looking at my heavy breasts which were jiggling a bit, whenever I moved, I felt good but that did not gave me hint about his feeling for me, that he is interested in making love to me because as he saw himself getting caught staring at my breasts he got conscious and did not repeated looking at my breasts.

I intentionally stayed with him even after coffee and asked him about his personal life, that why he did not married, as such I did not had any other way to spend time with him. Neeraj Bhaiya casually replied that no girl liked him for marriage saying “kisi ladki ko main kabhi pasand hi nahi aaya…”

I smiled over his reply and casually spoke “Jhoot….it’s not possible” Neeraj Bhaiya also smiled, with a gesture as if he caught lying and replied “Chhodo na yaar….tum bhi kya topic lekar shuru ho gayi ho” (leave it yaar, what topic you have started), “koi girl friend thi kya…? Jisne ditch kar diya”

I asked him again and tried to get more into his personal life and Neeraj Bhaiya got bit conscious and smiled in sarcastic way and spoke “haan girl friend thi to sahi….but usne ditch nahi kiya….it was mutual decision” He paused for a fraction and then spoke again “usko mera profession hi pasand nahi tha…” (She never liked my profession).

It was bit surprising for me and I asked him “why…what is wrong with that?” “jayada paise nahi milte na…is liye” I wanted to say something to express my feeling, may be “that I don’t bother about what money you get, I just wanted to be you as your wife” but nothing came out of my mouth and for a fraction I was speechless and spoke after thinking a bit,

“but I like your profession… very few people do this…” I paused and then spoke again “you are really very strange…nahi to these days everybody is thinking about making money” Neeraj Bhaiya responded casually and revealed his finances by saying “Papa ki pension aur meri Salary milakar kaam chal jaata hai….what else I need” “that’s what I am saying…you are very strange”

I replied back “arre yaar aisa kuch nahi hai…I am very much normal…. and many more people are working with me…wo sab bhi abnormal hain kya?” he asked me with bit of smile in slightly sarcastic tone, “I don’t know… but aap bahut different ho… “ I paused again and then spoke again “and I feel very pity for that girl…jisne aapko iss liye chhod diya because you are not earning good… she is very unlucky”

once again I paused and then again added “bahut hi bevakuf ladki thi” Neeraj Bhaiya somewhat giggled on my words and then spoke “bevakoof nahi thi…smart thi…she has married a software engineer…nearly one lakh salary hai uski” I was speechless, I once again I wanted to say something to reveal my feeling but once again nothing came out of my mouth and just stared into his eyes

and Neeraj Bhaiya thought that I am not convinced by his statement and he spoke again “usne jo kuch bhi kiya theek kiya….pyar mein jayada pagal nahi hona chahiye” (Whatever she(his girlfriend) did was right…. We should not go crazy in love). Unintentionally his statement was revealing what I did with my life, at one time I was behaving like mad to get married with Rahul,

as if I am going to die without him, and I replied him by saying “yes you are right…..who else can understand this better than me”. As I said that Neeraj Bhaiya got bit conscious, he knew every minor detail of my past and he realized that he has hurt me with his words and spoke and tried to console me by saying

“mera wo matlab nahi tha…and I am sure slowly everything will be fine…ye ek difficult phase hai jisko tumhen boldly face karna hai”, I was looking down, as my eyes were bit dewed, Neeraj Bhaiya told me to look at him by saying “meri taraf dekho” I looked up, into his eyes, he was smiling a bit and spoke “relax….sab theek ho jaayega… everything will be fine”

I moved my head in no without uttering anything instantly and spoke after few seconds, “I don’t know kab sab theek hoga… I am tired of all this….” And few tears rolled down to my cheek and once again I started looking down. Neeraj Bhaiya extended his hand and cleaned my tears, I wanted to hug him then and there and I was trying my best to move to grab him but somehow I could not gather courage to do that,

I looked up to see into his eyes, he was already looking at me and as our eyes met he held my wrist lightly and pulled me a bit to say “hug me” without uttering even a word. I embraced him tight and he wrapped his arms around me. It was a moment which I cannot write; it was a moment I was waiting for so long and I did not wanted this moment to pass.

I hugged him as if there is no tomorrow and try to burry my face into his chest. For couple of minutes Bhaiya remained unmoved and just caressed my head and back to cheer me up without saying anything and then tried to detach me. At my end that was something which I did not wanted him to do and I grabbed him better and empowered his efforts to separate me from hugging posture.

Neeraj Bhaiya waited for one more minute and then addressed me with my name, “Rashmi…!” I remained unmoved in same posture, and now I was realizing that my heavy breasts are getting pressed against his chest and he could feel that I am not wearing any Bra underneath.

Once again he tried to separate me from hugging position and looked at my face and caressed my face, rolled his hand over my cheek and again addressed me in soft voice and kissed me on my cheek lightly. I don’t know with what feeling he kissed me; he might have considered me his younger sister but I went through strange sensation and felt like heaven and hugged him better and pressed my milks over his chest again,

somehow I wanted to reveal my feelings to him. Neeraj Bhaiya was sensing my mind state and my demand, he detached me with some efforts and once again caressed my cheek, my eyes were closed but I could make out that he was looking at my face, he was somewhat waiting for me to open my eyes and I did not wanted to do that.

He addressed me again and this time while caressing my cheek and I opened my eyes. I did not utter anything but he understood everything I desired from him, and he placed his lips over my lips and sucked them a bit. That what all I was waiting for and next moment I opened my mouth and welcomed him and we started kissing like true lovers.

We kissed and explored each other’s mouth for really long, I don’t know how it happened, I don’t know how Neeraj Bhaiya realized that I need him, I just know that like so many times once again he was there when I needed him, immaterial to this fact that this time I needed him sexually and immaterial of this too that whatever were doing at that time was morally wrong and cannot be justified anyhow.

Our excitement went on increasing and I really don’t know when and how I went under Neeraj Bhaiya. After breaking the kiss while lying on me Neeraj Bhaiya kissed my neck fewer times and I shuddered in excitement, he rubbed his wet lips over bit of bare portion of my breasts and I went on moaning in divine pleasure of getting loved by the person I like most on this planet.

After a minute Neeraj Bhaiya got up a bit and took off his t-shirt and then his under shirt and got bare chest, he pulled me a bit to say get up and I got up and without waiting for him to do anything I took off my gown. I was opened in front of him, my heavy milks were sagging in front of his eyes and he was looking at them.

Neeraj Bhaiya looked at me after staring at my breasts for few seconds and our eyes met for a fraction and once again went on my back and lied on the bed to tell him to continue and Neeraj Bhaiya came over me again. We kissed again and this time explored each other’s mouth even better, we sucked each other’s tongue and then slowly he went down and started sucking my breasts.

He chewed my nipple and sucked them like a child and I grabbed him nicely with a gasping puff to feed him better. We both were not in senses, especially me, who not even for a fraction thought about this fact that by doing all this I am actually cheating my husband.

Neither Neeraj Bhaiya stopped; he continued making love to me and sucked my breasts for long and then slowly got up and searched for the cord of my Salwar and pulled it and tried to take my lower off from my legs. I lifted my bottom to help him and in a moment I was lying just in panty.

Next he stood up and opened his lower and took it off from his legs and then took of his underwear too and his erect Penis came in my vision. For a fraction my eyes got glued to his rod and he saw me looking at it, he smiled lightly while looking into my eyes and sat down between my folded legs and I responded with a same kind of mild smile.

While sitting between my legs he tried to take off my panty and once again I lifted my bottom and it went off, finally I was naked in front of him, and to say that I am ready to get him physically, I widened my thighs apart and Neeraj Bhaiya bought his crouch closer to mine and opened my womanhood a bit with the tip of his Penis and slowly inserted his entire length inside me and finally released his whole weight on me.

As I said earlier, physically we both are opposite, Neeraj Bhaiya is not thin rather he has an average health but as compared to his body I have really very fleshy body, but at that moment neither he was bothered about that nor I was thinking all this. I simply gulped him into my arms and thighs with a loud pleasure moan and once again we started kissing.

In a moment Neeraj Bhaiya started fucking me and made love to my melons along with that. I was moaning and gasping while feeling him inside me, for me it was a dream come true and I did not wanted this dream to end, but slowly our excitement rose and Neeraj Bhaiya’s pace of vibrating inside me also increased and with in a moment I felt him going to his climax.

I too started feeling pressure inside me. Neeraj Bhaiya started fucking me fast but within one minute he dived inside me and buried himself into my arms and released his seed deep inside my womb. I grabbed him tight in arms and thighs and started reaching to my climax and finally went through the pleasure of getting complete sexual satisfaction after really very long.

We both were exhausted and we remained in each other’s arm for few minutes without any words and then we used the toilet one by one. Neeraj Bhaiya went to his bed, in the living room where he was supposed to sleep and I came beside my husband and took my daughter in my arm.

That night I was awake for really long, I hardly slept of 2-3 hours, I was lost in open eye dreams of becoming Neeraj Bhaiya’s bride and when I got up time was bit passed to 6, my daughter was sleeping sound and my husband was more or less in same unconscious state. I got up to see Neeraj Bhaiya, he was still on bed but he was awake and he heard door getting opened he got up a bit.

I asked him for tea and he said yes to it. Within few minutes I served him tea and while sitting on same mattress we both started to have silently. Our eyes met numerous times and we smiled a bit while looking at each other. Like last night once again same sensation started rising inside me, and I was feeling like getting intimate with him and more or less Neeraj Bhaiya was also in same mind state.

He too wanted to make love to me and after keeping his cup aside he raised his hand to me and I placed my hand on his palm and came closer. Once again we started kissing and like last night once again Neeraj Bhaiya lifted my gown. But this time I was just wearing panty underneath and in a moment he took off that too.

Gradually Neeraj Bhaiya’s cloths also disappeared and once again he was over me while being inside me. As compared to last night this time Neeraj Bhaiya stayed inside me for long and fucked me nicely with steady pace and significantly it was really very pleasurable intercourse for both.

Like last night once again he released his seed inside my womb and once again I was delighted with a feeling of getting loved by the man I was in love in real sense. My first so called cheating session with my husband ended there, as after that Neeraj Bhaiya got up and took his way to home.

I too got up and moved to my routine, leaving my child in day care and my husband in same unconscious state I went to my office and somewhat waited for Neeraj Bhaiya’s call for whole day. Finally it happened, he called me hour before my office time end and we met in a nearby coffee shop.

He asked me exactly what I am looking regarding this relation and I replied him that I am not seeking anything except what I got from him last night. Since then I am in sex relation with Neeraj Bhaiya and we meet regularly to give each other physical love. Neeraj Bhaiya comes to me whenever he feels like making love to me and I too call him whenever I desire to have sex with him.

Although I have decided to give divorce to Rahul and I am on my way to do that but I am not at all thinking about marrying Neeraj Bhaiya after that, I don’t want to put him in any dilemma and I am very happy from what I am getting from him; physical pleasure and in addition to that lot of care and affection.

I am really not bothered about what my husband, my family members or people around will think about me when this fact will be open to them that I have a physical relation with someone I have always considered my brother, I just know that I have suffered a lot and now I want live like this.

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