Sunil(21) and his sister anita(25) were going back to home after a wedding, it was already really late night , their relatives asked them to stay for the night but they said that they had important work next early morning so they had to leave, and they left. Anita was driving the car while sunil was giving her company in front seat. Sunil was in black suit and anita was in pink lacy gown, she was looking really beautiful and sexy. In the party, almost every man was looking at her and just staring at her little cleavage that was more sensual than other women who were almost revealing their half breast.

Sunil also couldn’t stop himself looking at her but they were brother and sister so there were no such dirty feelings, After driving some miles from the wedding place they got caught in heavy rain and storm, their bad luck was that their car stopped in the middle of the highway. The night was darker then ever and voices of animals around the highway was making the whole view more frightening. Sunil stepped out of the car and tried to sort out the problem but within few seconds he was totally wet and cold, his body was shivering.

Anita asked him to get back in the car now they had no other way to get out of this problem and all they could do was wait in the car till morning. Suddenly sunil saw some light, he focused his eyes and found that it was a small house kind of hut on a small hill. The temperature was dropping very fast and they could not survive in this car. Sunil asked anita to get out of the car and follow him to that house

The house was not in good condition and it was really small just like a big bedroom, they knocked the door and after a minute a really old man opened the door and without asking anything invited them inside. Sunil explained the whole situation, “you can stay here kids, tomorrow morning you will fond some one to help with your car” the old man said looking at their car from the window.

The man was poor and there was nothing much than an old chair, a bed inside a small room and few utensils. Old man went to his room and came out with a blanket and a shirt that’s all he had. He was too in one piece cloth with a blanket around him. He gave the blanket and shirt to the kids and asked them to change or they would catch ‘malaria’. Old man looked outside the window, said some kind of pray and went inside his room.

Sunil looked around and saw the chimney and fire blowing under it, he threw more wood sticks in the fire to keep themselves warm. Sunil took off his clothes leaving her underwear and wore the shirt. “you can change here” Sunil said turning and showing his back to her side. Anita took off her dress and she was in her wet bra and panty, her nipples were erect because of wet bra and cold weather. She wanted to keep her undergarment on her body but she was feeling itchy as they were wet so she took them off and wrapped her wet panty and bra in her dress and put it on that old chair.

She wrapped the blanket that was really cozy and warm, she sat near the fire and sunil accompanied her sitting next to her. Weather was getting more worse and cold, and the fire started vanish. Sunil looked for more wood but nothing was there and now there was nothing more than ash instead of fire. Sunil was feeling really cold in his sheer shirt, while anita was comfortable in the blanket. And that old man he was in his dream and both kids could hear her snores.

Sunil was sat in the corner trying to warm himself but he couldn’t make it and his body started shivering. Anita looked at her and sat next to her but sunilwas feeling so cold. Anita had no choice other than taking sunil in her blanket and she hugged and wrapped the blanket around both of them. As Suni’s cold body touches anita’s hot skin she felt some kind of shiver ran in her body. She hugged sunil more tightly in her arms, syn’s head was pressing on her boobs. Soon sunil also felt good and warm but he realized where he was, Soon Sunil also felt good and warm but he realized where he was, he tried to get up and left the blanket but anita grabbed him in her arms.

They both didn’t said a word but the heat of each other’s body was making them hot. Anita’s soft boobs and hard nipples were brushing against sunil’s body and his cock was unwillingly got hard. Anita’s eyes were closed and she moved her hand on sunil’s stomach, she started taking her hand down. And sunil was getting nervous. Anita’s hand finally reached on the waist band of sunil’s underwear and she took her hands inside his underwear. Before sunil could do anything in protest anita wrapped her soft cold hand around his hard hot cock and sunil felt his body melting in her didi arms.

Anita started trying to took off sunil’s underwear to get more space and access to his cock. Everything was now beyond their control and sunil took off his last piece of cloth and hugged anita , Anita opened her eyes looked at sunil and their lips started moving close to each others. And they kissed, they started sucking each others lips and their tongues were exploring each others lisp and mouth. Sunil cupped her breast, anita was not a busty girl she had soft and firm 34B size breast and sunil cupped them fully in his palms. He could feel her nipples hard like beads. Anita was more horny than sunil. Sunil was just touching her boobs while anita’s hand were exploring his cock and balls, sunil couldn’t bear this pleasure and he squeezed anita’s boobs. Anita moaned softly leaving his cock and melting in his arms, she grabbed his one hand and showed it to her pussy and showed him that she wanted him to touch her there just between her legs. Sunil rubbed his three fingers on her pussy lips and tried to stimulate her clit with his thumb.

Anita’s moan were getting more loud and seductive. Now everything was out of their hand and they knew what to do to satisfy the heat of the lust that was building inside their body. Sunil’s cock was hard like never before, and anita was feeling so wet and so horny that she can’t control herself from taking sunil’s cock in her dripping wet pussy. their lips meet again and this time there was no hesitation they were exchanging saliva, their fingers were playing with each others genitals.

Anita grabbed sunil’s head. tilted her head on right side and nibbled on sunil’s ear lobe while sunil was kissing on left side of anita’s shoulder. Anita pulled him more closer and pushed him down to her stomach. Anita was breathing heavily, she parted her legs taking sunil between her legs and pushing him more down to her belly. Sunil didn’t knew if he should go more down or not. Both kids were virgin but not after tonight. Sunil shifted down to her pussy, the warm air of his hot breath was hitting on anita’s pussy. Sunil bite on her whole pussy and anita moaned this time it was more like scream “aaaaaaahhhhhh” she grabbed his head and pulled him up to kiss him again.

By doing so sunil’s cock rubbed against her pussy, anita held on his cock and positioned it to her opening, sunil pushed his cock forward feeling the warmth and wetness of anita’s love hole. All this happen with in seconds and they were understanding each other so much like they were making love to each other from a long time. Anita hugged him tightly her thighs opened more to get him more deep.

Sunil was trying to get inside her completely but anita was so tight that he took almost 5 minutes. And finally after making few pushes his cock was completely inside her, their stomach and pelvis bone was touching each others, sunil looked at anita, whose eyes were wet in tears and she was biting her lips to control the scream of pain. They stayed like that for a few time anita was moving her waist to adjust sunil’s cock inside her tight cunt. Sunil kissed her lips and locked them with his lips, he pulled out his cock a little and pushed it again, feeling the first stroked in her pussy anita moaned breaking the kiss “mmmmm.”

Sunil kissed her again and started making strokes in her hole, he was doing it softly but it turned in fast as sunil felt anita moving her waist in rhythm of sunil’s strokes. It was like she wanted him to do it fast and a little harder. Sunil laid anita on the floor throwing blanket aside and sat in between her legs on his knees. He started fucking her harder while anita was moaning like hell and her hands were on the floor above her head trying to hold something.

Anita was near the climax she grabbed sunil’s shoulder her nails went deep in sunil’s skin hurt him. But sunil was also near to cum and he was fucking her more faster and harder. Their body was shaking and moving like a train. Then suddenly anita screamed and her body shudder and sunil felt hot liquid between their body right running out from anita’s pussy. Sunil gone mad and did some really deep and fast stroke and he cummed inside her pussy.

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