Breastfeeding My Husband, Friends And Strangers

Hope you all will get horny reading my story. Ever since growing up ive always wanted my breasts suckled. The thawt of nipple suckling always turned me on. Once at work i wore a low cut top showing off my clevage. My boss who was at that time 50yrs old n i was 20. He kept staring n staring n hinted several times how he fantasized suckling on breasts. I too liked the idea. But didnt say anything.
A few weeks later i was the last staff to leave work. I was very tired of a long shift. N my back n shoulders were hurting so he offered to massage my shoulders. I agreed straight away not realising im alone with him and he might take advantage of me and the situation.
So he massaged my shoulders while i sat on his desk with my back to him. He was stood behind me. This was the best massage i ever experienced. He was so delicate n had the softest hands.. After 15mins he stood infront ov me n massaged my shoulders. My low cut top was revealing my big dd breasts. I cud see him staring. It was a right turn on. Then his hands slightly moved down to my arms massaging them softly. I could see his penis errect through his trousers. Then suddenly he asked can i suckle your juicy breasts i promise to b soft n gentle. For some reason i found myself agreeing n quickly pulling out my huge breasts. He held my breasts n cressed them n fondled before slowly licking one nipple. Electricity flew through my body. He gently suckled alternately on each breast for an hour. He gave me pleasure without intercourse. I was horny n wet. His mouth was wrapped around my nipple n areola n half my breast. We were dry suckling. Then everyday we would come to work early and leave late so he could suckle my breasts.
I loved this experiance. I loved going to work knowing il ****** a few times. We kept our relationship a secret and promised we would keep it strictly anr. And not intercourse. Which we were both happy with. He always suckled with affection. Within a month of our relationship i started feeling my breasts gettin a tingly feeling n a bit swollen. When i would squeeze my nipples a few drops of discharge would *** out it wasnt milk jus a seethru ish discharge. This turned him on even more.Then a week o so later breast milk started to ***. It was very little amount but thrilling to know i started to produce. And slowly within time my breasts filled up soo much that my tops used to get wet with leaking milk. My boss would as for tea and i would bring him his tea without milk n in his office he would take my breast out and sqeeze my milk in his cup then drink it. On lunch our all the staff used to go out. We stayed in and he would enjoy my breasts instead. He loved me to sqirt milk into his mouth. He gave me soo much pleasure with his mouth and tongue. My nipples had grown enormous aswell as my breasts. After breast feeding for 6-7months he wanted to giv me oral. I agreed as long as i dont hav to giv him oral. He was the best oral giver ever. Him suckling on my clitoris was amazing. Then he would insert his tongue into my vagina in n out in n out i n out.
Wowwwww amazing. Out of both i prefered breast feeding and so did my boss. His wife had small breast size of 32b
He was unable to lactate so always fantasized. Until he met me.
We were in an anr relationship for almost 5 years. He would sit on his chair and milk me so milk squirts on his boxers so he can go home n sniff my milk. He also loved keeping my wet bras full of milk.
He would suckle softly then gradually sucking harder n harder til i start moaning with pleasure. Soon i had to leave work due to family shifting away to a diff city. Leaving was the hardest thing in my life to do. Thinking who will feed frm my huge breasts several times a day. My boss was hurt n upset. But we kept in touch. He up until today visits once a month for a day jus to feed off my sexy full breasts.. He still has that amazing touch.
I now feed my partner everymorning and all nite long. Women who kno im producing milk at my new work place told me thy wanted to taste milk but never had the chance. Then oneday one of the jokingly suggested she try mine. She was shocked wen i replied yess u can. When she saw my huge one inch nipple she was amazed and turned on by just looking. She asked me how i got my nipple soo long. I jus replied i have been breastfeeding for the past 5-6years..she cupped my breast and started suckling. I thawt she wud taste and stop. But she went on and on and on. Milk was dripping out of the sides of her mouth. She was wet and horny. She then suggested another colleague of ours to try same time. So there i was sat in my chair and two women feeding milk from my hot juicy breasts. From that day onwards i fed them my milk.
Another male colleague found out and was intrigued to what milk tastes like. So i let him try. Now i feed 5people everyday at work. I love it wen i have people suckling my breasts its an amazing feeling. My colleagues jus come into my office while im on fone or doing paperwork and thy just pull out my breast and quench their thirst with my milk. Thats the best bit when thy suprise me n pull out my breast n start suckling.
Life couldnt get better
And i love my breasts
I will write more of my real life amazing experiences soon.
Keep reading and please please do comment on my experience. I would love to share ur and my thoughts.
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