Breast feeding, Lactating and Incest

Jony and Roby are best friends. Jony’s parents died in a car accident when he was 18. After that accident he lives with his grandmother. One day after college when Jony said women liked young boys and told Roby about fucking his Kakima(Aunt).Roby also told Jony about seeing his mother’s breast when she breastfed his little sister. After fucking Kakima(Aunt),Jony is very horny now. Sometimes when he was at Roby’s house, he tried to see his (Roby) best friend’s mother breasts. But only one time when she bent down to keep the tray down the table, he could not refrain his eyes devouring the wiggling motions of Roby’s mother great breasts. Her breasts cleavage made a deep valley inside her blouse and the more it entered he saw milky white colored complexion inside her. When she was keeping the tray down, her sari’s pallu fell from her breast, revealing the big mounds of her pair of tits clad in tight blouse to him. Roby’s mother instantly gathered the sari to its right place, but the glimpse was enough for Jony to guess how big his friend’s mother tits really were. Talking he could see the deep cleavage of her magnificent breasts. Also he could see wet around her breast area —- she might be leaking milk. umumumum!!! Even under the blouse and tight nylon bra, they were trying to come out of the confinement. He could not think anything now other than how sexy it would be to see those big fleshy tits of his friend’s mother naked. So, he asked his friend questions about his mother’s breasts. How he saw his mother’s breastfeeding? Did she always breastfeed in front of him?

Roby told his friend, “Wait. I told you my story. Sitting with Ma(Mother) in the drawing room after dinner watching the TV when the baby started crying. So my Ma picked up the baby and after adjusting her sari she opened her blouse, lifted her bra and started feeding her baby. All these time I was straining to see her breast and I did get a glimpse, which immediately gave me an erection so I tried to hide my erection from her. After the feeding was over I got another glimpse of her breast along with the turgid nipples when she removed the sleeping baby and laid her down. My cock was so hard and about to burst so I stood up to go to my room trying to hide the tent in my shorts. In the privacy of my room I masturbated with the images of her breasts and I came so hard my cock just kept on jerking remaining hard for sometime. I wondered whether she deliberately showed me her breast, as this was never done when Baba(Father) was around. That’s all.”
Jony again asked,”So, only once you see your mother’s breastfeeding?”
-No, now she always breastfeeds in front of me in absence of my baba.
-What do you thing, she breastfeeds in front of me too?
-I don’t know. But I think she likes to show her breasts.Because they are realy beautiful and big.
-You want to play with your mother’s breast, am I right?
-Yeah. But I don’t know how it’s possible?
-I can help you.
-When your baba will not at home, I will go at your house and hopefully I can manage it.
Roby was very excited to hear this from his friend. He was dying for his mother’s milkfilled breasts.
-Are you sure?
-Friend, I already fucked my Kakima. I know how to convince a woman.
“Roby!!! You did what?!!!” Mrs. Kavita whispered angrily to her son.
“But ma. He’s my best friend. He won’t tell anyone. It just came out!” Roby responded his face guilty and he looked almost ready to cry. He glanced out into the loungeroom where his buddy, Jony, sat nervously on the edge of the large couch. “We had been having a lesson in biology about babies and how they get fed. After we were in the yard, I told him I watched you feeding Niru and he asked if he could watch too.” The boy looked at his ma tremulously. “I really didn’t think you’d mind, ma, what with Jony not having a ma and not ever getting to see something like that.”
“What? Jony doesn’t have a mother? Who looks after him, then?” Kavita glanced out at the 18 years old sitting on the edge of the lounge, her maternal instincts automatically rising up strongly as she saw his ragged shorts and scuffed sneakers. The poor kid, she thought, he really does look lonely and unloved.
“He lives with his grandma and she’s a real witch!” Roby said. “She won’t let him in the apartment until dark. The old lady is weird! Jony has to hang around the park or at someone’s place. I’m his best friend,” her son finished off.
“But, Roby. I felt shy. You shouldn’t have told anyone.” Roby could tell from his mother’s tone that she was no longer angry. “What if Jony told?”
“He won’t, ma. He’s never seen anyone’s breastfeeding,” her son replied, rather disbelievingly, as though that was not normal.
Kavita loves breastfeeding in fornt of people. But she always pretends she has to. No way.She also knows her son always try to see her breasts whenever she breastfed. And she showed a lot. So Roby would see nothing wrong with his best friend seeing her, she thought. She looked back into the lounge room at her son’s friend. Her breasts felt full and heavy – it was time for Niru’s feed. It wouldn’t be too difficult for her to acceed to her son’s request, would it? She felt a quiver in the pit of her belly at the thought. She would be showing her breasts – a young boy – the best friend of her son willingly. He was a rather mature and good-looking boy, too.
Stop it! She thought. He’s only a boy. But she suddenly realised there was a definite thrill inside her at the thought of having the boys watch her breast-feeding – and it wasn’t maternal! It was sexual! She felt herself blush and turned away from Jony to gaze at Roby.
“If I do this, Roby, you must say nothing to your baba. Okay? I don’t know if he’d approve or not, so you say nothing.”
Roby’s face beamed, but he quickly changed it to a look of grateful sobriety and nodded. Inside he was still bubbling, though. She’d given in. They had made up the story about Jony’s grandma and everything. And it had worked! It was true that Jony didn’t have parent.
“Thanks ma. It’ll really help Jony. And we won’t say anything to anyone. I promise.” He sounded so sincere!
Kavita suddenly felt rather nervous. “Well I’ll go get Niru and you tell Jony. But make sure he understands that this is just to help him and he is not to tell anyone about it. Okay?” she requested firmly, before leaving the kitchen and heading for the hall towards Niru’s room.
Jony glanced up to watch Mrs Kavita. She was certainly a great looking woman! He watched her long legs beneath her pajama scissor across the room. His eyes travelling up their length, over the red pajama, noting her full hips and buttocks accented by her slim waist. She wore a loose white kamiz(long shirt) and her full 38DD breasts jutted out prominently, her cleavage quite visible over the low neckline. She also had a beautiful face to go with her figure, Jony thought as she disappeared down the hallway. She had black long, silky hair, big eyes which she highlighted with a dark blue eye-liner, and full, red lips. He stood up as his friend came into the lounge.
“We’ve done it!” he said to Jony in an excited whisper, glancing towards the hallway door. “She’s gonna do it!”
“Yeah. I could hear you,” Jony said smiling. “I reckon we’ll get to do more than just watch, too,” he added. “She ended up sounding keen.”
“Yeah,” Roby agreed. “But don’t go too fast, Jony. She might freak. Then we’d both really be in the shit.”
“Don’t worry, buddy. Just follow my lead. I got into Kakima’s sari by being ‘innocent’.” He smirked. “Most women are suckers for ‘innocence’ and your ma won’t be any different.”
Roby shivered with excitement. “I hope so,” he said. The idea of doing things with his ma like Jony had talked about was a fantasy he had been thinking about for the last couple of months, watching his mother breast-feeding Niru, he had been almost constantly sexually aroused and his fantasy had become more of an obsession; and Jony might help to make it a reality.
Mrs. Kavita walked back into the lounge room, baby Niru cradled in her arms. Niru was mewling, her tiny face puckered and her mouth seeking upwards towards the firm breasts it rested beneath, her tiny hands touching the full mounds and trying to grasp them. The two boys watched in anticipation as the neckline of the woman’s kamiz was pulled awry and the tops of her breasts uncovered by the baby’s groupings. Jony stood up as she came towards the lounge.
“Uh…Jony, Roby said you wanted to…er…watch me…um…feed Niru,” she began to say, her blush spreading upwards as her excitement increased. She still couldn’t believe she had agreed to this! “And Roby should have told you that I’ll let you only on the condition it goes no further than this room.” She looked at the boy, thinking again how cute he was; and she also noted, with a flutter in her belly, that he was quite well built and mature looking for his age too. Jony nodded agreement, his eyes flickering from her face to her breasts, causing an even stronger flutter in the pit of Kavita’s belly.
“Sure thing, Kakima,” the boy said enthusiastically. “I really appreciate it and none’ll ever know about it from me. Whatever happens,” he added, looking her boldly eye to eye, hinting at…?
Kavita looked back at him, her heart beating faster. She knew the boy was hinting that there was a possibility of other things happening and she found her body tingling at that thought in spite of her internal thoughts telling her to stop the situation now – not to let it go any further. But she didn’t want to stop. She suddenly realized the thought of deliberately exposing herself to Roby and his friend was highly erotic and something she wanted to do – in spite of her nervousness and that sense of wrong-doing.
She sat down on the lounge and the two young boys sat eagerly beside her. Kavita laid Niru in her lap and began unbuttoning her kamiz with trembling fingers. This was it! She hadn’t bothered to put her bra on, not expecting anyone to come to the house this afternoon and she suddenly felt very naked. She only had a pair of silk panties on beneath her pajama, and the kamiz. She felt the white material was wet – she had started leaking as soon as she had picked Niru up, as usual. What the fuck, she decided. She was turned on by the situation so she might as well just do it – as they say in the ad. She unbuttoned her kamiz half the way down then pulled it back from her breasts. She left her orna(long skirf) in Niru’s room and this kamiz had button in the front.
“Jeeesus!” Jony whispered. “You’ve got the most beautiful tits, Kakima!” he exclaimed. “Oh! I’m sorry!” he burst out, looking immediately contrite. “I didn’t mean to say that! Honest, Kakima.” He looked at the half-nude woman beside him and had a good feeling inside him. She was going to fall for his act.
“Its all right, Jony. I don’t mind that word. Roby calls them ‘boobs’ but I like ‘tits’ as well,” Kovita said, her words coming out without any effort – which surprised her.
“You’re leaking already, ma,” Roby said, pointing to her near breast where white droplets of fluid beaded around her large nipple.
“Wow!” Jony exclaimed, leaning forward to look at her. “So that’s how it comes out. Boy, your nipples are as beautiful as your tits, too,” he added.
Kavita blushed as she brought Niru up to the breast nearest Jony. She shivered as the baby latched on to her nipple, sucking greedily as her milk flowed. The two boys watched, their eyes meeting each other’s and giving a sly smile before moving back to the woman’s bared mammaries. Her breasts were rounded and firm, jutting out from her chest. There was a tracery of faint bluish veins underneath her smooth skin, leading towards her puffy, large pinkish-brown aureoles with their bright pink nipples. Milk trickled from her un-attended breast and Roby touched it with his finger.
“Roby!” his mother said, startled at his boldness. He had never touched her before. He looked at her guiltily and she immediately felt as though she’d been too harsh. After all, it was quite natural for the boys to be curious. She smiled softly. “I’m sorry, hon. Its okay,” she said. “You can touch me.”
To her surprise, Jony immediately put his hand over the bulge of her breast above Niru’s head when Roby touched her other nipple. The boy looked up at her with such an imploring look that she decided not to react. ‘He’s only an inquisitive young boy,’ she thought, settling back against the sofa and letting them feel her. Niru had ceased her greedy guzzling and was now steadily sucking on her nipple and Kavita felt the familiar stirring of desire from the baby’s suckling. The room was quiet except for the boys’ heavy breathing and the occasional snorts from the baby. Kavita relaxed, letting the feelings of love, motherhood and desire flow through her. Roby was lightly rubbing around her now stiffened left nipple, her excess milk dribbling from the rough nub and tickling her as it trickled under her breast. Jony was gently caressing over the upper bulge of her right breast, his hand just brushing against Niru’s cheek as he came closer and closer to her nipple. Their touches were becoming more sexual; she realised and felt her body stirring in response deep inside. Her groin felt moist and hot and she was aware she was getting turned on by her son and his friend. She knew she should stand up now and leave the room and end it; but her body told her to just enjoy it. So, instead of leaving, she transferred Niru to her other breast, exposing her right breast fully to Jony’s sight and touch. As though this was her sign of approval, the boy immediately cupped her breast in his hand and ran his thumb over her moist nipple. Milk still seeped from it and the boy seemed fascinated.
“Does it feel nice?” he asked Kaviya, his eyes looking up innocently at her, a slight little smile on his full lips.
“What?” she replied, smiling back at him? “You are touching me or Niru suckling?”
Jony’s smile widened and his eyes lost some of their innocence as he took hold of her nipple between his thumb and finger, a deliberately sexual touch this time, his eyes locked on her’s. “Us touching you will do,” he responded, squeezing her nipple and causing Kavita to draw breath as a tingle rippled down to her groin. “But I meant does it feel nice when your milk comes out?”
Kavita could only nod. She was aware Roby had moved back and was following their conversation with the same sort of smile as Jony on his face. Niru was asleep at her breast, her mouth around, but not touching, her nipple. She swallowed nervously. She knew what was going to follow this. She guessed she had realised right from the start. Jony’s touch and the look on the boys’ faces told her she had let this go too far all ready. But she didn’t want to stop it. Not now. That time had passed a minute or two ago.
“Why don’t you put Niru back in her cot, Roby,” Jony said, his eyes not leaving Kavita’s. “I think we can make your ma feel nice for a while longer without the baby. What do you think, Kakima?”
Kavita sat still, her heart fluttering. “I…You…Its not….” she stammered, but her voice was too shaky. She had lost control of this situation and felt like a little girl again. She was mesmerised by Jony and the way he had taken control. She was only dimly aware of Roby taking Niru from her arms and getting up from the lounge – her awareness centred almost fully on the boy beside her fondling and squeezing her naked breast and nipple.
“Roby and I thought you might like to let us drink from your tits,” Jony said softly as Roby left the room. “You’re a really gorgeous looking woman, Kakima, and we’d like to look at you and who knows….?” He let the sentence hang and Kavita felt her breathing quicken. The boy pushed her kamiz back from her shoulder. “Why don’t you take it right off?” he asked her. “I’d like you to.”
Kavita slowly removed the kamiz, letting it drop behind the lounge as she pulled her arm free. She felt as though she was hypnotised, as though she had no will of her own. Her sexuality and her needs had taken control of her under Jony’s sensual presence.
“Hmmmmmmm. Very nice,” the boy murmurred, his hands stroking both of her breasts now, making no pretense that it was an innocent action. He was very experienced, she realised and wondered fleetingly where he had learned as he teased and kneaded her firm flesh. Roby came back into the room and gaped when he saw Jony fondling his half-naked mother so shamelessly. But he hesitated only for a moment before resuming his seat beside his mother.
“Your ma’s got gorgeous tits, buddy. Have a good feel,” his friend said, winking at him. Roby’s heart pounded as he took hold of his mother’s breast. They had done it! Jony had been right. His mother was easy to arouse and was going to let them do things with her! He weighed her breast on his hand, her firm roundness heavy and warm. His thumb grazed her nipple and she moaned softly.
“You…’t….” she said, but made no move to stop the boys. Her breasts still leaked milk and the boys smeared it over them. The more they stimulated her nipples, the more her milk flowed.
“You ever tasted your ma’s milk, Roby?” Jony asked. The boy shook his head. “I reckon we ought to try it, don’t you?” his friend urged. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you, kakima?” Before she could answer, the young lad bent his mouth to her breast and took her stiffened nipple into his mouth. She gasped as he began sucking on her like a baby.
Roby watched for a moment, seeing Jony kneading his mother’s breast as he suckled her, white milk appearing at the edges of his mouth as he drew it from within her spongy breast. Then he leaned in towards his mother, smelling her familiar, warm smell as he closed in on her breast. Her nipple jutted out stiffly, droplets of milk trickling from it and running under her breast. Roby pressed his mouth over it, his lips clamping around and he began instinctively working on it to increase her flow. The warm, sweet taste of her filled his mouth, bringing with it distant memories of familiarity from his own babyhood. He swirled his tongue around and under the stiff nub, pressing it up to the roof of his mouth and feeling his mother’s breathing quickening with the rise and fall of her breasts.
The two boys suckled her for several minutes and Kavita was almost overwhelmed by the sensations they created. They were rougher and more forceful than a baby, which was more exciting; and both of them seemed to instinctively know how to stimulate her beyond just getting her milk to flow. They manipulated her nipples and fondled her breasts in a way that aroused her sexually and her pussy was getting quite wet and heated between her clenched thighs.
“Relax, kakima,” Jony said, pulling away from her breast but holding her firmly. “You know you like it. Just let yourself relax. Roby and I will make you feel real good. Won’t we, Roby?” He squeezed her breast gently and nuzzled his face into the sensitive nape of her neck. Kavita felt goosebumps spring up over her skin. This boy really did know what it was all about, she thought. But Roby? How did he know what to do? Her thoughts were confused and flitted from panic to desire. She wanted the boys! Both of them! Even her own son!!!
“Watch this, Roby,” Jony said and he took hold of Kovita’s nipple and squeezed it. Several thin streams of milk squirted out, going in different directions and leaving a trail of wetness down the woman’s skin and over her pajama. “Oh, sorry,” the boy apologized as they saw the red material of her pajama darken as it was wetted. He squeezed another burst of milk from her. “I guess you’d better take your pajama off,” he said smiling as more streaks appeared on it. His fingers followed a trickle of milk that was running down her skin and making a damp spot on her pajama at her waist. “We don’t want to stain it, do we?” He eased his fingers beneath her waist band and began pushing her pajama downwards.
Roby watched in eager fascination. He hadn’t really believed they would be successful in their plans, but they were. Far more so than he had ever dreamed. He was still, however, waiting for his ma to suddenly stop them. In surprise, he saw her start to help Jony remove her pajama. Wow! Her belly was uncovered and she raised her buttocks to let Jony tug it from beneath her. Roby watched as her panties came into sight. He was stiff beneath his shorts and he adjusted himself, pushing his erection upright beneath his pants. He wasn’t wearing underpants. He glanced at Jony’s crotch and could plainly see his friend was also aroused and rampant, his penis pushing up the front of his shorts like a tent pole. His ma must be able to see it, he thought, looking down at himself and seeing his shorts bulging as well. He turned his attention back to his mother and Jony.
The boy had eased the pajama below Kavita’s hips and her belly was fully uncovered, Jony’s hand resting on its gentle curve. Her white lace panties were exposed, bulging erotically over her mound, some pubic hairs poking through the lace. They were bikini type, covering just her sex and, as Jony eased her pajama down her thighs, she felt very naked, her breasts bare and still leaking, her skin smooth and warm beneath the boy’s hand. He pushed the pajama over her knees and it dropped in a circle around her bare feet.
“Open your legs, babe. Let’s feel that pussy,” Jony said, the authority of his tone and language surprising Kavita so that she did as she was told without resistance. Roby goggled and almost choked as his mother opened her legs and let Jony slide his hands up her thighs and into her pussy. “Mmmmmm. You’re all hot and steamy down here, aren’t you? Feel this, Roby. This is where you came from – and where you’ll spend the rest of your life trying to get back in to!” He laughed at his joke but his hand was covering his friend’s mother’s pubic area and he pressed into its firmness. “Come on, Roby. Feel your mother’s pussy.”
Roby put his hand on his mother’s leg, feeling her hot, silky skin so smooth beneath his palm. He slid his hand slowly up the inside of her thigh, his heart pounding heavily and he could feel his mother trembling under his touch. Her leg opened wider as he came up towards her centre. Her skin was moist as he neared her panties, his skin sticking against her’s as he stroked upwards, and her heat and moistness clearly discernable as his fingers neared her. Then he felt the rough softness of her lace panties and his hand was on her sex. Roby could hardly breathe for excitement and he stared at his hand touching his mother so intimately. Now he was touching her there!
Jony was caressing her lower belly and his lips followed the trail of milk dribbling down from her breast upwards, underneath her full mound and up over her nipple again, his mouth sucking her milk strongly as he caressed her, the tips of his fingers slipping beneath her panties and touching her pubic hair. Roby heard his mother cry out and he looked up at her face. Her head was rolling, her eyes closed and the tip of her tongue was wetting her lips and teeth. Her hair stuck in fine waves over her sweat-sheened shoulders and upper arms. She looked like a model in a Playboy magazine with her full breasts bared and thrust forward on her arched chest. He looked at his hand in her lap. He could feel her firmness beneath her panties and the tickle of her pubic hairs that stuck out through the lace. He watched Jony’s fingers going further and further underneath his mother’s panties, getting closer and closer to her pussy. He could smell her strong, musky odour – its smell exciting to his nostrils.
Jony drew his head back from Kavita’s breast and withdrew his fingers from her panties. “Have a look,” he said softly to Roby, then pulled of the woman’s panties aside, exposing her sex to their gaze.
Kavita cried out and sat up stiffly when she felt herself exposed, but Jony leaned against her breast, holding her from stopping his probing fingers. She felt him pull her labia aside.
“Geeezus!” he exclaimed. “You’re as ready as shit!” He looked at Roby, who was staring at his mother’s bared pussy. “Your ma’s ready to fuck, buddy. She’s as hot as hell! Feel how wet she is. Go on!”
Roby brought his hand to the slick, shiny pink flesh Jony had exposed. He could see the folds of darker flaps his friend had hold of, pulling his mother open; and he could see what looked like a little stiff cock at the top of her slit, just below the fuzz of pubic hair on her mound. But it was the hole in her that held his attention as his fingers moved onto her hot moistness. She was smooth and slippery, a slick clear fluid coated her flesh and his finger slipped easily over her skin and into her pussy.
“D..D..Don’t, Roby…oooohhhh!” his mother gasped, her lower body squirming as he touched inside her. But she didn’t stop him and, encouraged by her lack of resistance and obvious enjoyment, he slid his finger right inside her. She was really hot and wet inside and he could feel the ridged walls of her vagina clenching and unclenching around him.
“You want us to take off your panties, kakima? You want to be naked?” he heard Jony ask. “Maybe you want me and Roby to fuck you, hey?” he said to her, taking Roby’s hand and rubbing it in and out of his mother. She gasped and moaned and Jony chuckled. “I guess that’s a ‘yes’!” he said to Roby, who was staring at his mother and Jony in amazement. His friend was talking real dirty to his ma and she liked it!!! And he said they were going to fuck her!!!! Him…and his own ma!!!
“You want us to fuck this lovely pussy of yours?” Jony was asking Kavita, his fingers digging in alongside Roby’s as he spoke. She moaned and grunted. “You better say you do,” Jony persisted. “We don’t want to be accused of rape or anything. You want us to fuck you? Yes? Or no?”
Mrs. Kavita stared at him dazedly. “Y..Y…Yes,” she blurted out.
“Yes what?” her young tormentor insisted.
“Y..yes. I..I..want you to f..f..fuck me!” she gasped as Jony pressed hard into her.
“You want me and Roby to get naked?” he asked her, his head resting on her breast and looking up appealingly at her. Kavita could only nod. Her body felt as though it was on fire and there was only one way to quench that fire. She needed a cock and it didn’t matter whose! A niggle in the back of her mind was saying it was wrong – it was her son and his friend – but her body’s needs pushed the thought even deeper.
Jony kissed her nipple and stood up, Kavita’s eyes following him. Roby saw that his friend’s shorts jutted out quite a deal in front. Jony stood for a moment staring at the near-nude woman sprawled before him, then hooked his thumbs under the waist band of his shorts, bent over in one smooth motion and pulled them off. He stood naked and aroused in front of the woman and her son. They both gazed at his man-sized erection standing up stiffly from his lower belly. He had a light sprinkling of short, dark hair on his pubic mound, but the rest of him was hairless.
His penis and testes looked huge on his young body and Kavita felt a thrill go through her as she looked at him. He was bigger than her husband! Even his balls were fuller, hanging so heavily from beneath his cock. She licked her suddenly dry mouth and lips, her eyes filled with lust for the boy. She reached out towards him, to draw him to her. But Jony wasn’t ready yet.
“Get your gear off, Tommy. It’s time for the real stuff!”
Roby stood up and felt suddenly, foolishly, embarrassed. Not at getting undressed in front of his ma, but, rather, at being naked in front of his best friend. Jony, though, had no such shyness. He reached out and took hold of Roby’s shorts and gently pulled them down, seeing his friend’s hesitation. Roby was then as naked as Jony, his smaller, but no less stiff, penis jutting up firmly from his hairless pubes. His testes were also smaller and smoother, his whole body yet to go through later pubity. In spite of that, though, he was rather well-developed and capable of ejaculating. Once he was naked, his embarrassment disappeared and, when Jony stroked his penis, he allowed it to happen as though it was a normal thing. He watched his mother looking at them both, her eyes going from one to the other and rarely moving higher than their groins. Jony gave him a gentle tug before releasing him and turning back towards Kavita.
“You like what you see?” he asked her, taking hold of his penis and pointing it at her. “Why don’t we take a look at your pussy?” he said when she nodded, licking her lips. He knelt on the floor and hooked his fingers in the sides of her panties. “Lift up,” he instructed and pulled the woman’s panties down her legs as she complied. They were all now completely naked. Jony pushed her legs apart. His fingers were ruffling the small patch of her pubic hair on her mound. “Have a look here, buddy.”
Roby knelt beside Jony, both of them on the floor between his mother’s legs. He gazed into her opened sex. Jony Pulled her wider and his mother moaned, her hands reaching towards their heads. Streaks of her leaking milk trailed down her body and gathered in the folds of her groin. Jony leaned forward and licked one of the tiny pools.
“Mmmmm. Tastes even lovelier down here,” he said. “Try it, Roby.”
Roby leaned his face into his mother, her smell assailing his nostrils, musky and humid and sexual. He licked up her groin, tasting her sweet milk mixed with the salty taste of her sweat and a slightly tart taste unknown to him. Jony pressed the back of his head, pushing his head down towards his mother’s pussy. He had no option but to comply, his mouth sliding over her slick wetness and bare skin. This was that unfamiliar taste, the strong, not unpleasant taste of his mother’s cunt. His tongue instinctively came out and began caressing her inner flesh. He could hear his blood pounding in his ears and his mother’s cries of pleasure as he pointed his tongue into her vagina, opening his mouth to cover her and delving deep within her slippery tunnel. He began slurping it in and out of her, feeling her body tensing up as he brought her pleasure. He felt Jony standing and glanced up, keeping his mouth and tongue working on his mother, looking up her sprawled body. Jony knelt on the lounge and Roby’s eyes bulged when he saw his friend push his penis into his mother’s waiting mouth and begin to jerk it in and out of her. And begin to squeeze her one breast real hard. His mother seemed to like what was being done to her as her eyes were closed and she had one hand tangled in Roby’s hair, pressing him into her groin, and her other hand cupping and fondling Jony’s testes. Roby took hold of his throbbing hardness, squeezing himself tightly to keep his sensations under control. He was so close to coming!
For several minutes, the two boys worked on her. Kavita’s body was a quivering mass of sensation, electric tingles rippling from her groin up through her heavy breasts from her son’s mouth and tongue, her own mouth filled with the slimy hardness of Jony’s penis. His taste permeated every pore and she could smell him, her nose almost hitting his lightly haired pubic mound each time he thrust inwards, his glans slipping down into her throat. He was leaking into her mouth and she felt the slimy essence coating her inner membranes, his salty taste so fresh and exciting. His balls were heavy and slippery in her hand and she jiggled them around erotically, tugging gently on his sac and rolling the eggs within it. She could feel he was near to a climax by the pulsing hardness of his organ and the tenseness of his young body. Then he was suddenly gone, pulling himself away from her. She opened her eyes in surprised disappointment.
“Time for you to suck Roby’s cock, kakima,” he said to her, holding his engorged penis and slapping her breast with it. Milk still trickled out of her nipples and her breasts felt even harder with her arousal. “Come on, Roby. Get your dick up here for your mother.” He turned back to Kavita. “Make him come in your mouth and I’ll give you a present,” he said a lascivious grin on his face. He swirled the slimy glans of his penis around her nipple, then bent down and sucked the hard nub into his mouth as Roby knelt beside her.
Kavita gazed at her son’s erection through lust-glazed eyes. She put her hand around his hips, her fingers sliding into the crease of his buttocks, automatically finding the boy’s anus and stroking it, making him jerk forward in surprise. She opened her mouth as his slender erection touched her lips and the hard manhood of her son was then encased inside her. She tasted his clean, salty taste and ran her tongue around him, her hand bringing him in tightly against her lips, his smaller glans sliding easily into her throat. She began sucking on him like Jony was at her breast and Roby grasped her head to steady himself as she brought him higher and higher.
Jony suckled at her breast, her milk flowing again. As he sucked, he worked himself around until he was kneeling between her legs, her wet pussy opened before him. He brought his hips forward guiding himself into her moist centre. His thick cock slid forcefully into her and Kavita gave a soft cry as he began pumping himself in and out of her. His teeth clamped on her nipple and she jerked. Jony pounded himself at her pubes; the slapping sound of his skin hitting her opened sex was loud above their grunts and gasps as they coupled.
Roby was the first to climax, his mother’s mouth quickly bringing his seed out and into her. He tried to jerk back as he felt his ejaculation coursing up from beneath his testes but his mother held him pressed against her mouth and he had no alternative but to squirt himself into her. He shot three or four quick bursts, and then felt his mothers hands clench tightly on his buttocks, her nails digging into his mounds and her teeth closed on his shaft. He heard her grunting and snorting through her nose and he realised she was also coming.
When Jony felt her tightening around his shaft, he bit hard on her nipple, squeezing the other tightly with his free hand, and pushed himself up hard inside her, feeling the barrier of her cervix give way under his pressure. He held himself tight and still against her, his jissom pounding upwards through his shaft and squirting into her womb in powerful, hot bursts. She pulsated in rippling waves along his shaft, seeming to be in time with his own throbbing organ as it spurted its seed, again and again, her cervix almost painful in its squeezing of his shaft as he kept his glans pushed within its tight muscles.
The three of them were lost in their orgasms, each experiencing pleasure like none they had had before, especially Kavita and Roby. Kavita was on fire, her body rocked by the most powerful orgasm created by both her son’s penis squirting his gluey essence into her throat and his friend’s large organ pounding her deep inside. Her breasts were assaulted by the boy’s teeth and fingers and she could feel her milk being siphoned out of them by him. Her nude body was sprawled out, the two nude boys using her for their pleasure, their hot bare skin sweaty against her where they touched.
Roby couldn’t believe he was coming into his own mother’s mouth, that she was swallowing his penis and his load. His balls rested on her chin and her nose was against his pubic bone. Her fingers were in the crack of his backside, touching around his anus, making his pleasure so much more intense. He had one hand in her hair; the other was grasping her breast with Sergio, his fingers kneading the spongy mound and being wet by her still trickling milk. He ran his hand down her wet body into her lightly haired groin, his fingers wrapping around the base of his friend’s thick shaft where it delved into his mother’s vagina. He was all sticky and wet down there and the smell coming from his mother was strong and erotic.
Finally they were all still, their bodies starting to relax and de-tumesce. Kavita felt Jony pull his thickness out of her and released Roby’s shrunken cock. Her son collapsed on the lounge beside her.
“Wow, ma! That was fantastic!” he gasped.
“It sure was, Kakima. You are one hot lady!” Jony said, flopping casually on the lounge beside her.
Kavita looked at them both, the sudden impact of what she had just allowed happening suddenly hitting her. Flustered, she began to rise.
“Relax, woman,” Jony said authoratively, putting his hand onto her belly and pressing her back down. “There’s no point in getting upset now, is there? We’ve done it. We can’t undo it.” He looked at her, grinning cheekily.
Kavita realised it was true. And she had enjoyed it. She gave a tentative smile at them both. “You mustn’t say anything to….”
“Hey, Kakima. No way! Roby and I are gonna keep you to ourselves. Aren’t we, buddy?” Jony interrupted.
“Sure are, ma!” Roby grinned.
“We’ll keep you happy, you can be sure of that,” his friend added.
Kavita looked at the two boys. “You mean…But…you can’t..” she began helplessly. She had certainly started something that looked as though she was no longer able to control.
“We certainly don’t intend to let it go at this,” Jony exclaimed, patting her pubic mound. “Roby and I are gonna do it every time we can. If not, we’ll tell everyone!” He slid his finger into her leaking sex. Roby put his finger inside her as well. Kovita could only stare at them. They had her…or, rather, they were going to have her whenever they wanted! She had no choice now.
“And I hope you keep making milk, ma,” Roby said, putting his head to her breast. “This is certainly the neatest way to drink the stuff!” and he fastened onto her nipple again.
Kavita leaned back on the lounge and closed her eyes, trying to keep the smile off her face. With her son at her breast and his best friend exploring her sex and the three of them naked, she was, in fact, quite satisfied. As long as they didn’t find out she had planned quite cleverly in the hope this whole situation would eventuate.  
was finally over and I was stunned when I got my final grades, all my goofing off and having fun I failed English. The principal brought my mother down to the college and they made a deal to where I could still graduate with my class, but I had to take summer college.
This sucked I had just turned eighteen before the end of the college year and our families annual two week camping trip was coming up as well.
Wait a second maybe they would leave me home and I would have the whole house to myself. I followed my mother out of the office and out to the parking lot, I waited as she took my new baby sister out of the stroller and in to the car seat.
As we drove home she was very quiet, I could tell she was pissed off for me screwing around all college year and now having to do summer college. I went to turn on the local hard rock station and she reached down slapping my hand away from the dial.
“Mitch, I’m very disappointed that you did not show responsibility in your college work and you did not keep your promise to your father and I on bringing your grades up.” She said.
“Sorry mom.” I sighed. “So what are we going to do about summer college and the annual camping trip?”
“I will talk to your father and we will let you know later.” She replied not looking at me.
We got home and I went straight up to my room, I lay on my bed just staring at the ceiling for almost an hour. I heard footsteps in the hallway and then a knock on my door; it was my mother wanting to come in. She waited for me to tell her to enter and she came in, she pulled the chair away from desk so she could sit down.
“Mitch, your father and I agree that you should not be able to go on the trip. So we decided that he will take your brother and sister with him so they don’t have to miss out on it.” She explained. “Furthermore the baby and I will stay home with you, I will make sure you pass summer college so you can go to college in the fall.”
“Aw mom, I’m old enough to stay home by myself.” I groaned.
“Well if you could have if you had shown us responsibility with your college work and kept your promise to do better” she said getting up from the chair. “Don’t worry we will find time to have some fun too.”
Great two weeks alone with my mother and my baby sister not only that I had to do summer college. Missing the camping trip with my dad and siblings, we always had a great time on the lake and sleeping in the cabin my dad had bought several years back.
Well the rest of the week passed and graduation day came, I was allowed graduate with my class. As part of my punishment I could not go to any of the cool parties the others kids were having. I was relegated to staying home, having cake and ice cream with some relatives that came to see me graduate.
The next week passed by quickly, it was next Saturday and it was time to leave on the trip. My dad and brother had all the gear stowed on top of the SUV; my sister had all the rest of various bags of groceries in the back. As my brother got into the front seat on the passenger side and my sister in the back seat, my dad stayed out to say good bye.
“Well Mitch, I hope you learn your lesson son.” Dad said.
“Yeah this really sucks.” I replied sullenly kicking the ground.
“Hey get done with summer college and maybe we will find time for a weekend fishing trip before you go off to college.” He said trying to offer some kind of consolation.
“Yeah I guess that would be cool.” I replied.
“Great.” He said patting me on the shoulder.
My mother stood holding my baby sister waiting to say her goodbyes to my father; she had just gotten done with my brother and sister in the SUV. Even though I was the oldest at eighteen, my brother at sixteen and my sister at thirteen my parents were surprised by a little bundle of joy.
My father is forty five and is a very successful investment banker, he had just started at the firm twenty years ago when he met my mother who worked there as a receptionist.
She was five years younger than my dad being only twenty at the time; a few weeks ago she had just turned forty. Now he owned his own firm and this allowed my mother to stay home and be a full time mom.
“Bye Karen.” He said kissing her on the lips. He then kissed the baby on the top of her head. “Bye Jenny.”
“Bye Bill, drive careful and call me when you get there.” She said.
“Yes babe. I love you.” He said kissing her again.
“Love you too.” She said kissing him back. “See you in a couple of weeks.”
We stood in the driveway waving good bye as the SUV backed out of the driveway and for the first time in twenty years my parents did not spend a vacation together. For the first time in eighteen years I did not go on vacation either, what a bummer. We walked down to the street and watched until they drove out of sight, we went back into the house.
“Well I’m going to get supper going.” She said once inside. “Would you put Jenny in her play pen for me?”
“Sure Mom, then I is going upstairs to listen to music until dinner is ready.” I said.
About an hour had passed and my mother called me downstairs for supper. The three of us ate out at the kitchen breakfast nook, it was pretty quiet which was unusual for our house.
“What do you have planned for tonight?” she asked.
“Not much, seeing how I’m grounded until I finish summer college.” I grumbled.
“Oh well I will down here watching a movie off the cable if you are interested you can join me.” She said.
“I might come down later.” I said. “May I be excused?”
I left the kitchen and retired back up to my room, I think I had spent a couple hours up there and I was getting pretty bored. I came back down stairs and went into the living to find my mother sitting on the couch breast feeding the baby.
I had seen my mother do this on several other occasions yet never sat in the same room while she did it. She was very discreet about it, the baby blanket was positioned just right so you never really got a good look at one of her tits. I never really looked at my mom in a sexual way, yet one of my buddies told me that my mom looked incredible after having the baby.
As I plopped down on one of the chairs in the living room I actually took a look at my mother in the light of the living room. She has short brown hair, green eyes; her breasts had gone from their normal 36c to a larger 38d. The shorts she had on showed her long legs which were smooth and milky white. My buddy was right she was a beautiful woman and she did have a nice body after having the baby.
“What are you watching?” I asked. “Some lifetime flick”
“Yes.” She laughed. She knew how my father, I and my brother dreaded those movies. “I tell you what let me get Jenny off to bed and then finish this movie, then you can find one and we will watch it together.”
“Sounds like a deal to me.” I said.
She carefully got her breast back into her nursing bra and then she burped the baby. She waited for a commercial, changed the baby and put her down in her crib for the night. When she returned she was carrying the monitor, she pressed the info button on the remote to reveal her movie only had fifteen minutes left.
“Mitch why don’t you go out to the kitchen and pop us a big bowl of popcorn and bring us in a couple of cokes.” She said.
“Sure mom.” I said.
I went out and fixed our great big bowl of popcorn, poured a couple of cups of ice cold coke. I carried them in on a serving tray and sat down next to my mother on the couch. Her movie was over and she handed me the remote, I quickly skimmed through all the movie channels and then the pay per view. Finally I found a movie and we settled in to watch it, to my surprise my mother said it looks like I picked a good one.
The movie was full of action and adventure until about half way through it when the two leads had a passionate love scene. My face turned bright red as I was embarrassed to watch a man make love to a woman with my mother in the same room.
We watched the rest of the movie, to my surprise it was real quiet too, and my mother had lay her head on my chest and fell asleep. I could hear her soft and gentle snores; she was out like a light. I looked down at her sleeping form and saw that her shorts had ridden up her legs to almost the bottom of her ass cheeks. The tank top she was wearing was loose fitting enough to where she gave me a great view of her cleavage.
My cock got instantly hard as I sat there ogling her body, it looked incredible and being a virgin I never had a woman this close. Gently I lowered my free hand down to her bare arm; I ran my fingers lightly over the bare skin. Her skin felt so soft and smooth, I could feel my cock twitch from the electricity of the touch.
Did I dare go any further; I slowly reached around to the front of her shirt and gently cupped one of her large breasts. Gently I gave it several soft squeezes; it was firm and full of milk. I could feel her nipple starting to get hard even through the thick nursing bra she was wearing. I could not help myself I reached further around and inside her shirt; I slid my shaking hand inside of it down the soft flesh of her tit and into the cup of her bra.
I felt a hard nipple, it was fat and puffy, it dripped a little milk, and my cock felt as if it was going to explode in my pants.
She sighed softly and her body shifted slightly, her head roll slid off of my chest and was now lying on my hard cock. My hand slid back out of her top, I really wanted to get out of there after coping my cheap feel. Then I looked down at her nice round ass, her legs were now slightly parted and had ridden up a little more. Did I dare try to feel inside of her shorts, I could not resist as my hand with a mind of its own went for a bare smooth thigh.
My hand trembled and shakes as I ran it up the back of her leg, her shorts were loose enough that my hand easily slid under the fabric. I leaned my head around enough so I could get a good view of what I was doing. I pulled the crotch of the shorts over as much as I could, then I was shocked to find my mother was wearing a thong. My sweet dear conservative mother wears thongs; my cock lurched again in my pants. I was surprised she did not feel it when it did with her head laying on it.
I slid the thong fabric away from her pussy, I could see a few strands of brown pubic hair and a little of her pussy. Gently I ran my finger over her slit all the way up between the folds of her lips to her clit. I had seen enough dirty magazines and internet porn to know I had touched her clit. I used what I have read on the stories from sites like Literotica and gently rubbed her clit. Her pussy responded by letting juice escape, she was starting to lubricate.
I took my finger away from her clit and slid it into her pussy; I got it in all the way to the knuckle. I could feel her tight pussy muscles clamp around my finger as it invaded her pussy. Suddenly she moaned and she reached around pushing my arm and hand out of her shorts.
“Not tonight baby.” She mumbled in her sleep.
I did not try again, I knew my cock had exploded and I was now very uncomfortable sitting there. I waited a few minutes longer and then I woke my mother from her slumber, she sat up groggily rubbing her eyes.
“Sorry Mitch, I must of dozed off.” She sighed.
“It’s okay Mom. I’m ready for bed myself.” I replied.
“Goodnight sweetie.” She said kissing my cheek and grabbing her monitor.
“Goodnight.” I answered.
I changed the channel to one of the sports channels to get the ball scores, after watching the highlight for around a half hour I quietly went up to bed. I stopped by my mother’s room and listened for a moment. I could hear her thrashing on her sheets, she was masturbating, and did I really have an effect on her. I could hear her making soft moaning sounds until she finally had an orgasm.
My cock was hard again so I scurried down to my room, once inside I jumped on my bed and yanked my jeans off. I got my cock out and jerked off, I came so hard that the cum that had shot out of it landed on my chest and stomach. With that I fell asleep with just my shirt covered in cum, and my underwear on. My cock was softening lying outside of my underwear; my dreams were full of erotic images of my mother. 
Mitch stayed away from his mother in a sense all week; he avoided spending too much time alone with her. During the week he continued to have persistent boners over what had happened when she fell asleep during the movie.
All week long she would drop him off at summer college and pick him up from summer college. Friday had finally rolled around and Mitch called his mother from college and told her he was going to go party with some of his friends. Karen was totally pissed off by this; Mitch was supposed to be grounded and not allowed to do anything.
She asked her sister to baby-sit Jenny and she got in her van to look for which ever friends house he may be at partying. She struck out at the first three homes and then she arrived at the home of his buddy Kevin. Mitch and Kevin had been good friends throughout college and she remembered that Kevin’s parents were out of town on vacation. Karen got out of her van and walked up the walk to Kevin’s front door, she rang the bell several times. Finally Kevin came to the door, the handsome young man staggered a bit when he opened it.
“Uh Mrs. Collins!” he exclaimed.
“Yes Kevin is Mitch here?” she asked.
“Yeah he is here somewhere.” He answered sheepishly. “Hey Mike go find where Mitch is, I think he went off with Lea. Might as well come in and wait Mrs. Collins while Mike goes and finds him for you.”
Karen walked in to find the living room full of kids from Mitch’s class drinking and listening to music. Kevin led her to the love seat and cleared it off for her to have a seat, to her surprise he plopped right down next to her. He offered her some beer and then some wine, Karen declined the beer but accepted a small glass of wine.
“Wow Mrs. Collins I hope you will be cool and not say anything to my parents about this.” He said.
“Oh my Kevin you know how many kids has done this through the years whenever their parents are not home. Just keep it safe okay.” She lectured taking a sip of wine.
“Thanks, you are definitely one of the coolest moms around and a real babe too.” He said putting an arm around her shoulder giving her a friendly hug or so she thought.
Mitch had just reluctantly stopped his make out session with the lovely Lea and went down to the living room. His mother and Kevin could not see him from where he was standing in the hall, but he had a clear view of them. He watched as Kevin’s hand slid off of his mother’s shoulder down around her waist.
His mom looked better than any of the high girls currently at the party, she wore a short denim skirt and a figure hugging top that showed cleavage of her large breasts. Kevin got brave and reached around with his free hand and placed it on her thigh gently rubbing it. Karen looked down at this action with surprise at the young man’s brash behavior and quickly removed it.
“Kevin I’m old enough to be your mom.” She reminded him.
“Yeah, I’m sorry Mrs. Collins, you are just the hottest mom of any of the kids in college, a definite MILF.” He shouted the last word.
“Milf?” she asked.
“Mom I’d Like to Fuck.” He answered.
Mitch expected his mother to slap him across the face and throw her glass of wine in it as well. Instead he heard his mother laugh as if she was told the funniest joke she had ever heard.
“So Kevin what makes me so desirable to you young boys?” she asked.
“Well you had a great body before you had your last baby, but the baby made your body look even better, you know filling it out more in the right places.” He said trying to put his hand on her leg again. Karen laughed at the comment and moved his hand away.
“Well Kevin thanks for the compliment, yet older women need more than someone telling them they have a nice body. You need to find other things to compliment us on like our eyes, hair, our minds would be a good place to start.” She explained
“Well Mrs. Collins you have beautiful eyes, your hair is as soft as silk and you are definitely the smartest mom I have ever met.” He said trying hard to be romantic.
“Oh I need to find my son.” She said putting the glass down and getting up from the love seat. She turned around and cupped Kevin’s face with both hands and give him a three second kiss on the lips. “Thanks for being sweet Romeo.”
Everyone in the room gave out a collective woo hoo and Kevin’s face turned bright red with embarrassment. As for Mitch everything he saw gave him a raging hard on and he saw Lea half way down the stairs. He quickly turned and ran up the stairs; he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back up as well. She let him drag her along giggling all the way to Kevin’s parents’ bedroom.
“Wow, what has gotten into you stud?” she asked.
“I have time and I need you bad baby.” He said sounding very clichéd.
He quickly pulled his jean shorts off and then his underwear; he let his cock bounce around as he joined Lea on the bed. She pulled her jeans and panties off; she had a condom out and opened for him to wear.
Mitch hated to wear the damn things, yet he did not want his baby sister to be an aunt nine months later. He put it on his hard cock and slid it into Lea’s wet tight pussy; he reached up and pulled her shirt off to reveal her small firm tits with pointy pink nipples. He sucked on them both and then began to thrust inside of her with urgency; Lea pulled her legs back to let him get more penetration.
While he was fucking her tight pussy with a furious pace, Lea was letting out soft moans beckoning Mitch to fuck her good and hard. Karen had during all this time made her way upstairs and heard his voice. She had opened the door and peered in, she stood quietly for a long time watching her son fuck this girl. It reminded her of when his father and her used to fool around in her parents room when they were his age.
Karen could not move from the door way as she continued to watch her son continue to fuck Lea. Finally he let out a loud groan just as she screamed out she was cumming, he made several slow thrusts as his cock finished emptying into the condom. Karen was relieved to see that he had worn a condom and slowly closed the door.
“Mitch I will be out in the car waiting for you, you have five minutes to get down there.” She said.
“Shit!” he exclaimed.
While he dressed to go down to meet his mother out in the car, his mother sat behind the steering wheel wrestling with what she had just saw. She was slightly troubled to see her son have sex, yet she was even more puzzled at why her pussy was now very wet and itching to get fucked.
Mitch got into the car and they drove quietly home, his aunt said she put Jenny to bed and she left to go home leaving the two of them alone. Mitch sat down at the kitchen table and grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl. Karen leaned against the counter staring at her oldest child, who used to be her little boy.
“I had an interesting conversation with your friend Kevin tonight.” She said.
“Really, about what?” he asked.
“Apparently I’m a Milf.” She said.
“That really is meant as a compliment.” He answered.
“I also saw what you and Lea were doing in his parents’ bedroom.” She said. “Are you two going steady now?”
“I think so, we are going to the same college this fall if I pass summer college.” He replied.
“I’m glad you kept it safe with her, I’m too young to be a grandmother.” She said. “Just keep being careful.”
“We will mom.” He said. “Wow that went better than I thought it would.”
“Well you are eighteen now so I guess you will be experimenting with sex.” She said. “C’mon let’s go into the living room and watch some TV.”
“Okay.” He said.
They sat and talked in the living room until it was two in the morning, they used to talk like this when Mitch was a few years younger while his father was away on business. She reached up and grabbed the center of her chest and then rubbed it for a minute or two.
“Is something wrong Mom?” he asked.
“Just ache a little, I did not get to nurse your sister and my breasts are full of milk right now.” She explained. “Would you get my pump for me and an extra bottle?”
“Sure Mom.” He said running to the kitchen to get everything she wanted.
She placed one of the nursing towels she had handy in the living room so he could see very little of her breast. She places the pump to the breast and the pump gave a little whir then it quit.
“Shit while I was looking for you I forgot to get batteries.” She exclaimed.
“Sorry mom, I wish there was something I could do to help.” He said.
“Well they really ache and you are my son, would you like to nurse and help them stop aching.” She said.
“Uh, if it would help you out, what do I do?” he asked nervously.
She lifted her shirt to reveal her nursing bra; the large bloated breast was hanging out of one of the cups the other still in. Her large dark nipples had a small white spot of milk on it; she held it up towards him.
“Just put your mouth around the nipple and suck, you have to suck hard at first and then it flows easy.” She explained.
“Okay.” He said.
He leaned in and placed his mouth over her nipple, his mother looked down at him nodding that it was alright to continue. He sucked hard and then was rewarded with a blast of breast milk, he was surprised he liked how it tasted and sucked on it for more.
Karen was thankful to feel some relief and leaned further back on the couch relaxing and giving him better access. Mitch suckled on her breast for around ten minutes when it finally stop giving milk, without asking he undid her nursing bra and got the other tit out.
He quickly dove in to start sucking on it as he did with the other one; Karen just laid back and closed her eyes.
Mitch felt his cock getting hard and he wondered if his mother was enjoying this in a maternal way or if he was making her horny too. He gave it five minutes when he decided to reach up and fondle the breast he had just emptied. She did not say or do anything so he continued to suckle one and play with the other. He gently toyed with her nipple and gave it gentle squeezes.
Karen let out a soft mew and placed her hand on the back of her son’s head, her skirt had rode up to her panties. He was right this was turning her on as he felt his mother’s pelvis grind against his thigh. The other breast was finally empty and now instead of suckling for milk he was licking and sucking it like a lover. He hungrily went back en forth between the two sucking, kissing and licking her nipples.
“Oh Mitch oh Mitch baby that feels good.” She moaned. “Oh shit, dammit stop it now!”
His mother yelled covered her big tits and ran out of the room; she ran upstairs and shut her bedroom door. Mitch waited in the living room several long minutes by himself, confused by what had happened. He was very horny and pulled his cock out; he began to jerk off shooting his cum all over his stomach of his shirt.
He climbed the stairs very quietly heading for his bedroom; he paused by his mother’s room and heard her again. Her body was thrashing on the sheets and she was moaning louder than she did last weekend. Soon he heard her have a real powerful orgasm, the thrashing and moaning stopped. He listened as her heard his mother stop to sob herself to sleep.
Mitch felt guilty, yet now he also felt obsessed with his beautiful mother, he knew he still had a week left to attempt to fuck his mother. He planned on using the week to do just that, he was hooked on the taste of her milk, the soft feel of her body and the knowledge that she was just as turned on by what had happened as he was.
Mitch had to have his mother and nothing was going to stop him from unleashing the incestuous monster inside of him. He must have stayed up until the crack of dawn on how he was going to start the week long seduction of his mother.  
Mitch figured he still had a whole week left to seduce his mother, she now became an obsession to him. He got up as usual in the morning to start his plan to seduce his mother, he threw on a pair of shorts and a tank top. He went downstairs and could not find his mother nor the baby anywhere. Then he heard the sound of the treadmill coming from the basement, the mother of four worked out on it almost every day.
He had to admit the exercise she did kept her body incredible looking, her large breasts filled the sports top she was wearing to capacity. The spandex shorts she had on showed off her toned muscular legs and her round ass. Mitch stood and admired her for a short while, then he yelled to her that he was going to step out for a bit and would be home later. Before she could holler back that she wanted to talk to him about the other night he was gone.
Mitch had plenty of ideas for a night alone with his mother, he pulled out the list he made in his room earlier. It included flowers, a gift, a romantic movie and a trip to grocery store so he could cook her dinner. He also planned on getting a haircut so he would look his best for a night of seduction of his mother. Little did Mitch know that his best friend was also on his way over to his house, his friend Kevin had remembered Mitch telling him that his dad and the rest of the family were gone for another week.
Karen Collins had finished her workout, put Jenny in her playpen so she could take a shower. She finished her shower, put on a tank top and a pair of shorts, she pulled her hair back into a pony tail, then she got the baby. She took Jenny downstairs and sat in the recliner in the living room, she did not wear a bra so she just lifted her shirt and gave the baby lunch.
While feeding the baby she kept rocking back en forth, unknown to her Kevin was standing on the front porch looking in. He saw the perfect large breast of his best friend’s mother, it’s nipple being tugged on by the baby. His cock began to harden in his tight jeans as he watched for most of the feeding. Then to his disappointment the baby was done and she put the large tit back in the shirt, she got up and put the baby in her basinet. Kevin then knocked on the door, Karen ran to answer it before it would wake the napping baby.
“Hey Mrs. Collins” he said loudly. “Is..”
“SSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” She shushed loudly. “I just put the baby down for a nap.”
“Oops sorry.” he said softly. “I just came by to see you.”
“To see me?” she asked.
“Yes I should apologize for my behavior the other night.” he said looking down at the floor.
“Oh that, don’t worry about it. You were a little tipsy, would you like to come in and keep me company while Mitch is out?” she asked.
“Sure that would be great.” he said.
He followed her inside and down the hallway to the kitchen, she got a couple of glasses out of the cupboard and then a big pitcher of iced tea from the fridge. Kevin could not believe his luck to be alone with this hot looking mother of four, he was even more excited by the fact her large nipples were poking through her shirt.
She handed him a glass and leaned back against the counter taking a long drink, he did the same the whole time looking at her beautiful tits. The two of them went over to the table and sat down to make conversation. Karen asked the usual questions and then she asked him where on earth he got the milf thing from.
“Oh that, it was in one of those teen sex romp comedies.” he said.
“Really I think Mitch has that DVD in his room, run up and get it for me, we can watch it to kill time.” she said.
“Well that will be my pleasure.” he said running after the DVD.
Karen poured some chips in a big bowl and brought the iced tea into the living room on a large tray. Kevin brought the DVD down and popped it into the player, he was right this was definitely one of the teen sex comedies. Some parts were funny, while others were just disgusting to her, she watched Kevin shift several times as if he was uncomfortable.
“See this is where I got milf from.” he said.
“So you think I’m a milf?” she asked.
“Your not going to tell my parents or Mitch are you?” he asked nervously.
“No.” she said.
“Yes Mrs. Collins you are one mother I would love to fuck.” he said bluntly.
“Oh my I guess I would have to say that I’m flattered.” she said blushing.
“Really, you are very beautiful and I think your body is absolutely incredible looking.” he said.
Karen leaned towards the young man with the intention of just giving him an innocent friendly kiss of thanks for flattering the older mother. When she did Kevin reached up behind her pulled her face to his and planted a very wet romantic kiss on her lips.
Karen was shocked that she was paralyzed to move, the young man eagerly pushed her lips apart and sent his tongue into her mouth. She gasped at the bold move yet could not bring herself to stop him, it had been many years since her husband actually kissed her with that much unbridled passion.
She could feel his trembling hands work their way under her shirt and he gently began to massage her big tits. She leaned back onto the couch pulling the young man down with her, he continued to fondle her breasts, playing with her big thick nipples. Then she felt his hand slide back down her stomach and he unbuttoned her shorts. He slid his hand into the shorts, through the thick pubic hair, he then moved the his fingers over her moistening pussy.
His hand was now rubbing her pussy vigorously and soon he found her clit, he rubbed it causing her to emit soft moans. Soon he brought her to a small gentle orgasm and she finally broke the kiss, Kevin tried to pull her shorts off yet now she stopped him.
“That was nice Kevin, but I can’t let you do anymore.” she whispered.
“Oh god, I’m so hard it hurts.” he moaned.
“Sit up and pull down your jeans.” she said.
He did so quickly, his hard six inch cock was now into view, she took hold of it gently and began to jerk it up and down. She used one hand to stroke his cock and her other was fondling his large egg shaped balls, she could not let this potent young man fuck her. She was so horny with everything that went on between her and Mitch, and with her husband still away. Yet this would have to do for her jerking off this young stud on the couch in her living room.
It did not take long for the young man to tense up and start shooting thick jets of milky white cum. The first spurt landed on her arm, the rest landed on his shirt and her hand, she reached for the tissues on the coffee table. The young man took them and quickly wiped the cum off of his shirt and she took some for her hand and arm.
She led him to the door of the house, the whole time he kept telling her that if he got some condoms would she call him to come over when Mitch was not around. She told him she would think about it and went into the living room after seeing him out. She plopped down on the couch and looked at the few pieces of balled up tissue.
She was still horny so she took a couple of them that were still wet with cum, she laid back on the couch fingering her pussy for some relief. Karen took one of the tissues with her free hand and licked the gobs of cum until she frigged herself to orgasm.
A few hours later Mitch arrived home with a big bouquet of flowers, Karen was surprised to see this. The card simply said sorry and I love you on it, he led her out to the kitchen to show her the rest of the surprises.
“Tonight we will watch this romantic movie, I will make you a nice dinner, to make up for being such a shit lately.” he said.
“Wow sounds nice.” she said. “Sort of a nice little date with just me and my son.”
“Yeah why don’t you go upstairs and get dressed, Aunt Melissa is coming by to take Jenny so you can relax and I can make up to you.” he said.
“Well I guess I better go upstairs and pump, the drug store sent a new one over.” she said. “I’ll be down in a little while.”
She had a couple of bottles of breast milk ready and had a bag packed for the baby her sister came by and picked her up. She then went back upstairs to change for her little make up date with her son, she was glad that he must of felt bad for what happened and wants to show it by all of this effort.
She put on her short black skirt for the first time after the pregnancy, it still fit, she put on a pair of hose and heels. She did her hair up nice and then wore make up, it felt good to do all of this for she had not done it in almost a year.
The table was set with candles, Mitch even had a couple bottles of her favorite wine chilled and ready for her. The two of them chatted and she was surprised that her son could cook this well, after she killed the first bottle she invited her son to share the second one with her.
Mitch put some soft music on the stereo and invited his mother to dance, she graciously accepted and the two of the danced around the dining room. Then he said it was time to watch the movie, the two of them took the last bottle of wine with them. Karen never noticed that Mitch never drank any and she killed the second bottle singlehandedly.
The movie, the wine, the romantic atmosphere were having it’s desired affect on her for Mitch, his mother leaned against him on the couch. She slowly rolled over on to her back her son then reached around and began to feel her tits. She could do nothing to stop him, she just sighed and let him continue, he then pulled on the neckline stretching the material of the dress. He finally got both of her breasts out for him to look at and enjoy playing with.
Mitch could not get over all big and firm they were, nor could he get over how erect her nipples got. He ran his hand down her stomach and lifted the hem of her skirt, she tried weakly to stop him, yet could not. He got his hand inside her panties and began to rub her pussy, Karen could not control her emotions, she got very wet and spread her legs for her son.
“Mom I’m going to take you up to your bed and I’m going to make love to you.” he said softly. “Try and stop me, I will take you willingly or by force, but I will have you.”
With that he got up and he leaned down to pick his mother up, he carried her up to her bedroom and laid her down on her bed. Karen felt as if she was in a dream as her son stood by the bed undressing himself.
“Mitch please no.” she whimpered softly to him.
“Yes mother tonight you are mine.” he said.
She could do nothing to stop him, she was drunk, she uncontrollably horny and she loved her son. He was now naked and she could see him in the moonlight that shone into her room, he was young and muscular, then she looked down and saw his big cock. It was not huge like you see in the porno’s her husband occasionally got, yet it was maybe an inch or two bigger than his father, maybe a little thicker as well.
He got on the bed, he pulled her heels off, then he reached under the skirt and pulled her hose and then her panties down. Mitch then lifted the dress up over her head to reveal his mother’s sexy naked body. He took one of her nipples into his mouth and began to lick and suck on it, tiny spurts of milk came out.
Karen moaned and arched her back toward her son’s eager mouth, this encouraged Mitch to continue his sexual assault on her. He then kissed his way down her stomach and ran his tongue through her pubic mound. Her son spread her legs apart wider and began to eagerly lick at his mother’s wet pussy. Soon his tongue found her clit and he feverishly flicked his tongue over it real fast.
Now Karen could feel her powerful orgasm building inside of her, she reached down and held her son’s head mashing her pussy against his face. Mitch waited til his mother’s orgasm subsided and then he pulled himself up between her legs. He effortlessly slid his cock into her waiting pussy, his strokes long slow and gentle.
To his surprise his mother wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his face to hers, she kissed him passionately. After she broke the kiss she licked around his chin and his upper lip, getting all of her pussy juice. Then she surprised him even more when she said to her son in a sultry husky bedroom voice.
“Tonight I’m yours, now fuck me my son fuck me.”
With that encouragement he started to drive his hard cock into his mother, he could feel her fingernails rake his back and here her passionate moans. Soon she was cumming again and again, then her son was releasing his seed as well. He rolled off of his mother to catch his breathe after a few minutes his mother crawled down and sucked his cock til it got hard again. Now she got on top of him and rode his cock up and down, she came many times before he finally came again.
After that she had to collapse on the bed, the sheets now wet with sex, she felt her son pull up next to her and they fell asleep in each others arms. 
The next day Karen awoke with a killer hang over, she sat up naked in bed and rubbed her forehead. She could feel her son’s cum ooze out of her pussy and onto the sheets as she sat up in bed wondering how many times he fucked her. How could her son do this to her, getting her drunk, attempting to romance and seduce her and then taking advantage of his own mother?
On the pillow on the other side of the bed was a note from her son, it read that he had a wonderful time last night, he went off to the store and would be back soon. Karen got out of bed and went into the master bathroom, she started the shower, she opened the medicine cabinet and took a couple of aspirins. Karen got into the shower and began to scrub her body with a washcloth she was trying hard to scrub away the guilt of yesterday.
Images kept coming into her mind as she did this, first giving into temptation and jerking off her son’s young high college friend. Then licking the young man’s cum out of the tissue while she blatantly frigged her pussy on the couch. She now saw her son, making love to her in her marital bed, granted she being drunk she shamefully had to admit she enjoy what had happened.
Mitch came home he had a bag with croissants fresh from a local bakery and fresh orange juice, he put them on a plate, poured two wine glasses with orange juice. He grabbed some butter and some jelly, and he put a single red rose in a small vase. With everything arranged on a tray he carried it up to his mother’s bedroom.
He entered his mother’s bedroom and saw she was not in bed, he then heard the running water coming from his mother’s bathroom shower. He set the tray down and undressed, he heard the water shut off, the door to the master bathroom was open a crack so he went over to look in at her.
He watched his mother dry her body with a large towel, she then wrapped it around her, she stepped out of the shower over to her sink. She brushed out her hair while drying it with a hair dryer, and Mitch could feel his cock harden watching her. Mitch quietly stepped up behind her and wrapped his muscular arms around her.
“Mitch you need to get out of here!” she said firmly.
“Why mom you wanted this bad enough last night.” He said to grind his hard cock against her ass.
“Mitch it was wrong and you took advantage of me with all of that wine.” She replied.
She tried to push away from his hold and the sink, it was a futile attempt as her son used his arm to push her down. When he did this, it caused her ass to push back toward his cock, Mitch used his leg to push her legs apart.
“Mom’s I will prove to you that you liked what I did last night.” He grunted hard as he plunged his cock into her wet pussy. “Fuck mom you are already wet and ready to fuck me.”
“Mitch pllleeeaaassssseeeeeeee stops that.” She begged.
“Oh yeah this feels good admit?” He said as he pumped his hard cock in and out of her.
“No, no, no, no no.” Panted over and over.
“Admit.” He said as he pulled the towel off, he reached around and roughly fondled her big tits so hard that milk trickled from them.
“Yes I like it.” She said. “Who would not like to be fucked by you hard young cock, now if your going to fuck me, then fuck me dammit.”
Mitch put both hands around to her massive chest, he held onto her tits roughly as he pounded his mother’s pussy with his big cock. The loud moans she was emitting only made him fuck her harder and harder.
“Oh fuck that feels good” She said cumming. “Fuck me, cum in my pussy baby.”
“AGH!” He shouted shooting his load into his mother’s pussy.
Karen waited for her son to stop cumming, finally she was able to unpin herself from the sink. She kissed him tenderly on the lips and grabbed his hand, she led him into the bedroom surprised by the breakfast he had for her. The two of them sat on the bed and ate, quietly just staring at each other.
“Baby, Why don’t you take a shower?” She said. “I will get dressed and go pick up your sister.”
“All right Mom.” He said.
When left to take a shower her quickly dressed, grabbed her purse and left the house to get the baby. She however did not return until later in the evening, but Mitch was sitting in his father’s easy chair watching something on television.
She took the baby upstairs to her nursery and then returned to the living, she reached for the remote control and shut off the show he was watching.
“Where have you been all day?” He asked with a slight hint of anger in his voice.
“For one I do not answer to you and I had to do some serious thinking about what has happened between us this weekend.” She answered.
“Okay I have to say something first, and I love you Mom. I want to be with you every chance we can, I don’t care about Dad or anyone else, just you.” He explained.
“Well I love you too. Your Father returns in a week. You and I have that long to get this out of our system. I have not had sex that passionate in a long time and I miss it, my proposal to you is as long as you get good grades in summer college and you can promise me that when the rest of our family returns that we go back to being mother and son.” She waited a moment for it to sink in. “If you cannot accept my terms, I will pack up and stay with my sister for the rest of the week.”
“So you are saying I get to have sex with you the rest of the week, as long as I get good grades and I can promise that once everyone gets back that our affair ends.” He replied.
“Exactly.” She answered.
“What choices do me really have, it will be tough once they get back you know.” He mentioned.
“Yes it will, but I love your father and I will not destroy this family with our passion.” She said. “When they pull into the driveway it is over and will never be spoke of again.”
“Okay mom I accept your terms.” He said with reluctance.
“Great.” She said standing up.
She walked over to her son and got down on her knees, she looked up at him as her hands undid his jean shorts. Then she pulled the zipper down and pulled out his semi hard cock, she smiled at him lovingly as she lowered her head to it. His mother ran her tongue up and down the full length of her son’s cock making it grows harder and harder. She began to stroke it up and down with her small manicured hand, then she surprised Mitch when she licked his balls.
“Oh mom that feels so good.” He moaned.
She did not say anything only continued her oral manipulation of his manhood, she alternated from his balls to sucking his cock. Her son did not know this that his mothers use to be quite the blow job queen when she was his age. Several young men tried to bed her but she wanted to protect her virginity and only gave blow jobs or hand jobs to them.
Finally she stood up and with the help of her son she shimmies out of her tight jeans, then came down the thong she was wearing. She pulled her tank top off and then her bra, with that she climbed on top of her son, straddling him in the chair. He managed to reach down and pull the chair back so he was now in a lying position.
Karen began to bounce up and down on her son’s cock while he reached up and played with her big tits. She got him to squeeze them more gently as they were sensitive from the rough handling this morning. Mitch was in heaven he had his beautiful mother bouncing up and down on his cock he alternated his hands from her big tits to her fleshy soft ass.
“Oh yes babies I love when you touch me.” She moaned. “Oh god you are going to make me, ah ah, ah aha yes I’m cumming.”
“Mom you are so hot.” He groaned as he was now thrusting his hips.
“Shoot it baby, shoot you’re hot cum in me.” She said.
“Oh mom you sound so smutty.” He grunted.
“For one week I will be your slut, oh god baby I’m cumming again.” She moaned.
“Oh yes me to mom.” He moaned. “Oh shit here it cumssss.”
As her son shot his sperm into her unprotected womb again, she collapsed on top of him, the chair was now wet with sweat. They laid together for several minutes kissing and caressing each other.
“Take me upstairs and make love to me.” She said softly.
“Yes mom.” He said. He could feel his cock getting hard in her again, it was difficult but he managed to put the chair down, keep his cock in her stood up and carried her up to her room with his cock in her pussy.
Little did either of the two incestuous lovers know that Kevin had stopped by to see Mitch again, only this time he saw more than he should. As he came up on the porch, he heard sounds of sex coming from the house, he hid behind the large hedges and looked into the living room window to see his best buddy fucking his own mother.
While Mitch is in college, Kevin was definitely going to pay Karen a visit, one that he will most thoroughly enjoy. This time he was not going to leave with just a hand job from this sexy mother.  

It was Monday morning and parked down the street in his camaro was Kevin waiting for Mitch to leave for summer college. He watched as his friend had left, then to his chagrin he saw Karen come out of the house pushing one of those baby strollers that you could run with. She wore a tight sports bra and a pair of tight spandex shorts. He watched as she and the baby ran down the road and out of sight, he slouched down and napped waiting for her return.
Kevin fell asleep longer than he wanted too, she had to be home by now so he pulled his car up to the front of her house. He got out of the car and went up to the front door, he rang the bell and waited for her. She came running to the door still wearing the jogging outfit she had left with on earlier; she had a look of surprise to see Kevin.
“Uh, Hi Kev, What can I do for you?” she asked not inviting him in.
“Well for starters Karen may I come in, I really need to talk to you.” He said with a sense of urgency.
“If you insist, but I can tell you we will not have a repeat of what happened the other day.” She said to usher him into the living room.
He sat on the couch, yet she had chosen to sit in the chair across from him, her hair drawn in a pony tail and even the lack of a make up still made her look very attractive. Kevin wrung his hands a couple of times and then he finally got the courage to speak up.
“What we did the other day was sexy as all hell, I really think it was one of the hottest experiences of my life.” He explained.
“Yes, I enjoyed it to Kevin, unfortunately that is all we can do and it was a one time thing.” She said. “I made a mistake with what we had done and I would thank you not to ever mention again, think we could do it again or mention to Mitch.”
“Well I think some circumstances will change your mind about this Karen.” He now was staring at her with a burning lust in his eyes.
“What are those?” She asked now getting a little uncomfortable.
“I stopped by the house last night to see if Mitch wanted to go play some mini golf and hang out. I saw what you two did, I saw the incredible blow job you gave him and then I saw you too fuck right in that chair.” He said pointing to her husband’s chair.

“Oh my god” She whispered softly, she now leaned forward with her elbows resting on her knees and her face buried in her hands.
Kevin stood up and walked over to where she was sitting he did not say a word or make any attempt to touch her. Instead he unbuttoned his pants and then he unzipped them, he pulled his already hard cock out.
“I think you know what you have to do now to protect your little secret.” He said looking down on her with a sly grin across his face.
Without saying another word she reached up and took the young man’s cock into her delicate hands, she leaned forward in the chair to get closer to it. She had tears in her eyes as she did know what she had to do, she took his cock into her mouth. Kevin threw his head back as he enjoyed the sensation of the older woman’s skilled mouth work on his hard cock.
Karen sucked the cock in and out of her mouth and then started to run her tongue all over the under side of it. Kevin reached down and roughly began to squeeze her large tits and then roughly pinching her erect nipples through the material. Karen whimpered softly at the rough treatment her tits were getting yet she continued to suck and lick the young hard cock before her.
Kevin stopped her for a moment so he could reach down and pull the sports bra up so he could feel the bare skin of her large tits. Then he pushed her head back toward his cock, she once again sucked it into her mouth. This time he did not let her set the pace, now he knew he was in full control of this woman. He reached behind her head and grabbed her pony tail roughly, he forcibly pushed her head back en forth on her cock making her suck him harder and faster in the process.
The living room was full of the sounds of her slurping and sucking on his cock, Kevin moaned aloud when she reached under his balls. She ran her fingers from his asshole to the sensitive underside of his ball sack. Kevin grabbed her head now with both hands and started to shoot is cum into her mouth. Karen swallowed as much of it as she could, yet a lot of it was rolling down her chin.
“Satisfied?” She asked wiping her chin.
“Not yet.” He replied. “Let’s see what else you may have.”
With that he forced her onto her back and slid her spandex shorts off, then he pulled her lacy black thong off. He pushed her leg’s parts to reveal her pussy. It was glistening before him in its wet glory. He took a big wiff of her musky aroma, then he ran his tongue up her slit making her tense up. His tongue found her clit and went hard at work flicking while he slid three fingers into her. He roughly fingered fucked her while he kept eating her wet pussy as well, Karen had not ever been treated this roughly in all of her years with her husband or with her son.
She could not help having a powerful orgasm enjoying the rough treatment to her body.
She rubbed her cunt juice all over his face and fingers as she finally came with a powerful orgasm. Kevin’s cock was now fully recovered so he stood up and pulled her body toward him, her head and most of her back now laid flat on the chair, while from her waist down was hanging off. He held onto her legs as he lifted her pelvis up toward him and easily slid his cock into her, he fucked with a fast furious determination.
Karen could not explain what was coming over her she reached down and took each of her tits in her hands. She was squeezing them at first, then playing with her nipples, her moaning became louder and louder. Then she took one of her tits and pulled it up to her mouth to lick its nipple, she had never done this yet had seen it in a porn or two her husband made her watch.
“Yeah, I knew you could be a dirty slut.” He said to watch the display.
Kevin stopped fucking her after she had an orgasm from it, he pulled his cock out and pulled her up. He led her over to the couch and made her hold onto the back of it with her hands while sitting on her knees. He now got behind her entered her from behind. This position allowed him access to both her tits and her pussy. While he fucked her, he alternated from playing with her tits and reaching down to rub her clit.
“You are such a dirty slut, fucking your son and now his best friend.” He said aloud fucking her pussy hard.
“OH YES!” She yelled. “Yes I’m such a fucking slut. I’m coming, fuck me harder baby!”
“Come on come all over my cock slut.” He moaned.
“YES, YES, YES, I’m cummminggggggg.” She moaned aloud.
“I’m going to shoot my hot come baby.” He said.
To her surprise he pulled his cock out and shot his hot jizz all over her backside, she had to lie there for a few minutes to catch her breath. Kevin got dressed and promised to see her tomorrow after Mitch went to college.
Karen had enough time to clean up before Mitch got home and when her son arrived she greeted him at the door. He was not inside for a minute when got down on her knees and took his cock out to give him a blow job. His mother sucked on him until he finally shot his load into her mouth, she swallowed all of it, then went to make dinner.
After the baby was to bed the two of them went to her bedroom and made love all night, Karen could not believe how sore she pussy was getting from all the fucking it had received from two horny young men. While her naked son slept beside her she had to figure out how to get her son’s sex drive down, sort of ween him off of the sex with her before his father got home. She also had to figure out how to get Kevin to stop blackmailing her for sex as well. None of this was going to be easy, deep inside she really loved her husband and her family, yet now she was stuck with a love-struck son and a manipulative little bastard who fucked her better than she had ever had it.
Damn she hated to admit that a part of her like being treated like a smutty whore for Kevin’s perverse pleasure. Maybe when all of this is over she could try to get her husband to give her a little of the same treatment in their love making from time to time.
“That’s it” She said aloud yet not meaning to.
“What is it Mom?” Her son moaned.
“Nothing dear goes back to sleep.” She said aloud.
Tomorrow she would hatch her plan that would take care of both of her problems and hopefully keep both of the lusty young men happy. 

Karen turned her son down for any kind of sexual contact this morning. She was both tired and sore from all of the action this past few days. She told him she would make it up to him and he would be very pleased.
She waited until he left and got right on the phone to her sister Kelly, she explained she wanted her to come over so they could sun together in the backyard. Then she called her mother to see if she wanted to watch the baby for a little while today. Her mother said she would be delighted to watch the baby for her, so she got the baby dressed. Then she packed a diaper bag, put her in her car seat and took the baby to her mothers.
Karen got home and changed into her favorite two pieces just in time for Kelly to pull into her driveway. She quickly called Kevin and told him to hurry over, also to never mind the vehicle in the driveway. He agreed and would be there in a few minutes, her sister came in wearing a long white tee shirt over her suit.
“Hey Kelly!” shouted Karen. “I have a whole pitcher of a long island iced tea for us to enjoy.”
“Great I brought some wine coolers too.” Her sister said.
Kelly is a few years younger than Karen with three kids, her husband Stewart left her after the third child was born for a younger woman. Kelly has lived the last few years of her life in the doldrums not dating and only caring for her kids.
The two of the started with the wine coolers and then went outdoors with the pitcher of iced tea. They rubbed lotion on each other and enjoyed the hot warm sun on their bodies, Karen was amazed that Kelly had smaller, rounder grapefruit sized breasts, compared to her much larger ones. Even though Kelly was a little jealous of her sisters larger breasts, Karen was jealous Kelly had always had long tanned shapely legs. Kelly also wore some two pieces swim suit that was pink in color and did a very nice job to compliment her body.
Kelly was starting to get a very nice buzz from all the booze when Kevin had arrived, Karen excused herself to go talk to him. Her sister watched this handsome, muscular young man come in through the back gate and figured he must be a friend of Mitch’s.
“Who is she?” Kevin asked.
“That is Kelly my sister, I have a proposition for you if you will follow me into the house for a moment.” Karen said to him and then grabbing his arm.
“So what do you propose.” He said once inside.
“My sister is divorced, drunk, lonely and probably very horny. I think she could use a good romp with a nice young man to build her confidence. I want you to seduce my sister, if all goes well you can have yourself a hot milf as you would say to do with as you please all summer. Then you will be satisfied and we can end this little business of you blackmailing me for sex.” She explained as he listened intently.
“Okay you are willing to let me fuck your sister in place of you, all right if she is as hot as you say I will go for it. Shall we?” He said to gesture his arm to the door.
“Hey sis do you mind if Kevin hangs out with us until Mitch comes home?” Asked Karen.
“No not at all.” Kelly said to watch the young man pull up a deck chair.
The three of them killed all of the iced tea, then Kevin suggested something else. He pulled a plastic baggie from his pocket full of joints, he gave each woman one and then got one for himself.
“Trust me this is good shit to relax with.” He laughed.
“Wow I have not smoked in years.” giggled Kelly.
The three of them sat toking up when Karen gave Kevin a subtle nod to start in on her sister, he finally took the hint and leaned in closer to her. He put his hand on her long leg and ran it up to her inner thigh, Kelly let a soft sigh.
“You are an incredibly sexy woman.” He said.
“I have to go use the bathroom.” Karen said to excuse herself.
“I have’nt heard anyone say that in a while.” She said.
“You look so hot in that suit and your sister is gone.” He said hoping she would get the hint.
“Yes she is.” Kelly said turning her head towards the house, when she turned it back Kevin was waiting to plant a kiss on her lips.
Kelly mewed softly into his mouth as he pushed his tongue past her hesitant lips, it had been so long since a man has kissed her like this she did not want to stop. Yet something inside her screamed that her sister was inside and this man was a lot younger than herself. Finally she pushed him back and fanned herself with her hand to describe how hot that was.
“Sorry we can’t I’m pretty buzzed and my sister is inside.” She said.
“Oh that I think she can take the hint if she sees us kissing again.” He explained.
“Well she did say I should get back out there and find a man.” She said reaching up to pull him down to join her on the chaise lounge.
The two of them were kissing passionately when Karen came to the back door, she stood and watched what was transpiring. Kevin had her sisters’ top undone and removed, he was gently squeezed, her round breasts with very large nipples. He leaned down and gently took one into his mouth, Kelly arched her back to push her sensitive teed up to his warm wet mouth.
Kevin kissed his way down her flat stomach and then he positioned himself between her legs, he pulled her bottoms off. Karen gasped at what she saw from her back door, her sister shaved her pubic region.
“Very nice.” Kevin said and dove in.
He licked, sucked and fingered her pussy, her juices were practically flowing out of her cunt as he savored its nectar. Even inserting a couple of fingers into her very tight cunt he could tell she had not been fucked in a while. Soon he had her bucking wildly against his face as came, rubbing her pussy all over his face and lapping tongue.
“Oh oh oh ohhooooooohhhhhhhhh ahhh ahh ahh fuck I’mmmmmmmm cummmmmmmmmminnnnnnnnnngggggggg!” She moaned loudly.
Karen pulled her both of her tits out of her top and began to fondle and squeeze as she watched Kevin slide his cock into her sister. He had to work at getting his hard cock into her very tight pussy, she asked him to be gentle with her. Karen was a little jealous that this young man who treated her like a dirty slut yesterday was now treating her sister like a lady.
She watched as Kevin used very slow gentle thrusts to work his cock into her pussy, he finally got the whole thing inside of her sister. He pumped it in and out of her pussy slow and easy, making sure each stroke was slow and deliberate. Karen’s hand now wandered down inside her bottoms and she started frigging her clit.
“Oh god Kevin’s this feels so good.” She said in between moans.
Her pussy was becoming more and more lubricated from it’s first fucking in years. Kevin could fell her long shapely leg’s slide up to his back. He reached down and pulled them up until each leg now rested on his shoulders. Kelly was now moaning louder as her new young lover was still fucking her slowly and very deep into her cunt.
“Oh fuck that really feels good, so fucking well. Fuck me Kevin. Oh don’t stop fucking me.” She pleaded.
“Your way too hot to ever stop fucking, if you let me, I will fuck you all summer if you would like me to?” He asked in between thrusts.
“Oh yes I would like that very much.” She squealed. “Fuck me, yes. Fuck me all summer you hot young stud.”
With that he started to pick up the pace and was soon pounding it into her pussy, when she had a powerful orgasm he got her up onto all fours. She obediently turned around and got up for him, he positioned himself behind her and fucked her from behind. Kelly held onto the cushion on the lounge for dear life as her pussy was getting the pounding of a life time. Soon the three of them were cumming in unison, Kelly and Kevin collapsed on the lounge, while Karen could feel her knees buckle from the power of her own orgasm.
The three of them got dressed, Karen waited until the two of them were finished and she went back outside. Kelly was gathering up her things and it looked as if Kevin was waiting for her, he winked at Karen as she came out.
“Um Kevin and I have the munches, so we are going to go out and get some lunch.” Said Kelly.
“Great I have some things that I need to take care of as well, give me a call some time sis.” She said to give her a quick hug and peck. “Kevin have fun. I will tell Mitch you stopped by.”
“Thanks Karen, tell him I will be busy for a while before I could stop in again.” He said to escort his new milf out of the back yard.
Karen got out her son’s address book and found Lea’s phone number in it, she called the young girl up. She asked if she would be interested in coming over and having dinner with her and Mitch. Lea agreed to the offer and wanted to talk to Karen about her son, she would arrive at the house an hour later. Karen called Mitch on his cell phone as well and asked him to go to his grandmothers and get his sister Jenny.
Lea finally arrived and the two of them went out into the kitchen to make supper, Karen put Lea to work on the salad. Karen thought this was really cute, short blonde hair, blue eyes and a nice young firm body. The girl obviously did not have a bra under her tank top as the nipples of her perky tits stuck out against the fabric.
“Can I call you Karen?” She asked.
“Of course.” She answered.
“Do you know what I did to Mitch, he won’t call me, return my calls, see me or anything? I thought we could start a relationship. I really like him a lot if you know what I mean.” Lea explained.
“That is what I will try to remedy tonight a young lady.” Said Karen. “I think my boy is a fool for not being with a beautiful your lady as yourself.”
“Thank you Karen.” She said reaching for a nice thick cucumber. “You are very pretty too.”
“Thank you Lea.” Karen replied.
“Did you ever experiment with other girls when you were my age?” Lea asked. “Mitch told me once he thought it would be sexy if I did it for him.”
“A few time, but not since college.” Said Karen. “It is a very fulfilling experience, even better with a lady who knows what she is doing.”
“Well maybe in college.” She said to rub the cucumber. “God it’s been so long since Mitch and I last did it.”
Karen walked up behind the young woman and pressed her against the counter, she was acting on pure lust. She wanted to be this young woman’s first female sexual encounter and she wanted to make sure this girl understood how serious she was for her to get her son back with her.
Karen ran her hands up Lea’s arms and then back down again, she gently kissed her neck the whole time. Then she reached around her and slid her hands up Lea’s shirt to fondle her firm young tits. Lea moaned and then ground her ass back against the older woman.
“Turn around honey.” She whispered in her ear.
Lea turned around and the two of them began kissing passionately, Karen forgot what it was like to kiss another woman. She had forgotten how much softer and passionate it could be. It felt so good it sent tingles all the way to her pussy.
Finally she broke the kiss and lifted Lea’s shirt off and sucked on her pink jutting nipples, Lea moaned as she watched the older woman’s tongue dart over them. They were so sensitive and her pussy was feeling like it was on fire. She kissed her way down and pulled her tight shorts off, again another shaved pussy. Karen once up close could now see what turned men on by this, she gently rubbed her pussy. Then she stuck her tongue in the wet slit and began to lick the young ladies pussy, she found her little nub and worked it until she made Lea cum.
Karen watched as the young lady pulled her up to her and they kissed some more, Lea licked all of her pussy juice off of Karen’s face. Then she got down on her knees, Karen leaned over the counter and Lea got behind her. Lea hesitantly licked at her pussy, then to her surprise Karen reached around and pushed her face right to it.
“Oh yes eat my pussy you little slut.” Karen groaned.
Lea had little choice but to start lapping wildly at Karen’s pussy, she could swear she could taste sperm in it. Then to her shock she saw Karen take the big cucumber from the table and reach around to her ass. She rubbed the vegetable up and down her ass crack, then around her asshole.
“Fuck me in the ass with this while you eat my pussy.” She demanded.
Lea shoved the waxed cucumber up her ass and Karen shrieked aloud from the rough penetration. It felt great as after she adjusted too as the vegetable worked its way in and out of her ass. Lea was getting better at eating pussy and found her clit, soon Karen grasped the counter with both hands, digging in with her fingernails.
“Oh yes your making this dirty old slut cum, make me cum, oh I’m coming what a dirty old slut I’m!” She moaned aloud.
Once she was recovered from her orgasm they got dressed, washed up and finished dinner. The rest of the time they discussed how Lea could get Mitch back. Karen thought to herself and how I can get my life back to normal as well.  

Mitch got home and was surprised to find a great dinner was ready on the table and Lea was there as well. The three of them sat down to enjoy the dinner with Mitch casting dirty looks at his mother for inviting Lea. Yet he was more annoyed with himself for the way he treated her lately, damn he admitted Lea really looked hot tonight.
“So Mitch, Lea tells me that you, two haven’t been seeing each other much lately.” His mother inquired.
“No I’ve been busy.” He answered.
“Well after dinner why don’t you two get caught up in the living room and watch a movie or something. I will get the dishes done and get off to bed.” His mother explained.
The three of them finished dinner and Mitch escorted Lea into the living room where they sat down on the couch. Karen cleared the table, put away the leftovers and then did up the dirty dishes. She went upstairs to check on the baby and then she took a shower, while in the shower she lathered up her pussy hairs and began to shave. Eventually she had her pussy shaved completely bald, she turned off the shower and then got out.
She stood and looked at herself in the full length mirror that hung on the wall as she dried off with a big bath towel. Once she was dry, she got lotion out and rubbed it all over her body, then she rubbed it generously over her bare mound. The sight of her bare pussy made the juice begin to flow, she watched as one of her hands began to rub her pussy. It was getting very wet and hot, she needed relief, she watched in the mirror as two fingers began vigorously fucking her.
Her other hand went up to her large milk engorged breasts and began to squeeze them roughly, she was so horny that she played with them so rough milk trickled out of the nipples. She finally brought herself to a powerful orgasm, after she was done she licked her juices off of her fingers and then the milk off of her breasts.
“Mmmmm. That was good.” She said turning off the light and going to her bedroom to fall into a blissful sleep.
Meanwhile downstairs Mitch and Lea found a movie and began to watch it, she took the opportunity and cuddled up next to him. She missed being held against his muscular chest and she could feel him sigh to accommodate her body.
“Mitch did. I do something wrong?” She asked softly.
“No Lea, I have been busy lately.” He answered nervously.
“I think I’m in love with you, after we had sex at Kevin’s party is when I think I realized I had feelings for you. Then for you to reject me the past week with no calls or anything, I’m really hurt by you.” She explained gently sobbing into his shirt.
Mitch realized that his affair with his mother and then how much he hurt Lea, a girl who truly cared for him was wrong. Even though he still lusted to be with his mother again before the rest of his family returns, he wanted Lea too.
“Lea’s I’m sorry, maybe, but I was scared that I might be in love with you too.” He said softly.
She looked up at him with tears in her eyes and he leaned down to kiss her, he pulled her body up to him and the two of them were involved in a passionate kiss. Mitch ran his hand up her shirt and began to gently fondle her small firm breasts. Not as big as his mothers’ breasts yet they were firmer, but he could feel her nipples hardening to his touch. Lea began admitting soft moans as she once again felt the manipulations of her boyfriend.
She broke the kiss off, and got up on her knees on the couch, she unbuttoned his shirt and looked at him seductively. She kissed his chest and muscular stomach all the way down to his waist, then she sat up again. She reached for the remote and shut off the television, he took the hint and shut off the lamp on the end table.
“I’ve never done this to anyone before, but I love you so much and I want to show you.” She said.
She reached down and undid his pants, she helped him slide them down to his ankles, his hard cock now into full view. She reached down and took it into her small hands stroking it up and down. Then she leaned forward, she planted several soft kisses all over his throbbing member, finally to his relief she took him into her mouth. It took her a little bit to get the hang of sucking a cock for the first time but when she did she was really pleasing Mitch.
He watched as her head bobbed up and down at a steady rhythm and he could hear her slurping sounds as she slobbered all over his hard cock. Mitch could feel his balls starting to tighten and he knew he was going to cum, he moaned aloud and shot his load. Lea did her best to try and swallow every last spurt of cum from his cock, she swallowed most of it, what she didn’t ran out of her mouth and down her chin.
When she was done, she reached for some tissue his mother conveniently kept on the coffee table, to wipe her mouth. Mitch stared at her dumbfounded trying to recover from what she had just done for him. Now it was his turn to do something for her, he waited until she was done and then he stood up getting his clothes the rest of the way off.
He reached down and pulled off her shirt, he leaned down pushing her down in the process, he licked and suckled on her firm young tits. Then he kissed his way down her flat stomach, he got on the floor and pulled down her shorts along with her panties. He spread her legs apart and began to lick at her pussy, she let out soft moans as his tongue worked its way up her wet slit to her clit.
She could not help to compare him to his mother who had done the same to her in a hot romp in the kitchen earlier. Yet he was doing well enough to make her pussy hot for more, and he gently slid a couple of fingers into her pussy. Her pussy gripped the digits as he gently began to finger fuck her while licking her clit.
“Oh fuck yes baby, bring me off too.” She said aloud.
Soon she was bucking her pussy against his face as she started to have an orgasm, when she was done his face was glistening with her juices. Mitch was not done with her yet, he reached into his jeans and pulled out a condom. His cock has recovered and he slid the condom on, he then got between her legs and slid his cock in with ease.
He pounded her tender young pussy in the typical missionary position for several long minutes, and Lea raked her fingers up and down his back. She dug them into his back every time he made her cum, as hot as she is that was several times.
“Rollover babes I want to fuck you doggie style.” He said.
“Okay.” Was all she could say?
Lea had never done any position other missionary so with a little direction from Mitch she was up on all fours. Mitch got behind her and slammed his hard cock into her, he pounded her tight young pussy hard and harder.
“Oh fuck, Mitch, fuck me hard.” She begged.
“Yeah, I knew you would like this baby.” He bragged.
He continued to pound her, hoping all of the screaming and carrying on Lea were doing would not bring his mother downstairs. He continued to roughly run his hand all over her body from her firm young tits to her nice sexy little ass.
Mitch was getting tired and still was a while from coming, he waited until she had another orgasm, then he pulled his cock out of her pussy. He could hear her moan aloud a moan of disappointment as he did. He sat back on the couch, his still hard cock pointing straight up in the air.
“Would you ride me?” He asked. “I need a rest.”
“Okay, what do I do just, straddle you?” She asked.
“Yeah, once you get on top, it will be your turn to fuck me.” He said.
“Whatever you want Mitch.” She said climbing on top of him.
Once she straddled her boyfriend she began to slowly bounce up and down on his hard cock, Mitch occasionally grabbed one of her tits and sucking it. Soon she was riding him like Seabiscuit, she felt Mitch reach around and grabs hold of her ass cheeks to encourage her pace.
“Oh god baby this feels so goooood, you have shown me so much tonight. I want to fuck you forever.” She whispered in his ear. “Oh yes fuck me Mitch.”
With the way she was talking, she was making him feel like a big stud, it was working because his balls were getting ready to fill the condom. Soon he was shooting another load of cum, instead of her mouth it was emptying into a condom. The two of them stayed in each others arms for several long minutes trying to recover from the intense erotic encounter.
After they had gotten, dressed Mitch took Lea home, they stood on her front porch kissing for a long time. Her father had finally had enough and decided to break things up, Mitch promised her things would be different between them.
He drove home and went to bed, he was exhausted and spent, he slept the sleep of the dead until his alarm went off. Now only a few more mornings of this and summer college would be over and the rest of his family would be home.
At breakfast he told his mother that he and Lea would be seeing much more of each others, he noticed his mother let out a sigh.
“Was that a sigh of relief or despair?” He asked.
“Relief of course.” She said. ” I love you Mitch, but I’m glad that we are not doing what we were doing any more.”
“Well I have no regrets to what we did, and I love you to Mom.” He answered.
He got up from the table and put his cereal bowl in the sink, he gave his mother a kiss on the cheek. He ran out the door with his college book and drove to college, when he left the phone rang. It was her husband explaining to be expecting them that Saturday, they exchanged how much they missed each other, he gave her a low down of all of the fun she had missed. Then he asked her what had been going on around there, anything exciting.
“No it’s been very uneventful.” She replied thinking if he only knew how much sex was going on since he had left. “I’ll see you when you get home, Love you.”
She no sooner hung up the phone when the phone rang again, but it was her sister Kelly calling to thank her for hooking her up with Kevin. She wanted to know if she could bring the kids over in a couple of weeks so they could have a romantic getaway. Karen was ecstatic with herself now, she had gotten both Mitch and Kevin to stop fucking her and things were back to normal.
Soon it was Saturday morning the rest of the week went by without incident and Karen’s family would be returning soon. She stood in the kitchen that morning wearing her short silk robe when Mitch came up behind her naked as a jaybird. He took his mother into his arms and nuzzled his head into her neck.
“I passed summer college and we still have a couple of hours left to our agreement.” He said.
“Oh god Mitch, I thought Lea would be enough for you.” She groaned feeling his hard cock grind against her ass.
“C’mon mom, just one last time?” He begged.
“All right one last time, then never ever ask me to do this again.” She said.
He spun her around and began to kiss her on the lips, he forced his tongue into his mother’s mouth vigorously dueling with her. He reached down to open her robe and was pleased to find she too was naked underneath.
He stopped kissing long enough to kiss his way down to one of her milk engorged breasts, he suckled on it so hard it began to spurt milk into his awaiting mouth. He was so horny and full of lust that he kept feeding off of her milk. He took a free hand and reached between his mothers legs to discover she had shaved her pussy.
“Wow mom a shaved pussy!” He said surprised.
“Yes now hurry up and get this over with.” She said. “Remember this is the last time so I want to get this over with.”
“Don’t worry Mom, and a deal is a deal.” He said.
He pushed her legs apart and grabbed her waist, his cock thrust into her pussy as he lifted her into place. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he supported all of her weight easily, fucking her standing up in the kitchen. He took her over to the table and laid her onto it, with his mother laying flat on her back, her legs up by his shoulders, he slowly thrust his cock in and out of her.
Soon he was fucking her faster and faster, Karen lay on her back playing with her large mammaries as he did. She thought how lucky Lea was to have her son as a lover, with his nice cock and how skilled he was at fucking now.
“Yes son, fuck mommy, cum into me so we can end this sinful lust, fuck me dammit.” She was begging for more.
“Motherfucker.” He groaned aloud as he emptied his cum into his mother.
The two of them rested for a moment and then Karen suggested they take a shower to get cleaned up before the family got home. She soon found herself on her knees in the shower sucking on her son’s rehardened cock. He did not want to come in her mouth so he pulled her up and spun her around. He reached down for the soap and lathered it up on his cock and her asshole, she used one hand to steady herself on the shower wall and the other to open her ass cheek some more.
Like his father he too was going to fuck her round shapely ass, she usually let her husband fuck her ass when she was menstruating. Her son lined his cock up to ass and eased it into her asshole, she reached for her son’s hip and beckoned him on. He took the hint and thrust his cock into her ass, he could not get over how tight an asshole was, tighter than when he took Lea’s virginity.
“Oh I love getting fucked in the ass.” She moaned. “Fuck my ass baby.”
“Wow this so fucking hot.” He groaned.
Her son thrust in and out of her tight asshole, until finally he could not take the excitement and he shot his hot cum toward her colons. Finally he pulled his limp cock out and they finished washing, they got dried, dressed and the two of them looked proper for the return of the rest of the family.
The two of them were sitting in the kitchen enjoying lunch and the baby was sitting in her high chair. Jenny was more interested in playing with her lunch than eating it, when they heard the horn of the family SUV blow in the driveway.
“Yea they are home!” She exclaimed grabbing Jenny out of her high chair.
The three of them ran outside to see the rest of the family, Mitch joked with his brother and sister, while Karen and Bill stood smooching. Bill took Jenny from his wife and she went to see her other son and daughter.
“Mitch would you help. Your brother and sister put all the gear away, then clean the pop up out.” His dad asked.
“Sure Dad.” He said.
“I hear you and Lea are going steady now that is great.” He said.
“Yes sir it is.” He said.
“Well if you can stay out of trouble, the rest of the summer I might let you take the pop up for a weekend camp out with your friends.” His dad explained. “You deserve it after missing out on our usual family vacation.”
“Thanks dad.” He said carrying gear into the garage.
“What about me?” His wife pouted.
“Well I was thinking of you and I going too away for Labor Day, maybe to that bed and breakfast in Vermont you love so much.” He said.
“The one Jenny was conceived at.” She whispered into his ear.
“The very one.” He laughed.
After everything was put away, the family all settled back in, Mitch had left for a date with Lea. Her other son was going to the park to play hoops with his friends and her daughter was going over to her best friends to catch up. Bill was busy checking e-mail and getting caught up on what to expect when he went back to work Monday.
Karen had put Jenny down in her crib and then she went into the bedroom to put on some sexy lingerie for her husband to tear off of her. No matter how many times she had fucked while he was gone and how much she fingered her pussy, she still wanted her husband.
Soon her husband did not disappoint, he came into the bedroom and saw how sexy his wife looked in the tight teddies she was wearing. He quickly got naked and went over to the bed, like an animal he tore the tiny straps off of her shoulders, fortunately Karen knew how to sew well.
She and her husband made love and then when they were done he rolled over and went to sleep, the poor guy exhausted from driving all day. Karen lying in bed looking up at the ceiling, she could feel her husbands cum trickles from her oozing cunt. Then it occurred to her why she wanted her son in her ass so eagerly that morning. She should have gotten her period a few days ago, she was late, with that she was not able to get a good night sleep.
The next morning she got up early and went to the drugstore for a home pregnancy test, it was positive. Neither her son nor Kevin used a condom when they had fucked her during the week, but she was fertile. She had many conflicting thoughts going through her head, she hoped the new baby looked like either Mitch who resembled her father or her if it was Kevin’s. Karen learned that if you let events spiral out of control, allow yourself to be manipulated or put into a position that allows you to be blackmailed you had to pay the price in the end.

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