Brahmin girl

She was my close pal Venkat’s little sister. I considered her as my own sister till it happened on a pleasant summer evening. She was Bhavani.

I had just returned that morning for my summer vacation to my hometown Chennai. My house is situated in the highly Brahmin neighborhood of Mylapore, thou Im not a Brahmin. I took rest nearly the whole day; woke around 5 for a strong cup of coffee, which I haven’t had for months. I tried to contact my old buddies in town, but everyone was busy. Venkat (Bhavani’s brother) was in states doin’ MS. We use to email each other the every other day. Sometime he use to mail me bout his family as we where very close buddies. We both r big fans of Literotica stories

The evening reminded me of the old summer holidays. I checked my wallet for money. The condom I had in my wallet been still there, supposed to be used on the last day bash, but I wasn’t that lucky. I was a bit angry to see it. Anyway I hide in my wallet & went out for a walk along the heavily crowded Temple Street. The street looked strange with lots of crowed Browzing centers. One of the centers looked spacious with good A/C.A beautiful girl came out from the center in a light blue half-saree (southern dress with blouse, bottom & a dupatha-like saree). She looked at me & as she knew that I was looking at here she continued her walk. Then suddenly I heard her calling my in a friendly voice “Ravi anna! Appovanthinga anna!” in very friendly voice. I was surprised. I wasn’t sure who she was? She told me that she was Venkat’s sister. I wasn’t sure because Venkat had three sisters & few cousins. She then told me that she did receive an email from Venkat, and to every line she was adding ‘..anna’ (brother).

We walked along the Temple Street, she commented about one of the forwards I mailed to Venkat, which he forwarded to his sister. I remembered the forward that was a very funny one, something about Clinton & his mischievous. Still I wasn’t sure if she is Venkat’s real sister or cousin and her name. I was tiring to calculate her age by looking at her parts, which was enjoyable. She looked young & gorgeous in that blue half-sari. She had all features of a Mylapore Brahmin girl, a lot like the traditional Ashwarya in ‘Jeans’ & a small nose stud. I wasn’t able to move my eyes of that diamond stud. I looked stupid next to here in a dress that I had in home (most of my stuffs were in hostel). She was busy blabbering about a Hindi movie that she watched that afternoon & proudly showed he the marudhani (henna) works in her hands, which I acknowledged. As she seamed to be crazy about Hindi movies, I told her she look lot like Ashwarya in Hum Dil.. Whatever? She giggled and replied modestly that she was in half-saree for the first time. After sometime she asked again if she really was as beautiful as the Ash & followed by the ‘..anna’. I said that maybe something is missing & looked at her closely. She looked at me eagerly to know what was missing. I told her I don’t know. She insisted that I know and wanted a good reply. I bought small amount of fresh jasmine flowers and asked to try them on her hair. She did it with a sweet smile. She got very shy. Then I told her that she is a perfect to The Ash. She was very interested to hear my words.

Her house was nearby and she insisted that I should come with here to visit her mother. I use to visit there home when Venkat was there. The house looked renovated from outside. There was a small note near the door, she read and informed me that her mom has left for some function in the ‘Kabaleshwar Temple’ & the keys were in their usual hiding place. I tried to leave because aunty wasn’t there, but she insisted to have at least a coffee and that she is good in making coffee. We entered the new-look hall. I was a bit puzzled with the opportunity. I turn on the radio & settled on the old sofa. She came with the coffee. She has now tided her free end of the saree to her waste exposing her belly button above the horizon. She noticed me and looked with wide eyes. I replied sensibly ‘Ashwarya thaa.'(Yes only Ashwarya). She replied very shyfully standing next to the kitchen door ‘ponganaa!'(Enough!). As she smiled looking at the floor shyfully I finished my coffee and stood up to leave.

Then she insisted that I should see her new room. I followed behind her. The new jasmines smelled too good as I took a deep breath to take in the smell. As we entered the room she tried to on the light switch behind the door but hit my chest. In a reflex action I caught her arm across my chest in the mesmerizing smell of the fresh jasmines. She looked at me with surprise. I was looking directly into her eyes. She dint say a word nor did I. I landed my left arm on her bare smooth naval. Her body shake a bit & she took a deep breath. As I moved my face near her to plant a kiss on her, she closed here eyes. Only at that moment I returned to my senses and moved both my hands off her. She remained still expecting a kiss on her eager lips. I don’t want to leave her wanting like that so I headed for a small kiss on her lips and moved off.

She opened her eyes slowly to look at me. But that time I tried to leave to the room walking backward but ends up hitting my head on the horizontal bar on the door. She came to me to see if I was hurt. She tried to move her hand among my hair to feel the small swelling. Now she was back in my arms. I headed back to her lips. This time she replied the kiss. I felt the taste of her lipstick (bit artificial in those circumstances). I felt nearly satisfied with the kiss but wasn’t sure of the happenings & looked at her. She landed her head on my broad strong chest & was nearly hugging me. We stood there hugging each other in the unlit room, for a long time.

I tried to move my hands along her back. She was silent. I lifted her head and planted kisses on her closed eyelids, nose & cheeks. She was surprised by the sharpness of my unshaven beard & looked at me in a way I really wasn’t sure. I was to kiss in her pretty petal shape lower lips when she moved back. Now her saree’s pallo was off her shoulder, she had no idea of it, as she was showing her young cleavage. Now noting is going stop us; not even she can stop me anymore. She looked innocent with here head facing down near her well-dressed bed. I headed next to her and lifted her head and planted a wet kiss on her sweet lower lip. It did taste very sweet with lust. All this time her eyes were closed shut. Her arms were on my strong arms. I laid her in her bed. She was very shy as she closed her face with her mehadined palms. It was amazing to watch here in a white bed with here pallo on her waist and bottom up to her knee. All the gold jewelery shined on the light from the hall. The smell of the jasmine added to the excitement. The radio was playing ramdom love songs.

I sat on the edge and placed my hand on her navel, she moaned lightly. I removed one of her hand from her face a planted a kiss on here closed right eyelid. She opened her eyes and slowly hugged me. She whispered in my ear very sweetly ‘Ravianna’; I dint bother bout the brother word, perhaps Brahmin wives call their husband ‘anna’.

My right hand had now moved to her fresh boobs. They looked small but felt good. My fingers were playing all over her blouse. As I finished my small play I started opening the blouse hooks one by one. She had a tight fitting back bra inside. With little difficulty I unhooked her bra and in a flash her twins were mine. Her fresh pinks stood proudly in her heavy breathing. Even my breathing was accelerated on this site. The circus in my underwear was houseful. I unzipped and relax mine as I lead my tongue to he pink nipple. She shivered as my tongue touched her nip. When my unshaven sharp moustache hair pinched her soft boobs she hugged me tight; in a reflex her knee hit my organ. But I continued sucking her fresh pink tits. She was a bit terrified by the size she felt. I tried to make her comfortable sucking softly; she started responding with light moans.

I took a phased and took off my t-shirt. As soon as she saw me what I was doing she closed her face as usual. I lifted her hands & placed them on my hairy strong chest. She smiled with shy & turned her face away from me. This gave me the right opportunity to suck her ear lobes, to make her more friendly & comfortable in the fun in her bed dude. She gave a kind of lazy smile as she turn back her face towards me and kissed me all over my face & ended with a passionate smooch. Your tongues played the game; we both were quite unsure of smooch activities but still enjoyed it with your eyes shut. By now my right fingers where on here belly button. Her umbilicus was small & tightly attached to her belly.

Now my fingers took a step below and found the tightly tied petticoat. I found the knot on the near end and untied it. Inside I could see a white panty with small pink flowers resembling the one it covers. Suddenly she held my hands & in soft words she told me ‘Vennanna’ (No brother). I tried to console her softly that I am there for her & so on. But now I had removed her small saree off. Her knees were placed tight together & bent. This makes her petticoat to show her shiny flawless thighs. I reach for thighs; they were very soft and lovely. Her legs looked bit yellowish as she used sandal paste & had lots of black dots like stars in a moon less sky. But I was not able to apart her legs. I remembered one of the Literotica stories in same circumstances. With the guide of the story I started my journey from her toes. It wasn’t a long journey, she moaned all the way. Now both her flawless thighs were in my shoulders like a garland & her panty was in front of my face. It had a wet spot near my nose. Slowly kissing over it, I removed her panty & I was mesmerized by what I saw.

In all its grace there she was with a crow of brownish tendrils & her wet labia oozing out. The clit wasn’t visible. It looked as if even she hasn’t disturbed it. I was pretty awesome fresh. My thambi (prick) was in his highest peak was struggling inside my underwear.

I planted kissed all over her bushes & the adjacent region and headed for the wet lips. As my lips touched her pussy lips electric waves were transmitted. Her legs crashed over my neck, pushing my face in to her flood plains. This was indeed too much for my thambi as he jerked in my undies itself, I was a virgin cant help it. My head was still locked between her thighs. She slowly loosened the grip & only then I came to know of the fact that my face was cover with her cum. We had your orgasm together that’s encouraging. I looked at her face she looked puzzled and was unsure of what exactly had happened. Tears ran down her face & she pleaded sorry. I comforted her that it was noting and kissed her in her cheeks.

In the dark I tried to clean my prick of my fluid. My underwear was wet but it wasn’t a big problem in the present situation. She had no idea of what I was doing. She told me again that she was very sorry. I kissed her soft in her cheeks to make her forget this sudden sad episode. She placed the burden on her net friend who mailed her a story from a site called Literotica. I looked calm & heavy thanking Literotica. She had just read a part of the story before we meet in the Temple Street. She was really turned on by the story. I again tried to charm her; she was then worried about pregnancy, AIDS etc. I asked her not to worry and told her I have a pack of condom & showed her the pack. Still she wasn’t OK. Unsure about what she is really upto in the bed. She was silent like the sky before a storm.

I have to do something to get her back. I started kissing & smooching. Now her legs were back together. I placed my hands on here thighs and tried to work my way kissing & licking to her pussy. She was silently moaning & din’t say a word. I parted her legs kissed & tongued her pussy. The clit was now visible & her thighs were back on my shoulders. Still she was silent with fear but her lust was in peak as she gripped her thighs across my shoulder. I cramped for space. Some how I got my right hand to her pussy & started playing with her pussy lips while I was tonguing her clit. I entered my index finger in her narrow small vagina. It wasn’t an easy penetration; I felt her right hand on my shoulder holding tight relieving the pain with pleasure. But then my middle finger was also in; her hands grip on my shoulder tightened while I was passively tonguing her clit. As I moved my finger to & fro I accelerated my tonguing also. She started shouting loud in pleasure; I dint care bout her loudness as the neighbors’ television volumes helped as a sound proof for the room. I moved to her inner thighs, kissing them and looked for my condom. She looked very innocently on what I was up to.

I lower my @jeans & my underwear as my prick stood firm. She looked at my prick in terror. I wore the condom and headed for the promised pleasure. In fear she tried to move off but I insisted by holding her thighs & arms and kissed in her lips and I told her not to worry, and that I won’t hurt her. I rushed my prick in her but it won’t go in. I took my prick in hand & applied her cum over my prick. Then I headed slowly in the narrow passage with help of my hand. In a single small push I broke her hymen. She was in pain & started crying. But she did try to keep her voice low in fear of the neighbors. I felt blood in my hand. I can’t help the scene of blood in my hand with her sad cry so lifted my prick off from the blood pool & tried to wash away the blood of her cunt with my t-shirt.

She started to cry more in the scene of her blood pool. I hold her by my shoulders & told her its normal for the first time as I was loosening my erection in the bloody condom. I also told her about the houses nearby & asked her to stop think of the blood, as it was just a milestone of my destination of pleasure. I whipped of her face with the fresh end of my t-shirt & comforted her with kisses. I also cleaned my hands of blood. I took off the condom & placed it on the t-shirt and moved it to a corner. I looked at her; by now she had stopped crying & her pussy had stopped bleeding. She was silent as she lay on my shoulder expecting that the sex be over. But I was looking on ways to get my erection back, it dint take long. We exchanged few soft kisses, which helped my erection. I looked for the condoms & spread her legs apart. She told in fear ‘Vanaana’ (No). But I insisted her that this time there won’t be any pain or blood.

I wore the condom & help her to spread her thighs. I guided my prick with the help of my hand into the now wide vagina. I entered my shaft slowly. She placed her arms thighs on my shoulders & closed her eyes shut. By now I was deep in. But her vagina was still tight. Then I slowly started the ride & accelerating when ever possible; even I was in light pain as it was also my first time. Her pink pussy lips & my dark brown shaft jammed like anything. She was both in pain & pleasure.

I felt my organ in its finest height. She was moaning as I rode her. It wasn’t long as I reach my peak. I accelerated my speed and ended her with hard strokes. She was moaning heavily. The acceleration led to your climax together. I felt my sperms gushing of my balls, to the penis & into the tightly sealed end of the condom in her vagina. Her cum was oozing of her vagina; I can feel the wetness on my scrotal sacs. I felt very satisfied and took care to move get back the condom intact on my penis. I took it out and placed it carefully on the t-shirt. She was tired and was heavily breathing.

By now the jasmine was all over the bed. I took some of them as sprinkled them on her face as I kissed her in her forehead & told her that she was my first girl. She slowly opened her eyes & replied me with a soft kiss. Then she asked me softly, as she was worried about everything. I told her that there is noting to worry & I shall take care of everything. I was really satisfied with my first fuck.

She then switched on one of the small lights near the bed. That was the first time I saw her naked in bright light. She noticed it and lowered her petticoat shyfully. Then she pulled a bed sheet over her to cover her naked body with a wicked smile as small girls do. I saw a photo of on her table. It was my friend Venkat with his there sisters. I identified the girl next to me as the one of them & tried to remember her name as Meenu. I called her Meenu looking at the photo; she told me that sisters Meenatshi and Laskshmi have gone to perform Bharathnatyam with there dance-college in Chithambaram. So I was wrong, only then I came to know that the girl in bed with me was the youngest & Bhavani is her name. She was still telling me bout the festival in Chithambaram & that she too young to perform with her elder sisters. I asked her how old she was & she replied that her birthday was next month and she would be 19. Oh no! She is only an 18 years old girl. I was nearly 24. I felt really bad on what I have done to this very young girl. I felt guilty.

She was kissing me again. Then I thought the wrong I have done. I looked for my t-shirt, which had blood & the used condoms. I looked around saw a small t-shirt of her, wore it took my t-shirt & zipped my pants to leave. She asked me weather I was leaving. I turned back nervously and kissed her. Before she opened her eyes I had left here house.

On the way home I dumped my t-shirt in the garbage. Only when I saw the condoms I remember the rest of the condoms I left beside her bed.

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