You’ve been very kind,” Sunita murmured.

“Auntie, please don’t say that. You’re my best friend’s mother. It’s my duty to help you.”

“I wish there was some way I could thank you.”

“There’s no need.”

Sunita smiled gently, looking at the handsome nineteen-year-old youth. The same age as her son, they’d been childhood friends. How they’d grown, she thought. He wasn’t a kid any more; he was a young man, confident, poised, strong and, yes, sexy. 

She looked at Vinod again with renewed interest, her pulse quickening slightly, feeling a rush of excitement, a knot in her belly. Yes, sexy, most definitely sexy. She wondered if he had any sexual experience.

It was crazy. She couldn’t be thinking like this. He was her son’s age, she’d known him since his infancy, she couldn’t be thinking of him as a lover.

Then again, why not? She was in her late thirties, she had a sex drive and it wasn’t like he was a blood relative or anything. It wouldn’t be incest. 

He stood just under six feet, lean and dark with fine straight features. His shoulders were wide, the torso hard and tough with a flat belly and a broad chest. His shirt was open low and she knew he didn’t have much body hair. She liked that. His hips were high and narrow and his limbs were long and muscular. She wondered if he had a sizable penis; she liked well-hung men. Certainly the bulge in his crotch was promising.

“You must be hot,” she murmured. “We’ve been out in the sun a lot. Why don’t you have a quick wash and change, you’ll be more comfortable. Then I’ll fix you something cool to drink.”

“Thanks, I think I will,” he said. “I need to bathe.”

“Come, I’ll show you the bath.”

She led him to the servant’s bath, gave him a thin towel, a cake of cheap soap, a bucket and a tumbler. 

“The door doesn’t lock, by the way, but don’t worry about it. There’s no one else home.”

“Okay.” The boy didn’t seem embarrassed. Evidently he trusted her.

Sunita left him. Back in the servant’s room, she stripped off the bra under her blouse, dropped her panties under her sari and even dropped the petticoat, deftly re-wrapping the sari so that it tucked in on itself, wrapped around her narrow waist. She wore it low, well under her navel, just above her crotch, high on her hips. Already her breasts were turgid, her stubby nipples stiff with excitement. 

She heard the water running in the bucket, heard the splash, the slap and squelch of soap on wet flesh. Taking a deep breath, she went back to the bath, softly opened the door. He was squatting, balanced on his toes, sluicing water over his back and head with the tumbler, his back to her and she stopped for a moment, sucking in her breath in excitement as she took in the sharp V of his body, the strength of his muscles rippling under his taut skin. He hadn’t stripped fully, was still in his small, tight briefs and she saw how firm and tough his buttocks were. God, she wanted him! 

She picked up the ends of her sari and folded it up, tucking it into the waist to keep the bottom from getting wet. It showed her legs to above her knees. 

“Here, let me do your back,” she said, taking the tumbler from his hands. “It needs a good scrub.”

“Auntie!” he gasped in shock.

“Shut up, idiot,” she said in mock anger, but smiling. “How long have I known you? I cleaned your bum when you were six months old, remember?” Not waiting for a response, she began soaping his back vigorously. “There, that’s better, isn’t it?”

The boy succumbed. “Mm, yes. I can never reach there!”

She ran the soap over his shoulders, down his back to his waist, up again, and then began to scrub it with a damp washcloth, her body bent forward over his.

“Stand up,” she said. “I’m too old to keep bending like this.” Her hands were at his waist, just above his briefs. She hesitated for a second, and then took the plunge, slipping her hands into them, over his buttocks. He froze, wriggled, and tried to break free. “Stop jumping about,” she snapped as if there was nothing amiss. “C’mon, take them off.”

“Auntie, no!”

“Oh, don’t be silly, boy! What have you to hide from me? Now do as I say! C’mon, I haven’t all day!”

She felt the tension in his body. Slowly, hesitantly, he hooked his thumbs in his briefs and rolled them down. Sunita stifled a moan of excitement. She soaped his buttocks, his thighs, calves, scrubbed them, moved up again. 

“Now lift your arms, Vinod. And spread your feet.”

The boy seemed to be in a daze. He raised his arms and shuffled his legs apart. Sunita moved closer, moved the soap and cloth under his buttocks, her fingertips touching his scrotum. The boy squirmed. She drew away, did his underarms. He relaxed, thought she had finished. She lathered the soap afresh in her hands and quickly slipped her arms around him, soaping his neck and chest and belly. He tensed again as her hands moved lower. He tried to break way but now she had her arms around him and it was too late. Her hands were in his crotch, her fingers moving up and down over his penis. She bit her lower lip. It was wonderful, better than she’d dared hope, at last seven inches long and thickening rapidly as she worked it.

“Oh god Auntie, no!” he groaned.

“Yes, Vinod. Do as I say. Turn around.”

“Auntie, please.”

“Do it, Vinod. Do it because I ask you to. Please.”

Trembling, he turned around and they were face to face. He was a good head taller than her. She ran her hands over his body, down to his crotch again, caressing his now massive penis, looked up at him.

“Have you had a woman before, Vinod? Tell me. Have you?”

He looked at her, confusion, despair, fear and excitement all mingled in his eyes. “Yes,” he stuttered. “Yes.”

“Older than you?”

“No … no … not older.”

“It’s different with someone experienced.”

“Auntie, please,” he moaned. “Please don’t.” But his body betrayed him. His cock throbbed in her hand.



“Water. You need to rinse. You’re all soapy.”

The boy turned and bent to fill the tumbler. When he straightened, she had let her pallu drop completely, had undone all but one button of her blouse. Her swollen breasts pushed at the cloth. Her long mangalsutra glistened in her cleavage. Her eyes glittered with hunger, her lips were parted. She cupped and lifted her breasts, squeezing them, pressed her tongue to her upper lip. Staring at her, he sluiced the water over himself and now didn’t object when she took it from him and washed his penis. 

He took the tumbler from her; she stroked his cock in her fingers. He refilled the tumbler, bending sideways from the waist, then straightened and slowly tipped it over her neck and face. Sunita groaned softly, tilting her face up as the warm water trickled over her face and between her small, shapely breasts, down her back and shoulders, down her belly, soaking her clothes. She plucked at the knot of her sari and it came undone, fell to her feet and she took his hand in hers and pressed it to her crotch. Her cunt was wet, seeping juice and he gasped, hot and horny now, pressing his thick finger between her cunt-lips, knuckling her clitoris. Sunita moaned, arching her face and back, thrusting her breasts outward and he snapped the last button on her blouse. Her breasts bounced out and he bent his head and took one in his mouth, sucking hungrily, nibbling her stiff nipple. Moaning, she curled an arm around his head.

With a soft moan, she drew away from him, turning silently, slowly, his hand in hers and led him, wet and naked, from the bathroom to the servant’s room just beyond. In the dank windowless room, she turned and kissed him hard, pushing her tongue in and out of his mouth, one arm around his broad shoulders, the other working his stiff cock. 

“I’m going to suck your cock,” she murmured. “You can cum in my mouth if you want. I like that.”

The boy groaned, despair and excitement still doing battle in his mind. She found it delicious. Slipping smoothly to her knees before him, she flipped back his foreskin and took his cock in her mouth quickly, started sucking it, working the bulging cock-head cleverly with his tongue. The boy cried out, his body lurching, spasming, belly snapping in with shock, hips thrusting at her face. Sunita moaned deep in her throat, her hands on his thighs, her face moving back and forth between his legs. His cock was thick and long and hot and its musky taste made her giddy with excitement. Whimpering, she caressed her face and breasts with it, her eyes hooded. The boy looked down at her, incredulous, disbelieving, enormously turned on. She was incredible. He’d never imagined a blowjob this good. But, still, she was his best friend’s mother! She’d known him since he was kid, damn it! The battle raged momentarily, and then his body betrayed his mind, and the hunger of adolescence took control.

“Ohhhhhhh yes!” he gasped. “Oh god yes!” He flung his head back, his hands on her head, moving it to and fro now, his hips pumping. “Oh yes … suck me! Suck my cock … oh god yes!”

He still couldn’t bring himself to talk to her like he did with some of the others he’d been with, to call her exciting, sexy, dirty names … and what she was doing to him didn’t let him use the honorific either. She realized his torment and savoured it wickedly for a long moment, sucking his cock like a slut, fondling her breasts, pinching her nipples. He groaned thickly, watching her incredulously, in deep excitement. Her face was distended with the thickness of his cock. She took his hands in hers, moving them off her head, keeping them pinned to his sides, her face rocking back and forth, turning this way and that as she used her tongue on his cock-head and every part of his shaft.

She ducked her head under his cock-shaft, dragging her teeth down the shaft lasciviously, her eyes tilted up to his, glittering with lust.

“Talk,” she murmured. “Say what you want, Vinod … let me hear it … what you really want to say .
say it … please … I like hearing those words.”

Vinod gaped at her. He couldn’t. There was no way…

“C’mon whore! Suck it! Suck my cock!” he heard himself say, pulling her face back to his penis.

His words had a visible effect on her. She moaned loudly, throatily, throat and, releasing his hands from hers, took his cock deep in her mouth, her tongue whipping his cock-head in frenzy. Vinod cried out, his head arching, his hips jerking forward, his hands flying to her head again. She sucked him feverishly, her head rocking rapidly to and fro, her hands on his thighs. He pumped his hips back and forth at her face, moving her head in rhythm, fucking her mouth.

“Yes! Ohfuckyes!” he gasped. “Yes … uhhh yes uhh c’mon, whore, c’mon! Suck harder, whore, suck harder!” scarcely believing what he saying and to whom.

On and on she went, her hunger and lust evident, insatiable. His loins were bursting with heat and he groaned thickly, in imminent danger of losing control. With all her experience, Sunita sensed it at once and immediately stopped, moving her head back, gently jerking his cock in one fist.

“Don’t come,” she murmured. “Don’t you dare cum yet! C’mon! Take a deep breath! Yes … that’s good … you can cum in my mouth later, not now.” She looked up at him, her eyes glittering with lust, smiling lasciviously. 

She moved onto her back on the floor, drawing him down with her, over her, holding his head in his hands, kissing him hard, her tongue probing his mouth. He could taste himself on her. Her breasts were turgid under his chest, her stiff nipples raking his skin. The hard mangalsutra scraped his flesh.

“My cunt’s burning,” she murmured. “Lick me. Show me how well you can lick a woman’s cunt.”

Vinod’s excitement flared again. He moved his face lower, sweeping his tongue over her long nipples, nibbling them sharply. She gasped, arching and he sucked on the small mounds, taking them deep in his mouth. Sunita groaned, her fingers clenching his hair. Sucking one breast, he squeezed the other, twirling her rigid nipple in forefinger and thumb, rubbing her mangalsutra over it. She whimpered, her face turning to one side, her hips writhing under his.

“Lick me,” she groaned. “Lick my slit, Vinod! Hurry!”

The youth grinned to himself, his confidence increasing. This was terrific. She was incredible. What did it matter that she was his best friend’s mother? He moved his head lower, over her flat belly, loving the taut smoothness of her dusky skin, unblemished and hairless. He swept his tongue through her navel, moved lower, nuzzling the damp fuzz between her slender thighs. The heady aroma of her cunt filled his nostrils. Her legs were splayed wide, her cunt-lips open, visibly wet. He looked at it hungrily. She moved her hands down to her crotch, pulling them open even wider.

“Put it in,” she gasped. “Put your tongue into my cunt, Vinod! Lick it!”

Slowly, tenderly, gently, he dragged his tongue through her crack. The effect on her was electric. She gasped sharply, her body whipping up in a steep bow, her head arching back, her mouth in a wide O. He moved his tongue up and down her slit again, savouring the musky cunt-nectar, lapping at it. She whimpered, biting her lower lip sexily, her hands clenching his hair.

“Yes! Ohma uhhhhhhh yes! Oh god yes!” she moaned. “Oh Vinod! Uhhhh hanh … uhhh yes!”

Now his tongue was working her cunt busily, flickering up and down, round and round, jabbing tantalisingly at her swollen clit and whipping it to and fro, laving her cunt-lips. Sunita’s moans were loud, incessant, lewd. Her hips writhed under his face, jerking up and down. Her head flipped from side to side in an agony of joy as the heat built in her loins and flamed through her slender body. 

“Yes uhh ohma uhh yes uhhh yes oh god yes oh that’s good … lick me! Lick me! Yes! That’s it!” she whimpered. “Do it … don’t stop! Keep licking!”

Vinod chuckled to himself, feeling strong and manly. Slowly, he slid a finger into her cunt, finger- and tongue-fucking her simultaneously. Sunita cried out in joy, her hips jerking uncontrollably under his face. He went on doing it, remorseless, torturing her as she had him, till, from her movements and sounds, he knew he had her on the very edge of an orgasm. And then he stopped, abruptly and without warning.

Sunita cried out in frustration, mewing and panting, clawing at him. “Don’t stop now! Oh you bastard! Don’t stop now!” she begged.

He grinned, moved up, straddling her body, kneeling over face, pushing his cock into her mouth. “Suck, bitch,” he growled. “Suck it hard! Yeh! That’s good! C’mon! Suck harder! Ahh yeh! That’s it! Slut, I’m gonna fuck you really hard now!”

Lying beneath him, Sunita moaned deep in her cock-filled throat, sucking the youth’s penis hungrily. Her lust was raging out of control, her head swam with excitement. The boy was incredibly good.

“Fuck me,” she gasped, taking her mouth off his cock, jerking it, looking up at him. “Please, Vinod! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

Grinning, the lad moved down, kneeling upright between her thighs. She spread her legs wide and he pushed his cock-head to her cunt-lips. She moaned again, her hips writhing. Laughing softly, he took his cock in his hand and squeezed it into her cunt. It was incredibly hot and wet and tight and he cried out, his head jerking back, his belly snapping inward in shocked delight. Beneath him, Sunita arched, the breath hissing from her throat as the huge, hot hardness of his penis surged into her flesh. 

“OHMAUHH AHHH UHHH AH!” she went. 

“Yes! Oh fuck yes!” he gasped.

“Fuck me!” she groaned. “Fuck me, Vinod! Fuck me hard! Fuck me like a whore!”

The youth grabbed her legs by the calves, lifting them high and wide in his hands and began fucking her with long, deep, stabbing thrusts, rocking his lean hips steeply and swiftly to and fro, flexing and unflexing his taut buttocks. His cock ran in and out of her cunt, glistening with their juices, piercing her flesh deeply with each inward thrust. Her body jerked back and forth on the floor. She gasped and cried out in a frenzy of joy, her fingers splayed in tension, scrabbling at his arms, the floor, anything. 

“Oh uh ohma uhh ohh uhh ohma uhh OHHHH uhh ohma uh yes uhh yes oh god yes uhh yes fuck me! Oh yes! Fuck me!” she cried.

Her head flipped from side to side. She chewed her lower lip. Hissing her pleasure, she squeezed her breasts hard, tugging at the long nipples. His cock felt wonderful in her slit, thick and long and heavy and hard, mashing her gorged clitoris in its to and fro passage, probing the deepest recesses of her cunt, stretching her cunt-lips to their fullest. Her cunt convulsed and spasmed on his throbbing penis, squeezing it eagerly in its wet warmth. Her hips jerked and bucked up and down, her body rocking with his punishing thrusts. 

“Take it!” she heard him grunt. “C’mon, whore! Take it! Take my cock, you fucking slut! Tell me you like it!”

“Yes!” she gasped, thrilling at his words. “Oh ma uhhh yes, Vinod, yes! Yes! Oh god yes!”

He laughed, thick-voiced, moving faster and faster, his hips rocketing back and forth, ramming and pistoning back and forth, making her body toss and snap and jerk on the tiles. Sunita’s cries rose, her back bowing and bending, her fingers clenching his arms, her head flung back, long neck craned, tendons popping in her throat. Her mangalsutra slithered this way and that.

With a soft moan, she pulled her trembling legs from his hands, slipped his cock out of her and quickly turned over, getting on her forearms and knees before him, her breasts pendulous, long mangalsutra dangling. 

“Fuck me like a bitch,” she gasped. “From behind.”

Vinod didn’t waste time. Grinning, he pulled her buttocks open, pushed his cock-head to her cunt-lips and with a sharp forward thrust of his hips, plunged his cock deep into her cunt. 

“You want it? Take it, whore, take it!”

Sunita cried out loudly, her head snapping up, her body jerking forward, her mouth tearing open. His cock rammed into her and he began fucking her furiously, pummelling her buttocks with his thighs, ramming and slamming his hips to and fro, slapping them at her thighs, his fingers digging into her waist. Her body jerked furiously back and forth before his, her breasts jiggling, her mangalsutra flapping wildly. 


“C’mon, c’mon, c’mon whore c’mon yeh oh fuck yes take it, bitch, take it all, c’mon you fucking bitch, take my cock! Yeh oh fuck yes uhh oh … take it, whore, take it! Take my cock!”

Pausing fractionally, he moved up to straddle her hips in a deep squat, leaning forward over her, pressing down on her shoulders. His cock went deep into her cunt. He took a long breath and then, with a shuddering cry, began ram-fucking her furiously, his hips whipping up and down, back and forth, his buttocks flexing and unflexing, his cock ramming and pistoning steeply in and out of her cunt, appearing and disappearing between the curves of her buttocks. Faster and faster he went and, her torso angled downwards beneath his, her face turned on one side, her body jerking, hips writhing at his crotch, cunt convulsing on his penis, her cries echoing in the room, Sunita orgasmed violently. Her cunt cramped down tight on his penis and, above her, the youth gasped and, gritting his teeth, slammed his cock into her, once, twice, three, four times, each thrust drawing a cracked sob of joy from her throat. 

And held off his orgasm. He chuckled gleefully, well pleased with himself, slowing his motions, rocking his cock in and out of her cunt to prolong her orgasm, biding his time till it ebbed. Beneath him, Sunita whimpered, her body trembling, her mind reeling in incredulity. How had he managed to hold back? His stamina was awesome. It was a long time since she’d been fucked like this.
Groaning, she slid forward and he slipped his cock out of her. Now what? He waited for her to move. For a minute she remained on her knees and forearms, catching her breath, her chest and back heaving. Then she turned around, on her back and smiled sexily at him.

“God, but you’re good,” she murmured, pulling him down to her. 

He moved on top of her and they kissed again and she did something magical and quick with her hips and he found himself inside her again, her wet cunt still tight, slowly squeezing and releasing his cock. He grinned at her, pressed his lips to hers, sliding his tongue into her mouth, squeezing his cock deep into her cunt.

“Mm, that’s lovely,” she smiled. “I’m so glad you didn’t come.” She slid her hands down his V-shaped torso, caressing him, clenching his buttocks.

They fucked slowly for a long while, taking their time, neither hurrying, each delighting in the pleasures of the other’s flesh, kissing tenderly, their loins meshing and meeting in a steady rhythm. He paused then and smoothly rolled over without moving out of her, taking her on top of him. Sunita gasped as his cock twisted in her cunt and then she found herself on top, kneeling astride his hips, her cunt impaled deeply on his penis. She smiled tenderly at him and he grinned, his eyes laughing, sliding his hands up to her swollen breasts, fondling them, rolling the hard nipples under his palms, scraping the rough beads of her mangalsutra over them. She shuddered, her eyes fluttering.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” he grinned, not caring that he was doing it.

“I’m glad you are doing it,” she giggled, her hips writhing on his lap.

“You do it often? With other men, I mean?”

“Do you suppose I bore four children without being fucked?” she laughed.

“But that’s different,” he frowned. “That’s your husband.”

Her eyes sparkled. “Who told you that?” she smiled at his puzzled look and the quick flash of excited understanding. “Yes, that’s right. The kids don’t all have the same father. Of course I’ve had sex, with lots of men, different men. Why, I was even doing it when Manish’s father was still around. He was drunk most of the time and couldn’t do anything about it. I fucked other men right in front of him. He never could hold down a job and I had the kids to take care of, so what could I do?”

“You actually whored?”

She shrugged with a fleeting smile. “Don’t get moral. Remember what we’re doing. I saw nothing wrong. I had to do it. I had only one thing to offer and I offered it. There were takers. Manish doesn’t know any of this and you’re not going to tell him.”

“That he’s probably a bastard and his mother a whore? Of course not.”

She smiled. “One day remind me to tell you how it began, how I started, with his own brother. Technically, he was my first ‘client’.”

“That’s crazy.”

“No, it’s the past.”

“It’s also sexy,” he said, grinning wolfishly. “You’re sexy.”

“Glad you think so,” she murmured. “Now shut up and fuck me. Or don’t shut up and fuck me.”

She was doing something magical with her hips now, twirling them in slow circling motions round and round and he grunted, heaving up under her. She bent over him, her superb back arching, rubbing herself against him. 

“You’re cock feels so good in my cunt,” she whispered, sliding her tongue across his lips. “I could have it in there all day!” Her cunt squeezed and released his cock in a steady rhythm, arousing him deftly. 

Rising up, her hair over one shoulder, she slowed, paused fractionally and shuffled her legs forward. She was supple and did it smoothly, moving up so that she squatting, not kneeling on his lap, her body upright, her knees spread wide, her heels on the floor on either side of his hips, arms stretched with her hands on the floor behind her heels. Her body was tilted back, breasts thrust out. Her cunt-lips were stretched wide open. Her face creased in tension, her chin on her chest as she pushed her cunt down deeper on his cock, taking him fully inside her. Then she moaned, flinging her head back over her shoulders. Whimpering, she began grinding her hips round and round in a churning action, snapping them smartly at each turn. Her cunt tightened like a vice on his cock and he gasped, thrusting up hard under her. 

“Oh fuck yes!” he gasped, awed, his cock blazing with lust. “C’mon, whore! C’mon! Take it! Take my cock! I wanna see you dance on my cock!”

“Yes! Oh yes! C’mon, Vinod! Fuck me!” she gasped. “Yes uhh yes uhhh yes oh god yes uhhh ohma uhh yes uhhh OHHH!” Now she was moving up and down as well, her body bucking and bouncing on his heaving hips, her cunt sliding up and down the length of his massive erection, her supple thighs taking the difficult position easily. “Ohhhhuhhhh ohhhh uhhh OHHHH!” 

Vinod squeezed her breasts hard in his excitement, then slid his hand to her crotch and fondled her clitoris. Sunita shuddered and moaned. He grabbed her hips, jerking her body up and down on his cock. With a quick wriggle, gasping loudly, she slid forward onto her knees again, her arms outstretched, hands on his chest, her hips rocking and bucking up and down, her cunt sliding up and down along his cock-shaft. Her swollen breasts jiggled with her movements and her long mangalsutra danced on her dusky skin. 

“Yes!” she called. “Oh yes, Vinod, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me like a whore!”

Grinning wolfishly at his best friend’s mother riding his cock like a sex-starved sixteen-year old vixen, the teenager pumped his hips up and down rapidly, tossing her on his lap, his hands sliding sexily up her body to her breasts, squeezing them. She moaned, her face tilted back, her mouth open and he ran his hands down her sexy back to her buttocks, prising them open, fingering her anus. She gasped and her cunt spasmed on his cock. He gripped her buttocks and jerked her down hard on his cock.

“Take it!” he cried. “C’mon, you whoring bitch! Take my cock!”

“Yes! OHHHHH uhh yes! Fuck me, Vinod! Fuck me fuck me fuck me!” she cried, frantic with lust now.

The teenager thrust his cock up into the older woman’s cunt as hard as he could. Her loud cry aroused and goaded him. He did again and again, his hands squeezing her swollen breasts hard. It took all he had to contain the eruption of fire from his loins. 

Whimpering and moaning above her young lover, Sunita felt like a callow teenager herself, experiencing sex for the first time. The lad was much, much better than she had dared hope. She gasped and bit her lower lip as his huge cock reared up into her cunt, piercing deep, singeing her cunt-flesh, stretching her cunt wide, probing the innermost recesses of her cunt so that she felt like she was being impaled, like his cock would rip her in two and burst out of her throat. 

On and on he went, grunting heavily, his hands tight on her breasts and then she felt him take in several deep long breaths and slow himself. She moaned softly, dizzying with lust, and marvelled yet again at her young lover’s prowess and stamina. She couldn’t believe he was still going strong.

“I want to fuck you from behind again,” he said, his voice ragged. 

She obeyed at once, slipping off his cock with a thick moan. He got up to kneel behind her, but she stopped him. 

“Not like this,” she murmured. 

He looked at her puzzled. Gently, she pushed him back onto his knees with his buttocks resting on his heels, his thighs spread wide. His cock stood out, rampant and proud. 

“That’s better …,” she whispered, kissing him, her tongue sliding sexily in and out of his mouth. “Now just wait there …”

She turned around and, spreading her own legs wide, moved her hips back over his lap. Reaching down, she guided his cock to her cunt and then pushed her cunt back down onto his cock with a loud moan. 

“OHHHHH yes!” she gasped, her head arching up.

She backed her cunt further and further down onto his cock. Behind her, he groaned loudly at the fierce hot convulsions of her cunt on his throbbing cock. His hands dug into the soft flesh of her hips. With his cock fully inside her, she paused and turned her face over her shoulder, her mouth open, seeking his. He kissed her hard, pushing his tongue into her mouth, letting her suck on it. His hands squeezed her swollen, turgid breasts. 

“Now wait,” she whispered. “Don’t move till I tell you to … let me do the work first …”

He obeyed and, with a shuddering groan, squeezing her cunt tightly over his cock, she leaned forward, her arms outstretched, slender fingers steepled on the floor. Pausing for a second, she reached up and flipped open the door of the tall wooden cabinet before her, swaying slightly to let it open fully. He gasped. The inside door of the cupboard was a full-length mirror. Over her shoulder, he could see their reflections fully, the expression of raw lust on her face, her breasts jiggling and bouncing, her mangalsutra dancing and tossing on her dusky skin. The sight inflamed him even further. He wanted to take charge and fuck her wildly, but she wouldn’t let him. She kept moving herself back and forth on his cock. Her moans were loud and obscene.

“OHHHHH uhhh YES Oh fuck yes, Vinod yes! C’mon! Fuck me yes oh god yes fuck me ohh fuck yes oh yes!”

“AHHHHH uhhh yes! Take it!” he gasped as her cunt spasmed violently on his cock, flinging his head back. “Take my cock, you whore!”

He still couldn’t believe he was talking to his best friend’s mother like this. On and on she went till, relenting only when she was ready, moving forward on her hands and knees and making him draw himself upright on his knees behind her. Whimpering, she eased herself down onto her forearms, pushing her butt up higher against his crotch.

“Now,” she gasped. “Fuck me hard Vinod! Fuck me as hard as you can! Hurry!”

Gritting his teeth, panting heavily, struggling to control himself, the teenager clenched the older woman’s slender hips and thrust his cock deep into her cunt with a loud cry.

Beneath him, she cried out, too, jerking forward under his thrust. He ran his cock out of her and rammed in again, as hard as he could. Again and again and again. His eyes were glued to their reflection in the mirror: he could see the tormented lust on her face, the way her features crumpled in agonised lust, her breasts, swollen and turgid, pendulous like succulent fruit, bouncing with his thrusts. He managed to hit a rhythm, stroking powerfully in and out of her cunt, savouring the sight in the glass. 

“Yeh! C’mon! Take it, slut! Take my cock!” he gasped.

“Yes yes oh fuck yes oh god yes Vinod yes ohma uh yes uhh yes Vinod yes please … fuck me … fuck me baby fuck me … fuck me harder baby OHHHHHH yes oh god that’s so good yes!”

He felt her orgasming and, nearing his own end, he gasped, flinging his head back and gripping her shoulders and jerking her savagely back onto his cock. She cried out under him as her orgasm broke over her body, driving the breath from her throat. His hands swept down to squeeze her breasts. 

The convulsions of her cunt on his cock were too much for him to bear. Moaning, he pulled out of her and shot his load, spattering her back and buttocks with his thick, creamy gunk. Sunita moaned softly. The lad’s cum dribbled between her buttocks.

“Put it in again,” she moaned. “Put it in again … slowly … ahhhh … mm, oh that’s good, Vinod … that’s so good!”

They lay together later in silence, his head on her breast. She caressed him tenderly, stroking his strong back.

“You were wonderful,” she murmured, kissing him.

He smiled shyly, reminding him that he was still only a teenager, hardly even a man yet. She thought to herself that he would become a truly wonderful lover before long as he matured and grew stronger. She would walk him along that road. Now she moved sinuously under him again. 

“You want to fuck me some more?” she smiled, kissing him, her legs suddenly spreading on either side of his hips. He felt her cunt-lips at his cock. “You can, you know, if you like. I don’t mind. Any way you like.”

He looked crushed and she soothed him gently. “Arre, don’t worry, baba,” she said, laughing softly. “You don’t have to. Only if you want to.”


“Yes, of course.” She smiled warmly. “C’mon, get cleaned up. I’ll fix you something to eat.”

“Aren’t you going to bathe me again?” he said, his eyes sparkling with mischief.

She cuffed him on his arm. “Enough! You’re a big boy now. Surely you can bathe yourself?”

“That’s not what you said a little while ago.”

“And it may not be what I’ll say tomorrow either,” she laughed. “Now stop clowning around and do what I say.”

“Yes, auntie,” he said, in mock obedience.

She pulled him closer suddenly and kissed him, gently caressing his cock. “Tomorrow,” she breathed into his mouth. “Tomorrow Vinod, I’ll show you something different.”


“You’ll see. Something new and exciting.”

“This is exciting enough.”

“Even more exciting.”

“I want to fuck you again. Now.”

“No. Save your strength. You’ll need it.”

“But you just said I could if I wanted to!” he protested.

“I changed my mind. I’ve got work to do. Now are you going to get going or do you want me to spank you?”

“Oh, spank me, auntie! Please!” he laughed. “Right here!” He turned around and bent over and presented her his butt.

She laughed and slapped him sharply on the butt. “Idiot! Now will you please get going?”

“Okay, auntie.” Again that mocking deference.

“Good boy.”

“Yes auntie. I’ll be a good boy. For you.”

Shaking her head, smiling, she turned and headed for the door. He called out as she reached it and the quiet in his voice made her stop.



“I … I just wanted to say … thank you.”

Sunita smiled and crossed back to him, kissing him gently. “You don’t have to say that, Vinod,” she said. “Think of it as a special privilege. After all, how many boys do you know who get to fuck their best friend’s mother?”

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