Boob Pressed By A Rickshawala

Hello, my name is Lalita and I’m 19 years old. I’ve dated only 3 guys in my life and had sex with one. I love having physical relationships. I’m 5 foot 5 in, slim, and curvy. I have big boobs; 36d. This is my first story, and it is based on a real life incident. This happened 6 months ago, when I was coming back from a friend’s birthday party. She lived near my house at a walking distance, but since it was almost midnight I decided to take an auto. I live in Mumbai and it is generally safe for girls to go out at night. I had worn a black dress which showed half cleavage and was tightly hugging my curves. So, I got in an auto, n reached home. It was only 15 rupees. Then I realized I had forgotten my phone and wallet at my friend’s house and my purse only had my make up n keys. I told the autowala that I’ll pay him the next day if he allows, or he can take me back to my friend’s house so I can pay him. But, he was reluctant, and said he will be late to go home then. Also, he did not trust me enough to let me go without paying. We had an argument in the middle of the road at night, but he refused to listen. Suddenly, he turned around n said, “you can pay me in a different way and that also right now” and he started staring at my cleavage. I got angry n said no. I even used bad words at him. He said, I don’t have any option and at this time there is no one to help me.

I was very scared that time. But looking at him staring at me, I got a little wet in my panties. I quietly sat in the back seat, and said let’s go. He got the message. He sped the auto under a bridge. He stopped there and immediately came in the back seat and started squeezing my boobs over my dress. He started pushing his hands in my dress and squeezed my boobs like balls. He was pinching my nipples. I loved it, but I didn’t want to show. To control my moans I was biting my lips. He was an amazing boob presser. I was half horny by his hands inside me and half scared that somebody might see us. My boobs were now out of my dress and were cold due to the air touching it. He started coming closer and closer and then started sucking my boobs. Both my boobs were wet with his saliva and my nipples were hard due to the midnight cold. My nipples were paining because he was biting them very roughly. He was slapping my right boob and biting my left boob. Again n again he was changing in between. After 15 min I told him to stop. I said “this is enough for 15 rupees” he looked at me, took out 100 rupees from his pocket, and gave in my hand. He banged me to the back of the auto and then started smooching me, and pressing my boobs. His erect dick was poking me in the front. I saw the bulge. I was in 7th heaven. I was openly moaning now and pulling his hair. I loved his tongue like hell. I didn’t care that my boobs were out now. I wanted him in my mouth. I pulled my dress lower so my boobs were fully out. I removed my bra and kept it in my bag. I bent down and opened his pants. He was erect, but had a stinky penis. He had a medium sized penis. I loved the smell and his pubic hair.
I started sucking his cock. I licked his balls and whole cock was fitting in my mouth. He was rock hard. He was holding my hair with one hand and was pressing my boobs with other, he also started moaning loudly. He called me a bitch, slut and was saying things like “suck it bitch, take it in your mouth. I have paid you well slut, now give me a good service. You’re worthy of my dick slut. That is only what you should eat.” I increased my speed. My tongue was dancing around his cock; I was massaging his balls with my tongue. His balls had also become tight. I knew he was going to cum. He was moaning fast now. He kept both his legs on my shoulders and pulled me near his cock. I increased the speed more and let my boobs brush the cold seat. He was pinching my boobs, and slapping them loudly. He kept saying “come on bitch, do it, do it more.” my boobs were paining but I loved the pain. After 5-6 minutes he came in my mouth. It was so much cum. Some of it had stuck in my hair. Some of it went straight in my mouth. But i licked everything stuck to my face. The cum was also stinky. His pubic hair also had cum on it. I licked everything like a good slut. He was still a little erect. So I rubbed his dick gently on my naked boobs. He said I was damn good. And I was the richest slut who sucked him. He kissed me on my boobs again; zipped up his pants. And rested for 2 min I was also tired and rested on his shoulder for 2 min. I shifted my dress and put my boobs in. He gave me water to clean the cum from my hair. He asked me for his number, but I didn’t give. He gave me his number and told to call when I needed an auto. He dropped me home; I sat on his lap all throughout the journey. While getting down he again pressed my boobs, kissed me on the cheeks and he said my mouth smelled from his cum. And I was looking very sexy. I said thanks n left. My boobs were all red. And that night I went to sleep with lots of horny dreams.
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