It is 1990, and I am in my first job. I was just 25, had an MBA inMarketing and a PG in IT and had joined this organization run by Mr.Mohan Dass. Mr. Dass was in his mid 50s but was a very shrewedbusinessman. I was directly under Mr. Dass and was supposed to takecare of all his activities with an additional responsibility tohandle IT.It was now more then 3 months and I was handling my job well. Mr. Das was really impressed and had made my job permanent and also gave me a good hike and also a nice place to stay with all facilities. Being a bachelor and with all the facilities I was feeling on top of theworld. Mr. Dass was going on a 4-week business visit to Europe and US. Mr.Dass assigned me with more responsibilities including finance, as hewould be off for 4-weeks. I accepted, as it was a challenge. Hecalled me to his residence a day before he left as he hand tohandover some important documents. I reached Mr. Dass’s poshresidence on dot but Mr. Dass was not there. I had to wait for him inthe guest room and here is where I meet Mrs. Dass for the first time!!I was surprised to notice that Mrs. Dass was very much youngercompared to Mr. Dass and was in her Mid 30s. She came in and as Istood she just put a cover containing some official documents andinformed me that Mr. Dass had asked her to handover the same to me. Ipicked up the cover and before I could say anything the lady hadvanished!! I understood from my driver that Mrs. Dass was a veryarrogant and strong-headed lady and did not care for people in andaround her. Within an hour I got a call from Mr. Dass and he told me that he would be departing and just wanted to speak to me once. He told methat I was young and I had a lot of responsibility and he wasexpecting a neat, clean, responsible job from my end during histravel. I promised him that I would do my best and he wished me goodluck. Five days had passed and things were moving well. It was a Saturdaymorning and I was getting into my car I got a call on my mobile. Itwas from Mr. Dass’s residence. I picked up and it was Mrs. Dass on-line. She told me that she urgently required Rs.5.0 L. I told herthat I would call her back as soon as I reached office. She waspissed with my answer and told me that she wanted the money within anhour, as it was an emergency. I reached office and informed the cashier and pulled out cash of Rs.5.0 L, signed the voucher and rushed with the money to Mrs. Dass.Mrs. Dass was in her club and was surprised to see her welcome me with a smile. She took the money and thanked me and offered me some coffee. I agreed and as we sipped coffee Mrs. Dass asked me about my family and also about my comfort working with her husband and their organization. This also gave me ample time to have a nice look at Mrs. Dass. She must have been in her Mid 30s, around 5.3 or 5.4, fair, very stylish and modern with a decent figure. She cloths revealed enough skin to make my COCK a bit Hard. She had decked up herself withmakeup and weird jewels. As I finished my coffee I bid goodbye andwas off and back in office. I reached home by around 7.00 made myself a drink and as I sipped I started to think about Mrs. Dass. She was an arrogant and a head-strong lady ok, but she was pretty and sexy too. My COCK became Hard thinking about Mrs. Dass. Soon I had my dinner and got some Disturbed sleep with my Erect, Hard, Oozing, thinking about Mrs. Dass.Monday was as usual. I was in the office by around. 9.00 AM andenough work. By around 4.30 in the afternoon I got a call from thefinance manager and he informed me that I had to rush immediately toMr. Dass’s house as the “Madam” had some queries on some of thefinancial transactions. I reached Mr. Dass’s house by 6.30 PM. I wastold by the servant that Mrs. Dass was in the backyard and took me toher. Mrs. Dass saw and asked me to be seated. She was running through the files for nearly 5-7 minutes and was silent without speaking a word.Even the Finance Manager was silent and we were looking at eachother. Suddenly Mrs. Dass threw the file on the table and looked atthe finance manager and told him that there is a difference ofRs.500000/-. The manger picked up the file and after duly runningthrough it he told Mrs. Dass with a smile that the Rs.5.0 differencewas because I had taken cash of Rs.5.0 L for personal use. I wasstunned to hear this. I took the file from the manager and I saw thevoucher. I recalled that I had signed to voucher with out filling itas I had full trust on the manager and he had misused it.I explained to Mrs. Dass that situation and also asked her to recallthat I had taken the money from the office and had given the same toher in the club. She was now fuming, ” How dare you throw the blame on me? When did I ask and when did you give? You have misused and you are now blaming me?? Do you have any proof??” she asked and I had no answer. I was dumbstruck!!She asked the manager to leave, as she wanted to speak to me inperson. The manager left me alone and I was sweating not knowing whatto do. She got up from her seat and started to walk aroundme, “Recall…what did you do with the money??” she asked. I lookedat her and she was smiling!! “You know your job is at stake!! Hopeyou understand” She said. I nodded.”Why are you doing this to me?” I asked and she smiled, “What am Idoing?? It is you stupidity, which has landed you into this mess.What can I do about it?” she questioned back. She still walked aroundme as I had buried my face with my palms thinking what to do? I couldnot get any answer!!”Well, is there anything I can do to get out of this mess?” I askedShe suddenly stopped walking and turned towards me with asmile, “That is like a good boy!!” She walked back and sat oppositeto me. “Well I have some work for you, if you do it satisfactorily Iwill see to it that you are out of this mess” She said.”What do you want me to do?” I asked. “Well… nothing much…I amsure you will love the job I am going to assign you” She said andstarted to walk into the house asking me to follow her.We were now in the first floor and soon we entered a huge room, whichI supposed belong to Mrs. Dass. “Just wait here…I will be back” shesaid and vanished. The room was beautifully furnished and was coveredwith soft carpet, there was a huge bed, and the room was full ofweird flowers and lovely antiques. ” Well, do you like my room??” Iheard Mrs. Dass asking and I turned around to answer her. I wasstunned by seeing Mrs. Dass!!She was wearing a thin cream color nightie and was totally naked. Icould see her breasts, pierced navel and her pussy hair!! She cametowards me…she put her arms round my neck “So you like what you areseeing!!??” She questioned. My mouth was dry and I was gasping anddid not know what to answer.”FUCK me Hard, fill me with you COCK, Cover me with you CUM…Fuck myPussy, Lick my Ass and fill my mouth with your COCK!!” Just do this!!And I will get you out of the mess” she said and pulled me towardsher!!Before I could say anything she went down on her knees and unzippedmy fly and pulled my Hard COCK out… and straight away put it intoher mouth!! I moaned and her soft hands started to squeeze my ballsand her tongue ran through the length of my COCK!! “WOW…see howHard, Erect and Long it is” she said as she started to SUCK me.After licking my Candy for nearly 10 minutes she came up and before Icould say anything she put her lips on mine and we kissed. She tastedsalty due to my pre-cum and she slowly started to disrobe me. Soon Iwas naked and my huge, hard cock was dangling between my legs.I put my arms around her by her supple, slender waist and pulled herand started to kiss her, first on the lips and then started to movedownwards. I squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipple, which wereerect. I started to knead her tits and took them in my mouth. Ilicked her nipples and chewed them and she was moaning and crying…Ipulled her erect nipples hard and bit them…I pushed her on the sofaand spread her legs. She had shaved her pussy and had left a tuff ofhair just on top…The Pussy was pink and tight…but was WET!!I slowly parted the pussy lips and touched her wetness and she sentout a loud moan, and soon my fingers started to play with her pussy!!She was moaning and banging her ass on the sofa and slowly I insertedmy fingers and started to finger-fuck. She was in such a state ofArousal that she pulled my hand and bit me hard and I started tobleed!!As my finger moved in and out she was moaning loudly and squeezingher tits and pinching her nipples!! She suddenly gave a huge cry andsoon her pussy sent out gallons of CUM!! This was the first time Isaw a lady ejaculate So Much. I took some her Cum and applied overher soft tits and belly!! She pulled my hands and started to lick andtaste her CUM and she was still gasping.I started to lick her CUM of her tits and belly…her moans continuedand soon I buried myself between her legs and started to tongue-fuckher!! Her moans increased and she started to pinch & squeeze herbreasts and nipples!! She was soft and wet but was so tight!! I evenstared to lick her ass-hole…she was moaning, “I want Your COCKinside…Please” she saidI took my pre-cum oozing COCK and slowly started to insert…she wastight but due to her wetness I slide in quite easily. Soon my COCKwas completely en-gulfed by her pussy and I started to move in-and-out. “Harder, Harder” she commanded and I started to Bang…Her moansfilled the room…I was squeezing her tits and pinching her nipplesas I rammed her pussy!!”Fuck me harder, deeper…give every inch of you COCK to me…Bang mehard” she cried soon she gave a loud cry and I could feel her CUMgush out…It was too much for me to hold…on hearing my moan shecried, ” CUM inside me please…” she and with a few more strokes IBlasted my Hot, Thick, White Lava right inside her pussy…I justkept Cumming and soon my CUM filled her pussy and flowed out…Islowly pulled my Wet, Limp cock out and fell next to her…completelyexhausted!!I felt Mrs. Dass’s tongue over my COCK. She was licking my COCK,which had some mingled CUM of both of us…she cleaned my COCK withher saliva and came up and kissed me… “How are you feeling??” Sheasked and I smiled back, “mmmm…Get ready fast!!” she commanded, “Iwant you in my Ass” she said and went down on me again and started tolick and suck my cock and balls…Soon I regained my lost glory. Iwas become Big, Hard and Erect ready for Action!! I turned Mrs. Dass over and started to kiss her buttocks…I slowlyopened her ass-cheeks, Her ass-hole was tight and pink…I touched itand she moaned…I started to knead her ass-cheeks and lick her tightass-hole…Her ass-hole was wet with my saliva but still a bittight…I pulled some lotion which was lying on the table and appliedon my COCK and her Ass-hole and slowly started to Drill her Ass…Inch-by-inch I started to move in and with a few minutes I wascompletely inside her…tears was running down her cheeks due to painbut she …encouraged me to FUCK!! I started to move in-&-outslowly…she was moaning with Pleasure and crying with Pain!! After afew strokes things started to ease out!! She was comfortable and evenfor me I could feel that it was more, easier and I increased myspeed!! I caught her by her waist fucked her hard and her moan andcry filled the room…her hands were squeezing my balls and I wasfingering her wet pussy!! She was dripping and the carpet below wassticky and wet…I have a Huge moan and sent out spurts of CUMfilling her ass…her ass absorbed every drop and slowly pulled mycock out!!After some time I took a shower and wrapped a towel around me. Mrs.Dass joined me with two glasses of whisky and sat on lap and wesipped the scotch. She told me that Mr. Dass had lost his potency andshe was completely deprived of Sex and was very much obligated, as Ihad fulfilled her desire. She tore and threw the voucher and told methat she was very sorry for misusing my loyalty.She again started to pay with my COCK. My COCK became hard and erect. She made me lay on the sofa and poured whisky on my cock and started to lick it… She massaged my balls and her tongue moved like a snake all over my erect Manhood. She wrapped her fingers around my COCK and started to move it up and down…she kissed the my COCK-Head and licked the pre-cum what was oozing…After nearly 15 min of mouth fucking I came and she caught come of my CUM in her mouth and some poured out of her small mouth. She licked me clean and we slept ineach other’s arms.This became my daily routine. After office hours I used to meet Mrs.Dass and Fuck her. We fucked in the Car, my apartment, in thegarden… This went on for 2 weeks and there were now 3 days left forMr. Dass’s arrival. Mrs. Dass was a bit afraid and I promised not torelieve anything to anybody!!I remember it was exactly 2 days for Mr. Dass’s arrival and I got acourier. I opened this and was stunned to see the content. It had twophotographs. One was showing Mrs. Dass sucking my cock and I pouringmy CUM onto her and the second one was me fucking her Ass!! There was a letter, which asked me to come to a particular address. As I didnot have a choice I reached the address by 7.00 PM.

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