Blackmailed Fiancee

Reggie pulled up behind a newish looking Honda Civic sitting at the stop sign. No traffic, yet the driver failed to proceed. He tapped his horn to alert the distracted driver of his presence. The car lurched forward and Reggie followed in his beat up, piece of shit, pickup truck. He stepped on the gas and passed the little Civic, glancing at the car’s tinted windows which prevented him from seeing its driver. The tail pipe of his truck belched a cloud of burnt oil as it pulled in front of the newer car. He knew this area well and there was another mile to go before they reached the next cross street where the driver might turn off. He let up on the gas once in front of the car and watched it catch up with him from his rear view mirror. The driver was a white female that kept looking down at the cell phone she held. Reggie waited for her to look down at the device again. 

The map on Megan’s iPhone screwed up and brought her to the wrong place, making her late for another job interview. She was lost. Her eyes quickly scanned the phone’s tiny screen and then refocused on the road. The old pickup truck in front of her had come to a stop. She was going to run into it. Megan’s foot stomped the brake pedal. She veered to the right. The Civic screeched but didn’t completely stop until colliding with Reggie’s old truck.

“Shit!” Megan exclaimed as she came to the realization she was at fault in this accident. She couldn’t afford a ticket or the higher insurance costs that would result. After a moment, Megan took a deep breath and finally unclenched her fingers from the steering wheel, bracing herself before looking at the damage.

As Megan got out of her car, the other driver, a tall, strapping, black man in his fifties, climbed from the old pickup truck she had just ran into. He looked like a body builder, huge muscles in his chest and arms bulging beneath his shirt. Megan surveyed the damage as the black man approached: a dent on her left fender and some of her car’s paint on the truck’s rear bumper which was badly bent. She looked up at the black man towering above her.

“I’m sorry. Are you okay?” she asked. 

Everywhere Megan went, she captured eyes. Men and women desired her, invoking jealousy in wives and girlfriends.

Reggie hesitated before answering, carefully considering his words as his eyes feasted on the petite, white girl with red hair and green eyes standing in front of him. She was a young, slender beauty — couldn’t be more than 22 years old, he thought — with a nicely curved ass, perky tits, and fine facial features. He noticed the small engagement ring she wore.

“I’m not sure,” he replied rubbing the back of his neck and examining his rear bumper, which had been banged up pretty good from a previous accident. The thin metal of her fender couldn’t possible bend the thick steel of his bumper like that. But there was no way a young, dumb girl like her would know that. Besides the small scuff mark, she hadn’t really caused any additional damage to his already smashed up truck. “It looks like you messed up my bumper and your fender. My neck is hurting some too. Do you have that cell phone you were using when you ran into me handy so we can call the police and file an accident report?”

Megan fetched her phone and did something very unusual for her, she started crying. Usually strong and self-confident, everything seemed to be going wrong lately. Her wedding was in a month and what a terrible way this was to begin her marriage. She and her fiancé, her high college sweet heart, were eager to make a family, but she was unemployed, unable to pay her bills, and now faced a big, fat ticket for careless driving and much higher insurance costs. It was a stretch financially with Larry’s small paycheck before, but now they certainly couldn’t make it.

Reggie watched tears flow down Megan’s face. Her hands nervously trembled holding the phone that got her in this mess in the first place. “Why are you crying like that?” he asked.

Between sobs Megan explained her situation, “I’m going to get another ticket and I won’t be able to afford insurance. We’ll never be able to get married.” 

Her crying aroused Reggie with thoughts of stuffing his gigantic, black cock into her tight, young twat — of pumping her little pussy full with his potent cream and putting a black baby in her white belly; but she was too distraught to notice the large bulge forming in his pants. 

The two sat on the curb of the lonely stretch of highway, just outside of town, surrounded by empty fields. Tall blades of grass waved in the warm summer breeze, early morning dew drying from them. An occasional car or truck whizzed by. 

“Wait,” Reggie said placing his hand over Megan’s phone so she couldn’t finish her call to the police. “Perhaps we can work something out where you won’t get a ticket and your insurance won’t go up. I hate to see two young people start out with such hardship,” Reggie explained now driven by appetency greater than greed.

“Really?” Megan sniffled, her eyes red a swollen.

“Sure, I have a friend who can fix that dent and I can probably set you up with a job. Let me see your phone.”

Reggie was moving fast on Megan. Before she had the chance to even consider his offer, its potential costs, his ulterior motives, he took the phone from her hands and called his friend: “Hi Leroy, it’s me, Reggie. I need to call in a favor, buddy. I’m on Highway 408 just east of town. A Honda Civic ran into me and the owner needs her car towed to your shop and repaired.”

Megan’s jaw dropped. The damage to her car didn’t look that severe to her. “I think I can drive it,” she said. 

Reggie held up his finger gesturing for Megan to wait until he finished the conversation on her phone. “Okay, we’re on the side of the road.”

“It’s not that bad. I can drive it.” Megan repeated when Reggie ended his phone call. 

She was right. Her car was perfectly drivable. But Reggie knew women were easily deceived when it came to cars and mechanical issues and she didn’t need to know how minor the damage to her car actually was. “Are you serious? You can’t drive your car with that dent in its fender. It’s unsafe like that and you’ll ruin your tire when you make a left turn.”

Megan started crying again, “But I can’t afford a tow truck or repairs.” 

Her tears caused Reggie’s penis to fill with more blood, making his erection even harder. “It’s either this or we file a police report and get the insurance companies involved. Leroy owes me a few favors and he does nice work. Let’s see how bad your damage is when he gets your car back to his shop. I bet he can fix it for less than your deductible. I guarantee he will cost a lot less money than if you take your car elsewhere.”

“I don’t know about this,” Megan replied. “I just don’t have the money.”

“Well you need to make a decision now while I can still call Leroy back and cancel. It’s not fair to make him come all the way out here and then for you to change your mind. Either way you’re going to need a tow truck. But at least my way your insurance won’t go up and you’ll avoid getting a ticket. I am just trying to help you out.”

Megan felt confused. She wanted to ask her fiancé, Larry, what to do, but he wasn’t supposed to get phone calls while at work and she didn’t want to upset him with more bad news. 

Reggie sensed Megan’s hesitancy, but the dark, primitive compulsion sparked by Megan’s tears and originating from his swollen penis had become stronger than his urge to breathe; like a high pressure salesperson, he pushed to close the deal before she backed out.

“It may not cost much, if anything at all, since Leroy owes me. If money is that much of a problem now, I’ll vouch for and you can pay them back later,” he added. 

A lot of people owed Reggie favors for things he provided to them. Reggie had dabbled in a number of illicit businesses.

“Okay, I guess,” Megan answered. 


Leroy pulled up in a rusty, old tow truck that looked like a bigger heap than Reggie’s pickup. Reggie stood up and ran to meet his friend, leaving Megan sitting by herself on the curb. Leroy, still in his truck, lowered his window as Reggie approached.

The two black men chatted like good friends, occasionally glancing her way and laughing, but Megan couldn’t hear what they were saying to each other from her distance and over the chugging of Leroy’s truck. She watched Leroy — a wiry fellow with short, kinky, white hair atop his head — hop from his truck and briefly examine the damage to her car. He shook his head disapprovingly and then proceeded to attach her disabled vehicle to the winch. Next to his huge friend and the heavy equipment he operated, Leroy appeared slight. The two men walked over to Megan after hooking up her car. 

“It’s a good thing Reggie stopped you from driving your car like that,” the old black man said. He grinned as if thinking about something funny — his smile containing dark gaps where teeth were missing — and added, “I’m Leroy.” 

“Hi Leroy, I’m Megan. Thanks for helping me out. Do you have any idea how much this is going to cost?” the girl asked, her pretty, green eyes still pink and puffy from crying earlier. 

“It’s hard to tell just yet. Until we get that fender off, there is no way to know if any underlying damage to the frame occurred. Don’t worry about that now. Reggie says he’ll vouch for you.”

Leroy turned to Reggie and continued, “I’ll take her car back to my shop now and get Tyrone working on it. Unless he finds major damage to the frame he should have it drivable later today. The rear bumper on your truck looks like it needs some work too.”

“Okay,” Reggie replied. “We’ll take care of my bumper later.” He then explained to Megan, “You’ll ride with Leroy. I have some business to do and then I’ll meet you at his garage.” 

As Reggie opened the passenger door for Megan, it sounded like it shrieked in pain, its rusty hinges arthritic joints forced to move. After Reggie helped her into the truck’s filthy cab, Megan sat in the tattered seat and watched the old man pull himself up into the truck. She could tell it was becoming a struggle for him as he aged. 

Leroy waved to Reggie as he drove away with Megan beside him and her car attached to the back of his truck. His admiration for Reggie reached an all-time high. Megan’s beauty was even more striking close up; and her presence brought some life to his long dormant cock, which twitched slightly each time his eyes took in more of her lovely, model-like features. 

After Leroy and Megan headed to Leroy’s shop, Reggie went to seek medical attention for back and neck injuries he had just sustained. His story would be that the late model, blue Honda Civic Megan drove had left the scene. If turned in, say by the shop that repaired her car, Megan would be charged with felony hit and run.


It didn’t seem to take this long to reach them after Reggie called Leroy on her phone; but Megan was upset and not paying attention to time. Leroy drove slowly and took a detour back to his garage while uneasiness festered in Megan. She had never spent much time around black people and the old man’s body odor added to her discomfort. His eyes kept wandering up her legs and staring at her breasts each opportunity he got to take them off the road. The more she thought about it, the more precarious her situation appeared. But she couldn’t just demand for him to stop and give her car back. She felt paralyzed by an inability to act and sat silently as Leroy drove to their destination — wherever that was.

Leroy’s garage sat in a part of town where white folks were rare and Megan had never visited before. Her fear subsided some when they arrived. In five hours Larry would be off work; she planned to call him and let her fiancé know what had happened and where she was. 

Leroy’s place looked more like a junk yard than a repair shop, with cars and their parts strewn about in overgrowth and a tall chain-link fence with barbed wire on top surrounding the property. Two large Doberman Pinschers with spiked collars around their necks, appropriately named Demon and Savage, ran to Leroy’s truck as it pulled up the driveway. They angrily barked and snarled at Megan when she opened her door. Megan froze with fear. 

“Demon… Savage: heel!” Leroy thundered in a tone that didn’t match his stature and sounded like it came from a big, Nazi drill sergeant. The dogs cowered to his feet. “Get out of here you mangy mutts!” he yelled. At his command they scurried away like scared puppies. Megan suspected the dogs reacted that way from cruel treatment. In a volte-face, Leroy politely smiled and helped her from the truck.

They walked into the garage where the smell of oils and solvents hung in the air as thickly as Leroy’s body odor in the truck. A young, black man, around Megan’s age, dressed in denim coveralls with grease stains on them, worked under a car on the lift. Leroy barked like one of his excited dogs, “Tyrone, bring this young lady’s car in here and get to work on it right away. She was just in an accident, and needs it fixed now.”

From his broad shoulders, Tyrone’s lean body narrowed down in the form of a “V” with muscular pecks, biceps and buttocks his baggy coveralls poorly concealed. He performed quick repairs and quick paint jobs on cars. He also dismantled a few stolen automobiles for Leroy who used them for parts. Tyrone didn’t ask questions, but somebody made his boss more volatile than usual. He looked over to his boss yelping and saw a beautiful white girl. “Wow” he muttered under his breath, his mouth forming a smile of bright teeth that contrasted his dark skin. His eyes black like obsidian lit up at the sight of Megan.


Megan sat in a waiting area that consisted of a table and several plastic chairs in the corner of a small room. A number of disgusting girlie magazines — Hustler, Barely Legal, Oui, and Penthouse — covered the table and momentarily brought back the uneasy feeling she had experienced while riding in Leroy’s truck. A layer of filth deposited over the years from the bottoms of mechanics’ shoes darkened the white terrazzo floors worn by traffic. A television that only received one boring channel was mounted to the wall. With nothing to read and her cell phone out of charge, Megan passed the day in the dirty waiting area at Leroy’s garage watching stupid shows on the television. 

Tyrone started working on Megan’s car. The damage was minimal but his boss explained the situation. Tyrone would have it fixed late that day — after Reggie returned — even though it could be repaired sooner. Except for the dent in her fender, her car appeared immaculate inside and out. Even the contents in her glove box were neat and organized as he went through them curious of her personal life. He found the papers from the dealer where she purchased the car in an envelope: a bill of sale and completed credit application. She lived in a nice part of town and had just turned 21-years-old, a year older than him. Tyrone believed cars resembled their owners. He imagined Megan looked as flawless under her clothes as her car looked under its hood. A girl perfect as Megan was as easy to win as the lottery. But Tyrone couldn’t help fantasizing about taking Megan for a spin, and putting his piston in her well-oiled cylinder anyway.

A service counter with a cash register and telephone sat at the far end of the room where Megan waited. A door behind the counter led to the garage. The door opened and Tyrone came in pretending to look for something. From this location the young stud had a perfect view of Megan as she watched the television. Her silky, red hair, the color of shiny rust, flowed down to her shoulders. Her shapely breasts were not excessively large, but filled her white blouse nicely. Her tight, black skirt, which reached just above the knee, revealed a slim waist and long, smooth legs she kept crossed. But her face was indescribably beautiful with large, luminous, green eyes that looked like they belonged to a cat, high cheek bones, a little nose, a narrow chin, and full lips. Tyrone stood undressing Megan with his eyes, imagining her naked like the models in the porno magazines on the table — magazines he took to the bathroom and wacked his monster sized penis off to three times a day. Tyrone’s cock got hard as he stared at Megan. He had broken up with his girlfriend over a month ago and was tired of jerking himself off. 

Leroy walked from his office down the short corridor to the waiting room and saw Tyrone leering at Megan and grabbing his coveralls to adjust his very large penis. “What are you looking for?” Leroy asked, knowing good and well what Tyrone was up to.

“I’m looking for the keys to her Civic,” Tyrone nervously replied.

“I gave them to you, cretin! Get back in that goddamn garage and get her car fixed.” Leroy barked.

Although Megan disliked Leroy’s tone, she was thankful he chased the guy away. She pretended that she hadn’t noticed Tyrone staring at her, but from the corner of her eyes she saw his blurry image standing there grabbing his crotch. The entire time she had concealed how uncomfortable he made her feel. She never had an interest in black men before, and certainly didn’t have one now. She was off the market to all men. Soon she would be Mrs. Megan Donovin, wife of Larry Donovin. She just wanted her car fixed so she could get away from these creepy black men. 

But now instead of the young guy, the old pervert ogled her for several minutes. At least Leroy didn’t keep obnoxiously grabbing his penis like Tyrone had done. 

The old man could no longer get full erections, at least not without help from blue pills. However, the sight of Megan made more blood flow into his dusty prick without Viagra than it had received in a long time, which rekindled Leroy’s memories of youth. How he wished he was a younger man again. Like Tyrone now, at one time he could get boners from a simple breeze. Leroy thought how this gorgeous, white chick must be torture for the poor kid. 

The phone rang, diverting Leroy’s attention. “Leroy’s Garage,” he answered.

“Don’t say my name,” Reggie’s voice carefully instructed him from the phone. “I’m at the hospital and the police are taking a report. They already took a paint sample from my bumper but I didn’t give them her license plate number or description. Make sure you keep her there until I get back.” 

“Sure, we can take care of that for you,” Leroy said with that same funny grin he gave to Megan when he introduced himself to her — the one that exposed his missing teeth, a semi-toothless grin. “Bring her in and we’ll fix her up. We’re open late tonight.”

Leroy hung up the phone and went down the corridor back to his office — probably to look at some nasty magazines, Megan thought.

By five-thirty Megan’s car still was not finished. She was about to ask if she could borrow the phone so she could call Larry to pick her up when Reggie walked in.

“They finish your car yet?” 

“No,” Megan replied shaking her head.

“Leroy?” Reggie yelled down the hall. “What’s up with her car?”

Leroy emerged from his office, “Let me go check.” 

He went out to the garage and for a few seconds, only Reggie, Megan, and an awkward silence filled the room. Unlike the other two guys, Reggie knew how to work a girl like Megan. He knew not to come on too strongly at first and to wait until the time was right and her defenses were down. He checked Megan out without her realizing it. 

“Okay, he’s finishing up right now,” Leroy explained coming in from the garage holding paperwork for the repair. “Let’s go back to my office and hash this out.”

The apprehension Megan had experienced off and on throughout the day — when she had ridden in Leroy’s truck, when she had noticed the hardcore, pornographic magazines on the table, every time Leroy and Tyrone had taken turns ogling her, when Tyrone had fondled his crotch and Leroy had given her his semi-toothless grin — returned again like bad indigestion. Yet her conscience compelled her to follow Leroy down the hall with Reggie close behind her. They had given her a tow, repaired her car, trusted her to pay them back without getting insurance companies or the police involved. Now it was time for her to return their good will, Megan thought, ignoring the anxiety she felt in her gut. 
Leroy’s office appeared neater and cleaner than the rest of his business, but was still beneath Megan’s standards. Half of his large, oak desk was covered under a mountain of papers: old receipts and letters, statements from his banks and creditors, and utility bills that he let pile up. Every six months or so, when he got around to it, he went through it all, filed the important stuff, and threw away everything else. And then like a volcano made of papers, it would re-form. 

To her relief, Megan didn’t see any erotic magazines in his office. But her suspicion had been correct nonetheless — he had hidden them in his desk. 

Two antique chairs made of oak with a dark, worn finish faced the desk. Everything in this place: the waiting area, the customer service counter, the terrazzo floors, Leroy’s oak desk and the chairs across from it, seemed to display the same depleted look that could almost pass for a purposefully planed motif, which of course it was not. Megan sat in one of the chairs, but Reggie remained standing beside the other. Leroy sat in a torn, but comfortable leather chair facing the two.

“There was some damage to the frame of your car which Tyrone repaired,” Leroy explained. “We also replaced your fender and painted it. Since I’m doing this as a favor for Reggie, I’m only charging $2,800.”

Megan looked at Reggie, her eyes welling up again. “I don’t have $2,800. I don’t even have a job right now.”

“Now take it easy, sweetheart” Leroy said. “Reggie is vouching for you. But you need a job to pay us back and it just so happens that I need someone at the customer service counter to answer the phones and ring up customers. I’m willing to pay you $600 per week cash under-the-table. You can probably pay the entire bill off in three months.”

Megan didn’t feel comfortable with this proposition. The money was enticing but the way Leroy and Tyrone both looked at her gave her the willies. 

“Uh, I’m not sure. Can I think about it for a day or two?” Megan asked. 

Reggie again detected her hesitancy. He knew she needed money. They were close to a deal and he didn’t want to use his trump card, the hit-and-run felony charge yet. He was saving that for his final coup d’état.

“What are you not sure about?” Reggie chimed in. “That’s a damn good deal — $600 under-the-table. If she doesn’t want the job, I’ll take it, Leroy.”

The two men laughed and Megan gave a nervous giggle. She felt pressured.

“I’ll tell you what; you seem like a well-spoken young lady that will bring some class to this place. I’ll go to $650 per week, but that’s my final offer.”

“Wow,” Reggie remarked.

This all seemed so similar to when Megan sat in the car dealership negotiating for the Civic. But $650 per week was a lot of money, at least to her. Her car payment was a month behind, her auto insurance premium was past due, and she needed to pay Leroy back. Again her conscience helped in her decision. Reggie had been kind. The police would have given her a ticket for careless driving and her insurance would have gone through the roof since this was not her first accident.

“Okay, Mr. Leroy, I’ll work for you.” 

The three of them smiled and laughed again, Leroy with his semi-toothless grin and Reggie with several gold crowns on his teeth. Leroy quickly handed her a paper to sign. “It’s just saying the service was performed to your satisfaction and you agree to pay us for the work performed,” he still chuckled, wiping a tear from his eye. Megan signed it. At that moment, for a brief few seconds, Megan did not know why, but something about this reminded her of Faust.

******CHAPTER 5*******

The three men waited behind and gathered in Leroy’s office after Megan went happily on her way, in her perfectly repaired Civic, back to her fiancé.

“Okay, Leroy, how much did the repairs really cost?” Reggie asked. 

“Maybe $800 if we had used new parts. But I had a fender lying around from another Civic that went through the chop shop a few months back.” Leroy then asked Tyrone, “How many hours you work on her Civic today?”

Tyrone shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know, maybe four hours total.”

“Yea, and that’s including all the time you spent trying to get a sniff of her pussy.” Leroy quipped. “This kid must have blue balls. Since he broke up with his girlfriend a month ago, he’s been jerking off three times a day, and that’s just when he’s here at work. At most the repair cost $200 with his labor included.”

Reggie sat stroking his chin pondering his scheme. He ran multiple scenarios through his mind, his thoughts sharper, more rational, with Megan now gone along with the throbbing erection her tears had brought him. As badly as he had wanted to fuck Megan, it would not be prudent. It would be far too incriminating if he had sex with and possibly impregnated the same person who committed the hit and run on his truck. On the other hand, it would be quite plausible to a judge and jury if Megan initiated sex with Leroy, or better yet, Tyrone, in exchange for fixing her car so the police wouldn’t find out. Of course he hoped they would not have to turn her in. Hopefully, Megan would acquiesce and let Tyrone stick his cock in her. Tyrone was closest to Megan in age, and had the fewest ties to Reggie, making him the best candidate for the privilege of fucking her. “How would you like to have a white girlfriend?” Reggie asked Tyrone.

Tyrone’s eyebrows raised, his big, white teeth revealing themselves in his grin. “You mean that hot, white chick whose car I fixed today?” he asked incredulously.

“Who else have we been talking about, nimrod?” Leroy interjected.

“Shit yea!” Tyrone replied.

“Listen, you can’t jerk off anymore. Do you understand?” Reggie asked. “We can’t risk you going soft on her when she fights it, and she will fight it, at least the first few times.” 

Tyrone nodded in reply. 

“She starts tomorrow which is Wednesday,” Reggie said to Leroy. “Don’t pay her until next Friday after we have a little chat with her and Tyrone fucks her.”

The three men sat quietly for a few moments while Reggie looked up and stroked his chin more in further thought. Reggie understood the female psyche more than most men. She had chosen a mate in her fiancé and she might not be on the pill since they were getting married soon. When he had spoken with her after the accident, Megan gave Reggie the impression that she and her fiancé would immediately try to start a family. Her primal female instincts would fight to protect her precious eggs from all except him.

“Do you use condoms with your girlfriends?” Reggie asked Tyrone.

“Not unless they insist,” Tyrone responded. “It doesn’t feel as good with them.”

“I’m with you on that,” Reggie said patting Tyrone on his back. “Do you want to use them with Megan?”

“Not if I don’t have to. Why?”

“I don’t think she is on birth control since she is getting married soon. If that’s the case and you want to enjoy her bareback, you better convince her from the very start that you’ve had a vasectomy; otherwise she will never let you near her without a rubber. A girl like Megan doesn’t get pregnant out of wedlock or illegitimately. It will just make things easier if you tell her you got a vasectomy after knocking up a few girls and your done having children.”

Tyrone thought about what Reggie said. “That’s not too far from the truth, at least the part about knocking up a few girls, but this is a different situation. She is not like the girls in the hood. What if she really does get pregnant?”

“No, she is nothing like girls from the hood. That’s why you must absolutely convince her you’re safe. She is getting married. If she gets pregnant she will think the baby is her husband’s, which it may be. Being her baby’s daddy, though, would have benefits if you wanted to stick around and be with her.” Reggie beamed, “If not, you’ll have plenty of time to skip town.” 

The conversation made Tyrone hard. He reached down and repositioned his cock. Already his huge testicles ached. It would be a long ten days, but that white girl would be worth every moment of abstinence.

“Goddamn that’s a huge black snake,” Reggie commented. How do you keep that thing inside your pants?”

“I tuck it down my pants leg.” But hard-ons are a bitch.”

Leroy interjected: “What the hell do I get from all this?” 

“What do you want out of it?” Reggie inquired.

“I want $50 bucks from the kid every time he takes a go at her and I want to watch too.”

“Let’s start out with the $50 and you can drill a hole in the wall to watch,” Reggie joked. That work for you, Tyrone?”

Tyrone nodded.

If all went as planned, each of the three men would now get something they wanted: Reggie, half the money Leroy received from Megan and half the money Leroy received from Tyrone and whatever funds he might be able to scam from his own insurance; Tyrone, a beautiful white girl to regularly fuck; Leroy, cheap help, eye candy, and live peep shows. Megan would be working for far less than she realized paying them back a good chunk of her salary for something she never received. Leroy anticipated getting much of Tyrone’s paycheck back every week in fuck fees. They all would win something at Megan’s expense.

“One more thing,” Reggie added. “The two of you need to be a little less obvious leering at her. We need her defenses down and the element of surprise when we make our move.”

*******CHAPTER 6*************

Megan got home late but in wonderful spirits. “Hi honey,” she said falling into Larry’s arms and giving him a great, big kiss. 

“Somebody’s in a good mood,” Larry replied. “I was worried about you. I tried calling but it went immediately to voicemail.”

Megan’s smile lit up the room. “My cell phone was dead. But I’ve got good news.”

“What?” Larry inquired. The job hunting clothes Megan wore gave him a hint.

“I got a job,” Megan lilted, her big green eyes sparkling as Larry looked into them. 

“That’s wonderful!” Larry cheered with a big smile of his own. “Where did you get a job?”

Megan left Larry’s embrace, put down her purse and picked up the mail sitting on their kitchen table. “At a place called Leroy’s Garage.”

“What are you doing at the garage? I didn’t know you knew how to work on cars.”

“I don’t, silly. I’ll be answering their phones, dealing with their customers, and taking care of their paperwork,” Megan replied, shuffling through the stack of envelops comprised mostly of overdue bills. “No checks from Publisher’s Clearinghouse yet,” she joked. Larry didn’t respond to her dry humor.

“How much are they paying you?”

Megan stared at one of the envelopes in her hand from her auto insurance company — a cancellation notice — while thinking for a moment, and didn’t immediately respond. She decided not to upset Larry by telling him she had another accident. Since Leroy was paying her cash under-the-table, she could pay back the loan, $200 a week, without Larry knowing about it. 

Megan looked up at Larry who she always found somewhat attractive, but lacked the build and muscles the black men she met today displayed. She wasn’t marrying Larry purely for great looks, or for money, neither of which he had in abundance. She was marrying him because they were kindred spirits who transcended physical attraction. “They’re starting me at $450 a week, but cash under-the-table.”

“Four-hundred-and-fifty dollars cash, no taxes, isn’t too bad. Where is this place? I’ve never heard of it.”

Megan put the stack of envelopes back down on the table. Tired of wearing heels and sitting around in business attire all day, she wanted to change into something comfortable. “In Mayberry on 54th Street and MLK Blvd,” she replied heading toward their bedroom to change.

Larry followed her. “I haven’t been there before, but I don’t think that’s a good area.”

“It’s fine,” Megan sighed, the energy and enthusiasm from when she first came home now drained from her.

Larry watched his fiancée undress in front of him. She turned around and faced him in her white panties and bra made of lace, her red hair like the color of rust, but shiny, flowing down to her shoulders and her limpid, green eyes staring into his. There weren’t enough adjectives to describe her beauty. 

She didn’t want to answer any more questions. “Come here and make love to me,” Megan said. 

Larry quickly took off his clothes and joined her in bed. 

They kissed and hugged and touched each other’s bodies in special places until the time arrived to enter her. Megan had just stopped taking birth control pills so she would be ready when they were married to make children with Larry. She gently reminded him to put on a condom. Larry fumbled to put the latex sheath over his member, a barrier between them that prevented their complete intimacy. He missed the feeling of his penis in direct contact with Megan’s vagina. He looked forward to their wedding, to the rubber barrier coming off and to their reunion once husband and wife. 

******CHAPTER 7********

Friday arrived. Megan drove her Civic through the open gate with barbed wire on top of it. Demon and Savage, chained to the front of the garage, lay panting next to their water bowl. The dogs growled at Megan a little less viciously as she exited her car and walked inside. Over the past few days they became more familiar with her, although she still couldn’t approach them. 

Things seemed to be going well for Megan. She kept busy mostly answering the phone and helping Leroy with all his papers that needed filing. Each day she felt a little more comfortable here. The lustful stares she had thought Tyrone and Leroy were giving her when she first met them no longer occurred. She began to wonder if perhaps she had misconstrued their looks because she had been so upset. She strolled over to the waiting area. Someone replaced all the girlie magazines with issues of Time, People, and Better House Keeping. 

Tyrone came in from the hot garage to cool off a few minutes and sneak a few peaks at his future girlfriend’s tight ass as her back was turned toward him arranging the magazines on the table. He imagined bending her over Leroy’s desk and feeding her tight twat the full length of his beefy, Negro sausage. Blood quickly rushed to Tyrone’s penis. It had been three days since he last masturbated and his large balls grew heavier by the day producing more sperm. He changed his thoughts to his grandmother to control his urges. 

Megan turned around. “Hi Tyrone,” she said, her gorgeous, bright smile illuminating the room as she greeted him, her luminous green eyes drawing Tyrone into them like an object falling to earth. 

“Hello, Megan. What’s up?” The erection in Tyrone’s pants began returning and grew more unpleasant as he resisted moving his cock to a more comfortable position while in front of her. 

“Hey, Tyrone,” Megan asked drawing closer to him, her voice getting lower, “When do we get paid today?”

As she came closer, his erection grew harder, his discomfort approached pain. “We usually get paid when Leroy closes shop.” Tyrone answered. At that moment he ached to release his cock and bury it inside Megan, to hold her naked body squirming against his, explore her mouth with his tongue, and fill her with his cum. Instead he gave a boyish smile and went back to the hot garage to cool off.

They closed shop. Megan and Tyrone went into Leroy’s office. Reggie had stopped by to visit and was bullshitting with Leroy when they entered. Reggie rose to give Megan his seat. Leroy sat behind his big oak desk, now cleared of the mountain of papers, thanks to Megan, and handed Tyrone an envelope filled with money. But he did not have another envelope for her. “Since you started this week, I’ll pay you next week,” he explained with his semi-toothless grin. “I usually hold a week’s pay in advance.”

“Is there any way you could give me an advance?”

Leroy looked over to Reggie standing behind Megan’s chair. He gave Leroy a slight nod. “I think we can arrange that. How much do you need?”

Megan looked down and hesitated, building courage to spit out the amount — “four-hundred dollars.”

“Four-hundred dollars? You didn’t make that much this week.” He pulled his calculator over from the edge of his desk and punched numbers into it. “You worked three days, which only comes to $390.”

“I know,” Megan whined like a little girl. “But they cancelled my car insurance.”

Leroy leaned back in his torn leather chair, his beady eyes darting around the room as he thought. The girl obviously had financial problems that could work to their advantage. If her car insurance was cancelled, she was likely late on other bills as well. Keeping her indebted to them while still in need of money would offer even more leverage with her. 

“But you already owe $2,800. I can give you $200 now and $200 next week. Will that help you out?”

It wasn’t as much as Megan needed, but she could at least start paying some of her bills. “Thank you, Leroy. I appreciate this.”

******CHAPTER 8********

The second week went as smoothly as the first for Megan. Friday afternoon arrived. A white clock with black hands and Roman numerals on its dial hanging on the wall behind the counter read 3:00 on its dusty lens. It was a slow afternoon with not much for her to do. She eagerly waited for 5:30 to arrive so she could go home and be with Larry. They had a lot of bills, but also planned dinner and a romantic evening together with some of her pay. 

Tyrone looked at a small, black digital clock sitting on top of his tool cabinet in the garage. It read 3:00 as well, but in bright red numbers. Reggie’s truck pulled up the driveway and parked next to Megan’s Honda. Tyrone heard the crunch of his steps in the gravel get louder as Reggie approached. Reggie walked over to Demon and Savage first, kneeled down and petted the dogs. “Hello pouches, you’re good girls,” he cooed. 

“Right on time,” Tyrone remarked. 

Reggie stood and came over to him. “Are you ready?”

“I’ve been ready, man. My balls hurt they’re so full of cum.”

“Good boy,” Reggie replied with his gold and white grin. He empathized with the kid, but Tyrone’s situation was enviable; soon he would experience the most pleasurable relief imaginable, well worth the discomfort and wait. “I know you’re pretty experienced with girls, but don’t fuck this up. We’re playing head games with her also. If it feels good to her physically she will likely feel guilty and confused afterwards. So once you get that thing in her, take it easy and let her body get used to it. I doubt she’s ever taken a cock as large as yours before. Start with slow, easy strokes, pay attention to her response, and try to make her cum a few times before shooting your first load.” 

Tyrone didn’t need the advice. He had been fucking girls since he was 13 years old and had developed an art in lovemaking which he refined over the years. He could finesse any girl. His unusually large penis seduced every female he managed to get it into. He only needed to get inside Megan. But after listening to Reggie anyway, he strolled out to the front gate and clanked it closed. The thick steel chain rattled as he wrapped it around the metal poles and snapped its padlock shut. He made his way over to Demon and Savage and released them from their chains. It was time to go inside.

Megan sat in the waiting area reading an article in People magazine about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Unlike the couple in the article, she preferred a suitor from her own race, and wasn’t into the whole interracial thing or darker complexioned men.

“Have a nice weekend,” Tyrone’s voice said. She looked up and saw Tyrone with his keys in one hand and a white envelope in the other.

“Hey, what do you mean have a nice weekend? It’s only 3:15. We don’t close until 5:30.” 

“Leroy left already and told me to close up early.”
Megan didn’t see Leroy leave, but she hadn’t seen him in the building in a while either. “Is that what I think it is?” she asked, looking greedily at the envelope containing Tyrone’s weekly salary.

“Yea, I got it from Reggie. He’s in Leroy’s office now.”

Megan’s eyes lit up with excitement over getting paid and starting the weekend early. “Oh, I better go get my pay too before Reggie leaves.”

“Okay, see you Monday. I’m out of here,” Tyrone replied giving Megan an unusual smirk.

Tyrone watched Megan head toward Leroy’s office, adrenaline pumping through his veins. Fortunately she hadn’t looked down or she would have noticed his Black Ness monster trying to force its way out of his coveralls.

A peephole in Leroy’s open office door, she hadn’t noticed before, struck Megan as odd. “Megan, have a seat,” Reggie said as he rose from Leroy’s desk and pulled the chair out for her. “I have something important we need to talk about.” Megan noticed him close the door and suddenly the uneasy feeling that Leroy and Tyrone had given her that first day she met them returned. 

“I just came to get my pay. Tyrone told me we are closing early today.” 

Reggie handed Megan a white envelope, which at first she thought contained cash. She opened it and found papers inside.

“We are closed, Megan. It’s just you and me here now,” Reggie said as he observed Megan reading the copy of the hit and run police report he had filed. “But you won’t be leaving early,” he continued. 

Megan’s jaw dropped. “What is this?” she asked.

“It’s the hit and run report I filed for the accident you fled. You caused injury, which means you committed a third degree felony. That will get you five years in prison.”

“Oh my God,” Megan exclaimed, her hands coming up to the sides of her face.

“They don’t have your license plate number. But they did get a sample of your paint from my bumper.”

“Why are you doing this?” Megan cried, tears streaming down her face.

Reggie felt himself getting aroused as she cried. He ignored her question and continued. “There’s actually a cash reward for Leroy if he turns you in. But fortunately, both Leroy and Tyrone have agreed to keep quiet about this if you cooperate.”

“What do you want?” Megan asked recognizing the absurdity of her question. She was young, but not that naïve. Her tantalizing beauty like a lamp at night attracts moths had motivated many suitors to hit on her whose advances she declined. Her uneasiness before was the hitting of an iceberg, which now became the realization that the ship was going to sink. Reggie stepped behind her and put his hands on her shoulders.

“I want you to relax, Megan,” Reggie said beginning to rub her shoulders. His hands felt the tension in her muscles. 

Megan sat in shock as his meaty hands massaged her shoulders for a few minutes. He bent down and began nibbling her neck, which made her tingle all over like a low current of electricity flowing through every nerve in her body. His hands then descended to her breasts and her mind began racing. She could not allow this to continue. “Stop touching me!” Megan responded slapping his hands off her and jerking her neck away. She jumped from the chair and headed toward the door. Reggie stepped in front of it blocking her exit.

“Think carefully about this, Megan. If you go out this door, it’s five years in prison.”

“I’m not having sex with you,” Megan replied, her luminous green eyes glaring at Reggie like an angry cat, fury now replacing tears from moments ago.

“I’m not going to have sex with you Megan, at least not in the sense of putting my cock in your pussy, if that’s what you’re afraid of.”

That was a filthy, disgusting, thought — having his nasty, black cock inside her. “What do you want, then?” Megan snapped.

“Five years is a long time in prison, a long time to wait for someone, don’t you agree? A young man like Larry, with certain needs would probably find someone else to satisfy them.”

The anger in Megan’s face changed to fear as Reggie spoke. Her wedding was less than three weeks away. Her brain sped a million miles per hour. There had to be a way out of this, but it was like trying to solve an unsolvable puzzle.

“What do you want,” she repeated in a more reasonable tone.

“There are other ways people can pleasure each other that don’t involve intercourse,” Reggie explained taking her arm and guiding her back toward Leroy’s cleared off desk. He turned her around to face him and began unbuttoning her blouse. Megan looked down and nervously watched his fingers reach the last button. She was still trying to solve the puzzle in her mind. 

Reggie glimpsed her tight stomach and cute belly button as her blouse hung open. When his big hands reached the clasp of her skirt, she tried backing away, but banged her ass into the edge of Leroy’s desk. 

“No, I don’t want to do this,” Megan complained, the zipper on her skirt sounding like fabric being torn as Reggie unzipped it.

“There are some mean bull dykes in prison that would love to get their hands on you. After five years, you might start to like being some stone butch’s pillow princess and lose interest in Larry,” Reggie reminded her as he pulled her slightly away from the desk’s edge so her skirt would fall. It puddled around her ankles. 

Megan stood paralyzed as Reggie emotionlessly slid her open blouse from her shoulders. A thin gold necklace with a small crucifix attached hung just above her cleavage. Her white lace panties — a bikini cut — with matching bra and black high heels remained. 

Megan trembled with fear still trying to solve the puzzle, her thoughts turning to desperation. Maybe masturbating Reggie, as disgusting as that would be, would satisfy him and prevent him from going further — from touching her. 

“I’ll jerk you off,” she recklessly blurted, no sooner the words leaving her lips, regretting them and her inability to think of something more cleaver, less depraved to stop him.

Reggie chuckled at the offer, reaching behind her and unclasping her bra. “That will be nice, but you need to be pleasured first to get you more in the mood for it.”

She reached up holding her bra from falling off her perky, medium sized breasts. “No, wait, maybe I can pay you more money,” she pleaded as if kidnapped.

“Let go of your bra,” Reggie growled impatiently, grabbing her wrist and dragging it away from her chest and down to her side. 

Her bra fell away and Megan’s breasts, perfectly shaped globes, billowed from her petite figure unaffected by gravity. Her nipples hid — camouflaged in pink — in the centers of flawlessly round areolae somewhat larger than quarters. Reggie’s fingers latched to her areolae, drawing her nipples of the same hue out from them. Her nipples grew harder and distinguishably erect from their surrounding pink flesh as he began twirling his fingers around them.

“Please, stop touching me,” Megan cried.

His hands left her breasts and slid down the sides of her hips and into the waistband of her panties.

Megan knew what came next. Her mind raced to solve the puzzle. There had to be some way to keep him from molesting her further. “Please don’t make me do this,” Megan pleaded. “I’m in the mood. Let me jerk you off now,” she offered. She reached for her panties, tried to stop Reggie from pulling them down. “No,” Megan wailed as if holding a continuous musical note. Reggie roughly pried her fingers from the delicate fabric and yanked her briefs to her ankles. 

She was a natural red head, her pubic hair the color of shiny rust like the hair resting on her shoulders. Reggie knelt before her neatly trimmed burning bush like Moses receiving the Ten Commandments. Her hand quickly covered Reggie’s site of worship. He rose, leaving her panties around her ankles. She looked like a scared child — head down, hunched over — with one arm covering her breasts, and one hand over her vagina. Her defiant self-confidence from earlier had vanished. Reggie nudged her backwards until her ass bumped the edge of Leroy’s desk again. 

“You need to get a little more comfortable,” Reggie said, his hands grasping the sides of Megan’s petite waist. Before she knew what he was doing, he lifted her up (she instinctively grabbed his shoulders for support) and sat her on the desk. Megan jerked her hands away from Reggie’s shoulders the instant he set her down as if his skin jolted her with electricity and resumed covering her privates. “Lay back,” Reggie’s voice thundered as he shoved Megan backwards. 

It felt surreal to Megan, like an outer body experience she watched from afar, as Reggie navigated her panties, still wrapped around her ankles, from one of her stilettos, and then left the briefs dangling off her other ankle.

“You’re beautiful,” Reggie said as if commenting on a prized game he had hunted and finally caught. He tried opening her legs.

Megan tried to think of something, anything, to stop Reggie from going further, finally offering the unthinkable: “Please, Reggie, I’ll suck your cock. Don’t do this to me.”

“That will be nice, Megan. After I get you nice and aroused I’ll let you do that,” he replied coldly.

“I’m aroused now… really. Let me do it and I’ll show you,” she begged.

“Open your legs now, Megan, or you’re going to prison for a very long time!” he roared.

She stared at the ceiling, tears from the corners of her eyes forming rivulets flowing down the sides of her face and into her hair, and allowed him to slowly push her legs open. He spread them wide. She reached down modestly covering her vagina with her hand. He grabbed hold of her wrist and wrestled it over to the side.

“Please, don’t fuck me,” she cried, words coming from her mouth in staccato. 

“I won’t fuck you, Megan. Now relax!” Reggie popped his finger in his mouth, getting it nice and wet, then slowly inserted it in Megan’s small pussy. 

Reggie’s assurance provided little comfort to Megan as she felt his finger slowly probing her. He had lied about everything else, turning it into something much worse. A sensation very close to her clitoris alarmed her. “No,” she complained, not wanting to be aroused by him. Reggie had slobbered on his thumb and gently rubbed the sides of her clit with it. Her nails dug into Reggie’s wrist trying to stop him. He pried her fingers off him bending them backward in response, while managing to masturbate Megan without the slightest interruption. 

“Owe, oh God,” Megan yelped, the pain in her hand temporarily distracting her from a response in another part of her body — she was getting wet, providing enough lubrication for Reggie to caress her clit without his spit. By the time the ache in her hand subsided and her cries simmered, her pussy had become aroused. 

“Okay, Reggie, I’m ready now. Let me suck your dick,” Megan blubbered, attempting to divert his attention and stop him from playing with her vagina. She despised being touched by him and her body’s reaction to it. 

But Reggie didn’t stop — he moved in for the kill. Megan felt the sensation of his fingers spreading her labia further apart. An inviting heat from her pussy reached Reggie’s face as his mouth drew close. Her clitoris was getting harder and his tongue landed on it. She inhaled deeply. “Oh. . . God,” she exclaimed exhaling. “Stop it.” Her tiny, white hands tried unsuccessfully pushing his black, nappy head away.

Reggie’s strong hand pressed on her firm, flat tummy as he performed oral sex on her, his other hand parting her labia. Her clitoris fully hardened and grew larger. Her breathing accelerated and her nipples poked out from her breasts. Megan fought to control her response. Her hands pushed against Reggie’s head. “No,” she continued. 

Tyrone watched Reggie going down on Megan through the peephole Leroy had installed in the door. Megan’s hips turned every which way trying to escape his tongue, her soft moans muffled, but audible, “Ooh…, please…, mm-hmm…, don’t…, uh-huh…, no…, ah.” Short, contradictory words and phrases lacking definite meaning replaced her earlier pleas for Reggie to stop. 

After nearly two weeks of complete abstinence, with the temptation of Megan daily, the scene tantalized Tyrone. But it was obvious Megan was almost ready for him. He removed his clothes waiting for Reggie’s signal, his thick, meaty cock hard and leaning from his body under its own immense weight.

“Are you ready yet Megan?” Reggie asked between licks to her clitoris. “Ooh, no, please, don’t. Stop it. I’ll play with your cock if you want me to,” Megan beseeched while panting. “Just stop doing that.” Megan’s body displayed signs that it had reached sexual plateau. She had been seduced as much as possible. Now was the best time to make the move, when she would be most vulnerable and receptive to intercourse.

Megan’s eyes briefly opened as she felt Reggie lift his hand off belly. But his tongue still danced with her clit and her eyes closed again. Reggie raised his hand up and waived it for Tyrone.

Tyrone quietly opened the door and got into position beside Reggie where he could quickly move into place. Reggie enjoyed spoiling Megan’s pussy, but the time had come to share the fun. As Reggie moved away from Megan, Tyrone looked down at her bush. It reminded him of a freshly mowed patch of grass, neatly trimmed and edged with a small garden meticulously weeded, its hairs a shiny rust, the same color as the hair that flowed in gentle waves from her head.

Megan felt Reggie grab her hips and scoot her bottom closer to the edge of the desk. He was masturbating her again while rolling both of her nipples gently between his fingers. She opened her eyes, dilated pupils from arousal concealing much of their green color, and saw him smiling down at her as he fondled her tits. He bent down and began nibbling her neck. Reggie felt her nipples get even harder as he nibbled his way to her ear. 

And then Megan realized someone else must be playing with her pussy. Her eyes widened and she managed to prop herself on her elbows before Reggie stopped her from sitting all the way up. Tyrone stood naked between Megan’s open legs masturbating her; his cock only inches from her entrance put Megan in distress. His uncircumcised penis looked strange, absurdly thick and large, like some exaggerated organ on an anime character. Megan had never seen an uncircumcised penis before or a black one. 

Tyrone stopped masturbating Megan and stretched her labia open while she stared paralyzed in disbelief of his size: a long, thick log with a tan sac holding testicles each the size of a golf ball and filled with sperm. White pre-cum drooled from its tip as Tyrone pulled his foreskin back and aimed toward her opening. 

“Oh my God, you said you wouldn’t fuck me,” Megan cried to Reggie in a panic as he held her. She watched in horror, Tyrone’s fingers parting her labia, her pink membranes exposed glistening with moisture as the brown, bulbous head of Tyrone’s cock gently touched them. 

“I’m not going to fuck you,” Reggie answered in her ear. “He is.”

“He’s too big. Please don’t fuck me Tyrone. I’ll suck both your cocks right now!” 

She felt the head of his fat cock begin pushing into her.

“No, please, I’m going to get married; I’m not on birth control; I could get pregnant!” she pleaded.

“I promise you won’t get pregnant,” Tyrone assured her, delivering lines he had carefully rehearsed. “I’ve had a vasectomy over a year ago and I only shoot blanks now. I already have three kids and I’m not making anymore.” He squeezed the bulging head of his unprotected penis inside Megan — her first black cock and first uncircumcised one too.

Megan felt her labia stretch to admit the head of his cock “Oh, God — please no. Take it out,” she begged. 

Tyrone slowly inserted more of his gigantic black serpent into Megan, the pressure causing her discomfort. She felt herself opening further to accommodate both his massive circumference and length. She only had a couple boyfriends and never had a penis this large before. 

After a month without pussy and almost two weeks not jerking off, Megan’s cunt felt like bliss to Tyrone: wet, silky and snug like a tight sleeve hugging his cock, milking it for cum. With a pussy this tight her fiancé’s prick had to be tiny. Her legs helplessly floundered around Tyrone’s waist as he penetrated deeper, black stilettos remaining on her dainty feet and the white panties still dangling from her left ankle. 

Megan kept visualizing the white pre-cum drooling from Tyrone’s monstrous cock when he had inserted it in her, the milky white slime now leaking inside her. She watched his cock, slick with her vaginal secretions, slowly withdraw almost all the way out, reverse direction, and slowly return into her a little further each time, more of it disappearing and his nappy, black bush getting closer to her own. His cock, almost as round as a soda can, tugged her lips along with it on each stroke, like it was pulling her inside out.

From behind Reggie supported Megan’s back with one hand and used his other to push her elbows from under her. “Lay back,” he coldly instructed. Tyrone maintained a slow, steady rhythm and began making tight circles around her clitoris with his thumb. “That’s it,” Reggie said as her green eyes nervously looked up into his. “Let Tyrone do his thing for a little while and it will be over soon.” 

How could this be happening? Less than three weeks before her wedding Megan was laying naked on her back at the edge of a desk with another man’s incredibly large cock in her — a black man — who was not Larry. She hated Tyrone and Reggie for what they were doing. But as her body adapted to its new mate, the pressure and discomfort Megan had initially experienced gradually diminished, so did her anger and determination to fight. The thoughts of Larry that went through her brain became fleeting. Her eyes closed. She had forgotten what sex felt like without condoms. She could not recall Larry’s penis ever feeling like this. Her body began appreciating Tyrone’s huge, uncircumcised cock in spite of how much she despised him. It felt smoother and seemed to glide in her more comfortably than her fiancé’s circumcised one; and it gave far more sensation due to its enormous size and friction. 

Tyrone remembered Reggie’s advice as he felt Megan cum for the first time — her pussy squeezing his cock almost like an affectionate gesture rather than an involuntary, biological response, encouraging him to ejaculate in it — and thought about his grandmother to postpone his own climax. 

“No, please, ooh” Megan whimpered, addressing herself and her body’s reaction to this horrible invasion as much as the culprit, Tyrone. But Tyrone knew he finally had her. 

Sex with Larry never lasted this long. Megan felt a second wave of orgasms approaching and cursed herself. Something warm, smooth, and hard pushed against her lips. Her eyes opened. “It’s time for the blow job you promised me,” Reggie said with a smirk as Tyrone drove into her. As disgusting as all this was to her, she opened her mouth and sucked on the head of Reggie’s chocolate colored cock, her petite hand wrapping around its shaft and jerking it. Reggie observed that her nipples had returned to erection and he began tweaking them. 

Tyrone’s balls were ready to explode. As he felt Megan cum for her third time, he groaned loudly, and with explosive force filled her pussy with his potent, Negro cum. Megan panicked, trying to tell him not to cum in her, to take it out. But Reggie’s cock remained in her mouth and she only managed to moan. Reaching down with both hands she pushed at Tyrone’s stomach just above his pubis, an unsuccessful attempt to make him withdraw and stop the torrent he was releasing in her. 

When Tyrone finally removed his cock from Megan, his jism leaked from her open gash down the crack in her ass. He pulled back his foreskin and messaged her swollen clitoris and pussy lips with the head of his penis. 
After several minutes of messaging Megan’s clitoris with his cock, Tyrone backed away from her. Reggie turned her on her side facing him, in better position to finish sucking his cock. Her tiny, white hands ran up and down his long, thick, black shaft frantically trying to get Reggie off and get this nightmare over with. Her small engagement ring was a real turn on for Reggie as he watched her stroke him with it on her finger.

Reggie grabbed Megan’s head and pulled her face into him. She felt his kinky pubic hairs scrape her lips. “Swallow it,” he grunted, as she gaged on several mouthfuls of cum. 

In the time it took Megan to swallow all Reggie’s cum, Tyrone achieved a second erection and jerked her back to the edge of the desk. “What are you doing? No!” she yelled with the taste of Reggie’s semen still fresh in her mouth. She tried to sit up, but Reggie held her down. “Lay down, Megan! Tyrone isn’t finished yet.” 

“No, I already had sex with both of you. I want to go home now.” She bucked trying to avoid having Tyrone’s massive horse cock inside her a second time as he held her hips and tried re-entering her. 

“Do you want home to be prison for the next five years?” Reggie reminded Megan as he pinned her shoulders to the desk top, helping Tyrone hold her down. She struggled against Reggie’s massive muscles, their solid weight pushing her down onto the wood’s unyielding surface, but felt Tyrone’s smooth, uncircumcised horse cock tightly slithering back inside her anyway. It wasn’t as much pressure or discomfort as the first time he entered her. 

“Ooh, God, no,” Megan exclaimed as a slow, steady rhythm that seduced her before resumed along with those tight, irresistible circles around her clit Tyrone made with his thumb. 

“It’s only 4:30 right now,” Reggie chuckled letting go of Megan and pointing to his watch. “But I think you may be staying overtime tonight,” he continued with a nauseating smile, his eyes landing on an embarrassing clit boner Tyrone’s thumb mercilessly encouraged and exacerbated in Megan.

“I can’t — no, stop it. Larry’s expecting me. He will come looking for me,” Megan tried threatening. 

Reggie laughed dryly. Tyrone continued unfazed by Megan’s warning, the fence locked and the dogs guarding the premises against unwanted intruders. Poor Megan held no inkling how hollow her protests rang — didn’t fully grasp the checkmate her assailants had carefully planned for two weeks and put her in. 


Reggie leaned back in Leroy’s chair with an unlit cigar in his mouth watching the two young lovers go at it now for their third time that evening. He felt a perverse sense of satisfaction over the budding relationship he had arranged, noticing that even though Megan had pleaded and squawked, her legs reluctantly locked around Tyrone’s ass. She had begun to recognize his “extra talent”, her hands gliding up Tyrone’s back, almost embracing him. She certainly wasn’t fighting him anymore. In fact the two were heavily breathing and somehow the French kissing Tyrone initially forced on Megan no longer appeared coerced, the two moaning into each other’s mouths, their sex filling the room with wet, gushy sounds. 

Reggie glanced at his watch: it was already 6:15 p.m. and Megan was indeed working overtime tonight just as he had predicted earlier to her dismay. He had taken the liberty of going through her purse while the two lovebirds were in throes of passion and silencing her phone so they wouldn’t be distracted by Larry’s calls. In fact lover boy Larry never showed up as Megan had fallaciously threatened, which was unfortunate for her. She unwillingly spent quality time with Tyrone instead, getting well acquainted with him. Reggie heard Megan cry out in a high pitch as she came again. How many times was this for her — 10, 11? He had lost count. What stamina! Tyrone certainly proved that he knew how to deliver himself and could last extra-long. 

Finally Tyrone collapsed on top of Megan after his third orgasm. She found herself embracing his hard muscular body against her own. She released her grip on him, unlocked her legs, and ended their kiss. This was all so vulgar and wrong. Her arousal quickly returned to revulsion. He had ejaculated in her again. Even though Tyrone claimed he was sterile, having his filthy cum inside her disgusted Megan. She felt his huge cock in her deflating like a leaking balloon. She turned her head to the side and saw Reggie, reclining in Leroy’s tattered leather chair, staring at them, the unlit cigar still in his mouth. She pushed Tyrone off her and sat up, then slid from the desk. She picked up the panties that somehow had finally come off her ankle and slid them on. Reggie and Tyrone both saw a wet spot forming on them before she put her skirt back on. 

Tension filled the room as Megan dressed. She glanced Tyrone’s way searching for her blouse and saw his well-defined pecks, ripped abs, and the huge, black, horse cock that had been inside her, uncircumcised and strange looking to her, flaccidly hanging in front of him, dripping with their fluids. She quickly diverted her gaze from the revolting sight.

“Would you like your pay?” Reggie finally asked.

“Yes,” Megan coldly answered, her limpid green eyes glaring with hatred.

Reggie handed Megan another white envelope containing the rest of her pay minus the cash advance from the previous week, $200. “We didn’t take any out this week for the repairs. You can start making those payments next week,” he said magnanimously.

“There won’t be a next week,” she sneered grabbing her purse. “I won’t be back.” She stormed from the office and made it out the front door. Outside, Demon and Savage charged her way showing their sharp, white teeth, the metal spikes of their collars catching the orange rays from a setting sun. Megan had no choice but to return inside the building. 

“I’m glad to see you decided to come back,” Reggie remarked greeting her in the waiting area, the cigar in his mouth now lit, smoke rising from its tip. Leroy stood with him, wearing his semi-toothless grin that now sickened her. Tyrone was still dressing in Leroy’s office. Megan felt a small bit of relief that she didn’t have to confront Tyrone as well as Reggie after what had just occurred between the three of them. 

“Can you call off your hounds so I can leave?” she impatiently asked.

The tip of Reggie’s cigar glowed red as he inhaled. “You better think long and hard about not coming back on Monday,” he spoke. “Not only will you end up in prison, but there’s still the little matter of the money you owe Leroy here for the repairs to your car. He’ll put a mechanic’s lien on your Civic if you don’t make a payment Friday. Your car will be impounded. And then there’s the little matter of the damage you did to my rear bumper that you’re liable for if Leroy decides to turn you in. I believe you told us your insurance had been cancelled?” The gold and white smile returned to Reggie’s face, “The estimate for that was $3,600. Larry will be getting quite the deal marrying you: huge debt and a prison wife. Think about it this weekend. Hopefully, Leroy will see you Monday morning.” 

****CHAPTER 9******

On her way home, Megan glanced at her phone noticing four missed calls from Larry. Someone had turned her phone on silent. Her mind raced, this time trying to construct a story to tell her fiancé. The truth was out of the question. How could she ever tell anyone what had occurred with Tyrone and Reggie? About how stupid she had been? But why was she late and why hadn’t she answered or returned Larry’s calls sooner? The late part was easy: she could say she was detained in traffic. Then it dawned on Megan: She was detained in traffic and realized she forgot her phone at work and had had to return there to get it. That’s what she would tell Larry. She called Larry back apologetically with her explanation, and told him she was on the way home. 

While Megan drove home, the three black men involved with her assault remained at Leroy’s Garage and met in Leroy’s office. Leroy plopped in his old, leather chair. A rather large, milky puddle of semen mixed with Megan’s vaginal fluid — a souvenir of the young, interracial couple’s fledgling passion — remained in front of him on his desk. He ran his fingers through it and then rubbed the slippery liquid between them. With his semi-toothless grin he looked at Tyrone and said, “Very impressive. You owe us $150, stud.” Leroy then turned to Reggie, “That was a great show, but what’s our encore? Do you think she will really be back?”

Reggie took the half smoked cigar out from the corner of his mouth and let the long ash at its tip fall to the floor. With the cigar between his fingers, he sat in the wooden chair across from Leroy and began stroking his chin pondering their situation and the possible scenarios that might play out. “There’s a fifty-fifty chance she will be back on Monday. If she doesn’t come back, we need to call her bluff and go take her car.”

“Wait a minute,” Leroy interjected, “legally a mechanic’s lien is only good while we have possession of the vehicle. We’re not like a bank and don’t have title to the property to repossess it like that.”

“Yea, but she doesn’t know that. Besides, she was involved in a felony hit and run accident. Do you really think she will want to get the police involved?” Reggie’s gold and white smile appeared. “Is she going to want her fiancé to know about how she fucked a black man to fix her car?”

The three men chuckled, and Reggie addressed Tyrone, “How was she?”

“She was incredible, man. The best fuck I’ve ever had. Her pussy felt so good around my cock. I could feel it squeezing me when she came. She is so beautiful. I think she really got into it for a little while.”

“You got to keep nailing her,” Reggie replied. “You can’t let up. Bang her every day. That was good what you told her about having a vasectomy. Don’t let her know the truth now. Megan is a stunning white chick used to getting her way with men. When she comes back she won’t be very ‘cooperative’. You’re going to need help until she gets used to being with you.”

“Used to being with me?” Tyrone questioned.

“Yea, getting fucked by you; going for long, frequent rides on that big dong of yours,” Reggie joked. “You want to keep fucking her, don’t you? She has already had your cock several times today, so the hardest part is over. Now it’s just a question of continuing what we started.” 

“That’s great; I’d love to nail her every day, but there’s one problem: I can’t afford $50 a pop.”

“Well what can you afford?” Leroy interjected agitatedly.

Tyrone thought for a moment and then answered, “Fifty-dollars a day, and when we’re not busy I get to fuck her as much as I want.”

Leroy’s bottom lip stuck out as he thought about it for a minute. “I’ll tell you what, you get your work done quicker, stop taking so many breaks, and I’ll go with that. Otherwise the deal is off.” 

Leroy’s offer suited Tyrone. With Megan to fuck he would no longer needed frequent breaks with pornographic magazines. 

Leroy then asked Reggie, “How long you think it’ll take to get her ‘used’ to having sex with the kid as you put it?”

Reggie thought back on similar girls he had recruited for prostitution many years ago. This was a different situation. They had abducted the girls back then and used drugs on them. It was a fun transition to watch. “Don’t know,” Reggie answered. “Every girl is different. They have different personalities and weaknesses. Some are stronger than others.”

“Well make yourself available then because I’m too old for this kind of shit? I’ll watch,” Leroy snapped.

*******CHAPTER 10*********

Megan arrived home and fell into Larry’s arms like she did countless times before. He gave her the usual great, big kiss they always greeted each other with, but it felt uncomfortable to her this time. Reggie’s cock and Tyrone’s tongue had recently been in her mouth and now she shared them with Larry.

“Are you ready for our big night out?” Larry asked excitedly.

Megan nodded with a forced smile.

“Well let’s go or we’ll miss our reservation.” 

“Honey, I just got home. Let me take a shower and change first.” Megan felt dirty after three hours of sex with Tyrone — the longest she had ever spent with a man. She could still feel his slimy, foul cum inside her, on her panties and in her pubic hair starting to dry. She didn’t want any part of Tyrone near her. She wanted to wash him away from her body and out of her mind.

“Come on, sweat heart, you’ve been looking forward to this for two weeks. You can take a shower and change when we get back. The shower will still be here.”

Megan was at a loss for words. What could she tell Larry? That she had been with two black guys the past three hours, fucked one and sucked the other’s cock, and now needed to wash up? She forced another smile. “Okay, but I’ve got to use the bathroom first.”

Megan went to the bathroom, took some toilette paper, and tried to wipe as much of Tyrone’s cum away as possible. Much of it had already dried, leaving a crusty residue. She flushed the toilette paper evidence and pulled her panties back up, still a little wet and stained with drying semen. They were an expensive pair of bikini briefs that matched her bra. She would have to wait until later to take them off and wash them when Larry wasn’t around.


Larry watched Megan, lacking her usual appetite, pick at the food on her plate. Rigano’s was her favorite restaurant — she always loved their vegetarian baked ziti in wine marinara sauce, but tonight she barely ate any of it. They sat across from one another at a little round table with a white table cloth, a candle flickering in the center between them, her green eyes luminous like a cat’s even in candlelight. Megan rarely drank, but tonight she gulped down her second glass of pinot noir in an hour. She couldn’t wash Tyrone’s cum out of her, but she could try to drown her memory of him in alcohol. 

“Is everything okay?” Larry asked. “You’ve hardly touched a thing on your plate. What’s wrong?”

“I’m fine. I’m just not real hungry tonight.”

The alcohol made things a little better. Megan had given thought to what Reggie said and to her situation. At least Tyrone had a vasectomy and she didn’t need to worry about getting pregnant by him. She would have to find a way to pay Leroy back quicker. She could not keep working there. The sooner she paid Leroy, the sooner she could put the whole ordeal behind her and get on with her life.

“How was work today?”

Megan looked at Larry as if suddenly woken from a trance. Her green eyes then darted around the room and landed on a nearby server — a tall, lanky, middle-aged man who was Caucasian and walked lightly like a woman. Megan guessed he was probably gay. Why couldn’t she have had her car accident with him? “Waiter, one more pinot noir — please,” she asked holding up her glass. 

Work was the last thing she wanted to discuss, but Larry waited for her response.


“Fine, work was fine today. We weren’t busy. It was boring,” she quickly answered with a hint of agitation.

After her third glass of pinot noir, Megan felt much better.

*****CHAPTER 11*****

Megan could not believe she actually had to keep coming back to this horrible place. She didn’t want to be here, but she didn’t have a choice. When Larry was at work, Leroy and Reggie had come to the house with Leroy’s tow truck to take her Civic. Reggie threatened to turn her in to the police and say she had sex with Tyrone in exchange for fixing her car and keeping quiet about it. 

She had only answered the phone three times today and it became obvious why Leroy had really hired her. The dusty clock behind the counter read three o’clock and she knew what that meant. What she had prayed was a one-time occurrence with Tyrone had turned into daily ritual. This black guy seemed to never tire of her and wanted to fuck incessantly.

Reggie arrived at his usual time and met Tyrone out in the garage. “You ready to give your girlfriend more loving today?” he asked, his gold and white smile appearing. Tyrone finished all his work and was ready to go at it with Megan the rest of the day.

Reggie and Tyrone came inside. Reggie walked up to Megan. “Come with me to Leroy’s office now,” he callously told her. 

Megan gave him a dirty look. “I don’t want to do that with him anymore.” 

“Come on,” Reggie impatiently said, tightly grabbing Megan’s arm and jerking her to Leroy’s office. 

“Hey, let me go,” Megan protested, but her resistance diminished a little more each time Reggie forced her back there, her fight always ending in defeat, the sex with Tyrone becoming less foreign to her. 

“You always end up enjoying this so why the big production?” Reggie shoved her in the room and shut the door behind them. Tyrone was naked already waiting for her, his uncircumcised horse cock fully erect. “Now get your goddamn clothes off and start fucking him or I’ll rip them off you,” Reggie threatened, taking a seat in Leroy’s chair. 

With her head down, Megan lugubriously unbuttoned her blouse and removed her skirt, a broken woman. She hesitated before unclasping her bra and letting it fall from her shoulders. She stood topless wearing only her small, gold crucifix and panties. Tyrone came up to her and started rubbing her pussy through her panties.

“Does this feel good?” he asked.

“Please, Tyrone, I don’t want to do this again. I’m getting married in a week.” She felt his big, warm, heavy cock pressing against her stomach as he began hugging her. Soon it would be inside her. She wished she could get him to wear rubbers. Strangely, a thin membrane would have provided Megan some comfort knowing a barrier existed between them preventing the unwanted intimacy of complete contact with Tyrone. “Can’t you at least use a condom?” she asked as she had previously. 

Tyrone gave her the same tired answer he had given before: “It’s okay, baby. Absolutely nothing can happen. I’ve had that all taken care of for you, remember?” 

But this wasn’t okay like Tyrone claimed. Megan never slept around, had multiple partners, or engaged in casual sex. With someone she cared for deeply, intercourse first required a long courtship. Pregnancy wasn’t her only reason for wanting Tyrone to wear condoms. She had always insisted her partners use them, even when she took birth control pills, Larry briefly the only exception after their engagement. Sex without barrier protection was dirty, too intimate, and unsafe for reasons other than just pregnancy — even with someone she really loved and knew very well, unless that person was her future husband.

What came next from Tyrone’s lips sickened Megan: “I want you to feel me, not some piece of rubber; and I need to feel you. We need to feel each other to be together. We’re just having fun your fiancé will never know about,” he said guiding her over to Leroy’s desk. 

Deep down Megan knew her words were futile, but she tried reasoning with Tyrone anyway. “This isn’t fun to me, Tyrone, and I don’t want to ‘feel’ you and be together. I’m not your girlfriend. I’m marrying someone else. Why do you keep letting Reggie make me do this with you?”

“Bend over,” Tyrone instructed ignoring her argument, his strong hand landing on her back and shoving her face down on to the desk. His fingers hooked into the waistband of her briefs and pulled them down her slender legs as she stood bent over, her small, gold crucifix resting on the wood’s cold, hard surface. Tyrone rubbed his hand up and down between her butt cheeks, touching her asshole, and then probed her pussy with his fingers. 

“Don’t,” she whined. But she had become wet for him already.

Megan felt Tyrone’s warm, hard cock weightily resting on the side of her ass while he fingered her. She dreaded the huge, black, horse cock inside her again. This wasn’t right. It was repulsive. It made her feel dirty and she avoided sex with her fiancé as much as possible because of it. 
Tyrone slid his black serpent between Megan’s ass cheeks and into her receptive pussy. She felt warm, and wet, and silky and tight, and like paradise. He always delivered himself to her slowly, waiting until she was ready before giving her his entire length.

“No, ooh, ooh, ooh, take it out,” Megan moaned in sync with his thrusts. More of him entered and occupied her, like a triumphant invader going deeper into her defeated territory, until his bareback cock was fully inside her again, sliding against her intimate and sensitive folds, nothing between their special places as they shared the feeling of each other — something she didn’t want to do with him and missed with Larry who was still using condoms. But Larry and she decided together to wait until after their wedding to have children. It was a horrible situation, Tyrone taking her like this, and worse, with more intimacy than she shared with her own fiancé. But unlike Larry, Tyrone absolutely refused to use rubbers with her. At least Tyrone had a vasectomy and could not get her pregnant, or so Megan believed. Larry could still have children. Not that Tyrone’s vasectomy made any of this better. 

Megan closed her eyes as Tyrone banged into her. Once inside her, something about Tyrone’s cock changed her outlook, like some addictive drug. Was it his huge size making constant contact with her most sensitive places? Was it his foreskin that produced smoother, gentler sex and extra moisture? Was it his perfect technique? Was it because she started to find him and his big black muscles actually attractive? Or was it the combination of all these things? When he was inside her, she became his.

Reggie could see the forced pairings with Tyrone were having their impact on Megan, making her more complacent and accepting of Tyrone as a sexual partner. Getting Megan to fuck him became like priming a water pump — once Tyrone got started, she continued flowing for him. Now that the two lovebirds were joined, he could leave them to their own devices for the afternoon. Tomorrow he would return for the same thing, but with Megan slightly easier to prime. Before leaving them, Reggie quietly went into Megan’s purse and again switched her phone to silent.

Her arms pulled him to her as they French kissed. “Ooh, ooh, Tyrone, please, don’t,” Megan cried now in mercenary position on Leroy’s oak desk, her legs locked around his ass again. She was cumming and she could tell from the expression on Tyrone’s face he was about to orgasm too. “Don’t cum in me this time, please,” she said between heavy breaths. “Take it out.” Even though he had a vasectomy, Megan felt sickened by the thought of his jism in her. But Tyrone, as usual, ignored Megan’s requests, resumed French kissing her, and for the third time that afternoon, filled her with another batch of his secret, baby making sauce. 

“You came in me again, Tyrone,” Megan complained as she caught her breath.

“I’m sorry, baby, you just feel too good and I can’t help myself,” Tyrone answered. He saw the disgusted, worried look on Megan’s face and added with a comforting smile, “Don’t worry about it. I can’t make you pregnant.” 

“Are you sure?”

“Of course, baby. I wouldn’t lie about something like that. I care about you.” He gently nibbled her ear, making Megan’s entire body tingle. She felt his cock twitch in her again, releasing a few residual rounds of semen from his lingering erection. Tyrone thought about all the virile sperm he had ejaculated in her over the past weeks and the very high probability of actually impregnating her with his black offspring. He had been fucking her multiple times almost daily and it didn’t sound like she had started any type of birth control.

Megan fished the phone from her purse as Tyrone lay on top of her. “Shit, I’m late again,” she said observing the time and another missed call from Larry.

******CHAPTER 12********

Megan returned to work Mrs. Larry Donovin, a wedding band now accompanying her engagement ring. She came back reluctantly. Things had become way too hot and heavy with Tyrone before she had left on her honeymoon. He had been fucking her three times a day; and to Megan’s chagrin, frequent sex with Tyrone and his enormous horse cock had started to grow on her like an addictive drug. 

Her first day back and Reggie arrived at 11:00 am, four hours earlier than usual. “Let’s go to Leroy’s office,” he said emotionlessly. 

“No, Reggie, I’m married now and that’s not happening anymore,” Megan forcefully replied. Two weeks away from them had renewed her strength and restored some of her former self-confidence. 

“I don’t give a shit if you’re married or not. You’re going to fuck Tyrone or you’re going to prison. Do you want Larry to learn about the affair you had with Tyrone to fix your car and keep quiet about it?” Reggie watched defiance in Megan’s eyes change to fear. “Now, let’s go.” 

Reggie’s hand digging into her arm hurt Megan as he ushered her back to Leroy’s office again. She stumbled keeping up with his hurried pace. She was married now and hoped things would change. She wanted to run away from this. But she knew Reggie would have her sent to prison if she refused. Megan still owed Leroy $2400, which would take 12 more weeks to pay off. She had the days marked on a calendar in red ink — twelve more weeks in Hell. 

“Don’t tell me you forgot our routine during your honeymoon,” Reggie said shoving her into the room and closing the door. Megan underwent what can only be described as a sudden relapse to submissiveness, back to the way she had become with Tyrone just before leaving on her honeymoon. She slowly undressed, got up on Leroy’s desk, and allowed Tyrone to spread her legs. 

Megan looked down at the enormity of Tyrone’s unprotected penis as he pressed it against her pink opening that somehow would manage to accommodate the thick, black shaft again. She had forgotten how large Tyrone actually was compared to Larry. Even Tyrone’s hefty testicles dwarfed Larry’s. 

Fortunately, Tyrone had had a vasectomy so she didn’t have to worry about the copious sperm his gargantuan balls would otherwise produce, Megan thought. But Tyrone still ejaculated ridiculously huge amounts when he came and Megan could see how he had easily impregnated girls at one time. She could feel his warm jism filling her when he climaxed, something she never experienced with Larry. On a few occasions Tyrone withdrew, hosing her with his white, sticky cum and then ignoring her protests messaging her with it, spreading it over her nipples, into her belly button — all over her. 

In back of Megan’s mind she wondered why with a vasectomy Tyrone’s ejaculate appeared in every facet identical to Larry’s semen, just more abundant. It even smelled and tasted similar — Tyrone once placing his cum covered fingers in her mouth and making her suck them clean. It didn’t make sense to her, but she had read somewhere that a vasectomy didn’t produce a noticeable change in a man’s ejaculate. 

“Please, Tyrone, I’m married now. I can’t do this with you anymore,” Megan pleaded. “It just isn’t right.” Absent was Megan’s request for Tyrone to use rubbers, which had gradually ceased with his consistently stubborn refusals. The enhanced intimacy with him became a nasty practice they forced on her until she finally developed a penchant for it. Tyrone’s claims of having a vasectomy and assurances that latex protection was unnecessary and undesirable took hold. They simply got her physically accustomed to the incredibly erotic feeling of his cock without any type of barrier — to his genitals touching hers, nothing separating them. But Megan would never admit to this horrible, disgusting craving they created in her for Tyrone. 

“Oh, it’s very right, baby. It’s perfect,” Tyrone answered placing his hand on the center of Megan’s chest and pushing her back. “We won’t let Larry ever know about this as long as you cooperate — right Reggie?” Reggie nodded and Megan’s eyes closed. Reggie heard her gasp when Tyrone entered her. Tyrone had forgotten how snug and silky her pussy felt to his cock. “Ooh,” she exclaimed as Tyrone’s super-sized penis returned inside her for the first time in two weeks since her honeymoon.

“That’s it, baby, you see how good it feels?” Tyrone asked as she lay on her back subtly rocking to a fro from his gentle thrusts. They were joined again. 

“Uh-huh,” Megan moaned in reply, like a former heroin addict getting a fix after a long abstinence. Her head turned to the side; she bit her fist and arched her back. The girth of his cock put pressure and friction against the walls of her pussy packed with touch sensitive nerves. As his shaft travelled in and out, it pulled her inner lips with it making her clitoral hood slide up and down. It felt insanely pleasurable to Megan and nothing like sex with her husband. Larry rarely gave her an orgasm when they made love, his small penis unable to produce sensations remotely as intense as Tyrone’s cock. 

Tyrone gradually banged into her with greater force, her body jerking back and forth beneath him transmitting an echo of his movements. They started fucking in earnest and Reggie quietly left them in the office, knowing the pacific affect Tyrone’s cock had in Megan. There simply would be no further resistance from her, the pump was now primed and working again.

Reggie and Leroy sat in the waiting area shooting the shit, Reggie lighting his cigar, while the two young lovers went at it in Leroy’s office. Since it was a slow day anyway, and poor Tyrone had gone without sex the entire two weeks Megan had left for her honeymoon, Leroy thought it would be a nice gesture to give the kid some extra time with Megan today.

“You won’t need me around here as much soon,” Reggie said. “I think Megan is starting to like being with Tyrone. Give her three more weeks, max, and she’ll probably willingly go to your office with him every chance she gets.” 

Demon and Savage chained outside suddenly started barking. “Sounds like somebody’s out there,” Leroy remarked. Reggie puffed on his cigar when a young, white man walked in the front door.

“May I help you,” Leroy asked.

“Hi, I’m Larry, Megan’s husband. I just stopped by to see her for lunch.”

Reggie drew deeply on his cigar to avoid cracking up. Leroy didn’t find it as amusing. Thinking quickly, Leroy answered, “Oh, she is in the back helping out with some inventory.” He turned to Reggie, giving him his semi-toothless grin, “Would you go get Megan?” 

“Sure thing,” Reggie said jumping up and heading down the hall, his cigar hanging out the corner of his mouth.

Reggie quietly entered Leroy’s office greeted by the heavy breathing, wet gushy sounds, and passionate groans of two people becoming one. Tyrone was humping away at Megan. The two deeply kissing looked like they were tangled in a black and white knot, arms and legs around each other. He could tell from her high pitched moans Megan was cumming on Tyrone’s cock. The two had been fucking for about an hour and Reggie wondered how many times she had cum already for Tyrone. “You missed his big, black cock on your honeymoon didn’t you?” Reggie asked.

Megan opened her luminous green eyes and stared dreamily at Reggie. “Ooh,” she sighed closing them again and arching her back as Tyrone’s cock continued to open her up. 

Reggie sat down and waited for Tyrone to blow his load in her.

Tyrone had missed Megan terribly. The pace of his thrusts into her accelerated, the culmination of 16 long days without sex about to erupt from his oversized, sperm filled testicles like a volcano inside her. 

“Ooh, don’t, you’re making me cum again, Tyrone, no,” Megan cried out, her fingernails digging into his back. It felt so good, but cumming for him was so wrong. 

Tyrone released a loud groan Reggie was certain could be heard from where Larry waited. His hips slowed, and then stopped moving. Megan’s hands lightly stroked up and down his big, muscular back as she caught her breath. “You said you wouldn’t cum in me this time,” Megan complained, reality setting in, and the drug-like effects of his cock wearing off in her along with his erection.

“You guys may want to hurry things up because your husband is outside waiting to see you for lunch,” Reggie announced.

Megan’s eyes widened. She pushed Tyrone off her; and with his cum still leaking from her pussy threw on her clothes.

“Leroy told him you were helping with inventory,” Reggie added as Megan opened the door.

********CHAPTER 13***************

Larry looked at his wife and wondered what great artist combined the limpid, green of her eyes, the shiny, rust color of her hair, and smooth textures of her white, unblemished skin to make this masterpiece. It didn’t seem possible that such beauty could randomly happen. He didn’t know how he got so lucky with a girl like her. “Were you surprised I came to visit you for lunch?” Larry asked. 

Megan fidgeted in the seat for a moment straightening her skirt and didn’t respond to Larry’s question at first, her mind seemingly preoccupied with something else. They sat in the corner booth of a small, family restaurant near Leroy’s Garage, the only white couple in the establishment.

She felt Tyrone’s cum leaking from her pussy and making her panties slimy and wet. From two weeks of abstinence he left more in her this time than his usually large amount. 

“Honey, did I surprise you?” Larry repeated.

“I’m sorry, yes, you did. I wasn’t expecting you. What’s the occasion?” Megan responded. 

“Nothing, I don’t have to be back to work until tomorrow, so I thought I would come see you for lunch,” Larry replied, unaware that his wife had acquiesced weeks ago to allowing another man’s much larger cock in her pussy; that while at work, Megan’s vagina had been receiving millions of sperm from this black man multiple times daily; that when she had come home each night and kissed Larry, her mouth contained this black man’s saliva — sometimes his semen; that beneath the clothes Megan had worn home, the black man’s ejaculate had sometimes been messaged over her tummy and breasts, had dried and coated her tight little body as Larry hugged her; that when Larry had held Megan in his arms — and even as he sat in the restaurant with her now — her pussy contained Tyrone’s sperm swimming in it and not his. 

A theft so subtle, even Megan didn’t realize it was happening: the physical relationship she was forced into having with Tyrone had started developing into something insidiously more — something she had never sought, something she had faithfully avoided until being blackmailed and coerced. It was unfair. Megan and Larry had been a perfect match for each other. But Reggie and Tyrone robbed the pleasure of intimacy with Larry from Megan. Her sexual desire for Larry diminished the more she was forced to be with Tyrone. With Reggie’s help, Tyrone not only took Megan’s body, he slowly stole the psychological emotions that inextricably accompany intimate physical pleasure in a long-term relationship. Every time she had intercourse with Tyrone, he came closer to being a lover, while her romance with Larry deteriorated, sex with him becoming infrequent and boring. Yet Larry remained clueless to his wife’s affair.

Megan was looking around the restaurant for the restroom as Larry spoke. “That’s very sweet of you, honey. I’m glad you did,” she answered distantly. A server finally came to their table with menus and water. “Where’s your restroom?” Megan asked.

“Down that hall on your left, dear,” the overweight black woman who looked to be in her mid-thirties directed her.

“Excuse me, Larry, I have to go. I’ll be right back,” Megan said.

She seemed distracted today, Larry thought, as Megan slid from their booth, her mind probably still on something with the inventory she was doing at work. He looked over the menu and sipped his water while Megan entered a stall in the ladies’ room and pulled down her panties. They were saturated with Tyrone’s semen again. Another pair of briefs would need to be kept out of Larry’s sight. But she wasn’t about to go commando the rest of the day with a skirt on. She cleaned up the best she could. It still felt slimy and wet when she slid the undergarment back on, and cold now too even though she had tried wiping all of Tyrone’s ejaculate off. She washed up and returned to Larry. 

When they finished eating, Larry drove Megan back to work. They passed through the gate, the chain-link fence topped with coils of barbed wire surrounding the property. “They have this place protected like a fortress,” Larry remarked. 

Or like a prison, a sex prison, Megan thought. To Megan’s chagrin, Reggie’s car was still there. Larry parked next to it to drop her off. She looked at him a moment then leaned over and gave him a great big hug, tighter than usual. “I love you so much,” she said eyes squinting, holding back tears. He was so good to her and had no idea what she did with Tyrone — what she would have to do with Tyrone again once he left her there. Megan wished she could run away with Larry, away from Leroy, and Reggie, and Tyrone and this awful place.

“Did you have a nice lunch with your husband?” Reggie sarcastically asked when she came back in. He still sat in the waiting area with Leroy, the cigar in his mouth now down to a stub. Leroy gave her his loathsome, semi-toothless grin. 

Megan said nothing, shooting Reggie a despising look instead. 

“Your boyfriend is back there in Leroy’s office waiting for you,” Reggie continued. “He has another painful boner he needs your help with.” 

Megan didn’t find Reggie’s comment humorous. She stood defiantly in place, staring at him, wanting to tell both Reggie and Leroy to go fuck themselves. 

“Get in there goddamn it! You better be fucking him by the time I finish this cigar or I’ll beat the crap out of you. Now move it,” Reggie snapped. 

Megan turned and slowly headed toward Leroy’s office. She didn’t think Reggie would really hit her, but he would have her sent to prison for the hit and run and tell Larry about her affair with Tyrone — the affair Reggie had forced her into having. 

Megan had already told too many lies and maintained them for too long — no one would believe the sex with Tyrone was nonconsensual at this point. She even had her own doubts now. It felt so good. In fact the more Tyrone fucked her, the more confused she became about her feelings for him. She loved Larry, but the physical intimacy she had been forced into having with Tyrone began to evolve into an emotional bond she couldn’t understand. 

It was only 1:30 in the afternoon according to the dusty, Roman numeral clock hanging on the wall — four hours left. Tyrone would go at it with her the rest of the day, maybe longer. Hard as she tried not to, she would soon be embracing him tighter than she had embraced Larry moments ago. 

******CHAPTER 13********

Her debt almost paid, Megan had worked with them nearly four months, the first two of which she had been forced into having sex with Tyrone practically daily. After that, as Reggie had predicted, she began to accompany Tyrone to Leroy’s office more willingly without Reggie needing to force her. 

Tyrone was lying on Leroy’s desk on his back. Somehow Megan acquired a fondness for performing oral sex on him. It gave her a sense of power pleasuring his large penis like this. Fellatio and cunnilingus had become a regular part of their relationship as their intimacy evolved. 

Megan stopped sucking his cock, climbed on top of him, and slowly took his entire length inside her. It was better this way — she could control how much stimulation she received and sometimes she could tell when he was going to cum and dismount to swallow his ejaculate. Its taste had grown on her after a couple of months. She ran her hands over Tyrone’s hard stomach, up to his burly pecs. Tyrone noticed how her previously flat belly began sticking out ever so slightly. She laid flat on top of him, her breasts a little heavier and swollen. Subtle changes her husband had not yet even observed Tyrone saw first stealing so much of her intimacy from him. Up and down her pussy moved, as if trying to swallow a big, black sausage whole, then regurgitating it un-chewed, coated with silky spit. “Oh, you feel so good in me,” Megan cooed. He grabbed her firm ass with one hand and with his other, began to pull her face to his. “Let me know when you’re going to cum,” Megan briefly delayed, and then fell into the French kiss he was leading her toward. 
Was this eight or nine? Megan lost count how many times she came as they kissed and moved into each other. Tyrone lasted longer than any guy she had ever been with, including Larry, not that she had been with many other men. She could feel his muscles getting tense. “I’m going to cum,” Tyrone finally announced. She tried to dismount, but his strong, muscular hands grabbed her young, tight ass and pulled her further to him. “No, I’m going to cum in your pussy this time,” he grunted. 

A battle of conflicting emotions only vaguely persisted in Megan, preference for the intimacy of unprotected sex with Tyrone — along with the transfer of his body fluid it entailed — almost a complete victory as their relationship had progressed. She had not surrendered all guilt, however, and slight uneasiness with his semen in her pussy persisted. She was married after all, and even though she now had feelings for Tyrone, at times it still didn’t seem completely right having another man’s unsheathed cock in her, even though she often felt closer to Tyrone than Larry. 

But as Tyrone pulled Megan into him, she lost the control she had gained from being on top during their sex, his cock rubbing just beneath the head of her clitoris, driving her to sexual frenzy and forcing her to climax again, with him, totally defeating the vestigial resistance within her; it made her want him to cum in her, want his big cock to stay inside her forever, to have his baby if it were possible. She abandoned efforts to decouple from him. “Ooh, okay baby, cum in my pussy,” Megan replied grinding into him. His penis fired repeated volleys of what she didn’t know was potent, Negro cum inside her. 

Megan also didn’t know that she was pregnant. 

Megan lay on top of Tyrone recovering from their mind blowing sex, her small, gold crucifix hanging from her neck resting on his black, muscular chest. “What am I going to do with you? You keep doing that,” she languidly complained coming to her senses, her cunt filled with his seed. Wearing her gold engagement ring and wedding band — resplendent, yet empty symbols of a forgotten fidelity — her hand admired his bulging, hard pecs as it caressingly explored them in a journey it kept repeating. 

Two hours remained until time to go home, but now Megan found herself wanting to stay with Tyrone as long as possible. She slid down to his flaccid cock covered with both their fluids, lovingly took it in her mouth and sucked. His gorgeous, black penis quickly re-hardened, her lips barely fitting around its head. And then they fucked again. 

Megan’s belly and breasts had hinted to Tyrone new life was forming in her. She came to work on Friday and went to Leroy’s office while Tyrone worked on a car in the garage. This was one of the few times she saw Leroy’s desk being used for actual work rather than something for her to fuck on. “I’m pregnant, Leroy,” Megan announced. Leroy looked up from the Oui magazine he was reading and gave her his semi-toothless grin. “That’s wonderful news,” he replied. “Sit down. I don’t want our mother-to-be standing too long.”

Megan took a seat in the antique oak chair across from his desk and continued. “I know I still owe you $400, but Larry wants me to stay home now. He’s getting a promotion at work and I don’t know what to tell him.”

Leroy stuck his bottom lip out thinking a few moments, his dark beady eyes darting around the room. “Tell him, ‘okay.’ Stay home and get ready for your baby.”

“Really?” Megan asked, the room-illuminating smile returning to her face for the first time since she started working there. “Thank you, Leroy.” 

She stood up to finally leave this prison forever, but paused at the doorway. The light from Megan’s face diminished. Did she really want to leave now? Over the course of nearly four months Megan could not stop the physical intimacy she had been forced to share with Tyrone from spilling into her affections. Maybe that is why sex is called making love. During the many times they had intercourse and Megan climaxed for Tyrone, she had gradually fallen in love with him. She now found herself attracted to Tyrone, desiring him, growing wet at the thought of his beautiful, black cock. She could not resist throwing herself in Tyrone’s arms if she saw him again, spending yet another afternoon on Leroy’s desk performing oral sex on each other and fucking. She might even decide not to leave and then her marriage would be doomed. But she was having Larry’s baby — not Tyrone’s. No, she had to save her marriage and end this now while able to. “Tell Tyrone goodbye for me,” Megan added as she left. 


It was a cool March afternoon when Megan returned to Leroy’s Garage to apply for a job, her beautiful, boyish figure — thin but with curves that captured stares of desire from both men and women, leaving no doubt about her gender — back to the way it was before getting pregnant. “Excuse me,” Megan said as she opened her bra and the big, black, baby boy she was holding stopped crying to nurse from her tit. “He just wants to feed constantly. Where’s Tyrone?”

“Tyrone quit and moved away right after you left,” Leroy answered. “Never said where he was going. I paid him cash every week like I did with you, so I don’t know where he went or how to find him.” 

Leroy noticed disappointment overtake Megan’s face. She wasn’t wearing her wedding band or engagement ring anymore. “Let me introduce you to my new mechanic, Daryl,” he said with his semi-toothless grin as a young, muscular black man came in from the garage. 

Megan’s expression suddenly changed for Daryl, her limpid green eyes sparkling as they quickly scanned his lean body and checked out a respectable bulge in front of his pants. 

“Why don’t you two get to know one another? I think you’ll be working together often,” Leroy said. 

The End

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