Biwi ko movie theater me choda

It had been three weeks since our wedding. We were finally free from the social meetings that usually take place after the wedding. It had been exciting yet tiring three weeks. We did not have a very long honeymoon as well. We had gone for four days for honeymoon and the rest of the four days had been family trip. I knew that my wife wanted to spend more time with me alone, but it was a little bit difficult for us with my job and all.
That day earlier in office I had booked tickets for an English movie. Although I was not a big fan of English movies, she liked them more then Bollywood movies. I called her up before leaving from office, to get ready by the time I reach home. It took me three hours from my job place to travel home.  On the way I was planning all the things we would do today. When I reached home she was finishing her work and going to get ready. I asked her to wear frock that I liked the most from all her western cloths. I got ready as well. I wore her favourite shirt. She looked beautiful in her wine and black polka dotted dress. We were going to have dinner out. So we first went for dinner and then for the late night show.
To my surprise there were only 4 other people excluding us in the movie theatre. Lucky we that all the other people were seated far away from us. It was a romantic comedy movie. We were enjoying the movie. With the flow of the screen play romantic scenes started coming. Both of us were having mixed feelings looking at it. We wanted to do all that as well. Her hand was linked with my hand while we were watching the movie. I started rubbing my thumb on her upper side of the palm. She copied my movements as well. She put her head in the nook of my shoulder and tightened her grip on my arm. Slowly she unlinked her hand and brought it over my crotch. I was already hard due to the on screen sex scenes.
She slipped out of her seat and came at my feet. I was a bit uneasy, what if someone found us. But nobody was paying any attention to us. I was a bit relieved. But we had to be careful. She was trying to open my jeans by was not being able to. I did it for her and she pulled it down. The moment she pulled my pant and underwear down, she attacked my cock. She took it first in her hand and rubbed it for a few seconds and then took me in mouth. I was already covered in pre-cum. She took me in her mouth and was rubbing circled on my dickhead with her tongue. She started sucking me slowly. She was doing a wonderful job. It was a feeling that I had never had till now. She increased her speed and took me even deeper. Her hot mouth was giving me the feeling of her hot and wet pussy. I knew she was wet as well as she was making slow noise. I had to stop her or else somebody would catch us. I taped her head and she looked up at me.
That sight was so damn hot, she looking at me with my cock in her mouth that I would have cummed that very moment if not for my good control. I signed her to stay quiet and not make noise. She smiled and blinked her eyes in understanding and went on with her job. She was going quiet fast and I was losing my control. Finally I could hold on no longer and I came. She drank all my cum and licked my dick clean. She came back in her seat and nobody had noticed as well. It was now my turn to give her what she deserved. I lifted her frock up and was taken my surprise that she was not wearing panty. She was smiling out of the corner of her mouth and that made me smile as well.
I started rubbing her clit. She was so wet that her pussy was already leaking her juices. I wanted to give her a surprise as well. I got down from my seat. She was shocked to see this and was about to object when I quietened her. I pushed her legs apart. She smelt so good. I pulled her a little towards me and licked her pussy once. She tasted better then she smelled. I licked her more and her hands went to my hair. I knew that it would not be long before she came. I inserted my tongue in her hole and started fucking her with my tongue. My finger was rubbing her clit all the while. I took my tongue out and inserted two fingers in its place. I was going faster instead of going slow. It was just a few minutes before she came hard on my fingers. I kissed her once on her pussy lips and came back in my seat. She pulled me towards her and kissed me on cheeks once. She whispered that all was not over yet and she had something in store for us on the way home.
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