Best Friends Wife

Vinod is my best friend for past 20 yrs and we reside in the same building having 20 apartments.Our wives are also friends and we travel togather for sight seeing, picnics etc. My friend is suffering from Daibities and take insulin injection everyday.We go for morning walk togehter and share all intimate details including our sexual exploits.
Last month my frend told me that his wife Suji was complaining that his sexual performance was not satisfactory and she wanted more from any close relative or friend without creating any problem.Vinod had suggested my name to her but she was little hesistant.Vinod has seen my cock 6 inch rock hard and many times he would play with it.Vinod told me to seduce Suji and he wiill provide all facilities.
Since I was close friend I was little afraid.I agreed on one condition that he must be present so that there is no misunderstanding.
Last week my wife had gone to Chennai to meet her parents and also children went along with her. Vinod told me to have lunch in their house. He made a plan in advance and prepared Suji also. Suji is aplump lady with 38.36 40 fair and lovely. As usual we took our lunch and Vinod and I went to bedroom for a rest.Suji had finished her chores and went for bath in the attached bathroom. We were chatting on the bed. After 15 minutes she emerged from the bathroom in the transparent nighty. I could see her bra and panty in hot red colour..Vinod called her to the bed and we three were talking general things.
After few minutes Vinod got hold of Suji and kissed her. He said you look so beautiful. I complemented Suji saying Bhabhi you look marvellous today.She smelt Sandal as she used mysore sandal soap.I got up from the bed and requested Bhabhi to give a galss of water,She went and broght a glass of cool water .I thanked her and kissed her after hugging.She did not resist. Vinod was happy ansd signalled me to proceed furhter. I brought Bhabhi to bed and asked her to give me kiss.She responded instantly.
I told her. Bhabhi aap ne to muje bahut tarsaya ab to meri baho me ajao..I kissed her forehead, cheeks and finally her lips.She has not put any lipstick.So it was very passionate long kiss trigerring excitement in her. Vinod was closely watching and encouraging me.
I made Bhabhi to lie on the bed and I started kissing her toes,feet and legs.Slowly I was lifting her nightie and moving my head towards her thighs.She was respnding well . I requested Vinod to remove the nightie and he told me to do myself. She was little hesistant but helped me to remove the nightie.She was no in panty and bra.
Her boobs were full size but she wore bra very tight. I started kissing her stomach navel and moving upwards.I told her to unhook bra.She guided my hand on her back and I opened her bra and threw away.Her boobs were fresh like ripe mangoes. Nipples were big. I took one breast and sucked it.I called Vinod to suck the other breast,which he did. Now I asked Vinod to pull way her panty down.He did very slowly and I could see her small well cut pubic hair.I kissed her cunt and also thighs.Now Bhabhi was getting restless.Vinod had pulled my pant and I was in my banian and underwear.I was feeling hot and my cock was erect.Bhabhi pulled down my underwear and screamed, aap ka itna bada cock hai.I also made Vinod naked so that everybody was at ease.
I started sucking her cunt and she was still playing with my cock.I was playing with Vinod cock which was semi erect about 3inch.We played well.I told Bhabhi to suck my cock. She was hesistant but Vinod broght her mouth to suck my cock.I also sucked Vinod cock after I finished cunt sucking .Now everyone ws ready.Bhabhi could no longer hold. She got up and guided my cock slowly into her cunt.She felt so full and excited.She told me to hold on and donot move for few minutes.I was getting very excited.I started slow motion and she responded every motion.It went on for 20 minutes and I speeded up and at last it exploded like valcona.She got the thrill of life.We slept together for one hour.It was 4pm and children were to return by 4.30 pm.We all got up and dressed and came to hall.Bhabhi was so happy,she quenthed her thrist after so long.She
offered tea and buiscuits and we left home.
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