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I and Ramesh are best friends since childhood. We went to the same college in childhood, same college and now work in the same city of Pune in India. Both of us are engineers and work for software companies. I am 6 feet tall, fair, 32 and married with 1 son.

My friend Ramesh is relative darker, short 33 and married with Rajani who is fair, sexy lady no doubt much beautiful than my wife. I am handsome whereas Ramesh is intelligent. He has always been better in studies and work than me. He got married to Rajani about 5 years back.

Rajani is really a sexy and awesome lady with attractive looks. Her blue eyes, pink lips and big boobs would attract anybody in the first look itself. When Ramesh got married with Rajani, I got extremely jelous with him looking at her beauty.

She was exactly the same girl I wanted to be as my life partner. Ramesh and Rajani started staying near our apartment in Pune after they returned back from US. Once we invited them for lunch. Rajani was wearing a yellow coulored relatively transparent low neck salwar kamiz

revealing her sexy boobs. I had many times got the glimpses of her boobs which Ramesh was probably unaware. She didn’t bother to adjust her chunni. Many times when she bent a bit to do some stuff, I could see her sexy cleavage clearly. My wife has relatively smaller boobs.

And these glimpses aroused me and encouraged me to start thinking of her. I started fantasising her and started masturbating by imagining fucking her. On one Saturday Rajani called me up on my mobile and asked me to come to her apartment.

I asked her if there was any emergency. She said Ramesh is busy in his work and he has asked her to call me to join them on tea. I accepted her offer and without letting my wife went to their home. She opened the door and smiled at me.

She was wearing a pink coloured transparent gown and I could clearly see her bra and panty inside the gown. She asked me to follow her. I sat on the sofa and she went in the kitchen. I could see her sexy round ass covered by pink colored panty.

I could also see the belts of her bra. She came with a cup of coffee and put the cup on the table. When she bent, I saw her sexy cleavage inside the transparent gown. I asked about Ramesh and she said he has just gone out for some work and wont be coming to home till midnight.

I could not understand all this. I just kept quite and didnt miss the opportunity to have as much glimpse of her sexy body as possible. She came and sat in front of me. We started talking in general. I dared to greet her – Bhabhi, app bahut sundar lag rahi ho.

On that she said – just sundar? I said – I mean bahut beautiful. On that she asked me what I think about her. I gathered all my courage and told her – Aap bahut SEXY lag rahi ho…she smiled and asked — to tumhe main sundar lagti hun, beautiful lagati hun, aur SEXY bhi lagati

hun…I said no doubt about it. She asked me – kya achcha lagata hai? I said aapki aankeih, aapke lips aur aapka chehara…aur… She asked me — AUR KYA? I said aur —aur aapke cleavage…I just dared to say all this in one shot. She smiled and told — chai piyo aap…

I asked — wont you take tea? She said… she would like to have some cold drink as she was feeling hot inside. She went to the fridge and I saw her sexy round ass and belts of her bra and my dick was getting bigger and bigger inside my pant.

She came with a glass of coke in her hand and started making sexy sipping sounds. I was just looking at her and her sexy body inside the transparent gown was making me hot and my dick was getting bigger and bigger.

When she came with the glass of coke, I could see her naval just above her panty. I changed my position and adjusted my cock and she smiled at that glance. Meanwhile I completed my tea and asked her – Bhaabhi, OK I am going now as I need to finish some work.

She said – OK, I will also join you since Ramesh is not at home I will do some shopping in the nearby shopping area. She asked me to wait till she changes the clothes. She went towards her bed room showing me her round ass in her sexy satin gown.

She kept the door of her bedroom open. I gathered my courage and also went there near the bed room after 2 minutes. I could see her removing her gown. She was now in just two piece. I saw her sexy body from behind. Her silky hair covering some part of her bra belt from behind,

her fair skin and her round ass….this was enough to make my Dick go wild. I started breathing faster. She turned around and oh my god —- what a sexy lady she is…she was showing me her boobs partly covered with her sexy satin bra and pussy covered with sexy satin panty.

She instead of getting embarrassed was smiling at me.I could not hold my nerves and started moving towards her. My heart was beating faster than ever and my breaths were making sound louder than ever. I was staring at her from top to toe.

I grabbed her with both of my hands and started kissing her badly. She also hold me hard and started kissing me. I was caressing her back and ass and hair and kissing her tightly. I just grabbed her from her back and started kissing her on her neck.

I was moving my hands all over her boobs, neck and belly along the lining of her panty. Her soft belly was making me wild and I started kissing her back wildly. At the same time, my hands were moving along the border of her panty and on her naval.

I inserted my hand inside her panty and she moaned — OHHH…UHHHH…she was breathing loud. She was getting horny. She pulled me in front and started opening the buttons of my shirts. I started removing the belt of my pant.

She opened the shirt and I quicly removed my vest also. I was bear chest in front of her. She started kissing on my chest and sucking my nipples. I was getting wet inside my underwear. My dick grew to 8 inches and wanted to get free from the underwear.

She opened the zip of my pant and inserted her hand inside and got my cock in her hand. It became lubricated. I removed my pant and was just in my underwear. She removed that too. I was totally nacked in front of her. I grabbed her from back and removed her panty.

When I saw her big round ass, I became more excited. She was now just in her bra. I opened that too and she was also total naked now. I was caressing her boobs from behind and rubbing my dick on her ass. She was moaning…she became too hot and horny.

I started rubbing my fingers against her naval and then inserted on my fingers in her pussy. Her pussy was very wet and hairy. I started fingering her pussy from back, I was rubbing my dick on her ass and by one hand was crushing her breasts. I was kissing om her neck.

She pulled me in front and grabbed me tightly. She bent down and started sucking my 8 inch erected dick vigorously. I was caressing her on her head while she was sucking my dick. I pulled her up and bent down and started licking her wet salty pussy.

It was pink and hairy and very beautiful. I grabbed her in both of my hands and put her on the bed. She was moaning and asking me get inside. I was on her body. I started kissing her from her forehead and then to her lips, neck,

boobs and nipples and belly and naval and pussy and thigh….everywhere on her body. She was moaning — ohhh dear sachin…come on….i love you….get your dick inside my pussy….I said– Rajani, you know I used to dream about you…your cleavage and your lips are too sexy…

I just got on her and inserted my 8 inch dick in her sexy wet vagina….she moaned loudly — ohh my dear…fuck me hard…i was just dying for you….fuck me dear…..ohhh…mmmm….hhhhh. I also got too excited by now. I started fucking her, to and fro and kissing her boobs,

crushing her nipples and kissing her lips…I was giving her large strokes…which she as enjoying….come on sachin….you are just great…you are hard and long….fuck me hard…i am feeling like in heaven…kiss me…fuck me darling…I was also enjoying her beauty,

her sexy body and was making my sincere efforts to satisfy her from all angles. I became vigorous and increased the speed of my stokes…I lifted her legs apart and got in the position to fuck her dip. She was moaning loudly and he pussy was just flooding with the fluids.

I was fucking her, kissing her and she was moaning and giving me equally good response. It was a sexy of very high quality as both of us were enjoying that. I was on my pick and she was on her…she was enjoying her orgasm by holding me too hard and biting on my arms

and on my chest. I was just about to cum and she said cum on my face….i want to taste your semen. I used to fantasise you fucking me and I getting your liquid in my mouth…come on dear…cum on my face, please…I increased the speed of my stokes….

When I got on the pick, I removed my dick from her pussy and cum on her face…She was moaning — its hot man!! its salty too….I like your cum…I like your dick…you are handsome and hard and wild…I like the way you fucked me…i liked the way you kissed me…

She pulled me up on her body and asked me to massage her body with my semen. I was just following her instructions…her eyes were closed and she was enjoying the touch of my hands and my whole body….

We just lie down there by holding each other in our arms….I was looking at her beautiful body and was thinking about the whole episode. I was still not believing that I had just fucked her…fucked the most beautiful lady I have seen….fucked the pride of my best friend….

I told her — Rajani, I am really very lucky to have you in my arms…she said yo are just handsome Sachin….I am all yours…we get this life for once and we should not waste the moments just by imagining the things…we should convert our dreams in reality.

I knew that you started liking me when I caught you several times watching my cleavage…I also was very much impressed by your tall body and fair looks and used to imagine about your big cock…. So friends, this was my experience with the most beautiful woman I have ever met in

my life. How did you like this true story? I have changed the name of my friends to hide the identity. But if you are interested to know more, let me know and I will open up that too….

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