Beast and the Beauties

Lisa used her right hand to move a rouge tress of her own long brown hair that hindered her view of a herd of zebras. It was proving to be a troublesome job to keep all her long luscious hair under control while riding a safari jeep in the African savannah. She turned her head left to see her husband David also looking at her with a happy smile and she replied him with a wide smile and grabbed on to his hands before turning back to enjoy the natural majesty of ever stretching landscape of wild Africa.
Lisa and David were a couple that could be said as fated or meant to be together the rest of their life time. They were a matching ‘beautiful wife and handsome husband’ couple. David had a body that turned many of the women’s heads and Lisa had a top model body that had the ability make every guy sport a tent in their pants. They first met during their college years, and they were so well compatible in both mentally and physically, they got married shortly after the graduation. When they both reached the age of 29, to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary, Lisa and David decided to visit Africa for a much needed break from their hectic and routine city life. They were waiting for a more financially stable time to start a family and not having kids at that time made all the planning for the vacation that much easier for them.
Lisa and David were having the time of their life during the vacation when an old white man spotted the lovely couple sitting in a safari bar. They both looked good, but it was the beauty of Lisa that grabbed the old man’s attention. He politely introduced himself to the couple as a safari trip manager and got into a pleasant conversation with them to build up a warm friendship. When he felt that they were warming up to him and start to trust him, he proposed that he could arrange them a safari to see rare mountain gorillas for a huge discount, just because he liked them. Being a middle class family, Lisa and David had to carefully save enough money for this vacation; so, hoping to take full advantage of everything to fully enjoy their stay, they gratefully took on the old man’s kind offer.

Two days later, the happy couple was picked up from the hotel by a safari jeep and they were heading in to the deep jungle through rugged and rarely used routes. Soon the roads themselves disappeared into the thick jungle and they were driving through the deep jungle. The driver seemed to know where he was going even through the unmarked jungle, and skillfully maneuvered the vehicle through the ever thickening vegetation.
Dave and Lisa were excited about the opportunity to see a rare wild gorilla and were thinking that this was the best part of their whole vacation. When the vehicle stopped after the about two hours of driving through the deep jungle, the old man announced that they have reached the location, and they have to get out of the vehicle and track on foot through the jungle to avoid disturbing or spooking the primates. Dave, Lisa, the old man and the African guide was walking in line through a narrow path when suddenly armed men appeared from the jungle and tackled startled Dave and screaming Lisa to the ground. Even the strongly built David didn’t have a chance with two men jumping on him and when they noticed the guns that were pointed to their heads, both of them stopped the struggle.
Lisa felt the sharp pain of a needle piercing in to her arm and lifted her head up from the dirt to see what it was. It was then that she saw the old man and the guide standing in front of her with wide grins, and she realized the fact that they were tricked from the beginning and the danger they were in. within seconds, her eyelids felt heavy with drowsiness and she managed to utter one word before falling asleep.
Lisa woke up to find herself on a bed in a barely illuminated room. She got up in a hurry and started to call for David while observing the small room. It was the size of a small bedroom and was furnished with a metal bed, a small table with a chair, a treadmill, a body length mirror and a small attached bathroom with a sink, shower and a commode. There were three doors on each remaining walls that the bathroom wasn’t attached to. Interestingly, half of one of the entire small walls was made of very thick plastic like glass and the other half contained a metal door with a big red button. It was too dark on the other side for her to see anything through the glass and opposite of that wall, on the other small wall, contained another metal door with and a big TV screen built in to the wall. The other long wall didn’t have anything on it except for another metal door built on the edge that touched the wall with the TV screen. All the doors were locked even though it was strange to have three doors for such a small room.
Lisa suddenly heard a very faint sound of David calling her name. The sound was coming from the other side of the long wall that contained only a door. David was held on the other side of that wall. While Lisa busied her thought for a way to get to David, the TV screen on the wall came to life and it was showing the room where David was being held. The room he was in looked exactly like her except for the missing treadmill, and everything was on the opposite side like it was a mirror image of her room. She realized that they were being held in attached rooms and only the long wall was separating them. He seemed to be fine and he was looking at the direction of the camera. It was then she noticed the small camera hole that was located above the TV screen and she concluded that he must be seeing the image feed of his room or her room. She was relieved to see that David was unharmed and tried to make sense of the situation.
The TV screen flickered few times and an image of the old man that deceived them in to this predicament appeared and Lisa heard the faint sound of David shouting profanities in his room.
“Now, now David. Let’s calm down. You are my prisoners and if you don’t follow the rules, you both will experience rather uncomfortable punishments,” the old man in the TV said with a stern look.
From that, Lisa understood that their captor could hear them and can respond through the TV in real time. Even if he spoke in a calm manner, his threats were real and his eyes showed that he was serious. David must have understood the same thing and Lisa heard his voice fade off from the other side.
“Pardon me for my choice of harsh words. So, first of all, I would like to welcome you both to my humble lab. You lovely couple is here for a great cause and you can be proud that you will be a part of the beginning of world unification and humanity’s salvation,” The old man said with smile.
“Let me elaborate on the past proceedings that led to this situation. I am the foremost bio-engineering scientist in soviet Russia. Or I could say ‘I was’, since I’m now working independently,” he laughed aloud while Lisa and David failed to find any humor in what he said.
After the round of laughing, he straightened up with a serious look and resumed his lecture.
“After the victory of world war two, mother Russia and United states entered the cold war era. Both sides were interested in upgrading their infantry; while USA focused on mechanizing their infantry, we focused on bio-upgrading ours. To put in simple words, to breed super soldiers; soldiers who are much stronger and obedient than average soldiers. One concept that really captured the higher-ups attention was to create humans with strong animal genes in them. Mother Nature had made inter-breeding between different species impossible; but we scientists were born make impossible things possible,” old man said with a gleam of light in his eyes.
“Soon, my proposal got the government approval and a team of scientists led by myself went to Africa and established our secret research center. The reason we had to come to Africa was because it was easy to keep things in secrecy here and easy availability of test subjects since our objective was to create a hybrid of humans and gorillas.”
“We brought few volunteer Russian women with us to provide the eggs because for the cross breed to be intelligent, the eggs had to come from a human mother. So we were genetically modifying the test gorillas little by little to improve their genetic compatibility to humans. Even after years of hard work, we failed to artificially fertilize a human egg with gorilla sperm.
As rays of hope started to fade with time failures, a miracle occurred in those desperate times. One of the women developed a very close bond with one of the test gorillas and crossed the rules of nature to intimately unite with her lover in secrecy. The product of that forbidden union was the salvation of myself and the humanity. The woman gave birth to the test number one and it brought back hope for everyone in the project. Even if it lacked the desired intelligence, its sperm had the ability to fertilize unmodified human eggs. Soon, ten mix-bred of the second generation were born. They were more intelligent than the test number one, but still wasn’t up to the standard we were looking for.
It was only a matter of time before we reach the sixth generation to achieve the desired intelligence; but when just as the first one from the third generation was born, the Soviet Union collapsed. The government shut-downed our project and killed the test subjects to eliminate all the evidences. I managed to escape with the only third generation mix-bred since it was a crime against humanity to discard everything after we achieved the impossible for the sake of the world.
After staying hidden for years and finding few wealthy and powerful sponsors, I re-launched the super soldier project with our last hope; the only third generation mix-bred, Boris,” the old man said the name like he was announcing the name of an actor for Oscar and flipped on a switch.
Light flooded in to Lisa’s room through the glass wall and she turned around to find a large round room on the other side of the glass wall. She approached the glass wall slowly to inspect the new scenery that was available through the glass. The first thing she noticed was the huge round bed with a dirty brown cover that seemed to be originally had been white. What laid on it facing its back to her was a dark figure of a large very hairy man. Its whole back was ripped with muscles and sported abnormally wide shoulders. Then what she noticed was the layout of the big round room. Around the room, she saw four more pairs of glass walls apart from each other, and a metal door that led somewhere straight from the round room. A girl appeared from the glass wall that was facing Lisa’s and she noticed that she was a very pretty girl that seemed to be in her early twenties. Inciting her curiosity, the girl was wearing a babydoll that must have come straight from a Victoria’s Secrets catalogue. The girl had long wavy blonde hair that flowed down from her shoulders and a petite slender body with reasonably big breasts for the small body. The risqué sleepwear only added more oil to the girl’s burning sexiness.
The voice of the old man came back alive, grabbing Lisa’s attention back to the screen.
“I did promise you to show gorillas, didn’t I? Well, you can see one in the big room if you want to. At least 24% of one,” the old man was laughing again after saying that.
“That’s Boris. 76% human and 24% gorilla mix-bred; the crown jewel of my research. Doesn’t he look exquisite?” the old man paused a bit as if he was waiting for an answer. Seeing the dumbfound looks of both Lisa and David, he continued.
“You must have noticed the other four pairs of rooms around main room. There are three more couples other than you right now as test subjects in this facility and all of them are part of the new batch that came here within the last week. With you two moving in to one of the last two vacated room pairs, we have four couples. Hurray!” The old man was back to his questionable behavior again.
“Why are you keeping us here? Please let us go. We can give you money,” Lisa pleaded, trying to open a path out of their dire situation.
“I have more than enough money right now. You are more valuable that money. As for why you are here, I’ll have to start explaining from Boris. Being the third generation, Boris possesses superior intelligence and better compatibility with human genes compared to his predecessors. Better compatibility means a better chance for his sperm to fertilize human female eggs. But, due to having to run away with him around the world, I didn’t get to follow the proper training procedures when he was growing up. As a result, he lacks some obedience. So extracting sperm for artificial inseminations have become an experience I rather prefer to avoid. Luckily, when he was reaching maturity, he accidently found few adult magazines that were laying around in the house and started to develop an intense sexual interest in human females. So I figured that if it’s hard to proceed with artificial insemination, with his interest in human females, I could proceed with natural insemination,” The old man said as if he was proud of his smart idea.
Lisa felt a shiver run through her body when she started to put together where the conversation was going and the possible purpose for her in that project. Still, she refused to believe her instinct as the very thought of her assumption was taboo and wild beyond her imagination.
“Then I faced another problem. He has quite a strict appetite when it came to women. Having seeing the beautiful models in the magazines, he was only interested in women who were in that level of attractiveness. How was I supposed to find volunteers with that much beauty to mate with something less than human? So I had to resort to kidnapping couples with beautiful women. Why couples? Well, due to his genetics or lack of my supervision, he developed an unusual sexual habit. He prefers to mate with females that he obtained from other males. In other words, he prefers to breed with females that are already bound to a male. He could somehow feel the connection between a couple through some unknown wild instinct. So I couldn’t cut corner and had to find him genuine couples.”
Lisa heard the faint voice of David’s raised voice coming through the wall. No husband could stay silent after realizing this kind of danger his wife is in.
“Now Mr. David, please calm down, or I’ll have to resort to punishing your lovely wife for your misbehaviors.”
Lisa heard David’s voice disappear and by then she had fallen to her knees from weakened legs due to the shock, and tears were running down from her eyes from realizing the soon to become unfortunate fate of hers.
“Don’t let your hopes down yet you two. Since I wanted to study his behavior, intelligence and strength, I devised this special setup of rooms. You must have already noticed the doors in your rooms. If Boris wants to open either doors on the glass wall, he has to push the button on that door. A buzzer will sound when he does so and the door on David’s side will open if Boris pushes the button on that door, while the door on Lisa’s side will only open if she presses the button on her side after Boris push the button for your door. Above the TV screen there’s a scanning pad in David’s room and if it scans Boris’s palm, it’ll open the glass wall door of Lisa’s side. So, the only way Boris can reach Lisa without her consent is by scanning his palm in David’s room. David can use whatever means to physically stop Boris from reaching scanning pad and reach Lisa. Boris is a big and strong guy, but don’t worry; there’s a reason that there are more couples available for him. If you prove to be an enough annoyance to him, he’ll back way to try another room because he’s too lazy by nature. I’ll give you a day of rest before Boris is allowed to open your door. Given your physique, I assume you have a good chance to deter Boris and protect your wife’s virtue. Once the door was opened, it will not open again for another 24 hours; Lisa’s door could be opened anytime with her permission if she desires,” The old man said with a smile and then his expression turned serious.
“Remember, I have full control of everything here; including the doors and your lives. There are more than enough naïve couples coming to Africa for me to find replacements. If you misbehave, your partner will be the one that will get punished for it. You are under 24 hour surveillance, so don’t try anything funny. I value obedience above everything. So, obedience will bring you rewards and even might be freedom.”
After saying that, the old man pushed a button on the control panel in front of him and started to talk again.
“Lisa, only you can see this feed. You are mainly responsible for the safety of your husband since he has no value to us without you. For any small disobedience, your husband will be severely punished. You will be well taken care of and every morning a maid would come and clean your room and dress you up and you are expected to maintain the appearance throughout the day. Also, you are not allowed to put on anything other than the things the maid had already put on you and you are not allowed to hide in the bathroom. You are allowed to wear the sleeping wear we provide when you sleep and you are provided with a treadmill in order to keep in shape and healthy, and can request more equipment for that purpose. Your main duty is to be obedient to the rules and look beautiful. Which is something I know that wouldn’t be very hard for a beautiful lady like you to do. That’s it for now and we’ll talk again soon later.”
The old man finished the talk and the screen went blank. Lisa was still on her knees while crying and trying wrap her mind around all the hard to digest information. She kept pinching herself to wake up from the nightmare she was in for no avail. She didn’t want David to get hurt in anyway and felt helpless and couldn’t think of a way to escape their dark future. All she could do was to place her hopes on David’s strength to drive back the beast till an opportunity to escape arise.
Suddenly the door on the wall with the screen opened and a women around her fifties in a maid suite came in to the room with a push cart that contained cleaning items and few boxes. As the door slowly closed behind the lady, before locking itself, Lisa saw an armed guard outside the door. The lady asked her to stand up and she knew she had to obey their every command to avoid hurting David.
Lisa was still covered in dirt due to the struggle on the jungle floor, and the first thing the maid did was to give her a bath and clean her whole body. After that, Lisa was given her new clothes to wear. She looked at her clothing with big eyes as all of it were expensive branded items that must have come straight from fashion lineups. They were types of clothes and apparels that she had only dreamed of owning. Lacy underwear with a matching pushup bra, a beautiful sexy mini black dress that hugged her body like a second skin and showed off ample amounts of her legs and bosoms, and matching pair of black six inch stiletto heels. After she dressed up; the maid skillfully put on her makeup, did the hair and put on new nail polish. She had never been pampered like this before and if it wasn’t for the unnerving situation, she might have been really happy about the treatment.
After the maid was done with Lisa, she cleaned the room and left after handing Lisa her night dress. Just like the one the girl she saw previously had on, it was a lingerie baby doll. She put the dress on the bed and checked herself from the big mirror. Lisa couldn’t recognize the woman that was in the mirror. Before then, she didn’t believe in spending too much on clothing and had always wore casual clothes and rarely put makeup on. She knew she was pretty, but she couldn’t believe that the drop dead gorgeous lady in the mirror was her own image. The heels added more height to her already 5’7″ hourglass figure and made her toned long legs look even longer while lifting up her firm, round and full derriere. The push up bra had done wonders to her D-cup firm breasts and the cleavage they formed added even more allure to her sexiness. Her beautiful oval face had been elevated to higher levels by the makeup, and the bright lipstick was highlighting her sexy succulent full lips. Her long wavy brunette hair reached down till they brushed against the roundness of her buttocks, and the black dress beautifully outlined her thin waist and wide hips. She had to agree that she could easily aim to be a fashion model with that enhanced appearance she had at that moment. 

After admiring herself for few more minutes in the mirror, Lisa went back to the glass wall to check what was happening in the other rooms. By now, sunlight was coming in to the big round room through its glass ceiling and illuminated the whole facility. She could see few men and women through their glass walls and she noticed that all the women looked absolutely stunning and every woman was wearing expensive looking sexy attires. The young girl she saw earlier was looking at her and she looked even more beautiful than before with her newly applied makeup beautiful attire. She had a long red evening dress on and the slit on one side reached till her hip showing a beautiful creamy white leg.
As Lisa tried to wave at the girl, but suddenly the sleeping figure on the bed moved with a loud groan and she felt her body freeze as she watched the ape-man come to life. When it stood up from its bed, she realized that it must be about seven feet tall and the whole body was ripped and packed with heavy and dense muscles. It had a face that only a loving mother could love; the deformed nose, thick lips and wide forehead showed that its face was less human than the body. Before she could observe the creature anymore, it jumped in to a pond that was inside the big room.
After thrashing around in the water for few minutes, for the first time, it looked around to check the surrounding. When it saw each beautiful woman through their respective glass walls, it made a deep hooting bark at them to show its sexual interest and when the beast’s eyes caught Lisa’s figure in the previously unoccupied room, its face lit up like a child that got a new toy for Christmas. With a swift motion, it jumped out from the pool and walked right to the front of her glass wall while water still dripped down the muscular body. It was then that Lisa realized that she made a wrong assumption on one thing previously; its face wasn’t the least human looking thing on it, it was the abomination that hanged between its thick legs that looked the least human.
It wasn’t insanely long; it was about eight inches and David’s one was about seven inches. But the thickness was another story; it was as thick as Lisa’s wrist and it was abnormally bowed upward. The curve increased along the length, even if the shaft was hanging down half-limp from the base, the dark purple uncircumcised head pointed toward her legs.
As Boris kept looking at Lisa’s sensual body, the deformed penis started to pulse and rise up. The scrotum was at least three times bigger than David’s and instead of looking like two balls hanging in a loose sack, it resembled a water filled leather sack. The dark skin was stretched enough to make it look smooth and shiny as Lisa tried to come up with a logical reason for a scrotum to look like that. As she kept looking at the one eyed monster while her jaw hanged with disbelief, the shaft got steel hard and made a 45 degree angle with the ripped abs while the head pointing straight to the sky.
The shaft was full of thick blood pumping pronounced veins and rough looking wart like lumps. It was ugly, deformed, rough and menacingly brutal looking. Any woman would run away if they encounter anything similar to that and lock themselves up in a room. Lisa was grateful for the thick layer of strengthened glass that stood between her and the shaft of abomination.
Breaking her eyes away from the ugly appendage, Lisa looked up to find Boris intensely looking at her luscious body that was decorated for its pleasure. She brought up her arms to cover her exposed deep cleavage from its lustful prying eyes and took a step away from the glass. Boris licked its thick upper lip and offered a grin to impress Lisa. Lisa tasted bile in her throat when she saw the rotten and discolored crooked teeth; she hated people with poor oral hygiene.
Boris being extremely happy with the new addition to his harem, hooted loudly at Lisa while thrusting its pelvis obscenely towards her, making the deformed cock dance to its rhythm. It was his way of letting the females know that he desires to breed them. Making Lisa skip a heartbeat, it moved and pressed the button on David’s door. The buzzer didn’t sound and the door didn’t open. Lisa remembered about what the old man said about giving them a day of rest and let out a sigh of relief.
When the door didn’t open, Boris got agitated and pressed the button hard few times without any success. It looked at the paled body Lisa again and pressed the button on her door. Immediately the button on the inside of the door lit up. She remembered the fact that the door would open if she press the button as a respond and felt like if it was a live bomb that would blow up even with a light touch. Just to make sure, she distanced herself few feet from lit up button to avoid any chance of accidently hitting it and the button stayed lit up for a minute before it turned off. To show its displeasure, Boris drummed its chest with its huge arms in a typical gorilla manner before turning around to move to the other side of the big room.
Lisa felt a huge relief when Boris walked away from her glass wall since she had never been that scared of something in her whole life. The brief encounter itself was enough to leave Lisa pale and shaking with fear while being worried sick about David having to face that freighting monster to protect her.
Lisa suddenly heard a buzzer sound and looked out from the glass to see what caused it. Boris had gone to the glass wall where the petite young girl was in and she saw the girl’s boyfriend or husband coming to the glass wall to face the beast. Unlike her David, he didn’t look that strong and had a very small thin body. She could see that the girl was clearly crying expecting the worst and as even Lisa knew, the small guy wasn’t going to be able to physically force that seven foot monster out from his room.
Thirty seconds after the buzzer sound, a metal clanking sound came as the metal door unlocked. Right then, the sounds of the two rooms started to transmit through speakers to her room. Before the struggle started, the girl’s crying sound clearly came through the speakers as Boris entered the room. Lisa could see the struggle inside the room and wasn’t clear about who was winning. She was praying to the gods to give strength to the man to protect his partner; but when pained sounds of a man came from the speakers, she knew the gods weren’t answering her prayer. The girl was now screaming upon hearing her boyfriend’s painful gasps and Lisa also started to shed tears feeling sorry for the brave boyfriend and his pretty girlfriend.
Soon, another buzzer accompanied by another metal clank sounded as the door to the girl’s room unlocked. Lisa saw the girl running away from the glass and into the room as Boris exited her boyfriend’s room. It entered the girl’s room through the open door as the guy’s door closed itself and few seconds later the girl’s screaming and protesting echoed through the speakers. A minute later, Boris came out from the door with the struggling girl on a shoulder, still clad in her bright red long dress.
Boris was unfazed by the small girl’s struggling and calmly walked to its large round bed and threw her fragile body on to it. She yelped when she landed hard on the dirty bed and was stunned for a moment before she realized the beast had already positioned its thick body between her spread slender legs. It caught her neck with one hand to stop her from crawling away and used the free hand to lift the front of her long dress to expose her lacy underwear, and tore down the top to expose her lacy bra. Shredded pieces of the flimsy lacy material flew through the air as her underwear and bra disappeared from the slender body.
Boris bent down and took one of her firm breasts in to his mouth as the helpless girl prayed to the gods to come for her salvation. As she prayed, the girl retched few times, leading Lisa to guess that the body odor coming from the foul beast was too over powering for the poor girl. Boris let the girl’s spit covered breast go free and completely covering the petite girl with its huge body, proceeded to lay its body on hers. Only the hands and the spread creamy white legs were visible of the girl and it was apparent that the girl had stopped struggling to surrender her body to the beast’s sinister intentions.
The girl whimpered as Boris started probing its penis head, looking for the girl’s opening. When he probed around, Lisa noticed that it was cumming on the girl’s folds. Upon closer observation, she noticed that it was actually squirting precum with the same force as if a man was cumming. When it failed to find the opening, Boris brought his hands down to grab the girl’s thighs from underside while putting his upper body weight on the girl. She groaned with the discomfort as it raised her creamy thighs upward to angle her opening up to match its bowed shaft. Suddenly it froze all the movement for a moment as if it found the right position.
It was visible to Lisa how the purple head was nudged between the girl’s folds that were dripping with the beast’s precum. Without a warning, Boris thrust in and buried the huge purple head in to her sheath as the girl shrieked in pain. As if it disliked the high-pitched shrieking, it closed the girl’s mouth with a big hand and kept feeding its deformed shaft in to the beautiful girl’s soft sheath. Even gagged, her pain was evident through her muffled screams as the beast started a full scale pounding. As it pulled out the ugly shaft from the girt, her abnormally stretched sheath clung on to the shaft, and when it slammed down in to her, the bloated black scrotum bounced on her soft ass.
It was wild, brutal and unbridled breeding. There wasn’t a hint of compassion or love as the small girl got ravaged by the beast like a ragdoll as her flexible, but sensitive sheath struggled to adapt to the abnormal shape of its invader. Boris now had her legs pinned to her shoulders as it pounded its shaft in to the deepest regions of her reproductive system. Each plunge resulted in squirting out fluids from the tight seal of her opening and the deformed shaft due to her sheath being filled by the precum the beast was constantly shooting.
By now, the bloated scrotum had lost half of its size and Lisa concluded the reason it was bloated was that it was carrying all the unnatural amount of precum in it. The speed its hairy ass moved up and down was increasing and the girl abandoned her grunts and resorted to emitting squeals. Her small hands that had been clutching the bed sheet with all her might, now had found their place on either side of the hairy ass and it looked as if she was urging the beast to defile her purity with more vigor.
The beast’s thrusting became erratic as the girl changed her squealing in to unladylike deep moaning and was unmistakably summoning the goddess of orgasms. It suddenly let out a loud roar and burrowed its shaft in to the girl as deep as it can and held on. The girl let out a lustful scream as her vulva visibly pulsated around the thick shaft that was buried in it, and her sheath milked the ugly invader for genetic codes. The beast’s hairy ass clenched and the bloated scrotum pulsated as it emptied the ape-man’s life essence in to the beautiful girl who had managed to summon the goddess of orgasms and laid beneath him.
When the pulsation stopped, Boris’s scrotum had taken the appearance a normal human counterpart and instead of clear fluids, a thick white frothy discharge was leaking from their point of union. Finally the beast pulled its thick, bowed cock out of the girl’s sheath with a suction sound and more frothy discharge poured out from the girl’s now gaping wide open sex. Her once pretty and innocent looking sex had become a thing of past and had transformed into a symbol of obscenity and vulgarity. The ravaged girl was now sobbing loud since her mind became clear after worshiping the goddess of orgasms and realized the alien life essence that she welcomed in to her body during the worshiping, could mix with hers and drag her away from humanity as a pregnancy. She knew she couldn’t avoid it, but she regretted welcoming it by giving in to carnal pleasures.
Boris gave a final grunt and rolled off from the girl to fall in to a short blissful sleep as it had achieved its objective for the morning. The finally freed girl, painfully pulled down her long white legs that were pinned to her shoulders for a long time and she gasped in pain when the undersides of her legs touched the mattress. The sudden change of internal pressure forced out more bubbling cum out of her ravaged opening and joined the pool of liquids that were gathering under her. After lying on the bed for few minutes to catching up her breath and strength; clutching whatever remained of her once beautiful long dress to her nakedness, the girl stood up to go back to her room. The girl who was once a symbol of feminine beauty now looked like a total mess as she walked slowly towards her room while vile essence of a beast dripped down her thighs.
As Lisa watched the door close behind the girl, she found herself on knees and tears running down her face. While she felt an overwhelming sadness for the poor girl, the wild event that occurred in front of her eyes left her shook to the core. It certainly did look painful and repulsive to girl. But the fact Lisa couldn’t comprehend was the reason for the girl to experience an orgasm. Lisa herself wasn’t a stranger to the wonders of mind blowing orgasms as she had experienced them few in her life time; she was sure that the girl did experience one close to the end of her rape. For Lisa to achieve an orgasm, she had to be in the right mood, right surrounding and even the right moment; even her five year marriage to David, she had experienced only about ten orgasms. She had heard about some girls who were hyper-sexual; but she couldn’t fathom the reason for a beautiful girl to reach her sexual height during a rape by a repulsive beast.
After sometime, Lisa watched as the beast woke up from its short nap and exited through the metal door that was connected to the big room. That door didn’t have any buttons or handles to it and it looked like it was being controlled directly from the control room that old man was previously talking to them from.
The rest of the day went on uneventfully as the beast didn’t return after it went out. Lisa was still shocked by the morning events and after witnessing the rough handling and satanic defilement the poor girl went through, she was now certain that she would gladly embrace death rather than experiencing that hell. Before that, she had to put her trust and faith on her husband more than ever she did on anyone in her life. Lisa knew that even if she didn’t have a chance at physically challenging the beast, David had a very plausible chance of doing that as he was one of the strongest men she had ever met in her life. David was a regular member of the local gym and he and Lisa both were proud of his well-built body. Before being ended up here, she was proud about having a handsome husband and enjoyed how the other girls fawned around him and become envious of her; but now she was proud about his body for a different reason as his strength was going to protect her virtue.
The maid brought Lisa’s breakfast and lunch with some books and papers to keep her out of boredom. The food were also of the five star standard and she would have really enjoyed her meals if it weren’t for the hands of fear that were choking her throat constantly. She was being treated like a princess, but for what? They were keeping her pretty and pampered for the enjoyment of something less than human and were keeping her well fed and cared to be breeding fodder for it. Lisa thought that either the fate was making fun of her or the gods were playing a practical joke, since she always wished for a luxurious life in her nightly prayers.
When sunlight faded away in the evening, darkness crept in to the round room Lisa was able to clearly see what was happening in the small girl’s room that was right in front of her. She seemed to be still sleeping in the bed and Lisa saw her boyfriend limping out of the bathroom to get in to his bed while carrying a big bruise on his face as a souvenir from his previous struggle with the beast. She thought that the small guy was very brave to challenge the beast with the visibly obvious disadvantage in order to protect his girlfriend; the fact that he failed and the girl got raped didn’t change the truth that he was brave and loved his partner.
Then Lisa saw the other two ladies from their glass walls. They were both wearing very revealing sleeping gowns and those garments did nothing to hide the beautiful bodies of the women who wore them. One woman had shoulder length dirty blonde hair and she looked to be in her late thirties. She had an overwhelming sexual allure to her and she possessed a very voluptuous body that was overflowing with temptations. Her huge but firm E cup breasts, full and big derriere and a very narrow waist that got highlighted by wide hips made her look like one of those famous Brazilian porn stars. Next to her room was her husband that was short and overweight, who looked to be around fifty or sixty years old, and the first thought that came in to Lisa’s mind was that he must had been filthy rich to be able to marry the beautiful woman.
The other woman looked like she was in her early thirties and she looked like a marble sculptured work of art and she reminded Lisa of those sports models in sports magazines. She wasn’t muscular, but her whole body was well toned and Lisa could see her abs even through the girl’s sheer night dress. Her lean toned long legs and firm C-cup breasts complemented her hard to obtain body while the beautiful face with sharp jaw lines and long black stresses of hair elevated her beauty to a higher level perfection. Her husband had a fit looking body too; but he wasn’t as toned as his wife or as muscular as David. Overall, he was a handsome guy and Lisa could speculate that love had to do more than money in obtaining his artwork of a wife.
Seen the other women had changed in to their sleeping wear, Lisa decided that it should be alright to change in to hers. It wasn’t easy to wear high heels and tight fitting clothes all day and she felt a relief after wearing the flimsy, light weight and soft night dress after a warm shower. No matter what the situation she was in, wearing something so reveling and erotic made her feel butterflies in her stomach. While combing her hair, Lisa went back to the glass wall and saw that the fit looking girl was looking at her and wave a welcoming hand with a warm smile. Lisa also waved back with a smile to the girl while feeling surprised that how seeing a simple smile could make her feel better in that troubled situation.
Suddenly, the middle room got illuminated as Boris entered through the metal door. The whole atmosphere changed as the huge ape-man strolled into the enclosure with its limp shaft and the refilled scrotum hanging between the legs. It came straight towards Lisa’s glass wall as she looked around as if she was looking for an escape route when she realized that she was the target of beast’s attention. Lisa moved to the middle of the room covering her modestly with her hands as the sheer garment didn’t help covering her shame from the lustful eyes. The beast kept looking with amusement at Lisa as she unsuccessfully struggled to cover herself with her slender hands and pushed the button on David’s door. Since the door again didn’t open, Boris let out a grunt of annoyance and walked toward the room where the toned girl was.
In front of the girl’s glass wall, Boris did its obscene dance with the penis as if it was teasing the girl. Unlike Lisa, she didn’t try to cover her modesty and with folded arms, she gave it a stern look. Lisa knew that the girl was the type that wouldn’t go down quietly and she looked at least twice as strong as herself. The beast didn’t like her expression so much and beat on its chest to show anger and moved to her husband’s door. Lisa felt like the time itself froze when the buzzer sound came and she prayed the gods not to open the door. Even if she didn’t know anything about the couple, she knew about what could happen to the girl, and she strongly believed that no woman in the world deserved an experience like that.  

The door opened and her room got the sound feed from those two rooms. Unlike the previous incident, the girl wasn’t crying as the struggle started in the next room. She hugged herself tight and calmly kept looking down as the struggle intensified. Lisa admired the girl’s nerves of steel as she listened to the struggle from her speakers. Unlike the morning struggle, instead of the guy’s gasps of pain, the sounds were full of the beast’s roars and grunts as she saw the beast getting pushed back. Unknowingly, Lisa started to cheer out loud like a college girl, as the girl’s husband pushed back the beast step after step, and before the beast realized that it was out of the room, he closed the door in its face. Lisa saw the girl letting out a huge sigh of relief and fall to her knees while she was jumping with joy since the beast got defeated. She was happy about that couple, but she was mostly happy because she knew if that medium built guy could push back the beast, David could easily achieve that and protect both of them without a problem.
Lisa’s celebrations stopped short when Boris went over to the room where the curvy lady was in. In spite of the clear pending danger, she didn’t display any gesture of fear or concern as she calmly stood close to the glass wall. Lisa thought that there was something classy about her aura as the lady always held herself like the wealthy and high-status women. Confusingly to Lisa, Boris first went for the button on the girl’s door instead of going for the man’s one. As the beast waited while looking at the beautiful woman to respond, the girl looked away as if she was rejecting its amorous invitation.
Since the invitation got rejected, Boris went for the man’s door and pressed the button. To Lisa’s shock and amazement, the lady’s husband didn’t even get up from his bed to confront the best and kept leisurely reclining on it. The beast went in and even if the speakers were on, no sound of struggle or crying came through them. The moment Boris entered the man’s room, the lady took hold of the hem of her night dress and peeled it off as if she knew what was about to happen. Within few seconds, the buzzer went off and her door opened.
It all became clear to Lisa. Why the beast pressed the girl’s door first and why she took off her dress. Her husband had given up on protecting his wife from the beast. Given his physique, it was an impossible task to stop it; but Lisa thought that he could have at least showed some kind of resistance to the beast that was going to rape his beautiful wife and possibly impregnate her. At least Lisa admired the lady’s dignity to not give herself up by not opening the door by herself even when she knew her husband wasn’t going to move a muscle to stop the beast opening it.
Before the beast even came out of her husband’s room, the beautiful lady peeled down her underwear and got out from her room and slowly started walking towards the dirty round bed in the large room. The beast came out of the man’s room and started following her with its already hardening shaft. Lisa thought that no man could walk behind that woman without no reaction in their groins. The woman was waking in a near perfect catwalk as her wide hips and big derriere swung in rhythm as if they were trying to charm the python between the beast’s legs. For a moment, Lisa felt like as if the lady was trying to secretly seduce the beast since it was rare for a woman to walk like that as her normal walking style.
The lady stopped a foot away from the edge of the bed and stood there for the beast to join her. The beast came up from behind her and skillfully rested its deformed shaft between her rear cushions while reaching around her to grab the big breasts with its hands. Even its big hands weren’t big enough to completely cover the woman’s blessed bosom as it kneaded the soft flesh while grinding it’s pelvis in to her luxurious behind. She put one of her hand on a big arm that was massaging her in an encouraging way and let out a silent moan as she felt hot precum shooting on to her sensitive back.
After few minutes, the woman was taking in heavy breaths and the beast’s shaft was primed to dig in to soft flesh. It took a step back and made the woman bend down and put her hands on the bed, and without any encouragement, she spread her feet apart to expose her already flowered glistening sex. The beast put one of its hands on the round buttocks and used the other to aim its shaft between her hot wet silky labia and pushed in a little. The woman let out a loud moan and due to the sudden shock of sensory overload, her knees buckled under her a little.
The beast didn’t push in anymore and held in place by holding her narrow waist while only the head was lodged in the beautiful woman’s sex. Regardless of any motions, the woman’s whole body flushed with a pink shade and was sighing and moaning time to time while a thin sheen of perspiration appeared on her body. Even though Lisa was Puzzled at first, later she realized that the beast must must have been filling the woman’s passage with hot precum for her to get so sexually excited without any motion. When droplets of clear liquids started to drip down from their point of union, the beast’s body flexed and delivered a brutal thrust in to the panting woman.
Huge amounts of liquid squirted out from around the beast’s shaft as its thick member forced its way in to the woman’s precum filled womanhood. Her eyes opened wide and let out a guttural scream that even shook Lisa’s glass wall and Lisa was confused about whether that scream originated due to the pain or pleasure. Judging by the way her erotic body seemed to quiver and shake, she decided that it was the latter.
The beast didn’t go easy on the lady even if she was going through an intense orgasm and kept on overwhelming the woman’s sex with heavy excited thrusting while she wailed and her hanging breasts shook violently due to the shock waves that went down the body from the pounding her rear took. As she came down from her sexual height, her legs went limp and she fell on to her elbows on the bed as the monstrous orgasm sapped most of her strength. When her legs gave up, using the strong hands, Boris held her in place from her waist and kept on rutting in to the sexually spent beauty.
Both the beast and beauty was sweating profusely and for the next five minutes, the speakers were broadcasting mewling whimpers and wet slapping noises and the beasts didn’t relent its attack even for a second. Then suddenly the woman hooked her lithe legs around the back of the beast’s thick thighs and started humping back to meet its thrusts with sweet moans. Invigorated by the active participation of the woman to her breeding, Boris started grunting and thrust in with added force.
“Oooh!” she moaned as she surrendered her body and mind to the carnal pleasures the beast was inflicting upon her.
“Ughh!” the beast grunts each time it filled her warm and wet portal with its thick and bent shaft.
It was apparent that the woman was preparing to visit the orgasm land again as her moaning reached a crescendo. Then she started panting hard while clutching the dirty bed sheet tight with her fingers.
“That’s it!”
“Feed it in to my pussy!”
“Fuck me!”
“Make me your whore!”
“Fuck me!”
“Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee!”
Her whole body writhed with uncontrollable spasms as the walls of her sheath started milking the thick appendage for its life giving sap. The beast swung its head back and roared as it let loose torrents of its essence in to the receptive womb of the extremely beautiful and fertile woman.
Lisa was taken aback by the sudden change of situation. It was a surreal thing to watch how a classy looking beautiful woman fall to the depths of carnal pleasures that were given by a beast. It didn’t seem like she was a willing participant in the beginning at all; so did the small girl in the morning. But, despite the horrible ravishments they underwent, both women experienced intense orgasms through their ordeal with the beast. Lisa knew she was missing a crucial piece in the puzzle, but couldn’t figure out what it was.
The beast’s scrotum shrank as it finished inseminating the panting woman. She was struggling to catch her breath after the mind-blowing orgasm. Her whole body was dripping with perspiration and sexual fluids, light reflected off her tanned skin. After the beast pulled out its shrinking shaft with a wet noise and let go of her waist, her body fell down to the floor like a lifeless ragdoll. She just kept looking at the towering beast from the floor as she breathed hard to bring some strength back to her limp body. When she felt hot liquids bubbling out of her gaping sex, shame and horror started to come back to her mind as she tried to revert back to the classy lady she was. When the beast climbed on to the bed for its usual post-sex nap, she turned her head to look at her husband; the one who vowed in front of gods to protect her. A trail of cum was dripping down the glass wall as her husband busied himself tucking the now limp junk back in to the pants.
Lisa froze in disbelief when she saw the woman’s husband painting the glass with semen as his beautiful wife reached the climax of her breeding. Not only he betrayed the poor woman by virtually offering her to the beast, he was shamefully masturbating while watching the brutal rape. A feeling of anger and disgust rose within Lisa toward the sad excuse of a husband as she relished the fact that her David was nothing like him. She felt lucky to have a husband that she knew who would do anything to protect her from danger. Unit now, they didn’t have to face any situations that put her faith test, but she knew that when the time comes, he would protect her.
After catching breath for about five minutes, the beautiful woman got up to her feet and gracefully walked towards her room while evidences of her rape crept down her round inner thighs. When she approached the door, her gaze turned toward the neighboring glass wall to find only the stains of her husband’s betrayal waiting there for moral support.
When the metal door closed behind the woman, the round room plunged in to darkness to mark the end of the horrifying first day for Lisa. The main light in her room also went out leaving only the small bed lamp to illuminate her comfortable prison and a chill went down her spine as she realized the morning would mark the end of the 24 hour resting period they were granted. Lisa had faith in David, but she knew if something unfortunate were to occur, she would rather take her own life than become a victim to the ugly beast’s perversions. For that, she needed some kind of weapon or a tool. There weren’t anything obvious in her room that could be used, but she knew it wasn’t impossible to find or create something match her need too.
Next day morning, a female doctor accompanied the maid, and Lisa had to go through a full body check-up that included a gynecological examination. After the examination, the maid dressed her in a pleated mini skirt that barely covered her underwear and a strapless bustier top that pushed up her D-cup breasts. While checking her image on the mirror, Lisa noticed the top made her breasts look even bigger and the short pleated skirt and gladiator high heels with straps that came up all the way to her knees gave her the naughty girl look. When she saw the sleeping beast in the middle of the big room, Lisa had to look again at the thing she stole from the doctor’s tool kit. The surgical blade was thin enough to hide between her fingers when she took it. She knew that it wasn’t big enough to defend herself, but it was more than enough to deny her living body to the beast if things came to worst.
Lisa was feeling too nervous to read the book that she started the day before. While sitting on the bed, she kept looking at the wall that separated her from David. She went down the memory lane to remember how they first met and how she fell in love with him. She had no regrets when it came to David; he was everything she expected from a man and a husband.
Lisa literally jumped off the bed when a loud buzzer sound caught her off guard while she was lost in memories. She turned to see the beast next to David’s door and it had a finger on the button. It was finally happening and it was real. Lisa prayed not to hear the heart-stopping metal clank of the opening door and tears started to fall from her blue eyes. Sending a shock through Lisa, the door opened with a clank sound and she took the blade out from the hiding place and kept a tight grip on it with the right hand. The speakers turned on and Lisa prayed for the victory of her husband while expecting the sound of a struggle.
“Please don’t hurt me. You can have her. Just leave me alone.”
For a moment, Lisa’s mind struggled to comprehend the words she heard from David’s voice. No sounds came from the speakers as the atmosphere around her grew heavy with suspense. Just as she convinced herself that she must have heard her husband’s words wrong, a buzzer sounded and her door’s lock opened with a metallic clank.
When realization cleared her mind to comprehend what had happened, Lisa’s heart sank to the bottom as all hope left her body. Her trustworthy and loving husband had given her up to the beast without a fight. She would have understood if he had at least tried to stop the beast before giving up the effort. If that was the case, she would have taken her life with a peaceful mind knowing that her husband loved her. But now, with the feeling of betrayal surrounding her heart, Lisa couldn’t comprehend the new feeling she felt about her husband. She lost the will and strength she needed in order to lift the blade and push it in to her neck. She had no reason to live or die anymore. As the beast appeared at the opened door, tears fell down her eyes continuously and the small blade fell down to the floor from the loosened fingers of her hand.
The beast lifted up Lisa’s unresponsive body effortlessly and carried her out of the room in bridal style. As she was being carried to the round bed, it was the overwhelming smell of the beast that brought her mind back to the reality. She could only explain it as a strong wild smell that had an intoxicating smell of musk blended in; it was strong enough for her to feel like wanting to gag, but wasn’t strong enough to actually induce it. Lisa looked up to find the strong looking wide big chest and the comically abnormal face. She couldn’t even muster enough will and strength to voice out her protests and beat on the strong chest, like any normal girl would have in the same situation.
The beast looked straight in to her eyes as it lowered Lisa on to the bed. She noticed something deep inside the big brown eyes that felt odd to be coming from a beast. She felt her body land softly on the fabric of the bed and realized that unlike it had been to the other women, the beast was being very gentle while handling her. When she was lying on the dirty bed on her back, Lisa found that she couldn’t muster enough strength from her broken heart to fight the inevitable rape; she decided to treat all the humiliations and tortures she was about to experience as a mere nightmare and closed her eyes to escape the horrible reality.
As Lisa waited for the beast to jump on to her at any moment, the beast calmly climbed on to the bed and laid on its side beside the left side of the beautiful girl. It pushed its face in to her neck and inhaled deeply few times as if it was trying to breathe in as much of her scent as it can. Then, As if it was trying to comfort the distressed beauty, it gently ran its fingers through the soft tresses of brunette hair in a caressing gesture. Confused by the gentle fingers, Lisa slightly opened her left eye to peak and see what was happening and found the beast looking at her with a strange look in its eyes. She quickly closed her eye again and continued her effort on trying to leave the physical body and place her mind in an imaginary happy place.
After sending its fingers along every edge of Lisa’s face, it brought them downward along her slender neck and pulled down the bustier top to expose her full bosom. Feeling her breasts escaping their confinements, Lisa took in a deep sharp breath that caused her swells to thrust up even more profoundly. She let out a silent gasp when she felt a warm wet mouth close on her sensitive nipple and the surrounding area of her left breast. The beast was trying to suck the whole soft breast in while her nipple continuously got licked by a flexible tongue.
With a wet warm mouth sucking on her left breast, Lisa was failing to leave her body and she felt her nipples start to erect and harden on their own. It grabbed her narrow waist with its left hand and the right hand wormed underneath her body to grab on to the right shoulder; then it hugged her tightly to its body and the wet mouth left her left breast to clamp on to her right breast. Lisa squirmed when she felt the wetness closing over her right nipple and a hard shaft pressing against the side of her left thigh.
Lisa’s sense of smell was getting used to the wild smell of the beast, but she felt that the intoxicating musk smell was intensifying every passing moment. She felt a little dizzy due to the overwhelming musk and the tender administration her sensitive breasts were receiving while a wave of heat flushed through her body that directly affected her now erect nipple and damp groin. Lisa felt sick to her stomach when she noticed that her body was starting to betray her and act on its own. She knew that her breasts always had been a weak point of her; but she knew that wasn’t enough of a reason to get aroused during a rape. When another deep breath full of musk went past her sensors, she realized that there was something strange about the musk and it was directly affecting her unwanted arousal.
Lisa felt a hairy leg hook on to her soft left leg and then being pulled away to open her lithe legs. The beast’s left arm that was resting on her waist, moved to grab on to her left inner thigh. Sparks stated to run through her body when she felt the rough hand started to ascend toward her crotch along the silky inside of her thigh.
The beast was now licking her left shoulder and neck while Lisa’s pleated skirt got pushed up to the waist as the beast’s wandering hand found the damp lacy underwear that was serving as the last layer of protection for her womanhood. She yelped when the flimsy fabric cut in to her soft flesh for a moment before tearing in to pieces due to the force exerted by the big hand. She felt cold air reaching to her damp sex and automatically tried to clamp her legs together and found a big hand cupping her whole sex. As the hand started to massage the sensitive mound and Lisa started to squirm and moan a little as physical sensations started to affect her mental resistance. Its thick middle finger ran along her now wet slit as the finger rubbed her sensitive clitoris and slid between her now flowering inner folds. Lisa was breathing heavy and was clutching the bed cover with her hands when suddenly her eyes opened and a loud yelp escaped from her mouth. The beast’s thick digit was buried half-way in her sex and moans got pulled out from Lisa as the finger emulated motions of fornication. She looked down only to be surprised to find that without her knowledge, her right leg had opened to offer more room for the thrusting hand while her pelvis gyrated to get more of the invading finger in to the sex. Her view got obstructed when a large head came down to clamp its mouth on her diamond hard right nipple. The combined sensation of a thick finger scratching her g-spot and a wet mouth sucking her breast was too overwhelming for Lisa to keep her betraying body under control; she rested her head back on the bed and closed her eyes to surrender to the overwhelming carnal pleasure.

Lisa was now panting, groaning and moaning while her right leg bent from the knee and straightened repeatedly as her body warmed up to release an orgasm. Suddenly, the finger withdrew from her sex and the mouth pulled away from her breast. To Lisa’s disbelief, a groan of disappointment escaped her lips due to the denial of her built up orgasm.
Lisa felt the beast moving away from her and after a moment of feeling movements around her on the mattress, she felt her ankles being grabbed together by a big hand and her legs being lifted and held up high. She opened her eyes only to see the red high heels and her long legs pointing to the sky while being held together, and a big body kneeling just behind her exposed dripping sex. Lisa knew that it was the fateful moment and steeled her nerves expecting a brutal invasion in to her soft tissue.
Lisa was watching down from between her heaving breasts, but she couldn’t see what was happening behind her closed thighs. She felt a meaty knob spreading her inner folds and nudging the portal to her innocence. The pressure on her sex increased and she felt the knob opening her up little by little. No matter how much pleasure her sex was experiencing, tears started to flow down Lisa’s cheeks as she was about get rob of her dignity by a beast. Then suddenly a short jab opened her portal more than she had ever been opened and the large meaty knob got lodged in her sex. Lisa yelped a little when the intruder widened her opening and gained entry to her sheath.
After firmly planting the big crown in the beautiful girl’s bloomed sex, the beast kept still and patiently as it held only the head of the curved shaft in her. Lisa was gritting her teeth expecting a brutal thrust that could potentially tear her sex, but it wasn’t coming. Suddenly the knob pulsed in her and a hot stream of liquids shot in to her sensitive sheath. Lisa took a loud inhale of breath when she got caught off-guard by the surprising new sensation. The knob kept pulsing and shooting more and more steamy shots in to her sex as uncontrollable moans escaped her lips. She had never felt anything like it before and she felt as if flames running all over her body as her passage got filled with hot precum.
Lisa saw a sheen of perspiration starting to appear all over her body as the beast kept pumping her with warm fluids, and she couldn’t stop moaning as the hot precum set a fire ablaze in her sex. She felt that she was abnormally sexually excited and was balancing on the edge of an orgasm that she knew was unlike anything she ever had experienced before. Just when Lisa thought she was going to lose her mind due to the suspense, the hand that was holding her ankles let go of them and her spread thighs fell on to the kneeling thighs of the beast.
Horror struck Lisa as she saw the thick abnormal appendage that was partially embedded in her glistening sex. The thickness, wart like bumps, thick pulsing veins and the curve, all looked much more menacing than it looked before, as it was now about to enter her body. With a grin, the beast slowly leaned in to Lisa and the deformed shaft slowly crawled in to her precum filled sheath. Lisa squealed loud as the impossibly thick intruder stretched and forced its way in to her sheath while the rough bumps deliciously scratched her sensitive inner walls as they slid one by one in to her passage.
“Oh god…oh god…no nono no…please no,” Julie pleaded while her whole body squirmed as she was about to be forced to embrace an illicit orgasm.
Suddenly Lisa’s long lithe legs that were still decorated with red gladiator high heels, wrapped around the thick waist of the beast and started to quiver and shake.
Lisa’s moans echoed in the big room as she rode the waves of the biggest orgasm she had ever experienced in her life. As wave after wave of pleasure swept her away in carnal pleasure, Lisa lost consciousness.
When Lisa regained her wits, her legs were still wrapped around the beast’s moving waist and her hands were hugging the head of the beast tight to her breasts as it happily kept sucking one of her breasts. Her inner walls were still throbbing around the invader, and she could feel every vein, bump and pulse of it; she could clearly feel the difference of how the abnormal curve of the shaft was forcing her passage to mold around it in a very unusual, but pleasurable manner.
She looked back at the beast who had its thick lips around her breast and was teasing her nipple with his tongue. Hidden from the world, only Lisa and the beast knew about the wonders its tongue did to her erect nipple. She noticed that for some reason, the beast didn’t look as ugly as she had seen before. She felt that the orgasm had changed something in her heart and she couldn’t actually point it out. In her post-orgasm glory, Lisa felt something warm and tingly inside her chest when she thought about the throbbing hardness inside sex and the teasing tongue on her nipple.
Lisa felt conflicted that a beast was making her generate feelings like that towards it. Suddenly it looked up and looked straight in to Lisa’s blue eyes and as she kept looking back at the deep brown eyes, she felt as if they were looking straight in to her soul. She felt that she also could see something deep in those big brown eyes as if she could venture in to its very soul. For her, those eyes looked very human and after seeing those eyes, her heart was refusing to acknowledge him as ‘it’ or ‘beast’. Then she remembered that his name was Boris.
Boris suddenly reached up and nuzzled his head in Lisa’s neck to take in her scent again with a deep breath. This caused the full length of his shaft to finally submerge in to her womanhood. When she felt the thick appendage venture in to the uncharted territories of her sheath and the ballooned scrotum touch her derriere, she let out a mewling whimper and hugged his big rugged body even tighter to her soft and welcoming body.
Lisa kept letting out sweet moans as she looked over Boris’s shoulder how his hips heaved up and down between her full shapely thighs. Gradually his thrusts increased in tempo and intensity as he started letting out heavy gasps on to her neck. As their sweaty bodies and dripping sexes slapped together in a mating dance, Lisa changed her moans in to feminine squeals and laid her head back on the bed to prepare for the impending and unavoidable orgasm.
Boris was now grabbing Lisa’s shoulders from underneath while thrusting in to her sex with added urgency. Her high heels clacked together as her wrapped legs moved up and down fast on his buttocks with the wild rutting. Her lower jaw started to quiver and her vision started to blur as Lisa prepared to visit the orgasm heaven once again.
“Oh god! Harder…harder…aaaah…aaaaah…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh…uuuuurrrghhhHHHH!”
Lisa’s whole body was writhing under the humping body mass as she experienced her first multi-orgasm. Her inner walls were now sending waves upon waves along the thick shaft, milking it for the life giving seed. With a roar, Boris lightly clamped his discolored teeth on to Lisa’s smooth shoulder as his shaft delivered the concentrated essence Lisa’s sheath was so lovingly milking him for. The sudden mild pain on her shoulder added more intensity to her orgasm and her wailing filled up the air that surrounded mating couple.
Boris held Lisa’s writhing body tight to him as he held his shaft rooted deep in her womanhood while releasing his seed in her. The thick white substance even started to leak out of the tight seal of their union and his bloated scrotum started to revert back to the shrunken state. After the contractions that carried the creamy seed deep in to Lisa’s body seized, Boris started to pull out his curved sword from her well inseminated sex. Feeling the thick member slithering out of her hyper-sensitive sheath, Lisa entered in to another mind shattering orgasm.
Lisa and Boris were now panting next to each other while lying on their backs. The intense orgasm had rendered Lisa’s body limp and her body was still getting hit by aftershocks of her mind shattering climax. A frothy white mixture was flowing on to the bed from her gaping sex to confirm the proper breeding she had received from Boris, while his limp shaft was covered with her excitement to confirm that she enjoyed and welcomed her breeding.
When Lisa came down from the excitement of her orgasm, and when she felt all the liquids bubbling out of her sex, guilt and fear started to reappear in her mind. The guilt of enjoying the feelings inflicted by Boris and the danger of conceiving his child started to ricochet around in her head. Then she felt big hands reaching underneath her and lifting her up gently. Boris was carrying her back to her room. Suddenly she wasn’t feeling that guilty and she wasn’t feeling much fear. After laying her down gently on her bed, he rearranged her tattered clothes as best he can and caressed the teeth mark he had inflicted on Lisa’s shoulder with an apologetic look. The bite was light enough not topierce the soft skin, but it had left a temporary imprint on her milky skin.
A smile appeared on Lisa’s lips when she saw the huge beast acting like a guilty child and feeling sorry about a bite, after raping her. When thought back, she realized that even though it started as a rape, it most definitely didn’t end in a non-consensual manner. Then she realized that it was the same for every woman that had been with Boris. She felt like that she had found a missing piece of the puzzle.
“It’s ok…I’m fine,” Lisa said weakly.
Boris looked in to her eyes for a second and left the room. Lisa kept looking at him leaving while contradicting and confusing thoughts ravaged her brain. The door automatically closed behind him and Lisa fell in to a blissful sleep.
It was nearly evening when Lisa awoke from her slumber with strained muscles and a pleasurably-sore sex. The events that took place in the morning flooded back to her as feelings of guilt and pleasure tore her heart from the middle. During her non-consensual ordeal, something had changed in Lisa and she grew aware of it when she realized that she couldn’t bring herself up to hate Boris for defiling her. Unbelievably, she found parts of her heart blaming David for the cowardice act he committed when he was given the chance to prove his bravery and love to his wife.
Instead of blaming the beast that had raped her, Lisa was putting 100% of the blame on her husband that didn’t offer any resistance. She sat down on the bed and shook her head hard few times to bring her mind out of insanity. She couldn’t believe that she was blaming her life partner completely for the rape she endured. Adding more to the insanity, she thoroughly enjoyed her rape and wasn’t giving Boris any part of the blame. Tears ran down her smooth face as she recounted how her treacherous body made her act shamefully and unfaithfully under the influence of carnal pleasure. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t muster enough anger toward Boris to hate him; just to bring some sanity back in to her logics, she reasoned that David must have had a valid reason to give up like he did.
Stepping out from her mental dilemma, Lisa realized that her sore body was badly in need of a thorough cleaning. Her whole sex and inner thighs were crusted with dried coital secretes and the whole body was covered with a sticky residue from the heavy perspiration. Peeling down the remnants of her tattered clothes, Lisa stepped in to the bathroom for a much needed hot bath.
Lisa had to put on her sleeping dress since Boris made her normal clothes unusable. She opened the bag in the bathroom to find a sheer babydoll chemise with a matching lacy thong as her sleep wear for that day.
After putting on the dress, she opened the bathroom door to walk in to sounds of moaning and gasping. The speakers in her room were broadcasting the sounds of another adventure of Boris. She turned her head to look through the glass wall to find the huge body of Boris humping in to the bed while supporting himself on elbows. Underneath the humping mass was the small frame of the blonde girl, who was lying on her stomach and kept moaning loud while lifting her firm ass up to meet with his powerful thrusts. The small girl’s whole body rocked from receiving the powerful thrusts and her whole body was glistening with a thick layer sweat. Her face was turned toward Lisa and her lustful facial expressions led Lisa to believe that even if the girl had resisted at first, she was thoroughly enjoying the pounding she was receiving at that moment. Having experienced the ordeal herself, Lisa wasn’t a least bit surprised when the small girl tensed up and let out a shriek while having a mind breaking orgasm. She knew it was almost impossible to escape the humiliation of climaxing while getting ravaged by Boris.
It wasn’t normal and Lisa knew that there was something special and unnatural happening with Boris. By looking at the writhing girl under the huge body and her moans of ecstasy, it was easy to understand that she was definitely enjoying the encounter with Boris much more than her previous one. After her own experience, Lisa felt that not only that he had defiled her body, he had chipped away parts of her mind to mold her physically and mentally in to something she didn’t desire. She put a hand on her lace covered sex to find her privates getting moistened and fear struck her mind when she realized that she had already started to change.
Sometime later, Boris shot his seed deep inside the climaxing girl’s depths with a roar and rolled off of her to fall in to a long sleep. The panting girl stayed on the bed unmoving to catch the breath and wits.
Lisa realized that her maid had brought her dinner while she was having her bath; the meal looked even better than the previous and it looked like a full course meal from a five star hotel. She was starving due to the huge amounts of energy she had to spend during the vigorous breeding and she quickly busied herself with replenishing her energy with the delicious food that was given to her.
In the next morning when Lisa woke up, she opened her eyes to find Boris sitting right on the other side of the glass wall. He was just sitting and calmly watching her sleep. In a panic, she sat up on the bed and pulled the bed sheet to her neck to cover the near nakedness offered through the sheer nightwear. At that moment her blue eyes met with his deep brown eyes and immediately she felt a pulling force; a mental force that was trying to pull her very soul in to those deep eyes. Like being in a trance, Lisa let the bed sheet go and walked to the glass wall to kneel right in front of him. Even if the scantily clad beautiful body of Lisa was in display, his eyes didn’t divert and kept their focus on her blue eyes.
Boris put his right palm on the glass and before Lisa even realized what she was doing, she had her left palm over his from the other side of the glass. She was amazed at how the big hand dwarfed hers in size when compared. Then her stare went to the rising shaft between his legs; it still looked menacing and ugly, but the sight of the growing member brought back illicit memories and created a warmth in her loins. Lisa felt helpless and excited as she couldn’t break out of the trance that created by a mere meeting of eyes. Suddenly, Boris reached up with his left hand and pressed the button of her door, and that made the button on her side light up. Lisa knew she wasn’t behaving in a normal way after her encounter with Boris and that was doing actions she couldn’t comprehend the reasons; but she understood that she wasn’t insane enough to press the lit button and accept his indecent proposal.
Lisa stoop up and walked away from the door to gather up her thoughts and sanity back in to the confused mind. Seeing her walk away and reject his gesture, Boris stood up and walked back to his bed with a sad expression. Normally he would have gotten angry by the rejection, but this time the sadness dominated the anger in his heart and he sat on the bed looking at Lisa’s room.
The day went by as Boris kept looking at Lisa whenever he was in the big room and looked really sad when he pressed the button on Lisa’s door three more times only to be rejected. Lisa was nervous the whole day due to Boris’s extensive attention to her and was a little heartbroken by seeing how sad he looked by her rejection. She didn’t understand his behavior and was puzzled why he didn’t go through David’s room if he wanted her that much. She was pretty certain that David wouldn’t resist if he did and he could have easily opened the door without her permission. But, he wasn’t doing that; it was as if he desired her consent and acceptance; it was as if he was asking for her heart.
When the night time came, after all the rejections from Lisa, Boris was starting to show signs of agitation. It was unusual for him to spend more than twelve hours without emptying his ballooned scrotum in to a woman; his shaft was sporting constant hard-on. It was obscenely waving around in attention when Boris paced about the room to contain his frustration. Lisa was nervously looking at him behaving stranger and stranger when suddenly he stopped his phasing abruptly and looked at Lisa dead in the eyes. She saw sadness, anger and pain, all mixed together in his eyes and she felt a sting of pain in her own chest when she saw them.
Boris turned and started walking toward the room where the beautifully toned girl was in. She was already wearing her night gown for the night and the simple white satin and lace slip looked amazing on her masterpiece of a body. Even after witnessing the huge body frame approaching her room, she didn’t react much and kept looking at Boris what still sitting on her bed. Lisa thought that the girl must have had complete faith on her partner just like she did on David, but unlike David, her partner had already proved his love by repelling Boris. So Lisa understood why the girl wasn’t panicking and envied the lucky girl who had a partner that would protect her with his life.
Without even taking a look at the stunning girl, Boris pushed the button on her partner’s door and indicating the upcoming dual, the buzzer sounded. Lisa could see the guy already on the other side of the glass, preparing to face the challenger with confidence that was earned by his previous victory. The door lock came undone with a metal clank and Boris delivered a powerful kick that forced the heavy metal door to swing open wide in an instant.
There was something very different with Boris that day. Unlike his usual lazy personality, he was filled with frustration and rage. He was looking for an outlet to release all those uncomfortable feelings and the first potential outlet was the poor guy, who was protecting his wife from a rapist. As Boris’s unrestrained strength met the defender, painful gasps and cries flowed through the speakers, giving a glimpse of the pain the overpowered man was experiencing. The usually calm and confident girl was also now on her feet and obvious to his distress, was calling out to her husband with cries.
Soon, things went quiet and moments later, a buzzer sounded and the door to the girl’s room unlocked with a metallic sound. Lisa saw the girl quickly taking a martial-art stance behind the door and she realized how the girl had obtain her beautiful toned body. From the way the girl was holding herself in a convincingly solid looking attack form, Lisa guessed that Boris was going to face a bigger challenge with girl, compared to her husband. Boris emerged from the guy’s room and pushed on the heavy door to the girl’s room to claim his reward. A toned long leg dashed through the opened door and Boris’s abdomen received a solid and painful kick. The hulking body bent down from the unexpected kick, and the girl emerged from the door with a graceful, but a fast move and kneed the bent down face of Boris. He stumbled back about seven feet while still being stunned by the sudden attack and looked clearly disoriented with the attack to the face.

The girl didn’t intended to let Boris come out of his disoriented situation and continued with beautiful and skillful high kicks to his head. Since Boris was much taller than the girl was, her long legs had to stretch and angle very high to reach his head. Seeing a beautiful girl in a very revealing attire execute those moves gracefully was definitely was a sight to behold, and watching how the girl was bravely doing something that Lisa wished to do, but failed, made her admire the girl even more. She wasn’t giving up till the end. Even if Lisa didn’t have enough skills to achieve what the girl was achieving now, she had been prepared to fight in her own way till she heard how her husband simply give her up. Lisa wondered what she would have done if her husband had even tried to resist Boris.
The girl attacked continuously with passion and Boris backed even more while defending his head as her long beautiful legs swung around and her beautiful long hair fanned out when body turned gracefully. The girl was obviously much more strong and skillful that Lisa was and she could have kicked most guys’ asses with what she had, but Boris was not an average guy. As the girl got tired with her continuous attack, Boris regained his senses. She had managed to make Boris retreat until he was almost in the pool and she was planning to push his in to the pool and run back to her room. As she delivered the final kick to his stomach to push him in to the pool, Boris suddenly caught her speeding leg and using his strong hands, swung whole body in to the pool by her leg. The girl crashed in to the water with a big splash and a scream.
The girl’s head emerged from the water and she looked clearly stunned by the hard impact from being swung hard in to the water. The pool looked to be around shoulders deep and she tried to cough out the water she had accidentally breathed in her mid-scream. The girl tried to clear the wet hair strands from her face to see what was happening and she turned only to see a huge body falling on to her.
A big splash exploded on the pool as Boris belly flopped in to the pool to join the stunned girl. Water splashed around violently as she tried to wrestle the hulking brute in the water while struggling to catch few precious breaths when she had the chance. Boris was clearly having the advantage as he had the advantage of strength and height. Whenever her body came above water, the thin wet fabric of her slip hugged her body and went transparent to show her beautiful breasts and brown nipples. Sometimes, when Boris lift her up and threw back in to the water, her whole slip went transparent and the only thing that protected her modesty was her white underwear that didn’t become transparent like her slip. She started to loose strength in the strenuous struggle and her movements started to become sluggish.
Suddenly Boris submerged in the water and with a surprised gasp, the girl’s head disappeared in to the water too. There was a another struggle under the water and suddenly the emerged near the edge and grabbed on to it as if she was trying to get out of the pool. Boris emerged right behind her and stopped her from escaping by holding on to her body.
Lisa noticed something floating on the surface in the middle of the pool and realized that it was the white underwear that protected the girl’s modesty so far. She was still desperately trying to drag herself out of the water while hanging on to the edge and screaming at Boris to let her go.
“Let me go you bastard! Let me go.”
Boris grabbed her from behind the neck and got even closer from her behind.
Suddenly the girl’s whole body froze, eyes became big and she let out a loud painful grunt.
Boris’s body jerked behind her and she cried,”AAAYIEEEEE You bastaaaaaard!”
His body started to move behind the girl as she kept on screaming. From the way his body moved, it was apparent that Boris wasn’t taking it easy on the poor girl and was feeding his whole thick shaft in to the girl’s sex under water.
Waves appeared on the surface as Boris started to drill hard and fast in to the girl from her behind. What amazed Lisa was, despite the very rough brutal treatment, the girl wasn’t crying and no tears ran down her wet face. She had grabbed the edge hard and gritted her teeth to muffle her own screams and moans while refusing to give in to the beast that was rutting in to her. Even while being roughly defiled, she was refusing to give up and her eyes still gleamed fire of hatred and strength.
Boris let go of the girl’s neck and grabbed a handful of her long black hair to pull in to the middle of the pool. She defiantly held on to the edge and didn’t let go. He thrust hard in to her couple of times to coarse her in to obeying, but she still refused to let go and suffered the brutal thrusts in to her innocence with a painful whimper.
Angered by her defiance, Boris grabbed on to the girl’s neck again and pushed her head underwater before starting to thrust his deformed shaft hard in to her uncooperative sheath. She struggled hard and tried to get her head free from the hand that was holding her underwater. Just as she was about to black-out from lack of air, he pulled her head out of the water to let her take in few precious breaths and pushed her head back underwater.
After nearly drowning the girl few times while thrusting hard in to her, Boris pulled out of her sex and got out of the pool while carrying her on the shoulder. Nearly experiencing death had sapped almost all the strength from the brave girl’s body and her body remained limp while he carried her to the big bed. She groaned weakly when her body fell on the bed hard and she could only whimper when Boris got between her legs and started feeding his curved shaft back in to her sheath.
Boris kept steady pace as he plunged his shaft in to the whimpering girl beneath him. Showering her delicate insides with his precum made her passage amply lubricated for the rough thick shaft to smoothly burrow in to her body, with or without her consent. He kept on continuously pumping in to the girl impressively more than half an hour before the iron will of the brave girl started to fade away. Her whimpers changed in to groans and soon, she was moaning loud with obvious pleasure. After enduring nearly an hour of continuous repeated intrusions in to her femininity and getting her sensitive walls rubbed, stretched and scratched by the deformed intruder, she was starting to sense her impending submission to the forbidden carnal pleasure. She started to plead mercy from Boris as he intensified his thrusts, sensing the signals of submissions she was emitting by the involuntary shuddering of her sex.
“Please…ugh, have mercy..ughh, don’t make me..Ohhh..ugh…ugh…no…ugh..ugh.uuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrggggGGGHHHHHH!”
The girl dug her heels deep in to the mattress, curled her toes and lifted up her pelvis up to suffer the humiliation of her first forced orgasm. Boris kept pounding in to the climaxing girl without stopping and deepened her humiliation by pulling out a chain of orgasms from her unwilling and trembling body. After five minutes of non-stop forced orgasms, the girl’s body went completely limp and he still kept on pounding in to the hardly responding soft body.
Boris kept humping the poor girl like a possessed machine and after about ten minutes, her body started to squirm under the hulking body and soft moans, whimpers and yelps once again joined the squelching and slapping sounds of wet sexes.
After another forty-five minutes of pounding and three more orgasms, Boris and the girl were soaked with sweat, and her slip had once again turned transparent and hugged her shaking body. Lisa thought that she was treated much better than how Boris was treating the poor girl. Compared to the wild fucking the girl was receiving, the experience she had with Boris could be mentioned as tender loving.
Then suddenly the girl started to moan loud again clearly with pleasure and started to shudder as her body rode through another orgasm. Unlike her previous orgasms, she wrapped her long legs around Boris’s waist, wrapped her hands around his head and pulled herself up to plant a deep kiss on his thick lips. He must have like that so much, he wrapped his arm around her back and pulled themselves in to lotus position and finally released his seed deep inside her with a loud groan. The girl’s body writhed as her orgasm intensified with the feeling of hot seed filling her insides.
The girl’s body finally went limp after riding the biggest wave of orgasms in that night and Boris let her body fall on to the mattress and slid out his curved meat sword out of her drenched sheath. After accommodating the thick monster for more than two hours, her sex was gaping wide and had changed its color to a bright red. Evidences of her breeding was now continuously flowing out of her and created a puddle of liquids on the bed sheet.
Lisa felt the uncomfortable feeling of jealousy rising from the bottom of her heart as she saw the girl passionately kissing Boris. She knew that she should be absolutely hating Boris after witnessing the Brutal rape he had committed on the girl, but she couldn’t find any feelings in her heart other than sadness and jealousy when she saw the girl’s will finally break and reward Boris with a deep kiss.
Lisa realized that these were not normal or sane feelings she was feeling and feared that she was going to go insane and lose herself. She felt as if something was continuously eating away parts of her mind and memories of being happily married to the love of her life felt so distant, sometimes she completely forgot about David.
With conflicting feelings ravaging her brain again and again, Lisa spent the whole night sobbing in sadness and shaking in fear till the sunrise.
Lisa was reaching her mental breaking point when suddenly the TV display in her room came to life. It was the old man in the display and he looked kind of worried.
“Lisa, you seem to be a bit flustered. Are you alright?”
“NO I’M NOT!” Lisa shouted at the screen, agitated.
“What did you do to me? Why is this happening to me? Why do I feel like a stranger to myself?” Lisa broke down crying.
“You did well Lisa, actually you did more than well. So I understand that you deserve an explanation. But before that, I think it’s best to give you a chance to talk to your husband,” The old man said.
Lisa’s eyes lit up with the hope of the chance to talk to David. Even if she felt betrayed, she loved him and wanted to know how he was doing and the good reason for his actions. The display changed and David appeared in it.
“Honey I’m sorry,” David said while looking down as if he didn’t want to meet Lisa’s eyes.
“David, don’t feel sorry. I love you. I know you must have had a good reason,” Lisa said with a smile while wiping off her tears.
There was a long awkward silence as David looking down without saying or doing anything. Then he looked in to the camera and Lisa noticed that rage was burning in his eyes.
“Yes, I had a good reason. I was scared of my life. But what was your reason for loving it and cumming on its cock like a slut?”
Lisa couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her loving husband was calling her a slut for being forced to orgasm. She felt as if her soul itself burning from the hateful gaze of David while his words cutting deep in to her heart.
“NO! It wasn’t like that. I couldn’t help it. You must have seen from the other women too. We can’t help it. There’s something strange about him,” Lisa tried to give reasons between her tears.
“HIM? So that thing is human to you now. I saw how much of sluts all women are and you were the worst of them all. I didn’t know you had it in you to fuck an animal like a bitch in heat,” David shouted back with anger.
Lisa felt as if knives going through her heart as her husband’s hurtful words came through the speaker. Anger started to boil and overcome her thoughts; Lisa shouted back.
“Yes, I’m a bitch that has a wimp of a husband that offers his wife in fear and bitch about how she handled the rape. You are disgusting! Your balls are there only for the show. I failed to see the real you until now. You are the real beast, not Boris. Fuck you David! Fuck you!”
Lisa couldn’t believe the words that escaped her mouth, but she felt relieved when they came out.
“Fuck you too bitch. Have fun fucking that thing. I don’t want anything to do with a whore like you. I regret not getting the chance to put a bullet through your bitch head. Go ahead and fuck till you die bitch,” David screamed in to the camera and the display went blank.
Lisa fell to her knees and cried hysterically as she realized she had lost her husband. She felt disgusted by both what she said and especially what he said.
“I’m sorry about what happened between you two,” said the old man through the TV.
“You did this all you sick bastard! You are the one who destroyed us,” Lisa shouted with pure hatred.
“Yes I know I am responsible for this. And I’m sure there’s a special place for me in the hell when I go there. But right now I’m in power and it’s up to you to decide whether I’ll be your best friend or worst enemy,” the old man said with a calm manner.
Lisa realized that it was best to listen to the old bastard for now, and stopped crying.
“Since it seems you are much wiser than I thought and understand the situation, I would like to be friend rather than an enemy,” the old man said with a smile.
“Now I think I owe you an explanation about this mysterious things you feel. I would like to advise you to have a seat since this is going to be a little long and complex.”
Lisa pulled in a chair and sat on it while still giving a stare of hatred in to the camera.
“You must be already feeling the undeniable attraction towards Boris by now. I know it’s very confusing to have those feelings toward him, as you are a beautiful married lady. But as you said earlier, it is not something you can help.”
Lisa was now listening to the old man with big eyes as he seemed to be able to read her mind when he explained how she must be feeling.
“Let me start by saying that Boris is not just a simple mix of humans and gorillas. He is genetically superior in some fields than both humans and primates. Do you remember what I told about how we were first genetically modifying human females and male gorillas to make their seed and eggs compatible? During these procedures, the gorillas were the ones that got heavily modified since we only needed their seed. Due to this, some things we didn’t intended or expected to change also changed. So the gorilla who fathered the test number one, developed something that even the modern science cannot fully understand. It had the ability to emit strong pheromones through body odor and contained an extremely powerful aphrodisiac in its seminal fluids. This aphrodisiac didn’t only affect in physical level, it also affected in mental level too.”
“While every women strongly responded in physical level to the aphrodisiac, the mental effect varied from woman to woman. Most of the time, the mental effect was on a moderate level, while few were resilient to it and even fewer were strongly affected. When there’s a woman who reacts strongly to the mental effect, her eggs are the most compatible to bear the seeds of that male. When the male meet a woman who are fully compatible to it, it also get strongly affected by her pheromones. These bonds to each other are so strong, the mental effect sometimes turn in to a deep love. I think now you understand how a human volunteer woman decided to secretly have sex with a test gorilla, and why the gorilla was more than happy to allow it,” the old man explained as if he was teaching a science class.
Lisa felt as if a light being shed on her confusing feelings she had been feeling. She felt both devastated and confusingly happy when those feeling became clear. She was questioning herself whether what the old man said was true and whether if she was being forced to fall in love with Boris.
“From the look on your face, I can tell that your guess is right. Boris carries the same ability that his great grandfather had, and it’s much more powerful and potent. By a miracle or fate, it seems you are one of the very few woman on earth who are fully compatible with Boris. I had seen many women fall in love with Boris due to its powerful aphrodisiac, but for the first time, the poor guy is finally falling in love with you,” The old man said with a smile.
“No! It can’t be. This must be a sick joke. How can I fall in love with that thing?” Lisa said aloud refusing to believe what she heard.
“Did you realize how gentle and well behaved he was with you compared to other women? When the feelings finally matured in him, he couldn’t help but stare at you and he refused to eat anything since you rejected him. You saw how the frustration led him to severely beating a man and brutally rape a girl. I can see how it affects you too. I know it’s kind of evil, but you can’t help it. He shot the aphrodisiac deep in your reproductive organ, and being a fully compatible woman to Boris, feelings of true love will overtake all your worries and sorrow quickly. I don’t know much about love, but isn’t true love what you girls spend a life time looking for?” said the old man with a smirk.
“You took my body and now you take my mind too? How cruel and messed-up can you be? You will burn in hell for this you bastard!” Lisa cried out as tears ran down her face.
What hurt the most was that what he said was the truth. She couldn’t deny the feeling of love toward Boris growing in her heart. What hurt the most was that it was without her consent, and she couldn’t stop it from spreading over the love she had for David. She knew she had a very short time before her old self die and a new woman born from the ashes; she mourned the love she had for her beloved husband.
“Now, now. I’m sure by tomorrow you’ll change your mind and sometime later, you’ll thank me. Have a good sleep Lisa. Remember, it is said that nothing is more powerful than love,” the man said before closing the connection while laughing out loud.
Next day morning, Boris started the day by first pressing the button on Lisa’s door. Lisa kept looking at the lit button on her side while fighting the strange temptation to press it. Sensing her hesitation, he turned and started walking towards the room where the lady with a voluptuous body was in. He pressed the button on the woman’s door and few seconds later, another buzzer sounded and the door opened. Lisa kept looking with opened big eyes as the beautiful woman come out from the door in her naked glory. She walked right up to Boris and with a grin, he gently carried her in bridal style to the big bed. It reminded Lisa how she got carried to the same bed in the same way and she felt butterflies in her belly when she remembered what happened after that.
Boris put the woman gently on the bed and without wasting any time, he got on top of her and lowered his wet warm mouth on to her big and supple breasts. Within seconds, the woman was moaning with pleasure while holding his head to her breasts for more attention. After few minutes, she spread her legs and slithered her slender hand down there bodies to between her legs. Suddenly Boris stopped sucking on her breasts like a possessed baby and looked at her straight in the eyes. Seeing the beautiful red lips decorated with a smile, Boris flexed his hip and with a loud gasp, the woman wrapped her beautiful legs around his hips to urge more of his love shaft in to her love tunnel.
The room got filled with throes of passion as the woman lost count of orgasms the thick shaft pulled out from her while her husband pleasured himself to the scene of her squirming body. Lisa noticed that even though the woman was receiving a royal pounding, Boris was being gentle and focused on manipulating his curved tool inflict more pleasure to the writhing woman. She also shamefully noticed that she was feeling an overwhelming jealousy toward the moaning woman. She wanted to be the one writhing underneath the huge fame of Boris, she wanted to be the one having his thick shaft impaled between her legs, and she wanted to be the one that grunted every time as he bottomed out and touched her womb.  

After about forty minutes of unbridle carnal pleasure, Boris gave a roar and emptied his life essence in to the woman’s fertile depths. Feeling the thick substance seeping deep in to her body, she experienced another intense orgasm and started kissing all around his big face to thank him for the amazing journey he had taken her with his magical curved wand.
The rest of the day went by as Lisa tried to keep her thoughts from wondering into the memories of her time under Boris’s heaving body. Her libido was unusually at an all-time high and she noticed that even a glimpse of his deformed shaft was enough to ignite carnal ambers in her loins. She had always been a passionate woman after she reached her puberty, but she had never been through a period of horniness like this even through her honeymoon. Looking down at erect nipples poking through the front of her dress, Lisa let out a sigh of frustration, since her constantly erect and sensitive nipples were starting to become troublesome.
Lisa’s still sharp mind was keeping her hyper-excited body in check and kept her trembling hand from reaching the lit button when Boris requested her consent few times throughout the day. Her libido was rising little by little every passing second and she resolved herself to hang on to sanity as much as she can before the inevitable takeover.
After the sky darkened with the arrival of night time, Boris walked up to the room where the petite blonde girl was in. She was wearing a black transparent short night dress and seeing the approaching brute, stood up near glass wall. Boris looked at the nervous girl and pressed the button on her door. She flinched upon hearing buzzer and directed her eyes at the lit button on her side. Her slender right hand started to slowly move toward the button, but suddenly she caught the moving hand with the other and let out a sigh of relief as if she avoided an accident at the last moment. Boris let out another growl of displeasure and started to move toward her partner’s door. Seeing the brute moving towards her partner’s door, the girl’s eyes opened wide with concern and quickly pressed the button on her side as if she was acting on her reflexes.
With a metal clank, the girl’s door opened and Boris quickly turned back with a surprised look. Lisa could see that, upon realizing that his girlfriend had opened the door from her side, the girl’s partner was beating on the glass saying something to get Boris’s attention back to him. Lisa guessed that it was either the girl finally succumbed to the aphrodisiac effect or she didn’t want her brave, but weak partner to get hurt uselessly anymore on her behalf. After remembering how the girl had almost pressed the button herself before, Lisa thought that it must have been the combination of both those reasons that led the girl to finally give her consent to Boris.
As soon as the door opened, the girl extended her lithe right leg out and slowly stepped through the door while looking at her boyfriend that was still hitting the thick glass. Boris easily swooped up the small girl with his strong arms and started to walk toward round bed. While being carried, she turned her head to look at her partner one more time and rested her head back on the strong chest of the giant she was about to receive as intimately as a woman could.
Soon, the blonde girl was accepting Boris with deepest and most intimate parts of her body as throes of her satisfaction and uninhibited emotions echoed throughout the enclosure. Her slender limbs lovingly embraced the hulking body as he again and again kissed her womb with the crown of his manhood while showering the sensitive insides with molten precum.
Once again, Lisa’s mind overwhelmed with illicit temptations and jealousy as she watched the young girl worship goddess of ecstasy under the heaving body mass of Boris. As carnal desires clouded her reason and sanity, Lisa started to imagine herself being the girl and receiving his manhood in her womanhood.
Lisa felt her right hand acting on its own accord when it reached under the hem of her short night dress, moved up till it felt the band of the lacy underwear, reached inside and moved down toward her burning sex.
Lisa took in a sharp intake of breath when her slender fingers gained access to her portal, and timed her moaning with blonde girl as the fingers found a rhythm that resonated with the moving pelvis of Boris. Soon her other hand found it’s place on her erect nipples and she felt warmness flowing through her fingers as she embraced the height of arousal with both the girl and Boris.
Lisa’s spent body slumped onto the bed after the intense orgasm she experienced with her own hands. Panting, she brought her stubborn right hand up and held it in front of her face to inspect the dripping fingers. Trying hard to focus on the hand with her still dilated eyes from the orgasm, Lisa wondered if she would be able to control her stubborn hand the next time the red button lit up on the door.

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