Banging wife’s sister

My wife, Sabitha and I have an open marriage. This means we are comfortable, not threatened with each other’s sexual partners. My next-door neighbor, Geetha has been very friendly with both my wife and myself. We will fuck together as a threesome or separately with one another. This story is not about Geetha, rather about Saranya, my wife’s half sister from Chennai. Saranya called Sabitha last week and she coming to stay here for the rest of the summer. It seems she just finished dealing with a messy divorce and needs comfort away from Chennai. Saranya is a runway model that works throughout Chennai.
I particularly do not care for her body type, no tits and too skinny. Saran arrived as planned and both of them had a lot of catching up to do. I left them alone to be together and invited myself over to Geetha’s house next door. Sabitha told me later that Saran asked where I went and Sabitha answered her that I probably went to Geetha and was fucking his brains out. Later at dinner the subject was brought up again and Saranya was shocked when we explained that we fuck outside our bedrooms. I explained to her there is love sex, which we have, and there is lust sex, which we fuck with other people as well. We talked well into the night and Saran had to leave because she was so tired from the trip. We on the other hand we were so horny we started to fuck right there on the living room sofa. I guess we were making too much noise because I saw Saran watching us. She did not interrupt us or make a sound but just watched as intently as I fucked Sabitha in her pussy and asshole. She stayed to watch the blow job that Sabitha was giving; there is no one who has ever done better.
At breakfast the next morning Saran commented on our performance from the previous night. She also commented that she never saw anyone cum as much as me. I laughed and told her that is something I was born with. I can cum in Sabi’s pussy and still soak her body in cum. My balls fill up with so much cum that it hurts sometimes when I explode. Saran tells us about her messy divorce and how much she admires our relationship. We explain sex is a body function; love is between husband and wife. I left the girls to go to a business meeting, returning later at night. It seems that Saran is so horny and wants to start fucking again. Sabi has a plan; she will leave early in the morning and I will invite Geetha over. Saran will see us fucking and will not be able to control herself any longer. We of course include Geetha in our plan. Sabi tells Saran she has a appointment and will be back later. Meanwhile, Geetha comes over so we can fuck our brains out. Geetha stands on the window sill, naked in all her glory. She faces the yard, legs spread apart; as my tongue begins to explore the insides of her thighs.
Then up further to her pussy. My tongue is working its magic as Geetha starts to moan and shake side to side. Leaning a bit forward I spread Geetha’s ass apart and tongue fuck her. Saran is now staring at us and now it’s my turn to get up on the ledge. My horse cock is so erect, Geetha gripping her hands around it. Her mouth licking and sucking my cock. I tell her to squeeze my balls as hard as she can; It’s something I really love. I see Saran touching herself now as Geetha and I continue our fucking. Geetha and I go over to the bed and I start fucking her. Geetha is very vocal and loves to scream. I see Saran behind the crack in the door watching us fuck. As I enter Geetha my cock pounds at her at a furious speed. Screaming for me to fuck her harder, I go faster until I feel the familiar swelling in my balls. Turning her over doggie style it only takes a few more thrust before my cum is swallowed up by her pussy. There is so much left that I coat the back of her with my cream. Still hard Geetha turns around and licks my cum until her breasts are completely cover with my white sauce. Saran finally enters the room completely naked. She tells me she wants me to fuck her like a whore. She bends down in front of me licking my cock, tasting the sex that I just had with Geetha, Her finger pushing inside my asshole as she puts those model lips around my cock. Geetha makes no attempt to join us, rather watches Saran licks the underside of my cock and balls. She lays down, spreads her legs, showing a beautiful shaved pussy. My mouth explores her pussy, my tongue fucking her pussy. She moans moves from side to side as she screams for me to fuck her now. Flipping her over I fuck her from behind.
Meeting me motion to motion we fuck together like a machine. Saran tells me to fuck her harder and to cum in her like I did to Geetha. As my cum explodes deep inside her she feels it shooting again and again. I pull out, coating the front of her body with my cum. Geetha now steps in and begins to lick the cum, sharing it together. That night at dinner Sabi asks us how our day went. Saran begins to tell her about the fucking in detail. Sabi tells Saran she can enjoy me whenever she wants and I nod in agreement. I think this is going to be an enjoyable summer.
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