Yamini from Chennai I m now 36 years .My husband
is businessman he has his office branch in Chennai and 
Hyderabad. He spends alternative weeks in Chennai and
Hyderabad as far as sex I m fully satisfied by him. 
But as on going through lot of porn sites and sex 
stories started to grow more and more. Abt me 34b 32 34
lady with long hair. During sex some time we watch porn 
We enjoyed our life very well. This story was a part of 
sequence of story I was having extra marital relation ship 
with my husbands’s relative rajesh. V planned to go to
banglore together for his interview and have fun with him.
For this I lie to my hubby that I m going to my friends siste
r marriage. he requested me to come in saree. The day went 
normal and had small fucking session with hubby at evening 
and got ready in saree. We planned to go by call taxi from
home to koyambedu bus terminus. Before starting my hubby
called me inside the bed room. Kissed me and said ur looking so hot 
and gave me some money and his credit card. Bcos not get money
from rajesh as he wont have. 
We got dropped by the taxi and seached for our 
bus and we found the bus. rajesh gave me the ticket and 
asked ti get into bus and he went to buy water bottle. 
in the entrance of the bus a old man around 70 was
smoking and starring at me. I asked excuse to him and
went into the bus it was sleeper couch. and our couch 
was second last and upper couch. I placed the luggages and 
went into the couch and rajesh too came in to the couch.
at that time only came to know abt rajesh plan thats 
y he asked me to wear saree. we closed the curtains 
fully and layed in the couch. bus started and rajesh game aksi started
his fingers began to
go down over my saree upon my boobs and slowly began to
fondle In a few minutes 
my nipples became erect on his touch. I began to
enjoy this game, I had my eyes closed while he
played all around my boobs. We embraced together under
the blanket as all the lights were switched off. His
fingers played all around my body as we kissed
deeply and passionately. started to remove my blouse 
hooks started to squeeze my boobs over my bra and he unbuttoned my bra
buttons and played with my boobs. I pushed his
head down to have a taste of my boobs. he tasted
them one by one and bit the nipples as I
quietly moaned. Soon he lifted my saree and began
to finger my pussy as we kissed each other.
I was enjoying it very much as his fingers went 
deep and shake of bus. Juices flowed all around 
my pussy. he lowered his pant and slowly
laid over me and began to kissing me and
massaging my boobs.
he came in between my legs and spread
my legs widely. he started rubbing his cock head in
my honey pot. Oh, the feeling his cock give lot of pleasure to
me. I couldn’t describe it in words. I cant control
myself, he was biting my boobs and kneading it 
roughly. After rubbing for few minutes he
inserted slowly the head of my cock inside me . and started
giving strokes putting pressure on hid elbows. My
cunt lips were swallowing gripping his cock superbly. He
started fucking with his rock
hard cock. my boobs were swinging with each of
his thrusts beautifully. he fucked me with all his
force. After half an hour,he speeden up his fuck, and
emptied his semen deep deep inside my vagina. 
and fell on me after few mins he fell beside me.
I went to sleep I m in semi nude condition my bra and
blouse were unhooked but they where still in 
my body and my saree was lihfted till hip 
and cumm is flowing our of my pussy… after some time I waked up rajesh was still sleeping I got
aroused by seeing him in that condition on moving bus. 
and I tried to move towards his cock and kissed the cock
and started sucking he woke up and cached my
head and started pressing over his cock. and asked to
fuck me. I climbed on him but I cant set on his cock
bcos bus roof hits my head. I tried to fuck him by 
bending forward but if I bend his cock comes out.
so he asked me to lie on my back v rolled and I came 
down alreadymy dress was in collapsed now my saree 
was rolled on both of our body.he started sucking my boobs and
I slightly moaned then he startet to to press so hard
and bitted my one nipple and pinched other, 
I started to moan loud as it is bit noisy due to AC
blower I think no body might have listened it, then
I guided his penis into my pussy and he started stroking in my pussy its
easy to stork as it was well lubricanted with his cum 
and my juicr, I stretched my legs I opened my
knees wide and spread my thighs as far apart 
“Take me now,” I begged him. “Put it in me and
take me. Please. Please now.” And then my
beautiful, beautiful boy came on top of me,
and I saw his cock pointing right at
me between my thighs in passing light, and I took it in my hand
and guided it into my hungry pussy; and at last,
at last, I felt it slip inside me and he pushed it all
the way in and my muscles tightened on it. I held
him between my thighs and as he started to
thrust in and out and in and out I pressed against
him so that his pubic hair rubbed over my clit,
and after only a few strokes my belly and my
thighs caught fire and before I knew what was
happening I was cumming all over his cock and I
was crying because it was so beautiful. I watched
his hips rocking between my legs
and I felt his dark cock moving in my cunt and he
thrust and thrust faster and faster, panting and
gasping, sweating, until he cried out and arched
his back and We were both
covered in sweat and we kissed and kissed and
he fondled my breasts. I whispered to him “Do it slow, I want it
slow and deep, please do it ,” and he did,
moving his hips gently but letting me feel how
strong he was. I squeezed his butt muscles with
my hands, they were so hard and round, and I
watched him fuck me and thought what a slut I
was, a married woman opening her legs and
begging this young boy to fuck her and fuck her
again in moving bus he wad fucking
very fast and hard in fast moving
bus I shows that he was going
to come and I was moaning loudly.
suddenly bus stopped with a sudden break with
long jerk his cock came out from my pussy he sprayed 
his come all over my stomach and boobs and few on
my face. bus was stopped and lughts were on people
were moving here and there both were nude inside 
our couch andin this condution I cant wear my saree so
I wiped the cum with the saree. and pulled a chudi from
my bag and weared it abd rahesh too weared shorts and
tee. in the mean time bus started moving slowly after 
some time bus stopped and driver side that bus lk be stop 
here fir 15 mins any one want to pee or have tea coffee can
go. I said rajesh that I want to pee we both got down I felt
little embrassed bcos I was wearing chudi with out any 
inner wear. I can feel that any one can find I m not wearing
any inner wear as my boobs were hanging down. 
that old man who I saw on chennai was standing out 
and watching me differently. bcos he know that while 
getting in I was in saree but now I was in chudi. after 
peeing we git in ti bus after a while bus started moving. 
the time was around 1 am rajesh started to kiss I too
responded and I broked the and said him lets sleep now
u want to attend the interview today. and we slept and
bus stopped in banglore and that old man was watching us.
I felt very cool and took a room in a hotel. took rest for some
time and rajesh got ready for his interview and said me
that he ll be back before lunch pls wait for me….. rajesh got ready for his interview and said me

that he ll be back before lunch pls wait for me I said 
ok went to have break fast and rajesh left. I fekt little bored 
and called one of my friend she saId that she was going to
chennai asked me to come to railway station. I got ready
in a saree as I was out my city to feel kicky I wear my
saree few more inch low and I catched a auto went to
majestic railway station that auto driver asked me to
cross the road using subway. I got down in the steps 
suddenly I got call from my hubby while walking I attended
the call but call was not clear I came few steps
back and started talking to him. 
after cutting call I started to proceed to railway station 
suddenly that old man was standing before me. he said that 
he was happy to see me here and he and his wife want to
have some fun in life so they want a lady like me.
he gave me his card and said ask ur agent to call me.
I dont understand wat he was telling and started 
moving to majestic railway station.
there I met my friend had a small talk and returned to 
hotel room. after some time I got a call from rajesh s
aying that interview got over he got job. I congratulated him
he saId work place ll be conformed tomorrow i requested
to place in Chennai.. in one hour he cane to the room with
some packeges. I asked her wat r those he said that those
where some kicky dress. for lunch ur going to wear one of
this only. he took few dress from that and said wear these. 
I said its not time for lunch. he said we ll see how it looks.
I removed my saree blouse and inskirt. and took new 
dress but he stopped asked to remove my bra and
panty too I did and took new bra and panty. it was 
just a tong which covers only my pussy and bra was 
pushup padded bra which pushes half of my boobs
and makes my boobs big shows my 34 size as 36. 
I wored short sleeve t shirt which was low neck showed 
my cleave and pused up boobs. and he gave me the skirt it
was just till my knee. wow it was sexy he commented but
ur legd has so much of hair its makes u worst. and he asked 
me to remove my dress and be nude he ll be back in few mins.
I followed his order with in few mins room bell ringed but 
it was not locked I pulled weared my nighty and ordered to 
come in it was a guy from laundry and asked any thing 
for laundry i gave our dresses which we were wearing
while travellingin the bus last night.
In which my saree my saree blouse and bra every thing rolled
all to gether he asked any other I said no my saree 
and other dreses were on the bed which i was wearing some time
before he noticed the room once and went.
after some time rajesh came with a cover
and asked me to get in to bath room. 
he me sit on a toilet basin and he began to spread the
shaving gel up and down on my legs. he was doing it slowley inching closer
to my crotch. asked to spread my legs he placed 
the double-bladed women’s razor on
my left, front thigh, he began to shave my legs, inch by inch,
the razor in slow motions down to my thigh and
onto my shin, he asked me to spread my legs some more,
exposing the end of my pussy Continuing with the shaving, he finish up my left
leg, and give it a good, long feel with both
hands. I saud You’re doing a great job, he Proceeding 
with the other leg, he went about shaving my right leg
and inner thigh area, Finishing up the shaving job, 
he asked me to stand up and felt
my ass with hard squeezes. 
He pulled me close to his face, parted
my pussy lips and gently licked my pussy which
was wet. He inserted his
finger and asked me to put my leg on his
shoulder. In that position, he finger-fucked me
furiously and I was trembling. Then, he stopped it
and said, aunty, now pl. Lie down for a shave
of your life’. I obliged and lied down with my juicy
cunt. It was a little embarassing to lay on bathroom floor to
shave my pussy. I half closed my eyes while raj
used a handcloth to wipe my pussy hair clean. He
sprinkled some water on my pussy hair which
tickled me more. Then, he poured a little shaving
cream on the mound of my pussy where the hair
was the thickest. While he was using the
brush, my pussy got dripping wet and I could tell
that my pussy lips puffed up to be sucked. I
warned him to be careful while shaving so that
there would be no cuts. He proceeded very
carefully, first shaving from the top, going to the
side of my triangle and then, wiped the hair away.
Then, he started shaving on the edge between my
mound and the beginning of my vagina. While
doing it, he brushed my clit also gently with the
brush and I started moaning and groaning. I was
saying, ‘oooh, oaa raaj.Pls finish it soon– I am
dyiing from this. Aah, pl. Stop teasing me. That
brush is driving me crazy’. Raj smiled and said,
‘aunty I do not want to shave it totally—it
looks good with a little bit of hair left on the end
of your mound’ and he pressed that part to show
where he meant. I groaned very loud and begged
him to complete it fast and fuck me. He left a
little bit of hair on my mound and cleaned the
shaved part gently with a damp cloth. I was
about to get up when he said, ‘aunty, shave is
not complete. Let me see where else I need to
remove hair’. He asked me to open my thighs
wider which I did. I got so much pleasure opening
up for him and got more aroused to see a very
hungry and lusty look in his face. He then, pulled
my pussy lips and applied some cream with brush
and very carefully started shaving the sparse hair
from my cunt lips. After cleaning it, he asked me
to lift up pelvis up. He examined my whole cunt
carefully and mentioned that he had to remove
some hair which was near my pussy hole. I got
scared that he might cut my skin of my pussy
entrance accidentally. He reassured me and while
pressing my cunt hole with his thumb, shave off
hair around my pussy entrance too. While his
thumb was pressing on to my pussy entrance and
with the brush and razor working on my most
private part, 
I was panting and lifting my pelvis
up as if I needed a very hard fuck then and there
itself. Raj was enjoying all of this a lot. He
wiped away all the cream and hair from my pussy
and before letting me go to
wash, he tickled my clit more with wet clean
brush. That feeling was so intense that I wanted
it more. It was very intoxicating to feel that way
on a pussy with bald lips. I was dying to be
fucked and to fuck, so I rushed to wash my pussy completely 
with water Raj washed his hand while I rinsed my pussy. We
went to my bedroom. he took a moisturizing
lotion andstarted to apply on my legs and tender pussy
skin. We both walked naked to bed. I lied
down while rajesh started rubbing the lotion on my
First, he rubbed it on my mound, then on
my lips and finally near my pussy entrance. While
doing it, he inserted his fingers into my slippery
hole and it got very sticky again. I wanted him to
touch my love button and lick my whole pussy.
After teasing for a while, he bent on my pussy
and licked my pussy mound with big strokes,
tickled that little hair at the end of my mound and
at the beginning of my lips. I was in total
ecstacy. He licked and sucked my puffy lips
making gulping sound before licking and sucking
my love button again and again. He stopped just
before I was coming to lick my smooth pussy
hole entrance and inserted his fingers, twisted
them while sucking my whole pussy from top to
bottom. That was how I came to a earth
shattering orgasm!. I wanted a real fuck now. I
pushed him back to the bed and sat on his face
and let him lick my dripping cunt more. I got wild
and smeared my pussy juice all over his face with
my pelvic movements. He got totally hungry
experiencing all this. I came down to look at his
penis which was standing hard. I
grabbed it with my hand and sucked it hard. He
started groaning while stroking my hair. I inserted
his cock
slip in to my pussy with one push. I sat around it
comfortablly while pinching my own breasts. I
moved up and down first slowly to feel his cock 
inside me. I was expanding and
squeezing my cunt muscles and enjoying this
slow fuck very much. Then, my naked shaven
cunt could not take it slow any more. . . I started
bouncing up and down on his cock vigorously
with my boobs bouncing too. I bent over his chest
while fuckinhg him hard and he was milking my
boobs very hard. We both were shouting, ” aaah,
oh my god!’, ‘more, more. . Yes, that is soo
good’. He was asking me to fuck him more and I
obliged him with sweet revenge. I never thought
that I could fuck a boy yonger then like that.
I was always. After a while, my thighs
started feeling tired and weak. So, he turned me
over and took me while I was on my four. He
pulled open my cunt lips hard from behind, licked
it again in that position and thrust his hot penis
and fucked me with very powerful strokes that my
head started spinning. While fucking me like that,
I found that very exciting too.
Then, while still fucking, he slowed down and
wetted his finger with his saliva and started
kneadinfg and pulling my clit. That was too
unbearable for me and I came soo loud and I got
scared of people in hotel might have
heard it. He too came inside my pussy within a
few minutes, emptying his hot cum in my womb.
We both dropped on to the bed exhausted in each
other’s arms. we got separated in few mins we had small
bath together. I wear that sexy dress and he gave me 
a pair of high heel foot wear which made me so hot…. we started 

to move from the room. I felt embarrassed to go like 
this in the public. we went to a restaurent there I can
see every one noticing me while sitting my transparent 
panty was visible to all so I crossed my legs now my butt 
was visible. rajesh said me to be relaxed dont care 
abt those things. I was acting relaxed and normal by 
seeing out there few girls are standing with boys abd
smoking together. we had lunch I said i ll pay and took
my purse paid the bill on that time I saw that old mans 
visiting card and said abt that to rajesh. he said that lets
go to the room and discuss abt it.
we came to room rajesh asked can we call the old man.
I said ok but I dont know y I said that he called him. 
Rajesh called him and swiched on the speaker
RAJ: Hello
OLD MAN: Hello
Raj: Hello
OLD MAN: Who is this
RAJ: this this is rajesh
OLD MAN: wat can i do for u
RAJ: u gave ur card to a lady in subway today
OLD MAN: ho ur that agent of that lady
RAJ: i m not agent
OLD MAN: then
RAJ: im her relative and she is not tat kind of lady
OLD MAN: then y she was standing with prostitute in 
(i was shocked to hear this on that time only i
realized that i was standing in that kind of place)
RAJ: it may be a coincident 
OLD MAN: standing there may be a coincident
Wat abt incident happend in bus
RAJ: wat
OLD MAN: i know every thing wat u both did in that 
bus last night. Y i cant have fun
RAJ: those where our personal thing we wont do those
OLD MAN: if ur not going to do those thing then y u called 
RAJ: that that
OLD MAN: nothing to worry i m just calling her to
Have fun surely she ll enjoy. U also comeeven i
Have some thing to u
RAJ: ill discuss with her tell
OLD MAN: i know that ur phone is in speaker and
She is also hearing every thing. Safety, fun and 
Enjoyment is sure. And ill pay u 20k per night.
Talk to her and call me.
Call disconnected
Rajesh saw me. 
ME: wat
RAJ: wat v can do
ME:for 20 thousand ur asking me change as prostitute
RAJ:not like that
ME: then
RAJ: not for money it ll be different fun
ME:no i wont agree for this
RAJ:we r going to just enjoy that too he is old man
So it wont take more time.
Finally i agreed he asked for some money I gave and
he asked me to wait and went off. I layed on bed 
and i was thinking wat going on now i m having 
extra marital relation ship with young boy now
im going to lay with old man for money. I hear
some one was calling near the bed. I came to 
sense i was
laying short skirt which shows my inner
this and low neck tee with padded bra.
Immedietly covered my legs with bed cover. 
He said he is from house keeping wants to clean the room
. i said ok and he first went to toile to clean and came
after some tima and aske me to get up from the bed as 
he want to change the cover of the bed so he asked me
to seat in the chair while chaging and cleaning he was watching
me like he is going to eat me. and i can see buldge in his pant.
He stared seeing my cleve and thighs and i leave let him enjoy.
he said he finished the work i stood up and bend to took 
my pusre and tipped him 100 rupees he was in shocked stage 
not bcos of 100. While taking the purse he would have seen my 
butt which was hardly coverd by new panty. after some 
time rajesh came with new saree blouse and some more
things and he called the old man
and said we were ready for the deal 20 k is not enough
. I was shocked to hear this they talking for some time
he disconnected the call and said me that he had agreed 
to give 30 k he ll be sending car to the hotel at 7. 
now that time. time was 4 we had small fucking session 
and took some rest went to bath together. 
we both wear nude he gave me new dress which he 
bought and said try to act little bit bitchy it ll be more. Wat
I have to do for that. he said not to wear bra or panty.
wear blouse which he bought it seems just like grand bra 
wear saree as much had low hip. do this I ll do some more things.
I got ready as he said and in the mean time he too 
got ready in tee and a shorts. I was little uncomfortable
bcos of the situation. he asked to do makeup with dark
eye linner and dark red lipsticks and nail paint. and he 
said how to act keep ur shoulders open and chest up.
walk little sexy. and he took a cover from fridge and 
placed bunch jasmines in my hair. I went before the mirror.
I was looking so hot. 
he asked from my purse he took 
out hubbys credit card and placed some money a litter 
and few packets of condom. and a gel tube. we got a call 
from hotel table phone its from hotel reception saying 
some visitor came he said we ll be there in a minute. 
we went to the reception there every one was seeing me
so different as I was like that. there a driver was standing 
and guided us to hIs car. went to the car there that old
man sitting in back seat and wecomed us ask me to
sit with him and rajesh in front seat.
car started moving….. I was in middle of the seat and the
Old man was on my left he was watching me top to bottom. 
I was in embarrassing but i controlled myself not to show in
My face. He asked drive to switch off the ac and started to
open his window glass. He took a cigarette and kept it in his mouth
and searched for lighter i pulled cigar from his mouth
and placed it my mouth and lighted it with my lighter. 
had a large puff and released smoke from my mouth. 
he placed his hand I n my thigh and gave soft massage. 
and he took other hand and placed in my boobs above 
the blouse and he was feeling it very softly like feather
touching me now both hand was in my each boobs and 
playing so softly. I felt like I was going to heaven he started 
Remove my hooks of my blouse. he opened the but the 
saree was covering me
I removed the saree pallu and left
it down still my blouse was covering my back. Again
he started to feeling bare boobs his touch was so soft 
and his hand were move all over the boobs this me feel 
like I was floating. my Nipple become so hard. I was in 
uncontrollable situation and I removed my blouse 
totally. He kissed me in my neck and in the cleavage of my boobs 
and he went to my navel hole and kissed there started 
to lick my navel. and slowely he moved his toung towards
the boobs it made me to feel some in thing like
shock in my anal hole the feeling was so nice and he 
started to lick my boobs and bitting my nipples with his lips 
and chewing with his lips. he was handling so different 
this made me to arouse more and started to moaning 
his mush was tickling me his one hand went to my navel
playing there. I was in the stage of I need fuck immediately. 
now he removed my saree I was totally nude in the car and he touch my pussy mound and playing with 
the hair left over there without shaving.
my pussy started dripping he moved his finger towords the pussy
and started rubbing and his other hand was still playing
with my boobs so softly as water in the lotus leaf. 
I felt like I was doased with some drug my eyes were semi closed 
and moaning he move is middle finger in my pussy it
went easily as it was already wet. I kept my hand on his 
chest over tshirt and rubbed his chest and moved my
hand towards his cock. and place hand over his cock.
it was so hard and large. now his 2nd finger was in my pussy
moving in and out and now he pulled my head and 
he placed his lip over my lip but he was not kissing just feeling it 
he moved his lips over the cheeks and to my 
forehead and kissed me in both the eyes then on 
my nose and licked tip of my nose with his toung and
he licked over my lips. I was out of control and had a orgasm
I pulled his and started kissing hardly now his third finger
was in my pussy I felt little pain in my pussy but I was 
enjoying. rajesh was watching us by turning towards us and 
driver was seeing me through the rear view mirror.
I was not in the situvation to care abt that we were 
continued kissing and my hands was rubbing over his cock.
his middle finger, index finge and ring finge were inside my 
pussy his thump finger was rubbing my clitrous. 
I was moaning so loadly. I was thinking that im going to die 
tonite bcos of massive pleasure. we were kissing so hardly 
suddenly heared voice saying we reached. we broked our
kiss and pulled his finger from my pussy it was full of 
my juice he wipped it in my boobs and he asked to get down.
I tried to wear my dress but he said nothing to worry 
no one from out said cant see us.
I got down from the car I was fully nude I took my pruse
I was covering my boobs and pussy with my hands.
there I saw a large bunglow surounded with huge
compond with bright lights. I was thinking that I 
became wore as I was walking nude in open area with 3 men. 
I was following the old man who is moving to words the door 
rajesh slapped my butt and said that r u enjoying I was silent…. we got inside the banglow the a lady welcomed us the old
man introduced her as his wife. she was not much old as him.
she brought a tray with few drinks. that old man took
whiskey and rajesh too took same. that lady offered me
vodka. I took started to sip. They started chatting asking 
abt me and rajesh I was just giving one word answer as I
was feeling shame I was nude before stanger as they 
were all dressed. all finished the first round of drink and 
took second. and lady offer me second but I said its enough.
she came and seated beside me. asked me y ur so silent 
any problem. I was silent after she pressured me I asked 
her can I have some thing to cover me as I feel shame sitting 
nude before all. she laughed loudly and said y u feel shame
as we three only hear. if ur feeling like that I ll also 
be came nude. and she stood up and started 
removing green color front open gown. rajesh was watching her like eating her. she has nice 
assets her boobs were little bit hanging because of age. 
and she got pierced in her navel. and she sat besaid and 
asked is it ok now. after drinks we had our dinner. And
watched some porn it aroused me little. I started crossing 
my legs the old man noticed me. he said lets start the fun 
he started removing his dress one by one first his tee 
then his pant now he was only with his inner. he started 
remove that and he was nude. his cock was covered with grey hair it was so hard and big 
I dont know abt that size as I dont have measuring tape or 
mood to measure it. but it was bigger then I thought. old 
man pulled me by hand and started to move. I thought we 
were going to some room but he was taking me to words the 
door of bungalow. we had few seconds walk while walking 
he was playing with my boobs. he stopped in one place 
there I saw a swming pool there they have arranged 
two cots with cushion bed Both sat on the bed he touched 
our lips to gether and separated this continued few times.
His hand was roming in my hair and in back. While his 
left hand was massaing my shoulder his right hand 
started to feel my left boobs. He was feeling my boobs 
slowly we started kissing hardly. His both hand came to
my shoulder roamed through my arms and in my 
forearms and wrist. This made me arouse i kneeled and 
came in four legs like animal and started to kiss him hardly. 
We got separated and for a second his hands romed in 
my boobs and navel hole. I stared to feel his thighs and
then i catched his shoulders with my both hands and 
made him to lay on bed. I was between his legs I sat in 
between his legs and I was rubbing his thighs. I layed on 
him by balancing both the hands either side of him. 
His hands catched my hip and started rubbing my hip 
and then my back I started to kiss him. I boobs got 
crushed in his chest . I broked my kiss and started to move 
down and I kissed his neck then on his nipple and then in 
between his rip bone. While this happening my boobs 
were rubbing his body. And his hands were massaging 
my boobs. I slowly moved to his pelvic area placed my 
cheek on his cock and rubbed few seconds and kissed 
his inner thighs. I stood up and place my right hand in his 
cock and started to rub sofly. While rubbing my face was 
moving towards his cock. I holded the base of his cock and I 
Placed my lip on the tip. And started to suck is cock while
I was rubbing his base with both the hands. I was sucking his cock so hardly and took his cock out 
of my mouth and kissed alover his cock’
And again I was sucking his cock in and out by shaking my
head. Again I took his cock out and licked all over his cock.
Started sucking this time I took his cock till my throat and 
sucked hard. And again I started to kiss over his cock and
rommed my teeth over his cock. And rubbed his cock in
my chin and my neck. And place both of my hand in his 
cock rolled it like making cylindrical. He was moaning 
and saying its beautiful. And my hands roamed towards his 
hip and outer thighs. His hard cock was layed on his stomach. 
I gave large lick from base to tip of his cock. Rubbed my lips 
and gave soft bites on his cock. I licked it for long time like 
child licking loly pop. And gave hard sucking for some time. 
The he stood up and asked me to lay on the bed started 
kissing my neck, pulled my hair at the roots while he 
was kissing me and stared moving his way down my body 
with kisses, breathing on my stomach, then started by 
kissing the inside of my legs, and kissed on my pussy
gave a slow lick with tip of his tounge 
He rubbed his tool on my pussy 
he slowly made my legs apart and kept his cock inside my
cunt it was going inside easily as it was well lubricated. 
I can feel that his cock was rubbing my pussy walls He 
started to fuck me in slow and deep storkes I was stragling
in the by shaking my head. My boobs were jumping up and 
down. By his fucking my body moved to the end of the 
bed and my head and my chest were hanging out of the
bed. He started fucking hardly with deep moans. 
I was licking my own fingers and pressing my boobs. 
I closed my eyes and enjoying the fuck and rubbing my
pussy mound. His storked became too fast . I was breathing hardly 
and my whole body was covered with sweat and I was shaking my head
he was ramping me I legs were moving wider and going up and up He holded my thighs and fucking me 
hardly. I tried to took my head up with the help of my 
had as my neck was paining but pleasure I was getting 
made me mad and forgot abt pain. His stroke became 
too fast I started rubbing my clitous as I was going to
cum. He gave me a deep long stroke I came and
fluid stared flowing out and my legs came down
again he was fucking slowly I was moaning hardly… again he was fucking slowly I was moaning hardly 
as he was giving me slow and deep fucks as I want to 
recover from my orgasm. slowly his pace got speeden up 
His buttocks were moving like a car piston while my
thighs were wrapped around his middle. He was
pressing my breasts and kissing my nipples. I
could feel his penis going inside and 
touching the un touched part of my 
cunt and my eyes widened. No
wonder I was crying ….with each
thrust. he fucking me like this for few mins and
he sat up on his knees and made me to sit
on all fours grabbing cot for
support. Then he kneled behind me and
rammed his dick inside me in doggy position. I was crying with pain and pleausre as my butt
was savaging his body mercilessly. He was
grabbing my tits and kenading I was beding forward
and repeaatedly slapping my ass. 
I was screaming loudly
My pussy getting so tight and i was enjoying it 
I was in heaven on earth i was 
screaming the squirting scream i sprayed
him with loads of squirt and he shout yes my 
baby thats more i like it come on cum again and start
to rub my clitoris then i lost it i felt the feeling
i’ve never felt before.I was moaning and groaning in pleasure.
I was so tired but he was not yet come. I fell on the bed his cock 
came out. I was flat on bed with my boobs but he turned 
me I was breathing so hardly. he came near my face and 
he started to kiss my lips and sucking my lips
aggressively and I held
him tight and kissing back putting my
mouth in his mouth then licking my tongue it
was such an awesome feeling to suck her
We sucked each other’s tongue for a while
tasted each other’s saliva aaaaahhhhh and
kissed each other passionately v broked our kiss and
he went to my boobs anf started to suck my boobs like
mad took my nipples in mouth and sucked like
crazy and I was moaning in pleasure and
pain.he started licking my body slowly and it was awesome
feeling and he also licked my armpits aaaaahhhhhhh surp surp 
he licked the sweat over my boobs and
slowly went down kissed my navel and moving towards
my pussy he was breathing on my pussy but he was not kiss
it yet,he was keep on kissing around it and i started moving my
hips, as a sign of lick my pussy I cant contorl me I need his 
tongue to be touch my pussy and I pulled his head and
placed his mouth on pussy started with a few 
soft kisses it made me tingle.he opened the 
outer vaginal lips with his finger he started to lick from the bottom of the vagina up toward 
my clitoris. I was getting exited while he started 
Inserting his tongue and moved it rapidly inside the vagina. he pushed his toungue as deep as possible I was 
crying out the moan. he took out his tongue and started 
sucking my pussy and now he went to my clitrous
and started licking it. and slowly inserted his 
right hand middle finger in my pussy and 
he was moving his finger to and fro its was amazing
now he inserted his index finger and started fucking
with both the fingers I was enjoying that and was gone
crazy. It went as deep as possible felt his middle finger
on my cervix. Now he tried to to bend his index finger
upward i can feel that my pussy getting widen up
and he suckseeded his index finger touched my g spot
i was in peek of pleasure and i was massaging my head with both the
hands as i feel some thing in my head. He started piching my right 
nipple with his left hand 
while his right hand fingers in my pussy
and his tounge tigling my clitoris. In exereme pleasure i 
started moving my hip upwards like arch. His movement 
becoming fast in time to time. I was shouthing like hell
my mouth was wide opened.

I feel like my head going to blast
as he was triggering all my sensitive spots at same time.
I was feeling like i have to pee, my body was feeling very 
strong intense and *powerful* warm tingly feeling. 
Then very quickly my clitoris, my vagina, my crotch
muscles and my butt-hole was started squeeze without
my knowledge that feeling spreads all over me. My 
toes got curl, I was feeling like I need to hold my breath 
and started to breathe really fast,
my body got tense up 
and started jerk and shiver, and I started to groans that 
i can’t really control. My pussy got “ejaculate” a lot of
fluid from urethra like a stream I was feeling a physical and 
emotional pleasure everywhere it was the best feeling my body can have. My arched back fell on the bed and I pushed his hands out of my pussy
I kept both the hand between my legs and started rolling in the
Bed like a mad lady. My body was shivering I started
Moving my hips up and down I felt I m going to die now
I was groaning from deep throat tears were flowing out 
Like waterfalls and my pussy opssing out continouse 
Orgasm like a float. I took few mins to come normal
But I even that time I was breating heavily. I lied on 
my side ,my hand were between
My legs and knees were bend and closed tight
I was crying like a little child lost her parents
In crowd at the same time I was wetting the
Bed with my orgasm its flowing non stop… A part of bed is wet bcos of my orgasm still its flowing little 
my body was shevering. He kept his hand in my 
head and consoled me. My total body was wet with sweat 
he took a towel and wiped my whole body I huged
him tighty. I was ther like that for some time 
I can feel my breating becoming slow. He said me lets go in we started to move in I was 
holding his hands and leened my head on his shoulder he
holded my hip with his hand. I saw his cock it was still
hard on that time I thought abt rajesh said he was old man 
it wont take much time. I searced for rajesh in other 
bed he was not there. We went in side the home I saw 
rajesh he was sleeping in the sofa he was in deep sleep. 
We moved towards the room there that lady was laying 
on king size bed I saw time it was 1am. I feel like I want 
to pee I said to him he showed the bathroom. Went and 
returned back to bed room. I saw the old man was sucking 
lady’s toe slowly started moving up kissed her knees
thighs inner thighs kissed on pussy. He gave a long lick 
on her navel he bite her stomach with his lips and went 
between her legs started liking her pussy like hungry dog. 
Then he lubricated her pussy with his saliva and 
rubbed with his hands. She was moaning in pleasure
by wide opened mouth he was licking vigoursly 
she started holding his head cursing it with her hands Now he stood up and layed on thebed and that lady seated
on his face and catched his cock and started licking it. 
And started sucking she cant suck it properly as she was
moaning hardly by his licks on bottom he was eating 
her pussy hardly she kep one of her hand on her butt 
and turned back and crying out the moan. She was 
moaning plssss hmmmm haaa mmmm haaa mmm. 
I became so hot and rubbing my pussy I went near
them and seated it the bed. I catched old mans cock and
started sucking it. Now both stood up and oldman standing
in the floor at the end of the bed. I kept my mouth on cock
and started tasting like lollypop. She came near him and 
started licking his balls. I started sucking hardly as sound 
started coming out while I pulling out his cock from my mouth. 
She was chewing his one ball with her lips.i pours some 
saliva in his cock start rub with my hands and sucking the tip. 
Took deep to my throat and shaked my head he crusing my hair. 
While sucking my head was hitting with lady’s head but I
didn’t care abt that she took his cock in her mouth and 
started sucking and I went to his balls.i was licking his base
and ball and pulling the skin with my lips now he layed 
on bed we were continueing our work his cock was in my
mouth again and she is licking his balls. I was licking him hardly.
He went and kneeled beside holding my head in 
one hand and he startedfingering her pussy. I went other side of him and gave his cock to her she started to suck.
The old man asked me to go and lick her pussy I was shocked to
hear this but he said it again so I went behind her she was
kneeling down and sucking his cock. I started licking her pussy
it was my firtst time tasting a pussy it went for some time.
now we all stood up old man made his wife to lay on bed 
and pulled her and place bed in the end of the bed.
He stood in the floor and widen her legs and inserted
his cook in her pussy.he started moving his hip in slow pace. 
The lady pulled my head and started to kiss me passionately 
I also started responding by holding her chin. He was 
holding the inner side of knee and fucking her slowly. 
I broked the kiss and place my knee in both side of
lady face and place my pussy lip on her lip. 
She holded my butt and started licking the pussy Now the oldman started kissing my lips while she was licking
my pussy hard in between her moans becos od old mans fuck. 
She asked me to rub her clitrous I started to rub with my fingers.
His fucking became fast he started ramping her so deeply. 
She cant lick me as she was moaning so hard 
hhhaahhahahahahahah oohohohohohohoho hmmmmmhmmmhmhmhmhmhmhmhm 
like wise. I stood up from her but I was rubbing her clitos 
with my finger. She was breating so hardly and moaning 
he was fucking as fast as possible in few second 
she had huge all stood up old man asked his
wife to lay down and asked me to sit on her face and 
bend forward and he inserted his cock in my pussy and 
started to fuck me from behind she was licking my clitrous and I was fingering her pussy. Now he was fucking me in 
medium pace. He was fucking me by holding hip with
one hand and massaging my butt with another.
His strokes became fast and I started to eat ladys pussy. 
Both of us(lady and me) were moaning so hardly. 
She was licking my clitros from bottom and she was rubbing my 
whole body with her hands. Now we changed the position
the old man layed on the back I place his cock in my 
pussy and started riding him and the lady seated on his 
face. With in few mins I was riding so fast and he was 
also responding from the the bottom the sound chup
chup was rapidly coming. I had a mssive orgasm but I 
continue riding but my movement became slow I balcnce 
my hands on his thighs and riding him. His cock was 
deep inside my pussy I was riding his so fast now but 
my legs were paining but I didn care abt that I was riding
him like a machine both were moaning so hardly my boobs
were jumping up and down rapidly.suddenly he pulled
out his cock and asked me to turn back and ride I turned
and place his cock in my pussy and started riding by 
holding his thighs it was hard to me ride in this position 
I tried my best that lady sait to balance my hand back side
I did as she said now she started pressing my boobs
I started moaning I still feel un comfortable. Old man under
stood the situation and he holded my hip and started fucking
me from the bottom ant that lady start to rub my clitros as
I hardly in need of it. He was giving me deep storkes I 
was shouting like hell his strokes became so fast finally 
the moment came he sprayed his cum in side my pussy at
the same time I also came he was continuesly sprying for 
few minutes his cumm was so solid I can feel it hitting in 
my womb I stoot up from his cock and feel on bed and
I sleep beside him and his wife was in other side 
I was thing wat a night I had today.. When I woke up I was in the floor and I was in 
sevier headache and I felt like some one had waked me. 
I slowly stood up from the floor and seated in the 
bed my pussy was dry. I was thing abt last night my 
pussy started to became wet slowly started to finger my pussy suddenly some one entered the room it was old mans 
wife she was fresh and dressed in saree and flowers in her 
head. She came with new tooth brush and asked me 
that I need any thing to drink I said I need hot and strong 
coffee as I have sevier head ache. She said go and brush 
I ll bring coffee for u. 
I went to bath room and brushed the 
teeth and seated in the toilet and and started rubbing my clitros.
I heared knock in the door and lady said that coffee is on the table.
I stood up and washed and came out from the bathroom.
And started having coffee. After coffee I felt like go out of
the room but I was still nude I searched for some ting to wear.
I started searched for rajesh he was not there that old 
amd man was seating in the chair just wearing his trunk.
I went near him kept hand on his shoulder he turned 
and smiled he pulled my hands and made me seated on his lap. 
He started to kiss my lipsgave him a deep kiss. 
I felt
his erect cock on my ass. My pussy began to
wet. He slowly took his hand towards my pussy
and touched my soft, shaved wet pussy. Soon,
his fingers went into my pussy. We slowly moved
to the bedroom.
he looked at my
sexy body. I saw that his cock is getting harder and harder.
again I was dying to suck that big
cock but he hugged me again and
kissed me deep on my red lips. 
He sucked my lips
and our tongues twisted. His fingers again
entered my honey pot. I moaned softly as his
fingers played with my clitoris. I took his cock in
my hand and shook it. It was very hot and I felt
its power on my hand. Dont shake it too
much, honey. I may cum soon He whispered in
my ears. he kissed my right boob above my
nipple. My nipples got erect soon as he rounded his tongue
over my nipple. I put my boob in his mouth. He played with both my
boobs. He sucked it, bites it gently and fondled
my boobs with both hands. He never stopped
playing with my leaking pussy. suddenly his wife came and 
shouted on him abd said that leave soon she ll be hungry and tried
let her take bath abd have break fast. but he was 
continuing his work I was hot as hell
and wanted to suck his monster cock. It was throbbing in my hand. I want to suck you
darling I mama. I kissed him again and
moved my face slowly down. I took his cock in
my hand and kissed it from top to bottom. I
tasted his pre-cum. I began sucking that big cock
slowly. he moaned softly. I enjoyed sucking my
his cock. I kissed on its red top and bit it
gently. I tweaked its top hole with my tongue to
which his moans got louder. He put his hand on
my head and caressed my hairs. I took it fully in
my mouth. It was long as my throat. I took it out
and shook, then again sucked. The sounds made
by him made me more horny. I knew that he is
enjoying my sucking.Oh my dear, you are
taking me to heaven yes baby, do it fast he
cried. I sucked him faster. After a while he said
that this is enough and now he wants to eat my
pussy. I sat on the sofa and spread my legs wide and my pussy was
ready for my old mama. he knelt before me and kissed
my navel. He twisted his tongue inside my navel
and I moaned with pleasure. He fingered my
pussy again and kissed it. Slowly, his tongue
entered my lubricated crotch. 
I cried out with
enormous pleasure. He put his hands under my
ass and dragged my pussy closer to his mouth.
His tongue moved in and out in my soft thirsty
pussy. Juices were flooding out of it. he drank it
fully. His hands were squeezing my boobs in the
meantime. The movement of his tongue inside my
pussy made me very horny and I wanted to get
fucked badly. Fuck me mama, fuck me
please I want you badly Please fuck me I
begged. Yes baby, I will give you the greatest
fuck as last nght Oh dear, give me that my pussy is thirsty for your
cock fuck me Sweetie fuck my
pussy I cried. he spread my legs wide open.
He put my legs over his shoulder and guided his
hot cock to my pussy. It was little
difficult and I cried in pain,With my co-operation, he
entered his cock inside my pussy and I felt the
thrust of his cock inside me. I gave him a sweet
kiss and ordered:- Fuck me now Yes honey he moved his waist to and fro, his cock
moved in and out my pussy. I cried out loudly
with pleasure. His cock was moving fast in and
out of my pussy. He laid over me and kissed me.
He squeezed my boobs and went on fucking me.
We both were making loud sounds and the room
filled with our screams and noise. We both were
enjoying our first sex. as I know he was very strong and he
knows all the ways to satisfy a woman in sex I got hot and hotter as the
fucking progressed. You want to ride upon me,
baby? illa mama neengale seiyinga(no u fuck me).
he pushed his waist up and down me to get his
cock in. Faster, honey mams This is really nice
ohhhhhh yeah, that way Hmmm dear,
I m fucking you now aahhhhh He squeezed my boobs
with his hand. he withdrew his cock
from my pussy and demanded me that he wants
doggy style. I was in the peaks of orgasm and He kissed my pussy and tongued
my wet pussy again. He entered again from my
Holding my boobs together and squeezing
it, he made his movements fast. In between
thrusting his cock into my love hole, he smacked
my ass cheeks. I truly enjoyed each moment of
his wild fucking. he said he was abt to cum�No mamma I
want to drink your milkbI replied. He stood in
front of me and I took his cock again in my
mouth. After two three minutes, he shot a huge
load of cum in my mouth and face. I drank his milk.
That was very tasty. We kissed again and
hugged tight.After my fucking I went to took bath that
lady give me her saree blouse and petticoat I went to
take bath and I weared the saree and came out. 
That lady place some flowers in my hair and asked to
atten pooja with them we all three were seated. 
After finishing pooja lady gave me kungumam I place
it in my fore head and in between my hair and took some 
and placed in my mangal sutra. We went to dinning table 
and started having breakfast I asked abt rajesh they said 
that he have to go to his office to collect his offer letter
he went off. We were talking and had break fast. I said 
that I going to hotel as we want to move today night to 
Chennai . old man said he ll drop in car I said ok. That old 
man asked that lady to go and bring some thing she
brought a plate which contains a new pattu saree vetalai pakku
and 2 bannanas and some flowers I was shocked to see this 
I came here as a bitch y they were providing me these things. 
(Its south Indian tradition to give these thing to girl or 
lady comes to there home as guest)I felt tears flowing from
my eyes both consoled me and asked me to take kungumam 
and I took kungumam from that plate and I placed it in my 
mangalsutra. I fell on both legs to get blessed I don’t know wat
is the relation ship between us I shared this lady husband
last night in bed. I said her thank u akka(sister). That old man
gave me a lump of money in my hand I said I don’t want that
but he was compleling me to take. I said if I take this money I 
m a bitch and our relation ship ends here. If I m not taking
it our relation ll be continue as tha same in future.he took 
the money back We were talking for some time and shared 
our phone numbers and I said bye to the lady and kissed her
and started to move from the house with old man in car. 
My mind wants to be here and enjoy with this old man I 
was in full of emotions but I have to go old man dropped 
me in the hotel said bye and went.
I went to the hotel reception and asked for room key the
receptionist gave key with beautiful smile. I went to the room I came to the room and called rajesh he said 
that he is in the office only there were some 
prodeure to get offer letter so it ll take time u have 
ur lunch. on that time laundry boy came with washed
clothes and i asked him to buy some ting for lunch 
i layed in bed I was thinking abt my horny days in
banglore I slept like that as I was so tired 
some time the laundry boy was waking me up.
Then he touched my hands to wake me up. 
I felt a hard hand touching me and hence 
I did not want to loose the opportunity of getting more touch of
him. Hence I acted as if I am in deep sleep. 
He once glanced at my entire body from toe to head.
I think during that survey he might have got the view 
of my navel in the sleek stomach and also the shape 
of my boobs in the blouse as the pallu of my sari had slide to
the side.
I was viewing him with a small stealth look 
from the corner of my eyes and I got the
impression that he was enjoying whatever he
was seeing as I noticed a big bulge in his pant. 
I didn’t get up and hence he slowly came close
and said madam,
madam I said mmmm… madam. My saree and petticoat was not
in proper place as during sleep it had come up a bit 
exposing my legs till thighs. I was sleeping side ways 
with my back shown towards him. I felt the laundry 
boy coming near to bed and then there was silence. 
I think he was enjoying the view of my open back and 
round ass. 
hence the slit between my ass would also been 
visible. The legs till thighs were exposed. I think all this 
made him mad and he lost control I suppose as I felt one
of his hands touching my ass. He placed his hand on my 
ass and started caressing it. With the other hand he was 
massaging my right leg and in a slow voice he was calling
madam madam. I still stayed on bed as I was enjoying 
that touch. Seeing no resistance from my side I think his 
confidence grown and he moved his hand which was over
my legs on to my back and started sensing that. Now I got
up suddenly and he with bit of fear in his voice told 
madam…. Now I got up
from bed he said 
I think you were in deep sleep. I replied him 
that as I was tired . 
and as I took stand the pallu fell off 
My chest showing the entire body shape to them. I
allowed them to view my cleavage and my
tummy with navel for a couple of minutes, as I
like teasing men, before putting back the pallu.
I noticed a huge bulge in his pant 
I felt hot and I got a plan and I started
taking off the sari in front of him. I removed the
sari completely off me and put it on sofa and was
in just blouse (without bra) and petticoat
(without panty) and also worn low hip.
he was not missing a single opportunity to
have a glance of my body I sat on the edge of the bed l
as laundry boy was standing close to me, when 
I bend the blouse hang down to expose my 
round big tits to his sharp eyes. 
I thought that lets have fun and 
I told him that there
is certain pain in my back and waist because of that long
journey and asked him whether I can get moov from somewhere. 
He immediately left the room and came back in a few 
seconds with moov in his hand. 
Now I thought of seducing him more till I get him and
hence I asked him to apply the cream on my back and
waist. He had quite a surprise look on his face when I 
asked him to apply but soon he I can see a big smile on
his face.
Now I laid on bed on my chest and he came and 
sat next to me and took a pinch of move in his finger and 
moved close to my back. He asked me how to apply 
madam the blouse is in the way. 
I asked him to remove 
the hooks in the back and open the blouse. 
He did so in a fraction of min and that showed 
how much eager he was. He started applying on my
entire back with some pressure and that made me 
go crazier and hornier at tge time. Movement of his hands was 
un-tolerable for me but still I didn’t want to make the 
first move. I wanted to seduce him till he falls for
me. Sometimes while massaging the back he 
moved very close to touching my boobs from side. 
Then he massaged my waist with his both hands. 
I loved the way he was doing it. Then I told him that there 
is some pain in my ass also and asked him can 
he apply move there also. With no hesitation he said its 
my pleasure madam. So now I allowed him to open the
knot of my petticoat and to pull down. I think he got 
a pleasant shock of not seeing my panty. Now he had
grown in confidence as I could feel that shivering 
of his hands had gone and now he was applying or in
precise enjoying my body with a smile. He caressed my 
ass with lot of pleasure and was further moving down 
my petticoat so as to massage my inside part of my thighs. 
Now I think the patience was unbearable within both 
of us and hence he now moved his hands between 
the bed and my body on to my pussy. He touched it 
with hands and started feeling it. He was playing with
my pussy lips when suddenly some one called him. 
He got up from bed and said madam I will come in some time. 
Till then please have your lunch. After coming back I will 
massage your body to remove all the pains. 
Saying this he went off the room and locked it from outside. 
Now I was bit disappointed as, he had almost fallen 
into my trap. So with a grin face I got up from bed and 
was almost nude except for the blouse cupping my breasts.
I removed that too and just put a gown on and went to 
bathroom got freshened up and had my lunch and was
anxiously waiting for him. He came after some time 
with house keeping boy. I was just in a gown and nothing else.
Seeing house keeping boy with him I got afraid
and asked y he is with u he said he Is going to
help us. Initially I felt afraid but later thought that
about my previous experiences and felt that the 3
some will be give more pleasure than a single
show. So I agreed to have him join the party.
They soon cleaned the room and came to my
bed. I was on bed waiting for them. They
removed each of their dresses and were totally
nude in front of me. I was alone with two men with harden dick.
Oh I was very happy seeing the
shape and size of those two.
laundry boy in one go removed the gown off
me and now they two stood for a minute 
to enjoy the naked beauty of mine. Soon 
they two came on both side of me 
and started playing with my round 
milky boobs and started pinching my 
nipples now One was sucking my right
boob while the other was busy with left 
boob. Then they were squeezing each boobs
with their hands while one started kissing 
my lips and another took my pussy
in his mouth and started sucking my pussy. I 
was travelling in heaven. laundry boy started 
to insert one finger in my hole. Ahhhhhhhhhhh
I was moaning softly. Then he positioned
himself between my thighs and started
inserting his hard dick inside my pussy and the other guy inserted his cock in my mouth. I started giving him
blows suddenly slit pain started in my pussy
as he entered in without any lubrication. 
I asked to stop but he did not listen to me and
started his work I was about to shout but the
other guy locked my mouth with his dick. With a min struggle he could now insert his
big dick inside me. He waited for some time
after then he slowly started to stroke me.
Then came the fun, my pain was gone and
was now relishing this fun of having two hard
dicks at a time. Aaaaahhhhhhhh ho my god I
was moaning a lot in pleasure as one guy
was fucking my pussy and the other fucking
my mouth. laundy boy started fucking me
harder while he was massaging my one boob 
and the other guy was slowly fucking
in my mouth and massaging other. Two fuck at a time. Both
fucked me for more than 20 min and
suddenly laundry collapsed on me with
his cum sprayed in my pussy and was also
over flowing out of it. For couple of minutes
he was on me. Then he got to a side and other
guy moved down and started mounting his
fully hard flesh inside my pussy. This time it
was not much pain as it was well lubricanted with cum.
laundry came in front of
me and inserted his tool in my mouth. I started enjoying it and the fucking of the other
guy was also tremendous he was giving long strokes 
like he was tsking his cock just tip inside the 
pussy and again inserting it with his full force
it started hitting my bottom part of my belly. he was fucking me
harder as holding my thighs on his shoulder
as my pussy was well lubricanted This house
keeping guy also let his hot jet of cum inside and filled
my pussy and laundry too let his next load of
cum on my mouth boobs and on face. We were
quite exhausted and hence laid on bed for
some time with each of them on either side
holding my boobs.
After some relaxing, they got up and laundry
asked me to get up and he made his friend lay
on the bed with his dick pointing up. He then
asked me to sit on my hands and legs (doggy
style) with my lips positioned over his
hk guys dick. I did so. Then he came to back
of mine and widened my legs much more and
started to insert his hard dick inside my
pussy. he started to fuck me slowly with his each
stroke his thighs was hitting my butt . I was sucking the other man’s
dick with his fucking movement. It was
coordinated very well. And finally laundry cummed with
his fresh load of cum inside my pussy
while I controlled not to make housekeeping
boy not to cum I holded his dick so tightly. So now they exchanged the
position with me stranded in the same and
the other man now started to put his already
hot dick inside my pussy in doggy style while
I now enjoyed laundry’s dick in my mouth. Hk
boy was fucking me very fast as he was in half 
fuck in my mouth he was fucking me wuth his 
full pressure I can feel his sweat flowing in 
my back his things and my ass started making
sound I was moaning hardly and sucking 
laundry boy dick vigorously
after sometime I felt another load of cum
deep inside my pussy and the experience
was really great.
I was fully exhausted and again fell on bed
followed by both. But that was not the end of
it. They kept on fucking me one by one and at
times together till 4 pm, on table, floor and in
bathroom I can feel that my pussy was full of 
cum I was flowing all over the thighs. All of us had a bath together and
they two left the room at 6 pm after a tired
I went into sleep fully naked itself, as I did not
have energy to put on my dress.
I woke up only when I heard rajesh at around
7pm as he said that bus was at 10 pm.rajesh
bought dinner v had in the room. After dinner rajesh
fucked me as night bus was semi sleeper. 
around nine we vacated the room I called both 
laundry boy and hous kerping boy gave them
each 1000. rajesh asked me wat fir I was
tipping so much money to tgem I said that 
they were the reason for well lubricanted pussy
while ur fucking me some time before. we 
reached the bus terminus and seated in the busssssssssss we seated in the bus I was in widow seat and rajesh was next to me
he holded my hands and asked me how was last night. I said that
it was amazing I had massive and mega orgasm so many times that old
man was non stop satisfiers and said wat all old man did last night. 
I asked wat abt ur night he started to tell.
(from here rajesh is going to tell his story his point of u)
After our drink in the hall we also moved to the bed near swimming 
Pool. she hugged me tightly and started kissing me.. Slowly 
started to press her breasts,, she started moaning.. 
aaaaaaaaa..aaaaaa.. Then slowly started sucking and biting 
her breasts.. She pls bite me harder.. aaaaaaaaaa.. 
then we moved into 69 position. She took my entire cock in her 
mouth and started suck slower and with in few mins it became faster and faster, this shows her desire for sex,, 
I was licking her pussy, it was wet and tasted too good.. 
My tongue was moving inside her pussy hole.. 
she was moaning.. aaaaaaaaa.. she was enjoying every 
bit of I was expert in mouth job but I was little afraid 
that he pussy was so loose so can my cock satisfy her
so she was enjoying… and moaning loudly.. aaaaaaaaaaaa. i am all urs tonite do wat ever u want. she said.. 
after some time she cummed and i drank her cum…
she enjoyed my sucking a lot.. now i kissed her lips.. 
and she kissed my whole body… she started to suck my cock …
She sucked harder and harder… She asked me to enter her
pussy, then i pushed my dick in her pussy it went easily inside and started stroking.. I felt like tooth less old lady sucking my cock
it was loose like any thing. She too without any reaction like deat lady.
I withdrawn my cock and said her sorry it was so loose
for my small cock I cant pls forgive me I spoiled ur mood
I cock became limp she pulled me and kissed me hard in my lips
And catched my cock with her hand started to carssing it.
With in notime it became hard she breaked the kiss there is nothing 
To worry still we can enjoy she asked do u have condom
I said yes and went to bring ur purse(my purse) while going 
I saw u u was sucking old mans cock so hardly. I took ur 
purse and handed condom packet to her she aske me to open it.
I opened it and gave it to her she make me wear it by pushing ring
Of the condom till my base of my cock. She asked other condom
She made me wear another on my cock and moved the ring till
My base as doing like this the first condom ring came inside the
Second condom. Like this she made with few more condoms
Now rings of comdoms totally covered my cock
I felt my cock was tightened and little big and thick. She said 
now tis ready I started to kiss her and started folding her boobs it was so soft and big like air bags now I inserted my condom 
covered cock in her pussy I can feel that rings were moving
inside one by one with each move she was started 
moaning it was tight now I started to stroke her slowly by 
sucking her boobs she pulled my hand finger and started
to lick it slowly I started stroking harder.. she started moaning.
Now she was sucking my finger with mouth while her
pussy was sucking my cock her moaning harder 
and started moving her hip I started stroking faster and 
faster. She was enjoying it a lot and tighten my hip with her legs and rubbing my back I was fucking her 
so harder she was shouting like
pls more faster fast fast she was shaking her head and her
boobs were bouncing with my each strokes now she 
holded the bed sheet tightly anf bitteng her own teeth and
moaned so loudly and she came with an orgasm now my 
fucking slowed down. After some she made me to lay on my back 
Then she sat on my cock, she on the top and started riding my cock..started to move up and down.. aaaaaaaaaa
i was pressing her breasts in one hand and her ass in the other, and was continuously kissing..she was
making many sounds,, aaaaaaaaaaaa.. uuuuuuuu..
The atmosphere was filled with our love making screams.
She started pinching my nipple it made me go crazy 
she increased my speed and she tightened her grip. 
Our fucking went on for another few min as 
she experienced other orgasms. 
She was ramping my dick. She increased her speed. 
I was about to come as I screamed. I was shouting
Loudly and I cummed and felled the condom 
She too fell on me she was drenched in sweat as she was riding me he boobs
were pressed with my chest. I felt my cock loosen its 
hardness and condoms were hanging on it. she removed
condom and throughed in the lawn. she started carssing
my cock and licked my chest then around my nipples and 
she bitted my nipple I shouted haaaa. she ask r u ready for
next round. my cock was hard but I said her that I dont
have condom it ll be so loose. she said me that every women
had a tight hole in her for small cock like u have be ready.
go and bring oil from the dressing table. no need I have 
lubricant and took it from ur purse(me yamini purse) 
she was ready in fours like dog I went back to her poured 
some lub in her butt hole some on my cock.
I went closer to her cock, My
cock wis tightly pressing between her ass
crack, I held her tightly with my hands. now I can see full lust on her face, I slowly started
rubbing my cock on her ass crack with dome more lub . 
i moved my both hands forward, left one on to 
her stomach and right one on to her
boob.Her breathing increased
heavily.I cupped her left boob and started
squeezing it gently.
Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh she moaned softly.I
cupped her both breasts with my hands and started pressing it more vigorously. She now
laid her head back on to my shoulder and
raised her both hands and tied it around my
neck. then i placed a small kiss on her neck.
She moaned softly, that drives me even crazy. I
started licking and biting all over her shoulder
and neck and squeezed her both boobs tightly.
She then raised her face upward and pulled my
head down and started kissing on my lips. She
was chewing my lips hard.i pressed her boobs
with my left hand and i moved my right hand
to her soft ass. I
started rubbing her both ass cheeks with my
fingers . i moved
my fingers between her ass crack slowly to 
make the fuck comfortable . my
fingers went deeper and deeper each time. She
was chewing lips hard and hard. Finaly my
finger tips find my dream spot, her heavenly
asshole. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh she
moaned loudly and asked ” do u
like it baby?”
I said ” yes, Very much”
“I hugged her from behind and cupped her
boobs and squeezed it. I was rubing her ass with
my cock and pressed it in her ass crack. ”
She bend forward I held her waist by one
hand and with other hand i took my cock and rubbing 
to vigorsly in her asshole. She shivered with
pleassure and started moaning softly. she said Insert
your cock slowly dear. I am sure it ll pain but it ll be more pleasant, 
I slowly pushed my dick into her ass. It
was really tight even for my small dick, slowly my
cock head disappeared into her ass.
OOoooooooooohhhhhhhhh she screamed. I
again pushed a little. she cried loudly with
pleasure. I can see tears in her eyes. I asked
her “Am i hurting you? do you want me to take
it out ?”
She said” no dear. I am really enjoying it….
push it more and pump it, but slowly”
I pushed again and it went deeper and deeper. I
started pumping slowly. we both moaned
loudly. i held both ass cheeks and increased
my pumping speed.Her
hips are jumping with my strokes.
ooooohhhhhhh. I pumped harder
and harder. After some time i feel I am going to cum. she said pls rub my clit with ur finger” push
it hard dear. I am comiiiiiiinnnggg”. I increased
the speed and
I continued pumping for some more time she was
crying due to pain and shouting I asked can I take it out 
she shouted no then i slowly increase my
speed & i fuck her vigorously & i was reaching
my organism then i asked her to ride me but
she was tired so thought to finish it then 
i fuck her with full force & i cummed inside her.
And fall on her body we are in that position for
some more time. I took my cock out my cum was dripping in het ass I saw her face she closed her eyes I asked her r u ok. 
she opened the eyes and smiled. and said ok and asked lets
go in and she holded my cock started moving in 
I saw u (me yamini) old man was fucking u vigorsly in 
missionary position. moved in I was so tired and seated in
sofa and she went to kitchen came wit a glass gave it to me
the glass contian milk drink mixed with batham and pistha
I had the drink. she asked for other round I said I was 
so tired other thing is I have go yo office tomorrow. 
but she took my cock gently into both herhands, placed all ten fingers on the
cock but she was not touching the tip yet. Slowly she
begin to rub the skin softly, by moving het
hands back and forth in opposite directions, as
shaking butter milk with wisk. she start squeezing it gently.
she continued these finger-stroking movements,
then she opened her mouth wide started moved towards
my cock head without touching any part of it she took the entire head is inside her mouth, slowly closed
her lips over it and started sucking softly. she took the
mouth and placed the tip of her tongue back and forth,
licking the foreskin, I was enjoying it. she took it again in her mouth
and slide the cock deeper down to her throat,she lowered her hands and
tenderly touch and caress my balls.same time she
running her tongue up and down on the underside
of my penis, she was flicking her tongue back
and forth across this ridge as she moved way
up to the head again. after she reached the head and she started
smacking her lips and making kissing noises,
and licked the leaked precume from my cock
again she took dick back down into her
throat, she pushed it a bit deeper,
deeper, deeper, i felt my cock was touching 
soft back of het throat. At the point I was deepest in her mouth, she was 
sucking furiously and rapidly, keeping
the tongue in constant motion. she used
her fingers on the base of the cock and jerking to the harmony to her sucking action.
while doing this she was moaning, groaning, and
making humming noises and
throat, sending hot vibrations up and down to my
cock!!! it excited me even further I was feeling like coming
I was shouting I m going to cum suck harder but 
suddenly she took her mouth from cock 
she said I love ur cock it feels wonder ful in my mouth 
then she plunged my cock deep into her
throat again. and she was sucking so hardly agsin
I felt like cuming and I was telling ti her
she thrusted my whole
length to the back of her throat, now her tounge 
was tiggling base of my cock I started shooting my cum 
it shooted directly in her throat mow she was sucking 
slowly even I completed my shooting she was sucking slowly 
having my cum in her mouth. finally she left my cock she was 
having my cum in her mouth and shiwed it to me and 
dranked now she licked her own lips with her tounge.
she Planted a deep, loving kiss on my lips,
I can get a taste of my cum which she sucked!
I don’t know wen I slept.
I felt some thing wet on my cock it was so pleasure I opened my eyes it was her old man wife she is sucking my 
cock Then next thing she kissed me and we were kissing full in full mood
with in a while her hubby had joined us on the floor
kneeling beside us feeling his wife’s beautiful tits
and asking for me to do the same. As she
sucked my tongue down her throat I cupped one of the 
breasts I instantly
dropped my head to her left breast and took her
nipple into my mouth nibbling it and then sucking
it . As I did so I was joined by
old man who began sucking on her other nipple.
I have never been so horny in my life as I m now and 
she put her hand on My cock that was so hard she had gripped it
with her slender fingers anfd she was shaking in 
hardly for some time and I was shouting that I going
to cum but aftrr my shouting her movement became more 
speed realesed full load into the palm of her hand.
but I was still rock hard in her tight grip of fingers
I cupped my hand over her mound and began to rub her
pussy while pushing my finger against
her thigh. Her clitoris was standing proud and
and I teased it with the tip of my finger bringing her close to orgasm and then I
took the chance to taste her sucking her juice
from my fingers. Beautiful!!!!!! I then offered her
my fingers which she took in her mouth without
hesitation sucking the last of her own juices from
them before I slipped them back past her pussy
lips deep inside her once again.
I looked up at her husband as he was holding huge cock 
while continuing to suck
his wifes tits. He saw me watching his cock
which was definitely as hard and large as iron rod and again
he nodded his encouragement to me.
So with his implied permission I slowly started to trace my tongue over his wifes boobs at one
point touching mouths with him to share the right
nipple. I then tasted the sex induced perspiration
in her cleavage before tracing my tongue slowly
along her rib to her belly button. Slowly,
slowly on down across her tummy until I came to
the top of her pubic triangle. As I breathed in her
scent I teased her silky soft pubes with my
tongue. I combed them out with my teeth and
then I burried my face in her sodden pussy opening her up with my lips before plunging my
tongue in as far as it would go. I slurped and
lapped at thee juiciest 
I was so horny I’m sure I
must have caused her some pain but wild horses
could not have pulled my face out of that heaven.
With my tongue this time I again found her clit
and I sucked it in to my mouth all the time
lashing it with my tongue.
After a time I moved back to her tits where oldman
was wanking himself off over her tummy and tits.
I sucked her nipples again before getting her to
cup her left breast and he kissed her lips This time I was joined by him and we both
probed her mouth with our tongues at the same
time. Three tongues in the horniest wrestling
match I have ever had the good luck to take part
in. She was lying
between us, at that moment I would probably
have done anything asked of me.
All the while my hand was still luxuriating in her
by now sopping pussy. I again brought my fingers
up only this time the three of us licked and
sucked them sharing her love juices.
This beautiful horny lady lying on the
floor between her husband and me as much as
screamed for one of us to touch her clit. As oldman
resumed stroking his cock off over her I dived
straight back down and tongued her clit until she
had an orgasm below my face. At one point I
had to use my face to pin her cuming pussy to the floor as she heaved her hips up and down
while clutching my cock. As I looked up old man
cock was shooting a full load over his wife’s face
his spunk landing only inches from my face. And oldman fell on floor. Again she started sucking my cock
My cock became wet with her saliva. I inserted the cock 
into her mouth. She started sucking it up and down, 
its full length. I wanted more insertion, therefore 
I hold her head with my hands and started pushing towards me. my cock was deep in her throat. I was 
flowing in pleasure. Old man was watching the 
cock-sucking action. As I knw this lady was an excellent 
cock sucker. After some time, my cock seemed to 
be bursting out. I did not want my cum to be 
wasted again with out fuckingin so took it out. 
I was now burning in lust. I hurriedly pushed her on the floor
and jumped over her.I kissed her lips, face, and neck 
and then started moving down holding and stretching her sexy breasts with my hands. In a short while, 
I started sucking her nipples. Every action was 
giving me immense pleasure.
Now old man again started started rubbing his cock
while watching us. I now moved my mouth further 
down and kissed her stomach. I was constantly moving
down licking her body. While licking her thighs, 
I moved my mouth very near to the pleasure hole. 
She became too horny with this and asked me to get 
on the right place. I started licking her entire pussy with 
my thirsty tongue, as if it was honey.
After some time, I started figuring her pussy hole and continued licking the clitoris. She was crying in
pleasure and I was also enjoying a lot. Licking pussy 
has always been my favorite sexual passion. 
Now, I could not wait any longer with my cock which was
ready to fuck her. I pushed my strong cock into 
her pussy with a jerk. The cock was 
in the pleasure hole. But it was so loose as I know
she was getting wild. She put her both hands on my hips and started pushing them down with my downward strokes. 
She was try to get full satisfaction with my small cock
which was fucking very hard by rubbing it in her pussy
wall. But She was not getting pleasure with my cock. 
She called the old man who was watching us going wild.
This made him horny. She asked me to allow some space 
so that he could lick the clitoris of his wife simultaneously. 
I now shifted the position of fucking so that 
he could insert his tongue on the clit.
He started licking the clitoris of his wife while 
she was being fucked by my small cock. In between, tongue 
of him was also touching my fucking cock wet with 
pussy fluid and that was giving me more pleasure. 
We heard sounds of immense pleasure from her by his lick. She told us that no pleasure in this world can be better 
than this. He was still licking the clit, but now he 
moved his tongue over the whole pussy wet. 
Besides licking the wet fluid of her pussy, 
I can’t explain in words what pleasure 
But erected cock of oldman was still hungry. 
He layed in the floor and asked her to sit on his cock After his cock went inside her pussy fully he grabbed her
Boobs and make her bend forward this made her tight hole 
Visible to me i then lubricated my cock and with great 
difficulty inserted into her tight ass hole.
But once it was inside, it was a heaven to fuck ass hole. I fully enjoyed fucking my ass hole. Meanwhile, 
She was getting banged from other side this was new expeience to me
She was shouting in pleasure like and hell as I can feel
Old man cock moving in and out this made her ass hole more
Tight We all three enjoyed the sex in full lust. 
After some time, I discharged into her ass hole 
After some time old man filled her pussy.
Both fell on old man we were like that for some time.
We got up from the floor and I seated in the sofa
That lady went inside the room after some some time
I hear some sound I saw old lady had head bathed and She was in saree it made me so hot and I went towards her
But she stopped me not to touch her
I was shocked but she said that she had took bath after 
having bath she wont touch men. And asked me to
take bath. On that time I saw the time it was 8 
on the time only I remembered I have to go to
office to get offer letter I asked where ar u
they said that u were in the bed room
u were laying on the bed. I was trying to
waking but u was mummering that fuck me
harder I need more pls fuck me.
On that time oldman said leave her 
U go now I ll drop her in hotel after she wakeup.
I got ready over there and went to office.By saying this he completed his experience.
I slept in the bus by leaning in his shoulder
As I was so tiered by continues fuck
While I wake up we were going to reach chennai 
And I felt my boobs were out of my bra cups and 
My chudi pant knot was removed. I adjusted 
my cups and knotted my pant we reached koyambedu
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