Baby Doll 2

He’d never felt anything like this before. It was her. He knew it was her. She was so achingly beautiful, a fucking dream that stopped him in his tracks and turned him into a new person, one he did not know. 

He’d thought, for months, that it was only him, and that he could hide this bothersome problem. No one needed to know. God knows he had never encouraged it. He had avoided her to the point of feeling like an asshole, and a deadbeat dad.

And then, slowly, it had . . . happened. And now here they were.


As soon as Cassie got into her room she flopped onto her bed, curled up with a pillow, and dreamily traced her chin where his fingers had touched it. 

Her breasts were throbbing, her nipples continuing to send electric currents down to her wet, aching pussy. She squeezed the pillow tighter between her thighs, and sighed, and groaned.

. . . Daddy . . .

Cassie squirmed and rolled around in bed like a kitten with a taste of catnip, a smile of delight on her lips, happiness spreading throughout her body.

She lolled around in bed for a few minutes, thinking about him.

She knew it was . . . unusual . . . and that no normal girl should be feeling this way. But if anyone who didn’t get it could just feel how she felt right now . . . she wouldn’t have guessed she could ever feel this way herself, up until a few months ago.

It had come on so gradually, so imperceptibly, she hadn’t really noticed it consciously, at first. It was only looking back that she could see the small subtle shifts in their usual relationship—the growing discomfort, the pauses, glances, the way they had begun to avoid each other. 

She knew he’d been uncomfortable with it, too. She knew neither one of them had sought this out, or made it happen. But it had.

She had seriously thought of moving out of the house before things changed. Completely. But now, she had “Daddy,” and he had his Baby Doll, Princess, Angel . . . And no one else needed to know. 

Cassie sighed, again. These little moments here and there were so special. They hadn’t “done” much, besides some touching and . . . other things. It was so heavenly, but, she also knew . . . unrealistic. 

She stood up quickly, snapping herself out of her lolling dream state. She needed to get ready to meet her friends.

A few minutes later she was putting on her jacket. She had forgotten about the business card, and took it out of her pocket and glanced at it. She considered just tossing it in the trash, but at the last minute put it on her dresser, underneath a bottle of “Angel” perfume.


A couple of hours later a car full of laughing girls dropped Cassie off at her house. She immediately glanced towards the back of the property, and saw a light on in the apartment above the old stone garage. She smiled to herself, and then went to her room to change. She touched up her make-up and donned a scooped-neck white blouse with tiny puffed sleeves that was incredibly tight around her bust. Her beautiful breasts were mashed together into deep cleavage, nearly spilling out of her top, but were shaded by a kind of sheer panel which kept them discreetly displayed. She wore micro-mini white shorts underneath the flowing blouse. She stuck her bare feet into flip flips and glanced at herself with approval in the mirror. Perfect. 

The night air blew up underneath her blouse as she tiptoed outside, caressing her exposed skin. She made her way through the backyard and into some brush and trees surrounding the dimly-lit apartment. A single light was glowing in the window. 

Larry was waiting for her, with a mixture of emotions—dread and guilt, mixed with throbbing, eager anticipation. It was wrong, he knew it was wrong, but he couldn’t stop the consuming need to see her. Not since the first time he’d held her. She seemed made to be wrapped in his strong arms. Her body, so tall and light and yet rich and voluptuous, fit perfectly into his, as if made to be his. He couldn’t go more than a few days without holding her, smelling her hair, just touching her skin. His life quickly came to revolve around these stolen moments, like he was having a clandestine affair. He could not fathom life without her now.

He’d wake up in the morning thinking of her, and his cock would spring to a 90 degree angle from his groin, rock hard and dripping, and he’d already be thinking about her bare breasts, her gaze as she kneeled in front of him and he fed her his cock. He’d be in the middle of a fantasy, unable to stop it rolling fully formed in his mind. He could feel her lips wrapping around him and hear her moans, as he gently guided her to take more, go deeper, while whispering sweet words of how much he loved his Baby Girl. He’d have to stroke himself, the need to come so great he could barely hold back. He’d close his eyes when he came imagining her taking it all. 

Then real life would come trickling back in, and he’d push these thoughts from his mind, until he saw her again . . .

He heard her footsteps and almost reluctantly opened the door, but when he did, the guilt and doubt flew from his mind; he saw only a perfect angel looking at him expectantly with big blue eyes. It was so natural and simple to carry her with her long legs wrapped around his waist and her face buried in his neck to their big comfortable chair and deposit her on his lap. 

Cassie sighed happily as she shifted her perfect ass on his thighs, her arms draped lovingly around his shoulders, as she drank in his warm hazel eyes, his full lips, and the smell of his skin. He smelled so good—a mixture of grass, sweat and aftershave, the best smells in the world. She hadn’t seen him up close in a while so she moved her hands up to his close-cropped brown hair with a touch of gray and just held his face. He was perhaps an average good-looking man, but to her he was wonderful. She was so happy to be able to gaze at him without hiding her total adoration.

Larry glanced down and picked at the flounces around the bust of her top.

“What are you wearing for Daddy tonight? Show me.”

Cassie flashed him a deep smile as she pulled back, letting him see how pretty her breasts looked. He smiled back at her with a knowing look in his eyes. 

“Very naughty. Were you thinking about Daddy when you put this on?”

She slid her arms backwards, coyly thrusting her heaving tits forward and pushing them together. 

“Yes,” she said.

“Hmmm . . . and why is that?” said Larry, as he began to pull down the veil over her cleavage. “Because you knew I couldn’t resist? I’ll have to see then . . . if that’s what my Baby Girl wants.”

“Yes,” Cassie said, with a slight beg in her voice. “Please, Daddy.”

“Let me have a look at you.”

Cassie’s breathing grew slow and heavy as she watched him gently tug down the top of her blouse, which was made specifically for easy access, until her breasts were almost completely exposed, except for the very tops of her nipples. She made an exaggerated “Oh!” of surprise.

“Mmmmm . . . very nice, Baby Doll. Now let me . . .”

His voice trailed off as he tugged the stretchy flounced neckline over and past her hard nipples, letting the entire pink-tipped globes burst into view. 

“That’s better.”

He framed her voluptuous breasts with his hands and looked and looked. They were pale, ivory, creamy white, whatever the words were, and the small puffy nipples just a shade darker than her flesh. 

“I love looking at you, Princess. So sexy for Daddy.”

Larry gently squeezed her breasts together, watching her nipples swell and harden and beg for his mouth. He looked and looked, teasing her, until her gasping breath turned into moans and she arched her back, desperate for release.

“Please, . . . please . . .!”

“Mmmmm . . .” 

Larry drew one pale, perfect nipple into his mouth. Cassie crushed his head tightly against her with one hand, crying out and gasping as he sucked and teased and nipped the stiff flesh. 

“Daddy, oh, oh!” she gasped again and again, his skillful tongue slowly circling and savoring the taste and feel of his beautiful daughter’s breasts until he had to pull away, too aroused to continue.

“That’s enough, Baby Doll . . .”

“Hmmmm. . .” Cassie sighed, her pussy gushing so wet and hot she could barely breathe. “Ohhhh . . .” 

He made her so crazy! She flopped over, burying her face in his neck, kissing him all over, up to his mouth, pressing her soft pink lips against his and whispering, “I love you.”

“I love you, too, Angel.”

Cassie felt the long, hard ridge of Larry’s cock against her tender inner thigh, and she pushed against it, rocking lightly. She’d felt him, like this, but he’d never let her suck him, or even take his cock out. “Not yet,” he would say, gently pushing her away. But he would let her cuddle on his lap as he throbbed hot and hard against her as they talked, and whispered sweet things to each other. 

“You look pretty tonight! Did you have fun?”

“No,” Cassie said. 

“Why not?”

She pulled back to look at him seriously, glad she had him to talk to.

“My friends are idiots.”

Larry laughed at the look of disgust on her face. “Why’s that, Baby Doll?”

“We went out to a club. I was so bored. They act like complete and utter fools about guys. They’re so needy! Like their lives only gain meaning if they’re getting male attention. Like it’s the highlight of their existence if someone thinks they’re sexy.”

“Well you’re sexy,” Larry interjected.

“Thank you. I mean . . . it’s nice to be thought sexy, but I don’t crave it like they do. They get these ecstatic looks on their faces, like finally I’m worth something because I gave a guy a hard-on, ooooh.”

“Wellllll . . .” Larry said, as he subtly pushed his hard cock against her thigh.

She laughed and said, “That’s different. I love you. And I know you love me. I don’t think my friends would be this way if they had what I had. You. And Josh and Joe and Jake. Sometimes I think that’s what they’re searching for . . . ” 

Suddenly she threw her arms around him. “I love you so much.”

“Hey, hey . . .” said Larry, seeing that she was upset. “It’s ok.”

“And that’s the other thing,” she said, suddenly getting a second wind. Her gorgeous breasts were still bare as she continued to talk. “I like dressing up for you. I LOVE it. I don’t NEED it. I don’t HAVE to. I like being sexy for you because it’s you, and . . . because of . . . us . . .”

“Yes, I get it. I do, baby. It’s ok,” he said, as he gently pulled her top back on. “Listen. I was thinking . . .”


“You know we said we wanted to wait . . . take it slow . . . explore our feelings . . .”

“Yes?” she said, hopefully. 

Larry leaned in to whisper in her ear. “Soon. We’ll go to the beach house. Just you and me. Daddy will take you on a romantic date. We’ll go to the boardwalk. Walk on the beach.”

Cassie smiled at him, deeply pleased. Her smile spread warmth throughout her body. “I’d love that.”

“Ok, then.”

Lying in his warm, strong arms, Cassie thought about the woman she had met that day. She’d nearly forgotten. She considered telling Larry, but not until she’d decided what she wanted to do. An idea was forming in her mind. Why not? She knew she could do it. She loved getting dressed up . . . being sexy . . . sometimes . . . and she could show her friends. You don’t have to turn yourself into an idiot. You could be sexy and . . . yet . . . self-aware. . . why not? She was just assuming models had to be stupid. That’s why she’d never taken it seriously before. Well, she’d see about that . . .


As soon as she awoke the next morning, she reached for the card and dialed the 212 area code number on her phone.

“Hello?” said a harsh voice with a strong New York accent.

“Hi, I’m calling to make an appointment.”

“For what?”

“Um, for modeling?”

“We don’t take walk-ins. Thanks for your interest.”

“Wait! This woman said to call.”

“Excuse me? Who?”

“Um, ‘Freya Ma—?'”

“How do you know that name? And how exactly did you get this number?”

“She gave me her card.”

“What’s your name?” she said abruptly.

“Cassie Ste—” but she cut her off. A minute later Cassie heard a deep smoky voice on the phone.

“Cassandra.” It came out like seductive purr.

“Yes, hi, um, I have your number and decided to call.”

“I see that. When can you come in?”

“Um, next week? I have to take the train, I guess, and then I don’t know from there I’d have to—”

“You have the address. Go online and use hopstop. It will tell you. I want you dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans, and DO NOT wear make-up or put . . . anything . . . in your hair or tie it up. Wear it loose to your shoulders. Next Tuesday, 1:00.”

“Ok, thank—”

“Do NOT blow this, Cassandra. Be here, on time, just as I say.”

“Ok, ok, I will.”

“See you then.” Click.

As soon as she hung up, Cassie called her friend Vick and finagled her to come with her. She didn’t want to face the Wicked Witch of the West all alone.

That done, she headed downstairs to get some breakfast, still tired and rubbing her eyes.

“Wake up!” 


Joe had chucked a balled up napkin at Cassie’s head.

“So how’s Sean?” said Josh. “Did you kiss?” 

Cassie reached for the syrup, glaring at Josh. “How old are you, 12? And I told you, we broke up.”

“Well, did you kiss anyone else?” chimed in Joe. 

She rolled her eyes again. “Oh my god, I feel so sorry for your girlfriends.”

Joe and Josh had steady, long-time girlfriends. Both great girls. Smart, tough, funny. Clearly her brothers were adult enough to sustain actual relationships, but when it came to her, they inevitably turned into fools. 

“Oh, please, they’re lucky to have two studs like us,” said Josh.

“They haven’t seen how you act at home.”

“Cassie, admit it,” said Joe, standing up, and rubbing his ever-growing tummy, “Who wouldn’t want—er—200 pounds of prime New Jersey—”

“I’ll stop you there, bro,” said Josh, standing up to cut him off. He walked over to her and planted a kiss on her head. “We’re just teasing. You know we love you, Cass.”

She smiled at him. “I know.”

“So what are you two up to today?” said Cassie. 

“Well . . . seeing that you were at the store all week, we’ll do it this weekend,” said Joe.

“And then we’ll be taking Jen and Amy out tonight.”

“Ooooh,” said Cassie. “Don’t spend too much. McDonald’s can get really expensive.”

“Dollar menu, little sis, dollar menu.”

“Wait, where’s Dadd—I mean, Larry?”

“Did you almost say Daddy?” Joe said, gaping at her. 

Cassie had turned a deep red.

“Oh my god, that is so fucking adorable!” said Josh. “You’re blushing, baby sis.”

“No I’m not,” she said pointlessly.

“Yes, you are. Aw . . . come here . . . yes . . . “

Josh was going in for a deep tickle. 

“Cut it out!” she said, immediately breaking into hysterical giggles. “Stop, stop!”

“Daddy. You are too cute. My little baby sister. God, Joe, remember how cute she was, with her hair all messed up in the morning?”

“I can’t help it. It gets tangled.”

“Yes we know. We were the ones who got you ready for college.”

Cassie laughed, remembering how she would complain and cry while they tried to comb out her hair.

“Alright, we’ll see you later. And Larry is out back repaving the walkway.”


Cassie headed out back a little while later, with her hair pulled back from her face in a ponytail. She wore a simple white dress. He smiled when he saw her. Her eyes flashed at him for just a second before she took up a spot on the lawn nearby. She reclined on her side with her head propped up on one elbow, casually picking at some little flowers as she watched him work. 

They didn’t talk, but their silence was comfortable and intimate, though Cassie was recoiling inside at her little flub in front of her brothers. She had to smile.

Even now, just lying on the grass, the mere thought of “Daddy” made her soaking wet. It made her crazy, and do things she never would have dreamed of doing. Yet it was so right, so perfect. She never doubted it, not now. She’d never felt anything more natural and pure. 

She gazed at his muscled body as he worked, remembering how it all really started.

For weeks, the tension between them had become so painful she could barely stand it. She could hardly look him in the eye, and if she ever did, she felt like she had to restrain herself from jumping him right then and there. If they touched, in the kitchen, on the way out the door, at the store or in the car, she wouldn’t be able to calm down for hours. She would go to her room and cry on her bed, rubbing herself, trying to get some relief. If they were ever alone, they could barely say a word to each other. Larry would stand there with his fists clenching and unclenching, looking at her, as if he wanted talk but could not. And neither could she. They were practically strangers with each other.

It all came to a head this one morning, not soon after she’d broken up with Sean. 

She wandered downstairs, following voices and laughter out to the deck. Joe was there, and Larry was cooking behind the grill. 

“Hey, baby,” Joe smiled. 

“Hi,” she said, yawning, glancing over at Larry. She knew he’d seen her come in, but he was pretending he hadn’t.

“One of your boyfriends stopped in the store this morning. Tim, I think? He was asking about you. Apparently he doesn’t know about Sean. Honestly, Cass, we need a list to keep all these guys straight.”

“Sean and I broke up,” Cassie mumbled. 

As soon as she said it, she felt Larry looking at her. She knew he was listening.

“What? You just saw him the other night.”

“I know.”

“What happened?”

“Nothing. I just told him I didn’t want to see him anymore.”

“So another one bites the dust,” Joe said, getting up. “Just out of curiosity, what did you tell him?”

“Joe, stop,” Larry said from over by the grill. “Let her alone.”

“Fine, fine,” her brother said, getting up. “Well I’m going back to the store. Busy today. See you later, baby sis,” he whispered as he left.


As soon as he left, Larry came over with plates of food and sat down and they ate in silence for a while.

Again, the horrible tension. 

After a few minutes, Larry set his fork down. “Cassie, I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry. I should have . . . I think I should have gotten remarried. It would have been better. Especially for you.”

“What?! Why do you say that?”

“Maybe you should have had a woman around . . . to talk to. That’s my fault.”

Cassie couldn’t believe it. This wasn’t exactly what she’d been hoping, expecting him to say.

“Why are you saying that? It’s not because of Sean is it?”

“Well, I wonder . . . you do go through boys quickly. Maybe it would be different for you if you had had a mother. Someone to really help you with—dating and things.”

“No,” she said firmly.


“I mean, yes, I missed having a mother, when I was little. But . . . that has nothing to do with Sean. I broke up with him.”

“Yes, and why was that?” he asked, looking at her intently.

“It just wasn’t what I wanted.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. He was nice and everything, but . . .”


“I don’t know. I just haven’t met the right person. That’s all it is.”

“Are you sure? Are you sure I haven’t, I don’t know, screwed you up in some way?”

His voice was so quiet and there was a long, terrible silence. They both knew very well there was another meaning to his question, but they simply could not say it. 

“No,” she said, looking down at her plate as her eyes filled with tears. She couldn’t believe he’d even think that for a moment. “No! You’re . . . you’re . . .”

She had no words for what he was to her, or how much she loved him. The pressure of the last few weeks finally got to her, and she began to lose control. 

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