Aunty’s Sexy Daughter

I have a sexy aunt’s daughter who is married and having two children once I found she was busy in her work in my aunts house I saw her medium boobs so felt to have sex with her once I saw she is giving milk to her child so went near her and saw her boobs she kept quite then I touched her hip she kept quite so I now touched her horny boobs she said oooooohh I called her to the bed she came I asked her to remove her saree she said u do it yourself for my sake then I removed her saree then blouse then her pettycoat she was now only with her panty and bra then removed her panty now she was half naked , , now she was left only in her bra. I got hold of it and unhooked it from her back.
Now she was completely naked beneath me. Now I started kissing her on her whole body from her forehead to her feet. She smelt excellent. Her touch sent shivers in my spine. She was enjoying and slowly she started moaning. She opened her mouth and I inserted my tongue in her hot mouth and started exploring it. Although she resisted it but I felt her mouth and her body heating up. It was her tongue, which was helping me now to kiss her deeply and passionately.
I caught one of her tits, which was becoming hard and pinched the nipple and she groaned and said, “Suck my nipples, you dog, suck it!!!!”. After sucking her for a while I took my mouth to her cunt, and said, this is the cunt you were fingering in the afternoon, now Iwill suck it, auntie, open you legs. Oh dear what a beautiful cunt you have got and you were not showing it to me. She said, “Suck it, Suck it my dear, suck me, suck you dog! Suck hard.” I parted her cunt lips and put my tongue in it. Your cunt is too hot dear, I like sucking it. She was moaning, aaaaaaaaaah…aaauchhuhhhhhh suck me my dear. I sucked her hard while working my other hand on her nipples and teasing and pinching them. She was ready to cum as she started to pump her hips in my mouth and tongue. I am coming dear, I am cumming in your mouth suck my juice, suck all my cunt juice. Her vagina started twitching my mouth. She groaned, Aaaaah soooon I am cummmming in your mouth , in my mouth ahhha it feels soooooo gooood. She arched her legs and started shooting her load of cum in my mouth. I love you my darling, She said to me while kissing me on my lips and sucking my mouth. Now she did not feel ashamed.
Now she took hold of my 10 inches cock in her hand and exclaimed, “Oh it’s a monster, too big than my husband’s. I got hold of her hair and positioned her to suck and inserted it in her mouth. Her mouth could not accommodate it. But slowly she started to suck it like a bitch. I said, “Suck you bitch suck it hard otherwise I will fuck you ass”. I felt her tongue on my dick and enjoyed. She told me to pump slowly in her mouth. I slowed down my pumping rhythm. Now I was gonna cum in her mouth. Poorna dear, hold it I am gonna cum in your mouth. She started sucking it fiercely. I arched my legs and shot my load in her mouth. She ate it hungrily I loved that scene. Some of the cum I shot on her nipples. Now I laid on top of her and enjoyed the warmth of her body. After a short while my dick was erect again. She begged me to insert her. Now I showed my cock the way to her cunt. It was hot again. I could feel it as I rubbed my cock on her pussy hole. She told me to put a pillow under her hips so that I can insert it properly in her cunt without hurting her. I rubbed my cock to her pussy again and tried to insert it in her hole but its’ size was too big and hole was too tight. I stood up and got the oil bottle and rubbed it on my dick and some on her cunt. I started pushing it in slowly while she gasped and cried, Oh no! It is too big and fat leave me, leave me. I thrust it with full power in her cunt and she cried, Uhhhh Ohhh! Stop this. But now I grabbed her shoulders with my hands and started to pump my cock in and out. I was pumping furiously and she was crying, For god’s sake leave me out, go away. She gasped and moaned, OOOOOOOHHHHHHH. AAAAHHHHHHHHAAAAA.FUCKER U’LL TEAR MY CUNT, INVADE ME, RAPE ME. OOOOHHHHH She giggled and moaned heavily now. Our bodies were burning like fire now. I said, Oh dear you cunt is very tight! It is like as you are also a virgin like me. I am cumming dear, I am cumming. I started pumping with my full power now. She also did the same her beautiful hips were moving like a rock no. I am also cumming. ooooooohhh uuhhhhh.. I am cumming. We both shot our load of cum together and came heavily. After half an hour I fucked her beautiful ass, which was much tighter than her cunt. She wept but I just fucked her in every hole like a dog. I than fucked her armpits and tits. Then we were exhausted till the maxim, couldn’t move even a inch. The next day we both were the happiest couple in the whole world.
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