“Jeez, Ash. That’s incredible. Where’d you learn to do something like that?”
I looked over at my little sister, Ashley, as I lay on her bed. Awaiting her response, my drifting eyes were treated to the captivating view of her left breast firmly protruding from a tight orange tee. She was sitting upright with her slender legs crossed, her chest at the perfect height for my gaze. I heard a small giggle.
“I like to keep a few tricks up my sleeve,” she said playfully. “Can’t let you have your way with everything, right?”
My feeble mind could barely grasp her answer. The lovely picture in front of me was too mesmerizing to ignore. Her breathing was calm and steady, yet the gentle expanding and contracting of her breasts were hypnotic. The tantalizing aroma of strawberry lotion on her arms compelled me further.
“Brian, hurry up. Pick someone already,” she hollered.
I snapped out of my trance, “Uh, yeah. Sorry ’bout that. Give me a sec.” I turned my attention back to the TV screen and chose the first character my cursor was highlighting.
“Yoshi? Since when were you any good with him?” 
“Hey, you’re not the only one with a few tricks up their sleeve. The lil’ green dinosaur could’ve been my best character all along.” I knew next to nothing about its attacks. “Looks aren’t everything. Behind that cute face is a tail made for smashing.”
Ashley giggled again. “Say whatever you want. Just don’t run away with your tail between your legs when I start beating the crap out of you.”
The next two minutes were a slaughter-fest as Super Mario’s trusty steed got knocked around silly. Even if I wanted to run, I couldn’t outdo my younger sister’s faster reflexes. My controller might as well have been unplugged. Her swift fingers performed with flawless execution, refusing me the slightest chance of escaping her deadly attacks. I dropped my controller in defeat for the fifth time in a row.
It was another bland summer night in the Stafford family household. Ashley and I were lounging in our pajamas, playing a few video games on her indigo game system. I had on a white cotton T-shirt with matching cotton shorts; she was wearing a bright top with colorful hiphuggers.
For the past couple of months, it had been a ritual for the two of us to spend the night after dinner in her room together. Rarely did we ever have plans to go out because, quite frankly, there weren’t many places to go. We had a theater, a shopping mall, a quirky cyber-cafe, and a few other hangout spots, but it was very easy to visit them all within a week and be done with for a while. There were an abundance of restaurants and fast food joints, however, so there’s always someplace nearby for good eats when we did decide to leave the house.
I was sure some people would find it annoying if their Friday nights consisted of nothing but games and TV, especially if your only company was your eighteen year-old sister. And who knows, maybe I should’ve felt the same way. That’s not to say Ashley and I didn’t get along. It’s the opposite, really. My sister and I were the best of friends and we share almost everything with each other.
Ashley had just graduated from high college and I had just finished my second year of college. I guess the normal thing to do would’ve been to call my buddies and paint the town red–whatever that meant. Unfortunately, planning a night out when they’re scattered across the globe wasn’t exactly easy. One was touring Europe; another was attending summer classes on the other side of the country; a third was leading an expedition to the North Pole…. Maybe that last one wasn’t entirely true but you get the idea. The circumstances were a bit depressing–for me, anyway–and we did our best to keep in touch through e-mails, instant messages, and World of Warcraft.
But I didn’t mind staying at home with Ashley. How could I when the girl sitting next to me had the most magnificent face I’ve had the honor of laying eyes upon? It’s like staring at a cover of Cosmopolitan or GL, or one of those other glamour magazines. Her features were perfect in every way: pearly white teeth, full lips, dainty nose, gorgeous hazel eyes, and not a single blemish on her skin. The feature I idolized most about my amiable sibling is her golden hair, so bright it could blind every worshipper at her feet.
I had found it difficult to believe we’re brother and sister. I wasn’t nearly as blessed as her when it came to appearance. Besides sharing each other’s eyes, we didn’t have a whole lot physically in common. My fluffy hair was dirtier, like a mix of brunet and blond. Her body was lean and shapely. Mine… not so much. Acne had dotted my pale skin, stubble had aged my chin, and my right pinky toe was bigger than my left. This wasn’t to mean I was hard on the eyes. Every girl I had previously dated would tell me I’m cute, though never handsome. Then again, I suppose it was better than nothing.
“So what do you want to do now,” Ashley asked, breaking me out of my daze once more. She leaned forward and crawled off the bed, her ripe bum in full view. The baby blue and lime green hiphuggers she wore accentuated her curves wonderfully, clinging to her thighs as if it were a second skin. Each of her round cheeks swung side-to-side marvelously as her knees glided across the silk blanket. When she stood up, the top of her butt became slightly exposed. My sister did a sexy little shimmy as her nimble pinkies lifted the underwear, causing her dazzling blonde ponytail to sway gently.
Ashley repeated her question little louder. “Brother, what do you want to do now?” She turned off the game system with her back still facing me, her incredible butt teasing–begging–me to grab them. Who knew eye candy could be so delicious.
Ten seconds must’ve passed before I finally spoke. Well, more like stammered. “I-I’m starting to feel a little tired, Sis. I think I’m going to go to my room and do some reading.” I didn’t want to be alone away from her, but I thought it’d be best to give her some privacy after having spent the past four hours together. I also needed some privacy of my own to furiously beat off, but I couldn’t tell her that.
My feet were almost on the floor when I felt the bed bounce beneath me. I looked over my shoulder to see Ashley sprawled on her stomach.
“Oh c’mon, that’s no fun. It’s only eleven-thirty.” My sister effortlessly pushed herself up and over onto her back. She raised her arms high above her head, arching her back as she stretched. It didn’t take long for my eyes to focus on the petite mounds straining the fabric of her shirt. I sensed my cheeks turning red and I averted my eyes to hers, only to find them closed shut. She looked so heavenly and beautiful.
“Let’s watch a movie,” she mumbled, her lips parting just enough to make me wonder what it’d be like to taste her mouth.
I took a deep breath to compose myself, “We already watched one right after dinner, and I’m sure we’ve gone through your whole DVD collection at least twice already this summer.”
This was no easy feat by any means since Ashley’s a big movie aficionado, and although I was exaggerating, it’s true I had watched all her movies at least twice at one time or another.
I was still staring at my sister’s eyelids when she finally opened them. Her eyes locked onto mine like magnets. She lowered her arms, propping herself on her elbows. Never looking away, she cocked her head and pouted her lips.
I knew what was coming. I had seen it too many times before, and Ashley had no doubt in her mind it wouldn’t work again. Batting her eyelashes, she asked in the sweetest high-pitched voice she could muster, “Big bwother, will you pweeze watch another movie with your baby sister? Pwetty pwetty please?”
Less than a minute later, Ashley’s dimly lit room was illuminated with the green Lucas Films logo. I lay powerless on her bed, helpless to deny the sad-puppy-dog look that let her get everything and away with anything. I didn’t mind the look that time. Knowing she wanted me with her was all the motivation I needed to fluff up another pillow.
My sis wasn’t a big fan of Star Wars, but she knew I was. She had chosen the movie specifically for me, and even though I could recite the entire trilogy in my sleep, I loved watching her…
The next half hour went by peacefully as Ashley didn’t peep a single word. My eyes were dozing off, but each periodic glance in her direction kept me awake awhile longer. She was sitting against the bed’s backboard with a hefty layer of pillows in between, her far knee pulled up to her chest. I couldn’t tell if she was actually watching the movie or merely pretending to, but she was staring at the screen unflinchingly, her body perfectly steady for me to admire.
I’m not sure how or when, but I eventually fell asleep.
“Bry? Brian?”
My sister’s soothing voice woke me up from my light slumber.
With a small moan, I peeled my eyelids open. “What is it, Ash? The movie over?” As my eyes readjusted to the light, I found golden bangs cascading inches above my face.
Ashley was leaning over me on her hands, her right arm stretched beyond my chest. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you. It’s been so long since I’ve seen you fallen asleep.”
I glimpsed at the screen to see the credits rolling, almost bumping heads with her. “It’s ok. Guess now would be a good time to head for my room, huh?”
“You don’t have to go. You can stay here for the night, I don’t mind. It’d be… nice.”
Maybe my brain was playing tricks on me, but it almost sounded as if she was enticing me to stay. Surely she didn’t mean what I thought she did. It had been years since we slept together in the same bed, let alone the same room. Before I could say another word, she brought her right palm to my left cheek and covered my lips with her thumb. I became putty in her hands.
“How about I give you a massage?” Ashley flashed me a breathtaking smile. “It seems like you can use one.”
I dumbly nodded my head in agreement, uncertain if she was really serious about her offer. Our nightly activities had been, for the most part, hands-off, and giving me a massage would be a huge leap in intimacy.
Ashley pushed herself away me and nudged my ribs. I dully spun onto my chest and crossed my arms beneath the pillow to cradle my head.
“So, Big Bro, how rough do you want me to be?”
My ears perked. “What did you, uh, just say?”
Ashley tossed her head back and let out an infectious laugh. I couldn’t stop myself from doing the same, albeit much quieter. “Well, lemme try it this way, mister.”
I felt Ashley’s creamy legs straddle my lower back as she squatted onto me. Her fingers settled a little higher, sending a shiver up my spine. I was expecting a simple shoulder rub, but the tender flesh and fingers crawling along my muscles spoiled me from desiring anything less.
Each of her graceful strokes filled my body with delight. Pressure was evenly applied through all of her fingers, ensuring every part of me felt her. The caress, soft and gradual, seemed as if it would never end. I closed my eyes and moaned my satisfaction. “Wow, Sis, you feel wonderful.”
“I feel wonderful? I thought I was the one who’s supposed to make you feel good.”
It took me awhile to realize what I had said. “Har har,” I sarcastically smirked, “you know what I mean. How did you get so good at this?”
“At what? Giving a massage?” I nodded against the cushion. “Not sure. I’m just doing what feels right. It’s not exactly rocket science.”
“Is there anything you’re not a natural at?”
“If there is, I haven’t found it yet.”
The room fell silent as Ashley’s hands rubbed from my back to my shoulders, then to my neck before going in reverse. Her groin grazed up and down my body, and I wondered if it was an intentional part of the massage. It didn’t feel like any rub I was familiar with, but it wasn’t like I received enough to be any wiser.
“You’re getting pretty buff. Have any girls told you that?”
“No. And what are you talking about? I’m the farthest from ‘buff’ a guy can get.” I tend to think of myself as a pretty scrawny person who does really light workouts. The few muscles I do have are well toned, but nothing I reckon as impressive. Still, my ego received a nice boost, even if I didn’t fully believe her.
Ashley sighed. “You should have more confidence in yourself. You’re smart, funny, cute.” My neck shuddered when I heard that last word. “Aww, don’t like it when I give you compliments?”
“No, that’s not it. It’s just all my dates have said the same thing. They think I’m ‘cute’ and they just want to be friends.”
She giggled lightly. “Hey, most guys will be happy with cute. There’s a ton of things I can call you that are way worse.”
“Oh yeah? What would you call me?”
“Let’s see. You’re clumsy, dorky, nerdy-“
“‘Dorky’ and ‘nerdy’ count as one. They’re like the same word.”
“Ok, fine. But you get the picture, right?”
“Yeah, I guess. Doesn’t mean I have to like it.”
Ashley stopped with her hands on my shoulders. A few loose strands of hair tickled my neck. She whispered into my left ear, “Cheer up, Tiger, I think you’re handsome.”
No words could describe the tingly sensation flowing through me. Not from being called handsome for my first time, which I purely attributed to our close sibling bond, but for the tone in which she said my childhood pet name. When we were kids, Ashley dubbed me Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, and as we got older, she changed it to Tiger, probably as to not embarrass me in front of my friends. This persisted into my junior year of high college, though I never noticed she stopped saying it until that night.
The massage continued awhile longer as Ashley’s lithe hands worked their magic on my muscles, tracing the simple contours of my body. Her legs slowly spread further apart, placing more of her weight on me. I discerned a suspicious wetness on my lower back but curiously shrugged it off as sweat. The humid summer air and warmth emanating from her thighs caused my shirt to stick to my skin. As her palms pushed into my muscles, I could hear her breathing heighten and a whimper too soft to make out.
“Ash, are you all right?”
“Ye-yeah, I’m ok,” she weakly gasped, her movements slowing down. “It’s… I’m getting very, very hot.”
She wasn’t the only one getting hot. Ashley’s hands strayed to my upper arms, shocking my biceps with her touch. As I clenched my fists beneath the pillow, her hands moved lower to my elbows, rubbing in small circles. She stroked the length of my arms with the back of her fingernails. Despite her passive pace, the massage didn’t lose any of its sensual stimulation.
Ashley slipped her thumbs into the sleeves of my shirt. Caressing upwards, she raised them to my shoulders, revealing more of my pale complexion. An inaudible moan escaped her mouth.
The contact was astonishing. None of my previous girlfriends had done anything as carnal as this. The most another girl had ever done for me was kiss my cheek or hold my hand as I walked her to her door. But this massage, this fondling, was full of intensity. What I was experiencing could only exist when two people shared a strong passion for each other. I had longed for Ashley for years before she became the saintly angel she was then. I could never had envisioned this happening.
I caught myself trying to say something. I didn’t know what I intended to tell her. Maybe I wanted to let her know how I was feeling. Maybe I wanted to know how she was feeling. I could only whisper her name before she quieted me with a feeble cry.
Ashley had always been upbeat and brimming with energy. She’s the sun that makes my world go round, and the rainbow after my darkest moments. Her enraptured tone, however, was one that would forever stir my fantasies. None of the sultry sounds spilling from her mouth came out as words, but her ragged breaths made it clear what she was saying.
Before I could advise my cherished sister to lie down, the grip on my shoulder became rigid. Ashley’s breathing picked up as she forced her loins onto me. I held my own breath, trying to figure out what the hell was going on. She began to grind herself upward along my back, pushing my shirt off me. Her sweat mingled with mine as her thighs finally made contact with my skin. She slid her crotch halfway up my back before sliding back down. An increasing wetness seeped through her underwear, soaking into me. Her body was scorching and I knew it wasn’t just her sweat I was feeling. I desperately needed to see her expression, but I was afraid that showing my face would break whatever spell she was under.
Ashley let go of my right shoulder, moving her other hand to my neck to balance herself. She clasped my neck roughly, choking me from behind. My heart throbbed harder and harder and my fully erect cock followed suit. Her head dipped down, gasps loud and clear, coating my neck in her hot breaths.
“Oh god, oh god,” Ashley panted. Her moans, coupled with the sultriness in her voice, were making me extremely excited. I drew images of my little sister, the girl I would do anything to protect, pinned by her wrists to the bed as I licked and kissed every inch of her body. I wanted her so badly.
Then I felt it: Ashley’s knuckle digging into my lower back. But it wasn’t her bare hand on my skin. It was the shape of her fist with a thin cotton film between us, rubbing furiously against my spine. I didn’t need to question what she was doing. My sister was fingering herself right on top of me.
Ashley’s moaning escalated. “Ah, oh fuck.”
It was the first time I heard her swear. I’m no stranger to dirty talk in my adult videos, but hearing it from my sister, even if it is just one word, seemed surreal.
“Shhh, quiet,” she pleaded.
All I could do was silently lie in my baby sister’s bed, picturing this vixen masturbating herself to a violent orgasm. My cock had never felt as hard as it did that night. The slightest jerk would’ve been enough to make me spew a month’s worth of cum.
Time froze to a standstill as I awaited Ashley’s climax. A whirlwind of thoughts and emotions stormed my head. “Is this really my sister who’s pleasuring herself on top of me? The same adorable sister I’ve loved ever since she was born, whose cuts and booboos I’ve kissed during grade college? This couldn’t be the same innocent young girl I’ve picked up from high college for the past two years. Where did her sudden burst of lechery come from? This feels amazing, but should I stop it? Or should I hope for something more…”
I couldn’t finish the thought when Ashley removed her hands from my neck and her thighs. I feared something went wrong, that the massage would come to an abrupt end since I didn’t feel the effects of the powerful orgasm she sought.
My worry was quickly cast aside when I felt her other hand, the one that had been inside of her, grasp my neck. Her slick juices dripped from her soaked fingers onto my skin. The musky smell invaded my lungs. She resumed grinding into my back with a new hand inside of her.
I didn’t know how much more I could take. The immense heat was making me dizzy. My breathing rhythm had been utterly disrupted. I opened my mouth to inhale as deeply as I could. Ashley saw what I was doing and took the opportunity to slide two of her fingers past my lips. A trail of her juices on my cheek was left behind.
“Suck on me, taste me,” she rasped.
I could hardly believe the request, despite the bizarre situation we were already in. Regardless, I was more than happy to oblige by trapping her fingers in my mouth. My tongue lapped hungrily at the forbidden nectar until all I could taste was her skin. Maybe it was because this was my first time, but I thought it was the sweetest honey. I couldn’t get enough of it.
Thankfully I didn’t need to wait long for another sample. Ashley’s remaining fingers tapped my chin, and I took the cue to open wide. Instead of swapping her fingers in my mouth, she jammed all four inside. If I hadn’t been lying on my hard-on, it would’ve ripped a hole right through my shorts. My sister was using me for her own pleasure, fortifying my lust for her. I closed my jaw, devouring her sweetness once again.
“Oooh, keep sucking. Do you…. How’s the taste?”
Unsure if I should answer, having been hushed a moment ago, I merely nodded my approval.
“Fuck, I can’t believe I’m… doing this with you. I love you so much. Mmm, I’m gonna cum. Cum… oooh.”
Hearing my sister say cum (twice!) sent me completely over the edge. Although she was announcing the arrival of her climax, her words spurred me to join her in release. My cock spurted its suppressed load. The length of it pulsated against my left leg, undoubtedly leaving a huge stain on my boxers.
Ashley shook in the throes of her own orgasm. Vibrations rippled throughout her entire body and onto me. Her trembling thighs, so, so hot, inflamed me with a passion so strong, it could only be satiated by embracing her in my arms until we melted together, incapable of ever letting go. As her knees squeezed into my ribcage and her hand tightened around my jaw, she yelped one last time, “Ah fuck.” I prayed our parents couldn’t hear her through the wall.
The grip on my mouth loosened as Ashley collapsed on top of me, her head drifting behind mine onto the pillow. The elegant softness of her breasts warmed my torso. Her firm nipples poked me delicately.
“Ash? Ashley?”
I received no answer–only her small breaths on my neck. My cramped arms, hidden beneath the pillow, came to life and plucked her hand from my mouth. A long string of saliva bridged her fingertips and my lips.
I tried lifting my head up but failed to find the strength. Ashley’s remarkably round and pliant breasts rested snugly on my back. I stayed on my chest to savor the feeling of being enveloped in a woman’s ardor. Alas, I knew I needed to depart eventually. What happened might’ve been a mistake.
Could Ashley have thought I was someone else? She didn’t say my name when it became clear what she was doing, did she? Although, she did say she loved me. Who else was there in her life she could love enough to do this with? She didn’t have a boyfriend I was aware of. Maybe she just got lost in a heated fantasy with the latest big name celebrity.
It was the most confusing minute of my life.
Rolling Ashley off me was torturous. My body felt drained. When I finally got her onto her back, I stood beside the bed, marveling at my sister one last time for the evening. Her left hand was nestled between her legs and her ponytail had become untied, leaving tendrils of blonde hair splayed over the silk sheets. I tiptoed to the other side of the bed and gently cupped her head. I placed a pillow beneath her, sifting through her hair a few times in the process. She let out a soft moan as her fingers twitched inside of her underwear. I knelt down to pull her hand out, taking a brief whiff of her fluids straight from the source. Even under the lack of light, her fingers shone like a beacon. Unable to spot a tissue box anywhere in the room to clean her with, I thought of the next logical thing: use my mouth. I lifted her hand an inch before stopping myself. No, I couldn’t take advantage of her while she was sleeping. Instead, I removed my shirt and wiped both of her hands with it.
Content my dear sister was clean, minus the soaked underwear, I flipped off the last source of light by her bed and exited her room. Mine is next to hers, but my weary legs made the ten feet walk seem like a mile. The cum gluing my boxers to my skin wasn’t exactly comfortable either.
I crashed face first into my pillow. Opening the bottom drawer by my bed, I grabbed a pair of boxers and changed into them. I twisted off the cap to a half-empty water bottle and poured the remaining water onto my shirt, using it to wipe my neck and face. Less than an hour ago, I had barely been able to keep my eyes open. Now I couldn’t even blink. I didn’t know what would happen the following morning, but I was positive what Ashley and I had done was real.
My digital clock read 2:28. I glanced at it every other minute until I fell asleep. Last I recalled, it read 4:11.
I have no idea how many rings it took my alarm to wake me up. Through squinting eyes, I was barely able to make out the time on my clock; it read twelve past nine. Nine o’clock isn’t what people would consider an early bird time, but when it’s summer and you have no responsibilities, it’s pretty damn early. The only reason I had the alarm set was because every previous summer, I would wake up late in the afternoon and it always threw off my sleeping pattern for when college started again. Putting on a fresh pair of shorts, I cursed myself for not waiting another year to start my summer resolution.
I inspected myself in front of my full-length mirror. “Hmm, maybe I am getting a little buff.” I did some muscle-builder flexes before feeling sapped of all my energy. Sitting on the edge of my bed, I put on a faded red shirt and searched for my slippers. 
Ashley’s room. I left them in Ashley’s room.
My mind reminisced the events of the previous night. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach at the thought of it. I wanted nothing more than to leave the moment alone to my memories. Unfortunately, life wasn’t always that easy. I didn’t know I should say or do when we inevitably saw each other that morning.
A yell from the other side of my door derailed my train of thought. “Brian, hurry up and come downstairs. Mom made breakfast.”
“Y-yeah, I’ll be down soon, Nikky. I still need to use the bathroom.”
“Ok, but Ashley is in there.”
Have I mentioned I also had a twelve year-old younger sister? Nicole’s a near-perfect mirror image of Ashley when Ashley was her age. The major difference was, when Ashley turned twelve, I found her very pretty. With Nicole, she was solely my cute and bratty little sister.
Opening the door, I encountered Nicole standing in my way. “Good morning. Is there-“
“I heard you coming out of Ashley’s room last night. What were you two doing so late?”
I nearly slipped my hand on the doorknob. Nicole was the last person I expected to question me about what had happened in Ashley’s room. Her room was across the hallway from mine, not the other side of Ashley’s wall. If anyone was going to hint at what had happened between Ashley and me, I assumed it would be our parents, not my other younger sibling. “Umm, nothing. I wasn’t in her room actually. I, uh, went to the kitchen in the middle of the night for a glass of water.”
“Hmm, okay. C’mon, mom’s waiting for us.” Nicole grabbed my wrist and dragged me through the hallway. I wondered if I could’ve told her I was abducted by aliens and received the same reaction.
We strolled by the bathroom and I could hear the shower running. “But I still need to use the-“
“Like I said, Ashley is still in there. Come eat until she’s done. And why are you walking so slow?”
* * *
“Morning, sweetie. Hope you enjoy your breakfast. I made you waffles.”
“Wow, thanks, mom. This looks great.” In front of me on the dining room table towered a stack of three waffles deluged under a gallon of syrup, a side of peppered scrambled eggs, two strips of bubbling bacon, a bowl of Frosted Flakes, and a thick glass of cold orange juice.
My mom, Helena, was pacing through the kitchen, wiping the counter clean of the monstrous mess she had left behind. It’s a wonder how she didn’t get any food on her blue blouse and denim jeans. Her forty-second birthday had passed a month prior, but she lived and dressed better than girls half her age. “What are you waiting for? Dig in.”
And dig in I did. I was exhausted from last night’s massage (isn’t a massage supposed to make you feel the opposite?) and willing to eat anything laid forth before me. As I took my first bite, I caught wind of another set of plates across the table from me. “Hey mom, where’s dad?”
“Oh who knows. Richard wakes up so early somedays I just can’t keep up with him.”
Nicole, watching her Saturday morning cartoons, yelled from the living room, “Mo-om, can I go to Brenda’s house right after breakfast?”
“Sure, honey! But please don’t yell across rooms!”
“Mo-om, you’re yelling too!”
I had to cover my mouth to hold in my chuckle. After all, I didn’t want to spit out any of my delicious meal. There never seemed to be a quiet Saturday morning in our house.
“Mom, are you helping Aunt Kim at her shop today?” My aunt owns a flower store and every weekend my mom likes to drop by and help out. It’s sort of their version of a book club.
“Yeah, I am. She’s got a lot stuff that needs to be done by tomorrow. Will you and Ashley be fine home alone? I didn’t have time to go to the market this week so there won’t be anything for lunch except for canned soup.”
“It’s all right, mom. With a breakfast this big, I think I’ll be full till dinner. I’ll drive out and buy Ash something if she’s hungry.”
“Thanks, sweetie, I can always count on you. You don’t mind doing the dishes too, right?” Mom gave me a bright smile while batting her eyelashes.
“Um, yeah. Sure.” At least I discovered whom Ashley had learned that look from. Mom gave me a peck on the forehead before walking off.
Seconds later, I heard a pair of voices from the hallway.
“Hi, good morning, Ashley. I made you breakfast this morning. Your plate is near your brother’s.”
“Ok, thanks, mom.”
The butterflies drowning in my breakfast emerged when I heard Ashley’s voice. It wouldn’t be much longer now. How would she react when she saw me? Would she be angry? Disgusted? What if she never wanted to see me again?
With Nicole in the living room, I prayed we didn’t need to talk about it right away. Yet as nervous as I was feeling, I still wanted to see Ashley fresh from her shower. My chair was facing away from the hallway, so like a certain feline pet name, I jumped out of my seat and dashed to the other side of the table, plate and cup in hand.
“Hi Big Sis. want to watch some cartoons with me?” I heard Nicole ask.
“Yeah, sure. Let me grab my plate and… Brian, good morning.”
“Go-good morning.” An entire strip of crispy bacon got lodged in my throat as Ashley made her grand entrance. Well, not “grand” per se. She turned around the corner as casually as she did every other morning, though her stunning beauty never ceases to amaze me. Whereas my hair was still scraggly, hers was tied with a flower in a ponytail to her right, resting over her shoulder. I reeked of sweat, but she smelled of peaches and everything nice. My clothes were loose and faded, yet her pink shirt and matching shorts were radiant and fit her to a tee. It was another one of those occasions that made me wonder how we could ever be related.
Ashley gave me a timid smile as she pulled out a chair next to me. 
“Aren’t you going to eat with Nicole?” I asked in a less than cheerful tone and gravely regretted opening my mouth.
“I think I’ll eat here for a little bit. I didn’t realize just how much food mom cooked. I don’t want to trip and drop this huge plate on the way to the couch.” She smiled again as if sensing my tension. I was grateful she knew I didn’t mean to distance her.
I glanced at Ashley between bites, trying my hardest to avoid looking her straight in the eye. I didn’t do a very good job of it, however, and she caught me at every stare. Accepting the pointlessness of it, I bowed my head lower to my plate, but not without one final look at her blushing cheeks. I wasn’t able to discern any real clues as to what she may have been thinking about. She was the same girl I had ate breakfast with every other Saturday morning.
Our mom’s voice broke the silence. “Kids, is something wrong? Where’s all the noise and clamoring I’m so used to these days?”
Ashley merrily replied, “Everything’s great, mom. We’re just trying to enjoy your excellent cooking.”
Mom dubiously raised an eyebrow. “Right, okay.” She grabbed her purse and keys from the table. “Now, you two behave yourselves. I’m off to your aunt’s shop for a few hours and I’m dropping Nicole at her friend’s house. I told your brother already I didn’t buy the groceries this week so there’s nothing in the fridge for lunch. If you’re hungry, ask him to drive out and fetch you something.”
“No, that’s ok. I don’t want to bother him.”
“Hey, your brother offered, not me.” 
“And I bet you forced him.”
Mom gasped. “Why Ashley, I can’t believe you would think that. I would never force my children to do anything against their will. Brian, can you clear things up with your sister?”
I piped in to mom’s defense but kept my eyes on my plate. “She had nothing to do with it. If there’s anything you want, let me know and I’ll get it for you.”
“Aww, you’re so sweet, brother.” Ashley’s fork chimed against her plate. Even from my low vantage point, I could see her right hand coming into view, reaching my left. I ached to hold my hand out to her, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it with mom watching us. I had to settle with her thumb caressing the back of my hand. “But you know, with a breakfast this big,” my sister said quietly, “I think I’ll be full till dinner.” Her hand disappeared from my sight.
“Your brother said the same exact thing. It’s adorable how alike you two are.”
Nicole stomped into the kitchen. “Mo-om, can we leave yet?”
“Right after you put your bowl in the sink.”
Nicole stomped right back into the living room with a growl and returned with her empty cereal bowl. She dropped it in the sink with a loud clatter.
“Nicole, be more careful, please,” mom scolded. “Unless you want me to pay for it with your allowance.”
Nicole rolled her eyes. “Sorry, mom. Won’t happen again.”
“Why can’t you be more like your older brother and sister?” Mom sighed as she checked the time on her cell phone. “Ah well, hurry up, let’s get going. Ashley, Brian, I’ll be back around five or six tonight. I’ll bring home some Chinese food. You guys like lemon chicken, right?”
Ashley and I answered in unison. “Yeah, mom.”
“There you two go again. Love ya, have fun.”
“Bye, don’t work too hard. And don’t forget the fortune cookies this time,” Ashley reminded.
“Don’t worry, I won’t.”
I shouted my farewell as our mom and Nicole stepped out the door. “Bye, mom, bye Nikky.” Nicole poked her head back into the house and stuck her tongue out at me, then waved goodbye and closed the door.
“Heh, she’s a handful sometimes, don’t you think, Sis?” I turned to see Ashley’s cheerfulness dissolve into a more serious demeanor.
We were home alone.
This was it, the moment of truth. I had always eluded these situations like the plague. When it came to emotions, drama, or anything that could result in hurt feelings, I cower, perplexed with how to deal with it. My social skills have been my downfall in relationships, both friendly and serious. Because of my shyness, I had struggled to comprehend sentiments and communicate my own feelings. But this is my sister I was brooding over. If one person could make me do the impossible, it’s her.
An awkward minute of silence.
Damn it, why couldn’t she let me gone first? Just like that, my will to delve further disappeared entirely. It had been less than a minute since mom and Nicole left, and already I missed them and wished they would return.
Undeniably, Ashley was as troubled as I was. Her normalcy with mom had only been a facade. She, too, wanted to make sense of what happened the previous evening. Or so I thought.
“Ashley, last night-“
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know what I was thinking. Can you forgive me and forget about it?”
“W-what? There’s nothing to apologize for. And something like last night isn’t exactly easy to forget about. But, what I have to know is, why? What we did, it’s not something brothers and sisters should be doing together.”
“I-I said it already. I didn’t know what I was thinking… or why.” Tears began to swell up in my sister’s eyes. “Brian, I… I need to tell you something.”
I gulped. “Anything.”
“I love you, and I-“
“I love you, too, Ashley, but-“
Her right hand trembled toward to my left. This time I was able to reach out and meet her.
“I mean it. I love you, and not just as family, as siblings, but… as everything. You’re everything to me, and you have no idea what I feel for you sometimes.” She stared at our hands, palm to palm, our fingers stroking each other. “I have the biggest crush on you. For years now. And last night, I don’t know. It might… maybe it was because I was feeling light-headed from the heat but, being so close to you, I lost control of myself. It’s something I wanted to do with you for so long and last night, I finally let it happen.”
Ashley ripped her hand painfully away from mine. My mouth opened to speak but no words came out. My entire body went numb at her confession. I didn’t know what to say. Last night was no fluke; she was well aware of who she was with.
“When you came to pick me up from high college, do you know how many times I get asked if you were my boyfriend? That we looked so… cute together? Till then, I thought we could never be more than just brother and sister. But when my own classmates didn’t think we were related, I had a shimmer of hope that maybe we could be something more. Of course, I had to set them straight and tell them who you really were. And you know what they said next? That I was so lucky to have a brother who would take time out of college to pick me up from college. Who would schedule his classes around mine so he could be there before the final bell rang, and I wouldn’t have to wait outside in the cold or sun. Then I realized just how lucky I… how spoiled I am to have a brother like you.” Ashley crossed her quivering fingers together as tears streamed down her flawless face. “Brian, say something. Please.”
“Ashley, I don’t know what to say. This is just so much. I don’t know if-“
“Oh god, I’m so sorry. I know what I’m saying sounds stupid and I can’t believe I’m putting you through this. You’re so great to me and you shouldn’t have to go through this. I’ll understand if this changes everything and…. Damn it, what am I saying! This has changed everything. Everything we had. It was so perfect and I ruined it.” By now, my sister was sobbing more than I had ever seen her sob before, and it began making my eyes water. She pushed her chair back and stood up. “It’s okay if you don’t feel the same way. I understand that, too, but please don’t think of me any worse. I… I don’t think I can handle it.”
Ashley took a step away from me. I couldn’t fathom why she was trying to leave without letting me finish what I had to say. I quickly got up and grabbed her by the wrist. She stopped in her place but refused to look in my direction. Minutes ago, it had been the other way around.
“Brian, please…”
“Don’t leave. I let you speak and now it’s my turn.” I had girls flee from me without a single word on my end too many times before, and I wasn’t going to let it happen again. Not this time, not with my sister. I couldn’t live with myself if I let her get away. Ashley reluctantly turned to me, keeping her head down. “I’m… listening.”
“There’s nothing in the world you can do to make me think worse of you. Don’t ever think that again, okay?” Ashley nodded slowly. “You mean so much to me and that’ll never change. I’ll always love you, and I think–no, I’m absolutely certain I feel the same way about you. What I wanted to say before was, I don’t know if what I’m feeling is right. And there’s still a small part of me saying it isn’t. But you know what? I don’t care. I don’t care because the rest of me is saying how much of a fool I am for not telling you this sooner.”
My baby sister raised her head, allowing me to gaze into her hazel eyes. Tears no longer blurred our admiration for each other. She returned my stare, bringing her hands to my shoulders. My grip on her wrists loosened.
“Ashley, last night was so surreal. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined anything close to what happened. I thought you were confused or falling asleep, and you mistook me for someone else. It’s a crappy explanation but I was willing to believe it if it meant making things seem okay. You don’t know this but… I want to love you so much more. I want to spend every waking moment with you. Just breathing the same air as you makes me feel alive. The things I do and feel for you aren’t because you’re my younger sister. You’re more than that. You are my dream girl. My perfect woman.”
The weight of the entire world had been lifted off my shoulders. To tell my sister what I had kept buried within for so many years was the ultimate revelation. I could add nothing more to make her understand my love any further.
Ashley didn’t say a thing, but I gathered from the look of her doughy eyes, her scintillating airy lips, and her rosy cheeks she was overjoyed with my feelings toward her. She took a small step forward, arms firm, causing me to take a step back. My legs buckled beneath me. She took another and I fell into my chair. With her hands still on my shoulders, she bent down until I sat face to face with an angel.
“Brian,” she whispered.
“I can’t live without you. I love you so much, I-“
“Kiss me.” Ashley dove forward, crushing my lips with hers. I’ve wanted to kiss her so badly, and to finally do it after all the years of fantasizing was as if my entire life had been leading up to this moment. Nothing could come close to the pleasure I was experiencing. Any apprehensions I had about right or wrong didn’t matter anymore. I only wanted to bask in our shining embrace.
Ashley crossed her arms behind my neck and closed her eyes as her tongue entered my virgin mouth. My tongue came to life, trying its best to match her movements. I moaned loudly at the sensation of my first truly passionate kiss.
My arms impulsively wrapped around my sister’s waist. A simple tug was all it took to have her topple into me. She straddled my left leg and leaned in further. The precious feeling of her soft breasts smothered my chest. I began to caress her lower back, scooting her up my thigh. I was so absorbed in the kiss I nearly forgot to breathe. I tilted my head back to break away from her ravenous lips.
My sister opened her eyes. She breathed rapidly with her mouth open. “What is it?”
“Absolutely nothing.”
Ashley flashed a smile that melted my heart away. Drifting closer to continue our fondling, she lifted her left leg over my right, completely straddling my waist. She sat taller than me and pushed my head over my chair’s backrest with her lips. I had looked down upon my little sister all our lives, but this time she sat in the dominant position.
Ashley sat perilously close to my erection. It strained against my shorts, impossible to ignore. Skipping the bathroom that morning had made my hard-on even more noticeable, and the release from last night did little to ease the buildup. The pressure felt different this time, though. My excitement didn’t come from any adulterous cravings. It came from the euphoria of having my sister in my arms.
Ashley moaned as she slipped her left hand through my shirt collar. I mimicked the gesture by slipping both of mine under the hem of her shirt. For the first time, I was able to appreciate how smooth and incredible her skin really is. It had been excruciating being unable to touch my sister the previous night, but here she was, fully presenting herself to my restless hands. Lips still united, she giggled into my mouth.
Her laughter was the greatest gift I could ever receive. A single day didn’t go by without it cheering up my mood. I needed to hear Ashley’s laugh again. I needed reassurance that everything would be all right, that we’d never have to worry about hurting each other for all eternity.
Moving my hands to her sides, I gently squeezed her rib area. My sister immediately arched her back, using her arms around my neck to support her. As I began to tickle her body, she squealed, “Oh god, Brian. Not now.” Her mood had changed so drastically, no one could’ve deemed we’d been crying tears of sadness instead of happiness only minutes ago. Knowing our bond would be made forever stronger from then on enlightened our spirits.
I stopped my playfulness and pulled Ashley toward me with my hands back under her shirt. She laid her forehead on mine, grinning from ear to ear. I was truly blessed to have her. “You are so amazingly beautiful, Ash. How the heck did mom and dad save all the good looks for you?”
Ashley gave me a peck on the lips. “We’ve been making out for more than five minutes.” She nodded up at the clock behind me.
“Want to make it ten?”
She removed her hand from the inside my shirt and pinched my nose. Wriggling it back and forth, she suggested, “Let’s clean up first.”
I thought she referred to me for having bypassed my morning duties. “Yeah, I need to. But didn’t you just take a shower?”
“I meant our breakfast, you bum.”
“Oh. Okay.” Doing chores wasn’t exactly what I had in mind for a post-smooch activity, although the short recess was exactly what I needed to relieve myself. No, I don’t mean masturbating, though I did contemplate it. “I need to use the restroom first. I wasn’t able to go this morning since Nikky dragged me right out of my room.”
“I know. I could hear you two from the shower. You go ahead, but you better be back out here before I’m done.” Ashley placed her hands on my thighs, inches from my erection, and pushed herself up. She proceeded to balance our plates to the sink, leaving me to revel in our newfound relationship. Ashley stared my way, “Don’t you need to go?”
“Oh, um, yeah.” I leapt up, bumped into the corner of the table, stumbled over her chair, and hobbled to the bathroom where I spent the next couple of minutes answering the call of Mother Nature to much discomfort.
After a quick brush and rinse of my teeth, I was back in the kitchen. The sink was still running, but Ashley was leaning on the counter with her arms and legs crossed. The sun shining through the window behind my sister gave her a ravishing bloom–an almost cherubic appearance. If it wasn’t for her sly grin, she could very well have been a messenger from heaven. I was brought back to reality when she pulled the sink handle.
Retaining that silly smirk of hers, Ashley began to walk toward me. “I can’t believe you made me wash the dishes all by myself.” I tried to play it cool by strutting to her, but probably looked more like a fool instead. When we bumped chests, she crossed her arms around my neck and, to my surprise, jumped up and encircled her legs around me. I quickly wrapped my arms around her waist in a bear hug. Our bodies pressed much tighter than when we had sat at the table. I could feel her entirety nestled into my chest. I wanted to hug her forevermore, but realizing it would be much easier and fun to hold her a little differently, I lowered a hand to each of her butt cheeks.
Ashley cooed seductively. “Mmm, see? You are getting buff. You have no problem holding me.”
When faced with danger, we can sometimes summon a hidden burst of strength to overcome any obstacle. The same can also be said when facing a totally hot sister.
I was tempted to squeeze the warm flesh in my hands, but I didn’t want to come off as a pervert. It was probably way too late for that, though.
“This is,” Ashley planted a kiss on my nose, “so much,” another on my left cheek, “better than I,” my right, “could ever imagine,” a final peck on my lips. “Do you have any plans for today?”
“I haven’t had plans for the past five weekends. Today isn’t going to be any different. Besides, if I did, I would cancel them to be home with you.”
“Brian, don’t change because of what we’re doing. I don’t want you to be someone you’re not. There’s a reason why I’m madly in love with you.”
“Absolutely, Sis.” It suddenly dawned on me how important it was to keep our lives as normal as possible. Our relationship was unique, to say the least, and I’d be damned if I let it harm my baby girl. I was disappointed in knowing we could never publicly show off our love for one another, to scream to the world I was the luckiest guy on earth, but right now all I needed was Ashley.
We cuddled for an untold amount of time, exploring each other’s faces with our assertive eyes. My strength started to wane, and as if Ashley could read my mind, she told me, “You can put me down now.”
I eased her down to much relief from my arms. “So, what should we do next?”
She silently stared at me for a few seconds before looking away. Her upper lip covered the lower half, and I could see her bouncing on her feet as she rocked on her toes and heels.
At last, she looked up at me and said, “I am going to my room to read to listen to some music. Don’t you usually play that computer game of yours around this time?”
How could I play with elves and dwarves when I really wanted to play with my sis? I couldn’t believe the morning would come to an end with us parting ways.
“Oh, I see how it is.” I wasn’t sure what I meant by that but it sounded like it could buy me a few sympathy points. “Okay, have fun. I’ll play alone, in my lonely room….”
Ashley showed me no pity. She pranced right by with a smile to the hallway, abandoning me so I could stare through the glass door at our backyard. The sun shone brightly as healthy green trees swayed in the summer breeze. A few puffs of white floated in an ocean of blue. It was the perfect day to be outside, and the only thing I wanted to do was stay indoors with my sister.
I strolled to my room with a sigh, making a pit stop at Ashley’s doorway. She was already lying down on her bed with her eyes closed, her wireless headphones neatly tucked above her head. I had seen her like this for years, as if earlier never happened. I wasn’t sure what I did to reveal my presence to her, but she smiled and waved a hand at me. I smiled back, even though she wasn’t able to see it, and completed my trip to my room. Slaying giant cows and picking flowers in front of my computer didn’t seem very exciting that afternoon. The only thing on my mind was Ashley. “I wonder what she’s doing now.” I logged off my computer and decided to head to her room. I took a gander at the clock to see it was only twelve-twenty. Mom wouldn’t be home for at least five more hours, but dad could arrive home any minute. Oh well, it wasn’t as if I planned to do anything he wouldn’t approve of.
I slowly edged through Ashley’s open door, which had remained untouched since I left. My sis napped securely on top of her blanket, her headphones now lying on the drawer beside her bed. The room was filled with a pleasant aroma from her air freshener. “Mmm, it smells good in here,” I said to myself while creeping to her nubile body.
“I like to keep my room neat and fresh, unlike a certain brother I know.”
“Oh? And who would that be?” As I watched her chestnut eyes open, she shifted to her side. I took it as an invitation to join her in bed. “I am so bored, Sis.”
“And you think I can help you with that?” We both rolled to our sides so we could face each other.
My eyes traced her slender legs to her bare stomach. “Maybe. I hope.”
She grabbed my right hand and placed it on her waist. Guiding me with her hand, I caressed her leg as far down as I could reach. “Is this what you had in mind?”
“I was thinking more along the lines of Chess, but this will do fine.” Being able to touch my sister unrestricted like this was phenomenal and I wondered how far she was willing to go. A few wishful thoughts floated through my mind, but I was okay with whatever she wanted to do. I would never impose myself upon her.
Ashley must’ve felt a little frisky because she eventually led me under the front of her top. We left our hands above her stomach for a moment before she pulled them out. “Oh Brian, I’m bored, too. Let’s make this more exciting.” Quicker than a blink, she shoved me onto my back and swooped on top of me, pinning me by the wrists to the mattress. The scene played out eerily similar to many of my recent fantasies, except I was the one on top.
My sister wasted no time in showering me with wet kisses, starting with my neck. She sucked long and hard, no doubt leaving a hickey behind. My first hickey, mind you. “Goddamn, Ashley, this is definitely more exciting.” My hardening cock agreed with me. 
Ashley didn’t pause to say a thing. She continued leaving her trail of saliva on my neck as she made her way to my mouth. Her breasts were suspended over my chest, and I yearned to pull her down to me, but with my hands fastened and her lips on mine, I could only kiss her back. Even at her young age, she was well rehearsed in the art of kissing. I wanted to shake the hand of whoever taught her, but perceiving what that would mean, I probably would’ve knocked the living daylights out of him instead. Assuming she had learned from a guy, of course. It had to be a guy, right?
I didn’t dwell on the thought for long as Ashley finally released my wrists to run her hands through my hair. Showing her exactly what I had I mind, I hooked my arms behind her back, pulling her chest to mine. We both moaned at the exquisite contact. This was what I had wanted to do since breakfast.
Feeling a little bolder, I slid my entire right forearm under the back of Ashley’s shirt. My fingertips touched her bra strap, and as if I pushed some sort of button, she immediately broke the kiss and sat straight up. I panicked, thinking maybe I went too far too soon.
I wasn’t sure what my face was doing but Ashley must’ve found it silly when she started to giggle. She crossed her arms, grabbing the bottom of her shirt, and much too my delight, stripped her top off in one swift motion, revealing a maroon laced bra that barely rose high enough to cover her nipples.
Ashley brushed her right thumb against the corner of my mouth to wipe away the drool. “Can I assume you like what you see?”
“Oh hell yeah,” I murmured. My baby sister looked unbelievably hot. From the shoulder up, she’s the cute teenybopper next door–literally in my case. Ogle a little lower and she’s the sexy siren all guys would love to see in Playboy, although I hoped Ashley wouldn’t need to go that far to catch a glimpse of what I’d been aching to see for years. My animal instincts took over and I plummeted Ashley onto her back. Pouncing on top of her, I secured her wrists above her head.
“Getting a little antsy now, are we?” Ashley adorned a wicked grin that had my blood boiling.
Despite my seemingly aggressive nature, I really had no idea what I intended to do. Maybe it’s because I was so comfortable with Ashley I could behave this way without having to worry if the girl would hate my guts. I’d know instantly if I was doing something my sister didn’t approve of, and if I somehow missed the hint, she knew all she has to do was tell me. 
“Aren’t you going to kiss me?” she interrupted.
How I got sidetracked with a nearly topless goddess beneath me was a question I’ll never find the answer to.
Without further hesitation I responded in full force by plunging my tongue into her mouth. My quickness caught my sister off-guard and she gasped, exhaling hot air into my mouth. It didn’t take her long to get her breath back and curl her tongue around mine.
As wonderful as the kiss was, I wanted to give her the same present she had left for me. I slowly made my way down to her neck, stopping under her chin when I felt a tremble. Having found a sensitive spot, I decided to take my time. I was curious to see what kind of effect I had on her.
I started by flicking the tip of my tongue against Ashley’s neck, causing her to purr. She asked in a dreamy haze, “Bry, what are you doing? Get back up here.” I gave her a small hush and resumed exploring. This time I tried nibbling her supple skin. The feedback was less than favorable and she flinched slightly. Oops, I wouldn’t try that again. Next, I did my best to mimic her mind-blowing kiss by sucking on her skin. Her moans returned but much louder and longer this time. I increased the strength of the embrace little by little and her breathing sped up to match my pace. I wasn’t holding her hands with much effort and she easily wriggled herself loose as her entire body quivered. Seeing her like this was incredibly strange and erotic. It’s usually how I was around her.
“Oooh, Tiger, that feels so good.” Her pet name for me was revitalized with a whole new meaning. Hearing it said that way was a major thrill, and the compliment she added made it sound even better. For the next few minutes, the only sounds throughout the house were the smacking of my lips. Everything was in perfect order. The sole object of affection on my mind was my lovely sis, just the way it should be. Absolutely nothing could go wrong except the clunking sound of the front doorknob.
Wait a second, did I really hear that? I looked up at Ashley and her eyes were as wide as saucers. Damn it, we both heard the same thing. Dad was home.
I loved my father immensely. He’d always been able to provide for our family and had a great friendship with each of us, which seemed to be a rarity these days. But that afternoon he made number one on my “Most Hated” list.
Ashley pushed me away and scrambled to find the shirt she had thrown across the room. I landed on my back, venting my frustration at the ceiling until it couldn’t take any more of my verbal beating. With a sigh, I turned to watch my sister get dressed, but what I found instead were her eyes deadlocked on me. More specifically, they were on the very tall tent of my shorts. I sheepishly sat up and crossed my legs, as if the footsteps approaching us weren’t already enough motivation to cover up. With my member out of plain sight, Ashley was able to refocus on putting on her shirt. She jumped onto the bed beside me while grabbing the TV remote in midair. With a flick of the wrist, she turned it on.
“Hey kids, how is everything?” dad greeted, poking his head into the room.
Ashley and I welcomed him in less than ecstatic tones. “Hi, dad.”
“Hmm, I hope I’m not interrupting anything.”
“Not at all. Ash and I are just watching some TV. It’s really hot today and we’re pooped.”
“Ah, gotcha. Did your mother say anything about dinner before she left?”
“Yeah, she told Brian and me she was getting Chinese food for tonight. She took Nicole over to a friend’s house, too, if you’re wondering where she is.”
“Oh, I’m not worried about that little rascal one bit. Well, I need to do some paper work in the study room. Feel free to knock if you guys need anything. I’ll let you two lovebirds get back to your TV.”
Ashley had to stifle her laughter with a hand over her mouth. Our dad constantly joked about how close we were by saying things like that. Wouldn’t he be surprised at just how close we’d gotten.
Even though the door had been left open when dad arrived, he closed it on his way out. Ashley wasted no time in continuing where we left off. Before the door was thoroughly shut, she dragged me by the shoulders on top of her. Needless to say, I was more than a little stunned. I made a very loud “mmmph” sound when our lips collided. I hoped our dad couldn’t hear it.
I tried to tell Ashley to stop between breaths, but I could barely make a peep before her mouth devoured mine. Was it possible for lips to get sore from too much kissing?
“Ash- mmm, we really sho- mmph, stop now.” She let go of me and gave me an “are you crazy” type of look. If our dad wasn’t fifteen feet away from us, then maybe I was, but it seemed like I should’ve been the one giving her that look. I rolled onto my side and Ashley tilted her head to me.
“Is something the matter, Tiger?”
“Yes, there is. Dad is two rooms away. What if-“
“You know how dad can be when he starts his work. Nothing can drag him away. He’s not going anywhere until mom comes home with food and that’s a few hours from now.”
“How come you’re not worried about getting caught? Mom and dad would freak if they saw what we were doing.”
“I’m not saying I’m not worried, but we’re perfectly safe from anyone barging in on us. Let’s make the most it. And dad is fine with how close we are. Sort of. You hear what he calls us. We can say it’s his fault for making us think we really are ‘lovebirds.'”
“As much sense as that makes, you know mom won’t fall for it.”

“Do I? Mom is so carefree and oblivious to the world sometimes. If she’s in the middle of her soaps while our house got ransacked, she’d tell the robbers to quiet down until it was over.”
I chuckled at the scenario. There was some truth attached to it. Our mom was like a walking encyclopedia, but when it came to reality and people, she could be totally clueless. “Well, what about Nikky?”
“What about her? She’s our little sister, not mom and dad. She’s won’t get in our way.”
“But she’s young and impressionable. I don’t want her catching us doing something we shouldn’t be and giving her wrong ideas.”
Crap, that didn’t come out right.
“Wrong ideas? Are you saying what we’re doing is wrong?”
“No, Ashley, that’s not what I meant. What’s wrong is us taking so long to tell each other how we feel.” Whew, I hoped that recovery works. “With Nicole, if we manage to explain to her why it’s ok for us to be together like this, she might think it’s a normal thing and start blabbing it to everyone. She isn’t the type of kid who can hold secrets.”
“I know what you mean. She’s told me so many things about you like–oops, never mind.”
“Oh ho, what was that? What exactly did she tell you about me?”
“Hmm, I shouldn’t say. I think it’s a good idea for me to practice keeping secrets, too.”
“Really? Now you listen to me? Guess I have no other choice.” I sat up and turned my back to Ashley, pretending I was getting off her bed.
“Brian? What are you plan-“
With a twist to my left, I lunged backwards onto Ashley. I quickly grabbed her right leg and held it in the air with my left arm wrapped around her thigh, mimicking the way wrestlers pin their opponent to the mat. She started to giggle, sensing what I was going to do next. I tried to grab her foot with my right hand, but she didn’t make it easy for me. Her ankle twisted and her leg swung wildly. It was only a matter of time before I predicted her movement and caught a hold of her foot. My fingers flittered across the sole, causing her to writhe even more in laughter.
“Ha! Ready to tell me what Nikky told you?”
Ashley could barely contain herself. She kept laughing as she spoke. “No way. The things Nicole can do to me are way worse than this.” I imagined Ashley strapped down in a Frankenstein-ish castle with a demented Nikky ready to flip a giant switch behind her.
“That’s it, time to get down to business. I’m sorry it’s come to this, dear sister.” I ceased my tickling and held her right ankle in my right hand. Easing my stranglehold around her thigh, I grappled her other leg with my left arm. This time she didn’t put up any resistance. Holding both of her legs together in the air, I commenced my attack.
“Let me go,” she shrieked. She was trying hard to sound serious, but history had taught me otherwise. I shrugged off her request and tickled with renewed intensity. Contrary to her loud screaming, this was one of those things I knew how far I was able to go before she got irritated. Besides, her arms were free to whack me across the head if she really wanted me to stop. “Ahhh, I can’t take it anymore. Please stop?” I nodded my head sideways. I wanted to keep this up for as long as possible. “Brian, will you just, just… Brian, will you… fuck me!”
I froze. That’s the natural thing to do when your sister screamed something like that, wasn’t it? I wasn’t sure what to think. Did she really mean it? Or was this some sort of trick? I mean, it had to be a trick. As I assessed the situation, Ashley took the opportunity to bend her right knee and pull free from my grip. Unfortunately for me, she didn’t realize just how loose my grip had gotten from her words. She pulled with so much extra strength she couldn’t stop herself from kneeing me right in the nose. 
“Oh shit,” Ashley yelped, realizing what she had accidentally hit. “Bry, are you ok? Oh I’m so sorry, your nose is bleeding. Let me get some napkins. I’ll be back in two seconds.” She eased me upright and lifted my hand to pinch my nose before speeding out of the room.
Dad shouted from his sanctuary, “Is everything ok, kids? I heard a yell.”
“Yeah, dad, we’re fine. Brian hit his nose and he’s bleeding now.”
I almost fell over when I heard that. It had always amused me how Ashley would flip a story upside down to other people. “Don’t listen to her, dad. She brutally attacked me.”
“He’s lying.”
“As long as you two are still alive, I don’t care whose fault it is.”
My sister returned with two big handfuls of crumpled napkins and a paper towel roll under her arm. She sat beside me and said sympathetically, “Here, take some. I’m so sorry. Sometimes I don’t know my own strength.”
I rolled up some napkins and plugged them into my nose. “Don’t sweat it, I’m not bleeding too much. It’s already slowing down.”
“That’s good. You didn’t get any blood on my bed, did you?” I stuck out my tongue and Ashley retaliated by slapping me on the shoulder.
“Oww, since when did you become so violent? First the nose and now this.”
“You deserve it, you big dope. Teasing and torturing your sister, you’re lucky I didn’t break something.” Ashley scooted closer, but only to snatch the TV remote on the other side of me.
While she searched for something worthwhile to watch, I decided to fish for more info on what had caused my accident. “Did you mean it?”
“What? That you deserved a bloody nose? Of course I didn’t mean it.”

“No, not that. Before you kneed me.”

Ashley placed a finger on her chin. “Hmm, I don’t remember. Refresh my memory.”

“Right before you kicked me, you told me to, you know, do something.”

“I still don’t understand. You’ll have to be more specific.”

“Ugh, never mind. Forget about it.”

“All right, if you say so.” I could see a smug smile from the side of her face.

For the next few hours, we hung out doing the same things we had always done. We watched the boob tube, chit-chatted about whatever, and played some card games with a jar of pennies on the line. It was innocent and simple fun. Summer had started only a few weeks ago, and there was plenty of time to see where our newly discovered relationship would lead us.

Shortly past five, the clunky front door opened again.

“Hi everyone, I’m home,” mom called. “Come help me carry all this food.” Ashley and I, and even our dad, came to her aid. We promptly carried the food to the table and seated for dinner.

Where’s Nikky?” questioned Ashley.

“She decided to sleep over at her friend’s house. I’m going to have to drop her pajamas off after dinner. Brian, what happened to your nose? It’s so pink. Did you hurt yourself?”

“It’s nothing, mom. I got a little clumsy. It doesn’t hurt anymore.” I turned to dad. “Can you hand over the kung pao chicken?”

With a mouthful of Peking duck, he slid me the carton. “Here ya go.”

“Eww, you’re spitting your food everywhere,” Ashley fussed.

Dad gulped down on his glass of iced tea. “This is so good, I can’t help myself. Oh, Helen, I have great news, dear.”

“Yes? What would that be?”.

“Mr. Fitzpatrick said our team is doing a great job at the office–way ahead of schedule. He rewarded all of us with a weekend at that new casino and resort you’ve been dying to go to.”

Mom’s jaw dropped to the ground. “No, get out of here. You really mean it?”

“Yep, I mean it.” Dad pulled two passes from his back pocket and held them up to show her. “The two of us, for four days and three nights, anytime we want. Temple Palace awaits.”

“Oh my, this is so exciting. When can we go?”

“Like I said, anytime we want. These are good for three months. But I don’t think we’re going to wait that long, are we?”

“Unh-uh, we’re going right after my brother’s wedding. Weddings are always stressful in this family. A few nights alone for the two of us would be divine.” I’d never seen mom act so giddy before.

Ashley gleefully gasped to attract their attention. “And what about us? We’ll be stuck at home with nothing to do, no one to take care of us.”

“Tough luck, kiddos, you’ll both have to find a way to live without us. Your mother and I need this. It’s been so long since we’ve had a small vacation. I’m too busy spending my money on your clothes and Internet.”

Dinner continued and our parents went back to their discussion on spas and slot machines. I was about to stuff a spoonful into my mouth when I saw Ashley winking at me. I had a pretty good idea what that was for. As much as I praised my sister for her sincerity and veracity, she did a damn good job at being naughty. Or it could’ve just been hyperactive imagination. Either way… wow, half a week of no parents. They’re both workaholics and for them to take even one day off seemed unreal, let alone four.

Our dad stretched his arms up and tilted his chair back. “Mmm, this Chinese restaurant keeps getting better and better. Don’t you think so, kids?”

“Yeah, I’m stuffed,” I replied.

“Mom, did you remember the fortune cookies?” Ashley asked, wiping her lips clean with a neatly folded napkin.

Mom responded in a singsong, “Yes I did. They’re right there in that bag by your father.”

Dad spotted it and reached in. “Catch, guys,” he said as he tossed us each a cookie.

Our mother was the first to crack hers open. She read, “‘Abandon the search for truth; settle for a good fantasy.’ Not sure what that means but it sounds like a keeper.”

“Oh ho, that’s nothing compared to mine, Helen. ‘You will soon be richer day by day.’ It’s the perfect fortune for the roulette wheel and blackjack tables.”

Ashley was next. “Listen to this one. ‘Don’t despair; your ideal lover is waiting for you around the corner.'”

“Aww, that is so sweet,” mom swooned. “Not all fortunes are always that good. Make sure you don’t lose it.”

Ashley placed her elbows on the table and rested her chin in the palm of her hands, staring straight at me. “Yeah, but I wonder who he’ll be. It could be anyone.”

“Don’t worry about it, honey. Fortunes won’t always reveal themselves right away. It could be months, maybe years, before they come true. And when it comes to love… love can be totally unpredictable. You’ll never know when you’ll find it. Your mother and I had known each other for eight years before we learned that. If only I had that fortune when we were in high college. It would’ve saved us a lot of time and humiliation in college.”

Ashley asked curiously, “Humiliation? What do you mean by-“

“Your father doesn’t mean anything by it,” mom interrupted. “Am I right?”

Dad almost choked on his cookie. “Erm, yes, nothing. It was nothing.” His face turned bright red as the two women started laughing. “So Brian, what does yours say? Best for last?”

I wasn’t sure if “best” was the right word to describe my fortune, but I found it amusing nevertheless. “Not quite. It’s broken.”

“Broken? What do you mean by that?”.

“Well, I rather not read it.”

Ashley stood up and reached across the table. “It can’t be that bad, brother. I’ll read it for you.”

I leaned forward and placed the paper slip in her hand, feeling her thumb gently squeeze down on my fingers. She pulled away, never fully letting go, until I felt myself slowly slipping from her grasp. I tried to follow her hand but stopped when I realized I had gotten out of my chair.

Still standing, Ashley read it aloud. “‘The greatest danger could be your stupidity.'”

Our parents both looked at Ashley to confirm if she was really serious. My sister failed to keep her lips from cracking, and they turned to each other, they exploded in sidesplitting laughter. Ashley fell in her seat, joining them in their amusement. Watching the family like this was very refreshing and I began to laugh, too. We were one big happy family, minus one little sibling, but a happy family nevertheless. Times like those really made me appreciate what I had.

The cookies were a nice way to end the meal, and it didn’t take long for the four of us to clean up. The only dinnerware we used were cups. The restaurant was courteous enough to supply the rest of the utensils. Dad disposed of the cartons and chopsticks, mom dried the glasses, and Ashley and I headed to the fridge to get some ice cream. Upon opening the freezer, we observed the shelves empty of any frozen treats.

My sister spoke first. “I could’ve sworn we had half a box of cookies and cream left.”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure of that, too.” We searched high and low but to no avail.

We heard dad’s voice behind us as he entered the kitchen from the backyard. “My bad, kids. While you two were playing, I ate the rest of the ice cream in the study room. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Uhh, yes we do mind,” Ashley and I barked in unison.

“Ohh, err, all right. How ’bout this.” Dad hurriedly pulled a twenty-dollar bill from his pockets. “Here, take this and go to that dairy place near the market. Buy yourselves a big sundae. My treat.”

Ashley skipped over to him and snatched the money. “Sounds good to me.” She handed me the bill. “Let me change my clothes, Big Bro.”

I watched my sister disappear around the corner. “Thanks, dad. Do you want us to get you something?”

He patted his belly. “I think I had enough for tonight.”

“How about you, mom? Want anything?”

“No thank you, Brian. But since you happen to be going out, would you mind taking Nicole’s stuff over to her friend’s house? Just give me a minute to pack her stuff.”

“Yeah, no problem.”

“Great, just give me a minute to get it ready.” Mom dried her hands on a cloth towel and rushed out of the kitchen.

I headed toward the living room where I spotted dad already dead on the couch with ESPN on his fifty-six inch plasma TV. The one thing my dad enjoyed more than work was sports. He was a basketball player when he attended high college, but his real passion had always been business. After graduating from college and getting married, the toll of raising a family and juggling paperwork restricted him to recreational sports. That didn’t mean, however, he wouldn’t be up on the couch shouting at every basket, touchdown, and goal when there’s a big game going on.

I sat on the armrest of the sofa chair next to him as I waited for the women to return. Mom appeared first. She handed me a small pink backpack plastered with glittery flower stickers and puppy key-chains. She slapped dad’s leg and he sat up to make room for her on the couch.

“Ok, I’m ready,” Ashley called from the hallway behind me.

“Oh my, Ashley, you look very pretty,” mom complimented.

I turned around to see what the hubbub was about, and I nearly toppled over at the sight of my sister. “Pretty” didn’t do her justice. Ashley wore a long-sleeved pink shirt with an outer white tank top that had a big red silhouette of a heart in the middle. Her tight jeans were faded at the knees and flared at the bottom. Surrounding her neck was a thin gold necklace. Hanging from her ears were matching gold hoops. The most unique part of her ensemble was the red-flowered scarf tied around her beautiful hair. The long ends of the cotton fabric hung over her left shoulder. A curtain of yellow bangs cascaded across her forehead beneath the accessory. “Smoking hot” was a much more accurate phrase to describe her look. Ashley wasn’t the type of girl to wear anything too revealing, but that didn’t mean she didn’t know how to dress alluringly. Besides, with a face as gorgeous as hers, that’s the only part of her body she needed to show off.

“Aren’t you two only going out for a bit to get ice cream?” mom asked.

“Yeah, but I want to look good for Brian.” She sarcastically added, “It’s very hard to keep us with his fashion sense.”

I took a quick gander at my attire and noticed I was wearing the same clothes since I had gotten out of bed. “All right, all right, I get the picture. Let me put on some new duds.”
Ashley waved me off as I sprinted toward my room. I grabbed the first pair of jeans and clean shirt I could find scattered in my closet. Checking myself in the mirror to ensure I didn’t have any leftovers on my face, I sprayed myself with some deodorant. Satisfied I was acceptable for a public appearance, I headed back to the living room.
As I neared the family, I heard my dad finally commenting on Ashley’s outfit. “Whoa Ashley, you look exceptional. If you weren’t my daughter, meow.” He must’ve been too busy watching the sports news to have noticed earlier.
“Richard, don’t say things like that.” My mom slapped him hard on the arm. Repeatedly.
“Ow ow ow, I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I’m just trying to give her a compliment.” Dad flinched from the assault and raised his arms to shield himself.
I tiptoed to Ashley who was now sitting in my chair. I tapped her shoulder and whispered, “Let’s get going. This might get ugly.”
Ashley giggled in agreement and slung Nicole’s backpack over her right shoulder. As we made our way out the front door, I grabbed the car keys from the key rack and stole one more glance at out parents. Dad had mom on top of him and they were sharing a playful kiss. I shut the door quietly and hoped Ashley and I would be doing that again very soon.
“Hurry up,” Ashley shouted.
“I’m coming, I’m coming, hold your horses.”
Ashley was leaning on the front of my dark blue car with her right hand on the hood and the other on her hip. She looked like a model out of an auto magazine, but with more clothing and a less than stellar car. I jogged down to the sidewalk and unlocked the passenger door. As I held it open, she quipped, “Such a gentleman.”
“Anything for you, ma’am.” I ran around to the driver seat and off we went.

Brenda’s house was a short three-minute drive from ours.
“I’ll be right back,” I told Ashley as I parked the car along the side.
“It’s okay, I’ll do it.”
“Let me handle it, Sis, I-” Ashley ignored me and turned around to crawl between the seats, displaying her marvelous ass inches from my face. I stared in awe, praying I’d be able to see it in the flesh in my immediate future. My hands were itching to grope the soft curves, ready to pounce on the pink butterflies stitched on each of her back pockets. All I needed was my sis to give me the command and I’d be on her in a heartbeat. “Touch me, feel me, I’m all yours,” she would cry.
It should’ve taken her only two seconds to grab the backpack, but she wiggled her butt to-and-fro for at least twenty.
“Got it,” Ashley said. She sat down and held up the bag to show she actually had a motive for tormenting me. “You should close your mouth. It’s going to get dry.”
I snapped out of my reverie and watched Ashley approach the house. She knocked on the door and a tall woman, maybe Brenda’s mom or older sister, greeted her. Nikky poked her head out and waved at me. The three of them shared a short exchange of words, and in less than a minute, Ashley was back in the passenger seat.
“Step on it, I’m hungry for dessert.”
“I’m going, I’m going. Let me put on some tunes first.”
My parents bought me the car when I graduated from high college. It wasn’t anything flashy, but it was clean and it worked, which was almost all that mattered. The biggest requirement for me was a good stereo system, which it didn’t have. I was pretty bummed at first, but the car was free and I learned to never look a gift horse in the mouth. I made some special contacts with my piggy bank and Nicole–who knew a twelve-year old could have so much Birthday money–and obtained the funds to upgrade the system. Now, despite its plain exterior, it had a slick interior with lots of useless lights, a satellite radio, and a nifty navigation system that I hardly ever used.
“Ooh, I love this song. I was listening to it earlier before you came in.” Ashley turned up the loud volume even higher. The song was Andre Tanneberger’s “Summer Rain.”
My sister used to favor the mainstream MTV music, but after forcing her to listen to my vocal trance DJs when I picked her up from college, she started to really get into it and asked if I would lend her my CDs. I was more than happy to contribute; I wanted to share as many interests with her as I could. Anything that would let me spend more time with her was a good thing in my book. She hadn’t given up on the other music genres, but her tastes had vastly expanded.
Ashley sang along to the lyrics, “‘She builds you up, and tears you down, she’s that queen without a crown, just like summer rain…'”

Although we didn’t say a thing to each other for the rest of the ride, I enjoyed having her company. Hearing her quote the words perfectly to the next five songs was more than enough satisfaction for me.

As the current track ended, we arrived at a pearly white ice cream parlor. Upon opening the shop’s door, I felt a cool breeze hitting every part of me. The inside was chilly and I rubbed my palms together. Ashley saw me shivering and wrapped her left arm behind my back, giving me a tender hug. I suddenly felt warm and cozy again. It was a Saturday night, yet only five other customers were with us in the quiet building–a mom trying to calm down her two wailing kids and a couple sitting at a corner booth.

Ashley and I strolled down the counter aisle, peering through the glass covers at all the wondrous flavors. At the front were the classics like chocolate and vanilla. Further down were the newer favorites of mint chocolate chip and rocky road. Near the end were the exotic New York cheesecake and lemon custard. Since I preferred the simpler favors, I turned around to the front, almost bumping into Ashley. She was bent over at the waist, her nose inches from the frosty window. Her back was arched, both palms on the cover, causing her heart-shaped butt to stand out.

“Mmm, this flavor looks so good. Oh, and that one. Don’t you think so, Bry?”

“Yeah, it looks really good.” I, of course, wasn’t referring to the ice cream. No way could I be thinking about anything other than Ashley. I must’ve observed my sister for no less than half a minute, but when I felt myself getting a hard-on, I immediately turned away to alleviate it. I ended up facing the couple at the far wall and caught the guy staring at my sister. I couldn’t blame him. You’d have to be crazy not to be attracted to her. He was eventually brought back to reality when his girlfriend said something to him. I assumed it was his girlfriend. They could’ve been close friends, or they were like us, two siblings out for ice cream. Considering what Ashley and I were doing, it didn’t seem very farfetched.

I paced to the front of the parlor while taking a nice long view at my sister’s backside. My erection hastily returned. Pulling my eyes away to prevent an embarrassing accident, I saw an elderly woman approach me from behind the counter, asking if I was ready to order. Thankfully she couldn’t see my lower half.

“Hey Ashley, are you ready to order yet?” I peered at my sister as she stood upright, her hands on her hips.

“Yeah, I think so. Are you?”

“Yep, I am. Go ahead and order first.” I walked toward Ashley and the woman followed me from the other side.

“I’ll have a large waffle cone with two scoops of strawberry and two scoops of cookies and cream.” She licked her lips as the woman dug up four very large scoops of ice cream in alternating flavors. The monstrous treat must’ve been at least ten inches high.

“Wow, can you eat all that?”

She took the cone from the woman. “Not sure, but it doesn’t hurt to try.”

“How about you, sir? What would you like?”

“I’ll have the Oreo cookies and cream shake. Make it a large–no, extra large. And that’ll be all.”

“Ok sir, come to the front register and I’ll have your drink ready in a few minutes.”

I thanked the lady and headed to the front where Ashley was already waiting. As I got closer, I watched my sister slowly lick the top scoop of white cream. She delicately tasted every part of it, leaving a glimmering coat of saliva. Ashley stared back at me, revealing a small smile with a clump of vanilla on the tip of her tongue.

“Here you are, sir. The total will be eight dollars and sixty-seven cents. Sir? Sir?”

“Huh? Oh–ahem–sorry, what’s the, uh, total again?”

“Eight dollars and sixty-seven cents,” the woman repeated.

I rummaged my pockets for the twenty dad had given us. That is, until I realized my terrible mishap. “Oh shoot, I left the money in my shorts when I changed. Ashley, you won’t-“

“Won’t happen to have some money? Yeah, I do.” Ashley slipped two fingers into her back pocked and fished out a ten-dollar bill. “Here you are, ma’am. Excuse my dopey boyfriend. He can be so careless.” The two of them chuckled as the woman handed Ashley her change. I numbly grabbed my drink and followed her out of the parlor.

“Why are you walking so slow?” Ashley asked from her side of the car.

“No reason. I’m just, uh, surprised at how big this drink is.” Truth be told, I was more surprised at what she had called me in there. A boyfriend. I was my sister’s boyfriend. It might’ve been a joke, but with all that transpired so far I guess I really was. The cashier didn’t suspect anything. Even in public, my sister had no problem with us being seen together that way.

“Hey, Tiger?”

I fumbled with the keys and almost dropped my slippery cup. “Yeah, Ashley?”

“Thanks. I really appreciate this.”

“What for? I should be thanking you for saving my butt.”

Giggling, she replied, “Yeah, maybe.”

Finally unlocking the doors, the two of us slipped inside.

* * *

“Hey Brian, take a few licks of my ice cream. I don’t think I can finish it all.” Ashley waved her half-eaten dessert in front of my face.

“Whoa, be careful. That cone is huge and it’s blocking the road.”

“We’re at a red light. Have a little taste.”

I held up my drink. “This is tasty enough for me.”

“But don’t you want real ice cream? Something you can lick and take a bite out of?”

“I do, but I’m driving and I don’t want to accidentally make a mess in my car.”

“Aren’t you worried I might make a mess?”


“And why not?” Ashley moved the cone away from me and tasted it. I watched her intently, memorizing every flick of her tongue. She stopped momentarily. “Green light.”


“Green light. Go.” Several horns honked behind us. I slammed my foot onto the pedal. “You’re dozing off a lot today. I hope I’m not distracting you.”

“Not at all,” I lied. “I’m just feeling a little tired. A massage would be really nice, though.”

“Mmm, a massage would be nice. I think I could use one. You’ll come by my room tonight and give me one?”

“If you insist, sure. After a shower I’ll–wait, what? I meant me.”

“Unh-uh, Tiger, too late. Here, have some of my ice cream. Strawberries are good for you.”

Ashley waved her cone in front of me again. This time I gave in. “Mmm, that is good. Let me have some of the cone.” She twirled it around so I could bite it without dipping my nose into the cream. As she did this, some of the vanilla from the cookies and cream melted off and fell onto the front of my jeans.

Ashley sprung out of her seat as if it had fallen on her instead. “Oops, sorry about that.”

The next light turned red and I stopped the car. “Ah dang. Better me than the car, I guess. There should be some napkins in the side cabinet.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll clean it up.” Ashley reached between my legs with her left hand.

“Ashley, what are you-” Sticking two fingers out, she pressed them squarely onto my jeans and wiped off the cool, white cream. It streamed down her fingers as she brought her hand to her mouth. A small web formed amidst her fingers as they spread apart. Her tongue lapped between and around the base before inserting her digits into her mouth. She sucked them clean.

“Mmm, yummy,” she squealed. “Can’t let any go to waste.”

My erection strained against my jeans. “Um, yeah,” I gulped, “can’t waste it.”

Ashley peered ahead of us. “Green light.”


“I mean go.”

Several more car horns honked behind us. “Oh, right.” I did my best to concentrate on the drive home. Other than crossing a stop sign because I was too busy watching Ashley finish her dessert, I thought I did a good job of preventing traffic problems for the remainder of the ride.

Hey mom, hey dad, we’re home,” Ashley announced.

“Hey kids,” mom greeted, “hope you had a good time.” She was lying with her feet in dad’s lap.

I flopped down on the sofa chair. “It was only ice cream. It wasn’t like we went to the movies or mall.”

Ashley took a seat on my armrest and leaned against the back of the chair.

“Judging by your sister’s smile, it looked like a lot more than that. Or maybe it has something to do with that stain on your pants?”

“Oh, this. I, uh, spilled my shake on the ride home.” I was surprised mom was able to see it in the dimly lit room. The only source of light in the living room came from the television screen.

Ashley piped up, “No, he didn’t. I forced him have a taste of my ice cream and I got a little careless. You don’t have to make excuses for me, Brian.” She wrapped herself around my head and hugged me tightly, squeezing me into the side of her breast. The contact was brief, and she let go before I could appreciate it.

“Well, how about watching the rest of this movie with your father and me.” Our mom glanced at our dad who was almost ready to pass out. “Or maybe just me. He’ll fall asleep any second and I can use some livelier company.”

“Yeah, sure. What are we watching?” Ashley asked.

“House of Flying Daggers. I thought it’d be festive to stick with the oriental theme.”

“I’m going to pass on the movie for now,” I said. “I need to take a shower. But I’ll be back before the movie’s over.”

Ashley got off the armrest to make space for me to stand up. I went to my room to gather my sleepwear and headed to the bathroom for a hot, steamy shower.

Being alone, I was able to take some time to reflect on the last twenty-four hours of my life. More had happened within that time span than my entire two years of college. Heck, I might as well have included high college and grade college. Nothing could’ve compared to how I was feeling. I had never been happier, having a girl who loved me as much as I loved her, who understood and wanted to be near me, and was a blast to hang out with.

Normally I took twenty-minute showers, but my impatience made it unbearable to be in there for more than five. I needed to get back into the living room. Ashley was waiting for me. I hopped out of the stall, threw on my clothes, realized I had forgotten to dry myself, and wasted another few minutes properly getting ready. I tossed my dirty laundry into my room and raced back to the family.

The first person I saw was Ashley. She had moved to the other side of the living room and was lying on her side on the smaller two-seated couch. Her scarf and outer tank top were hanging over the backrest and her hair was draped over her eyes. My parents were in the same positions I had last saw them in. I sat down on the lone sofa chair, the squeaking leather foiling my attempt to arrive unnoticed.

Ashley brushed her hair away. Looking toward me, she said, “Don’t sit there alone. Come here and lie down with me.”

As much as I wanted to, it seemed like a strange request because our parents were five feet away. Dad was completely asleep, but mom was still wide-awake. I nodded “no” but Ashley wasn’t content with my response. She wetted her lips and beckoned me over with her right finger. Who could resist a gesture like that? Peeking over at my mom, I found her fixated with the movie. I decided to go with the flow and join my sister.

Ashley sat up to make room for me to slip in. It felt a little awkward, having never lain down like this before. I wasn’t even sure if the couch could accommodate the two of us in it together. As I tried to get comfortable, a small flying pillow hit me directly in the face. I heard the two sets of giggles. Mom had tossed an extra pillow from her couch. At least I knew she was aware of what we’re trying to do.

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. I fluffed my pillow and rested my head on the armrest. Ashley used a pillow from our couch to lie on the cushion, allowing me to watch the movie unobstructed, though the chances of me paying attention to it were nil.

It took a bit of adjusting to get settled in. Ultimately we ended up on our sides with me against the backrest and Ashley against me. I felt even more nervous being this close to her with our parents so near. The physical contact was what I was waiting hours for since dad came home, but I didn’t anticipate it would be out in the open.

As the daggers flew and swords clashed onscreen, it seemed Ashley didn’t have any further plans to spice things up. She lay perfectly still, hardly making a sound. I suspected she thought it wasn’t a good idea to try something frisky with our mother nearby, even though she didn’t show much restraint with our dad. In a way I was disappointed and relieved at the same time–disappointed I’d have to wait for the movie to finish, relieved Ashley was aware of our parents.

Up till now, I had done my best to keep my hands idle. This was no simple task when there’s an irresistibly hot girl lying with you. I soon regretted my stance on the situation. Parents or no parents I wanted to touch, hold, and fondle her. The movie did nothing to draw my thoughts away from Ashley. Her amazing curves, her perfectly pampered hair, her calm, heaving chest… she looked more beautiful by the minute.

I got so caught up in my deliriousness I somehow missed the part where Ashley had taken my right hand in hers and wrapped it around her waist. She held it tightly above her stomach, an inch from her bust. I waited patiently for her next move, letting Ashley take full control of my body for whatever she wanted to do. At this point, I was willing to go along with anything. My excitement grew at the prospect of something more intimate happening. Our parents might as well be a million miles away. If Ashley ripped off her shirt right then and there and threw it in mom’s face, I wouldn’t have done a thing to stop her. As I redrew the glorious picture of her breasts in a maroon laced bra, my excitement doubled, generating a renewed erection in my shorts.

Ashley fidgeted, and although I could only see the side of her face, her expression remained solid. There was no way she couldn’t have felt it nudged against her butt cheeks. To my dismay, she let go of my hand. I worried that my member was scaring her away and our engagement would come to an abrupt end. But there was nothing I could do to ease the blood coursing through my veins. I wasn’t getting going to get softer; I was only going to get harder. The more I thought about my sister cuddled against me with our parents a few feet away, the more engorged my cock became. Luckily for me, as her butt wiggled against my groin, it appeared she was ready to indulge her own desires.

When Ashley lowered her right hand between her legs and cupped her crotch, I let out a sharp puff of air. For the first time since we had lain down, she looked up at me. Tearing my eyes painfully away from her hand, I returned her stare. She pursed her lips and whistled softly, cautioning me to be silent. I nodded, unsure of just how quiet I could be when I was ready to blow any second. Ashley continued to “watch” the movie, and I continued to watch her. My heart was pounding louder than a jackhammer. It was the only thing I could hear barring the foreign language coming from the TV.

I couldn’t believe how wild my precious Ashley was as she rubbed circles over her mound. There we were in the living room, our parents sitting on the couch next to us, and my sister was diddling herself. What else could she be doing with her hand down there? Any possibility she was just scratching an itch flew out the window when she pinched her zipper and tugged it open. My jaw dropped. I gulped as her thumb slipped into the opening. Ashley rubbed slowly, gasping short, rapid breaths. I looked down at her face, finding her eyes closed shut. My sister was completely lost in her own pleasure.

I quickly glanced toward the other couch and found my mother still facing the screen. If she were to look our way for even a second, she would be able to see where Ashley’s thumb was tucked away.

“Ash, Ashley,” I whispered. For a moment, I thought I got through to her. She withdrew her hand from her jeans and placed it on mine. A warm wetness trickled onto my palm. I thought she was done, but my breather was short-lived. Ashley was nowhere close to finishing what she had started. She wasted no time in lowering my hand to her crotch.

The moisture I felt on her jeans was unmistakable; she was getting horny. For this much of her juices to have seeped through her underwear must mean she’s gushing like a river. Assuming she was wearing any, that is. Maybe she didn’t have any one and it’s a normal amount. Either way, both sounded superb.

It didn’t take long for Ashley to hum her all-too familiar moans. As if daring me to continue, she let go of my hand. I greatly wanted to, but whether doing so was such good idea in our predicament was an entirely different matter.

“Ashley. Ashley,” I chanted in her ear.

With her eyes still shut, my sister turned toward me until she lay flat on the couch, her left shoulder floating off the edge. I wrapped my right arm around her body to prevent her from falling. She reinforced herself by holding onto my waist. Her lips barely fluttered as she whispered, “Yeah?”

“Ash, look at me.” I anxiously watched her eyes awaken, like a marvelous unearthing of the richest treasures. The vision of her angelic faced overwhelmed everything I wanted to say, everything I was thinking.

Ashley raised her head toward me in search of the words I couldn’t tell her. Having her face so close to mine merely made it harder for me to find my voice. Tired of waiting, or mistaking my silence as another sign, she kissed me on the lips. The kiss was short compared to the ones we had earlier, but it was just as memorable.

“Let’s go to your room,” Ashley mumbled.

“What about-“

“Mom’s asleep.”

“She can’t be.” I propped myself on the armrest to verify what Ashley had told me. Getting a clear look at mom’s face wasn’t easy. Her head was reclined on the far end of the couch. But lo and behold Ashley was absolutely right. Our mother had surrendered to the same deep sleep that had overtaken our dad. “How did you–never mind, let’s go.” I didn’t care how she knew mom was asleep. My first priority was getting out of there.

Ashley grabbed her scarf and tossed it around my neck as she stood. Holding onto both ends, she pulled me up to her, dragging me through the living room like I was a lovesick puppy. Her hips swung widely, exaggerated for my enjoyment. She looked over her shoulder, shooting me a smile.

Stepping into my room, Ashley promptly locked the door behind us. The magical click secured our privacy from any pesky intruders. Not bothering with the light switch, she led me a little further to the bed. She let go of the scarf, crawling on all fours over the mattress. The moon shone just enough to illuminate her lustrous curves.

“Tiger, do I need to say it again?”

I leaned onto my desk, taken aback by her slinky movements. “Um, say what?”

Ashley stopped with her butt raised high in my direction. “Come join me.”

“Oh sweet goodness,” I thought, “it’s finally going to happen tonight. It has taken twenty long years but now it’s all coming together. I never could’ve imagined my esteemed sister to be the one to rid of this burden.”

Then it dawned on me. “Ah crap, what am I thinking? I’m not ready for this. Twenty long years and not a single minute of it went to preparing for tonight. No condoms, no jazz music, no candles, rose petals, or anything else romantic, and not a damn clue on what to do when our clothes fly off. Should I even have a plan for something like sex? I could’ve at least read some advice columns on how to please my girl. But how should I know I’ll need such vital information so soon? Dad, why didn’t you teach me the important stuff like how to please your sister instead of that so-called morality and virtue? Oh god, I can’t believe I’m stooping so low as to want my father to give me sex advice.” It’s a bit overdramatic, as I didn’t really think all that at the time, but my stress was very much a real danger.
Whatever I wound up thinking about out must’ve taken a long time to process because the next thing I remembered was a pillow thrown at my head for the second time that evening. It knocked me into my leather chair. “What’s up, Tiger? You look a little sick.” Ashley turned on the lamp by my bed, leaving it at its lowest setting. She crawled to the edge of the bed and inspected my change in attitude. “Although ‘a little’ is probably an understatement.”

“Ashley, I… I don’t…”

“Don’t what?” My sister sat closer, her feet on the warm floor. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No, no way. You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just, I’m not sure about doing this.”

“Doing… what?”

“Don’t do that, Sis. You know what I mean. I’m still…”

“Worried about out there? I’m not that crazy. If there was any chance of getting caught I-“

“No, that’s not what I’m talking about either. I’m… ok, I’m just going to say it.” She leaned forward, ensuring she wouldn’t miss a single word. I took a deep breath and divulged, “I’m a virgin.”

Ashley furrowed her eyebrows. Her head craned to the right. I could feel her eyes drilling into my skull. It was uncanny having her stare at me so distinctly. The mix of emotions on her face made it hard to discern what she had on her mind. The way she curiously wiggled her nose clashed with the mischievous licking and biting of her lower lip. At last she asked, “Oh Tiger, why did you have to go and tell me something like that?”

“Um, isn’t that something I should be telling you? Before we finally do it, I mean. I don’t want to mislead your expectations or anything.”

“Tiger… Brian.” Ashley’s face bounced to normal as she placed her hands on my knees. “I don’t expect anything from you. You’ve done so much for me already that asking for any more would be selfish and greedy. I want to be your perfect little sister.” She rubbed her right foot against the inside of my left ankle. “I still am, aren’t I?”

I felt better after hearing that. “Yeah, Ash, you’re my perfect little sister.”

“Good, I want to keep it that way.” Ashley took her hands off me and leaned backwards, using her arms to support her from behind. “What did you think was going to happen tonight?”

“Huh? Nothing. Nothing at all.”

“Come on, you must’ve been expecting something if you felt the need to share a big secret like that to me.”

“Is there any way for me to take back what I said?”

“Nope. You’re not leaving my sight until you tell me exactly what you’ve been thinking about.”

“That’s not fair. I already revealed one secret. Isn’t that enough for tonight? If anything, you should be telling me one of yours.”

Ashley flirtatiously swirled her tongue over her lips. “Ok, sure.”

Now it was my turn to furrow my brows. “Really, you mean it? No comeback, no strings attached? You’re just going tell me one?

“Yep, ask me anything,” she beamed, kicking her feet in an alternating rhythm.

Her offer sent me reeling to the floor. Since when did girls give up classified information on a whim? There must’ve a hidden price of admission I was missing. I went over her last few lines but failed to find any loopholes. Studying her keen face the way she had studied mine, I came to the conclusion she was one hundred percent serious about the proposal.

As the notion had never occurred to me before, I needed time to come up with an eloquent question. My sister made her feelings for me pretty clear, so that slimmed my choices down by a considerable amount. That left me with ‘What color are your panties’ and…

“If we did do what I thought we were going to do, would I have been your first?” Although I had refused to explain my reasoning for telling her what I did, I was confident she would pick up on my intent.

“If,” Ashley clearly emphasized, “we did do what you thought we were going to do, then… yes.”

A huge wave of relief washed over me. I knew it wasn’t supposed to be any of my business, yet I couldn’t help but feel delighted at the news. When my sister said she had a crush on me, she loyally meant it. By no means did I consider myself the perfect catch, but I could never be truly happy with out relationship if I wasn’t going to be her first. Despite our closeness with one another, her love life had been kept very low-key from me. I always felt if she ever wanted to talk about the subject, she would bring it up first. I had never pestered her about that special someone and she had never pestered me about mine. It wasn’t until that morning we told each other everything we’ve wanted to hear.

“Can I ask you another question?” I blurted.

Ashley smiled at my optimism. “Go for it, Tiger.”

“How did you get damn sexy? It’s impossible for me to keep my eyes off you.”

“You really think I’m sexy?”

My sister had to be kidding me. How could I say no having survived her relentless frolicking and foreplay? “Yeah, I do.”

“Maybe I should save that answer for another time, or at least until you tell me another secret of yours?” Ashley sensed from my blank expression I had nothing else to share. “Well, to be honest, whenever I’m around you, I want your eyes on me. I love having your attention, to be all you can think about. And when I know I’m on your mind, I feel like the sexiest girl in the world. It’s because of you I act this way. I know I said I shouldn’t ask more of you, but I guess it’s just a lie. Your devotion will always be what I want.”

Her answer was infinitely more personal than I had anticipated. Time and time again, she amazed me with her pure emotions. “I don’t know what to say, Ash, I-I’m… what happened to waiting for some other time?”

Smiling, she assured, “You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to, but there’s one more thing I need to tell you.”

“You can tell me anything.”

Ashley got off her arms and reached forward to hold my hands between us. “I’m not ready for tonight either. I hope you’re not disappointed.”

I entwined her fingers in mine. “Disappointed? This is the single greatest day of my life. There’s absolutely nothing that could change that fact. I should never try to pressure you into anything you don’t want to do. After all, it’s my job to protect you from those types of guys.”

Looking down at our hands, she said, “I know, but it must be hard for you to put up with all my teasing and not get any relief.” The way she accentuated “hard” left me wondering if she was really looking at our hands or possibly even lower.

My cheeks began to redden. “Didn’t you hear me? You don’t have to do anything like that for me.”

“I heard you loud and clear. But just because we’re not ready for it doesn’t mean we can’t have a different kind of fun.”

“Sounds intriguing. What are you suggesting?”

“Will you go along with whatever I decide?”

“As long as it isn’t painful. You don’t have any kinky fetishes I should be watching out for, do you?”

“What? No.” Ashley jumped away from me. “I don’t mean anything like that. Unless you’re into it.”

“No, no, I’m fine with normal fun.”

“Okay, good.” With a giggle, Ashley fell back onto her elbows and lifted her sock-covered feet between my legs to my chair. “Although I’m not sure if you’ll be able to call this ‘normal’ fun.” Pointing her toes toward me, she began to wiggle them into my crotch. “Can you believe it’s only eight? I wonder if mom and dad are awake. Maybe they went to their bedroom.”

“Um, ye-yeah. Maybe.” Ashley’s feet danced dangerously close to my erection. It never fully subsided since we left the living room. 

In her infamously sweet voice, she asked, “Can you take off my socks for me?” With a small nod, I pinched the tips of her toes and discarded the feathery white rolls in the corner of my room. “Now, about that massage you promised me.”

I remembered our arrangement from the drive home but couldn’t quite put my finger on the promise part of the deal. Regardless, with the way Ashley was nibbling on her lower lip, I would’ve promised her anything.

Attending to her left foot first, I pressed my thumbs on the pliable flesh above her heel. Every one of her toes curled inward as I kneaded in small circular motions.

“Isn’t this fun, Tiger?”

“Loads of fun.” The devotion she sought from me was hers for the taking. I wanted to give my princess the royal treatment she deserved.

Continuing in circles with my left thumb, I plucked her tiny pinky toe between my right fingers. I wagged the toe back and forth a few times before moving onto the next one. I played with all five toes equally, giving one no more and no less attention than the other. If it hadn’t been for her soft moaning, I probably would’ve forgotten I was supposed to be giving her a massage and toyed with her soft toes for hours on end.

Having spent ample time on one foot, I found the other trembling in need of my affection. My eyes traced her ankles and slender legs to her hips and smiling face. She lay on her back with her hands above her head. Her pink tee had risen past her belly, uncovering a canvas of sinless skin. Her peach-colored curves were undeniable against the dark blue sheets. The gorgeous minx dozing on my bed enraptured my soul.

“I love the way your eyes feast on me,” Ashley purred, her sultry tone masking her for an experienced woman twice her age.

I grinned at the likelihood of feasting on her for real. Her lips have only been the appetizer for the main course. I wanted to devour her supple breasts. I wanted to luxuriate in the small valley between them. I wanted to trail kisses down to her most private of areas and taste her greatest inner desires.

But I was getting ahead of myself. I needed to finish giving my sister the massage I promised her. Focusing on the task at hand, I treated her right food as majestically as I did her left. Ashley squirmed more so than she did a minute ago, even though my technique remained relatively unchanged.

“Scoot back a bit,” I suggested. Ashley bent her knees as I rolled my chair toward the bed. She crawled backwards until her legs lay flat on the mattress. “More comfortable?”

She fluffed a pillow beneath her head. “Mm-hmm. You’re so thoughtful.”

“I try to treat others the way I want to be treated.”

“That’s a new one. Did mom and dad teach you that?”

“Yeah. When I started kindergarten.”

Ashley giggled quietly. “Mmm, this feels great. I’ll be sure to return the favor.”

“Isn’t this supposed to make up for the massage you gave me last night?”

“That massage was more for me than it was for you. It felt wicked letting myself go on top my big hunky brother. It wouldn’t be fair to hold it against you.”

I was so preoccupied with caressing her heels I almost missed what she called me. “Oh I can believe it all right. But you shouldn’t underestimate your power over me. It felt fantastic for me, too.”

“You really mean that?”

“Best massage I ever had,” I firmly replied.

“You sure know how to make a girl feel like a million bucks.”

“Then I must be doing a crappy job with this massage ’cause you’re worth way more than that.”

I triumphantly evoked a laugh from my darling sibling. “How easy is it for you to make me laugh? Because I can’t stop doing it when I’m with you.”

“I’m only telling you what I’m feeling. There’s nothing complicated about that. What I feel is… what I feel. It’s as natural as breathing.”

“There’s a lot more to you than meets the eye.”

I chuckled through my nose. Maybe I was more charming than I’d been giving myself credit for. My dates would disagree, but I wouldn’t be giving my sister a sensuous massage if I’d hit it off with some other girl. Blessings in disguises, that’s what they were. Ashley’s the only woman I was destined to love.

Glancing at my clock beside the bed, I figured I’d been caressing her feet for over ten minutes. It was more than I predicted, but the night was still young and our fun didn’t need to be rushed. I would have all the time in the universe to enjoy the rest of her body.

I initially planned to caress her legs and up her thighs. As I slipped my hands through the flared sleeves of her jeans, my fingertips encountered into a tricky obstacle. “Ashley, I can’t go any higher. Your pants are skintight.”

“What do you suggest we do?” she asked calmly, teetering on the brink of full relaxation.

“I could massage over your jeans, but I don’t think you really want me to do that.” I demonstrated the shoddy technique by rubbing her calves through the sturdy garment. Compared to her skin, my palms felt like they were scraping against sandpaper.

“Isn’t there another option?”

I didn’t bother sugarcoating what I wished for. “You could take them off.”

“Take them off?” Ashley feigned surprise. “Is that all you can think about? Getting in my pants?”

“It’s only my advice. If you rather keep them on, I can deal with that.”

My words fell on deaf ears. Ashley’s hands descended to the front of her jean. Her agile fingers unbuckled the studded white leather belt. As the metal clasps came apart, she pulled the strap from around her waist. A glaring gold button gleamed below her more adorable belly button. All it took was a small snap to make the tiny barrier disappear from the picture.

The only hurdle left was a thin row of copper teeth. Pinching the zipper handle, Ashley guided the key downwards, exposing an ever-growing patch of pink with every opening of a hook. Her hips rose from my bed. Inch by slow inch, she eased her pants down her thighs. Letting go of her ankles, I leaned back to enjoy the rest of the show. Ashley stopped when her jeans reached her knees. “Can you help me finish?”

I nodded, my shaky hands reaching for the waistband. As I pulled it down, I nearly came in my pants. It was the simplest and most erotic striptease I had ever seen.

“Is this better for the massage? I hope I didn’t make it harder for you.”

Ashley had no idea just how hard she made it for me. God, she looked un-fucking-believable. I’ve done my fair share of groveling when she wore tight shorts and hiphuggers, but nothing could’ve prepared me for the sight of her in lace panties. She posed with one leg straight out, the other bent, and forearms crossed under her breasts. The models in Victoria’s Secret catalogues couldn’t compare to the sexiness of my sister. Ashley was a perfect pink wet dream, and I was quickly becoming a huge fan of the color.

“Let’s forget the massage,” she said, beckoning me with her hand. “There’s something else I need right now.”

I eagerly wanted continue the massage now that Ashley was undressed from the waist down, but considering she hadn’t disappointed me yet, I decided it would be in my interest to follow her lead. I crawled on top of her, keeping my eyes on her panties during the ascent. Ashley cupped my chin and steered me to her face. She didn’t need to give me any more orders on what to do next. I dove down to her lips and covered them with mine.

An “mmmph” was the only sound Ashley could make. Reaching under my shirt, she wrapped her arms around my back and yanked me down until our chests met. Her hands moved along my spine, her nails grazing my muscles. I may have initiated the kiss, but she was quick to take control. She rolled us over and lay on top me. I held her hips and felt the thin string of her underwear. Moving lower, I grabbed two handfuls of her bare ass. 

“Ah, you’re so naughty,” she cried.

“I can’t help it. You kind of have that effect on me.”

“No kidding. Your cock is rock hard.”

It was the first time Ashley explicitly mentioned my cock, and the first time I heard her say the word. Hearing it in such a sweet voice drove me into a frenzy. I groped her flesh as her head dove to the base of my neck. She licked upward to my mouth, sliding her hands out of my shirt. One of her hands joined the fun with mine on her ass. The other slipped between us to size up my hard-on. My erection jumped at her touch.

Ashley giggled into my mouth. “Do you want me to take it out?”

“Hell yes.”

“This is going be the first one I see up close. I never expected it to be yours, although I’ve dreamed about it so many times.”

“I could say the same. There were a lot of things I haven’t been expecting until you flipped my world upside-down.”

“Was it for the better?”


Ashley lifted herself off of me and sat between my legs on her knees. She grabbed the top of my shorts, pausing for a few seconds to stare at the tent my erection made. “It’s already bigger than I imagined it would be.” I bent my knees and raised my hips as she had done earlier, allowing her to pull my shorts down. My cock bobbed beneath my boxers. It was on the verge of passing through the front opening.

“The anticipation is killing me, Tiger.”

“Now you know how I feel every time I look at you.”

Ashley placed her right hand on my erection, tracing it down my left thigh. Her thumb pressed against the head through the flimsy fabric, causing a bit of precum to spill out. My sister could feel it being absorbed into my boxers. “And what would this fluid be? A good sign, I hope?” As she continued to stroke my cock, I struggled to hold in the rest of my cum. The feeling of a woman’s hand on my erection was unreal, and this was only the tip of the iceberg compared to what we may be doing in the near future.

Bending down for a closer inspection, Ashley sniffed the scent of my cum. “The smell, it’s so strong. You barely orgasmed, too.”

“It’s precum, not an orgasm, and I’m doing my best to control it.”

“Oh. It seems you have a lot to teach me.” Images of my sister in a collegegirl outfit flooded my mind. My cock spurted two more drips of precum. “Wow, I felt it jump. Don’t tell me it gets bigger.”

“It’s already bigger than normal.”

“Maybe if I let it out in the open, it’ll have room to grow.” My sister released her grip on her new toy. I raised my hips, aching to have her take off my boxers. Instead, she reached inside the slit, her fingertips barely making contact with my hot cock. Again, a spurt. “Calm down, Tiger, or else there won’t be any left for me.”

I held my breath as Ashley gently grasped my cock in her fingers. With a tug, she pulled it out from its confines, finally visible to the goddess that had caused it so many erections. I expelled a sigh of relief for not cumming instantly.

“So this is what it looks like. Have you ever measured it?” she asked.

“I never got around to it,” I lied. The first time I became curious about its size was when I was thirteen. It had clearly grown since then, now over half a foot long and a healthy girth all around. I’d never been as excited as I was at that moment, however, and I was willing to bet an extra inch was added on.

“I’ll help you measure it the next time I see it.” Ashley waved my throbbing rod side to side, occasionally letting it go to watch it spring back to its neutral position. “Talk about hard. This thing could really hurt me if I smack it on my lips.”

Another dribble poured out. Was she actually going to give me my first blowjob?

“Oh, and I’m only talking about it.” She eased her grip on me, using only her thumb to trace the length of my cock. “Can I have a closer look?”

Ashley leaned forward, her head hovering inches above the tip. It took all my willpower to refrain from letting loose all over her face. But damn, would I love to see her splattered in my cum. I felt guilty for just thinking about it. I revered my sister endlessly, yet the image of her soiled in my cream was all I could see.

With the end of her left sleeve, my sister pressed it against the top of my cock, soaking up the precum. Bringing it to her mouth, she poked her tongue out to lick it. “Hmph, I think I need a bigger sample,” she pouted. “Is it weird I’m afraid to touch it but I want to taste it?” Her mouth moved closer to the head until I could feel her breathing on it. My dick twitched at the sensation. “Like that, huh?” She pursed her lips and blew a hot stream of air over the tip. Ashley reminded me of a ten year-old blowing out the candles to a birthday cake. The orange glow from the lamp enhanced the illusion she really was in front of candlelight. “How’s your nose?”
I couldn’t stop myself from laughing at her random question. “My nose is fine. It doesn’t feel a thing.” My arms could’ve been ripped off and I wouldn’t notice them missing.

“Good, so there’s nothing bothering you.”

“Besides my urge to cum, nope, not a thing.”

“What’s stopping you?” Ashley squeezed the base of cock between her thumb and main finger. “That is what I’m trying to get you to do.”

“Um, yeah, I can see that, but I’m trying to last as long as I can. At least until you, ah, do whatever it is you want to do with it.”

“Guess it’s time for me to speed things up,” she said, enclosing her hand tightly around my burning shaft.

“Ah fuck,” I yelped. My entire body jumped off the bed.

“Oooh, I never knew it could get so hot. I wonder what it’ll feel like inside of me.”

That was the breaking point. I couldn’t bear the pressure anymore. It didn’t matter how tightly Ashley clasped onto my cock, my rush of thick cum couldn’t be contained. The first stream shot out like a bullet, hitting her under the chin and ending on the right of her neck. Ashley moved her body over my pulsating cock, aiming it toward her chest, but not before a second spurt landed precisely center of her neck. The next four blasts plastered her shirt, leaving a huge coat of white.

Ashley looked down at my still rock-solid shaft. Her tight grip had prevented me from completely emptying my load. The gallon of goo on her chest began to drip onto my boxers. The milky globs beneath her chin seeped into her shirt collar.

“That was amazing. I felt each spurt going through your cock as you came. There’s so much of it, I could feel it on my skin. It’s even hotter than your cock.” Ashley wiped the remaining deposit of cum across her chest with her left hand. I couldn’t tell if she was trying to clean it off or smear it on. “And it looks like I might get more. Fuck, it’s so sticky.” She held out her cum-covered palm to me. Strands of white connected her fingers together. “Aren’t you going to say something?”

I had a few things I wanted to tell her, like how sexy she looked in my spunk, how I wanted to shove my cock in her mouth and blow a proper load over her face, how I wanted to bend her over and make sure we both lost our virginity in a regal fuck we’d never forget. As she retracted her hand to observe my cum, I said, “That was a lot of fun.”

“Glad you enjoyed it. I had fun, too.” She sniffed her hand. “I thought the smell was strong before but this is way stronger. It’s like… smells like… well, I’m not sure what it smells like. But it’s something I should get used to, right? Since I’ll be seeing a lot more of it.”

“How often do you think this will happen?”

“Every week, every day, every hour,” Ashley said, her right hand moving along my pole. “As long as it’s with you, I don’t care.”

“Every hour might be asking for a little too much but I think I can manage every day.”

“My friends would get such a huge kick out of this if they knew what I’m doing with you.”

“You’re going to tell your friends about us?” I should’ve freaked out at the possibility, but having my cock in her hand took the edge off things.

“No, of course not. They’d get jealous if I did. How many girls can say they have their own personal living sex toy one room away?”

“Since when did I become a sex toy?”

Ashley mistakenly thought I was being serious. “I’m sorry, I didn’t think you would get mad at being-“

“Mad? Heck no, I actually like the idea of being called that. Sure beats being your dorky, nerdy brother.”

“‘Dorky’ and ‘nerdy’ count as one, remember?”

“You are truly an amazing gal.”

Ashley smiled at the compliment. It was the same smile that had brightened my day on so many occasions before, yet this one seemed new and different at the same time. And no, it wasn’t because of her white necklace.

Even in the midst of a slow handjob, our leisurely chitchat tamed my lust, allowing me to enjoy her gentle touch the way she intended. Ashley stroked at a steady pace, but it was clear, looking into her eyes, she was more fascinated with something else. Opening and closing her cream-coated hand, my sister tested my seed’s stickiness.

“Do you need a towel?” I asked her.

“Unh-uh, that’s the last thing I need. This is a lot of fun to play with.”

It was weird seeing her more interested in my cum than my cock, but if it meant being jerked off until she got more of what she wanted, that was perfectly fine with me. I closed my eyes and relaxed in the comfort I was in good hands. Watching Ashley in her state of discovery had overloaded my sense of sight. Right now, I wanted to focus on her touch.

“Hmm, guess I should taste it now.”

My eyes popped open immediately. This was one thing I didn’t want to miss.

“Awake now? Want to see your baby sister taste her big brother’s milk?”

Like she wouldn’t believe. I nodded excitedly, our eyes locking together.

Ashley extended her tongue, licking from her wrist to the tip of her middle finger. Her stroking on my erection ceased, but her tight grip remained. She moved her hand away from her mouth, showing me the pool of jizz on her curled tongue.

Ahhh,” she sounded, pretending to be a patient at a doctor’s office. As if my cum was her medicine, Ashley drew her tongue back, getting her first real taste of heavy semen. I observed the faint outline of her tongue pushing against her cheeks as she rolled the goo around the inside of her mouth. She swallowed with a loud gulp, making sure I heard exactly what she did.

Ashley let out another “ahhh” with a seductive grin. “Mmm, I can get used to this. I’m not even done eating it all and you’re already giving me more.”

I looked down at my rigid cock. A thick white stream dribbled from the tip, flowing over her thumb and onto my balls. “Oh fuck,” I muttered.

Ashley vivaciously savored her second dessert of the evening. Each lick of her left hand came quicker and louder than the last. When the final glob entered her throat, she dreamily sighed, “This is so much yummier than ice cream. Do you mind if I get more?”

Ashley didn’t wait for my answer. Switching her saliva-drenched hand with the one slicked in precum, she sucked on her right thumb, humming energetically. My eyes didn’t spend much time staring at her glistened lips. They were drawn to my erection, doused with the spit on her hands. Thanks to the extra lubrication, my sister was able to stroke me more vigorously.

Until a couple minutes ago, I was pretty calm, thinking it’d be a while before I was ready for another orgasm. Ashley’s willingness to please, however, proved to be too much for me to handle and a new load of cum churned inside of me, ready to erupt any second.

Although only her thumb had been covered in my seed, Ashley licked her entire right hand. As she reached for my cock, I understood why she was eager to wet her palm and fingers. I held my breath in anticipation. With one hand over the other, she double-fisted my shaft.

“Goddamn,” I groaned, wincing at the mercy of an angel. Ashley twisted her hands around my pole, the sounds of her wet stroking permeating throughout the room. Treading on the verge of another outburst, I closed my eyes, hoping I might be able to suppress my urges if I couldn’t see her. But my plan failed miserably. My nerves magnified, taking in the full potency of Ashley’s touch.

Right before I was about to explode, Ashley removed her top hand from my cock. I didn’t know whether I should be begging her to put it back or be grateful to her for letting go. Opening my eyes to see where her other hand went, I moaned at the erotic imagery in front of me. Ashley had her head tilted back, her teeth over her lower lip, and her fingers deep inside her panties, rubbing her pussy raw.

The air was filled with the musky scent of our juices. The sloppy noises of our fluids splashing against skin echoed off the walls.

Shamelessly, she pleaded, “Cum for me, Tiger, I’m so wet for you. Let me have it.”

“Fuck, this feels so incredible. I can’t hold it in.”

“Don’t hold it in. Don’t make me wait.” Her hand became a blur on my cock. “I need you to cum for me. Please show your sister how much you love her. Show her you’ll do anything for her. Cover her in your hot cum. I’m yours forever.”

Her intense words defiled my mind with desires to shower every inch of her in my spunk. Her lips, ass, chest, and hair… no part of her body would be safe from my hormones. It’d happen soon, we both knew it. We both wanted it.

“I’m gonna, I’m gonna… oh shit, here it comes.”

“Yes, give it to me.” Ashley lowered her face over my cock, her mouth wide-open with her tongue sticking out.

“Oh god.” I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My sister was craving for me to give her a milky facial. Like a rocket, my first blast launched straight up to her top lip, most of it landing on her tongue.

My sister didn’t slow her stroking one bit as I discharged my load. Instead, she stroked my shaft more furiously, causing the second blast to completely miss her mouth and splatter her right cheek. The next shot didn’t come any closer to hitting its mark. It coated the upper part of her nose. Aiming lower, the fourth spurt found its target perfectly, firing into her waiting mouth.

None of my fantasies could compare to watching my sister receive an actual face full of gooey cum. I released so much of my cream on her pretty features, I felt like I was having a third orgasm. After she received my fifth, sixth, and seventh rope of jizz, my sister became almost unrecognizable. Her lower mouth was completely covered in my sperm. It started to drip from her chin. My eighth and final spurt left a long trail of cum stretching from under her nose to her left eye.

The entire time I was gushing, Ashley had her eyes shut.

My sister sat silently, her chest heaving in sync with mine. Using her fingers, she scooped up the dense liquid from her chin to her mouth. The amount of cum was staggering. It almost overfilled her jaw. Ashley wiped the remaining goo off her cheeks and shoved it into her mouth, leaving the biggest mess above her nose alone. In one mighty gulp, she swallowed the massive load. I wouldn’t be able to jerk off a decent dose for the next two weeks, but seeing her glazed face was well worth the fee.

“Brian…” Ashley whispered.

“Yes? What is it?”

“I’m tired.”

Ashley collapsed between my legs, her head inches from my softening member. Her left cheek was reapplied with the cum on my boxers that had fallen from her face. Taking deep breaths to get my heart rate back to normal, I forced myself to sit up. I felt pitifully weak, more so than the previous night. Cradling her shoulders, I gently laid my sister on her back. I observed both of her hands. One was covered in my cum, the other in a clearer, slicker fluid.

I crept to my desk in search of a tissue box, only to find an empty spot for where I normally kept mine. Ashley must’ve taken it earlier for my accident. Grabbing a small hand towel from my drawer, I dabbed it along her face and neck, trying my hardest not to disturb her slumber. I couldn’t clean her perfectly since my cum had already begun drying on her neck, but it was enough to veil what we’d been doing.

“Oh man,” I sighed, “I need a drink.” Changing out of my cumstained boxers, I headed to the kitchen for a can of soda.

Much to my surprise, when I passed the living room, I learned my parents still asleep. “They won’t suspect a thing,” I thought fortunately.

Opening the refrigerator door was like opening the gates to a miniature version of heaven. A bright light, a cool chill, and a dozen cans of Pepsi awaited me on the other side. Heaven couldn’t really be heaven without Ashley, but the fridge came in a close second. I grabbed a can, broke in the lid, and drank half the beverage before succumbing to brain freezes. Unsure of how long my sister’s nap would last, I snatched another can for her just in case.

“Now what,” I asked myself, placing the drinks on my desk. My Saturday nights had usually been spent battling virtual dragons with my online buddies until nine or ten, at which point the evening would end in Ashley’s room doing whatever. “Nine-fifteen. Maybe I’ll log on and see what they’re up to.”

What the hell was I thinking? I just had two mind-blowing orgasms with a total babe and now I was going to play a computer game? What could I say, it was my first time and I had no idea what I should’ve been doing afterwards.

Logging into my computer took an exceptionally long time. I kept mistyping the password. “Damn it, I should just get rid of it. I’m the only one who uses my computer anyway.” It took me ten error screens to realize I had been entering my e-mail password. 

Shortly after my wallpaper loaded up, I heard footsteps from the hallway, followed by mom’s tired voice. “I’m going to say good night to the kids. I’ll be there in a second, Richy.”

Knock, knock.

“Brian, Ashley, your father and I are heading to bed. Is there anything else you guys need? Ashley’s with you, right?”

Normally we said our good nights face to face, but I had no intention of getting up to open the door. “Yeah, Ashley’s here. And no, we don’t need anything. Good night, mom.”

Apparently she couldn’t settle with saying good night through the door. I heard the knob turning and swiveled my chair to watch it open. “Okay, good night, Brian. Good night, Ash… Brian, why is your sister in her underwear?”
Oh no, please no. Don’t tell me my mother really asked that.
Looking over at Ashley, I nearly fell out of my chair. How could I’ve been so careless? I forgot to cover my sister up. The moist spots on her shirt weren’t visible in the low lighting, but her bare legs clad in pink panties definitely were. Exactly how was I supposed to break this down to mom?
“I can explain,” I began. “She and I were, I was…” My voice trailed off as my brain drew blanks. I couldn’t come up with anything reasonable to tell her. Our intimacy had lasted less than a day and I already ruined the whole affair.
As grieve-stricken as I was, my mother’s countenance hardly changed since she intruded my room. “You don’t have to make excuses for her,” she assured. “Your father and I haven’t really cared much before but it looks like I’ll need to have a chat with her.”
Huh? What was she talking about? Did my parents suspect something?
“Ashley always parades the house in her underwear during these summer months. Sometimes I wish I could do that when it gets increasingly hot, but she needs to be a little more careful. Other people live here as well. And what if we have guests over, like you invited some of your friends.”
Frankly, I don’t think my friends would complain if they saw Ashley in her panties. “Don’t be hard on her, mom. It doesn’t bother me that much, and I’m kind of used to it.” Ain’t that the truth.
“Maybe so, but not all of us can be as strong-minded as you. She’s still getting a lecture from me. When she wakes up, tell her I what I said, okay? And Brian?”
“Yes, mom?”
“You should really open the window. It smells a little damp in here.”
“Will do. Good night.”
As my mom closed the door behind her, a soft voice called my name.
I turned toward my bed. “Ashley, did you hear all of that?”
“Mm-hmm, all of it. I thought it was pretty funny. I can’t believe you didn’t cover me up,” she said, sitting up cross-legged. 
“Yeah, I can’t believe it either. I’m not very good at this, being my first time and all.”
“It won’t be the last.” Ashley found the towel I had used to clean her and wiped her hands dry with it. “I have to admit, when mom asked you why I was in my underwear, I got a little turned on.” 
“You’re kidding me.” She shook her head in objection. “Mom sounded pretty serious for once.”
“When mom wants to have a talk, it’s nothing more than a few lines of her eternal wisdom,” Ashley said sarcastically. “We actually had this talk already.”
“Yet you still parade around in your underwear?”
“You told mom you don’t mind.”
“I don’t, but I’m worried one of these days I might lose control of myself and do something I shouldn’t. Like when you’re watch TV in the living room in nothing but your tiny top and tiny shorts and… well, you get the idea.”
Ashley bit the end of her right finger. “Not really. Tell me more.”
“Um, it’s just, you look so tempting at times I can’t help it if I want to see more of you.”
She uncrossed her legs and spread her thighs apart. “How much more?” Her panties, soaked in her juices, were nearly see-through. There didn’t appear to be a single hair beneath the translucent fabric.
“Th-that’s plenty for now.” I was miraculously getting hard again, but I didn’t want to push it any further. Even if I were somehow able to cum for a third time, there’d hardly be anything to spurt.
“Okay, just let me know when.” Closing her thighs, “Is that Pepsi for me?”
“Oh, yeah. It is.” I picked up the unopened can and tossed it in her direction. “I thought maybe you’d be thirsty.”
Ashley caught it easily in her lap. “I think I had enough to drink tonight.” She brushed the can against her neck, wetting her skin with the cold perspiration. Raising the bottom of her shirt to her neck, she wiped herself dry, revealing her taut abs. “But something cooler would be nice.”
“You can say that again.” We each took a sip of our sodas.
My sis peered at the monitor behind me. “What are you up to, Bry?”
I swiveled to my mouse and keyboard. “Nothing important. I was about to turn on some music. Anything specific you want me to play?”
“Anything with Jan Johnston. Her vocals are amazing.” I searched through my music library and queued her tracks on a play list. “It’s easy to fall asleep to this,” Ashley continued. “Sometimes I play her songs the whole night so I can wake up to it in the morning.” She fell backward onto my bed. “Do you mind if I sleep with you tonight?”
“Aren’t you worried about what our parents would think if they saw us sleeping together?”
“Mom saw me sleeping in here already. We can tell her you couldn’t carry me to my room, or you were watching TV while you waited for me and fell asleep.”
Ashley could explain things so simply sometimes I wondered how her ideas would ever work out. Yet, for some reason, I always ended up going along with them. “Ok, but you’ll need to put some clothes on. It’ll be weird if they caught you still in your underwear.”
“Can I wear your clothes? I don’t want to leave for a second.”
“Um, sure. I guess.” I dashed to my dresser and dug for something that would fit her. Unearthing an old pair of high college gym shorts, I handed them to her and suggested, “Try these on.”
Ashley held the waistband apart to inspect it. “They’re the same ones I had to wear in college. A few sizes too big but this will fit.”
I waited for her to try them on, but she just lay there staring at me. “Aren’t you going to put them on?”
“I need a new shirt.”
“Oh, right.” Smacking my forehead, I returned to the dresser and back again with a simple gray cotton T-shirt.
Ashley sat up to put them on. “No peeking,” she told me, waving a finger in the air. I found the request silly, having seen more than an eyeful of her already, but stared at the ground anyway. When her pink shirt landed at my feet, she announced, “Okay, done.”
My clothes didn’t seem that much larger on Ashley’s small frame. Since I had physical education for only my first two years of high college, my sister had a few extra years to mature into them. I couldn’t tell how snug the shorts were because she was sitting down, although I could see the shirt hanging loose over her chest. It was barely long enough to hide her panties had she not worn the shorts.
“Brian, if it’s okay, can I sleep now? I know it’s only nine-“
“Go ahead, Sis. It’s fine. I’ll try to be quiet.”
“Thanks. I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night. The only thing I could think about was how’d you react this morning.” My sister cuddled up with my blanket. There were a few white spots on it, but she didn’t seem to care nor notice. “I don’t think I’ll have any problems sleeping tonight.”
From my chair, I watched Ashley close her eyes and enter a peaceful state of bliss. Not another sound came from my bed. I sat there for who knows how long before being overtaken by drowsiness. Turning off the computer monitor and lamp, I crawled beneath my blanket. Ashley was courteous enough to sleep on one of half of the mattress, but I didn’t want to end the night with any space between us. Scooting closer to her until our faces lay inches apart, I faintly smelled my scent from her mouth.

The past twenty-four hours had been one hell of a ride and I wondered what the following day would bring me. Ashley has been–and always would be–a big part of my life. Till then, all I had were games and grades. I’ve had a crush on my sister since we were young teens and I thought my obsession would be nothing more than a what-if. Now that what-if has become a will-be. The possibilities were endless and I couldn’t wait.
I soon joined Ashley in dreamland with a serene smile across my face

What a beautiful Sunday morning to wake up to! Sun was shining, birds were singing, and I was feeling fan-fricking-tastic. And what better feeling is there than waking up with my lovely sister cuddled in my arms? Sunday may be the start of a new week for most people, but that Sunday marked the beginning of a new life for me.

“Rise and shine, mister,” Ashley mumbled, her back against me.

I placed my chin on her shoulder and found her eyes still shut. “How did you know I was awake?”

“Call it a woman’s intuition. I love how you hold me like this.” She held my hand firmly above her belly, her thumb stroking my palm. “I want to wake up like this everyday, forever and ever.”

“Forever is a long time.”

She opened her eyes as she turned her face to me. “What time is it?”

“It’s not even eight. We both went to sleep early.”

Ashley lowered her shoulder and pulled me on top of her. I wasted no time in covering her open mouth with mine. My tongue slipped between her lips, forcefully licking every spot. Her moans, combined with the soft breasts against my chest, did wonders for my morning wood.

For once, it was my sister who ended our fun early. “I hope my breath doesn’t stink. I haven’t brushed my teeth since yesterday morning.”

“You stopped me just to say that? Here’s what I think about it.” Resealing her lips with mine, I probed the inside of her mouth even more rigorously. I didn’t care if the aftertaste of my cum lingered on her tongue. I wanted to show her I was willing to do anything to satisfy her.

Ashley gave my butt a small squeeze, causing me to thrust into her groin. She whimpered sharply. “Mmm, you’re so hard. Do you need me to relieve it?”

“I think I should do this alone. I really need to use the restroom.”

“I’ll go with you. I need to freshen up, too.”

I held Ashley’s hand as I helped her off the bed. She crossed her right arm under my left, nestling her head on my shoulder. We walked to the bathroom side by side.

“Mom and dad aren’t awake yet,” Ashley whispered, pointing at their closed door.

“Let’s keep it that way,” I whispered back. Turning on the bathroom light, I made a beeline to the toilet.

Our bathroom is very spacious, almost like it’s two in one. The counter has two sinks and it wasn’t unlikely for both to be preoccupied on college mornings. Behind a mosaic glass door is another room, big enough to be a separate bathroom, for the shower. It even has it’s own lock, so it’s possible for Nikky, Ashley, and me to be in the bathroom all at once, although we have unwritten rule stating if anyone is taking a shower, we don’t enter at all unless it’s an emergency.

It was a little awkward urinating with Ashley in the room. The counter covered my lower half from anyone who may be at the sink, but the door was generally locked whenever the toilet was in use. She made no attempt to peak at me, however.

Ashley brushed her teeth with an electronic toothbrush, leaving the sink running to drown out the sound of my business. When I finished, I stood beside her with my own battery-powered brush, mimicking her movements. She caught on quickly. “Ha ha, fery funny, mifter,” she said, her mouth foaming with bubbles.

Rinsing my mouth, “What? I’m just trying to brush my teeth.”

“Oh ya?” Rinsing just as hurriedly, she took another mouthful of water and spouted it at me.

The jet of water hit my arm and sleeve. “Ah! I can’t believe you did that. You’re in trouble now.”

Ashley stuck out her tongue. “What are you going to do about it, huh?”

“Something like this.” I filled my plastic cup with some water and flung it toward her. I wanted to splash her arm like she had done to me, but before the water could land on her, she turned her body toward me, letting it wet the front of her shirt instead. It wasn’t a lot of water, but it was enough to make the fabric cling to her skin, and I could see the light purplish coloring of her right bra cup beneath it.

“Look at what you did!” Ashley gasped. The bra became more visible as she stretched the top and bottom of the shirt. “Now I need to change. Or maybe,” tapping her breast, “I should walk around the house like this and show mom and dad what you did to me.” 

I grabbed a towel and used it to hide my growing erection as I tried to hand it to her. “You remember what mom said last night, don’t you?”

Ashley refused to take the towel and began to casually brush her hair. Not that it needed any work in the first place. “About me wearing nothing but underwear around the house? Of course I do, but this time it’s your fault.”

The thought of my sister purposely exposing herself excited me, even after considering whom it’ll be in front of. Two can play this game. “Okay, let’s go. I might as well enjoy the view while I can.”

“Hmph, alrighty then.” Ashley put her brush down and I followed her bouncing butt to the kitchen.

Yesterday’s full course breakfast was a rare treat; a real meal in the morning doesn’t happen often in our house. Today, Frosted Flakes were the only thing on the menu.

Ashley placed the milk and cereal box on the table. “It’s so sunny outside. Makes me wish we had a swimming pool.”

I set two bowls and spoons and sat beside her, taking note of her dried shirt. “Me too. I would love to see you in a bikini.”

She poured cereal into each of the bowls. “One problem.”

Returning the favor by pouring the milk, “And what would that be?”

“I don’t have a bikini.”

“Really? Your closet is packed with clothes. I thought you’d have something for any occasion.”

“Well, it’s not that I don’t have any swimwear. It’s that they’re all one-pieces.”

Thinking back on the few times we have swum together, it’s true I’d never seen Ashley in a bikini. I simply figured it’s because she was in front of the family and didn’t want to reveal too much. But even when her taut tummy was covered up in a bright yellow Lycra swimsuit, she looked absolutely radiant. Those rare vacation breaks were the closest I’ve gotten to seeing her impeccable physique without any extra clothes to hide her graceful curves. Then to watch her rise up out of the water with her golden hair clinging against her face and little droplets shimmering all over her skin was more than enough to keep me from getting out of the water myself.

“Brian, can you take me shopping for one? You can help me pick something you like.”

“What, a bikini? You trust me enough to make a decision like that?”

“It’ll be a special one I’ll wear only for you. After all, you did bring up the topic. Think of it as my early birthday present. What do you say?”

Sure, I might’ve seen my sister in lingerie once or twice now, but a bikini is an entirely different matter of the utmost importance! It’s my civil duty to take her shopping for a set. “Sounds great. And I assume you want to go to the beach, too?”

“Yep. Let’s go whenever mom and dad take their vacation. Then we can have our own.”

“That sounds even better. How long have you been planning this out?”

“It’s been on my mind for awhile. You know, the past two minutes and all.”

Ashley and I chuckled together. We never would’ve had this sort of conversation prior to that weekend. Now it feels natural, like we’re a real couple.

As we were about to finish our small breakfast, I heard feet shuffling in the hallway.

Our mom, Helena, yawned when she saw us. She had one hand behind her long blonde scraggly hair — looking even worse than mine — and the other over her mouth. “Oh, good morning, kids. You’re both up early.” She tightened the light blue robe around her waist.

Our dad, Richard, was following closely behind her with one hand scratching his belly. He was walking on the ends of his green plaid pajamas and looked like he would trip on them any second. “I must still be sleeping. The kids are never up before us.”

Taking the empty bowls to the sink, I remarked, “That’s right, you’re both dreaming. How about you two head back to your bedroom and sleep some more.”

“Feisty this morning, aren’t we,” Helena joked. She and our dad took a seat across from Ashley. “Brian, just leave the bowls here. I think we’re in the mood for some cereal.”

“Sure thing.” I returned to the table with the bowls.

Ashley stood up, twisting her upper body to her left until it cracked loudly. Then she twisted to her right, making another cracking noise. “Ah, much better.”

Dad shuddered uncomfortably. “Ugh, I don’t get how you can crack your bones like that and not permanently injure yourself. Fingers I can understand, but not your back.”

“It doesn’t hurt, daddy. Brian and I had a reeeally tense night last night.” Ashley stretched her arms high above her head, raising the oversized shirt just enough to show her peachy midriff. My shorts barely clung to her hips. A slight tug and they would’ve fallen to the floor. But I wasn’t able to concentrate on Ashley’s body; I was more worried about what she would say next.

“And what were you lovebirds do-” Dad stopped mid-sentence. “Are you wearing your brother’s clothing,” he suddenly asked, crunching on a mouthful of cornflakes.

“Yes, I’m wearing his clothes. Don’t I look cute it them?” My sister spun around to show them off.

“Looks a little big on you,” mom said to her. Facing me now, “Any reason why she’s wearing your things?”

I didn’t know if Ashley was trying to make me sweat or she’s actually clueless, but if it’s the former, she’s doing a damn good job of it. Letting my sister “expose” herself didn’t seem like such a great idea anymore. “They, uh, don’t fit me anymore. So in-instead of throwing them away, I asked if she, um, wanted to take them. And she did. So now she’s wearing them.” While I told our parents this, Ashley nodded at my every word.

Mom narrowed her eyes, giving us the detective look that suspects there’s more to it than that. Before she could speak, our dad came to the rescue and cut her off. “Helen, honey, leave them alone. Let them wear whatever they want. I just noticed Ashley’s clothes looked a little large, that’s all.”

“All right, all right, I don’t really care anyway. Better than throwing it out, I suppose.” She gave her bowl a few stirs with her spoon. “Did either of you bring in the newspaper yet? I need to find some shoe sales.”

“Not yet but Brian and I will get it.” Ashley placed her hands on my shoulders and quickly pushed me through the living room and out the front door. Behind us, I could hear dad scold mom about her shoe-buying antics.

Once we were clear of the door, I abruptly dug my heels into the ground.

“Brian, why’d you stop?” Ashley let go of my shoulders, continuing ahead of me toward the driveway.

“Ash, don’t walk away from me. Are you trying to get us caught?” I grabbed her right wrist and she immediately turned around. I was just about ready to tell her exactly how annoyed I was with the way she’s being so careless about our relationship. I may have overlooked her actions before, but I needed to set things straight with her right away.

However, my initial anger subsided into nothingness when I saw Ashley’s face. Her expression wasn’t one of surprise, confusion, or – thank goodness – fear. What I saw was a subtle smile, two beaming eyes, and long flowing tresses carried by the gentle summer breeze over her innocent face. How can I be angry in light of a sublime portrait like that?

Even when something isn’t quite right, there are faint upward curls in the corners of her mouth. “What’s gotten into you? Why are you so riled up all of a sudden?”

“I-I… I don’t know. The things you said a while ago, you have no idea how nervous you made me. It’s like you might as well tell them every little detail about what we were doing last night. Jeez, Ash, ‘we had a really tense night?’ If they think outside the box for one second, they’ll figure out what we’ve been doing, or at the least something else we shouldn’t be.”

“Brian, I think you’re overreacting. In their eyes we’re perfect in every way. How many times do I have to tell you I know the consequences of what we’re doing? It’s not like I want them to find out.” Ashley took a step toward me and held my right hand in her left, entwining our fingers together. “I want to be intimate with you and them knowing will ruin it for me. For us. There are still so many things I haven’t experienced yet. It’s too early to end this.”

“Maybe I am overreacting but just because you don’t think we’ll get caught doesn’t mean we won’t. There’s nothing else I would love to do more than to show the world our affection when we’re out on a date or whatever. It’s when we’re around the house we need to cool it. I… I don’t want this to end either.”

“Oh Bry…” Ashley fell into my chest, hugging her arms around me. I stumbled a step backward. “Do you mean it? About going on a date together?” She gazed into my eyes, searching for an answer.

I immediately straightened myself up. “Y-yeah, I mean it. It’s not like we haven’t gone out together before.”

“But, you mean a real date, right?”

A date… with my sister. Did I really just ask her out? I didn’t intend for the “d” word to actually mean anything when I said it. I wanted to propose a night out for the two of us eventually, but this was hardly the romantic gesture I’ve envisioned. But if Ashley is saying yes, then I’ll gladly accept it. “Yeah, Ashley. A real date.”

Smiling happily, she hid her blushing face in my chest. Till now, my arms had been dangling beside me, somewhat stumped by the change of events. I’ve had never seen my sister like this before. She looked so… cute, almost like she’s a child again. To me she sort of still is. It amazes me how she can balance her youthfulness and maturity together.

Surrounding her shoulders in my arms, I hugged her snugly against me. It seemed like an eternity since I held Ashley like this. She hasn’t left my sight all weekend yet I missed everything about her. For a moment I forgot where we were, why we were even out of the house. “Ash, mom and dad are going to wonder what’s taking us so long.”

She remained steady. “I don’t care about them anymore. They can wait another minute… another lifetime.”

If only things could be that simple. Gazing down at her, I tenderly kissed the top of her golden hair. “What am I going to do with you?”

Ashley lifted her head, still adorning her beautiful smile. As I stared into her glimmering eyes, I regretted feeling what I did minutes ago. She’s grown into such an incredibly smart and sexy gal. There was no mistaking her words, her emotions; she meant everything she’s said to me. It was time I trusted her more.

I gave my sister another small kiss on the forehead, squeezing every last ounce of warmth out of her. With a satisfied sigh, she finally let go. I knew I should’ve done the same, but I wanted to prolong the moment for as long as I could. Turning her around in my arms, I followed her tiny footsteps as she tried to walk in my embrace.

I needed to be more like Ashley.

“Brian, help me out with this,” Ashley called from my computer. “I forgot where I turn in this quest.”

I laid down my magazine and hopped out of my bed to her side.

“Here. Look at your map,” I pointed on the screen. “Whenever you finish a quest, find this yellow dot.”

“And what about these red dots? There’s like twenty of them in the way.”

“Those represent wild beasts. Your character can track where they are.”

“Hmm, all right.” Peering closer to the monitor, my sister resumed her adventurous journey.

After our early morning chore, Ashley and I retreated to my room to do who-knows-what. She made the unusual suggestion of trying out the online phenomenon I’ve been so addicted to over the past few months. Not one to deny her request, I promptly loaded up the game and let her create a new character to try out.

Nearly an hour had passed since she started playing. With nothing else to do, I was skimming through the latest issues of my PC and tech magazines. Only the tapping of the keyboard and mouse clicks kept me from dozing off from boredom. It’s a huge contrast to what I experienced the day before.

Flipping through the pages, an attractive redheaded female in a seductive pose caught my eye. Sex sells, even when it comes to gadgets. The full-figured model sported a sleek MP3 player on her hip.

Ashley’s birthday was coming up in a month and I didn’t have a clue what I should be getting her. The previous year, I bought her a few DVDs for her movie collection, but this time I wanted to get her something really fancy. I should’ve been thinking rings and diamonds instead of electronics, considering where our relationship was headed, but she knows me well enough to understand I’m not that kind of guy. Plus, it might be weird for her to receive expensive jewelry from her brother in front of the parents. Something like a MP3 player would be far less suspicious. Then again…

“Briii-an, I need your help with this.”

I lost count of how many times Ashley had called my name. With every cry for help, I flew to her side, like I was making up for the gaping hole in my childhood illusions of becoming a superhero. I rolled out another chair and sat beside my damsel in distress. “What can I do for you, Ash?”

“This imp-thingy is pissing me off. It keeps calling two more of those monsters to attack me whenever I almost kill it.”

Remembering how much trouble I had with the same creature, I instructed, “That’s because some monsters like to run away when they’re low on health. What you should do is use this skill at the start. Then you use these two to weaken it. Make sure you run way back here when you fight it so it’s too far from his friends. As it runs, use this to slow it down and… Ash? Got that so far?”

Ashley had her left elbow on the edge of the table, her chin in her palm. Her eyebrows were furled in concentration, although confusion was probably the more accurate term. I couldn’t help but notice how charming she looked.

“I don’t understand a word you just said. Why don’t you do it for me,” she suggested.

My geeky side reared its horned-rimmed glasses-wearing head. “All right, scoot over a little. Watch and learn, for I will teach you a valuable lesson.”

Ashley did as she was told and I centered myself in front of the screen. Tilting my head back and forth, I reigned my fingers over my personal domain. Once I get in the zone, nothing can overtake my focus.

But for some reason, my detailed strategy didn’t work out the way I hoped it would, and I ended up dying more than a few times. Ashley found my deaths amusing, however; she laughed a little louder each time my corpse dropped to the ground.

“You’re right, I’m learning so much from you,” she mocked.

“Damn it, I’ll get the bastard. It’s been awhile since I’ve done this and the server is lagging. My latency is like three times higher than usual.”

My concentration broke when I felt something land on my lap. I looked down and spotted both of Ashley’s feet inches from my cock.

“Um, what are you doing?” I asked dryly, watching her toes wiggle sprightly.

She slouched slightly in her chair, stretching her feet toward my growing erection. “You look really cute when you’re angry.”

Glancing behind her at the open door, I repeated, “What are you doing?”

“Shhh,” my sister abruptly sounded. She kicked the side of my chair’s backrest, turning me to face her. With her eyes locked onto the tent in my shorts, she purred, “Let me see what we have here.”

Ashley’s right foot returned to my groin. I gasped inside my mouth, doing my best to keep silent. Voices from the living room TV reminded me we weren’t alone in the house. Using her other foot, she rubbed the length my shaft, which was burning against my inner thigh. The death cry of my character failed to draw my attention.
“Do you feel okay, Brian? You look flustered.”
I couldn’t answer her; I could only stare at her foot teasing me.

After a few painfully slow strokes, Ashley bumped the front of her chair into my legs, her knees bending as we moved closer. She straightened her right leg to my face and lifted my chin with her toes. Sucking the tip of her left pinky in the corner of her mouth, she ran her foot down my chest. “You look really, really cute.”

Ashley sunk lower in her chair as she continued to play with my cock. Both of her feet moved in tandem in an attempt to get me off. At least that’s what I was hoping was her intention. Otherwise I’d be in a very grumpy and bitter mood.

The feeling wasn’t as intense as the messy handjob from last night, but any sort of advance on her end was enough to arouse my senses. Being able to see my sister do this in broad daylight was icing on an already yummy cake. To gaze into her light brown eyes, to lust after her airy lips, to adore her rosy cheeks… she could’ve been sitting there reading a book and I would’ve felt the same way.

Ashley began to stroke my hard-on in opposite directions, moving one foot downwards while the other went up. Occasionally they’d meet in the middle and she’d give me a squeeze. And every time she did, I’d bounce off the backrest as shivers rippled through my spine. Excited as I was, her docile pace prevented me from going completely overboard in pleasure.

Oddly, it was Ashley who appeared to be getting restless as the footjob went on. Her butt squeaked against the leather seat as her knees couldn’t decide whether they wanted to stay apart or together. I could see her breasts swelling through the loose shirt she still wore.

What my sister did next shouldn’t have surprised me anymore, but it did. Not one to ignore her own needs, her right hand hovered over the hem of her shorts, her middle finger poking its way through the waistband. Closing her eyes, she bit down on the pinky in her mouth as she slowly played with herself.

Ashley giggled a giggle that border lined naughty and nice. “Mmm, it’s been too long. Twelve hours at least.”

I watched her finger slide in and out of her shorts with pure devotion. “We’ve been asleep for almost ten of them,” I said.

“You know what I was dreaming about?” She tilted her head to her left, causing strands of her hair to partly drape over her face.

“Normally I’d say rainbows and unicorns but now I don’t know what to think.”

Ashley opened her eyes. “I’m impressed. But then, maybe I should be worried.”

“About what?”

“You can actually joke around with your cock being toyed with. I hope I’m not losing my touch.” At the microscopic chance she was, she increased the pressure on my shaft. It stretched as high up as it could under my shorts, allowing her easier access to rub the entire girth.

If the size of my cock wasn’t enough proof, I faintly assured her, “Don’t worry, you’re not.”

“I kind of liked it when you can’t say anything. Besides sex-related stuff.”

“I thought my witty comments were what you liked the most about me?”

“Yeah, just like that one.” In the brief second it took me to gaze at my sister’s smile, she slipped two more fingers inside her shorts. Her ability to fulfill her own desires while handling mine also had me grinning.

“How many times a day do you, um, do that?” I asked.

Ashley pulled her hand out to examine its shiny coating. “What makes you think I even do it every day?”

Before two days ago, nothing would’ve led me to believe she does it at all. Not that I believed she wasn’t educated on the subject, but because she’s my little sister and it’s forbidden to masturbate with a horny older brother who yearns for her one room away. Kind of ironic now that I think about it. “All right, how many times a week?”

“Hmm… at least fourteen.” Inserting her fingers into her mouth, she sucked loudly on her juices. My eyes nearly fell out of their sockets; how I wished it were my mouth tasting her delectable juices! I became thirsty in an instant, and the only thing that could quench it was my sister’s moisture.

Ashley pulled her fingers out with a pop, and then slipped them back into her shorts. “I’ve been doing it more and more recently,” she freely added.

“So, ah, at least twice a, uh, day?” I gulped between every word.

“Mm-hmm. You’re quite the curious one today.”

“I thought I knew everything about you, but now I’m learning you’re a sex-crazed bunny.”

“You make it sound like a bad thing. It’s only your carrot I’m hungry for.” Ashley winked slyly beneath the hair over her eyes.

“And that’s what you’re digging for?”

“Yep, exactly.”

Life was good and all seemed to be going smoothly. A nice conversation between siblings with a little bit of foreplay to spice things up. That is, until a motherly voice in the background nearly caused me to jump out of my seat. Thank goodness Ashley’s feet were there to hold me down.

Our mom poked her head into the room. “Hey kids, doing okay in here?”

“Yes, mom,” Ashley answered casually, still rubbing my straining shaft. She didn’t look the least bit surprised. Instead, she simply gave me another wink.

Because Ashley was between the door and me, our mom couldn’t see what we were doing. Only the top half of Ashley’s head and my upper body were visible over the backrest of her chair. For all she knows, we could’ve just been chatting in front of my computer.

Shuffling through her purse, mom said, “I’m going to the market right now and I’m wondering if there’s anything else besides the norm you guys want me to pick up. Your father wants to try out his new grill tonight for dinner.”

“How about some whipped cream and chocolate syrup,” Ashley asked, a wicked grin stretching across her face.

“Hmm? What for?” Mom looked up at me a little perplexed. I tried my best to recompose my dumb expression, but Ashley wasn’t making it easy for me.

“I want to have some toppings with my hot, tasty ice cream.” As Ashley said “cream,” she gave my erection an extra rough grope.

I lurched forward with mom still eyeing me. My heart stopped from the shock and dread of getting discovered. It wasn’t until a foot nudged me in the stomach it resumed beating.

Despite my sister’s strange choice of words, “hot” and “ice cream” didn’t seem to register anything out of the ordinary in our mom’s mind. “Are you okay, Brian? Your cheeks are bright red. Almost as bright as your nose last night.”

“Don’t you have to go now,” I desperately pleaded. The dam was nearly ready to burst and it wasn’t something I wanted my mother to witness.

“There’s no need to be so subtle. If you want me to go, then just tell me. We’re both adults here; let’s not beat around the bush. Time is precious, right? Tell me to quit blabbing away and-“

“Mom!” I yelped.

“Oh c’mon, I’m only messing with you. Okay, I’ll go now. Picking up Nicole on the way home as well. See you guys in an hour.” She disappeared before Ashley and I could say our good-byes.

“Ash, you’re killing me,” I exasperated.

“Really? You want me to stop?” She eased her feet off my throbbing cock. I felt a healthy dose of cum trickle out of it beneath my shorts. “I thought we’re having so much fun together.”

“You’ll kill me if you stop.”

“Sounds like a no-win situation.” Putting her feet back where they belong on my crotch, “If I were you, I might as well die after cumming.”

“My sentiments exactly.”

After a momentary pause, Ashley asked, “So how about you?”

“What about me?”

“How many times do you masturbate,” she blurted.

I sensed her breathing heightening as her strokes on me, and herself, accelerated. “Once a night, almost every night.”

“Why not every night?”

“Sometimes I’m so sleepy after spending all night with you I crash face first into my bed.”

“That won’t be a problem anymore. Next time you spend all night with me, I’ll make sure my Tiger is taken care of.” Ashley pressed the head of my cock down, watching its shape spring back up when she let it go.

“Are you referring to me or my little friend down there?” I said staring at her foot.

She watched my erection bounce as she continued to flick the head and brush the side it with her other foot. “Both. And I wouldn’t exactly call it small.”

“My friend thanks you for the compliment.”

“It should come out and thank me personally.”

Using each set of toes, Ashley grabbed the top of my shorts. I lifted myself up on the edge of my seat, allowing her to demonstrate how agile her toes were by pulling them to my knees. My cock rose even higher, struggling to free itself from the thin fabric of my boxers. Ashley moved her left foot into the gaping right sleeve and lightly touched the sensitive tip. A sample of my pearly cream welcomed her presence.

“Fuck, that’s hot.” With her right foot, she tried to pull the sleeve as far up my leg as she could. My cock poked its bulbous head into the open air and she started to flick and stroke it.

“It won’t be much longer,” I groaned. The contact was agonizing, amazing, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted it to end of go on forever.

Ashley moved her hand faster between her thighs, biting her lower lip as her trembling knuckle gripped the seat’s armrest. “I’m going to cum, too.”

When she announced her imminent orgasm, I lost control. The first spurt shot right past her foot, landing on the edge of her seat. My pulsing cock jumped excitedly for the next one, hitting the side of Ashley’s left ankle. She blocked the last one with her foot, the stream splattering against her toes. Having came so much the previous night, the amount of jizz I unloaded was three spurts more than I was expecting.

“Ooh, now that is hot,” Ashley cooed.

I slumped down in my chair. “Did you cum?” I was so enthralled in my own orgasm I couldn’t tell if my sister got off.

“Oh yeah,” she said softly. “It’s nice to have a smaller one every once in awhile. My body can only take so much.”

Ashley removed her hand from her crotch. It was slicked with her juices, practically dripping from her fingers. With a sudden swipe, she scooped up as much of my cum as she could from her leather seat. The scent of our sex fluids mixing together was intoxicating.

“My favorite,” Ashley swooned, bringing the load closer to her wet lips.

“Think it’ll really taste better with chocolate and whipped cream?”

Ashley just giggled as she stuffed her fingers into her mouth. Raunchy sucking noises ensued, ending with another pop as she pulled them out.

“I’ll clean you up,” I told her. I stood up and lifted my shorts, ignoring the stray cum spots on my leg.

“Thanks,” she said, as I handed her the hand towel I had used to dry her with from last night. She wiped her leg clean and tossed the soiled towel to me.

“Oh gee, thanks a lot.” Discarding it with my growing pile of cumstained laundry from the past two days, I sat back down at my computer. “Guess I’ll come back for this guy after another level.”

In a low voice, Ashley confessed, “I don’t think I’ll ever get addicted to playing that game. But,” leading my chin toward her with her fingertips, “I am addicted to playing this one.”

“I’m starting to like this one, too. It doesn’t cost me fourteen bucks a month to play.”

She leaned forward and gave me a small peck on the lips.

“You haven’t told me what you were dreaming about,” I said to her, remembering our sidetracked discussion.

“It doesn’t matter anymore. It won’t be a dream for much longer.”

“One well-done steak ready to go,” my dad shouted over his shoulder.

“I’ll take that,” Ashley said as she passed the grill.

It was six in the evening and dad was cooking up steaks in the backyard. Less than an hour had passed from our afternoon romp when Nicole, my other younger sister, came home with mom from her sleepover. My time with Ashley had been kept relatively tame for the remainder of the day.

Dinner proceeded like almost every dinner before it. Except Ashley couldn’t keep her feet to herself. Wearing knee-high socks, she brushed my leg throughout the entire meal. Not surprisingly, I didn’t do anything to stop her. It felt comforting, like one of those things you don’t think about, but when it’s not there, you wonder how you ever lived without it.

As dinner came to an end, dad came up with an idea. “Everyone up for some golf after dinner?”

Mom quickly replied. “What, this late on a Sunday night?”

“Sure, why not. The kids don’t have college.”

“Yes, I’m well aware of that, but we still have work in the morning.”
“Come on, mom,” I interrupted, “it’s not late at all; not even seven yet. Don’t tell me you’re afraid of losing?”
Mom shot me a piercing glare, though her smirk belied her true competitive nature. “Oh please, don’t be so naïve. Just because you guys almost tied with me last time doesn’t mean you’re good enough to beat me.”
“Then you wouldn’t mind putting us in our place one more time.”
“Don’t try that trick on me. I know I’ll win and I don’t need to prove it. But,” sensing every pair of eyes on her, “a little bit of exercise can do us all some good, especially you, Brian. You stay home way too much for a college student. You even have a car to get away from us with.”
“Um, I’ll be sure to think about that.” Was my mom insane? The more time I spend away from the house, the less time I’ll get to spend with my sister. Guess I’ll just have to kidnap Ashley and take her with me wherever I go.
“Then it’s settled,” dad smiled, unaware of the wacky conclusion his son resolved upon. “Lace up your golf shoes and let’s hit the green!”
* * *
“You can do it, Rich!” my mom inspired. “Last one, make it count.”
“Yeah, yeah, let me concentrate,” dad retorted. After a seemingly long warm-up stretch, he swung his golf club and smacked the ball along the artificial grass. It bounced off a bumper to the left, ricocheted off another to the middle, and then descended down a short hill. “Oh yes, I think I got it,” he declared enthusiastically. The ball continued to roll toward a fearsome orange polka-dotted dragon, but just as the ball was about to enter its open mouth, its jaw snapped down and blocked the narrow path. “Damn it!” he yelled.
For the umpteenth time, my dad feel victim to the various traps littered throughout the park’s courses. It wasn’t unusual for him to slip up – it’s virtually reached the point of being ritualistic – but no matter how many times it happens, he always manages to draw a roar of laughter from the family.
Mom announced from the other end of the hole, “Nicole, sugar, it’s your turn.”
Nikky got up beside me from the bench and made haste to the starting area.
“Good luck,” Ashley encouraged from the comfort of my lap.
Once Nikky had her ball settled, my right hand peaked into view, skimming over the bare skin before me. It had become a gut reaction for whenever Ashley and I sat alone. The benches at each hole were, conveniently, big enough for only two. Being the suave gentlemen I am, I let Ashley sit on my knee so we could make room for Nicole. But even when it was Nicole’s turn to golf, Ashley never bothered with the empty seat.
My hands spent more time rubbing Ashley’s legs than they did holding my golf club. There was no way I could keep them off her; especially with the skirt she was wearing. It was black and ruffled with white floral patterns, covering the top half of her thighs while hanging dangerously low on her hips. Her white blouse, which ended above her midriff, was just as elegant and sexy, featuring an even more complex floral design in golden sequins. The ensemble flourished more flesh than her regular outfits but was still far from showing “too much.”
Supporting the definition of beauty were two heeled sandals. Dad disliked the shoes, saying they’d be a pain to golf in, but mom fell in love with the diamond-studded straps and demanded Ashley tell her where she had bought them. After asking where she got the money to pay for them, of course. The heels leveled my sister’s eyes with mine and made her appear much older, like she was twenty instead of eighteen.
Ashley watched the others with a wide smile, doing very little else to let me know I was having any effect on her. That was fine with me, though; I was enjoying myself.
Unfortunately, mom had to butt into our affairs once again. “Ashley, it’s your turn!”
Ashley plucked my hand off her left leg and stood up. “Coming!”
Sighing alone on the dark bench, I watched my sister prepare her swing. Like a proper girl should, she bent her knees as she positioned her ball instead of bending at the waist. It was to be expected, being with family and all. She had done this with the previous seventeen holes, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t pray for her to lean forward just once to get a snippet of her panties. If she even wore any that is, which, judging by how careful she was being with her skirt, could very well have been a possibility. Granted it’s a minor possibility seeing as how I had never caught her without one.
Ashley swung her golf stick in a superb showcase of beauty and strength. Everything around her was reduced to slow motion. Her lengthy hair floated in the breeze as her skirt flew effortlessly through the air. Torso entirely rotated, arms fully extended behind her, she looked more professional than Tiger Woods. At the apex of her swing, her hair fell neatly in place around her shoulders, her clothing looking as sleek as the day she had bought them. Sure, it was just miniature golf, but this was miniature golf at its finest.
Her ball managed to accomplish what our dad’s couldn’t. It entered the dragon’s mouth unscathed and rolled out through its tail to the lower level of the course, resting a mere foot away from the hole. Ashley hit her ball the closest out of all of us so far, and her elated laughter made sure everyone knew it.
I didn’t give mom the liberty of introducing the next golfer, nor did I wait for Ashley to leave the starting mat before prepping my turn. She saw me coming and took two steps backwards, giving me all the space I needed. Sizing up the obstacles, I struck the ball with precise timing, allowing it to rebound off the corners and through the dragon to a hole-in-one.
“Nice shot!” Ashley exclaimed behind me.
A smug smile crossed my face. “Thanks. You’re pretty good at handling long, hard sticks yourself.”
She mirrored my grin. “Only because I have a brother who lets me practice.”
Wrapping my left arm around her shoulders, we waddled side by side to the rest of the family as they finished their turns.

Shortly afterwards, it was time for mom’s ceremonial reading of the scores. “With a final score of forty-two, taking home the title of winner and champion, is none other than me, the almighty Helena of Camelot Golf Park. Hold off the applause until after I’m done, thank you, thank you.”
The audience booed unanimously.
“Ouch, ow, tough crowd. Moving on then. Coming in second, trailing by four strokes is ‘Macho Man’ Brian. So close, dear, better luck next time?”
“Yep. Next time, mom,” I said.
“Looking forward to it. Behind Brian by five strokes is Nicole. Great job, honey. You made the biggest improvement out of all of us tonight.”
“Yeah, Nikky,” Ashley said, giving her younger sister a high-five, “you really surprised us.”
“Ash, you’re getting better, too. You were behind Nicole by only two,” mom stated. “Last, and certainly not least, is Richard, whose score I will keep secret between the two of us.”
Dad loomed over mom’s shoulder. “It can’t be that bad. Let’s see, I got a score of… oh… this will remain classified information between adults.”
There was a small round of laughs.
“What time is it now?” Nicole asked.
My dad peeked at his watch. “It’s five past eight. About another hour ’til closing time. We won’t be able to finish a full course at our rate.”
“How about going straight to the more intricate holes?” mom suggested. Even though she had refused to come in the first place, the taste of victory proved to be too sweet to deny.
“I have no problem with that. How about you guys,” dad inquired.

Ashley, apparently, had other plans for the rest of the night. “Would it be okay if Brian and I split up from you guys instead?”

“Um, yeah, sure.” Dad looked down at his youngest daughter. “But what about Nikky?”

Nikky glanced over her shoulder at Ashley. I did the same and caught Ashley giving the twelve year-old a wink. “It’s all right,” Nikky said, turning back to dad. “I’ll go with you and mom.”

“Hmm, in that case, meet here at the fountain at eight-fifty?”

Ashley jumped to my side and hooked her left arm around my right, mashing the side of her breast into my bicep. “Yep, sounds like a plan.”

Dad promptly led his group to the next course. “Okay, have fun. We’ll be heading this way.”

Ashley shoved her golf stick into my chest. “And we’ll be heading that way.” Not wasting any more time, she escorted me to the course opposite our parents. I turned my head behind me to see the trio disappearing behind some animal-shaped hedges.

We rushed by the first two holes before stopping in a brightly lit area surrounded by water. Ashley unraveled her arm from me and ran to the pier overlooking the expansive pond. After taking a moment to admire the view, she turned around with her hands behind her on the railings. “It’s just you and me now, Tiger.”

I hopped onto the wooden platform and surveyed the lush landscape. For a mini golf park, it had some spectacular scenery. Everything looked smaller, but still very impressive. “How did you do that?” I asked, laying the sticks against the rails.

“Do what?” My sister spun around to face the pond. She crossed her arms in front of her and propped herself on the barrier, pushing her breasts up alluringly.

Captivated by the plum-sized orbs, I blindly fished some coins from my pocket and held them out to her. “The thing with Nikky. It’s not right for her to want to hang out with mom and dad. But you gave her a wink and then she decided to go with them.”

“It’s no big deal.” She picked up a dime from my hand and tossed it into the water, unaware of what I was gawking at. “Nicole doesn’t mind doing me favors. She and I have a special bond.”

I tore my eyes away and threw in a nickel. “I hope it’s nothing like what we have.”

“No, you perv!” Ashley slapped me on the shoulder, almost making me drop the rest of the coins. “I do something for her – help with homework, give advice on boys, clothes – and she does something for me.”

“Oh right, sisterly stuff.” Her answer was what I had been expecting, although my shoulder could’ve done without the bruising. “So which hole do you want to go to first? How ’bout that one, with the roller-coaster loop.”

“Do you really want to golf right now? ‘Cause that’s not why I asked Nikky for a favor.”

As I handed her a club, she frowned at me with gross dissatisfaction. “Ash, whatever you’re thinking about has to wait. There are still people around.”

“Not for long. Most of them are heading back to turn in their sticks and balls.” Ashley poked the front of my pants with her club for emphasis. “Come on, just trust me.”

I looked around and unsuccessfully spotted another soul within a hundred feet of us. A part of me wanted to see what she had in mind, but the other half thought it’d be better to wait an hour until we’re in the safety of our bedroom walls. “I mean it, we really should wait.”

“Fine,” Ashley sighed, “be boring. But I get to go first.” She stomped to the next hole, leaving me behind to chase after her.

Over a bridge and around a sculptured bush of an elephant, my sister declared she wanted to test her golfing prowess on a hole with a large ramp and wide water pit. Taking a seat on a nearby bench, I carefully watched my sister from the side as she prepared her turn. She held onto each end of her club and stretched her arms far out behind her, jutting her shapely breasts through her blouse. She twisted her body sideways, keeping her arms extended, and exposing more of her midriff. Properly relaxed, my sister bent over at the waist, lower… and lower… and lower, until her left hand touched the ground to settle the ball, and her skirt rose high above her knees. Before I could jump off the bench and run behind Ashley to get a view of her delicious derriere, she straightened herself up and looked over at me.

“Are you okay, Brian? You’re pretty quiet.”

“I’m okay,” I answered strenuously.

My self-control had completely disintegrated. Fifteen seconds of staring at Ashley’s limber figure was all I needed to cave in to my primal urges. But if I were to succumb to her worldly charms now, that’d just give her permission in the future to suggest even more crazy ideas.

Self-control… self-control… I needed some self-control.

Ashley swung at her bright pink ball and sent it bouncing along the green, but the awkward animation prevented it from crossing over the water successfully. It splashed into the clear blue.

“Aww, man. That sucks,” my sister pouted. She made her way to the ramp and kneeled down onto her knees. Reaching in with her golf stick, she pulled the ball closer and grabbed it with her hand.

Boy, did she look cute. I should’ve offered to get the ball for her, but I was so hypnotized by her childlike behavior, I could only think about how much I cherish her.

“It’s your turn,” Ashley hollered from the ramp, using the bottom ruffle of her skirt to dry her ball.

“Coming!” I prepped my shot by doing a few practice swings. My pants had gotten rather tight and I figured loosening my limbs might also loosen up the slack.

Keeping my eyes on the ramp and Ashley’s creamy legs, I propelled my upper body forward in one powerful motion. Just as my club was about to collide with the ball, I looked up my sister, and my knees unhitched at the sight of her. Holding her pink golf ball between her thumb and main finger, she had the round object pressed against her scarcely parted lips, kissing it like she would a fresh, crimson strawberry, which further appeared like she was sucking on the tip of a long and hard treat.

My imagination works in strange and mysterious ways. I sent my ball soaring over the ramp and into the bushes to the side.

Moving her hand away from her mouth, Ashley said, “I guess it’s my turn again.” She sauntered toward me and bumped me with her right hip.

Screw self-control, screw self-discipline. I wanted Ashley to take me under her wings and do whatever she pleased with me. Whatever my baby sister wants, my baby sister gets. Does that make me weak if I want to give in to her frolicking? I’ve told her thousands of times I’d do anything for her, and no matter how troublesome it may have been for me, I’ve proved it, just to be rewarded with her smile. So why am I restraining myself from something we both wanted?

Like a brainless loon, I watched Ashley take her turn again. The only thing that registered in my sex-filled mind was the splashing sound of her ball plunging into the water. “Grrr, I’m starting to really hate this hole,” she growled. “Can I have do-over? Brian? Bry?”

“Huh? Um, sure. Let me, ah, get your ball, too.”

As I shakily kneeled over the ramp and peered at my reflection in the water, I came up with the perfect plan to win my trophy sister while retaining the last shred of sanity I still had. Well, not really a plan, but a goal. If Ashley wanted to have some fun, then we’ll have some fun. I just needed to wait for an opening.

Below the shallow river was an undersea graveyard of neon-colored balls previous golfers had left behind. Seeing as how I had no intention of rummaging through thorny bushes for mine, I snatched Ashley’s and an extra one for me. After drying them against the side of my pants, I handed my sister her ball. “Here you go, Ash.”

Quietly standing behind Ashley, I waited for her turn with the patience of a kid next in line to the most death-defying, physics-bending roller coaster this side of the galaxy. Except my sweetie gives an adrenaline rush far greater than any measly park ride. Fully aware of what I was doing back there, Ashley bent her knees as she lowered the ball, offering me no quick peeks of her tushie that time. She swung at the ball and it hopped along the ground, hitting the incline and rolling back down to us. It stopped at her foot.

Here goes nothing.

“You’re not hitting it right, Sis. You’re making the ball bounce when you really want it to roll. Here, let me show you how to do it.” I approached my sister and held her bare waist, resting my chin on her left shoulder.

Ashley immediately straightened her back against me. “Your hands are cold.”

“Sorry. Let me warm them up.” I slid my fingertips along her skin and under the bottom of her blouse. Her body was strikingly soft and inviting. Her mouth opened, but the water jets from the fountains drowned out whatever sound she may have made. My hands circled slowly above her stomach, feeling every restrained breath she took.

Ashley whimpered, “Brian… not now.”

I whispered ‘ok’ into her ear, a tad shocked to hear her say no. It’s unlikely she had a change of heart or agreed with what I said earlier, especially with her recent teasing. I held her hands as she clutched the stick and moved my right foot between her legs to position the ball.

“Tighten your grip,” I instructed. Her hands clenched. “Now bend over a little bit.” She did and my body stuck to hers like glue. Her amazing butt pressed into my groin and lively cock. “Ready?”

Ashley nodded, her hair brushing against my cheek. Turning her body with mine, we swung at the ball together. It cruised smoothly onto the ramp and over the river, stopping inches from the hole. “Not bad,” she said, keeping her eyes on the ball.

“Thanks. But I’ll need to redo my stroke.” I released her from my hold but she didn’t move. “Ashley?” Peering over her shoulder, I whispered into her ear, “Ash, it’s my turn.”

“Oh… kay.” After a few seconds of hesitation, she finally stepped forward and headed to the other side.

Not wanting to leave Ashley alone for any longer than necessary, I speedily took a swing at my ball; it stopped shortly behind hers. Nearing my sister, I asked, “Need help for this one?”

She stood ready beside her ball. “I think I can handle it myself if it’s just six inches away.”

“That’s not what I meant…”

Putting the ball successfully into the hole, Ashley quipped, “See, told you so.” She turned her back to me as she bent over at the waist to retrieve her ball, keeping her knees together and her legs perfectly aligned. This had the marvelous effect of raising the back of her skirt high above her calves, high enough to show the bottom curve of her butt cheeks. This time, I had the perfect view to see it happening. And as high as her skirt went, so did my erection.

When Ashley stood up, letting what seemed like a full minute pass by, she immediately paced to the next hole, abandoning me with solely the tantalizing outline of her backside to keep me company. She didn’t even look back.

“Wait up,” I called after her. Not bothering to finish the hole, I grabbed my ball and ran to her side.
“This one looks like fun. Two jumps, a bridge, lots of corners. There’s even a castle at the end.”
The course was much darker than the others, with the only source of artificial lights coming from the castle and in the water. All I could make out was my sister’s silhouette and the glowing golf ball between her fingers. “Yeah, this one looks like it’ll be a good challenge.”
Ashley dropped her ball onto the starting mat. “You can help me with this swing.”
“It’ll be my honor. I’ll do anything for my princess.” I gave her a small bow before positioning myself behind her.
It may have been dark, but she had no problem seeing that. “Oh god, you’re so cheesy.” My giggling sister adjusted her grip on the club.
Gingerly putting my hands on her elbows, “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”
My princess trembled. “Right now, a good thing.”
I caressed the length of Ashley’s arms, enjoying every inch of her supple skin. Bending over her left shoulder, I brushed away as much hair from her neck as I could with my nose. She tilted her head away from me, exposing more of her skin to my hungry lips. “A princess needs to be treated like one,” I whispered. Diving forward, I devoured her flesh.
Ashley arched her spine but I kept my lips on her neck. There was an abrupt clang of metal hitting the ground. I felt a slender hand on the back of my head, driving my kisses harder into her.
Ashley’s breathing became rapid. “I thought you didn’t want to do this now.”
Speaking into her neck, “I changed my mind.”
“Maybe I changed my mind, too.”
My lips traversed to her cheeks. She turned delicately toward me and I swiftly covered the corner of her mouth. A weak gasp escaped her lips. “You didn’t change your mind,” I told her.
“I couldn’t if I wanted to,” Ashley murmured. With her back still arched, she leaned forward, nudging her ass into me. She turned her face closer to mine. “Is that a golf stick in your pants or are you just happy to see me?”
I quietly chuckled. “Who’s the cheesy one now.”
By then, all rational thoughts had left me. I didn’t care where we were anymore. I didn’t care how much trouble we could be in if anyone, especially our parents, caught us. Time stopped its flow and everyone else was nonexistent. Ashley was the only one deserving of my attention.
Reaching down with my right hand, I pulled up the side of her skirt, settling my fingers on her outer thigh. Oh god she felt smooth, more so than glass. My other arm wrapped around Ashley’s waist, pulling her into me. I slipped my left pinky inside the top of her skirt and felt the frilly trimmings of her panties. I don’t consider myself an expert in the subject but I knew it had to be something our parents wouldn’t approve of.
Ashley absorbed everything I did to her body in silence. She made no effort to take control of the situation. My hands and lips were free to roam wherever I pleased.
“Still with me?” I whispered.
A brief nod answered my question.
As I ran my left hand over her taut abs, her chest rose in a single deep breath. I stopped under her two golden apples. “Fuck, Ashley, you’re so sexy and hot.”
“And you’re so slow.”
“Sorry. I can’t get enough of–“
Without any warning, Ashley roughly grabbed my crotch from between her legs, forcing a gasp out of me as my aching cock pulsed in her hand. She swamped my open lips in hers, penetrating my mouth with her tongue. How quickly the tables have turned!
I could only imagine what we looked like that instant. The moonlight barely illuminated our lust-filled faces. Our bodies were fused together in one long continuous shadow. To top it off, a grand castle provided our fairy tale backdrop.
Ashley groped for the zipper on my jeans. She bluntly pulled it down and inserted two fingers through the slit. Fumbling for the opening of my boxers, she prodded my raging erection. Her chilly touch on my hot cock had me lurching onto my toes.
The weight of my upper body pushed Ashley down further. I raised my left arm over her chest, clutching her right breast in the palm of my hand. It was the first time I had ever touched her so explicitly. The ample mound was young and ripe. It filled my grasp perfectly, a match made a heaven.
As I kneaded her breast, Ashley managed to unleash my cock from its cage. In my zealousness, I wanted nothing more than to let her do whatever she desired with it, but my haunting flicker of reasoning returned, urging me not to. Could I really do this? Should I really do this? I honestly hadn’t been expecting my cock to be involved in our petting. We were reaching a point I didn’t think I could follow my sister to.
Ashley sensed my reluctance. Parting our mouths, she sternly whispered, “Don’t you dare think about stopping now.”
“Furthest thing on my mind,” I replied, reuniting our passionate lip-lock. It’s too late to turn back now. I just gave her my word.
Ashley fondled the head of my shaft beneath the safety of her skirt. Her thumb rubbed diligently over the sensitive tip, coaxing a droplet of precum. The base of my cock pressed against the burning crotch of her underwear. It was excruciating to be so close with only a thin piece of fabric separating us.
I needed to find another way to sate my cravings, fast. Removing my right hand from her creamy thigh, I hurriedly grabbed her other breast, my arms forming an ‘x’ over her chest. My sister moaned wildly as I savagely squeezed her boobs, her pert nipples pricking my palms through her top. “You’re not wearing a bra.”
“I hope that’s okay with you.” A smile graced her lips.
“Good.” As if my erection wasn’t under enough pressure, Ashley closed her legs, smothering it between her bare thighs.
“Oh god,” I yelped. My cock was now completely enveloped in tender flesh. The heat emanating from her was immense and it swept through my tense muscles. She felt extraordinary, unlike anything I could’ve ever dreamed of. And this was just the feeling of her thighs. I’d die from pleasure if I ever get to explore her internally.
Ashley moved her hand from my shaft to the back of my right calf. She sunk her body lower, dragging me with her, and laid her other hand on her knee for support. I grunted as her ass drove into my crotch. Nearly losing my balance, I had to let go of her chest and hold onto her waist.
It took me less than a second to realize the position we were in. My conscience couldn’t believe it but there was no denying what my eyes were seeing. Here was my sister, normally so demure and poised, bent over in front of me, with my erect cock snug between her legs. Her long blonde hair had fallen away from her neck, revealing the silky skin along the top of her back.

Subconsciously, I started to rock my hips into her. The thrusts were short, nothing too conspicuous. I didn’t have the faintest clue what came over me. It isn’t something a person does naturally, is it? Being a virgin, nothing could’ve prepared me for this situation. But come to think of it, how many guys have found themselves with their cock under their sister’s skirt? It may have been because I was a virgin I felt I had to do it, to see what I’ve been missing out on all these years.
My princess swayed steadily with my movements. Each time I drew back, her skirt would lightly cling to my shaft, hiding it from sight. The overwhelming temptation to flip her skirt up and actually see my cock thrusting into her was almost too much to bear. I’d be able to find out what kind of panties she’s wearing. But the image of Ashley being used like this while still fully clothed was just too visually erotic to give up.
My sister glanced over her shoulder. “Ooh… fuck. How do you feel?”
Words jumbled out of my mouth. “I feel… it’s so… like I died and went to heaven.”
Her voice was low. “Your cock is burning my skin. It’s rubbing my pussy so good.”
Damn, I love the way she talks. I wondered what she would say when we do it for our first time together. At our rate, it could’ve in five minutes. “Your skin is burning my cock. Yourpussy is rubbing it so good.”
“Hey… you’re the one banging my ass.”
“And it’s banging me back.” An exaggeration, but I liked the sound of it more.
Ashley dropped her head. “I’m a nympho. Is that so terrible?”
“I like nymphos best of all.” The thought of her with an uncontrollable sexual desire would undoubtedly spur even more salacious dreams. But how much truth was there to what she said? Apparently a lot going by her latest actions.
Our forbidden tryst seemed more and more surreal by the second. Everything we have done — rather, everything she has done to me — was beyond my wildest fantasies. Besides the taboo nature of our relationship, there was definitely another aura of excitement from our surroundings. The fantasy scenery, the wandering strangers, the extra background noises… they all made our act more thrilling than if we were alone in our bland house. The mental aspect overtook what I was feeling physically, and physically I was already in a huge rush.
“Ash, I… I’m going to cum soon. You’re making me so horny.”
My sister kept her head down in front of her. “Cum for me. I want to feel it.”
“But where do I–“
“Nowhere. Just keep it there.”
I nodded invisibly behind her.
“You can go a little faster if it helps.”
“I’m, ah, not sure if I should.”
“It’s okay.” Ashley gazed over her shoulder. “I’m not fragile. You won’t break me. Not tonight.”
“Oooh Ash,” I moaned. That nearly did the trick. If she meant what I thought she did… Luckily I constrained my orgasm for a little longer.
Ashley made me realize something crucial, whether she intended to or not. She has always been the active partner, doing whatever she can to make me happy. I’ve been lying on my back letting her do all the work, partly because I didn’t know what the hell I should’ve been doing, and partly because I wasn’t sure if I she would let me. Well, now I had her permission. Here’s my chance to be more involved.
I withdrew my hips and slammed into Ashley’s butt. A very cute and sexy ‘oomph’ popped from her lips. I held her still. “Too fast?”
“No, it’s fine.” She reached behind her and gripped my left shoulder with her right hand, twisting her upper body toward me. “I… I didn’t think you’d do it.”
I slammed into her again, harder this time, causing her to squeal an ‘ahhh.’ It was cuter and much, much sexier than her ‘oomph.’
She giggled. “That’s more like it. I should make you angrier more often.”
My next thrust was a soft tap. Lowering my hands to her ass, I pinched her cheeks through the light skirt. Ashley jumped onto her toes, curving her body to me in an amazing display of flexibility. I resumed my penetration into the crevice of her thighs, focusing my vision on her skirt and bare waistline as they moved to and from me. The speed of my jabs alternated, switching from soft and curious to fast and delirious.
Sweat began to perspire along my legs. It wasn’t from exhaustion, but from the immense heat circulating through us. Each lunge would cause my pants to briefly cling to my skin. More droplets wetted my palms and forehead. Whenever I came, it would always be “natural,” like there was no pressure to do it. But now, there was a large feeling of nervousness accompanying it.
“Ashley, I’m going to now.”
She stared directly at me with unadulterated lust. Gorgeous, stunning, seductive… they all couldn’t amount to how she really looked to me. “Go for it, big boy.”
On her command, I gave Ashley a rough rigid thrust, sending my cock into a violent eruption. “Ahhh, yes,” I uttered. Lost in the release, my hips couldn’t keep still as I continued sawing my shaft in and out of her thighs, shooting my cum recklessly beneath her skirt.
Ashley closed her eyes but opened her mouth wider as she chanted, “Oh fuck, oh fuck.”
I spurted blindly, unsure of how much cum I was actually firing. It felt as though my cock would throb for ages. Having been drained so much the past two days, there was no telling how much was still stored up. I found the uncertainty of it to be a turn-on. What can I say, I’m easily aroused. The sight of cum dripping from Ashley’s chin and nose the previous night was hotter than I could ever picture her, yet the possibility of my cum soaking her skirt and panties while it streamed down her legs inflamed my hysteria.
As my erection subsided, Ashley let go of my shoulder with a content sigh and turned around. Her skirt flew off my limping shaft, exposing it to any wanderers who may have been passing by. I immediately moved my hands over it, hiding it the best I could.
“I’ll help you with that.” Ashley reached down and pulled my hands up onto her shoulders. Grabbing my cock with one hand and holding the front of her skirt with the other, she dabbed the tip clean with the inside of her skirt.
Keeping her head down, she looked up at me with a smile. “Don’t worry, it’s washable.” Stretching the opening of my pants, she slipped my dry member inside its confines. “There. No one would suspect a– mmmph!”
I pulled Ashley to me and kissed her fiercely. She tried to talk but my lips and intrusive tongue muffled her voice. The love and gratitude I have for her couldn’t be expressed in words.
Ashley lifted my left hand off of her shoulder and lowered it between us, placing it beneath her skirt on her thigh. My tongue stopped moving when I felt a sticky and warm fluid on her skin. I’ve felt my cum before when I masturbated and got a stray drop on my hand, but this was different. I was feeling every slimy detail of my jizz on my fingers. And there was a good amount of it on her thighs, too. Touching it didn’t scare me in the least, but it wasn’t something I’d willingly do either.
Having felt enough of my gooey load, I tried taking my hand away, but Ashley gripped my wrist tighter and held it still. Her legs closed together, applying the same pressure she had on my cock a few seconds ago. There was still that distinct sticky texture of cum, this time smeared on the back of my fingers.
Softly, she asked, “How much is there?”
“There’s, ah, a lot of it.”
“Have you ever wondered what you taste like?”
“Um, not really.”
“It’s okay to admit it. I won’t mind sharing some with you.”
“Ash, I mean it!”
“Okay, more for me.” My sister raised my messy hand from her thighs. I felt more of cum clinging to my hand as it brushed the inside of her skirt on the way out. She held my hand high in front of her face, observing every white streak on it. “You sure you don’t want some?”
Giggling, Ashley darted her tongue out and licked my middle finger. The sight of my cream accumulating on the tip her tongue had me entranced. She swallowed it quickly before moving to the next finger. “Oh god,” I muttered. The strong musky scent didn’t diffuse the slightest in the open air and it soon filled my lungs.
My hand became drenched in saliva. Ashley tasted every finger, the flap of skin between them, my palm, and even the back of it. When it was over, my hand ended up being wetter than when she started licking it.
“I didn’t think a girl could be this crazy for cum,” I said.
“Me either. But I’m going to make it my sworn duty to convert you into a cum guzzler like me. Do I need to remind you what I taste like?”
“Maybe some other time.”
Just then, I heard a cell phone ringing. Actually, two phones ringing. I snatched my cell from my right pocket and Ashley snatched hers from my left. Since she didn’t have any pockets, and had no aim of carrying her purse with her golf club around the park, she had me hold it.
I glanced at my caller’s name. “It’s dad.”
Ashley looked up from hers. “It’s mom.”
Both phones stopped ringing before we could answer them. It didn’t matter, though; we knew why our parents called. “We’re ten minutes late,” Ashley said, snapping her phone shut.
“Better start running.”
We sprinted to where we were supposed to meet, making a brief stop at the pond along the way.
“Bry, what are you doing?”
I dipped my hand into the cold water. “Nothing, just washing up.” Hopping to my feet, we dashed to the central area of the golf park.
When we arrived, mom was sitting down by the fountain and dad was carrying a sleeping Nicole on his back.
“Sorry we’re late,” Ashley apologized.
“No biggie. Let’s turn this stuff in and go home.” Dad gaped his jaw, yawning loudly. “Brian, can you drive? I might fall asleep at the wheel.”
“Yeah, sure thing.”
Mom handed me the keys. “Hope you two had fun.”
“Yep, Ashley and I had a great time.”
Dad wasn’t kidding. He’s dead asleep,” Ashley pointed out. She was sitting in the passenger seat next to me while I drove us home.
“Mm-hmm, he sleeps like a bear,” mom grumbled.
Peeking into the rearview mirror, I saw my mother careening her head to the side. “Looks like you’re next, mom.”
“I’m fine. Focus on the road.”
The trip proceeded quietly for a short while.
“Hey Ash, when do you plan to take the test for your driver license?”
My sister started learning how to drive later than most other teenagers. Instead of at sixteen, her first lesson had only been three months earlier. But with her extreme smarts and dedication, she was able to catch on quickly and has been enthusiastic about getting her license as much as the next high college kid. Well, soon-to-be college kid.
Ashley remained abnormally quiet on the subject. I glimpsed at her through the corner of my eye. Her fingers were twiddling with the front of her skirt, which was partially flipped inside out. “Ashley?”
“Brian, slow down, please,” mom said coolly.
“Hmm?” A sea of red lights flashed over the road. I stepped on the brakes and eased the car to a standstill.
“Ugh, traffic at this time of night? Good thing we get off at the next exit.” Mom sighed wearily as she rolled down her window.
I never thought I’d be grateful for a traffic jam. Taking the opportunity to see what Ashley was playing with, I spotted the white smudges of my cum drying on her skirt. The light stain contrasted greatly against the dark fabric. “Uh, Ashley?”
She kept her head down. “Yeah, Bry?”
“Your driving test. Set a date for it yet?”
“Nope, I haven’t. I still want to practice more.”
“I’ve seen you drive. I think you’re ready.”
“Yeah, once. And it was for two minutes to the mini-mart.” Ashley straightened her skirt out.
“Two minutes is more than enough for me.”
“Why don’t you drive with me? You can be my teacher.”
“Um, hasn’t mom been driving with you?”
Before she could answer, mom piped in. “That’s an excellent idea, honey. Brian can drive with you in the mornings and afternoons while I’m at work and, if you’re still up for it, I can drive with you in the evening.”
“Yeah, that’s a great idea. I’ll totally be ready for the test soon.”
“Hold on a minute. Whose car will we use? Mom, you’re not thinking about leaving yours at home, are you? How will you get to work? Carpool with dad?”
“No, of course not. Ashley will be driving yours.”
I was speechless. Ever since I had gotten my car, only one person has driven it: me. Heck, there were less people than I have fingers who’ve even been inside of it.
“So, how about it, Brian,” mom persisted.
“Do I really have a choice?”
“You’re the bestest big brother ever.” Ashley leapt out of her seat and encircled her arms around me.
“Yeah… thanks.”
It won’t be so bad, I figured. Spending more time with Ashley is always a good thing in my book. And who knows, it might even be fun. I get to be Ashley’s teacher. Plaid skirts and detention probably won’t be in the picture, but I’m sure we can find a way to make things interesting.
Traffic refused to clear up for the remainder of the trip. Upon arriving home twenty minutes late, everyone besides Nicole was quick to spread out and finish any final tasks before calling it a night. By ten o’clock, the sole source of light in the entire house came from Ashley’s bedroom.
* * *
Ashley was sitting at her desk in the corner of the room, speedily tapping the keys on her laptop. Meanwhile, I was lounging on her plush bed, watching an action flick on the TV. At least, I thought it was supposed to be an action movie. The effects were so awful it might’ve been a comedy, except it didn’t make me laugh, either.
But who cares about the movie. I wasn’t paying much attention to it and it sure as hell wasn’t why I wanted to be in my sister’s bedroom. After all, less than ten feet away from me was the love of my life. Even when Ashley is doing something as simple as typing, she manages to look adorable. Moreover her clothes did a great job of complimenting the overall cuteness factor. Her midriff was on display beneath a baby blue t-shirt and her long legs were outfitted in matching blue pants.
It was unbearable not having Ashley in bed next to me. She should’ve known I wasn’t there to watch TV. We didn’t have to be doing anything intimate. My private member could be kept under lock and key for the rest of the weekend, which technically would’ve been over in two hours, but that’s forever and a day to me. I wanted to march to her desk, slam her laptop shut, and carry her over my shoulders to the bed. It’s barbaric and selfish and I didn’t care. There were questions I needed her answers to.
Alas, the prospect of her hating me for even a minute if I did all that would be too severe for my feeble mind to handle. Left with no other option, I pretended to watch the movie until Ashley finished whatever she was doing.
Fortunately the wait wasn’t a long one. The familiar click of a laptop closing was all I needed to hear to know she was done. Ashley stood up and stretched her arms high behind her ponytail. Her nubile body twisted sideways in a spectacular showing of her bare stomach. She caught me staring. “Careful not to slobber all over my bed.”
I gulped. “What were you doing?”
Ashley approached the bed with a bounce in her step. “Instant messaging some friends. We made plans to go to the theater this Friday.” She lay beside me on her stomach, her face toward the screen and her feet flailing freely near my head. I scrambled off my back to copy her pose. When I reappeared next to her, she stared at me curiously. “What ‘cha doing?”
“I want to be closer to you.”
“I want to be closer to you, too.” Her right hand reached for my left. “Let’s go outside.”
“Huh? Where are we going?”
Ashley rolled off the bed and pulled me to my feet. “Nowhere far. Just our backyard. Come on, you’re not watching this movie anyway.”
“All right, let me get my slippers.”
After a quick stop at my room, we headed past the living room and into the kitchen.
“One sec. I could really go for some oatmeal-raisin cookies right now,” my sister said.
With the cookie jar in-hand, Ashley led the way through the glass door to the yard.
There were two words that spring to mind when describing our backyard: “massive” and “barren.” Not barren as in dead or wasted, but barren as in empty. Originally there were supposed to be trees and flowers embellishing every square inch, a finely sculptured stone grill for our barbequing needs, and, most importantly, an expansive pool for the sunny seasons. Unfortunately, the yard never received its finishing touches before we moved in. Dad insisted he’ll have those things built, but fast-forward two years later and the area was still just a field of grass and a couple of trees.
The only things that have been added to the backyard were some furniture and a grill, all of which were situated on the porch. The lawn chairs and table gained very little notice throughout the years. Usually they’ll be vacant until the summertime for a barbeque, much like the one we had earlier. There was one other piece of property, however, that didn’t get used anywhere near as often as it should. It also happened to be what Ashley wanted the two of us to spend the evening in.
The furniture in question was the reclining lawn swing, and a very grand one at that. Cozy cushions, broad roof, wide enough for three, and not a single creak when it swings. Tiptop condition, due to lack of usage and dad’s hyperactive attitude toward cleanliness.
Ashley glided to the swing and sat down, crossing her left leg beneath the other. Her right foot pushed off the ground, setting the swing motion. Enticingly, she patted the lonely cushion beside her. “Come on, don’t be shy.”
I ambled toward her and almost tripped on one of the lawn chairs along the way. The metal legs made a shrill scratch as they scraped the floor. “Gah, I hate it when people forget to push in their chairs.”
Ashley giggled, and then suppressed it with a small bite of her cookie. “That was your seat.”
She was right; I was the goof who had sat there during dinner. “Didn’t anyone teach you not to talk with your mouth full?” I limped onto the swing, reaching for a cookie.
Mischievously, she spat some crumbs at me as she spoke. “What do you mean? Like this?”
I lurched away from her projectile assault. “Hey, hey! That’s not very ladylike.”
Talking in her normal polite manner, “Next time you’ll think twice about lecturing me.”
Looking up into the distance, I observed the millions of stars illuminating the night sky. I didn’t consider it possible to see this many from where we’ve been living, but there they shone, basking us in their glorious light. “So, where did the sudden appreciation for stars come from?”
“I’ve always loved looking at them. We could never see stars from our old neighborhood. But up here, on this hill, we get an awesome view. They help me sleep.”
“Yeah, I can see why.”
The universe has never interested me much; I can care less about how nature works. Only the functions of manmade contraptions were of any relevance to me. It will take more than staring at the stars to change that, but learning this is one of Ashley’s passions made it remarkably fascinating. It’s another parcel of her life shared with me.
“Ashley, I need to ask you something.”
She gobbled up the rest of her current cookie. “What is it, Bry?”
“You’ve seen my, um, cock a few times now. You’ve given me so much pleasure and joy; it’s more than I could ever hope for. You’re exciting, and fun, and unpredictable, and-“
“Brian, will you just ask it?”
“I… want to know if… I’ll ever get to satisfy you. Like if you want me to. It seems like everything has been about me and I don’t want it to be.”
“Of course I want you to satisfy me. And you have been, by letting me do everything we’ve done so far. You’re making me so unbelievably happy right now. Eating cookies under a starry sky, what more can a girl ask for?”
I reached out with my hand and laid it on her cold knee. “Ashley, I… I want to do more with you. To you, I mean. I want to see more of you and give you the same feeling of paradise you’ve given me. Don’t you understand that? Don’t you want that? I’m sorry if I sound, I don’t know, pushy or childish, but I want to know if I’ll get that opportunity.”
My sister shuffled uncomfortably, looking away from me into the sky. “Oh god, I want to let you so badly. It tears me up at night when I need your touch and can’t get it, knowing you’re only twenty feet away from me on the other side of my wall. It got so painful sometimes I would sit on the floor against it, just to be a little closer to you, wishing with all my heart you were with me. But no matter how close I got, you were still a thousand miles away. I’ve thought about knocking on your door so many times to see what you were doing, maybe get a spark flying, but I could never bring myself to do it.”
I shakily placed the cookie jar from between us onto the ground. “Why couldn’t you?”
Ashley’s voice began to break. She pulled both of her knees to her chest, my hand flailing off her leg. “I felt frightened, nervous. I didn’t think you could love me the same way I love you. It wasn’t until yesterday I heard everything I wanted to hear. And even after everything we said to each other I still couldn’t push away those awkward feelings.”
“But…. you seem so eager about everything we do together.”
“Well, once the ball started rolling, I had to go along with it. I couldn’t risk you getting tired of me.”
Me, tired of my sister? It sounded like such a strange and foreign concept. Less than ten minutes ago, her typing prowess had entertained me more than a movie. As long as she remains the bright, gorgeous gal I’ve known since we were in diapers, there is no chance in hell I could ever get bored of her.
I sidled closer to Ashley and pulled her into me, nestling her head beneath my shoulder. I wanted to tell my sis how silly she sounded, that she needed to wipe away all the pointless worries she was harboring. But when I opened my mouth to speak, I heard something dreadful. Something that made me shut up immediately.
A sniffle.
It wasn’t any sniffle. This one came from my princess. My baby girl, my darling sister.
A sharp pain stabbed at my heart. The cruel anguish of tears pierced me through my shirt.
I made my Ashley cry.
How did it come to this? I solely wanted to please the woman who’s made me the happiest guy on the planet. She should’ve been enjoying the same sensations I’ve experienced, not shedding tears. She should’ve been in ecstasy, not sadness.
Ashley burrowed her damp cheeks in my rib area, her right hand reaching across my chest and clasping my shirtsleeve. I tried lifting her chin to console her directly, but touching her only made her sob more. I snapped my hand back, afraid of making her condition any worse. All I could do was sit there and listen to my sister cry away her woes.
An eternity passed and the world spun out of control. My body remained motionless as I contemplated the ghastly situation. Despair, confusion, and a hundred other terrible emotions consumed me. I had never felt so hopeless before. For the first time in my life, I didn’t know how to help my sister. It’d always been as simple as picking her up from college, or assisting her with the chores. But this sorrow… it was more than I could endure.
I felt Ashley pull on my shirt, using it to dry her tears. Her trembling body grazed my side as she embraced me more securely; her whimpers fused with her sniffles. Despite her timidness to my touch, she ached to be closer to me.
And then I finally understood what she demanded of me. I couldn’t believe how stupid I was for taking so long to realize it. If Ashley needed to cry, I shouldn’t have been trying to stop her. I should’ve been letting her. She told me exactly what I needed to do and now she’s waiting for me to make my move.
Hastily, I wrapped my left arm around Ashley’s waist and yanked her over my lap. The momentum sent us plummeting onto my back. She writhed further up my chest, smearing her bosom against me, but kept her eyes away from mine. I traced the curves of her flawless body with my fingertips as she lay on me. Her trembles weakened with each passing of her ribs. I nudged the sides of her soft breasts with my thumbs on each upstroke. The pain in my heart perished when I could no longer hear her weeping. Our heartbeats drummed excessively, clearly. They echoed as one.
It wasn’t my touch Ashley cowered from; she simply didn’t want me to see her cry. What she genuinely required from me was my caress, for me to hold her in my arms. I didn’t think it was possible for my sister to yearn for me as much as I’ve yearned for her. My infatuation had never torn me up so gravely as to be unable to survive a night without her endearment. This feeling of being truly needed was completely new to me. I made a promise to myself from that night onward to always leave my door open when she isn’t by my side.
At last, I found my voice. “Ashley, I will never get tired of you, I swear it. That will never, ever happen. I wouldn’t have poured out my soul to you if I weren’t devoted to everything I have said. Please, trust me.”
Ashley raised her flushed cheeks from my shirt. With an exhausted breath, she heaved her face above mine. The hot air flowing from her mouth tingled my lips. Remnants of her tears left a twinkle in each of her eyes. She looked so vulnerable, honest, and infinitely pretty. Her lips floated closer and I unsealed mine in preparation. Affectionately, she whispered, “I do trust you. I always have.” Her head fell past my mouth, pressing our cheeks together. She whispered into my ear, “To prove it, I want you to be the first to feel me.”
This was more like it. The evening had taken an unexpected detour but it was now veering safely back on track. Ashley was offering herself to me and I was willing to enrapture her in every way imaginable. There was one tiny concern, however; Ashley would be the first to let me.
My sister towered over my beating chest, her right hand wiping away the last of her tears. She slowly inched her fingers down her cheek… breasts… midriff… Its descent ended above the bowtie that was keeping her pants around her waist. Slowly, she pulled on one of the strings, but stopped before it could become undone. “Would you like to undress me?”
“Yes.” It took all my effort to pronounce that single word.
Ashley scooted off my stomach to the opposite end of the swing. She leaned back on the armrest with her bent knees apart, and a hand patting her private area. Anxiously, I crawled between her legs, not once taking my eyes away from my treasure. The hand over her crotch vanished from my sight when I shoved her knees further apart.
My hands crept along her thighs and calves, savoring every second of this magical night. Ashley was giving me a present greater than anything that could be wrapped and stashed under a tree. She watched with attentive eyes as I prepared to open my gift. I hovered over her womanhood, pinching each thin string of her pajamas. “This is it,” I thought. “I’m going to see my first pussy.”
Up till two days ago, very few of my dreams had actually come true. The ones that did were things millions of other people have already accomplished, like making it to college or getting a car. Yet the many dreams I’ve assumed would never come to fruition, the ones involving Ashley, were soon becoming a reality every day. This was another one of my dreams coming true.
With a swift tug, the bow unraveled into two separate strands. Ashley and I inhaled sharply as her pants loosened. I grabbed the sides of the garment as she raised her butt off the cushion. Fluently, I began to slide it down her hips, catching a glimpse of black lace in the process. The pajamas slid to her knees, her underwear now fully in view. I took a breather to marvel at my sister’s sexiness. Her panties were something right out of an expensive lingerie catalog. The exquisite embroidery, coupled with her pajamas, made for a bizarre pairing. Adorable and young on the outside, provocative and mature on the inside.
“Do you need help?” Ashley wondered, propping herself up on her elbows.
“No, I can do this. You’re so beautiful.”
She smiled and relaxed her arms as I pulled her pants to her ankles. Carefully, I lifted her left foot and slid it through the sleeve. Then I did the same to her right foot. Casting her pajamas behind me, I admired my sister for the hundredth time that day. Only one word came to mind: wow. And I mean wow, like “winning the lottery” wow, or “first person on the moon” wow. Ashley, the jewel of all of my fantasies, lay clad in a prim blue tee and devilish black thong, both of which did nothing to conceal her shapely curves.
I craned my head to her panties, memorized by the sweet scent between her thighs. The fabric, although extravagant, was very flimsy, and the flower tapestry failed to cover her most private of areas. Through the transparent material, I could see the lips of her leaking hole.
Ashley wriggled her butt, startling me a teensy bit. “You’re breathing on my pussy.”
“Sorry,” I replied, predicting I had done something wrong.
“Don’t say that. It feels good.”
“Oh,” I muttered. It was a relief knowing I didn’t mess up. Her crevice had me completely captivated.
Requiring a closer look, I leaned forward till I was lying on my stomach, my eyes at the perfect height to examine her pussy. I’ve seen pussies from every source of porn known to man, but this one was real. It belonged to my sister, the girl I cherish so much, and that made it special.
As much as I desired to see it bare, I was more intrigued to see how Ashley would react with her clothing still on. I reckon it’s another fetish of mine; sex is just more exciting to me when the partners are still dressed. The disheveled garments, the rush of getting off so great no time could be wasted in undressing, the way a playful shirt can accentuate the innocence of a girl in heat. There will be a time and place for frontal nudity, but this wasn’t it.
I gently tapped Ashley’s mound with two fingers, a bit of moisture clinging to my skin. She didn’t wince a muscle. Instead, she looked down between her breasts to see what I was up to. I applied my left thumb forcibly to her pussy, the tip scarcely entering her slit. Brushing her labia, I elicited a soft moan from my sister.
With my other thumb, I pried the fabric of her thong until I encountered a protruding nub. Taking this to be the hood of her clit, I rubbed it in small ovals, barely applying any pressure. More moans came from a lust-filled Ashley. She got considerably warmer in a heartbeat.
“Take it off,” she purred.
I was hoping to leave her panties on for a while longer, but if that was what she wished for, then I was more than wiling to obey. Hooking the straps of her underwear, I began to tug the moist clump of lingerie down her toned thighs, her vagina miraculously unveiled to my probing eyes. A clean triangular patch of blonde hair resided above her puffy, pink lips. It looked like it might’ve been trimmed, but considering how perfect my darling is, maybe it just grew that way.
I brought my thumbs back to her lovely pussy. There is no better way to learn how to please my sister than to experiment first-hand. I studied every fold of skin as if my high college graduation had depended on it. The way her lips swelled when I parted them left me awestruck. The juices seeping onto the mattress smelled heavenly and addictive. The contractions of her tiny opening made me wonder how a cock was supposed to fit inside of her.
Ashley’s feet bore down on my shoulders, encouraging me to do more to her sensitive body. I crawled closer, her feet now beneath my armpits. My head wavered an inch above her vagina, and I blew air onto it through my teeth. I rubbed arcing circles around her labia with my thumb, abiding my time to take the final plunge.
A hand latched onto the back of my head. “Oooh Tiger, you’re driving me crazy.”
“Sorry,” I said to her pussy.
Ashley didn’t seem to notice; her eyes were closed. “Don’t say that.”
“You smell nice.”
“Then come closer.” My sister mashed my head into her crotch, her pubic hair titillating my nose. So much for abiding my time.
She eased the tension, allowing me to regain control. Cramped beneath her legs, I removed my left hand from her slit and found a comfortable home for it on her belly. I prodded her tiny belly button with my thumb. The corner of Ashley’s gaping mouth curled as I darted my tongue out and licked her exterior folds, tickling her in two spots at once.
My sister flexed her butt in response, jutting her groin into my face. She lewdly begged, “Go deeper. Lick everything.”
Being so close to her, I had trouble seeing much of anything under the dim lights. My head blocked what little glow there was. That couldn’t stop me from feeling my way around her vagina, however. I lowered my thumb from her hood and pushed apart her lips. My tongue delved into the pulsing orifice. Her cries of indulgence were music to my ears in an otherwise silent backyard.
I lapped her divine nectar straight from the honey pot. It’s been too long since I tasted her juices. Being able to drink it directly from my sister made the flavor even more luscious. Who knew the female body could produce such a sweet and rich fluid? I finally understood why she craves the taste of my cum. We’re a lot alike in that regard.
As I pleasured her pristine pussy, Ashley squirmed frantically, squeezing my head between her thighs. She hummed loudly, as if suppressing her squeals. I had to remind myself our parents’ bedroom window was less than ten feet away from us. Although they wouldn’t able to see what we were doing from their angle – the swing rested against the house wall – they would be able to hear us.
Ashley needed to calm down, I thought, so I replaced my wet tongue over her mound with my right thumb. It may have been cruel to stop when she seemed so close, but I could assure her she’ll have her climax very soon. With my saliva and her secretions as lubricant, I inserted my thumb into the slippery hole, thrusting it steadily in and out. Her lonely clit poked out from beneath its covering, in dire need of attention. I aided it by flicking my tongue against the nub.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she muttered endlessly. Whenever she curses, there’s always a good reason ushering it. I peeked upwards as far as I could from my vantage point. Ashley’s right hand had disappeared beneath her tight shirt, rubbing her right breast. Her left hand ran through my unkempt hair, kindling my ego. It was fantastic knowing I could make my angel behave this way. The confidence instilled within me was powerful. It felt like I was capable of doing anything.
I gradually pushed my thumb deeper into her pussy, curious to see how much she would willingly take in. Half of my thumb, up to the joint, got engulfed. Her muscles clamped on it, and I wiggled my digit sprightly.
Wait a minute…
“Ashley, you’re not in pain?”
“Mmm, it feels so good. How could I be in pain?”
I know little about the human anatomy, especially when it comes to the female body, but I do enough to realize something may have been missing.
“Your, um… hymen.”
After ten seconds of me diddling my sister in silence, she confided, “I… broke it. Not on purpose but… when I was thinking about you. I got a little carried away.”
Holy… I couldn’t believe it. Was she serious? Did I hear that right? I am the one responsible for making my sister break her hymen. I repeated it in my mind, over and over again, until it got engraved into my skull. I am the one responsible for making my saintly sister rupture her sacred, venerable barrier.
Coming to grips with what I had implicitly caused my baby to do, I plunged my entire thumb into her opening. Ashley arched her back brazenly. “Oooh fuck, Tiger!”
My sister bucked her ass off the mattress, shaking relentlessly, crushing my head between her thighs. My thumb couldn’t plug the surge of cum bursting from her quivering pussy as my whole hand became doused in a slippery puddle of her juices. But I wanted more of it. I wanted to be drenched in her liquid. I madly rammed my tiny member in and out of her slit, oblivious to the cramping in my wrist. As her spasms slowly diminished, so too did my thrusts.
Ashley eased her thighs from my head, her chest still heaving. “Fuck, Brian. You really… surprised me.”
“That was the sexiest thing I have ever seen.” I slid my tongue over her swollen lips, licking up the copious syrup pouring from her throbbing hole.
Some guys may prefer it if their woman’s hymen is intact for their first time together, and a part of me felt the same way, but knowing Ashley had been thinking about me when it happened aroused me tremendously. So tremendously, I wanted to jam as many of my fingers up her tight pussy as I could, similar to how she had stuffed my mouth with her cum-soaked hand during my massage. As long as I’ll be her first, that’s all that mattered to me.
As I tasted my way upward to her clit, Ashley cautioned, “Be gentle on it. It’s so sensitive right now.”
Remembering how touchy my cock could be after an orgasm, I kindly kissed the skin around her crevice. Her fleshy thighs, her puffy outer lips, the tiny golden strip of hair above it. All while rubbing her inner folds with my soppy thumb.
I made love to her delicate muscles, giving my sister the time she needed to rest her body. But no matter how much of her honey I drank in, she kept producing more. I immersed my tongue into the orifice to relish her internally.
Ashley buried my face in her crotch. “Ahhh, yesss. Fuck your sister with your tongue. God, I’m so wet.”
My tongue was like a piston as it pumped through her hole. The sensation of her pussy squeezing me felt exceptional. Her contractions were pushing my tongue out and pulling it in at the same time. If only it was my cock inside of her instead.
“I love you so much, Brian,” Ashley panted.
I wanted to say the same to her, but I figured the best way to let her know would be to knock her socks off. I pulled my tongue out of her, leaving it hanging from my mouth like the slobbering dog I must’ve looked like, and pressed it flat against her pink slit. As my top lip closed down over her clit, small tremors ran through her pussy, tickling my tongue and lips.
She murmured, “Gently… gently…”
With one slow, deliberate sweep, I licked the length of her pussy to the underside of her clit. She let out a long, continuous moan as my mouth enveloped her pearl. I sucked on the nub as if it were her neck, my tongue flicking it ever so softly. Her legs clamped my head between her trembling thighs.
“Ahhh, don’t stop. Please don’t stop,” my baby pleaded.
Stopping was the furthest thing from my mind. Eating pussy is way more fun than any electronic device I have ever tinkered with. For her pussy to be shrouded from me all these years must be a crime. My sister suffered countless lonely nights in need of my devotion, and I suffered even more in need of her adoration.
I increased the suction on her bud. Ashley bounced her hips off the seat, humping my face. My tongue sped up to match her impending orgasm. I wanted my sister to be at the pinnacle of pleasure when she climaxes.
“Ahhh, this is it, this is it.”
Opening my mouth, but keeping my upper lip over the hood of her clit, I dove my tongue back into her pussy. I hungrily licked the insides of her pink flesh, ready for the oncoming torrent.
“Oh fuck, yesss,” she hissed.
Right on cue, her juices exploded from her slit, dousing my tongue and lower mouth in her love. It sprayed everywhere, uncontainable. I did my best to lap every drop, but Ashley shook wildly in the pangs of her orgasm. Using my right thumb, I pushed away her outer labia, giving my tongue more freedom of movement to draw out every last ounce of her honey. It felt as though I was drowning, but this was one time I didn’t want to be saved.
It took Ashley what seemed like five minutes to recover. I had my head against her thigh, keenly observing her swollen mound for her breathing to return to normal. I would’ve fallen asleep by her pussy if she hadn’t raised my chin up to her face.
“Thank you,” she said meekly. “That was amazing.”
“I’m available anytime you need another one of those.” I dragged my limp body over my sister’s, laying my head on her petite chest. I began caressing her legs and inner thighs.
Ashley stroked my right cheek. “I gladly accept your offer.”
“Good. I wouldn’t take no for an answer.”
We reveled in each other’s warmth, loving every second of our fondling. I was at peace on her soft and velvety flesh, wishing for nothing more than to slumber in the valley of her breasts.
“You did really good for your first time,” Ashley said meekly.
“What makes you think this was my first time?”
I could feel her chest cave in as she chuckled beneath her breath. “Because then you wouldn’t be single. You’re not hiding any promiscuous girls from me, are you?”
“The only promiscuous girl in my life is you.”
The swing continued to rock subtly with us in it. Ashley had no qualms about being naked from the waist down in our backyard. I was the only protection shielding her pussy from the night’s wind. Her eyes were lost in the distance, watching the stars sparkle in the darkness.
“Let’s go inside and sleep, Brian.”
“Sleep sounds good.” It saddened me to have to be away from her breasts for even the tiniest moment, but I knew we would be much more comfortable in bed.
Ashley slipped into her underwear and pajamas as I carried the cookie jar to the house. Looking behind me, I saw her unable to get up. “I’m so tired,” she explained.
Smiling, I placed the jar on the lawn table and returned to my sister’s side. “I’ll carry you.”
She surrounded my neck in her arms, gazing into my eyes. I lifted her with my right arm beneath her knees and my left supporting her back. We were like newlyweds bursting through the church doors to a new future together. My mind became clouded with visions of Ashley in a ravishing white dress, her groom none other than me. Deep down I knew I could never be that man, but the image still lingered. Is it feasible for Ashley and I to someday get married? There’s no doubt she’s the only one who can make me feel the way I do, but do I have the same effect on her?
“Brian, are you okay?” Her gentle voice awakened me.
“Yeah, I am. Let’s get going.” We exchanged smiles, hers filled with faith, mine with a tad of despair.
Marriage. Why was I thinking about something like that when I wasn’t even old enough to drink? There was plenty of time to see how things would turn out. The summer had a couple more months to go, and surely our love would blossom beyond the season. First and foremost, I had the task of carrying my perfect woman to her room. She deserved the sleep after all the emotions she had gone through.
I laid Ashley on her bed, her eyes half-asleep. “Bry… don’t go…”
“Shhh, don’t talk. I’ll be right here.”
“Thank you. I love you.”
“I love you, Ash.” I kissed her on the forehead and draped a blanket over her body. Too tired to do anything else, I crawled beneath the sheets beside her.
Fortunately, our parents leave for work before we wake up in the mornings, so there was no need to worry about exiting Ashley’s room and getting caught. My all-night studying and web-surfing sessions have taught me our parents don’t check in on us before they leave for work either. Justifying the situation might be a bit tricky if I was to somehow get busted, but my exhaustion prevented me from analyzing the off chance any more than necessary. Sleep kept sounding better and better.
I held my sister’s waist and drifted toward her neck. When said she wanted to be closer to me, she wasn’t kidding. Nuzzling my nose in her hair, I silently dozed off with Ashley in my arms…
For the second morning in a row I woke up to the wonderful feeling of Ashley’s slender figure against mine. She was half laying on top of me with her right leg draped over my thigh, arm across my chest, and breasts mashed into my side. A small rivulet of drool trailed from the corner of her mouth onto my shirt. If she were anyone else, I would’ve lifted her off me in a heartbeat, but I found it adorable my perfect sister could have such a natural quirk.

Glancing at the clock on her far wall, I read the time as half past eight; our parents were long-gone for work by now. I couldn’t remember what time we went to bed the previous night, but I was feeling invincible. It would take me days of non-stop running with an elephant tied to my waist to exhaust all my stamina. But exercising would be a complete waste of energy. I had other plans on how to use it.

If only Ashley would wake up. I must’ve done a pretty good job of satisfying her if she’s still asleep at this time – if I did say so myself. I’ve woken up later than her for years, for as long as we’ve had separate bedrooms.

During my first two years of high college, Ashley would personally sneak into my room and wake me each morning. Sometimes she’d sit on her knees and bounce on my bed until I swiped my hands like a zombie. Other days she’d stand beside my bed and repeat my name over and over again until I told her to leave me alone, which I never really meant and she never really did.

As with her pet name for me, my sister stopped waking me up for college without any reason why. I hoped our recent confessions to one another would encourage her to jumpstart my days with her splendid smile again. And if I played my cards right, maybe she would find another way to wake me up.

Although we had only spent two full nights together, it felt like something we’ve been doing for a lot longer. I couldn’t imagine spending another night without someone to share a blanket with. I have a dangerous habit of becoming overly obsessive about things, and Ashley was easily at the peak of my current obsessions. I caught the elusive carrot on a stick and there was no way I was going to let it escape.

Still, I couldn’t help but wonder how much longer we could keep this up. If it were just her and me, there’d be no doubts we were doing what we should’ve been years ago. Why did it take us so long to find the courage to cuddle in each other’s embrace? I suppose the answer should be rather obvious to me: Ashley’s my sister.

But as I watched her sleep, I couldn’t convince myself of that. There was something different, something unique that made her a new woman. Her hair, maybe. She’s been letting it grow past her shoulders for a few months. I had suggested she give it a try once or twice, though I never imagined she would look so dazzling with longer hair. But that couldn’t be it. It was just a new style. Maybe I was being flustered by the scent of berries on her skin. The smell was more alluring than the things I’ve normally woken up to. Nah, that couldn’t be it either. My head was as clear as a fishbowl. Whatever the difference, it had me completely infatuated.

Each tick of the second hand came deafly slow and it seemed like my sleeping beauty would never open her eyes. I pointed my finger out in front of her mouth, feeling each of her small and steady breaths. I gently pinched her nose between my finger and thumb, but all that did was make her snore a little. Brushing away the golden hair over her eyelids, I pulled her up a little higher so we lay face to face on our sides, her breaths now tickling my lips.

I closed my eyes and moved my mouth closer to my sister’s. Our lips pressed softly together. Hot air entered my mouth. I curled my tongue against the underside of her upper lip. Her mouth remained open, so I delved deeper, tasting the top of her tongue. Ashley sighed peacefully. I closed my mouth over her lips and sucked on the pink velvet. They were tender and moist, as if they were meant to be continuously kissed till the end of time, even when dormant.

As luck would have it, my sister didn’t stay lifeless for long. Her tongue abruptly forced its way into my mouth. I moaned at the welcome intrusion. Her arms, which had been around my waist, pulled us closer together. With my eyes still shut, I lowered my hand to her calf and raised her leg over my waist, letting her straddle me.

Ashley nudged me onto my back, her body rolling on top. She grabbed my hands from her calves and placed them on her smooth, round butt. I rubbed her cheeks with my palms, gently digging my fingers into her creamy flesh through her cotton pajamas.

We made out like this for a few minutes.

Ashley lifted her beautiful face above mine. “Mmm, I missed you, Tiger. You sure know how make a girl feel special in the morning.”

My hands glided along her lower back, tracing the contours of her physique. “I can’t control myself. Even when you’re asleep I have to kiss you. Does that make me weak?”

She caressed my cheek. “No, of course it doesn’t. Don’t fight your feelings. Follow what your heart tells you.”

“My heart is telling me… not to get out of bed.”

She sat upright and brought my right hand to her chest. “Mine is telling me the same thing.”

It was amazing how close I was to Ashley at that moment. I felt warm and fuzzy, and not from the exquisite touch of her left breast in my hand, but because I could actually feel her heart speaking to me, repeating what I had just heard with each firm beat.

My thumb drew ovals on her breast. “So what should we do while we’re here?”

“We can talk.” Moving off my stomach, she lay beside me, still holding my hand against her.

“Okay. What do you want to talk about?”




So we talked. And oh boy did we do a lot of talking. Our conversation was entirely trivial, but I didn’t care. Seeing her face beam in joy every time I made her laugh was all I required to feel alive. Leisurely chitchat was exactly what I needed to remind myself that despite everything we had done, we were still young foolish kids who care for each other above all else. My love for Ashley was more than just physical attraction. By far! She has been the only girl I can connect with on a more intellectual level. If you can consider discussing the pros and cons of deep-dish pizza to be intellectual, that is.

Ashley hopped onto her knees. “Gosh, I’m hungry. Let’s go out and have some pizza.”

I gave my sister a curious look. “Now? It’s too early for lunch.”

She shrugged her shoulders. “Who said anything about lunch? It’s not too late for breakfast.”

“Pizza? For breakfast?”

Ashley shook her head, her hair bouncing merrily.

“All right, let’s freshen up a bit,” I said. “But you know, this is going against what our hearts are telling us.”

“My stomach takes precedence right now.”

We stood up together. “I’ll tell Nikky to get ready so we can drop her off a little early.”

My other younger sister, Nicole, was often “babysat” at her friend’s house during the weekdays. It couldn’t really be called babysitting when the kid volunteered to be babysat, but the arrangement worked out nicely for the three of us. Nikky got to hang out with her friends for the day while Ashley and I got some alone time in the house.

Funny how things turn out sometimes.

Nikky was watching her morning cartoons when I spotted her in the living room. Less than thirty minutes after the three of us had gotten dressed, we all clamored into my car.

“So where are you two going?” Nikky asked.

Pretending to be self-absorbed in my steering, I waited for Ashley to answer her. I didn’t want to tell Nikky that Ashley and I were planning to have lunch without her, but I also didn’t want to lie. Telling fibs wasn’t something I was very good at, especially when it came to kids. They tend to accept answers by asking more questions, and that has caused me to trip on my words more than a few times. I was hoping Ashley’s closer bond to Nikky would allow us to sneak by an afternoon without her.

“Brian and I are going out for lunch,” Ashley replied coolly.

That’s one way to avoid lying.

“Oh. Between adults?”

“Yeah, you can say that.” Ashley turned around between our seats. “Nicole, Brian and I both love you very much. Don’t take this the wrong way, okay?”

“It’s cool, Big Sis, I understand. Ma and pa warned me that because you’re going to college, you guys will be busy with adult stuff and I shouldn’t worry if you two spend more time together without me.”

“Thanks, Nikky, for understanding.”

“No prob. I can’t wait until I’m older so I can do adult stuff, too.”

“Don’t grow up too fast. You only get to be a kid once. Enjoy it for as long as you can.”

“That’s what ma and pa always tell me…”

A few turns and stop signs later, we arrived at a gigantic two-story Venetian mansion. It always left me dumbfounded when I saw it come into view. The ivory chateau was easily three times the size of our house, with the yard itself larger than our whole estate. The only thing missing was an electronic fence and a pack of hound dogs guarding the driveway. If the interior was anywhere near as rich as the exterior, it was plain to see why Nicole had no objections to being babysat.

“Bye Big Sis, bye Brian.”

“Bye Nikky,” we shouted after her.

We watched our intrepid sibling skip along a never-ending stone pathway. Nikky’s friend opened the front door before she could knock on it, and even though the kids looked like ants from our distance, I could see their smiles as they greeted.

Not a moment too soon, Ashley and I were on our way.

“I feel bad for her,” my sister said.

“Why do you say that? Nikky looks happy to me.”

“Get a clue. She’s obviously hiding her real feelings from us.”

“I’m sorry that my detective skills aren’t up to par with yours but I really don’t get what you mean.”

“We’re growing distant from her.”

“What? No we aren’t. I mean, beside last night at the golf course and maybe right now, we haven’t been ignoring her or anything like that.”

“It might not seem like a big deal to you but she’s starting to grow into a young teenager if you haven’t noticed. She’ll need the two of us to help her deal with everything that life’s going to throw her way. If we separate ourselves from her now, she won’t feel comfortable about coming to us when she needs to talk about boys and peer pressure and -“

“I understand that, but Nikky and I can’t really talk about serious stuff. Although we get along fine, she can never open up to me. What makes you think I’ll be able to help her?”

“Because you’ve been able to help me.”

I heard Ashley loud and clear, yet I couldn’t comprehend what she meant by that. Peering toward her, I caught a glimpse of the solemn shadow cast over her face.

She continued. “Without you, I would’ve been completely lost while I was growing up. You had so much experience in the world by the time I started middle college that all the stories you’ve told me when you graduated from it were like life lessons. You have no idea how much I learned from you: what kind of people to watch out for, how to manage my class work, what food to stay away from. It may not seem that important to you but it was to me.

On the first day of college, it felt as if the rest of my future had been planned out for me. I knew exactly what was going to happen, and even though I had only your stories to guide me, it was like I experienced it all already. That gave me a lot of confidence I never had before. It was a new feeling. A good feeling. I don’t think I could’ve made it without you. And not just middle college, but high college, too.” Ashley grasped my right hand with both of hers and held it to her lips. “I want to thank you, Brian. For everything.”

I was speechless. Overwhelmed, even. I always believed Ashley was born with an irresistible flair that made everyone adore her. A positive aura radiating from her bright personality. It was mind-boggling to think I may have played a part in turning Ashley into the wonderful girl she grew up to be. I remembered my early teenage years and the difference in my confidence compared to hers was like comparing an infant to Michael Jordan. If one of us had done any teaching, it had to have been her.

On the days I treaded home from high college, Ashley would wait for me at the front door, ready to tell me everything that had happened to her in the seven hours we were apart. She reminded me of a housewife greeting her husband with open arms after a grueling day of work. Yet Ashley would greet me with more than just open arms. She would kiss me on the cheek, then help me carry my books to my room as she summarizes her day. Her short stories were like inspirational tales for me to use in my own life. She taught me how to become a better listener and observer. But most importantly, those moments of sibling intimacy taught me I was in love my sister.

“Ashley, you’re right. I have no idea how much that all means to you. When we’re alone together, it is so easy for me to open up to you about everything that I blurt out whatever is on my mind. I wonder sometimes if you really listen to me, but I get so caught up in my own thoughts that I need to say them out loud, whether you care or not.”

“Of course I listen. And of course I care. You mean a lot to me and I want to know everything that goes on in that brain of yours.” Ashley playfully ruffled my hair. “I want Nicole to have what I have. People she can look up to. Please say you’ll try?”

“I will. I’ll try harder. Starting this Wednesday.”


“We’ll spend the whole day with Nicole. We’ll take her somewhere. Do whatever she wants to do, talk about whatever she wants to talk about. Anything goes.”

“That’s a great idea. I can’t wait.”

“Me neither.”

The one thing I admire most about Ashley is her mindfulness of everyone precious in her life. It’s what sets her above the most righteous of saints. Sure, she and I have a unique relationship, but she isn’t going to let that interfere with the well-being of those around her. Family means a lot to us, and it’s remarkable how much she thinks about them, even when they’re not around.

Shortly after our chitchat, we arrived at what would be the busiest street in town on Friday and Saturday nights. Diner’s Boulevard, it was named, has more restaurants than I have teeth lining the extravagant strip. Whatever type of food you’re in the mood for, that lane has the best of it. Don’t expect drive-thrus and dollar specials here. Nothing less than four-star cuisines at five-star prices bordered every menu.

Because it was early in the afternoon, the pizza joint was mostly empty when Ashley and I entered. There were a few preoccupied stools, but the tables and booths were void of any hungry guests. That didn’t prevent the aroma of tomato sauce and every type of meat known to man from fusing into the air, however. An oldies radio station played overhead, giving the place some much-needed tranquility over the roaring ovens in the kitchen.

Ashley made her way to a booth in the far back corner of the restaurant and I followed closely behind. Soon after we sat down, a waitress spotted us and came over to hand us our menus.

Bypassing the normal meet-and-greet, Ashley said, “We don’t need the menu, thanks. My boyfriend and I are ready to order.”

Joking about how we must’ve been regulars at the place, the waitress pulled a notepad from her back pocket. Ashley gave her our order of a pepperoni, sausage, and pineapple deep-dish pizza with two large glasses of Pepsi. The waitress nodded, bowed, and disappeared in a flash.

Ashley stared out the window past me, watching the people stroll by and the cars zoom back and forth. Pretending to read the plastic-covered menu on our table, I peeked through the corner of my eyes at her.

My sister didn’t look anything like the young girl I guided through adolescence. Gone were the fluffy scrunchies, tiny pigtails, and clip-on earrings. What came in their places were glossy lipstick, long bountiful wavy hair, and luxurious silver hoops. Good-bye tee shirts of ponies and teddy bears. Hello to her white button-up blouse and black silk vest. No more knee-length shorts for my grown-up sis. Welcome her pleated thigh-high skirt.

“You look older,” I remarked.

She turned to me, smiling. “I am turning nineteen in a month.”

“You look older than that. Like you’re twenty-two.”

“Twenty-two? That’ll make me older than you.”

“What can I say, I like older women.”

Ashley blushed brighter than tomato sauce.

The waitress arrived with our drinks and returned some timer later with our pan of cheesy meaty pizza. She was about to serve a slice of it onto my plate when Ashley stopped her.

“Thank you, I can take it from here. I want to do this for my boyfriend.” The waitress watched Ashley scoop a slice onto my plate. Understanding what my sister meant, the waitress bowed again and left the table.

I watched Ashley scoop another slice onto her plate. “You must really like calling me that.”

“Call you what? What’d I say?”

“You said it twice to the waitress now I was your boyfriend.”

“It’s because it’s true. You are my boyfriend. You’re also my caring brother and romantic sweetheart.”

“Which one do you prefer?”

“I prefer all of them. It’s not like they’re exclusive to each other.”

“I know that. But what I do as your brother and what I do as your boyfriend can be two completely different things.”

“You don’t have to do anything different around me. Just do what you’ve always done. Be you.”

“It’s not that simple. Before last Friday, I’ve been doing what I believed a brother should be doing for his sisters. Small stuff like making you two ice cream sundaes and draping my jacket over your shoulders when it’s cold outside. And when mom and dad tell me to do something for you or Nikky, I do it, no questions asked. I want to do it – don’t get me wrong – but it’s also for me, to feel better about myself, like I did something right.

Now our relationship has changed. I can’t look at you as just my sister anymore. Between our more… private activities, I want to see you as the little girl I’ve grown up with for eighteen years. But I can’t, because all I see in front of me this very moment is the beautiful sophisticated woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.
This morning, when I woke up to you lying on my chest, the first thing that came to my mind wasn’t that my sister is sleeping on me. It’s that the sexy girl I’m crazy for is cuddling closer to me. As your brother, I should’ve taken every precaution to just let you sleep peacefully. Instead, I kissed you because I don’t know how to control my emotions anymore. I never had these kinds of feelings before. Everything I do with you is more intimate now and I can’t picture us doing things as normal siblings.
Ashley, speaking right now as your older brother, who do you see me as? Who do you want me to be when we’re out eating pizza? When we’re alone in the house? How do I know when it’s okay for me to cross the line that separates feelings for my sister from affections for my… girlfriend?”
“Brian, please eat your pizza. You make me worry when you’re not eating.”
Worrying my darling was the last thing I wanted to do on this grand afternoon. I looked down at my plate and poked my fork through the cheesy dough. “Sorry, I didn’t mean for this to sound serious. But I really need to know.”
“I… I can’t….” Ashley leaned back against the seat and took a deep breath. Her eyes flickered to-and-fro the empty restaurant, her pearly teeth biting her lower lip. She turned her attention my way and stared. I could feel her gaze piercing me, searching for what she should say to alleviate my concern. At that point, anything would’ve been better than the silence I was receiving.
She sidled closer and laid her left hand on my knee. Her touch instantly calmed my nerves while the scent of strawberry lotion lured me further under her spell. She raised her left leg onto the seat between us, her skirt riding up her thigh as she faced me.

“I can’t answer that. There is no answer, Bry, don’t you get it? I want you to be both, you can be. I know that isn’t what you want to hear but I’ll say it over and over again if I have to because it’s true. I want you, as my brother and as my crush, to do exactly what you’ve been doing since the day I first laid eyes on you. You’ll know when you can cross that line because… there is no line. Things don’t have to be any different between us. We might hold hands a little more, but I’m still me and you’re still you. I didn’t fall in love with just my brother. I fell in love with a thoughtful and handsome man who knows how to treat me right. It’s fine if you see me as more than your baby sister, but I’ll always be that little girl next door who needs her big brother to care for her.”

Now it was my turn to be silent. Her words left me utterly awestruck. My mouth parched dryer than the Sahara, my body caught in a sandstorm. Ashley spoke with so much sincerity and sympathy, I couldn’t move in fear I would ruin the moment. I wanted to revel in her compassion, to be surrounded in her kindness. Look hard enough and you could see the rainbows and fairies flying around her magnificence.

Ashley’s eyes remained dead set on me, though her piercing demeanor had vanished. It seemed she was feeling the same anxiousness I had felt, and she was waiting for my response. I responded the only way I knew how. “I’m positive one thing hasn’t changed between us. You’re still a million times smarter than I’ll ever be.”

Ashley let out a sigh of relief and squeezed my knee. “It’s what I believe. You’ll come to understand it yourself.” She took a sip of her soda. “And I’ll always be smarter than you. That’ll never change either.”

I couldn’t say she made everything crystal clear to me. I like my answers divided into two clean cuts: yes or no, apples or oranges, paper or plastic. She has been seeing me as her brother, her friend, her significant other. Why couldn’t I have done the same with her? Why was I trying to separate my perceptions of her?

Ashley was absolutely right. I didn’t need to draw these invisible lines. She’s the same girl I wanted to be with the week before, right then, and a thousand years into the future.

As we joked over our smoky pan of pizza, more and more background noise began to pollute our alone time together. It was nearing noon and people were crowding in, roaring their orders like a herd of lions so they could return to whatever cave they came from.

Leaving a leftover slice on the table, Ashley and I slipped out before a stampede of starving ten year-olds and their soccer moms could trample us. “Have you ever been inside there?” Ashley asked, pointing at a small bakery.

Not wanting to spend a gloriously brilliant day inside our home, she and I had decided to take a walk down the calm strip. We were strolling by the various restaurants and gift shops while basking in the sun’s rays. I had my arm around her shoulder and she had hers around my hip. I wasn’t a frequent walker, but I would follow Ashley to the ends of the universe as long as she stayed in my arms.

“No, I haven’t,” I answered. “But I’ve heard some good things about it from my friends.”

“I’ve heard good things about it from my friends, too. They bake really soft and yummy cream-filled cakes.” She tugged on my arm and stepped in front of me. “Can we go inside?”

“Still hungry? How can you maintain your great figure when you eat so much?”

Her jaw dropped. “You did not just say that.”

Ashley threw a punch at my elbow but I sidestepped from it in the nick of time. Laughing, she chased after me as I ran to the quaint bakery. I had a slight advantage since I wore sneakers compared to her sandals, so I stopped at the door for her to catch up. She was faster than I presumed, and before I could turn around, she jumped onto my back, wrapping her arms and legs around my neck and waist. I almost fell forward but managed to brace myself.

She whispered into my ear. “Mmm, it smells delicious. I think I’ll like it here.”

“Me too. You know I’m a sucker for Twinkies and Ding-Dongs.” With my hands under the back of Ashley’s knees, I turned to my side so she could push the door open. I carefully waddled into the heavenly-scented bakery.

“Wow, this is so cool,” my baby sis squealed.

As pristine and spotless the bakery appeared, the fragrance had to be tampering with Ashley’s ability to keep her voice down. But besides two women having a cup of coffee and two men old enough to be my granddads in the kitchen, there was no one else to hear her.

Although the bakery was in the middle of a modern-looking strip, the interior was very old-fashioned. Everything had a polished wooden texture. The tables, chairs, countertops, and even the walls were engraved with intricate drawings of birds, flowers, and other nature-y doodads. In contrast to the dark brown were immaculate green vines hanging from clay pots along each wall. The habitat felt very homely, sort of like visiting a distant relative or a long-time friend.

The bakery had every type of doughy delight you can think of: fudged brownies, nutty cookies, exotic breads, fruit tarts, and, of course, the cream-filled cakes we came to taste. The cakes were small pizza-bagel sized goodies. They occupied nearly half the rows of treats so it was clear to see they were the bakery’s signature food item.

One of the old men dressed in an apron and chef’s hat greeted us from the counter. “Hello there, ma’am and sir, and welcome to our humble little shop. It’s nice to see new faces in the afternoon, especially of such young folks.”

“This place smells amazing,” Ashley said over my shoulder. “Everything looks so good.”

“Would you like to try a sample?” The baker placed the tray of cinnamon rolls he was holding onto the counter. He sliced a piece from one of them and poked a toothpick through it. “My brother and I get carried some mornings and bake more than we can fit on the shelves.”

“That would be great,” my sister said, reaching for the sample. The roll flew briefly by my nose as she took a bite of it.

“I see your boyfriend wants to try it, too,” the baker chuckled, cutting another piece. He handed it to Ashley and she fed me the morsel.

Let me just say it was the best cinnamon roll I had ever tasted. “Wow, this is really good. I should come here every morning from now on. Sure beats cold cereal for breakfast.”

“Thank you, sir, we appreciate the compliment. But instead of coming in every morning, why don’t you just take some home with you. Lord knows how expensive gas is these days.”

“I think we’ll do that,” I replied.

Before I could order their entire stock of fresh rolls, Ashley asked, “Could we also sample some of those creamy cakes? We came in here to try them out and -“

“Ashley, we shouldn’t be asking for any more freebies. Let’s just order -“

The baker was next to interrupt someone in our game of verbal leapfrog. “Oh-ho, no need to quarrel over something so trivial. I’ll be glad to let you kids sample our specialty.” He pulled out a tray of the cakes and held them out to us. “I’m a firm believer in trying things before you buy them.”

I grabbed one of the bite-sized treats and held it above my shoulder in front of Ashley’s mouth. She snapped her teeth over it, nearly biting off my fingertips.

“Mmm, it’s very soft and airy,” she described. “The cream is like a pudding, not the fluffy whipped cream stuff in those Twinkies you pig on so much.”

I took a little offense to her harsh words toward the illustrious Twinkie, but maybe it was time for me to move on to bigger and better things. “With a critique like that, we’ll just have to order all you have.”

I could see the dollar signs flashing in the baker’s eyes as we ordered. We ended up with eight cinnamon rolls, two dozen small cakes, and a giant oatmeal-raisin cookie for the ride home. I finally eased my sis off my back when we had to carry the two boxes out of the bakery.

“Looks like we’re coming home with a lot more than a full stomach,” I said as we entered my car.

“Mm-hmm, looks like it.” Ashley opened her small basket of cakes and quickly devoured one whole. I paid special attention to how wide her mouth opened. “Mmm, this is so good. It might be all gone before we get home.”

She grabbed another one and brought it to my mouth. I took a bite of the delectable cake. “That is yummy. But it doesn’t compare to the soft and creamy treat I had last night.”

Ashley ate the second half of it. “If you want, I’ll let you have some more when we get home.”

“I definitely want some more of that.” My cock sprung up at the thought of savoring my sister.

“Then drive fast, Tiger. My panties are getting wet and I don’t want to be all soaked up before you get a chance to taste me.”

Just like that, Ashley transformed from my sweet caring sister to a sexy libidinous minx. One second she was feeding me a cake, the next she wanted to feed me her pussy.

As I pulled out onto the main street, Ashley yanked my right hand from the steering wheel. I almost swerved into the next lane but managed to regain control of it to prevent an unfortunate accident.

“Ash, what the heck are you doing? Are you trying to get us…”

I flexed my fingers against a moist, silky fabric. My body instantly went numb as I contemplated the situation. I didn’t need to be a genius to figure out what I was feeling.

My sister held my wrist securely in place with both of her hands, my right palm pressed squarely onto her hot burning oven. Rubbing my fingers up and down the fiery mound, Ashley mewed. “Are you getting worried I might make a mess in your car now? I’m getting horny just for you.”

I swallowed my tongue. “Can this, uh, wait till we get home?”

“No, it can’t. You treat me better than I deserve and I get hot just thinking about it.” She took my hand off her soppy panties, but I knew her well enough by now to know it wasn’t because she wanted to stop. I heard my sister fidgeting in her chair and her seatbelt unbuckling. Not a second later, my hand was shoved onto her bare soaking pussy.

Ashley gasped. “Stick your fingers in me. I don’t want to wait.”

As scared as I was of losing control of the car, I made no attempt at tearing my hand away. This was just too unbelievable. Fear mixed with lust made for a brute whirlwind of emotions. “Ashley, this is crazy. I only took you out for lunch. Why are you doing -“

“You know you’ve done more than that, don’t try to deny it. Just screw me with your fingers, damn it.”

Crap, crap, crap, what the hell was she thinking.

We were going over forty miles an hour – which seems like eighty when you can’t keep your head straight – and she wanted me to frig her that very moment. And what’s with her dominating attitude? I had to admit she was turning me on immensely, but my erection wouldn’t do us much good if we both ended up in the hospital.

Crap, crap, crap, why won’t these damn stoplights turn red.

Ashley brushed my palm over her swollen clit and puffy lips. Her pussy gushed like a river onto my fingers. No less than a gallon of her juices flooded out of her. The sweet aroma she exuded was intoxicating, and I doubted I would ever be able to wash the smell from the seat. She led my drenched hand to her lips. Slipping one finger at a time into her mouth, she sucked on her juices before returning me to her pussy.

I couldn’t fight it anymore. I didn’t want to fight it anymore. Over and over again my self-control had been stretched to its limits and snapped apart. This occasion wasn’t going to be any different. Condemning my inner conscience, I slipped my middle finger inside her throbbing hole. I crossed my other set of fingers and prayed we’d make it home in one piece.

“Oooh yes, fuck me now,” my siren cried.

She writhed in her seat, her pussy squeezing my finger and dragging it with her. I glanced over and saw her leaning against the door, her chest rising and her head lulling.

My attention was torn between the bustling street and my sexy seductress. In one hand was the cold rubber steering wheel; on the other was my scorching hot sister. The faster I got us home, the sooner we could tear our clothes off and fool around in the comfort of our beds. But the sooner we fool around, the faster we could we could cum and do it all over again.

Ashley was oblivious to my dilemma as she squirmed on my hand. She was getting what she wanted and that’s all that mattered to her.

Turning my palm up, I plunged my digit into her pussy. As my knuckled rammed through her outer lips, more juices seeped from her. Ashley rose up from the seat with my finger following her pussy. She dropped down onto my hand, burying me deeper inside of her.

The next light turned red and I was finally given permission to stop the car. Getting a deliciously long look at my sister, I nearly came in my pants from the visual overload. And for a moment I thought I did when I felt precum saturating my boxers. Ashley had her left foot on the seat, knees bent, and her panties ripped and shoved to the side. A dark gray puddle of her girl juice stained the light gray cushion. My finger was inside the brightest, pinkest pussy I had ever seen.

She rubbed her clit furiously. “Stretch me open. Stick your fingers in me.”

There was only one thing I could do at that point and that was whatever she wanted me to do. I stuffed another finger inside her tight pussy and was repaid with an ear-splitting scream. “Ah, oh, just like that. Fuck, fuck, fuck me hard.”

As I thrust into my mushy sister, her juices vividly splashed against me. Her rhythmic breathing gasped louder than the low melodies of the radio. Her intense, lusty moans deadened the commotion outside our private abode.

I wasn’t sure how I managed to do it, but I tore my eyes away from the erotic display to see the light ahead of us turn green. My practice in dealing with a girl overenthusiastic about ice cream was paying off.

Driving at half the speed limit, I continued to blindly plunge my fingers inside my delirious sister. I felt her rising off my fingers before plummeting onto my hand. Then she did it again. And again. I found her holding onto the handle above her window, using it for leverage as she rode my substitute cock.

“Ah god, faster, faster,” she panted.

She and I quickly found a pattern for maximum pleasure. As her pussy rose up, my fingers would slide away, then we’d collide with savage intensity.

“Oooh, I’m so damn wet.” Ashley elevated off me, her fluids cascading from her like a waterfall. She fell onto my slick digits, burying me to the hilt. Her nails scraped my palm as she abused her clit. My fingers pumped through her like a piston, reaching the farthest depths of her pussy. We both shivered in anticipation of her impending orgasm.

“Jam your fingers up my cunt. I need you so bad. Fuck… oh god, oh god… fuck yes,” she yelled.

Her muscles clenched my fingers. Tides of pleasure and desire surged from her oasis. The ardor contained within her blazed forth, burning my hand. Her cum, an oil, fueled the passion threatening to consume me. She squirmed, wiggled, rocked her hips. Her fingers pawed at her clit. She yelled repeatedly, incoherently, increasing in pitch, shattering my eardrums, until all of a sudden she just stopped.

Everything froze in time. The scenery refused to pass us by. The cars beside us had come to a halt. Not a single peep could be heard from the outside world.

Ashley slumped from her door as her heat simmered down. I slid my drenched fingers from her swollen lips. Her juices, slick as water, dripped from my fingers. I brought them to my mouth, lapping them clean. The sweet taste soothed me, like drinking hot cocoa on a cold winter day. But her cum was much hotter, and I savored every drop of it.

With a calm mood, I spied a jogger in the distance running across the street. Time had resumed its flow. I looked around and recognized every house surrounding us. We were stopped in the middle of the street. The other cars hadn’t come to a halt; they were parked along sidewalks and driveways. There was no sound to be heard because we were back in our quiet neighborhood.

My foot found the gas pedal. The car moved forward at a snail’s pace.

Ashley scooted closer to me until she was leaning on my shoulder, her lips an inch from my ear. “When we get home, it’s my turn to taste you.” She closed her teeth on my earlobe and nibbled.

I slammed onto the brakes. Ashley fell forward, releasing my ear. I caught her around the waist and pulled her to me. Our lips embraced, sucking relentlessly. My right hand roamed her back as my left stroked her side. Her head tilted slightly, allowing me a view of the vacant street. Keeping our lips together, I stepped on the pedal to miraculously finish the last twenty seconds of the ride home.

Praise the almighty we made it alive.

Kicking our side doors open, we sprinted toward the house. Ashley remembered our pastries and was clumsily carrying them with her. I ran back to her side, took the boxes, and was rewarded with a sloppy kiss.

“Mmmph, I think I’m falling in love with you all over again, Tiger.”

“Goddamn, I don’t know what’s possessing you but can you tell it to wait till we’re inside the house?”

“Stop wanting to wait and just go with it.” She pulled me closer, almost crushing the boxes between us.

I somehow slipped them away from our chests. Balancing them in the palm of my hand, I encircled my other arm around her waist and heaved her into me. Our groins pressed together as our tongues swirled. Ashley held onto the sides of my head, kissing me harder.

Our lips stayed locked as we stumbled through the front door. Stepping out of my shoes, I dropped the boxes onto the sofa. Ashley dragged me toward the hallway, kicking her sandals off behind her. She let go of my flushed cheeks and began unbuttoning her outer vest. I watched her nimble fingers separate each button, amazed at how fluently they moved in her state of hysteria. When the last button came apart, I reached between us to pull her vest open.

“Let me do it,” Ashley breathed huskily.

My sister lowered my hands between her legs and continued stripping her top off. I brushed my palm against her pussy through the skirt, causing her to gasp and extend onto her toes. As I kissed my baby girl, her fingers worked frantically over the last buttons of her blouse.

Everything around me was a blur. I lost track of where we were. I couldn’t recognize the childhood pictures of Ashley and me hanging on the hallway walls, the snapshot of her in a sundress from when she was eight, the framed portrait of her high college graduation. Photos of me, Nikky, and our parents were as familiar as my name, but the ones of Ashley, the girl I was groping with animalistic passion, were all alien to me.

Regardless of what was said earlier, Ashley had changed. She’s so, so much more than just a sister or girlfriend to me. The change I see in her, however, wasn’t a result of our fervor. It was the natural flowering of a young girl maturing into a beautiful woman, the only woman I wished to be with and should be with, forever. As we spun into her sunlit bedroom, it became clearer to me that that was how things would ultimately turn out to be.

I held Ashley by the waist and tilted my head back until she couldn’t follow my lips any further.

Even without another mouth to return her kiss, she still puckered, still inhaled sharply. “Tiger, what is it?”

My mind raced through the eighteen years of her growth: her infancy when it was okay for us to take baths naked together, her childhood when she needed me to on the other end of the seesaw, her teens when it was just me and her spending the night studying for our finals. In her eyes I saw the beginning of a new stage in her life, one that I wanted to be a very large part of.
“I love you so much, Ashley.”

“I love you, Brian.” She hopped up and wrapped her arms behind my neck, pulling me down for another soul-draining kiss.

We twirled dizzily around the room. The back of my legs crashed into the bed. Ashley shoved me in the chest, sending me flailing onto the mattress. She pounced on top of me with rugged ferocity. I puffed as she landed on my stomach, her thighs straddling my midriff.

The vision of wanton desire gazing down on me was a sight to behold. Ashley’s vest and blouse hung from her arms. A frilly black nylon bra stretched across her petite breasts. The hem of her skirt rode up her thighs, exposing the curves of her swelling vagina.

She ran her hands over my body, inciting my arousal. Leaning down until our faces were inches apart, she penetrated my lips with her ravenous tongue.

I cupped my hands beneath Ashley’s bare ass and lifted her higher up my chest. My shirt scrunched above my midriff. Her pussy dripped her wetness onto my skin. I slid my right finger between the thin lining of her butt cheeks, probing the outer rim of her rosebud.

My sister half-gasped, half-moaned. “God, that feels so good.”

I probed her opening a while longer, never once inserting my finger. My other hand, in the meanwhile, was busy kneading the marvelous piece of flesh beneath her hiked-up skirt.

She looked over her shoulder at where my hands were. “Stop teasing me. I can’t take it anymore.”

If I wasn’t so horny, I would’ve burst out laughing. Ashley has always been the one teasing me. Even at that moment it felt as if I was the one being toyed with. My cock was rock hard and still crammed beneath my tight jeans. At least her pussy was free to leak at will.

Ashley turned to me. “Oh my, where are my manners. Maybe I should be helping you first.”

Was my tormented expression that easy to read? Reaching between us, she grabbed my shaft through my pants. I roughly squeezed her ass in response.

“Mmm, you really like that, don’t you, Tiger? Let’s take it out.”

Giggling, she pushed down on my shoulders as she raised her fevered body off me. My hands, unable to get enough of her ass, stuck to her like glue. Sitting on her knees, she returned her mouth to mine, her fingers prodding the humongous tent between my legs.

Ashley had no trouble unzipping my pants while being fondled and kissed. I slipped my hand from her delicate crack and brought it to the front of her mound. I had no trouble sinking two of my digits inside her pussy.

My sister shrieked as she ripped her lips away. “Oooh, stick your fingers in me. I never want to be empty again.” As I delved into my sister’s warmth, my cock was being mauled in her tiny hand. The head jammed against the sturdy fabric of my pants. Try as she might, she couldn’t pull it through the front zipper. I was simply too hard.

Ashley lifted her leg over me and settled her knees on either side of my waist. With her ass in the air, she lowered her face to me. I promptly planted kisses on her chin. The full weight of her upper body bore down onto my lips as she fumbled with the confine of my jeans.

Ashley unsnapped the button restraining my erection. She rolled off me onto her hip, resting her head on my chest. I couldn’t look over her golden tresses, but when I felt her fingers surround my cock and cool air flowing over the tip, I knew she had it out in the open.

Her hand stroked the length. “It’s so stiff. I love holding hard cock.”

My heart sped, my voice out of breath. “Don’t forget about me.”

“Mmm, never. I love you so much.” Ashley hovered over my face with her tongue hanging. Pressing it flat under my jaw, she licked upward over my chin, my lips, the tip of my nose, and all the way to my forehead in one long, messy sweep.

It was wild and I went absolutely bonkers. It was like she was idolizing me. Me, her older brother of all people. She could score any guy she wanted by just winking at him, yet the only person she desired was me. Well, maybe my cock, too, but it is attached to me after all.

Ashley’s kitten-like behavior didn’t end at the base of my nose. She swooped down to my neck, nipped at my skin, and left a trail of her saliva on my cheeks as her tongue traced my face. I was one of those unfortunate kids who never owned a pet, so this was the first time I had my face thoroughly licked. It sure would’ve been fun having Ashley greet me like this every time I came home from college.

“I hope you don’t mind but there’s something else I want to lick right now,” she rasped.

I muttered, “I don’t. Just go for it.”

“You’re such a great brother, letting your baby sister do whatever she wants with you.” With that, she got off me and kneeled between my spread legs.

As one of Ashley’s majestic hands caressed my shaft, the other was being spat on. She made the spit job one heck of a showing, shifting her jaw side to side and hocking wads louder than a baseball pitcher. There was so much spit on her hand, it dripped from her palm onto my underwear.

Satisfied with her lubing, Ashley switched hands, her sizzling saliva now lathering my cock. My muscles tightened at the incredible warmth. Precum trickled from my tip and down to her fingers.

“I did all that work getting my hand wet and now you’re supplying your own stuff?”

I threw an arm over my eyes. “My cock has a mind of its own.”

“I’ll say.”

Despite her slur to the added lubrication, Ashley used it to great effect. Each upward motion tempted another agonizing dollop of precum. At the rate I was spewing, my whole load would’ve been gone before she has the chance to taste me.

Ashley noticed how much I was secreting and loosened her grip, her fingers scarcely applying any pressure. “Time for the main course,” she grinned, lowering her eyes to observe the goo. Her tongue slithered from between her lips, licking my engorged head. 

“Oh god, Ash, you’re incredible.”

“I know. I already have you squirming before I can do this.” Brushing her hair aside, she took the final dive and enveloped my cock in her pert lips.

I winced in ecstasy. My fists clenched the bed sheets; my nails dug into my palms. The wonderful feeling of being consumed by my sister was unlike any other. Her mouth was wet and hot, her tongue delicate and soft. Her tickling suction was gentle, astounding, and better than any phenomenon I’ve had the joy of experiencing.

Ashley kept still. She relaxed her jaw with half my manhood inside. Drool gleamed from her mouth, dampening my boxers and balls beneath. Reluctantly, she raised herself off me. A rope of clear white connected her lips to my crown.

For a moment, we just stared at each other, my face full of disbelief, hers full of mischief. The strand hanging from her lips gave away and dripped onto me. Ashley grabbed the root of my cock and twisted her hand, wiping away the excess liquid.

“Oh jeez, oh fuck,” I grunted. “How many guys have you done this to?”

Her hand went back to jacking me off. “Zero. How many girls have done this to you?”


“Am I doing a good job?”

“An excellent job.”

“Then giving blowjobs must be another thing I’m a natural at.” With her eyes transfixed on mine, she stuffed me back into her mouth.

Ashley went lower, faster, swallowing more of my cock and precum. When I hit her tonsils, she recoiled off me. She made no attempt at holding back the enormous amount of spit produced by her gag reflex.

“Mmm, watch your baby sis devour your big cock. I’m getting wetter knowing you can’t take your eyes off me.”

“Damn, I can’t believe how good that feels.”

As my hungry sister bobbed her head over the top half of my rod, she made soft humming sounds. Her right hand gripped the base tightly. Her agile tongue whirled over the sensitive head, savoring my musk. Her lips, pursed around my girth, glimmered in her saliva.

Ashley popped me out of her mouth. “Phew. So hard and thick. Tastes wonderful.” She opened wide and re-enveloped the head.

I threaded my fingers through her lavish locks, each blonde strand pampered to silky smooth perfection. Ashley’s hair easily had to be her most desirous feature. That’s saying a lot when there’s also her lustrous hazel eyes and clear pale skin to fall head over heels over. And her lips, oh sweet god her lips looked stunning with my cock between them. I wished I had a camera to immortalize the moment, but then I assured myself this wouldn’t be the last time her lips would grace my greedy cock.

Taking things one blowjob at a time, I bucked my hips off the mattress, desperate for her to go deeper. But with her hand fastened around the base, she was in full control of how deep she wanted to take me.

Sliding me from her mouth, she pursed her lips at the very tip and kissed the head. Her lips trailed lower, smacking the underside of my veiny shaft with gentle pecks. Halfway down, she darted her tongue out and dreamily licked her way up to the oozing slit.

“Mm-mmm, this is what I want to drink all day, every day.” Ashley flicked her tongue over the opening, scooping up a dribble of cum. Instead of swallowing it, she let it drip and splatter onto my bulbous crown. It trickled down my cock and to her hand.

Ashley leaned lower until her eyesight was leveled with the bright red cap. She turned her head sideways, enclosed her lips around my pole, and sucked noisily. Air breezed against my hot cock as she inhaled through the corners of her mouth.

“Holy fuck, that’s amazing.”

Ashley took her mouth off my throbbing rod. “Thank you. I only aim to please.” Curling her tongue around my cock, she licked the entire right side, then turned her head to lick the left.

My whole body shuddered at the superb sensation. Although I had never received oral before, there was no doubt in my mind Ashley was giving me a premium blowjob worthy of a king.

Ashley giggled with her tongue against the bottom of my cock head – her devilishly seductive giggle I was quickly growing accustomed to. “Your fuck stick is getting so wet. Almost as wet as my cunt.”

Whoa. What fancy dictionary did my demure sister stumble upon to learn all these new words overnight?

Her vulgar talk drove me insane. She could’ve been fully-clothed in clown shoes and a big red nose. All she needed to do was say her magic words and I’d be sporting an erection that’d make the biggest names in porn jealous.

“You have such a dirty mouth,” I murmured.

“It’s not dirty enough. I need your cum in it. I need your cum in me. Your baby sister is hungry for your hot cum. I want to feel it burn through my throat and into my tummy.” Ashley spoke so obscenely, I felt smutty just listening to her. She was corrupting my squeaky clean mind with her crude slang.

And I loved it.

We were strangers to the world of sex, but Ashley had found a mystical guide in elevating me to the highest peak of orgasmic euphoria. I was more than willing to let her take me there.

But first things first.

I cupped Ashley’s chin and raised her face above my cock. Catching my drift, she crawled on top me, smiling wickedly with her hand still around her toy. She dipped her tongue into my mouth. We wrestled each other with our slippery members, competing to see who could give the other the more profound kiss. My sister won easily as all my effort went into repressing my orgasm from her loyal strokes.

Elated with her small victory, she giggled. “You’re so cute.” She eased off me and returned between my legs.

Ashley’s head bobbed faster and faster over my cock. Her hair bounced freely in her crazed appetite for raw meat. Her tongue swished around my shaft. It felt as if my cock was diving inside a pool of my sister’s sweltering spit. Every time it hit the top of her mouth, she’d suck it dry, only to have it re-drenched with her salivating tongue.

Clear fluid trickled from the edges of Ashley’s mouth. Bubbles oozed from her lips to the base of my pole. She rolled her head side to side, happily gorging on her treat, slurping with sheer devotion. Her low sultry moans would linger in my ears for days. As she munched on my rod, her left hand reached between my thighs and cupped my overflowing ball sacs, giving them a squeeze through my boxers. A stream of cream driveled out of me.

Holding my glazed crown against her tongue, she asked, “Is this where all your cum is hiding? Is it ready for me yet? What more do I need to do to have you blow?”

I groaned. “Put it back in your mouth.”

My personal goddess of oral pleasure heeded my command by wrapping her perfect pink lips around the angry red crown. Shameless curls appeared at the ends of her mouth. She stared up at me in anticipation of my eruption. I brought my hand to her forehead, brushing away the loose strands of hair. I wanted to see nothing but her beautiful, salacious face when I blew my load. Her lips pulled at my cock as she sucked, her tight grip coaxing the cream out of me.

I opened my mouth to grunt my approval, but the sensation was so staggering that nothing came out. Plenty came out from my other head as I exploded in Ashley’s waiting mouth. She gasped, panted, but the cum hitting the back of her throat clogged her cries. My cock pulsed as if shocked with a thousand watts of electricity. My whole body buzzed in bliss.

The torrent of cum felt tremendous, powerful. Ashley didn’t deter in the least. She jerked my cock faster, drawing forth every last ounce of cream from my rapidly depleting sacs. She closed her eyes, cheeks puffing, as her mouth overfilled with my spunk. Her left hand let go of my balls and went to her throat. I became worried she was choking, but there was nothing I could do to stop my release. Once my cock got going, it’d keep going until it finished.

Hot air shot from her nose as she tried to breath. What looked like a tear coursed down her cheek. Now I became really concerned about my sister.

“Ashley, are you okay?” I sat up but was quickly pushed back down when she let go of her throat and set her hand on my chest.

Ashley slid my drained cock from her lips, allowing only a thin white streak to dribble from the corner of her mouth. She opened her eyes. Small sparkles shimmered beneath them. Wiping away the salty tears, she swayed closer to me and fell onto my chest. Her arms hooked below my shoulders.

“That was amazing,” I sighed. She didn’t say anything back. She merely nodded against me. “Ash, are you okay?”

Grinning, my sensual darling lifted her rosy face to me. She slacked her jaw, exposing her kettle of freshly brewed cum. Her tongue was entirely submerged in the goo. White webs hung from the ceiling of the jizz receptacle. Being inches from her face, I smelled every pungent whiff. She moved closer, mouth agape.

Stopping above my face, Ashley sealed her lips, but not before letting another rivulet of cum dribble down her chin. She caressed my cheek with her wet thumb – her sisterly, caring touch I’ve melted into puddles under for so many years. I stared into her hazel orbs as she breathed deeply and held her breath. Shutting her eyes, Ashley swallowed my monstrous load. A huge lump traversed her throat. It took three gulps to consume it all.

Her chest heaved as if she had just ran a marathon, her breasts larger with each exhale. “Whew. Your cock is one dangerous weapon. I almost choked on your cream.”

“You don’t have to do it again if you don’t want to.”

Please say no, please say no.

Ashley’s tongue pushed against the insides of her cheeks. “Mmm, don’t worry. I’ll be prepared for it next time.”

Close enough. I let out another sigh.

She sat up and held my face in her hands. “Hungry for round two, Tiger?”

My smile reflected in her eyes. “I’m always hungry for another round.”

Ashley’s hands went to the waistband of her skirt. Her thumbs slipped inside, and as she straightened her arms to push them down, I grabbed her hands.

She stopped. “What’s wrong? Second thoughts?”

“No, nothing. Keep your skirt on. It’s really pretty.”

Ashley gave me a funny look. “Okay. If you say so.”

I scooped my hands beneath my sister’s ass and hoisted her to me. She lifted the front of her skirt, revealing her inflamed lips. As drool trailed from my mouth, so too did the juices from her tiny hole. She leaned forward, holding the bed’s backrest with her other hand, and scooted herself closer to my face. Squatting above me, she widened her knees until she sat on my mouth.

“Be good to me. Treat me like your princess.”

The need in her voice almost pained me to listen to. I affirmed the only way to satisfy my princess was to make her cum buckets, and I was more than willing to help her achieve that.

I snaked my tongue out, flicking it against her clit. Results were instant as she gasped and dropped onto my mouth, suffocating me with the scent of her heated honey.

Ashley rocked her hips, grazing my mouth with her pussy. I stopped my flicking and tried to keep my tongue steady, allowing her to treat it as a flexible cock. The taste of her cum got stronger, more tantalizing, with each passing stroke.

Lost in the sweetness of my sister, I wagged my tongue side to side, pushing apart her labia to drink in more. She gasped hysterically. Had there been nothing for her to hold onto, she would’ve collapsed right on top of me.

Ashley drooped forward until her forehead settled on the backrest. She looked frightfully fragile with her body curled in and eyes bolted shut. Her breaths were rapid, sounding as if she was hyperventilating. I thought about slowing down, but when she let go of her skirt to run her hand through my hair, I was convinced that this was what she wanted.

“Eat me faster, baby. Keep going, keep going,” she panted.

With her skirt over my face, my view of her nearly-naked torso blackened out. Scarcely any light seeped through the fabric to illuminate her pussy. My face was entirely hidden from her view.

I dragged my tongue up and down her slit. She shoved me roughly into her crotch, fucking my tongue as it entered her gash. I manhandled the plump flesh in my hands, causing Ashley to spout lewd obscenities.

“Fuck, your tongue feels so good in my nasty cunt. Squeeze me hard, make me all yours. Only my man gets a piece of my naughty ass.”

Her words, combined with the sensual odor trapped beneath her skirt, triggered a new rush of intensity. I rolled her cheeks in circles, kneading and gnawing into them with my fingers. My tongue went into overdrive, crashing into the inner walls of her pussy. I distorted my tongue any way possible through her narrow canal, curving, twisting, screwing, licking as far as it could reach.

“Ahhh god yes,” Ashley screamed. Her body tensed, her pussy tightened. She came violently, showering my face in her hot fluids. She forced me deeper into her loins, blocking my airway.

Waves of heat scorched my tongue. My mouth formed an “o” over her gushing pussy, sucking and swallowing each wave flooding out of her. I opened and closed my mouth repeatedly, smearing my lips against her flesh.

The pressure on my head eased off as Ashley fell to her side. I rolled over, my tongue never leaving her fountain. Her skirt fell away. My eyes struggled to adjust to the dazzling sunlight shining off her skin. Hands latched onto the back of my head, driving me into her pussy. Ashley cried in rapture. “Oh, oh fuck. Lick me all up. Don’t waste a single drop.”

My tongue was a blur as it pumped in and out of her. She was squirting so much, the only way for her to spasm like this was if my own cum was also squirting out of her. The flavor tasted much stronger than I remembered, so maybe that explanation wasn’t too far from the truth.

Eons had passed when Ashley finally stopped quivering. Unyielding pleasure had turned her a plush hue of pink. The satin sheet beneath her pussy glistened with her sex. I lapped it up the best I could, my nose snug in her opening. She flexed her butt and closed her thighs around me. I kissed her slick skin surrounding my head until she relaxed her muscles.
Our heavy breaths flowed in unison. The most intense orgasms of our young lives had hit us like a rocket, taking with it our vitality.

I was the first to recover. I got up on all fours and loomed over my ravished baby sister. My cock twitched as I took in her glamour.

Ashley had never looked so stunning and voluptuous. Her limbs were sprawled in all directions, with hands above her head and her right knee bent in the air. Her tussled skirt didn’t come close to covering her treasure from prying spectators. Her blouse and vest were spread open, hanging off her left shoulder. Disheveled hair shrouded her right eye, giving her an alluring aspect as she stared at me. Only her black bra remained untouched.

I leaned down and rested on her navel. I licked her glowing tummy, alternating between faint smooches to defined kisses. As the juices on my face smudged onto her complexion, I lapped her clean. My adoration traveled south. When I encountered the charming cavity of her belly button, I poked my tongue into it.

Ashley’s abs contracted. A puff of air escaped from her lips. She giggled lightly. I kissed her once more as she dully lifted herself up. She readjusted onto a pillow and I tiredly lay beside her.

In her bubbly, peppy voice, my sister swooned, “Wow. That was a lot of fun.”

“Ashley, is it really you? Have you come back to me?” A hand slapped me lightly on the shoulder. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

She propped herself on one elbow. “So? What did you think? Hot enough for ya?”

“Heck yeah. That was incredible.”

“And exhausting. It’s hard playing a slutty sex kitten.”

“Playing? You mean this is only a one time thing?”

“She can some out and play again some other time. When I regain my energy.”

“Didn’t I feed you enough milk to last you a month?”

“Yes you did. It was very yummy, too. But right now I need you to feed me your kisses.”

“I think I can do that.”

Ashley embraced me wholly with her mouth, arms, and legs. “See? I’m still your little sister.”

“Yeah, my little lolita.”

“You’re so bad, Bry.” She wetted and smacked her lips. “How’s the taste of your cum?”

“I can barely taste it. I’m still savoring yours.”

“Well, I like the taste of my cum.” Her tongue swept across my lips. “And you know why it tastes so good? It’s because I came for you. It wouldn’t be this sweet if it wasn’t filled with my love for you.”

“That’s the secret ingredient, huh?” I swept mine across hers. Having drank so much of her juices from her pussy, her lips had a more subtle and candied taste. “I’ll let you in on a little secret of my own. My cum is filled with my love for you, too.”

Ashley laid her forehead on mine, the both of us grinning till our faces were on the verge of sticking that way. Nothing was too sappy for us.

“Gosh, we’re so lovey-dovey. I could never imagine myself talking to a boy like this.”

“I can be rude and annoying if you want.”

“Don’t do that,” she pouted. “I’m serious. It’s really nice being together like this. Cuddling with my perfect man, stomach full of his gooey cum. How many girls can say they have that?”

“Can you go five minutes without giving me a hard-on?”

“Sorry, I’ll let you two get some rest.” Ashley patted my semi-erect penis. “But I’m just so happy,” she laughed, unable to keep quiet. Not that I wanted her to, of course. “Let’s have some more cake.”

“Does that mean we have to get out of bed again?”

“We need to get out eventually so I can change my bed sheets. If I have to spend an entire night smelling our cum, I’m going to go crazy.”

“I thought you like the smell?”

“I do, and that’s the problem. I won’t be able to get any sleep ’cause all I’ll be able to think about is cum, cum, and even more hot cum.”

“Ashley, you’re doing it again.”

“I guess you’ll need to find a way to shut me up.”

“Get over here, you sexy nymph.” I hugged Ashley and yanked her on top of me.

Each tick of the second hand came deafly slow. Even slower than it did that morning. But I wasn’t in any hurry this time. Pulling her blanket over us, we made out for the rest of the afternoon. No more raw, sexual excitement. Just gentle, loving fondling. 

* * *

A booming shout echoed off the bedroom’s walls. “Brian, Ashley, I’m home early.”

Ashley and I woke up face to face, arms draped around each other. She let go of me and I sprung off the bed, the blanket falling from my clothed chest.

“Um, hi Nicole,” I said. “You’re home early.”

Our younger sibling stood at the door. “Yeah, I know. I just said that.”

Ashley sat up beside me with her blouse neatly buttoned together, as if they hadn’t been ripped open two hours ago. “Who took you home?”

“Marsha’s mom had an emergency to take of and Marsha needed to go with her. They won’t be able to watch over me for the rest of the week. I called home to have you guys pick me up but none of you answered.”

“We’re really sorry, Nikky. We didn’t hear the phone ring.”

“It’s okay. I’m home now. They drove me in their super cool convertible. What are you two doing in bed?”

“We’re just taking a nap,” Ashley said.

“Together? In the same bed?”

Ashley wrapped her arm around my back. “Yeah, together. Come in and join us. We need to talk.”

Nicole shrugged her shoulders and skipped onto the bed. Since Ashley and I had done our deed on the bed sheet, the blanket draped over us was stainless.

“What’s up, Big Sis?”

“Nikky, Brian and I realize that we’ve been excluding you from our activities. We just want to apologize to you for doing that.”

“It’s okay, Ash, I really don’t mind. I know you’re both busy.”

“No, it’s not okay. We’re your older siblings and we need to start acting like it. Brian and I both want to spend more time you.”

“Really? You mean that?”

“Totally. So, this Wednesday, we want to take you to Six Flags Magic Mountain.”

Nikky’s eyes lit up at the mention of an amusement park, but then mysteriously dimmed down just as quickly. “Are you sure you want to take me?”

“Yeah, of course we are. Why wouldn’t we be?”

Nikky drooped her head, her voice as quiet as a mouse. “The last time we went, I was too short to go on all the rides. I made you watch over me while everyone else was having fun.”

“Don’t worry about that.” Ashley settled her hands on Nikky’s shoulders and helped her sit up straight. “You’re a lot taller now and I’m going to make sure you go on every ride we go on.”

“Okay, I will. Thank you so much, Big Sis.” Nikky gave her older sister a great big hug. “Thank you, Brian.” She hugged me, too, which was a little surprising since I hadn’t really said much of anything.

“I’m going to go call all my friends and tell them about this Wednesday.” The tiny youngster skittered off the bed and sped off to her room.

“That was amazing,” I said.

Ashley furled her brow. “What’d I do?”

“I’ve heard you talk to Nikky about everything a twelve-year old could care about, but just now, it was like… wow. The way she talks to you, I almost didn’t recognize her.”

“Family is important to me. I want everyone to be happy with us. One of these days… maybe for us. I’m just doing it one family member at a time.”

Ashley sure is a tricky one. By promising our junior sibling a day of thrills and screams, Ashley assured her she wouldn’t be forgotten in the midst of our new relationship. Not only that, she also converted any suspicions Nikky might’ve had about us being in the same bed to thoughts of roller-coasters and cotton candy.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I fell back onto the mattress. “Six Flags, huh?”

“Yep. You said we should spend more time with her.”

“I was hoping it’d be a little cheaper.”

“Hey, don’t be like that.” Ashley grabbed a pillow and swung it at my face. I caught her wrists before she could hit me and pulled her down, the two of us laughing as our lips met.

Not long after our tiny sister came home, Ashley shoved me out of her room so she could change the sheets and take a shower. She suggested I visit Nikky and talk with her since I hadn’t been doing much of that lately.

Sitting on Nicole’s purple bed, I kicked things off by asking her what her typical day was like at her friend’s house. She quietly responded with “jump ropes and magazines and stuff.” I asked a few more questions, most of which were answered with a one-liner. Occasionally she’d surprise me with two.

When Ashley entered the Valentine-colored bedroom, the docile atmosphere flip-flopped to spirited and fun. Ashley asked Nikky the same questions I had asked but received far lengthier answers. Nikky would ramble on for minutes before she had to take a breath to continue.

It didn’t take long for me to become lost in their chatter. My attention was solely focused on my pristine angel. Small droplets wetted the sleeves of her yellow tee and porcelain skin. The aroma of citrus wafted through the air from her freshly showered ponytail. Her elegance and smile had me spellbound, and if Nikky wasn’t with us, I would’ve grabbed Ashley right then and kissed her.

The girls chirped about make-up, celebrity gossip, and all sorts of things a guy would know nothing about. As with every other room in the house, Nikky’s came with a television, so I decided to watch it until my sisters called for me.

Or until our parents arrived home an hour later. Whether they’re five or ninety-five, girls sure can talk.

Mom was the first to greet us. Some time during my TV session, Nikky had gotten colored marks on her arms from doodling on the whiteboard with Ashley. Mom commanded her to take a bath, leaving Ashley and me behind to clean up.

It took only a couple of minutes to wipe the board and put away the markers, but Ashley wanted to go the extra mile.

“Let’s tidy this place up a bit,” she suggested.

I looked around and spotted very few things in disarray. Monopoly stuck out from under the bed, some beads and jewels were scattered across her desk, and a crooked poster hung above her dresser beside the door. It was nothing that should require an emergency clean up.

“This room doesn’t look so bad. It’s cleaner than mine.”

“Every room is cleaner than yours. Come on, it’ll be fast.”

“Won’t Nikky be mad if we move her stuff around without her approval?”

“She won’t.”

Before I could protest any further, mini Ms. Stewart began rearranging stuffed animals on Nikki’s shelf.

I didn’t think of Ashley as an interior designer, but apparently she had a lot of other things planned besides ways for her and I to be alone together – which we were. What I assumed would be a “stash in the closet” clean-up ended up being a “move that here and this over there” renovation, with Ashley calling the shots and me pushing and lugging furniture around. Fortunately, everything of Nikky’s was smaller and thinner so I didn’t break my back hauling anything too heavy across the hardwood floor. At least I didn’t hear anything break. 

“See, much better. Don’t you think, Bry?”

“I suppose. All you really made me do is switch her stuff around.”

“Sometimes a quick switcheroo is all that’s needed to make things exciting again.”

Just as we were about to leave, Ashley spotted something out of place. “Go ahead. I need to adjust this poster real quick.” She stood in front of the poster and pulled out the two bottom tacks that were holding it in place. She tried reaching for the top two tacks but came short by a couple of inches.

Had I left the dresser alone instead of moved it across the room, it would’ve been a simple matter of using it as a stepladder. Now the poster hung above the ground with no way for Ashley to reach it.

“Let me help you with that,” I said.

On her toes, she replied, “It’s ok, I almost got it. Just one more – whoa, careful, Bry!”

Ignoring my sister’s denial for aid, I grabbed her from behind and lifted her up in a bear hug. She flailed her arms for a moment to balance herself, which nearly caused me to lose mine. As she relaxed, I held her more securely.

Ashley’s torso covered my entire field of vision. The bottom of her shirt had curled above her peachy waist. Her bubble butt shrouded my chest in a comforting softness. Her ambrosial scent, so close to my nose, mesmerized me. I nestled into her back, inhaling her directly.

“What are you doing, Tiger?”

“Helping you. What else would I be doing?”

“Can you move closer to the wall?”

“Oh. Sure.”

In my mighty heave, I had accidentally pulled Ashley away from the poster. I took a step forward and waited for her to adjust it, although deep down I wanted the poster to be pinned indefinitely so I would never have to let her go.

“Almost got it,” Ashley strained.

“Almost got what,” a gruff voice questioned. I recognized it as our dad’s.

“Brian and I are just readjusting this poster for Nikky.”

“That’s a nice thing to do. And it looks like you moved everything else around, too. Where is Brian hiding? Is he making you do all the work?”

I craned my head to the side of Ashley’s waist. “Right here, pops.”

“There you are, Bry. I couldn’t see you with your sister in the way. Your mom told me to tell you guys dinner will be ready in about an hour.”

“Okay, I’ll come out and help after we’re done here,” Ashley replied.

“That’ll be great, honey. Your mom will really appreciate that. Careful with your sister, Brian. Don’t drop her.”

“I won’t.”

As our dad disappeared from the doorframe, Ashley announced, “Got it. You can put me down now.”

“Do I have to? I kind of like this.” I spun in circles on my feet. Ashley was feeling lighter by the second and I had no problem supporting her. I wanted to toss her in the air, catch her in my arms, and twirl her around till we both got so dizzy we could see doubles of each other.

Ashley put one hand on the back of my head. “See, I was right.”

“About what?”

“You are getting buff.”

“When I’m with you, I feel like Superman.”

“Except you’re much cuter than he’ll ever be.”

After a few more spins, I started to feel a little tipsy. My knees wobbled, but Ashley didn’t move a muscle. She was letting me enjoy my fun. I bumped into Nicole’s bed and toppled onto it, using it as a fluffy landing pad. I was cautious with Ashley, of course, and made sure she fell as gently as possible on her side.

She rolled over to face me. “Thanks for your help.”

We cuddled closer, our foreheads touching.

“Anything for a pretty lady.”

“You’re only doing it to get in my panties?”

“And everywhere else you’ll let me in.”

Ashley kissed me sweetly on the lips. “You’ll just have to settle with this until next time.”

“How long will that be from now?”

“Soon. We should get out of Nikky’s room first, though.”

“You don’t find it kinky to be doing it in someone else’s bed?”

“We’re not ‘doing’ anything.”

“Kissing is doing something. I like doing that.”

I kissed Ashley more passionately, slipping my tongue into her mouth. She giggled as our tongues overlapped. We soon had our arms around each other, ignorant of the world around us.

Well, not totally ignorant. I perceived tiny footsteps padding through the hall. I withdrew my tongue, but Ashley didn’t like having her mouth empty and retaliated by sticking hers in mine.

I tried warning her but my voice came out muffled. “We need to stop. Nikky’s coming.”

“Wow, what happened to my room,” a squeaky voice asked.

Too late.

Ashley let go of me and wiped her lips as she sat up. “I hope you don’t mind, Nikky, but we went ahead with the small overhaul of your room.”

Nicole stood at the door holding her old clothes. Her eyes wandered in all directions and dimensions, not even realizing Ashley and I were sitting on her bed. She was fully absorbed in her newly revived room. “No, I don’t. This is so awesome. You remember exactly what I told you.”

“Yep. It’s just the way you wanted it.”

I whispered into Ashley’s ear. “You knew this was how she wanted her room set up?”

“Uh-huh, she’s been telling me her plans since last week,” she whispered back.

Hearing that made the situation more understandable. Since Ashley had already known how Nikky wanted to spruce up her room, she didn’t have to worry about Nikky getting peeved at us for moving her things.

“I’m going to help mom with dinner,” Ashley stated. “If there’s anything that needs adjusting, tell Brian to fix it for you.” She patted Nikky on the head as she walked out.

It was rare for Nicole and me to be the sole occupants of a room on any given day. For it to happen twice in one evening was unthinkable.

“Need me to help with anything else?” I offered.

“No, everything’s perfect.”

“Okay. I’m going to head out now if that’s all right.”

“Uh-huh, that’s okay.”

“I’ll see you at dinner then.”

“Yeah, okay.”

My feet were in the hallway when Nicole called my name. “Yeah, Nikky?”


“No problem.”

Bry, open wide.”

“Ahhh, mmmph.” My mouth chomped down on the toasty breadstick sailing toward me. “That’s really good, Ash. Just the right amount of garlic and butter.”

“Thank you. It took a little bit of experimenting to get it the way I want.”

It was dinnertime and the entire family was gathered around the kitchen table. Ashley had helped our mother prepare a meal consisting of salmon, mashed potatoes, and breadsticks, which Ashley had personally gone to great lengths to make by herself. Proud of her first successful cooking job, she made sure I was treated to enough garlic to fend off vampires in a fifty mile radius.

“Helen, sweetie, how come you don’t do that for me,” our dad asked our mom.

“Do what?” she exclaimed.

“Feed me the way Ashley feeds Brian. If I didn’t know any better, they were the married couple in this house and we’re the troublesome children.”

“Hey, we’re not troublesome,” Ashley retorted. “We’re the bestest kids two parents could ever hope for. You should be happy we’re so nice to each other.

Dad chuckled at her feistiness. “I’m only joking around with you, honey. You’re right, though, it does make me happy. I much rather have you all getting along than getting at each other’s throats. My co-workers have warned me that as children grow older, they also grow more isolated from their family. That doesn’t seem to be the case with you guys. You grow closer every day. I must be really lucky to have been blessed with such great kids.”

“Aww, dad, there’s no need to get weepy on us,” Ashley kidded.

He feigned a voice crack. “I’m not getting weepy. I guess I’m just a little jealous. I never shared the joys of a jovial sibling bond with my brothers and sister. We always fought over trivial things, and to this day I regret the things I’ve done to them. Whatever it is you kids are doing to stay so close, just keep doing it. I won’t get in the way.”

It was eerie hearing our dad say those things. He couldn’t have known the truth behind why Ashley and I were this close, yet it almost sounded as if he approved of what we’ve been doing. Then again, it wasn’t like I knew how he would react if he were to find out.

I observed our parents discussing their day at work as Ashley finger fed me another bite. Both adults were heedless to her excessive friendliness toward me.

I secretly took our father’s blessing to heart.

After dinner ended, my sisters retreated to Ashley’s room for an evening of games and girl-talk. I tagged along since I didn’t have anything else to do on a casual Monday night.

As I watched Ashley play Go-Fish with our younger sibling, I was reminded of the years gone by when she and I were in our early teens. Nicole had still very much been a kid, so Ashley and I spent a lot of nights staying up till our curfew of ten o’clock playing elementary games.
The evening carried on as typically as the seasons. Nicole, happy with the time we were spending with her, asked Ashley if it would be okay if they could have a small slumber party among the two of them. Given any other circumstance, Ashley would’ve said yes in a heartbeat, but the hesitation and dismay in her eyes revealed she wasn’t quite willing to spend a night without her older brother.
It was more than a little flattering. No other girl had ever looked at me with the same love and care Ashley did. Being needed and wanted was an insurmountable feeling, the ultimate high.

To Ashley’s surprise, and somewhat to my own, I nodded and mouthed to her to say yes.

She stared at me curiously, but not too curious as to tip Nikky off. “Um, yeah, you can sleepover with me, Nicole. I’d love to hang out with you.”

The young tyke hopped to her feet. “Thanks, Big Sis. I’m going change into my pajammies and grab my sleep stuff.”

When Nicole vanished from the room, Ashley scurried over to me on her bed. “Tiger, do you know what this means?”

“I do, but it’s okay. I need to tell you something. While you were helping mom with dinner, I was checking my emails. My college sent me a letter saying I have a hold for the fall quarter and I need to clear up before I can register for classes. I want to visit my counselor tomorrow morning to get it taken care of.”

“When were you planning to tell me this?”

“I was hoping we’d have a little bit of time to ourselves. I’ll be leaving really early so maybe it’s not such a bad idea to spend one night apart. If I’m lucky, I’ll probably be back before you even wake up.”

The disappointment on her face was evident beneath her false smile. “Okay. I’ll be strong tonight. I can survive one night without you.”

“Thanks. I’ll make it up to you.”

She gave me a sympathetic kiss. “You better.”

* * *

Later that evening around ten o’clock, I went to my bedroom to seize some sleep for my morning trip. My bed felt empty without a feminine frame to put my arms around, and I had a great deal of trouble getting comfortable. Although Ashley and I had only slept together twice, I wasn’t ready to return to my normal sleep routine just yet.

An hour of distraught had passed when I cursed my insomnia and tumbled out of bed. I decided to browse some message boards on my computer when I heard a knock at my door.

“Brian, are you still awake?” Ashley eased it open, her face inching into view.

I think the answer would seem obvious to her. “Yeah, I’m awake. Everything okay?”

She stepped through the door and shut it behind her. “I should be asking you that. I thought you would be asleep by now. Is there something on your mind? Something I can help you with?” Her mouth curled into a grin as she sat on a stool beside me.

“No, nothing like that. I just can’t sleep.”

“Then let’s talk. Maybe I can bore you until you fall asleep.”

“That’s impossible. You’re the only person I can never get tired of listening to.”

“Well, you’re not going to fall asleep any faster sitting at your computer.” As Ashley leaned forward to turn the monitor off, her breasts brushed against my shoulder. Any speck of drowsiness I may have had disappeared from my system.

She clung onto my arm as she led me to my bed. She turned on the nearby lamp to its lowest setting. The bittersweet glow became the sole source of light in my room. We sat down in front of each other with our legs crossed Indian-style, our hands clumped together in a jumbled weave of fingers.

I studied my sister’s lovely visage. She had her hair delicately tucked behind her ears. A thin, almost invisible necklace circled her neck. Her lips fluttered as she exhaled. Twin chestnut eyes gazed into mine. I battled the urge to look lower, but I reasoned that not looking would be an insult to her beauty. Her sleeveless nightie was cut low, revealing a canvas of silky skin above her breasts and even more around her midriff. Her legs were dressed in loose capri pants with the sleeves bunched up at the knees. A part of me wanted Ashley to stand up and pose for me so I could admire her entirety. Another part of me wanted her to never leave my bed.

When I returned my attention to her eyes, I found her smiling.

“Do I look pretty?” she asked.

“More than pretty. You’re gorgeous.” Even though I had told her that a million times by now, her cheeks still reddened. I felt mine turning cherry, too. “Now what?”

Ashley peeked down between my legs. Although I was flaccid when she came in, having her stare at me so intently started to arouse my senses. It wasn’t long before I was drawn to her heaving chest. My cock spurred to life as I watched her breasts swell beneath her top, yearning to be caressed and loved.

“I can help you with that,” Ashley said. “Then you might be able to get some sleep.”

“It’s only like that because you’re staring at it.”

“In that case, it’s only fair that I fix it.”

Good ol’ Ashley. Always responsible enough to take care of any problems she may have provoked.

As her palms pressed against my shoulders, I leaned back, letting her push me flat on the bed. Her right hand snaked into the top of my shorts. There were no annoying zippers or buttons to fumble with this time. She barely needed to tug on my shorts for my member to spring into view.

There was a hint of surprise in my sister’s voice. “No boxers?”

I usually don’t strut around without underwear covering my naked rear end, but I decided earlier that night to forego the unnecessary clothing. Call it a hunch. “It gets in the way.”

Ashley giggled, rocking her head side to side as if she meant to say, “Whatever floats your boat.” Or in my case, whatever floats my cock. But I couldn’t pinpoint any one thing that was making me excited. Everything about her screamed for sex, sex, maybe some cuddling, and then more sex. My eyes ping-ponged from one glorious body part to the next. Eventually they stopped moving in sync and I got dizzy as they rolled around in their sockets.

Ashley waited for me to stop spacing out. “Ready?”

I nodded so enthusiastically my head almost flew off.

“Let’s switch spots.”

At first, I thought she wanted me between her legs to take care of an itch. I didn’t mind helping my sister with any of her problems, but I needed some sleep and all this foreplay wasn’t making it easier for me to doze off.

Ashley scooted beside me with her hands around her waist. I sat up, expecting her to untie the little ribbon above her hips. What she did instead had my cock pulsing uncontrollably. She grabbed the bottom of her nightie and swiftly lifted it over her head, revealing a provocative red bra. She calmly lay down on my pillow.

I could’ve sworn she wore black ones earlier. Seems I’ll never know what I get when it comes to her underwear.

Drawn to her statuesque figure, I stroked the soft and pliable flesh along her rib area. “Is your underwear drawer missing any color of the rainbow?”

Ashley stacked some extra pillows and laid her head on them. “It doesn’t have polka-dots.”

“That’s not a color.”

“Just come here,” she giggled.

I crawled between her legs, my erection dangling beneath me as I reached for her ribbon. My hands came to a halt when her left hand grabbed my wrist.

“No, up here,” my sister instructed.

Again, I felt a little confused. She must’ve thought I was going to strip her and put my cock inside of her. I could understand why would she think that, seeing as how my cock was throbbing for action.

Ashley opened her mouth, pointing inside it with her right finger.

Oh, that’s what she meant. Just to be on the safe side, I gave her that suspicious look wondering if she was really sure. Still pointing, she cooed as if she was having her throat examined. Her head waved up and down, assuring me she wanted my thermometer in her mouth.

Nothing pained me more than seeing my sister denied of a reasonable request. I scooched my thighs over her torso and straddled her stomach, my cock bouncing between the hollow of her breasts.

It was weird sitting on top of my sister. Excluding our make-out sessions, I’ve been on the bottom for every other occasion. She was right about her comment earlier, though. A quick switcheroo was a great way to make things exciting. I felt tall and powerful looking down on her. Not in a domineering way or anything like that, but merely from the freedom of being able to move around however I wanted to. This must be why she gets such a big thrill from playing with me whenever I lay vulnerable to her masterful hands.

“Your balls are huge,” Ashley blurted, keeping her eyes below the cock staring her in the face.

I hadn’t really noticed it, but with my balls resting beneath her bra, this was the first time my crotch was fully displayed in front of her. She had only seen me when my cock was sticking through the opening of my underwear or pants. I had to admit it felt liberating to be naked from the waist down. Was it this exhilarating for her when I stripped off her pajamas the previous night?

“They’re not that big,” I said quietly. I honestly didn’t know if that was the truth or not since I had never compared my size to any one else’s. Not that I wanted to; that’d be a little weird even for me.

“I want a closer look.” Ashley pouted her lips and frowned her eyes into her infamous puppy dog look. “Don’t make me beg for it.”

I smiled softly and moved further up her chest, kneeling over her breasts. She wasn’t holding anything back. Like an obedient puppy, she stuck her tongue out and wagged it back and forth. I jabbed my cock against her tongue. My body shuddered at the warm contact.

“That feels so good, Ashley.”

She looked up at me. “I’m not doing anything.”

“Just keep your mouth open.” I bucked my hip forward, poking Ashley’s upper lip. Her eager tongue flicked the underside of my cock. A drop of precum dribbled from the slit, glistening her lip. I gripped the base of my shaft and drew ovals around her mouth. Her tongue followed the tip wherever it went.

The view from above was, to put it simply, spectacular. Her hair, fanned over my pillow, mirrored a magnificent sunrise. Her eyes, glossed in a filmy haze, flickered like two burning candles. What would normally be a stunning image of a goddess was spoiled by the penis tracing her lips. I had pictured this scene countless times in my fantasies, but to see my precum outlining her mouth was more surreal than any illusion. I could rest my cock on her chin and the view alone would carry me to an orgasm.

I pulled away, not wanting to finish before I had a chance to enjoy her oral talents again. She lifted her head off the pillow, chasing after her treat, but I had pulled it too far back.

“I don’t think you came into my room to help me with my sleeping problem. I think you just wanted a late-night dessert.”

“Darn it, you know me too well,” Ashley teased, dropping her head back onto the pillow. “Now gimme what I want. I know you have some cum ready for me.”

“As you wish.” The moment Ashley re-opened her mouth, I thrust my cock between her lips, hitting the top of her tongue. She was about to enclose her mouth when I withdrew my cock. A tendril of saliva hung from the end.

Ashley whimpered unhappily, and I almost felt bad for her if it weren’t for her sly smirk. Tired of my snail-like pace, she reached for my cock. I caught her wrist before she could grab a hold of it.

Waving a finger in front of her pretty eyes, I said, “Unh-uh, I decide when your dessert is ready.”

Ashley frowned, but after a couple of seconds, turned it upside down. “Okay.”

I released my grip. “Okay?”

She nodded. “Yes. Okay.”

That wasn’t what I expected. I wanted Ashley to resort to her swaggering attitude from earlier. I needed sleep and an aggressive Ashley would definitely wear me out in seconds. Maybe I looked more intimidating on top of her than I gave myself credit for. 

Playing Mr. Bigshot, I retraced Ashley’s mouth with my cock, this time moving in the opposite direction. Her tongue stopped following it, but there was still enough saliva and precum on her lips to keep it slicked. As my crown explored every detail of her sumptuous kisser, I felt her breaths tickling me through her mouth.

Ashley smiled under my throbbing shaft. She knew what kind of effect that was having on me. My quivering body made it obvious to her how sensitive I had became. She was more than willing to let me play with her until I couldn’t take it anymore and needed to jam my rod in her mouth.

Well, here goes nothing.

I lunged forward, my cock stretching her lips apart as it plowed into her mouth. The bulb hit the top of her jaw, pushing her head back into the pillow. The intrusion failed to startle her the teensiest bit. She didn’t blink, didn’t even make a sound. Her tongue did all the talking as it swirled around the head.

The rest of Ashley stayed completely motionless. Her loose jaw permitted me to thrust in and out of her mouth at whatever lazy pace I wanted.

“You’re awfully quiet,” I commented. “Am I boring you?”

As my sister shook her head no, my cock tapped the corners of her mouth. Her cheeks began to glow as I smiled.

This wasn’t so bad. Rough or gentle, fast or slow, it doesn’t make a difference to me as long as I’m with the girl I love.

Ashley craned her head back, gracing me with her laughter. “You’re blushing.”

“Am not.” If I wasn’t blushing before she said that, I was definitely blushing now. “I’m not the only one red in the face.”

Ashley covered her cheeks with her hands and averted her gaze from me. A charming smile adorned the cutest expression I had ever seen. “This feels so embarrassing.”

“Hey, how do you think I feel? I’m the one naked from the waist down here.”

“I’m sorry, Bry. I didn’t mean it like that. You don’t have anything to be embarrassed about. Trust me. It’s me who’s embarrassed.”

“What do you mean?” I watched Ashley bite her lower lip. A wrinkle of nervousness affected the way she jittered. “Come on, you can say whatever you want around me. There’s nothing to be shy about.”

“It’s just… when I see my reflection in your eyes, I can’t believe the girl I’m staring at is really me. Before this weekend, I had never tasted a penis. Never held one, never even seen one. Yet here I am in your bed, with your cock in front of me, licking it like it was a popsicle. It’s hard for me to come to grips with that. It happened so suddenly.

I promised mom and dad that when it came to boys, I would be smart about what I do with them, and who I do it with. That I wouldn’t give in to temptations and I’d save myself for the right guy. And guess what? I have found the right guy. He’s been living next door to me my whole life.

But I can’t help but wonder if the girl I’m seeing is who I want to be… who you want me to be. You’re perfect the way you are and I want to be perfect for you, too. I’ll do all I can to be your dream girl. It doesn’t matter to me if I have to change who I am to match the image of your desires. I want to be everything you picture me as.”

“Ash, you don’t need to be someone you’re not. Don’t you remember what you said to me this afternoon? About us being who we are? What makes you think I want you to change?”

She paused for no longer than a split second, but it was enough to make me choke on my anxiousness.

“When you said I looked older… and you liked older women.”

Man, oh man. I didn’t have a drop of rage in my blood, but even I wanted to punch myself. How could a sweet attractive girl like her fall for a moron like me?

Now didn’t seem like such a great time to be half-naked on top of my sister. I scrambled off her and draped the blanket over us. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders, hugging with all the affectionate I could muster. “The next time I say something that stupid, just hit me. I didn’t mean for it to be serious. I don’t want you to become someone you’re not.”

Ashley nuzzled her cheek against me. “I thought you enjoyed what we did earlier.”

Earlier? Was this why she acted so wild in the afternoon? Because she thought I wanted her that way?

“I did enjoy it. But it wasn’t because of how racy we were being. I enjoyed it because I was with you. You are already my perfect dream girl. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. If you’re uncomfortable with something, then don’t do it. I’m not going to get mad at you. I’ll love you even more because then I’ll know you’re being honest. That’s all you’ll ever need to do.”
“Thank you. Your understanding means so much to me. You always know what to say and what to do. No matter how sex-crazed I get, you never try to take advantage of me. You never let your urges get the best of you.”
“You make me sound like a saint. Do you know how many times I’ve fantasized about getting inside your panties? Not with my tongue or fingers, but with my penis?”
“I know you want to do it soon. I want it just as much as you do, probably even more. But I can’t. Not yet. Call me a hopeless romantic but I want my first time – our first time – to be special. And I mean really, really special. I want it to be a memory we’ll never forget.”
“I want it to be special, too. That’s why I’m willing to wait however long it takes for us to be ready for it.”
“I need to warn you. I’m not as steadfast as you think I am. If you force yourself on me… if you tear my clothes off this very second… I won’t do a thing to stop you.”
“Oh god, don’t say things like that. I’ll never do anything that’ll make you hate me. I won’t be able to live with myself. The regret alone will kill me.”
“But I won’t hate you. I can’t hate you. There’s nothing you can do to make me feel that way. I’ll love you just as much as I do right now. I know it sounds weird but it’s true. Just promise me that when the day comes, we’ll both be ready for it. That our first time will always be cherished. I want to be able to look back on the magical night of our intimacy and tell our kids how wonderful love can be when you’re with the right person.”
Our… kids. Did she actually…
No, she couldn’t have meant to say that. It had to have been a slip.
“I promise you that our first time together will be all those things and more. I’m not going to screw it up.”
“You won’t. I know it.” She marked my neck with tender pecks. Timidly, she whispered, “Is it still hard?”
“Huh? Oh. No, not really.”
“Aww, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have made you worry about me. Get up and let’s continue where we left off. All that talking made me thirsty.”
“You still want to go at it after all we just said?”
Ashley drew circles on my chest. “Why not? My craving for you will never change.” She swamped my mouth with her lips before I could give it a second thought.
The sugary taste of her kiss, the aromatic scent of her hair, the cozy comfort of her breasts, made my sister the most irresistible woman.
I flipped the blanket off us and crawled on top of her. My penis stiffened to its sturdy self.
Ashley couldn’t take her eyes off it as it bounced against her navel. “That didn’t take long.”
“It knows when there’s a pretty girl with a prettier mouth nearby.”
“I thought you said you weren’t hiding any promiscuous girls from me.”
“I meant you,” I chuckled.
Ashley flashed me her pearly whites. The brilliance lit away my dark concerns. I lowered my face to hers for a sensual kiss. Our tongues thrashed as we desperately breathed in each other’s essence.
“Can I have it now?” she huffed.
I reluctantly ended our cuddle and wiggled up her chest. My cock bobbed inches from her lips. Ashley opened her mouth just wide enough for me to slip in. My crown grazed her tongue, creating a short trail of precum. She closed her mouth and eyes as she sucked.
I held onto the bed’s backrest. Although her suction was faint, it felt like she was absorbing every last ounce of strength from me. My knees could barely support my weight, yet I dare not sit down at the risk I’d smother my sister. All the energy I had throughout the day dissipated in an instant.
Ashley’s hands came to my thighs. I gasped at her touch; it felt no stronger than a stray breath. I pushed forward, sliding more of myself inside her mouth. Her tongue coated my shaft in heated saliva. Slurping sounds seeped through her lips. I touched her left cheek and brushed my right thumb against her sinless skin. Her hand came off my thigh and held onto the back of mine. She pressed my palm against her cheek. I felt her shiver as she drank me in.
I stopped my short thrusts. A fire had ignited, turning my legs into liquid. I felt so weak, so fatigued. It took all my effort just to expand my lungs.
Ashley opened her eyes and ceased her suction. I slid out.
“Hold my hands,” she murmured.
I reached for them, trembling worse than a leaf on a windy day. She raised her hands beside her and met me partway.
Our eyes locked together, fingers entwined. The gratitude and passion we shared for each other surged through our nerves and into the other’s being. Her affection slowly invigorated me with a new rise of energy.
Ashley pursed her lips and blew air over the head of my cock, making both it and myself flutter on cloud nine. I entered her mouth but stopped when I met the smallest sign of resistance against her tongue. I slid back out, keeping the tip encased in her lips.
Repeating my motion, I mumbled, “This feels amazing.”
My sister hummed, “Mm-hmm.” We both smiled, although hers was a little harder to see with my member in the way.
As I delved into her mouth, Ashley sucked more vigorously. Her cheeks concaved under the orange glow of the lamp. Her jaw shifted as her tongue swabbed my cock. I rocked my hips, carefully balancing myself on my knees as to not depress her delicate hands. 
Penetrating my angel’s mouth while straddling her chest should’ve felt dirty and perverse. I’d imagined anyone witnessing our act would’ve felt that way, possibly even offended. But by holding her hands, it made the act feel like a natural thing for two people madly in love to do together. There were no forceful insertions, no defiance, no roughness. I would never do anything to degrade my sister. Respecting her feel any less than the goddess she was would go against my very resolve.
Ashley raised her head off her pillow, attempting to take me in deeper. I leaned forward until I nudged the roof of her mouth. She eased onto the pillow, relaxing her neck as she devoured more of my cock.
Almost completely inside of her, I whispered, “I’m close.”
Ashley purred, the soft vibrations titillating my shaft. Her nose flared as her breathing hastened, her slurps louder with each intake of air. The pressure on my cock was phenomenal, like it was being clamped in a plush, wet vise. Her tongue licked the underside during each instroke, the head on each outstroke.
My heart pounded against my sternum, threatening to shatter free. The thumping reverberated through my bones. Moisture adhered to our palms, sticky, searing, melting us together. Flames burned through my loins and veins, setting off my eruption.
A spurt of rich desire launched from my cock. My hands clenched, squeezing Ashley between my fingers. She squeezed back, overpowering my grip. Her nails dug into my knuckle. The bliss of cumming inside her mouth overwhelmed any pain I should’ve felt.
Ashley’s face didn’t distort in the slightest. She took the initial burst in pride, gulping it immediately. Ensuing bursts were consumed just as readily. The second, third, and fourth splashed against her tongue, and then disappeared as creamy lumps through her throat. Final spurts resembled droplets through a pinhole. She swished the deposit of cum around my shaft, savoring my tang. Her cheeks curved in as she swallowed the last of her dessert.
Ashley surrendered her grasp on my numb hands, allowing much-needed blood to recirculate through them. She bobbed her head toward my groin, cleaning me of any remaining white blobs. Even when I had nothing more to give her, she sucked diligently, as if to prolong the softening process. Her efforts almost paid off. My mild erection refused to diminish further, but it also refused to enlarge. Sensing her late-night snack was all gone, Ashley slumped onto the pillow. I slipped my cock out of her mouth.
“Yummy,” she said, wiping a finger across her lips.
I collapsed beside my amiable sibling. “I take it your thirst is satisfied?”
“It is. Thank you.”
“You’re welcome. I think I’ll get a good night’s sleep now.”
She sulked. “You haven’t already been getting a good night’s sleep with me?”
“Ho-ho, I have been. The best sleep I’ve gotten my whole life. You’re like my teddy bear.” I hugged Ashley as if she were a life-sized doll.
“Okay, that sounds a little better.”
“I really wish we could spend the night together.”
“Me too. I’m already here in your bed… in your arms… wearing my jammies. But you said you’ll need to leave early in the morning so I’ll just have to find a way to cope without you for a few hours.”
“I did say I might be home before you wake up.”
Ashley skimmed her fingers over my swelling chest. “I hope so. I’ll be thinking about you in my dreams.”
“Don’t go too crazy with them. Save some fun for me when I get home.”
“I will.”
My heartbeats weakened with each of her passing strokes until they stopped echoing in my eardrums. The world steadily came back to me.
“I should go now,” she whispered. “It’s already midnight and you really need the sleep.”
“Yeah, okay.”
My sister crawled out from beneath my blanket. She leaned over me and gave me a kiss on the forehead. “I love you, Big Brother.”
I placed my hand under her chin and led her to my lips, giving her a proper farewell to end the evening. “I love you, Little Sister. Good night.”
Ashley straightened herself up and turned her back to me. Only thin bra straps foiled her upper body. Sashaying toward the doorway, her hands reached behind her and tugged on the hook. An obscure click perked my ears. The strap came apart; the ends hung beneath her arms. Only peachy flesh spanned from her slim neck to her slimmer waist.
Her hands drifted to her shoulders. Two pair of fingers pinches the barely-there strings. As she edged them off, the bra fell from her chest. Holding the satiny garment high in the air, my sister looked over her shoulder at me. She grinned as she released the bra behind her, letting it float to the floor.
“Good night. Sweet dreams.” With that, Ashley stepped into the dark hallway and shut the door behind her. The clunking of the doorknob snapped me out of my trance.
So much for getting any sleep. Now my peaceful dreams would be filled with images of Ashley prancing around my room naked. Granted I wasn’t actually able to see her bare breasts and….
Wow. It just hit me. Even after all the foreplay we’d done, I still haven’t seen my first real pair of naked boobs yet. Plenty of lace and skin, but nothing that measures up to nipples and areolas. Doesn’t it usually go “look before you touch”? I’ve done plenty of touching and not nearly enough looking.
I’ll just have to deal with that issue shortly.
Sleep slowly overcame my senses. Ashley wasn’t with me in my bed, but she was undoubtedly with me in my dreams. I also had her bra and nightie to keep me company, and boy did they smell divine. Why use room fresheners to mask the scent of sex when I have freshly-worn underwear?…

“Bry… Brian. Come on, you need to get up. It’s already eight-ten.”
“Hmm? What?” I squinted through my eyes, barely able to make out Ashley’s face. “What happened to my alarm?”
“I turned it off. I don’t get how you can stand that thing. It sounds worse than nails on a chalkboard, and it’s so loud.”
“That’s kinda the point.” I rubbed my eyelids and felt a sharp sting, but the blurry image of my sister kneeling by my bed was well worth the temporary pain. “Why did you wait ten minutes to wake me up? My alarm was set for eight.”
“I wanted to watch you sleep for a little bit.” She leaned closer and held up a thin red strap. “Why is my bra hiding under your pillow?”
My cheeks blushed a matching color. “Do you know how cruel it is to give me that thing? I looked all over it for you bra size but couldn’t find it anywhere.”
“Bry, look at me. Seriously.” Ashley cupped her breasts and lifted them up. “It’s not hard to guess what size they are.”
I figured a large A-cup or a small B-cup. I really had no idea. I only knew the earlier letters in the alphabet meant a smaller size.
But as eye opening as it was to watch my sister hold her breasts, I was more surprised by her ensemble. It wasn’t something she woke up to and tossed on without some forethought. She wore a very tight white shirt with a vintage design of a butterfly on it, and a light blue hooded jacket. The ends of her hair were curled below her shoulders, looking very sexy, and a golden headband rested neatly on her head. I had never awoken to a more beautiful sight.
I wondered what called for the occasion. “Why are you dressed? You going somewhere?”
Ashley caught my eyes roaming her figure. She stood up to let me see the rest of her. “Yep. With you to college.”
I immediately sat up. “What? Why? I’ll only be gone for a couple of hours. You need to stay home with Nikky and watch her.”
“She’s still asleep. Besides, she’s old enough to stay home alone.”
“She’s only twelve. Do you know how much trouble we can get in if mom and dad find out?”
“Don’t worry. I talked to Nicole last night about it. I made her promise me she’ll behave or else the trip to Six Flags tomorrow is off.”
I was appalled, yet also a little thrilled with her intricate scheme. “Why do I get the feeling you’ve given this some thought?”
“I’ve been thinking about it ever since you told me about your little errand. You know I can’t bear being away from you. I woke up at six o’clock so I could get ready and dress up pretty.” Ashley performed an elegant pirouette to show off just how pretty she looked, causing her light pink skirt to float above her knees. It was loose and fluffy, almost old-fashioned in the way it went below her knees, and was made of layers of sheer fabric. The skirt was very fitting for the summer and did an excellent job in accentuating her cuteness and natural beauty.
“I’m really flattered you would do that for me but I-“
“No buts, mister.” Her voice was loud and stern; her adorable demeanor had taken a dramatic turnaround. “I’m going with you and that’s final. Argue all you want but you’re only going to more waste time.”
Alarmed for my safety, I replied, “All right, just let me get ready.”
“Okay, goodie. I picked out your clothes for you. They’re laid out on your desk.” Just like that, she went full circle to adorable again.
“Thanks, mom, I really appreciate it.”
Ashley stuck her tongue out as she exited my room. Stumbling to my desk to see what she had laid out for me, I found a pair of tan khakis and a white polo shirt. It wasn’t too different from my regular attire, but the shirt was nicer than the graphic tees I normally wore. After changing into them, I opened my door, expecting to see my sister waiting for me. The hallway was disappointingly empty, so I made my way to the bathroom.
This time on the way out from brushing my teeth, Ashley was standing right in front of me. She was holding a small plate of jelly-covered toast in her right hand and a glass of orange juice in her left. A sparkling smile lit up her cheery face.
“This is too much,” I said. “You didn’t have to do this for me.”
“I want to. It’s no big deal. Hurry up and eat. We don’t want to be late, right?” She handed me the plate and glass and I gladly accepted.
As I ate my breakfast on the way to my car, I could barely keep my eyes open in the bright sunlight. Even at eight-thirty in the morning the entire neighborhood was basked in a glaring light. Thankfully the heat hadn’t accompanied the sun yet.
I was only half-done with my toast when we reached my car. “Hey sis, you want to drive?”
“Really? Can I?”
“Yeah, of course. I need to teach you how to drive, don’t I? Isn’t that what I promised mom?”
“Yeah, but you didn’t look happy with the idea at first.”
“Are you kidding me? I love the idea. Nothing fills me with more joy than spending more time with my gal. So come on, you drive. I still need to finish eating.”
“Okay, if you say so. But I’m not responsible for any damages that may occur to your car. It’s your idea that I drive so all the blame goes to you.”
“Fine with me. Mom and dad handle the insurance anyway.”
“Okay, good. Now that that’s cleared up, toss me your keys.”
I balanced the glass with my plate and threw the keys over the hood of my car. Ashley caught them easily and unlocked the doors. Once we were seated, I watched her fidget in her chair, her left hand searching for something along the bottom side.
“Ash, the lever to raise your seat is-“
“Don’t worry, I found it.” A soft rumbling came from her chair as it rose up. “Much better.”
“Since you’re shorter than me, make sure to adjust the rearview mirror before you-“
“Pull out onto the street. I got it.” Ashley tilted the elongated mirror.
“Don’t forget the-“
“Side mirrors. I got it.” She lowered her window and nudged it.
“Guess you don’t need me at all. Maybe I’ll just lay back and get some sleep.”
“You can do that on the way home. I don’t know where I’m going.”
“Oh, right. Just stay on this lane and…” For the next few stops and turns, I gave her directions on where to go.
It had been almost a month since I last saw Ashley drive–disregarding the times I watched her from the living room window. The improvement in her handling was remarkable. She had motions down to a tee, and although this was the first time she had driven my car, it wouldn’t have seemed that way to a bystander.
As Ashley turned onto the freeway, she asked, “Am I doing okay?”
“Yeah, you’re doing great. We’ll be on the freeway for the next forty minutes so just get comfortable and watch out for other drivers.”
“Okay, I can do that.”
The amount of driving time didn’t seem to bother her. For me, the trip usually meant a long forty minutes of solitude. That morning marked the first time I had anyone accompanying me, and I wanted to make the most of it. Unfortunately, my sis didn’t share my sentiment. Every time I spoke she would tell me to quiet down so she could concentrate on the road. I could tell by her yawns, however, that she was probably just as tired as I was and lacked the energy to do two things at once.
When we neared our exit, I gave Ashley the final set of the directions to my college. Because it was summer, parking spaces were more abundant, and she found a shaded spot under a large tree.
Ashley handed me the keys as we exited. “That was a really long drive. How can you stand this everyday?”
“It’s not so bad. Do it enough times and you’ll get used to it, too. As long as I have my favorite music on, I can handle just about any amount of boredom.”
“But this is still an hour of driving just to get to college, and then another to get back home. Do that five times a week and that’s ten hours we’re apart from each other. Ten hours is almost half a day. And what if there’s traffic? That can make it more than twelve hours. In a month, that’s-“
“Calm down, sis, don’t turn into a walking calculator on me.” I wrapped my right around her shoulders and hugged her close. It was charming how concerned she was over something so trivial. “I really, really mean it when I say it isn’t as bad as it seems.”
“It’s just… you’ve scheduled your classes around my mine so you could pick me up from high college.”
“Yep, I remember doing that. I picked you up for two years in a row. Is that a problem?”
She stomped her foot on the ground. “Yes, that is a problem. Every day, you waste so much time driving back and forth. You’re tired and exhausted from your classes and you just want to go home and rest. But what do you have to do instead? You have to waste more time driving to my college to pick me up. Mom and dad could have had me take the bus or carpool with my friends, but they forced you to take me home. I can’t believe how much of a hassle I am.”
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, you’re getting it all wrong. Not once have I thought of it as a hassle. Picking you up from college was the one thing I looked forward to the most in my day. You have no idea how ecstatic I got every time I saw you running to my car. I would have waited in the parking lot for the entire day if I had to. You’re on my mind all the time, whether I’m in line for lunch or daydreaming in the middle of my classes. Mom and dad didn’t ask me if I could pick you up; I asked them. I wanted to do it, so don’t think of it as a hassle for me because it wasn’t.”
Both of her hands clapped over her mouth. “Oh god, I never knew. But why? Why would you do that for me?”
“You’re my sister. I love you. That’s all there is to it.”
Ashley fell into my open arms. “You’re so good to me.”
“I know. You deserve it.”
We embraced in the warm and cozy sun, feeling even warmer in each other’s arms. Some people had walked by us but neither Ashley nor I bothered to check if they were staring. When I finally kissed the top of her golden hair, she stepped to my side, and together we strolled onto the main campus.
Our trip ended at a four-story building.
“My counselor’s office is down this hall. Wait out here, okay?” I gave Ashley a peck on the cheek.
“Wait, don’t go yet.” She nimbly buttoned the topmost button of my shirt, folded the collar down, and combed her fingers through my hair. “Okay, better. I’ll be right here.”
I took about a dozen steps before I heard her shout, “I’ll miss you.”
“I’ll miss you, too,” I shouted back. I blew her a kiss and waved farewell. Being just as playful, she pretended to catch it and held it to her heart.
My morning kept getting better and better; the meeting with my counselor went without a hitch. We skimmed over my grades from the previous year, discussed my future courses, and after having my schedule stamped and hand shaken, I was back in the hallway in search of my sister.
The search was a brief one since Ashley hadn’t move from where we departed. She was reading some bulletins for academic clubs and summer jobs, rocking back and forth on her heels and toes with her hands behind her back. I crept through the hallway to my unsuspecting sister until I was less than three feet away. She continued to sway while humming a catchy melody. Wetting my lips, I lunged forward and hugged her around the waist, lifting her off the ground.
Ashley’s squeal resonated through the building. “Oh jeez, Tiger, you scared the crap out of me.”
“Sorry, I can’t keep my hands to myself. You look so beautiful.”
I twirled on my feet once before putting Ashley down. She spun to me and circled her arms around my hip, squeezing my butt in her hands. “That’s not fair,” she frowned. “I can’t help it if I was born this cute.”
“And I can’t help it if I was born crazy in love for you.” We exchanged small kisses. “Ready to go home?”
“Not really. Are you sure that’s all you needed to do? You were in there for only ten minutes.”
“Yeah, I’m pretty sure. I just needed my counselor to approve my schedule for next year and make sure I meet the prerequisites. Small stuff. Most of it’s done online.”
“But I woke up early so I could pick your outfit and spend time looking pretty for you.”
“I appreciate all the work you did in making yourself the sexiest little thing I ever laid eyes on, but I did say last night I would only be gone for a short while.”
“Well, I’m not ready to leave yet. I want to hang out for a bit.”
“This is a college campus, not an amusement park. There’s nothing to do here besides learning and studying.'”
Ashley took a step away from me. With her hands behind her back, she turned her body side to side like a giddy collegegirl, beaming a marvelous smile. “Show me around anyway. I want a tour of this place. It’s nice and sunny today and it’ll be a shame not to enjoy it.”
“It’s summer. It’ll be nice and sunny every day.”
“Maybe, but I have your car keys. That means we don’t go home until I’m ready to go home.”
“Nice try. My keys are right…” I patted my side and back pockets but felt only my wallet and cell phone. The sound of metal jingled next to my right ear.
“Looking for these?” Ashley teased, holding the keys up in front of me.
“How did you…” I swiped at them but she snapped her hand away. She must have taken the keys while she was hugging me. “Since when did you become a master pickpocket?”
“It’s not hard to distract you. One small ass-grab and you’re slobbering like a doggy.”
“You should find it flattering you have that kind of effect on a guy.”
“Oh, I do. I get turned on so much when you stare at me like that.” Ashley leaned onto her toes and gave me a mouthful of her tongue.
The delectable pleasure captivated me. Before I knew it, I had Ashley pinned to the wall by the wrists. Her soft breasts were smashed against my chest and her hard nipples poked me through my shirt. As she moaned into my mouth, I heard the keys fall to the floor with a clang.
Ashley lowered her hands to my butt. My cock formed a steely tent in my pants, straining against her inner thigh. I tried telling myself we couldn’t go any further than kissing, but knowing we were in the middle of a public hallway in broad daylight made it so much more exciting.
Just then, I heard a door slam shut behind me. I released my grip and backed away from my sister as she straightened the ruffles of her skirt. We both smirked at each other, our cheeks glowing. I turned around with my head bowed to see who had interrupted us.
My counselor was standing outside his office with an overflowing trashcan, his attention in the other direction. I couldn’t tell if he was actually preoccupied with locking his door or merely pretended not to notice us, but Ashley and I didn’t want to linger around to find out. We ran hand-in-hand past the lockers and burst through the glass door to the outside world.
Ashley was laughing hysterically the entire dash. “That was you counselor, wasn’t it?”
“Yeah, that’s him. God, I hope he didn’t see us. I might have to change my last name so I can get a different one.”
“Don’t be embarrassed about getting caught. Love is a natural emotion. No one can control where we get the urge to make out.”
“You’re always so optimistic.”
“I have a good reason to be. So come on, show me around. I want to see everything this place has to offer.” Knowing fully well I couldn’t deny her request, she began walking ahead of me. I had no choice but to follow.
Although Ashley had insisted I be her guide, she showed no hesitation in leading the way. It was difficult explaining things with her always five feet ahead me; she had to keep turning around to see what I was pointing at. Whenever we came across a group of people doing something unique, like playing guitars, taking digital pictures, or performing skateboard tricks, she would ask me if the campus was always this active during the regular year, then proceed without waiting for an answer.
When my voice had all but left me, Ashley stopped dead in her tracks.
“That building looks interesting. Can you take me in there?” She pointed at a circular dome-shaped structure. It was one of the newer buildings that had been established as part of a major spending spree. The outer walls were all glass, making the facility look very high-tech in contrast to the brick buildings we had been passing.
“That’s the amphitheatre. To be honest, I’ve never been in there myself. There’s actually lot of places I haven’t been in yet.”
“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s pop our amphitheatre cherry together.” Ashley dragged me by the hand up the small stairway and through the front doors.
From its exterior, the building didn’t appear it should have belonged to a college, but the pristine and quiet atmosphere from the interior surely did. There were whiteboards lining the walls with complex mathematical formulas, statues of three-dimensional shapes, and glass cases of numerous thousand-page textbooks. When we almost made a full circle back to where we had entered, we heard a teacher speaking from a nearby classroom. Ashley peered into the open doorway and I hesitantly did the same.
“Wow, there’s hardly anyone in here,” she whispered.
I surveyed the barren room. No more than twenty students were sitting in the front seats of maybe two hundred total. A male, forty-ish year-old teacher in a lab coat paced across the wooden stage. “There aren’t a lot of people who take summer classes. Courses aren’t going to be as full as the ones during the regular terms.”
Ashley inspected the room for another few seconds. “Let’s go in,” she suggested.
“Are you crazy?” I almost shouted. “We don’t attend this class.”
“So, I want to see what a college class is like. You can be with me when I pop my college class cherry.”
All this mention of cherry popping was putting a strain on my imagination.
Ashley dragged me down a sloped walkway to the middle of the amphitheater, five rows behind the closest student from us. The dark maroon cushioned chairs reminded me of the movies, with them getting higher toward the back. The backrests were wide and tall compared to regular wooden. Between each seat was an armrest that could be pulled down, though they were much too narrow to really write on. I took a seat to the right of my sister.
Attending an unknown class wasn’t what I had in mind for my normally lazy summers. I wanted to get the heck out of there, lest we get in trouble for being somewhere we weren’t supposed to be. Most professors didn’t fuss over attendance, whether the student was actually enrolled in the class or not, but from my experiences the ones that did were the strictest.
“Ash, we shouldn’t be here. What’s the point of doing this?”
She looked down on me slouched in my seat. “Give me five minutes.”
Five minutes. I guessed I could survive for that long.
The teacher continued his lecture without once looking directly at us. He rambled on about velocity and vectors, and I gathered we were in a physics class.
“Can anyone tell me what is happening to the speed of an object when its velocity and acceleration are in the same direction?” the teacher asked aloud. “Anyone at all? You’ve been here two weeks and none of you can answer a question as simple as that?”
The room became deafly silent. Tension was in the air, and although I wasn’t officially in the class, I started to feel nervous. My luck had always been crappy in these situations. Teachers just loved picking on me, and for a terrifying moment I thought he was going to when he stared in my direction.
“Yes, the lady in the back over there.”
Huh? Who was he calling a lady? I swung my head side-to-side to see whom he was referring to, only to see my sister with her hand raised.
“When velocity and acceleration is in the same direction, the object is speeding up,” she answered.
“Very good,” the teacher remarked. “At least one person will be passing my class. What is your name, ma’am?”
“Ashley Roberts.”
“Again, very good, Miss Roberts. Now, moving on.”
With his attention diverted to the whiteboard, I sat up and whispered, “How the heck did you know that?”
“The answer? I took a little bit of physics in my senior year. This is really basic stuff. I’m betting this is an introductory class. Not bad, right?”
“Yeah, not bad at all,” I chuckled. “Looks like you’re ready for college.”
Ashley smiled and squeezed my hand.
Another minute or two had passed when I fished out my phone to check the time. My sister’s five minutes were up, but since she seemed to be really getting into the lecture I decided to stay quiet. Truth be told, I was also beginning to enjoy the class. Even though I had no idea what the teacher was rambling on about, Ashley was unconsciously helping me act out one of my young high college fantasies.
Call it silly but I had often wondered what it would have been like to have a girlfriend sit next to me in class. I’d seen the jocks with their cheerleaders–or maybe it was the other way around–and envied how they had a gal to swoon over them. Although Ashley was hardly swooning over me at that moment, the lovey-dovey way we were holding hands was a million times better than the wallowing I had done in high college. It was unlikely we would ever share a class together, so this was the closest I’d get to fulfilling that fantasy.
With that realization, I let go of Ashley’s hand and slowly slid my left hand under her jacket. As I caressed her rib area, the corners of her mouth curled upward. I took it as encouragement to continue and lightly fluttered my fingers along her side. She immediately flinched away from my tickling.
“You’re like a little kid,” she giggled.
“I’ll promise to be a good kid if you give me five minutes.”
I must have hit a nerve because Ashley bolted up from her seat. “Oh crap, it must be at least ten minutes by now. I’m so sorry. Let’s get out and-“
“Shhh, class is in session.” I tugged her back down, relieved that no one had turned around. “Just sit back and enjoy. Or let me enjoy. I don’t mind either way.” I gave Ashley a wink.
A wink? Since when did I wink? I had no idea what came over me. It was as if a male version of my sister took over me and instilled me this wacky confidence. Judging by her gaping jaw and wide eyes, maybe a female version of me took over her.
Ashley coyly leaned back in her seat and stared toward the stage. I turned my sights toward it as well, but my attention was on the soft flesh my fingers were grazing against. Emboldened by my confidence, I moved my hand higher, nudging her right breast. Her chest rose as she held a gasp, doing her best to stay calm. I slid the back of my hand over the subtle rise and fall of her right tit, and then the rise and fall of her left. Anyone looking at us would have clearly seen my hand stretched across my sister’s chest. The students in front of us, however, were either glued to the whiteboard on the stage or falling asleep in their seats, and the professor was speaking with his back to us as he scribbled random letters and numbers.
“Enjoying yourself?” I whispered.
Ashley grabbed my hand over her left breast and lowered it to her lap. With her free hand, she pulled the bottom of her shirt from her stomach, then guided my hand to her exposed abs.
“Is that a yes?” I saw her smiling and nodding.
Since Ashley led me beneath her shirt, she most likely wanted me to go back to her breasts. But I wanted to go in the opposite direction. I wanted to go south.
My pinky slipped through the hem of skirt. She couldn’t hold her gasp that time. It wasn’t loud enough for anyone to hear, so I slipped two more fingers inside. Both of her hands grabbed my wrist.
“Don’t, Bry. We can’t do this.”
“Are you sure? You don’t have to do anything.” Despite her double grip, I easily lowered my hand another couple of inches until all five of my fingers were inside her skirt. A little more and I would have been at her pearl.
“Yes, I-I’m sure. Please don’t.”
“Worried about getting caught?”
Her voice kept getting weaker. “No, It’s just… I’m not wearing–oh god. Brian, please. I’m not wearing any panties. I’m going to soak my skirt.”
Holy. Shit.
Did she mean that? Was my sister really panty-less? Or was she just trying to scare me off? My fingers must have been close to her blonde patch by now, yet I still hadn’t felt anything resembling underwear. If she was telling the truth, her little revelation made me want to go further, not back off. As her responsible boyfriend and older brother, I knew I should have stopped, but knowing a bare pussy was one inch away was too much for my cock and me to handle.
Ashley bit down on her lower lip. She closed her eyes and rolled her head back. Her hands, instead of pulling me away, pushed me deeper into her skirt, past the hairs of her trimmed patch. She stopped pushing when my hand cupped her pussy.
“I thought you wanted me to stop,” I muttered, stunned by the sudden turnaround.
She opened her eyes, her pupils glossed in a lusty haze. “It’s too late. I’m already wet.”
And she was right. Her pussy was incredibly wet, and it seemed to be getting wetter by the second.
My sister took her hands off me, allowing me the freedom to feel her up. I straightened against my seat and leaned closer to her until our shoulders touched. My middle and index finger traced her outer folds. Because her skirt was so light and fluffy, I could bend my fingers without being restrained by it. It felt amazing rubbing a pussy so moist and delicate while having a fabric so smooth and feathery on the back of my hand.
Ashley gazed forward, but I had no doubt she was paying more attention to what was happening beneath her skirt. I could hear a girl speaking, presumably answering a question the professor had asked. That was a good sign; it meant he wouldn’t be looking our way for a raised hand. 
Not that I could raise one, with my left hand stroking Ashley’s pussy and my right stroking my erection through my pants. I wasn’t trying to get off or anything, since I didn’t want to make a mess of my clothes either, but it seemed like the natural thing to do. Plus it felt so damn good.
Though there wasn’t much for me to see with my hand under my sister’s skirt, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from it. Maybe if I stared hard enough, I could see through the skirt to her pussy being molested by my fingers. Who’s to say you had to be weak to kryptonite to have x-ray vision.
My deep concentration came to an abrupt end when I felt a second hand stroking my erection. I gazed at my crotch to see Ashley’s right hand had joined the party.
“I don’t like the feel of your pants,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper.
I gulped. “What about them?”
“Take them off.”
“What?” I yelped. I froze when I realized that hadn’t came out quietly.
Someone in front of us made a jarring hushing sound. I looked up to see a female brunette glaring angrily at me.
“Sorry,” I mouthed, trying to compose myself so she wouldn’t think the girl next to me was jerking my cock.
The student slowly turned away.
Despite the danger of getting caught suddenly becoming a very real possibility, Ashley wasn’t bothered by the interruption. She had already pulled down my zipper while I was apologizing, and was now unsnapping the top button. 
“Play with me,” Ashley said, her tone calmer but still a little shaky.
I resumed my rubbing of her wet pussy, but only for a short while. My hands came to a stop again when she reached into my boxers and wrapped her fingers around my cock.
“Oh shit. Take it out, sis.”
“Play with me first.”
I obediently flexed my fingers over her scorching mound. Ashley pulled my cock through my boxers in a single rough heave.
“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” she whispered, tightening her grip on me.
“Oh fuck, I can’t believe it either.” I grazed her clit between my fingers, causing her to shudder.
My sister began stroking the length of my shaft, feeling every bulging vein. I was already on the verge of popping my load due to the craziness of what we were doing. We each had a hand on the other’s sex, fast approaching our orgasms in the middle of a classroom, with twenty other students and a teacher going on with a lecture, all of them ignorant to our debauchery. My high college fantasies were kid’s stuff compared to this.
“Move lower,” Ashley exhaled, increasing her speed on my cock. I loosened my pinch on her clit and slid my index finger between her outer lips. She let out an inaudible gasp.
“Oooh… I meant your hips.”
I wasn’t sure what she meant by that, but when she pushed my cock so it pointed at the seat in front of me, I understood. My cock wasn’t showing over the backrest, but it was close, and if that girl from earlier–or anyone, really–turned around, they might have been able to see it. I sunk down a little lower.
Ashley leaned into me, appearing taller since she was still sitting erect. I looked up at her and she looked down on me, both of us grinning. At the same time, we faced forward as to not draw any unwanted attention. My eyes, however, were gazing down at her hand, a blur on my cock. Precum secreted from the slit, and my sister was quick to rub her thumb over it and spread it over my shaft. Apparently she was staring at my crotch as well.
I dipped my middle finger into her pussy. She stopped stroking me for a moment to familiarize herself with the slick member pumping in and out of her. Taking a deep breath, she pulled her hand away from me. My eyes followed her hand as she brought it to her mouth. Not even attempting to be discreet, she stuck her tongue out and licked her entire palm. My eyes remained glued to her hand as she re-gripped my cock. 
I felt dizzier with each passing second, and it wasn’t because of the masterful handjob I was receiving, which only seemed to be getting faster and tighter. The hot lights of the classroom bore down on us. The professor continued his incessant droning. A constant prayer went through my mind that we wouldn’t get caught. I could feel a bead of sweat ready to trickle down my forehead.
How could my sister stay so relaxed in a situation like this? Wasn’t I having any effect on her? Besides breathing through her mouth, she showed no drastic sign she had a finger inside her pussy. No one could have guessed she was also jerking off the guy beside her.
All this thinking had me losing control over every nerve in my body. My legs went numb–thank god I was sitting down–and I slumped another inch in my seat. I carelessly slipped a second finger into her pussy. Ashley clamped her knees and contracted her muscles, squeezing my digits in her wet warmth.
“I’m close,” I groaned.
“Cum for me.”
“Sis…” With my incoming discharge, a thought that should have struck me earlier finally did. My eyes flickered back and forth. I didn’t know what I was looking for exactly. Maybe a box of tissues someone had left behind, a napkin dispenser I hadn’t notice earlier, a towel falling from the ceiling. I was desperate for anything I could cum into. “Where do I…”
My impatient friend cut my question short. It pulsed, just wanting to unleash its pent-up load. It could care less where my cum went; it just sought release.
Ashley was ready for my cock. With reflexes faster than a feline, her head dropped to my lap. My eyes practically bulged as I watched her hair covering the view of my shaft. I felt the first spurt shoot out, but her lips couldn’t get on my cock in time. The second spurt shot out with equal strength. This time her moist lips were covering the sensitive head. As I emptied my load in my sister’s mouth, her pussy gripped my fingers. Remembering this was a two-way commitment, I rammed my fingers into her, trying to get her off before I finished cumming.
It took three deep insertions to have Ashley moaning around my cock. Her entire body quivered as hot juices flowed out of her pussy, her ass rising off the cushion. She shifted her body to me and brought her head lower, swallowing more of my cock, swallowing all of my cum.
My balls were completely drained of every drop. Ashley kept sucking and I kept thrusting my fingers into her. She made cute, sexy mewing sounds, like a kitten lapping up her milk. I watched her head bobbing over my softening shaft, my free hand petting her. There would be no mistaking what was going on to anyone in front of us. Her bountiful hair made it impossible to deny she was crouched over me. But I didn’t need to worry. No one was looking, including the teacher who was busy reading straight out of a textbook.
I pulled my hand out from my sister’s skirt. It was drenched in a clear fluid. I brought it to my mouth and sucked my fingers clean. I rolled my head back in delight, savoring the incredible taste.
After spending a lifetime with my cock between her lips, Ashley raised herself from my lap, just enough for my limp member to flop onto my boxers. She pulled the right side of her hair behind her ear as she stared up at me, revealing a thick white streak on her cheek–the first spurt she couldn’t get to in time.
“What is it?” she asked.
I stopped sucking on my fingers. “You have something on your face.” I pointed at my right cheek to show her where.
My sister wiped a finger across the cream and shoved it toward her open mouth. As she had done the first night she jerked my cock, she welcomed the goo and gulped it down. “Mmm, that’s good cum.”
I hummed in agreement. “Yours is always so sweet.”
Ashley sat back in her seat and tilted her head toward me. “That was so fucking wild. Are all college classes like this?”
I leaned closer till our foreheads touched. “Oh heck yeah. There’s always a couple in the back going at it.”
“In that case, I can’t wait until I start,” she giggled. Her laughter was contagious and I chuckled alongside her. She moved in for the kiss and I parted my lips, ignoring the likelihood I’d taste my own cum in her mouth.
An abrupt hissing sound tried to interrupt our public cuddling. I gazed through the corner of my eye to see the same brunette from earlier had turned around with an even angrier grimace.
Ashley, unaware of our voyeur, held my head firmly in her hands and pushed her lips against mine. The lingering flavor of her tongue was undeniable, yet also indescribable. It didn’t taste anything like I thought it should have. It wasn’t salty or bitter or sweet. It was just sort of… warm. She must have done a thorough job of swallowing all of my cum, or maybe it was being countered by the taste of her own juices.
When Ashley drifted away from me, I noticed the student’s jaw had dropped. My sister eventually acknowledged our spectator. “How long has she been watching?”
The girl slowly turned around with her mouth open.
“She saw your head in my lap.”
“What? Really? Oh gosh, let’s get out of here.”
I fumbled with my zipper. “We can’t leave in the middle of class. That’s disrespectful to the teacher.”
Ashley pinched my forearm.
“Ow, all right, all right, let’s go, let’s go. I was just kidding by the way, about her seeing us.”
“I know. But I really do want to get out of here.”
I nodded as she grabbed my hand and led me through our row. I saw the teacher staring at us for a second before glancing at his wristwatch.
“Okay, class, remember you will have your first quiz this Thursday. I implore you all to study like Miss Roberts and come prepared. Class dismissed.”
Sis, are you sure you don’t need to go to the restroom?”
“I’m fine, brother. Stop worrying. Thanks to your fingers, I didn’t soak my skirt too badly,” she sarcastically smirked.
“Okay, if you say so.”
After leaving the amphitheater without causing any major trouble, Ashley and I resumed her tour of the campus. Instead of walking ahead of me as she had done earlier, she clung to my right arm, listening to my every word. I tried to sound as professional as I could, reciting what little I remembered from the open house two years earlier when I was still college-searching.
A half hour had passed when we approached a long, white building.
“And here we have the student center,” I announced. “This is where I spend most of my time waiting for my next class.”
Refreshingly cool air washed over us as we entered through the glass doors.
Ashley tugged on my arm. “Where’s the restroom in here? I need to use it now.”
“It’s right around the corner of the gift shop there. You can’t miss it.”
“Okay, thanks. I’ll be right back.”
I watched my little angel float up a short flight of stairs, occasionally turning around to see if I was still smiling at her. I was, of course, until she receded around the corner to my disappointment.
Sighing to myself, I sat down in an empty chair at the edge of the food court. I flipped my cell phone open and counted the minutes she was gone. I shouldn’t have been surprised at how long she was taking, but I had thought girls only took this long when they were with friends. Then again, I wasn’t the one with dried cum on my thighs.
I was playing video poker when I heard a high-pitched voice yell out my name. “Brian, is that you?”
I looked up from my phone and spotted a pair of arms rising behind a bustling crowd. A pretty brunette emerged from the throng of people.
“Hey Rene,” I shouted and waved. “How are you doing?”
The slim girl, dressed in flared jeans and an orange blouse, weaved through a dozen occupied chairs to me. She answered slightly out of breath, “Besides having to take extra classes to make up for my horrible humanity grades, I’m doing excellent. How about you? Why are you here?”
I stood up and pulled out an empty seat beside mine, then pushed it in as she sat down. “I’m here to see my counselor.”
“You’re meeting your counselor here? In the student center?”
I returned to my seat, crossing my right ankle over my left knee. “Earlier this morning, actually. I needed him to clear my holds. Now I’m just hanging out on campus for awhile.”
“That’s cool. Are you here with anyone?”
“Yes, he is.”
My knee banged painfully against the table as I spun around. My sister stood behind me holding a plastic tray with food and drinks.
She laid it on the table and held her right hand out. “Hi, I’m Ashley.”
“Hello, I’m Rene.” She gave Ashley a long stare, inspecting her from head to toe. “You must be Brian’s sister, right? He mentions your name all the time when we had class together.”
“Really?” Ashley sat down with a hugely surprised look. “Why would he want to talk about his little sister?”
“From what I can tell, Brian really admires you. Not a single class goes by without him praising you in some way. At first, I thought he had a weird inferiority complex or something, but then I realized he just really cares about you. The way he glorifies you is very sweet. If he hadn’t told me you were his sister, I would’ve thought you were his girlfriend. He even has a picture of you in his wallet.”
“Aww, Big Brother, how come you never told me this before? That is so nice.”
Oh man, oh man, oh man. My face must have been crimson red. “It’s, um, it’s just… I, err… I don’t have a picture of Ashley in my wallet.”
Both women started laughing their cute little butts off. Their amusement turned my face even redder, and I felt as if I was going to blow up from embarrassment. I probably even looked like it.
“I guessed on that part,” Rene kidded. “I’m actually kind of shocked you don’t.”
“Wouldn’t it be weird for me to have a picture of my sister in my wallet?”
“No way. If it’s weird to carry pictures of your family, then I must be extremely weird ’cause I have pictures of everyone with me. You two should take one together. It’s adorable how alike you guys look.”
“You really think so? I always thought my brother’s way more handsome than I am.”
Rene was about to laugh again but stifled her glee when she looked at my face. “Wow, I can see why Brian is so in love with you. I wish my younger brothers would say stuff like that about me. They can be real brats sometimes, ya know? Some days I just wanna-“
A shrill ring-tone interrupted her rant. Rene opened her purse and pulled out one of those expensive multimedia phones.
“Gosh darn it, I wish I could stay longer but that ring means I have class in ten minutes. I hate being the first to leave a party.” Rene pushed her chair back and got up. “It’s nice meeting you, Ashley. Nice seeing you again, Brian. I hope we’ll bump into each other some more next quarter.”
“Yeah, I hope so too.” I stood up with my hand out. “Have fun in class.”
Rene stepped forward and brushed my hand aside, putting her arms around me. It was a brief, friendly hug, with no squeezing at all. I shouldn’t have given it much thought, but with my sister three feet away, my brain went haywire.
Ashley went around the table and Rene hugged her, too. Unlike with me, Ashley hugged back. They embraced for a lot longer, as if they had been best friends for years. “Bye, Rene. Thank you so much for taking care of my Big Bro while he’s here at college.”
“No problem. If he and I end up with any classes together, I’ll do my best to keep him in line.” The girls separated, and with all three of us waving goodbye, Rene made her way out to her next class.
Once we were back in our seats, Ashley passed out the food and cups from her tray. “You’ve never mentioned a Rene to me.”
I took a sip of my drink, which I gladly discovered was a cold Pepsi. “I must’ve forgotten. I didn’t know I had to tell you about every person I meet in college.”
“Not everyone. Just the cute girls. She seems really nice.”
“She is nice. Very smart, too. We were assigned as partners during a computer science class last winter. If it weren’t for Rene, I probably would’ve failed. Our professor was a pain in the ass, but she memorized every PowerPoint slide to the letter. It was nice being paired with a programming genius for once.” I eyed the huge square sandwich in front of me. “Hey, you remembered my favorite.”
“Yep, of course. A BLT with turkey and cheese.”
“You didn’t have to buy lunch. I could’ve gotten it for us.”
“That’s okay. I wanted to surprise you. I saw the sandwich place on the way to the bathroom and I figured I’d get us something to eat since it’s almost noon.” Ashley took a drink from her cup. It had a much different look and color than mine.
“Is that… coffee? Since when did you drink coffee?”
“It’s a cappuccino. I’m going to be a college student in a couple of months so I figured I should start drinking like one. It’s pretty good. You should try it sometime.”
“No thanks. The lines in here can go on for miles during the regular quarters. I usually just grab a Pepsi from the vending machine.”
“Figures you’ll only drink soda. You’ve been drinking it since you were a baby.”
“Mom always knew I preferred soda over milk.”
Ashley took another sip from her cup. “So?”
I eyed my sister with my mouth full. “So…”
“Have you ever asked Rene out?”
How did I know that question was coming? It took a little longer than I had expected, but the bluntness was spot on. “No, I haven’t. I’m not really interested her in that way. Even if I was, I don’t think it’d work out between us.”
“Why not?”
“For one, I have you. It’s not like I need another girl in my life.”
“Oh please. You can’t possibly be telling me you knew we were going to be a couple way back then.”
“No, I guess not. You got me there. Rene and I had a good thing going as partners and I guess I didn’t want to risk ruining it. Why are you so gung-ho about me seeing someone else?”
“I don’t want you to see anyone else. I’m just curious, that’s all.”
“About my love life? You don’t have to worry about any other girl now that I’m yours.”
“No, that’s not it. I don’t care about your ex-dates or crushes or whatever. I’m just trying to figure you out.”
“Figure me out? Like what makes me tick?”
“Yeah. I want to know what motivates you to do the things you do. Why you think the way you think, say the stuff you say. There’s no way you can be such a gentleman without some experience around the ladies.”
“Hey, I wasn’t born completely clueless about the opposite sex. Give me some more credit than that.”
“Okay, Casanova, whatever you say.” She chomped down on her sandwich.
With the end of my interrogation, I was able to enjoy the rest of my lunch admiring the girl I loved so dearly. To have her with me in such a familiar setting made me wish college really were in session. That way, my sister wouldn’t only be with me at home. She’d also be with me on campus for a very large chunk of my day. As I imagined the possibilities of such an arrangement, I couldn’t stop grinning for the rest of my lunch.
Ashley, not the kind of girl to let a full stomach slow her down, had me continue to tour almost immediately after we finished. We were nearing the end of the student center when she told me to stop.
“Where’s that dance music coming from? Is there a special event going on? It sounds like a lot of people are cheering.””
“Nope, just the arcade.” I pointed at the entrance across from us. “It’s a pretty popular hangout spot. It’s always packed whenever I go in there.”
“Can we check it out?”
Refusing me a chance to respond, she grabbed my hand and dragged me behind her as she made her way to the game room. We turned around the corner of a dark hallway and were soon bombarded by flashing lights.
Despite it being summertime, the arcade was packed with students playing billiards, table tennis, and the latest and biggest game machines. People who came by for a quick way to unwind after class tend to drift toward the recreational games; people who sought something more challenging and fast-paced flocked to the arcade cabinets. But no matter which type of activity someone might have preferred, there was one game that always drew big crowds: Dance Dance Revolution.
I didn’t have to wait for Ashley to speak to know what she wanted to do next. The moment she saw the metal dance pad, massive stereo speakers, and colorful screen of animated characters spinning on their heads, she just had to get in the middle of the crowd and show off her moves.
“No way. I can’t believe this place has a D.D.R. machine. You have to come dance with me.”
“Oh no I don’t. I’m a mouse and keyboard kind of guy. I can’t do this. I’m gonna be the laughingstock of the entire campus.”
“Come on, you know that’s not true. No one will care if you make a fool out of yourself. Just worry about having fun.”
“I don’t know…. How about you dance by yourself? I’ll cheer for you from back here.”
“It’s not worth playing without a partner. Dance with me, please? Please, please, please with a cherry on top?”
“All right, all right,” I caved, fishing a few dollar bills from my wallet. “Let me get some change.”
“Yay, I love you so much. I’ll save us a spot.”
As I returned with a handful of quarters, Ashley, in the midst of the crowd, jumped up and down while waving her hands at me. A few people looked my way to see what she was so excited about.
“Can you get any more enthusiastic?” I asked, stepping beside her.
“We’re the next ones up.”
I watched the current players dancing along to a ridiculously fast house song. They were obviously regulars to the game and the main reason why there were so many people gathered around the machine. The song ended with much applause, and I worried Ashley and I wouldn’t be able to match their performance.
Some of the spectators dispersed the instant we stepped onto the metal pad. That didn’t seem to bother my sister and she went ahead with inserting the coins. As she scrolled through the track listing, she stomped on an arrow on her dance pad to increase the difficulty. I followed suit and increased mine.
She peeked at my side of the screen. “Tiger, do you know what you’re doing?”
“Yep, I know what I’m doing.”
“Shouldn’t you play on an easier setting?”
“Nope. Just go ahead and start the song.”
“All right, if you say so.” Ashley pushed a bright yellow button on the game cabinet to start it.
For the next minute and a half, our feet moved in near-perfect sync to the arrows on the screen. Since it was the first of three songs, it took a few minutes for our legs to wake up from lunch, but by the time the music faded out we were each working on an impressive combo. The score displayed with my partner beating me by a tiny margin.
Ashley leaned back on the handrail behind her to take a breather. “Wow, you did really good for someone who was worried about being a laughed at.”
“I like to keep a few tricks up my sleeves. Is it my turn to choose the song?”
She rolled up her jacket sleeves and nodded.
“Okay, this one should be pretty good.” I pushed the button and started the next bass-pounding track.
Unbeknownst to Ashley, one of my friends was a huge fan of the game and had a home version of it. With no one beside him to laugh at my flailing, I decided to give it a serious try. A few days and blisters later, I was no longer the proud owner of two left feet. This was the perfect opportunity for me to show off what I had learned.
Much to Ashley’s surprise, I beat her by a pretty hefty amount when the music ended. “You’ve been practicing that one a lot, haven’t you?” she asked.
“Yeah, you can say that. Go ahead and pick the last song. Make sure it’s a hard one. I’m barely breaking a sweat.”
“Hmm, I think I can find a challenging one for you.” Ashley scrolled through the track listing to one of the harder songs. She took off her jacket and slung it over the handrail, then stomped on her pad to kick up the difficulty one final notch.
“You got to be kidding me. Since when can you handle Maniac setting?”
“You’re not the only one hiding a few tricks. Are you ready?”
Not wanting to be outdone, I reluctantly increased my difficulty. “Ready as I’ll ever be.”
“Good luck,” she said, pressing the starting button.
The first set of beats flew up the screen, giving me no time to wish her good luck. I frantically moved my feet to the instructions, but the tempo sped up and I was quickly overwhelmed with flashing arrows and warning messages telling me I was on the verge of failing. I looked over at Ashley’s side and was stunned to see her working on a combo going one hundred strong. I fell back onto my handrail and watched her feet blazing across the dance pad. Ashley fed off the cheering and shouting of the crowd behind us, using their energy to dance with even more precision. No one cared about my failure; my sister was putting on one heck of a show and everyone was loving it.
The song ended with thunderous applause. Though it wasn’t the most difficult one, the style and finesse Ashley showcased was first-rate, and the crowd had grown larger than when we first entered.
“Looks like I win that round,” she hollered over the commotion.
“Yeah, looks like it.” With a smile, I draped my arm around her shoulder and escorted her off the pad.
“Hey, girl, wait a sec,” someone called out. A burly guy in baggy clothes was standing where Ashley had danced. “My buddy is still jabbering on his phone so he won’t be taking his turn this round. Want to take his spot? I’ll pay for your game.”
Ashley looked up at me.
“Go ahead,” I told her. “I’ll be sitting back here trying to catch my breath. Kick his butt for me.”
“Sure thing.” She kissed me on the cheek and headed back to the machine.
I folded her jacket and sat on a stool by the juice bar. The seat was high enough for me to see over the heads of the crowd. My sister turned and waved at me, but before I could wave back she spun around to the game.
Ashley’s performance for our last song together was only a warm-up. The next three songs she played were faster and more intense. Her dancing peaked during the second song, but when the final one ended, I could tell fatigue had been affecting her rhythm. Ashley cut through the crowd toward me while receiving a last round of hurrahs.
There was a limp in her walk. “Ash, are you okay?” I hurried to her and offered my arm and shoulder.
She winced as I helped her climb up the stool. “If I knew I was going to play that game today, I would’ve have worn socks and shoes.”
I kneeled down so I could un-strap her sandals and remove them. “Oh wow, your feet are bright pink. And it looks like you might even have a blister. Sit and chill for a bit. I’ll order a drink for you.”
Waving a bartender over, I asked for a fruit smoothie and a bag of ice.
“Bry, what time is it?”
“It’s past twelve-thirty. What’s up?”
“We should be heading home now. Nikky’s going to be wondering what’s taking us so long.”
“I’m sure she can wait a little longer. I’m more worried about you.”
“You don’t mind letting her stay home alone now?”
“No, I still don’t like the idea. But if she’s at home and we’re here, then let’s take care of what we can before worrying about things one hour away.”
Ashley frowned at my answer.
“Okay, okay, how about this. I’ll call home and check up on her. If she answers and says everything is all right, we’ll rest here until your feet are looking better. If she doesn’t pick up the phone because our house blew up or something, then we’ll head home.”
As I dialed my phone, the bartender arrived with the smoothie and ice. I let the phone ring a few times but received no answer.
Ashley held the cold bag to her feet. “So, is Nikky answering?”
I hung up. “Nope. No answer.”
“Oh no, I should’ve listened to you and stayed home. We have to hurry.” Without waiting for me to put her sandals back on, she hopped down from her stool. Her feet landed hard on the ground and she immediately bounced up onto her seat again. “Ow, ow, I shouldn’t have done that.”
I bent my knees slightly with my back to her. “C’mon, I’ll carry you.”
“What? Are you sure? We’re on the opposite side of the campus from where we parked. It’s going to be a long walk.”
“Let me worry about that. Come on, I can handle it. We have to hurry, right?”
“Brian… no, you can’t. I’ll walk it off. Just put my sandals back on. It won’t be so bad.”
We bickered for a bit before I folded to her demand. The conversation didn’t end in terrible terms, but I didn’t like the idea of my sister pointlessly enduring any pain. She made me help her into her sandals, and with each aching step she took I felt an even sharper pain. She tried her best to pretend it didn’t bother her, but her steps were shorter than her spirited strides from earlier.
I led Ashley to a shaded bench along a two-lane street near the edge of the college.
“What are we doing here?” she asked, sitting down and stretching her feet out.
“Let’s wait here for a minute. We’ll be at our car before you know it.”
I was off by only a few seconds when a bus in college colors pulled up to the bench. The bus served as a trolley, transporting people around the campus. Our parking lot section was one of its destinations.
“Hop on,” I said, kneeling for my sister. “Please?” My sis gave me a small smile and leaned onto back, wrapping her arms around my neck. I was surrounded by the scent of vanilla from her hair and strawberries from her smoothie. Her sweat did little to spoil the fragrance. I mustered my strength and carried her onto the bus.
Boy, were we surprised when we heard our names being called out.
“Brian, Ashley, come sit with me,” Rene shouted from the back.
“Hey Rene, talk about a coincidence,” I said as I approached her row.
Ashley hopped down and slid into the seat behind her. “Are you heading home, too?”
Rene turned around and replied, “Yeah, class ended a little early. I’m hoping to beat the traffic.” She watched me scoot next to Ashley. “That’s nice of you to carry your sister.”
Before I could brush it off as nothing, Ashley circled her arms around me and pressed her cheek against mine. “Brian is such an awesome brother. He’s always watching out for me and doing stuff like that. I love him sooo much for it.” She peppered the side of my face with smooches.
The way Ashley said it was buoyant and exaggerated, and even though it was probably all true to Rene, she found it very comical and started laughing with my sister. The light-hearted banter continued until the bus pulled up to our stop a couple of minutes later.
“Well, this is where we get off,” I told Rene.
“No way, I get off here, too,” she exclaimed.
The three of us chatted some more as we left the bus and headed to our cars, with most of it done by the girls as they exchanged embarrassing stories about me. I never realized how much attention Rene paid to me since she recalled a ton of humorous events I didn’t think were such a big deal at the time. Ashley had even more stories to tell, mostly from my elementary college years.
I noticed my sister’s strides were back to normal, so either her feet were feeling better or she was so amused with Rene’s stories that she had forgotten about the pain. It took a load off my mind, even if I did want to shrivel up and hide far, far away.
“Bye again, Rene. I’m so happy knowing my brother has a good friend like you to hang out with.”
For once, someone other than me blushed. “Toodles, Ashley, toodles, Brian. And Bry, that’s a really good look for you. You should wear stuff like that more often.” Rene waved us off, leaving my sister and I by my car.
I sat down in the passenger seat. “Are you sure you want to drive? Maybe I should take over.”
My sister started up the engine and began the ride home. “No offense, but I’ve seen you drive when you’re distracted and it is not pretty.”
“There’s a very good reason why that happens,” I said, remembering yesterday afternoon and the evening from Saturday when I had multiple close-call accidents from her teasing. “What makes you say I’m distracted right now anyway?”
“You have Rene and me on your mind.”
“I do not,” I retorted.
“You do now.”
Both of their pretty faces appeared in my mind. “Hey, that’s not fair. You just mentioned it so of course I’m thinking about you two now.”
Ashley laughed at her little victory. “Well, it’s too late to switch drivers now. We’re already on the freeway.”
Grumbling to myself, I lowered my backrest and closed my eyes to shield against the bright sunlight. I fell asleep to my sister singing along with the stereo.
“Bry… Brian. Wake up, sleepyhead.” Ashley was leaning over me when I peeled my eyes open.
I sprung up from my seat. “Oh shit, I didn’t mean to sleep while you were driving. Are we lost or something?” I gazed out the windows.
“We’re home,” she announced.
The recognizable setting of our neighborhood was all around us. The car was safely parked by the sidewalk in front of our house. “I can’t believe you managed to drive home without my help.”
Ashley tapped her noggin. “It’s not empty in here. I can handle simple instructions. Now c’mon, we need to see if Nicole is all right.” She unbuckled her belt and bolted out the car.
She rushed ahead of me to the front door. Poking her head in, she shouted, “Nikky, we’re home. Is everything okay?” She leaned in further, balancing herself on one foot. “Oh no. Look at this.”
“What happened? Kitchen on fire?”
“No, nothing like that. Just come here and look at her.”
I peeked over Ashley’s shoulder into the living room. “Wow. At least she’s okay. That kid knows how to have a good time.”
Our adorable, mischievous Nicole was sleeping on the couch in front of the room’s big-screen TV. Pop music blared from the speakers; junk food wrappers were scattered across the table; peanut butter, jelly, and god knows what else stained her pajamas.
Ashley held my hand and pulled me into the house with her. “I can’t blame her for going overboard while we were gone. I probably would’ve done the same thing.”
“I’d say we went a little overboard yesterday. Although I don’t think we made a mess this big.”
“We better wake her up and clean this place before mom and dad get home. They’ll freak if they see the living room like this.” Ashley folded a bag of potato chips, but the bottom was torn and the chips fell right through. “Jeez, Nikky’s going to get an earful from me. She even spilled juice on the rug. Bry, I’m going to take her to her room. Can you get the stain out before it settles?”
“How about I carry Nikky to her room? I don’t know how to clean this stuff.”
Her voice began to fade into the hallway as she carried our younger sibling. “It’s not that hard. Just soak a washcloth in some water and vinegar. The vinegar’s next to the baking soda.”
That would have been no problem if I knew where the baking soda was. I started my search in the kitchen with the cabinet closest to me. It seemed Lady Luck was on my side when I found a glass bottle of vinegar in the very first one. It wasn’t next to the baking soda, but I simply figured Ash had made a mistake or someone else had moved it.
After soaking a washcloth in water and vinegar, I returned to the living room to wipe away the troublesome stain. Ashley came in soon after.
“Ugh, what’s that smell?” she asked.
“It’s from the cleaning mixture you told me to make. I’m rubbing this stain out with hot water and vinegar like you told me to.”
“What kind of vinegar did you use? It shouldn’t smell this strong. Don’t tell me you used the malt vinegar.”
I held up the bottle to check. “Um… yeah, I did.”
Ashley got her knees beside me and took the cloth out of my hand. “You’re supposed to use the white vinegar. The malt has this awful stench. And you’re supposed to use cold water, not hot. Hot water just sets the stain in deeper.”
“I-I didn’t know that. I’ll go back to the kitchen and get the right stuff.”
“No, don’t. Forget about it.” She stood up and went ahead of me. “I’ll take care of things. Go ahead and get some rest. You’ve had a tiring day.”
“I should fix this. It’s my fault. Just tell me what to-“
“Don’t worry, it’s not that bad. I can handle this. Just go.”
Just go.
Those two words played in loops until they were madness in my head. Although Ashley’s voice was soft and filled with anything but spite, her words hit me graver than a bullet to the heart. I couldn’t believe I screwed up. I made plenty of dumb mistakes before, but never ones that troubled my sister. I didn’t know if she was trying to make me feel better by saying it wasn’t that bad or if it was a thousand times worse than she led on. What started as a fun-filled morning together turned into a harrowing afternoon.
Laying on my bed and staring at the ceiling, I assured myself it was only a stain. A small stain on an ugly rug that didn’t even blend with the rest of our house. But that wasn’t all that bothered me. I actually didn’t know what was. I felt like crap for making Ashley do extra work, but she has always been forgiving. This incident would be erased from her memory before the day came to an end–eighteen years under the same roof had taught me that–but for some reason I couldn’t convince myself.
I lost track of the minutes when I heard a knock on my door.
“Is it okay if I come in?”
I sat up immediately. Ashley was leaning on the doorframe with her right hand above her head and her left on her hip. She had changed out of her skirt into a tiny pair of white cotton shorts and knee high socks. Her hair was tidied into a long ponytail.
“You’re more than welcome to come in.”
My sister’s warm presence overtook my uneasiness as she sat beside me. “Brother, are you are mad at me? I didn’t mean to make you feel like you messed up.”
“Me, mad at you?” Not in those shorts I couldn’t have been. “I thought you might be mad at me. I’m really sorry for the screw up. I should have known it wasn’t the right stuff when I didn’t see the baking soda next to it. Next time I’ll do exactly as you say.”
Ashley cracked a smile. “Well, I should’ve listened to you when you said you didn’t know how to clean. Seems even my big brother needs help sometimes. Let’s just forget about it, okay? The living room is all cleaned up now. Mom and dad won’t suspect a thing.”
“Yeah, okay, I can do that.” Trying to change the subject, I asked, “Did you get a chance to talk to Nikky? You were gone for a long time while I was busying screwing up.”
“Bry, you just agreed to forget about it. Don’t beat yourself over the head with this.” 
I stared at my feet for a moment, and then over to my sister’s smooth legs. “Okay, let me try that again. Did you get a chance to talk to Nikky?”
“Yeah, she woke up on the way to her room. I gave her the ‘we are very disappointed in you’ talk–you know, the one mom and dad used to tell us–and she and I came to an agreement for her punishment.”
“Punishment? I hope you weren’t too hard on her. I don’t want her to be mad at us for the entire day at Six Flags tomorrow.”
“Nah, she won’t be. She’s just grounded in her room for the rest of the day. She still has her phone and TV, so I’m sure it won’t be too bad.”
“Nikky really looks up to you, though. If I had told her she was grounded, she’d hate me until she graduated from with high college.”
“No she won’t. She really looks up to you, too. It’s just harder for her to show it because you’re a guy.”
“You’ve never had that problem with me.”
“That’s because I’ve also had a crush on you. I couldn’t be shy around you the way Nikky is. How else was I supposed to catch your eye if I didn’t make a move?”
“For one, you could’ve worn more shorts like that. That’s definitely an eye-catcher.”
“Yeah? You like this?” Ashley leaned to her side and propped herself on one elbow. With her round butt facing me, she bent her knees toward her chest, causing her shorts to tighten around her curvy cheeks
“Nikky is grounded in her room, right?”
She lowered a hand to caress her round buttocks. “You have something in mind?”
“Not really. But we can make things up as we go.”
A dazzling smile stole my attention from her legs. “I knew these shorts would cheer you up.”
I crawled behind my sister and lay on my side. Wrapping my arm around her waist, I pulled her to me so her back was against my chest. I whispered into her ear. “Is it okay if I just hold you like this?”
Ashley held my hand and wrapped my arm tighter around her. “Only if you do it right.” She let go of my hand but I kept her firmly against me. “Much better.”
I wish I can said we engaged in hot, steamy sex right then and there, but I’d be lying through my teeth if I did. Despite my half-erect member nudging the crack of her butt, and her persistent cooing as I kissed her neck, we just cuddled in my bed. Half an hour had passed when my sis suggested we take our cuddling to the living room to watch a movie. I agreed and used the recess to change into more casual clothes, as well as adjust the rod in my shorts. We were halfway through the movie when the phone rang.
Ashley got up from my arms and sauntered into kitchen. “Hello, this is Ashley speaking. Oh, hi mom. Is everything okay? Uh-huh, okay. Really? That’s great news. Okay, I’ll tell Brian and Nicole. Tell her we say congratulations. Bye, love you. Kiss daddy for me, too.”
I heard her hang up the phone. She came to the couch and leaned over the backrest, her face suspended above mine.
“What happened? Why’d mom call?”
“Aunt Carrie just gave birth to our newest cousin, Andrea. Mom and dad are heading to St. Jane’s Hospital to congratulate her and Uncle Brent.”
“Wow, that’s great news. All Aunt Carrie could talk about during the past nine months was how her baby’s going to become the first lawyer on the moon. Want me to take you to the hospital so you can meet her?”
“Not really. I just want to stay home. We can see her when they have the baby shower.”
“Yeah, I’m not really in the mood to go out either. Did mom say anything about dinner?”
“She and dad won’t be coming home to eat with us. They’re staying at the hospital to take pictures and give parental advice because they’re such great parents for raising us. We’ll have to feed ourselves tonight.”
“Oh. Guess that means I’ll have to go out and buy us some food. What are you hungry for? Tacos? Burgers?”
“I want to cook.”
“You? Cook?”
“Why did you have to say it like that?”
“Sorry, didn’t mean to. It’s just that buying food would be so much faster and easier, don’t you think?”
“Maybe, but it won’t nearly be as satisfying as a home-cooked meal. Go ahead and watch TV in your room or play on your computer. I’ll make us something special. When it’s ready, I’ll call for you.”
“I don’t know about this.”
Ashley climbed over the backrest and landed on my stomach. “Awww, please let me cook this one time? I promise if you hate my cooking, I’ll never beg to cook for you again.”
I should have been ecstatic with the thought of my girlfriend making dinner for me. No guy in his right mind wouldn’t have appreciated an offer like that. So why was I feeling worried instead? I mean, besides the fact she had never cooked an entire meal by herself before, it should have been my job to put food on the table–not that I knew how to cook either. It had always been my responsibility to take care of my sisters. It didn’t feel right for Ashley to have to do something for me.
I was about to protest when she placed a finger on my lips. My eyes riveted to her hazel orbs. I stared into them, realizing there was no way she was going to accept no for an answer. I was better off agreeing with her to save us both the trouble.
I pulled her finger away. “All right, if you say so. But let me know if you need help.”
“You worry too much about me. I can handle cooking dinner for one night. Just prepare yourself for a nice, yummy surprise.”
“Ta-da! What do you think?”
“Wow, this looks fantastic. I’m almost afraid to eat it.”
Over an hour had passed since I departed from the couch when Ashley, adorning a huge smile, barged into my room and told me dinner was ready. She grabbed my hand and practically ran to the dining room with me trailing behind.
The sight of our transformed wooden table astounded me. It was draped in a pristine white cloth with a silver candlestick holding three flames in the middle. The chandelier above it was dimmed very low, making what was normally a large dining room feel private and secluded. At the head of the table and the seat to the right of it were two plates of food.
Ashley pushed me by the shoulders across the room. “Food is for eating, not staring. Come, sit down.”
I stumbled into the head chair. “What about Nikky? Shouldn’t she be eating dinner with us?”
“I made her macaroni and cheese. She’s eating in her room right now.”
“You prepared mac and cheese on top of all this in an hour? That’s incredible.”
She sat beside me in front of the other plate. “Not really. I gave her the five-minute microwave stuff.”
“I feel weird sitting in dad’s chair. Won’t he get mad?”
“We’ll keep it a secret between us. Tonight, you’re man of the house.”
“Candlelight makes for a nice touch.”
“It saves on the electric bill. Looks pretty, too.”
“Yeah, it really brings out your eyes.”
“Thank you, but I think it does a better job of bring out your rugged-good looks.”
“You tease too much.”
“Take a bite of the chicken. It’s going to get cold.”
I could see the steam rising from my food. Now that I was able to take a closer look at it, the meal really did look too good to eat. My plate had two large boneless chicken breasts covered in scalloped potatoes and cheese, with broccoli and sliced cucumbers and carrots on the side. By no means was I a connoisseur of fine foods, but from what I was used to when it came to home-cooked meals, this was incredibly extravagant for a Tuesday night.
Ashley watched me cut into the chicken. It was very tender and my knife went through it like, well, a hot knife through butter. I raised my fork to my mouth and took a bite.
Ashley gently nipped her lower lip, holding her breath. Her jaw shifted as if she were the one with a mouth full of chicken. I stared into her flickering eyes, sensing her anticipation, her nervousness. Would I enjoy it and love her forevermore? Or would I spit it out in disgust and never want her to cook for me again?
Swallowing, I smiled and proudly stated, “This is absolutely delicious. The best chicken I have ever had.”
Her shoulders fell an inch as she let out her breath. “You’re just saying that because you’re supposed to.”
Chuckling, I told her, “No, not at all. I mean it. This is really, really delicious. Where’d you learn to cook? You never showed much interest in culinary arts before.”
“I read some recipes online. It’s not as hard as you think to put chicken on a pan and bake it for twenty minutes.”
“Maybe, but knowing me I won’t even know how to turn the stovetop on.”
“Oven. You bake with the oven.”
“See, you just proved my point. I won’t even know where to put the chicken.”
My sister picked up her utensils and finally began eating. “I’ve been thinking.”
“About what?”
“Our date,” she coolly replied.
My heart skipped a beat.
“Have you been thinking about it?” she asked.
“I have,” I lied.
“So… tell me about it.”
“How can I tell you about it if we haven’t gone on it yet?”
“You’re so silly. I mean our plans, like where will it be.”
“Oh. I, um, want it to be a surprise.”
“As much as I love surprises, can you at least tell me the day so I’ll know when to dress up?”
“Oh, right. Are you free next Friday? At six? I know you’re going out with your friends this Friday to the movies.”
“I’m free for next Friday. But if you want to ask me out for this week, I’ll cancel my plans. The girls will understand.”
“No, don’t,” I quickly responded. “I mean, I don’t want to get in the way of you and your friends. Just because I can’t see mine doesn’t me you shouldn’t be able to see yours.”
Ashley eyed me curiously. “Well?”
“‘Well’ what?”
“What should I wear? Jeans and a tee shirt? Stockings and a dress? Nothing at all?”
I choked a little on my food. “Um, something fancy. A dress would be perfect.”
“Cool, so we’re going somewhere fancy. Can you afford fancy?”
“I might be a bum, but I’m not a poor bum. There’s nothing to fret over. I’ll let you in on the details as the day approaches.”
“Gosh, I’m so excited. I can’t wait to see what you have planned for me. I know you won’t disappoint me.”
My heart skipped another beat. I couldn’t wait to see what I have planned either.
Was this the reason why I could never keep a girlfriend? Because I always waited until the last minute for these things? It wasn’t that I had forgotten or didn’t care about our date. It’s just that Ashley had been keeping me so preoccupied with our regular activities that I hadn’t been able to set aside any time to figure out what I wanted to do. And even if I did know, I hadn’t had any time to put my plan in motion.
“Brother, are you okay? You’re kind of quiet all of a sudden.”
“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?”
“Are you thirsty?”
I hadn’t noticed it earlier, since I only glanced at Ashley between bites, but near the candlestick was a wine glass filled with a dark beverage. She had already drunk from her own glass so I carefully reached for the extra one. Raising it to my lips for a sample, I recognized the flavor immediately.
“Pepsi tastes better from a wine glass, doesn’t it?” my sister asked, also taking a drink from hers.
“Mm-hmm. I thought you might’ve filled it with wine now that you drink coffee and have such sophisticated tastes.”
“There’s nothing wrong with going back to yesterday when I still loved drinking this stuff.”
“Cheers to that.” I held my glass toward her and she clinked hers with mine.
Having only each other as company, we relished the exquisite meal until the candles nearly melted away.
“I can’t believe you’re not eating all your vegetables,” Ashley quipped. “You’re not getting any dessert until your plate is spotless.”
“Aww, come on. I’m not a big fan of cucumbers. Look, I ate everything else. Shouldn’t I leave some room for dessert anyway?
She crossed her arms across her chest and pretended to make a really difficult decision. “Okay, I’ll let you get away with it this time. But this time only. You’re so cute when you pout like that.”
I stared into the kitchen for anything that could have resembled dessert. With our candles fading and the chandelier barely any brighter, I couldn’t make anything out. “So where’s dessert?”
“In my room.”
My ears perked.
She added, “It’s a special kind of dessert. The freshest you’ll ever have.”
It was easy for me to see where this was heading. “Before we go, shouldn’t we put away the dishes?” I asked.
“Nicole will clean it up. When I delivered her dinner, she told me she wanted to make up for the mess she caused.” Ashley hopped out of her chair and pulled me to my feet. “Come with me. Mom and dad didn’t say when they were getting home and I don’t want to leave any leftovers because you couldn’t eat all of your dessert in time.”
After blowing each candle out one by one, she led me to her room, her butt and ponytail swaying with each step.
“One sec. Let me check up on Nikky.” Ashley walked a little further down the hall to Nicole’s room. She opened the door and the girls shared a brief exchange of words, none of which I could make out over Nikky’s stereo. She then closed the door and returned to my side.
“Ready, Tiger?”
I sprawled onto Ashley’s bed. “Are you sure it’s okay to be doing something with her around?”
Locking the door and untying her ponytail, she assured, “We’ve fooled around while mom and dad were home.”
“Yeah, but we’ve done it late at night those times. Right now it’s only eight.”
“I made it clear with Nikky if she wants to get on my good side, she’ll have to behave for the rest of the night. That means doing the dishes and going to bed not a second past nine. Trust me, she won’t be bothering us.”
“Nine’s kind of early even for her. Between that, the grounding, and the dishes, I don’t think mom and dad will approve of the punishment.”
“Well, they aren’t here, so until they come home to take care of things, we’re Nicole’s new mommy and daddy.”
“I kind of like the sound of that.” The sentiment reminded me of the times Ashley had persuaded me to play house with her, despite my ardent protests. She would round up her dolls and my action figures and have them sit around a plastic table for a cup of invisible tea. A dozen years later, Ashley and I were playing house again, this time with a real house and kid to watch over. “Sis, I know you’ll make a great mom one of these days.”
“Yeah, you really think so? It’s not as easy as I make it look. How does that saying go,” she wondered, crawling on top of me. “‘Behind every great woman is a great man?’ I’ll need a strong supportive daddy and I can’t think of anyone who’ll make a better one than you.”
I believed the saying went the other way around, but I had no intention of spoiling the mood. Especially since she just revealed who she wanted me to be: her children’s father. “I’m not sure if I’m ready to be a real dad. Making babies is a pretty big step for two teenagers.”
Ashley giggled. “I’m not saying we should start working on it right away. It’s just, if I’m going to spend the rest of my life with someone and raise a family, I want that man to be you. I need you, Brian.”
There was something inspiring about that last line. “Say that again.”
“Huh? What?” She sat up on my stomach, her eyebrows curling. Her mouth opened to speak, but she stopped herself as if making sure she was about to say the right thing. “‘I need you?’ This isn’t some sort of power-play, is it?”
It was difficult to smile at her joke when she sounded so serious. “No, of course not. I just like hearing that.”
“I… need you. I need you, brother.” Her face came closer. “Like that? Why do you want me to say it?”
“I don’t… I don’t know.” My weak reply faltered in light of her soft eyes.
Why the heck was I being so timid? Ashley had always been able to pour out her feelings to me; there was no reason why I couldn’t have done the same with her. In her eyes was a genuine concern, a desire to make everything right. As I stared into them I developed a similar desire to just tell her.
“No, I do know why. This is going to sound really lame and all but-“
“Bry, don’t talk like that. I won’t think it’s lame. Please tell me.”
Taking a deep breath, I lifted Ashley off me and laid her down on her side so we could face each other.
“All throughout today, I can’t help but get the feeling you’re growing up without me, that you’re maturing faster than I am. I’ve been following your footsteps from the moment I woke up this morning and it’s confusing me so much. The way you’re taking care of Nicole and the house, the way you treated me to lunch and cooked dinner, the way you drove my car without my help. It’s like, why am I even here if you can do everything I can do and so much more? Even for something as pointless as that dancing game you were one step ahead of me. And the way you answered that question from the professor, completely out of the blue. It’s like you’re already set for college. What else can you do that I don’t know about? What other talents are you keeping secret? The things I’ve done for you, were they even necessary? There’s a big part of me that wants you to stay the same little sister I’ve watched over for all these years. Knowing that you’re able to take care of yourself is… scaring me.”
“I don’t understand. Don’t you want me to be able to take care of myself?”
“I do. It’s great that you’re so strong and independent. But at the same time, I sort of don’t want you to be. Once you start doing things for yourself, you won’t need me anymore.”
“You need me… to need you?”
“Y-yeah… I do. It’s like I have a purpose in life now, to do everything I can to make you happy. And seeing you happy makes me happy. My world revolves around you, Ash. I won’t be able to survive if you leave me behind. I won’t know what to do, where to go, who the hell I am anymore. Mom and dad make it sound so easy: go to college, get a job, make lots of money and die happy. But none of that means anything if you’re not going to be by my side.”
“Whoa, slow down, Tiger. I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere. Just slow down.” Ashley put her arms around me and cradled my head to her neck.
Her ardor was the perfect remedy for my concerns. Holding her snugly, indulging in her compassion, I listened to her continue. “I want to be by your side, and I want you to be by mine. I want us to share our future together and I’ll do all I can to make sure it happens. There are going to be times that no matter how strong I grow up to be, I will always need you. No one but you can hold me this gently, make me feel this warm and loved. Let’s take things one day at a time, one kiss at a time.”
Ashley held my chin up and I graciously accepted her lips. “Bry, you’re always saying I deserve all the kind things you’ve done for me. Isn’t it time someone does the same for you? Don’t you think you deserve someone like that? Let me be that someone. Let me treat you special every once in awhile. I know you feel good and all when you do something nice for me, but guess what? I feel the same way when I do something nice for you. This isn’t a one-way relationship. I adore all the attention you’ve given me, but it’s okay to let me return the favor, because at the end of the night–and I truly mean it when I say this–I need, need, need you.”
I squeezed my sister tighter with each echo of that word. “And I need you.”
There was a long, comforting silence. Just being together, hugging and holding her, feeling her heart beat, made her arms the safest place in the world. There was nowhere else I would rather be than under her doting protection.
Ashley kissed my forehead. “This is what makes you tick, isn’t it?”
“I… I guess it is. God, I hope that doesn’t sound awful.”
“No, it doesn’t. I think it’s very sweet. You need my love and I need your love. We have what we need from each other. It’s perfect.”
“When you put it that way, I have to agree with you.”
“Do you feel better?”
“Yeah, much better. Thanks, sis. You mean everything to me.”
As I cuddled in her arms, the last remnants of my worries strayed away. There was nothing more she needed to say to me. I understood now it was okay to let her blossom into the smart, young woman she was destined to be. Her maturity was years ahead of mine, no doubt about it, but she would never leave me behind. Whatever she decided, I would be right there to support her.
“Would you like your dessert now?”
I loved how she always had a way to liven up the mood. “Sure. I’d love to see what you have prepared for me.”
Ashley sat up with a wide smile. “It’s not actually prepared yet. You’ll need to help me with it.” Scooting to the edge of the bed, she peered over as if she was searching for something. I waited for her to bounce up and turn around to me. She held a blue and white spray can in one hand and a dark brown bottle in the other.
“Whipped cream and chocolate syrup?”
“Mom bought them at the market on Sunday, remember?”
Of course I did. I almost came in front of our mother while Ashley was giving me a footjob and telling her what to buy. “Yeah, I remember. Can you hand me the whipped cream?”
She passed the can to me and I shook it thoroughly. Holding the nozzle above my mouth, I pressed the knob and fired the fluffy cream onto my tongue.
Ashley quickly pulled it out of my hand. “You goof, that’s not what it’s for.”
With my mouth full, I muffled, “I’m not supposed to eat it?”
“You are, but not like that. Whipped cream tastes better when it’s topping something off. Like this.”
Ashley grabbed the bottom of her shirt and rolled it up her belly. The tight fabric stopped just beneath her breasts, as if it had gotten caught on an invisible hook. She pulled at it again but didn’t fare much better the second time. She huffed and puffed.
“Do you need help?” I crawled on my knees to her and placed my hands on her waist, feeling small shivers rippling through her. “I’ve seen you in your bra a bunch of times. There’s nothing to be nervous about.”
Ashley looked at me with her jittery chestnut eyes. “I have good reason to be.”
I pinched the edge of her shirt and gave her my most winning smile. “Can I?”
She nodded and rested her hands on my shoulders. I tugged at the tee and rolled it inch by inch up her marvelous figure, her peach-colored skin remaining flawless throughout. Approaching her sternum, my thumbs bumped into her breasts. I gently pulled the shirt away, gazing at the bottom curves of her breasts protruding from the hem. They were as peachy as the rest of her body.
“Holy… wow.” I stopped for a moment. Could she really be…?
Ashley smiled as I rubbed my thumbs under the edge of her shirt, feeling nothing but silky smooth perfection. My thumbs, with barely any room beneath her taut shirt, rubbed higher, still feeling nothing but her slenderness.
My sister’s breathing hastened. Her lovely breasts expanded and contracted in my hand.
I tried lifting her shirt higher, but the fabric seemed to have gotten stuck again in my shaky fingers. How the heck did she put it on the first place?
She took her hands off my shoulders and held her arms up into the air. “Go for it,” she whispered.
My mouth became dry and impossible to speak with. I merely shook my head as I wiped away the bead of sweat from my forehead. I re-hooked the tight hem, and with a swift and mighty gesture I pulled her shirt over her chest and head.
“Holy fuck,” I muttered. The two most supple and beautiful breasts poised proudly on her delicate frame. Capping each mound was a pink nipple, standing at full attention. My eyes were instantly drawn to the slightly lighter circles surrounding each one.
Good god, she was actually braless. This must have been why she was nervous. And good god, was that silly thing to have been nervous about. Ashley possessed the most magnificent breasts I had ever seen. The digital boobs on my computer couldn’t compare to the real-deals on my sister. They weren’t excessively large or moderately small; they just matched her figure perfectly. The inside curve of each breast gradually sloped from her shallow cleavage to her nipples. It was subtle, and I almost couldn’t tell they even sloped outward. But follow the curves to the bottom of each round breast and I could see them overhanging from her chest. Though her breasts could have been considered petite, because she was so slender, the outer curves of each jutted from the side of her chest, so if I were to stare at her from behind, I could have seen them swelling out. Her areolas, an inch in diameter, were so lightly colored, they almost blended in with her healthy skin tone.
I was so mesmerized with the sighting of my first pair of bare boobs that I didn’t realize we both still had our arms up in the air. Ashley lowered hers first and slid the shirt off her elbows. Tossing it aside, she said, “You can put your hands down.”
I almost couldn’t hear her. All I could think about was how much I wanted to feel her tits, to touch them, taste them, idolize them, treat them with the care and devotion they demanded from me.
My hands dropped to her shoulders. Without any bra straps to tarnish her skin, they were as smooth as the rest of body. My fingers roamed down to her forearms. She felt so warm, nearly to the point of burning.
Ashley caught my wrists as I approached her elbows. “Aren’t you hot with your shirt on?” she asked.
“Yes.” My voice came out thick and hoarse, like I was choking on that one word.
My hands returned to her shoulders. Ashley grabbed the bottom of my shirt and rolled it up as I had done to her. My shirt was nowhere near as tight as her tiny top, but my perspiration made it stick to my skin. She slipped her hands under my shirt and fluffed it loose. I gulped on what little moisture there was in my mouth. Her eyes shot to mine. Licking her lips, she pulled my shirt up again. I raised my arms, and when my shirt went above my neck and covered my face, she stopped.
I couldn’t see what was going on so I had to finish taking off my shirt by sliding my arms through it. We stared at one another, not in the eyes as we had normally done, but at our nakedness. For the first time since we were toddlers, we were topless in front of each other.
My hands came down from her shoulders to massage her arms. She mirrored my caress by holding onto my biceps and stroking my muscles. The need to touch each other consumed us. Together we asked, “Can I?”
And again in unison, we answered, “Yes.”
Ashley smiled and giggled; I just blushed. Our hands were in sync as they touched each other’s chest at the same instant. We gasped at the raw contact of someone else’s hands on our bodies.
My fingers were like feathers on her breasts. She felt so soft and fragile, I was afraid of harming her if I got the least bit aggressive. I traced my fingertips in circles around the swells, admiring the smoothness. “You’re so beautiful.”
Ashley didn’t react to my compliment, though I could see in her eyes she wasn’t indifferent to it. She was simply preoccupied with my equally smooth body. What I may have lacked in sculptured muscles was made up with a hairless chest and clear skin. Her hands skimmed my entire pectoral area and down to my ribcage. The pressure she applied was very faint, much like the pressure I was applying to her breasts. Her fingers went down and around my ribs, hitting my ticklish spot, but I was too absorbed in our sensuality to break a smirk.
Our hands roamed, mapping the curves and shapes of our partner’s figure. My fingers traipsed over her navel; my thumbs rubbed around her tits; my index fingers skimmed the valley between them. The more I caressed my sister, the more I trembled at the prospect of touching her nipples.
They stood out so invitingly. I wanted to touch the perky nubs but was afraid of getting too close. I had no qualms about touching her clit and pussy, yet I was terrified of touching her nipples. How would she react? Would she even want me to touch them? How sensitive were they? Could I hurt her if I was too rough? I played with the creamy flesh around her areolas as I awaited permission.
“They’re getting cold,” Ashley said quietly.
A shiver went through my spine. It was like she had just read my mind.
Ashley stopped moving her hands over my body. I moved mine to the peaks of her tits. Her nipples pricked my palms as I closed my hands around them. The overwhelming warmth and tenderness had my head reeling. I could have died from the bliss of having my sister in my grasp.
Ashley let out a feeble moan and mumbled indistinctly. Her hands went to her breasts and she pushed my palms into her, stabbing me with her erect nipples.
“Touch them. Please keep going.”
I nodded and took a strained breath. As Ashley loosened her grip around my hands, I moved my palms away, closing my fingers toward the center of each breast. My thumbs and middle fingers seized the hard nipples.
Ashley gasped sharply. She grabbed onto my wrists again and shuddered, craning her neck back. The reaction startled me. I panicked and accidentally pinched her nipples. She gasped again, now craning her head forward. I immediately opened my fingers, but with my hands held in place I couldn’t move them back. Her body trembled once more, and in one last act of frailty she leaned into me, plummeting us onto my back.
Our arms fell to our sides as her breasts smothered my chest and our cheeks pressed together. She whispered into my ear. “Oh my god. I think I…”
“Did you…”
“I did.”
I couldn’t believe it. Ashley had a climax just from having her nipples touched. I held them for no longer than five seconds, yet that was all it took to have her cumming.
The female body is a wonderful thing.
I wrapped my arms behind my sister and stroked her lower back, allowing her the time she needed to recover. With the exquisite feeling of her naked breasts against me, I was willing to wait forever.
With a weak breath, Ashley lifted her flushed face above me. She tried forming a smile but could only drop her lips to mine. Our tongues waltzed and flickered in a vivid dance.
Ashley rolled onto her back and dragged me on top of her, our mouths inseparable. I caressed her slender sides, her taut tummy, her bubbly butt, and everywhere I could reach. Her legs circled my thighs as she clung to me. We groped at each other, leaving pink handprints on every part we touched.
I kissed my way down her neck. Ashley placed her hands on my head, urging me to continue lower. My kisses left a wet, translucent trail from her lips to her sternum. I rested my left cheek in her cleavage and licked the side of her left breast. My tongue grazed her flesh, tasting both her sweetness and sweat. I lifted myself an inch over her left nipple, flicking my tongue over it. She groaned and grabbed a fistful of my hair, but resisted the urge to pull me down.
My mouth opened just large enough to cover her areola. I pressed my tongue flat against her nipple, then slowly closed my mouth over her breast, engulfing one of the two most heavenly treasures in the universe.
Ashley couldn’t resist her urges any longer. She shoved my head against her, whimpering and panting as I sucked on the nub. My lips formed a tight oval as my tongue flicked the tip. I increased the suction, yearning to nurse on my sister until my jaw fell off.
“Oh god, this feels incredible,” she rasped. “Don’t stop.”
I was tempted to switch to her other breast, but after hearing her plea I moved my left hand to it instead. I pinched the lonely nipple between my thumb and main finger. Ashley arched her back, thrusting her chest out. Though I couldn’t fully see her, she must have looked incredibly sexy in such an erotic pose.
I twisted the eraser-sized tip as gently as I could. I didn’t dare harm my cherished sister, as the pain would hurt me more than it did her, but I couldn’t settle with just holding it between my fingers. Fortunately, she found the stimulation to be enjoyable.
“Just like that. A little harder.”
I did as I was told. Still sucking on her left breast, I twisted the other nub with a tighter pinch. Ashley immediately gasped and scratched her nails into my back. I released my suction, wincing at the unexpected spasm.
“Oh no, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to-“
“Shhh, it’s okay. You startled me, that’s all.” I returned to sucking on her tit.
“I never realized my nipples could be so sensitive.”
I opened my mouth only long enough to say, “You don’t touch them when you…”
“No, I do. I just don’t give them the same attention as–oh fuck.” I switched to her right breast and sucked on it. “Mmm, yes, keeping doing that,” she purred.
I was curious to hear the rest of her reply. “Same attention as?”
“You’re so bad,” she murmured. “My clit. My pussy.”
“You have me now. I’ll take care of you.”
“I know. Less talking, please?” Her chest fluttered as she giggled.
I nodded, smearing my lips against her breast. I laced her body with a thousand kisses as I switched from one to the other and everywhere in between. Her entire body became slick with my saliva. It felt wonderful being held so securely in her arms. I must have looked like a baby as I tended to every inch of her divine form. I got lost in her sensuality, just wanting to savor the feeling and taste of my sister.
One of her hands disappeared from the back of my neck. I peeked through the corner of my eyes to see where it went. Her right arm was outstretched beside her, her hand pawing at the mattress as if she was searching for something. I looked slightly beyond her fingers to see the bottle of chocolate syrup a mere inch away.
I had completely forgotten about what made Ashley strip her top off in the first place. Even with her breasts being suckled and my hands fondling her thighs and calves, she still wished to carry out her original plan.
“I’m getting hungry,” I whispered. “Can you help me with dessert? I’m in the mood for something chocolaty and sweet.”
“Oooh yes. I have something sweet for you.” Her right hand moved a little faster, a little more sporadically, as she struggled to find the bottle. 
My eyes returned to her breasts. I blindly reached over and snatched the bottle, holding it for only a second before Ashley took it from me. Her left hand moved between our groins and gave my erection a friendly squeeze.
I lifted myself up, kneeling on all fours over her. She let go of my cock and began rubbing her pussy through her tight shorts in slow circles. I sat back on my knees and brought my hands to her hips, tugging at the waistband. Her butt hovered above the mattress, allowing me to pull her shorts down her lean legs.
Ashley hadn’t gone totally without underwear. Beneath was a flirty yellow boy short. It wasn’t like the see-through and lacey lingerie from the past few nights, but what really made it stand out were three big letters in white embroidered across it.
I didn’t think my adorable sister owned any underwear like that. Then again, I didn’t think my sister owned anything that could have been found in a Frederick’s or Victoria’s Secret catalog either. The “O” was larger than the other two letters, and it looked as if it was outlining a hole for her pussy.
“I like your underwear. It’s definitely hot.”
Ashley slipped her left fingers inside the front of it, causing it to bulge out as her hand moved in circles once again. “You’ll like what’s beneath it even more.”
She would be right about that. With her fingers stretching the fabric out, I pulled it down, revealing a hand rubbing her clit, and the lovely pink lips surrounding her pussy. She lifted one foot at a time so I could pull off both sets of shorts. I stood up beside the bed and stared down at my little angel.
My sister was naked as the day as she born. The greatest artists in the world couldn’t have painted a more beautiful picture. None could have preserved her elegance on any canvas. Bare skin was everywhere I looked. Her most private areas were all exposed for my eyes to take in. There was so much I wanted to do to her, so many ways I could keep myself entertained. I had experienced only a fraction of what her body could do for me, and I wanted to experience the rest.
I moved onto the bed and gently spread her legs apart, massaging her inner thighs with the finest touch.
“Oh babe, I can’t believe how gorgeous you are.”
Ashley squirmed beneath me and rubbed her clit a little faster. “Say that again.”
I slowed my massaging.
“Say it,” she repeated, rubbing faster still.
“I… can’t believe how gorgeous you are.”
“Not that.”
“Oh… babe?”
“Yes. Keep calling me that.”
“Oh babe, you are so damn gorgeous. My babe turns me on so much. I just want to eat my babe’s sweet pussy until my babe cums all over me.”
“Ah, oooh fuck.” Ashley let out a long, throaty groan as her clear, intoxicating honey splashed out from between her fingers. The smell of arousal triggered an instant reflex in me. I dove down to her sex and lapped up the slick fluid before it could wastefully soak her sheets. Just as my tongue touched her fingers, the mini-orgasm stopped. That didn’t discourage me from licking what I could off her trembling hand and puffy labia.
“I did it again,” Ashley murmured.
“I know. Let me clean you up.”
Her left hand came off her clit to the back of my head. Her juices and my saliva matted my hair as she pushed me into her loins. I licked in circles, teasing every fold of flesh. There was no better dessert after a hearty meal than your sister’s pussy.
It amazed me how incredibly turned on Ashley was. She came twice already with very little effort on my end. No matter how handsome she may have found me, I knew I wasn’t a stud by any means. This encouragement seemed too much, even for her.
“Tiger? Can you go higher? Just a little–ah, right there.”
I swiped the flat of my tongue against her clit, keeping the tip of my tongue between her labia. I lowered the angle so it could enter her tiny hole. My upper lip covered her pink nub as my tongue pumped in and out of her, savoring the aftertaste of her latest orgasm.
“Ah yes, stick your tongue in me. Lick me out.”
I steadied myself within her throbbing pussy. Ashley pushed me harder until my nose pressed into her pubic hair. I struggled to breathe but did nothing about it. I inhaled what little air I could, relying on my sister’s sweetness to keep me going.
Then I felt her contract around my tongue. Her pussy muscles tensed, squeezing me inside her. My hands went beneath her ass, lifting her up so I could penetrate her deeper. Ashley moaned above me. “Oh fuck. Feel that? Do you like that?”
I hummed my approval. With her hand trapping my head in her sex, there was nothing I could say or do but drink in the pleasure she was giving me.
Her hips bounced off the bed. She let out a lingering cry as she crushed my head between her thighs. “Oh my god, oh my god.”
The powerful wave of yet another orgasm rolled through her body. Every muscle in her being became stiff and scorching hot. Her honey poured onto my tongue and into my thirsty mouth. My tongue thrashed within her slick walls for every drop of her nectar.
Ashley wailed hysterically as her body tried to ride the incredible sensations of her third climax. Her panting intensified. She muttered “fuck” repeatedly as her pussy tightened, curling my tongue in half from the added pressure. Cum flowed endlessly out of her but I kept swallowing for dear life.
I swirled my tongue throughout her narrow canal, not even realizing the tension on my head had loosened. When all I could taste was her candied flesh, I reluctantly moved away from her pussy. I looked up at her flushed skin, only to find a picture of a dark brown heart drawn between her breasts. My sister had her eyes closed and a wide smile complementing her serene expression.
“Yummy?” she asked. She slowly opened her eyes at me.
I was too entranced by the tasty-looking heart to respond. It was carefully drawn in thick chocolate syrup, with a few fingerprint smudges on her breasts. I leaned over my sister at arms length, eager to lick the chocolate off her chest.
Teasingly, Ashley put her hands together and straightened her arms out between us. She pushed her elbows into the sides of her breasts, causing her rack to stick out a little further. “You like?”
“Heck yeah, babe.”
She stopped pushing on her breasts. The heart became slightly distorted from the syrup dripping down her body. Her hands went to my crotch, stroking my raging erection. My arms nearly succumbed to her wonderful touch.
“I don’t like the feel of your shorts,” Ashley said.
“I don’t like them either.”
She pulled on the elastic waistband of the shorts, along with my boxers, exposing more and more of my cock to her glimmering eyes. I tumbled to my side to kick off them off, taking notice of the whipped cream can opposite me. I returned to my position above her while grabbing it.
Ashley stared at the tube in my hand. “You’re catching on, Tiger.”
I gave it a quick shake. “Mm-hmm. I told you I’m not completely clueless about this stuff.”
“Now I know better than to–ah, that’s cold.” I sprayed the white cream onto her left nipple. “You need to stop surprising me like that.”
“You said you liked surprises during dinner.” I sprayed some cream onto the other.
She didn’t flinch a second time. Taking the can from me, she sprayed one more dollop on her chocolate heart. “I’m ready for you now.”
I smiled and dipped my nose into the middle of the zesty treat. I swept my tongue across her flavored skin, scooping up a mouthful of cream and chocolate all at once. The variety of tastes and textures drove me wild. The heat of her soft flesh, the coolness of the light cream, and the warmth of the thick syrup made for an incredible blend of delights.
It was like being the only one in line to an all-you-can-eat buffet. I bobbed my head from her sternum to each breast before going in reverse and doing it all over again. Sometime I would eat the cream and chocolate off her, and other times I would rub it into her skin. I would push my tongue against the underside of each tit, feeling their light weight. They were soft but firm; her nipples barely moved when my tongue pressed against her breasts.
“Let me have some of that,” she murmured.
I complied, raising my face up to hers. Ashley bounced her head off the bed, licking some whipped cream off my nose. She giggled with her tongue sticking out and the white topping gathered on the end. Her hands went around my back and pulled me down. I could feel the cream on her breasts spreading onto me as our faces came together for a kiss.
Ashley nibbled my lips, tasting the leftover chocolate on them, and clamped her legs around me. I jostled my tongue into her mouth. As our bodies rubbed together, a seeping wetness coated my shaft.
“Holy fuck,” I realized, “my cock is touching her pussy. My cock is actually touching across her pussy.”
All I had to do was aim up a couple of inches, line myself with her pussy, and push straight into her. We were stark naked, nose-to-nose, lips locked. This was it; this could be the moment we both lose our virginity. Ashley had told me what happened to her cherry, how she popped it when she was masturbating to a dream about me. The insertion would be painless. Tight maybe, but painless. We were so close…
The thrill of being one thrust from penetrating my baby girl had my brain doing cartwheels. The possibility left me both excited and nervous. I slowly moved my hips, sliding the topside of my cock against her pussy. There was no way she couldn’t have felt what I was doing. Her arms and legs closed around me like a cocoon. My cock nudged harder against her pink flesh. Her body heat, coupled with the humidity in the air, made me feel faint and light-headed. Blood rushed through my veins at dizzying speeds. My cum boiled beyond its tipping point. My cock was ready to blow. I tried to restrain myself but could only grunt into Ashley’s mouth.
I pushed myself up from my sister. My cock bounced freely between us, aiming at her belly. It pulsed, needing no further stimulation, as it fired its first blast of milky cream. My cock twitched uncontrollably, spraying long ropes of white all over her stomach. I bolted my eyes shut, attempting to withhold my orgasm, to will myself from cumming any more. But it felt so damn good to release the pressure, to let my urges flow through me.
Ashley gasped with each spurt landing on her skin. She lay motionless, taking all I had to give her. The strong smell of my semen and her juices drifted into my nostrils. I could almost taste the mix of bitterness and sweetness on my tongue.
When my orgasm subsided, and my arms stopped shaking, I opened my eyes at the mess I had made. She was covered in my thick sperm from her pussy to her navel. A pool of it overfilled her belly button. More cum streamed down her sides onto the bed. One strand came dangerously close to her pussy, but was caught in the trim patch above it. I gazed into my sister’s eyes. They were wide yet had a lustful sheen to them. Her lips were still parted from when I broke our kiss.
Ashley lifted her head to examine the cream soiling her body. I looked down with her, amazed at just how much I came.
“Looks like we both need practice in self-control, Tiger.”
I chuckled. “Yeah, looks like it.”
My sister ran her right hand over my chest. With two fingers, she scooped up the smudges of whipped cream and chocolate that had stuck to me. Bringing it down to her stomach, she also scooped up some of my gooey cum. Ashley gave me a wink as she opened her mouth and sucked on her fingers. Her slurping sounds had me sporting another erection in no time.
“Yum, yum,” she purred. “I knew whipped cream and chocolate would taste good with hot cum.”
I rolled onto my hip beside Ashley and watched her gather more toppings from my chest and cum from her belly. When there was barely anything left on me, she grabbed the chocolate bottle and squeezed the syrup right onto her tummy. My sister smeared the two fluids together with her right palm, creating a rich, sloppy dessert. She sniffed the pungent smell from her hand, then held her hand out to observe the mixture in the orange-lit room. Turning to me, she smiled like the night she blew the candles out to her Sweet Sixteen cake. I smiled back as she licked herself clean.
None of her licks were delicate. They were long sweeps across her palm and fingers. She consumed as much cum and chocolate as she could in one mouthful. She moved her hand back and forth from her belly to her mouth, scooping the fluids until only traces of chocolate were left.
“Fuck, that’s some good cum. And look at what we have here. Another hard cock with more cum for me.” Ashley reached down and grabbed my erection, which had been poking her outer thigh during her entire show.
“You’re going to wear me out, you know that, babe? I won’t be able to wake up for our trip tomorrow.”
“Don’t worry. Let me take it from here.” Ashley sat up and shook the whipped cream can and chocolate bottle in either hand. With the can, she sprayed the cream onto my pecs and drew an “X” to my abs. The coldness caused me to shiver a bit, despite the rest of my body being immensely hot. Starting from the base of my neck, she squeezed the bottle and traced a line downward, ending at the base of my cock. Seeing my body garnished in ice cream toppings made me feel dirty, but in a good way.
“Close your eyes,” she said.
“Do I have to? I rather watch you.”
“You’re in good hands. I’ll make it worth your while.”
There was no way I could refuse a proposal like that. I closed my eyes in anticipation of what she had in store for me.
I felt a warm, wet tongue sweep across my sternum and up to my neck, then journeyed downward until it poked my belly button. Her fingertips fluttered along my ribs and arms, tickling me in delight. I moaned at the superb touches, but before her tongue could move back up to my neck, it vanished from my chest. I didn’t have to worry for long where it went. Her tongue split my lips apart, force-feeding me the chocolate. I closed my mouth over hers, relishing one sweet taste after another. Our kiss was unbridled, unrelenting, unending. There were no limits to our desire for each other.
I wrapped my arms around her back, pulling us closer. Again her breasts became covered in cream and syrup as her nipples jutted into me. We were becoming an indescribable mess of dessert toppings, and the food-play was only exciting us further.
When I thought things couldn’t get any better, I felt my cock being sprayed with something cool and light. Ashley giggled into my mouth as I bucked beneath her.
“Damn, you are one kinky girl,” I muttered between breaths.
“I know. Don’t open your eyes yet.” Our lips parted. It was a bit of a relief not having to fight for every breath. “I’m so dirty again,” Ashley pouted. “I’ll need you to lick me clean when I’m done with you.”
“That can be arranged.”
“Okay, good. Now get ready ’cause I am going to blow your mind. And your cock.”
The bed bounced beneath me as Ashley moved around. She pushed my thighs, spreading my legs open. One of her hands cupped my ball sacs and gave them a small squeeze. She kneaded them in her fingers as she blew hot air over the tip of my cream-coated cock, making it twitch. I wished I could have seen everything that was going on, but the consequence of being caught peeking was one I didn’t want to face.
My tenacity was well rewarded when a pair of moist lips enveloped the head of my cock. Ashley swirled her tongue around the crown, lapping up the precum leaking from the slit. She lowered her head, engulfing the first half of my cock. The whipped cream coating it melted in her mouth. She kept going lower and lower, until I hit the back of her throat. For the tiniest moment she gagged and recoiled completely off my cock. Her saliva had dampened the whipped cream and she hurriedly cleaned it off. Her tongue roamed the girth of my pole, drenching it in her spit. Even my balls became wet as her spit traveled down my cock.
Ashley slid her hands beneath my butt, her tongue abandoning my cock. I grumbled my displeasure, then yelped in rapture as she devoured my whole left ball sac. “Ohhh fuck, that feels good,” I groaned.
Ashley rolled my heavy sac with her tongue, nipping at the loose skin with her teeth. She tried sucking on it as she would my cock, but it completely filled her mouth. My ball popped free from her lips as she pulled away and switched to other one. She lathered my right sac with matching fervor, poking and prodding it with her lively tongue.
Despite my raging erection, my need to release was almost non-existent. It was as if my cock had agreed to behave so we could prolong this feeling for as long as possible. And since I had unloaded a batch of cum a while ago, it would take some time for the pressure to rebuild.
My sister sucked and fondled my nuts. She began to stroke my slick cock in her left hand, purring and cooing the sultriest sounds, letting me know how much she enjoyed giving fellatio. I skimmed my fingers through her soft hair, encouraging her to continue her fantastic oral play.
This lasted for another five of the most incredible minutes of my life. My sister’s jaw must have been aching from being stretched open for so long. But if it was, she showed no signs of discomfort. If anything, she was getting more turned on, sucking a little harder every time she switched to the other sac. It was a wonder how my nuts hadn’t shriveled up from being soaked in her saliva.
Ashley gave each ball a kiss before sitting up, allowing her mouth a much-needed break. But that didn’t mean my cock would also be getting a rest. With both hands, she gripped my rod and pumped her fists up and down. Since her head was out of reach, I held onto her wrists instead.
“You’re doing good,” she said, her voice a bit jumpy from her handjob. “You still haven’t opened your eyes.”
“Can I open them now? A reward, maybe?”
“You’ll get your reward. But keep them closed.”
I couldn’t stop myself from chuckling. I wasn’t sure why she was so determined to keep my eyes shut. It’s not as if I hadn’t seen her giving me a handjob or blowjob already. She had given one in broad daylight the previous afternoon and one earlier in the amphitheater, and another under my lamplight late last evening. Maybe it’s because she was fully naked this time, although I had seen an eyeful of her already.
Ashley loosened her grip and placed her hands on my outer thighs, her elbows resting alongside my knees. The bed bounced as she adjusted herself for the next stage of her tease.
In the following few seconds, absolutely nothing happened. All I could feel were her fingers rubbing my legs and my heart pounding in my chest. Even my cock was getting anxious; it twitched and hardened. I waited, and waited, and waited some more for my sister.
Then, before I could scream out her name, a hot wave of saliva washed over my cock. A pair of lips closed over the crown and slid to the very base of my shaft. I muttered incoherently, spitting out words neither of us could understand. Ashley bobbed her head, sucking the life out of me. I held onto her hair, selfishly pushing her lower. “God damn, that’s fucking incredible.”
Ashley steadied herself, working her tongue around my shaft. She slacked her jaw, breathing all the air she could with her mouth full of meat. The combination of cold and hot air against my cock almost had me plunging her face into my crotch. My patience was diminishing, my willpower fleeting.
Ashley sealed her lips halfway down of my cock. She went lower, little by little, taking more of me into her heavenly mouth. It wasn’t much lower until I bumped into her tonsils. She didn’t recoil from me as she had often done. Her nails abruptly dug into my thighs, leaving her marks on me. I winced, teetering on the brink of pleasure and pain.
In my jerky confusion I shoved my sister down my cock. The back of her mouth gave away, allowing me entrance to the depths of her throat. I held her firmly, and she did nothing to refuse me.
My eyes shot open. I had to confirm what was happening was really happening.
The first thing I saw was the top of her hair, my fingers hidden beneath the blonde locks. Next were her eyes, shut so tightly there were wrinkles beside them. Her cheeks were bright pink, with the rest of her face quickly turning the same shade. Lips were touching my skin where the base of my pole should have been. There was no mistaking what was happening. My sweet sister had my entire cock in her mouth. 
I had no idea how long she remained in my groin. It was as if Ashley didn’t need any air–only a hard cock down her throat. The longer she had me swallowed, the more peaceful she appeared. Her fingers stopped digging into my legs; her face returned to its peachy color. I watched her lips move up and down my cock one time before she raised her head off me and opened her eyes. She coughed, wiping away the bubbly strand of saliva hanging from her chin.
I wasn’t sure why that scared the heck out of me, especially with Ashley looking so unbelievably sexy with spit drooling down her chocolaty body. She didn’t have any trouble the other times she blew me–and she definitely didn’t cough–though she also hadn’t tried to deepthroat me. As amazing as the feat was, I wanted her to feel safe around me, not think of me as barbaric.
“Sis, are you all right?”
“Oooh… fuck. That was intense.” Ashley took a moment to clear her throat. She spoke softly, tiredly. “Yeah, I am. Why do always ask that when I do stuff like this?”
“I forced myself into you, didn’t I? I swear it wasn’t on purpose.”
“It’s okay, I was preparing myself for it. I didn’t mean to scratch you.” Ashley looked down at her hands. I followed her gaze and noticed the deep nail prints in my thighs.
“Don’t sweat it, I hardly felt a thing.” I took her hands in mine and entwined our fingers. “I really mean it when I said I didn’t force you on purpose. I don’t want to make your first-times an awful experience, especially for something like what you just did.”
“I know. I understand what you’re getting at. But what makes you think this was my first time deepthroating?”
“Um, I’m pretty sure you told me yesterday you’ve never blown anyone before. Where could you have learned-“
“A cucumber.”
“What? A… cucumber?” For a bewildering ten seconds, I wondered how a vegetable could have anything to do with her learning how to deepthroat. Then I pictured what a cucumber actually looked like, and finally caught on to what she meant.
With both of us on the same page, she giggled, “Yours, when I was cooking dinner. The cucumber I used for your dish. I practiced on that.”
“You’re kidding me.”
“Nope, I mean it. It was long, kind of hard, and I was getting a little horny. So I decided to practice my technique on it before trying it on you. I bet you regret not eating all your veggies now.”
I grinned at my devilish sister and tugged on her hands. “You are one wild babe.”
She crawled on top of me, barely passing over my cock as she lay on my chest. “I didn’t say you could open your eyes, Tiger.”
Pretending not to have heard her silly remark, I ran my hands over her ass and pulled her up closer to my face. Ashley swooped down for a kiss, raking her fingers through my hair. A river of saliva flowed from her mouth.
My voice came out muffled as I tried to speak through the kiss. “Turn around.”
Ashley hummed, not realizing I was actually saying something.
I tried again. “Sis, turn around.”
She raised her face from me. “Hmm? What is it?”
“Turn around.”
She looked over her shoulder. “I don’t get it.”
I nodded with my head in a half-circle. “Turn around.”
Ashley’s puzzled look changed into a wicked smile. “I always wanted to try this.” She rolled off me to my right and moved herself closer to my head. I stared at her pussy mere inches away. Her outer lips had lost some of their pinkness, but they still glistened with her clear cum. I inhaled her womanly essence, the ambrosial scent permeating through my lungs.
The smell got stronger as my sister swung her left leg over my face, settling it on the other side of me. With her pussy floating above my hungry lips, a tiny droplet of her fluids dripped onto my chin. I stuck my tongue out to catch another, knowing I would be drinking a lot more of it before the night ended. I moved my hands to her lower back, massaging her creamy flesh. Nothing in the world could have felt more supple than my baby girl.
Ashley sunk down until her erect nipples poked me in my ribs. She rested her hands alongside my legs. Her breaths fell upon my sturdy pole as it pointed to the ceiling. “Tiger?”
“Yeah, babe?”
“Should we do this together?”
“Okay. Want me to count it off?”
“I’ll start first,” she said, unaware it was supposed to have been a joke. She got onto her elbows. “3…”
I lowered my hand to her butt cheeks. “2…”
She took a deep breath. “1…”
As I drove Ashley’s pussy to my face, she engulfed my cock in one sudden mouthful. There was no delay, no barrier slowing her down. My cock went right into her throat till her lips circled the base. I darted my tongue into her pussy, sucking on her puffy folds, not wanting to be outdone by my little sister for the second time that day. 
We moaned in the ecstasy of receiving and giving oral all at once. My concentration was torn between my upper and lower half. A part of me wanted to lay still and indulge in the sensations she was giving; the other wanted to treat my baby to her mind-blowing orgasm.
Ashley took my cock out. “Oh god, oh fuck yes,” she panted. “Lick me. Suck on my clitty.”
I heeded her plea, sweeping my tongue from the top of her pussy to the pearly nub. I closed my lips and formed a strong suction on it. Ashley squirmed, rubbing her nipples against me. She stuffed my cock back into her mouth, muffling her shrieks. I pressed my right palm against the side of her face, feeling her cheek cave in as she sucked and swallowed. My left hand caressed her butt and my thumb prodded the rim of her rosebud.
The acute arousal of her anus being played with and her clit being sucked was too much for my sister. Every fiber in her body tensed. She screamed an ear-splitting scream, or it would have been if it weren’t for the cock stuffed in her mouth. Sheets of hot liquid surged through her fiery pussy. She moaned strenuously, continuously, as her luscious fluids rained down on my thirsty mouth. Some dripped into my nose, but I kept sucking and savoring all I could. From head to toe her body went still in her intense orgasm.
As the downpour slowly subsided, I gave her pussy one last lick. Ashley weakly retreated from me. So much stimulation on such a delicate and sensitive area was clearly having an adverse effect on her. I held her hips up and observed how pink and slick her labia became. From down below, I felt my rigid organ being relieved of her mouth. She rested her head on my left thigh, her velvety hair between her cheek and my skin. Her heavy breaths tickled the root of my cock.
Though I desperately needed Ashley to finish me off, I wanted her to be ready and willing. If that meant letting her rest for a while, then so be it. I had waited eighteen years for her; I could wait another few minutes.
“You’re getting good at that,” she rasped. “I can hardly breathe right now.”
“Take your time catching your breath. I’m not done with you yet.”
“I don’t know how much more of this my body can take.”
“I’ll be gentle. I promise.”
“I’ll be gentle, too.” Ashley barely had to move to kiss the side of my cock. Her attention had it pulsing excitedly. She crowned it with more pecks, each one coming quicker than the last.
Steadily, her pussy lowered to my face. It seemed my sister wouldn’t need that much time to recover after all. But playing it safe, I kept my tongue out of the picture, and ran my fingertips along her tummy and thighs instead. Her muscles relaxed and she felt exceptionally pliant and inviting.
Ashley hummed contently with her lips on me. I took it as a sign to let her control the pace, no matter how passive it was, and follow her lead. She reached between us and found my left hand. With her tongue on my scrotum, she pulled my hand onto the back of her hair.
My sister was a bona fide sex kitten. Licking at my balls, tempting the milk out of me, purring and sighing, letting me pet her like a real kitty. God, she was fucking hot. And in a bizarre way I sort of wished I were a spectator. That way I could have seen how sexy she must have looked with my cock in her face.
Ashley raised her head from my thigh, but her lips stayed on my shaft. I felt her sliding over it, and without needing any further encouragement, plunged down to the base. I instinctively yanked her pussy to me, eating her out.
My eagerness outpaced Ashley’s. For every five licks on her pussy, she bobbed her head once. I moved my left hand from her hair and slid it between us. I felt her perky nipple as I brushed my palm across her chest. Whether she wanted me to or not, I tweaked it, tugging and twisting the pointy stub. A loud squeal ruptured my eardrums, but with her blowjob getting faster and wetter, I groped for the other nipple. Her hips undulated, gyrated, almost danced over my mouth. She spread her knees away from my sides, pressing her weight onto me, squishing my hand against her breast.
As her hips rocked, my sister pushed against my face with her crotch. Her head stopped bobbing, but a strong suction remained. Her arms hooked beneath my legs, using me as a handle so she could thrust her pussy into me. Unable to free my left hand from between us, I held onto her hair with my right. I didn’t use any force on her, but my gesture was enough to have her sliding my cock between her lips and across her tongue. The heat of the moment was too much for Ashley to do two things at once. She stopped gyrating her hips while she focused her efforts on taking me into her throat.
I couldn’t hold in my orgasm anymore. Clenching her hair, I bucked my cock into her mouth, my back arching off the mattress. My whole body buzzed as the first sticky wad launched directly into her throat, and as if my cum was going straight through her body, her pussy unloaded her juices over me. I craned my head to delve deeper into her sex, if that was even possible with how much she was already pushing herself into me.
My cock was like a fountain as it spurted. With the cap so far in her throat, I feared her stomach wouldn’t be able to hold anymore of my cum. For a second I thought that was the case when Ashley pulled me out, until just the tip remained in her lips. My cock fired off its final creamy spurts while she drank it down. The climax lasted twice as long for my sister. Her body stopped trembling, yet her pussy kept secreting, as though her muscles were devoted to giving me every last drop of her honey.
When it was all over, Ashley slid my limp cock from her mouth and raised her swollen pussy from my face. The aftereffects of her orgasm left her incredibly flushed from the waist down, and as she turned around to face me, I saw she was also flushed from the waist up. Her cheeks were slightly bulged, and there was cum streaking from the right corner of her lips.
“That was the best dessert ever,” I dreamily stated.
She nodded while looming over my stomach.
Now what was she up to? I propped myself higher on a pillow.
My sister stared into my eyes as she opened her mouth. A thick, white strand fell from her lips and onto my stomach. I nearly jumped out of my skin as I realized what she was doing, but with all my energy spent in my last load, I could only watch.
Ashley pushed out more of my cum with her tongue. A web formed from her lips as the goo dripped down to my stomach. The display of her drooling semen was so obscene, I was surprised I didn’t get another erection from the sheer smuttiness of it. My sis let the web hang for a few more seconds, and when it seemed it wouldn’t break on its own, she had to actually spit the spunk onto me.
I was a mess of smeared chocolate, whipped cream, and now saliva and my own fresh semen. Before I could remark on my condition, Ashley had found the syrup bottle and was holding it over me. I figured I was soon going to become an even bigger mess. She squeezed the bottle with both hands and the chocolate poured from it like water. The dark brown syrup mixed with the milky white jizz. The bottle had to have been almost empty when she stopped.
With her right finger, Ashley stirred the concoction until it resembled a bulls-eye target. Using her tongue as the arrow, she swirled it in the middle of the circle, replacing the chocolate and cum with her saliva as she licked it up. The swirling motion went wider with each circle, eventually reaching the outer rim.
The kinky minx lapped her fingers clean. “You taste so good, Tiger. And just look at how dirty you are.”
I spent a few exhausting seconds thinking of a comeback. “Not as dirty as you.”
Ashley giggled flirtatiously. “Got that right.” She pounced onto me and crushed our lips together. My tongue chased after hers, tasting everything she had eaten in our frolicking. We basked in the dirty afterglow of our latest erotic act.
The chocolate was starting to dry on us when I peeked over at her clock. It was almost nine-thirty, and surprisingly our parents hadn’t came home yet.
“Sis, we should get cleaned up before mom and dad find us in bed together.”
“‘Yeah,” she sighed. “It looks like I’m going to have to change the sheets again.”
“We can do this in my room next time. Then I’ll handle the mess.”
“Sounds awesome to me.”
“I’ll go to the bathroom and get us some wet towels to clean ourselves with.”
“Okay. Be quick.”
I hastily put on my boxers and shirt. Already I could feel them sticking to my skin from all the things Ashley had dumped onto me. She was still beautifully naked as she ripped off her stained sheets.
Stepping into the dim hallway, I carefully closed the door behind me. I noticed there was no light seeping through the bottom of Nicole’s door, meaning she was probably asleep. Ashley would be glad to know our younger sibling didn’t break that part of her punishment. Curiously I wondered if Nikky had fulfilled the other.
I passed the bathroom and made my way to the kitchen. I would have more good news to report since it also appeared Nikky had done the dishes. They were completely dry, so she had most likely washed them a while ago. As I placed the dish I was observing back onto the rack, I heard the living room door open. I froze in the dark as my parents entered the house.
“I told you they’re not in here,” dad said.
“Shhh,” mom hushed, “the kids are probably getting ready to sleep.”
“Can I get one more kiss now?”
Mom giggled in a very non-motherly way. “Be patient, Richy. Wait until we’re in our bedroom first. Then you can have me anyway you want.”
Needless to say, I was suddenly feeling very awkward. My parents were never shy about making out in front of my sisters and me, but hearing them say they were going to do the hanky-panky was a whole new level of weirdness.
“Do you think Ashley is in Brian’s room tonight?” dad asked.
“I’m not sure. He’s spending more time in her room lately. I bet they’re both up to something again.”
“You always say that. Let them have some fun together before college gets in their way.”
“There is a thing as too much fun. I know you want them to have the close sibling bond you never had with your brothers and sister, but we’re living in the twenty-first century. Have you seen the underwear Ashley wears these days? Just this past Saturday, I–mmmph…”
My dad must have cut her off with a kiss. “Stop worrying about your daughter’s underwear and worry about yours. I want to see you in that sexy red number with the garter belt when I get out of the shower.”
“Mmm, number three. You know that’s one of my favorites. Just let me say good night to the kids first.”
Oh shit. That wasn’t good news. And no, not the “number three” thing, even though that was highly disturbing. My parents were going to be in for a surprise when they realize I was in the kitchen while they had discussed their private plans. But that would have been nothing compared to the surprise of opening Ashley’s door and finding her naked and spotted in chocolate.
I had to think fast if I was going to prevent a potential disaster. I could either embarrass mom, dad, and myself by confronting them right now in the living room, or let Ashley get in a world of trouble and thus ruining our relationship.
It was a simple, difficult choice to make.
I picked up a dish and dropped it onto the rack, causing it to clank loudly with the others. Thank goodness none of them were glass.
My parents, not wanting to believe one of their kids may have heard them, were dead silent. It was dad who finally spoke. “Ashley, Brian, is that you in the kitchen?”
I slowly revealed myself. “Um, hi mom, hi dad. It’s just me. I had a nighttime snack and decided to do the dishes. Sorry.”
Mom’s face was crimson red. “That’s fine. As long as it wasn’t a burglar or something.”
“How’s the baby?” I asked, wanting to get their minds on something else.
“The baby is very healthy. Your father and I were at the hospital giving your aunt and uncle some parental advice.”
“Yeah, Ashley told me. Well, I’m going to get ready for sleep now.”
“Okay, good idea. We’re going to bed as well. We’re both very tired and we need to get up early for work tomorrow.”
“‘Kay, good night.”
“Good night,” they said together. They followed me into the hallway, but instead of knocking on Ashley’s door to say good night, they immediately went into their bedroom with their heads down. Once their door was shut, I ran to the bathroom and soaked a couple of terrycloth towels in hot water.
I snuck into Ashley’s room and found her sitting on her bed in a pair of black panties, though still completely topless.
“You sure took your sweet time,” she said.
I handed her one of the two towels as I sat cross-legged in front of her. “Mom and dad are home.”
She reached for the bottom of my shirt and helped me take it off. “Yeah, I know. I heard you chatting with them.”
“You wouldn’t believe what they were talking about before I interrupted them.”
“Really? What was it?”
I told Ashley my short story, making sure to quote my parents exactly.
“Oh my god,” she laughed, her face lighting up. “That is so wild. They sound almost like us.”
“I thought that, too. Raunchy behavior must run in the family.”
“I wonder if they’re doing it right now. These walls are super thick and I can never hear anything on the other side.” Ashley crawled to the head of her bed and knocked on the wall to illustrate her point.
“Um, sis? I rather not think about what they’re doing right now.”
She crawled back to me and unfolded her towel. “Yeah, me neither. I rather think about you.” Leaning forward, she gently applied the towel to my chest as her lips met mine.
I gripped my sister by her waist as she swung her legs around my midriff. I straightened mine out and fell backward a bit, holding her for support. She wrapped her legs around me as she sat on my lap, rubbing the towel crudely over my torso. There was no order to her caress; wiping me clean was merely an excuse for her to get her hands on me. And I could care less if that was really her motive. I just knew I didn’t want her to stop.
As she moved her hands and towel around my back, her hips began to gyrate into my groin. Her panty-clad pussy bumped into my stomach. The arousing effects of the rocking motion, the warm towel, and her luscious lips sucking on my tongue had my cock ready for one last round.
My sister gyrated her hips faster. Her hands roamed restlessly and her cooing escalated into moans. She squeezed the towel so hard against my skin, hot water trickled down my spine. Then, out of the blue after rocking against me for a couple of minutes, Ashley thrust her loins into and tossed her head back with a brazen cry.
I quickly dumped her onto the bed, falling on top of her breasts. I shoved my tongue into her mouth, suppressing her wailing, and I could feel a bit of moisture soaking through her panties and onto my boxers.
Her legs were still wrapped around me when I pulled my face away. “What the hell was that?” I panted. I was ninety-nine percent sure of what happened, but I wanted to hear my baby answer it.
“There’s something’s wrong with me. I just know it.”
I reached behind me and unraveled her legs. “You’re just insatiable. I better clean you up and get out of here before morning comes around.”
“Are you all clean?” she weakly asked.
My crotch area felt a little sticky, but I wasn’t going to tell her that. Give her one peek of my cock and neither of us would get any sleep. “I’m spotless thanks to you. Now it’s your turn.”
I moved back a foot so I wouldn’t be so close to her damp panties. Unfolding the second towel, I rubbed it along her inner and outer thigh, careful to only rub spots that were actually dirty. Somehow she had gotten chocolate below her knees, and I dabbed the towel over her long legs. It wasn’t my intention to tease my sister, but hearing her purr and moan was bringing back a desire to pleasure her.
I had to get a grip. I was supposed to be cleaning her from her orgasms, not igniting another one. The night would never end if things kept going in this direction. I stopped brushing her, hoping a pause would allow her body to cool down.
Ashley arched her back and whimpered, pleading in her own provocative way to have me continue. She watched my hands place the towel on her stomach and gently push her flat against the bed. Throwing caution to the wind, I rubbed the towel over her tummy and to the middle of her chest, even the areas that were clean. I was still careful not to get too close to her hardening nipples, and touched only her breasts to wipe away the tiny dark smudges.
Satisfied with my cleaning job, I rubbed the towel down one last time to her belly button. I caught a whiff of the unmistakable aroma of pussy juice from her panties. The flimsy fabric was wetter than when I had started cleaning her legs.
“Ash, don’t tell me you’re getting excited again.”
She smiled at me, showing a small hint of teeth. “But it feels so nice.”
Oh boy, this was going to take a while. “Do you want me to take your panties off?”
“Please do.”
I tugged them down and took a long, savory sniff, then threw them over my shoulder to the floor. That had my voracious girl giggling.
“Come clean my titties,” she beckoned. “You barely touched them.”
“They look clean to me.”
Ashley pinched and stretched her nipples out. “They feel a little sticky.”
“Are you sure?”
She nodded.
“Are you absolutely sure?”
She nodded again.
“I trust you, sis. I know you want to feel clean so you can get a good night’s rest for a day of fun in the sun tomorrow, instead of just wanting me to play with your nipples and get you hot and bothered. Am I right?”
She giggled some more while nodding.
“Okay, now where were we.”
As I crawled to her left, she took her hand off her left tit. I applied the warm cloth to it, polishing in circles. She closed her eyes and succumbed to my caress. Her right hand tweaked the opposite nipple, pulling it and letting it go repeatedly.
The bed stirred as Ashley bent her knees into the air. I peeked down at her slit as it leaked her endless supply of femininity. “Babe, you’re going have to change your sheets again if you keep gushing like that.”
“Fuck it. I’ll sleep in my cum every night if I have to.”
I wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing my cock was also leaking.
“Tiger, this one feels a dirty. Can you can clean it?”
I wordlessly switch to the other breast. Ashley moved her hand away, but began tweaking her left nipple as she had done her right. Her knees closed together, legs trembling, as I carried on the massage.
I reached down with my left hand and parted my sister’s thighs. She spread open so I could take care of the burning itch between her legs. I rubbed the cloth between her breasts in one hand, then plunged two fingers into her pussy with the other.
“Ohhh fuck,” she hissed. “Fuck my horny pussy. It’s always so wet for you.”
I tried “cleaning” my sister the best I could while ramming into her sex. It wasn’t easy with her writhing around, twisting her nipples, and gasping for air as she approached yet another orgasm. But this was one challenge I was more than happy to accept.
Ashley’s cry came out staggered from my frenzied frigging. “Ah fuck. Faster, faster. Fuck your fingers in me. Pretend your hard cock is pounding me. Make me cum, please make me cum. I want to cum so badly. Your sister wants to cum so fucking hard for her big brother. Do it, do it for me. Oh fuck yes, just like that. Keeping fucking me.”
I couldn’t believe the things Ashley was saying. She was spouting obscenities like a machine. It was as if she had learned how to talk dirty before counting to three. Even her feigned sluttiness from yesterday couldn’t compare to this. There was no reason for my sis to be saying these things, since I wasn’t the one who needed the encouragement. But then maybe she found this kind of talk to be a turn-on.
I scooted closer to her pussy so I could penetrate her more fiercely. If I jammed my fingers in any further, it would look like I was trying to fit my whole hand in her. Since I already had two fingers in, I figured I’d give it a shot by extending a third into her wet pussy. Ashley was well lubed and it slipped in without much effort. Sloshing sounds seeped past my fingers as I pumped my sister of her sweet cum.
By now I had forgotten about wiping her with the towel. Her thighs, cleaned just moments ago, became wet with the juices splashing against my knuckles. I stared at Ashley’s firm tits, rising and falling with each breath. She stretched her nipples, more than I would have dared to do on my own. Seeing how much she was enjoying the mauling, I was sure to remember it for the next time I get my greedy hands on them.
“You’re going to hurt yourself if you keep doing that,” I warned, slowing down my thrusts.
Ashley stopped pawing at her tits, but only to lick her fingertips before re-tweaking her nipples. “You shouldn’t have made me so horny.”
“So it’s my fault you’re easily excited?”
“Of course it is. I never get this horny when I masturbate. That means you did something to me.”
“Oh, all right. Then maybe I should stop doing this to you.” I gradually pulled my fingers from her pussy.
Ashley caught my wrists and shoved me back in. “Don’t even think about it.”
Grinning, I plunged my fingers in and out of my sister. Her lightly colored clit stuck out like a pearl against her outer lips. I rubbed it with my thumb, eliciting soft whimpers. I increased the tempo, turning those whimpers into full-blown moans. The sopping noises from her pussy fused with her harsh cries. Ashley shoved my thumb away with her right hand, taking over the stimulating of her clit. I drove my fingers into her tight canal, and with a long, guttural moan, my sister exploded on my hand.
I cupped my palm, attempting to catch as much of her fluids as I could. Normally I’d keep driving my fingers into her pussy, but with Ashley doing all the work on her clit, I just steadied my hand as an orgasm rolled through her body for the umpteenth time.
I was tempted to suck my fingers clean of her juices. It smelled amazingly good, and regardless of how much of her cum I had that night, I wasn’t going to refuse another chance to taste it. But when I looked at my darling’s elated expression, her eyes closed and her cheeks rosy, I decided to let another tongue have a taste.
I tapped my drenched fingers on Ashley’s tender lips. She opened up and my fingers went right in. Her mouth closed around me, sucking on her own cum. Her tongue licked between my fingers, giving each a simulated blowjob. When she was done sampling herself, she pulled my hand from her mouth with a pop.
“How do you taste?” I asked, drying my fingers with the towel.
Ashley licked around her lips. “Find out for yourself.” Her left hand magically appeared in front of my face. I opened wide and sucked on her two extended fingers, enjoying her flavorful nectar.
Before I could suck her fingers clean, she pulled out of my mouth. I wanted to shout at her to give it back, like a five year-old boy whining for his favorite toy, but I refrained when her fingers dipped into her mound. Her hand returned to my mouth, and I hungrily licked her juices.
Exceeding my daily dose of yummy sister cum, I eased Ashley’s legs flat onto the bed. I scrambled to pick up her panties and was about to slip her feet into it when she nudged me away with her toes.
In a low, impish voice, she said, “Find me a dry pair.”
“Where do you, um, keep your underwear?”
She lazily pointed at the far dresser in her room.
“High or low drawer?” I asked.
“Middle left. The long one.” I pulled the handle and slid the wooden drawer out, unearthing what could only be considered the greatest discovery to all mankind. I hit the proverbial jackpot of silk, lace, velvet, nylon, and every other risqué material a pair of panties could be made out of. The colors were neatly arranged from left to right, going from white to black with shades of yellow, green, red, and dark blue in between. The drawer seemed to contain only her panties; her bras and other unmentionables, like her boy-shorts and nighties, were probably in another.
“Having fun?” my sister asked behind me.
I turned around and found her lying on her stomach with her chin in her palms. “I’m just trying to find one that’s comfortable for you.”
“They’re all comfortable,” she smiled, “or else I wouldn’t have spent so much money on them.”
I aimlessly reached into the treasure chest of panties and snatched the first one I got my hands on, then leaned into the drawer and pushed it shut. “How about this,” I suggested, stretching the waistband apart to see what I had chosen.
“Nice choice,” Ashley cheekily remarked.
All I could mutter was “oh wow” as I stared at what I had in my hands. I was holding a modestly sized purple panty, the same size as a regular cotton brief. But what had me awestruck were the completely transparent backside and almost transparent diamond-shaped gusset in the front.
“Come here and put them on me, Tiger.”
My feet wandered while my eyes and brain focused on the racy underwear. I ended up at Ashley’s toes with her lying on her back. I gave the elastic fabric a few stretches before helping my sister slide the garment all the way up her legs. Though it managed to cover Ashley’s labia and clit, it only matted her pubic hair. The blonde patch was still visible through the gauzy silk.
I pried my eyes from the purple panty of paradise and saw my baby with her arms held out to me. Bowing forward, I let her arms circle around my back as she pulled me to her. I blew away a loose strand of hair from her beautiful face and shared with my lovely sibling a deep soul kiss. She wrestled me onto my back, and then I wrestled on top of her. We tumbled for supremacy, swapping positions at least a half dozen times until we were both out of breath.
When I finally withdrew from my enchanted sister, she softly said, “I’m sorry for making you hard again. If you want to stick around for a little longer, I know I can take care of it.”
“I don’t doubt you for one second, but I am really, really tired. Your appetite is just too big for me.” She released me from her embrace and I reached for my crumpled shirt. I got up from her bed and was about to leave when I turned around at the door. “Before I go, can you roll over for me?”
Ashley didn’t hesitate for a second at my request. She spun onto her front and crossed her arms beneath her head, playfully kicking her feet behind her. “Sweet dreams. Have a good night’s sleep.”
“I will. Good night.”
“I love you, Bry.”
“I love you, too, babe.”
Closing the door, I carried the image of Ashley’s delicious derriere in her lucid panties to my room. The underwear really was a revealing as it appeared. The sight of her butt cheeks underneath the fabric would preoccupy my dreams for the rest of the evening.
I stripped to my boxers and flopped onto my bed, falling asleep the moment I hit the plush mattress… “Brian, I have a favor to ask of you.”
I peered up from my latest issue of PC World to the doorway where Ashley stood. “What can I do for you this fine Friday evening, babe?”
Dressed for a fun-filled night with her friends, my sister came closer to my desk where I sat. “Can you drive me to the movies? My ride can’t take me anymore.”
I eyed her lean legs in taut blue jeans with silver rhinestones embellishing the pockets and sides. “Yeah, no problem. Who was supposed to take you?”
She sat on the edge of my desk, her hands propped behind her. “One of the girls I’m going to the movies with.”
I read her initials, A.S., on her silver belt buckle. “Did she cancel?”
“No, not exactly. She’s still going.”
My eyes drifted upward to the long-sleeved vanilla top she was wearing. The neckline was wide, revealing most of her shoulders. “Then why can’t she take you anymore?”
Her plush lips, beautified by glossy red lipstick, opened and closed. “She sort of got into an accident. Her car needs a new set of tires.”
Gold hoop earrings, dark eye shadow, curled eyelashes; Ashley was dressed to kill. “That’s a bummer. How is she getting to the theater, then? If she’s going with someone else, can’t you go with?”
“You’re a curious one tonight. You can say no if you have other plans.” She glanced at my computer monitor.
I glanced with her at the screensaver of a dancing monkey. “Nope, no plans. I’ll shut up with the questions now. I can take you there.”
“Great, I knew I could count on you.” Ashley hopped down from my desk and onto her platform sandals. Though they weren’t heeled, they still added an extra inch or two to her height. She took a few steps toward the door before looking over her shoulder. Her long blonde ponytail swished to the side, uncovering the reverse plunging neckline that left skin visible on her upper back. “Oh, almost forgot, Bry. Can I ask you for another favor?”
“I guess… what else can I do for you?”
“Can you also take all of my friends?”
“Um, how many people are we talking about here?”
“Just three.”
Right, just three. “Neither of the other two have a car?”
“Nope. One drives her parent’s car but they’re using it for the night; the other is in the same boat as me, no license yet.”
“Do I at least know them?”
“I’m sure you do. It’s Natalia, Alyson, and Lillian.”
I immediately recognized the names and the pretty faces that went with them. Ashley and her friends were living proof of the statement “good looking people hang out with other good looking people.” I had met the trio early in Ashley’s high college career after moving to our current home. She occasionally brought them over to the house to study, exchange CDs, and do whatever else girls do together. They never stayed for long, however; maybe for an hour or two before leaving. It was usually Ashley who did the visiting.
When her friends did come to our house, I would walk by my sister’s bedroom to the kitchen, living room, bathroom, or wherever else I could excuse myself to see what the girls were up to. I didn’t mean to peep on them, but I couldn’t help myself. They were all truly attractive women, each with something that set them apart from the other. My interaction with Ashley’s friends had been limited thus far, so I made sure to steal a glimpse of them at every opportunity. I hadn’t seen any of the girls yet that summer, and the prospect of seeing them again made me tingle.
Ashley disrupted my reverie. “Judging by that smile of yours, I think you do know them.”
“It’s been a couple of months since I’ve last seen your friends, but I do recall the names.”
“Okay, goodie. It won’t take long to pick the girls up. One of the them lives a couple minutes away and the last two live next door to each other.”
“That sounds fine. Let me get my shoes and keys and I’ll meet you out front.”
“Um, can you get dressed too?”
I looked down at the high college gym shorts and faded green t-shirt I was wearing. “Aren’t I just going to drop you and your friends off at the movies?”
“Well, sort of, but we want to go to the new megaplex theater. You know, the one that opened at the mall last week.”
“Okay… that still doesn’t explain why I need to get dressed.”
She winked slyly. “I’ll make it worth your while if you do.”
No man could have denied her womanly charms, especially someone as love-stricken as I was. I feigned a sigh and stood up from my leather chair. “I’ll need some time to get ready.”
“You have ten minutes.” She skipped out of my bedroom with a smile and closed the door behind her. “So, who am I picking up first?”
“Lillian. Just the park the car right here by the sidewalk.”
“Are you going to get her or should I?”
“Just honk the horn.” Ashley slammed her palm into the steering wheel.
I flinched at the blaring sound. “Jeez, sis, a little warning would’ve been nice. You almost blew out my eardrums.”
She ignored my complaint as a brunette beauty exited the house and approached us. Ashley opened her window and waved. “Hi, Lilly! It’s so good to see you.”
“Hey Ashy, it’s great to see you too. We have so much to talk about.”
“Totally, but hurry up and get in. We need to pick up Natty and Aly.”
Lillian slid into the backseat. “Introduce me to our handsome chauffer, Ashy.”
“It’s only my brother, Brian,” my sister answered nonchalantly.
“Way to kill the mood, I know who he is.” She leaned between the front seats. “It’s nice seeing you, Brian.”
“Hi Lillian.” I tried not to let her face distract me from the road. “Nice to see you again.”
“Call me Lilly like the rest of the world does. There’s no need to be so formal.”
“Okay, sure thing.”
“Let’s try that again, shall we?”
“Hi Lilly.”
“Hi Brian.”
* * *
“Stop, stop, stop,” Ashley stammered. “Natalia’s house is right here. Pull into the driveway.”
“As you wish. Should I honk?”
“No, don’t honk. Her parents are still home. They’ll be pissed if you did that. Just give me a sec.” Ashley fished out her phone from her purse, tapped some digits, and held it to her ear. “Hey Natty, is Aly with you? I’m in front of your house with Lilly. Hurry out here.”
Ten seconds after my sister hung up, a dark-haired raven and a slim blonde temptress appeared from around the garage. Ashley and Lillian waved at them through their open windows.
“Hey guys,” Natalia greeted, brushing her long black bangs from her eyes. She bent down to the passenger window. “Hello Brian, glad you could join us.”
Alyson bent down beside her. “Hey Brian, it’s been a while. How’s college life treating you? Lots of booze and partying, I bet.”
“Hey ladies,” I replied, firming my voice. “College has been pretty fun. Not too many parties, but I-“
“Save the chitchat for later,” Ashley interrupted. “Let’s get to the mall first.”
“Yeah, okay,” the girls agreed.
Lillian scooted over for our two new patrons to slide inside. Once they were buckled up, I pulled out of the driveway and drove toward the mall.
“Hey Brian, how did Ashy convince you to come with us?” Alyson asked.
“She didn’t have to do much,” I said. “After all, I’m only dropping you girls off at the mall.”
“Dropping us off? That’s not what she told us.”
“Really? What exactly did she tell you?”
Natalia spoke up. “That you were going to treat us to a fabulous evening of fine dining at Bernardo’s Bistro and a movie right after.”
Either my memory was failing or someone was playing a mean trick on me. “Sis, you wouldn’t happen to have another brother I don’t know about, do you? One that was crazy enough to agree to all that?”
Ashley’s cheeks turned pink. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to trick you. You said you didn’t have any plans tonight and I didn’t want you to stay home alone, so I figured you could come with us. I’m not serious about the dining and the movie. The treating part, I mean. You don’t have to pay for us.” She turned around and shot Natalia a vile stare. “Right, Nat?”
In the rearview mirror I could see Natalia shrink into a mouse. She squeaked, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to make anyone mad. Can you forgive me, Brian?”
“Yeah, of course I forgive you. I wasn’t mad, just surprised.”
As I redirected my attention to the street, I now understood why Ashley had asked me to get dressed; she wanted to take me on a play date with her friends. I had to admit, spending a night with four gorgeous women was a lot better than my initial plan of staring at my screensaver until my eyes bled. Her friends seemed like fun people to hang out with and I could picture myself having a great time with them. And with Ashley around, I was guaranteed to have more than just a great time, as I would soon find out.
We arrived fifteen minutes later at a grand shopping mall, one of the few places of teenage interests near our neighborhood. It was a large two-floored complex with five wings: four of which were occupied by stores, and the fifth occupied by the general food court and that led to the theater. The theater itself wasn’t directly connected to the mall, so even past the mall’s closing time the theater would still be open. The upscale restaurants, such as the one we were going to eat at, resided at the ends of each wing.
While our group proceeded to the Italian restaurant under the bright lights of the mall, I was able to clearly see how attractive Ashley’s friends really were. Lillian, with her amber brown, almost reddish hair flowing down her back, wore an orange tee, dark jean jacket, and matching dark jean pants. Natalia, with her pitch-black hair in long pigtails over her shoulders, wore a fashionable baby blue tank top and tan capri pants that went a few inches down her kneecaps. Finally there was Alyson, with the ends of her shoulder-length blonde hair curled, who wore a tiny pink jacket over a tight white tee, and an eye-catching pink skirt that ended halfway down her thighs. Ashley and the girls all carried duplicate designer purses, each a different color, and had on very alluring make-up.
When we arrived at the restaurant, there was a long line of guests waiting outside. 
“Wow, there’s a lot of people here,” I commented. “It’s going to take a while to get a table.”
“Not quite,” Alyson calmly said. “Let me handle it.”
I waited with the other girls as she entered the restaurant alone. She came out a couple of minutes later and announced, “Okay, table is ready.”
The restaurant’s hostess led our small party of five to the back of the restaurant, away from the lights and noises of the mall. We were presented with a booth large enough to seat at least eight. Along the way I had whispered to Ashley what was going on and she coolly replied we had reservations.
Standing behind the girls, I waited for them to seat themselves. But instead of sliding in, they all stared at me.
“Ladies first?” I offered.
“You can sit in the middle,” Ashley insisted. “You’re the only guy here and we want you to be comfortable.”
I glanced at each of her friends and found no objection. Feeling a nudge in my side, I scooted into the half-circle leather seat. Ashley followed closely behind and sat to my right with Lillian to hers. Natalia sidled into the booth to my left and Alyson sat beside her. Our hostess laid out the menus on the table and left us to decide our orders.
“Mmm, it smells so good in here,” Natalia said.
“Yeah, definitely,” Lillian agreed. She opened her menu and honed in on exactly what she wanted as if she ate at the restaurant every other day. “Their stuffed chicken marsala is to die for.”
My sister diligently skimmed her menu. “What are you going to order, brother?”
I browsed the list of foreign dishes. “I’m not sure. Everything looks so fancy. What do you ladies recommend?”
One thing I would learn that night about Ashley and her friends was they’re very competitive, even when there was nothing to compete over, like finding me something to eat. They each shouted their recommendations over the other, and it was difficult to discern anything they said. I looked around and saw a few people frowning at our commotion. Despite the classy atmosphere of the restaurant–by mall standards–there were many young couples, some probably there on their first dates. The girls were oblivious to their gazes, however, and they continued to make enough noise to make the restaurant sound like a common fast food joint. 
“That sounds excellent,” I interrupted, closing my menu after reading the first thing in the pasta section. “I think I’ll go with the fettuccine alfredo.”
“But none of us suggested that,” Alyson pointed out.
“Really? I could’ve sworn I heard one of you mention it.”
“Well, I suggested the shrimp fettuccine,” Natalia said.
“And I suggested the chicken alfredo,” Lillian added.
“There you go. That’s where I must’ve heard it from.”
The two girls smiled gleefully across the table at each other for having played some part in deciding my dinner.
Minutes later a waiter approached our table and asked for our order of drinks. Ashley requested a limoncello lemonade, Alyson and Natalia a Venetian Sunset, and Lillian a tropical sangria. I ordered a Pepsi.
I was quickly teased on my choice of beverage as the waiter left.
“Brother, try something new,” Ashley said. “You can drink soda any other time.”
“Hey, you know that’s not true. Most places serve Coke. I’m not going to pass up a cold glass of Pepsi when it’s right there in front of me.”
“How about we make you a deal. If you let us order your drink–and you drink it all–we’ll pay for your entire meal.”
The advent of the internet had taught me it was never okay to let the lady pay on behalf of the gentleman. “That’s quite a proposal, but I don’t think it’s decent for me to accept. It doesn’t seem right.”
“If you’re concerned about us having to spend a little extra, then don’t. It’s been taken into consideration.”
I was puzzled by what she meant by “consideration.” How far in advance had she planned for me to come with her and her friends? They weren’t rattled when they saw me in the driver’s seat, so they must had known for a while was tagging along. With the way Ashley had assumed I didn’t have anything better to do for the night, I thought it was a spur of the moment when she asked me to get dressed. It made more sense she had planned everything much earlier.
This wild speculation was putting a hamper on my mood. I set it aside and worried about the now. “Okay, if you say so. Count me in for the wager.”
Ashley cheerfully smiled, and once again the booth was filled with the voices of four lively girls as they shouted out names of various beverages and exotic wines. While they fussed over what to get me, I caroused the drink section of the menu. My stomach did flip-flops as I tried to read some of the names. Anything I couldn’t pronounce like “pinot grigio-sauvignon blanc” scared the heck out of me. My tastes were far from refined, and I didn’t want to offend Ashley and her friends if I couldn’t hold my end of the bet.
I thought about rescinding when Ashley said, “Okay, we’ve decided.”
“And what’s the decision?” I croaked.
“A Sicilian splash. It’s a blend of cranberry juice, orange syrup, and club soda with a touch of lemon.”
I breathed a sigh of relief. “Sounds delicious. Thanks, girls.”
Beneath the table, Ashley patted my right knee. “You’re welcome, brother.”
The waiter returned with the first round of beverages and customary appetizers of garlic bread. “Is everyone ready to order now or shall I give you all some more time?”
Starting with Lillian, the five of us took turns giving him our orders. The women were very detailed when it came to how they wanted their meals. “Not too much garlic, please.” “Less mushrooms and more olives.” “Extra sauce on mine.” “Cut the noodles extra small.” More than half the writing on the waiter’s notepad were excess scribbles instead of actual orders.
“And a Sicilian splash for our date, please,” Ashley added.
Giving us a bow, the waiter hastily left our table.
“I’m someone’s date now?” I chimed. “This evening keeps getting better and better.”
“Not someone’s date,” she corrected. “Everyone’s.”
The idea of dating any one of the girls, let alone all of them, brought a wide grin to my face. Have I mentioned how pretty they were?
I did find it a little odd none of them made a remark about my sister being one of my “dates.” Maybe they thought she just was kidding, which was true in a sense, considering she had probably meant it as a joke, but I couldn’t help but wonder if her friends weren’t entirely opposed to the idea.
I wasn’t able to dwell on the thought for long over their raving chatter. Although I may have been their dates, the girls had a lot more to say to each other than to me. Which was fine, of course; I didn’t want to meddle in their personal matters. But just because I kept quiet didn’t mean I also ignored them.
Since I sat in the middle, I was able to hear everything they discussed: what they had done so far for the summer, what they hadn’t done yet, what classes they wanted to take for college, who’s cuter between Matt Damon and Brad Pitt. It was an overwhelming amount of information to process, and I hoped the girls wouldn’t quiz me on any of it.
There was an unexpected break in the conversation when Lillian turned to me. “Brian, I hope you don’t mind me getting a little personal, but is there anyone special in your life?”
I had wondered when that question would pop up. It was natural for females to inquire about the love life of the opposite sex, especially when there were other females around who could further embarrass the male. It also wasn’t the first time I had been asked something similar.
“Yes, there is,” I confidently answered. “My sister, Ashley. She means so much to me. I don’t think I can live without her.” I hugged my sibling in the hopes I would embarrass her the way she had embarrassed me a few days ago, maybe even throw off her friends. I was surprised when she patted my chest instead, like she was proud of my response.
“Aww, that is sooo sweet,” Natalia swooned.
“Ashy, your brother is too awesome,” Alyson praised.
Lillian smiled and quickly added, “But what about a girlfriend? Are you seeing anyone?”
I looked down at my sister for a sign on how to answer the question. She didn’t look up, however, and I was left to answer it alone. “No, I’m not seeing anyone like that, and I’m not worried about it either. After all, I’m here having dinner with four lovely women. What more can a guy want?”
Lillian tipped her beverage in the air. “Cheers to that.”
We all clinked our glasses together and took a sip. All except Alyson. She stared keenly at me. “I have another question for you. If you were to ask one of us out, who would it be?”
That was one curveball I didn’t expect. I coughed on my soda and a dribble streamed down my chin. “Ahem, don’t take this the wrong way but I barely know any of you. I don’t want to upset anyone.”
“It’s okay, you can answer it. We won’t get angry.”
“I really shouldn’t. I might give someone the wrong impression.”
Before she could further pester me, Natalia came to the rescue. “Stop bugging him, Aly. Is that anyway to treat our date? Let him eat dinner in peace.”
Alyson turned to Natalia and opened her mouth to say something, but managed to contain herself. Turning back to me, she sheepishly said, “Sorry, Brian. I didn’t mean to bother you.”
Already I could tell Alyson was the most outspoken of the bunch. “No need to apologize. Living with three females, I’ve had plenty of time to get accustomed to embarrassing questions. Besides, our food hasn’t arrived yet so I’m not really eating.”
Alyson cracked a small smile as she sunk into her seat. It took her a short minute to rebound, and she soon joined the rest of the girls as they shared more of their summer experiences. As I listened, I discovered they had gone on separate vacations with their families and tonight was the first night in a few weeks they were all home.
During the conversation I noticed Ashley was awfully quiet compared to her friends. I had a strong idea for why that was the case. She had spent every day of her summer so far with me or Nicole, most of it at home, and she was probably feeling left out. I was sure she had a mountain of other things she wished she could have told her friends, like details on what she and I had been doing together the past week, but couldn’t for obvious reasons.
As I watched Ashley nibble on a breadstick, I felt bad not helping her live her summer to the fullest. She was, after all, starting college in a couple of months, and should have been making the most of her last pre-adult days. It wasn’t as if I’d been forcing her to stay at home with me, but I should have been doing more to make this an unforgettable summer. Beyond what happened in our bedrooms, anyway.
Ashley caught me staring at her while she finished her breadstick. She didn’t turn her head to me, but her flickering pupils in the corner of her eyes told me I was busted. Grabbing another breadstick from the center of the table, she winked as she slowly slid it through her glossy lips until the first three of six inches were in her mouth. Her cheeks caved in ever so subtly as she sucked on it.
My sister must have heard something interesting from her friends’ chatter because she immediately pulled the breadstick out to make a snappy comment. I had no clue what she was saying, though, since I was busy staring at her saliva-tipped appetizer and the red lipstick ring around it. When she finished her comment, she slid the breadstick into her mouth again.
This motion repeated a few times, with her lightly sucking on the stick, pulling it out to make another remark, and then sliding it back between her lips. Each time her cheeks would cave in a little more, and the bread would come out a little wetter.
I tried looking away every once in awhile so the other girls wouldn’t catch me staring. With Ashley jumping in and out of the chatter, her friends only paid attention to her when she was talking, instead of when she was giving a piece of bread fellatio.
Taking things one step further, my sister consumed more and more of the breadstick. Four inches, five inches. She stopped for a second, then closed her eyes as she pushed the final inch into her mouth. When she had the whole thing consumed, her eyes suddenly opened. She coughed and pulled the stick out.
Half remained in her mouth. As she chewed on it, the other girls stared at my sister in what would be the quietest ten seconds of the evening.
Ashley swallowed her bite. “Ugh, too much garlic.” She stuck her tongue out and made a potty face.
“Maybe you should slow down on the appetizers,” Lillian suggested. “Don’t forget you have a real meal on the way.”
Ashley put down the rest of her soggy breadstick. “Yeah, good idea.”
When the girls returned to their talk, Ashley gave me another wink, and then joined them in chatter. Meanwhile I adjusted my erection to a slightly more comfortable position in my pants leg.
It was five minutes later when our food arrived. The girls had chosen dishes from different sections of the menu: pasta, lasagna, seafood, and chicken. They spent the next couple of minutes sharing their dishes until they all had matching plates. None said a word during the exchange. The way they passed the plates in an orderly circle and knew how much to take from each one made it seem as if they’d been doing this every time they ate together.
I was feeling left out as I stared at my plain fettuccine alfredo. It wasn’t that I wanted the foursome to share their dinner with me, but I figured I should have at least offered my plate to them.
“Hey girls, if any of you want to try some of this alfredo, feel free to take some right off my plate.”
“You don’t have to offer us any,” Natalia said. “We don’t want to get in the way of your dinner.”
They didn’t want to get in the way of my dinner? “Okay, if you say so, but my offer still stands.”
Natalia gave me an acknowledging nod and, along with the others, proceeded to chow down and talk about anything and everything. The conversation somehow led to my sister storytelling our day at the amusement park with our youngest sibling, Nicole, two days earlier in which the twelve year-old ran Ashley and I ragged. We didn’t get a whole lot of sleep the night before the trip, and the lack of rest was evident the following morning. From the moment Nikky barged into our rooms to wake us up, it was non-stop hustle and bustle from sunrise to sunset.
When we arrived home that night around nine, Ashley and I were too tired to do much of anything. It ended up being the first evening we hadn’t been intimate in a while, and it was bizarre kissing each other good night without helping each other achieve at least one orgasm. We partly made up for it the following afternoon, but our muscles were still too sore to really get into the act. The downtime persisted until the next day, which made it Friday, and ergo the current situation of me eating dinner with my sister and her friends. Of course Ashley told them only about what happened at the amusement park and not the events afterwards.
The conversation drifted onto a variety of other subjects before settling on our food.
“Mm-mmm, I love, love, love lobster,” Lillian touted. “I can eat the seafood pasta here every night until the day I die.”
“The seafood here is decent,” Alyson said with an air of indifference, “but it’s nowhere near as good as Amalfi’s.”
“Considering a plate at Amalfi’s is more expensive than all of ours combined at this place, it better be ten times tastier if I’m going to shell out fifty bucks for a lobster claw.”
“Aly, you have to hook us up with dinner at Amalfi’s one night,” my sister said. “I don’t care how you manage to eat there every month, just share the wealth with the rest of us at least once. That place is impossible to get reservations to.”
“Ashy-girl, you know I only eat there because I have a really, really close contact. It’s one thing to get a table for lil’ ol’ me, it’s another to get a table for four girls right out of high college.”
“Fine, whatever, you always give that same excuse. But if you can get us a table, I’d drop everything I’m doing just to be able to walk into the top-rated restaurant of last year.”
As dinner neared its end, our waiter arrived carrying one more dish for our table. “Dessert on the house.” He set it down with our bill.
“Good Lord,” Lillian gasped, “that is one heck of a dessert.”
“If there’s one thing this place has that no other restaurant can top, it’s their dessert,” Alyson admitted.
A monstrous chocolate fudge cake, at least one foot tall, dripping with chocolate syrup, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate cookie chunks, towered over our empty plates.
Natalia poked her fork into it and took the first bite. “Oh my gosh, this cake is so delicious. It can’t be legal to have this much sugar in one mouthful.”
Ashley took the next bite. “Wow, I think my sweet tooth is going numb from all this chocolate. I’m going to wake up ten pounds heavier tomorrow. “
Alyson and Lillian dug into the dessert together, and for the next few minutes, I watched them consume a mere quarter of the cake.
“Don’t you want some dessert?” Ashley asked me, a smudge of chocolate on her left dimple.
“No, I shouldn’t. It’s your dessert. You ladies go ahead and enjoy it.”
“We can’t eat this alone. We’re not even halfway finished.” She scooped a forkful and raised it to my mouth. “C’mon, try some. It’s really yummy.”
I reluctantly took a bite.
“So, what do you think?”
“Mmm, that’s pretty darn good. Thanks, sis.”
Ashley fed me another forkful and then one for herself, alternating between the two of us for a couple more bites. I noticed her friends were giving us eccentric looks but Ashley didn’t stop with the personal service. That was when I finally picked up my own fork and helped myself to the dessert. We whittled it down to two inches before calling it quits.
“Looks like your meal is on us,” Aly said to me, jotting something down on a notepad. “You finished your drink.”
“I wasn’t serious about you girls having to pay for me. It wouldn’t be a gentlemanly thing to do if I let my dates deal with the expenses. Just hand me the bill and I’ll take of it right now.”
“There’s no need to do that, Bry.” She slipped the piece of paper into the bill booklet. “I have it all taken care of. Let’s just get out of here before we miss the movie previews.”
Our merry band of five tossed down our napkins and paraded out the restaurant to much attention from the other guests. “Um, ladies, shouldn’t we take the exit back here and head around to the theater? The movie is going to start soon, right? Don’t we still need to buy tickets?”
“We already have tickets,” Natalia assured.
“And the movie doesn’t start till nine,” Alyson added. “We have over two hours to kill, so let’s do some shopping.”
“What happened to ‘we don’t want to miss the previews’ and ‘let’s get good seats?’ You all made it sound like the movie started in five minutes.”
“Well, we’re still in a hurry,” Lillian said. “The faster we shop, the faster we finish. Take too long and we’ll miss the previews and get bad seats.”
I could see how the girls had influenced Ashley’s whimsical humor. “I guess we can’t go wrong with that logic.”
“Exactly,” my sister said, hugging my right arm. “Try to have some fun. We know how to have a good time.”
The night had only just begun, I realized, as we strolled down the rows of clothing stores. The five of us were arm in arm, with Ashley walking in strides to my right and Natalia to hers. Directly to my left was Alyson and beside her was Lillian. The girls formed a chain of feminine beauty with me smack-dab in the middle. It was a sight to behold, and for a moment I wished I was one of the prepubescent teenagers ogling us, just so I could have seen what we looked like.
“I’m such a lucky bastard,” I mused. Guys would have killed to be in my shoes. There I was strutting through the mall with not one, not two, but four stunning women. Granted I was there by chance on a fictitious date, but phony or not the scenario blew me away. 
It was as though every pair of eyes in the entire mall were dead-set on our little group. Ashley and her friends were, like with the people in the restaurant, completely unaware of the gazes. I couldn’t figure out how the girls managed to ignore them. Maybe they were so used to being gawked at that they had developed an immunity to prying eyes. Or maybe they sensed those eyes weren’t on them; instead, they were on me, wondering how much I had to pay the girls just to be seen with them.
“Oooh, let’s go in there,” Alyson excitedly suggested, pointing at a beach clothing store. “They have really cute swimwear and tees. We so need to hit the beach before the summer is over.”
Did someone say swimwear?
Upon entering the store, the girls quickly dispersed into the clothing aisles. I aimlessly wandered around with my hands in my pockets and no particular destination in mind. The store wasn’t a place I’d normally go into on my own. Everything was bright and colorful, with surfboards and skateboards decorating every wall and sunglasses and beanies adorning every mannequin. It was like an alien planet compared to the darker stores I preferred.
I was trying on some caps near the back when I heard the loud laughter of my four jovial dates. Curious as to what the girls were up to, I tossed the cap back onto the shelf and scoured the aisles in search of them. I sought to no avail and was about to return to the headgear when I heard a voice yell out my name.
“Brian! Hey Bry, come over here!”
Turning around I caught a glimpse of Ashley’s head sticking out from the entrance to the changing rooms. I curiously approached her and went behind the corner of the dressing room hallway to see what she was so peppy about. What awaited me would be an image forever burned into my skull.
Ashley, Natalia, Alyson, and Lillian were dressed in matching styled bikinis, the colors the same as their purses. Their bottoms were the string bikinis that tied on the sides, and their triangular tops had a thin string that looped behind their necks. None of the girls were particularly busty, and the pieces of fabric covered a fair amount of skin–at least where it mattered–but what they may have lacked a raw sexuality was made up with charming faces and slim figures. Natalia in light blue, with her arms crossed over her chest, reminded me of sugar and spice and everything nice; Aly in white, trying to uncross Natalia’s arms, appeared to have jumped off the cover of a swimsuit magazine; Lilly in lime green, posing in front of a mirror, exuded an aura of confidence and grace; and then there was Ashley, hands on her hips, looking smoking hot in red. Call it bias but she was the exception in that she really did look sexy as hell. I desperately wanted to pull her into one of the changing rooms and rip that bikini off of her.
Instead, I sat down on a short bench and meekly said, “Hi.”
“So, what do you think about these?” my sister asked. “You like?”
“Like” was an understatement. “Yeah, a lot. You all look fantastic.”
She turned to the others. “See, I told you he would like them.”
“I bet he’d like anything we put on,” Lilly remarked. “I still think these are too big.” She turned her back to us and stretched out the fabric of her bikini bottom until it covered most of her tanned butt cheeks.
“Are you kidding me?” Natalia whined. “I think these are too small.”
Alyson went behind her and tried prying her arms apart again. “Natty, you should stop hiding. You know you have a killer body.”
I watched Aly’s boobs, the largest of the girls, press against Natalia’s back as they wrestled on their feet. Though Aly wasn’t attempting too hard to pry her friend’s arms apart, I began to feel sorry for the smaller Natalia. As much as I enjoyed seeing two beautiful girls so close together, I knew how uncomfortable it was to do something you didn’t want to do. But before I, or any of the other two ladies could stop her, Alyson said, “Look, even Bry is checking you out right now.”
“What?” Natalia yelped, her face turning scarlet red. She quickly covered her cheeks in her hands, but by doing so she also uncrossed her arms. Realizing she was inadvertently exposing herself to me, she spun around and ran to the one of the changing stalls.
“Aly, why did you have do something like that,” Lilly scolded. “You better go in there right now and apologize to her.”
Concern was apparent on Alyson’s face, and without making any sort of protest, she and Lillian both went into Natalia’s stall.
I was alone with my sister. “Wow, that was interesting.”
“Don’t worry about them, Bry. Even though Aly loves to embarrass Nat like that, they’re the closest friends you’ll ever meet. They’ve been living next door to each other their whole lives.”
“Should I apologize to Natalia?”
Ashley strutted to me and sat on my left knee. “Why? Because you really were checking her out? I’m sure she doesn’t mind.” She sensed I was staring at her bikini-clad boobs–which I was–and arched her back, jutting her chest out.
Subconsciously, I wrapped my arm around her waist and settled my hands onto her bare thighs, caressing the creamy flesh. “How can you be so sure of that?”
She shrugged her shoulders.
“Should I be apologizing to you for checking her out?”
Ashley giggled. “No, you don’t have to do that. I should be apologizing to you.”
“What for? You haven’t done anything wrong. Well, not counting the little lie you told to get me to come here.”
“I told you I wanted you to pick out a bikini for me, remember? I swear I didn’t mean to break my promise.”
“Sis, I remember you saying that, but you never made it a promise. Don’t worry about it. It’s not like I’m disappointed or anything. Besides, I like the bikini you’re wearing right now.”
“Really? I kind of agree with Lilly, though. I think these are too big.” Ashley stood up with her impressive butt two feet from my face. “I want the backside to be smaller, like this.” She pinched the edges of her bikini bottom into her butt crack, turning a modestly-sized bikini into a devilishly sexy thong. She bent at the waist. “Doesn’t this look better?”
“M-much better,” I stuttered. The outer rim of her anus was nearly visible and her pussy lips were almost split in two by the bikini.
Like magnets my hands were drawn to her marvelous round buns. Her skin was impeccably smooth and there was more than enough ass for me to latch onto. But before I could grab two luscious handfuls, I heard the other girls talking as their changing room door opened. Ashley took a step forward just out of my reach. She hooked the edges of her bikini bottom and stretched them over her butt as she joined her friends.
I dropped my head in dejection, painfully aware of my hard-on. It was given no time to shrink, however, as the foursome made their way to me. I crossed my legs to conceal myself the best I could.
Still blushing, but not covering herself anymore, Natalia asked, “You really think this looks good on us?”
I think I started to blush, too. “Yeah, I meant it the first time I said it and I still do. You look very cute.”
“Only she looks cute?” Lillian asked. “What about the rest-“
“You all look cute,” I promptly corrected. I really had to be careful with what I say around these girls.
“Even me, brother?” Ashley timidly asked.
She must have enjoyed watching me sweat in front of her friends. “Yeah, sis, even you.”
“He may your brother,” Aly started to say, approaching my sibling, “but I’m sure even he can’t say no to an ass like yours.” She raised a hand, open-palmed, and swung it at my sister’s butt cheek. There was a loud slap as their skin made contact.
Ashley dropped her mouth and glared at her attacker. “You did not just do that.”
As if a pistol was shot off in the distance, Alyson made a mad dash to her changing room with Ashley chasing behind. I couldn’t help but notice the pink finger marks on my sister’s butt as it bounced down the corridor.
Lillian, acting as if this was a normal occurrence, laughed it off and made her way to her own stall. Natalia, left alone with me, softly asked, “Can you wait outside the store for us?”
I lifted my jaw off the ground and heeded her request. First I had to hide in one of the aisles until my erection disappeared. When it finally did, and after waiting another ten minutes in front of the store, the girls emerged shoulder to shoulder with shopping bags in hand.
“Sorry for making you wait,” Ashley said.
“No problem. I’m just happy to see you ladies getting along. Where to next?”
“To that,” Lillian pointed ahead of us.
“That thing? All of us?”
“It’ll be fun. Don’t tell me you’re afraid of heights.”
“What if I am?”
“Then you’ll just have to suck it up.”
* * *
“Girls, I’m seriously not sure if I can do this.”
“It’s too late to back out now,” Lillian said. “You’re already strapped up.”
“It’ll be okay,” Ashley assured from my left. “This thing is perfectly safe. I think.”
“I can’t believe you’re going along with this, sis.”
“Why wouldn’t I? I think it looks fun.”
“Since when did you think it was fun to climb walls two stories tall?”
“There has to be a first time for everything.”
“How come Alyson doesn’t have to rock-climb with us?”
“Because I’m wearing heels, a skirt, and someone needs to watch these bags,” she shouted behind us.
“Careful what you say around her,” Ashley giggled. “Just climb as high as you can. We won’t think of you as any less of man if you can’t make it to the top.”
“Right… that’s exactly what I’m worried about.” I stared up at the mountainous behemoth in front of me.
In the middle of the mall was an extreme rock-climbing exhibit. Lillian, believing we needed to burn some calories from our mile-high fudge cake, decided it would be excellent idea to scale a mile-high mountain. It was about two stories tall, but because the ceiling level was much higher in a mall than that of a regular house, it was actually more like three.
“Wish me luck,” Natalia said to my right, stepping onto the first rubber ledge.
“Good luck,” my sister told her. “Are you ready, Tiger?”
“Might as well get this over with.” Ensuring my harness was sturdy by pulling on it for the one hundredth time, I stepped onto the first ledge and pushed myself up.
Ashley did the same beside me. Simultaneously we advanced one terrifying foot at a time. When we reached the one-third mark, she and I had caught up to Natalia. Lillian, amazingly, was already sitting at the peak of the mountain, encouraging us to keep going while enjoying the view of the entire mall. By the halfway point, I was beginning to feel really good about my chances of making it to the top. Sure, I was scared shitless for being so high off the ground, but with my sister supporting me every step of the way, the height didn’t seem so intimidating anymore.
Ashley, Natalia, and I rung the bell at the peak together to signal our triumphant conquest over the mountain. We were supposed to head back down after ringing the bell, but the girls decided to climb over the top to Lillian. I pulled myself up and sat with them.
“Nice of you three to finally join me,” Lilly joshed. “I was beginning to think you softies didn’t have what it takes, but you all proved me wrong. Especially you, Mr. I’m-afraid-of-heights.” She gave me a hearty pat on the back that almost knocked me over the edge.
“Oh jeez, don’t do that.” I scooted backwards to safer ground. Ashley and Natalia giggled and scooted with me.
“Careful there, don’t want to get your harness caught on the pulley. We really shouldn’t be up here but it looks like the two guys running this thing have their hands full.” Lillian lay flat on her back, hands behind her head. “You and Ash should join me on my weekday exercises. I can use a few souls to talk to for my morning jogs.”
“That sounds awesome. I’d love to join you,” my sister said. “A good workout every now and then would be an awesome way to start the day.”
“How about you, Brian? Up for five mile jogs at seven in the mornings?”
Five miles? At seven? “Um, I’ll have to pass. I’m not much of an early bird.”
“Aw, that’s a shame. I can start the jogs a little later if you want. It’s summer so we can’t start too late or else it gets really hot.”
“I’m not much of a runner either, actually.”
“How ’bout biking? We can do that instead.”
“Oooh, I loved riding,” Ashley chirped. “I used to ride everyday when I was in elementary college. I’d hop on my two-wheeler right after class and zoom around the neighborhood until the sun sets. My old friends and I even had a Hello Kitty biker gang going on.”
Lillian sat up. “So why don’t you bike anymore?”
“Well, one day in fourth grade, I sort of got into accident on the way home from college. I was going full speed down a hill on a dare when a car pulled out of a driveway and blocked the sidewalk I was on. I managed to swerve away from it but I ended up crashing into a tree instead. Long story short, I came home from the hospital the next week with a leg cast and a trashed up bike in my garage. My parents forbade me from riding and I haven’t done it since.”
Natalia joined the conversation. “How come you never told us this before?” 
“Didn’t seem too important, I guess. It’s been almost ten years since then.”
Eight years to be exact.
I remembered the accident far too well for my own liking. I was the one who had to carry my sister from the ugly wreckage while the other kids rode off to find help. I was the one who had to assure my sister she would be okay, that this wasn’t her fault, that mom and dad wouldn’t be angry with her for not wearing her helmet. The driver who had almost hit my sister didn’t stop his car, didn’t even realize that in front of his yard was a ten year-old girl crying her eyes red, bleeding on his grass until the shades of green were a grueling crimson.
I was at her bedside for almost the entire first day at the hospital. There was that short recess where I had to rinse away the metallic taste of her blood from when I kissed her wounds. She begged me that afternoon to kiss her booboo better, as if my care would magically heal the deep gash on her right leg. I told her things didn’t work that way, that when she had kissed my paper cuts and splinters she had provided only a temporary remedy. But that was what she wanted from me, and as gross as it was for a twelve year-old boy to kiss his little sister’s wounds, that was what I did until our parents finally arrived.
It was the scariest day of my life, and it wasn’t even me who was involved in the accident. I had been riding with my own friends on the other side of the street when I saw Ashley’s pink bicycle careening out of control. I watched her tiny body catapult from the impact, heard her screaming in pain. In the seconds it took me to cross the street, a whirlwind of fears had seized my body. My legs couldn’t stop pedaling and my hands couldn’t grip my bicycle brake. I hit the curb and collapsed onto my knees at her side. The pain I felt in my shins was nothing compared to what she must have felt throughout her whole body.
Before her eyes opened, my sister was already calling out for someone. She called not for our nurturing mother or our heroic father, but for me, her older brother. I was glad my friends had rode off to get help, or else they would have seen the tears running down my cheeks. More than anything I was crying for her safety, wishing there was some way I could have taken her place and endured the suffering for her. It was foolish to have been scared of something as paltry as the meager mountain I now sat atop of when my true fear would always be that of losing my cherished sister.
“Brother, are you okay? You’re pale all of a sudden.”
I stared at the girl who had recovered so remarkably from her injuries. “Yeah, I’m okay. Just remembering something from my own childhood days.”
Lillian, oblivious to the horrid details of her friend’s accident, zealously went about her proposal. “Ever since my brothers moved out of the house, our garage has been storing a couple of extra bikes. You can use one of theirs if you want to bike instead of jog. There’s a trail behind Riverdale Park we can ride on.”
“No, I can’t do that,” Ashley solemnly said, “I’ll just jog with you instead. I’ve probably forgotten how to ride a bike by now anyway.”
“Suit yourself, Ashy. If you ever change your mind, let me know. I’ll dust them off for you and-” A ringtone of Guillaume Tell cut the brunette off. She pulled out her phone from her pocket and checked the caller. “Oh my gosh, it’s Aly. She’s probably pissed at us for staying up here for so long. This ought to be good for a few laughs.” She flipped the phone open and put it on speaker.
The next thirty seconds were a flurry of heated shouts. Alyson spat about how rude it was to keep her waiting while she had to withstand the “dozens of lame pick-up lines from perverted jerk wads.” The three girls with me were all holding their sides in laughter by the time she angrily hung up. Lillian, wiping the tears from her eyes, decided it would be a good time for us to head back down. She and Natalia went first.
I was about to follow when Ashley grabbed my hand and told me to wait.
“What’s up, sis?” Wordlessly she cupped my chin and led me to her lips for a quick smooch. “Mmm, what was that for?”
“It’s a small bonus for making it up here. My friends are very impressed.”
“How can you tell?”
“I just know,” she smiled. “C’mon, Tiger, let’s get down from here. I think I’m starting to get light headed from being this high.”
Ashley and I hopped down a few steps when I suddenly heard her squeal above me. “Oh damn it! I lost my footing and one of my sandals fell off.”
I glanced at the ground as her leather sandal cratered on the mattress below us. “Do you think you can still make it down like that?”
“I-I don’t know. It feels kind of weird being barefoot. Crap, this sucks. I’m wearing shoes every day from now on.”
I climbed up a few steps to her. “Try getting on my back and I’ll carry you down.”
“What? Is that safe?”
“I think so. It’s not like we’re really rock-climbing. Plus it’s a heck of a lot easier climbing down than up.”
“It’s even easier to fall the rest of the way down.”
I held my hand out to her. “It’ll be fine, I won’t let you get hurt. On the off-chance we fall, I’ll make sure you land on me first.”
She took my hand and sidled closer to me. “Okay, if you say so. No point in having a protective older brother if he won’t substitute as an airbag.”
Pressing myself flat against the wall, I waited for her to circle her arms and legs around me. “Got a good grip?”
“Yeah, I think so.”
I held my harness in my right hand and her firm butt cheek in my left. “I got a good grip too, babe. Don’t let go of me. This might be a bumpy ride.” I kicked off and descended a few feet before being pulled back to the wall.
Though I could have made it to the bottom in less than ten leaps, I purposely made smaller ones to prolong the feeling of my sister hugging me for dear life. She was my Mary Jane and I was her Spider-Man. She whimpered into my ear and squeezed tight every time I pushed off, and when the harness pulled us to the wall, her soft breasts would mash into my back. 
Rock-climbing was something I needed to do more often.
When we were finally safe on the ground, I heard the other three girls behind us yelling, “Say cheese.” I turned around with Ashley still on me and saw each of them pointing their phones at us.
“Aww, what a cute couple,” Aly bantered. “These pics are a keeper.”
Lillian held up Ashley’s fallen sandal. “Hey Cinderella, don’t forget this.”
My sister hopped off me and stuck her tongue out at the trio. “Very funny, ladies.”
While I finished undoing the latches to my harness, I noticed Ashley fumbling with hers. I approached her from behind to assist with it.
The harness had three main straps: a belt that went around the waist and two more that tied around each thigh. Ashley had no trouble with the belt, but the latch for the thigh straps were behind the legs. Normally the people running the attraction should have been on hand to help with this stuff, but with three sides of the mountain to scale and four paying customers on each side, the two workers had their work cut out for them.
“Are you having fun so far?” Ashley whispered to me.
I placed my hands on her left thigh and took my time undoing the strap. “This evening is turning out to be a lot better than I expected. Thanks for inviting me. I hope I’m not spoiling any traditions you and your friends might have when you go out together.”
“You’re not. The girls and I really want you to hang out with us.”
I undid the first strap and moved to the other. Again I took my time, but also allowed my hands roam her thighs and cop a feel of her buttocks. “Why would your friends want me to tag along?”
“They’re comfortable around you.”
“What do you mean by that?”
“They’re the ones I told you about who thought we’d make a cute couple until I told them who you really were. They’re the ones who thought I was lucky to have a brother like you.”
I pulled the last strap apart. “So they’re comfortable with me because you are?”
“You can say it’s something that. Come on, let’s get going. I can go for a drink right about now.” Ashley gave me a small peck on the cheek, and then walked past while shouting, “Hey Lilly, give me back my sandal.”
Some ten minutes after our successful rock-climbing session, we found ourselves sitting on a pair of wooden benches near a dolphin statue fountain. The girls sat together on one bench; I sat with four shopping bags on the second. The benches’ backrests were against each other but faced opposite directions.
“How much more time do we have until the movie starts?” I asked over my left shoulder.
Ashley replied, “We have an hour left.”
Lillian spoke over my other shoulder. “Don’t tell me you’re in a hurry to get the date over with. Aren’t you having fun with us?”
“I’m having a ton of fun,” and I really meant it, “but I figured instead of sitting down and drinking smoothies, you’d all want to go to another store or something.”
“Is there anywhere in particular you want to go?” she asked.
“No, not really. I guess I can sit around for a while longer.” Taking a sip of my protein-packed health drink, I stretched my legs out and reveled in the company of four exquisite women.
“Hey Bry,” I heard my sister beckon, “come with me.”
I turned my head and saw her walking around the benches to me. “What’s up, sis?”
She grabbed my right hand in both of hers and pulled me to my feet. “This will only take a few minutes. You three wait here,” she said to her friends. They exchanged confused looks to each other as Ashley dragged me to a nearby electronic photo booth. She shoved me through the curtains and into the dark room.
I was further shoved down onto the plastic seat. I watched dumbfounded as Ashley straddled my left knee and stuck her hands into my side pockets.
“Um, what are you doing, sis?”
She roughly pulled her hands out with my leather wallet and skimmed through its translucent sleeves of plastic cards. When she reached the last one, she snapped my wallet shut and grumbled, “You really don’t have a picture of me in your wallet.”
I immediately understood her intention. “I wasn’t kidding when I said I didn’t a few days ago. If I had some pocket-sized photos of you, I would happily keep one or two in my wallet. But all the photos at home are either priceless or group shots and completely off-limits.”
“Well, we’ll fix that problem right now.” Ashley opened my wallet again and took out some single dollar bills. She inserted them into the machine and hurriedly tapped the buttons on the touch screen. The menu jumped from one set of options to the next in the bat of an eye until she sat next to me and pressed our cheeks together. “Okay, put on your best smiley face, Tiger.”
Everything happened so quickly I just stared stupidly at the camera. When the booth lit up in a flash, the image of my sister’s smile and my stunned face popped up on the screen.
“Bry, smile for me. Did you forget how?”
“Hold on, my brain needs a few seconds to catch up to what we’re doing. Can I have my wallet back?”
She placed it in my pocket for me. Just as we turned to the screen, the booth lit up and a new snapshot appeared, one that neither of us were prepared for. “It’s on a timer,” Ashley explained. “There’s also a button to take pictures manually.”
I reached around her shoulder and cradled her against me. “No prob, I think my brain’s caught up now.” With our cheeks together, we smiled for the camera as it took a happy picture for us.
“Aww, that’s a cute one,” she said.
“Heck yeah, you are one pretty lady.”
Ashley hopped onto my left leg again and leaned back against my shoulder. “Ready for the next one?”
I grabbed her waist and scooted her up my thigh. “Go for it.”
For the next two minutes, my sister and I laughed and shuffled around in our seats as we posed for the camera. Most of the pictures were tame, even by sibling standards. There was a photo of us crossing our arms with our backs against each other, some with us doing silly vogue hand signs, and then a couple more of Ashley giving me a kiss on the cheek, with the cherry red lipstick marks to prove it. The final picture, however, was one I could never let anyone else see.
Before the last flash went off, and after Ashley had wiped the lipstick off me, my cheeks were held firmly between her hands. She turned me to her, staring sharply. Her tongue flirtatiously licked her lips. A hint of mischief twinkled in her eyes. She smiled, and before I could ask what she was up to, she pulled our faces together, swamping my mouth with her plush lips. She held my head still as her ravenous tongue snaked in.
My eyes, the size of saucers, could only see stars. Maybe it was from the bright flash of the camera, maybe it was because of the fireworks exploding from our kiss. Even as the machine ejected our photos, Ashley maintained our embrace. I surrendered to her tasteful lips and swirled my tongue around hers. But just as I was beginning to enjoy the warm sensation, something banged against the side of the booth. Ashley and I separated before the curtain opened.
Natalia, Lillian, and Alyson stood outside. “Hey, you two, what’s up?” “Having fun in here?” “I can’t believe what I’m seeing.”
Ashley quickly grabbed the sheet and folded it at the creases. “Hey girls, ready to get going-“
“What can’t you believe you’re seeing?” I nervously asked.
The trio looked at each other and then to me. Alyson grinned. “That you two are taking pictures without us.”
The curtain opened wider and they marched in one by one. The booth was big enough to fit two people comfortably on the seat, three if they bunched up. And as slim as the girls may be, five people was going overboard.
I squeezed through the orgy of female skin, boobs, butts, and perfumes. “Maybe I should get out of here,” I said, stumbling away to much chagrin from the girls. I slumped against the exterior of the booth.
Damn, that was a close one. Thank goodness they had the courtesy to knock before barging in. I did find it a little odd they would give us a warning since it seemed as if they wanted to surprise us. Was it possible they suspected my sister and I were up to something and were giving us a chance to cover up? Or did they really just want to come in for some pictures?
Ashley and her friends stayed in the booth for a long five minutes. Even with the automatic timer going off, they had to have gone through at least two sets of pictures. I could see the curtain ruffling as they giggled and frolicked in the tiny room.
Lillian stuck her head out some time later. “Hey Bry, come in here and take this last picture with us.” She stepped out while I stepped in.
There was a gap in the middle of the seat between Ashley and Alyson; Natalia stood outside the opposite curtain. I felt manicured hands on my arms and shoulders as I was dragged onto the seat.
“Show off your pearly whites,” Ashley cheerfully said, pressing her cheek to my left.
Alyson did the same to my other, and I found myself sandwiched between two blonde beauties. Remaining outside the booth, Lillian and Natalia poked their heads in and pressed their cheeks with the other girls until we were a row of smiling faces. We managed to get into position just in time for the flash to go off.
All four of them clamored to get their hands on the photo sheet. “Hey, let me see it.” “Oooh, can I keep that picture?” “I can make copies of them if you all want.” “That’s an awesome idea. Okay, you take ’em.” Ashley folded and stored the pictures in her purse as we left.
* * *
“Now where to?” I asked the ladies.
“Right here,” Natalia presented, holding her arms out like a dark-haired Vanna White. “The Power House Entertainment Center.”
Entertainment center was just a fancier way of saying arcade, though this one was higher-tech than your typical kid’s corner. Dozens of interactive video game cabinets, midway games, and a laser tag maze were crammed into a two-floor blitzkrieg of neon lights, explosions, and raving club music.
I followed the girls as they headed to the loudest area of the arcade which consisted of the rhythm and music games. Alyson and Natalia both approached the strangely empty metal pad of a dancing game while the other girls and I watched.
No warm up was needed for the dancers as they jumped right into the hardest songs. As I watched their hair flail around and Alyson’s skirt almost bounce high enough to reveal her pink thong–oops, I guess it did bounce high enough–Ashley divulged to me that it was because of Natalia they had all gotten hooked on the game. I merely nodded and pretended to listen as I pleaded for another glimpse of underwear.
After the first two songs ended, the girls swapped out, allowing Lilly and my sister to take to the stage. They, too, needed no warm up and stepped to the beat in rhythmic precision. Though I had no chance of catching panty shots through their jeans, I did get a nice eyeful of tight, round butts. The two girls eventually got so far ahead of the score, they did a few freestyle spins and even switched sides during their routine. When it was over, the five of us split up to play other games.
“Hey Tiger, come here and try this one out,” Ashley shouted to me.
I hung up the machine gun I was blasting aliens away with. My arms were still shaking from the constant recoil of the gun when I came up to her. “What game is this? ‘Beat-mania?'”
“It’s a deejay game. Instead of using feet, you use fingers to tap these keys and spin this disc. You should be pretty good at it since you spend so much time on the keyboard.”
“Hmm, okay. I’ll give it a shot. What are you going to play?”
“This baby right here.” My sister slung a life-sized guitar over her shoulder from the game cabinet to my right. “I always wanted to be a rock star.”
There was something wildly sexy about her handling a big, albeit fake, hunk of metal (it was actually plastic). The guitar itself looked a little silly with its rainbow colors and buttons, but the dark atmosphere of the arcade and the bluish hue shining off her bare shoulders gave her a mysterious, larger-than-life appearance. “You look pretty damn hot with that, Ash. I’d definitely go to a concert of yours just to check you out.”
“Maybe the other girls and I should start a band.”
“Oh yeah? What instruments can you four play?”
“Well, I can learn to play the guitar, Aly can be lead vocalist, Natty can rock out on drums, and Lilly can handle bass.”
“Sounds like a plan to me. Maybe I can be the manager.”
She scoffed at the idea. “Like we’d let you manage the millions we’d rake in.”
I laughed it off as my game loaded up. While we learned the ropes to our respective games, Natalia magically appeared beside me at the second set of piano keys. She stood between my sister and me. “Hey Ashy, hey Bry, mind if I join you?”
“Hey, Natalia,” I greeted. “I don’t mind at all. Go ahead and jump in.”
She swiped her gaming card into the machine. “Do you mind if I also ask you something?”
Oh man, please don’t let it be a personal question. “Um, sure. Ask away.”
“Ashy tells me you’re really good with computers. Did you really build yours from spare parts?”
Phew, that was one question I had no problem answering. “Yeah, I did. Ordered the hardware online and put it together myself.” For some reason I was exceptionally proud of that fact.
She picked the first song for us to play. “Wow, that is so cool. I’m thinking of building a new computer from scratch too. Problem is, I don’t know how to check which parts will be compatible with each other. I’m also worried I’ll mess up putting things together since I haven’t always gotten along with pliers and screwdrivers. But maybe you can come over to my house some time and help me design one. With Ashy’s permission, of course.”
“Hey, my brother’s a big boy,” Ashley quipped. “He doesn’t need my blessings to do big boy things.”
“I’ll take that as a yes,” Natalia giggled. “Is that also a yes for you, Bry?”
It amazed me how Natalia could be so good at the game while conversing with two people. “Yeah, sure. I’ll be glad to help you build one.” I barely managed to pass the song we were playing; she didn’t miss a single key.
The next songs we played were repeat performances. Natalia aced them while reminiscing some high college memories with my sister. When the final song ended, Natalia picked up her belongings. “I’m going to check up on Aly and Lilly. Knowing them they probably ran out to flirt with some boys. I’ll see you two in a bit.”
As she left, I turned to Ashley. She had a Cheshire grin on her face. I was almost afraid to ask why. “What’s with the smug look?”
She put her guitar away. It took her three buoyant steps toward me to have her breasts squashed against my chest and her arms around my waist. “That’s something I don’t see very often.”
I had no clue what she was referring to. “Did I do something wrong?”
Her fingers traced my spine, riddling my skin with goosebumps. “No, nothing like that. It usually takes days for Natty to be comfortable enough to talk to a guy. It’s fascinating how she opened up to you so easily, especially after what happened earlier.”
Settling my hands on her shoulders, I caressed the inch of skin that had been tarnished by the guitar strap. “Didn’t you say your friends are comfortable with me because you are? I’m sure it’s only because I’m your brother.”
“The other two girls, yes, but not her. I mean, she sort of has a crush on you for a while now, but she’s not really the aggressor type. I didn’t think she would be the first to make a move.”
I couldn’t believe what I just heard. It sounded so foreign to my ears. It didn’t seem conceivable that some other girl, my sister’s friend, could have felt that way about me, and that the same sister, the girl I loved more than anything, was the one telling me about it.
This had to be some kind of trick. There was that same twinkle in Ashley’s eye that appeared during dinner and the photo booth incident. The twinkle that forewarned her mischievous intentions. Yup, it had to be a trick. If only I knew why. “You’re not getting any weird thoughts, are you, sis?”
“Weird thoughts? Not really. Dirty thoughts on the other hand…” She heightened onto her toes and met my lips with hers. “Plenty of those.”
How easy was it for her to take my mind off the world. Her lips, gentler than rose petals, parted open. They moved under the press of my mouth. My tongue ran along the edges of her lips. Her tongue, animated and sensuous, played with mine. Sweet, candied, her taste ever more intoxicating. The world I had deserted spun out of control. Light shed to darkness. My sight abandoned me. But there was still Ashley and her lips, never forceful, only compliant and accepting of my desire for her.
My eyes opened. Light returned. Our union ceased, a breeze coming between us. Ashley exhaled onto me, my lips warmed by her ardor. Her eyelids were concealing her hazel chestnuts in the snow. Our hands had interchanged. Her waist, tiny even in my meager grasp, burned the tips of my fingers. My shoulders, lenient, relieved under her touch. I kissed her left eye. She awakened.
No words were necessary. Our smiles said it all. It was the most spectacular thing I had ever experienced. I prayed it was the same for her.
A voice yelled our names. I tuned it out, holding my sister tighter. The yell repeated, louder. I felt lips on my neck. They opened, closed, soundlessly telling me it was okay to let go. I nodded. My hands fell from within my baby’s shirt, her hands from my shoulder. I turned around as Natalia’s head poked around a far row of game cabinets. “Hey Ashy, Bry, hurry over here. Show time in thirty minutes.”
With each wobbled step I took, I remembered a small detail of where I was. Another girl, three of them to be exact, show time, thirty minutes. I was with my sister’s friends, here to see a movie, and an eternity was in the way of my being alone with Ashley.
Our dark-haired escort, unaware of had transpired, guided us to a set of four futuristic racing cars the size of bumper cars, each one facing a jumbo screen. Alyson and Lillian sat in the two cars furthest from us. Natalia hopped into a third.
Ashley stood beside the fourth. Blithe and relaxed, she was unshaken in her demeanor. “Bry, take a seat and play this with me. You can work the gas pedals and gears while I steer.”
I dragged myself back to reality, back to where Ashley was. “Are you sure? There doesn’t seem to be a lot of room in there.”
“Just jump in. I’ll make us fit if I have to.” I warily climbed into the miniature car. “Open your legs for me.” She sat down in the gap where my legs were spread. Her butt brushed my groin, her back against my chest, her hair covering most of my view. “Comfy?”
The car was small and cramped, the backrest hard, the seat sticky. My legs had no room to breathe, my arms no room to move. I was trapped beneath her slender frame.
It was the most comfortable I had been all night. “Yeah, very comfy.”
She shouted to her friends. “Okay, Bry and I are ready. Get ready to eat our dust.”
The race began with an explosive start. One of the girls used a rocket boost to gain an early lead. Ashley used a boost of our own and fired a missile at the lead car to take pole position.
“Whoa, nice shot, sis.”
“Bry, go faster. I can handle these sharp turns without wiping out.”
I slammed my foot onto gas pedal. As the virtual car sped up, Ashley’s butt vibrated against my crotch. The car wasn’t just for show; it immersed the player by rocking to whatever happened on-screen.
The car shook violently when a series of missiles hit us from behind. “Woo-hoo, take that, Ashy-girl,” Alyson hollered.
“Oooh, she is in trouble now,” Ashley steamed. “Bry, slide down the seat. I need more room to sit.” She rose up so I could slouch down, then lowered herself onto my lap. “Go, go, go, don’t take your foot off the pedal.”
“What? Oh, right,” I muttered, regaining my senses.
The car rumbled as we tried to catch up to the rest of the pack that had passed us. Ashley bounced side to side over my lap while she handled turns at breakneck speeds. I assisted her in aiming a volley of missiles at our competitors. The race got very heated by the second lap. It was anyone’s game, all of us exchanging leads at a moment’s whim.
“Hold me steady, Bry. I’m sliding too much to get a good shot at the other cars.”
I wrapped my left arm around her. Our car shook again as we got bombarded, but Ashley didn’t budge from my lap.
With my nose inches from the bare skin on her upper back, I could smell faint traces of her intimate perfume. Most of the fragrance had diffused since the evening started, but there was still enough for me to luxuriate in. As our seat jerked here and there, her ponytail swished and tickled my nose.
“Oh my gosh, did you see that?” she blurted. “I just took out two cars in one shot. We’re way in the lead now.”
I couldn’t see anything but her supple skin. “Yeah, I saw that. How many more laps to go?”
“One more lap. Keep going, Bry. Nothing can stop us now if we keep this up.”
The bump and tumbling persisted for another minute. The other girls were able to hit us with stray blasts but were too far behind to capitalize on our momentary weakness to steal first place. We blazed past the finish line and threw our hands up in victory.
“Oh yeah, take that,” Ashley taunted to her friends. She hugged my head into the side of her breast. “Didn’t I say you slowpokes would be eating our dust?”
“You got sooo lucky you took me and Lilly out during that last lap,” Natalia said. “If we hadn’t been busy shooting at each other, I would’ve won so easily.”
“Ha, let’s have a rematch.”
Lillian climbed out of her car. “Save your pissing contest some other time. The movie is going to start in twenty minutes.”
Ashley waited for the rest of her friends to leave before whispering to me, “You might want to fix that problem in your pants before you stand up.” She gently patted my erection on the way down from the machine.
The foursome were waiting outside of the arcade for me when I came running.
“Did you forget something in there?” Aly asked.
“Yeah, dropped my keys in the car,” I lied. In actuality had followed my sister’s advice to take a breather and relax my nerves. “But I found them.”
Aly led the way to theater with Nat and Lilly in tow. I trailed behind with Ashley clinging to my right arm.
“Sis, maybe you shouldn’t be so close.”
“You didn’t complain earlier when I did this. Besides, they each held onto you too. We’re very touchy-feely girls.”
Around us the row of stores quieted and darkened. Shoppers followed in our direction, the night coming to an end for many. But not for me. My night had yet to begin.
“Who are the slowpokes now,” Lillian barked, standing far ahead of us. “Hurry up, you two lovebirds.”
Ash and I jogged up to her at the mall’s exit. A massive line at the ticket counter caught my attention.
“Natalia, you mentioned the four of you already have your tickets, right?” I asked.
“Yeah, I did. We printed them off the web.”
“That’s cool and all but… I don’t have a ticket yet.”
“Are you insisting we buy you one?”
“No, heck no, that’s not what I meant. It’s just that, the line looks really long and with the movie starting soon, I don’t want to keep you all waiting so–”
“Brian, take a deep breath and calm down,” Lilly said. “Ashy has you covered. She has a fifth ticket for you.”
My cheeks burned red at their giggles. “Thanks.”
“You’re welcome. You’re free to carry our bags for us if it makes you feel any manlier.”
Without any hesitation the girls walked by me one by one and tossed me their bags, purses, and some witty comments. “You’re such a stud.” “Look at those muscles.” “I wish I had a boyfriend like you.” “Always the perfect gentleman.” Sarcasm laced every word, but I was enjoying their company too much to care. Ashley handed the tickets over to the receptionist and we headed to the concession stand. “Mmm, get those sour gummy bears and chocolate raisins.” “Don’t forget the black licorice.” “Eww, you know I hate those. Get the red ones.” “Lots of butter on the popcorn, please.” “Oh, can I get two pretzels too? Both cinnamon. Wait, both salt. Wait, wait, one cinnamon, one salt.”
The acne-plagued teenager behind the counter had his work cut out for him. He scrambled back and forth in a vain attempt to keep up with the orders of four hungry women.
“Aren’t you ladies stuffed from dinner and dessert?”
“That was two hours ago,” Natalia said. “There’s always room for more sweets.”
Ashley asked, “Don’t you want anything, brother?”
“I would if I wasn’t busy carrying fifty bags.”
“Aww, is it too heavy?” Alyson razzed.
“Nope, not all.” Their luggage was light, but because they insisted on keeping their belongings in separate over-sized bags, it looked as if I was hauling a lot more. “Actually, I can go for a hotdog right about now, but I’ll need someone to hold it for me.”
After we ordered every type of junk food on the menu, we made haste to our showroom. Along the way Natalia raised an orange plastic cup to my mouth. “Are you thirsty, Brian? Have a sip.”
“Thanks, Nat.” I bowed to my right and drank from the straw.
“My pleasure.” When I backed away, she placed the straw between her lips, not bothering to wipe it dry. She sipped on her Pepsi.
“Open wide,” Alyson said from my left.
I turned my head and bumped into the hotdog she was holding close to my face. I chomped down on it, ignoring the sauce that had gotten on me. “Mmm, that’s pretty good. Thanks, Aly.”
“What are best friends for.”
“You have some ketchup on your cheek.” Lillian took a napkin out of her coat pocket and weighed down my left shoulder, her face daringly close to mine. With a wipe across my cheek and lips, she cleaned the ketchup off of me.
“Thanks, Lilly.”
“You’re welcome, Bry.”
Three cute girls pampering me with food and favors. It was a fantasy millions of guys would have loved to find themselves in. And I was living it, a sublime dream that had manifested into realism. A week ago I would have been sweating out of every pore, stumbling on every syllable. Now I was calm and collected. Yet also unfulfilled. Their friendliness, though greatly appreciated, left me wanting more. It wasn’t the same with these girls. It wasn’t the same laugh, the same smile, the same affection in their eyes. It didn’t come from the angel ten steps ahead of me, pretending not to care what was happening behind her.
I excused myself from the trio. Paper bags crinkling, silver trinkets jingling, I chased after my sister. She stopped in her tracks, and I stopped next to her. We walked into the dim theater room together, her belongings back in her possession.
In the three hours I had spent thus far with the girls, I had somehow forgotten to ask what we were going to watch. We ended up watching an action movie, which shattered my belief girls only willingly watched romances or comedies. However, every time the main star came on screen, his shirt shredded and sculpted muscles bulging, they would sigh, swoon, and faint in their seats. Except Ashley. And when the buxom damsel in distress, scantily clad and artificial in beauty, nearly popped out of her torn blouse, wolf whistles would erupt from every male in the stands. Except me.
The starlet was more than any guy could ask for in a woman. Shapely, curvy, a great fashion sense for bras capable of withstanding gunfire. She could even throw a punch or two if she had to. But nothing about her bust size or seductive tone appealed to me. I was spoiled, I suppose, having someone infinitely more gorgeous at my side, eating popcorn from a bucket on my lap.
You would think the movies, one of the classic locations for public displays of affection, would lend itself to a wild, voyeuristic, don’t-tell-my-friends romp in the backseats. Alas, nothing of the sort happened between my sister and me. After all, her friends were right there with us, witnesses to any racy behavior that may have occurred.
I emptied my box of Hot Tamales. In one mouthful I devoured the rest of the spicy, cinnamon candy. My hand bumped into Ashley’s when I reached for our soda. She smiled at me as she took a sip from it.
The movie ended with the bad guy blown to pieces in his getaway helicopter. Our group waited for the attendees to evacuate before leaving our seats. We trekked to the mall’s front plaza for a final round of quality time together.
* * *
“Jesus, that has to be a two-hundred feet drop.” “Two-hundred and fifty-two, to be exact.” “Oh my gosh, I love that ride.” “Me too! I rode it six times in a row the last time I went there.” “Aww, that picture is a cute one. Nicole looks so much older now.” “Yeah, totally. She needs to start shopping with us soon.”
Under the protection of two palm trees, Ashley shared with her friends photos of our day at Six Flags. The photos actually belonged to Nikky, since it was her digital camera we used (yes, the twelve year-old has a fully functional digital camera), but she allowed Ashley to borrow them for the night. Ashley’s friends had photos of their own to share from their vacations, but for some reason they found Ashley’s to be the most interesting. I couldn’t really tell why from where I stood. The bench they sat on was large enough only for the four of them, so I kept myself preoccupied at the water fountain in the middle of the plaza.
The fountain was a dancing water show. In a circle forty feet in diameter were dozens of holes in the ground that shot up jets of water at varying heights in a synchronized manner. The show would astound shoppers with its dazzling patterns and colors, courtesy of spotlights surrounding the fountain. The attraction was popular with the younger crowd, and though it was close to midnight, there were still a few children playing in the water.
“Big brother, can I ask you for another favor?”

I turned my ear to the delightful voice. Before my eyes could catch sight of Ashley, her arms were around my midriff.
It took all of my willpower to keep my hands to myself. Behind my sister were her friends, watching us with suspicious smiles. “Um, what can I do for you, sis?”
“The girls don’t believe me when I tell them I’m ready to take my driver’s test.”
“Do you want me to tell them how good you really are?”
Her fingers massaged my back. “No, not tell them. I want to show them.”
“Oh, I get it. You want me to let you drive us home.”
Her fingers drifted lower. “Yup, exactly. So can I?”
“I don’t know… it’s really late and you shouldn’t be driving in the dark.”
Metal chimed behind me. “Well, it’s either I drive us home…” She stepped backward. “…or no one does.”
Oh man, I couldn’t believe I fell for it. I padded my pockets, hoping the key ring hanging off her pinky finger wasn’t really mine, and the dinosaur key chain on it was just a shoddy imitation of the one I had since I was eight. I felt my wallet: check. Cell phone: check. Dirty, crumpled up napkin: check. Keys… no check. I was foolish to think otherwise. Her pickpocketing skills had been used on me once before to nab the very same item. Before I could make any attempt to get my keys back, Ashley dashed past me toward the water fountain.
“Ash, what the heck are you doing?” I shouted.
She ran across the circle, water jets hot on her heels. They erupted as she passed over each row. It was something right out of an action movie, the heroine making it to safety before she could be consumed by a dangerous flood. Ashley stood dry on the other side. She flapped her arms and kicked her feet in a quirky little dance. Her laughter could be heard by the five people remaining in the plaza.
“If you want your keys back, you better come and get it.”
I took one step into the circle. The outermost water jet erupted. I jumped away, the tip of my shoe dripping wet. “Ash, come on, don’t be like that. I’ll let you show off your driving skills to your friends some other time.”
“Like in five minutes?”
I tried to memorize the water patterns. “Tomorrow, Sunday, next week. Just not tonight. It says on your permit you’re not allowed to drive past midnight.”
“It isn’t midnight yet.”
“It will be by the time we get to my car.”
Memorizing the patterns was futile; there was no order to their design. I surmised I had to take the long way around the circle. I ran clockwise, but Ashley did the same. I sped up my pace, but Ashley did the same. I switched directions, but Ashley did the same. A wall of water was constantly between us.
Jeez, she could sure run fast in sandals.
I glanced at her friends. They continued to watch us and chat amongst themselves, their grins never leaving their faces. Three hands waved at me.
I took a deep breath. New plan. The only way I could catch my sister was to run right through the fountain and cut her off. It was only water separating us. No one ever got hurt from too much water. I just had to wait for the exact moment the jets subsided and go for it. I waited five, ten, thirty seconds. Ashley tapped her feet. Her mouth opened in a yawn.
Maybe I could simply wait until she got bored of our little game. Even she had to have had a limit on patience. I glanced at her friends again. None of them appeared to be in any hurry to head home. They were still chatting, still laughing, still having a jolly time together. Ashley must not have really been in a hurry either. Her gestures had been for show. A taunt, a dare.
All I had to do was run across. That was the only thing I needed to do to win this game. It didn’t matter whether I was fast enough or not to catch her. She would let me. All I had to do was run across.
I put my left foot in front of my right. I bent my knees, clenched my fists. I watched the jets cease one by one. This was it. It was time to make my move.
The final water column in front of me subsided. I kicked off, sprinting as fast as I could toward my sister. I blazed past a row of geysers. Then another, and another. The possibility of making it through untouched spurred me to run faster.
I passed the halfway mark. The fountain was quiet, void. Not a single jet of water was anywhere around me. Luck was on my side. I smiled at Ashley only ten feet away.
Unfortunately, luck had the poor quality of running out at the worst possible time. As if the god Poseidon himself was pitted against me, the earth trembled under my feet. A sound more terrifying than thunder reverberated in my ears. Water erupted everywhere. It blocked my view of Ashley, lifted me off the ground. My legs flew high above my head. I blacked out on impact.
I could barely hear Ashley shouting my name. Her face, inches from mine, slowly came into view as my eyes opened. She held my hand tightly to her chest, her heart racing. “Bry, are you okay? Oh god, I am so sorry for making you do this. I didn’t mean for you to get hurt. It was such a stupid idea. I was just trying to-“
“Sis…” The ringing inside my head faded away. The pain in my back vanished. I looked around. The fountain was still active.
Ashley helped me to my feet. I stumbled backward a few steps, but she held on, squeezing my hand tighter. Water continued to spew around us in a spiral. I calmly opened my palm. She returned my keys. There was no objection when I hugged her against my wet clothes. I absorbed her warmth. Victory was mine. “Babe, I got you now.”
Her eyes were lost. “Huh? What are you-“
I picked up her light body and ran. Ran toward the middle of the fountain as the ground quaked beneath me. In a glorious instant water spouted from every hole, soaking us from head to toe.
“Oh my god, what are you doing?” Ashley shrieked. “We’re both going to get wet.”
“We’re already wet, so we might as well have some fun while we’re here.” I carried her in small circles, making sure not a single inch of our bodies was left dry.
Her squeals soon turned into laughter. I lowered my hands and lifted her higher. My fingers dug into her jeans. She cradled my head and wrapped her legs around me. Her fingers skimmed through my matted hair. I laughed loudly with her.
The wall of water that had once kept us apart now imprisoned us in our own private world. Nothing could have gotten in, nothing could have gotten out. It was only Ashley and me in each other’s embrace. It was only our rejoicing that could be heard, our smiles that could be seen, our bodies that could be felt.
At the snap of a finger, our enclosure disappeared. Commands were shouted to me.
“Hey, let your sister go!” “Put our Ashy-girl down!”
Ashley and I turned around. Natalia and Lillian were running full speed at us through the fountain. Water randomly shot up between them and us, but the two girls didn’t slow down one bit.
I let go of my sister and braced myself. Natalia pounced onto my back and Lillian tackled me from the side. Ashley refused to be left out and tackled me from the other. I tried to balance myself but it wasn’t easy with three wet women clinging onto me.
Alyson yelled from the fountain’s edge. “Guys, come on. Get out of there. You guys are making fools of yourselves.”
The four of us ignored her plea as we pranced in the water. Alyson had been excluded from our activities already, and she wasn’t going to let it happen again. With a grunt and a pout, sans heels and jacket, she rushed headlong toward us.
My sides ached from being tickled nonstop. Their wild movements had me on the verge of toppling over. When Natalia slid off my back and the larger Aly jumped on, I lost my balance and fell to the floor.
But softer this time. The girls managed to free themselves before I could drag them with me. They kneeled around my splayed body in a diamond. Ashley and Alyson were at my sides, Natalia at my head, and Lillian at my legs. The two blondes grabbed my hands and helped me stand up.
The clock overlooking the plaza tolled its bells. The water and spotlights turned off and only the lampposts remained lit. The girls went to collect their bags under the glow of midnight. Lillian passed out tissues so they could wipe away the purple tears streaking down their cheeks. “Never thought I’d be glad to spend extra on waterproof mascara,” she joked. “Though this stuff isn’t as waterproof as my magazines have advertised.”
Their drenched clothing adhered to their youthful bodies. The outline of their breasts, high and firm yet no more than a handful, were evident. Though they were dressed, their wet tops exposed more than their bikinis had.
I turned away and headed to the parking lot. “I’ll get my car and drive up to the curb,” I told them. “Wait here for me.” They each said thanks.
I couldn’t let them follow me. Not in the state I was in, anyway. My jeans, heavy from the cold water it had soaked, was unable to keep my erection down.
The foursome were anxiously awaiting me when I pulled up to them. Ashley hopped into the front seat and the other three in the back.
“Oh wow,” Natalia said, “thank you so much for the towels.”
A few terrycloth towels were laid out in the backseat for them. I had stored the towels in my trunk for emergency clean ups, and I figured helping the girls stay dry so they wouldn’t wet my car counted as an emergency. The towels weren’t big enough to cover their bodies with, but they were big enough to cover their shoulders.
The friends made small chat on the drive home. For a while they talked only between themselves. Then they started to include me. Asking me if I was busy next week, asking me if I liked to play volleyball, asking me if I wanted to play with them on Thursday. I refused in the kindest way possible. Though I had a great evening, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to make this a weekly routine.
“The invitation is always open,” Alyson said. She exited my car with Natalia at their house, my towels still around their shoulders. After we exchanged good-byes, I drove off to our next stop.
Lillian hugged my sister through the passenger window. “I’ll see you first thing Monday morning for our jog. You’re welcome to tag along, Bry.” We exchanged another round of good-byes before I drove off to our last stop.
The remainder of the ride was a silent affair. Ashley was shivering in her seat, even with hers and Lillian’s towel around her shoulders. She had been exposed to the cold water for much longer than her friends, and it clearly showed. The water must not have affected her right away when we were playing in the fountain, but now that she had time to reflect on the evening, she couldn’t ignore it for any longer.
I stepped on the gas pedal a little harder. “When we get home, we’re going to get you out of those clothes before you catch a cold.”
She turned up the heater. “Okay, I’d like that. I can use some of your personal attention right about now.”
We arrived home a minute later and wasted no time in hurrying through the front door. The house was dark and quiet; our parents and Nicole were most likely sound asleep by now. I followed Ashley into the bathroom as she flipped on the light switch.
I locked the bathroom door and set aside her bags. “Let’s get you dried up, sis. You’re starting to scare me with how much you’re shivering. “
Ashley unbuckled her belt and tugged the zipper to her jeans. She tried wiggling the denim down her hips, but the water made it cling to her skin as if it had been glued on. Kneeling in front of her, I pinched the waistline to her pants and gave it a hard pull. Her pants barely budged.
“Harder, Tiger. Side to side.”
I stood up and slipped my thumbs into her jeans. Ashley took a deep breath to squeeze in her slim figure–if it was even possible for her to get any slimmer. I pushed one side at a time, scooching her jeans down her hips and thighs in a see-saw motion to her knees. Gravity pulled them to her ankles.
The thin black straps of her panties hung in two diagonals above her hips. They stretched against my thumbs as I lowered them. I dropped to my knees and helped her step out of her sandals, jeans, and underwear. My eyes wandered from her red painted toenails to her toned legs. I traced them to her moist pussy less than a foot away.
The familiar scent of an excited woman tinged my nose. I wetted my lips and moved closer. A pair of fingers in an upside down “v” spread her folds apart, revealing the dark hole leading to her womb. I looked up past my sister’s breasts. She was smiling down at me, her right hand squeezing her naked right tit.
“Go on,” she whispered. “Lick my pussy.”
That was all I needed to hear. I dipped my tongue into her hot sex. A gasp emerged from her lips. Ashley rose onto her toes, her pussy inching higher. I chased it, tasting her deeper. My head was shoved from behind and my nose brushed against her clit. Her juices leaked over my chin.
I planted my hands on each of her butt cheeks. I squeezed, causing her flesh to overflow between my fingers. Ashley leaned back against the bathroom counter. My tongue thrashed within her slick walls. Her breathing intensified. I kneaded her ass. She bucked her hips. I savored her sweet flavor. She moaned in pure ecstasy.
“Oh fuck, that feels so good. Deeper, Tiger, lick deeper.” Her fingers slid from her pussy lips to her clit. She rubbed furiously, her nails scratching the tip of my nose. “Squeeze my ass. Make it sting. Be rough with it.”
I bore my fingers into her flesh. I squeezed, loosened, squeezed again. I alternated from one ass cheek to the other. Her pussy contracted around my tongue. Her skin turned pink, the color coursing through her system. The heat emanating from her body scorched my hands.
“Fuck yes, eat my cunt. I’m so damn hot for you. I need to cum bad, Tiger. Make me cum for you.”
I hoisted her pussy into my face, trapping her labia between my lips. Her folds stretched as I pulled back. My mouth opened, releasing her from my mouth. Her folds remained engorged. I licked in an oval around her pussy. Her skin was soft, velvety. My tongue detoured into her narrow opening. Spit drooled out the corners of my mouth.
Ashley swung her right leg off the ground. The back of her knee settled on my left shoulder. Her pussy opened wider. “Get in there deep, Tiger. Fuck, don’t stop squeezing my ass. Harder, rougher. Hurt me. Hurt me just a little.”
I manhandled her with my paws, my fingers biting into her ass. Her squeal came out suppressed, her eyes latched shut, her left leg unbuckled. I stiffened my arms to hold her up. She released my hair and stopped abusing her clit. Her hands went behind her, supporting her quivering body on the counter.
My right arm hooked the back of her left knee. Ashley swung her leg over my shoulder. Half of her lay on the counter, half of her on top of me. “Oh god, keep eating me, keep eating my cunt. Don’t fucking stop. Fuck, that’s feels so good.”
Her hips humped against me as I waggled my head. She rode my tongue like a bronco rider, but instead of shouting “yee-haw,” she was crying “eat me.” My head began to ache from my erratic movements, my knees began to hurt from kneeling on the hard marble floor. But I had no intention of moving away until I was finished. I knew it wouldn’t be much longer when I heard her ragged breaths and incessant cooing.
“Oooh my god, your tongue feels so good up my cunt. I can’t get enough of this, Tiger. Holy fuck, yes. So close, so close, so… ahhh, fucking yes!”
Her thighs clamped my head still. Searing liquid gushed from her pussy. It surged with so much force it splashed into my nose. I withdrew my tongue and lifted her ass onto the counter. Her juices sprayed over my face. It bathed my lower jaw and streamed down my neck. I dangled my tongue, catching the flow of sweet cum.
Ashley’s head banged against the mirror. Bathroom supplies crashed into the sinks beside us. Her hands struggled to find something stable to hold onto. Her body succumbed to wave after wave of orgasmic bliss. My lips closed over her clit. I sucked on it, triggering another brazen cry from my delirious sister. She convulsed in one long, continuous climax. I flicked my tongue over her pearly nub. The incredible stimulation cut off her sobbing. Her mouth stayed open, but no sound came out. My hands pushed her knees apart. I maintained my suction as she doused my chin with cum.
When her orgasm slowly subsided, I ran my tongue through her slit once more before standing up. I eased her legs down over the counter. Her breasts swelled and her hands lay lifeless at her side. A blurry outline of her upper body was fogged on the mirror behind her. She was seriously that hot.
I wiped my chin with the back of my hand. “God damn, babe, you can really squirt.”
“Look at yourself,” she huffed. “You’re soaked in my cum.”
Moving to the side, I stared at my reflection in the mirror. It looked as if someone had tossed a bucket of water at me. My entire neck and mouth glistened in her juices.
I stepped in front of my sister with my arms out. She leaned off the glass and hugged me around my neck. I carried her off the counter and lowered her to her feet. Her legs were wobbly. It was impossible for her to stand without my body to lean on.
“It almost hurts to hold you, sis. You’re burning up hotter than the sun.”
“At least I won’t be catching a cold,” she weakly giggled.
I fondled the back of her head. “Are you hurt? I heard a pretty loud thump a minute ago.”
“No, I’m not hurt. How about you? Does your head still hurt from earlier?”
“I’m fine now. Thanks for asking. Let’s just get you cleaned up so you can go to bed. It’s all ready way past midnight.”
Ashley placed a finger on my lips. “You need to get cleaned up too.”
Now able to stand on her own, she grabbed the bottom of my wet t-shirt and stripped it over my head. I watched her fingers slowly unbuckle my belt. Her left hand traversed my inner thigh, stroking the bulge beneath my pants, while her right hand had the dull task of undoing my zipper. She pushed my pants and boxers down at the same time, revealing my erect cock to her glazed eyes. I kicked my legs out of the soggy clump of clothing.
“Come with me,” she whispered. Her hand wrapped around my girth as she led me through a glass door to a separate part of the bathroom. The section contained only the shower, about seven by five feet, and space outside it to dry off. She stepped into the turquoise shower stall first and twisted three silver knobs in the wall.
Water cascaded onto her from every angle. The stall had five showerheads: one main portable showerhead and one more at each corner. It was fancy and probably used more water than was necessary, but Ashley and I would never be found complaining.
My sister looked over her left shoulder at me. She beckoned with a finger, giving a come-hither look. I closed the door and approached her from behind. The moment the first spray of water hit my back, I jumped right back out the shower.
“Damn, that’s hot.”
Ashley turned to me. “I thought you like hot showers.”
“I do, but this isn’t hot. It’s boiling.”
She smiled softly. “It’ll feel better soon. Come in and join me.”
As painful as the hot water may have been, I didn’t want to keep Ashley waiting. I entered the shower a second time and let the sprays wash over me. I stood in front of her, face to face, my erect cock the only thing between us. Two jets of water splashed off my back, three splashed off hers.
After a few seconds of letting me acclimate to the heat, she lightly touched my biceps. “Better?”
“Yeah, much better.”
She caressed my arms as her focus descended. Her eyes settled on my cock, pointing at her pussy mere inches away. “I’ll wash you first,” she said, more to my friend than to me.
Ashley stopped caressing my arms. She picked up a bottle of body wash gel and a frilly bath scrub from the shelf embedded in the side wall. Squeezing the gel onto the scrub, she let it soak underneath the water until it bubbled in her hand. 
“Turn around, Bry.”
I twirled on my heels, the two showerheads closest to me now spraying my face and chest. I felt a hand on my left shoulder as she applied the scrub to the nape of my neck.
My sister lathered my whole backside. The contact was gentle, delicate, so much so that I could have fallen asleep right there in the shower. As the soap washed down my back, I could feel the bubbles streaming over my rear. The tickly sensation made me flex in my muscles. Ashley washed lower, the bubbles in closer contact to my anus.
Her hand came off my left shoulder. She planted it squarely onto my butt. I yelped in surprise. Looking behind me, I spotted Ashley on her knees.
She scrubbed each of my buttocks. “Don’t like your ass being grabbed?”
“To be honest, I rather do the ass grabbing around here.”
“Then how ’bout I grab something else instead.” Ashley moved her left hand between my legs. I looked forward just in time to see her fingers closing around my cock. She stroked it forward and back.
“Damn, that feels so good.” I lolled my head back and closed my eyes, enjoying the steamy water running down my body and her hand jerking me off.
She continued to wash me while working her magic on my cock. Because the shaft was so slippery, she had almost no friction on it, and her hand pumped swiftly and wildly. The lack of a tight grip kept me from blowing my load in ten seconds.
“Tiger, has your cock been hard the entire night?”
“Just about. You were driving me crazy. All I wanted to do was get away from your friends for even a few minutes so I could have you to myself.”
“What would you have done if we were alone?”
“A little bit of what we’re doing right now.”
Her chipper voice became low and sultry. “Have I been a naughty cocktease?”
The thought of her being a major league flirt was the furthest thing from my mind, but I sure did like the sound of it. “Yes, you were such a naughty cocktease.”
Her hand squeezed my cock tighter. “I didn’t mean to tease you. I swear I wanted to tear your pants down and suck your cock until you cum in my mouth. I wanted to taste you so bad. It’s been almost an entire day since I ate your cum. You like it when I eat your cum, don’t you?”
All I could imagine was the visceral image of her lips around my cock while I spurted. “Oh yes, more than anything.”
“I was so tempted to do it every time we were alone. Like when were in that dark picture booth. I could have opened your fly and sucked you dry in seconds. I didn’t give a damn if someone caught us. I just needed to taste your cum. I love the feel of it on my tongue. It’s so hot and sticky… mmm, I can almost taste it all ready.
Remember the chocolate cake we had after dinner? It was good, wasn’t it? Well, it doesn’t compare to the dessert you’ve given me. Nothing compares to what you have inside your swollen nuts. Instead of chocolate syrup poured all over the cake, I wished it had been your warm, gooey cum. God, that would have tasted so good. A mile-high chocolate cake covered in white cum. How many loads would it have taken to cover the whole thing? A lot of them, I bet. But if I had a dessert like that, I wouldn’t be able to share it with anyone because I’d want it all to myself. I can be selfish sometimes, you know. When it comes to my man, only I get to eat his fresh cum.”
“Oh shit,” I grunted. “I’m going to-” Ashley immediately released my cock before I could erupt in her hand.
I couldn’t believe it–and I still can’t believe it to this day. That was the first time my sister had denied me the chance the cum. She had always allowed me to reach my sexual apex whenever I wanted to, even when I felt I had nothing left to give her. But this was unfathomable. It was torture, plain and simple. I wanted to scream at being so close. I even contemplated on using my own hands to finish the task. There was one reason why I didn’t do a thing about it: I didn’t want to waste my cum by painting the shower wall white.
Ashley spoke in her normal tone. “Turn around, Tiger. Let me wash your front.”
I did so while spouting “cocktease.”
Her lips curled into a devilish grin while she poured more gel onto the scrub. When it became bubbly again, she stood up to wash my shoulder and pecs. She briskly cleaned my front as if she was in a hurry to get on her knees again.
Once she was kneeled down, my cock stared her in the face. Ashley washed around it, scrubbing my legs and stomach. My cock twitched despite being untouched directly. Evading it, her free hand groped my testicles. She tugged the loose skin of my scrotum a couple times, and then applied the scrub. Her hands bumped into my member as she cleaned my balls.
She moved herself a little closer, my cock head targeting her lips. I resisted the urge to fist my cock to a much needed orgasm. Coating her with my sperm would have been an incredible thing to witness. I would know; I had done it once before. As she continued to wash my scrotum, I could re-imagine the cum streaks on her face from that wonderful night when I gave my sister her first facial. A streak on her lips, another on her chin, a long one across her nose. The image was crystal clear. I could even re-imagine her wiping my cum into her mouth and gobbling it up. Strange how the first night we were intimate ended in such a lewd act. Still, it was something I had wanted to reenact ever since.
I waved my hand across her forehead to brush away the golden strands clinging to her face. She seemed to have enjoyed it the first time. Maybe she would let me do it again. If so, I wanted to get a clear view.
The cleaning on my balls stopped. Ashley gripped my cock in her right hand. Looking up at me, she pulled it down, making the slit point to the floor. Then she released my cock and watched it come dangerously close to hitting her face as it sprung up. She repeated the motion a few times. “Your cock is harder than steel. Look at it bounce up and down. It must have been painful having this thing crammed beneath your pants for so long.”
“You have no idea,” I mumbled.
She raised the scrub to my cock. Bubbles covered my shaft as she squeezed the scrub around it. “I’ve been bad, haven’t I? Making my handsome brother so hard without any relief. That has to be a sin.”
“Oh fuck, the worst kind.”
Ashley grabbed my cock in a fist with the scrub between her fingers and my skin. She stroked it to the bright red head, then in reverse to my balls. The scratchy feeling of the scrub was different to that of her smooth hands, but the pleasure she brought me was just as sensational. “I have such a potty mouth, Tiger. That’s also a sin, isn’t it?”
I was dozing off to an alternate reality. “Very potty. I think we need to wash your mouth out.”
Her suggestive tone transformed into that of a demure little girl. “Do you really have to? Please don’t wash it with soap. I hear that stuff tastes horrible.”
Seeing the sudden reversal in roles, I toughened my voice. I didn’t sound much gruffer, but it was a decent start. “I have something else in mind for your dirty mouth.” I unraveled her fingers and snatched the scrub from her. Slinging it on the shelf, I let the water wash away the remaining bubbles on my cock.
She gulped. “You’re not going to put that big thing in my tiny mouth, are you? It won’t fit.”
I almost broke the mood by cracking a smile. She was more than skilled enough to handle it, but I played along anyway. “If it doesn’t fit in your mouth, I’ll make it fit by ramming my cock down your throat.”
I noticed her left hand cupping her mound between her legs. “Please don’t be rough on me. I’m so sorry, big brother. Please forgive me. From now on I won’t tease you unless I’m willing to help you cum. You deserve better than this.” She tried reaching for my cock but I blocked her hand.
“No touching. You don’t touch anything unless I tell you to.” She shook her head. “And that includes your pussy. You can’t touch yourself there either, so that means no cumming.”
“No, no… please let me touch my clitty. I know I don’t deserve it but I am so horny right now. I need to rub it. I need to cum again.”
“You’ll do what I say if you want me to forgive you. Now be a good girl and stop touching yourself. Tonight, you belong to me.” She whimpered the cutest sound while taking her hand off her pussy. “Put your hands behind your back.”
She held her hands together over her butt. I went around to observe my submissive sibling. The steamy water rained down on her long hair and face from all directions. Because I no longer protected her from the two sprays in front of her, she had to close her eyes so water wouldn’t splash into them.
I circled around her and stopped at her back. I lifted the portable showerhead from its hook and kneeled down. “Hold your hands out behind your back.” Ashley leaned forward and extended her arms to me. “Good girl.” I tied the showerhead around her hands as a makeshift handcuff. She gasped sharply. Grinning to no one in particular, I looped the showerhead once more over her hands. The hose wasn’t as flexible as a real rope, so she could have struggled for a few seconds and it would have loosened on its own. Although I didn’t think my sister wanted that to happen.
I tugged on the restraint for added effect. “Lean back again.”
Ashley sat upright on her knees. Her legs were stark pink against the white floor. I immediately remembered how uncomfortable it was to kneel for so long. After all, I had done it ten minutes ago.
I whispered into her ear. “I’ll be right back.”
A baby blue towel awaited me on the wooden rack outside the shower. I grabbed it and re-entered the stall. “Lift your knees up, babe.” Helping her squat, I placed the towel beneath her knees.
Ashley eased down onto the soft fabric, her eyes still closed. “Thank you,” she quietly said.
I raised her chin and flattened her lips with mine. We may have been doing a bit of role-playing, but I didn’t want her to forget I loved her and would always watch out for her.
Still, I enjoyed the direction this was heading and didn’t linger on the taste of her lips for too long. I went behind her again and adjusted the portable showerhead, turning the light spray into a concentrated burst. I twisted the middle knob in the wall to shut off the water but left the four corner sprays on. There was about an extra foot of hose from her hands to the showerhead, as well as another six inches of the showerhead itself.
“Spread your thighs for me, babe.” Her knees parted. I slid the showerhead between the opening of her thighs from behind, then circled around in front of her. I tugged on the handle, consequently pulling her hands into her butt. “Sit on your heels.”
She obediently sat down. “What are you planning to do to me?”
“Shhh, I ask the questions around here.” I aimed the nozzle at her pussy and tapped her outer thighs. Her knees closed together, holding the showerhead in place. “What I’m going to do next might be a little jarring, but I know you can handle it. Don’t open your legs unless I tell you to, okay?” Ashley nodded, but I wanted to hear her. “That’s not good enough, babe. From now on, when I ask you a question, you answer me. Do you understand?”
“Yes,” she feebly replied.
I went behind her. “Will you open your legs without my permission?”
“Good, that’s what I want to hear. I think you deserve a little reward.” Her head craned from me as I kissed her neck.
“Oooh yesss,” she hissed.
My teeth sunk into her supple flesh. I nibbled; first gently, then harshly. Her whimpers were music to my ears. They urged me to proceed lower. I left a trail of teeth marks from her neck to her shoulder. Her skin was hot against my tongue. I could only taste water as I savored her body.
I returned to her neck for one last kiss before getting up. There were still a lot of things that needed to be taken care of before the night ended. Namely my erection.
I placed my left hand on her shoulder. With my right I turned on the shower knob for the portable showerhead. Water could be heard surging through the bathroom pipes. In another second, water erupted from the nozzle between Ashley’s legs. It sprayed her clit. Hard.
She screamed at the top of her lungs, not unlike that of her bicycle accident. Her butt rose off her heels, but with my hand holding her in place she couldn’t get away from the water striking her pussy. Her deafening scream echoed off the tiled walls, rupturing my eardrums. I cringed. This was not the reaction I had predicted from her. It sounded as if she was getting electrocuted, or pierced by a thousand needles.
I let go of her shoulder and rushed in front of her. She remained on her heels, shouting “oh my god” over and over again. I tried pulling the showerhead away, but her knees were clamping it like a vice. I adjusted the nozzle instead, weakening the jet to a meek spray. My sister stopped wailing loud enough to wake the dead, or worse, our parents. “Oh my god, oh my god…”
I feared I went to far with my unorthodox setup. The idea had sort of just hit me; it wasn’t as if I’d ever plotted for the opportunity. When I was tying up her hands, I didn’t even expect things to go this far. My plans had a knack of changing against my discretion, and I assumed it would have changed again. Not only that, I didn’t expect her to indulge in my perverted fantasy for this long. Talking dirty was one thing, actually being dirty was another.
I pleaded with Ashley to open her eyes; I’d die if she couldn’t look me in the face anymore.
Her head rolled backward, her eyes slowly opened. She muttered, “I’m so sorry.”
I was flabbergasted. “Sorry? What are you sorry for?”
“I came. I came so fucking hard. Even though you told me I couldn’t touch myself, I came anyway. Am I still a bad girl?”
It was almost impossible for me to contain my smile. She was just so damn sexy. It was also a relief knowing I hadn’t screwed up our relationship.
Cupping her chin, I tried to get back into my role. It wasn’t easy playing the tough guy when I wanted to hug her like a teddy bear. “Yes, you’re still a very bad girl. And it seems you still have a dirty mouth. I think it’s time I clean it.”
“Help me be a good girl. I want you to be proud of me. Teach me a lesson. Do whatever it takes.”
I grabbed a handful of her wet hair. With my other hand, I held my cock steady. “Open your mouth for me, babe. I should’ve done this hours ago. Have you suck my cock dry before I picked up your friends. Maybe I could’ve had you suck my cock while I was driving to Lillian’s house. Give you a big load right before dinner and a movie. I’m sure they would’ve liked seeing my cum running down your lips when you greeted them. Then they’d know how bad you really are when they smell my cum from your dirty mouth.”
Ashley purred and hissed. Her lips deformed into a hellish smile. Fire raged in her eyes. She was lost. Lost between the fantasy of being under my control and the scenario I embedded in her sex-crazed mind. The scenario was just a fantasy to me too, but to her… who knew what she might have done with the thought.
My sister couldn’t keep her good and bad girl persona separate any longer. Her words pleaded for redemption, her voice begged for corruption. “Oh god, yes. My friends have no idea how bad I am. They don’t know how badly I want cum, how badly I crave cum, how badly I need cum. If they find out how bad I really am, they’d make fun of me forever. My friends are good girls unlike me. Help me be more like them. I want to be good again.”
Her mouth wasn’t open enough for me to move onto the next phase. “Let me see your tongue. Open up, nice and wide. Good, just like that. Good girl.” With her tongue hanging over her chin, she opened her mouth until I could see her tonsils.
Instead of thrusting into her mouth, I turned her head sideway and nudged my cock into her right cheek. Precum leaked onto her skin but was quickly washed away before I could take in the view. Centering her, I traced her upper lip with my cock. More precum leaked from the slit. She moved forward, attempting to engulf my meat. I pulled her hair back to keep her head still, but I couldn’t stop her tongue from flicking the underside.
It felt so heavenly, I almost conceded and gave Ashley what she wanted. Finally, after a busy night of making new friends, I had my cock out in the open. Let her take it into her mouth, go to town with it. I had what she needed. It would be easy to let her blow me to an orgasm. I was already on the verge from just the ministrations of her tongue.
But wait a minute. This wasn’t right at all; this couldn’t be what she really wanted. She wouldn’t want me to give in this easily. That would ruin everything we had built up. What she really wanted me to do was fight her for it. “It” being control. Even when she was tied up, she knew she had more control than me. That with just her tongue she could wrap me around her tiny finger. She was taunting me again, daring me again. Just like at the water fountain. Instead of seeing if I had the guts to chase after her, see was seeing if I had the balls to let her chase after me.
Ashley and I understood I was going to cum in her mouth eventually. That was something we both wanted. However, it was only going to happen on my terms, when I was ready for it. I had control this time. It was my turn to set the rules.
Smirking to myself, I turned her head in the other direction and jabbed my cock into her left cheek. Her cheek caved in from the force, but she showed no sign of dislike. Rather, she rolled her tongue into her mouth and pressed it against the inside of her cheek, staving off my cock.
We played a game of tug-o-war, except we pushed instead of pulled. I had the advantage since my cock was rock hard compared to her flexible tongue, but I let her fend me off for the time being. There were more important matters I needed to attend to.
I turned her face to me and slanted her head back. Taking a small step forward, I laid the length of my cock on her face. My shaft rested parallel to the bridge of her nose with my balls on her chin. Her tongue snaked out to lick what she could of me. If she made any sudden movements, or caused me to make any sudden movements, my cock would have poked her right in the eye. “I didn’t say you could use your tongue yet.”
Ashley reclaimed some of her innocence. “I’m so sorry. I try my hardest to follow instructions. I just get carried away sometimes. Your balls taste so yummy, and your cock tastes even better. And your cum… mmm, that’s the tastiest of all.”
“I see what you mean by getting carried away. Keep your mouth open for me.” I aimed my cock at her spread lips. “Tell me why you’re a bad girl.”
“I’m a cocktease.”
“Who have you been teasing?”
“My big brother.”
“Is there any other reason why you’re a bad girl?”
“Yes, there is. I have a dirty mouth. A very, very dirty mouth.”
“And what am I going to do about it?”
“You are going to put your cock in my mouth and wash it out.”
“You know what I’m going to wash it out with?”
She hesitated for a moment. “No.” 
“I’m going to cum in your mouth and make sure get a big, hot load of my thick sperm. You’re going to rinse with it and make sure your entire mouth is covered in white. Then when I tell you to, you’re going to swallow it all. How does that sound?”
“Sounds like the perfect punishment for a bad girl like me.”
“Well done. It’s not too late for you to be redeemed after all. Now, before I go on, tell me from the very beginning why we’re doing this.” Nothing could have prepared me for the verbal assault that followed.
“I need to be punished because I’m a slutty cocktease who loves teasing the hell out of my hunky brother until he’s ready to blow a gallon of hot cum from his hard fuck stick. I’m so naughty, I let him walk around in public for five long hours with a humungous boner ready to rip through his pants and ravage my dirty mouth. I love it when he undresses me with his eyes while he has no chance of unloading his milky cream all over his dear, sweet whore. But my big brother is stronger than I thought and now he has his wanton cocksucker tied up on her knees, ready to give her smutty mouth a good reaming so he could wash it out with a never-ending supply of his yummy, gooey spunk. He’s going to make me gurgle his creamy jizz until it froths in my mouth and bubbles out my blowjob lips. But being the good little slut I am, I have to scoop it all back into my mouth so I don’t waste a single drop of my master’s delicious semen. So hurry and give me your cock. Choke me with it. I’m ready for you, big brother. I want hard cock now. Give it to me, give it to–mmmph!”
Lunging forward, I pulled her head down and slammed my cock into her vulgar mouth. It was a miracle I didn’t cum the instant my balls crashed into her chin. I recklessly stabbed her with my meat. She coughed and gagged at the severe penetration, unable to keep her lips closed around me for any longer than a millisecond. Her saliva, drenching my cock, drooled down to my nuts, only to be cleansed by the shower water.
Ashley rolled her tongue out, licking the underside as I drilled into her hot mouth. I sputtered incoherently, grunted in bestial fury. If I had spoken in words, even she would have been offended by the things I wanted to call her. Over and over again my steely rod invaded her wet orifice. Her face turned bright red, her eyes bolted shut. I went faster with my powerful thrusts, giving her the hard cock she so desperately wanted. If sister wanted to be my loving nymph, I was more than willing to treat her like one.
“Oh fuck, close your mouth. Suck on it.” She tried to inhale my cock as I slammed into her, but I struck with such force, she couldn’t breathe and had to slack her jaw. I stopped my thrusts with half my cock still in her mouth.
“Let me see your lips wrap around my prick.” She sealed her lips and sucked hard, like she was drinking a thick milkshake through a narrow straw. “Oooh, that’s a good girl. Do you want me to stop your punishment?”
She opened her eyes as she rocked her head side to side.
Relieved she wanted me to keep going, I growled, “Answer me properly. I want to hear you.” She mumbled no around my cock. “Use your tongue and lick the tip. Do you like the taste of my precum?” This time she mumbled a distorted yes. “Relax your throat. I want to go in deep.”
My sister curled her lips into an obscene smile, her precious face defiled by my cock. I pushed in and felt the barrier protecting her throat. “C’mon, babe, relax for me. Let me get my cock in there.”
She re-closed her eyes, opened her mouth wide, and inhaled. I began to push, holding her head in place with both of my hands. The barrier broke away and I delved a little deeper, entering her throat. With most of my cock in, I stayed still, allowing her to get accustomed to the intrusion. I counted to five, then pulled completely out of her mouth, leaving her panting for more.
“Get ready for it again,” I hastily warned.
She repeated her start-up process for another helping of my cock. I pushed into her throat until there was less than an inch of my shaft not enveloped by her lips. I stayed longer this time, counting up to ten. She wheezed and snorted as I retreated, her saliva bridging my cock to her lips. Spying her enlarged nipples, I reached down to give them a pinch.
“Oooh, tweak my nipples,” she cooed.
I twisted the pink stubs and tugged them from her chest, her boobs stretching into a cone shape. When I relinquished my grasp, her tits sprung back into position with a small jiggle. I pressed my thumbs against the hard caps, driving them into her flesh. Quivering and moaning, Ashley reveled in the crude treatment I was giving her. I stopped what I was doing and stepped away. Taking three seconds to tilt the showerheads behind me so they wouldn’t wash over my shoulders and her face, I grabbed a hold of my shaft.
With her mouth wide open, I returned to my sister and slapped my bulbous cock head onto her lips. “No more holding back. Get ready for all of it.”
She licked the precum dribbling onto her lip and hurriedly gulped it down. Opening her eyes, a mix of hazel and red, she sluttishly spat, “Ram your fucking cock down my throat.”
God damn, was my baby girl going to get a fierce reaming from me. Before I could slam my hips into her with the force of a freight train, she dove forward and swallowed my entire cock in one mouthful. Her throat muscles clamped around me as her nose depressed into my crotch. Fully inside of her, her tongue was able to lick my bloated balls.
Receding from her face, I gripped her golden hair into two long pigtails, then hammered my cock back into her mouth. One thrust, two thrusts, twenty thrusts. I was unrelenting in my frenzied onslaught. My thickness lodged into her throat, the head secreting oil directly into her stomach. I kept screwing her face–dare I say it, even fucking her face–never taking out more than half my cock. She tried to keep her eyes open, to show me the fervent lust consuming her soul, but the brute force of my thrusts was too much for her. Soon my thrusts came so rapidly, she just kept her eyes shut and concentrated on not suffocating around my shaft. Amazingly, she found a way to breathe in the miniscule second I wasn’t blocking her airway.
“Oh shit, babe, I’m going to cum so fucking hard. Do you want to taste my spunk?” I could barely hear Ashley’s answer through the sloshing sounds of my oral rape. “Tell me, baby, I can’t hear you.” Her cry sounded louder but not any clearer. “Answer me. I still can’t hear you.”
Wildly shaking her head, scraping my cock with her teeth, my sister screamed her muffled answer. “Meeemph!” Whether she wanted it or not, whether she was ready for it or not, I was going to give her the biggest load of cum she’d ever receive.
Dislodging from her throat, my cock laying on her tongue, I exploded from the sheer overload of debauchery and pleasure. The first creamy blast was like a shotgun shell fired at point-blank range, splashing off the back of her mouth and onto my cock head. I fired one thick burst after another, coating her mouth with my syrupy seed. Steadying her head, I emptied my balls until they were nothing more but excess skin. Her jaw brimmed with my spunk, her cheeks puffed like a balloon. My cock became sticky with the massive amount of cum she was storing in her mouth. I bucked my hips, churning the batch of fresh semen into a bubbling mess. Ashley coughed some of my cream out the corner of her mouth, looking exactly like the slutty bad girl she wanted to be.
When I stopped adding to the pool of cum, she fastened her lips around my cock. I slowly pulled out, her lips scraping off the cum pasted on my shaft. I extracted my cock head with a pop, successfully freeing myself without wasting another drop.
My sister tilted her head back as I let go of her hair. Her lower jaw shifted in small circles, like she was chewing on peanut butter. My gelatin knees almost unbuckled from exhaustion. Leaning onto the wall behind me, I thumped my chest to get my lungs functioning again.
“Holy shit,” I huffed, “I have never came so much before. That was fucking incredible, sis.”
Ashley couldn’t answer me with her mouth full of cum. She looked so serene with the water running down her breasts, yet oh-so naughty with her hands behind her back and the portable showerhead still spraying her pussy. When she opened her mouth, I moved closer to get a better look.
As she awakened, I could see my smile reflecting in her eyes. They were no longer red and angry. I pressed my palm to her warm cheek. “That’s a lot of cum, isn’t it, babe?” My sister smiled the best she could without spilling any. “Rinse your mouth with my cum,” I ordered, my voice having lost most of its sternness. “Make it a good show for me.”
Ashley did not disappoint. Her mouth opened and she rinsed with my cum like she’d told me she would. Gargling sounds could barely be heard through the thick goo, which soon turned into a foamy, seething fluid. Her tongue was completely submerged in my gunk. Bubbles formed and popped over her lips. Droplets almost escaped out the corners of her mouth. It was “cleaner” than the facial I wanted to give her, but still shamelessly indecent.
I tipped her chin higher. “That’s enough rinsing. Ready to swallow?”
My impure sister didn’t bother replying. Locking our eyes together, she fastened her lips and swallowed her first morsel of rich cum. Her throat contracted with each additional gulp, a constant stream of batter traveling down to her stomach.
When her mouth was emptied of my cum, Ashley smacked her lips together and let out a satisfied sigh. Her tongue slithered over her lips, making sure not to miss the teensiest drop. Once all of my cum was in her belly, she said in her sweet, teenybopper voice, “Thank you so much for your yummy cum. My mouth feels so clean now. I don’t feel like saying bad things anymore. Have I been punished enough? Am I your perfect little princess again?”
“No, not even close.” I walked around behind her. “Your mouth isn’t dirty anymore but the rest of you still needs to be cleaned.” I pulled the showerhead from between her legs and unraveled the knot, freeing my sister from her bond. “Get up and turn around. Let me see your sexy body.”
Ashley had trouble standing from having been on her knees for so long. I held her arms and aided her to her feet. Cuddling her to my chest, I whispered, “Are you okay? Should I stop what I’m doing?”
“No, Bry, don’t.” She spun around to face me, holding my neck in her hands. “I want you to clean me. I don’t think I have the energy to do it on my own.”
“Okay, Ash, I can do that for you.”
She smiled her angelic smile, faultless in purity. The atmosphere in the shower had changed so drastically. It was as if the water was cleansing us of our perversity, leaving only our affection for each other.
Fondling her by the waist, I drew our faces closer together, guided by her hands to her waiting mouth. Our lips touched, her tender flesh akin to feathery pillows. Ashley ran her fingers through my hair. Her moans accompanied her tongue into my mouth. She entwined her tongue around mine, transferring to me to the salty tang of fresh semen. I recoiled at the astonishing flavor, but my tongue had nowhere to hide inside my mouth.
I thought about pushing myself away. On more than one occasion I had briefly tasted my cum in her mouth, though the taste had never been this strong. It was almost too much for me to keep from feeling queasy. Not that I couldn’t stomach the saltiness, but I had a mental restraint imposed upon me that I shouldn’t be tasting this.
Ashley realized my discomfort and backed away from me. “Maybe I should have rinsed with some water first.”
“No, I, um…” Immediately I regretted my unwillingness to do something as trivial as tasting my own cum. Trivial, at least, compared to the other stuff we’d done. My sister had always been eager to partake in whatever sexual act we found ourselves in; it should only be fair I showed the same eagerness.
Instead of finishing my poor excuse, I yanked her body to me. My tongue easily slid between her open lips. Ashley giggled, bringing a smile to my face she couldn’t see through our kiss. I explored her mouth, tasting her saliva and the remnants of my cum. This time I didn’t flinch from the taste. I just hugged her tighter as her nipples poked my chest. Scooping her butt cheeks, I lifted my baby girl off her feet. Her legs flailed as she broke our kiss, laughing the way she had done so at the mall.
I gingerly put her down and moved an arm’s length away, admiring her from the top of her golden hair to her cute wiggly toes. “Ready for a rubdown, babe?”
She arched her back, her breasts on glorious display. “Do you want to wash my front or back first?”
“Front.” I didn’t want to wait another second to get my hands on her wonderful tits. Snatching the shower supplies from earlier, I got the scrub nice and bubbly with body wash. Starting at her collarbone, I scrubbed to her left shoulder then reversed to her right. In circular motions, I polished down to her breasts.
I washed around her left nipple first. Her lightly-colored areolas, about the size of a quarter, were almost invisible under the current lighting condition. Between all the different bras she owned, not one of them left any sort of mark on her skin. No tan lines, nicks, or scratches. Purely a healthy skin tone throughout. They looked so healthy, I quickly found myself closing my lips around her nipple without any consideration.
“Oooh, play with my titty. Suck it for me, Tiger. A little harder. I want to feel it.”
Her instructions were unnecessary, for I was already devouring her soft mound. I felt her hands clasp my head, holding me firmly against her. Licking around her nipple, I occasionally tossed in a hard suck, which never failed to incite an aroused moan. Still savoring her flesh in my mouth, I blindly washed her right breast.
“Mmm, yes… that feels so nice. Clean my titties. Use your tongue all over me. Taste how dirty I am. Use your teeth, too. Bite my nipple. Yeah, just like that. Ow, ow, oh fuck. Don’t stop, Tiger, keep doing it. Fuck, you’re an animal. Now do it to my right titty.”
I gave her breast a farewell kiss before switching to the other one. While I cleaned her abs with the scrub, I carried out a repeat performance of suckling and licking on her tit. Her vivid play-by-play commentary was continuous as I washed her loins. Departing from her breast, I kissed my down her navel until I was on my knees. She let go of my head so I could better admire her pussy, which was pink and engorged from the hot water that had been spraying it during my blowjob. I washed her legs and her outer pussy lips, keeping my eyes on her sex the entire time. With her skin smelling of green apples, I stood up.
There was a pout on Ashley’s lips. “What’s wrong, sis? Didn’t I do a good job of cleaning you?”
“Yes, I suppose…” Her voice trailed off as she turned around. She whisked her hair away, exposing smooth skin from her neck to her heels. “Okay, backside now.”
I poured extra body gel onto the scrub and meticulously rubbed it down her shoulders to the deep curvature leading to her butt cheeks. Her hips flared from the slimmest part of her waist in a slender hourglass shape, her butt flared from her lower back in two perfect spheres. I squeezed the scrub over her spectacular ass, watching the bubbles cascade down her shapely legs.
As the bubbles ticked her anus, Ashley flexed in her muscles. She giggled softly and leaned forward, placing her palms on the shower wall, her butt protruding outward to me. Her ass looked bigger and more spectacular with her bent at the waist. I dropped the scrub and settled my hands on each cheek.
My sister peered over her right shoulder to me. “Brian?”
I kneaded her rotund flesh. “Yes, sis?”
“Do you agree with what Alyson said earlier tonight?”
The only thing I could think about at that moment was Ashley’s ass. Any prior event was lost on me. “Agree with what?”
“When we were showing off our swimwear, she said I have a nice ass. Do you really think so?”
“Nope, you don’t have a nice ass.” She frowned, her eyes showing definite signs of confusion. “You have a great ass,” I clarified. “The most perfect ass in the world.”
Her frown disappeared. “I never thought my ass was very big.”
“It isn’t huge if that’s what you mean, but it is very smooth and curvy. I can get a handful of it too, so that’s a bonus.”
“Do you think my ass is my best feature?”
“No, it’s not your best feature.” There was no confusion in her eyes this time; she may have thought I was kidding again. “Ashley, you have the most beautiful face. If I were to describe to my friends how gorgeous you are, I’d go on for hours talking about just your facial features. I’d tell them every little detail, from your cute button nose to the adorable dimples in your cheeks when you smile. As stunning as your body is, it’s always your face that catches my eyes first. No one will ever look like you, so I want to admire your face for as long as I can, whenever I can. Though if it makes you feel any better, your ass comes in a very close second.”
Ashley blushed substantially. “You’re such a sweet talker.” She stepped in place on her toes, her butt swaying. “Now get down on your knees and finish what you started.”
I gave her ass a light slap. “Yes, ma’am!”
Now was as good a time as ever to get acquainted with my sister’s rear. Using the towel to cushion my knees, I sat down to eye level with her rosebud. I hurriedly cleaned the back of her legs, going over them once, and cast my attention to my prize.  While I pulled her left cheek to the side, Ashley reached behind to pull her right. Presented to me was the dark pinkish rim of her anus, possibly more virgin than her pussy. Whereas my tongue and plenty of fingers had taken refuge inside her womb, her ass was, at least to my knowledge, untouched by anything but water and toilet paper.
I had to find out if that was really the case. “Ash, has anything ever been inside your ass?”
Surprisingly to me, the question seemed to have surprised her. She tripped over a few syllables before plainly saying, “No… nothing.”
Her answer encouraged me. I may have been late to pop her cherry, but my sister was still very chaste when it came to actual sex. I quickly came to a resolution: to deflower her untapped anus before the night ended. And what better place was there to deflower her dirtiest hole than in the cleanest, most private room in our whole house.
I wasted no time in dabbing the shower scrub between her butt cheeks. I squeezed it in my hand while rubbing up and down her crevice. Her anus clenched shut from the bubbles daring to seep into her.
When the scrub produced nothing more than water, I set it aside and looked around for the portable showerhead I had carelessly left somewhere. The apparatus was pointlessly shooting at the wall behind me, and I nabbed it to make better use of the water. Aiming the nozzle at her butt, I cleaned her with a direct spray. Despite our hands holding her cheeks apart, her muscles tensed, blocking passage to her anus.
“Ash, relax your body. It’s only water.”
“I know, but it tickles so much. I can’t help it. Why are you cleaning inside of my butt anyway?”
I disregarded her question; she’d understand in a minute. “It’s mind over matter, babe. Just concentrate on anything but what I’m doing and you won’t squeeze your butt in.”
She smiled down at me with my face hidden behind her bum. “How do you know that?”
“That’s how it always is with these things.” Easier said than done, of course, since I hadn’t been effective in putting that idea in practice. First when she cleaned my butt, second when I tasted my cum in her mouth.
I aimed the nozzle at her rosebud again. Her hole closed in just as quickly, but as I held the showerhead still, it slowly opened. “Babe, can you hold your butt apart for me and bend down more?” Not bothering to ask why, she did as I instructed.
With my hands free I cranked up the strength of the water burst. My sister immediately felt the difference. “Oh god, what are you doing?”
For a second I thought about stopping. “Does it feel uncomfortable?”
“No, it’s… okay. It sort of feels funny. What are you trying to do?”
Calmly I replied, “Trying to clean you from the inside out.”
“But why are you–oooh…”
I pushed my left forefinger into her wet pussy. “‘Why am I’ what?” I asked, pumping my digit to the knuckle.
“Why are you… ahhh fuck.”
I crooked my finger and spread her pussy open. “No more talking. I promise you’ll enjoy this.”
Believing her anus was clean enough for what I wanted to do next, I set aside the showerhead and inched my face toward her rear. Steadying my finger inside her pussy, I penetrated her ass with my tongue.
“Ah shit. What are you… holy fuck, I can’t believe you’re licking my ass.”
Her sphincter only allowed the tip of tongue to enter her narrow opening, but that didn’t discourage me in my efforts to set her off. To make up for my inability to fully enter her ass, I finger fucked her pussy with renewed intensity. I swept my tongue across her anus while strumming her clit between my right fingers.
“Oh god, don’t stop, don’t stop. This feels so good. Fuck my pussy, rub my clitty, tongue my ass. Oooh, what are you doing to me, Tiger? Stick another finger in my pussy. Yesss, that’s what I want to feel. Now a third one. Fuck my pussy with another finger. Ah shit, that’s a good boy. Do you like the taste of my asshole? Does it taste dirty? Oh fuck… oh fuck… I’m going to… ahhh fucking yes!”
In less than a minute, my kindling sent jolts of orgasmic pleasure through every fiber of her being. Falling forward, my sister wailed at the tiled wall, jutting her ass into my face. Her pussy tightened around my fingers. Cum, hotter than a burning light bulb, flooded out. I pulled away, replacing my fingers in her pussy with my tongue. I thirstily lapped her heated juices.
The change in sensation startled my climaxing sister. Her butt pushed against me, almost knocking me onto my back. I held her waist to pacify her shuddering body, and to give me something reliable to hold onto.
It was difficult to tell when her orgasm truly stopped and how much of the liquid I was drinking was merely water. As I moved away from her ass, the shower washed my face of her fluids.
Ashley tiredly lifted her limp body. “Wow… I can’t believe you did that.”
“Why not? I like to get down and dirty every once in a while.”
“I didn’t think you’d be comfortable with doing something like licking my ass.”
“I’ll admit the idea freaked me out a little at first, but if you’re willing to try new things, then so should I.”
Ashley giggled under her breath. “So, did you enjoy it?”
“Yeah, loved it. It helps that you have such a nice, firm ass for me to bury my face in.”
“You said I didn’t have a nice ass.”
“You have a great, firm ass,” I corrected. “I can’t believe you actually came, though. Especially that quickly.”
“Well sorry, mister,” she sarcastically replied. “It was pretty wild the way you licked my ass while you fingered my pussy and frigged my clit. My body can’t handle all that at the same time.”
My ego swelled at her words. “Maybe, but I thought your clit might have been too desensitized to be so excitable. From the showerhead, I mean.”
“It sort of is desensitized. I really can’t feel much from it.”
“Oh, so I broke your pussy?”
Ashley played along. “Yes, you sure did. Now how am I supposed to get any sexual satisfaction?”
“I have a backup plan for an emergency like this. Worked once already, didn’t it? Pull your ass apart for me.”
She stayed against the wall for another minute before regaining the energy to pry her cheeks open. I prodded her anus with my right index finger. Her muscles reactively tightened. Unlike with the water spray, I could push my way in, and I slowly inserted my finger up to the first joint.
“Oooh wow, keep going, Tiger.”
Her tightness practically squeezed the blood out of my finger. Pushing to the second joint, I feared I may get stuck in her ass. I could have seen the headlines already: “Firefighters Remove Boy’s Finger from Sister’s Butt.” Though it may need to be shortened a little bit.
“Oh fuck,” she gasped. “All the way in, all the way in.”
Inserting another inch, I was as far in as my finger could reach. I curved and twisted my finger, loosening her cramped passageway.
“Holy fuck, I can feel you moving inside my ass.”
“Does it feel good?”
“Oh god yes. Hurry up and stick another finger in there.”
I honestly didn’t think I heard her right. “What do you want me to do?”
“Stick another finger up my ass. I can take it.”
Guess I heard her right after all.
Strenuously pulling out to the first joint, I lengthened my middle finger and tried to fit it in with my forefinger. I wiggled my digits against her anus, and slowly yet surely I managed to cram them both inside, all the way to the knuckle.
Ashley humped herself against my hand. In staggered breaths, she panted, “Ah fuck, my ass is getting so stretched. Pump your fingers into me. Oh, oh, just like that. In and out, in and out. God damn, that feels amazing. Stick another finger in me.”
Another one? She just had her first sampling of anal penetration, now she was going the full distance.
“Okay, babe, I’ll try. If it hurts, tell me and I’ll pull out.”
“It already hurts a little, but it hurts so good.”
Man, was she a sexy lil’ minx.
I partially withdrew. Extending my ring finger, I tried to squeeze it through her rear, but as much as she stretched her ass, and as hard as I pushed, I couldn’t fit a third finger inside.
“You’re tight as heck down here, sis. Maybe we should try this again another time with lube or something-“
“No,” she snapped. “Right now. No more waiting.” Taking matters into her own hands, she spread her legs apart, bent down lower, and nearly ripped her ass open as her fingers clawed into her cheeks. “C’mon, Tiger, do it. Stick another finger in there.”
I gulped my mouth dry. Despite having been in the sauna-like humidity for so long, my temperature must have risen another ten degrees, and if it weren’t for the hot water flowing over me, I may have actually been sweating.
Bent at the waist, feet spread well past her shoulders, Ashley was presenting to me the most mouthwatering, cushiony piece of ass I’d ever laid eyes on. Her spherical curves, forming two hills that dipped into a crevice, made her marvelous butt appear in the shape of a succulent, ripe peach. A peach that she wanted me to split wide open with not just a finger or two, but with three. Needless to say, my cock was more than fully erect and capable of causing serious harm if I didn’t watch where I swing it.
She interrupted my pondering. “What are you waiting for? Do I have to do it myself?”
As tempting as it may have been to let my sister personally finger her own ass, doing it myself was even more so. “No, that won’t be necessary. I take back what I said about your ass, though. You don’t have a great one.” Standing up from my strained knees, I held her waist and rammed my ring finger against her pucker, unintentionally pushing her forward. The finger squeezed in with the first two, causing her to yelp and nearly jump into the air. “That’s because you have an extraordinary ass.”
“Holy shit, I feel so damn full. My asshole is completely stretched.”
“Yeah, I can see that.”
Ashley wasn’t exaggerating in the least. One finger was enough to make her look stuffed, but three made it look like she could have broke in half. Very, very cautiously, I pistoned my fingers in and out of her ass.
She let go of her cheeks and prepped her palms on the wall, and then turned her head to watch my fingers. Her face contorted into a dozen awkward grimaces. Pain, pleasure, shock, solace, her emotions swapping back and forth every second. Gradually the pressure around my fingers diminished. Her ass shimmied as I punctured her hole. Her expression stabilized to a tranquil grin.
After a few more thrusts, Ashley started to react to me. As my fingers slid into her, she pushed her ass against my hand, and as my fingers retreated, she pulled away. We continued with this rhythm, increasing in vigor every time we collided into each other.
Eventually my thumb and pinky began to cramp from being bent for so long. I pointed the last of my fingers out, and quickly came up an idea to put them to use. Holding my hand vertically, I aimed my pinky at her pussy. On the next full penetration, my pinky slipped right in.
A gunshot went off in my head. Like a car going full throttle over the starting line, I raced to set my sister on a crash course to another orgasm. Pinching her left nipple with my other hand, I pounded my fingers into her pussy and ass. Slap after slap, flesh against flesh, I penetrated both her holes with savage ferocity.
I thought I had seen, and heard, the limit to Ashley’s hysteria when she has an orgasm, but I was dead wrong. She belted out a tremendous scream capable of shattering every glass in the neighborhood. Her powerful lungs sustained her high-pitched yell for what seemed like an eternity. But I refused to let her lose her voice in peace. 
I sped up my thrusts. Her body rocked uncontrollably between the wall and me. Ashley came hard, harder than I had ever seen. Cum squirted from her pussy like a fountain. It looked as if she was peeing, but maybe it just seemed that way because of the shower water. Her body convulsed violently as her shrieking abruptly ceased, but her mouth remained open, screaming a deaf scream.
When Ashley stopped trembling from her orgasm, I slumped away from her red ass, almost tripping on the showerhead. She declined to her knees, panting heavily. With breaths louder than hers, I put away the shower supplies and turned off the water. The glass doors of the stall were entirely fogged up. I opened them, noticing the wall separating the bathroom was too.
I kneeled beside my baby sis. “Can you get up?” Her head leaned against my shoulder. I took as an indication she couldn’t and aided her to a small stool outside the stall. “Let’s get you dried up, babe.”
Using a yellow towel, I softly dried her golden hair to the scalp, being careful not to give her an unwanted noogie. Her eyes followed my hands as I dabbed the towel over her flushed face and body. She held her arms up so I could dry beneath them, and then stood up so I could finish off with her legs. She thanked me as I dried myself with a different towel.
Once I was finished, I wrapped the towel around my waist, a noticeable bulge in front. Ashley wrapped hers around her chest. Her towel didn’t reach low enough to cover her loins.
We scooped our clothes from the floor and headed out the bathroom. A small wooden clock in the hallway let me know it was past one o’clock.
I assumed the night was over and kissed Ashley on the cheeks outside her bedroom door. “Good night, Ash. I’ll see you first thing in the morning.”
“Wait.” She gripped my wrists. “Let me get dressed and I’ll come to your room.”
It had been a while since we slept in the same bed, and although our whole family would be home the following morning, I really wanted Ashley in my arms that night. “Okay, I’ll be waiting.”
We quietly parted paths and entered our respective rooms. I tossed my laundry into a basket, hopped into my Kermit boxers, and waited in bed for my sister to arrive.
She knocked on my door three minutes later.
“Why’d you knock, sis? My door is open.”
“Habit, I suppose.” She locked the door and tiptoed across my carpeted floor to my bed.
In the minutes we were apart, Ashley had forgotten to get dressed in anything appropriate. Instead, she was more naked than when she was in the hallway. Her towel was wrapped around her hair and a pair of fuzzy pink rabbit slippers were at her feet.
“You call that getting dressed?”
“It’s dressy enough.” Laying to my left, she pulled my blanket over her, though left her breasts on display. “Why are the lights off?”
I moved onto my hip so I could gaze down on her. “You want to sleep with them on?”
“Of course not, but I’m not ready to sleep yet. Are you?”
“No, I’m not either,” I yawned.
She slapped me lightly on the shoulder. “Then what was that?”
“What was what?”
“You just yawned.”
“Oh. Maybe I am a little sleepy. But if you’re not ready to sleep, then what did you have in mind?”
“Talk? I guess I can stay up a little longer.” I illuminated my room with a dim orange glow. “What do you want to talk about?”
“I want to thank you.”
“For popping your anal cherry? I should be thanking you. It was a lot of fun.”
“Not that, you dork. I meant earlier, with my friends. You were fantastic this evening. Thank you so much for everything.”
“I should be thanking you for dragging me out of the house. I had a great time with you and your friends. They’re fun girls to hang out with.”
“They’ll appreciate hearing that.”
“I have to admit, when I first saw them, I thought they were the stereotypical popular girls who ruled high college with an iron fist. But it didn’t take me long to realize that, since you’re friends with them, they must be really good people, or else you wouldn’t give them the time of day. Tonight, I got to confirm how cool they really are.”
Ashley smiled at my observation. “They’ll appreciate hearing that too, although we’re not as popular as you think.”
“I find that hard to believe. Guys should be falling head over heels for you and your friends. None of the girls I can remember from high college could match the beauty of your little group. You four should be getting asked out on dates left and right.”
“We get asked out pretty often, and we know we’re attractive; we’ve seen how guys look us. It’s just that, we’re not cheerleaders, athletes, or presidents of any clubs. People see us around campus and wonder what our names are, but we don’t have any sort reputation to uphold. We’re just four teenagers trying to survive high college, and now that those years are over with, we want to make the most of the summer before heading off to the real world.”
“The real world isn’t as exciting as it seems. I’m two years into it and look where I am now, chatting with my sister in my bedroom.”
Ashley beamed a more cheerful smile. “Yeah, you’re probably right. You’ll be around to help me, won’t you?”
“You know it. Just say my name and I’ll come running.”
“Goodie, because I’m going be saying your name a lot, mostly in ways mommy and daddy wouldn’t want their dearest princess to.”
My sister teased me more about what we were doing behind our parents’ back. I didn’t have the heart to tell her about mom’s suspicions from a few nights ago when I overheard mom and dad commenting on her intriguing selection of underwear. Regardless of Ashley’s playful remarks, our parents weren’t quite as oblivious to her adulthood as she may have believed.

When she exhausted all her jokes about the two people who gave us life, she returned to the topic of her friends. “Do you remember what Aly asked you earlier?”
“You girls asked me a lot of questions, especially her. Which one was it? If it’s about a certain body part of yours, you already know what my answer is.”
“No, dummy, the one at dinner. She asked you which of them you’d want to go out with.”
“Oh. That question.” Even after hearing about it a second time it still surprised me. “You know the answer to it.”
“Um, I don’t think so. You got along great with all of my friends and I can tell they’re very fond of you.”
“It doesn’t matter what I think of them or what they think of me ’cause it’s only you I want to be with.”
“Bry, as romantic as that sounds, I really want to know. I don’t think Aly was including me when she asked that, on the account of us being siblings.”
I thought about it for a moment, although not really the question itself. “At this point it’s a coin flip. There’s something to like about each of your friends, but I don’t know any of them well enough to favor one over the other.”
“It’s going to be tough to flip a coin for three choices.”
“It’s a figure of speech,” I chuckled. “Why are you so curious anyway? I thought you said you didn’t care about my dates and crushes.”
“No reason. I guess your curiosity is rubbing off on me.” She stared at my ceiling while pulling the blanket over herself.
That same curiosity had me wondering what was so interesting about my ceiling. The following minutes were silent as I stared alongside her.
It was Ashley who broke the calm. “So, have you thought about which one of them you’d want to go out with yet?”
“No… I haven’t. And that’s not what I’ve been thinking about. This isn’t collegeyard curiosity that’s coming from you. There’s a real reason why you’re asking me, isn’t there?”
She became quiet again.
I sprung up from my pillow. “A-ha, so there is a reason, and I think I know what it is. Tonight wasn’t just a play date for your friends and me. Uh-unh, it was much more than that. Tonight was a test. A test to see if I would stay devoted to you while being surrounded by other attractive girls. Letting me check out your friends in bikinis, seeing if I could keep up with them at rock-climbing, having no objections when they invited me to do things. That’s why you’re asking me who I would want to go out with. To see if I would even think about dating someone else. That’s the reason, right?”
Ashley gave me the most confused look I had ever seen.
I sensed I was ice cold. “That’s not the reason, isn’t it?”
“Tonight… was a test.” Her towel fell from her hair as she sat up, as did the blanket from her breasts. She grasped my hands tightly in hers. “But it wasn’t for you. It was for me.”
This was a strange turn of events. “I don’t understand. How was tonight a test for you?”
She nibbled her lower lip in that dramatic pause that always signaled something important. Her fingers meshed around mine, her thumbs bore into my palms. It was as if she was reading me through my hands. “Do you ever get the feeling that our love for each other isn’t… complete? That because we already love each other as family, we haven’t been able to really fall in love?”
“No, I can’t say that I have. What are you getting at?”
Her fingers quivered. “I need to know if the love I have for you is real love. And I don’t mean brother-sister love, but pure, unconditional love.”
“I… I still don’t…. Are you trying to tell me that right now you don’t love me as more than your older brother? As just family?”
Ashley spoke quickly, panicky. “No, no, no, that’s not what I’m trying to say. I do love you more than that, so much more than you can imagine. I wouldn’t have confessed my feelings to you if there wasn’t more to it. It’s just that I have never been in love before. I need to make sure the love I have for you is the kind we both want. That our sibling bond isn’t disguising what we should truly feel for each other. I love you hugely as my brother, but I don’t want that kind of love to fill in the gaps for what real love should be about.
I think of real love as a puzzle. Have all the right pieces together–like trust, and honesty, and sincerity, and compassion–and you’ll have a beautiful picture of two people destined to be together. We already have most of the pieces; that’s why I can confidently say I love you as more than my brother. But what if some of those pieces don’t belong to that puzzle? What if they belong to a different one, like a puzzle of two siblings playing tag in the backyard. We can try to make those pieces fit, but it won’t be the same thing. It won’t be complete, true love. Does this make sense to you, Brian?”
Somehow I understood everything she was telling me, though that didn’t mean I liked what I was hearing. How could she still have doubts about us? After all this time, after everything we had been through, I thought what we were feeling was true love. Only she could have made me feel the way I did, and I couldn’t imagine spending my life with any other girl. I knew Ashley felt the same way about me, but what if she was right about this? What if our sibling love was substituting in the missing traits required for true love? How would we even know?
“I think I understand what you’re saying, Ash. I don’t I like it, and I wish you can just forget about it, but… I understand. The idea that maybe we cheated in this relationship because we’re already brother and sister never crossed my mind. But don’t you think that instead of it being an advantage, it’s a disadvantage? I mean, what we’re doing, what we’re feeling, it isn’t natural. It shouldn’t be natural. If you ask me, it has to be true love for us to be willing to take such risks, to go against what we’ve been led to believe. I’m sure everyone else looking in on us, once they get past the sibling thing, would think we had one hell of an obstacle to overcome.
When I became old enough to realize kissing wasn’t so disgusting anymore, I never dreamt the girl I’d fall in love with would be my own sister. I’ve had a crush on you and all, but it wasn’t something I believed would ever develop beyond that. The way we fell in love wasn’t what I’d seen in the movies. We didn’t bump into each other in the middle of the street and it was love at first sight. We spent eighteen years together to develop these feelings; love didn’t hit us out of nowhere.
Maybe you’re right. That because we’re related by blood, we haven’t developed a complete, romantic relationship. But even if we’ve met as strangers, it’ll still take time to fully develop a feeling as complex as love. It doesn’t happen in one night, or in one week. Heck, maybe not even in eighteen years. All I can really say for sure is that I am prepared to do whatever it takes, for however long it takes, to make this work. You and I both know how much a single night could change our lives, and if you ask me I think we’ve gone pretty far in just a week. Imagine where we’d be in a month from now.”
I held my sister’s hands together, cherishing them as the most precious treasures in the universe. If words failed to make her understand me, then by golly I’d make her understand through physical touch. She had tried to read me through my hands, now I was making it as clear as day for her. “Ash, does this make sense to you? Do you underst-“
“Yes, I do.” Ashley threw herself at me, our arms flailing to our sides. She steered us onto my pillow, her body landing on top. “I understand you, everything you’ve said.” She peppered my face with light kisses. I waved my head to meet her lips but couldn’t reach them with her hands holding me in place. To her it must have looked like I was trying to avoid her feathery kisses instead, and she peppered my face with even more.
The last kiss was on my forehead. “I can’t believe how complicated this is, Bry. I thought that once I took the first step and shared my feelings with you, everything would fall in place, everything would click and we’d be a happy couple. Now I’m realizing this roller coaster ride has just begun.”
I was starting to realize that too. “Do you regret us doing this so soon?”
“No, never. I only regret not doing this sooner.” Ashley pulled my blanket over us, leaving solely our faces visible. Her nipples against my bare chest, however, reminded me of our state of undress. “I’m so sorry for bringing this up. It probably wasn’t the best thing to talk about after we did in the shower. Now you’re bummed out and won’t be able to get any sleep.”
Always with that sincerity of hers. “Don’t say that. I’m the one that should be apologizing; I shouldn’t have nagged it out of you. That’s what happens when I ask too many questions. But it’s weird, though; I’m not bummed out at all. In fact, I’m kind of motivated.”
“Moti… vated? Why?”
“Well, if you think we’re missing some pieces to real love, then it just means I have to find those pieces and finish the puzzle. Next Friday is our date and I don’t want you to have doubts about us during our special night. I promise I’ll have the puzzle finished by then. I’ll show you what we have is real. Starting this second, it’ll be my goal to make you understand that.”
“How can you be so sure? Have you ever been in love?”
“I’m in love right now. I know I am and I’ll make sure you know it too.”
She merrily shook her head. “Okay, I’ll take your word for it. I trust you even more than myself.”
“Do you trust me because of sibling love or because of real love?”
“Real love. I don’t think I could’ve trusted you with what we did in the shower if it was the other kind.”
“Good, so that one’s piece of the puzzle I don’t have to worry about.”
Ashley laughed softly.
“Hey, a smile. That’s what I want to see more of. We’ll be fine, babe, I promise that. There’s no reason to let these worries bring us down. We’ll have time to work things out. As long as we take the time to open up and understand each other, we’ll be able to handle anything that comes our way.”
“Yeah, you’re right, Bry. I’ll spend a lifetime trying to make this work if I have to. You’re the only one I want to be with. As good as everything is right now, I know there’s more waiting for us. I don’t want to settle for anything less than all we can truly feel for each other.”
“Me neither. If I’m going to love my baby girl right, I want to love her with everything I have.” With a tender kiss on her nose, I sealed away her concerns for another night. She nestled her head in the warmth of my chest.
There was still one thing I didn’t understand: how was tonight’s play date supposed to have been a test for my sister? I thought about asking her but quickly decided against it. As much as I wanted to help her deal with this, especially after what we had just discussed, this sounded like something she had to figure out on her own. Someday she may have wanted to tell me, but until then I would rather focus on more important issues, like where do we go from here.
“Sis, to make this a little easier on me for next week, what other pieces can we confirm are a part of real love?”
Her face rose up from my chest with a recognizable twinkle in her eyes. “Hmm, there is one very important piece that I know is real.” The blanket stirred as Ashley moved off me. Hands groped my lower half until the waistband of my boxers were pulled away. Those same hands fondled my balls and gripped my cock, which hadn’t completely shrunk since the shower. “I think it’s my favorite piece: sex.”
Nothing could put a hamper on her appetite for bedroom fun. “You know what, babe? That’s my favorite one too.”
She shrugged the blanket off us and tugged away my boxers. My cock twitched excitedly between my legs. Moving closer, she aimed the slit straight up. “Does this thing ever stay less than partially hard?”
The simple fact my sister was naked meant I would be in a constant state of arousal. “Not since last week. Did you expect me to be soft with you topless in my bed?”
Her tongue lapped the drop of precum that oozed out. “After that blowjob, I thought you might be worn out. I know my mouth is.”
“Was I too rough?”
“You weren’t rough enough.”
My cock stood tall and proud. “How much did you enjoy what we did in the bathroom?”
“A lot. It was kind of neat being used like that.” Her lips combined to kiss the underside.
“‘Neat’ isn’t the word I would use to describe it, and ‘used’ is such a strong word. It makes sound like I was degrading you.”
Her tongue curled around the base and licked to the top, lapping another dose of precum. “I don’t think it was degrading at all. It’s actually kind of flattering.”
Two of her fingers disappeared inside her leaking pussy. “Yeah, that I can turn someone as shy and dorky as you into a commanding sex fiend. You should be flattered too. It’s not every handsome guy I see that makes me want to do naughty things. Like worship their cock.”
For one day I wished I could have seen the world through her eyes. It sure would have been a lot brighter.
I settled with watching her fingers saw in and out of her cleft instead. The world through my eyes was pretty bright too. “Ashley, what did I tell you earlier about touching yourself.”
Her fingers stopped moving. “That I couldn’t?”
“That’s right. The night isn’t over yet so you still belong to me.”
She painfully pulled her hand away, though kept her grip on my cock.
“Now move your cute little butt up here and let me have a taste of you again.”
Her grimace flipped to an elated smile. She crawled up to me and turned around so I could get an eyeful of her butt and pussy. Swinging her leg over my head, she lowered herself to my mouth.
I licked her folds once before she asked, “Can you stick your fingers in my ass again?”
If she could have seen how big my smile was at that moment, she would have warned me my face was going to get stuck that way. “Sure thing, babe.” I sucked on my right forefinger, getting it wet and slippery, and poked it into her butt. There was a bit of resistance as I entered her anal ring.
“Mmm, that’s nice,” she mewled.
Deliberately I pumped my digit in and out. Her body swayed to and from me in a gentle motion. I felt her breath on my cock head as her tongue flittered over it.
With the practice I had been getting on eating pussy, my tongue was automatic in the way it circled around her ripe labia, occasionally roaming inside to taste the sweet honey only my darling could produce. I concentrated on the finger in her ass, making sure it slid in as effortlessly as possible.
From the other end, my cock was getting a warm bath in her saliva. She didn’t take the length into her mouth, but she did allow her saliva to flow messily onto it, and between licks she would pelt my cock with thick wads of spit. My scrotum and thighs were the unintended targets of a few projectiles. 
On one instance, she paused to tell me, “Use another finger. Put two inside me.”
I wetted my middle finger and shoved it into her butt alongside my forefinger. Her anus expanded to accommodate twice the width.
Ashley’s breathing quickened. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, ohhh that’s tight.”
“Do you want me to pull out?”
“Leave it in, leave it in. Twist your fingers, stretch me open.”
I swiveled my fingers like they were a screwdriver, except I could only spin my wrist one-eighty before having to reverse. The tautness of her anus was immense; I had to use all my strength to move my fingers inside of her.
As I probed her ass, I set aside her petals with my tongue and tasted the pink flesh inside.
“Mmm yes, that’s a good pussy-licker. I love you so much, Tiger. I’m always so hot for you. Lick my cunt, make me cum. Oooh shit, that’s the spot. Right there, right there. Don’t stop screwing me with your fingers. God damn, this feels so heavenly. You always know how to make me cum so fucking hard. I wish I could give blowjobs as good as you eat pussy, but I’ll need lots of practice if I want to get better. You’ll let me practice on you, won’t you? Let me practice on this beautiful cock of yours. I know I can’t make it feel as good as my pussy right now, but I’ll try to be a good cocksucker for you. Just let me know if this is okay…”
She descended straight down my cock like a sheath. The head hit the very back of her mouth before her lips and tongue even touched it.
The waterworks exploded, but it wasn’t from me. Ashley jerked from my tongue and cried around my cock in her mouth. Her ass clenched my fingers, her juices sprinkled out of her pussy. I opened wide to gulp the flavorful cum raining on me.
I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her down. As fun as it was to try and catch every drop with my tongue, I preferred not to waste any. Closing my mouth over her nether lips, I drank her fluids directly.
Her orgasm ended sooner than I would have liked. She let out a lengthy moan as she withdrew from my rigid member. “See how hot I am? I came from just having your cock in my mouth.”
I licked the last of her sweetness and extracted my fingers from her chute. Ashley fumbled off me, her bunny slippers near my head. I caressed the entirety of her legs, calming her down from her latest high. “Had enough for tonight, babe?”
“No, you haven’t came yet. I can’t leave you like this.” She propped herself up and stroked my cock with the subtlest touch.
I was more than content with calling it a night, but if she wanted to take care of my erection, I wouldn’t deny her the opportunity. Ashley kept her focus on the three inches that appeared over her hand. She was precise in her movements: her thumb gently lathered precum over the sensitive head; her forefinger traced the vein that spiraled around my shaft; her eyes were keen on the glowing red knob she pointed to herself. It was as though she was sizing me up for the first time, except she did it with more attention than her actual first time.
“Bry, lie down for me and don’t move.”
“Um, I’m already lying down.”
“I mean for what I’m about to do next. Just don’t move, okay? Let me take it slowly, at my pace.”
“Okay…” Her soft tone had me curious as to what she wanted to do next.
Ashley swung her leg across my stomach and squatted over me, putting her left hand on my chest to support herself. Looking over her shoulder, she grabbed my cock in her other hand and pointed it straight up.
Instantly my eyes magnified, my jaw dropped. There was no way I was really seeing this.
A dream. That’s what this was, a surreal, magnificent dream. I had fallen asleep beside my naked sister and now I was dreaming she was easing herself down; dreaming her shaking hand was guiding me to her entrance; dreaming my cock clumsily bumped into the membrane separating her anus and her pussy.
Wait a minute, this couldn’t have been a dream. I felt that. I felt her body, her moisture. And her hands. How did I not feel her burning touch sooner? This wasn’t a dream, this was really happening.
She winced, her lower lip hidden beneath her teeth, her hazel orbs hidden beneath her eyelids. Our organs were barely making any contact yet she looked to be in more pain than any amount of fingers inside her rear. Whimpering profusely, she lowered herself onto me with the grace of a baby taking her first step.
I held my breath as my cock pushed into her tight hole. It stretched open for me, allowing the first inch of my cock to enter my sister.
I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, feeling, and doing. To think that I had wanted to go to sleep! No siree, sleep was the last thing on my mind now. I was finally inside my sister… inside my sister’s asshole.
“Oh my god,” she gasped, “you’re fucking me. Your cock is fucking me. You’re fucking my ass.”
Fucking was probably too strong a word to describe what we were doing. Ashley was as steady as a statue as she grew accustomed to the feeling of my cock inside of her butt.
“Oh jeez, Ash, you’re so tight,” I exhaled. “This is… this is amazing.”
If it felt this amazing with just the first inch inside of her, what would it have felt like with the whole thing? Fortunately I didn’t have to wonder for long as she descended down my shaft. Slowly, strenuously, my cock disappeared inside of her. The warm, constricting pressure of her butt was immense; it felt as thought she could have snapped my cock in two, like a twig in the hands of a wrestler.
Ashley squealed as her butt bottomed out on my thighs. She meditated on top of me, her anus conforming to the shape of my cock. Hands on my abs, she gradually pushed herself upward. The strong tension coaxed my precum into her bowel. She dropped back down to the hilt, almost rubbing the skin off my cock.
“Oooh, ow, ow, ow,” she sobbed. “Too fast, I shouldn’t have done that.”
I laughed sparingly. Maybe it was a little mean to poke fun, but with my baby girl sitting on my cock, nothing could have brought me down from cloud nine. “Do you want me to hold you up?”
“Give me a minute to get used to this. I’ve never had anything in my ass before tonight and now I have your prick up there.” She moved halfway up and slid down gentler than before. “Holy fuck, how can pornstars stick ten inch dildos up their asses?”
I didn’t think I’d ever heard Ashley mention “pornstars” and “dildos” before, much less in the same sentence. “What do you know about that subject?” I playfully inquired.
Keeping with her gentle descents, she seemed to have found a comfortable pace and rode me in what looked like slow-motion. “I’ve watched my fair share of porn on my laptop.”
This was one subject I had some knowledge on. “What type of stuff do you watch?”
“The good stuff,” she squeaked, dropping down fast. “Oooh, ow, not ready for that yet.”
Holding Ashley’s waist, I tickled her silky smooth skin on the upstrokes. “Define ‘good stuff’ for me.”
A small smile hinted on her lips. “The girl scenes. Solo with big toys.”
It was so bizarre talking to my sweet little angel about porn while she impaled herself on my cock. Though she had professed she masturbated, I had no details on how she went about the deed. “Do you have any toys I don’t know of?”
With every change of vertical direction, her face altered into a new visage while her head tilted at a new angle. “No… if I did, my ass wouldn’t be so damn tight. God, your cock is thick.”
I wasn’t very into religion, but good Lord it was miracle I didn’t cum yet. “With the way you give oral and talk sometimes, I figured you’d be into the raunchier scenes.”
She smirked. “You really like talking about sex.”
“You might now a thing or two about physics, but I know a few more about porn.”
“Yet this is a new experience for you, and for me.”
“Knowing isn’t quite the same as doing,” I admitted.
“Well, I’m happy I’m your first.”
“I’m happy you’re my first too.”
“And I’m also happy you’re my first.”
“I’m happy I’m your first too.”
By taking her mind off the physical, Ashley was able to ride me faster without having to feel the uneasiness of anal entry. Her ass was now molded around my member, and she ardently increased her pace.
In perfect cadence we shared our first taste of sex. Never could I have predicted my introduction to the world of carnality be through the backdoor. Then again many things hadn’t been what I expected this past week. Day after day something had happened that would change my whole outlook on life, love, my sister, and our future together. I eagerly awaited whatever else would come our way.
“Bry,” she gently called, “what are you thinking about right now?”
“You, us, how much I love you and how insanely lucky I am to have been blessed with such a beautiful and sexy sister. And how fricking amazing this feels. What about you?”
There was no sign of discomfort in the way she seductively grinned at me. “I’m thinking… I need a good, hard fuck right now.”
“I think I can help you with that.” I bent my knees into the air behind her and held her firmly in my hands.
Ashley pushed up until only the crown of my cock was inside her. “Want me to count it down?”
“That was supposed to be a joke.”
“Two,” I laughed.
She let out a comical, exaggerated sigh. “One.”
It was deja vu all over again–almost. I pulled her ass to me while I bucked my hips. Our bodies slapped together with the sound of a firecracker igniting. Just as our flesh made contact, we separated, only to crash into each other with more intensity than the last.
Up and down, up and down, Ashley bounced in those two directions continuously. Her nipples drew tiny circles in the air, her blonde hair bobbed over her face. On the upstrokes her eyes would be shrouded by her golden bangs; on the downstroke they would be visible through thin strands of hair.
My sister mumbled inaudibly as my cock impaled her. She moved her right hand from my stomach to her loins, rubbing her protruding clit. I mimicked her gesture by moving a hand to her steamy pussy. I spread her outer lips apart with my index and middle fingers between them. Even in the midst of our fucking, I could see the dark tunnel leading to her womb.
I turned my palm upright and stuck my middle finger into her. She moaned a “fuck yes” as the tempo of her anal fucking and pussy fingering increased. She bounced wildly on my cock, her hand a blur on her clit, her hair an untamed mane.
I extended my forefinger and let her drop onto it along with my middle finger. She mumbled louder in a subdued scream. “Ah fuck yeah, fuck my ass with your hard prick. Oh god, it feels so good, so fucking big. Fill my ass, Tiger, fill it with your hot cum. I want to feel your cum trickling down my legs when I sleep tonight. C’mon, Tiger, give me what I want. Give me your cum. I know I didn’t swallow all of it when you fucked my mouth.”
Ashley and I needed to have a serious talk the following morning–assuming we could even wake up before the sun set again. New pet names were in order because with the way my sister was riding my cock and growling obscenities, I should have been the one calling her a tiger.
“Yes, yes, yes, fuck my ass. Long and deep, Tiger. All the way in, get your cock nice and cozy in there. Every night from now on, we don’t sleep until you deposit a big load up my ass.”
It was futile to block out her vulgarity. Her vocal cords provided a more powerful aphrodisiac than any glimpse of skin. “Ashley, what are you… fuck, I’m going to cum soon.”
“Mmm, pound your cock into my ass. My ass is only here for you. It’s only good for milking your fat cock until you shoot your gooey cum in me. Let me feel it, let me feel your cum. I know you want to cum inside your baby sister’s ass. I bet you want to pump me full of your cum more than I do. So come on, hurry up and give me your cum. The sooner you cum inside me, the sooner you can cum inside me a second time.”
The things she were spouting were enough to drive any sane man mad with desire. Sailors would have blushed red in the cheeks at her perverse words; grown men would have tented their pants at her sultry voice; first-timers to sex like me would have lost all control of their inhibitions.
I slammed Ashley down hard onto my crotch as my cock erupted like a mighty volcano, coating her inner walls with my white hot lava. She yelped, smiled lewdly, gyrated her hips against me. As my cum filled her anus, her body suddenly froze, all except for the hand abusing her clit in vicious fury.
“Oooh fuuuck, I’m cumming,” Ashley howled.
In coinciding orgasms we unleashed every ounce of our sex fluids. I sprayed her innards with my sperm as she sprayed my stomach with her juices. Her anal muscles clenched my cock tighter in the throes of her climax, nearly stemming the flow of cum surging out of me.
I’d supplied her ass with a handful of thick, creamy bursts when I felt the remainder of my spunk dribbling out. Ashley, calming down from her orgasmic high, fell forward onto my chest. She nestled her head into my neck, breathing deeply onto my skin. Her hair was splayed over my lower face, tickling my chin and lips. She slid her arms beneath my body, hugging me snugly. I caressed the curvature of her back. My right hand, wet, left a trail of clear fluid on her skin; my left hand, dry, rubbed it in. I could feel my cum residing in her ass, bottled up by my cock.
“That was amazing,” she whispered. “I never knew anal could feel that good. I should have been sticking things up my ass years ago.”
I didn’t know whether I should’ve been feeding her hunger or finding another way to sate her lust. “Ash, I don’t mean this in a bad way, but do you listen to the stuff you say when we’re having sex?”
“You mean my smutty talk? Of course I listen to myself; I like the way I sound. It makes me feel like a sex goddess or a kinky nymphomaniac. Why, does it weird you out?”
Maybe a little. “No way, I love it. It’s just strange hearing it come from you when the worst I ever heard you swore before last week was a ‘what the hell.'”
“You’ve uncaged the sexual predator within me, Tiger. I can’t help it if I get a little carried way.” She let out the most fearsome growl a baby kitten could make. “I wonder what my friends would think of me if they knew how much I crave sex.”
“I wonder what anyone would think of you if they knew. During the day, you’re everyone’s favorite ray of sunshine; at night, you’re my favorite little nymphet.”
“I can be your favorite nymphet during the daytime too.”
“Oh-ho, don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten about your antics from earlier this week.” As those adventures replayed in my head, I could feel a growing wetness between our bodies. “Are your friends really fond of me?”
Her face obstructed my view of the ceiling. “Very,” she boldly replied.
“Since when did I become a stud?”
“You’re not a stud. You’re just everything a girl can want in a guy.”
“Yuck, why would I want to be that?”
“Oh shut up.” Her pliant lips personally tended to the task of keeping my trapper shut.
Assuming the kiss would seal the end of our night, I reached behind her to lift her off me. Ashley immediately broke the kiss and halted my hands. “Wait, don’t move. What are you doing?”
Startled by her urgency, I sputtered, “I’m trying to take my penis out of you.”
“But you’re still hard. Leave it in.”
Semi-hard to be exact. “You want to sleep with us like this?”
“Who said anything about sleep? Don’t you want to do this again?”
Why did I keep forgetting how insatiable her sex drive was? “You weren’t kidding when you said the sooner I cum, the sooner I can do it a second time.”
She nodded her head sideways. “Nope, I don’t kid. I’m all serious business, mister. Especially when it comes to sex.”
In less than a second, my dick enlarged to its normal, horny self.
“Oh wow, that was so cool,” Ashley giggled. “I felt you harden inside of me. Do you want me-” I bear-hugged her and rolled us onto her back. “-on top,” she finished. “Whew, I guess that answers it for me.”
I spread her legs to either side with her knees bent. Leaning over my sister, I gripped her tiny waist and pulled out three-quarters of my length, noting the thin white lines that streaked my shaft. I slowly pushed back into her cum-filled hole. A nasty sloshing sound seeped out.
“Ohhh yeah,” my sister writhed. ” Plow your cock into my ass. Make your cum froth inside your baby sister.”
It had been a week after the massage that initiated our descent–or should I say, ascent–into depravity, yet I didn’t think I could ever get used to her sordid language. I did know, however, it never failed to turn me on, and as she spouted her profane fuck-me’s and provocative moans, I took full advantage of the hot piece of ass my cock was spearing. On each plunge my thighs slapped against her with a resounding clap, her sticky anus squishing around my cock. I balanced my strokes with powerful stabs and lazy retreats.
Ashley placed her hands on my pecs. Her delicate fingers grazed my nipples as she explored my chest. “Your skin is so smooth, Bry.”
I grunted between words as I hammered into her. “Sometimes I borrow your lotions when I shower..”
She laughed heartily at my revelation. “You like the smell of rosemary and mint? We need to get you something a little manlier.”
“Sounds good to me,” I exhaled, speeding up my thrusts.
Ashley traipsed her fingers to the back of my neck and yanked me down to her. I opened my mouth and closed my eyes, indulging in the delights only her expert tongue could give me. Our saliva swapped mouths, our noses bumped together. She wrapped her legs around me, her ass rising an inch off the bed. I penetrated downward with the aid of gravity, utilizing my weight to fuck my sister.
“Pound that ass,” she heavily breathed. “Screw it for what it’s worth.”
I routed my energy to my quickly tiring legs. The magnitude of my orgasms had wracked my body, but her whimpers and mewls fueled me with what I needed to sustain my momentum. As my muscles worked overtime, Ashley pawed at my neck and squeezed me within her pincer-like legs as though she wanted me to slow down while still fucking her senseless.
The periodic slaps of our dirty lovemaking filled the peaceful summer air. The friction of her anus rubbing my cock raw skyrocketed me to new heights of sensual euphoria. In five short minutes I was prepared to cum once more. I announced it to her.
“Make it a good one, Tiger. I want to fell your cum pouring from my asshole when you pull out.”
I slammed into my sister thrice before the floodgates opened. I roared as her bowel became overloaded with my cum, the resulting pressure threatening to push my cock out. But I didn’t falter and I continued to pump her during my ejaculation.
“Fuck yes, fuck yes, keep screwing me,” she chanted. “Oh god, keep cumming in me.”
Her body quivered, her pussy gushed. An indescribable passion hijacked her nerves. I found her clit and rubbed it in circles, assisting my sister in achieving another orgasm. “Cum for me, baby, cum all over your brother.”
Something in her mind cracked and she ferociously plummeted us onto my back while still impaled on my cock. She rocked her hips, tempting my final drops of semen as her pussy covered my abs in a shiny sheen of her juices.
The pangs of our orgasms faded abruptly. Ashley collapsed onto me, my hands the only things preventing our heads from colliding. Draining me of all my cum had drained all the energy from her; she reacted very little when I transferred her lifeless body to a comfy pillow. No longer pinned to the bed, I took the liberty to savor the wondrous elixir she had left on my waist.
“I want to taste some cum, too,” she weakly said beside me on her stomach.
I brought my fingers to her mouth. She cleaned them off with small, gentle licks. “Mmm… thank you, Brian. But what I really want to taste is your cum. I can feel it dripping out my ass. Take a look at it for me.”
Bubbles oozed out of her anus; white rivulets streamed down her labia; a greasy puddle accumulated beneath her pussy.
“You plugged it up good, didn’t you, Tiger?”
“You can say something like that.” I dipped two fingers into the mess. “Are you sure you want to taste my cum, considering where it came from?”
“You cleaned the inside of my ass, didn’t you? I felt like I was peeing out of it when you were cleaning me.”
“Okay, if you say so. Open your mouth for me.” Ashley sucked on my fingers, similar to that of a baby sucking on their own thumb. “So, how does it taste?”
My fingers popped from her mouth. “It’s still yummy,” she smiled.
“No other weird flavors you can detect?”
She nodded against the pillow.
“Okay, I’ll get some more you.”
For the next two minutes, I alternated dipping my fingers into the puddle and into her mouth. When only a dark stain lingered on my blue sheets, I poked my pinky into her anus for more cum to feed her with. She flinched at the intrusion.
“Had enough cum for tonight, babe?”
“Mm-hmm. Leave the rest in there for me.”
“Sure thing, but at least let me dry the outside of your bum.”
Her stray towel hung over the side of the bed. I used it to wipe away the smudges adhering to her skin. As I wiped the membrane separating her two holes, more cum dribbled out of her butt. I wiped that away too. Finished, I sat elevated, proud I had fucked for the very first time.
Ashley reveled in her first a different way. She lay exhausted on my bed, eyes half-closed, deep breaths through her lips, her body glistening in sweat. It looked like she was comatose.
“Sis, can you get up?” Her eyes closed completely. “I guess not,” I muttered.
Hmm, this was going to be tricky. I couldn’t possibly let my sister sleep naked in my bed. She still had on her pink bunny slippers, but our parents probably wouldn’t consider that a suitable amount of clothing. I thought about carrying her to her room, but maybe she intentionally fell asleep on my bed because she wanted to spend the night with me. I wanted to spend the night with her too, and contemplated on pulling the cum-stained blanket over us and getting some shuteye.
I deliberated on my choices and ultimately chose to find some clothes for her and let her stay with me, setting aside the issue with mom and dad. Dressed in boxers I tiptoed down the hallway to her room and flipped her light switch on.
I remembered which drawer contained her unmentionables, so I happily started with that one. It’d been a couple of days since I scoured her panties, and the colorful assortment seemed wonderfully new again. My eyes noticed a scrunched up ball of white hiding in the back corner. I snatched it and pinched the sides apart, smiling to myself at what I was holding.
It was so simple and clean, yet I had never seen her wear it before. I closed the drawer, taking the underwear with me, and headed to her large two-door closet. Most of the clothes inside it were dressy–definitely not things someone would comfortably wear to sleep. I skimmed my way down the aisle of tees, sweaters, and other tops to a small hanging shelf near the end.
“Here we go, this would do,” I thought out loud, grabbing the article of clothing. “And so will this.” I leaned lower to grab some more.
I returned to my room and spotted Ashley in the same position I had left her in. I gently rolled her onto her back, removed her slippers, and lifted her legs up one at a time to put on her underwear. Then, leaning her against my shoulder, I slipped on her loose, sleeveless top. She yawned into my neck but remained deeply asleep. To finish dressing up my doll, I eased her down and rolled a cotton sock over each foot, followed by her slippers.
Good golly, did my sleeping beauty look adorable: half her legs were covered in white knee-high socks with fuzzy pink bunnies at her feet; her private area was concealed by a white cotton panty; and her upper body was clothed in a white cotton tank top that left her midriff bare. Ashley looked mind-numbingly cute, and considering what we had done minutes ago, wildly sexy at the same time. If it weren’t for her voluptuous curves, she would have looked like she was starting high college instead of college.
I draped the soiled blanket over us. The following week was going to be one heck of a whopper, and I’d need all the rest I could get if I was going to make her understand our love was genuine. I cuddled right beside her, sniffing her hair so a smell more pleasant than our cum would inhabit my sweet dreams. “Good night, Ashley,” I whispered, drifting off to sleep.
“Good night, Bry.”…………………
“Big sis, can you pass me the corn?” the sprightly Nicole asked.
“Here ya go, lil’ sis.” Ashley handed over a plate of buttered corncobs to our younger sibling. “Can I get anything else for you?”
“Nope. Thanks a lot,” the youngster said.
“Honey, you really outdid yourself with this beef meatloaf,” my father, Richard, complimented. 
My mother, Helena, replied, “It’s grandma’s recipe with my own personal flair. A pinch of pepper here, a bit of cilantro there.”
The Stafford family was gathered around the dining room table on a warm Sunday night, enjoying a rare dinner where everyone had lent a hand in preparations. Over a large bowl of beef salad, plate of beef meatloaf, and side dishes of non-beef corn and baked potatoes, my parents, sisters, and I conversed about everything a typical family would converse about. We didn’t spend too much time chatting, though, since a rich, creamy cheesecake was calling our names.
Slicing into the cherry-topped dessert, dad announced, “Your Uncle Vince and soon-to-be-Aunt Sophie invited your mother and me to go dancing with them this Friday evening. They want to have a last night out together with friends and family before their wedding next week. Since we’re not really into the club scene, I told them we’re going to have to pass, but the invitation is extended to you two, Ashley and Brian. If you kids don’t have anything booked for Friday, I think it’d be a great idea for you to get to know a little more about your future aunt.”
I glanced over at Ashley. Her face, which had been glowing in anticipation of digging into a delicious cake, quickly turned into a worried frown. She glanced back at me, seeing a similar frown on my face.
What could have had us so concerned all of a sudden? It was a simple explanation. Friday night was supposed to be the night Ashley and I would finally go on our date, the night that neither of us were supposed to ever forget. I was to sweep my sister off her feet and give her the most mind-blowing romantic sex of our young lives. I was to make her scream my name over and over again as we fucked to our hearts’ content. Then I was to make her shudder in one blissful orgasm after another until her sexy body couldn’t take it anymore and she passed out in my arms.
At least, that’s how I’d envisioned our date would end.
Okay, so the explanation wasn’t that simple, especially to our parents, but the possibility of having to postpone an evening the two of us had been looking forward to for so long had our faces turning white as a ghost.
Ashley was the first to take charge of the situation. Well, more like timidly express her concerns.
“This Friday? Daddy, as much as I love dancing and as fun as that sounds, I already have something else planned.”
Dad handed her a piece of cake. “Something with your friends again? I’m sure they’ll understand if you have a change of plans.”
Her hands were trembling as she accepted the small plate. “No, that’s not it. It’s kind of important to me. I’ve been waiting forever for it.”
Dad continued to slice into the cake for the rest of the family. “Important, huh? How come I haven’t heard anything about this so-called important evening?”
“I wanted to keep it a secret. Until Friday, I mean, when I tell you where I’m going.”
“A secret? You’re not doing anything I wouldn’t approve of, are you?”
“No, nothing like that. It’s just kind of embarrassing.”
He started to smile. “I can see that. Your face is starting to turn redder than the cherry on your cheesecake. Let me take a guess. It involves a really cute boy?”
Ashley’s blush radiated from her cheeks. “Y-yes… someone’s asked me on a date.”
Dad’s mouth curled to a full-blown smile. He turned to mom who had a smile just as wide. “Don’t keep it a secret any longer,” he excitedly said. “Give us a name, tell us what he’s like. You’ve been inside the house the entire summer; where’d you meet him?”
Ashley dropped her fork onto her plate. “Daddy! Calm down, please! You’re not making this easy for me.”
The old man couldn’t keep his voice down and his arms still. “I’m so sorry, sweetie. It’s just that I can’t remember the last time you’ve been out with a boy. In fact, I don’t think you’ve ever been out on a date. This will be your first, won’t it?”
Ashley was speechless.
That split second pause had our parents’ faces glowing like the Las Vegas strip. They spoke together at a mile a minute. “Sweetie, this is great news. You’re going out on your first date.” “Where’s he taking you and how long you will be out for?” “Don’t be afraid to say no if he starts making you feel uncomfortable.” “Wait a minute, he’s not an older man, is he?”
“Daddy! Mom! This is exactly why I wanted to keep this a secret.”
Dad lowered his tone a notch, though it was still louder his normal volume. “Okay, okay, we’ll be quiet about your date now. I’m just so happy for our little girl. You’ve grown up to be such an attractive woman and it’s great to finally see you pursue a love interest. If you need anything for your date, tell your mother and me and we’ll do whatever we can to help.”
“Okay… thanks daddy, thanks mom.”
Dad quickly turned to me. “How about you, Brian. Have anything planned for this Friday?”
With the embarrassment Ashley had just endured, I wanted to be as straightforward as possible. No point in hiding something I would have to reveal eventually. “As a matter of fact, I’m also going to be a little busy that day.”
“A night out with the guys? I didn’t know they already returned home from their vacations and studies.”
“My friends are still doing their own things for another couple weeks. Friday won’t involve them.”
A familiar smile reappeared on dad’s face. “In that case, let me take another guess. Does it have anything to do with a girl?”
“Yep, sure does. I have a date for this Friday night too.”
Dad leaned back in his seat, blown away by the sudden revelations. “Wow, our two college kids with dates on the same night. What are the chances of that? Is this new girl prettier than Diana?”
“A lot prettier than her. Reminds me of a younger version of mom.”
My mother clapped her hands together with a small laugh. “Really? If that’s true, then I can see why you’re attracted to her. Guess this means I’ll have to call Vince and tell him none of us will be going dancing with him. Such a shame, really. I would love to see which bone my brother breaks this time on the dance floor.”
After I was asked a few more questions about my date, all of which I had been asked before, the family finished dessert and parted ways to go about our nightly routines. My parents, with work the following morning, were the first to head to bed. Nikky, tired from her friend’s birthday party earlier that afternoon, was next to hit the hay. That left Ashley and me with the rest of the house to ourselves. Cutting short the movie we were watching in the living room, we retreated to my bedroom.
There was one major topic we needed to get off our chests and we wasted no time in going over it.
Cuddled in my arms, Ashley asked, “Is it okay if mom and dad know about our date? I don’t like lying to them. I know sometimes I joke about what we’re doing behind their backs but I would never want to lose their love and respect.”
I pulled my blanket over our half-naked bodies. “I don’t like lying to them either, but we haven’t really done anything wrong. We told them we’re going out on a date this Friday, which we are, and you said you were asked out by a boy, which you were. I said my date is prettier than my last one, which is completely true, and that she reminds me a younger version of mom, which you do. So far we’re being perfectly honest.”
“Just because we’re not lying doesn’t mean we’re being honest.” She sincerely squeezed my hands, sighed into my neck. “Maybe we should cancel.”
If it weren’t for her holding me down, I would have sprung off my bed and hit the ceiling. “What? Why? Don’t you still want to do this?”
“I do. I really, really do. But… I’m scared. What if we get caught?”
Getting caught was a fear I had been facing every day since our relationship blossomed. At times Ashley acted so fearless about our relationship that I found it difficult to believe she had the same concerns.
“I’m scared of that too. It’d take one heck of an explanation to clear up what we’re doing to mom and dad. But it’s worth it, isn’t it? What we have together, isn’t it worth the risk of getting caught? It’s not like we’re doing something crazy like getting married.”
“It is worth it. You’re worth it. But I don’t want to have to risk anything. It’s possible for us to love each other without having to hurt anyone.”
“Ashley, we’re not hurting anyone. No one knows about us or the things we’re doing. What other people don’t know can’t hurt them.”
Solemnly, my sister said, “I guess we could keep this a secret for a while longer.” She rolled over to glance at my bedside clock. “It’s getting late. I’ll need plenty of rest for my jog with Lilly tomorrow morning. I don’t want to wake up tired and make a bad first impression.”
“Sure thing, sis.” I shared with her a small parting kiss. “Have a good night’s sleep.”
“You too, Brian. I love you.”
“I love you, Ash.”
She quietly got up from my bed. The smile she wore on the way out of my room wasn’t the cheeriest one I had seen from her.
For some reason, I had a feeling that night didn’t end as well as it should have.
As I struggled that Sunday evening to fall asleep, I resolved to make up for our less-than-stellar discussion by surprising Ashley the following morning with a delicious breakfast to jumpstart her day. I was positive a big plate of French toast, scrambled eggs, and sausages would be a surefire way to get back on my sister’s good side. She knew I wasn’t much of an early bird so even a small gesture like waking up early would be greatly appreciated.
Unfortunately things didn’t turn out the way I had hoped. When I was setting my alarm the previous night, I mistakenly set my clock to ring at six at night instead of the morning. I woke up to the peaceful banging on my door, courtesy of Nicole.
“Bry,” she called from what sounded like miles away, “can you drop me off at Marsha’s house? We’re going to Raging Rapids water park and I need to be at her house in twenty minutes. Mom and dad already said it was okay for me to go.”
I rubbed my heavy eyelids open, the shining sun making it tough to keep them up. “What time is it?”
“Nine o’clock.” The young tyke entered my room and hopped onto my bed. “Can you take me now or not?”
“Yeah, I guess I can. Did you see Ashley this morning?”
“Yep. We ate cereal together before her friends came over to pick her up. She left around eight.”
“Eight? She was supposed to leave at seven.” I tumbled out of bed and groped for some decent clothes to put over my plain white shirt and pinstripe boxers. “Give me a sec to get dressed and I’ll drop you off.”
My errand of taking my youngest sister to her friend’s place whittled away only ten minutes of my day. I arrived home to an empty house, something of a rarity that summer. With no kid sister to baby-sit and no adult sister to get play with, I booted up my computer and spent the rest of the morning catching up on my spam emails.
I was purging my inbox full of Viagra ads when I heard the front door open and a cluster of feminine voices, which signaled the long-awaited arrival of my beloved Ashley. I couldn’t make out what she and her friends were saying but I did recognize a lot of girlish giggling.
It was a minute later when I heard the door finally close. I got up from my desk, eager to rush out and welcome my sister with a great big hug and kiss. I made it halfway through the hallway when I heard her soothing voice, but stopped going any further when I heard another. Apparently Ashley didn’t come in alone.
Backpedaling to my desk, I listened keenly to discern who the mystery friend might be.
“Hey Nat, just wait in my room. I’m going to say hi to my brother.”
“Hold on, I want to say to hi to him too.”
My computer had just finished loading up some software—needed to make sure I looked busy, after all—when my sister and the raven-haired Natalia poked their heads into my room.
“Hi Brian,” they said together. “What’cha doing?”
Even in sweaty tank tops and dirty sneakers the girls were very easy on the eyes. Ashley’s blonde locks were tied up in two cute pigtails, while Natalia had her black hair in a long braided ponytail. Ashley’s shirt was a golden yellow and her running shorts a clear white, while Natalia wore the same colors but were switched between her top and bottom. The two looked more like sisters than just good friends. Even their bodies appeared to be of a similar build: same height, same smooth legs, same slim waist, and possibly the same cup size.
“Hey sis, hey Natalia. I didn’t hear you two come in. I just got back from dropping off Nicole at her friend’s house so I’m not doing much of anything right now.”
“Right, and now you’re going to sit in front of your computer for the next ten hours playing that silly game of yours like you’ve done all summer,” Ashley mocked.
Truthfully I’d been playing less that entire summer than a single day during the college year, but I figured she was ensuring our little secret stayed a secret from her best friend by pretending our days were filled with anything but incestuous sex.
“You know dragons and ogres don’t kill themselves. If I don’t spend half my days slaying hundreds of monsters, who will?”
My witty joke failed to elicit any response. I noticed the girls were peculiarly gazing around my tech-filled room. I assumed they were here to say more than just hi.
“You two want to come in?”
Natalia glanced at my sister who merely shrugged her shoulders. They approached to either side of me.
Sitting down on a stool, Natalia asked, “What game do you play?”
“An online role-playing game, World of Warcraft. Ever heard of it?”
“Heard of it? I play it. Well, used to. I’m starting to play some other stuff like COD. and UT.”
“Wow, you’re into FPS games? I used to play CS years ago but my reflexes were never any good for it. Now I play MMO’s like WOW and EQ.”
In a span of thirty seconds, Natalia and I proceeded to name off a dozen abbreviations and acronyms. It was a neat change of pace talking about one of my favorite hobbies to someone who doesn’t say “dude” at the end of every sentence or takes great pride in their burping ability. My friends were the friendliest and smartest people I knew but they were, to put it bluntly, guys. Natalia possessed their gaming knowledge without the stereotypes that went along with it.
She and I had gone through the entire alphabet when Ashley rose up from her chair.
“As much fun as it is having no clue what you guys are talking about, I think I’m going to head to my room and start eating before our food gets cold. Have fun talking about your RTS’s or whatever.”
Ashley marched away and slammed my door shut, despite my protests to have her stay. I didn’t mean to exclude her from our chit-chat, but if she had given her friend the impression I was into this stuff, then I thought it’d be a good idea to follow through with it.
There was another reason, however, why I wanted my sister to stay in the room with me. The tiny, dark-haired girl I was now alone with supposedly had a secret of her own, one that Ashley somehow knew about. Whether it was supposed to have remained a secret or not, Ashley had told me what it was. I brushed it off as a tease at the time, but if there was some truth to it, then the situation I was in was one I wanted to escape from right away.

I backed away from my desk. “Can you excuse me for a bit? I think I should see if my sister’s okay.”
Before I could make haste out of the thorny predicament, Natalia ensnared my hands. “Wait, don’t go. I want to talk to you. Privately.”
Crap, my sister had really told me the truth. She really meant it when she said Natalia had a crush on me.
Given any other circumstance, I wouldn’t have been sweating out of every pore. I was treading into dangerous water with no way of getting out. Natalia was one of Ashley’s best friends and if I wasn’t careful with what I say to her, I could drastically affect their whole friendship. This couldn’t end well.
I tried to come up with a boring topic fast. “Oh, I remember now. You wanted me to help you build a new computer. I can set up a wish list for you and—”
“Brian, that’s not what I want to talk to you about. It’s a little personal.” Natalia tugged on my hand until I was seated back in my chair. She leaned forward, unaware I could see down her top. “What are your plans for this Friday?”
Natalia wasn’t sounding like the same demure girl I went to the mall with a few days ago. Once passive and shy, she was now assertive, bold, and… asking me out? That was the only conclusion my befuddled brain could come up with.
“I’m sort of, um, busy.” I leaned back in my chair to build space between us, but Natalia leaned forward to close the gap. “I have something planned for that night.”
“I know you do.” She finally released my hand and sat upright. “Brian, I know about your date this Friday. That’s why I’m asking what your plans are. Specifically for your date, I mean.”
Natalia kept throwing one curveball after another. How the heck did she know about something like that? The only people who knew about the date lived in the same house as Ashley and me. My parents and Nicole obviously couldn’t have told her, so it must have been Ashley. But why?
I replied vaguely. “A dinner at a nice restaurant, something fun to do right after maybe. Did Ashley tell you about my date?”
“Yeah, she did. She was really jumpy to tell me about it.”
“Why would she tell you about my date?”
“Isn’t it her date too?”
“Her… date? What exactly did she tell you about this Friday?”
“Not much. Only that you’re taking her out for dinner and you have a surprise for her. So c’mon, give me the details. Maybe I can help you with your date. Ashy is one my closest friends and I really want to make sure she has a great time.”
“You don’t find it weird or gross that I’m taking my sister out on a date?”
“No way, why would I think that? I think it’s very sweet you want to spend more time with your sister, and it’s cool she wants to spend more time with you. There’s nothing weird about two siblings just wanting to have a fun night together. It’s not like this is a real date, right?”
“Yeah… right. Like I said, I sort of just have a dinner and something else for after it planned. Not really sure what that something is, though. To be honest I’m still grasping at straws for ideas.”
“Well, Ashy’s not a hard girl to please. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll come up with something you’ll both have fun doing. What’s really important is having something worthwhile to talk about. You two could be eating dinner at a hotdog stand and still have a good time if you enjoy each other’s company. What do you plan on talking to her about?”
“I haven’t really thought about that. I mean, Ashley’s only my sister. We’ll probably talk about the same stuff we do every day.”
“Brian, Brian, Brian,” she repeated in a condescending tone, “you can’t do that. It’s not every day you get to take your sister out on a date for just the two of you. Talk to her about things you don’t normally talk about. Serious things that would really impress her.
I wondered how Natalia became such a dating expert. “Can you give me any ideas? This is pretty new to me. Like you said, it’s not every day we get to do this.”

Smiling, Natalia got up and began pacing my room. “Talk about her dreams, her hopes, her aspirations. Talk about her future. Ashy’s always telling the other girls and me how she wants her life to turn out, like how she wants to be a world-renowned physicist with a beach house and four kids. Sometimes Lilly and Aly make fun of her for her crazy fantasies, but I think it’s because they’re jealous of how passionate she can be about it. But, there is one thing Ashy is more passionate about than her dreams. Do you want to know what that is?”

Natalia returned to her seat. Her emerald green eyes established strong contact with me. “It’s you, Brian. Ashy constantly talks about you and everything you’ve done for her. Did you know that before she told us you were her brother, we all assumed you were her boyfriend? None of us believed her when she told us the truth about your relationship. We thought she was lying about it so we would stop teasing her. It didn’t help that some of the things Ashy had said about you were more than a little sisterly. But one day she finally showed us a photo of you two together from when you were in grade college and it was enough to convince us you guys were related. Though that didn’t stop us from teasing her about it.”

She giggled lightly, the memory fresh in her mind. “I’m sure you don’t talk to your friends about Ashy as much as she talks about you but don’t let her think that on Friday night. Get inside her head. Let her know you’re interested in what she has to say about her life. Since you’re her brother, remember to bring up her life with you too. I know she’s interested in whatever you have to say, and I can tell you’re both going to be together for a very long time. Got all that, Brian?”

In the five minutes I was alone with Natalia, I had gone through the entire emotion spectrum. What started out as awkward and confusing ended up being intimate and meaningful. Some of the things Natalia said were things Ashley had already told me, but to hear them again from the mouth of a good friend reaffirmed the truthfulness of everything my sister confessed. There was no doubt in my mind that the love Ashley felt for me was deeply rooted. Despite her inner struggle to deal with her love for me as her brother and soul mate, her heart had already found the answer.

I suddenly felt at ease with this girl I barely knew. Although I was still afraid of the possibility of the world finding out the truth about Ashley and me, there was no sense of urgency to hide anything from the kind girl sitting in front of my very eyes. In an odd way, I almost wanted her to know the truth so I would have someone to confide in. Not even my best friends had that privilege.

“I… I don’t know what to say, Natalia. How do you come up with all this?”

“I’m really not sure of that myself.” She leaned forward again. Her hand settled on my knee. “I know I come off as a little quiet and shy, but with you it’s very easy to open up. I guess it’s because Ashy talks about you so much that you feel like a brother to me too. I’m an only child so I don’t know what it feels like to have a sibling. Ashy, Aly, and Lilly are the closest people I have to sisters and you… you just promise me you’ll think about what I said.”

“Yeah, I promise. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome. But call me by what my friends do, Natty. Though I prefer Nat; Natty makes me sound neat and proper.”

“Okay, sure thing. But only if you call me Bry.”

“You got it, Bry.”

As if to commemorate our newly-formed friendship, three loud knocks struck my door.

“Natty,” Ashley called, opening my door, “if you don’t come to my room in the next two minutes, I can’t guarantee there’ll be any fries and nuggets left for you.”

“I’ll be right over. Brian—I mean, Bry—was just helping me pick the final parts for my new PC.” Her back to the door, Natalia secretly winked at me.

“Aww, that’s so nice of you, big brother. You’re welcome to eat with us too if you’re hungry.”

“All right, let me log off and I’ll be there in a sec.”

After the girls left and I sprayed myself with some deodorant, I strayed past Ashley’s bedroom to the kitchen to grab three sodas. I looped back to her room, and saw as I entered that the girls had changed out of their workout tops into fresh, colorful tees. I recognized the rainbow shirt Natalia was wearing as one of Ashley’s, which confirmed just how similar their builds are. They were sprawled on their stomachs on the bed with two plates of finger foods between them while watching the boob tube.

With no room on the mattress, I took a seat on the floor at the foot of the bed. “For a couple of girls who just finished a workout, don’t you think it’s a little unhealthy to be snacking on oily fries and nuggets?”

Two fries pelted my head from behind.

Ashley explained, “We only work out so we can eat this stuff without getting fat. We’re not trying to be supermodels or win any beauty pageants.” Ironically, they would have won first and second if they did. “Those sodas for us?”

“Yup, sure are.” I handed over my two extra sodas. In return, Ashley handed me a jumbo-sized carton of fries.

The next hour was a wholesome affair as we finished watching whatever it was we were watching. None of us were really paying attention to it since we were soon conversing about random things. The girls had a relaxing way about them that made it very easy for me to be myself. I had no problems talking with Ashley when we’re alone, but add another person to the mix and I become more conscious with what I say. But even with Natalia in the room, I didn’t feel the need to evaluate my every response. Words flowed out of my mouth and laughter flowed out of theirs.

It was noon when Natalia announced she had to head home.

“Need a ride?” I offered, standing at our front door.

Making her way across our stone walkway, she said, “I think I can walk home from here. It’s kind of breezy and nice right now. You can even hear the birds chirping.”

I couldn’t quite hear the birds but she was spot-on about the breeze. My body readily absorbed the warm, soothing wind. Most of the warmth came from my sister, who stood beside me with an arm around my waist.

Ashley waved goodbye to her friend. “Bye Natty, see you soon. Awesome job today.”

“Thanks, you too. Bye Ashy, bye Bry.”

“See you later, Nat. Thanks for your help.”

Natalia nodded affirmingly and continued on her way.

Once she was out of earshot range, Ashley quizzically said, “Thanks? I thought you were supposed to be helping her.”

I smiled down at my baby girl. “Natalia is quite a talker when she gets going.”

“She opened up to you, huh? I knew she would. You’re very easy to chat with.”

“I was just thinking that about you two.”

Ashley stepped between the door and me, kicking it shut. “Guess what, Bry.”

“A number between one and ten?”

“No, you dummy. Take a look around.”

I was definitely looking, though not necessarily around. Leaning against the door, her hair in innocent pigtails and wearing clothes that’d fit our younger sibling, Ashley was the embodiment of hotness packed in one tight, adorable package. If I hadn’t experienced her sexual prowess firsthand, I would have felt dirty at all the lewd images of my sweet sister floating through my head.

Ashley, grinning, realized precisely what I was looking at. She arched back and brazenly jutted out her breasts for my eyes to ogle. Still, she had a point to make, and she cupped my chin and turned my gaze toward the living room. The furniture, neatly arranged in the same layout for the past two years, were void of any occupants. Glass vases, abstract paintings, and other expensive decor were in proper order. It was clean, trim, and worthy of being in a home shopping catalog.

“I don’t see anything out of the ordinary,” I said at last.

She turned my attention to her cunning smile. “Good. Now tell me what you hear.”

Beside the faint ticking of a dial clock and the humming of the air conditioning system, it was perfectly silent. “I don’t hear anything either.”

“Even better. So, can you tell me what this all means?”

With the house to ourselves, I figured I’d have time to continue our playful conversation. “That we’re a very clean and quiet family?”

She sighed in an exaggerated tone. ” Do I really have to spell it out for you? We’re—”



“You ain’t seen nothing yet,” I said, crouching down and pulling Ashley into my left shoulder. “Besides my incredible spelling ability, I’d like to show off another skill of mine.”

I rose up and lifted her off her feet, carrying her over my shoulder like the horny, perverted caveman I was. I spoke over her loud squealing. “It’s a skill I think you’ll find very enjoyable. A skill that I hope to put to use very, very often.”

I carried her to the back of our couch. “Are you tired, babe? Had a good jog with your friends?”

“Uh-huh, I’m all tuckered out. Is this special skill of yours something that could get me excited?”

“Oh heck yeah. It’s enough to get me a little excited too.” I lowered Ashley upside-down over the couch’s backrest. Her head and shoulders rested on the cushions and her legs dangled over the top.

“This is an interesting position,” she said. “Let’s hope I don’t get dizzy like this.”

“You’ll be getting dizzy, but it won’t be because of the position.” 

Handling her left leg in both of my hands, I caressed the expanse of smooth skin. Her shorts had risen up her thighs, and I reclined my head to get a better view. “I don’t understand why you want to work out. You’re already so fit and taut. Just look at how toned your legs are.”

Ashley bent her right leg behind my head, trapping me in an unorthodox headlock. “All the better to wrap around your waist when you finally fuck me, Tiger.”

Growling at the call of my pet name, I pulled free of her hold and ripped off her cotton shorts. The prospect of going all the way had been lightly discussed before, with the mutual agreement that we would wait for a memorable occasion to pop our cherries. There was nothing in our agreement that stated I couldn’t dream about it, however, and the idea fired me up as I stared at the childlike design of her light blue panties.

Modest in size, the cotton fabric was adorned with a row of tiny pink and yellow ribbons along the waistband. It managed to match her childlike hair style despite being at polar ends of her body.

A growing dark spot and her arousing scent shocked me back into my primal intentions. “Looking forward to this, aren’t you?”

Ashley slipped two fingers into her panties. They moved in an enticing circular motion. “Ever since I got home and saw you all alone in your room. My pussy was gushing so badly. I was sure could Natalia smell it when we were standing outside your bedroom. My pussy got so wet, I had to excuse myself and change panties before I soaked my shorts.” She slowly extracted her fingers. Slick and shiny, they had my mouth watering in anticipation.

Her pussy couldn’t have actually gushed as badly as she had suggested, but whether her panties really did prevent a wet accident in my room or not, she succeeded in fueling my lust for her.

My sister gave her fingers a hard suck. “How about you? Have you been looking forward to tasting my pussy? It tastes so sweet right now. Don’t you want to lick it? Go ahead, take a peek at my pussy. See how wet I am for you.”

Hot damn, she really knew which buttons to push to get a guy going. More so she knew which buttons to push to get herself going. Pinching a nipple through her shirt, re-stimulating her clit, she closed her eyes as she worked herself closer toward an orgasm.

I was enjoying the thrilling show when I abruptly remembered it was supposed to have been my job to set her off. Hooking the sides of her panties, I pulled them away from her pleasure pot. Ashley kept working her nubs as my tongue closed in on her sex.

I swept my tongue along her outer lips, the taste an overload on my buds. “Mm-mmm, you’re so savory and warm. A little bit salty but still very sweet.”

Ashley stopped rubbing her clit, allowing me to lick the entirety of her puffy mound. Her hand went to her other nipple, the outline visible through her shirt.

“Fuck, your tongue feels so good on my pussy. Dip it inside. I want you to eat me out.”

At her command I sunk my wet appendage into her narrow opening. Twisting my head and lashing with my tongue, I lapped what I could of her tasteful secretions. Her legs closed around my head as her body began to writhe beneath me.

“Ah fuck, you spoil me so much, Tiger. You’re always ready to eat my pussy. I’ll never need to play with myself again with you around.”

I lifted my head up from my delicious treat. “Don’t say that. What if I want to watch you play with yourself one of these days?”

Ashley smiled the way a sinister yet libidinous mastermind would. “Such a naughty boy. You want to see how I masturbate? You want to see what makes me cum? I have to warn you, I’ve been getting a little wilder recently. You’d be surprised at what gets me going. Do a good job eating my pussy and maybe I’ll let you see for yourself.”

That was one heck of an incentive if I’d ever heard one.

“Sounds like I need to get back to what I do best,” I said. But instead of diving right back in, I held her ankles and stretched my arms out, spreading her legs far apart. I wasn’t sure how flexible my sister was, but when her legs were almost in a T-shape with her body and she wasn’t showing any resistance, I knew it was time for me to make good on her offer.

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