Are Those Boobs Real

I am an East Indian guy and while I was working at a major Bank, I was infatuated by a much younger colleague of mine. Her name was Liana and she was in her early 20’s and not only was she beautiful but she had a nice curvy figure with meat on her bones, just the way I like my women.
I would secretly ogle at her boobs and booty every chance I got. The shape of her boobs looked so perfect that I wondered if they were real. Given that I was attracted to her I just could not find the courage to compliment her or flirt with her. Instead during one of my interactions with another female colleague I made an off the cuff comment that Liana’s boobs were so perfect looking that she must have had a boob job done.
Little did I realise that this would come back to haunt me in the most pleasant manner.
I usually worked late seeing clients much after the bank closed for the day. This left me alone in the branch many a time. On this particular day, everyone had gone for the day except Liana. Around 5.30 p.m. Liana walked into my office and asked me, “Hey Steve, I heard that you mentioned to Amanda that I had a boob job.”
This caught me by surprise and I blurted out. “Sorry, I did not mean for my comment to find its way to you.”
“No, I just wanted to clarify to you that these here are my natural boobs,” she said.

“Oh, so they are natural. They look amazing. But you know Liana I still have my doubts.”
“You have to trust me on that. Okay I will allow you to feel them so that you can see how real they are.”
With that she walked around towards where I was sitting and I stood up.
“Here, feel them and see she said.”
Without any hesitation I reached out and began to feel and press on her boobs while my head was racing to find a way for me to get her to take off her shirt.
“Liana, you know what. I really cannot tell from feeling your boobs over your shirt and bra that they are natural. Why don’t you take off your shirt and bra and that way I will get a better feel.”
To my pleasant surprise, without a word or protest, she began to unbutton her shirt. My cock had already begun to thicken and now began his upward assent.
Liana now had her shirt off and she turn around with her back to me.
“Can you help unhook my bra.”
Again without hesitation I unhooked her bra, loving the feeling of my fingers touching her white skin. She turned around and as her bra began to slip off her shoulders she shyly held them cupped to her breasts with her hands.
“Let’s take a look now and see if these puppies are real.”
With that I reached forward and slowly pried away her hands from her boobs dropping her bra to the floor. It was the best sight my 45 year old eyes had ever seen.
Her breasts were absolutely perfect in shape. Semi-circular at the bottom, large and absolutely no sagging as I could see the shapely line under her breasts. Liana took a half step forward inviting me to inspect her breasts. I placed my hands on her boobs and began to massage them from different angles. They felt amazing, fresh, like nothing I have ever held in my hands. Every press and her breasts took a different shape. I could see that Liana was enjoying my attention because her eyes were closed.
“Liana, these puppies here are definitely real and absolutely amazing.”
She opened her eyes and smiled at me.
I began to rub her breasts again all of my face, digging her nipples into my eyes, and my cheeks and against my nose.
I began to squeeze here enormous nipples that were jutting out right in front of my eyes as I was seated in my chair. I squeezed them between my index figure and thumb and Liana shuddered in pleasure. I continued squeezing them and then released her left nipple and replaced it with my mouth. With one hand squeezing one nipple I began to suck on the other nipple. Her nipple was big and hard giving me good traction for sucking. Liana began to make soft moaning sounds. I switched to massaging her other breast while sucking the other nipple.
Now I switched breasts. Massaging the left breast I began to flick her right nipple with my tongue. Looking up I could see Liana looking at me intensely. I began to lick around her nipple with the tip of my tongue all the while massaging her left boob.
“Oh Steve. I have never had anyone do this to me. My pussy is all wet.”
With that I put one hand on her pussy and began to rub her clitoris. She could not take it any longer. She began to unzip her pants and wiggled her shapely ass out of her tight pants. I helped her slip off her panties and she hauled herself on my desk with her pussy right in front of my face as I was seated at my desk.
If the first sight of her 22 year young boobs was amazing the sight of her pussy was out of this world. Her pussy was pink surrounded by beautiful blonde pubic hair just the perfect length that I like. I began to pull her pussy hair enjoying watching it spring back into place. My other hand was gently rubbing her inner thigh. Looking up at Liana I could see her straining to see what I was doing to her pussy.
I leaned in to feel her pubic hair against my nostrils moving my head side to side. I opened her pussy lips to see inside her. Her pink pussy lips gave way to even pinker insides. She was wet as hell and I began to rub her pussy opening up and down with my finger. She began to squirm, inching her butt forward inviting my mouth.
I leaned in and with her pussy lips open I began to lick her pussy full on. It tasted so good as I went from bottom to the top. Liana began to mourn softly as I quickened my pace. Now I began to flick her pussy with the tip of my tongue beginning at the bottom of her vaginal opening slowly going up to her clitoris. Liana began to mourn louder.
From licking I now switched to sucking her pussy. I got her engorged clitoris into my mouth and while sucking her pussy I began to flick on her clit. This took her to a new level of excitement.
“Fuck Steve. That is amazing. Suck me, suck me please, harder, harderrrrrrrrrrrrrr.”
I needed no further encouragement. I pressed my mouth as hard as I could into her pussy and soon felt Liana’s hands pressing my head into her pussy. I sucked and sucked and sucked. Soon I could feel Liana’s body tensing up coming to orgasm. I slowed the pace to bring her down a notch or two. I could tell that she wanted to finish, but I wanted her to enjoy the deep sensations she was feeling for the first time. I wanted them to linger in her memory.
I almost slowed down to a complete halt before picking up the pace of my sucking and flicking. I could feel her juices flowing and without any warning I inserted my middle finger into her pussy. She let out a scream of joy. I began to finger fuck her gently all the while keeping up the sucking of her pussy and flicking of her clitoris.
Again I began to feel the rise in her excitement level.
“Make me cum Steve…make me cum. Suck me harder and fuck me with your finger. AAAHHHHHHHHH, OOOOOAAAAAAAA.” Her moaning got louder and louder almost like a crescendo.
I again began to slow down which she resisted. “No Steve…don’t stop. Make me cum….please, please.” She began to beg me, but I had other ideas. I slowed down deliberately just a touch.
Now my finger began to search for the spongy tissue that is her G-spot. I soon found it and began to rub it with the tip of my inserted finger. With the increased pressure of my sucking and rubbing her g-spot, Liana went off the deep edge.
“Oh my god, Steve, oh my god, oh my god, Steve, oh my god, oh my god.” She just kept repeating OMG with the pitch going up higher and higher.
With all the intense pleasurable pressure I was giving her pussy I could feel that she was ready to explode. I kept up a steady beat and suddenly it happened.
“Oh Fuck Steve, ooooooh myyyyyy godddddddd. Enough….enough….” With that she pushed my head away from her pussy and I slowly slid my finger out of her pussy.
Looking up I could see that Liana was exhausted with pleasure. She had this big sheepish grin on her face.
“Oh my god Steve. That was the most intense pleasurable feeling I have ever had. Look I am shaking. Thank you”.
“That’s great Liana. I am glad you enjoyed it. How about giving me some attention now.”
She quickly got off the table and leaned in to kiss me. Holding her gently I kissed her softly our tongues swishing against each other.
Meanwhile my cock was itching to get free from his cage. Unlike many cocks that are soft and limp downwards even when fully erect, my cock at erection is hard and stands tall at erection. And at six inches and nice and thick, it is a cock that women love to suck on and get fucked with. I was not sure how good Liana was at giving head, but I was not too concerned about that because my main purpose was to fuck her and ejaculate inside her, if possible.
Liana dropped to her knees and began feeling my cock over my pants rubbing her hand the length of my cock and feeling the girth. She seemed excited and so was I. She began to remove my belt and I helped with the button. She drew down my zipper and my pants dropped to the floor.
There I was with my cock making a tent out of my boxers with an excited young and beautiful 22 year old waiting in great anticipation. Liana was very enterprising. Without removing my boxer she slipped her hands inside my boxes from below and began to play with by large low hanging balls but not touching my penis. With her hands inside she began to expand my boxes slowly moving it down.
Soon my erect cock was staring her in the face. The look of shock at my size and thickness was a great sight to see.
“That is a handsome cock you have there Steve.”
“Thank you Liana. Let’s see what you can do with it.”
“I don’t have much experience so you will have to show me,” said Liana.
She began to stroke my chocolate coloured cock with both her hands gripping it. She brought her face close and began to rub my cock all over her face. First her cheeks and lips, then her forehead, her eyes, and over again. Then her neck and past her ears. It looked like she loved the smell of my cock and wanted to rub the smell all over her face. I slapped her face with my cock.
She was about to take the head of my cock into her mouth but I stopped her.
“Liana, lick my cock from the base to the tip and down again. That’s it, up and down and pay attention to the little piece of skin right behind the head. That is a very sensitive area with great feeling.”
Liana was a quick learner. The sensation combined with the view of seeing this beautiful blonde 22 year old working her tongue magic up and down my cock was wonderful. After licking my cock up and down and coating it with her saliva, she began to flick the back of the head of my cock with the tip of her tongue working her way from the back of my cock to the ejaculate opening of my cock with the back of her tongue. The feelings were intense.
She took her face away and stared intensely at my cock. Now her hands began to play with my low hanging balls. She was fascinated by it. She began to tap them left and right and watch them hang left and then right like the striking of a bell. She leaned in and took one of my balls in her mouth. I could not help but gasp as her warm mouth began to suck on my ball. She managed to get the second one in as well and her mouth was full.
I could see that Liana wanted to take my cock in her mouth so when she looked up I smiled and nodded my head. She began to suck on my cock, half of it disappearing in her mouth and then appearing all wet. She kept up a steady rhythm sucking and jerking with her hands. I began to feel an intense feeling of excitement, so I put my hand gently on her shoulder signalling to her to slow down. There would be other occasions where I would allow her to blow me to ejaculation, but today I wanted to fuck that beautiful hairy pussy of hers.
I bent down and lifted her up and gestured her to bend forward. I wanted to enter her doggy style. I took a few paces back to enjoy the view of her shapely booty with the hairy treasure in the middle. Stepping forward I took hold of my cock and began rubbing the head of my cock to her pussy lips coating the head of my cock with her juices. After a few strokes up and down I began to enter her. First I slipped an inch inside allowing her to adjust to my thickness. Liana was looking back at me with concern on her face.
“Please be gentle, your thick cock will tear me apart.”
“Don’t worry Liana, I will be gentle. You let me know how I am doing.”
My second entrance I let two inches go inside her. I could feel the tension in Liana’s body. My cock was nicely coated with her pussy juices. This time I entered her a good four inches and she winced a little. I remained in that position for half a minute moving gently from side to side allowing her to adjust. I could feel her relaxing at which time I completed my first thrust in the most divine treasure I have ever known. Again I remained in that position for some time holding on to Liana’s curvy waist.
“Are you okay Liana. Let me know how I am doing.”
“I’m good Steve. You have stretched me good.”
I then began to fuck her ever so gently. In and out but always to the hilt making sure I heard the slapping sound of my stomach against her butt. Soon I could see that she was enjoying the fucking and I began to get a steady rhythm going.
“That’s great Steve, you can fuck me harder if you like.”
I began to thrust harder and increase my speed a bit. I could see that Liana was enjoying the rhythm as her butt would move backward as I thrust forward meeting me half way.
“Please fuck me harder Steve, oh my god. I need it harder.”
That was all I needed to hear. I began to fuck her hard, like I was fucking her brains out. My office as echoing the slapping sound of my body and my balls slapping against Liana’s butt. Holding on for dear life to her waist I was fucking the most beautiful girl with the most amazing body ever. I knew if I kept this up I would come soon. So I stopped and withdrew my cock from Liana’s vagina.
I got her to turn around and now she was lying on her back on my desk. I approached her cock in hand aimed at her pussy opening. Soon I was inside her and looking down at her hairy pussy, I began to fuck her. With one hand on her waist to give me a good grip for my thrusting, I leaned forward and began to fondle her ever so soft breasts. Liana had her eyes closed and she seemed to be coming to a second orgasm.
Liana brought her legs up against my shoulder which gave me the opportunity to enter her even deeper.
“Oh my god, Steve. I am cuming again. Shit. I am coming again. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”
Just as I realised that Liana had cum a second time, I could feel my seed looking to burst forth from the orifice in my penis. I leaned forward and hugged Liana tight feeling her breasts against my body, kissing her gently as I began to deposit my sperm deep into the confines of her vagina. My uncontrollable thrusting was so hard it appeared as though my balls would enter her as well. I must have spurted at least twenty time and I was completed spent.
I stood up still with my cock inside Liana. I could feel my cock undergoing the withdrawal and began to take out my cock slowly. Suddenly Liana lifted up her legs as I was withdrawing.
“I want your seed inside me Steve. I don’t think I will get pregnant but I love the feeling of your warm spunk inside me. Do you mind?”
“I have no problem. Here let me help you.”
I could see a dripping of my sperm from her vagina which I allowed. The sight of my sperm dripping from Liana’s pussy was fantastic. I found a suitable book and placed it under her butt to keep my semen inside her. I got my chair and sat down to help Liana hold her legs up for the semen to find their way deep inside.
After about ten minutes I help Liana up and some of the semen began to drip down her legs. I wiped it off with a tissue and soon Liana and I got dressed.
“Steve, you are an amazing lover and I want us to have an ongoing sexual relationship.”
“I too enjoyed making love to you and you are a very quick learner,” I said.
Liana always dressed in pants but she began wearing skirts and dresses two to three days a week. She would discreetly come into my office for a few minutes and I would quickly lift up her skirt and lick her pussy for a few minutes. A quicky was also on the cards many a time.
Those were the best three years of my life and even though I have now moved on, we meet regularly and I even visit her at the bank after office hours and we replay our first encounter.

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