Apartment owner aunty

this is Ajji from Hyderabad. I am here to explain my sexual affair with my neighbor, with the help of that neighbor and again I had another sexual affair with another neighbor. When I was studying B.Tech 3rd year this incident happened. One day afternoon when I was in college feeling bored, so thought to go home, we have 3 floor building we stay in 1st floor.

As usual I went home and when I was parking my bike in compound my ground floor tenant aunt came out. As she has computer in her home with internet connection she told me that internet isn’t coming in my computer; will you please come once and check the problem.

I went into her home and checked, I noticed that LAN wire has been disconnected from CPU, so I connected that wire and opened Google in computer as her system is slow I asked her to install CCleaner in system. She asked me to install that as she doesn’t know about that.

So while installation process is going on I just opened history in Google and felt surprised to see the tabs which are there (there are adult porn movie links ) I thought that she has son who is two years senior to me, we both are same college; he would have opened this.

I asked her aunty is your son is in home are not she said no he isn’t here he went to Vaizag1 week back for job search and again I was thinking who has opened all this links I asked aunty, who is using this computer, she said me only as uncle works in out station her son is in Hyderabad and her daughter is my classmate she studies on Coimbatore.

I thought aunty is opening this links and shocked to know that and said to her one thing, aunty do you know why the system is very slow. She asked me why? In this system so virus related links are opened so please don’t open that links; she asked what type of links. I said to her you are seeing sex videos in computer so your system is slowed down.

Aunty said hey what you are telling I haven’t seen any videos. I said to her see aunty in your Google history I found many porn video links which you have seen 30 min back you said no one in home and then who has opened this entire links and seen these videos tell me.

She said as she doesn’t know about Google history and asked me oh if we see here it will store in Google store I don’t know about I said yes. She asked me not to reveal about this anywhere. I said OK. One thing aunty – why are you seeing this type of cheap links? I have good clarity video links shall I open those sites for u I asked, without hesitation she said ya sure open them.

And then I opened them she said wow amazing picture clarity and after seeing those videos I got horny and now I knew that aunty is seeing sex videos I thought to fuck her, even I had no other ideas on her 10 min before. After all seeing this I thought to fuck her and asked her aunty than this videos there are more clarity videos than this videos so that you will feel those videos as real.

She asked me to open that sites but I asked her to close her eyes she asked me why should I. I told her you feel surprised. She said k and closed her eyes. After closing her eyes I opened my pant zip and made my cock come out of pant which 9 inches long stayed in front of her and asked her to open her eyes.

After opening her eyes she was shocked to see my cock in front of her and she made her eyes big and mouth open. I know she will accept me as his fucker still she was in shocked mood. I just went near to her I just pressed her boobs she came out from surprise and asked me hey what you are doing; does u know what your age.

I said yes I know aunty my age fucking age she smiled and I know she is going to have bang with me. She is wearing blue nighty. I slowly went behind her and I rubbed my cock in between her butts and made my two hands to go pass her armpits and I pressing her boobs. She is not even saying anything and murmured something. I asked what you said say loudly.

She said where you are all this days dear I said I am in your dreams all this days now I came into reality to make your wants possible after all this I just made her to lay on sofa. And I slowly went up to her and kissed her on fore head on eyes, on cheeks and finally on her lips for 10 min as our saliva is exchanged we too are getting very horny.

I went down to her and kissed her right leg slowly moved into her nighty. I separated her legs, she wear rose color panty. I smelt her pussy from the panty and then licking her pussy through panty and after some time I removed her panty it was like clean shaved pussy no hair on pussy in separated the two lips of pussy and started to lick them.

As I was licking aunty started to make sounds oh my dear eat my pussy deep deeper. I liked licking aunty pussy a lot as I was into her nighty she is holding my head I licked her pussy for nearly 30 min in those 30 min she cummed all over my face and then I removed her nighty.

Now she is having only bra on her body and I removed bra also felt shell shocked after seeing her soft smooth boobs with brown color nipples. Now she undressed me now we both are naked and went into another bed room. I sat on bed and she came and sat on my right thigh and she made her left leg behind me and right leg in front of me like she is sitting on my right thigh and her legs rounding my hip we both are kissing our lips like animals.

I even bite her tongue the feeling of lip lock is quite amazing. We both forgot about the world after the long lop lick. I during lip lock I was pressing her boobs continuously and then I was sucking her boobs and up fronting her left hand licking her armpit too, and then I asked her to lay on bed. I was hornier I want to insert my cock as early as possible into her pussy.

I made her legs separated and inserted my cock into her pussy slowly and moving front and back she is getting hornier and shouting fuck me harder fuck me like animal don’t show mercy on my pussy due to her shouting. I am getting more horny and I increased my speed it was like hell with heaven to me and I just asked to get into 69 position in this she is sucking my cock and I was licking her pussy.

We did it for 10 min and then we were into doggy style as I was fucking her and kissing her lips simultaneously. After that from child hood onwards I had a fantasy of banging ass with my cock. I asked her to bend I inserted my cock in her ass I giving jerks she is shouting faster I was jerking in her ass and pressing boobs with immense pressure.

Then I was going to know that was cumming and stopped ass banging and made her to lie on bed and inserted my cock her pussy and cummed in her pussy. After cumming in her pussy she kissed on my forehead and went to bathroom. First she cleaned herself and asked me to come inside bathroom she cleaned my cock and we had bath together.

After this incident we both had many times nearly 300 times the guys who are studying will feel that this is fake but this is true as I have nearly 2 years of B.Tech. I every day on morning I was going to college I will go her home I will have fuck every morning like breakfast as we both stay in same compound no one knows about this.

We had sex in number of angles even I brought Kama sutra book to know more angles to fuck my aunty we tried lots of angles and one day with this aunt I fucked another aunty too I will write about it in my next posting. I hope readers have enjoyed my story a lot, it was a good experience for me to share story with you, and comments below are welcome.

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