Anniversary Adventure

It started out as one of those mistakes. We had gone to the beach for our anniversary and requested our special room at the motel, the one where we had spent a beautiful and very hot weekend on our first anniversary. It is not the nicest hotel in Cape May but it was a short walk to the beach, and it was our motel. I checked us in and was handed a key. We went up to the room, walked in and there were still suitcases in the room, clothes lying around and the sounds of someone in the shower. The shower stopped immediately when my husband and I entered.
A man’s head poked out of the shower, “Can I help you?” he asked.
“I am so sorry, I was given this key for this room,” I stuttered. “It must be some mistake. May I call the desk?”
The man introduced himself as Tom and said, “Sure go ahead.” I heard some giggling in the room as I called.
The desk clerk spoke quietly into the phone, I could barely hear him.
“But we come here this weekend every year.” I said. “Do you have another room? Can you refer us to another hotel? What do you mean no rooms anywhere? What do you mean 40 minutes away?”
I looked up to see I had an audience, my husband and a couple both dressed in towels were looking at me expectantly.

I hung up. “Sorry.” I said to everyone. I explained to the couple that it was our tenth anniversary and we were returning to the room of our first anniversary but that they had unbeknownst to us all booked my husband and me and the couple in towels to the same room.
The couple looked at us, and smiled a kind of odd smile and then said, “Listen why don’t you just stay tonight. We can share the room. We are going out for dinner, so give us some time to dress, just about fifteen minutes and the next three hours are yours. We have already been in the bed by the wall so if you take the one by the door, that would be fine. And if you give us half the price of the room we will be happy and you will be better off than driving tonight looking for a place to stay.”
I looked at my husband. He seemed a little taken aback but it seemed ok. We stepped outside and talked while they dressed. The man came out and introduced himself as Tom and his wife’s name was Rose. Tom had a nice smile and seemed genuine. He was tallish, with slightly graying brown hair and kind green eyes. Soon Rose opened the door and invited us in. She was small and slender, and had her clothes in her arms, holding them close over her chest. The towel around her covered everything barely, but sometimes opened just a bit. She was also around 40 and her short auburn hair accentuated her petite face and violet eyes. It turned out they had children the same age as ours, approximately, and were away for the weekend as well. We shared with them, about our children at home with grandparents. Hank talked easily about his work and our lives. He is not as tall as Tom, his curly hair and soft beard were also graying but distinguished. His eyes were alert and showed amusement quickly. Soon we were laughing about our predicament and meeting like this. Then the conversation stopped and everyone felt comfortable and uncomfortable. Throughout the brief conversation, I know I caught a few glimpses of Tom’s cock and balls as he turned or gestured, or thought I did and I’m sure my husband caught a few flashes of Rose’s tits and ass as she turned and pulled up her towel. Was this on purpose, I wondered?
We both wanted to stay so we grabbed the opportunity. They went into the bathroom and changed and we heard their soft conversation but not what they said, although we did hear Rose’ soft chuckle, and when Rose came out, she was dressed. She was pretty, petite, sweet faced and friendly.
She said, “Take the three drawers by the door. Look. It might be fun.”
We thanked them for their kindness and consideration, and Hank handed them sixty dollars and they smiled and went off.
We unpacked, opened our glass of wine and Hank headed for the shower while I laid out some clothes, had a bit of a snack. When Hank came out, dripping wet, wrapped in a towel, his broad shoulders with beads of water, I gave him a deep kiss and glanced at the clock, 7:30. I moved quickly into the bathroom. I wanted plenty of time to remove that towel and get to what was under it. I stepped into and out of the shower and into my lingerie, the same white misty outfit I wore on my wedding night and every anniversary afterwards.
I fixed my hair and stepped out with my stockings, garters and pearls. My husband smiled that amazing smile of his and came to me. We kissed, and I felt his hard cock against my belly. It was going to be a good night. We played, we drank we laughed and it ended with me on my knees and him moving behind me, when the door opened. It closed again quietly and we glanced at the clock, 10:30. It was kind of hot to be seen, and after all, we knew well that they had been doing the same thing themselves and that we would never see them again.
A discreet knock at the door a half an hour later was met by my husband in his robe and me in my nightclothes and the four of us smiling sheepishly. They apologized and shared they had maybe had one too many.
“Us too.” I added and then invited them to help us finish our wine. Soon we were giggling and talking about sex.
“You two look pretty hot.” Rose said, grinning.
“Yeah, I heard some sounds when we came in, “Tom shared, “And that was really hot. I like your moan.” He said to me.
I was embarrassed but turned on so I talked on and on about loving the sounds of sex. I said I liked letting go and feeling like I could just let it loose and do whatever I wanted.
We chatted and laughed until I heard Hank say. “Well, you know, turnabout is fair play. You saw us naked, now we should see you.”
They both looked a little surprised and then they took a deep look in each other’s eyes. I looked at Hank.
Rose went to her drawer and drew out another bottle of wine and opened it. She took out a deck of cards and said, “Well, I’ve got an idea. Let’s play strip poker.”
We smiled and she went on. “Rules are, no same gender mixing, no penetration without unanimous approval and everyone can and will say no to what they don’t want.”
My pussy was tingling, oh was it tingling. My heart was beating fast. I looked at Hank, first at his cock under the robe, and then at his eyes. Both were lit up. I nodded.
We all had a drink and Rose dealt. Hank won the first round. So Hank chose who lost what.
Hank said to Rose and me. “Off with your tops.” Rose took off her blouse but kept on her see-through bra. I lost my sweatshirt and was sitting there showing everyone my breasts. In fact everyone could see my breasts plainly. But Roses were on view as well through her flimsy bra. My brown nipples were erect and hers were as well. What was I getting into?
We looked at Hank to see what he would tell Tom.
He said. “Tom, sorry pal, but the pants have got to go.”
We watched at Tom unhitched his belt and unzipped his pants, stepping out of his sandals. He had on boxer shorts and his cock was pushing them out. I smiled at Rose and gave her thumbs up. Hank looked at me carefully and thoughtfully, as if measuring what he would decide if he won again. I was, however, determined the winner would be me.
Unfortunately for me, it was Rose. Rose looked at Hank and said “Your turn to lose your pants”. I knew he was naked underneath his sweats, and as he turned around and leaned over you could see ass and balls. When he turned around his cock, long and slender, the head purple with a hint of moisture on the top, pointed at me. It was very hot, even hotter knowing that Rose could see it as well.
Rose looked at me and said, “Do you have anything on under your bed pants?”
I smiled and shook my head no.
“Ok” she said to the guys, “I am going to offer her a choice. She can take off her pants or she can give each of your cocks a sweet kiss. Just a kiss.”
The guys looked at each other and grinned and nodded. They both came over and placed their cocks in front of my face. It was no question for me, this is what I hoped they would pick. I already felt deliciously exposed but wanted to move on, and I love cock sucking.
I said to Rose, “Who is first, Ms. Winner?”
She said, “Your husband first and then mine.”
I knelt at my husband’s feet and slowly licked up the shaft. Precum sparkled on the tip. I licked it slowly off. Then I stood up and walked over to Tom and knelt in front of him. Looking up at him, I softly licked his cock underneath his silk shorts. As my tongue moved up the shaft and around the tip, I could also feel the precum. I felt my pussy juices flow. I kissed the tip quickly but hard. Maybe more later, I thought.
The next hand I did win and told Rose to choose her skirt or her shirt to take off. Off came the skirt. Rose was dressed in see-through panties. Her nipples were hard and the panties were obviously wet.
Tom, of course, I told to take off the boxers. He was now totally naked, his cock standing up for all to see. It was not as long as Hank’s but thicker and the veins stood out. I felt my pussy clench as I saw two cocks- both really hot. I pulled my eyes reluctantly away to look at Hank. He was already naked, so what’s a girl to do? I was in a deliciously voyeuristic mood, plus I got suck a new cock, it was his turn, so I instructed him to present his cock to Rose and let her lick and suck it.
All this happened so quickly I didn’t have time to think or worry, I just went with my gut, or, really, with what my pussy wanted. Hank looked at me expectantly and I told him he was to let Rose suck but not to touch. I looked over at Tom who was watching them intently. I could tell it was really hot for Tom to watch and I wanted to reach over to grab his cock. But I didn’t. I stayed with the rules of the game. I could tell Hank was about to come in Rose’s mouth so I stopped them.
Tom won the next round, and he decided that Hank would remove Rose’s bra slowly, taking a full minute to remove it. Her breasts were lovely, the skin was white and the nipples were brown. Hank took his time caressing every inch of her breasts and tweaking each nipple. The nipples were very erect. Rose’s mouth opened, her lips were parted, her eyes sparkled and little moans escaped her lips. I noticed her panties had a large wet spot.
Tom said he would remove my bed pants and would also take a full minute to do so. He turned me to face Hank and slipped the pants slowly over my ass, touching it lightly, slipping his hand between my legs and gathering my pussy juices on his fingers. Hank watched as Tom’s fingers touched over my clit. I sighed.
Rose won the next round. She had both guys sit on the bed. Then she tasted both cocks, each six times. Then she had me kneel on the bed and each guy took turns licking my pussy from clit to my sweet wet hole. The feeling in the air was delicious. Four very horny people, enjoying every minute.
Hank won the next round and Rose and I were both told to lean over the edge of the bed. Tom was instructed to play with Rose’s breasts and pinch her nipples while Hank sucked my clit and labia. Then they switched. I was so close to coming, I knew I could not take much more. While Hank’s nose and mouth were in Rose’s pussy, I watched Tom pinch one of Rose’s nipples and lick the other, switching back and forth until she was moaning. Rose’s panties were part way down her legs and as she went to pull them up, Hank stopped her.
“Leave them right there.” he instructed.
I thought I needed a break. This was so good I didn’t want to come yet, so I got up and paraded, wiggling toward the wine. I poured more wine for everyone. Each of us looked at each other. Rose was in her panties alone and they were halfway between her knees and her slightly shaved dark brown pussy and the rest of us were completely naked. We all had the same thought. The feeling of sex and the push toward orgasm was in the air. Yet, we all still wanted to savor this erotic excitement in the air. I impulsively threw on my bathrobe.
I said, “Time for an ice break,” and grabbed the bucket and went down to get ice. When I came back to the room, the door was locked. I knocked.
“Come on, open up.” I said.
Hank opened the door. “Is anyone else out there?” He asked.
I looked around. It was nearly 1 a.m. and the hall seemed empty. “No one” I whispered back.
“Good. Send in that bathrobe.”
I looked around again and handed in the ice bucket. I heard some giggling and then Rose shut the door. I looked around again and then I took off the robe and knocked.
“Who’s there?” asked Hank.
“Come on,” I said.
At that moment someone was coming up the stairs, the door opened a little and I pushed but couldn’t get in.
“We played a quick round while you were out and decided you lost.” said Tom. “So to come in you must get naked in the hall.”
I looked around, dropped the robe, twirled and Tom opened the door. I walked in. There were two cameras snapping my picture. As the cameras flashed I heard someone walk slowly by the door. I realized they probably at least saw the flash of my naked ass, more perhaps.
I realized this tenth anniversary celebration was just about to become a full orgy but my ardor had cooled at bit, and if this was to be my only orgy, I wanted the delicious teasing of the game to last as long as it could. I brought all of us, completely naked, aroused and horny, back to the cards. It wasn’t hard to convince the guys. A naked woman can get two naked men with hard-ons to do whatever she wants.
I won. So I played turnabout and posed them for the next picture. As I took the picture, I noted that the closet doors were missing a circular handle. There were two open holes. I waited for my next win.
In the meantime, Rose and I got to each lick our husband’s cocks and the others’. It was heavenly. Hank was completely engorged. He was purple and the veins were more pronounced than I had ever seen. All I could think was how badly I wanted his cock in my mouth and in my pussy. But in the back of my brain, I kept hearing,’ not yet, not yet’. Luckily I won the next round.
I turned on the lights full blast and ordered both husbands into the closet and to put their very hard cocks through the holes. It was just like a glory hole. Rose and I took turns sucking them until they nearly came.
We were all so close, so close. But I pulled everyone back to the game.
Rose won. She pulled me to the bathroom and asked me some important questions. I answered them as truthfully as I could. We looked at each other, knowing that what we chose our husbands would agree to.
Rose walked out. “Ok guys. This is it. It’s time to come and the cards are going to tell how, and with who.”
She took the four jacks from the deck and shuffled them around. Then she laid them on the bed upside down.
“Black jack means the woman gets fucked in the ass. Red jack means pussy. The man and the woman with the matching colors play together. We play until everyone comes.”
The first pick I got black. I like ass fucking, so the question was who’s cock would be in my ass. Hank drew black. Rose and Tom watched as Hank moved behind me and slowly slid his cock into my ass and started to fuck. Then Tom lay on the bed and Rose sat astride him and slowly, teasingly moved up and down on his cock. I watched my husband gaze at her beautiful breasts as they bounced up and down. We both stopped. Nobody had come yet. We dealt the four cards again.
This time Rose and Hank pulled red and Tom and I pulled black. My ass was filled again and we fucked together as Hank entered Rose, doggy style. Tom’s fucking style and his cock were very different from Hanks and it felt wonderful. But I wasn’t going to come from ass fucking.
Rose, however came, screaming her orgasm. Tom quickened his pace moving deeply into my ass. I felt his cock and balls clench and felt him come with hard spasms in my ass, his load washing into and dripping out of my ass. He collapsed over me. It was great, but my pussy wanted more.
It had been a great night, but I was still not fulfilled. I was pretty sure Hank had come from fucking Rose. That left me out.
“I got to come.” I said out loud.
Rose went over to Hank and played with his cock until it was hard, which didn’t take as long as I worried it would. My pussy was waiting, wanting, no needing, to come. Tom joined in and played with my pussy. He rubbed over my clit and ran his fingers gently over the lips of my pussy. He put his mouth on me and sucked. I was aching when Hank climbed on top of me. I surrounded him with my legs.
On the other side of the bed, Tom had gotten hard again, from playing with my pussy I hoped, so he mounted a moaning Rose, bending her legs back over her head.
Each of us watched the other, each having tasted the other. As Hank moved deeply inside me, the good feeling of his cock moving inside my hot pussy brought an amazing wail from me as I throbbed through an orgasm. As I wailed, I heard Tom groan and Rose yell good words to the Creator. Soon everything was quiet, still and peaceful. The smell of sex permeated the air and the quiet was broken only by the steady tick of the clock and deep breathing. I felt completely satisfied and peaceful as I slipped my arms around my exhausted and very dear husband.
The clock said 3 a.m. We fell asleep, each with our own spouses, each full of satisfaction, satiation and memories.
The next morning, we rose early and showered. I was still hot and the shower with Hank was hot, and I am not talking about the water. We were quick and when we came out, Tom and Rose were not in the room.
We packed quickly and I was a little worried that they were gone, until I heard a quick knock. Rose and Tom walked in with coffee and bagels and bananas. We laughed over the coffee and it made everything comfortable, especially when Rose peeled the banana and ceremoniously ate it. We looked at each other and I leaned over and hugged Rose.
“I have never done anything like that.” I said. “Although we always talked about it, I thought it was just a kind of thing that was hot to talk about. You two made it beautiful and fun, thank you.”
We hugged again, exchanged email addresses, promising to write. Hank and I packed the car and headed home. When we got home, I checked our emails. There was a note from “Rose and Tom” and it contained just a few words; “Thought you might enjoy the picas, we are sure going to.” One picture was of Rose with her panties above her knees, Hank licking her pussy and Tom, hard and horny, staring at the camera, horny for me. I knew we would see them again.
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