Anna's Milk Ch. 03

Have you ever had a moment that was simultaneously the best and the worst of your life? That kind of moment is where this story picks up.

Beautiful Anna, a redheaded and luscious woman with freckles, curves, a new baby, and a husband in Afghanistan, had a minute before had my cock in her mouth, and was nursing on it for what she called my “milk.” She’d already let me nurse twice on her milk-filled breasts to get the sweet liquid out, and so she said it was only fair for me to give her something in return. 

We’d been in our bathing suits having a squirt gun water fight in the carriage house in back of my parents’ house where she now lived, and I’d ambushed her inside. I used the little toy to squirt the tips of her breasts several times, and then her pussy over and over again through her bikini bottom. 

We’d been accidentally and then on-purpose sexually teasing each other day after day, and that moment she finally decided that enough was enough. 

Her baby Ben was safely napping in the second bedroom, and so she led me to her bedroom, locked the door, and easily and without much resistance from me wrestled me to the ground. She then took off her bikini top while sitting on my belly, revealing her large and freckled breasts with their large pink areolas and medium-sized pink nipples. Leaning over my face, she’d gently squeezed one breast and then the other, showering me with her milk, which I tried to lap up. She then let me nurse on one breast and then the other, suckling her beautiful boobs while holding their smooth and bulging warmth with my fingers. 

Anna’s “boob juice,” as her friend Moira called it, was surprisingly sweet. It was almost like melon juice, but far more sexy. 

And so, once she’d given me that, you’ll understand how I was already in a such a stunned world of pleasure she would be able to take off my swim trucks without much resistance, revealing my straining virgin cock, which was then lucky enough to get its first blow job.

I once heard of someone call sex “bumping uglies,” the idea somehow being that genitals are not that nice looking. But I’ve never felt that way about cocks and cunts. I always have found them to be the most mysterious and in their own strange ways mesmerizing things I’ve ever seen. Being mostly straight, I was drawn to pussies more than by cocks. But I do find an erect penis somehow very compelling in its raw desire. 

And my six-inch hard cock with its reddish head was certainly a physical manifestation of my 18-year old lust, which had been directed almost exclusively at Anna for the past couple of months. 

The juxtaposition between my straining and veined dick, and Anna’s lovely freckled face with her green eyes and lips with shiny lip gloss was extreme. That something so weird looking as a hard cock could go into a mouth as beautiful as Anna’s was entrancing.

Her lovely face and mouth was then sucking and working at harvesting my cock. Her red hair and her breasts brushed against me as she worked herself up and down my shaft, nursing powerfully on me until I cried out Anna’s name again and again, and then shot my cream onto her tongue.

She showed the little pool of white cum to me in her open mouth, and then closed her mouth, swallowing it all down. And then opened her mouth again to show me her white teeth and clean tongue. She said, “ahh” but added, quite rightly, that her milk tasted better than mine.

Just after this she was now leaning against my chest as I breathed heavily, trying to cope with this moment, as she pressed her soft breasts against my chest. Anna was grinning like a cheshire cat-woman with green eyes.

Heaven, right?

Only Anna was by best friend Nick’s wife. And I’d promised Nick before he’d shipped over to Afghanistan in the summer of 2002 to look after her, and to protect her from men who would lust after her. Many people, including Nick, said that I was one of the most trustworthy people that they knew. But I’d sucked on her nipples, and now she’d sucked off my straining cock.

I was in really deep shit for the first time in my adult life. Unless it could be hidden, I’d certainly destroyed my friendship with Nick forever. My parents would also be shocked beyond words, and if this was discovered it would makes waves of scandal that would hit almost everyone I knew. 

But mostly I worried about Nick. I could only imagine his anger and even rage. He wasn’t the violent type, but that was before Afghanistan. When he got back what, exactly, might he do?

And so, even awash in the endorphins of the best orgasm of my life, a feeling close to dread simultaneously washed over me. As you can now see, it was a moment of ecstasy and near-horror at the same time.

But because Anna was at that moment smiling at me, clearly happy with herself for her amazing performance, I just hid the bad and focused on the good, beaming shyly back at her in gratitude, thanking her.

And then she popped the question.

She’d already asked me if I loved her little six-month old son Ben, who every day grinned at me, made weird noises like “la la la! la! maa la!,” and pointed his little index finger out as I carried him to show which direction he wanted me to take him. To my surprise, I had fallen deeply for the little treasure, to the point where I was happy to change his diaper. What, you say? How is that possible? Well, when a baby is uncomfortable and messy, cleaning him or her up, and then feeding them, and dressing them in comfortable dry clothes, is deeply satisfying. I don’t know if men especially can really understand this until they’ve done it. But I think for many men it’s true. It certainly was for me, much to my surprise.

Right after Anna had asked me if I loved little Ben, and I’d said yes, she was moved to tears by this. She was crying a little about it and hugging me. And then she asked me how I felt about Ben’s mother, about her.

I’d actually had a crush on Anna for years. And I’d had raw lust for her since I started to see her luscious milky breasts on a daily basis. But I’d also in the last several weeks quickly fallen in love with her more as a whole person. Even on her bad days, I suddenly had a deep well of feeling and empathy for her. I loved Anna, but had never said it to her in words, even though the way I acted around her probably gave her a good clue.

But she wanted her doubt eliminated, and so asked me:

“So, David, how do you feel about me now?”

“Oh, Anna,” I said, still a little breathless, “you know how I feel about you. But I’m not sure I should say it. You do know after what just happened that I think you’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever met.”

“And?” She said, looking at me expectantly, seeming pretty confident in what else went with that.

“I want you to say it,” Anna added.

She continued: “I’ve been able to tell since almost as soon as Nick left that you were under my spell, even when you tried to hide it. But now I want you to tell me how deep that spell goes.”

She was grinning again like a cheshire cat, having just swallowed the canary of my cum.

“Oh Anna,” I said, suddenly feeling almost weepy, because of how far I’d betrayed everyone’s trust, “you know I love you. I love you so much.”

It sounds strange, but I reached up to cover my mouth as I’d uttered this simple truth that was also a horror.

But Anna didn’t seem horrified at all. She was gleeful, and grinned and laughed, saying, “I knew it! Oh David!” 

And then she was hugging me with her tits, and kissed me even as I was feeling that together we were in, as I’ve already said, some pretty deep shit.

But she wanted more, and said:

“What do you love about me? When did you fall in love with me? Tell me!”

I couldn’t help but be carried away by her joy. If she could be made happy by my love, what else mattered?—At least at this moment.

“Well,” I said, laughing with her, “which of those questions do you want answered first?”

“I want you to tell me what what you love about me first,” she said, “leaning her elbow on the floor as her breasts still pressed against my chest in a wonderful way.

So I started there: “Well,” I said, looking down at her pink areolas and nipples, at least as much as could be seen of them, “you have truly beautiful breasts.”

“I know,” she said, “But what do you love about them?” 

“Well, everything!” I said, laughing, “Their shape, their softness, your nipples, and, maybe most of all, your milk. A breast without milk is already so beautiful, but a breast with milk I now know is beyond amazing.”

“Let me guess: The first time you loved me was the time that you first drank my milk from that bottle, right after I pumped it and it was still warm from my tit. Is that true?”

“That’s probably partly true,” I said with a smile, “Although I think I was in love with you even before that, and it just got stronger then. And even stronger when…”

“When you actually nursed on me?” She said with a confident smile.

“Yes,” I said, and I could feel my dick revive and slowly start to lengthen again, which was pretty weird considering I’d just come a few minutes ago. I was glad she couldn’t see that, for some reason.

“What else do you love about me?” Anna asked again, clearly wanting to hear more.

“Oh everything,” I said, smiling at her as I reached up to stroke her beautiful red hair, and so I said, “Your goodness, your intelligence, your hair, your green eyes,” I traced my finger gently down her face, “your freckles,” I touched her mouth, “your lips.”

“And?” She said, arching her eyebrows, clearly looking for more.

“What? I love everything about you,” I said laughing.

“But I want you to tell me, specifically,” she insisted.

“Well, your sense of humor, your empathy—Anna,” I said, “I think I’m swelling your head here, this is ridiculous.”

“I swelled your head in my mouth until it exploded. Now it’s your turn,” she said.

“True enough,” I said, still amazed that my cock had shot its load into the beautiful mouth that was right now talking with me.

“OK. I love your burps.”


“Yeah, that’s how I could tell that you were really being yourself around me. Plus both of your boobs were out right then.”

“Oh yeah,” she said, remembering and smiling.

“What else?” She added.

“Your tummy and belly button.”

“Even with the stretch marks?”

“Definitely. How else would we have Ben.”

She smiled, and nodded for me to go on.

“Your legs, your toes with their little painted toenails.”

“What about my butt?”

“Oh my god, you have an awesome butt!”


“And?” I said, echoing her, wondering if she really wanted me to say it.

“What about what made you hard the day you saw me in the bath with Ben?”

“Yes, that was amazing. You’re so beautiful, Anna.”

“Did you really think so? I think they’re a little weird looking,” she said, referring to her pussy.

“Oh my god!” I said, “it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” My dick throbbed as a picture came into my mind of her hairy mounds and pussy lips surrounded by curly wet red hair in the bath.

“Well, if like my mouth,” she said, “just wait until you get to try the rest of me,” and she looked over and saw that my cock was now already fully erect, and even throbbing and straining again.

“Wow. That was fast,” she said, “But now it’s my turn,” She said, adding, “Unlike Nick, who usually didn’t seem too worry much about me, I’m expecting something more from you, David.”

And with that she started drawing flirty circles with her left index fingernail around my chest.

This was more new information about Anna and Nick’s troubled sex life before he left for Afghanistan. Anna had already told me that Nick had been freaked out by the pregnancy, the birth of Ben, and the changes in Anna’s body along the way, seemingly losing, as she told me, “most of his desire for me.” And now it seems that when they actually had sex Nick got off, but left Anna to take care of herself. Oops.

The only problem, beyond that Anna was Nick’s wife, of course, was that as a virgin I didn’t know much about how to do for a woman what Anna had just done for me. I was eager to learn, and had done some amateur research on the internet, but…That, plus that fact that Nick might kill me when he got back put me in rather a conundrum. 

“Anna,” I said, trying to figure out how to say some of this.

She looked at me expectantly, and happily, seemingly thinking that I’d be able to take care of her needs as well as I took care of Ben.

“Anna, I definitely owe you. Big time! But you’ll have to be patient with me and teach me. I…I’m not just a virgin, I’m almost completely inexperienced.”

“I know,” she said, not seeming phased in the least, “shall we start?”

“Sure. But shouldn’t we think about this? I mean, about Nick?”

“You didn’t seem to be thinking about that much when I was sucking you off!” She said, genuinely annoyed, and her expression had turned from joyful to sour in a second.

“You’re right. You’re totally right! I’m sorry. If you’ll teach me, I’ll do anything you say. I want to make you happy, Anna. You deserve it!”

“Good!” She said, happy again.

“But I think maybe we should keep it to just…to oral, so that we don’t cross that final line? And maybe just once or twice? I really don’t think continuing this is such a good idea, as much as I love it.”

“OK,” she said, seeming surprisingly easy to satisfy, and then added, “we won’t do anything that you don’t want to do.”

“Oh shit,” I said, laughing and smiling “that’s what I’m worried about!” 

She laughed too and raised her eyebrows suggestively.

I accidentally glanced down at my again straining and twitching cock. Anna, following my lead, turned and looked over at it too with an ironic and knowing smile.

“I know that part of you loves me without any ifs ands or buts.”

“Yeah,” I said, “Sorry.”

“No,” Anna said, “It’s quite enjoyable after the lack of action with Nick.”

“But we were talking about me,” she added, and sat up and then stood up. “I want you to do for me what I did for you.” She looked at her bikini bottom and it was clear she was about to take it off to, and then give me a lesson in going down on a woman.

But at that moment, Ben woke up from his nap and started crying.

She shrugged her shoulders, which made her boobs jiggle in a most delightful way, and said, “Later, then.”

And she sauntered out of the room, top still off, to go nurse her baby.

The rest of that day was a maze of baby care and housework, with the necessary going out of the house for the work shift at the library. But I was walking on a cloud most of the day because of what had happened, and not surprisingly being even extra-nice to Anna. And when Anna looked at me she smiled knowingly. 

As night approached a delicate question presented itself, which I hesitantly asked of Anna as she sat on the couch, topless, nursing Ben: “Should I still go out on my date with Moira?”

Moira was Anna’s beautiful best friend, and had asked me out on a date in part because she liked me, but more to protect Anna. Anna had even encouraged and partly arranged the date—but that was before Anna had sucked me off, and had gotten me to tell her that I loved her. Moira was perceptive, and could see just before it really happened that if Anna and I were left alone in this house too long that there would be trouble of the kind we were now in…

Anyway, Anna said, “It might make her suspicious to cancel at this point. But do you want to go on the date with Moira?”

“Sort of. But…”

“But what?” Anna asked with mock innocence, as I couldn’t help but stare down at her free boob, which had a little drop of milk on it.

“Well, I know what we were doing was wrong,” I said, “but I wonder if you’ll be…I don’t know how to say this. Jealous?”

Anna smiled. She looked confident. And sexy. 

“Maybe a little,” she said, “but I think I have some things that put me on top.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, puzzled.

“Well, I’m not sure Moira can compete with this.”

And Anna put a hand under her generous free right breast, with its beautiful pink areola, and giggled it a little bit toward me. 

Ben de-latched from the left one, with a little slurping sound. Clearly he was done. 

She sat him on the ground, and he happily balanced while sitting. 

“There’s some extra here,” Anna said, smiling again while holding out her right breast with the drop of milk on it. “Do you want it?”

“Yes,” I said, breathing a bit heavily and staring at the headlights of her boobs, mesmerized.

“I thought so,” she said, smiling, and then licked her tongue theatrically and slowly around her lips to remind me of how she had swallowed down my less-tasty dick milk this morning, although seemingly with enthusiasm.

“But don’t do anything you don’t want to do,” she said, with a mischievous look on her face as she spread her legs wide and beckoned me closer. 

“Shouldn’t we go in the back room?” I said, with a worried look at the door.

“Nah,” she said, “The blinds are down, the curtains are closed and the door is locked. If your Mom or someone else comes by we’ll just stop, and then I’ll put on my T-shirt.”

She glanced at the big black T-shirt that she had next to her.

“What about Ben?”

“Oh, he’s happy. He’ll be fine,” she said.

I looked around at him, and saw he was indeed playing with his toys and looking around in the middle of the room, on his blanket, without seemingly a care in the world. Well fed, and with a dry diaper, he was self-amusing at the moment.

And so I couldn’t resist Anna or her milk, right in the living room, and yet more lines were crossed. 

I scooted up next to her on my knees as she sat on the couch. As I got right up to her, she gently pushed up her breast and nipple with one hand, while the other gently pulled my face and open mouth into contact.

I nursed firmly, sucking Anna’s nipple, areola, and a good bit of her right breast right into my mouth. Her milk flowed into me, and she was sweet. It felt like drops of love were going down my throat. I looked up with wonder at Anna’s beautiful freckled face, and flowing red hair, and she smiled back at me, looking confident in my adoration of her at that moment.

With my left hand on her the smooth swell of her breast, my other hand reached out and touched her warm belly above her belly button.

As I sucked, she put her hand over mine, affectionately.

She gently and firmly took hold of my hand, holding it for a few seconds while I nursed her. And then she slowly moved my hand down to her sweat pants, and then in. 

I stopped suckling, and popped off with a sound almost like Ben’s, a little shocked.

“Ah! Ah!” She said, teacherishly, but still happy, “Keep sucking. You can walk and chew gum at the same time. Just follow my lead.”

And so I nursed her again, while she slid my hand down to where her spread legs joined. I couldn’t see it, but I could now feel her red-haired and wet pussy. Her mounds with the wet meaty center were intoxicating to me, especially because I’d never felt a cunt before in my life. I couldn’t believe it: I was feeling Anna’s cunt—and she wanted me to. My rock-hard cock was now throbbing in my shorts as she rubbed my fingers slowly up and down on her wet and warm mounds and folds.

I let out an involuntary moan: “Uhnn.”

“You like that, do you?” She looked happy and horny.

I separated from her breast quickly to say, “Yes!” and then started nursing again while feeling Anna’s lovely cunt under her sweats.

“Give me your finger,” she said, and she then paralleled my middle finger under her sweats with her finger. After pausing for just a second, she slowly and gently pushed my finger all the way into her wet vagina.

“Ohh,” I breathed in joyful surprise.

“Keep nursing,” She said, smiling, looking even hornier as she pushed my finger down inside of her secret place.

She guided my finger in and out of her wet vagina, with a slow but firm rhythm that seemed to please her. And then she moved my finger out and up—to her clitoris, circling around a few times, and then back into her depths, this time even deeper. 

And now she moaned softly and breathed heavily: “Mmmm!”

She let go of my hand, but added, “keep going. I think you’re getting the hang of this.”

And so I did, remembering what she had done, but adding slightly different variations of pushing gently into her vagina, and then out to gently circle her clit, and then touch it.

She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, breathing more heavily. After a couple of minutes, she said, breathlessly, opening her eyes just to peek at me:

“Faster, David.”

And so as I nursed on Anna’s breast, still getting her sweet milk, I gradually started going faster and faster, and more and more on her clitoris. I could feel her pussy get even wetter, as her cunt hair started getting soaked with her juices.

“Harder!” She finally almost moaned.

In just another minute she started trembling and quivering, her face became flushed—and then suddenly a spasm shot through her, and especially through her cunt, and she cried out a quietly:

“Ahh! Ahhh!!”

She breathed for a little while as I looked at her beautiful flushed and freckled face. Now I was only gently “pretend nursing” on her breast, as I still looked up at her.

She just breathed for a minute more, looking relaxed and happy, and then she smiled down at me and said, “Very good, David. You finally made a woman come. How did it feel?”

As she said this she gently moved my right hand, which was still resting on her cunt with a finger part way inside her, slowly up to her mouth. And she kissed my finger that had made her come.

“How was it for me?” I said

She nodded, smiling.

“Oh my god. Incredible.”

“I thought you liked it. Am I still your MILF?” She said, smiling.

“Yes!” I said.

“Well then, when are you going to fuck me?”

“Um…Well, what about Nick?”

“What about him?” She asked calmly.

“Uh…well, how is he going to react when he comes back?”

“Why? Are you going to tell him you’ve been sucking on my boob while putting your finger in my cunt? Would you tell him if you fucked me?” She smiled.

“No!” I said, shocked.

“Do you think I”m going to tell him?” She said, again calmly.

“No.” I said, but with less certainty.

“Of course not!” Anna said, adding, “And so how would he find out?”

“I don’t know…” I said, uncertainly.

“He won’t!” Anna said, confidently.

“Well…” I said, still worried, but looking down with longing at Anna’s crotch, and thinking about my cock being inside of where my finger had just been.

She saw my look and smiled, and then gently kissed my finger with her warm and wet mouth, and said, “Thank you, by the way.”

I was so hard. And I wished suddenly that she’d lay down on the couch, pull down her sweats, and spread her legs, so that I could plunge my dick into her cunt right there. She seemed to sense that.

“Do you…want something?” She asked, playfully.

“Yes. But…” I tried to shake off my wild horniness and focus on something I knew I had to remember. And then with a shock it came to me, and the blood drained from my face and my dick at the same time, as I said:

“Moira’s going to be over here in—” I looked at my watch “half an hour. For our date!”

Anna looked a little disappointed, but not much, as she glanced at the silly owl wall clock she had.

“You’re right,” she said, pleasantly. Adding: “you’d better get ready.”

“Then you’re…OK with it. I mean: you’re not worried.”

“I’m not worried,” Anna said, with a wide smile that somehow seemed to hold a big secret. “I know you’re going to be thinking about me even while you’re with Moira.”

I was taken aback, not sure what she was talking about. After what had just happened between us I probably couldn’t get Anna out of my mind for more than a few minutes. But somehow I also imagined that Moira might be able to get my complete attention—if she wanted it, that is.

“You’d better shower and get ready,” Anna continued, playfully. “And don’t forget to wash your hand thoroughly.”

“What?” I said, looking at my hand, puzzled.

“Smell it.” Anna commanded.

I cautiously smelled my hand, and suddenly the rich smell of what I knew was Anna’s cunt hit me: musky and yet sweet. It smelled a little like her milk tasted, full of the generating sources of life that she had as a woman and as a mother.

My eyes widened, and my mouth fell open a little bit as I smiled. 

“That’s amazing,” I finally said.

“Thanks,” Anna said, suddenly blushing and looking almost shy.

Then she added, “Anyway, a woman—especially—knows that smell. And so unless you want Moira to know you had your finger inside of me, you’d better wash up.”

“OK,” I said, but hesitated.

My finger that had been in Anna’s vagina was still close enough to my face that I could still slightly sense her essence. It was silly, but I was almost reluctant to wash it off.

I didn’t want what might happen with Moira to ruin what I now seemed to have—as wrong as it was, as immoral as it was—with Anna.

“Are you really OK with this. I mean, what If Moira and I…?” I trailed off, not sure what to say.

“Make out?” Anna added, again with her mysterious and mischievous smile.

“Yeah. Or even more than that.”

“Well,” Anna said, and here she did look a little worried, “I hope you don’t lose your virginity to her. But that’s up to you. Anything short of that, however, and I mean—anything—and I think you should go for it. Savor it. Lap it up, even…

And here again her weird and strangely humorous look returned. It worried me somehow. But I couldn’t put my finger on it. Perhaps that was because I was still smelling my finger that had been all the way in Anna.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yes, really!” Anna said, adding, “I regret that I didn’t do more with Moira when I had the chance. Do at least enough so that you don’t have that regret.”

“OK. I’ll go get ready,” I said, and then finally looked back at Ben, who somehow while we were talking had laid himself down and was now peacefully napping on his blanket.

“If I’m not back when Moira gets here, please apologize for me and tell her I’ll be right back!”

“Don’t worry,” Anna said, “I’ve got you covered.”

Anna’s cheshire cat smile haunted me as I ran out of the carriage house and up to the big house. The house was empty, since Mom and Dad were still at work. I went to my room, quickly stripped off my clothes, hopped into the shower, and started washing—especially the middle finger of my right hand.

As I was doing that my dick started filling with blood and lengthening like a little snake dangling down between my legs. I watched with fascination and yet almost horror at this thing that almost seemed to have a mind of its own. It jerked up and up, until it was standing almost straight up, looking at me with its one blind eye (isn’t there a band with almost that name, I thought, just figuring this reference out as my dick “looked” at me).

It seemed to say: “Since you didn’t get me into that vagina that your finger so enjoyed, you’d better take care of me some other way.”

“I don’t have time,” I said to my erect cock, although it probably wouldn’t have taken more than about two minutes at this point.

But instead I got out and dried off, looking at myself in the mirror as my still-hard popsicle waved back and forth at me in the mirror. 

Moira? Or Anna?

Oh my god. 

After years of lonely horniness, I suddenly had a chance with two of the most luscious and wonderful women I’d ever met—both of them out of my league in normal circumstances.

But somehow it seemed as much hell as heaven, no matter what way I turned: get together with Moira, if that were even possible, and I’d lose Anna. Love Anna, and then lose Moira, and then Nick, and and then maybe my life. 

When was Nick going to be back on leave? Maybe it would be worth if I got to fuck Anna almost every day between now and then? A tragic life, but very happy until the end?

Or maybe he wouldn’t find out?


I imagined a hail of gunfire, and my body leaking blood all over my parents’ driveway as Nick stood over me. He would then point the M-16 at his head, and…

My cock wilted. Shit.

I got dressed in a paisley shirt, black jeans, and black boots. I hadn’t shaved that day, and I actually looked quite good as studied myself again in the mirror with my dick thankfully hidden and soft: Very young bohemian yuppy. Or something. 

I rushed downstairs and almost ran into my mother.

“Woah there young man!” She said, in an intentional parody of what a mother would say.

Then she studied me, and looked almost shocked at my dressed-up appearance.

“Hey,” she said in a quiet and suddenly very interested voice, “Where are you going?”

“On a date,” I said, looking down and blushing.

“A date?” She clearly couldn’t believe it. It was embarrassing, but it was true: I very rarely went on dates. I was just too shy.

“Yeah, it’s a thing where to people who like each other—or might like each other—hang out.”

“Yeah, but…” my Mom was rendered nearly speechless. She finally managed to spit it out:


“Moira,” I admitted, and I couldn’t help but smile quite wide as I looked my Mom in the eye.

“Moira!? Moira Roth?!” She was clearly astonished, but suddenly smiling.


“But…” she added, and trailed off

It seemed like my Mom was about to say something like: isn’t she out of your league? Or, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Or something equally painful. What she did say was even more obvious, however, and just as painful.

“Moira’s from one of the best Jewish families in town.”

That was a very good thing for Mom, because she was Jewish too, even though Dad wasn’t—although my whole family was very secular.

“Yeah, Mom, I know. But don’t start thinking what you’re thinking.”

I knew Mom was suddenly thinking that I might someday get a chance to marry to a nice, very smart, very pretty, and very rich Jewish girl from “one of the best families in town.” My Mom usually did a good job of pretending she wasn’t like this, but sometimes it came out.

“It’s just a first date. I don’t even know if there will ever be any others!”

She stared at me, seemingly in a daze of confusion.

“It was set up by Anna,” I finally explained.

“Well,” my Mom said, and comprehension dawned on her middle-aged, and yet pretty and nicely made up (without “work” having been done on it) face, “that was a very thoughtful thing of Anna to do….I didn’t know she had it in her.”

“Yes,” I said, smiling again, although I could tell she was being catty.

“Don’t waste this opportunity, David. You’ve always told me how smart Moira is, and I know she’s beautiful. But you’re not such a bad catch yourself. You can hold your own in both departments. In fact, you’re looking very handsome right now.”

“Thanks, Mom,” I said, rolling my eyes as I started to walk away. I yelled behind me:

“Late already. Gottta go. Love ya!”

I walked out the back door to take the short walk to the carriage house. It was a sultry summer night. The stars were just starting to come out, even though it was already rather late. 

As I walked by Moira’s emerald green Miata with the tan-leather interior, I wondered what the night would hold.

In the carriage house I could hear that Moira and Anna were talking, but their voices were low enough I couldn’t hear what they were saying. And I was glad to see from the outside that it was completely private. There seemed no way to see what anyone was doing in the living room with the blinds and thick curtains drawn.

I didn’t usually knock, so as not to wake up the baby, and also because Anna didn’t want me to in any case, but this time I did.

The door opened, and I was greeted by a vision of short brunette loveliness: Moira.

“Hey babe!” she said, and leaned up to casually give me an almost European kiss on the cheek.

She had more make up on than normal, and her red lips looked luscious. Her black blouse was low cut, making the most of her modest cleavage. As sometimes happened outside of college, Moira wasn’t wearing a bra, and I could just see that her small nipples were visible through the sheer fabric. She also had on a shortish black skirt on the showed off her tanned and muscled legs. My dick stirred to life again.

“Well, there you are!” Anna said, and I thought I detected a hint of jealously and disgust as she caught me stealing a glance at her best friend’s breasts.

“You’re only a little late,” she added, “but you know how Moira doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

“That’s me,” Moira said, “almost never on time, but the one time I am on time I’m annoyed if anyone else is late!” This was very weak humor for the usually funny Moira, but she seemed set off-balance because of the weird vibe that had suddenly started blossoming in the room.

Baby Ben was in the middle of the room, sitting up on his blanket, and when he saw me he smiled a huge smile and reached out his arms to be picked up.

I walked over to do just that, tickling him on purpose a little as I held him in my arms. Baby Ben erupted in a very satisfying explosion of giggles.

“Jeeze!” Moira said, looking at me with a bit of wonder. “He’s a natural, this one. I’m glad my mother can’t see this. She’d start planning the wedding already.”

I blanched. Literally, the blood started draining from my face, and I almost froze.

Ben picked up my change of mood, immediately stopped giggling, and then started studying my face, looking worried.

“What?” Moira and Anna said in stereo.

“Oh, nothing,” I said, suddenly giggling at myself, which seemed like a big relief to Ben. I put him down on his blanket again to play with his toys, adding: “It’s just my Mom.”

“What about her?” Moira said, getting a curious look on her face.

“Oh, that was pretty much her reaction when I told her I was dating the great, unattainable, Moira Roth.”

“She said that?” Moira said, looking puzzled.

“Not in those words, but that seemed more or less the idea. I’ve talked about how smart you are for years from the AP classes we’ve had…”

Suddenly it was awkward. I was already bombing my first date with Moira.

Anna tried to come to my rescue, but actually made it worse by saying, “David, you should tell Moira how beautiful she’s looking.”

“Well, of course she’s beautiful,” I said, as if it were a given, “In fact, tonight I’d say she’s drop-dead gorgeous!”

“Thanks,” Moira said with a tolerant smile, looking nonplussed, “But if I am, why don’t you?”

I paused for second, then on a whim suddenly pantomimed a slow-motion combination heart-attack and epileptic fit, while simultaneously looking longingly at Moira and reaching out for her. I collapsed on the floor making funny faces.

Baby Ben had never seen this before, and he thought it was the funniest joke of his whole life. He literally howled with uncontrollable laugher and giggles that didn’t seem like they would ever stop. He opened his mouth so wide as he laughed that he showed off the two teeth he had that were just coming in—one on top and one below.

Moira started laughing herself at this, and so did Anna, as Ben’s peals of laugher continued to my funny faces, as I tried to die and admire Moira’s beauty at the same time.

“But, David,” Moira said, smiling very wide herself at the still laughing Ben as I twitched on the ground, “don’t you know that in any relationship I’m in *I* have to be the funny one?!”

“Well,” I said, in between spasms and more giggles from Ben, “You can…do it too. Just…say that I’m drop-dead…gorgeous, and then do it!”

“DA-vid!” Moira said loudly, with sudden theatrical exuberance that immediately got Ben’s attention, “You *are* looking GOR-geous tonight. Drop-dead GORgeous. And I have every intention of getting inside your pants!”

At this Moira began her own version of the slow-motion combination heart-attack and epileptic fit, weaving around the room much more gracefully than I had, almost like a dance, before twitching and falling on the floor.

Ben thought this was even funnier, and started almost screaming with laughter, which made Moira look quite satisfied as she continued her version of the act from the rug.

I, in the meantime, was shocked and also pleased at what Moira had just said: Get in my pants? My dick twitched and started filling with blood again. I was glad it seemed invisible. But if I got a full erection it might not be.

Moira was completely focused on Ben, however, and seemed to be completely taken with him for the first time as he laughed so hard at her he seemed about to cry.

“OK you two,” Anna said, looking between us with a slightly pained expression as we writhed on the floor.

Anna picking Ben up, and said: “you’d better get going!”

“Yeah,” Moira said, the act suddenly over. “David, help me up!” 

On a whim I gently scooped her up from the ground into my arms, cradling her there for just a moment. She just let it happen, and smiled up at me, surprised and gracious. And then I put her gently on her feet.

Ben thought this was funny too, and he laughed one more time. But suddenly he seemed tired. We’d worn him out.

“Do you have the…?” Anna asked Moira.

“Yes!” Moira said, patting her purse, “All set.”

“See you babe!” Moira said to Anna, kissing her on the cheek, “And you too: babe!” And she kissed Ben gently on the cheek. He smiled.

“OK big boy.” She said, looking over at me. And then she looked down theatrically at my crotch while smiling, and added: “Let’s go!”

I couldn’t bear to look at Anna’s face just then, and so I just walked out without looking, and called out behind me a bit too casually: “See ya!”

I heard Anna say quietly, “Bye,” and the door was shut.

To our surprise, my Mom just “happened” to be out at Moira’s Miata.

“Oh hello, Moira!” Mom said, as if reading a line from a play.

“Hello, Mrs. Brackman. What a pleasure to see you.”

Jeeze, as Moira herself would say: it was like Drama Club today between the two of them.

“Sharon, please!”

“Sharon then,” Moira said, smiling, with seemingly nearly infinite charm and graciousness, leaning up to give another one of her casual and yet formal kisses to my Mom.

My mother was not just charmed, but was almost misting up, and seemed to be drinking in Moira’s beauty with her eyes.

“You look lovely, Moira, as always.” Mom gushed.

“Oh this?” Moira said with false modesty looking down at her clothes and fancy shoes, which I just noticed had nice bit of what Anna called “toe cleavage.” 

“Just something I picked up on sale at Neiman Marcus. But you are looking *gorgeous* tonight, Sharon.”

I couldn’t quite stifle my giggle at this inside joke. Unfortunately, my middle-aged but pretty and well-coiffed Mom caught it.

“Never mind David,” she said with some annoyance, “he’s got a weird sense of humor.”

“I noticed,” Moira said, “he was making me, Anna, and especially baby Ben break-up with laughter in there.”

“Was he really?” My Mom said, sounding a bit too surprised.

“OK you two,” I said, sounding almost like Anna, and almost sensing danger ahead, “We need to get going.”

“About that,” Moira suddenly interjected, “Mrs. Beck—Sharon. I just wanted to let you know that David and I have planned a sleepover at my house. And so don’t expect him back tonight.”

“Oh?” My Mom tried to smile, but it didn’t look right. She recovered herself as rapidly as she could, and added in a bit too chipper a way:

“Sounds like fun!”

“Oh, I think it will be!” Moira said with a sly grin, seeming to enjoy that she’d just hit my Mom over the head with almost a two by four.

My Mom looked over at me, and I’m afraid I probably looked almost as shocked as she did, which puzzled her even more. But being sharp-eyed as usual, in spite of her surprise, she noticed I didn’t have even a backpack with me.

“Does he need anything? Pajamas? A toothbrush?”

“We’ve got it all set,” Moira said, as she walked over to the passenger side of her Miata and opened the door to let me in, playing the gentleman’s role as she ushered me in: “He’s going to borrow my extra jammies. And I’ve got a new toothbrush for him too!”

This was all news to me. I didn’t dare look at my Mom. I got in the sports car, and then looked down and pretended to be quite busy buckling my seatbelt.

“Well, so long Sharon!” Moira said, smiling, as she got in and started her car, not bothering to buckle her seatbelt.

That wasn’t something that happened in my family: not just not buckling the seatbelt, but any of what had happened in the last minute. But it wasn’t over.

“Say hi to your parents for me!” My Mom suddenly blurted out to Moira while waving, finally seeming to have something useful to say that she could hold onto.

“Oh, they’re both at the Lake House for the weekend!” Moira yelled back over the sound of the engine, with an even bigger smile, and then waved jauntily, and started backing her Miata out of our long driveway quite fast.

My Mom looked like she’d swallowed a toad as she rapidly shrank in the headlights.

Once we got out to the street I couldn’t keep it in anymore, and said with shock and laughter:

“Shit! Shit!! Moira, you’re fearless!”

“You’ve just noticed?” Moira said, and then floored the car, peeling out a little and was soon going almost double the slow 25 mph speed limit on our fortunately long and straight street.

“At least buckle your seatbelt!” I yelled with a mix of annoyance and alarm as the wind rushed past us.

“OK!” Moira said cheerfully, and almost slammed on the brakes. We came to a sudden halt. My seatbelt locked up as I lurched forward.

“Don’t looked so worried, David,” Moira said, as she glanced over while buckling her seatbelt, “Don’t you like fast women in fast cars?”

“Uhhhh…?” I said.

“Seriously, David. It’s OK. I’m just having some fun. Give me a kiss.”

And she leaned over and puckered up her lips in a cute way.

I gave her a kiss in her little sports car. Her lips were soft and warm, her tongue tasted sweet, and she smelled beautiful, with a scent of fancy soap and just a hint of some exotic and sensual perfume. It smelled expensive. And then I suddenly remembered what it reminded me of a just little: Anna’s cunt. I wondered if they formulated some “essence of sweet and musky pussy” to add to Moira’s perfume.

As we separated Moira smiled at me, and I smiled back. I was glad she couldn’t read my mind at that moment.

“OK, babe,” Moira said, “Our date has started.”

I hesitated to say it, but blurted out: “You were kind of mean to my Mom.”

“Yeah,” Moira said with a sigh, “I’m sorry. I wish I could blame it on PMS. But, actually—I’m ovulating right now!”

She said the last part as if this would be meaningful and happy news to me. But then she saw that I was totally mystified. 

“That’s too much information for you, right?” She added.

“Uhhh…?” I said, lost.

“Did you even know it was good timing to have a date with woman who’s ovulating?” Moira smiled and raised her eyebrows. What does that mean to you?”

“Uhhh…family Planning??,” I said, genuinely puzzled and thinking it was definitely TMI.

Moira laughed as if I’d told a joke, then started driving again at a much more normal speed, only slightly exceeding the speed limit.

“That’s a start!” Moira said, seeming amused as she shifted. Then she added, glancing over at me once-in-a-while, “Why don’t you ask Anna about it after tonight. But don’t talk about the family planning part. That’s a delicate subject with her. I mean Ben is great, but…shit! What a mess she’s gotten herself into.”

“OK,” I said, laughing uncomfortably. 

I then tried to change the subject by saying: “I looked at the theater listings, and there are maybe a few good movies we could see tonight.”

Moira wrinkled her cute and slightly freckled nose up, looked over at me, and said, “I really just feel like cuddling up at home with some good take out. Does Indian work for you?”

“Yeah,” I said with a bit of wonder, realizing that she probably hadn’t been kidding with what she’d said to my Mom.

“Great!” she said, “What Indian dishes do you like?” 

My family did do Indian a lot, and so I knew what I liked.

“Aloo gobi?” I said.

“Oh yeah!” Moira said with enthusiasm, “that spicy cauliflower and potato one! What else?”

“Well, a spicy lamb curry can be pretty good.”

“Spicy lamb curry! David: that’s one of my favorites. What else?”

“Vegetable Samosas?” 

“Check.” Moira said, as she gracefully shifted her fancy manual Miata, which did almost seem like the car version of her. We were almost to her house already.

“Anything else?” She asked.

“You pick,” I said, “Surprise me.”

“Sure,” Moira said in almost dangerous way, adding, “I like surprising you.”

We went into her huge house, which was even bigger than my parents’, and she walked me directly to her bedroom, which I’d never seen. I’d known her for several years, but just at college. I was not someone that she invited to her birthday parties.

Her bedroom was large and elegant, and yet somewhat messy. She picked up a few dirty clothes off the floor, including two pairs of colored underwear, and just threw them in a corner. 

“Well, here we are!” she announced, looking at me and smiling, “my sanctum sanctorum.” We’d had Latin together, and so I knew it meant “Holy of Holies.” 

“You just sit here,” she said, gently pushing me down with her hands onto her unmade Queen-sized bed, “and I’lll order the Indian.”

“Think good thoughts about me!” She added with a conspiratorial wink.

I’ve mentioned that Moira was pretty. But it’s difficult to describe how pretty. Like Anna, she could sometimes almost take my breath away, but otherwise they were entirely different. I guess Moira was a little like a mix between Winona Ryder in the 1990s and Mia Kirshner from the later show “The L Word.” But Moira wasn’t as busty as Winona or Mia…

Anyway, as I heard Moira on her parents phone in the hall ordering Indian food for delivery, I looked around her room—or rooms, I should say. Moira really had a three-room suite to herself: a large bedroom, a second room that was more like a sitting room or small living room, and then I could see through another door that she had her own large bathroom, with—I could just see it in the dim light—a large jacuzzi bathtub.

The furniture was elegant, but a weird mish-mash of frilly historical stuff (her dresser, as well as her couch and love seat) and modernist (her beautiful, huge wooden desk, which was piled with papers and junk). 

The decorations were similarly all-over-the map, from Disney to Goth, pretty dolls to…a bong, which I suddenly saw sitting out as plain as day on her bedside table a few feet away from me.

Shit. I was in over my head in so many ways I’d started to loose count.

Moira came back in, smiling and saying, “It’s all set. Should be here in half and hour or so,” and then to my horror she walked right over to her bong and picked it up.

“I’ve got some amazing Maui-Wowie!” She smiled a big smile until she saw my face, and then it faded as she saw my worried expression.

“Oh my god,” she said, “You’ve never…?”

“No,” I admitted, “I haven’t.”

“Well,” Moira said, hopefully, “No time like the present?”

“Ummm?” I said, stalling for time.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Moira said, “But is it OK if I just have a little? Honestly, I very rarely do it. And almost never during the college year. How could I be Valedictorian, otherwise? Seriously. It’s really just a once-in-a-blue-moon thing on a rare weekend when the ‘rents are away. And just a *little* bit. I’m not a stoner, I promise.”

“OK,” I said, smiling slightly, “just a little. But you’ll have to teach me. I’ve never done one of these things before.”

Moira smiled. She hadn’t pressured me into it, but it did seem like maybe I’d just passed a little test.

“Sure, babe, I’ll teach you. I figured that’s part of what this date is about!”

And then as I watched her she raised her eyebrows and got one of her comic faux-horny looks. I cracked up.

“You’re laughing now, but just wait until!—OK, let me back up: This, my friend, is a water bong. In spite of my messy room, I want to promise you that this bong was completely cleaned and sterilized just today. As you see, it’s got this glass bulb—isn’t that light blue pretty?—with pure filtered water in it—and I even added several ice cubes earlier, but they’ve all melted—and then it’s got this container that I’ve already loaded up with a bit of the Maui-Wowie.”

First, her bong—like almost everything else about her—seemed fancy and expensive. I have little experience with such things to this day, but it looked like a hand-crafted thing with a high price-tag.

Second, I couldn’t believe she’d just left it out in her room. But as sometimes happened, Moira seemed to be almost reading my mind, which was a little weird at times:

“Oh, don’t worry, David. I never leave it out. Never. Well, just this once. I knew you were coming over and got it out especially. It’s only been there for an hour, and I know I probably shouldn’t have done that. As soon as we have a little toke, I’m going to wash it, and then hide it in my special hiding place immediately. And then we’ll open the windows and turn on the fan in the bathroom so that the smoke goes away. It will. Really.”

“OK,” I said, a little weakly.

“Here,” she said, smiling warmly as if at a kid to calm me down, “Let me show you: You just take the lighter.”

And then she picked up from the side table an expensive-looking lighter with an “MJR” monogram engraved in it, and then sat down on her bed next to me. In fact, touching me. I could feel her warmth, which felt lovely.

“You just put your mouth here, and then while your lighter is on you suck in gently. The cold water cools and mellows the smoke. Watch!”

And then she expertly lit the Maui-Wowie, and sucked in what looked like a good amount of smoke, which I could see vanishing into her open mouth.

When she was done, she held in the smoke and talked in a funny way: “See? Nothing to it!”

After holding it several seconds seconds, she blew it out. I instantly recognized the pot smell from times I’d passed stoners in the park.

“You ready?” Moira said.

“What does it do?” I asked.

“Oh, not that much, especially with the little bit that we’re doing. Just mellows you out. Makes you a bit hungry. Makes you laugh a little more. And it’s fun with sex.”

I couldn’t help but smile in a nervous, but at the same time awe-struck way as I looked at her.

“I thought that one might get you,” Moira smiled in a genuinely amused way, “You suddenly looked like a kid in a candy store. You really like me, huh?”

Moira looked pleased. Her eyes were already starting to look a little different. A little dreamy and stoner-ish.

“Here. Let me light it for you. Just suck it in and hold in the smoke for a little while. And…now!”

I put my mouth to the opening and sucked in slowly, while Moira lit the rest of the Maui-Wowie. I could feel the smoke going into me, but it was cool and mellow, like she said.

When my lungs were full I stopped, holding it in for several seconds. But not being used to even mellow smoke, which I’m not to this day, I then coughed a little and the smoke came out.

“That’s fine,” Moira said kindly, smiling. “That’s probably enough for a first-timer. Let me put this away.”

And then Moira efficiently walked into her bathroom, turned on the light and the fan, and immediately started washing the thing out in her sink. She dried it with a towel with equal efficiency, and then walked to her dresser, opened the the large bottom drawer, moved some clothes aside, and then put the thing in a cardboard shoe box. She wrapped it up in the piles of fancy paper inside, and then shoved it way in the back, moving some clothes in front of it.

Closing the drawer, she walked over the her windows and opened them, and I could soon feel the evening breeze start to blow away the smoke. I enjoyed how Moira moved, so confidently and gracefully, as well as the elegance of her clothes. I liked even the messiness of her room, because it showed Moira wasn’t perfect. She was an amazing human being, but flawed like the rest of us.

When she was done with all that, she came back over to the bed, took off her shoes, and sat down, turning toward me. I turned toward her and smiled.

“How are you feeling?” She said, studying my face and echoing my smile.

“Fine,” I said. She was so close to me that again I could feel her warmth. I was looking right into her eyes in a way that I never had before.

“Moira, you have beautiful eyes,” I said with wonder.

“Why thank you, David,” she said, looking like she was trying to keep from laughing, “What do you like about them?’ And she fluttered her pretty eyelashes a few times—which looked amazing.

I laughed a little, and then said:

“Well, it not just the beautiful colors—the liquid brown with the little tiny bits of yellow, it’s that I can see your sense of humor in your eyes. I could even see the laugh in them that you didn’t let out.”

And now she did laugh, and I joined her.

“Thanks, David,” Moira said.

And then she studied me some more in a curious way as she saw that I was still looking at her beautiful face, as if seeing it for the first time.

“Go on,” Moira said, encouragingly.

“Your lips are really beautiful too, but they look so different with this lipstick on…”

I suddenly added: “Oh my god: I’m stoned, aren’t I?”

“Yes,” Moira said, “But it’s OK, babe. You were saying about my lips. Would you like to kiss them?”

“Yes!” I said with genuine enthusiasm and wonder. I could feel in the core of my being that it would be good to kiss Moira.

She laughed, and I laughed too.

“OK then,” she said.

And she angled her face up so we could kiss, somehow simultaneously moving my hands to her slender and warm waist. 

We kissed again and our sweet tongues gently met, and it was the most sensual and natural kiss I’d had in my young life, easily topping our other kisses. It went on quite some time.

Finally we separated, both a little breathless, and each looking into each other’s eyes somehow boldly and shyly at the same time.

“Didn’t know…you…had it in you…David,” Moira said, almost panting from the kiss. She looked actually horny now rather than faux horny.

But I was already studying her silky black blouse through which I could feel her warmth. 

“This fabric feels so soft.”

Unselfconsciously, I gently traced with the back of my right index finger slowly up from her belly to the start of the swell of her left breast.

“Sorry,” I said, stopping as I realized I was about to trace up to her small nipple that was peeking through the sheer fabric.

“You can keep going,” Moira said, still looking turned on, “but I get the same privilege.”

With that she reached up her hand and firmly cupped and then squeezed my right peck through my paisley shirt.

“Mmmm,” She said, “Have you been working out?”

“Swimming,” I said, feeling a little surprised that she seemed as interested in my chest as I seemed in hers.

“Look what I found!” she added as she rubbed back and forth across my nipple through the shirt, making it hard.

“That tickles!” I said, laughing.

“I know. You try.”

I rubbed up and then gently cupped her almost pointy breast through the thin fabric. It was very clear now she did not have a bra on. What a beautiful and amazing shape her breast was! And then I traced around her nipple slowly, and I could see it getting a little bigger through the fabric.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

I must have looked like I thought the cops were at the door—for the pot, or for me feeling up the unattainable Moira Roth’s boob.

“It’s just the food,” Moira said, laughing a little, and then firmly squeezed my hand that was still on top of her boob, which made me squeeze her breast much more firmly than I had myself.

“I’ll be right back. Can you remember where you were?”

I nodded, smiling.

“Good!” She said and strode off, grabbing her purse from the back of her desk chair as she left.

I could hear her talking to the delivery guy for longer than it would take to just pay, but in a few minutes she was back.

“Sorry about that,” she said, smiling and holding the bag of Indian food, “The delivery guy has kind of a thing for me.”

Looking at lovely Moira, I suddenly felt quite viscerally that a lot of guys, and women too, would have a thing for her.

I couldn’t stop myself, and said, as she unpacked the delicious-smelling little boxes and put on them on her bedside table, “A lot of people have a thing for you, don’t they.”

It was a statement, not a question, and she answered in kind.

“Yeah,” she said, smiling and admitting it, “Some days I almost have to fight them off.”

“I know why you’re doing this date with me,” I said, still serious. 

Moira turned and looked at me, sensing my suddenly altered mood: “Yeah?”

She looked a little worried.

“You’re trying to protect Anna.”

“Oh David,” she said, and paused. Then she added, thoughtfully, “I admit that’s part of it. I think Anna’s attracted to you, and I can tell you think she’s the bees knees.” Moira had this weird way of talking sometimes that was like really old movies, which from some posters in her room it was clear she was a fan of.

“And I get it,” she went on, “Anna is very hot. I’m only part lezzie, and even I want to jump her bones—so I can just imagine how you feel. But the two of you doing something, obviously, is not a good idea. In fact, it might be a disaster on top of an already difficult situation.”

“But honestly, I wouldn’t be here kissing you, sharing my precious Maui-Wowie, and letting you feel me up If I didn’t like you. I do like you. And the more we make out, so far the more I like you. It may not be entirely fair, but in case you haven’t noticed: life isn’t fair.”

“Yeah,” I said, feeling the truth of that the last few weeks somehow more than I usually did.

“All those years that we had classes together, did you think you were ever going to feel my boobs?”

“Never,” I admitted, smiling.

“Did you ever want to?”

“Maybe a few times,” I admitted shyly.

“So, I’d say you’re pretty lucky right now.”

“Yeah,” I said, closing my eyes as the food smells drifted my way. Suddenly I didn’t care about any of this. I really wanted to eat.

“Don’t you just want to eat Indian right now more than you ever have in your life?” Moira said, reading my mind again.

“Yeah!” I said, opening my eyes and looking at the boxes in an almost horny way, “Where are the plates?”

“We don’t need any,” Moira said, adding: “Let’s just feed each other with our fingers.”

“OK,” I said, thinking this sounded weird but interesting, but even in my stoned state adding, “Let’s wash our hands!”

“Good idea,” Moira said, and we got up together and walked into the bathroom.

Her bathroom was huge, almost like the size of a small bedroom, with the large jacuzzi tub I saw earlier, and a long marble-topped double sink.

I walked to the sink closer to the toilet, trying to be gentlemanly and give her the one nearer to her. 

But as I turned on the water, got some soap from a dispenser, and started washing my hands, she walked past me to the toilet and said,

“Just stay right there! I need to pee.”

I couldn’t help myself from looking over as she somehow lifted up her skirt, pulled down her underwear to her knees and sat down on the toilet, almost all at the same time.

It was all so fast I just stood there with soap on my hands, staring

Moira smiled up at me, and after a few seconds I heard her pee start flowing. I couldn’t see anything, because everything was hidden by her black skirt, but she seemed clearly to enjoy me watching her, looking halfway shocked and halfway turned on.

Suddenly she said, “Look!” and lifted up her skirt and spread her legs a bit more.

I stared as I now saw a stream of pee flowing out of Moira’s black-haired pussy between her legs in the well-lit bathroom. Clearly she didn’t shave more her cunt than the minimum needed to wear a bikini. Some people like the shaved look, but to me hair down there is a big turn on—and I was now looking right at the triangle of Moira’s furry twat as she relieved herself, with her pinkish-brownish labia poking through.

Moira’s pussy was now one of two “most beautiful things I’d ever seen in my life”—the other being Anna’s red-haired cunt.

“Preview of coming attractions,” Moira said, and then put down her skirt, clearly enjoying the effect she’d just had on me.

“Wow,” I said, looking very happy and kinda stoned—I could tell, because I was looking at myself in the mirror as I saw myself washing my hands while thinking about Moira’s Bermuda Triangle.

I’ve thought about this several times since. There’s something that’s such a turn-on in the contrast between a pretty woman’s face and the raw sexuality of her cunt. I’ve heard a pussy with prominent labia called a hairy oyster. To some that doesn’t sound pretty, I guess, but to me and some straight men and gay women that’s one of the most beautiful things imaginable. 

Seemingly picking up on how turned on she’d just made me, Moira then turned to me again and added in a mock-innocent voice, “Would you like to wipe me?” 

She held out some TP to me, wide-eyed and innocent looking, with her skirt lifted again and her legs spread.

I looked down again at Moira’s pussy with horny awe. I could see a few little drops of pee in her muff. I could also see again her fascinating slightly spread pussy lips peeking through, and even the bud of her clit. 

I was about to take the TP she was holding out, when she playfully pulled it back and said:

“Well, I guess that might ruin the effect of washing your hands. But you can watch!”

As I watched, Moira kept her skirt pulled up I could see as she gently and yet firmly dabbed her pussy. She then showed me the results on the now somewhat wet TP, then dropped it between her legs into the toilet.

She flushed, while somehow simultaneously pulling up her underwear, straightening down her skirt, and standing up. How did she do that almost all at the same time, I wondered? A lot of practice, I guess.

“You’ve never seen anything like that before, have you?” she said in her more normal voice again, as she walked to the other sink, to the sounds of water swirling down the toilet.

“No!” I was obviously fascinated and really turned on, and even in my stoned state almost trembling a little.

“Well, you’re easily entertained,” She said, looking pleased with her performance as she got soap on her hands and started washing, “You looked almost like an art lover who has just seen the Mona Lisa for the first time in real life.”

“Oh my god,” I said as I met Moira’s eyes in the mirror, “You look kind of like the Mona Lisa—except you’re prettier!” We’d also had AP Art History together.

“Well, now you know what the Mona Lisa looked like when she peed.” Moira said, nonchalantly. 

“But there’s one way I don’t look like the Mona Lisa,” she added, raising her eyebrows at me in the mirror in her comic and sexy way, adding, “In the eyebrow department I’m closer to Frida Kahlo!”

I laughed because she was funny, because I was stoned, and because she was right—famously the Mona Lisa had seemingly almost no eyebrows, while Kahlo had a unibrow. But Moira was not quite right, I realized, as my laugh died away and I studied Moira’s black eyebrows in the mirror as she finished washing. Moira did not have a unibrow.

“Let’s eat!” She announced, seemingly all business now. Moira had almost bewildering shifts of personality at times. First seductive and role-playing, and then all matter-of-fact and let’s-get things-done. It sometimes left my head spinning.

And she had the dinner plan all worked out, seemingly having done this before. She spread out a blanket on the floor (“aren’t those purple and dark red colors pretty! It was made for me by my grandma with colors I picked out as a little girl!”). It was almost like for a picnic, with the boxes of Indian food there as well as two large cans of cold Sapporo with condensation on them, which she retrieved from her parents’ fridge. 

And then she put on some mysterious and exotic guitar music on the boombox on her desk.

“African guitar—Ali Farka Toure—Japanese beer, and Indian food. It’s a really good combo. Trust me.”

I did.

We sat down across from each other as she quickly opened all the boxes of messy-looking but delicious-smelling food. 

She then stood up and, without hesitation, took off her designer blouse over her head, throwing it over to her pile of clothes, revealing her amazing breasts. They were smallish, and looked almost like wide champagne glasses with wide areolas and little nipples. Then she unhitched her skirt and likewise threw it away. Even though I’d just seen her pussy, for some reason she kept on her white underwear and sat down. She appeared to be lightly tanned all over. Clearly she sunbathed nude.

Even though I’d just seen her pussy, somehow I still was surprised.

“What? I don’t want to get the clothes that, as I told your Mom, I just got from Neiman Marcus, dirty quite yet. I figured you’d enjoy the view anyway, and I hoped you’d do the same for me.”

I got over my surprise and, trying to keep up with her, quickly followed her lead. I stripped down to my briefs, which were fortunately black, but they were a little small. They still fairly clearly showed my erect cock with it’s fairly large head.

I shyly put my hands, as if casually, in front of my crotch.

“Nice chest!” Moira said. “And don’t worry about the other ‘thing’: It’s OK. I’m flattered,” Moira said, “And unlike you I’ve seen people naked before. Anyway, I can barely see anything, except that your meat is about to poke out of the top!”

She laughed.

“Here, speaking of meat, have some lamb,” and she held out with her fingers a dark piece of lamb curry, lightly steaming and dripping with sauce.

I sat down cross-legged, leaned forward, and ate the meat off of her fingers while stealing looks at her luscious medium-small boobs. She said, “two treats in one,” and winked again at me. The food was heavenly—spicy but complex, and very meaty in an almost sexual way.

“Yum!” I said, and then coughed at the spiciness. It was very spicy. My eyes were watering.

And as I coughed and reached for the beer, sure enough the tip of my dick seemed ready to pop out at almost any moment, which made me nervous. Somehow I was still shy about revealing my raw hard cock to Moira, not that she seemed like the kind to be shocked by anything. I guzzled some beer to calm my cough.

I picked up a piece of the curry to give to her, gently putting it in her mouth. As she chewed her face got a look of extreme pleasure. and then she moaned like she was having an orgasm: “Mmmm! Oh! Uh! Uhh!”

“Guess you like it?” I laughed.

“Yum, give me your fingers, you’ve still got some sauce on them.”

She sucked on them, essentially giving my index and middle finger a little blow job.

I raised my eyebrows in surprise as the blood to my cock surged and my dick twitched as I felt her warm tongue and throat sucking me—and then to my almost horror the redish-purplish head of my cock popped out of my underwear.

“Hello there!” she said, giggling and gawking, before I quickly tucked it back in.

“Awww. I think he wanted to meet me,” she said, and then laughed again, which giggled her seemingly gravity-defying breasts in a charming way, “Or is that ‘meat’ me! Get it: m-e-a-t?”

I was embarrassed. 

“Don’t be shy, David, look: I’ve got the equivalent of a hard-on too,” and she pointed at the middle of her white undies, which had a small moist spot right over the entrance to her vagina.

My eyes widened with wonder as my dick somehow popped out once more. She laughed even louder, pointing.

Once she finally stopped, she said, “Well, you’ve left me with no doubt about your enthusiasm, David. Some American guys seemed freaked by my fur…But,” (and now she launched into almost a lecture) “I think the shaved look down there looks weird and immature. My sister Rachel the lesbian says that whole shaving thing is part of the oppressive patriarchy. I’m not sure about that, but anyway, I hate razor burn!”

I nodded, as she fed me Aloo Gobi with her fingers, and I then sucked on her fingers almost like she’d sucked on mine.

“That feels nice,” she said in a distracted but seemingly genuine way. And then she continued talking about pussy hair as if it were the most natural thing in the world: 

“That’s one of the reasons, actually, that Vittorio and I made such a good fit. He was used to Euro-women, who, obviously, are almost always au natural. Sometimes I don’t even shave my pits,” she added, lifting an arm and showing me the relatively small amount of underarm hair she had.

Vittorio was the Italian exchange student she’d been dating for her senior year of high college. But now that he’d gone back to Italy they’d broken up. She’d told me about his big dick, and I knew I couldn’t compete in that department, since I was just average at six inches.

“Oh look,” she said, spreading her legs apart and looking down at the white undies, which now had a little drip of curry sauce on the side: “I think my wet spot is getting bigger!”

It did look like it, as I stared down between her legs and my cock twitched and throbbed again. She grinned at me in a knowing way as our eyes met.

You get the idea. We wolfed down the Indian food in a very sensual way, with Moira flirting outrageously. Even though I knew she was trying to make me forget Anna, and Anna forget me, I just let it happen. And clearly she was having fun. She did like me, and I was just as entranced by her as by Anna, even though they were so different. 

When we were done, and now not just somewhat stoned but a little tipsy from the beer, which we’d been drinking and burping while eating, Moira handed me one of her flannel nightgowns with flowers on it. 

“What do you think your Mom would say if she could see us right now?” She said, as she stood with her magic pointy bare breasts and her moist undies a foot in front of me

“Please don’t remind me of her!” I said, closing my eyes, “I think all the blood just started draining out of a certain part of me.”

Moira reached down and without shyness cupped my dick through my underwear, which was suddenly getting softer.

“Don’t worry,” Moira said, “I think I can fix that later.”

“Go get in your nightgown,” she said, “and don’t forget to take off your underwear. Your new toothbrush is in there, just like I told your Mom. And don’t forget to wash your hands *very thoroughly*—we don’t want to get Indian spices places where they don’t belong! Give me a few minutes. I’m going to wash in the other bathroom and then change into my night clothes out here. And I’ve got a special sweet treat for dessert. But check before you come out to see that I’m ready.”

Since she’d been topless while we ate, and I’d seen her pussy while she peed, she seemed to be up to something. But I couldn’t figure out what it was as I peed, washed thoroughly, brushed my teeth, and then fixed my hair a little in the mirror.

“Are you ready?” I called out.

“Yes!” She yelled back.

I walked out and saw that Moira was on the bed with the covers mostly pulled down, completely naked.

“I may have forgotten to mention that I normally sleep in the nude. And your sweet treat is right here, but you’d better come get it.”

As I walked over I could see the black triangle of her pussy, and her magic breasts, which were somewhat flattened as she was lying on her back. I looked for a dessert, but didn’t see one. But Moira did seem to have some drips of some kind of liquid on the tips of her breasts, which were dripping down as I looked at her. Just a little was getting on the sheets. 

“What is…?”

“Taste me,” she said, pointing at her breasts with the drips, “Go ahead!””

I kneeled down by the side of the bed, and very gently licked and then sucked the drips off of Moira’s breasts and nipples.

“Mmmm. That feels good,” she said, encouragingly.

But as she said that comprehension dawned on me, and I said out loud: “Anna’s milk?”

“Yes!” She said happily, pulling out a baby bottle of Anna’s breast milk from under her pillow.

“I asked her for it, and she gave it to me just tonight. It’s fresh. I had it in my purse.”

She showed it to me, and then squeezed the plastic bottle and a little stream of breast milk came out of the rubber nipple onto her real nipples and areolas, first one side, then the other.

“You’ve told me that sometimes you find it weird when I can almost tell what you’re thinking. Well, the other day I think I could almost see that you wanted to get some breast milk out of a real breast when we were at Anna’s. And so I figured I’d give you something you haven’t had from Anna: breast milk from a woman’s breast. What do you think?”

Of course, I had actually sucked milk out of Anna’s breast. Several times now. But I really pretended that it was all new, as I gently lapped and nursed Anna’s milk off of Moira’s breasts. That was probably the one time I fooled her. When in a desperate enough situation, once-in-a-while, I can act.

Anna was right in her prediction before the date: I was thinking as much bout Anna as I was about Moira. Moira’s kinky ploy might have been brilliant, if I hadn’t already had the real thing. But what it emphasized to me was, as beautiful as Moira’s breasts were, that this wasn’t her milk. 

But whether Anna or Moira, and it was really both, my dick was now rock hard again.

Moira was excited too, and said, “Do you want to feel how wet you’ve got me?” And without waiting for an answer she pulled my right hand down to her legs, which she spread slightly, and put my hand on and then a finger into her wet pussy.

“Mmm!” I couldn’t help but groan in surprise, as I put my middle finger with Moira’s encouragement into her vagina. Years of a monk-like life all though high college, and then a few months after I graduate, twice in one day…Life sometimes has those surreal moments that show that when it rains it can really pour.

But because of the earlier time, I had some experience, and so after feeling inside how wet she was, I gently circled up to and around Moira’s clit, as Anna had just taught me felt good to her.

Now it was Moira’s turn: “Mmm… Oh David. Are you sure you’re a virgin?”

“Very sure,” I said breathing heavily, “but the angle isn’t quite right.”

It was kind of awkward, because I sitting on my knees on the side of the bed reaching over to Moira cunt. I couldn’t see very well what I was doing.

“Yeah,” Moira said, “I can fix that.”

And she moved her pillows so that they were halfway across the bed on the short way, and then scooted herself around so that her legs were just draping down over the bed, carefully putting one leg on either side of me.

Moira’s spread pussy was now about a foot and a half away from my face. As I already mentioned, she had large labia which I was seeing much closer now, and even through her black hair her lips were prominent. What a sight! And that musky and sweet smell…!

“Do you like?” she said, again in her mock-innocent voice as she saw me looking in wonder and horniness at the sexual meal she just had spread out before me.

I was speechless, but looked hungry, and so she went on. 

“This is kind of advanced for a newcomer,” Moira said, seeming breathless and horny herself at this point, “But I hope you’re up for it.”

“Can you start by just gently licking me right there?” She said, as she pointed to her vulva, and then leaned back to relax.

“Yes,” I said, a little breathless and trembling, and leaned down until my tongue was very gently touching Moira’s cunt. I then licked very slowly, delicately, and gently around. Finally, I went went up to her clit and gently kissed her, breathing my warm breath onto her, and then went back down to her labia.

“Mmmm,” Moira breathed. She seemed pleased and surprised. And then she said, “Oh wait, I just remembered something.”

Moira sat up, grabbed the milk bottle again, which was about half full, and then unscrewed the top. She drank about half of it, and until it just had a little more than an ounce or so of Anna’s milk left.

“That is pretty good stuff!” She exclaimed, “You two were right!”

And then she held one hand cupped below the bottom of her pussy, and slowly drizzled, like it was maple syrup, Anna’s milk on her hairy spread cunt. Now there were drops and even little streams of Anna’s milk all over Moira’s pussy.

“I can’t tell if that’s a turn on, or if it’s just disgusting. Probably both! But I figured it was worth trying once in my life.” 

She said back down on her two pillows, but she was propped her up enough so that she could see me and her muff clearly, and she seemed to like the view.

“OK, David: Eat Me! Or Drink Me! Or whatever! But do it fast before very much gets on my bed!”

I started enthusiastically lapping up Anna’s Milk from Moira’s fragrant pussy. Every pussy, as I learned from these two, is a little different in looks and in smell. But I think all cunts I’ve met so far are delicious.

After a little while, Anna started moaning a little, and then said: “Put a finger inside…”

I slowly and gently put a finger into Moira, while continuing to lick more around her clit. She had an amazing combination-Anna-Moira scent and taste.

“Ummmm!” Moira said, “Yes. Keep going. This is better than I thought it would be. Are you sure you’re a virgin?” 

“Yes!” I laughed as I was massaging her G-spot. (I’d done a little research, and that combined with my practical experience with Anna helped).

“How do I taste?” She asked, alternately closing and opening her eyes in pleasure.

“You taste better than Indian food,” I said.

Since we both knew that was incredibly yummy, that was maybe the highest complement her cunt had ever gotten.

“Oh god!” she said, as if in answer, “David—eat me!”

Soon I was plunging two fingers into Moira’s sopping wet but tight cunt while licking her clit with the hood pulled back a bit. My rhythm seemed connected to what she was feeling, and also simultaneously to the throbbing African music, which still wailed quietly in the background.

“oh gaaawwwd!” She moaned.

In just another couple of minutes I could feel the orgasm gathering the whole length of Moira’s body—and then suddenly her vagina clamped down on my fingers hard as the spasm hit her:

“Unnn! AHHHHH!”

I almost stopped, until Moira managed to gasp: “Keep going!”

And so I did, and in another half minute another O hit her, and then I slowed down more gradually this time.

Finally, a last tiny spasm went through her, and then she was still, and just breathed heavily for a while.

She then gently started rubbing her fingers through my hair and scalp.

“Fuck. That was good,” she finally said, “You really a virgin? I thought this night was going to be a noble sacrifice for me. But not so much. Where did you learn…?”

“Well, I touched a girl there once,” I said, not admitting it was Anna, and just today, and then I said, “And I read some stuff on the internet.”

“Well, my pussy thanks you. My whole body really. Even my brain.”

She slowly sat up, looking down on me still on my knees beside the bed. We smiled at each other like we’d just shared a secret, and then she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips.

“You smell like my cunt and Anna’s milk! Wow, pretty intense. Here, let me help you out of this.”

She stood up slowly, grabbling the edges of her nightgown that I was still wearing, and stripped me bare. I was still kneeling with my erect cock peeking between my legs. And now her muff was actually touching my face again, with her legs slightly spread apart.

She hugged my face against her wet pussy like that, letting out a last little, “Mmmm!”

Then she said, “Take my hands, stand up.” And she pulled me up so that now I was taller than her, with my erect cock standing up, saluting her, touching her belly.

She then sat back down, and reached out and cuddled my cock with her hands against her face. 

Looking up at me, she said, “I love how warm they are. Yours is actually hot right now—and it’s already leaking, look!”

I looked down and saw a little bit of pre-cum on the top of my redish almost-mushroom-like cock head. I was breathing heavily.

“I’ve sometimes missed having a hard and hot cock since Vittorio left. I’ve tried to pretend otherwise, but: there it is.”

“Do you have a nickname for it?” She asked.

I shook my head no.

“Can I call him ‘Meat’?”

She opened the drawer next to her and took out a little package. She tore it open, and then gently rolled a clear condom onto my dick, saying simply, “Well, Meat, there you are.”

She then added, pretend-talking to my erect cock: “Your master has arranged for you to lose your virginity today in my vagina. I don’t imagine it will take long, but you and your master will remember it forever—or at least as long as he has a mind. Tell your master that he should avoid using the the word ‘love,’ and that this is just ‘friends with benefits.’ But I think you’ll agree that’s it’s an amazing benefit. Nod if you understand.”

Holding my dick, she gently nodded Meat forward in agreement. I hope at this point it’s clear that this was almost typical of Moira’s sexy and surreal sense of humor. But there was also a clear message there that she was jokingly but firmly getting across.

“Good,” she said, “Come on in: the pussy’s fine. In fact, if I do say so myself, very fine.”

She then lay back down, spreading her legs wide again with her cunt right at the edge of the bed. She then used her fingers to slowly and gently spread her labia, and it was a very intense and meaty sight—hairy, fleshy, and moist.

“I think you know the way in, big boy,” she added to me, no longer pretend-talking to my dick, “unless you want some more help?”

Did I think of Anna? Of Ben? Yes. Did it stop me? No. 

I took hold of my cock and put it right at the entrance to Moira’s vagina, hesitating.

“Do it,” Moira whispered, but with some urgency, as she looked at my hard cock about to be swallowed up between her legs, “I want all of that inside of me!”

And so then I slowly and gently started pushing my penis into Moira, and her mouth opened in an O of surprise as it went in, even though she knew it was going to happen.

The sensations were amazing, even through the condom, as I was surrounded and massaged by Moira wet but tight twat. Pushing all the way in, I then lay gently on top of Moira, keeping most of my weight on my arms, but still touching her breasts and looking into her amazing eyes. 

“Yes!” she said, breathlessly, smiling almost with seeming relief, “It feels so nice to be filled up like this. You’re not as long as Vittorio, but you’re thicker. You feel very good.”

Then she said with a laugh as she looked at my face that must have been filed with equal measures of pleasure, wonder and pure horniness:

“Now you really are in my sanctum sanctorum!”

I couldn’t help but laugh too, which moved my dick a little back and forth. But it was, in fact, the most profoundly erotic moment of my life up to that point. Moira was sharing her body in such an intimate and giving way. It was not just a physical and emotional thing, it felt almost spiritual. I was in the holy of holies of a beautiful fellow human being, and I was beyond grateful—simultaneously about to come and cry at the same time. 

In fact, at first I was afraid to move, for fear I would almost immediately come. I was not only a virgin, but I’d been sexually excited for most of the day, without getting off. But as often happened, Moira seemed to almost know what I was thinking. She was very perceptive, but I think it was also that sometimes that I was about as easy to read as an open book with large print.

“Don’t worry about it, babe. Just fuck me. Spill your seed inside of me…”

She paused. I smiled but still moved only a little.

She whispered: “Fuck the Valedictorian’s vagina…with your thick dick. She wants it fast and deep!”

For some twisted reason that did it: I started moving my dick back and forth inside the brilliant Moira’s cunt, and was soon fucking her with a desperate urgency. Faster and faster my cock was plunging into moist Moira, seeking union with her hot and wet core. She looked surprised and happy at the same time as she bounced back and forth making her breasts jiggle, seemingly quite enjoying my obvious lust for her. Soon I could feel a whole day of sperm start to rise after just a couple of minutes.

Moira said, “Yes, David, yes!” Then added mischievously, “If only your Mom could see you now!”

“Oh god!” I said, stopping and laughing, but staying inside her, “Why did you say that?!”.

“I wanted you to last just a little longer for your first time.”

“Well, I probably have five minutes at least now.”

“I’d say more like two. But we’ll see. Go ahead: Fuck me some more, babe. Show me how much you’ve wanted to do this to me.”

I really did want to fuck Moira all the way, and so I started fucking her again, faster and faster. And this time she gently tickled my back with her fingers while at the same time reaching up her lips and tongue and kissing me.

She was right: after just a couple of minutes my large load of sperm was going up and out of my cock at high speed trying to reach deep inside of Moira:

“Uhh! Moi…Ra…Ahhh…!”

I felt happier at those moments—just before, during, and after my release—than I ever had in my life. It’s just different somehow from doing it yourself. To have someone you love—and yes, I did love Moira too, even though I never said it to her because I knew she didn’t want me to—accept such a raw and personal part of you for the first time felt for me almost profound.

For a few seconds I felt almost merged with Moira, all loneliness and worries gone, in a world of nearly cosmic pleasure. 

If you say I’m crazy, that it was just sex, friends with benefits—well, of course that’s true too. That’s really more what it was, I admit.

Anyway, I breathed heavily for several seconds on top of her, careful not to squish her, but feeling her amazing breasts against my chest.

“There, babe, that feels better, doesn’t it?” She said, in a sensitive, but matter-of-fact way.

“Yes…Yes…Thank you!” I breathed.

I kissed her tenderly, and then slowly got up and went into the bathroom to get rid of my sperm that had been happily tricked into coming out with the promise of being with Moira. Wrapping it in lots of tissues, I put it in the trash and said goodbye to those already dying little wriggling things.

Before I could get back, Anna joined me in the bathroom, saying, “Let’s take a bath, sweetie.”

And so we got in the Jacuzzi with just a little bit of lavender bath salts, rather than bubbles. The water took a while to fill up, and while it did we just sat across from each other, relaxed and smiling. But after several minutes, my mood mysteriously became serious.

“What are you thinking about?” Moira said.

“I was just thinking about all the people who’ve had to work and sacrifice for us to have this night together.”

“Yeah?” She said, “Go on.”

“Well, your parents obviously had to work hard to make lots of money for all of this luxury we’re enjoying. But more than that, our parents had to lavish a lot of care on us for years, so that when we met we…”

I didn’t know quite what I was saying, but Moira helped me out.

“Yeah, I think I know what you mean. My grandma, who made that blanket that we ate on, was a Holocaust survivor as a little girl. She wasn’t actually in the camps, but she and her mother escaped Germany, and then escaped to France just in time. And then miraculously they made it to America. But most of my family over there didn’t make it. Anyway, she often told me to be passionate and really enjoy life, for them, because they couldn’t…”

Moira’s face suddenly started crumpling in sadness at the horror of that, clearly transmitted to her by her grandmother. Quietly weeping, she added:

“Did your family lose people?”

“Yes,” I said, “But fairly distant relations. My Mom’s side of the family came from Russia in the 1920s.”

“While we’re talking serious and serendipity,” I added, “here’s another thing to think about: if Nick weren’t in Afghanistan right now, we wouldn’t be sitting in the bath together.”

“Yeah,” Moira said, her crying over now, and admitting the truth of that, “You’re right. But now that we are here, we should enjoy ourselves and not think sad thoughts. We’ve been doing a pretty good job up until now.”

“Yes, Moira, thank you, the whole night has been magical—except” I sort-of joked and sort-of didn’t “for the driving at the beginning, and what you said to my Mom!”

“I thought that was funny!” But she seemed a little defensive.

“It was, in a twisted way, I guess. And I finally realized you weren’t lying about any of it. Even back to when you said in front of Ben and Anna that you planned to get in my pants.”

“Yeah, I’ve found some of the best humor sometimes comes from the truth. Speaking of which—enough of the analysis! For god’s sakes! We need to take some action to get this night back on track. I think,” she said, standing up dripping water and taking the one-step walk to get to me, “that you should wash my cooch.”

“What?” I said, smiling. Her dripping muff was now right in front of me.

“I’m probably clean already, but after all the action I’ve seen tonight, I like to do a little extra. And I figure you might enjoy doing it for me.”

“OK,” I said, as my dick began to stir again, “What do I do?”

“Oh, it’s easy, you’ll enjoy it. Just get a squirt of soap from that dispenser there…”

“This one?” I said, since there were several different jars and dispensers of mysterious liquids, bath salts, shampoos and bubble bath all around. But somehow I got the right one.

“Yeah,” she said, adding, “just get a little squirt and lather up my cooch. Simple as pie.”

So I did that, gently massaging around her cunt, while my dick steadily rose in the water.

“Now just do a last little wash right in my Viny,” she said, and spread her legs and moved my finger into her cunt for a couple of seconds, which somehow was still a shock and a pleasure, “And you’re all done. Thanks.”

“Now you. Stand up,” she said, as she got down on her knees in the front of me.

I did, revealing a full boner standing almost straight up.

Anna raised her eyebrows and smiled, only a little surprised, and said, as if talking about the weather: “I like to wash these fast and hard. For best results I’m first going to dry it off a bit,” and she grabbed a hand towel, and dabbed my cock dry, and said, “And now that I think about it, you don’t need washing, just a little moisturizing,” and she got a small squirt of hand lotion.

“OK, so what I do is I take small amount of lotion.” she showed me. “Not too much, because then you don’t have enough friction, and spread it around like this.” And she rubbed the lotion all around my now throbbing penis. 

“And now, you do just like this…” and she started quickly and firmly stroking my cock back and forth with her hand wrapped around it. She was on her knees in front of me doing this as I writhed in pleasure looking at her lovely face. She did this with surprising speed and strength for about five or six minutes, and then said, keeping up her fast pace all the while:

“It may not be possible, of course, since it was only half an hour ago that—”

“Huuhh!! huh! huh!”

To both of our surprise the first spurt of my second load at that moment shot out and hit her on her left cheek.

She flinched, closed her eyes, and let go of my dick, which continued spasming and squirting a few more times, some of it on her chest before it twitched and was more or less still.

“Wow!” She said, standing up and shaking some of it off, “You really like me!”

“Yeah,” I said breathing hard and smiling, and looking at Moira with little drips of my cock snot on her, like I’d seen in some videos but thought I’d never see in real life, “Sorry!”

“It’s ok!” She laughed, “That was the effect I was looking for. It just happened a little sooner than I thought it would. Let’s shower off. Would you grab the curtain there?” 

I did, and she showered thoroughly first as the water rapidly went out of the jacuzzi tub with a loud sucking sound through the large drain. And then I showered.

Making Moira come three or four times (it was difficult for me to tell how many actually), and then squirting my jism in her and then on her, did make me feel a little more like a man. But being a good man, being a mensch, really involves doing what’s right when you have tough choices, and I realized even then that on that score I wasn’t so hot.

Anyway, when we were all clean we got out, dried off, and then fell into Moira’s bed, nude and exhausted. We snuggled for a little while, fitting together like spoons that matched up in spite of our different sizes, and then we quickly fell asleep.

I slept mostly soundly, but had surreal and strange dreams about Moira, Anna, Ben, and Nick. There weren’t any long narratives, just fragments of impossible to understand conversations and close-ups of faces and body parts.

Moira gently poked me awake just as dawn was breaking.

“What is it, babe?” I said, somehow adopting her lingo even in my sleepy state.

She said nothing, but took hold of my head, and then gently but firmly guided me between her legs as she kicked the covers down. She held my head and then nestled my face right into her hot, hairy, and spread cunt. Words weren’t needed. I knew what she wanted. I immediately started to gently lick her, and then put a finger slowly into her, and heard her sigh with pleasure.

I could feel that her need was intense. She was taut and tight with it. And in just a few minutes she found her release as her whole body shivered. 

My cock was rock hard, and so I got up and walked over to the drawer without saying a word, and put on another condom. She watched me with just a hint of a smile. As I walked back around she spread her legs wide, and then used her fingers again to spread her pussy lips, inviting me in.

This time I plunged into Moira’s vagina a little more quickly, filling her up, and started firmly fucking her right away, lasting much longer. I steadily pumped my hard and thick desire into her. After several minutes I could see her face writhing in ecstasy, for she had one more more orgasm in her, which shook her with a gasp of surprise just before I finally shot my morning load into her.

After I got rid of the protection in the bathroom, I came back and we held each other. It was so quiet and intense we didn’t need words. For a few seconds Moira even wept quietly, but I didn’t ask why. I felt I knew.

We then took another bath, just washing, but with a few smiles and almost chaste kisses.

Soon she was driving me back home to my house. To my parents. And to Anna and Ben.

It was the best night of my life up until then. But somehow I was depressed. Part of it was exhaustion. Part of it was just that it was over. Part of it was that I knew I could so easily love the amazing Moira, did already love her, really, but I knew that that was not possible. Did I want to be a friend with benefits? For parts of me that would be great, but my heart felt like it might break.

“Bye babe!” Moira said cheerfully, as she dropped me off. She didn’t seem to have nearly the baggage and issues I did. Although I think part of it was she was just a better actress. And aside from looking tired, she was looking so good that it was actually painful for me to look at her. She had tied her medium length black almost hair back with a piece of light blue yarn, and it was casual, and yet amazing looking, somehow evoking a beautiful young woman from the late 1960s. Her beautiful eyes did somehow hold a poignance they didn’t usually have, as she saw that “keeping things light” was tough for me, and maybe for her as well. But that was what she wanted.

I really tried to be cheery, but I doubt my performance fooled her much.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” Moira added, as she handed something to me: “Here’s the bottle, all clean and washed. If we have another date, maybe we should think about getting some more of Anna’s milk.”

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