An Indian Marriage

Meeta was a 23-year-old girl raised in rural India. She had quit college early on and spent most of her teens living in the small town of Varkala in southern India. Raised in strict and conservative upbringing she had little to no contact with opposite sex. She was extremely shy and reserved but like most Indian girls was being pushed into an arranged marriage by her parents.

Dinesh was a 28-year-old man who had gone places. Born in India, educated in the US, travelled around the world and now settled in London. Exposed to many cultures and many experiences he had lived a life to large extent. He had courted many a girl, had an active sex life but at the end of day never had fallen for a girl enough to get married. He was also a very calculating individual and after good thought decided to throw his hat into to the arranged marriage system.

Arranged marriage system in India has many pros and cons. At the simplest level it is like a dating site that facilitates meeting of two people and at the opposite spectrum it puts two complete strangers into a relationship such that their first date is the day of the marriage. In case of Meeta and Dinesh this was an even more complicated merger. Dinesh was well to do and that was the key requirement for Meeta’s parents and she had little to no say in the selection. For Dinesh he had flown into India for few weeks, reviewed several girls, met a few and settled on Meeta as she checked most his boxes. Meeta was very malleable and submissive and that was key to Dinesh’s plans. Dinesh asking several questions and Meeta giving short and shy answers dominated their first meeting. Dinesh also made it clear that he will be the one making all the decisions in their life. For Meeta, this was perfectly fine as all her life her decisions were made by someone else.

Once the initial selection was done, the wedding was quickly arranged and executed in the true but chaotic Indian style. An actual day included lots of rituals and ended with a 500+ guest marriage reception. The tired bride and groom went to a plush hotel for the ‘first night’. The first night is a term using in India, which means the night the couple consummate, their marriage. Dinesh however had other plans. He was very tired and had no interest in sex but he did want to set the tone for the rest of their relationship. He quizzed her about her sex life, knowing well that she had none. It was done more to embarrass her. He made it clear the sex was important to him and for the marriage to work she had to satisfy his sexual needs. Since she had no prior experience and just a vague idea of what was required of sex, he told her that he would train her to make sure she knew the tricks of the trade. This ‘sex’ conversation was all that took on that ‘first night’ and Dinesh was soon asleep. Meeta, however was nervous and afraid of the sex thing. She was also afraid that she would not live up to his expectations. She had some inkling about sex but most of that came from Mom’s coaching the day before her marriage. She had expected to have sex on that night and the fact that it did not happen made her ever more scared.

Just the day after their wedding, Dinesh and Meeta flew into London. For Meeta, this was her first flight ever & the first time she had left her family. She was going into the land of the unknown. They landed in cold London and drove to Dinesh’s huge 5-bedroom house just on the outskirts. Meeta had never seen such a cosmopolitan city and such modern hours.

Once in the house, Dinesh poured some red wine and asked her to drink.

“I don’t like this” said a hesitant Meeta.

“Drink it, you will feel good after the tiring flight”, came the curt reply from Dinesh.

Meeta sipped it a bit. She did not like it but was not sure how to say no to him.

Dinesh smiled inwardly, this was going to plan. He was fully committed to this marriage but he had picked Meeta for one particular whim. He always fantasized about controlling women. In his porn exploits, he had taken a liking to stories and porn around spanking, control and mild bdsm. For him a key factor in this arranged marriage was fulfillment of his fantasies. He was confident that in Meeta he had found the perfect candidate.

Dinesh then got up and started cooking some food.

“Can I cook?”, asked Meeta.

“No, you rest, I will make something quick and easy for now.” replied Dinesh.

Within 30 minutes, there was cooked food on the table. Meeta marveled at the speed and execution using the various appliances he had in the kitchen. In her family, men never cooked.

“I like cooking”, said Dinesh.

Meeta smiled and nodded.

“Are you tired?”, asked Dinesh.

“A little but I am fine”, replied Meeta.

“Did you like the wine?”

“Yes”, came the meek and unsure reply.

“Wine is good for you and you need to start talking a little more. We need to get to know each other better”, remarked Dinesh.

Meeta tensed a bit but smiled and nodded.

The rest of the dinner went quietly with Dinesh explaining how the house and kitchen was set. He also told her that they had 1 more week of vacation and he intended to use that to get to know her better. The wine had made Meeta light headed. This was her first experience of any form of alcohol. She mind went back to her town where alcohol was an absolute no-no and how her father had cut ties with one of his cousins because he drank occasionally.

After dinner, Dinesh asked Meeta to go to sleep, as he had to catch to up with email. Tired from the flight and dizzy from the wine, she fell asleep almost immediately.

Outside in the living room Dinesh was watching her moves via his camera system. He had cameras in every room, partly for security but also it pleased him to observe her. He would soon start the training sessions and just thinking about it made him hard. His mind wandered on the different pleasures he wanted to derive from this and masturbated to his sleep.

Dinesh was an early riser and so he got up early, and , did a quick run on the Treadmill. He thought about waking Meeta up but decided to let her rest more. Around 10.00, Meeta woke up. Everything felt alien to her, the bed, the paintings on the wall, the person she was living with.

She drifted out of the room and could not find Dinesh anywhere. She looked around. Suddenly he stepped out of the bathroom in just a towel, still wet around his shoulders. Meeta dropped her eyes and could not look at him.

“Good, you have woken up. Feeling rested?”, asked Dinesh.

“Yes”, replied Meeta, still shy of his semi-naked state.

Dinesh put a hand around her shoulders and smiled.

“Let me show you the bathroom stuff so that you can get showered.”

Dinesh showed her how the shower and other stuff worked and let her to get showered. He went and prepared some south Indian breakfast. He was not keen as some of the Indian food but wanted to ease her into the western way of life.

Meeta showered, dressed up in a traditional sari and walked into the dining room where she found Dinesh in his shorts and a t-shirt.

“I have made some food. Eat a bit and here is some coffee.”

“Ok”, said Meeta and started nibbling around the food like scared mouse.

“You need to be less shy and more open with me. Talk a little”, said Dinesh.

“OK”, came another shy reply.

“I think we need to loosen you up a little”, said Dinesh sharply.

Meeta gave a nervous smile. She was not sure what that meant.

“Did your mother tell you be a good and obedient wife?”, came the next question from Dinesh.

“Yes”, another nervous answer.

“What does that mean to you?”

“It means I should make you happy and…”, started Meeta

Interrupting her, Dinesh asked “Do you know how to make a man happy?”

For this Meeta had no answer. She knew part of this was to do with sex but she was not clear what her role was in that context. Her conservative upbringing was not helping.

Dinesh wasn’t expecting an answer.

“Over the next week or so I will teach you what makes me happy and what you need to do. Be a good girl and obey.”

Meeta was a bit afraid of the strict tone of her voice but she nodded.

“Say it, I will obey.”, came a even harsher tone.

“I will obey”, stammered Meeta.

Dinesh got up, patted her cheeks, and gave her a kiss.

Meeta froze. That was her first kiss by any man.

As if he knew what she was thinking Dinesh asked, “Was that your first kiss?”


“There will be several firsts for you. You and I will get to know your body better over the course of our lives” said Dinesh while running his fingers over her cheeks.

“Do you always wear saris?”

“Yes”, Meeta had never worn anything else since she hit puberty.

“That will need to change. I will get your other dresses. I like saris but at the same time I don’t want you in a Sari every day.”

And to make a point, Dinesh removed the top of the sari that was covering her blouse and breasts.

Meeta’s reflexed and her hand tried to intervene.

“Stop..I get to do what I want…Don’t forget that.”

Dinesh admired her perky breasts fully covered in a loose fitting blouse. There was so much he could do with his new doll. She had a good body. Her breasts were not very big but he was never a breasts man. Her body was shapely and the best part of her anatomy was her shapely hips and buttocks.

Dinesh left the sari top and stared at her breasts. Meeta dropped her eyes.

“Let’s go to the living room.”, Dinesh said

Meeta was not sure. Wasn’t this bedroom material like her mother told her?

But she followed him while adjusting her sari

Dinesh collapsed into his large recliner in the living room. He was read y for the Meeta show.

“Come stand here in front of me.”

Meeta dragged herself there unsure what was going to happen and how she was going to react to this.

“Undo the sari top again, M.”, ordered Dinesh.

Slowly and shyly she lowered her top and instinctively covered her breasts with her hands.

“Hands on your side girl. Your body is for my viewing pleasure.”

Meeta moved her hands slowly again.

“Make note, this is rule number one for our marriage.”

“Say it loud”, ordered Dinesh.

Meeta looked at him blankly. This was already beyond her comfort zone.

“My body…” helped Dinesh.

“My body is for your viewing pleasure.”, came out the words.

“Relax, M, just relax.”

“It’s time to remove the whole sari. I am going to get a drink and when I am back I want the sari removed and you standing with the hands on your side. Got it?” – With that Dinesh got up and kissed on her lips and cheeks and went to the kitchen.

In her loneliness, thoughts swirled around in Meeta’s head. She wondered how she was going to handle all this. Had other girls who got married done this? A remote part of her thought Dinesh was asking too much but she did not have the confidence to confront him and she was also afraid of messing up her relationship on her first day alone with him.

She removed her sari and in her petticoat and blouse stood there waiting for him.

Dinesh intentionally delayed his arrival. Part of this was mind games he wanted to play and increase her anticipation. He grabbed a beer and pleased with the situation so far went back to see his bride standing there.

“Nicely done, keep your head straight, don’t look down. You have a great body. Be proud of it.” – Dinesh said in a mentoring tone.

He ran his hands over her hands and exposed tummy sending shivers down her body. It also tickled her a bit and she moved.

“Stand still, M” – quipped Dinesh and gently slapped her arm.

She went back into attention

All this submissiveness had aroused Dinesh and his cock was craving for attention.

He walked behind her inspected her blouse.

“Hold my beer” – he told her and she did.

“I think we need get you out of this blouse”, he remarked and unhooked it slowly.

Meeta exhaled and tensed.

Dinesh let the blouse drop on the floor and walked in front of her. She was wearing a pale white bra. Her petticoat was tied by her hips and that was the next step in the ‘unwrapping’.

Dinesh grabbed the strings that held the petticoat – “I think this can go to.”

Her petticoat dropped to the floor revealing quite large white panties.

A cold sweat ran by Meeta’s neck. She knew she was going to get naked in front of him but she had not anticipated this slow unraveling of her body. She was also aware that he was fully dressed. A part of her was more afraid of seeing him naked.

“Your choice of underwear is terrible. I will get you some nice ones” said Dinesh grabbing the beer back from her hand.

That comment embarrassed Meeta and she looked down avoiding eye contact.

Dinesh collapsed back to his recliner admiring the bra-panty clad wife of his.

“Strip naked. I want to see the rest.”

Being asked to do the final act of getting naked with him sitting comfortably in a chair pushed Meeta to the edge. Her hands trembled as she unhooked the bra and tenderly removed it.

“Drop the bra and hands on your head”, ordered Dinesh.

She complied and her perky breasts were in full display.

“Straighten your shoulders. Display them proudly”, remarked Dinesh.

She complied and some reason she eased up and her tension went away.

Dinesh paused a bit admired her. “Turn around” he said.

“Bend over and try to touch your toes.”

Unsure Meeta obeyed. Her body was not as flexible due to lack of any major physical activity and so she only went as far as her ankles. She realized her ass was now well displayed to him.

“Now very slowly lower your panties. I want you ass to be displayed little by little.”

She lowered her panties over the ripe cheeks slowly as ordered, presenting a stunning firm, round bottom. Half way down her butt cheeks he ordered.

“Stop there.”

He got up.

“You have a nice bum. I love it. I asked you how to please me and it is by displaying your assets to me in nice ways. This is one of them.”

“This can be improved. Lift your ass a bit and drop your back a bit.”

He applied a little pressure on her back making her ass go up lewdly and her panties still half way.

Dinesh drank his beer as he admired the view. So far this was going to plan and while there was reluctance on her part there was not much resistance.

Meeta stayed in the awkward position, unsure what to do next.

Finishing his beer, he placed the bottle down on the table and walked back to her.

“Let’s get this down further” he dragged the panties down to her ankles.

He tapped her ass cheeks and squeezed them a bit. It was a blissful experience, everything he had dreamed off.

“Step out of your panties and go get me a beer.” – He ordered.

Her tension returned. So far she was stationary and her eyes away from him. Now being asked to walk to the kitchen completely naked in front him took her embarrassment to a new level.

She gingerly went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. It was loaded with bottles. She tried to remember what his beer looked like but in midst all the turmoil she was not paying much attention to his beer bottle.

She finally picked one and brought it to the living room. He took the bottle from her.

“There is a bottle opener on the fridge, got get that.”

“And be quick.” – he punctuated that with slap to her ass

The slap burned a bit and he hurried to get it, her round cheeks offering a lovely view.

When she got back, Dinesh was back in his chair, looking comfortable.

“Come sit in my lap”, he offered

She tried to sit down. He just pulled her and she collapsed into his lap, naked as the day she was born.

“Be comfortable in your nakedness. There will be lots of time when you will be naked in the next several weeks.”

He played with his breasts and belly and slowly moved his hand down to her public area. Her public area was quite hairy. He rubbed her pussy and she let out a gasp.

“We need to shave you down there. I want this area completely hair free. Understood.”

“Yes” – she said.

“I will show you how to shave it later” – he said while still playing with it. Her body was reacting to it a bit and she was getting a bit damp down there.

“Do you want to try beer?”, he asked.


“What if I order you too?”

“I don’t like it” – The first sign of her resistance.

“OK, you don’t have too.”

Dinesh wanted to sound reasonable and there would be other times when he will need to push her. He cuddled her and took her hands and placed in on his hard cock.

“See what you have done to me.”

Her hands stayed stationary

“Don’t just keep your hands still. Play with it. That is your toy.”

She moved her hands a bit in her awkward way.

“I will teach you how to keep it happy. You keep my cock happy and our lives will be happy. I will get you everything you want.”

She nodded and continued running her hands over his pants.

His cock wanted more attention. It wanted a release. It wanted some lip love as well.

“Get up, I will teach you something.”

She moved slowly.

“Get down on your knees.”

He lowered his shorts and his cock sprang out, erect, craving attention.

She stared it. She had never seen a grown man’s cock before. She also was not sure why she was on her knees. Her mother had told her that he would put it in her pubic area.

“Kiss it.” – he said.

“Lick it.”

She slowly complied.

His cock twitched.

“Use your hands and control it. Make it wet with your mouth.”

She complied. She looked cute like a girl with an unknown toy. Most women don’t like giving blowjobs but her complete lack of sexual experience helped. She was doing as told with no reservations.

Dinesh moaned. “Ohhh…you lips are awesome. Keep it up”

He held her head and guided her slowly.

“Remove your hands. Use just your mouth.”

She did and instinctively moved her hands behind her back.

“Let me guide you and you understand the pace” Dinesh said and gently moved her head back and forth.

All the fun and games had brought Dinesh to an edge and he was about to explode any minute. He wanted to drag this longer a bit.

He removed her head from his cock. His cock was nice and wet.

“Do you know what you were just doing?” – He asked.

“Making you happy.” came the reply. He was not sure if that was innocent answer or a witty one. Either way it was a very good answer.

“Did you enjoy it?”


“Are you saying it to make me happy?”

She opened a bit.

“I am not sure. This is all new to me.”

“There will be times when you won’t enjoy it but remember this is for me. So you have to go with the flow”, he reminded her.

She nodded obediently.

“How’s your pussy?”

She stared at him. Not sure what pussy was.

“Stand up”.

She did.

He rubbed her pussy.

“This is your pussy.”

“Rub it yourself”, he ordered.

She did.

“See it is getting a bit moist and that means you are also liking it.”

“This is my cock. Do you want my cock in it?”

She nodded, as that seemed the right answer.

“Eventually. I don’t think your pussy is ready for it yet.”
Your pussy is also called the cunt”. “I only use that word when I am angry at you. Remember that.”

“And my cock is also called the dick, got it?”

It felt like college, A for Apple , B for bat. She nodded.

“And what you were doing is called the blow job.”

“I expect several of them from you.”

“Now get back and start sucking.”

“Should I use my hands,” She asked.

“That is your decision” He replied, forcing her to think a bit.

She decided that using her hands was easier and she had more control. She dropped to her knees and started sucking. For a girl who have never done it before she was quite good. Clumsy but good.

As she began sucking, she felt mixed emotions again. Part of her was happy that she was making him happy but a part of her felt that her was taking undue advantage of her naïveté. She was a small town girl but she was not dumb. But she was not sure if and how to rebel against some of this. Her thoughts were interrupted by him running his hands through her hair and saying,
“Good girl, but speed up a bit.”

She did.

“Not that fast.”

She slowed. It again felt like college.

Dinesh was on the verge and screamed.

“Keep that pace, I am ready to cum.”

He exploded inside her mouth and groaned in ecstasy.

Meeta was not sure what to do. The fluid felt real warm but as a natural reaction she spat it out on the floor and took her hand off his cock. She sat on the floor naked unsure on the next move as she watched him close his eyes and moan.

Dinesh let the orgasm subside. It was pleasurable. Not the best blowjob he had but the control made it that much more better.

“Come back to my lap,” he said told her.

She got up, her hands a touch sticky with his cum, her mouth a bit tired from the work she did and above all the reminder that she was still naked. She eased herself on his now naked lap and his cock touched her bum.

“That was good for a first time” “But you have a long way to go. I would only give you 5 out of 10 for this effort.”

She was not pleased at this remark. She felt she had worked a bit on something she had no experience.

He continued.

“Tell me how you felt?”

“It was OK.”

“Explain it more. I want more detail.”

She felt nervous again. Being told to explain something that she had no control over unnerved her.

“It felt strange. I have never taken a cock in mouth.”

“Did you like it? Be truthful.”

“Not really”, she managed to find the courage to tell the truth.


“It felt dirty. And I did not like the taste.”

“I see.” He played with her nipples.

“In time you will get used to it. My cock is yours to please.”

“The other thing you should do is learn to swallow my cum. Don’t spit it like you did.”

“I will show you a video on how to blow me and we will do this again.”

“We will do this like an exam. You will be rewarded for good work.”

“How does that sound?”

She nodded. It was like college after all.

“Speaking of reward, did you ever get punished in college or home?” He asked.

“Sometimes”, She said.

“How were you punished?”

“In college, they used to make stand up in front on the class. At home my dad just scolded me. My mom once did slap me.”

“Remember when you said you will obey?”

“If you don’t, I will punish you. I will be just but if you break a rule or displease me, you will be punished. Is that acceptable?”

He knew the answer but he wanted her to contemplate this and accept her fate to some extent.

This did surprise her a bit.

“What the rules?” – That felt the best question to ask.

“In due time, I will tell you. Don’t worry I am not going to abuse you. I am going to teach you how to enjoy some of the punishments as well. “

“What will be the punishment?” – Another obvious question.

“Again in due time, you will find out” “Your beautiful bum might get some of it.” – He laughed.

“But since you did a decent job with my cock. Let me play with your pussy.”

With her in his lap, he started fingering her. She was no longer wet. Her embarrassment and fear had interfered with her arousal.

“Close your eyes and feel my fingers.”

She did. It did help her escape from some of the embarrassing stuff she was doing till them. She had done yoga for some time and so she slipped into that mode. But soon she realized that there was a tingling sensation in her pubes. She had occasionally touched herself but it felt dirty and she never went all the way.

Dinesh was skilled at this. His former girl friends had marveled at his ability to work his fingers. He got to work. He wanted to make sure that she started feeling the pleasures of all this. While his pleasure would take precedence, he was not planning to just use her.

After about a minute, her wetness returned and she was suppressing her moans. Dinesh stepped it up a bit and she shuddered.

“You can moan if you want. Let yourself go but don’t open your eyes.”

She gasped a bit. It was definitely giving her sensations but her embarrassment still overrode other feelings.

Dinesh continued probing her clit and her moans got louder. She was letting herself go. Then she shuddered and climaxed , probably, for the first time in her life. She curled into his arms like a baby. Dinesh put his hands over her and gave her squeeze.

Dinesh let her lie quiet for some time. He was getting more convinced that he had a winner. Not only was she submissive she was receptive to sex. She would make a nice sex partner and toy.

Once her pleasure subsided, Meeta opened her eyes. Her shyness returned and she realized that she had put a good show for Dinesh

“One hot pussy you have”, exclaimed Dinesh.

She smiled.

“You liked my finger in your pussy?”

“Yes” – She replied shyly.

“No, tell me in a full sentence.” – He demanded

“I liked your finger in my pusssy…” she stammered.

“Not quite good, try again and what about sucking my cock” – He pushed her more.

“I really liked you playing with my pussy and me sucking your cock” – She tried unsure why he was making her do this.

“I need you to start using your own words and longer sentences when explaining your experiences. Let’s call that another rule.”

She nodded.

“So two rules for today were?”

“I know only one from just now.”

“Say that.”

“Use my own words and longer sentences when explaining my experiences.”

“And the other one was to that your body is for my viewing pleasure” – Added Dinesh.

She nodded.

“No repeat it” – He forced it out of her.

“My body is for your viewing pleasure.” – She said a little more confidently.

“Good, and there will be punishment if you don’t obey.”

“Are you tired?”


“Good, let’s get you shaved. I did not like the hair on your pussy.”

“Get up.”

She did and he took her by the hand and dragged her to their main bathroom. She followed her breasts bouncing alongside.

In the bathroom was a huge bathtub and he asked her to get into it and spread her legs. She complied but felt terribly exposed.

He bought a kit and a small stool and sat near her. He took out his electric trimmer and started his gardening project.

She watched him at work and realized that he was barely paying any attention to her face and his full focus was on her pussy. As if he read her mind.

“Trust me, once I am done, you will enjoy me playing with your pussy even more. This good for both of us.”

Once the hair was trimmed he applied lots of foam and went to work with the razor.

“Stay still, don’t move. This can be tricky.”

She wondered how he knew it was tricky. Had he done this to other women. The razor work did feel similar to his fingering and she closed her eyes.

Dinesh carefully continued his work. When he was finished he looked up to see Meeta had closed her eyes. He slowly pinched his pussy. Startled she opened her eyes.

“My girl is getting pleasure from this. Isn’t she?” – He teased.

She smiled shyly.

Using the showerhead, she sprayed some warm water over it and cleaned it to reveal a freshly shaven pussy. He then took a towel and dried it nicely. He then got up and she took that a cue to get up from that embarrassing position.

“No stay still. We are not done yet.”

She went back to the position.

He removed a cream from the kit and applied it generously on her pussy. He then massaged it for a good 30 seconds.

“Good. See this. I want your pussy to be like this all the time. You start learning to shave yourself. I can help a few times but I want you to maintain it like that. Got it?”

“Yes” – She nodded. Was that another rule she wondered.

“Good. Shaving is done for today” He got up and she followed.

He went to the living room and turned on the TV. She went there and not sure what to do next, went and picked up her panties.

“What are you doing?”

“Wearing my clothes”, She almost whispered.

“No, I think you should stay naked for now. I want you get comfortable with your nakedness. Take your clothes put them in the bedroom closet and come back.”

She did as told and returned.

“If you are feeling cold, let me know I can

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