Aishwarya Rai seduces Konkana Sen Sharma

As she had been driving down that morning, Aishwarya’s hands had pretty much been clenched to the steering wheel and her eyes were like narrow, furious slits that promised that anyone who so much as looked at her funny was going to live to regret it. By the time she reached her destination, and almost ran over three people in the parking lot, Aishwarya practically had steam pouring out of her ears as Karishma’s taunts played over and over again in her mind.

How could Karishma say those things to her? She wasn’t anyone’s fucking sidekick! She was Aishwarya Fucking Rai! She could get anyone into her bed, male or female, just by shooting them a sexy gaze and wiggling her finger to them. She wasn’t living in Kareena and Priyanka’s shadows! If anything they were living in hers! There was no way she was slipping. Absolutely no fucking way!

Hurtling through the parking lot at a highly unsafe speed, Aishwarya sent a few more people scattering for safety. She barely remembered the drive. Her mind was too focused on Karishma’s comments to focus on anything else. Aishwarya couldn’t remember the last time she had been this angry. God, Karishma could be such a bitch sometimes.

She had never told anyone about this, but Aishwarya had been freaking internally about turning 30. While to any outsider it was just another number, Aishwarya had for the first time felt old.

Part of her had never expected to grow old. She had felt like her 20’s would last forever. Now it was like real life was tapping her on the shoulder, telling her it was time to get serious…you know get married and start a family and all that. Aishwarya had spent every day since she had gone out on her own having fun and doing what she wanted and now that she had passed the magic age of 30, it was like that fun time was threatening to come to an end.

She had been looking more often at herself in the mirror and wondering about wrinkles and gray hairs. 30 might as well have been 50. So Karishma’s remarks had kind of hit a sore spot. Was it possible she was slipping?

She couldn’t be. She knew she wasn’t slipping. It was impossible. But still Karishma had been right about something. It had been so long since she had seduced anyone. It had been too damn long since she had taken a scared, quivering girl virgin and showed her the wonders of female flesh.

What had been holding her back? Karishma was a bitch about saying what she said, but deep down Aishwarya knew she had been letting herself down lately and there was only one way to change things.

Aishwarya’s thoughts were far from business. Her anger was still a knot in her stomach and all she wanted was to prove Karishma wrong and make her eat her words and like it.

It was obvious how she could do that. All she had to do was bring a hot little treat to the party and show her off to everyone. But who? Who could she bring?
Aishwarya needed a fresh girl to seduce and convert to her pussy-loving desires. She needed someone hot and young, someone that would be seen as a prize by others in her group and prove to everyone that she was no fucking sidekick and could still bring in hot pussy. But who? Who could she get?

She needed someone and she wasn’t going back until she did. She didn’t care how long it took. She was going to find someone hot, sexy and willing to become a pussy-eating slut and would search for as long as she needed to do it.

Fortunately, that search took all of ten seconds after Aishwarya stepped into the Spelling building, because it was then that fate decided to smile on the agitated actress.

“Aishwarya! Hi!” a female voice called out, causing Aishwarya to immediately whirl around. When she did she immediately began thanking whichever deity was looking over her at that moment and hoping she wasn’t grinning too much as the girl approached her.

“I haven’t seen you in so long, how are you?” Konkana Sen Sharma asked as she hugged Aishwarya hello and they shared a kiss on the cheek.

“It’s been an interesting last few months,” Aishwarya replied coyly, resisting the temptation to grab Konkana’s face and turn that kiss on the cheek into a tongue kiss right in the middle of the lobby. Feeling Konkana’s firm body in a pink skirt and a thin white top had Aishwarya’s anger turning into arousal so fast it nearly gave her whiplash.

“Tell me about it,” Konkana replied, completely missing the look Aishwarya was giving her as she eyed her body. “I can’t believe how well things are going these days. It’s like you work for something you’re whole life and then when it finally starts to come together you’re not ready for it yet. I’m just trying to enjoy the ride for a little while.”

“What are you doing here?” Aishwarya asked the starlet.

“Aditya wanted to meet with me and talk about doing a movie later in the year ,” Konkana replied.

“Yeah I’m pretty much here for the same reason,” Aishwarya said as she considered how best to turn this situation to her advantage. She wanted Konkana out of those clothes and between her legs and she was going to make goddamn sure it happened and fast. “Of course I’m a little early. My meetings not for over an hour.”

“Mine just finished up,” Konkana replied as Aishwarya once again had to struggle to keep an evil grin from crossing wide over her face. This was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

“Well, you want to hang out for a little while and catch up?” Aishwarya asked, baiting the hook.

“That would be great,” Konkana smiled, falling right for Aishwarya’s trap without a second thought.

Konkana was happy to hang out for a bit. She had always liked Aishwarya.

Once again Aishwarya felt her body gripped in such an intense horniness that she felt tempted to take Konkana right there and then. Then Karishma would know she hadn’t lost it. The whole world would know she was still a sexy bitch who could get any hot piece of ass she wanted. But common sense won the day and Aishwarya didn’t make her move yet. She had the perfect place for that.

“Want to come up to my office for a little while?” Aishwarya asked and Konkana quickly agreed. As part of her last contract negotiation where she got the executive producer’s credit, Aishwarya had gotten her own office. She barely, if ever used it, and it was just one of those things she liked to say she had. But in this case Aishwarya thought it was going to come in very handy indeed.

The two girls took the elevator up through the building until they got to Aishwarya’s floor. They were already chatting, laughing and catching up as they walked to Aishwarya’s office. Konkana seemed to be having a good time, but everything Aishwarya did was with a purpose.

She just hoped she wasn’t staring too intensely at Konkana, undressing her with her eyes and loving the way her tits shook oh so slightly under her shirt when she laughed. Aishwarya couldn’t wait to get her friend naked. Her pussy was absolutely craving this girl and Aishwarya was going to make damn sure that they didn’t leave her office without the taste of each other all over their lips.

Meanwhile Konkana remained oblivious to the fact that Aishwarya had anything but chaste, friendly intentions toward her. She just continued prattling on, not noticing how Aishwarya’s hungry eyes seemed ready to burn right through her @jeans and panties.
Aishwarya slyly locked the office door behind her. She wanted to make sure escape was impossible for Konkana. The girl might struggle a bit at first, but Aishwarya was too horny with too much adrenaline pumping in her body to even begin considering that this might not happen. She was going to get Konkana Sen Sharma.

“Oh I don’t know about that,” Konkana giggled. “If I believed all the wild rumors I heard about me, then I’d have a lot more boyfriends right now. In fact, I’d probably have like seven of them.”

“Seems crowded, but it would make for a fun Saturday night…you and seven guys could make the hours disappear fast,” Aishwarya teased. “Of course you’d probably end up very sticky and sweaty.”

“Ewwwwww gross,” Konkana laughed, giving Aishwarya another unintentional sexy jiggle. “Whatever I could never do something like that. You’ve got a dirty mind there girl.”

“Mmmm you have no idea,” Aishwarya grinned. “I always think the dirtier the mind you have, the more open you are and the more fun you’re going to have. What’s the matter, don’t you like fun Konkana?”

Konkana laughed again and blushed a little. She wasn’t totally comfortable talking this way with Aishwarya, but she didn’t stop things cold either. Instead she tried to change the subject away from sex.

“It’s really nice in here, who decorated it?” Konkana asked, looking around the office, her eyes catching the paintings on the wall. The office hardly compared to the suites that the top executives had, but considering this was the first time in weeks Aishwarya had spent any significant time there it obviously wasn’t a big priority for her.

“No, seriously, these are very nice paintings,” Konkana said as she leaned forward and studied a painting on Aishwarya’s wall. “Where did you find them?”

“Oh just around, I don’t really have much of an eye for that stuff, but I know what I like,” Aishwarya replied as she stared at Konkana staring at her painting. Konkana had caught her eye on something that looked like the artist had taken his influence a little too far. He had splattered the canvas with paint of all colors like he was completely making it up as he went along. Perhaps he had been, but Aishwarya didn’t know. She had liked the chaos of the painting, it had always made her feel at ease to know that there was rarely anything orderly when it came to art.

Of course Aishwarya really didn’t want to think about the painting at that moment. All she wanted to focus on was Konkana. Aishwarya felt close to dying with lust as Konkana stuck her ass out to lean forward and stare, oblivious to how much Aishwarya wanted to reach out and grab her cheeks through the soft pink material of her skirt.
Aishwarya couldn’t remember the last time she had been this horny. Everything about Konkana was making her wet. Aishwarya was aching for a chance to fuck this girl and prove to everyone, most of all herself, that there was no one she couldn’t get. Every word out of Aishwarya’s mouth threatened to turn into a moan and she struggled to control herself.

Her pussy was soaked and with every shift in her light dress Aishwarya could feel the soft material of her panties press against her slit. It was like they were absolutely glued to her cunt now and Aishwarya felt as if her whole body was on the verge of overheating.

The anger she had felt to Karishma still pushed her forward and fueled the horniness that Aishwarya thought was going to start dripping from her pores like sweat. Konkana kept babbling on about the painting, but Aishwarya didn’t take notice of a single word she said. All she did was stare at her ass, gently swaying back and forth just enough to drive Aishwarya insane with need.
Aishwarya was waiting for that perfect chance to make her move. She had to do something. She was in horny agony just sitting here waiting for Konkana to give her an opening. Aishwarya had hoped that getting the subject to sex was going to open things up for her, but Konkana hadn’t played along. Now Aishwarya was searching for the right moment. But then something occurred to her.

What if a perfect opportunity never arrived? What if she just kept waiting and waiting and Konkana never gave her an opening? She couldn’t just stand around for a perfect opportunity to just arise. She had to make her own chances.

“Fuck this, I’m not waiting one more goddamn second,” Aishwarya growled under her breath. She pulled herself up off her leather couch, her nipples straining hard against her dress, and stalked toward Konkana.

“What’d you say Ash?” Konkana asked. “I didn’t hear you when you…heyyyyyyyy!”

“What’s the matter Konkana?” Aishwarya purred into her friend’s ear as her hands fastened to Konkana’s ass from behind and squeezed her cheeks through her skirt. “Something wrong?”

“Aishwarya…what the hell…What are you doing?” Konkana demanded, trying to squirm away from Aishwarya. But the actress wasn’t having any of it. She kept her tight grip on Konkana’s ass and forced her against the wall, cutting off escape.

“Just relax Konkana…relax and let me do this,” Aishwarya advised, her horniness overcoming any better judgment she might have about essentially forcing herself on another girl. She knew she could make Konkana like it.

“No…what are you doing?” Konkana protested. “Get off me! Stop it!”

“God, you have no idea how fucking hot you’ve been getting me Konkana,” Aishwarya groaned, ignoring Konkana’s pleas. “I’ve been wanting to do this since I saw you in the lobby.”

“What? What are you going to do?” Konkana asked, starting to get scared. This wasn’t the Aishwarya she thought she knew. It was like she had gone crazy or something.

“Mmmmmm I’m going to fuck you sweetie,” Aishwarya replied, before running her tongue up Konkana’s neck and making the actress shiver. “I’m going to rip off all your clothes and fuck your tight little pussy until you come for me!”

“Oh my gawwwwwwwwd…” Konkana cried in fear. Aishwarya had gone crazy. She was going to rape her or something? Could girls rape each other? It sure felt like they could because she had Aishwarya’s hands all over her ass and her tongue on her face and she didn’t want them there. Konkana just wanted Aishwarya to let her go.

“Please Aishwarya! Please don’t do this!” Konkana begged, still trying to pull herself free. She had been doing a lot of training for her movies, but she still couldn’t manage to free herself from being pinned against the wall by the smaller, but more tenacious girl.

“Shhhhhhh just relax sweetie, you’re going to be thanking me for this soon,” Aishwarya promised. “I’m going to make this feel so good. C’mon Konkana, you can’t tell me you’ve never fantasized about being with a girl before.”

Before Konkana could say or do anything else, Aishwarya pulled her face away from the wall and kissed her passionately. Konkana’s eyes grew wide with terror as Aishwarya’s tongue forced itself into her mouth. Aishwarya was completely overwhelming her and her kiss was so powerful, like she was trying to suck out her reluctance.

Of course Konkana had fantasized about being with another girl. She had even kissed a bunch of them once when she and some friends had had a little too much to drink and gotten a little too wild at a bar, but this was way wilder than anything she’d ever done. Now she had Aishwarya Rai’s tongue in her mouth and it looked like that the girl she thought was her friend was going to fuck her whether she wanted her to or not.

Aishwarya’s tongue continued to play in her mouth, massaging her own tongue as Konkana heard her moan. Aishwarya pressed right up against her back and she could easily tell how hard her nipples were. God, she’s really into this, Konkana realized with growing fear. What was wrong with her?

“You like that sweetie?” Aishwarya grinned wickedly, wiping her lips free of saliva with her tongue after the kiss ended. “It’s going to get even better once you relax. C’mon Konkana, I’m not going to hurt you. I just want to make you feel good. Now relax and let me touch you because I know just how to touch another woman. Mmmm Konkana, I can have you creaming in no time.”

“Please…don’t,” Konkana protested, much more feebly than before. “I don’t…I don’t want you to do this. Please Aishwarya.”

“Shhhhhhhhh…” Aishwarya said before closing off Konkana’s protests by kissing her again.

This time the kiss was more tender, but there was still so much heat radiating off her that it was like Aishwarya could melt their lipstick right off. Aishwarya kissed Konkana and moved her hands up off her ass and up toward her breasts. Before Konkana had a chance to react, Aishwarya was squeezing her chest through her shirt.

“Oh Konkana, you have such great tits,” Aishwarya groaned. “Mmm I’ve been wanting to have these titties in my hands since you gave a glimpse in Page 3. Now they’re mine. You’re mine now Konkana. Every inch of your sexy body is mine. I’m going to strip you and fuck you make you come so fucking sweet and you’re going to love every minute of it.”
Aishwarya kept Konkana pinned against the wall, her hands squeezing her tits. Aishwarya started kissing and licking Konkana’s neck, guessing correctly that it would be a sensitive spot for the girl. She didn’t let Konkana have even a free second without stimulation. Aishwarya knew that if she did, she might find a way to escape. She couldn’t allow that. Aishwarya had to make Konkana want this too.

Despite her fear, Konkana couldn’t help but feel her body begin to respond to Aishwarya’s kiss and touch. She couldn’t believe this was happening to her. She had her face pressed right up against the wall and a woman pinned to her backside, forcing her still and playing with her breasts. It was so crazy, but Konkana felt herself breathing heavily. She was starting to gasp a little in excitement and she could feel her hot, wet breath up against the wall she was pressed against.

Deep down inside her, Konkana had always fantasized about something like this. It was supposed to have been with a guy and not a girl, but that scarcely mattered now. Konkana had always had her naughtiest fantasy about some hot guy taking her and just fucking her.

In her fantasy, she always fought back at first, but ultimately she was powerless against his muscles and the lust she felt for her fantasy man’s huge, hard cock. He would have shoved that dick inside her pussy even as she begged for him not to and he would have made her feel so filled and so good as he fucked her. In her mind she was just a piece of meat to this man and her fear always turned to wetness and lust.

Konkana had played with herself to this fantasy so many times, thinking about having her body taken and losing all control over her own desires. By the end of her fantasy she was always begging the mystery man to fuck her harder and to rip her tight pussy open and then he’d spin her around and fuck her ass until she blacked out from pleasure. Konkana always came so hard thinking of that…thinking about losing her will and becoming some man’s fuck toy.
Aishwarya was no man, but the more she was pressed against this wall, the more Konkana thought about her own fantasy. It was just what was happening here. Aishwarya was taking her against her will and was going to fuck her even when she was begging her to stop. Konkana felt her nipples begin to swell under Aishwarya’s hands squeezing her breasts through her shirt and, despite her fears, Konkana’s panties started to get wet with desire.

She found herself getting aroused thinking about Aishwarya stripping off her skirt and panties and doing hot, nasty things to her pussy. It was frightening her and turning her on all at once, just like in her fantasy.

“Oh yeah Konkana, that’s it, now you’re starting to get it,” Aishwarya happily declared as she felt her friend’s nipples harden under her touch. She kept playing with Konkana’s tits, loving the feel of them and dying to experience them in the flesh. Konkana was denying it with her protests, but Aishwarya could feel that she wanted this. She could feel how Konkana was starting to breathe quicker with shallow gasps and how her hips were starting to unconsciously move, grinding her ass against her front. Aishwarya knew that all Konkana needed was a little more convincing.

“Don’t fight me off,” Aishwarya said. “You are going to love this. All you have to do is relax and let me make you naked.”

“No…please…not that…” Konkana begged, but her protests were becoming weaker and less certain. Konkana was beginning to doubt that she really wanted Aishwarya to stop and it showed in her voice, which was turning more into a moan with every passing moment. The more she was touched, the more Konkana realized that it felt good. Another woman’s touch wasn’t gross or unsexy. It was getting her wet.

“You want this, don’t pretend you don’t,” Aishwarya said, continuing to rub Konkana’s tits as their mouths grazed together again and again without actually kissing until Konkana began to find herself craving the soft feel of Aishwarya’s lips to hers. “I can see it in your eyes. You’re just scared. Don’t be. Just let yourself go and let Aishwarya take care of you. I’m going to make you feel so good that you’re never, ever going to want me to stop.”
Aishwarya really could see it in Konkana’s eyes. She could see that beneath her nerves and shock over being taken like this, she was becoming needy and aroused. The eyes never lied and when Aishwarya finally gave Konkana what she wanted, another hot kiss, she heard her friend moan.

“Yessss…that’s it Konkana,” Aishwarya urged. “Moan for me baby. I know you fucking want this. You want me to yank down this skirt and tongue that pretty pussy until you’re dripping onto my tongue. I’ll bet you’ve never had your pussy licked like I’m going to Konkana. Men just can’t do it right. Only women know what women want and I am going to make you moan and cry like the little whore you are deep down.”

“No…no…I’m not…not a whore,” Konkana protested, even as her breathing continued to get deeper with arousal and her nipples threatened to rip right through her clothes. She couldn’t believe how wet she was getting. Konkana moaned again as she shifted slightly and her wet panties pulled tightly against her labia.

“Mmmm hmmmmm yes you are,” Aishwarya evilly teased. “You’re my little whore and I just busted you. Spread it Konkana. Up against the wall for Officer Aishwarya.”

That made Konkana moan again and she didn’t fight Aishwarya off as she spread Konkana’s legs out more while she leaned against the wall, her palms pressing into it.
Aishwarya liked the sound of this idea as soon as it leapt off her tongue. She just wished she had that police costume she had in her closet. She hadn’t used it in so long, but this would have been a perfect opportunity. She’d just have to bring Konkana back to her house for some further interrogation.

As it stood, Aishwarya was going to have to be a plainclothes officer, but that was ok because she didn’t plan on wearing her clothes much longer anyway. Konkana didn’t offer any more resistance when she spread her legs out wider, so Aishwarya didn’t hesitate to start patting down her perp.

“Oh yeah you’ve been a naughty little whore Konkana,” Aishwarya grinned, playing her role to the fullest. “Officer Aishwarya is going to have to strip search you. Mmmmm but I might just let you off with a warning this time…that is if you let me sample the goodies you were selling on that street corner.”

Konkana felt like she was dreaming all of this, like it wasn’t really happening to her. How could it be possible that she was standing up against the wall while another woman patted her down and got lost in some perverted role play fantasy? And how was it possible that she liked how it all felt?

There was no way she could pretend that she wasn’t enjoying this. It was making her wet and Konkana found it hard not to moan with every touch Aishwarya gave her excited body. She was being pawed and she was loving it. It was making her scared in the best way, filling her body with excitement and arousal over all these new feelings and it was making Konkana want Aishwarya to do more…much more.

It was useless to continue questioning this. It felt good and right now that was all Konkana cared about. Aishwarya was tapping her secret fantasies and going beyond them. The chances of her not doing this evaporated into nothingness as Aishwarya continued to pat her down and made her discovery.

“Oooooooh you like this, you little whore,” Aishwarya laughed as she patted down Konkana’s crotch, slapping it through her skirt and then beginning a slow rub against her that had Konkana closing her eyes and moaning. “Damn this is a wet pussy you have here Konkana. I think this needs more investigation, don’t you? You want this Konkana. You want Officer Aishwarya to give your dirty whore pussy a hot little lashing, just admit it.”

Konkana tried to summon what was left of her resolve, but it was no use. There was nothing left in her to fight this off. Aishwarya was right. Her body was hers now.

“Yessssssss…” Konkana hissed, giving herself over to her friend’s lust.

“Yes what?” Aishwarya pressed, testing Konkana a little as she increased the force and speed of her rubbing. The pink material was quickly getting soaked with arousal and Aishwarya loved how it felt, all warm and wet in her hands as she rubbed Konkana’s cunt through her skirt.

“Yes…Officer Aishwarya…” Konkana replied in a thick moan, immediately catching onto the game her soon to be lover wanted to play. “Tongue it…tongue my dirty whore pussy. Strip me and fuck me like a nasty girl!”

After the struggle she’d made, Konkana couldn’t believe those words were coming out of her mouth. But she could get really dirty when she lost herself in sex. There hadn’t been many times when she had gotten so hot that she had forgotten all her inhibitions, but this was quickly turning into one of them.

Konkana found herself caring less and less that Aishwarya was another female and caring only that she was making her pussy positively drip. She just wanted to say and do whatever her friend wanted just so she wouldn’t stop touching her. She’d say whatever dirty things Aishwarya wanted to hear. Konkana just wanted pleasure.

“Good girl,” Aishwarya said, sinking to her knees and looking up at the tight pink skirt as it hugged Konkana’s butt cheeks. “I guess I should read you your rights now, but under Officer Aishwarya’s law the only right you have is to get fucked and take it like a good little whore.”

Konkana moaned again in response and felt her body tense up with nervous arousal when Aishwarya lifted up her skirt and exposed the baby blue panties she had on underneath. They were like second skin to her ass now

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