After Dark …A Bizaar 3some

Over the last 11 years I had numerous encounters of 3some’s but the most bizarre was the one where I been part of it but yet I never saw the face of the woman whom I was having sex.

It was 2008 when I visited my days buddy’s place, who is a Doctor now and having a good name and fame. In the evening when quit his chamber he took to the Club for drinks. Over the drinks we keep on remembering our youth days and our own sexual escapades. The more drink flown in we became more loose in tongue and started spilling out sexual adventures of recent times. During conversation I blurted to him that I am now hooked to threesome and narrated him few amazing experiences of the swinging world. By the time we left the club he was all worked up and driving back he told me that currently he is having a sexual relationship with colleagues wife, who is nuts about sex and went on describing her.

He said her name is Shanti, she is around 40 year old, height is 5’1″ and her boobs are well shaped size 32. She been born and raised in Village and is having a typical small Indian city background. She is fair complexioned small woman. My friend while describing her called her up over the mobile and started sexual talk over it in front of me. As talks became more raunchy and sexy he mentioned about me. He told her that I am an old friend of his and told her about my experimentation with swinging world. Then he told her about his desire to experience 3some with her along with me. Naturally at first she refused point blankly to him and rejected any idea to have a sexual relationship with anyone other than my friend. But after cajoling of 30 minutes over mobile, she later gave in to my friends persuasion power, as well her own desire to taste the forbidden. She agreed for one time sexual experiment but she put on one condition that I won’t be allowed to see her!

Any way we agreed to that condition and visited her house around 11 PM. Her husband wasn’t at home as he was posted in nearby district. Her son who was in class 12th and daughter in 10th were sleeping in their room at that time. He ranged her up before visiting her place, informing her that we are on the way. She let her front door remained open for us, so that we slip in the darkness without any noise.. That door directly led in to her drawing room, so we pushed the door and slipped in the dark. I was a bit shaky as wasn’t sure in the dead of the night what to expect. But my friend was cool and relaxed as this wasn’t his first time to adopt this modus operandi to meet her at her home. Within a minute I could make out that someone else was also in the room. As I was busy to make out the sofa to sit I could hear that he was embracing and kissing her. Although it was dark but I could make it out what those two figures were doing. When he started to open up her blouse, she was wearing sari blouse at that time, she murmured something and moved into adjourning lobby.

My friend motioned me to follow him and we entered into a dark lobby. There was one wooden plank with made-up bed on it. He stripped her of blouse and started sucking her boobs. Watching both figures mingling in dark was erotic and was a novelty for me. All the time when both the lovers were busy in kissing and feeling each other, I was just an onlooker there, not sure what to do next. When both were wrestling on that makeshift bed, into each other, I touched her feet and massaged them. At first I could sense that her whole body muscle got tensed up and she even stopped kissing my friend. I totally disregarded the coiling of her body muscles and dropped my lips on her feet and sucked her toe thumb. 

This did wonder to her and suddenly groaning and moaning sounds of hers returned back. This was an indication that whatever reluctance she had about the whole thing was put in to the rest and she just going to give in and enjoy what ever going to happen in that dark lobby. Once she let herself go, then nothing was left to the imagination. My friend stripped her off naked and she helped him in removing his cloths. Watching them going naked I did the same with furious speed.

I moved up and kissed her and felt her boobs which were small but now very much hard. I swallowed those now hardened nipples and sucked on them while my friend started working on her cunt. By this time she was real hot and murmured to my friend” Chodo na daksaab(Fuck me now Doctor).” He then motioned me to come his side and he moved up and murmured in her ear’Mere dost kaa Lund pehle apni Chut me leloe baad mei mere laund se chudna(First take my friends Cock in yours Cunt and then get Fucked by my Cock.)”. I just ducked between her legs and kissed her wet Cunt, which was not only warm and throbbing but was damn wet and I chewed on her. I sucked her real hard and tongue fucked he. In the dead of the silence and darkness I could hear her and moaning and hissing.

As I got my head over her legs, I could very well see that My Doctor thick cock was mouth fucking her. Then I spread her legs and slipped in my hard cock in her all wet cunt and fucked her. It was a very fast paced fuck as I was hot and also we didn’t want to stay too long there before someone wakes up in the house. I pumped my cock in her cunt nonstop and she realizing that I am in hurry she kept pushing her ass up to take my cock in her as deep as she could.

The speed was in proportion of the muffled up sound coming out of her mouth, sound of pure orgasmic pleasure, till I ejaculated in her Cunt. Once I left her wet dripping cunt, my friend fucked her while I sucked her boobs and she clutched on to my limping Cock, who was anxious to come alive again. Once my friend ejaculated we put on our dress and went out.

While driving back I was wondering who she really was? I just had an idea what kind of person she is. That was the first and last times in my life were I fucked someone whom I never knew who she was and what she really look like. I met this woman later again and that part of story let it be for another time.
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