Affair with my colleague wife

 Delhi to Mumbai, Rajdhani express is running on the tracks with high speed. It is about to reach Mumbai in another two hours. The train left Surat just five minuets back. I was in deep thinking. 
My name is Vamshi Rathod, 30years age and born and brought up in Delhi. After my graduation, immediately I got job in a pharmaceutical company as a sales executive. With my hard work, I got several promotions and I got very good name among the employees and management. Now, I was promoted as Asst product manager and transferred to Head office in Mumbai. I am 6ft tall guy with fair complexion. I always keep my face clean shaved and without musthaches. I do workout every day and I look like a model with excellent physic (people say this). I am always a shy person and feel very shy to talk to woman when people are around. But inside, I have lot of fantasies about women and I had my first experience with my servant maid Who took the initiative to drag me in this fantasy world. I enjoyed her almost 3 years, later her husband took her to his native place permanently because of his own reasons. Later I had affair with neighbor aunti and still continuing the affair with her. I do all these things chup chap and I have taken all cares to hide this secret. I can say no one knows my secret and every one thinks that I am Sri Ram Chandra and people used to joke on me also. Because I am still bachelor. When I was transferred to Mumbai, My colleague Mr. Radhakrishnan (who was transferred to Mumbai two years back from Delhi on promotion. He is working as sales head) offered me to stay in his house as paying guest. I have very good friendship with him. He told me that he will come to station and pick me up.

The train reached Mumbai. When it reached the platform, I saw Radha Krishnan looking at bogies and I waived my hand to him. He immediately saw me and he also waived his hand. As soon as train stopped on platform, I took the luggage and got down. Radha Krishnan joined me and we both went out of the Railway station and took a taxi for borivali where he stays in his rented apartment.

Radha Krishnan is 34 years old. He is little fat and dark colour complexion with 5ft 10 inches height. He is well qualified sales guy and he got several awards from the company. He never fails in reaching his targets and very humorous personality. He always crack jokes and maintain very good friendship with every one. We became very close When I joined in company and he taught me several tips in sales line. I used to go to his house when he was in delhi for his family functions. His wife Mrs. Savithri, 32 years age with very friendly nature and she maintained very good relation with my mother and father. Even though we meet very occasionally, my parents and Savithri used to talk on phone on regular basis.

Savithri, even though she was 32 years and mother of 2 children, she never looked as 32 years old. She is like Santoor girl. She is very slim and she look likes south cine heroin simran. I assumed that she must be having 34 size tits. She always wear sarees only and she wear it below her naval. I saw her naval several times when I went their home. Her naval was round and deep. I slapped myself (inside the heart), I told my heart that I should not see her with those lusty eyes because she is wife of my colleague and he is almost my guru.
On the way, We talked about lot of things. We discussed the employees politics, management policies and required changes in products. Suddenly he told me that His wife and children went to his home town Chennai for a marriage function and will be back after two days and we need to adjust these two days with hotel food. I said, no problem.

We reached his home at borivali. His apartment is in 3rd floor and kept our luggage and he shown me my room. That was 2 bedroom apartment. Till date the children were used to sleep in one room and Master bed room which is having attached bathroom used by the couple. Now on wards, the children has to sleep in the hall and the children room replaced by me.

We fresh ourselves and came out of house and went to a udipi hotel and took the break fast. The time was already 10-30 am. We again took a cab and went for our office which is located in east Andheri. It took around 40 minutes to reach our office and I submitted my joining report to HR person and took the charge. That day I have not worked much but met all my colleagues and friends in that office. In the evening me and Radha Krishnan left the office together and went to Andheri Railway Station to catch a local train. We took the local and reached borivali in 15 minutes and started walking towards his house. In the middle he stopped at a wine shop and bought some whisky bottle and some snacks and took the parcel of food from the same hotel where we had break fast in the morning and we headed for his house.

After reaching the home, He organized the sodas and ice cubes for our drinks. He switched on the TV and VCD player and took a cd from his almaira and inserted it in the player. He was on madrasi style lungi ( I learned lot of south names from him) and baniyan. I was on my Bermuda. I don’t have a habit of wearing anything including underwear at nights. Even in Delhi, in winter season, I used to wear Bermuda, t shirt and swetter. Of course the room heater will be on in winter season in my room at Delhi. Now coming back to story, for this sultry weather, I wanted to be there freely. I wear light weight clothes always and this Bermuda is very thin material.

We sat on chairs, side by side and started taking the drinks and he started the cd player. Oh my god it was blue film. I saw blue films alone at my house when nobody was there at my house. I never watched blue films with anyone till date. Without my knowledge he started showing me the blue film.

The film was ok. I was concentrating more on my drinks. While watching the blue film, we completed our drinks. I had only two pegs because I will not take more than that two pegs any time. But Radha Krishnan has taken 5 pegs and he wanted to continue. But I insisted for dinner. So, we took out the food parcel and had the dinner in 10 minutes. Radha Krishnan wants to have some more drinks after the dinner also. He is capable of drinking half bottle alone and he will not loose control. Only problem with him is that he will talk much (much means moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) and the people around him should bear his talking. That’s all.

After the dinner, we cleaned the table and removed all the things from there and he wanted me to sit some more time till he finishes his drinks. I said ok and sat there. He changed the CD in the player. Again it was blue film. This time I took interest in seeing the film. The film was incest film and was filmed in denmark.

In the film, the father was sleeping in his room alone. No one is in the house on that day except his daughter. All other family members were went for a tour and they were alone. In the night when the father was sleeping alone, the daughter comes there and ask his permission for her sleeing there. He hesitated first but allows her to sleep there. In the night, she accidentally place her hand on his cock. Her father immediately woke up and removed her hand. But after some time, he will see his daughter breasts popping from her night gown. He looses his control and place his hands on her boobs. He is under impression that she is sleeping. But she is not sleeping. She wontedly placed her hand on his cock at that time. Now, she pretends sleep, but with half eyes, she is eagerly waiting for his next action.

By seeing this film, I got full erection and my thin cloth nicker is not able to hide the length of my cock. It is making a tent in my nicker. I just adjusted it and again immersed in seeing the film. I felt a hand touching my lap. I saw Radha Krishnan whose hand is placed on my lap. He was busy in drinking and started commenting on the actors.

Coming back to film, now the father has removed the night gown of his daughter and freed her boobs from her bra and started sucking the nipples. She pulled out his cock from his pants and started playing with it.

Now Radha Krishna hand touched my cock and immediately withdrew it and said sorry. I was puzzled and kept silent. Then Radha Krishna started telling about his wife and beauty. He started explaining me how beauty she is. He told me that she has marvelous tits which are very firm. She enjoys very much when he sucks her nipples. She uses rough language when she gets climax. While saying this his hand is touching my cock and withdrawing and a sorry from his mouth. I think he might have touched my cock atleast 15 times in the span of 10 minutes. First time, he withdrew his hand immediately. But second time, he took atleast 2 seconds for withdrawing. Slowly he increased his time for placing his hand on my cock. To tell you truth, I was enjoying the situation. I am not gay. And I know that Radha Krishnan was also not gay. Then why this different behaviour? I questioned myself. As I don’t have answered, I maintained silence but feared where it will lead.

Radha Krishna completed his drinks. But his talking was not stopped. He was explaining me how savithri takes his cock and how her cunt cooperates with cock and how she enjoys the fucking. He described the total body of Savithri where she have curves. On continuation, he told me that he will show his wife nude body to me when he fucks her, and asked me to promise him that I never disclose this to anyone. He also told me that I should act as per his green signals so that Savithri will never get doubt on us and he told me that my cock is very strong and very meaty one. He asked me, Can I touch your cock once? Please don’t mistake me, he said. I knodded my head. I don’t know what to do or how to react. He took out the cock from my nicker and exclaimed. Wow. What a cock. It is huge one. As I expected this is with full of meat. I love this. By saying this he started squeezing my cock.

I allowed him to play with my cock for 10 minutes. Then I reminded him about the time and suggested him that we go for our beds, because tomorrow we need to attend the office work. Then he agreed and we went our respective rooms for our sleep.

The next day also after coming from office, after having the drinks and dinner he played the blue film again. He continued the drinking and he was talking much about the beauty of his wife Savithri. He also explained how she reciprocates his fucking, how she sucks his cock, How he eats her pussy, all the things he explained to me. By hearing all these things I started developing interest on her body and started listening him carefully in fact I was fully in her thoughts. While talking to me, this day also he touched my cock in the same manner of earlier day. This time he played with more freely and he kissed the cock also. Without saying anything he started sucking my cock and pumped my cock and took my cum in his mouth completely. While he was sucking my cock, I was fantasizing Savithri that she is sucking my cock. Literally I am waiting for arrival and wanted to see her beauty. 

 Next day that was Wednesday, in the morning the door bell rang. I was awake by that time, so I went to the door and opened the door. I saw there A beautiful woman. She is Savithri along with her 2 girls. She wished me and said. Oh. Vamsi.. How are you? I know that you are coming. I am sorry, I was forced to attend the function in Chennai as Radha (her husband Radha Krishnan) has to stay back to receive you. It is very glad, that you come. She said that and I helped her bringing the luggage inside the home. In the mean time, Radha Krishnan also woke up and greeted his wife and his children. I excused my self and went to my room for my regular exercises.

We both. radhra Krishnan and myself left for office by 9am and we came back to home in the night by 8pm. Savithri also working as teacher near to her house. That day she does not want to go to college because of the tiredness of the journey. Her duty starts from 8 am to 3pm. Savithri has arranged the dinner by 9pm and we all had the dinner. She arranged the beds for her children and they were immediately went for sleep. I also left for my room.

Here I want to explain how our rooms are placed. Even though it is apartment, that was peculiar style in those apartments. All the flats were with same design in old style. Radha Krishnan room and my room were adjacent rooms. Our rooms were devided by a wall but with a door. The two rooms have separate doors to reach the hall. The door between our rooms is closed one. That door can be locked from Radha Krishnan’s room only. 
As I left for my room, I was not able to get sleep. Radha Krishnan polluted my mind by describing his wife beauty and her beautiful parts in last two days drinking session. I was recollecting all his saying about his wife beauty. When Savithri was serving the food, she was in nighty. I stared at her boobs, at her hips, at her waist many times and I took all cares while staring at her for not giving of any opportunity for catching my thief stares. No doubt she is damn beautiful woman on this earth with perfect structure. I wanted to see her boobs naked very badly. I thought, I must wait for the opportunity. I should not be hurry. If I do any thing in hurried manner, my name will be spoiled and my carrier will be spoiled. So I wanted to keep quite till the opportunity comes, I thought. 

Around 11pm in the night I heard some noises from Radha Krishnan’s room. I heard Savithri’s moans also. Slowly I stood up and went near to door to hear the voices and noises. I don’t know why I have done like this. This was the first time I was attempting to hear the fucking noises of couple and their conversation.

I heard the slap sounds. Savithri screamed. Oh. Radha, you bastard. You are killing me. Fuck me bastard. Grab my boobs. You love these boobs na. Come on. Pull my nipples. Don’t slap me on my buttock that hard. Even though I get enjoyment now, but tomorrow it will pain me. But you can slap. No need to stop. Fuck me my baby. 

She was talking much. I thought Radha Krishnan will talk much while drinking. Savithri talk much while fucking. I laughted to myself and concentrated on their conversation.

I think now she was on top of him. She was riding him. I searched for holes on the door but I found no hole on the door. I cant see them, shit, I thought. She asked him to suck her nipples like a baby. She wanted sound while sucking her nipples. After few minutes Radha was made her lay on bed and he took the charge of raiding. I heard lot of moans and screams from both of them and they were stopped. After a minute I heard a sound of opening their bath room door and It seems their fucking session is over. Then again I came back to my bed and try to sleep. But I was not getting sleep. My cock in my nicker is giving me very trouble. He is not in controllable position. I wanted to get relieve. I went out of my room and opened the bath room and I jerked off. While jerking off my cock, I imagined that I was fucking savithri very hard and she was moaning with my strokes. I came very fast. After cumming, I had relief in my mind and went to bed again. This time I got the sleep fast.

Next one week things went normal. Every night, I was habituated to hear their sound of fucking music and jerking off in bathroom. One Friday night, Radha Krishnan and my self went to a bar and took the drinks. Radha again started talking much about Savithri and asked me whether I am hearing sounds every night. I sincerely agreed that every night I am heaing their sounds of fuck and I also confessed that every night I am masturbating myself in bathroom after their fucking session is over. In the dim lights of bar, he touched and squeezed my cock many times and praised my cock for its thickness and longness. He told me that he will open the door between our rooms tonight and he suggested that I can see his fucking with Savithri and also told me that he will show her boobs and pussy to me. He told me that I must act that I am sleeping, and I should not give any doubt to Savithri that I am awake. I assured him and after having the drinks we went to his house and we reached the house around 12 midnight. As soon as we reach home, I went to my room and changed my dress in to my usual nicker and told savithri that I will not have dinner today because I am already full with my stomach with snacks in drinks session. Savithri has not argued much and she has arranged the food for her husband. When I came to my room, the doors were already opened between our rooms. I laid on my bed. From my bed I can see their bed in that room. Their bed is hardly 25 ft away from my bed. I stopped the light in my room and slept. My room was completely dark now. Even I have not switched on the night bulb also. After 30 minutes they both came into their room. Savithri saw the opened doors and tried to close the doors but Radha pulled her and said some thing in her ears. She is not willing to accept his saying but he convinced her some how and she kept her mouth shut. She switched off the light but night bulb was on. 

Slowly I adjusted my eyes for that dim light. Radha slowly removed her nighty. She was not willing to remove her dress and not even willing for sex it seems, I felt. But Radha managed to remove her nighty. She is not wearing panty or bra underneath her nighty. Now she was full nude. I can see her firm and round breasts. I can see her nipples also in that dim light. I think I was more imaginary than actual in that dim light. I am stunned with her beauty. She has very thin waist. I was not able to see her cunt because Radha’s leg is covering her pussy.. I am able to see her breasts only. He started sucking her nipples and started playing with her boobs. He whispered something in her ear but she was refusing his request by nodding her head crossly. But again he convinced her. She pulled the blanket on her covering her total body. Radha made himself full nude and he stood up from the bed and switched on the light. Immediately I closed my eyes for that light. After few seconds, I opened my eyes in halfway and saw them. Savithri was whispering some thing in his ears and he started coming to me. He straight away came to me and bend himself towards my ears and asked me with a low voice. Are you watching? He asked me. I said yes with the same of his tone. Don’t move and don’t give any doubt to her. You will see lot of things today. I will say her that you are in sound sleep. He said that to me and he left for his room. 

He approached her again on the bed. He pulled the blanket from her. Unwillingly she released the blanket from her. She crossed her legs and put her arms on her breast. The visibility of her nude body was very less for me in this angle. Radha laid next to her and kissed her on her fore head. She pulled him on her top. He covered her body from hips. I am seeing her legs only now. He was trying to get up from her grip to show her nude body to me but she is not leaving him. So, he started kissing her every where in that same position. He started pressing her lovely boobs and kissing her all over her upper portion. Slowly he got her in full mood by kissing and sucking her nipples, so she left the grip on him. He raised himself and placed himself next to her in a position that I can see her full nude body. 

Savithri got wonderful boobs. The boobs were very round and very firm. Those boobs reminded me of a model which nude pictures I saw in a recent magazine. Her naval was round and deep. I am able to see those things very clearly from my bed. She crossed her legs and pussy is not at all visible for me. But I am able to see her pubic mound which was very clean. She might have shaved it in the morning only. 

Radha was pressing her boobs very hard. He started playing with her boobs. With one hand he is pressing one boob and another hand, he hold the boob in such a position that nipple will be very visible to me and he started sucking that nipple. My cock started raising in my nicker and it made a tent pole in the nicker. He placed Savithri’s hand on his cock and she took the full erected cock in her hand and holded it. He told some thing to her, then she started squeezing it and moved the cock skin up and down. Then he started kissing her naval and the body between the naval and pubic area. He licked there. He placed his hands on her hips and pressed the hips and kissed the hips. When he tried to separate her legs, she has not cooperated with him. She forcibly crossed the legs and not allowing him to separate. Then he moved himself to her legs completely and sat before her legs and separated forcily. At this moment she cooperated him and widened the legs. But no use for me. Because, he was sitting infront of her cunt, I am seeing his back and his head only. He started kissing her pubic area and started kissing her pussy. He started licking her pussy. I think he was shoving his fingures also in her cunt and pushed his toung also. She was moaning and pressed his head further towards her cunt. I am seeing his head moving between her legs and nothing else than that. I saw her face. She was seeing my room and my bed only. I immediately closed my eyes. I got doubt that whether she know that I am seeing that action. But I answered and consoled myself that it is not possible because my room was very dark because night bulb also not there. So, she must be watching this side with unknown fear only, I said myself. Hence I started seeing with little dareness. I saw her face and her globes. Her face was more pretty in that lusty mood. She was moaning with her husband licking her pussy. She might have got thrilled that she is having fucking when an outsider of family is staying in her next room with doors quite open and lights are on. This thought might have given a strong kick to her mind and she started acting violently on her husband. 

At one stage, she moaned loudly. But Radha Krishna warned her, that I may awake. She nodded her head and pulled him on her top. She took the cock and placed it in front of her pussy hole. He moved in with a sudden stroke inside her cunt. She moaned little louder now but again Radha warned her about me. He started giving strokes to her. Now I am able to watch her cunt fully. The view is excellent. My mouth started watering. I wanted to lick that pussy very badly. I never saw that type of beautiful cunt in my life. Her cunt muscles are holding his cock. When he pushing the cock inside, she is relaxing the muscles and holding again. When I saw the cock and pussy action right infront of my eyes, I lost control and I took the cock out of my nicker and started squeezing it with my own hand. Slowly I started moving the cock skin up and down in a very slow fashion. So that they will not get doubt about some movement in the next room.

Now Radha started pumping his cock with more speed and Savithri lost control. She was still seeing this room and my bed and moaning little louder. That moaning is not that louder that it can be audible in the hall where the children were sleeping. It is audible if some one listens very particularly. Radha Krishna is expert in fucking and he made her wet and her cunt started delivering the cunt juices. She was on the verge of cumming and told him that she is cumming. He started fucking with jet speed now. He is fucking her in a position that I am able to see her complete body. Her eyes, her boobs, her nipples, her naval, her cunt and his cock action is fully visible. With a loud moan, Radha started cumming in her cunt. She met him with her cumming and she hugged him very tightly. 

After few minutes, both went to bath room. When she stood up from the bed, that scene was awesome. I saw her complete nude body now. No obstacle. No hurdle. She is not hiding anything. Everything is visible. Her face is little reddish. The wonderful fucking she had may be reason for her face reddish. She was not seeing this room this time but stood there showing her total nude body till her husband returns from bath room. Then she went to bath room and came back within 2 minutes. Later they swithched off the light and went for sleep.

I wanted to jerk off my cock very fast now. I am waiting for them to sleep. I waited for 20 minutes for their sleep. I heard foot steps of some one. I lifted my head and I saw Radha Krishna was coming to me. He came near to me and asked me . Have you seen every thing? He asked.

I am able to see her tits only. You covered her remaining parts with your body. I was not able to see anything more than her tits. Her tits are very lovely. When you are fucking her, I saw your buttocks only, more than that nothing is visible. I lied to him.

Don’t worry. I will show you tomorrow. She got doubt that you are awake, that’s the reason she crossed her legs. Anyway I will show you tomorrow. He said.

By saying that he placed his hand on my cock. He saw that my cock is already out of my nicker and my hand his holding that. So, you are excited and wanted to relieve. May I relieve you? He asked me. But without waiting for my answer, he took my cock in his mouth and started sucking it faster. With the excitement I had for last one hour, I came very fast within 3 minutes. He gulped my entire cum and he has not left single drop from my cock. After that he said good night to me and left to his room and laid next to his wife on bed.

For the next 15 days, The sex game of the couple went on uninterruptedly with the same fashion and passion. Every night I used to watch them very clearly and hear them very clearly. I felt that when they are having sex, they might have forgotten me that I was there in the next room with doors open. They every time had the sex with open doors between our rooms and the tube light is on. I used to see savithri with full nude and she used to go to the bathroom after having sex after Radha Krishnan only. She used to stay at the bathroom door which is very near to the door between our rooms. While having sex, she always stares at my room and my bed. I got a doubt that is she noticed me watching her? But I again consoled myself, that it is not possible because of the darkness in my room. Every night after fucking his wife, Radhakrishnan comes to my room and gave me blow job every night.

One day, i.e., Saturday morning, we (Radha Krishnan, Savithri, children and myself) went to Church gate on local train. You all are aware that the local trains of Mumbai will be very rush in the morning hours (from borivali to churchgate in the morning hours and Church gate to Borivali in the evening hours) and we can find space to rest our foot also. The local trains always fully crowded in Mumbai. So, we all boarded in the local train which is fast train. But by the time of our boarding, the compartments were fully occupied by the people, and we are not in a position to get any seat. So we were standing in the compartment. But The train when it reached Kandivily, it was fully crowded and we all were touching forcibily for the reason of no space. Because of the rush, I was pushed a little further and I was touching fully savithri from her back. When I touched her, my cock came into attention and started raising very faster. I know that my cock is touching Savithri’s wonderfull ass cheeks. But I cant do anything. There is no space for me to move side. Ofcourse I am enjoying the scene. Savithri turned her head and saw me and gave me a little smile. She was feeling very shy and I loved her shyish face very much. Even for her, there is no space to move to a side from avoiding this embarrassing situation. Radhakrishnan was standing infront of her and he is not noticing all this.

When we are returning in the evening, the same situation happened. I was enjoying the situation very much. Suddenly she turned herself completely. Now she was facing me. I don’t know how she managed to turn herself in that heavy rush. Now my body is completely touching her body and I purposefully touched her upper body with my upper body. She was smiling all the time. I felt at one time, she was trying to push her waist towards me, and I am not convinced about this thought. We reached home and had the dinner in the night.

After a week, The relatives of Radha Krishnan came to his house from Chennai. They were the distant relatives from his mother side. They came to Mumbai on some medical reasons and Radha Krishnan suggested them to stay at his house till they get the treatment. Then they were given the hall where children used to sleep and my room given to children and Radha Krishnan told me to sleep in their room because it is more spacious and the bed also very big. I was confused but Radha Krishnan forced me to accept for this proposal. Internally, in my heart, I was very happy with this proposal. I can see nude Savithri on the same bed without any problem. If possible, I can touch her in the sleep, I thought.

In the night, before going to the dinner, Radha Krishnan took me to the terrace. He told me that he only planned everything and told me that I should be cautious and I should not give any doubt to Savithri that I am watching her. And also Radha Krishnan told me that I should wear lungi in the night without underwear instead of knickers. I said ok.

Before going to the dinner, he handed over me a lungi and we had our dinner. I came first to their bedroom and laid on the bed and closed my eyes to give a impression that I am sleeping. After 30 minutes, Radha Krishnan entered the room and laid next to me and whispered in my ears. Are you awake?? . I said yes to him without opening my eyes. He told me . Good, Be like that only. Within minutes she will come to this room and I will tell her that you are sleeping. I said ok. 

Then again he went back to kitchen and stayed there for some time along with savithri. The time is passing, but the couple not turned back to the room. I was eagerly waiting for their entry in the room. Even though I closed my eyes, I am seeing the room a slight opened eyes. I was expert in that kind of sleeping. People think always I was sleeping whoever see me in that position. After one hour the couple entered in the room. Savithri was in saree. She opened the almairah and took her nighty and went to bath room for changing her dress. Within minutes she came back and laid on the bed to that corner. Radha Krishnan laid next to her after switching off the tube light and he switched on the night bulb. The night bulb also giving a good light and good vision of the room. 

After some time Radha Krishnan started playing with her. He touched her boobs but she refused him and took his hands from her. He whispered some thing in her ears but not stopped his actions. He was fondling her breasts from nighty. She asked him to check whether Vamshi is sleeping or not? He turned and looked me and told her. “He is already sleeping darling. You know How fast Vamshi will go to sleep and he always have a sound sleep. He will not be disturbed in sleep if bomb blast happens next to him on his bed. You are aware that your loud mouns on our fuck also not disturbed his sleep all these days. You know that darling”. He said to her. She said nothing. Slowly he removed her nighty and made her nude. He also pulled out his lungi and made himself nude. 

He took her lovely mounds and started pressing hard. He took one nipple in his mouth and started pulling another nipple with his two fingures. In the middle, he took her hand and placed it on his cock and she started pressing the cock. He was kissing her on her face and hands. He sucked her armpits. With his actions she started moaning like ahhh, mmmmmmm like that. When he started sucking her nipples she hold one boob and handed over to his mouth to suck. He sucked her nipples, both nipples atleast few minutes. His sucking nipples is giving a lovely sound. By that sound, and by their actions, my cock in lungi started humping inside lungi. I was taking deep breath but tried and controlled myself. I was not giving any indications to savithri that I was awake and watching her. 

He moved his mouth from her nipples to her total body. He pulled her to centre of the bed and he mounted on her. He has not inserted his cock in her pussy. But laid on her body and playing with her boobs and her sweet body. Now she is almost near to me. Radha Krishnan is licking her total body. He was in a great mood. He licked her naval. He tickled her naval with his fingures. He kissed on it. (I am assuming every thing by the sounds. I am not able to watch. Because I was lying on my back. If I want to see I have to turn my head towards them. If I do that she may get doubt. I am waiting for the appropriate time). Then suddenly Radha Proposed her to turn herself complete reverse. She sat immediately and laid on her back in reverse position. I mean, now her face is near my legs and her legs are near to my face. Radha Krishnan also changed his position and again started fondling her tits with great passion.

Now I got a chance to turn my head. I turned my head towards their side without opening my eyes as if I turned my head in sleep. Ofcourse they are not in a position to observe me at all. I think they have forgotten my presence completely. When I turned my face, I saw a lovely cunt almost infront of my face. I am seeing a lovely cunt right infront of me. Oh. What a sight it is!!!! No doubt that is a lovely cunt. I have not seen such a lovely cunt in my life time. She completely clean shaved her cunt. Radha Krishnan was very busy with playing her tits. He was in sitting position but completely bent on her from her stomach. So the portion from pubic area is fully vacant and very clearly visible for me without any obstacle. My mouth is watering and I don’t know how I controlled the feeling or urge of touching her pussy with my fingures, with my toung, with my mouth and with my cock. My cock was jumping with full erection in my lungi. Thank god, I was in full control. I thanked god for giving me that control. 

Radha Krishnan started sucking the nipples again. And she is playing with his cock, I guess. Because I am not able to see her face or her action or her boobs because Radha is completely covering her with his full body from her stomach. He saw the movement of cock in my lungi and whispered some thing in her ear. I don’t know what she said, again he whispered in her ears, this is for more time. I thought some thing is going to come for my surprise and I wondered what will be that surprise. 

Then Radha gave a little room to savithri to see me and by noticing his movement I completely closed my eyes. I heard he saying to her. See he is sleeping, you are unnecissarly getting the doubts, he said with a little bit complaining voice. I don’t know what she said, because I have not heard any sound from her. Slowly he touched my lungi and he parted my lungi edges and made visible of my cock. I was stunned by this act but tried to not to show any of my feelings. I kept silent and mum. Savithri.. See this cock. How meaty and lengthy one. He got a beautiful cock, He said. He insisted Savithri to touch my cock but she declined. She said you can touch if you want, but I don’t. She bluntly refused his suggestion. Then he moved himself to between savithri legs and touched her pussy with his hands first. He pressed and fondled the pussy. Again I started seeing my little open eyes. He kissed her pussy and rubbed his cock on her pussy. She moaned and begged him to insert the cock in her pussy. I cant bear this heat. Please put it in. please put your cock in my pussy, she begging him. I wondered by hearing her words. I am seeing their fucking since more days, I have not heard this kind of begging from her on any day. Every time Radha Krishnan used to take initiate but today is reversal. She is begging him to fuck her. May be the vision of my cock has given lot of impact on her, I thought. 

He pushed his cock into her pussy in a single shot. She screamed but not loudly. But I can hear her screaming because I was next to the couple. I can hear any sound from their bodies. The sounds may not be reached to the next hall or next room where the children are sleeping. Now he started pumping his cock in her pussy. I am seeing his cock in and out movement in her pussy. The fucking is happening right infront of my eyes. I never dreamed or never imagined or never fantasized such kind of act. But now it is happening in front of my eyes with very close distance. She was moaning with pleasure with his fucking and she wraped her hands around him. She was rubbing his back and pressing his back with her fingures. I saw her beautiful hands and her fingures with great lust. I imagined her hands around my body and I was fantasizing her that I am fucking her. I also imagined myself in Radha Krishnan’s position and I felt that I am fucking Savithri. I wanted to see her face. When I saw her, her head was completely in my direction. Not towards my face. It is in direction of my cock. She is watching my cock which is fully erected and stand there as a pole from my lungi. She was watching my cock and getting fuck from her husband. Radha Krishnan completely bent on her and sucking the nipples and fondling her tits. He was not watching her face and giving hard thrusts to his wife pussy very hard. And she was moaning little louder and she was using all filthy language to him to fuck her hard. I was surprised to hear that filthy language from her, because she was well educated and well mannered girl. She always behaves very decently. Now she was talking like a cheap whore. Radha Krishnan was in full swing. He tried to warned her that I may awake with her loud moans and loud talking, but she didn’t cared about it. She hugged him very tight on her tits and asked him to fuck her little faster. His face is completely covered by her tits and he was enjoying her tits and her actions. He humped his hips and pumped his cock faster into her pussy. I am seeing the cunt juices flowing from her pussy. The wetness of her pussy is giving different sound when his cock pumping her. I was enjoying the sounds and that cock and cunt action very much. I wanted to touch my cock very badly. I just reached my cock with my hand as if I am touching it in sleep and I squeezed it once and left it. I don’t want to give any impression to her that I am awake. I saw her face again. I think she was not seeming any interest whether I am awake or I am sleeping. She was staring at my cock like in trance. She was holding her husband face on her tits, so that he can not identify her watching my cock. I saw a great lust in her eyes.

Radha Krishnan was fucking her very hard now. She started moaning louder and within minutes she reached the climax. She hugged him very tight and said mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. He was surprised and increased his spead and started cumming in her pussy. I saw the cum juices of both flowing from her cunt. He has not removed his cock from her pussy and stayed for a while there. 

Then they both got up and as usual went to bathroom. Now, first time she went to bathroom and closed the door. Radha Krishnan hurriedly came to me and asked me in my ears that have I watched the entire fucking. I said yes and I also told him that he is great in fucking. I also told him that she got a very nice cunt and it is very lovely. I don’t know how I said those words shamelessly about his wife. He smiled and took my cock in his mouth and started sucking it hurriedly. I was enjoying his sucking imagining Savithri in his position. All these days I have not seen Savithri sucking his cock. He was enjoying sucking my cock but he stopped after few sucks and told me to lye as it is and told me not to cover the cock. Then again he went to the bathroom door and stayed there. After a minute savithri came out of bathroom and Radha went in.

Savithri slowly walked towards the bed and sat on the bed and straight away stared at me. I was not showing any moment in my body. But my cock was still in the same pole position. She touched my cock with her fingures by keeping her eyes on bathroom door. She hold the cock in her hand now and she gave a little squeeze for that. And immediately she sat in other direction and started wearing the night gown. Then Radha came out of bathroom and climbed the bed and adjusted himself next to me and told savithri to join him on the bed. She just laid down on the bed next to him without a word. He again put his hands on her breasts and fondled them. She told him to adjust my lungi to cover my cock and he immediately adjusted my lungi to hide my cock. After adjusting my lungi, Radha took his lungi and wore it. Radha again placed his hands on her body and pulled the nipples out from her nighty and started playing with her nipples. I was not able to see her boobs now, because Radha was in middle of us and I am seeing his hand only. He placed Savithri’s hand on his cock. She hold his cock and started pressing it from his lungi. I turned my self totally their side as if I turned in my sleep. I knew that I will not get sleep for at least few more hours. I was not able to relieve and I have to wait till they go into deep sleep. It seems they are also not getting sleep.

Now savithri pulled his cock out from lungi and started playing with it. She slowly moving his cock skin up and down. She rested her head on Radha’s chest and kissing him on his bare chest. I was able to see her lovely and beautiful face very closely to me. I wanted to kiss her very badly. But I was not in a position to move. I wanted to wait for touching her till I get full confidence and wanted move from her side for my safety reasons. We cant read woman’s mind and woman’s actions. We need to be very careful with woman when dealing for such kind of sex acts, I told myself.

I saw savithri hand stroking the Radha Krishnan’s semi erect cock. Now Radha started sucking her boobs by pulling her near to his mouth. When he wanted to suck her nipples, she had to move further my side on his chest to facilitate him to suck her boobs and her lovely medium sized nipples. Her hair is swinging in air because of fan and slightly touching me and I was enjoying her hair touching my body. When he swithched to other boob, she was forced to move further and her head accidentally touched my chest but she immediately adjusted herself and moved herself towards Radha’s face. She was not leaving his cock and playing with it and she is moving his cock skin little faster. 

Radha suddenly pulled his mouth from her nipples and requested her to suck his cock. She refused to do that and said to him. “You know that I have not done it so far. I love the cock pumping in my pussy not in my mouth”, she said. But he started forcing her down towards his cock and started pleading her to suck his cock. Finally she accepted and told him that she will suck his cock for only one minute and after that he should not force her to do that more time and he accepted for that proposal.

She reversed herself on him she completely laid on his body in reverse position. Now they were in 69 position. She took his cock in her hands and pulled the skin totally down. Now the cock’s read head is completely visible for her. She moved her toung out and she licked the cock read head from down to up and and all the corners. Radha’s cock is around 6 and half inches and around one and half inch width. My cock is around 8inches and more thicker than Radha’s cock. 

Now she wrapped her lips around the cock. She started sucking the cock head and moved her mouth lips up and down of cock head. She did it some time and then she pulled the cock skin up with her lips and pushing down with her lips. She was stroking his cock with her lips. It seems she has forgotten the time limit which was given by herself to suck his cock. Now she was totally under his cock influence and first time she was enjoying the cock sucking at her first trial itself. She removed her nighty and his lungi immediately.

Radha Spread her thighs, and started licking her cunt. He was licking her like mad dog and Savithri pushing her pussy on his face. He pushed his two fingures in her cunt while his toung seaching the inside walls of her cunt. Suddenly Savithri turned herself and sat on his cock. She placed her hands on his chest and started moving her pussy on his cock. She slowly sat on his cock and started moving slowly. Her hands were rubbing her husband’s chest while she fucking him. Radha took her boobs in his hand and fondling them and squeezed them very hard. I was in a comfortable position. I was able to see her complete nude body. In that position, I am seeing her cunt slowly taking the entire cock length in her pussy and slowly moving up. She was teasing her husband with her slow movement on his cock. I am seeing her pussy very clearly in that angle. Her boobs were making me crazy. Poor me, I thought. 

I don’t know what had come in Savithri’s mind. She removed her husbands hand from her boobs and placed his hands on my lungi where my cock is hiding. I was surprised by this move by her. Even Radha also very much surprised by this move and asked her in a surprised tone. Would you like to see his cock again? She knodded her head without opening her mouth. He slowly separated my lungi edges and pulled the cock out of my lungi with his hands. 

The cock was already in full swing. This was almost fully erect position from when I took the bed in the night. In fact my balls were aching for that long time erection and there is no chance for me to relieve my cum load. I wanted to jerk off my cock very badly and waiting for the opportunity to jerk off my load.

Now my cock was in full view for her. Again my cock was in standing pole position and Radha again started playing with her boobs. She was seeing my cock and started humping her husband cock with full speed. She was using her complete force on his cock with her pussy and fucking him very hard. I was surprised by seeing her speed and her force used against his cock. He was moaning with pleasure and she was also moaning loudly with the pressure of cock in her cunt and pleasure of my cock viewing. She was talking very less this time while fucking him. But I can see the lust in her eyes, in her face and in her actions. I can surely say that she was completely turned by my cock view.

After few minutes both Radha Krishnan and Sathri had the cum together. While cumming Savithri hugged Radha Krishna and kissed him all over his face. While kissing him her hands touching my body and this time, she never cared for this and went on kissing him. 
After that both went to bathroom and cleaned and dressed themselves and came back. First Radha Krishnan climed the bed and adjusted himself beside me and Then savithri took her position on the bed beside Radha Krishnan. Radha Krishnan turned himself towards Savithri’s side and placed his hand on her waist and Savithri placed her hand on Radha’s waist. They gone to sleep very faster in that hugging position.

I was not able to sleep and not getting the sleep. The fucking action is moving in my mind like cinema reel. I waited for more than half hour and went to bath room and jerked off very faster. It took only few minutes to relieve my load and felt relax after masturbating myself. I entered the room again and saw the couple who were in deep sleep. I saw savithri’s face. Her face was like a small child and looking very beautiful in that sleeping position. Radha Krishnan also sleeping and he got a very good habit of going to deep sleep when he thinks that he want to sleep. Slowly without giving my foot steps noise, I reached Savithri side and I kissed her on her forehead. I wanted to touch the boobs. I wanted to have her boobs in my hand. I was standing there without doing anything atleast for few minutes and once again I kissed on her forehead and cheeks and went back to my place for sleep.

The same kind of scene (almost same with different positions) happened for next 10 days. Almost they have forgotten my presence in the bed and every night they fucked with more vigor and more lust. They have ignored my presence. But every night they watched my cock while fucking and Radha used to play with my cock for atleast a minute when Savithri was in bath room. In those ten days, almost all days Savithri touched my cock and squeezed it for a moment, every time. But they have not advanced in pulling me and I was buying time and taking all my courages. But I wanted to fuck Savithri very badly and waiting for the appropriate time.  But in those ten days, I got very intimacy with Savithri. She started sitting next to me when we were taking the dinner or break fast or chatting times. She was sitting next to me always almost touching me. We used to cut jokes even adult jokes at times. Her dressing sense also changed a little bit. Whatever she wears either jeans and t shirt or in nighty, she was leaving the first button of t shirt or nighty. Because of that I was having a great view of her cleavage every time whenever she bends. Once I got doubt that she was showing me her cleavage purpose fully and not accidentally. When ever I see her cleavage, I forget everything and stare at her boobs just like that. Some times I did it even in front of Radha Krishnan also which he noticed and smiled at me but didn’t say anything. Savithri also caught my glimpses and staring at her boobs like a mad man but she has not changed her habit of showing her cleavage to me. 

The relatives of Radha Krishnan has announced that they wanted to go back, as the medical tests were completed and they wanted to go back. But they requested Radha Krishnan to accompany them as he can use his influence in Chennai for the medical treatment in better way. Radha Krishnan accepted their request and booked the tickets for Saturday Morning. More over he also got all India sales conference in Chennai for 3 days from Monday onwards, So he readily accepted their proposal and took them to Chennai on Saturday morning flight. I thought I can use this opportunity to fuck Savithri and fulfill my lust, I thought. But immediately I got doubt that the children also there in the house, so can I get chance? I questioned myself. But answered myself by saying “wait Vamshi, you will get a lovely chance”. 

In the early morning Radha left and the Saturday is holiday for both Savithri and me also. The children also doesn’t have the college. But the children requested her mother that they want to go to Esselworld along with their friends as a huge group of their friends along with some parents are visiting the Essel world. Savithri accepted for that and gave some money for them for enjoying the Saturday. And the children also left the house by 11 am and they will be back after 9pm only. Now Savithri and me alone in that house. It’s a wonderful chance, I thought.

Savithri started preparing for the lunch. I was watching Tv. My guts are not sufficient to approach her and seduce her for sex. I don’t know why I am afraid even though I know that she touched my cock and she admires cock (many times I saw her looking my cock with lot of admiration and affection while having sex with Radha). Why I am waiting? I felt angry about my non approach. After completion of cooking she invited me for the lunch. I sat at the dining table and she took the seat infront of me. She served the food and we started eating. She was talking to me different things of her college and her colleagues and I silently listening her with only nodding my head. In fact I am gathering my all courage to tackle her. While eating I saw her face. She have a little smile on her face and I saw a shy on her face which I have not seen anytime since from beginning. I wondered about her shyness and slowly I downed my looks and stunned to see her nighty. The two buttons of her nighty were open and the bra is visible and one side boob is almost clearly visible to me. She got very round boobs and firm boobs. Ofcourse I saw those boobs naked many times and thanks to Radha Krishnan who has created that lovely opportunity. When I am seeing her boobs with opened buttons, I almost forgot to eat. I was stating those wonderful boobs just like that and she touched my hand and shaked me. What you are thinking?? Eat na .. she said with a lovely tone. Again I saw her face, she was smiling at me and said. Yeh, what is that look. As if you are chewing me. Come on. Eat fast, she said. I hurriedly finished my lunch and straight away went to their bedroom where all these days I was sleeping along with them. There is urge started in my lungi and cock started raising like anything. So, I wanted to use this opportunity and I should not miss this chance. If I miss this chance, I can never get Savithri, I told myself. 

Again I came back to the hall where savithri is cleaning the dining table and told her that I want to talk to her. Just let me finish this. I will come. Please wait for few minutes, she said. Then I reached the bedroom again and sat on the bed and started thinking of procedure to seduce her.

After around 10 minutes, she came to the bed room and sat on other edge. I was sitting on right edge of the cot. I was in my lungi and baniyan. I was controlling my raising and fully erected cock with my hands, she entered the room. Tell me now. What it is you wanted to talk? She asked me with the same shy smile on her lips. I saw her lips. I just saw her lips which were little reddish and fully wet. I wanted to take those lips in my mouth and wanted to suck those lips very hard. I was just seeing them, again she patted on my arm and repeated the question. 

Nothing, I said. Just wanted to talk to you. All these days you were very busy. So I was not able to talk to you freely. Now I just wanted to chit chat with you for some time, I told her. Then we started talking on different things. First I asked about their parents and their family and her collegeing etc., etc., She told me that they were two sisters and Savithri is elder and Seetha (her sister) is around 23 who is doing job at Bangalore in a software company. They lost their parents at the age of 18 for Savithri and they were taken care by her grand father and grand mother who lives in Bangalore. Now They are looking for alliance for Seetha, she told me. Then I diverted the topic on Bombay life and the girls in Bombay and their dressing and their fastness etc., etc., She also actively talking to me about girls and she referred one of her friend how she uses to teases the men with her dress and her behaviour. While talking to her I was completely staring her at boobs only. She knew that I am enjoying her boob view from her nighty. But she has not attempted to change it or put the buttons and she is showing more by bending further while talking to me. I slowly started praising her beauty. I started explaining her how she look like. I told her she looks like an angel for me. Her smile is killing smile and told her any boy will die for that smile. She laughed at me when I was explaining about her smile. I also told her that she doesn’t look like a mother of 2 children and she looks as if she is 20 years old girl and like unmarried girl. While talking to her I took her hand and started seeing her palm. You know astrology? She asked me with a strange voice. No. I am not astrologer and I don’t know anything about astrology, I said to her. Then what you are looking? She asked me and pulled back her hand.

I took her hand again in my hands and started feeling the touch of her smooth skin. I told the same to her. You have silk skin and you are very good at taking care of your skin and your body. Are you applying any lotions and beauty creams?? I questioned her without leaving her hand. 

I don’t use anything, she said. This time she was not trying to take her hand back. I started seeing the lines on her palm. She laughed at me and said. You are seeing the lines as if you know astrology. If you know astrology tell me na my future?? She told me with a teasing smile on her face.

Let me see, I said to her. I was holding her hand in my hands but I made her hand to touch my thighs. And I was examining her fingures, keeping her hand completely on my lap. Without leaving her hand, again I started talking about her beauty again. I praised the dresses she wears regularly and how she looks in those lovely dresses. I told her about each dress of her and praised the selection of her dress. She proudly told me that she select the dress for her on her own. She does not like others to select the dress for her. I teasing said her, many boys might have tried for her and again she proudly told me that many boys were tried for her. But she has ignored all and as per the wish of her grand father, she got married to Radha Krishnan. While in the discussion I slowly made her hand to touch the cock part from lungi. Ofcourse my hand is downside and my hand is holding her hand. Just her fingures were touching my lungi, not cock exactly but my hand is completely pressing my cock. She was not trying to get back her hand from my hand and she kept talking to me.

Then I started talking about her children and their wonderful decent behaviour and praised her for caring the children in wonderful manner. She felt proud when I raised this subject and she explained me what cares she used to take about her children and her wishes and fancies and her planning about the children. I assured her that her children will become very intelligent students and become very good citizens with her lovely training. Then I diverted the topic again to cinemas and bollywood heroins. I told her about the exposing of upcoming heroins. I started directly discussing certain matters now. I don’t know how I got the courage, then I started narrating the navels of different heroins and I told her my liking about navels. I also started discussing the different sizes of boobs of different heroins. I talked about Urmila, Nisha, Mallika Sheravat, Celina etc. etc., I told them many of them have natural ones but some heroins will use padded bras to show their boobs as bigger ones. She laughed at me when I was explaining about the padded bras. 

In the mean time, my cock in lungi is not in controllable position. It was grown fully and was standing pole position inside my lungi. Actually it was jumping inside my lungi and I was trying to control it with my hand which holding the Savithri’s hand also. I felt savithri’s fingures also touching it occasionally. But I am not sure, it was my imagination or actually happened, so wanted to take some more time to take proceed. I doesn’t leaving her hand from my lap even she also not trying to take her hand back from my hand hold. She was listening to me and seeing my face in the middle with the same shy smile. I was in deep love with her by seeing that lovely smile. I continued the discussion about the bollywood heroin bras and their boobs and the different sizes. She was listening to this subject but not talking about it more. But she is giving the heroin names to me to discuss about the heroin. I loved the way the situation is progressing. Then suddenly I started discussing about her again. I told her that she should have been participated in Miss India contest and she should have won the title without any problem. I also told her that she is not less than any miss India so far and she got the perfect body, language and culture and behaviour to suit the miss India title. She felt very shy at the moment when I started explaining her body. I told her about her hair and how she takes care about the hair and then the way she maintains her body. In fact she got great body. She looks very slim and she reminds the present heroin Ileana without any doubt. She got the same strcture, same waist and almost the same size of boobs. I praised the way she looks and I told her that she should have atleast tried for films. Immediately she said, she doesn’t have any interest in films. Now I am getting the feeling of her fingures touching my cock. It is not my imagination. Actually it is. Her fingures are poking at my cock and she is pressing her fingurs on my cock. She is not trying to press it but trying to touch it with her fingures, I understand. This is the right moment for my action, I thought. 

Now I started praising her boob size and how they looks when she wears a t shirt or salwar kameez or saree and blouse or even nighty. I told her always I love the way the boobs poke from her wear. I praised her every part and I started playing in different way now. Now I started praising her about the care she takes about me for food or necessity or anything. I told Radha Krishnan was a lucky bastard (I used the exact word) to have a such wonderful, beautiful, healthy and sexy wife. 

When I said sexy, she bursted out with laugh. So, I look very sexy?? She questioned me with the same shy smile. 

I said “yes. You are. You look very sexy. When I see you, I forget every thing. Your smile makes me mad. You don’t know how I am surviving. Whereever I go, what ever I do. You will be in my thoughts. In fact you are the inspiration for me. You are my love angel. You are my love goddess. I am telling you right now. You don’t know how much I love you. You don’t know how much I adore you. You don’t know how much I want you. You don’t know how many sleepless nights I had with your thoughts. I die for you. I am telling these words from my heart. These words are not coming from my toung end. It is from my heart. I think you understand my heart. 

She kept silent for a minute. Her hand is still in my hand. She gripped my hand with her hand. All this time, I was holding her hand in my hand. Now she gripped it with her hand. By gripping my hand, her fingures came down my hand and now her fingures directly touching my cock ofcourse from lungi. I think she knows that her fingures are touching my pole cock. She asked me. “why you love me”. 

Again I told her I loved her because her lovely care and lovely treatment towards me. Ofcourse her beauty made me mad. I told her very clearly that. I also told her that I saw her having sex with her husband and the way she responds for sex was making me crazy all these days. I explained her. While I explaining to her I moved towards her and I placed my hand on her back. Again I continued saying what I have seen all these days. I praised her total nude body what I have seen and now started praising directly with mentioning each part. 

I praised her lips. I told her that I wanted to suck those lovely lips with my lips and wanted to bite. I clearly said that to her. She was listening to me and her fingures started pressing my cock or I don’t know I may be pressing her fingures to my cock. I was in confusion position. My hand on her back rubbing her back smoothly. My hand reached her neck and touched her hair. Now I placed my hand on her shoulders and slowly ran my hand placed down ward with my fingures touching her boobs. 

Now I praised her boobs. How excellent those boobs are. I explained her nipples and how they look like. She may be having medium size nipples but the brownish area surrounding the nipples is very tempting, I said. At this moment my fingures are touching her nipples straight away. She looked in my eyes and down her head with shyness. 

Now I got the courage. I understand the total situation is in my control. I moved very close to her. I dragged her to my lap. I kissed on her fore head and head. Her hand is still laying in my lap. Now it is directly touching my cock, but she has not moved her hand from that place. She getting the touch of my cock from lungi and I sensed that she was enjoying the touch of my cock. But she was not holding it in her hand. She just kept her hand there without any moment on my cock. 

I wanted to take bold steps now. I started kissing her again. I started with head. I kissed her forehead. I am kissing her with sound. I was in full transe and fully crazy. I kissed on her eyes. Both eyes I kissed. Then I kissed her nose. I kissed her both cheeks. Every inch I kissed on her cheeks. Different places, different kisses. I kissed on her chin. I kissed on her lips but not stayed there. I just kissed the lips and went down. I kissed on her neck. I kissed on her shoulders on the nighty. 

While kissing on her shoulders, I slowly pulled her nighty from down. She is not objecting me to do that. I removed the nighty from her head. Now she was in bra and panty. I saw her in that position for a minute. I am loosing control on myself. Now I started kissing her total body. I kissed on her boobs. When I kissed on her boobs, she moaned. I think she also getting the heat. Now her hand on my cock came into action. She was pressing my cock with her hand without holding it. She is just pressing it with her complete hand. I kissed on her stomach. I kissed on her armpits. I licked her armpits. When I am licking her armpits, she hugged me with another hand and pressed me more towards her armpits. I kissed her entire stomach. I am making her body total wet with my wet kisses. I don’t know whether I am kissing her body or licking her body. 

I pulled her bra and panty out from her body. Now she was totally nude. She does not have the habit of wearing Mangalasutra. Occassionaly for the family functions only she wears it. Nothing is on her body now. It is stark naked infront of my eyes. Infront of me. I licked her legs from hip to toe. I kissed her navel. I pushed my toung inside her deep and round navel and licked it completely. I circled my toung inside her deep navel. She got tickling but enjoyed and started moaning when I was licking her naval. She placed her hand on my head and running her fingures on my head.

I went back to her lips again. I took her lips with my lips. I wrapped her lower lip with two lips and started sucking that lovely wet lip. She pushed her toung in my mouth and made me to suck that lovely toung. I was gulping her mouth juices. She pulled my toung in her mouth and sucked it. She was expert in lip kiss. She was enjoying my kiss. She hugged me very tight. The lip to lip kiss went for atleast few minutes. Some times I tried to suck her toungs and some times she tried to suck my toung. 

Then I left her lips and started kissing her lovely boobs. As I told you that her boobs were 34 size and very firm, very round and very healthy. They look like rubber. When you press it, automatically it will come to normal position. I was kissing the boobs and now she separated my lungi from me. She also pulled my banian out of my head and made me full nude. She kissed on my chest. But I was eager to suck her nipples. Those were lovely nipples. I took one nipple in my mouth and started sucking it. I placed one hand on her another boob and started pressing it. I can say I am squeezing that boob very hard. I am applying all my strength on that boob for pressing it. I can say that I became mad by seeing her beautiful nude body. I was crazy. I placed my another hand on her naval and ran my fingure in her deep naval. Now I changed the boob in my mouth. I took the another nipple in my mouth and started sucking it. I shifted my hand from naval to her cunt. 

Her cunt was cleanly shaved. I placed my hand straight away on her pussy crack. I ran my fingure on the pussy lips from top to bottom. My index fingure is doing the magic there. I was playing with her clit button. I took it with my two fingures and pressed it. I tickled it with my fingure.

She took my cock in her hand and started squeezing it. I wanted to taste her pussy. I changed my position now. I widened her legs and sat infront of her pussy. I completely bent and kissed on her clit button. I took the clit button between my teeth and slighty pressed it with my teeth. I have not bitten it but only pressed it with my teeth. I pulled my toung out of my mouth and licked the pussy crack up and down. I was pushing my toung all the places in between her lips but not entering into pussy hole. She was getting very horny by my deeds and she said please lick it. By saying that she hold my head and pressed it on my pussy. I understand her need. So now I inserted my toung in her pussy hole and pushed it inside. I circled my toung inside her cunt. My fingures also joined my toung. I pushe two fingures inside her cunt and the fingures are showing way to my toung where to lick it. She was moaning louder now and she was ready to cum. She was holding my head there and pressing it on her pussy very hard. I was not getting any air to breath. And ofcourse at that moment I am not looking for breath, but wanted to know the deapth of her cunt by my toung and my fingures. I started licking faster her cunt and my fingures are fucking her cunt like a mad cock.  As my toung moved in and out of her cunt faster infact very faster, she placed her legs on my neck and pressed it very hard. Her legs were pressing me with lot of force. She squeezed the pillow down under her head. With loud moaning she came into my mouth. I hurriedly drank all the juices of her cunt. Lot of juice flowing from her cunt. It is fully wet. Very tasty. I loved to taste her cunt juices and I wanted to stay there permanently. No doubt she is excellent lover and her response for my acts are superb. With her response, I am getting more excitement and feeling very lusty about her.

After her great cum, slowly I separated from her and took her boobs again and started sucking her. She pushed me to her next on bed and she sat on the bed. Slowly she started kissing in the same direction how I started with her. She first kissed me on my forehead. She was repeating my acts on her.When she was kissing me, I started pressing her boobs with my both hands. 

She was kissing all over my body. She pressed my chest. She played with my nipples with her fingures. She kissed my nipples. She tried to suck the nipples. Because of flat nipples those were not co operating for her mouth. Then she licked my nipples and pressed the chest hard in the same manner I was pressing her boobs.

I was pressing her boobs very hard. Then she kissed my navel and she was not touching my cock. She just concentrated on kissing and licking of my body. Her wet mouth and her saliva on my body was a great excitement for me. She played with my hair on cock area. She pulled the hair with her fingures. She combed the hair with her fingures. I felt shy at that time because I have not concentrated to shave my cock hair. I understand she was enjoying the playing with my cock hair. She kissed my balls while playing with my cock hair and then without leaving the cock hair she kissed and licked my legs and she sucked my toes. She made my legs completely wet. I thought she was taking revenge of making her legs complete wet with my toung licking. Then she came back to my cock and took one ball in her mouth and started sucking it. She changed the balls time to time to suck them fully. She licked my shaft from down to up and up to down from all sides. She was holding my cock from the down and licked it completely. Then she took it in her mouth and started sucking it. Oh. She is terrific cock sucker. I said the same to her. She told me that she sucked her husband cock just few days back that too with the excitement of seeing my cock. She was loving the sucking of my cock and she wanted to play more and she doesnot know how to do that. So she was using all sorts of playing whatever her mind say to fullfil the lust. By saying this she started sucking my cock again. She was taking my full length cock in her mouth and slowly releasing it. Her lips are pushing my cock skin down when she pushes her mouth on my cock down wards. Her lips are fully playing with my cock skin and moving the cock skin up and down. I was enjoying it fully and feeling like heaven. She started sucking my cock faster and I started moaning. She lifted her head without leaving my cock from her mouth and smiled at me. I placed my hands on her head and hold her head to push my cock more in her mouth. 

I started pumping my cock in her mouth like fucking her cunt. She was enjoying it and she also started moving her head faster to meet my humps from down. Suddenly she released my cock from her mouth and changed her position. She came on to me and placed her legs both sides of me and sat on my cock. She positioned my cock infront of her cunt and slowly pushed her cunt down to take my entire cock in her cunt. 

She began move on my cock with her cunt with slow pushups. I was holding her boobs in my both hands and pressing it very hard. I mean it. I pressed very hard her boobs with my entire force. I was getting kick when I fondle her breasts. Those breasts were very round and making me crazy. When I pressing them hard, she was moaning with pain and pleasure but not objecting me to press them hard. She was enjoying the fondling of her breasts. She was seeing her breasts fondled my rough hands. Very roughly I am handling her breasts. She further bent her head and saw my cock entering in her pussy. Her entire shyness is gone. She was in full mood of lust. She started talking some unknown words. She was enjoying my pole cock in her cunt. She started humping the cock little faster. She placed her hands on my chest like I was holding her boobs in my hand and moving her hips faster. She said. Your cock is great. Physically I saw only Radha’s cock. This is my second cock in my life. But I saw lot of cocks in xxx videos which were brought by Radha, number of times. I can say your cock is very great. Very long and very thick. I know that Radha used to play with your cock and I know that he sucks your cock like mad. Lot of times I felt, I should take your cock in my cunt. I don’t know how I suppressed my wish. It was a long time fantasy for me to take your cock in my cunt. My wish fulfilled today. While saying this she started pumping my cock with her cunt more faster. She was fucking me. I was enjoying her fast thrusts on my cock. I started moving from down to meet her pussy thrusts on my cock

Without obstructing her cunt movements on my cock, slowly I sat and hugged her hard. Now both are sitting position. She wraped my waist with her hands and moving her hips harder and faster with her cunt on my cock. I placed my hands on her buttocks from down and pushing her more faster to hump my cock. After few minutes of same position, I made her to lay on bed and I placed myself on her body.

She took my cock again and placed it infront of her cunt and looked in my eyes. With a single hard push, I entered in her cunt. My entire length is not going in her cunt. Her cunt is very tight and lovely moisture is there in her cunt. Her cunt is fully wet and a different sound is coming when I started pumping my cock in her cunt. I fucked her real hard atleast for another 10 minutes. We both came at a time and I can say that she enjoyed the fucking like any thing. She told me that she enjoyed the game a lot and told me that she wanted me forever. She also promised me that she will be available for me anytime whenever I want to fuck her.

On that day I fucked her 4 more times. After that day onwards, I fucked her whenever opportunity was there. We created opportunity for ourselves for our fucking. Radha Krishnan doesnot know that I fucked her and fucking her. 

3 more years we did in the same way. My bed totally shifted to Radha’s room and every night he used to show his fucking with his wife to me. Because of his health problem Radha was forced to have sleeping tablets for sound sleep and it helped us a lot. After his fuck, within minutes he go for a sound sleep. Then I used to fuck savithri on ground (next to bed) at least two times every day. Some times I used to fuck her in the early morning also. Lot of times I got the opportunity to fuck her in the early morning. All early morning fucks were initiated by Savithri only.

Now, I married to Seetha who is sister of Savithri and took a house separately in the same locality. I changed my company also for better prospects and without tours. Radha got one more great promotion in his career but lot of tours are there in that job. He used to tour atleast 20 days in a month. Those days Savithri used to come to my house along with children. Seetha knows my affair with Savithri before our marriage and she has not objected for it. Now I am enjoying Seetha and Savithri on same bed whenever Radha is on tour. 

I pray God that our relationship should continue forever.

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