I am from Delhi India and I am newly starting sharing my personal life on this site.I am 25 years and married heaving two small kids,I got married when I was 21 years.My husband lives out of India (Singapore) and comes home once in a month or more for a week or 10 days.He runs his business in Singapore and I stay here in India because of my father in law who is old in his 60’s and dont want to leave India,I dont have my mother in law.So at my home I live with my father in law and two kids. 

At my home I dont have a lot of work to do and my kids always busy in playing with my father in law,I am already graduate in studies so mostly I found myself free at hose heaving lots of time to chat,surfing net mostly Orkut, going out in parties, and I also go gym regularly to keep myself fit,it all became my daily life routine till now. 
I am 5”5 in height and have exquisite features,I have great body to die for,sensual curves,I have also got black hair,black eyes and round face.

Now I am starting to share my personal life,I was very loyal to my husband till an year before and never thought to have any affair outside with anyone before this incident happened and changed my life before an year. 

It all started from a marriage party which I joined on 1st January 2008 with my father in law and two kids in absence of my husband.My kids were 2 years and 1 year old that time,my father in law was moving with my younger kid in the party and my elder kid was also moving around him all the time so I was free with ladies. 
I was standing in a corner of the party hall and was enjoying the music having a soft drink.I noticed that someone is keeping an eye on me for a long time in the party,he was a good looking man.After admiring me for sometime he came towards me and offered me to dance with him,as I am not an easy girl so I straightly said no to him for the dance and also told that I am married and I dont like dancing with unknown people,he said “sorry its ok” and left from there.I felt impressed,he is a smart man I can judge by his style and communication. 

After some time I meet with the host of this party Simmi our family friend,this is the marriage party of her elder sister.I was talking to Simmi and in between the same man who was offering me to dace said “Hii again” to Simmi.Simmi smiled at him and introduced me to him as her dearest friend Aditi and then told me “he is Kunal,her cousin brother living in the same city after completing his practice from Pune as a lawyer”.He smiled at me and I also given a smile to him,then Simmi left from there as somebody called her. 

Kunal said to me “I am Kunal Kapoor cousine brother of you dearest friend and not unknown to you”.I said sorry to him,he said “Its ok but can we have a dance now together”.I smiled at that and said “I dont mind but my father in law is coming in the party and I cant have dance because he may can see me dancing with someone,and I dont want that”.He said “your father in law would be with the old men in the party and the dance floor is another side so he cant notice you in anyway” saying this he took hold of my wrist and forced me towards the dance floor.I haven’t found myself to mind it and decided to dance with him. 

While dancing he hugged me tight towards himself but I told him to release me and he did innocently,I liked that too.Then while dancing we started talking about our life’s and lifestyles,then he offered me his friendship.As he told me he dont know much people in the city till now and also I liked his nature so I struck up a friendship with him,we moved together in the whole party and talked a lot about each other,I liked to talk him a lot and also given him my cell no. to call me anytime. 

He started calling me talking over the cell,we often started meeting in the gym as he also joined the same gym where I was going from a long time.He became a good friend of mine,we were also heaving coffee sometimes together in a near by coffee shop like some good friends.I also visited his house sometimes,he must be quite successful in his field because he was rich.I could judge it from his car and furniture when I visited his home. 
Once when we were heaving coffee he said to me that he feels like he started loving me.I got shocked and said “what”,he said “take it easy,cant some good friends love each other”.I said “hmm ok I also feel good to spend time with you”. 

Our friendship were going like that only then my birthday came,Kunal was much excited then me that day.He brought some gifts for me and hugged me tight and kissed on my forehead wishing me very happy birthday when we meet in the gym.I felt great about everything and thanked him.He said thats not all and he arranged a private party for us both at his apartment in the evening.I told him,I cant come because its not good for me staying out of home in late night.He said “not in night dear,we will celebrate in evening and will end it up early and I should join him although he will feel bad about that”.I said “ok I will try to come”,he said he will wait for me and I should reach 6 at evening. 

In the evening I got his call at sharp 6 that I haven’t reached yet,I said “I will be reaching soon”.I wear a blue sari with all matches and reached his home at 7’o clock ringed the bell,Kunal opened the door looked at me said “you are late” and closed the door on my face.I got shocked and before I react anything the door opened again and with a smiling face he said “just kidding,happy birthday” and welcomed me.I entered the apartment and said sorry to him for being late.He said sorry will not work and you will get the punishment for this,I asked “what punishment”? 

He said with a smile “go in the kitchen and prepare some coffee for both of us”.I happily went to the kitchen and prepared some coffee for both of us till then he was arranging the cake and snacks outside in the middle room for the private pary of us both.As I prepared we drank the coffee,then he told me to cut the cake and I cut,he poured some drink in two glasses and given one to me saying “cheers”.I said what is this I dont drink,he said “its a light drink and I can have it also I have turned 24 years,so it cant harm me anyway”.I accepted it,then we had the dinner together which he ordered from some five star hotel.After the dinner I told Kunal “I am getting late and want to leave”,he said “one minute” and taken out a packet from another room and handed me that as an another gift for me. 

I thanked him for this too and told it was a great evening for me,and I never enjoyed ever before like this and started leaving from there,as I reached the door of his apartment and turned to say last bye to him,he asked innocently “will you mind doing a favor to me”.I said “ofcourse not”,he asked for the promise and I did,he said he want to see me once in the dress he just gifted me.I said how it can be possible as I am getting late,he said “it a matter of sometime,please”.I said ok and entered back again,he thanked me and told to change in another room.I went to that room and fastly removed all my cloths which I was wearing,I was worried to reach home quickly.I was in my blue color bra and penty when I opened that packet and I was shocked there were a short brown skirt and a short white top.I shouted from inside “Kunal I dont wear these kind of dresses”,he replied “ohh please dear,you will look good in that and also you promised me”.I thought for a movement then decided to wear it for sometime instead of wasting time in arguments. 

I came out wearing that dress and Kunal comment “oh sweetheart you looking gorgeous,I love you”,he came forward hugged me and kissed me on my cheek this time.I told that now I am going to change it as I have to leave,he said “let me see you,please sit with me for sometime”.I accepted that too and he poured another drink for us both,I haven’t said no this time because I want to get free as soon as I could be.We started talking again about each others interest,I told him I like reading books like English novels of good writer.He also said that he had a large collection of such material and asked if I wanted to see it and I can take it home if I like any of the book.I shrugged my shoulders and said why not. 

He led me to his another room.There were various bookshelves around the walls,small lap top on the desk,which was kindly decorated with some feng shui stuff.He opened one shelve and took out a book handed me.It was a romentic novel as I was looking it,I lost my hands control over it and it felt down.I bent down to get it,I forgot that I was wearing only a short skirt and a short top,and that my panties were visible to Kunal behind me.While I was reaching down to get the book,he instinctively started rubbing the panties which clung to the lips of my cunt.I got turned on by the effect of drink and his rubbing the silken material of my panties turned me even more and got my pussy even wetter! He pulled down my panties and my cunt was open to him now.He bent down and started eating my cunt out.I dropped the book and pulled his head closer.He tongue-fucked me and his tongue ate my clit till I came. 

He took me in his arms and taken me towards his bed room,he cleared the bed by pushing all the magazines, newspapers and clothes on it down to the floor and pushed me onto it.He grasped my top and ripped it open.My tits were bulging against my bra,exposed to his hungry look.When my boobs came into view,he plunged into my cleavage and kissed my chest.I was also enjoying everything as it was very long when I had sex with my husband so I didnt even tried to protest.I undid my bra and finally my skirt.I was now absolutely naked and I helped him to get out of his clothes fast. Then I lied on the bed with my head towards his manhood and sucked his massive cock and swallowed all of his cum.When he was done,I sucked him clean with all my worth till he was hard again.Then he placed me again on the bed and positioned his cock against my cunt. 

He said lustfully:“Aditi, from the day I am in friendship with you,I couldn’t help thinking of you.You are turning me on! I have jacked off many times,thinking of you and I have wanted to fuck you since then! Today I will fulfill my lust!” 
I was wet,his cock was driving me crazy and I wanted him so badly.So I just looked into his eyes and said: 
“So, fuck me, Kunal. Fuck me. Give it to me! I want your cock inside me.I want your fucking cum all over me! Give me your cock!” With that he pushed his cock into my cunt and I gasped,when his huge monster slipped through my soft flesh.He fucked me and squeezed my jiggling breasts.I came once more while his 8 inches went in and out of my cunt in a rhythmic motion and my body was slapping and shuddering against the bed.He banged me with all his worth, soon, sweat was pouring down his chest and I could feel my juices squelching down my pussy! Finally, when I could feel another orgasm build up,Kunal screamed out he was gonna cum.Opening my eyes wide,I gasped at him. 

“Cum all over me! Give me that cum,I want you cum on my body!” Finally,he withdrew and splashed hot torrent of fresh sperm all over my face.He was directing his cock and his cum was shooting out all over me.In the long run Kunal sighed and collapsed against my breasts.He fondled and kissed my breasts and was getting another raging hard on.This time he carried me to his middle room and fucked me proper in there,2 times on the sofa! Each time he came in my pussy and I really loved it and I liked that feeling.I washed up in the bathroom,and as I started dressing up in my dress which I was wearing when I came here.Kunal stopped me and said you should only wear the dress I gifted you this evening and nothing else except that,I said “I cant go home wearing that as my father in law is at home.He said “Its late night 11 p.m now and your father in law and kids must got slept till now,you will wear this dress only if you want to go although you cant go”. 

I said ok I will go wearing that only and I tried to wear my penty at first,Kunal taken that from my hand and said “I told only cloths I gifted you this evening and nothing else”.I said “let me wear panties atleast”,he said “no,all your these cloths will remain here with me”.As I found no other option,I wore the same short skirt and top only to go back home.We kissed and I went out 
of his house and taken a taxi for my home.I reached my home at 12’o clock in night there my father in law and kids were really sleeping,I had a shower when reaching my home,I was so tired and so satisfied.My lust for cock was saturated and I knew I would have a good sleep tonight. I woke up early in the morning for the daily routine work so that my father in law should not realize that I was late at night, something was going on inside me realizing what happened last night.Somewhere I felt bad about everything and somewhere I felt I liked everything and I also need that all.I was thinking about whatever happened last night and I heard my cell ringing, It was Kunal calling and I received.He asked me “how was the night”, I said ‘everything was wrong’ 

“Nothing was wrong” he said, 
‘Why we did that?’ me, 

“I love you honey and I know that you to love me that’s only why it all happened and when we love each other then nothing is wrong in that” he said, 
‘I am married Kunal’ me, 

“So what cant a married person love someone” he, 
‘but’ me, 

“Don’t say anything I can understand you a well and never scared about anything, I am always there with you and I love you more then anything, you are in safe hands.I will wait for you in gym,be there in time” he said and disconnected the call. 

I finished the work soon and went to meet him, he meet me like ever before and was talking as always, making fun an all just like nothing happened.I also got involved with him and also felt like everything is normal.Again our relation started in the same manner from that day we were more close to each other, we were meeting regularly in the gym and coffee shop treating very open and friendly to each other.We went to the coffee shop together many times and had coffee, there he kissed me many times on my cheeks and lips while talking.I was also not minding anything till now and we were going like that, it became a reguler process, he also taken me his home several times and made love to me there and I felt both of us found of each other in no time. 

An another morning I was doing some work in the kitchen when I heared somebody taking my father in law who was sitting in the lawn of our house about giving a room on rent.My father in law told that we have only ground floor and we don’t rent there but we have a single room attached on the first floor if he want to see.I haven’t listened the person saying anything but I hear the foot steps going upstairs,when they returned down my father in law came inside and told to prepare some tea for the person.I asked him “who is he”, he said “is a nice guy was searching for a single room so I provided the upper portion to him, he will not stay a lot here, will go to his work every morning and will go his home place in vacations”. I said ok to him and when I reached in the lawn with the tea I found Kunal sitting over there with my father in law, I understood the things that Kunal have taken the room on rent in our house.I didn’t reacted anything and got sitted there, when my father in law introduced me with him, I told him “we will take six thousand rupees as rent other then his electric bill” which was really a big amount for a single attached room. 

Kunal smiled and said “but it is very high amount and to reduce some as his other friends living in single rooms paying four thousand in nice localities”.I said “Its your wish you can see some other room”, he said “no, its ok I will pay, can I shift tomorrow.My father in law happily said “sure you can”, he thanked us both and left from there.As he left I made a call to him and asked “what is this up to?”, he said “he is dying afar of me so joining me in my home.” 

Next morning he came and shifted in our house with some cheep furniture on first floor, me with both kids and my father in law also reached upstairs to see how he is shifted.He welcomed us both, we sit there for sometime then my father in law suggested me “would like to have some tea and snacks with Kunal”.I said “I will be back soon with the same” and I came down while my father in law and kids stayed there only with Kunal. 

I thought to prepare some sandwich with the tea so started preparing and thinking about kunal, as I told before also Kunal is gorgeous.He has a rock hard body and dark eyes, his body is well built and it is obvious that he keeps fit in the gym as I do.While preparing I heard the foot steps and saw Kunal came down the steps in a tight black T-shirt and jeans: 

“Hi Kunal,” I said with a smile as he entered inside the room and he came inside the kitchen.He looked me up and down, he took a sandwitch I prepared and tasted it. 
“Thanks for preparing this.That was really nice.” 
Then he said:“You look great,” 
“Thanks,” I blushed, 
I asked him “what about you home?”, he said with a smile “he locked it nicely” 
I asked and from where you brought this cheep furniture, he said “on rent” 

I laughed this time and he too, now I asked about my father in law and kids, 
Kunal replied “he is reading newspaper sitting in his room and kids are playing” and he came down by telling him to call me”,I was nervous. 

I gathered myself and placed the sandwich into the oven.As I was doing so,I felt a hand on my ass.I stood up straight: “Um, Kunal, what are you doing?” 
He pulled me into him and kissed me, I let out a deep moan, he started to kiss my neck.I was groaning in pleasure. 
“Kunal, stop – you doing a lot these days.” he won’t listen! He nibbled on my ear and whispered:“I have always wanted you.You are so beautiful,I cannot take it anymore,I am going to fuck you right now.” 

I let out a gasp,hearing the way he was speaking to me.He spun me around and bent me over the counter in the kitchen. 
“Put your hands on the counter,” he commanded. 
I did as he said:“What the hell are you going to do?” 

Then I felt a firm, hard hand slap into my ass, I gasped.He explained to me that I was going to be his slut.He hit my ass again, I gasped again.His hits got harder and more frequent. 
“Spread your legs,” he commanded. 
I felt his hand rubbing into my pussy and clit,I moaned. 
He then pulled his hand back and slapped my pussy.Fuck! I die like it! He continued rubbing and slapping my pussy. 

“Are you a slut Aditi?” he asked while slapping my pussy.He then rubbed his hand into me.
“Oh, yes.I am your slut, Kunal!” He slapped my pussy harder. 
I said “my father in law can come down” and to leave me, 
he said “he is an old man and will take time to come down and we can hear his steeps if even he will come, so don’t worry about him, and if your kids will come they will not mind there mother getting fucked” and he winked. 

I smiled, he pulled my pants down and told me to turn around, I did as I was told. 
“Take off your Shirt!” he told me. 
I did as I was told and was standing before him in my black bra and panties. 
“Do you know how to please a man?” 
“Yes Kunal.” I immediately got on my knees and started unbuttoning his jeans.There sprung out the thickest cock I had ever seen in my life, I kissed the head.There was some pre cum on the tip, he took his finger and wiped the cum off and put it on my upper lip.It was so hot for me! I stuck out my tongue and licked my upper lips with some pleasurable voice! 

“Mmm, Kunal, That tastes so good.” 
He let out a groan, “That’s a good slut.Now take it in your mouth.” 
I opened my mouth and took him inside, he let out a groan and my pussy got wet.I started to move my head while holding his gorgeous ass.He was thrusting his hips into my face,I felt like a cheap slut,and it was exciting. 

“Take off the rest of your clothes while you suck me,slut.” 
It was difficult but I did as he intended, I was naked ready to do whatever he wanted me to do.He was now naked,too, he told me to stand up, he picked me up and held me against him.My right hand was on his muscular arm and my left hand was across his strong back.He lined his cock up and started to fuck me in the air, I was screaming in pleasure.His big cock was splitting me in half, I was impaled onto his massive organ.My hubby’s cock was no match for his, big, fat, powerful and so potential. 

The gravity had me impaling myself on his large cock, I was thrusting up and down.“Oh Kunal,this feels so good.Fuck me!” His thick cock and muscular body were driving me crazy.He then put me on the round kitchen table.He laid me back,and my head was hanging off the other edge of the table.Now just the tip of his cock was inside me,he was teasing me. 

“Please,fuck me.Please, just push it in!” 
“Beg harder,” he instructed. 
“Yes Kunal Please, I am your slut, my master and I need your hard cock inside.Please give it to me.I am a cheap slut who needs your hard cock.” 

He was still at the tip, and then jammed his thick dick deep inside me.He started pounding my pussy like I was a slab of meat.I knew I would be sore later, and I would suffer form pain, but at this moment it hurt so good and it didn’t matter! He was fucking me so hot! 

“Are you my married slut?” 
“Yes, I am your married slut to be used like a good whore.” 
It felt so good, I was about to come.He was splitting me apart and banging harder into my clit than I had ever experienced.Then I felt a familiar sensation of my orgasm building up! I started twitching onto his big cock, my pussy juices were dripping onto the kitchen table where I would eat.He fucked me until I stopped cumming, then he was close to cumming himself.He suddenly pulled out from inside me, he walked around the kitchen table so that now my head was hanged down just a few inches from his cock.I could see that massive dick in my face, I opened my mouth wide.He started shooting a huge load all over my face and mouth, the first shot hit my mouth and nose.The second fell in my eyes.He started shooting into my mouth, filling me with his hot cum.He got more on my face.He was cumming forever.Once he was done cumming, he rubbed his cock over my cum covered face and put it in my mouth.I licked off more cum,swallowing whatever I could. 

He backed up, I sat up and got off the table.I had to clean my self up, I wiped the cum off of my face with a table napkin, and we both dressed quickly. 
“Are you still a spoiled housewife who sits home and does nothing?” he asked. 
“Yeahh, I think I am!” 
“Tomorrow I will be over at lunchtime to fuck you in your bed!” 
“OK” I stammered, When he said that my pussy ached! 

“You should leave, I am coming with snacks” I said, my pussy was still wet. 
“Yes madam,” he said as he left for his room. 
Then I also reached there, my father in law was still waiting there and my kids were playing. Kunal was now living in my home as a tenant, a very soon he became the favorite uncle of my kids by playing a lot with them and also became a nice caring person for my father in law too by always helping him in every possible manner and was also fucking me in every possible manner in my own home whenever getting the chance.But his lust was always increasing with the passing time. 

Once Kunal told me that we both will have lunch outside today in five star so he will left at 12 noon from home and I should come by 2 noon to the same place by making some excuse to my father in law and he will be waiting me by that time at five star, also that I should wear the same dress which he gifted me on my first birthday which was celebrated with him.I accepted and he left from home as we decided, after an hour I told my father in law that I am going to one of my friends place and will be back soon also that am not taking kids with me. 

He allowed me to go and I got dressed up in the same dress told by Kunal, a short brown skirt and a short white top over the set of my white bra and penty with black stiletto heels.I chosen to leave from the backside exit of my house so that my father in law should not notice me walking out in that dress.I reached the place by time and found Kunal waiting for me there, he caught me fast and hugged me as we both entered the restaurant.We got seated there on a table and ordered some soft drinks, Kunal turned his chair to face me, his gaze running over my legs, and getting darker with desire before it came back up to look me in the eye, a crooked smile slowly made its way onto his face.My heart was pounding hard when I returned his smile then I opened the menu book and pretended to read. 

I ordered some nice lunch and then usual talks started between us both, he started making comments on my beauty and my looks that I look sexy and hot, he always love to have me.The lunch came in between and we had it while talking.When I finished eating, saying excuse- I stood up taking my purse with me and made my way around the tables, headed for the ladies room.He raised one eyebrow as if to ask where I was off to.I wondered if he would follow me, when I reached the door I turned to look and I saw him leaving the table too moving in my direction, his gaze locked on me. 

I pushed the door open and stepped inside, setting my purse on the counter I turned around as he entered.We stood there just looking at each other, I could feel a tingling sensation in my pussy, letting me know how much I wanted to feel him, any part of him. 
“Maybe you should lock the door.” My voice echoed off the tiles, with a soft click the bolt was turned and the door locked.In a few short steps, he stood mere inches away from me, my pulse was beating a steady rapid rhythm.He placed his fingertips against the pulse in my neck, his fingers felt cool against my warm skin.Slowly his lips met mine, the kiss soft and gentle.His tongue lightly played with mine, it was the kind of kiss that would make a girl’s body melt. 

He pulled his lips from mine as his hands moved firmly over my body and caressed my breasts.My nipples pressed against the fabric of my bra in search of more.My knees felt weak while his hands glided over my hips and down my legs as he went down to kneel on the floor before me.The feel of his hands grazing over my legs caused goose bumps to appear across my skin.I held my breath in anticipation as his hands made their way up under my skirt, lightly kneading my thighs before he traced a finger along my slit, and felt the dampness through the lace.He slowly shimmied my panties down, and after I stepped out of them, he brought them to his face, and inhaled deeply of my scent. 

When he pushed my skirt up over my hips, I spread my legs as he leaned in and tenderly kissed my pussy.I rested my ass back against the edge of the counter and his finger lightly traced along my slit.I tried to move my hips, wanting to feel him inside of me, but he placed an arm across them forcing me to endure his sweet torture.He placed his finger in his mouth, and after pulling it free, he again traced it along my slit, this time he slipped it in just far enough to lightly graze all my sensitive parts, my entire body screamed for more.My eyes closed as I enjoyed his teasing, my hands grabbed his arms and I spread my legs wider as I begged, “Oh, please.” 

His finger slipped between the lips of my pussy, gliding between them, teasing my opening before settling on tormenting my clit.He moved his finger over my clit as he experimented with different pressure and direction until finding the perfect rhythm.My breathing came fast, my moans of pleasure getting louder as my fingers dug into the flesh of his arms, his fingers bringing me to the brink of explosion before he pulled away, and left me breathless with my muscles quivering. 

I gave him a questioning gaze as his hands pushed my top and bra up over my breasts to reveal my taught rosy nipples, he took one of my erect nipples into his warm wet mouth.His tongue swirled around it sending shots of fire through my body.I ran my fingers through his hair, gripping it in my fists.His hand was down between my legs fumbling with the button and zipper of his pants before he slipped two of fingers up inside me.His mouth moved to my other nipple and he raked his teeth across it.His fingers moved in and out of my wetness as his thumb rubbed against my sensitive clit, my hips almost bucking off the counter. 

He took a hold of his cock and ran his head up and down between the wet lips of my pussy, rubbing it against my clit before he slowly sank it inside me.A wave of satisfaction washed over me as my pussy greedily wrapped itself around him.My legs wrapped around his waist, his hands gripped my hips as he plunged himself in and out me fast and hard.I slid my hand down between my legs and rubbed my clit causing my orgasm to build fast before it exploded in a muscle clenching collision.My pussy clamped down on his cock as the rush of pleasure kept building and a second orgasm burst and coursed through my body like white-hot lightning making its way across the sky. 

He slammed his hips into mine as he threw his head back and let out a deep guttural roar planting his seed in the depth of my pussy, his face contorting with his climax.One last deep thrust and his body shuddered while collapsing against mine.I leaned my forehead against his shoulder as my muscles slowly unclenched.My voice become weak as I tell him, “I need to pee.” 
“You always need to pee after sex”, he said. 

He slowly pulled himself out of me and I placed my feet on the floor, my legs weak and unsteady.He placed an arm around my waist and offered me a smile. “Are you going to make it okay?” 
I gave him a return smile and reply, “Thanks. I’ll be all right.” 
I kept my balance by holding onto the counter as I made my way over to a stall.After I closed the door,I heard the zipper on his pants go up and watched that my panties disappeared off the floor. 

When I stepped out of the stall Kunal was standing by the door waiting for me.I washed and dried my hands then arranged my clothes before he unlocked the door.I grabbed my purse and we walked out together.No one looked in our direction as we made our way through to the table we had lunch. 
I said “I have to get back to the home.” 
He gave me a soft kiss on the cheek, “I have to get back too, I’ll see you at your home later.” 

I gave him a puzzled look. “You’re not going to take my panties, are you?” 
“Of course!” He said. 
“You’re naughty.” 
“Sounds good.” 
“I need to take a new pair of panties then” I said, 
“Sure why not, but I will pay for them” he said, 

I smiled and we left from there together after he paid the bills, we came out and I got sit on his bike behind him without wearing the panty and he drived very fast down the road towards the market.The cool breeze was touching my nude just fucked pussy and I was getting the great feeling by that.Soon we reached the main market and in front of the biggest shop of the city and Kunal stopped there.We both entered the shop and reached on the counter, I asked the guy on the counter to show me some nice pair of panties and he shown me many.I selected one of them asking the boy for the changing room and moved from there to try on telling Kunal to wait for me there only. 

Kunal said “ok” and I ran towards the changing room, I entered the changing room and tried to wear the panty, and found that it is shorter then my size.I stayed there for sometime trying to get fit in that and heard my cell ringing in my purse, I opened the purse and received the call of Kunal.He asked “Why am taking much time”, I told him my problem and he said he is coming to help me.He asked the boy on the counter that “his wife needs his help and in which changing room she is?”.The boy also thought him my husband and told him where I was. 

Kunal came fast and knocked the door asking me to open that, I opened the door and he entered in by closing the door behind him.There he saw me standing and the panty which I had to try was just up to my thighs, it had not gone up the skirt at all.I told Kunal that the only panty I liked didn’t fits on me as I haven’t told my size to the boy, he said let me check and he went near me and placed his hands on the panty and pulled it up.Kunal tried to pull it up but the panty was not able to accommodate my buttocks and stood at thigh level only, he said “this panty will not get fitted with you, just remove it”. 

As I removed the penty Kunal hugged me from behind, he started kissing my on my neck and put his hands on my chest and pressed my boobs very hard, I moaned loud by that act of him.He started moving his hands on my nude thighs and was kissing me from behind, I was also loosing the control now.Kunal forced me to bend down in front, I took hold of the rod on the wall in front of me and bend like a bitch facing my ass towards Kunal.He opened his zip, taken out his cock and put it on the crack of my ass saying “going to fuck your ass hole darling”. 

I kept silent as I also thought many times to get fucked in my ass hole by Kunal and today he was going to do that first time with me in a changing room of a shop, that excited me more.Kunal pushed his cock inside my ass hole and very painful the head of his cock teared my ass crack and entered in.I cant bear the pain and started shouting, on this Kunal taken out my old panty from his pocket and pushed it in my mouth to restrict the sound which was a nice idea and worked.Now Kunal entered half of his dick inside my ass hole and started giving hard pumps from behind. 

I was now able to moan only in the pain and soon he was fucking my ass hole with the full length of his eight inches cock very hard, Kunal was giving me hard jerks in my ass hole.After fucking me for about half an hour in the same position Kunal was on climex and soon relised his hot load down in my ass hole.I said him to leave me now as am in big pain, Kunal released me and I wore my panty very fast taking out of my mouth.Kunal also got adjusted with his cloths, I opened the door of the changing room and we both came out taking the panty in my hand which I had gone to try.I reached the counter and told the boy to keep it as I didn’t liked it, the boy asked me to show some other pieces but I told him “I will try some other time” and came out of shop with Kunal. 

I again taken my place behind Kunal on his bike and we reached home together, I told Kunal to drop me on the backside entrance and he himself come from main gate.

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