Adi Fucks My Wife Mona

Hello my name is Monty and back with another story of my wife Mona, my wife is really a sex kitten nowadays and is beyond control. This is the latest development in our married sex lives. Well for new readers my wife is real curvaceous and fat at right places her figure is 35’28’34 fair in complexion 5’4″ and face that would make any lund saluting. Well to start with the story in Mona’s words itself, a month back we had moved to new locality as Mona’s new friends were gaining on and so was our lifestyle.
This new location we also met Mona’s college friend who was out of touch for very long her name is Riya who too had love marriage with her husband Aditya who was into sales. We met up and had one or two outing with them as we were new so were getting accustomed. During these outings i saw Adi as we call he was always trying to come near Mona and talk to her in her ears or very close i didn’t mind because one day he would be a victim to my darling wife. But Riya was always bothered she use to avoid all this. One day Riya told me that she had a doubt on her husband and she wanted to prove it Mona and i tried to make her understand that it was not so and things will go bad if Adi came to know cause he was bad tempered and used to beat her up.
After Riya left Mona told me that Adi is too sex starved and doesn’t leave a moment. So i jokingly asked her did he something on her yet Mona looked at me with a devilish grin and said “yeah he tried to grab my ass one or few times i didn’t bother” i was immediately turned on and grabbed her she knew i was hard we had sex with talking about him and Mona banging up and it was amazing. Few days it was going on in my mind and couldn’t take that thought out of my mind so i talked with Mona that night and she agreed but the problem was Riya. So i came with a plan i called Riya home and told her we’ll help but she had to do accordingly, she agreed but “what if he really did something with Mona he is very strong and wants sex like anything” i was turned on again thinking about Mona under that animal fucking her and
sucking her i could have cummed in my pants there itself and Mona understood from my expression and she smiled looking at me. I then told Riya that nothing will happen we’ll record everything and if he tries to do something I’ll always be there so Riya was relaxed and told her that next Sunday you’ll go to your mother’s house and Mona will visit Adi at home and took extra keys from her for me to enter the house, she was really scared and we were very excited. Sunday came and Riya left the house and called us that she was off and he was all alone at home.
Mona was having butterflies in her stomach she got ready with a super-hot jeans and white noodle strap top which was giving away a lot of cleavage this was to make sure even if Adi was good he would turn bad any man could after looking at my wife in that dress. I left her at Adi’s place and waited for 5 minutes before moving up. The door was slightly open i entered in no one was in hall i sneaked in and heard voices in kitchen i moved behind a curtain and started hearing their conversations.
Mona: oh shit i’m troubling you over a small glass of water and Riya is not even home wished i do call her earlier. Adi: no probs always good to find a hot lady alone in house. Ha ha ha both started laughing i knew the fish had taken the bait. Mona:[mistakenly drops the glass and bends to pick it up] oops sorry Adi lets her pick her up looking at her round sets of boobs in her top i could hear his breathing. Mona turns around to keep the glass and suddenly Adi grabs her from behind i start recording on my camera phone, Mona screams a little coming to senses quickly. Mona: Adi kya kar rahe ho leave me Adi: [tightly holding her and trying to press her boobs and kiss her] saali kutiya bahut garam cheez hai aaj to tujhe nahi chodunga bahut dino se nazar hai meri saali maame dekhkar raat ki neend udAdi meri roz Riya ko chodtahu par dil dimag mein Mona Mona hoti hai tere pati ne tujhe bahar chodna nahi chaiye
Mona: please Adi mein tumhari dost ki biwi hu aur mein chilaungi aur Riya ko sab batadungi i was amazed at my wifes acting skill was she real or acting i couldn’t make it out. Adi turned her around and kissed her on her lips and then slapped her across the face. Mona fell down i knew she could handle all this she has done that previously. Adi: laughing aaj to mera divorce kyu na ho jaye par tujhe nahi chodunga saali khud ko bahut zyaada samjhti hai haan aaj teri garmi utarta hu pati ka lund kafi nahi hai tujh jaisi rand ko mujhjaisa bhadva aur asli mard chaiye tujhe to mein kafi aacha use karunga aur teri dalali bhi khaunga saali randi.
He took off his t shirt and jeans in a swift Mona had tears in her eyes but when she saw his lund she was speechless it was hanging on and that too it was size of mine full erect and his was semi erect he saw Mona looking at it and smiled.
Adi: kyu Mona hosh ud gaya na le is muah mein le maza aayega
Mona: please Adi Monty might come or your wife might come so please let me go i won’t tell this to anyone.
Adi: chinal tu waisebhi nahi batayegi and caught her by her waist and dragged her to the bedroom pushed on the bed and started kissing her pulling her top two sides from her shoulders taking right nipple in his mouth sucking it and biting my sweet sexy wife Mona was screaming with pain and joy i could see in her eyes she was just trying to resist and again Adi slapped her now she was quiet and cooperated. Adi: ab aai na line pe saali rand.
Mona was getting turned on by all filthy talking and Adi was an animal all hair on his body and bush below with bigger balls. After sometime his lund was full erect and believe me the size was twice as mine and Mona had already cummed once just by looking at it could make out from her jeans all wet Adi pulled every clothing from her body stark naked my wife was looking beautiful and he was looking a monster who had not eaten for months and ready to pounce on her but he first he came near her and kissed her for 3 minutes and rubbing his dick all over her body pressing her boobs sucking them Mona was making all sorts of noises when she is on and this was more than that i hadn’t noticed but my lund was dying in the pants so i released it and started stroking it.
Adi: saali randi ab kaise awaz nikal rahi hai kutiya aur chaiye? Mona: haan par tumhara lund bahut bada hai mere patise bhi 2guna bada Adi: sala namard hai [laughing] aaj tujhe janat ki sair karata hu ruk and brought his 10″ lund to my beautiful wife’s face it was dripping wet at the tip and red Mona reluctantly took in her hands and started stroking it looking at this i cummed on their curtains man this was serious mess but who cared Adi pushed open her mouth and in one go it was in her mouth Mona was gasping for breath her sweet little mouth couldn’t take it all Adi was laughing looking at her she sucked him for 20 minutes and as Mona’s sucking is concerned i cum in her mouth after 15 she is that hot in sucking.
Adi: bahut khel chuki hai lundse lagta hai ekdum expert hai randi pati kya tera tujhe dhande pe bhejta hai kya doosro ka chusne ko Mona was sweating and i could make out from her face and boobs which had drops of sweat. Adi made her on her all fours and applied some oil in her chut and his lund my lund was up again looking Mona on all her fours maame latke hue Adi kissing her and at the same time trying to push his monster lund in her chut Mona was doing the aahs and oohs and ouch.
Mona: dhirena baba mein kahi bhagi nahi ja rahi hu these words made him excited and pushed all in one go Mona: oooooooo aaaaaaa mar gayi aaaaaahhhhhhhh Adi: abhi kaha Mona darling itne jaldi marne nahi dunga randi tujhe to aur chodna hai saali chinal bahut tarsai ab le i shot my cum in their curtains again. Adi fucked Mona again twice and was all bad words which Mona had never heard. After about 4 hours later Riya’s called Adi to ask if he could come and pick her up from her mom’s house, he let got up and asked Mona to suck again, it was amazing how much he could fuck anyone few minutes later he cummed in her mouth. The site was so beautiful i can’t explain my lund was hurting from looking at all this. I quickly moved out to my car down she came after 15 minutes and i got a hard on looking at her coming towards the car i went home while she sucked me dry and again i fucked her all night it was amazing and chut was all loose i fucked her like insane she was all animal after looking at her own video Mona told me she was thinking of living with Adi more than with me his lund was all she wanted and now my lund is of no good i was scared and started begging her.
Mona started laughing and said “i luv u my husband and your lund is enough with some varieties ofcourse” and started laughing again but knew it in my heart Adi will be her favorite from now on.
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