Actress Sweet milk during Interview

Hello, ‘********’ is an interesting sharing platform and one must compliment and thank our hosts. Here’s sharing an intimate memorable experience. I’m a happily freelancing, and the work has some ‘risks’ of dealing with the unexpected. The ‘risks’ though can be delightful ! This happened when I had gone to interview a very well-known Hindi movie heroine (now married) and of course, to protect her privacy, cannot reveal her name. The interview was scheduled at 8.00 pm and we met in a well-known film studio in suburban Mumbai while she was on the sets. We talked in English between takes of an elaborate dance sequence. I could see she had more than just professional interest in me, when she often licked her lips during the conversation, gave me alluring smiles, and thrice stooped down to show her breasts (she was already wearing a cleavage baring-top for a dance number). “You should be in the movies, yourself,” she suddenly said. “You are tall and good looking and soft spoken.” I’m quite happy with my writing, I replied, surprised, but thanks for your nice words. She then said, “why don’t we go to my changing room and talk and after this is done. It’s quieter there.” I agreed. 10 minutes later the director called for pack-up and we went to her changing room in the next building. There, she asked her personal assistant Maya to stand outside her door and not let anyone in as she would be busy. We started the interview again, with her mopping herself with a face napkin.
“It’s very hot, would you like something to drink?” she asked. Sure, I said, anything. “I have something very different for you to drink, would you like that?” she asked. ” I don’t drink alcohol, but anything else is fine,” I said, expecting her to call out to her assistant to bring us some soft drinks. But she smiled and pulled her chair closer to mine. “I have a problem with my breasts, my nipples,” she said to my astonishment. “Can you help me?” I looked at her famous breasts which I had seen covered in so many photos and magazine covers, they were full, ripe, round and she seemed aroused. She was breathing hard, but blushing. “Well, as I’m not yet married, but there seems to be milk in my breasts. As everyone knows, I don’t have a steady boyfriend yet,” she said not looking at me. I was stunned, but getting aroused. Next, she pulled down the right side of her shining, yellow top and took her right breast out. She cupped it with both hands, then licked a finger and rubbed the wet finger on her large, pink-brown nipple. I needed no further invitation. I bent down and took the nipple in my mouth and sucked. She moaned and kissed my neck hard and licked my neck and sucked my ear lobes while holding my head down close to her breast. I suckled, squeezing her breast and she was right. A jet of her milk shot into my mouth, very sweet, warm milk. This is how nectar tastes, I thought and suckled her gently but intensely, sometimes nibbling her nipple. She was moaning and making erotic sounds, but not too loud. She had pulled the top fully down, and had spread her legs wide, the short skirt she had been wearing for the shooting riding up to her hips, and taken off her black panty. While I was guzzling her delicious breast milk, she was rubbing her clitoris. Then, she lifted my head, kissed me on the lips, pushed her tongue into my mouth and tasted her own breast milk. I bent down again, sucked a mouthful of her warm, delicious milk and passed it to her mouth. She drank, smiled and kissed me on my lips intensely. My finger too had strayed down to her very wet and dripping vagina and probing her inner petals. Her eyes were raised to the ceiling like in a trance, some white drops of her own milk in the corner of her mouth. She reached out for my trouser zipper and pulled out my very hard, erect penis and rubbed its pink head. “May I suck it,” she asked, and without waiting for any reply she was sucking my penis like a girl enjoying a lollipop. I still wanted more of her milk, so I carried her to the nearby sofa and lay her down. But she wanted the more active role in our love-making, got up and turned her back, showed me her naked behind and bent down. I gasped. I could see her beautiful, large vulva, the full-vaginal lips and her clean, pink-brown anus between her spread ass cheeks. The pink vaginal lips were shining with her secret fluids. “Taste me,” she whispered. I held her cheeks wide wide and licked her vagina from behind, and tasted the thick, musky, unique-fragrant fluid flowing out of her heated vagina. She was biting her lip and shuddering with pleasure and her big breasts were rocking to and fro as they dangled like ripe papayas down her chest. I reached out cupped her left breast and fondled it. I then turned her around and she bent down and offered her breasts again with her hand.”Please drink it all,” she whispered. I sucked her nipples one by one for the next fifteen mintues, until there was no milk in her breasts that had now become softer. I think I must have drunk a litre or more of her breast milk, the best tasting and perhaps most nourishing – drink I had ever in my life! We did not have intercourse as there was no condom, but that was no problem. She had orgasm twice and she licked, sucked and masturbated my penis to climax twice. I believe sex is a gentle, creative act, a physical and mental sharing between a man and woman who share a good personal chemistry between them. There was a soft knock on the door and both of us got dressed. She said “come in” and her assistant enquired if she should order anything for us to eat. The assistant obviously knew what her mistress had been doing, as she could have heard her, but her face was impassive. “I’m full,” I said and smiled. The actress too smiled, she looked more like a happy, satisfied college girl than as a very famous heroine. “Maybe we will meet again,” I said, “thanks for the interview and everything. You are a wonderful person.” She pressed something into my hand, it was her wet, black panty. “A souvenir,” she smiled shyly. We did not meet again, these things happen without being planned. But of course, a few other experiences happened nexpectedly with some wonderful girls and ladies who knew how to physically share with warmth, intensity and with mutual respect. Even the act of adult breast feeding has much warmth and oneness to it, and adult breast feeding friendship groups are popular in the West. After all, human milk is best for humans, isn’t it?! I look forward to more interesting interviews, and hearing from interesting girls and ladies, particularly in Mumbai, ladies who believe love-making is much more than just a mechanical physical action.

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