A Willing Participant part 1

A Willing Participant #1, Road Trip
Chapter 1
“Road Trip!” Mary cheerfully called out as she happily scurried about, gathering up things they need for their trip. She was trying to get her teenage son excited about trip to visit her sister, but Travis wasn’t buying it.
“Ooo… Yea… Road Trip.” He replied sarcastically in a low monotone voice. He didn’t share his mother’s enthusiasm.
“Bull shit.” He added under his breath.
His mother could be such a pain in the ass. He didn’t want to go on this trip, but she was making him. She insisted he go, thinking it would bring them closer together. She felt they were drifting apart because he spent so much time with his dad.
Travis was dreading the long drive to visit his aunt and cousins in Sacramento. A whole week they would be staying. He didn’t know if he could stand the little brats that long.
“I heard that! Oh come on. It’ll be fun!” Mary said excitedly. Even though she had no special plans, she was looking forward to getting away. She just wanted to lounge by her sister’s pool and enjoy some fun in the sun and margaritas.
And… she also hoped for a girl’s night out with her sis. It might be just what she needed to jump-start her comatose love life.

With the car loaded, mom and son headed out.
Travis sat next to his mom sporting his dark shades, apparently engrossed in a magazine, but he wasn’t reading. He was looking over the magazine, looking at his mom, checking her out, ogling her. He was obsessed with his mother… sexually, and had been for a long time.
As they drove, Travis looked his mom up and down. Just because he was pissed at her didn’t mean he wasn’t going to make the most of the situation, she did look hot! He stared at her shapely legs. Her dress had ridden up quite high exposing her smooth shapely thighs, and her knees came apart as she drove. It made his heart race, imagining just a glimpse of the delights that lay between. It was making him horny. He could feel his cock starting to swell.
He stared at her breast. She could barely fit behind the steering wheel. She was a short petite little woman with big tits. She had the seat moved so far forward to reach the pedals, that her boobs were practically squashed against the steering wheel.
He was tall and lean, and he had a hard time imagining they were related. He’d gotten his height and build from his dad, and he was grateful for that. Travis thought the only good thing coming from this stupid trip was getting to see his mom in a bikini.
Travis could still remember when his obsession started. It was the first time one of his buddies said, “Hey Dud, Your mom’s Hot!” At the time he protested. He didn’t see his mom that way, not then. They almost got into a fight over it. But that was then, and that was the seed that grew into a monstrous sexual obsession.
Over time, he began to objectify his mom just like his friends did. She had big tits. Not crazy big, but big. She was petite, and her big tits looked even bigger on her small frame. And she had a nice big round bubble butt, in a good way. And she had a slim waist and flat stomach, especial for a woman her age, giving her a very sexy hour glass figure.
He even started offering his mom up as bait when he wanted to manipulate his buddies into hanging out at his house.
“My mom will be there. I think she likes you. You know how horny MILF’s are, they like younger guys.” He would tease his friends.
And he knew his mom loved the way they drooled over her. He got a kick out of watching his mom flirt with all his buddies. It wasn’t in an overt, over the top, sexual way, but just enough to get his horny buddies going. This all played into the sexualizing of his mother.
Despite how hot she was, Travis was pretty sure he his friends where the only males in her life, she didn’t go out, didn’t date, and didn’t even work with any men as far as he knew. That meant his friends where the only guys around she had to flirt with.
He figured she was just a lonely cock tease needing a good fuck.
They were well on their way to Sac. But unfortunately for Mary, in her haste and excitement to get on the road, she’d forgotten to get gas. They left Reno with less than a quarter of a tank, and by the time she noticed, the needle was on ‘E’.
“Oh shit! We’re on empty! I forgot to fill-up before we left! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! How could I be so stupid? We’re out in the middle of fuck’n nowhere, and about to run out of gas.”
Mary’s earlier enthusiasm instantly drained from her. They were far into the mountains and long past any filling stations. She decided their only option was to press on, and hopefully they would make it to a gas station.
They did get a few miles, but as fate would have it, the car sputtered and died.
Mary pulled the lifeless vehicle over to the side of the road.
“Oh great! Now what are we going to do?” Travis said sarcastically. His pessimism wasn’t helping Mary’s mood. “I’ll call your aunt. Hopefully she can help us… Damn! No cell.” What where they going to do? Mary agonized.
She put on the emergency flashers, got out, and lifted the hood. She didn’t know what else to do. Maybe a passing motorist would stop and help them. Yet, the thought of attracting strangers on this deserted highway frightened Mary. But what other choice did she have?
They waited for hours… A few cars whizzed by unconcerned for their plight. It was starting to get dark, and Mary was feeling desperate and scared.
Chapter 2
A pick-up with two men in it sped by.
Travis saw that far up the road the truck had pulled over. It just sat there for a few minutes… then turned around and pulled to a stop in front of them.
Two men got out and approached their disabled vehicle. Cautiously Mary got out and greeted them. With great embarrassment, she explained how they had run out of gas, and asked if they could help.
The men seemed friendly, and willing. “Yea… Sure… We can get you some gas” said what appeared to be the older of the two men. “We have a couple of 5gl cans back at the house. That should be enough to get you to the next station. We’ll be right back.”
He started back towards his truck, and then stopped: “AH… You know, it’ll be getting dark soon… and it gets dark fast in these canyons, I don’t feel good about leaving you two here… so why don’t you lock-up your car and ride back with us to get the gas.”
Mary was a little nervous about going with these two strangers. But they seemed okay, and genuinely concerned. They were very nice and clean, and not all that bad looking, handsome even, and truthfully… she had to admit she was kind of attracted to them. They were both cute and very well built. One was about her age, she guessed, and the other a little younger. She could easily see herself dating either one of these guys.
It had been eight years since Mary’s divorce. She was 38 now, quickly approaching the dreaded 40, and she hadn’t dated in a long time. She was ready now, ready to let a man back into her life… or at least into her bed. Her toys where great, many times, they had saved her sanity, but she was ready now for the real thing.
Travis was older now, and much more independent, sometimes too much of an independent smart ass, but she could now start thinking about herself, and about her needs. She was tired of spending night’s home alone masturbating. In fact, Mary hoped her sister might introduce her to someone nice.
Mary agreed. They should ride along.
“Okay… Let’s go get some gas! Oh and by the way, my names John, and this is my little brother Billy.” said the handsome man.
“Younger, not littler.” Billy coolly added setting the record straight.
After everyone introduced themselves, John said: “We only have room for three up front… so… if it’s okay… can Travis ride in the back?” Mary thought for a moment… and then decided it would be okay for a short distance.
So they all climbed into John’s truck. Travis got in the back, and Mary squeezed in between the two handsome, muscular men. She had to laugh to herself, Guess I’m riding pussy.
John soon turned off the highway on to a series of bumpy dirt roads with many turns and forks in the road. It was rapidly getting dark, and Mary was lost. She had no idea where they were, or where they were heading, and it was much further than she had thought it would be.
The road was rough and filled with pot-holes, and three bounced around in the cab.
As she was jostled about, Mary could feel their arms brushing against her large breast. She assumed it was accidental, and unavoidable, and the truth be told, she kind of like it! It stirred something in her. She could feel her nipples hardening. It had been a long time since a man had touched her big tits.
The rougher the road got, the more their arms rubbed on her tits. She was pressed between the two big men, and it seemed, they were using her boobs as arm rest. The more the road bounced, the more they rubbed on her tits. Now, she was almost certain they were doing it on purpose, but she wasn’t sure, so she decided not to say anything.
After one big bump, Billy’s hand fell onto her thigh. She’d worn a cute little muslin blouse and skirt for the trip, not only would it be comfortable for the long drive, but she thought she looked pretty damn sexy in it. The blouse was short at the waist, hanging nicely off her big boobs, and showed off her still sexy midriff. The skirt was comfortable and loose, and not to short, just above the knees. Except now, with all the bouncing around, her skirt had ridden up around her waist, exposing of her smooth shapely thighs, and nearly showing off her panties.
Mary could feel Billy’s hand on her bare flesh. She thought for sure he would move it. She didn’t want to be rude, so she didn’t say anything right away. But when he started caressing her leg, she knew something was up and she’d better put a stop to it.
“Hey, I really appreciate what you guys are doing for me and my son, and I don’t want to sound ungrateful, and I do admit I find you guys attractive, but you really shouldn’t be touching me like that.” Billy just looked down at her and smiled as he moved his hand closer towards her crotch. Mary quickly tried to push him away, but he was too strong. She couldn’t even budge him.
Chapter 3
Her heart sank, and instantly she realized what these guys had in mind. She started to panic.
“Okay please stop the truck! Just take us back to our car! I can get gas somewhere else! I’m sorry, but I think there’s been a big misunderstanding. I’m sorry for any inconvenience, but I just want to go back to my car!”
John slowly brought the truck to a stop in the middle of the deserted woods. His hand joined Billy’s on her soft, smooth thigh as he calmly, yet very firmly spoke: “Yea you’re right, there has been a misunderstanding. Let me clear things up for you. I’m glad you like us, because we like you too. And I’d really hate to, HURT you, or your son. But we’re going to get what we want from you, one way or the other. And I think you know what we want. Now there’s two ways we can do this.
One… you cooperate, and no one has to get hurt. I’d really hate to have to hurt you. And I’m sure you don’t want any tragedy to befall your handsome young son.
Or two… you make a big stink, we have to get rough, and you and your son could get badly hurt… or even WORSE. Either way we’re going to get what we want. Personally I hope you choose option one. And who knows, you might even enjoy yourself.”
Mary fell into deep despair. She felt so helpless and afraid… and guilty. How could she have been so stupid? How could she have gotten herself into this mess and put her son’s life in danger?
“Please don’t do this! My son, not in front of my son!”
“Oh we’re going to do this alright. But it’s up to you how it affects your son. I’m giving you the option of sheltering, and making things go a lot easier on him…
Now we got a little ways to go yet, so why don’t you just give it some thought and decide how you what to handle this.”
John spoke so coldly, it gave Mary chills. She started to cry.
“Now that’s not going to help you at all. If your son sees you crying, he’s going to get upset. And that’s how things get out of control, and people get hurt.”
Mary was terrified. She knew even though Travis was tall and strong like his father, the two of them couldn’t fight off these two brutes. She feared a struggle would get them both hurt. She knew they had total control, and they could do anything they wanted.
As they drove on, her mind raced, trying to figure a way out of this mess. Sadly, she could come to only one conclusion, the painful realization that the only thing she could do was ‘cooperate’. She had to let them fuck her. It wouldn’t do any good to try and fight them. It would only put her son’s life in greater danger. She had to let them fuck her. It was the only way. It was the only thing she could do.
So Mary dried her eyes. She knew what she was going to have to do, and what they were going to do to her.
She could do it… for her son. They wanted her to ‘cooperate’ while they raped her. She wasn’t sure if she could pull it off. But she had to, for her son’s sake.
She would let them do whatever they wanted and be done with them. And it wasn’t like she didn’t like sex. Just because she hadn’t had a man in a long time didn’t mean she wasn’t sexual.
She fantasized and masturbated all the time. She could even go for hours if given the time. And really get her ‘freak-on’. Many a lonely night, she locked herself in her room and masturbated for hours, cumming over and over again, each time stronger than the last, until she was spent and exhausted.
She could get through this. She wouldn’t fight them. She wouldn’t resist. She didn’t have any other choice. She didn’t really have to do’ anything… but submit.
Travis wondered why they’d stopped in the middle of no-where. He wondered if he should get out. It looked like his mom and the men were discussing something. Then they started moving again.
By the time they reached their destination, Mary had pulled herself together the best she could. She resolved herself to the reality of what she had to do. She would do whatever these men wanted. She would do it to protect her son. She had no choice. She just hoped they wouldn’t hurt her or her son, and they would let them go when they were done.
It was nearly dark when they pulled into a clearing where a surprisingly nice large house stood. Mary got out of the truck, frightened and apprehensive.
John warmly asked them in, and asked them to make themselves at home. His demeanor seemed to have changed. He was cheerful, friendly. It was a sharp contrast from the cold, forceful conversation they’d had earlier. He flashed a devious smile at Mary and winked. He was hiding his true intentions, hiding them from her son. He was hiding that he was going to fuck his mother, and Mary was grateful for that. She put on a brave face to hide her fears.
Chapter 4
As Travis climbed out of the truck he couldn’t help but notice, John had his arm around his mother. Wow! Mom must really like this guy. He thought. But this seemed kind of sudden, they had only just met. He did seem kind of nice though, and they were helping them out.
Travis knew someday his mom would start dating again. They’d even talked about it once. He’d asked her why she never went out, nor had a boyfriend. His dad, who he saw regularly, had lots of girlfriends. She just said she was too busy to date, but admitted someday she might like to date again. She’d asked him how he felt about that. He just shrugged and said he didn’t care. In fact, he was surprised she wasn’t dating. He knew his mom was Hot! And all his friends thought she was hot too.
Mary had dated a few times after the divorce, but it was just too difficult. The divorce had been hard on her. Travis’s father left her for a younger woman; one that Mary thought was prettier. The blond bitch was tall and slender with perky little tits and a tight little butt. She was the exact opposite of Mary, who was short, with dark hair, giant boobs, and a big round ass. Mary hated that bitch.
Mary knew men were still attracted to her, but the divorce had damaged her self-esteem, leaving her feeling very insecure. She decided to devote herself to her son, and not see any men for a while, at least not until she got her confidence back.
John politely asked his brother Billy if he would entertain Travis, while he and Mary went into the other room to discuss what needed to be done to get their car back on the road.
Billy was obviously annoyed, but reluctantly complied.
Before they left the room, Mary turned and snapped at her son: “Stay right here, don’t go anywhere.” His mom seemed a little up-tight, Travis thought. And what did they need to discuss? He wondered. They just needed gas.
Travis took a seat with Billy on the sofa, in front of a large flat screen TV mounted to the wall. He watched as his mother was led off, noticing, just before they were out of sight, Johns hand moved from his mom’s waist, to her ass, and she didn’t seem to mind.
“She’s pretty damn hot! Ever sneak a peek at that hot little bod?” Billy asked.
“NO!” Travis lied. The question surprised and embarrassed him. He was surprised by the frank nature of the question, and embarrassed because… yes he HAD tried to ‘sneak a peek’ at his mom… many times.
The embarrassing truth was Travis was always trying to get a glimpse at his mother’s hot bod. He would peep in on her when she was showering, or dressing, and even when she slept.
“No?” questioned Billy. “Boy I sure did when I was your age. I was always trying to get a look at my mom’s big tits, or her bush. I remember this one time, I’m peek’n in the bathroom, she’s got her arms up over her head mess’n with her hair, and her robe falls open! Man I got the full show, I could see her tits, and her pussy, everything, and she just stood there, fuck’n with her hair. Her tits where jiggling and shaking, man it got me so horny I jerked off right there in the hall. To this day I think she knew I was there, fuck’n cock tease’n bitch.”
Billy laughed at his own story, and Travis could help but laugh to, he could relate. Travis decided Billy was cool, and pretty funny to.
“Hey you want something to eat?” Billy asked as he hopped up and disappeared into the kitchen. After a minute he returned with a big bag of chips and a six pack of beer.
Travis was a little nervous about the beer. He liked beer. He’d gone to lots of parties at friend’s houses, but he never drank in front of his mom.
He didn’t want Billy to think he wasn’t cool, or mature, so he popped open the beer and gave it a hearty chug.
“Woe. Slow down there dude. There’s no hurry, and there’s plenty more where that came from. Hey, how about some TV.” Billy said as he plopped down on the sofa and grabbed the remote.
The TV came to life. Much to Billy’s, and Travis’s surprise and embarrassment was a woman on her knees eagerly sucking a big wet cock, and in her hand, she stroked a second.
“Oops! Sorry about that. I forgot it was in there.”
After a quick look around, Billy asked: “Hey, do you want to watch some? I won’t tell.”
“Sure.” Travis said nonchalantly, trying to sound it cool. Truth was he liked porn. He liked it a lot. He looked at it whenever he could get away with it, mostly on the internet.
He really liked the ones were supposedly ‘Mother and Son’. He knew it wasn’t real, but they turned him on, fueling the fantasies he had of his mom.

So Travis sat with his new buddy, drinking beer, and watching porn while his mother and John were in the back room discussing’ auto repairs.
Billy added some off color commentary to the flic: “I really like this bitch, she’s hot, and you can tell, she really likes sucking cock. Man, I’d love to fuck her face.”
Travis laughed, he thought Billy was a crack-up, and he liked his open attitude towards sex and porn. He thought it was cool. So he sat back, relaxed and drank his beer.
Travis, an unexperienced drinker, quickly got a buzz from a few beers, and engrossed in the nasty video, he sat there with a big uncontrollable hard-on.
Chapter 5
Once in the back room, Mary was prepared to be pounced on. She would ‘cooperate’, just enough to get herself, and her son, through this mess.
She figured they were going to take their turns with her. Afterwards she hoped they would just let them go.
John didn’t pounce. He walked over to the cabinet and got out a bottle of tequila. He poured a shot for Mary, and then took a hit straight from the bottle. Mary took the shot and gulped it down. Then, she grabbed the bottle, and took another big swig.
“Good, that’s the attitude! Relax and enjoy yourself, we’re going to have some fun!” John said with an enthusiastic smile.
“How much fun’ do you really expect me to be? You’re forcing me to do things against my will.”
“Hmm… that’s a fair question. I’d suggest you find that ‘fun place’ in your head. Do it for your son. You see, I can take it any way I can get it, but Billy, he likes it rough. Now he’ll be a good boy, as long as he doesn’t get bored. You just need to keep him entertained, and we’ll all have a very happy ending.”
“I’ll cooperate… for my son’s sake”
“Good. Cooperation is good… smart, but you need to go a lot further than just cooperating.” John stepped closer to Mary, looking at her hungrily, he touching her hair, running his hands down her arms to her waist.
Pulling her close, he whispered in her ear. “You need to ‘participate’, you to need to be an eager’, and willing’, participant. Do you understand what I’m saying?”
“I’ll do anything you want. Please… just don’t hurt my son.”
“I know you will. I can tell you’re a good mother, one that will do anything to protect her son.”
John held her close and tenderly kissed her on the lips. She was surprised at how gentle he was. Cautiously, she returned his kiss. She was frightened, but knew she had to. She didn’t want to do anything wrong, something that might upset her captors, and she wasn’t going to resist.
He could feel her trembling: “It’s okay; I know you’re scared, just be yourself and everything will be okay.”
He held her in his arms, affectionately touching her. He was gentle, soothing, and not at all forceful. She looked up at his handsome face, and felt his strong arms, and it pained her to think of how different things could have been.
They kissed again, more deeply, passionately, and Mary liked it. She convinced herself, this is what she needed to do, and that made it easier for her to like it.
John pressed his hand to her breast, tenderly squeezing, and Mary couldn’t help herself, she couldn’t help but like it, she moaned, it felt good. It had been so long since a man had touched her like that, and he was so strong and handsome. Her defenses where falling. She passionately kissed her abductor, becoming aroused and quickly falling under his spell.
His hands moved freely, exploring her body, squeezing her breast, forcefully pinching and pulling her hardening nipples.
Mary liked it, it felt good, and a heat arouse in her.
His hands moved to her ass. He held her tightly squeezing as he kneading her ample buttocks. With her body pressed to his, she could feel him. She could feel his hardening erection, and it stirred things in her, her arousal, her desires, and her lust.
Without thought, she reached for him. It’s what she had to do. It’s what was expected of her, and… It’s what she wanted to do.
As she felt the huge bulge in his pants, they kissed passionately. Marveling at how big and hard he was, and despite herself, she felt a stirring, and a longing. Am I really that desperate and needy, Mary asked herself?
His hand moved under her skirt, and she felt the tingle of his touch on her bare thigh. He moved his hand between her legs, rubbing and touching. He was arousing her, turning her on. She moaned as he knowingly ran his strong fingers over her aching clit, and she groaned loudly when he pulled her panties aside and slid a finger into her wet slit.
“Does that feel good?” He whispered.
“Yes.” She responded breathlessly.
“You’re doing good… and you feel good… I want you to enjoy this.”
“I am… and you feel good too.” She said as squeezed the huge bulge in his pants. Then… a rude slap of reality, she remembered her son in the other room, and she was filled with anxiety: “I’m just worried about my son, is he going to be okay?”
Holding her at arm’s length, John smiled and said: “He’ll be fine, I promise. Come on, let’s go check on him… before me go any further. I don’t want you to be distracted.”
Mary wondered how he could be so sensitive and concerned, and at the same time, force her to have sex. It didn’t make any sense. John led her by the hand back into the living room.
Chapter 6
They found the room littered with empty beer cans and, a nasty fuck flic playing on the TV. Travis and Billy slouched back on the sofa, both with obvious erections in their pants, and beers in their hands.
The sight disturbed Mary, but John just laughed. “See I told you he was okay.” John laughed. “What the fuck you guys do’n? Get’n drunk, watch’n porn, and jerk’n each other off?” John wise-cracked, but Billy didn’t flinch. He was un-amused, and un-fazed by the rude comment.
Young Travis on the other hand was mortified. He was so busted.
“Mom? NO..! No we weren’t..! Mom…! I wasn’t… I wasn’t watching… Its Billy’s… It was just on… I wasn’t looking… and I only drank one… maybe two… really… I… Ah… I… Ah.” He lied to his mother.
Travis tried in vain to cover the big erection hiding in his shorts while the nasty video played on.
Blazoned a crossed the large TV screen was a close-up scene of a wet snatch riding a big cock. And the audio blared with the raunchy moans and groans, and sounds, of hot sex.
Horribly embarrassed, Travis tried reaching for the remote to turn off the incriminating video, but Billy got to it first, letting it play on.
John stood behind Mary with his hand around her waist, his strong arms holding her tight. He whispered in her ear, and she obediently repeated what she was told: “It’s okay Travis, don’t be embarrassed. You’re old enough to enjoy a little porn. It’s okay, everybody does it. You can watch the video.”
Travis was relieved his mother was being so cool’ even though it seemed a little out of character. He sat back down on the sofa with one eye on his mom, and the other on the video, still feeling very embarrassed.
Mary stood uncomfortably with John off to the side of her porn watching son. Standing behind her, John had his arms around her waist. He held her tight, nuzzling her ear, and kissing her neck, and could feel his hard erection pressing against her back-side.
It was very awkward, her son was watching and it made her anxious.
John moved his hands up to her breast.
Her son was watching, and so was Billy, as John held and fondled her swollen tits. It was embarrassing. She wanted John to take her in the back room so they could finish what they started in privacy.
Travis immediately lost interest in the porn, and turned his full attention to his mom and John.
He was touching her, touching her big tits! It was weird. His mother seemed so different. He was feeling-up his mom right in front of him, and she didn’t seem to mind. It was bizarre.
Travis watched in amazement as John handled his mom’s big tits, rubbing and squeezing them.
“That is one hot piece of ass!” Billy spouted breaking Travis’s trance.
What? Who? My mom? Travis didn’t know who Billy was talking about. Was it the woman on the video or his mom? Billy wasn’t looking at the video; he was looking at his mom. And so was he, and he had to agree, his mom was one a hot piece of ass. He’d thought that for a long time.
Travis’s eyes flashed back and forth between the nasty video and his mom being fondled by John.
On the video, a woman straddled one of the guys. She rode him enthusiastically. Another guy stood to her side, which she eagerly sucked, and there was a third guy that she stroked.
His eyes flashed back to his mom. John was standing behind her with his arms around her, kissing her neck and squeezing her huge tits right in front of him! And she was letting him! It was bizarre, but the sight of his mom’s big tits being squeezed, and her big nipples being pulled and twisted, was turning him on!
Mary turned to faced John. “Let’s go in the back.” She whispered in his ear so her son couldn’t hear. John grabbed her by the shoulders and forcefully turned her back around.
With reluctant defiance, she turned back to face him. “Please. Not here. Let’s go in the back.” She whispered and forced a smile trying to look seductive.
“Turn around.” John whispered in her ear in a hushed, yet firm tone. “No. Please. Not here. Not in front of my son. Please. I promise, I’ll do anything you want, and I’ll be great, I promise, but please, not here.” Mary whispered her plea.
“You were doing so well. Why are you fuck’n things up now? Your son will act like you. Look at him. Look how horny he is. If he sees you’re having a good time, then he’ll have a good time. I’m not going to tell you again. Turn the fuck around or your son will witness something far worse.”
John didn’t yell his demands. He whispered in her ear, softly, yet firm and cold. It sent a chill down Mary’s spine.
Was he getting some kind of weird perverted pleasure out of humiliating her? She had no choice but to turn around and face her son. She looked up at the ceiling. She couldn’t bear to look him in the eyes as John fondled her enormous tits.
Mary despaired. She didn’t know what to do. She thought she had everything figured out, but this was different, everything was all fucked-up now.
She’d accepted, and was ready and willing to do anything her captors wanted, and at one point even aroused. But not in front of her son! She didn’t know if she could do this, she felt so ashamed and embarrassed.
John gently caressed her breast and kissed her neck as he whispered in her ear: “MMM, that a girl, just relax. I didn’t mean to be so harsh. Don’t be scared. Don’t worry. Everything’s going to be fine. Just go back to that fun place. Do it for Travis. Do it for yourself.”
Mary didn’t know if she could do what he wanted, be a willing participant. Not in front of her son! She tried to pretend he wasn’t watching.
Despite her embarrassment his touch felt good, stirring and stimulating. She couldn’t help herself, it just came out, she moaned as he pinched her nipples.
He began unbuttoning her blouse, slowly revealing her swollen breast nearly bursting from her bra. Pulling the blouse back off her shoulders and down her arms, he tossed it to the floor.
Standing in just her bra, she felt so exposed and embarrassed, and she could feel her son’s eyes on her.
And, to make matters worse, she knew with all the attention, the squeezing and pulling, her swollen breast would be leaking!
Ever since Travis was born, her tits produced lots of milk, they continued long after because of constant stimulation, first from her ex-husband, and for the past few years, from her own self manipulation. Her ex loved to play with them, milking them, sucking them, and she loved it to. And to this day when she masturbates, she plays with her big milky tits, squeezing and pulling on her nipples, encouraging her milk to flow.
She loves the way it feels, the tingle and the release as milk squirts from swollen nipples is so arousing. She likes to lift her big fat dark nipple to her mouth and suck and drink of her own breast milk as she fingers her needy holes.
Travis had seen his mom in her bra before, but never like this! She was letting John undress her right in front of him! His heart raced with excitement and anticipation! John was squeezing and massaging her huge breast. Pinching and pulling on her hardening nipples and Travis could see wet spots begin to appear on her bra. It was very erotic and arousing.
“Damn! That bitch has got some awesome big tits! I envy you man, living with such a fine bitch. I’d be jack’n off all the time! You ever touch ’em?”
This time there was no mistaking who Billy was talking about. Yeah I am lucky. Travis thought to himself.
“No… No I haven’t… But I sure have wanted to.” Travis was surprised at his own honesty.
Mary felt Johns fingers curl beneath the underwire of her bra. She knew what was coming next. She closed her eyes as he lifted her bra clean off over her head. She felt the weight of her massive boobs drop and bounce as their support was rudely ripped from them. She felt so embarrassed and ashamed her son had to witness this, her enormous tits revealed to her son. She couldn’t bear to see the look of shock and disgust on her sons face.
Continuing to torment her naked breast, John mercilessly pulled and twisted her huge erect nipples. Adding to her shame and embarrassment, she could feel the wetness on his hands and knew her heavily laden breast where dripping and squirting milk.
Yet, it felt good! He was milking her and it felt good. She bit her lip and moaned despite her embarrassment.
Opening her eyes, Mary steadied herself for the look of horror she knew would be on her son’s face. But to Mary’s surprise, he wore a totally different face; one Mary was all too familiar with. It was a face she’d seen countless times before, on many other men. It was the face of lust and desire.
Chapter 7
Her own son was sitting there mesmerized, staring lustfully at her milky, dripping tits. He was staring at her, just like he had the porn, and he was just as turned on!
At first, Mary was shocked and indignant, angry even. Didn’t he know what was going on here? No, of course he didn’t know. She knew that. She didn’t want him to know. It was for his own good.
Then a strange feeling of comfort and relief came over her. She looked at her son. He was enjoying this. More than enjoying, he was aroused, very aroused by the look of the bulge in his pants. He was aroused by the sight of her breast, his own mother breast!
He continued to stare lustfully as John handled his mom’s large pointy tits with big fat dark nipples. He starred, mesmerized by her massive milky jugs, and her erect, dripping nipples. It was turning him on! There was the huge bulge in his shorts that left no doubt. Her son was fucking turned-on by the sight of his own mother’s huge tits.
In a weird perverted way, Mary was elated to see this. It lifted a huge burden from her, relieving her of much of her fear, guilt and embarrassment. If he could be sitting there, so aroused that he had an amazingly large hard-on then he had’ to be okay. She could do anything as long as her son was okay.
The sight of Travis’s expression, and the huge bulge in his shorts, gave her strength and confidence. She felt maybe she could do this. If her son could be so aroused by what was happening, then she could do what she needed to do.
Mary was confident he had no idea she was being force to be their sexual play thing. And for both their sakes, she wanted to keep it that way.
He must have just thought she’d lost her mind.
For a quick moment, John let go of her massive tits, just long enough to pull off his own shirt. He then wrapped his arms back around her, and she could feel his bare muscular chest pressing against her back.
Travis was stunned and amazed by what he was seeing! His mother was top-less right in front of him! He could see her big tits, they were beautiful! Her nipples where huge and dark, and they were dripping! He was awe struck.
“I guess it’s shirts off.” Billy said as he pulled off his shirt. What? Travis was bewildered. Was everyone was taking off their shirts? He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to look stupid, so he pulled his shirt off. Without his shirt, the huge bulge in his shorts looked even bigger.
The sight of her son’s arousal, allowed Mary to relax, and to experience her own arousal. It’s what she needed to do to get through this. She needed to just let herself go, and not fight it.
Moaning as John squeezed and pulled her swollen nipples, she could see fine streams of milk squirting from them, and it aroused her.
Her head was spinning, everything was so surreal, and she felt the onset of the familiar and intoxicating deep arousal.
Leaning back into John’s arms, she moaned as he cupped and squeezed her milky breast. Turning back to him, she kissed him passionately, pressing her leaking breast to his chest. She didn’t think it would do any good, but she had to try one last time.
She looked up at him and asked: “Are you sure you don’t want to go to the bedroom?”
“What? And deprive your adoring fans. Oh, no, no, no! We’re going to stay right here and give them the show they deserve.”
She didn’t protest. It was what she’d expected. He was pulling all the strings. She knew this ordeal was far from over, and the only way she was going to safely get her son through this was too be a willing participant.
This was the cruel game John wanted to play, to put her on display, to humiliate and degrade her in front of her son. Thankfully, her son seemed to be okay with it. He was more than okay, he was very aroused. So she resigned herself into John’s arms, and let him do as he pleased.
Travis was in a trance. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, and he couldn’t take his eyes off his moms beautiful tits. John was undressing her right in front of him, and she was letting him! It was like they were putting on a show. He was mesmerized. John was feeling and squeezing her enormous tit. He was pulling on her fat dark nipple, and milk was squirting out!
John slid a hand inside Mary’s skirt, and into panties. She gasped! She was wet, and his skillful fingers pushed easily past her swollen lips into her juicy pussy. She moaned as he drew his moistened fingers out and rubbed them over her swollen clit.
She looked at her son, he was watching as she twitched and moaned uncontrollably. She felt the heat rise in her of a coming orgasm. She couldn’t control or stop it, even if she wanted to. As John’s fingers worked circles around her tender button, harder and faster, Mary moaned and rolled her hips, rubbing herself against his probing fingers.
They must have liked the show… because they turned off the video.
“Damn! That is one fuck’n hot ‘n horny bitch you have there man.” Billy said.
It was funny, Travis thought, Billy’s rude comment sounded, and kind of felt like a compliment.
And he had to agree, she was a hot bitch!
Sliding his other hand into her skirt and panties, John started working them down over her ample hips. This time, Mary didn’t close her eyes. She curious to see her son’s reaction as she was lay naked.
She felt a rush of excitement seeing her son’s eyes widened expression as her skirt and panties fell to her ankles. She stood before him completely naked and aroused.
Travis was in stunned, shock, a lust filed shock, aroused! His beautiful mom, whom he’d lusted after for years, was now standing naked right in front of him! He could see everything, her big tits, and her beautiful pussy! It was fucking incredible! What a total turn-on! She so hot and she looked horny!
Mary felt naked and exposed, but seeing the look of lust and desire in her son’s eyes, somehow made her feel better, more confident, bolder, sultry even, and tempting. She caught herself staring at the huge bulge in her son’s shorts.  

Vanity being what it is; Mary was glad she had shaven her pussy before they’d left. She was clean as a college girl, except for a little tuft of hair she left up top. Her son was staring lustfully at her throbbing cunt and she knew her pussy looked sexy.
Pausing for a moment, John took a step back to take a good look at Mary’s hot naked body. As he eyed her bodacious little body, John dropped his own pants.
Mary shuttered when he took her around the waist. She could feel his nakedness against her backside. The feel of his big hard cock pressing against her ass, stirred and aroused her.
John’s sudden nakedness shocked Travis, it took him by surprise.
Billy brought him out of his stupor. “Fuck’n A’ Dude! You have one hot bitch there!” Billy said as he fist bumped Travis.
I do? Travis was confused, and then thought. Yeah, I guess I do have a hot bitch.
Then, to Travis’s even greater surprise, Billy took off his pants exposing his rock hard cock.
Travis just sat there, stunned and bewildered. Everyone was taking off their paints, and he didn’t know what to do. Was everyone getting naked? What was going on?
“Come-on man, don’t get left behind.” Billy urged. Travis didn’t know what Billy was talking about, and he couldn’t help but stare at his hard cock.
“It’s okay man. The bitches like to know their appreciated.” Travis still didn’t know what the hell Billy was talking about, or what he should do. He was so confused. Things where getting crazy.
His mother, and a strange guy, where standing naked, getting it on… right in front of him! He didn’t know what was going on… or what to do. Everything was so bizarre! And everyone was getting naked! He looked to his mom.
She nodded reassuringly.
Unsure of himself, Travis hesitantly slid off his shorts. He sat there naked, with his hard-on, standing straight up.
Chapter 8
“Holly shit dude! You put us all to shame! We’re going to have to start calling you ‘Big Trav!'” Billy said as he slapped Travis on the shoulder.
Now Mary was the one starring. It was true! Her teenage son had the biggest dick in the room.
Oh my god! He’s got his father’s cock! Mary suddenly realized in amazement.
Travis’s father had an incredibly large cock. Mary loved that cock, to bad that’s all she loved about the man. God she did miss that cock though! And to think it’s been right under her roof all this time, all those lonely nights she’d spent fingering herself.
NO! STOP IT! I CAN’T THINK LIKE THAT! THAT’S MY SON! Mary scolded herself. Still, Mary was stirred and aroused by the sight of her son’s big cock.
And, she was proud. In a weird, perverted sort of way, she was proud of her son’s big dick. She smiled reassuringly at him. He smiled back, looking a little embarrassed.
Head spinning and aroused, Mary stood naked in front of her son, staring at his big hard cock.
Sitting there naked with a giant hard-on, he stared back at her.
Both aroused, mother and son stared at each other’s nakedness.
As her embarrassment faded, it was replaced with arousal. She was horny, very horny, and wet, and she couldn’t stop starring at her son’s big cock! It was just like her ex-husband’s! He’d inherited his father’s cock, she thought. Oh how she missed that big cock, and looking at it now was making her even hornier. He was so big and hard! It stirred something forbidden in her to think that her’ was making him that way.
John moved to Mary’s side and she could feel his hard cock rubbing against her hip. With one hand he toyed with her pussy, and with the other, he explored her ample round ass. She felt his fingers toying with her tight ass hole as he squeezed butt and pulled her ass checks apart. Sighing, she spread her legs for him.
Her son was watching, and she didn’t care. It was obviously, by the look on his face, and the size of his cock that he was enjoying the show. It was disturbingly sick and perverted, but Mary was enjoying this too.
She needed to. It was the only way she could get through this. That’s what she told herself.
John’s hand where between her legs, one from the front, and the other from the back. His fingers, slick from her dripping pussy, easily slipped into her tight asshole. Moaning, Mary cried out excitedly as he finger fucked both her holes. Longer embarrassed, overcome with lust, she felt nasty, wicked and aroused. She just needed to cum! Moving her hips back and forth, front and back, she humped his fingers, driving them deep into her hungry holes. Quivering and groaning, she was cumming! Moaning loudly, she fucked his fingers, as milk dripped freely from her heavy jiggling tits. “Oh God! OOOOH!” Mary cried out! She tried to restrain herself but couldn’t. Twitching and convulsing, she came.
She came while her son watched in amazement. And she came… while staring lustfully at her son’s big beautiful cock.
Chapter 9
Once Mary got going it was hard for her to stop. She could become uncontrollably and insanely insatiable. This first was orgasm was just an appetizer, and despite the circumstances, she was undeniably hungry for more.
Travis watched in disbelief as his mother was brought to a thrashing orgasm! It was fucking incredible! She just came! He’d never even seem his mother naked before, but he just watched her get finger banged to an orgasm. It was the most incredible and arousing thing he’d ever seen!
His mom was so hot, so beautiful, and so nasty. He had no idea what a horny bitch she was. Her chest, neck, and face where flush form her orgasm, and she was sighing, and panting. Damn she was so fucking hot!
And she was staring back at him, staring at his cock.
“Hey John!” Billy yelled out to his brother. “Big Trav tells me he wants to touch those big tits!”
“Is that right Big Trav? Do you want to touch these big beauties?” John asked as he held and squeeze her weighty tits.
Travis was embarrassed. He didn’t know what to say. It was true, but he didn’t have the nerve to say it so he just shrugged his shoulders.
Yes he did! Every fiber in his body was screaming YES! He was so fuck’n horny! He DID want to touch her! Oh God how he wanted to touch her, but he didn’t have the nerve to say YES.
“I can’t tell her what to do, but YOU can. You need to learn that.” John said devilishly to Travis. “She’s YOUR woman. You just need to tell her. ‘Hey bitch, give me some tit.'” Sadistically John amused himself with this unexpected development.
Travis wondered why they kept calling her HIS woman. It looked more like she was John’s woman. It was weird, but she didn’t really seem like his mother any more ether. It was like she was different, a different woman entirely, a sexy lustful woman, horny woman. She was a hot horny bitch for sure. YES! Travis finally thought. SHE IS MY BITCH!
Chapter 10
Mary couldn’t believe it when she heard those words coming from her son’s mouth. She realized he was being played just as much as she was, except he didn’t know what was really going on, and she needed to keep it that way. She’d dealt with the fact that she had to be her captor’s sexual plaything, but now she realized, she’d be forced into doing things she’d never dreamt of with her own son.
After a nudge from John, and seeing the grin on Billy’s face, she knew what they wanted her to do. It was cruel and humiliating and they were taking great delight in it.
She was torn, paining over what to do. She knew this was a pivotal moment, what she did next could change things greatly for the better or worse. Right now, her son was happy, healthy, and horny, not a bad way to be she thought. Her captors hadn’t resorted to any violence, and she feared if she protested, or resisted, things might turn ugly.
She stepped towards her son. Incredibly, she wasn’t embarrassed to sashay naked over to her son. His obvious arousal and attentive gaze emboldened her, made her feel sexy, and desirable.
Kneeling down on the sofa between Travis and Billy, she faced her son, and she couldn’t stop looking at his big beautiful cock. She couldn’t take her eyes off of it.
Travis watched his mother, her naked hips swaying side to side, stepped towards him, her tits bounced slightly, seductively, as she moved. She looked so beautiful, sexy. This sultry slut wasn’t his mother any more. He was so excited his heart was pounding out of his chest, and he could feel it pulsing in his rock hard cock.
She knelt next to him, her huge breast right in his face, her huge dark areola, puckered and wrinkled. Her large fat nipples dripped with milk!
Mary’s head was spinning. She was still reeling from the orgasm, and despite everything, she was desperate for more. Milk dripped from her swollen nipples and ran down her breast. She could feel the heat between her legs. Her pussy was wet, tingling and throbbing from the wonderful fingering she’d just received, and she had to fight the burning urge to touch herself.
She was incredibly horny! She knew she shouldn’t be, but she was! Her son starred lustfully at her, and it stirred something dark and perverse in her. And she stared back at him, stared at his cock. It was so big and hard!
She sensed his reluctance. “It’s okay baby. You can touch me. You can touch my tits.” She said as she gently touched his hand and held it for a moment. Then took it and placed it on her breast. Holding his hand in hers, she pressed it into her breast. Milk flowed from her nipple and dripped on to their hands.
Mary didn’t know if it was how taboo it was, or how aroused she was, but her son’s touch was electrifyingly arousing!
“Oh!” she groaned. “That feels good!” She shuttered and moaned as her son squeezed her breast.
Tentative at first, almost scared, he let her guide his hand, but soon encouraged by his mother’s moans, he was feeling her enormous tits on his own, marveling in their size and weight, touching her nipples, feeling how hard and stiff they were, pinching and pulling, he coaxed milk from them.
He couldn’t believe it. He was touching his mom’s beautiful tits! They were marvelous, far more spectacular than he’d ever imagined. They were so firm, yet soft, and her nipples were so big and dark, and erect and hard, and she was squirting milk! It was an incredible turn on!
Mary was losing control of herself. She was aroused and couldn’t help it. She moaned at her son’s touch. It was so forbidden and arousing! At first he was easy and gentle, but as he become more confident, he became more aggressive.
Excited, he enthusiastically squeezed her tits hard, causing multiple streams of milk to squirt from her hard nipples. Becoming rougher and more aggressive, he pinched and pulled at her sensitive nipples.
Getting carried away, he became rougher and rougher, his hands wet with milk, he tormented with her swollen orbs with total abandon. Cruelly he twisted and tortured her fat distended nipples causing her to cry out in pain and pleasure, and she loved it!
While her son to sadistically abuse her breast, she couldn’t stop staring at his cock. It was just like his fathers, so big and hard and beautiful. Her head was spinning. She was drunk with lust and desire.
She couldn’t help herself. It was an impulse she couldn’t control! She reached down and lightly touched her son’s big beautiful cock.
Travis immediately gasped when his mother touched him. The feeling was incredible! He couldn’t believe it! She was touching his cock! This couldn’t be real, he must be dreaming.
At that moment, Mary knew she’d made a big mistake, but there was no going back. She couldn’t have stopped herself, even if she wanted to. She was too far gone, too lost in arousal. She wanted to touch it, and she knew he wanted it too.
Mary groaned as her son tormented her milky, engorged tits. She wrapped her fingers around his stiff hard cock and slowly, gentle stroked him. He squeezed and tormented, her tits, pinching and pulling her dark nipples so hard streams of milk hit him right in the face! She moaned, and stroked her son’s cock harder and faster!
He let out a load groan! His balls were about to explode!
Chapter 11
Billy sat with cock in hand, watching the incredibly perverse scene of mother and son.
Her voluptuous ass right in front of him was there for the taking. He reached out and touched her, squeezing and kneading her firm round butt. His hands found their way between her legs to her warm wet pussy, and Mary groaned as his fingers slid between her wet meaty flaps into her wet hole.
She spread her legs for him, as her son was squeezed and milked her big tits. As Billy drove his fingers into her hot wet gaping hole, Mary could feel another orgasm rapidly approaching!
Travis could see Billy touching his mother. He could see his hand from between her spread thighs, and he could tell from her movements, her rolling hips and rhythmic grunts, she was driving herself on his fingers!
His mother was going to cum again, he could tell!
Travis was confused for a moment. He’d thought, she was with John, but now she was humping Billy’s hand, and she was letting him feel her tits.
That’s when it hit him. His mother was just like the horny bitches in the videos he liked to watch, the ones that liked having sex with two, three, four, or more guys at the same time. She was a horny slut just like that.
No, she was HIS horny slut. Yeah, Travis liked the sound of that.
Mary was no longer herself, her arousal, desire, and her need to cum became who she was, all she was. Shutting out every other thought that might distract her, she focused what she so desperately needed to do. She desperately needed to cum over and over again!
With wild abandon, Mary humped at Billy’s probing, thrusting hands as her son squeezed and milked her swollen tits. As Billy’s fingers filled her dripping wet pussy and stabbed at her tight ass-hole, Mary could feel another orgasm about to erupt.
John stood apart and watched as this incredible spectacle unfolded.
“Hey Big Trav, I think your bitch wants her big titties sucked!” John deviously coaxed the young man.
Mary met her son’s questioning gaze. She couldn’t hide her crazed lust and desperate desire. She nodded her consent. Not because she thought she had to, but because she wanted to! She wanted her son to suck on her tits!
“Make her beg for it. She’s your woman, but I think you should make the bitch beg for it. You can see how bad she wants it!” John cruelly pulled at more strings.
He was right! She did want it! She wanted it badly! She wanted her son to suck her tits. It would be all she needed to push her over the edge and give her another great orgasm.
Travis met his mother’s lustful gaze, and truly, she did look horny, and in need. “Beg for it.” He said.
Mary moaned at just hearing those words. Why did hearing her son talk to her like that arouse her so much? That alone almost made her cum!
Mary never had a problem with being told what to do. She secretly longed for it. It was part of her submissive nature, part of her sexuality, a way for her to free herself of burden of her inhibitions.
Her whole body trembled and gyrated as she worked her cunt against Billy’s driving hands.
“Please! Please suck my tits! It’s okay! Please suck um! Hard!” she begged her son. Her voice raspy, the words caught in her throat from her approaching orgasm.
Grabbing one of his mom’s huge tits with both hands, Travis squeezed it hard and milk squirted out in multiple fine streams. Closing his mouth over the hard, swollen, squirting nipple, he sucked it hungrily, as hard as he could.
“AAAAG!” Mary cried out and convulsed as she instantly erupted into another wonderfully intense orgasm! Milk gushed from the corners of his mouth as she forcible held her sons face to her breast as she came. “Hey Big Trav! You took good care of your woman. Now I think she should take care of you. I’m not trying to tell you what to do, but I think you at least deserve a good blow job, seem only fair to me.” John was cruelly manipulating both of them for his own sick amusement.
NO! OH GOD NO! I CAN’T! Mary thought. This is my fault! I should never have touched my son’s cock! Now John wants me to suck my own son’s cock! Oh god no! What have I started!
She looked at her son. He was obviously very excited and very aroused. She sensed no resistance, only desire from him. His cock was stiff and twitching in her hand.
Mary looked down at the big beautiful cock in her hands, her son’s cock! She knew they were past the point of no return, and it was HER, that had steered them in this direction.
She was so confused and conflicted, yet filled with wicked lust and desire! She had just had another intense orgasm, but wanted more, it was a burning craving hunger, a horrible unrelenting craving.
Holding her son’s cock in her hand, her ex-husband’s cock, it was so big and hard, and so very stiff, Mary knew how horny and in need he was. She could feel his burning need as she could feel her own. Looking at the cock in her hand, her mouth began to water.
Travis watched as his mother gently stroking his throbbing cock. She looked him in the eye and smiled shyly, and he could see the desire and hunger in her eyes.
He could tell just by the look in her eyes. My mom wants to suck my cock! His bitch wants to suck my cock! Travis thought. It was one of his wildest fantasies, and she wanted to do it! He’d never been so excited in his life or his cock so hard. His own mother was going to suck his cock!
“Do it! I know you want to! Suck it!” Travis said firmly to his mother. It was a rush talking to her like that.
Mary quivered. His commanding words gave her a strange thrill; piquing her desires, and brushing away any remaining reservations.
She was ashamed of herself but he was right. How could he tell? Was it that obvious? She wondered. I’m so horny! I do want to suck his cock, this cock, my ex-husband’s cock… She felt so guilty and ashamed, guilty and ashamed of her own burning lust, but she desperately needed to satisfy the cravings.
Regardless of her own wants and needs and the guilt she felt, she knew what her captors wanted her to do, expected her to do, it was their sick game and it was that thought helped her justify her forbidden desires, and what she was about to do.
Chapter 12 Mary slowly lowered herself to the floor between her son’s legs. Resting her arms on his thighs, she took his stiff throbbing member in her hands. She looked up at him and for a moment he looked nervous and unsure.
“It’s okay, I got this.” She said to ease her son. “Just close your eyes and relax.”
Despite what he must be thinking, she knew both of them needed to do this if they were going to get through this safely.
At least that’s what she told herself, denying the hunger she felt for her own son’s cock.
Travis didn’t close his eyes. He watched, in utter amassment as mother kissed the tip of his dick. Holding his cock in her hands, she lovingly rubbed it over her soft lips and cheeks. She went slowly and gently, wanted it to last. She knew he would cum quickly.
Mary didn’t think her son was a virgin, but she doubted he’d ever had an experience like this. She parted her lips and gently licked the length of his cock. He moaned!
Shaking with excitement, Travis watched as the tip of his cock disappeared into his mother’s soft warm mouth!
“MMMM” Mary purred. It was just as she remembered, so long, hard and stiff.
“MMMM” It tasted so good! It had been so long since she had a real cock in her mouth.
She could feel his cock throbbing against her tongue, it made her head spin. She was so horny, and her pussy still throbbed, begging for more attention.
Unable to resist the urge to touch herself any longer, Mary got to her knees, reached back between her legs, and ran her fingers from her tender ass hole too her swollen clit. 

As she took her son’s cock deep into her mouth she pushed her fingers deep into her own wet cunt.
“AAAAH” she moaned with her mouth full of cock as she rubbed her moistened fingers over her sensitive clit. With each thrust of her fingers, deeper into her sopping pussy, she took her son’s cock deeper and faster into her hungry mouth.
As she sucked his cock, Travis watched John kneel behind her. Excitedly he knew what was going to happen. He knew John was going to fuck his mother as she sucked his dick. Travis was filled with wild anticipation, and was surprisingly anxious to see his mother get fucked!
Chapter 13
Mary, felt John’s presents behind her as she tenderly sucked her son’s cock. She felt his hands on her waist, and his hard rod rubbing against her thighs.
All of her resistance was gone. At this point what difference did it make? She was their fuck toy, their play thing, and their horny little slut. She was their willing participant, all of theirs, including her son’s, and she desperately wanted them, all of them.
She was on her knees, naked, with her son’s cocking her mouth, and her fingers ramming feverishly into her sloppy pussy. What difference did it make if John fucked her now? She wanted it! She wanted him to fuck her! She desperately needed to be fucked! She needed her aching cunt filled with cock!
She was their willing, lustful, wonton, participant, their fuck toy, and she wanted to be fucked, brutally hard, over and over again! It had been so long since had a REAL cock and she wanted it bad! She had denied herself for so long, and she had a lot of catching up to do. She needed a lot of big hard cock!
Reaching back between her legs, she took John’s rock hard cock in her hand guiding him to her needy hole. Parting her wet lips, she pushed the tip against her greedy snatch.
Mary quivered and groaned as John pushed his cock deep into her wet snatch. Reaching back, she grabbed his thigh and encouraged his deep thrusting and hard fuck. Her whole body tingled and shook as he rammed her hard repeatedly, rhythmically slapping his thighs against hers. It had been long time since she’d had a good fuck with a real cock, and it felt so dizzyingly wonderful!
The moans of her approaching orgasm were muffled by her son’s cock. She was near cumming, and the closer she got, the more wildly, and deeply she sucked his cock.
As she worked her hips, frantically pushing herself back against John’s thrusting cock, she let her son’s cock push into her throat.
Mary hadn’t had a real cock in a long time, but she kept herself in practice. Often while self-loving, she would take a slimy goo covered dildo and push it down her throat just as she came. She imagines a hot stud fucking her throat, dumping a load of goo right into her gut. Mary was truly a cum loving whore, how she had gone so long without the taste of seed is a mystery, and a pity.
His mother was taking his cock so incredibly deep! He couldn’t believe how much she was taking! He knew it had to be going down her throat! It felt so fucking incredible, like nothing he’d ever experienced in his life! His mom was fucking incredible!
He was going to cum! He was going to cum from his mom’s marvelous mouth. He was going to cum IN her mouth! He couldn’t hold back any longer! He was going to blow his load down his mom’s throat! He started to panic!
“Mom! Stop! I’m going to…I’m…” Franticly, Travis tried to push his mom’s head away.
Mary knowingly lifted her head, releasing his cock with a gasp and a slurp.
“It’s okay. I know you are. I want you to. I want it. It’s okay baby, I want it.” Mary said in a breathy, raspy voice, reassuring her son it was okay to cum in her mouth.
She kissed and licked his wet cock, then slowly pushed it all the way back down her throat.
She gurgled and groaned, and slurped. Her head bob was exaggerated by the hard fucking she was receiving from John.
This woman, his mom… his bitch, seemed so fucking wild and incredibly horny. Who was she? She seemed like someone else, someone different. Like the horny slut mom he’d always dreamed of. Was she was high?
She was high, high on cock, and drunk with lust.
Within seconds, Travis erupted! Grabbing his mother’s head, he thrust his cock deep down her throat!
“AAAGH! FUCK…! FUCK YES… AAAGH!” Travis cried out as he came, forcibly holding her head against his groin, as he pumping his load down her throat.
Quaking and shaking, guttural screams emitted from Mary’s cock filled throat. She was in the mitts of quaking orgasm as her son came down her throat and John hammered her throbbing cunt. Her son’s powerful orgasm pushed her over the edge, and gave her an incredible gut wrenching orgasm!
As his orgasm subsided, he released his maniacal grip on his moms head. Coming up for air, she extracted her son’s cock from her throat with a gasp and a wide, satisfied grin. Playfully, she stuck her tongue out at him, it was covered with his cum, and then she swallowed.
John continued his cock assault on Mary’s insatiable cunt, slamming his cock viciously hard and fast into her sopping hole.
She’d just cum! She’d just had a fantastic orgasm, but another wasn’t far behind. John was wildly pounding her from behind, and she desperately wanted him to keep driving his cock into her, fucking her hard, filling her needy hole cock meat as another orgasm was racing towards her.
Mary’s head spun from the dizzyingly wonderful taste of too long self-denied cum. She hungered for more, much more, and was desperate to binge, and to glut herself on all the cum she could swallow.
“Holly shit man! You are the fuck’n cock master!” Billy cheered as he high-fived Travis. “That’s what I’m talk’n about man! Your bitch is one hot fuck’n, cock hungry bitch! Hey how-bout you help a friend out and send her over my way!” Billy said as he pointed down at his hard cock.
Travis looked down at the crazed woman on her hands and knees with her head between his legs. John, kneeling behind her, was sweating profusely and growling loudly, as he continued to rapidly pound his cock into her gaping hole hard and fast. She was also wet with sweat. She moaned and grunted, and writhed with pleasure as she dementedly squeezed her own tits, and viciously pulled, twisted, and tormented her own nipples. She had a bit of goo on the corner of her mouth, she gathered it with tip of her tongue and swallowed, then smiled devilishly up at him. He could tell she wanted more, more cock, and more cum. He could see the craving hunger in her eyes.
Who was this woman? Who is this horny cum crazed slut? Who is she? Travis didn’t recognize her. She wasn’t his mother.
Mary had fallen into a deep dark hole of her own making, a dangerous pit-fall of her own perverted lustful desires. She would now do anything to multiply, heighten, and satisfy those dark depraved desires. They had awakened something in her, something she had long suppressed.
“You heard him.” Travis said too his horny cum starved mother. “Suck his cock.”
She didn’t hesitate. He could see how desperate she was, but it still surprised by how eagerly she was to take another cock in her mouth.
With John in tow still hammering away at her; she quickly moved over to Billy’s lap.
“Lady, you are fuck’n incredible!” Billy said, as Mary took hold of his big hard cock.
Mary didn’t hold back on Billy, she vigorously took him, pushing his fat cock deep down her throat. Repeatedly sucking and stroking, sucking and stroking with great wanton enthusiasm. Hungrily, she drove her mouth down onto his cock, savoring how it tasted and how it felt, throbbing, filling her mouth, pushing down her throat. Eager, thirsty for more cum, she took the full length big cock down her throat, then out again, repeatedly, brutally fucking her own throat with his cock.
Soon he groaned and moaned, and bucked wildly as he rammed his cock down her throat as he came. She gulped and swallowed, taking all he had to give. Then she pulled his pulsing, spurting, slimy wet rod from her mouth, and wildly rubbed the last remaining squirts onto her face.
Obscenely pressing Billy’s slimy wet cock against her face, Mary moaned and groaned loudly, as she starting spouting obscenities in a low guttural throat.
“Oh God yes… Fuck me… Fuck me… Oh God YES… Your cock feels so GOOD! OOOOHH!” Mary was cumming again!
She held Billy’s slimy cock against her face, rubbing it against her checks, lips and forehead. Cum was getting in her hair and her dark wet hair was clinging to his cock. Her face was a slimy wet mess.
Hammering his cock at an incredible hard and fast rate, John looked as though every muscle in his body tensed. With a load growl and a brutal final stab he drove his cock deep inside her throbbing fuck hole. Gripping her painfully tight around the waist, he held her as he dumped his load deep inside her cunt.
Travis, his cock still hard and twitching, sat and watched in amassment as his insanely horny mother took on both of these men. He couldn’t believe how cum hungry and cock starved his horny fucking mother was. She was insatiable. She just couldn’t get enough. She loved sucking cock, and swallowing cum! He watched, as she sucked off Billy, swallowing every last drop of his cum, as John dumped his load in her dripping cunt.
As soon as John came, she quickly turned around and started sucking and licking his wet messy cock, swallowing every last bit of cum she could squeeze out.
Travis watched his cock crazed mom crawl around for one to the other, sucking each of them off, and swallowing their cum. He was amazed, and excitedly aroused, by his cum loving slut mother. He had no idea she was like that. Things where sure going to change when they got home.
He watched as she greedily finished off John’s spurting cock. Her fine ass, turned towards him, wiggled right in front of him, just a couple of feet away, and her juicy wet cunt was on display in all its glistening glory.
Chapter 14
“Hey Big Guy, check it out. Your lady’s still in need.” Billy said.
Travis could see his mother was wildly fingering herself again. With her face to the floor, and her ass up, and her knees spread wide, she was insanely ramming four fingers into her wet snatch. Grunting, and thrusting her hips, her hand was nearly disappearing into her gaping hole as she savagely fucked herself.
His mother had totally lost her fucking mind, Travis thought. She had gone crazy… fucking crazy…literally.
Billy knelt down next to her. He ran his hands over her smooth ass. He waived his hand in front of her obscene hand filled cunt like a game show hostess displaying a prize.
“If you don’t take care of this, I’m going to.” taunted Billy.
Nervously, excitedly, Travis knelt down behind his voracious mother’s ass and watched as she desperately ramming her fingers into her irresistible pussy. His heart was pounding with excitement.
Crazed, and desperate for more cock, Mary looked back at her son, his big beautiful cock stood out so long, hard and proud. She wanted it, badly. Desperately she wanted him to fuck her. Reaching back, she waved her hand, motioning for her son to come closer.
“It’s okay baby. Mommy wants it. It’s okay. Please. Mommy needs it. Please put it in, it’s okay baby, you can put it in, please.” She muttered, sounding delirious.
Reaching between her legs, she took hold of her son’s cock and guided him towards her wet snatch.
Who was this insane sex crazed woman? It certainly wasn’t his mother, not anymore.
Travis took hold of her waist and pushed his long hard cock into her gooey wet needy hole.
“AAAAAGH!” instantly Mary howled as she came again twitching and shaking!
As Travis worked his cock into his mother’s hot hole, Billy jumped around and put his cock in her face, which she eagerly took and sucked.
He fucked his mother hard and fast. He already come once, and this time he really had to work for it, ramming his cock deep, hard and fast into her sloppy wet cunt. Holding her tightly by the waist, he pulled her back hard against his driving cock.
He held her fine round ass, feeling and squeezing the firm round orbs. He toyed with her tight ass hole, letting his thumbs push against her butt hole as he squeezed her ass checks. Moistening his thumb, he pushed it into her tight butt-hole.
“OOOOH GOD YES!” She cried out as she came again.
As her son fiercely fucked her from behind, Mary moaned and groaned constantly, and loudly. She was cumming repeatedly, and each time more intensely and wrenching.
After a long brutally hard fucking, Travis shot his second load deep inside his mother’s sloppy abused cunt.
Mary was delirious. Her own son had just fucked her so incredible hard and wonderfully, and given her countless intense orgasms she couldn’t think straight. She didn’t want to think. Insanely, she just wanted more, more cock and more cum.
Travis plopped down on the sofa momentarily spent. His cock was dripping with his, and his mother’s cum. Mary turned and crawled over to him and licked and slurped his slimy cock clean.
Her big ass was now turned towards Billy. It was his turn to fuck her.
“Fuck Big Guy, you left a wet mess back here. Gobs of gooey wet cum were smeared about Mary’s ass leaked down thighs. “It’s okay, I’m used to it.” Billy said as he flashed a glare towards his older brother. It wasn’t the first time they’d shared a pussy.
Travis watched his mother’s face contort into a grotesque mix of pleasure and pain.
She grunted and groaned as if in pain, then purred and moaned as Billy worked his rod deep and deeper into her hole.
He fucked her from behind, doggie style for a while, and then wrapping his arms around her waist, he rolled her backwards on top of him.
That’s when Travis saw it wasn’t her sloppy cunt Billy was fucking, it was her ass, and she was fucking loving it.
When Mary felt Billy pull his wet cock from her sloppy snatch and press it against her tight ass-hole, she was insanely excited!
She liked it in the ass, even though she’d never had a real cock in her ass before. It was a pleasure she’d discovered on her own, after years of toy-play.
While playing with her toys she would often touch her sensitive ass-hole with her fingertips. She liked the sensation. Over time she got bolder and bolder, first inserting a moistened finger, than two, then small toys, then larger and larger ones. It wasn’t long before Mary was wildly fucking both her holes hard with her toys giving herself incredible orgasms.
Yes, Mary liked it in the ass!
Grunting and groaning, Mary bounced herself on Billy’s cock like a wild animal. To say Mary was a ‘Hot Mess’ would be an understatement. Her dark hair was matted to her face with cum, saliva, and sweat.
With one hand she held a squirting breast to her mouth, ravenously sucking and chewing on the swollen nipple. Her other hand, she rammed into her inflamed cunt, and franticly rubbed at her engorged clit, while grunted like a beast, and bouncing her tight ass down onto Billy’s big fat cock.
It was a perverse and insanely obscene sight. Travis didn’t recognize this sex crazed woman. His mother had gone, completely, fucking insane! Literally, his mom had become an insane, sex crazed, insatiable, and cock hungry, nympho-maniac.
Things where defiantly going to change when they got home.
With a wave, Mary again beckoned to her son.
She was delirious. Her glassy eyes rolled back her head as she squat on Billy’s cock. Frantically, she rammed her fingers in her cunt, while viciously squeezing her tits, and insanely biting and sucking her nipples.
It seemed she was trying to speak, but couldn’t. She was mumbling gibberish. He could only make out a few words.
“Baby… Oh… Oh fuck yes… Mommy… Oh Fuck… Mommy Needs… Please…” She said incoherently, yet desperately as she bounced herself on Billy’s cock.
He got up and approached the crazed woman impaling her ass on a big fat cock. He stood in front of her, his youthful cock standing hard and ready for action again.
The sex crazed woman took his cock in her mouth and lovingly kissed and sucked him, but only for a moment, then she took his hand and urged him to his knees.
“Please… AH, AH, AH, AH… Oh Fuck… Please Baby… AH, AH, AH… Please Baby… Mommy Needs…” She said as she took his cock and guided him towards her gaping cunt.
Travis was stunned! She wanted him to fuck her! She wanted another cock! She wanted cock in both holes! She was fucking incredible! Would the bitch ever get enough?
He was hesitant, but was intrigued. It was crazy, but he had to try it. Kneeling in front of his cock crazed mother, he pushed his dick into her inflamed cunt. It felt different, tight, and tighter than before… and he could feel Billy! He could feel Billy’s thrusting cock through the thin membrane that separated them!
With both her holes filled with cock, Mary lost it, grunting and groaning like a wild animal, she wrapped her arms around her son’s waist and grabbed his ass, forcing him to fuck harder and deeper.
John joined the fray. He stood to the side of the heaving pile of bodies and put his dick in her face. She willing and eagerly took his cock down her throat filling her last needy hole.
Billy was the first to cum. With a load grunt, he thrust his cock up into her, dumping his load deep in Mary’s ass.
Travis came next. His mother shrieking, almost freighting cries of ecstasy sent him over the edge. He viciously squeezed her breast as he came and milk squirted over his chest.
Finally John, with Mary wildly stroking and sucking his cock, he shot his hot load right on her face.
Mary had been cumming almost constantly and repeatedly for a long while. This final orgasm with every one of her holes filled was by far the most intense and draining. She cried out like a woman possessed, moaning in one long continues groan as she convulsed, tremored and bucked wildly at the cocks impaling her. Finely spent, Mary went strangely limp.
Travis plopped back down on the sofa exhausted, and John sat back down in his chair.
Mary rolled off Billy, and lay curled up on the floor, spent.
John and Billy took a moment to gather themselves, then got up and got dressed.
“Guess we need to get you guys some gas.” John said as he walked out of the house.
Before he left, Billy slapped Mary on the ass with a load smack saying: “Lady you were fucking wild!” She didn’t move.
Travis gathered up his cloth and got dressed. His mom laid naked, splattered with cum and milk, crumpled on the floor not moving. He was to get concerned. She hadn’t moved for several minutes, and he didn’t know if she was sleeping or unconscious.
He shook her: “Mom… Mom, wake up, it’s time to go. We’re getting some gas. You have to get up.”
Slowly Mary regained consciousness. With her lusts satisfied, reality came crashing down.
She felt horrible, dirty, like a dirty whore, the things she had done, with her son! But was it over? Where they safe? Could they leave? Had she done it?
She had done it. She had gotten them through this unharmed. Her son was fine. She was fine, more or less. She was sore, her ass, her twat and her throat where all sore. She was a sore and sticky mess. She did what she had to. She had to believe that, for her own sanity.
Getting up, she put on her cloths. She felt cum leaking out of her cunt and her ass. She felt dirty, disgusting and ashamed, remembering what she had done.
She tried to tell herself she did what she had to do, but it didn’t help. She knew it was partly a lie. She burped, and up came some cum, it almost made her throw-up. She hurried for the back room, grabbing the bottle of tequila, she took several big swigs. She didn’t care if she had to drive; she needed to get the taste of cum out of her mouth.

Back at their car Travis waved as John and Billy drove off. He looked over at his hot sexy lustful mom, he couldn’t wait to get her home and fuck the shit out of her. He was getting horny just thinking about it. He was just about to reach over and touch her breast when she turned to him and said:
“I’m so sorry! They made me do it! Please forgive me!”
Travis was confused. He didn’t understand. What did she mean? They made her do it?
“What are you talking about? They made you do it… What do mean, they made you do it?”
“They made me do it.” She repeated. “They forced me to have sex. They said that if I didn’t do whatever they wanted, they were going to hurt you.”
Travis was stunned. He didn’t believe her. She was lying. She was lying so she would have to fuck him. He was hurt and angry. She was lying. They didn’t force her. She fuck’n loved it, she fucked and sucked everybody. Why was she doing this? He was crushed, defeated, and angry. They drove off in tense silence.
After a while Travis had to ask: “Shouldn’t we call the police? If they forced you, don’t you think we should call the police?”
Mary knew her son didn’t believe her, and she couldn’t blame him: “Do you really want to explain to the police what happened? Tell them everything that happened. I know I don’t.”
“If they forced you… that means they raped you… and if they raped you… what about me? Did I rape you?”
“No, No, of course not, you had no idea what was going on. I didn’t want you to know, for your own safety. I’m so sorry, please forgive me.” The question hurt Mary to her soul.
“It didn’t seem like you were being forced.” He said with the disbelief apparent in his voice.
“I know it didn’t. I did what I had to do, for our safety. I know you’re confused, but we shouldn’t talk about this. What happened is going to have to be our secret.”
Travis didn’t know what to believe. It didn’t seem like she was forced. He still thought she was lying.

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