A Wife and The Amazon Tribe Ch. 04

In the morning when Julie woke up to a sound of someone entering the hut, she realized that she was still naked after the passionate session with chief. As she tried to find something to cover herself, three village women grabbed her by the arms and took her outside. There, they made her sit on a log and bathe her with warm water. When water started to flow down her body, she remembered that it was the day of bonding ceremony. It was her wedding day. She should be feeling happy, but something was keeping her away from that feeling.
As one woman poured water on to Julie’s head, other two got busy scrubbing every part of her body. They were amused by her different features and they took time feeling her full breasts, soft white skin and long hair. As far as the scrubbing went, they didn’t miss a spot. Julie had to stop a moan from escaping her mouth when they started washing her privates.
After drying Julie up, the women dressed her in a straw skirt and started to braid half of her long hair while fixing flowers and colorful pebbles in to it. Julie realized they must have made a new skirt just for her, because even though she was much taller than an average village woman, the skirt reached down to her knees just as other women wore them. Then they started to draw designs on her skin with red paint. They painted lines in a way that they highlighted a woman’s curves. Julie laugh when she realized that they have painted her breasts with rings that made her breasts look like two bulls-eye targets with her nipples at the centers.

When they started to usher Julie in the direction of the village, she panicked for a second realizing that she was topless. Then she remembered, village women didn’t wear anything to cover their tops and it was something she would have to get used to quickly after getting married to chief. When she reached chief’s big hut, she was being followed by a parade of celebrating villagers. Everything in the middle of the village was decorated and they had made something like a stage in front of the hut and it was decorated with plants and flowers. Surrounding it, on many stands, there were various kinds of food for the celebration. When she saw the crowd that was gathered in the place, she thought that the whole village must be attending the ceremony. After all it was the occasion their leader finally chose a first mate to be at his side. Other mates didn’t have a status above village elders, but a first mate was below only to the chief. A group of drummers were playing drums while young girls dance their traditional dance according to the beat. Everyone was eating, laughing and chatting.
When Julie reached the hut, the chief came out of the entrance. His body was also painted with redlines. He donned a ring of long feathers on his head and his privates were the most decorated part of his body. The penis seemed to be shining with some kind of oil and the huge scrotum was meticulously painted with fine designs in gold color. The braided pubes were decorated with numerous colorful gems and as always, the large blue gem hanged above the penis as the crown jewel.
The chief took Julie’s hand and led her on to the stage. She looked like an angel on the stage. Her body, especially her full breasts glowed like marble due to the rare exposure to bright sunlight. He was being unusually gentle with her and she had to force down a smile when she noticed that the chief was trying his best to look tall beside her. She thought, that must be something all men had in common; to be taller than the mate. Despite his best efforts, he was barely passing her shoulders. An old man arrived to face them with a cup in his hand and started to pray while holding the cup up in to the sky. All the villagers around them went silent and closed their eyes to pray silently with the old man. After about half an hour of praying, Julie was starting to get tired of standing still for a long time. Bringing a relief to her, the old man stopped the praying and among cheers of the villagers, he offered the cup to chief. He drank half of the cup in two gulps and offered it to Julie. She slowly took the cup in her hands, uncertain of what to do with it and the chief gave a motion of drinking and she knew she had to drink from it. It smelled awful and she took a small sip of it. It tasted more awful than the smell. With an expression of disgust, she quickly offered the cup back to chief. This brought a loud laughter from the villagers and the chief signed her to finish the whole cup. Seeing no other way of escaping, Julie pinched her nose close with one hand and gulped down the rest in three gulps. She felt sick drinking the foul drink and cursed the person who had the bright idea of making a bride drink foul things at her wedding.
Soon Julie started to feel something hot in her stomach. In few moments the heat started spread through her whole body. In a minute, her breathing started to get heavy and her nipple started to stand out proud. With a gasp, she realized that she was starting to get wet between her legs and her mind was getting overwhelmed with carnal desires. She guessed that the foul drink must have been an aphrodisiac. She welcomed the pleasure and the idea of being horny when the couple go in to the marriage bed. But it was too early in the celebration to get horny and the chief or the villagers didn’t appear to have the desire to leave the place anytime soon. While Julie concentrated on keeping her horniness at bay till the celebrations finish, chief’s hands started to push her down to all four position on the stage. Then she realized what was about to happen. She was going to have sex in front of a whole village while being high on an aphrodisiac.
The main event of the celebration was to witness the consummation of the bonding. It was a show of the groom’s strength and virility; a show of the bride’s femininity and fertility. Even small children attended the celebration to witness their king and queen’s capabilities. It was a normal thing to have sex in front of watching eyes in the village due to one room hut design. Children learned about ways of breeding at early ages watching their parents in the act. So everyone lifted whatever they were drinking or eating and cheered the initiation of the bonding act.
After successfully manipulating Julie in to the desired position, the chief knelt behind her holding his now oily, fully erected penis in hand. With the other hand, he undid the string that held her straw skirt on to her body. As the bunch of straws dropped on to the floor where her knees were placed; her full round ass came in to view decorated with a pussy that had pink lips dripping with excitement. While grabbing her hip with his arm, he pointed the large head of his cock at the dripping entrance to commence the bonding ritual.
Julie kept looking at the floor breathing heavily while she waited for the inevitable intrusion of Six bumps in to her. Her mind was a sexual blur. The aphrodisiac, the exposure of her nudity and the public sex act had her excited near to an orgasm. Then she felt the big head part her inner lips and press on her already pulsating opening. The chief grabbed hard on to her hips with both his arms and thrust in to her hard. Julie lifted her head and let out a very womanly shuddering moan. Then came the second thrust. She looked up with her now glazed blue eyes and let out a loud moan in a higher pitch. When the third thrust came, after much practice with chief, she instinctively got the perfect timing and pushed back to meet his thrust. The blue gem pressed hard on to her anus and Julie let out a hybrid of a moan and a scream while her whole body shuddered. Her eyes rolled back in to her head and she gurgled something incomprehensible as a splashing sound came and clear liquids started to flow down from the junction the chief and Julie were connected.
The crowd was going mad with cheering and clapping. They came for a show and they got even extra within the first minute of the show. It was rare to find a woman that can orgasm just by having a cock in her, and it was rarer to find a woman who squirted with orgasms. The chief have certainly found one of the rarest gems and he was capable enough to fully utilize its potentials. For the few people who had doubts about the outsider woman, that was more than enough to accept her eligibility as the chief’s first mate. The women who had an eye for the position and chief’s other mates that was jealous of Julie, silently accepted their defeat as they couldn’t compete with a performance like that.
With that single orgasm, the chief became the luckiest man in the village, instead of Julie becoming the luckiest woman in the village. She became the idol of all women and the most desired woman among the men. Girls would look up to her and all the boys would look for a little of Julie in a girl when they chose one. She would become the standard for beauty and fertility. She would become the rare gem of the village.
After the orgasm, Julie didn’t fully come back to the reality. She felt like she was in a constant half orgasm state and was possessed by a sex demon. From then on, the ceremonial bonding became a fucking competition between chief and Julie. She bucked like a mare and fucked back the chief vigorously. In an effort not to get pushed off or not to be out fucked by his first mate, he grabbed on to her long hair with one hand like a cowboy grabbing on to reins in a rodeo. While pulling on her hair to show her smooth long neck, he pounded back in to Julie, sending ripples of shock waves along her body from where his pelvis slapped loudly on her full soft ass. Mesmerizing the eyes of the spectators, her firm breasts defied gravity even when they were hung down and rocked back and forth in their own rhythm.
Julie wasn’t stopping fucking back even when she orgasmed and squirted. The indications to her climaxing were, when she changed her moans to animalistic groans, signs of muscles quivering and visible splashing of clear liquids splashing around where her vagina and chief’s cock battled for dominance. And during all that she didn’t miss a beat and thrust back to meet his thrusts. Their bodies started to drench with perspiration due to the heavy work out they were receiving and chief himself was now breathing hard to catch his breath.
The villagers were taken aback by Julie’s performance. Not only her beauty, her vigor and spirit seemed to be second to none too. She was giving the chief a run for his money, who was famed to be able to fuck women to be bed ridden for few days. A new found respect for Julie was starting to manifest in the hearts of the villagers. Among the pouring of cheers, a new chanting was beginning to grow. Soon the chanting became clear and loud.
“Aka una, aka una, aka una, aka una.”
The chanting went on and on as they cheered the strong white woman. The chanting meant ‘White spirit’. For the tribe, the holiest beings that governed the forest were spirits. In the half hour praying of the bonding ceremony they were praying to the spirits to give their blessings to the bonding and the village. So being called a spirit was an honor even few chiefs get to experience. For them it was the perfect bonding. The chief who was hailed as the ‘Tiger spirit’ for his ferociousness was now bonding with ‘White spirit’. The bonding of two spirits to guide the tribe was a blessing that came straight from the spirit land.
Hearing the villagers call his first mate the ‘White spirit’ made chief’s heart filled with pride. He thought that it must be true as nothing from the mortal world could be this beautiful. The idea of getting to breed a spirit turned him on so much, he pushed hard in to Julie and started to orgasm. Feeling him shooting his molten hot cum into her, Julie let out her last guttural scream and orgasmed while massaging the spurting cock with her walls. The chanting stopped and a loud cheer rang across the village as the bonding of the two spirits were finalized.
The excess of cum, dripped down on to Julie’s discarded straw skirt as the chief kept pumping seed in to her. The fine designs on the scrotum and lines in his pelvis were washed away thanks to Julie’s spray washing of love. When he pulled his cock out, she let her body fall on the floor of the stage. As the chief stood up with effort while breathing really hard, three woman came and lifted the sweat drenched body of Julie and carried her in to the hut. As they carried her, chief’s cum poured out of her open sex and left a trail behind them to show where the white spirit had gone to.
Sam entered the hut where he and his wife used to live. It had only been about a month since they took vows to be together forever and now he could hear the celebrations of his beautiful wife getting married to someone twice her age. On the mat was Julie’s neatly folded yellow sundress. Leaving her dress was the symbol of leaving her past world behind and entering a new world. She refused to take any mementoes from the old world in to the new world. On the dress, sparkling, was the diamond wedding ring he had put on her finger a month ago. The message Julie had left to Sam was crystal clear. Sam knelt in front of it and held the dress with the ring on it with his two arms. Dark spots started to appear on the dress as tears fell on it. He loved her and still did. Those were the mementoes Julie had left for him. The mementoes from his long lost lovely Julie before she changed in to someone he didn’t recognize. Mementoes from the woman he married before the chief killed her and put another woman in her body.
Sam thought that what Jack said and explained, made perfect sense now. He had slept in Jack’s hut after he realized the love making between the chief and Julie wasn’t going to end soon and he had already had enough of watching his wife enjoying another man. In the morning when Jack stopped Sam when he was about to go back to his hut and informed him that Julie was getting married to chief that day, he lost his mind. He started to run in to the forest. Even though it should take about one day to reach the poison forest, he was determined to run non-stop till he reach there and escape this nightmare or die trying.
Surviving in the forest for ten years had granted Jack a strong and nimble body too. Soon he caught up to Sam and tackled him down. He had a feeling about what Sam was about to do. He wasn’t going to give up on the friend he met after a decade. He was trying his best to keep Julie and Sam alive in this ordeal. He wasn’t happy, but was glad when Julie changed her personality and insured her survival in this harsh place. For Jack, Sam and Julie were more than friends. After a decade of isolation from outside world, he immediately opened his heart to the young couple. Julie looked and behaved so much like his little sister at home, he immediately started to love her as his own sister. Soon he started to love Sam as a younger brother that he never had. They were his family. And he wasn’t planning on letting a family member die a useless death.
After the tackle, Sam tried to wrestle Jack off of him. Jack knew talking wouldn’t calm Sam down and delivered a powerful punch in to his chin. After seeing stars for few minutes, he had calmed down enough to listen to reason. He sat on the ground and screamed while crying,
“That whore took vows with me a month ago and now she can’t get enough of that old monkey’s dick. She was a slut enough to fuck another in front of me, but I never thought a woman could stoop low enough to marry again while being married to another man.”
Jack let out a sigh and sat on the ground in front of Sam.
“Sam, if you are done letting it out, please listen to what I have to say. I completely understand how you feel and I personally think you did well not to get killed in this whole mess. I’m not a scientist, but I’m quite knowledgeable about human mind. That woman who is getting married, is not the Julie you loved or married,” Jack said looking in to Sam’s eyes.
Sam kept looking at Jack with big eyes that had a look of amazement and confusion before replying.
“What do you mean she’s not Julie?”
After clearing his throat, Jack entered in to his former academic mode.
“Alright, this might sound strange, so try to bear with me. All humans have different personalities in them. But there’s always a major personality that defines who we are. Other personalities are made from desires and feelings the deep mind experience throughout our lives. Some personalities never come out and some temporarily come out when our mind is instable. For example, when we are angry or drunk. In some occasions when the human mind is exposed to a big shock or a pain, something that could shake the foundation or the very structure of a personality and if the person really do not want to modify or change the major personality they have, as a defense mechanism, the original personality enters in to a state like hibernation. A new personality that had been sleeping and deemed not as important as the main one, normally takes over as the major personality.”
Jack stopped his explanation briefly to see if Sam was understanding what he was saying. The look of realization in Sam’s eyes answered his question.
“Do you mean the same happened to Julie? A new personality took over to protect herself?” Sam asked in disbelief.
“Yes I think so. Being with Julie for so long, you must have realized it was impossible for a person to change completely in one day. The Julie we both love must have gone in to hibernation during the rape. That woman loved you too much to let go and didn’t want to accept the rape. She sacrificed her own body to preserve her love for you.”
Jack looked at Sam with a raised eye brow and asked,
“Do you still want to throw your life away and just give up?”
Sam put his arms on his head.
“Oh my god, I’m such a fool. Julie once told me that when she was small, she had multiple personality disorder. It all makes sense now. I knew so much about Julie to know that it wasn’t her but wasn’t wise enough to realize what had happened. Instead of rationally think about it, I blamed my lack of manliness and Julie’s unfaithfulness.”
“With age comes wisdom, Sam,” Jack said while putting an arm on his shoulder and smiled.
At that moment, Sam’s old personality and confidence came back to him. It wasn’t the Julie he loved that rejected him or found him inadequate. It was the new personality. The real Julie loved him enough to reject the pleasures she felt from a big penis and chose to give up her body rather than being unfaithful to him. It was him who was lack of love or trust. While standing up, Sam promised to himself that he would never again give up on his wife. As a phoenix rising from ash stronger; Sam rose to his feet with a stronger heart.
The tears that fell on the yellow dress weren’t tears of sorrow. Those tears were a tribute to the old Julie who chose to love him over death. Knowing that made him love Julie even more. Even if it was another personality that was getting married, it was still a part of Julie and the real Julie was also still sleeping in that beautiful body. Realizing that, all the sorrow and hatred washed away from Sam’s mind. If the new Julie was going to be happy by entering a new life with the chief, he was going to give his blessing. He felt in a way that the new personality is the sister of Julie he loves. There was no reason to being upset about his sister-in-law marrying someone. Still, there was a chance that old self of Julie might come back. Sam determined himself to be alive and be close to Julie as in case if she came back to her old self, he didn’t want her to find herself alone.
When Julie woke up, she found herself lying on fur instead of a straw mat. It felt good to be lying on something soft after a long time. When she surveyed the hut, it was the size of a small room and was heavily decorated. Light seeped in to the hut through a window slit and she knew that she didn’t sleep through her wedding day. Her whole body blushed when she thought back about how she behaved in front of the whole village. Looking around she noticed that her body had been cleaned and a new straw skirt was placed right beside the pile of fur she was lying on. She put on the skirt and slowly walked out of the entrance and was surprised to find herself in a big hut that resembled a meeting hall. There were three more entrances to other rooms like huts and a big entrance as the exit. The chief’s hut was the only hut in the village that had room-like small huts connected to it. One as chief’s bedroom, one for his mates, one as a kitchen, one as storage and in middle of all, the big meeting hut for his official use.

Suddenly one of chief’s mates came to Julie and led her in to the kitchen to give her something to eat. Only then she realized, she didn’t eat anything for the day and was starving. In the kitchen, Julie got to know the other two mates of chief and his young daughter. They were very friendly and respectful towards Julie. To them, the white spirit deserved utmost respect. One of them looked to be around 40 and she had started to gain weight and had very saggy breasts. Other one seemed to be around 30 and had a normal body with a very pleasant face. The young girl seemed to be around 12. All of them were around four feet and Julie felt like a giant among them. They tried to communicate with each other while eating. The elder one was trying to teach Julie their language. The younger one was innocently smiling while admiring her beauty. The girl was very playful and was obsessed with her long hair. Julie and the girl immediately bonded with each other. She felt that the elder mate was playing the mother role and the younger one was like an innocent elder sister. When it got dark, they lit up a fire in middle of the big hut and gathered around it. The girl, whose name Julie found out to be Maali was leaning on to her while hugging her hand. She seemed to love Julie and was always around her the whole day.
When the night time came, the chief entered the hut after completing his official duties. The other mates brought dinner to the middle hut and served chief and Julie. During the dinner, there were lot of eye contacts between the chief and Julie. She blushed knowing what was to come after the dinner. When the sleeping time came, Maali insisted that she get to sleep with white spirit and refused to let go of Julie. Julie had to laugh when her mother, the elder mate said something sternly to her and dragged her away in to the mates’ hut. As the younger mate started to put off the fire, the chief stood up and offered his hand to Julie. Julie looked up at him with her blue eyes and gave her hand to him while lowering her gaze to let him lead her to their marriage bed.
In the hut, Julie let go of chief’s hand and untied her straw skirt. Then to the surprise of chief, she pushed him on to the fur and made him lay down on his back. It was the first time a woman took control or he let one take control during a breeding. But knowing the white spirit always had sweet tricks to surprise him, he followed her lead. It was her wedding night and Julie wanted to give chief something special. So first, she knelt between his legs and started to stimulate the giant with her mouth. The moonlight was seeping through in to the hut from the window slit and the chief could see her skillfully licking all over his cock and scrotum. Julie wanted to take the cock in to her mouth, but it was too big to fit in her mouth without having her teeth biting on it. After a while, his cock was dripping with her saliva and was pulsing with excitement. Then she crawled up his body like a cat, rubbing her full breasts from his thighs, penis, and stomach, and all the way to the chest to give him a deep kiss in the mouth. Their tongues danced in their mouth while chief ground his penis against her flat stomach in desperation.
Julie also felt his need and her vagina was also now itching for some cock. With a wicked smile, she knelt up while straddling chief’s hips and positioned herself in a way that her vagina was directly on top of his penis base. Then she lifted her body up a bit, grabbed the huge cock and placed the head right at her opening and smiled looking straight in his eyes. The chief was at a loss of words as this was something he had never imagined as a way of breeding but the idea itself was enough to turn him on like he never had.
Holding the penis from the base, Julie relaxed her legs to let the gravity take over and impale her with his big cock. She let out a long moan while looking up as his cock slid in to her depths with bump after bump massaging her clit as they slid in to her. It was a slow continuous fluid motion as she surrendered her love passage to the gravity and the giant cock. After a minute and a half of sliding down his cock while continuously moaning, Julie’s vaginal lips kissed the base of the cock as the blue gem kissed her clitoris. Then Julie had her first orgasm of the night. Her whole body shook with a deep loud moan and wetness started to drip down from chief’s pelvis. She quickly recovered from the orgasm and looked smiling at the big eyed chief. He had never seen such an erotic scene. He had to try hard not to cum when Julie started to orgasm.
“Ok big guy, why don’t we start the ride?”
Julie said as she started to send ripples down her body. The ripples started with her rocking shoulders and her spine transferred the ripple down to her hips. Her hips and thighs then moved her pelvis in a circular thrusting motion. It was a slow sensual moment that made the iron made chief to half close his eyes and moan in pleasure from witnessing her dance of seduction. Julie moaned and brought her arms up seductively while touching her body from along her thighs, up her flat stomach, round her dancing breasts and along her neck then pushed her fingers in to the strands of her hair. With her hand on head and moaning, she sped up her dancing. As wave after wave of moments went down her body to stroke the giant cock with her velvet glove, the chief extended his arms and started to play with her dancing breasts. After a shrieking scream, she came another time and dropped her torso on to chief, while breathing hard to catch her breath and still impaled on his cock. The chief also was breathing hard after his hard battle not to cum during the erotic display she put on for him. After catching their breaths, they looked in to each other’s eyes and smiled sharing thousand words in that glance. Once again the lovers were sharing a deep kiss to reaffirm their bond.
After the kiss, Julie had one more trick up her sleeve that she wanted to show that night. Again with an evil smile, she lifted up her torso and while still being impaled on chief, she place one of her feet flat on the fur and then the other. Now she was squatting on him. To take things one step further, she put each arm on her knees and spread them apart until her thighs were perpendicular to the body the chief. Her stance was like a sumo wrestling stance and she was still impaled on the cock.
The chief was again at a loss of words after seeing this position. It completely opened up her sex and the way his cock impaling her was very clear. It looked so vulgar and so erotic at the same time. Julie stayed still like that looked at the chief with lusty eyes and started rocking her pelvis back and forth. The chief felt that he was getting very close to cumming and started to thrust up in to Julies opening. She was moaning loud and was having a difficult time keeping her balance in the new position while being hammered by a giant cock. But the way it left her so exposed and the un-lady likeness turned her on massively. Within minutes, she was cumming and fell on chief. She shook on top of him while groaning loud with pleasure. The chief also lost his control and started cumming while she laid on him. When Julie came down from her orgasm the chief was still cumming in her. She loved the feeling of cum shooting in her. She lifted her head and once again gave a deep kiss to chief. He grunted and she moaned inside their locked lips every time he shot cum in to her. After some time, the insemination stopped. Julie broke the kiss and looked deep in to chief with her blue eyes and said “I love you” before resting her head beside his and fell asleep, still impaled by his cock.
When the chief woke up in the morning, Julie was still sleeping on him with his cock impaled. Her soft breasts were deliciously pressing on to his chest and he could feel her soft breathing and calm heartbeat. He turned his dead to find her angelic face, eyes closed and a faint smile decorating her lips. Just remembering the erotic events that happened last night made his cock swell in to full attention. Feeling her walls start to stretch from inside, Julie let out a faint moan while still sleeping. He still couldn’t believe a woman could be so alluring, beautiful and innocent outside the bed and become a sex goddess on the bed. She went over and beyond to pleasure him last night and he was glad he got to experience something like that before his life ended. He moved his now swelled cock a bit inside Julie and realized, the load of cum he pumped in to Julie last night was still in her and was acting as a great lubricant. She had shown him a great collection of wonderful tricks last night and he thought it was about time he repaid her with one of his tricks.
The chief rolled Julie on to her right side and rotated himself till he was kneeling straddling her right long leg holding her left leg up, pointing it in to the roof. All this happened in one quick swift move and apart from a groan, Julie was still in her dreams having sex. Then he hugged her toned left thigh tight on to his chest and started jackhammering his cock in to Julie. There were no foreplay or slow initiation. His large scrotum was resting on Julie’s right inner thigh and his pelvis was a blur, pumping in to Julie in break neck speed.
“uugh? WHAT? WHAT?” was Julie’s first response at the sudden attack in to her most sensitive place. When she looked down in panic to see what was happening between her legs, she found chief’s blur pelvis as he jackhammered in to her like a horny bunny. It was too much sensation at once and she was still very sensitive from last night’s adventure. It felt good and but was over whelming enough to make it some kind of a sweet pain. The relentless attack on her over sensitive walls were too much bear and she wanted to crawl away from the onslaught.
“No.ugh!please.ah!stopfor.eh!moment.mgh!ai!fuckyou.ah!” Julie muttered as she tried to use her arm to crawl away and give her pussy a little break. But the chief was holding her left thigh very tight and soon her whole body started to go rigid with an oncoming forced orgasm. This was very different from any orgasms she had ever felt. It felt like her walls, her clit and whole body was being poked by thousands of needle, but it was painful and so good at the same time. Fireworks started to show in her vision and the whole body started to writhe in a mix of pain, lust and uncontrollable passion. Her left leg extended rigidly and her toes pointed up painfully like a ballerina. Finally her fingers grabbed on to the fur with a vise grip and she let out a murderous scream while her body and limbs writhed uncontrollably with inhuman strength. The chief got kicked back hard enough in the chest to send him flying off the pile of fur and landed on the floor. She was still twitching and rolling around while groaning when the two other mates and Maali came running to the room to see who had gotten hurt. Maali was the first one to burst up laughing seeing what had happened and where her father had ended. Soon the other two followed and he felt so embarrassed he gave an angry look at the laughing crowd and they quickly dispersed in to other rooms.
When Julie came down from her orgasm, chief was still on the floor looking at her with amazement.
“Serves you right bastard,” She said while laughing,
“But thanks.” Julie’s blue eyes were now burning lust.
She felt weak after the mind boggling orgasm. But wanted to do something nice to him for giving her that unwanted sweet orgasm. She crawled down from the fur pile to where the chief was still sitting down with his legs spread, showing the rock hard cock. She grabbed the shaft with her two hand and put her opened lips on the head and started suck and lick the opening while stoking the cock fast with her hands.
The chief admitted defeat. There was no beating the white spirit on the bed. He felt like Julie was sucking the very soul out of him. He leaned back on his arms and let the pleasure take over, and instead of usual groaning, he moaned loud when he started to shoot out seed. And what happened next, blew his mind off. She didn’t take her mouth off as he predicted when her started coming. The hand still strokes the shaft encouraging the seeding and she stopped sucking, but kept her lips tightly around the head and kept waiting. At first he could see her cheeks start to stretch with the huge amount of cum he was shooting and then making the chief skip a heartbeat, he saw her throat bone move up and with a loud gulping sound, it went down. And it repeated again and again. She was drinking his seed. He never imagined that something like that was even possible and it was the most arousing thing he had ever seen. The village women looked at seed with disgust, but she was moaning while gulping down one load after the other and was looking at him with her bright blue eyes. The chief threw his head up and moaned louder in pleasure while cumming even harder. Julie knew he was going to cum for a long time and was going to cum a lot. She was getting tired of being on her elbows, so she lied down on her side and rested her head on the side of his thigh while still keeping her mouth on his cock. The chief kept pumping and Julie kept gulping down every load like a suckling baby.
Julie loved the taste of chief’s cum and moaned once in a while savoring the flavor and texture while she fed on it. She used one hand to keep the pulsating monster pointed to her mouth and used the other to massage the pulsating large testicles. Right when she was starting to feel really full, the cock stopped pumping seed and started to go soft. She disengaged her lips from the cock while burping softly.
The chief still couldn’t believe it. Julie drank all of his cum without spilling out one drop. She knelt up facing him while smiling wide and kissed him. He tasted a little of his own semen in her mouth, but nothing mattered anymore. While they exchanged their kiss, the chief felt a trace of some unfamiliar feelings in his heart. He stopped thinking and redirected his mind in to kissing back the sex goddess.
After the chief left the hut for his duties, Julie had to sleep in for at least another two hours. After she woke up, she put on one of her straw skirts and went to the kitchen in search of other members of the family. There were about 5 women in the kitchen and she entered among cheers and clapping from the women. It looked like the mates of the chief weren’t good at keeping family matters to themselves and had spread the news of what happened, throughout the whole village by sunrise. Julie’s white skin turned pink as she blushed in embarrassment. Still it elevated Julie’s position among woman as the only one that had been able to out fuck the Tiger spirit. When they offered her breakfast, she had to pass on it as she was full with a healthy potion of cum in her belly.
Julie’s life started to revolve around meeting with other women during the day and mind blowing carnal love making with chief at night. Every morning, she received a healthy dosage of seed to drink from chief after the regular blowjob. He couldn’t get enough of Julie’s mouth loving, and Julie couldn’t get enough of the taste and the submission she felt while she drank his seed like a suckling baby.
The other mates were starting to get confused by Julie’s constant refusal to eat breakfast. They knew the chief was focusing entirely on breeding Julie, so the eldest mate was keen on keeping Julie healthy and nurtured. In the tribe, the birth rate was so low, a woman was considered lucky to conceive even after six months of breeding. Chief was the known most virile male in the whole tribe. He was able to breed a woman normally in four months. As he bred other high-cast women, the chief gifted his own children to high-cast couples that had trouble conceiving. Maali was the only child he decided to keep with him as she was the first girl born from one of his own mates. In their culture, daughters were considered assets and were valued higher than the boys.
Everyone in the tribe wanted to witness a child, conceived by two spirits. Chief had proven himself to be a first class breeder. So, the eldest mate was adding fertility medicine in to Julie’s food. Hence, Julie’s refusal to eat breakfast was starting to trouble both mates.
The mystery got solved when one day when curious Maali decided to peek in and see what her father and white spirit was up to every morning. She was shocked to see Julie greedily gulping down chief’s seed while kneeling in front of the standing chief. Soon the two mates got to know about the bizarre love making method and soon all the village women were listening to the news with amazed faces.
From then on, the two mates were starting to peek in as Julie and Chief fucked each other with different ways every night. Through the mates, the village women were learning about bizarre ways of spirit love making. Whatever erotic or perverted thing Julie came up with while she and chief fucked, the village women were starting to worship them as the proper ways of spirit breeding. Soon more and more village women were gulping down their men’s seed and were riding their big cocks. And the men were blessing the white spirit for teaching their women the hidden ways of breeding pleasures.
Without knowing, Julie was starting to change the tribe’s social structure from inside. Her reputation was growing day by day and only one person in the tribe was unhappy with Julie. It was the medicine woman. She was starting feel as if her influence over the tribe was starting to weaken day by day as Julie’s influence took over. She was no longer the highest woman in the tribe. She had taken precautions to ensure that the tribe’s blood would be unspoiled by outsiders. When she made the medicine for the chief to make Julie stretch easier from his precum, she included medicine that would make chief sterile for couple of weeks. She thought that after breeding the pale woman few times, the chief would lose interest as he normally did. Her calculations went wrong when the chief got addicted to Julie’s body. She wasn’t able to stop him from making her the first mate, but after that she made sure that Julie wouldn’t get pregnant by sending Julie fertility medicines that would make her infertile as long as she took them every three days. The old woman predicted that as long as Julie doesn’t give birth to chief’s son, she wouldn’t be able to gain a proper position in the tribe. But now that was also changing.
As the medicine woman trembled with anger and jealousy, she remembered the new order from the chief’s mate asking for fertility medicine. With her old hands, she replaced the medicine with a secret poison that could slowly kill a human over a period of a week. She would explain the tribe that the white spirit came down with a disease from the spirit world.
The medicine woman had the perfect plan for the perfect crime, but there was a small hole in her plan. She didn’t account for her apprentice to see her switching the medicine for Julie with something she took out from her secret poison box. The apprentice was one of the girls who worshipped the white spirit and her beauty. Julie was always kind to her when she delivered medicines. White spirit was very humble even if her status was the highest in the tribe among women. So when the medicine woman handed her the poison to deliver to chief’s hut, she straight went to the chief and explained what had happened. When the chief summoned another medicine woman to check the medicine to ensure it had poison, they got to know that the old woman was sending infertility medicines as fertility medicine. Proving the words of the apprentice, they found traces of poison too.
The chief was furious and went with his soldiers to capture the medicine woman. Sensing danger, the medicine woman was keeping her eyes on the village and when she saw the furious chief and his men, she took one of her secret potions and fled in to the Jungle. The chief sent men pursuing after her and returned to the village. The medicine woman was fast for her old age and managed to reach the poison jungle in a day. The men after her saw her running in to the poison jungle and gave up their chase. When they came back to the village and reported what had happened. The chief concluded that, in fear of his wrath, the medicinal woman had committed suicide by entering the poison jungle. The next medicine woman was quickly appointed as there were three more women in the tribe with medicinal knowledge. But still, the previous was considered as one of the best in past few generations. Julie also got explained what had happened and she was also disappointed that all the amazing sex she had with chief weren’t going to make her pregnant. But after three days, things were going to go back to normal and the chief would start the real breeding of Julie. Soon, as Julie counted her three days with excitement, the village went back to its normal slow existence.

Two days after the incident, Sam was walking in to the village with Jack. Sam preferred not to go in to the village since he never felt welcomed there. But this time as he walked among huts and tribe people, he noticed that they didn’t look first at his penis and looked disgustingly at him. Julie had given a good impression about white outsiders to the villagers. They didn’t respect Sam. But for the sake of looking same as their beloved white spirit, they didn’t look at him with disgust anymore. The reason Sam followed Jack in to the village was to get a glimpse of Julie. He was missing his wife. He wanted to see her blue eyes and check if there were any traces of his wife in them. It was the purpose of his life now. Be close to the body of Julie and be sure that he’s there for her when his wife comes back as the major personality.
Before long, Sam got his wish granted. At the village center, Julie was talking with some women in a mix of native and sign language. A few feet away the chief was there with two of his men. A native girl was hanging on to her arm and was surrounded by many more girls. It looked funny as some girls had their whole body painted white as if they were trying to look like Julie. Still among them, Julie stood tall like a goddess. The golden rays from the evening sun were making her white skin look like gold. Her full breasts were standing proud on her exposed chest. There was a primal beauty about her with all the native wear she had on. As she was talking, her eyes turned to Sam who was looking at from about five feet away. Their eyes met for a second before she looked away as if wanting to avoid his gaze. In that second, Sam saw a fraction of his wife deep in the blue ocean. It was as if she was reaching for him but she couldn’t. That was all he wanted to know. His beloved wife was still living in a corner of Julie’s mind.
While wiping a tear from his eye, Sam turned to go back to his hut. As he turned he noticed something unusual within the crowd. An old woman with her face painted and a straw coat covering her whole body. A blow pipe started to emerge from within straws and started to point toward Julie that was towering over the short women and girls. As the woman take a deep breath, Sam stopped thinking and started to run toward Julie. The woman exhaled her breath fast and a poison dart was flying toward Julie. The sudden blow sound attracted every ones attention to the woman. As Julie, chief, Jack and everyone around watched, the poison dart closed in towards Julie. Suddenly Sam’s body came in to Julie view, covering the approaching dart.
The moment the dart hit Sam’s neck, his eyes met Julie’s. In Sam’s eyes, Julie saw nothing more than love. Sam’s body hit the ground and he tried to get up, he felt his whole body starting to go numb. It was much faster than the dart he had experience before. Soon a black ring was darkening his vision and it completely got dark as he went unconscious.
The woman was the medicine woman who had come to take revenge on Julie for stealing everything she had from her. Her plan was to kill Julie and die, instead of dying in the jungle. She could have easily survived with her skills in the jungle, but she was old and she had no life outside the tribe. As she tried to reload the blow pipe while cursing Sam for interfering with her revenge, she felt a spear go through her arm making her drop the pipe. Soon she was surrounded by soldiers.
As Julie witnessed Sam go down defending her, she felt a sharp pain in her head. The look in his eyes as he jumped in front of her burned in to her soul. Deep in her soul, Julie the girl witnessed her love of life, giving his life to protect her. As she looked at the motionless body of Sam, his wife screamed in sorrow deep in her heart. Julie the woman felt that she was again in a fight for dominance. This time Julie the girl was coming strong with the sorrow of seeing her motionless husband. Julie suddenly grabbed her head and while screaming, she fell down unconscious.
After the dramatic incident of capturing the former medicine woman, Sam dying on the ground and Julie’s sudden falling unconscious; everyone was confused about what to do. The chief took his charge as the ruler and instructed people to take Julie in to the hut and take Sam to the medicine woman immediately. He could have easily ignored Sam and let him die, but the chief felt in debt to Sam for sacrificing himself to protect the white spirit. Then he looked at the old woman with his eyes burning with anger and ordered his soldiers to tie her to the big poll in the village. He was going to grant her death wish, but it was going to be a painfully slow one.
The new medicine woman struggled to detoxify the poison in Sam’s body. The former medicine woman was the real deal and nobody knew how to completely negate her secret poison. Somehow the new medicine woman also wasn’t an ordinary one. She took it personally as a way to show her capability as the new medicine woman by overcoming the former’s poison. As the other medicine women in the village labored to revive Julie from her sleep, she labored beside Sam for hours before she finally stabilized his condition. It wasn’t a perfect treatment and Sam’s will to live was put to real test.
Sam opened his eyes and surveyed the hut he was in. It wasn’t his hut. It was filled with dried plants and lot of clay pots. The smell of herb over powered his sense of smell. He was still feeling very groggy and sleepy and it felt like his body didn’t have any strength left in it. When he slowly turned his head, Jack was sitting beside him smiling wide while letting out a sigh of relief.
“Man, you are something else. You risked your life to save Julie without a hint of hesitation and escaped certain death. It looks like there’s much more to you than I thought,” Jack said while putting a hand on Sam’s shoulder. He was genuinely glad that Sam survived.
“How long have I been out?” Sam asked while clearing his dry throat.
“You had been out for two days. You were fighting with death on your own for the last whole day. Your will to live was amazing,” Jack answered as he put a bowl of water to Sam’s lips to drink.
“How’s Julie? Is she ok?” Sam asked after drinking the whole water bowl like it was his last drink.
“You saved her life for sure. But, after seeing you go down, she screamed and fell unconscious. She’s still in a deep sleep in chief’s hut. Don’t’ worry, she’s not in any danger. They are taking good care of her and I’m sure she would wake up at any moment. For now you drink this porridge and focus on regaining your strength,” Jack said while putting a bowl of porridge to Sam’s lips.
Sam drank the porridge and closed his eyes to fall asleep. He needed to regain his life force after the intense battle with the grim reaper. The reaper had attacked him with its sickle relentlessly. All Sam could do was dodge for his life. In the battle, he fell to his knees many times and the reaper almost had his head many times. But each time he fell, memories of Julie came to his mind. He had to survive. He had to survive for Julie and not leave her alone in this hell. Magically a sword came to his hand. The sword was actually the medicine he was given. From then on he fought back ferociously and it took forever and all his strength to defeat the reaper, but he won in the end.
As Sam fell in to a deep sleep from exhaustion, Jack went to the village center. The old woman was hanged by her arms on the pole and her pointed toes were barely touching the ground. The chief has ordered the former medicine woman to be starved to death. Jack went there because he had a burning question that needed to be answered. After two days of not having food or water, the old woman was starting to wrinkle like dried prune. There were few guards a bit far near a fire. It was night and Jack managed to bring a small cup of water with him, unnoticed. When the old woman opened her eyes when she felt a presence in front of her, she saw Jack with a water cup in his hand. With a barely audible whisper she started to beg Jack for a sip of water.
“I’ll give you water, and I’ll even make your suffering end, if you answer truthfully to my questions.” Jack told the woman in native language.
A sip of water and a quick death was all she was dreaming for at the moment. So she nodded in agreement.
“How did you survive a whole day in the poison jungle without any harm?” Jack asked his question.
The woman raised her gaze to meet Jack’s and looked at him for few moments before she answered. She explained that she had managed to create the ultimate antidote potion after years of research. After consuming, it could make a person immune to any poison for about three days. She had used it before she fled in to the poison jungle.
This was the breakthrough Jack was waiting for to escape this place. While giving a sip of water to the woman, he asked whether there were more of this potion with her. She seemed to be hesitating to answer that. Jack knew that were more of it, from the reaction of the woman.
“Let’s make a deal. If you tell me the place you keep the potion, I’ll take the white spirit away from this village forever. And if you want I’ll even bring a poison to you that will end your suffering.”
For the woman, this was the deal of her life time. She gets a quick death and the cursed white woman would be taken away from her village. If she cannot kill her, this was the next best thing she could have hoped for. So, she told all the details about the hidden place of her potions. But there was a small problem. The antidote had to be mixed with another medicine in the body to work. She had already had that in her body, so she only had to the drink the antidote. The other medicine was a rare flower and it bloomed only once a year and it had to be consumed fresh. The plant was considered holy and a big bush of those plants were being taken care of in the village center. Every child was fed the flower when they passed one year of age.
Jack went to the old woman’s hut and found her hidden potions; one with the antidote and one with the fast acting poison. The antidote vial was small and it was barely enough for three people. He went back to the woman to confirm that he got the right potions since he was unsure whether the old woman was tricking him to drinking poison. But when he asked for proof, she asked him to reach in to her pouch and he would get his confirmation. From the pouch, he pulled out an empty vile with the same markings as the antidote and one barely used, with same markings as the poison. It was enough confirmation for Jack and he mixed the poison with water and offered in to the old woman granting her last wish. He watched from far as the woman take her last breath and the body go limp.
Next morning, Sam regained enough strength to walk and Jack took him to his own hut and advised Sam to rest and regain his strength as soon as he can. Sam was puzzled his advice, but followed it knowing Jack always had reason behind everything he said.
While unconscious, Julie was waging her own battle inside her head. Enraged by the death of her husband, Julie the girl fought hard for the dominant place. After a three day battle, Julie the woman had to give up and take up the position of a dormant personality. She opened her eyes to find the two mates besides her looking worried. She turned to the younger mate and inquired about the white male and how long she had been unconscious. Giving the best good news she ever had in her life time, she answered that the white male was doing fine.
Tears flowed from Julie’s eyes with happiness and then she remembered about the medicines. After the incident of finding out that the old medicine woman was giving her birth control medicines, she had taken fertility medicines from the new one. And from the mates, she got to know that she had been sleeping for three days. The old medicine should have worn off and the new medicine should be taking effect in her body making her extremely fertile at that day. The chief would definitely try to breed her after knowing that she had woken up. Even if she managed to fake illness, eventually she would be bred by him in the future. If she was going to get pregnant, she wanted to carry the child of the man she loved. Not the child of an old native man. Julie knew she had to do something and do it quickly.
In a hurry, she tried to get up only to be stopped by the two mates. They were telling her that she must sleep and rest. Julie looked at the eldest mate and told her that she must go. Tears were flowing non-stop across her cheeks and she pleaded the mate. As a woman, the elder mate understood her plead and let go of her while instructing the younger one to do the same. They thought that she wanted to thank the man that saved her life. Julie thanked them while crying and started running toward Sam’s hut.
Sam was sleeping in the hut when Julie suddenly barged in through the entrance. She was panting hard to catch her breath after running so fast. Sam got up and was looking at her with big eyes and opened mouth, thinking that he was imagining things. When Julie’s searching eyes met Sam’s, right then Sam understood that his dear Julie had come back. Tears started pouring from both their eyes as they kept looking at each other and then Julie jumped on to Sam who was now sitting on the mat and hugged him tight.
“Sam! Oh my god, tell me I’m not dreaming. Please tell me I’m not dreaming,” Julie cried while hugging her long lost husband.
“You are not dreaming angle,” Sam whispered in to Julie’s ear as he wrapped his right hand around her to hug her tight and left to hold her head on to his shoulder in a caring manner. Julie lifted her head to look in to Sam’s eyes and leaned in to kiss him deep to make sure that he was real and not a part of her dreams.
Julie and Sam shared a deep soul kiss for about five minutes before they separated. While looking back at Sam with her blue eyes, Julie started to remember all the things she had done with the chief and how cruel her other self had been to Sam. She remembered how broken his eyes looked at that time, but when she looked at him now, they looked much stronger than they had ever been. Julie was overwhelmed with shame and guilt for what she had done to Sam and what kind of unfaithful things she had done with the chief. She basically married that old man and she didn’t understand how she could begin to explain what she had done wasn’t actually done by her.
“I know I did things to you that cannot be ever forgiven. I’m so sorry Sam. I didn’t wish for things to happen like this. I had no control. I let that old pervert ruin me. But I don’t know how to explain it to you,” Julie said while looking down in shame and new tears started to fall down from her face.
“Shhhhh…you don’t have to say anything anymore Julie. I know what happened. Jack helped me realize that. And I still remember you said you had troubles with split personalities when you were young. So don’t feel ashamed about anything. All that matters is that we love each other,” Sam said while lifting her face by her chin and giving her a reassuring kiss on her beautiful lips.
“I’m so lucky to have met a person like you Sam. But still, I’m a spoiled good now. My body is tainted by that monster. A wonderful person like you do not deserve something dirty as me. He destroyed my,” Julie got silence by another kiss from Sam.
“I said all that matters is that we love each other. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met. But, it was your beautiful mind that made me fall in love with you. So what your body did with that monster, do not lessen the love I have for you by even a fraction. Past few days, I came to love you even more than I ever did,” Sam said while looking deep in to Julie’s eyes.
By looking at his eyes, Julie understood that he meant every word he said. She wouldn’t be able to repay him in her life time for accepting her tainted body and she thought that she could at least start the repaying now. She wiped the tears off her face and gave another deep kiss Sam. This wasn’t as gentle as the first one. It was filled with lust.
Julie had remembered the main reason she escaped to meet Sam. She wanted him to plant his seeds in her before that old crook got the chance to get in between her legs. Julie’s face turned serious as she explained Sam about the medicines and she was as ripe as a woman can get at that moment.
“Sam please make love to me and give me your baby. If I’m going be pregnant, I want the child of my husband. I don’t want to be bred by an old rapist,” Julie said while crying.
Sam understood the situation and he was thankful to Julie for taking a big risk to come and present him the honor of giving her first baby. He held her face with his both hands and gave her a deep loving kiss. Julie loved to engage in that moment of love and foreplay forever, but she knew that anytime the chief would find out that she was gone and come looking for her. They were short on time to make a baby.
While kissing, Julie undid her straw skirt and broke their loving embrace to lie down on the mat. On the mat, she spread her legs wide inviting Sam to get in between her legs and perform his duty as her lawful husband. It was the most erotic and beautiful thing Sam had ever seen. The most beautiful woman he had ever seen was lovingly inviting him to breed her and give her, her first child. He was enjoying the view he was presented for a moment.
“Sam I’m sorry, but I don’t think we have much time. We have to make this quick my love,” Julie said with hint of fear.
Sam quickly got on top of Julie’s beautiful body and humped his hip forward to find her opening with his penis. It wasn’t hard to find the opening of his wife as he had had sex with her so many times before. But unexpectedly his penis went in to her depths unopposed and his whole penis was in her in one small thrust. After having a monster cock at least once a day for weeks, Julie’s sex was ruined for Sam by the old chief. He didn’t want to let Julie sense it and started to hump in as usual. Julie also realized that she wasn’t feeling her husband’s penis in her. It used to fill her so much to the point of pain, but she didn’t mind about not feeling any physical pleasure. The fact that she was reunited again with her husband was enough to satisfy her and all she hoped for was that Sam would be able to salvage something out of her ruined vagina and give her his precious semen.
As time went, Sam was thrusting in to Julie fast and desperately. Both were starting to realize that there wasn’t enough resistance in Julie’s vagina for him to achieve orgasm. It was a painful truth the partners had to woefully accept. Sam was praying to god to make him cum as he didn’t want to hurt Julie’s feelings. Accepting the facts, Julie put a hand on Sam shoulders to stop his thrusting.
“I’m sorry Sam. I’m ruined,” Julie said as tears fell down from her eyes.
“No, please don’t say that honey. It’s just… I’m too stressed to cum. It’s my fault,” Sam said while wiping away Julie’s tears.
Julie started to cry harder as she realized that Sam was trying to take the blame to make her feel good. Then she had an idea.
“Sam, there’s another place that’s still not ruined. As an apology, I’ll give you my anal virginity. You have every right to claim it,” Julie said after she stopped crying.
Sam couldn’t believe his ears, after all the times trying to convince Julie, she was offering her anal passage to him. Given the situation, it was the best option. He had to enjoy Julie virgin ass till he was ready to cum and cum in to her vagina. Julie had come up with a good plan in this disaster of a situation.
“Thank you. You are the best wife,” Sam said after giving her an appreciative kiss.

“Just make sure you cum in my vagina,” Julie said reminding him the real objective and got ready to lose her anal virginity.
Sam pulled out of Julie’s loose enclosure and put his head between her legs. Julie expected him to take her anal virginity right away and was confused of what he was doing.
“Sam, we don’t have much time to play around,” Julie said while lifting her head up to see what he was up to.
“You can’t take me in there before you loosen up or without any lubrication. I don’t want to hurt you,” Sam said while looking in to Julie’s blue eyes.
As if giving her approval, Julie put her head down and waited for something new. When Sam looked at his gift up and close, he noticed that Julie’s brown star that was right under her pink sex was throbbing in anticipation of his tongue. When Sam gave the first lick that ran his tongue over her rectum, Julie breathed in loud and hard from the new sensation. Hearing Julie’s reaction and how her small star clenched, he got encouraged and started his relentless licking attack on Julie’s rectum.
This wasn’t something Julie have ever felt. As Sam’s red hot tongue ran over her sensitive opening, she started to moan loud. She even loved the way his nose was constantly teasing her pussy as he thoroughly lubricated her anal opening. As the tongue kept teasing, the pleasure started to loosen her tight opening and soon the tip of his tongue was slipping in making Julie see stars. Sam took full use of the opportunity and started to feed in his tongue in to her virgin hole. It was a pleasure she had never experienced and soon Julie was climaxing while squeezing Sam’s head between her strong legs.
After going through a shuddering climax while moaning hard, Julie legs slowly let go of Sam’s head. Sam knew Julie’s anal opening was well lubricated and was relaxed enough to lose its virginity. He knelt between her spread legs and while holding his penis with his hand, he looked at Julie after placing his penis head on top of her brown star. While smiling Julie nodded to give him the approval to take her anal virginity. With that, he started to put pressure as Julie squeezed her eyes shut with pain and focused on relaxing her sphincter ring to allow access in to her untouched territory.
Sam looked with amaze as the once tiny star like opening started to widen around his penis head and opened the passage reluctantly. As her tight opening started to widen, Julie was breathing hard like she was giving birth. Then with a small jab from Sam, the head slipped in and Julie gave out a painful yelp. He kept the head inside her without moving and enjoyed the amazing tightness around his shaft as the newly opened passage tried to strangle the intruder. When he felt her anal passage loosen its grip a bit, he thrust in a little again burring about half an inch more in to her. Julie would give out a painful gasp and tighten her death grip around his penis again. Every small thrust was like claiming her anal virginity again and again. It was all Sam could do not to lose control and burry his penis in to Julie’s as in one brutal thrust. But his desire to not to hurt Julie kept him in check.
After about ten minutes of claiming Julie’s ass, Sam was balls deep in her. He kept it buried in her as Julie struggled to get used to the new invader while breathing hard. Soon, she started to relax and the pleasure started to seep in. feeling Julie started to relax around his penis, Sam pulled his cock out about an inch and thrust in again. This time, instead of a painful gasp, a moan escaped her mouth. Feeling encouraged, he started to increase the intensity of his thrust. Soon Julie was moaning and writhing in pleasure as her body experienced a new form of pleasure.
Sam lowered his torso on to Julie’s and started hammering in to Julie’s ass while he kissed her. She wrapped her arm and legs around him tightly as if she didn’t ever want to let him go. Soon her moans started to get very loud and Sam had to kiss her to muffle her moans between their locked lips. Julie let out a scream of pleasure in to Sam’s mouth and started to shake like she was electrocuted. As her anal passage massaged his penis with a death grip, Sam felt a warm spray of liquid starting to drench his pelvis. Julie was orgasming hard and was ejaculating. Sam felt so proud about being able make Julie ejaculate. It was the first time he managed to do that to Julie.
After the orgasm, Julie was kissing Sam all around the face thanking him. This was what she wanted, sex with a person she actually loved and loved her back. That orgasm felt more satisfying than the numerous ones she had in the past weeks. She felt weak at her legs and had to put them down on the mat to give them rest. Then he felt cum boiling in his balls and the need to cum. He had to struggle to pull his penis out of her still throbbing and grabbing anal passage. After pulling out with a plop sound he quickly buried it in to Julie’s vagina and started to pump in to achieve orgasm.
Right when Sam felt cum churn in his balls and started to travel up through the shaft, he felt strong hands on his shoulders pull him away from Julie. He heard Julie’s wailing ‘No’ and his cum started to shoot in to thin air instead of in his wife’s fertile depths. His head was met with a hard blow and the world went dark as he looked in to Julie’s eyes that were filled with fear.
The chief was furious to find the outsider pounding in to his first mate. He caught the man from his shoulders and threw him away from Julie’s body. He was glad that he made it in time to find his first mate in the old hut she used to share with her pathetic former partner, because right after he was pulled out from Julie he started to release his seed. A second later, the lowly man could have spoiled his plan to breed the pale woman.
The chief couldn’t believe that Julie undermined his right to breed her. She belonged to him and he had the exclusive right to her beautiful body and the fertile womb. He came with two of his men with spears and Julie was screaming when the outsider went down from the hit he took to his head. She tried to run in and attack the man who hit Sam, but the chief easily caught her by her mid drift and slammed her back down to the mat. He was going to breed her right then and there to teach her a lesson of obedience.
Knowing that she was definitely going to get pregnant if the chief managed to pump his seed in to her womb, Julie fought hard. The chief couldn’t believe the woman that let him breed her enthusiastically until now was fighting against him so hard. It was as if she was a whole different person. She was doing a good job with her long legs while lying on the mat. She was using the advantage of her long legs to keep the chief’s monster cock from reaching her sex and this only fueled his anger more and more. Getting frustrated by failing to get his penis in to her opening, the chief signaled one of his men and the man pointed the sharp point on to the neck of unconscious Sam. Julie saw this and got the massage. She had to offer her womb and dignity in exchange for the life of her husband. New tears started to pour down from her eyes as she decided to give up her womb. While giving her murderous stare at the chief with her eyes, she opened up her long legs.
“Here, take it. You’ll go to hell for what you are doing to us,” Julie said as she cursed the old man with her whole heart.
When Sam came back, there was an intense pain in his head and he was still half unconscious. He faintly heard Julie’s cries and screams with an all familiar slapping sound. He used all his strength to open his heavy eyelids to see what was happening. When he finally managed to half open his right eyelid, his vision was full with swinging giant balls of a man. Above the giant scrotum was a dark ass going up and down between two white legs. The two legs were struggling around as if they were trying to push of the thrusting hips while twitching every time the dark ass fell down hard. They were the long toned legs of Julie he loved so much. He wanted to help her. He wanted to stop her rape. But as he struggle to summon his strength, his vision started to go dark again.
The chief was ruthless and was hammering his giant cock in to Julie’s depths without a mercy. She was crying loud with sorrow and screaming with pain. She didn’t feel the pleasures she felt before from the monster cock before. This made a case of lack of lubrication in her vagina to accommodate the huge member. Her walls were burning with friction and the bumps on the cock torturously hit over and over on her sore clitoris. There was a hint of pleasure, but the overwhelming mental distress turned the whole ordeal in to a torture session for Julie. She was not only being raped, she was about to be forcefully impregnated by an old monster.
The chief’s eyes were still filled with anger as he sawed his tool in an out of Julie’s reluctant body. He angled his cock in a way that, when he slammed in to her, the cock head would hit her cervix directly. He watched as her whole body Jerked with pain when he did that and he wanted to punish her for her disobedience. He pinned her long legs to his shoulder and started to wreak havoc in her sensitive depths. As the chief Jack hammered her with malice, Julie screamed in pain. The pounding on her cervix was painful enough, but the burning of her walls by the friction made it feel like her whole sex was burning.
Then to her horror, Julie felt the vile tool in her start to expand a bit. The old crook was about to cum deep in her fertile womb and her young body was about to be hijacked by a bastard child from the savage. Julie started crying hysterically and started punching his face telling him to get off. The chief caught her hands with his and rooted his monster cock deep in to Julie’s vagina and held it firm.
“Noooooooooo, curse you old fuck,” Julie screamed while crying out loud as she felt the first batch of hot, thick and potent cum spray against her cervix. With that small rope of cum, he had completely ruined Julie.
When Sam came back again, there was no slapping sound. He clearly heard Julie’s crying and whimpers accompanied male grunts. After every few grunts, she was cursing, “Fuck you bastard. Stop shooting your filth into me. Nooo…stop it.”
Sam half opened his eyes to see the giant scrotum now pulsating and a thick white liquid was gathering on the mat. The man had his wife’s long legs pinned to her shoulders and it made her opening to turn up and collect as much as cum it can in her womb. His heart fell as he realized that someone was cumming in to Julie’s fertile womb. Someone was forcing her to carry his child as her first pregnancy. A thick white liquid in a big pulsating scrotum was ruining the innocent dreams he and his wife dreamed of. His beautiful wife was being bred for real. His vision started to go dark again as he thought that he failed again.
After get getting thoroughly bred by the chief, Julie had given up and lied on the fur looking blankly at the roof. She was back in the chief’s hut since after the rape, he had given orders to take Julie to the hut and keep her under house arrest. She heard construction noises beside the bedroom hut outside, but wasn’t interested in checking it. She was thinking that her actions had ruined both her and Sam’s lives, but she was glad that she was able to come in to a deal with the chief to let Sam live if she wouldn’t fight her breeding. The chief had agreed to it while wiping the blood from his nose. He didn’t want to risk getting hit like that every time he bred the woman. No matter how strong a man was, he was at his weakest when he was seeding a woman. There was another reason the chief didn’t kill Sam immediately. He wanted him to suffer. That’s why he gave new orders to build a big bamboo cage right next to his bedroom hut. He wanted to keep Sam prisoned and he wanted the the man to hear as he bred his woman. And he was intending to keep Julie screaming day and night.
Sam woke up to the sound of Julie’s grunts accompanied with slapping noises. It had become night and He felt life in his body and quickly got up to help his wife, but found himself trapped in a cage made with bamboo. It was the size of a small room and had a roof that protected him from rain and sun. Julie’s voice was coming from a hut that was about ten feet away from his jail. He tried to break through the bamboo and found them to be much stronger than he though. He was helpless again. He knew the chief was breeding his wife. From the sound of grunts, painful moans and protesting noises, he knew Julie was being taken against her will. It wasn’t another personality anymore and it was his real wife in mind and body that was being raped in that hut. He cursed everyone and kept looking with eyes full of tears at the hut his wife was being raped.
The chief had taken some medicine himself and was pounding in to Julie nonstop. After receiving a good beating in to her vagina for nearly an hour, Julie’s protests were fading in to a constant whimper. Even if she denied any pleasure from this breeding, her body was helpless against the nonstop onslaught in to her womb. The chief knew the outsider must be awake by then and he wanted make Julie scream before he plant his seed in her womb. He pushed his deep in as much as he can go and started to gyrate his hip while keeping his cock buried in Julie. This made his cock gyrate inside Julie’s body and it mercilessly moved around her internal organs. Her flat belly bulged and moved back as the gyrating cock moved her womb around in the abdomen. Julie was trying her best not to orgasm as her body kept telling her mind to let it orgasm. But feeling her womb getting moved around in her body by a cock, made her lose it and orgasmed hard.
“Oh my god, what are you doing? Stop it! You’ll hurt something. Nonononononono…aaaaarrrrrgh..fuck youuuuuuuu,” Julie screamed as she was rudely forced to orgasm.
Sam heard clearly as Julie was being forced to orgasm and soon heard the familiar grunts of the chief as he inseminated his beautiful young wife. The hut went quiet for a few hours and at the middle of the night, Sam woke up to the protests of Julie and later they turned in to grunts, whimpers and slapping noise. Sam kept listening to Julie as she got bred by an old man once again that night.
In the early morning when it was still dark, Sam was awaken by Jack. He had sneaked near to his cage when everyone in the village was asleep. The chief had given a direct command forbidding anyone to talk with Sam. Jack asked Sam about what had happened and was delighted to hear that Julie had come back to her original personality. But that also meant she was in danger and was going to suffer a lot more. He also agreed that given the situation, it was Sam’s duty to grant Julie’s wish and it wasn’t an unwise thing. They both knew Julie was the one that was suffering the most at that time.
“Jack, we have to save her. I’m more than willing to give my life for that. Please help us,” Sam pleaded to Jack.
Jack was impressed that Sam was still keeping a strong and clear mind after listening to his wife getting raped for hours. He truly have reborn stronger and looked much more dependable.
“Nobody is going to die Sam. I have a plan,” Jack said looking in to Sam’s eyes with a serious look and Sam’s eyes lit up with hope.
“I got an antidote that can protect us through a journey in the poison forest. But it needs another rare ingredient. The good news is, the ingredient is the flower that grows in the bush right in front of you. The bad news is, it normally blooms once a year and the weather can change the time to even two years. So nobody can predict,” Jack said.
“That’s better than nothing. But I worry about Julie. How long would she has to go through this?” Sam asked Jack with concern.
“Don’t lose hope Sam. You both are strong and your love is strong. You will survive and escape this. I will prepare the other necessary things in the meanwhile. I wouldn’t be able to talk to you much, so all I can ask you is to be strong and survive. Julie is a strong woman, she’ll survive through this too. When the flower buds appear in that bush, it’s the sign that you have to be ready. I’ll come to get you out on the day the flowers bloom,” Jack said before vanishing back in to the darkness.
The hut was the prison of Julie. The chief had put two guards at the entrance that monitored everyone that went in or out of the hut. When she wanted to go to the outhouse or to the river, she was always accompanied by two guards and a mate. At evening the chief would come with a raging hard-on and would rape her till late night. Sometimes even till the sunrise. She knew he was trying his best to breed her and he was doing a good job at it. Every time, his monster cock would reach to the deepest parts of her womb and release unbelievable amounts of thick semen. She didn’t physically protest her breeding in fear of Sam’s life and the thing she hated the most was when the chief forced her to orgasm. After hours of sexual abuse, the connection between the mind and body start to fade away and the body would orgasm on its own. Julie knew the chief was trying to make her scream loud with pleasure and wanted Sam to hear it. That’s why she hated it. Julie had never hated a person this much in her whole life and the fact that this vile person was trying to impregnate her with a child was so repulsive, sometimes Julie gaged with disgust when she felt his semen shoot up against her cervix. She even though about suicide but decided against it as she knew they would kill Sam the instant she was dead.
The chief was disappointed about Julie’s change of personality and he really missed her cooperative wild sex acts. He thought that the outsider male had put a spell on her to change her. So he was going to breed her and force him look at the swelling belly as his child grow in her fertile body. Her cooperation wasn’t a problem for him. With or without consent, he loved breeding the beautiful exotic woman. Thanks to the new medicine the new medicine woman gave, he was able to cum multiple times and breed much longer. He specially loved when after hours of protesting, Julie’s body would betray her and orgasm on his monster cock. He forced her to orgasm many times each night and loved the fact that the outsider was listening to his sexual prowess as he bred his woman.
One of the major things that annoyed the chief was the sudden change of villagers. Some were signaling their displeasure about keeping the white spirit prisoned and forcing her to breed. But none of them were powerful enough to make it clear or go against the chief. Still it was enough to annoy him a lot and he normally let it out of his system by breeding Julie roughly to convince himself that he’s above the white spirit.
For three weeks, Sam was listening to Julie’s cries, protests, screams and orgasms; but he never got even a glimpse of her. Most of the day, he was exercising while looking at the flowerless bush in the middle of the village. It was his objective now. To get strong and be ready when the flowers bloom. He wanted to be strong enough to help Julie and strong enough to take his revenge.
That day when the sun light chased away the darkness, Sam was treated with something he was praying for. Small white buds of flowers were appearing out of the bush in front of him. From the look of it, they were going to bloom by the end of the day. It was one of many things that Jack had taught him. He was happy enough to cry and he looked at the hut where Julie’s cries came from every night.
“Wait for me a bit more Julie, I’m coming to save you,” Sam said with a determined voice.
When the sun started to go down the tree line covering the village was with an ambient orange sunlight, Sam smelled smoke. The village was filled with shouting and screaming while many ran in different directions in a big commotion. Sam stood up to see what was going around and saw smoke rising from five different places around the village. Just as the darkness came in, big flames rose up in the village. He looked at the now bloomed white flower and with a smile said, “Jack.”

Sam saw the chief running with his men towards the burning huts while giving instructions. One of the two guards that guarded the hut came near to his cage and was guarding him. He cursed the chief’s intuition to sense danger. The flames didn’t seem to go down and was spreading even more. Sam thought that having their main source of water a bit far from the village was making it hard to control the flames. This wasn’t a big society that was prepared for a fire breakout. He thought that Jack was a genius. Except for the two guards, everyone in the village was either running toward the fires or running away from them. It was the perfect diversion for an escape.
The chief must have noticed that it was unusual for fires to start in five places at once in the village. The guard was not taking his eyes away from Sam as he stood there with a spear in his hand. Sam was also looking at the guard as he knew at any moment Jack would appear. Suddenly he saw a tall shadow behind the guard. A hand closed around the guard’s mouth and a shiny metal blade moved across his throat, slitting it from ear to ear. The gagged guard gave out a gurgling sound as a river of blood flowed down from his slit neck and his body fell to the ground.
Jack came out from the shadow wearing his old adventure pants and shirt. He was carrying his back pack too. The cage was opened and Sam quickly gave him a big hug thanking him.
“It’s too early for thanks my boy. Here, wear this. We are getting out of this cursed place,” Jack said while handing Sam his pants and shirt.
Sam quickly put on his clothes on and it felt weird after being naked for more than two months. Jack was already eating few white flowers and Sam also joined him. After they ate some flowers, Sam put few more for Julie in his pockets.
“Are you ready Sam?” Jack said turning to Sam.
It was the time they go in to the hut to rescue Julie and face who ever in it.
“Thought you would never ask,” Sam said as he took the lead to go in to the hut.
Sam and Jack were greeted by the second guard in the hut. He was in fighting position and was pointing the poison spear. When Sam was about to jump in and tackle, a big clay pot came crashing on to the head of the guard. The guard half unconsciously turned to see what had happened and another pot exploded to bits right in his face. He fell to the ground and blood was pouring from his face and head. It was the two mates of the chief. They were looking at their handy work with big eyes, unable to believe they actually did it. Julie came in to the big hut to see what the sound was and saw Sam and Jack.
“Sam!” Julie screamed while jumping in to his arms to hug him tightly and cry loud.
Jack looked at the two mates and understood that they were helping Julie to escape the clutches of the chief. He thanked them for their compassion while the husband and wife shared a moment for themselves with a kiss.
“Ok you lover birds, you’ll have enough time for that later. We have to escape now,” Jack said even though he hated to separate the reunited couple.
Sam gave Julie few of the flowers to eat and after that handed her a neatly folded yellow clothe. It was Julie’s sundress and on it was her diamond wedding ring. She undid her straw skirt, put on the sundress and gave the ring to Sam and presented her ring finger. Sam slid the wedding ring on to her finger while looking lovingly at her blue eyes and gave a quick kiss on her lips to seal the deal. They were husband and wife again and were ready to go back.
It was easy to escape the village in the darkness and during all the commotion. Jack and Sam both knew the forest near the village well enough to travel in the dark. Julie wasn’t used to the Jungle at all and they were barefooted. She was tripping and falling all the way and was bleeding from the cuts on her soft feet. The progress was slow and they reached the point of unknown forest and had to stop there for the night. It was dangerous to venture in to unknown parts of the forest in dark. More importantly, Julie needed some rest even though she didn’t complain about it. So they just slept under a big tree for few hours till the sun rise.
When the sun rays started to seep in to the forest floor, Sam was sitting while supporting his back on to a big tree trunk. On his lap was Julie’s head as she slept like a baby. Sam was admiring his wife’s beautiful face while gently caressing her head. It felt so good to feel the warmth of Julie after so long. She was exhausted after the last night’s travel and Sam and Jack had decided to let her rest a bit more before they started moving again. They were in a hurry as the chief might be already chasing after them, but they needed Julie strong to travel fast and avoid any injuries by tripping. A sprained ankle would mean the death in that situation.
When Julie opened her eyes, she was greeted by her husband’s face and his caring hand on her head. It felt so good to feel his warmth after so long. All the pain and torture she went through past few weeks were worth even his brief warmth. She felt safe in his hands.
“Good morning love,” Sam said as he bent down and greeted his wife with a kiss.
“Ok people, we have to discuss our strategy a bit now while we have time,” Jack said as he started to take things out from his back pack. He had a small knife, a compass, dried meat, a journal and a map in it. He pulled out the map and spread it out on the ground.
“This is the map I was drawing when I found this part of the forest. I started making the map after I left the nearest town in this region and I’m sure once we get out from the poison forest, we can easily follow this with the compass to go back to civilization,” Jack said while pointing the path with his finger.
“This is amazing Jack. I can’t thank you enough for all the things you did for us. We will be forever in debt to you,” Julie said while giving him a hug.
“You two are like my family. It was my duty to help you two,” Jack said as Sam also joined the hug. The three share a hug like a family.
Suddenly Julie broke off and started to vomit on the ground. Sam was holding on to her while she threw up again and again. He was worried that she was getting sick. After Julie stopped vomiting, she felt weak and was resting in Sam’s arms. Jack came to her and checked Julie’s pulse from her wrist. He was concentrating on the pulse for a moment and looked at Julie with a look of horror. It took few moments to read and understand Jacks expression.
“No! Please no. Why? Oh god, Why me? Nooo,” Julie was crying hysterically and was trying to run away. She felt too ashamed to face Sam. She was carrying the baby of the old demon.
Sam held on to her tight and didn’t let her go.
“Please let me go. I’m too ashamed. He destroyed me Sam, he destroyed me. I’m no worth to you now. Let me go, I want to die,” Julie cried while pleading Sam. She genuinely planned to run away from shame and suicide.
“Don’t you dare say that Julie.”
Julie was surprised from Sam’s sudden stern voice and stopped her crying.
“I love you more than my life. This doesn’t change anything. You are the girl I chose to marry and to spend the rest of my life with. I love you. The child growing in you is a part of the woman I love. That’s more than enough reason for me to love that child as my own,” Sam’s voice was soothing and had a firmness to it saying that he was meaning every word.
Julie was overwhelmed by the goodness of the man she had married. She couldn’t believe that a man like that ever could exist. A man that loved her enough to accept a bastard child as his own. She turned her head to look at him with a teary big eyes as if she couldn’t believe his words.
“Now I love you even more,” Sam said before giving Julie a kiss to brush away whatever doubts she had.
“Sam is right. What matters is that it’s your child,” Jack said to Julie.
“And Sam, it’s an honor to know a real man with a big heart like you,” he said while putting a hand on his shoulder to let him know that he was proud of him.
The fire was finally put out when the sun was rising. It had destroyed twelve huts before it was put off. When the tired chief came back to the hut in the morning he was furious to find a dead guard in the cage and an unconscious on in the hut. He was puzzled by the bits of broken clay around the guard’s head that should amount to at least ten clay plots. What really set him off was when he realized Julie had run off with the pale man. He quickly summoned his best five hunters for the hunt. This time he was going to lead the hunting party himself. He grabbed on to his spear and stepped out of the hut with murderous eyes. He was going to kill all three himself.
By mid-day, the three escapees covered a big distance, but it was less than they expected. Julie was really suffering from the hostile terrain and morning sickness, the progress was slow. Jack expected to reach the poison forest by night fall and he realized that it wasn’t going to happen. Sam and Jack both took turns helping Julie walk and Julie was pleading them to leave her behind since she was slowing them down. She didn’t know that Sam and Jack didn’t care about getting themselves out. They wanted to get Julie out of this place. So leaving her behind was a meaningless act to them.
Then Jack and Sam heard a familiar bird call and they looked at each other with big eyes. It was a type of whistling that emulated bird callings, the villagers used to communicate when they were on hunts. It didn’t scare the animals away and was able to communicate through great distances. From the signals they produced, Sam and Jack understood that they had found their tracks and was following them. Jack cursed realizing that they were too fast and within two hours they would catchup to them.
Julie didn’t understand the cause for the sudden panic between Sam and Jack.
“What’s the problem guys?” Julie asked confused.
“They are too close, we have to hurry,” Sam said as he tried to make Julie walk faster.
“Sam stop,” Jack suddenly said while stopping.
Both Sam and Julie looked at him with confusion. Jack pulled out the antidote and distributed it among the three.
“At this rate, we are all going to die. I’m going to stay behind and slow them down. You take Julie and go straight for the poison forest,” Jack said with a serious look.
“You can’t take on all of them Jack. I’ll stay with you,” Sam said as he didn’t want to lose Jack.
“You fool, if we both die, who’s going to protect Julie in this jungle? I trained you enough to make the journey through the jungle an easy one for you. So even if I die, you two can survive. And I’ve spent most of my life by now. I want you two to spend a good life. And you are worrying too much. I’m a hard man to kill,” Jack said with a smile.
Sam knew that he was right. He hated that he was right at this too. Jack took out his knife and gave the backpack and the spear to Sam. By now Julie was crying and pleading Jack not to do it and come with them. He gave Julie a hug and gave a kiss on her forehead.
“Julie, you are like my own sister. You are the one who gave me hope after ten years of hopelessness. Sam’s a good man. Keep him happy. And when you go back, could you please find my sister and let her know that I love her?” Jack said as he looked in to Julie’s eyes. She was crying too hard to speak and just nodded.
Then he went to Sam who was now shedding tears and gave him a hug.
“Sam, you are like my own brother and a good man. Keep Julie safe. That’s my final wish. If you fail, I’ll come back to haunt you if I don’t make out of this alive. Follow my teachings and you’ll easily cross this jungle with Julie. Now hurry, we don’t have time,” Jack said as he pushed Sam toward Julie.
Sam had to drag Julie away as she didn’t want to let Jack go in to his death. The last image he saw of Jack was his back with the knife in his hand as he was facing the direction their foes were coming.
After the couple went in to the forest, Jack began his plan. The reason he drank the antidote was to counter the poison spears. He was going to surprise the hunters with his unique traps. He started to put up fake trails that led to his death traps and at a bottleneck, he was waiting hidden with his knife to stop anyone who survived his traps.
The chief and the group were caught off guard when strange traps started to claim their lives one after the other. They weren’t ready for an attack like this. When the numerous fake trails converged to the real one, only the chief and another hunter had survived the labyrinth of Jack’s traps. The chief knew that they were Jack’s handy works. He had heard rumors about his strange traps in the jungle that was very successful. He was the best trapper in the village and if he wasn’t an outside, he could have held a very high status in the tribe. Losing most of his best men for petty traps made the chief’s resolve to kill them even stronger.
When they reached a narrow path, suddenly Jack jumped on to the chief with his knife. The chief moved fast enough to miss a fatal stab, but Jack managed to stab his leg in the process. Now Jack was surrounded by the chief and the other hunter. Seen the damage the metal knife did. They were using their long spears to keep him out of the knife’s reach. As Jack dodged the spear attacks, they scratch and wounded him a little. Jack was glad that he took the antidote because if the poison had worked on him, few minutes after a scratch he was supposed to die. The chief got frustrated and launched a final attack in time with his hunter. Jack was fast enough to injure the chief’s left arm but wasn’t fast enough to dodge his spear while doing that. Jack’s body fell to the ground with a spear embedded in his chest.
The chief took Jack’s knife as a battle trophy. It was a good weapon and shaper than anything he had ever seen. He was a worthy opponent. It was the first time anyone had given him this much trouble. As a respect, he let his spear left embedded in Jack’s body. This allowed the deceased to take that weapon in to the spirit world. Since his leg was injured, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to run like he usually did. So he instructed the other hunter to go ahead and catch the other two. He thought that they had killed the troublesome one and one hunter should be enough to catch the other two. Their medicinal bodies had amazing healing properties and he knew that the bleeding from the stabbing wound should stop after a little rest. He was going to follow, after a little rest and kill the captured two himself.
Julie was still shedding tears as she struggled to move faster with Sam’s help. It was getting near for the sun to go down and Sam was concerned about whether to move through the night or stay put. Then suddenly he heard someone running to their direction. He turned expecting Jack to have returned after surviving his ordeal, but it was a short man with two spears that was running toward them. Sam pushed Julie out of the way as the hunter let lose one spear and managed to dodge it by a hair. Then they were fighting a dual with spears. They were stabbing and parrying the others with theirs with skill. Sam was thankful to Jack for teaching him how to fight with spears. Still, the hunter was faster, agile and more skilled than Sam. Soon Sam was in to pure defense and sensing this, the hunter concentrated on attacks. Then something that the hunter didn’t expect happened. A rock hit hard on his temple. It was backup from Julie. This startled the hunter enough for Sam to find an opening and bury his spear in to his throat. Julie looked away as the lifeless body fell to the ground with blood spraying out of the wound.
The chief finally caught up to the dead hunter. He was genuinely surprised that the pale male had managed to take down one of his best hunters alone. The outsiders were full of surprises in both good and bad ways. He saw that after killing him, they had taken back the spear. So the chief took the spear that was on the ground and stabbed the dead body with it. His hunters deserved to carry a spear to the spirit world.
It was starting to get dark when Sam and Julie suddenly jumped off their feet with a war cry they heard just behind them. They turned look what it was and it was the chief. The sinking sun was behind him and outlined his body with an orange colored sky. Sam’s heart sank when he noticed that he was carrying Jacks knife. He knew Jack had sacrificed his life to protect them. Then he remembered the promise he made to Jack. His last wish. ‘Keep Julie safe’.
Sam let go of Julie and charged toward the chief with his spear. The chief was taken back a little by Sam’s ferocity, but accepted his challenge. With chief’s arm and leg injured, and Julie’s safety encouraging Sam, it was an even fight. Both were bleeding from scratches and cuts while no one managed to land a big hit. Julie tried throwing rocks, but the chief was keen enough to dodge them. This enraged him even more. A woman attacking him during a fight. With anger fueling him, the chief made strange move and kicked hard on Sam’s head. Sam fell on the ground unconscious as Julie screamed seeing her husband go down.
The chief looked at Sam’s unmoving body and decided that he can come back to torture and kill him later. He wanted to deal with Julie and get it over with fast. Julie was running toward Sam when the chief dropped the knife and took the spear out of Sam’s hand to look at Julie with murderous eyes.
Realizing that now the chief’s anger was pointed towards her, Julie froze and with a mothers instinct she hugged her belly with her hands in a protective way. The chief was going to let loose the spear toward Julie, but froze when she covered her belly instead of turning around with fear. The murderous look in his eyes went away and he looked into Julie’s blue teary eyes as if asking a question. Julie nodded once and the chief’s eyes opened big with surprise. The seed had taken root in only three weeks. It was a miracle. Right then he felt a sharp pain in his neck and before he knew what was happening, he was looking at the orange evening sky.
When the chief kicked Sam’s head, Sam had managed to turn his head slightly to absorb the impact. So instead of getting totally knocked out, he was out of it for only a moment. When he opened his eyes, he saw the chief was getting ready to throw a spear at Julie and saw Jack’s knife on the ground as a god sent gift. For some reason the chief didn’t throw the spear and that gave Sam enough time to get up, grab the knife and stab his neck.
Julie came closer and leaned down as the chief lay bleeding to death. He looked at Julie’s bright blue eyes that reminded him of his precious blue gem. She was carrying his child in her. That strange feeling once the chief felt toward Julie came back once again. With his last remaining strength, he pulled out the blue gem from his pubes and gave it to Julie before closing eyes forever. Without realizing a tear escaped from Julie’s eyes and landed on the chief’s face. That tear belonged to the personality in Julie that loved the Chief. It was a farewell tear from Julie the woman.
Sam and Julie spent the night tending to their wounds and mourning the loss of their beloved Jack. Sam took the knife as a memento from Jack and Julie left the blue gem on the chief’s lifeless body before they entered the poison forest. She didn’t want anything that related to the chief.
Thanks to the map, the compass and the skills Jack had taught Sam; Julie and Sam managed to cross the jungle and approach a town after two months. They were taken to a hospital immediately and there since Julie’s pregnancy showed from her belly very clearly. After a frenzy of police and reporters, Julie and Sam finally got some peaceful time for themselves. It was their last day in Brazil and they woke up to morning sun light naked on the bed. After the ordeal they went through together, they were inseparable. Julie’s vaginal walls were slowly shrinking back after the extensive stretching they experienced from six bumps. Until then, Sam was rewarded with anal sex and mind blowing blow jobs. They wanted to be happy so Jack could watch from above and be happy.

When they left Brazil, Julie’s flat belly was swollen big due to her pregnancy. Even though Julie still didn’t like the fact that the chief’s child was growing in her womb, Sam’s excitement for a new baby put her mind at peace. When they reached USA, they tracked down Jack’s sister through his journal and let her know how much of a hero he was and how much he loved her. Everyone understood why Jack cared so much about Julie. Jack’s sister looked exactly like a twenty years older version of Julie. When she was young, she must have had looked exactly like Julie.
Their families were so happy about Sam and Julie coming back alive and the arrival of a new baby. After much persuasion from Sam, Julie also accepted her pregnancy and finally felt happy about being a mother. Sam was a perfect husband and loved Julie more and more as her body matured with pregnancy.
Julie was lying on the hospital bed as Sam stood besides her holding her arm. Her belly had returned to the former flatness and they were waiting for the nurse to bring the baby. Julie was nervous about the baby’s looks and was worried that if it looked more like its father, things would become much harder for them. The nurse came in to the room with bundle in her arms and Julie squeezed Sam’s arm tight.
“Congratulations! You are a proud mother of a very lucky boy,” the nurse said smiling as she handed the baby to Julie.
Julie let out a sigh of relief finding that the boy looked more like her. There was light tan to the skin, but still it could be explained as genetics. He had the same blue eyes and facial features as her.
“When I said lucky, I meant it. Little guy is going to be a lady killer when he grows up,” the nurse added with a big grin.
Puzzled, Julie moved the cloth that covered the baby to find a penis and a scrotum between his legs that were unusually large for a baby. It was a gift from his biological father. 

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