A Wife and The Amazon Tribe Ch. 03

Sam was genuinely surprised when Julie suddenly stopped crying and stood up with her wobbly feet. Her whole body was covered with sweat, semen and her orgasm. She stood a symbol of uninhibited fucking, in a room that reeked of sex. After readjusting the sweat and cum soaked sundress to cover her modesty, Julie started to slowly walk towards the entrance of the hut. Due to the extensive work out her whole body received, she was barely maintaining her balance. Sam noticed her distress and stood up to support her.
“Sam, I need to be alone for a while please. Don’t worry, I can manage.” Julie said while weakly putting her hand on Sam to stop his assistance.
Sam followed Julie outside to find Jack had already left and was glad about it. He had no idea how he would face Jack right after what happened inside the hut. He sat on the ground while watching Julie slowly proceed towards the river. It was almost impossible to avoid the wet trail she left behind as two trails of cum reached the ground along her inner thighs.
Sam tried to make sense of what just happened and relate it to the reality. He was overwhelmed with sadness, anger, guilt and mostly with an uncomfortable new feel of jealousy. As his mind came out of the fog of shock, things started to piece together and started to make sense of some things that happened. The sting of jealousy intensified as he pieced together the pool of liquid on the floor and Julies moans and screams. The chief had made Julie squirt in orgasm. He had never seen her go beyond loud moans during sex, let alone squirt.

It was almost dark when Julie came back to the hut. Sam was still sitting on the ground in front of the hut while blankly looking at the dark forest. Silently, she went in to the hut and lied down on the straw mat. The room still smelled like sex and it brought back the memories of what happened in the evening. She felt a spark in her groin as her mind replayed each stroke Six bumps squeezed in to her. She was too tired to do anything other than replaying the event in her mind and slowly ease in to a deep sleep with a shy smile on her lips.
Sam’s thoughts were now mostly focused on rage and jealousy. He couldn’t get the sounds of Julie’s orgasm and the scene he saw right in front of his eyes. The fact that the proof of his physical inferiority was proved by Julie added fuel to his jealousy. The fact that the chief not only raped his wife, he came in her unprotected womb possibly impregnating her added fuel to his rage. As the primal male rivalry manifested in him, he went into the hut in hope of reassuring his claim to Julie.
Julie awoke from her sleep when she felt a hand kneading her breasts. They were still sore from the rough treatment received from chief. When she directed her attention to her body, she realized that the hem of her dress had been pulled up half way to her round ass. She was lying on her side. Somebody was spooning her and was feeling an unmistakable feeling of a hard penis probing at her mound. Right when she fully came out of her sleep, the penis head found its goal and eased in to her opening. It went in without any resistance and just as Julie started to feel it enter her, the base of the penis pressed on to her mound. As she realized how small the penis was, the penis started to draw back and thrust in again and again. In a daze of sleepiness Julie panicked for a second thinking a village boy must have snuck in to the hut and was having his way with her. Then with a familiar grunt, the person behind her started to thrust in frantically.
“It’s Sam.” Julie thought as she realized it was the same grunt Sam emits as he had sex.
Sam used to fill her vagina pretty nicely. Sometimes she felt he was too big. But now it felt too small. Her walls were around it; but they were barely stretched and weren’t registering any pleasure. Her body shook violently as Sam’s pelvis slapped on to her ass with his fast thrusting; but she wasn’t even breathing hard. Julie was searching for something that could come even close to the pleasure she felt with Six bumps. She was amazed when she realized that now she felt like being used by her husband and she didn’t feel that she got used by chief that evening. This was just Sam wanting to get his rocks off of her. She was getting neither physical nor mental pleasure from it. She was getting upset and wanted to stop his selfish act. Then she remembered how Six bumps power washed insides of her womb with thick cum. Her womb still should be filled with that potent cum. Even though remembering it brought a tingle in her privates, she didn’t wish to get pregnant by a native. No matter how slim the chances were for Sam’s semen reaching her womb and compete with the massive amount of chief’s cum in her womb, she wanted to have a chance of getting pregnant by Sam or at least stop a pregnancy from a native. So Julie closed her eyes and waited for him to cum and stop his teasing at her opening.
Sam’s heart fell when his cock head entered Julie. Her velvet walls used to hold his penis so tight as if she didn’t want to let it go. But now, before he even realized that he had entered his wife, he was balls deep in her. Her walls were barely holding his penis as if they didn’t want it there but had no choice. With this critical blow to his pride, he started to thrust violently in to Julie as a last ditch effort show his superiority. He wanted her to cry out with pleasure like she did with chief, she wanted her to orgasm on his cock like she did with chief, he wanted her shower his cock with her squirting like she did with chief; but, not even her breathing was changing. Not even her usual low moans were there to sooth his wounded pride. From the hand that was kneading her breasts; he felt that even her heart beat didn’t change. With a feeling of total defeat, Sam thrust in faster and with a painful cry he let his semen flow in to Julie. He cried painfully not because it was physically painful. He cried painfully because he felt his pride leave him as his cum left him in to his wife’s unwelcoming depths.
For the next few days Sam and Julie exchanged very few words between them. Jack and Sam went in to the jungle as usual for trapping. They never talked about what happened and pretended as if nothing happened. Jack understood what Sam might be going through, but thought it would be too awkward to bring up the topic himself.
Jack also noticed a big change in Julie too. She didn’t talk with him at all. It was normal for a girl who got raped to avoid men for some time. But what concerned Jack was Julie didn’t seem to be bothered about the rape at all. She walked around the village interacting with the tribe more than usual. She had a look of confidence about her and even the innocent look in her eyes had changed in to something else. But at the same time he felt as if a big distance was starting grow between the husband and wife. Sam had a look of defeat in his eyes and was having major mood swings for small things. Jack could piece together what might be causing Sam to be like this. He wanted to talk to Sam about it, but he wanted to wait for Sam to decide the time it should be alright to talk with him about this.
During these days, the relationship started to grow colder between Sam and Julie. There were no smiles or kisses. Words were spoken only if it was necessary. At night, Sam was pounding in to Julie. Normally he was gentle when it came to love making; but now he was fucking. He was waging a losing war to bring out a reaction of pleasure from Julie, but every night he was having sex with a lifeless doll. Apart from the protesting grunt at the beginning and the sigh of disappointment at the end, no reactions came from Julie.
The relationship got arctic cold when on the fourth night, Julie physically protested to let Sam carry on his usual night time pounding. He was on top of her sucking on her breasts. Time to time he went to kiss her lips to find they didn’t respond or she didn’t open her mouth to proceed to their usual French kissing. When foreplay wasn’t doing anything, Sam thought it was about time to pound in to her and finish this one way love making. When he was about to enter Julie, she pushed him off of her without saying anything. That brought an end the session and it brought end to many things as concerned for Sam.
During every night when Sam took liberty of her body, Julie was starting to get cold towards Sam. The whole day she was thinking about Six bumps and the pleasure her body experienced with it. At night, Sam’s one way fucking was bringing her back to a bland reality. She started to hate him for his short comings as a man and making her desire Six bumps even more. Even if she’s a woman now, she had pride. She didn’t want to go seeking chief to satisfy her hunger. But Sam was adding fuel to her fire every night, making her miss Six bumps more and more. On the fourth night when Sam desperately tried to initiate some kind of foreplay, she started to feel disgusted. She looked at the pathetic man trying to satisfy himself on her body. She thought that Julie the woman deserves more than this. When he was about to enter her, she felt so disgusted about the small penis entering her, she almost retched. Overwhelmed by disgust she pushed Sam off of her body and turned on to her side to be lost in the dreams of Six bumps plunging in to her depths.
On the seventh day, Sam came back to the hut after sun had gone down the horizon. After the incident on the fourth day, Sam tried his best to avoid interaction with Julie. Normally by this time there would be a cooking fire in the hut where Julie prepared dinner. But on this day the hut was dark and no sounds came from within. Puzzled, Sam entered the hut parting the straw curtain that covered the entrance. Moonlight seeped in to the hut through the parted curtain outlining a silhouette of Julie sleeping on the mat on her side showing her back. This position beautifully outlined the contours of her narrow waist and wide hip. No matter how poor the lighting was, her round full white buttocks highlighted the wide contour of her hips. This scene sparked a life in Sam’s penis. Right then Sam realized something was missing. The bright yellow sundress was not covering her body. She was sleeping nude; something she wasn’t in habit of. Feeling something out of ordinary, Sam entered the hut.
As soon as he entered the hut, he noticed the unmistakable smell of sex. The same dreading smell he experienced on that fateful day. As the realization hit Sam, he stepped on a large wet patch on the clay floor. It was cold and still had enough moisture in it to make his heel wet. Sam felt anger start to boil within him burning his insides. He went to Julie and turned her on the mat to lie face down. Her whole body felt sticky when he touched her. She was in a deep sleep and didn’t even make a sound as her body position was roughly changed. For some reason his cock was hard and was at full length by this time and he entered Julie from behind.
Sam had hard time clarifying whether he had actually entered his wife. It felt like his penis had jumped in to a pool of warm goo. His sensitive penis could hardly feel her walls, and due to the external disturbance, the goo was now running out of her vagina along his balls to the mat. Suddenly he felt sick in realizing what was sloshing around his penis and dripping down his balls. His cock instantly went limp and he tasted bile in his throat. Sam had to pull out and run out side to empty contents of his stomach on the ground.
In the morning of the same day, Julie woke up after Sam left the hut early in the morning. Last few days she had always been in a constant horniness. Every time she remembered Six bumps, her loins started burn and get wet. And there were only few moments of the day that she didn’t think about it. She was on the verge of breaking down and run to chief. Still as a proud woman, she did her best to be in control and not to totally give in to her desires. In the morning time she prepared something to eat and did some small chores around the hut. By afternoon, the hut was getting hot and she felt the need to take a bath in the river. Being in a constant state of horniness kept her loins always wet and after sometime, she was starting feel sticky between her legs.
The chief was going on his usual boarder walk. He was also feeling uneasy. He felt a bit awkward about having sex with a woman by force. So he was avoiding her hut for few days. After tasting the forbidden fruit of the pale woman, he couldn’t get the taste out of his head even for a moment. Having constant sex with other women in the tribe also didn’t work. Now he was always walking around with a constant hard-on. Right when he was thinking that it’s about time to pay a visit and check about the pale woman, he got caught off guard by something that appeared in front of him. He was genuinely shocked when he saw the beautiful pale woman appeared in front of him. She looked even sexier now for some reason. He expected her to turn and run for her life, but she didn’t. Then he noticed that she was frozen on the spot while looking at his hard cock. After a moment, Julie raised her gaze to meet his eyes. Her blue eyes were filled with lust and they spoke thousand words from that glance. The chief smiled, knowing that he had completely conquered this pale woman and she had submitted.
Julie didn’t expect to see chief on her trip to the river. When she took a turn from the path that she was taking, chief was right in front of her. He stopped at once in his path. Julie didn’t see his facial expression of surprise as her eyes went straight to Six bumps. She had been dreaming about it for the past week non-stop. Immediately her whole body started to heat up. Her nipples stood out proud through the stretched material of her dress and her sex started to moisten up expecting a long lost lover. She wanted it. She wanted it firmly lodged up in her. At that moment all the restraints she had put to keep the horny woman in check went off. She decided that she would have that beast inside her, even if she had to beg for it. She looked in to his eyes, with lust as if sending a message. In that glance, she submitted her pride and body to the old short chief in exchange for the monster between his legs.
The chief changed his course and started walking towards the hut. Julie silently followed him closely as if she was hypnotized. She had her head hung down and was keeping her hands together in front of her, as if she was trying to cover her sex. That self submission had turned a switch in her. She was blushing like a teenage girl while following the chief. She felt like a virgin bride going to the marriage bed.
At the entrance to the hut, the chief stopped and motioned Julie to enter first as a courtesy. She stopped at the entrance for a moment and thought that once she entered, she would belong to the chief. She would eventually end up bearing his child in her womb. She would be destroying her marriage to Sam and be a plaything for a man old enough to be her father. She looked at Six bumps as a moral support in this dilemma.
“It’s all worth it.” Julie thought as she shyly entered the hut.
Once in the hut, Julie hooked her thumbs in to the top edge of her dress and pulled it down. The bright yellow dress peeled away from her luscious body and bunched up around her feet on the ground. She stood there biting the corner of her lower lip, presenting her naked glory to the chief. Her whole body seemed to glow in the ambient light in the hut. After two weeks of not shaving, there was a hint of a brown triangle above her sex as if it was pointing to her sacred place. Her pink nipples were standing proud on top of full white breasts and a hint of moisture was clearly visible on her vagina lips as they have parted a little in expectation.
The chief was mesmerized by the beauty his eyes were presented. With his monster cock in full attention, he reached Julie and started to pay his homage to her most wonderful breasts. As the chief hungrily sucked on a nipple while biting it once in a while, he massaged the other with his hand. Julie had one of her arms wrapped around chief while the other pressed his head on to her breasts urging him to suck harder. Soft moans escaped from her opened lips as she concentrated on the feelings with her closed eyes.
This time the chief was much gentler than the previous encounter and after fifteen minutes, he let go of her breasts without leaving any marks. To him they were too perfect to bare any marks. When he looked up to find her blue eyes looking at his with intent, he felt he craved something more than sex from this beautiful creature. He gently eased her on to the floor with her back on it.
There wasn’t a hint of resistance from Julie. He knew from his past experience, overpowering her was something easier said than done. This woman could give him a run for his money if she wished to resist. But the opposite happened. He couldn’t believe his eyes when Julie spread her long legs with bent knees, presenting him her now dripping wet sex. He wasn’t a man of foreplay. The only foreplay he knew was playing with breasts before plunging his cock in to women. So he got on top of her and positioned the large head on top of her opening. He knew he has to be a little gentle this time as he wasn’t producing the medicinal precum.
Julie closed her eyes, bit her lower lip and put her hands on chief’s shoulders expecting the arrival of her beloved Six bumps. As the impossibly large head pressed on her sex, she concentrated on relaxing her opening to ease the entry. As the pressure increased, thanks to being pre-stretched and Julie’s co-operation, her opening started to widen and welcome the first half of the head. With a little encouraging jab from chief’s hips, the head popped in to Julie. After a yelp, she released a sigh of relief with a smile. She was reconnected with Six bumps. She missed it so much; she wished if she could stay connected like this forever.
As Julie’s walls welcomingly massaged the head, the chief couldn’t contain himself anymore and began the thrusting. They were not as brutal as the previous encounter, but they were still hard. Each thrust drilled the cock in to her easier than the last time and she was moaning loud with each thrust. Soon the first bump of the cock was knocking on Julie’s engorged clit as if requesting permission to enter her body. Julie’s moans intensified expecting the bump to squeeze in to her in any moment. Then with a hard thrust, the first bump entered her passage while flicking her clit unmercifully.
Julie had an instant orgasm from the overload of sensations. As a tremor rocked her body top to bottom, she groaned like a wild animal clenching her teeth together. Her blue eyes opened looking up only to roll up and hide underneath her fluttering upper eyelids. She was lost in place where time and space didn’t exist. The only thing existed there was herself, and wave after wave of pleasure that tossed and tumbled her around with force.
After an infinite amount of time, the waves started to recede and Julie started to come back in to reality. The chief had stopped his thrusting and was waiting for Julie to come back. When she lifted her head and looked, she had a vise grip around chief’s arms and her legs were wrapped around his back. Nearest to her face was the chief’s ugly face with a grin like he had won a lottery. She could see from above his shoulders that one of her legs still involuntarily twitched with post orgasmic pleasure. Suddenly she realized that her ass was resting on a puddle of water. And everything that touched between their loins was dripping wet. It wasn’t just an orgasm. It was a squirting orgasm. Julie felt relieved and at peace. This was it. This was what she was dreaming for. This was what she craved for. This was what she was made for. As revelation after revelation hit Julie’s clear mind, she looked at the chief’s face and thought that she could almost fall for this short ugly guy for what he had given to her.

Then to the puzzlement of chief, Julie began to giggle loud like a college girl. After that she wrapped her arm around the back of his neck and she lifted her head to look straight in to his eyes.
“Ok big man, let’s work together to get the rest of that monster in meeeeee…uuugh.” Julie said as she lifted her pelvis using her legs and buried herself until the second bump kissed her clit.
For the next half an hour, the small hut was filled with throes of passion of Julie. They were both now covered in sweat and their loins were dripping with Julies ejaculates. Julie had lost the count of how many times she had orgasm. The chief was thrusting hard between her thighs and she was receiving each one enthusiastically with her own thrust backs. The chief realized that without the medicinal percum, her cervix is not going to open like the last time. It had been the first time even for the chief that he entered a woman’s womb. So he was going to follow his normal routine and keep pushing at the cervix until the womb move up and the vaginal canal extend to receive is full size.
Lost in a fog of ecstasy, Julie also noticed that even though the chief was pounding in to her balls deep, her cervix didn’t open up last time. Instead of pushing at the back of the womb, now the head was pushing on the cervix each time. This was a totally different sensation than the previous one and she felt that the cervix was more sensitive than the back of her womb. She felt every bump enter, glide through and leave her passage, and saw stars every time the cock head battered her cervix. She loved the feeling of the blue gem that the chief had hung at the base of his penis, pressing on her clit and the large scrotum that slapped her ass. They announced her that she had taken the full glory of Six bumps. She felt that it was her duty to receive all of it as a form of worshipping. As quickly as she came out of the fog, she was thrown back in to it as another orgasm came boiling from her loins. Once again screams of pleasure escaped the small hut and announced orgasm to a quarter of the village.
A group of boys in their teenage years were too curious to ignore the screams without an investigation. As they neared the hut, it was obvious that someone was having sex. Knowing that the hut belong to the outsiders, they felt that it would be amusing to witness the breeding activity of these strange tall humans. The curiosity got the better of one boy and he crawled near to the entrance and peeped in. The boy got the shock his life when he saw their chief on top of the outsider woman, pumping away between her long shapely legs with all his might. He was impressed by her shaking soft mounds of breasts, but the outsider wasn’t according to his taste. The boy preferred the features of native women. But it doesn’t matter anymore. The chief had deemed her worthy of his seed. And from the look of his face, he was enjoying every moment of it. This would elevate the status of the outsider woman by many folds. Even though he loved to keep watching the breeding, he didn’t want to risk getting caught. But most importantly he had important news to spread. He crawled away to run in to the village, followed by a group of boys. In a matter of minutes a large group of people were hiding around the hut to confirm the news they heard. They could certainly hear throes of pleasure of the outsider woman. Still many doubted the news boys brought in as they thought the outsider woman was breeding with her mate. But their doubts were cleared when they heard their chief groan loud accompanied by a guttural female scream as he started to pump his seeds in to the outsider. At that moment, in front of few dozen witnesses, Julie was elevated to being a high cast woman.
Julie felt chief’s thrusting become erratic and his cock was starting to get bigger in size. She knew what was going to happen. The chief was going to unleash torrents of potent cum in to her unprotected womb. She remembered that she accepted a life as the mother his children when she entered the hut. She would gladly bare the fruits of this union in her womb. When the realization hit her, she went in to another squirting orgasm. Right then the chief pushed in as far as he can in to Julie and started to release his seed. Julies ejaculate washed his groin and large scrotum while her walls pulsed deliciously around monster cock that was impregnating her.
Each time the chief pumped a new batch of cum in to Julie, her walls milked the cock as they were milking it for more cum. He was emptying his huge balls in to Julie and he was filling her with seeds on and on. Julie had come down from her orgasm and now was feeling the huge scrotum that rested on her ass contracted and relaxed each time the chief pumped more and more cum in to her. She could feel the hot thick liquid spraying against her cervix and this brought a moan from Julie each time. As the chief grunted with each filling, Julie felt the excess was now escaping from the tight seal she had around the base of his cock and running down the divide of her ass, on to the floor. As Julie basked in the post orgasmic bliss and the feeling of being inseminated; she wondered how can a man cum this much. And how unlikely it was to not to get pregnant from something like this. There was a primal untamed pleasure about realizing that she was being bred by this old man.
After more than five minutes of pumping seed in to Julie, chief was starting to go soft and he pulled out the deflating monster from her well stretched walls. Julie let out a moan of disappointment as the cock head got pulled out of her opening with a ‘plop’ sound. Her opening remained opened as if it didn’t want to let go the memories of her lover.
Chief was a happy man. This pale woman was the best thing that ever happened to him after his coronation. There wasn’t a hint of disobedience from her and she fully submitted herself to him. She deserved every bit of seed he had pumped in to her. She looked like a goddess as she lay beneath him. Her whole body glowed with perspiration and her beautiful breasts heaved up and down with her hard breathing. Her sex was deep red and his seeds were leaking from her still gaping opening. The most beautiful thing was the way she was looking at him with her bright blue eyes, with a soft smile decorating her lips. He thought that he’ll take her in to his hut as his first mate, no matter what he has to go through. His precious blue gem paled in comparison to this beauty. Something this beautiful should only belong to him.
With this thought, the chief stood up and walked out of the hut with his cock still drenched in his cum and Julie’s wetness. Julie watched as he left the hut and realized she was dying of thirst. She was lying in a puddle of liquids and most of it came out of her body. All the mind shattering orgasms had drained all the strength from her body and she had to drag herself to the water pot to rehydrate. After that, all she could do was to drag herself on to the straw mat before she fell in to a deep peaceful sleep.
When Julie woke up in the morning she realized that she fell asleep naked while dripping cum from her sex. She turned to find Sam sitting inside the hut while looking at her. She realized there was no hiding about things and it’s better to get things clear before problems arise. He looked broken. And his eyes had defeat written all over them. She sat down on the mat facing Sam and waited for him to say something.
“Did he rape you again?” Sam asked his wife, hoping for her to say yes.
Julie sighed. She felt that she should be honest and be done with it.
“No Sam. He didn’t rape me again. We had sex.”Julie said looking in to his eyes.
“Why do you do this Julie? I love you and we are married. Doesn’t that mean anything?”Sam voiced out almost pleading.
“Things that meant in the outside world do not mean anything here Sam. I’m not the naive girl you married anymore. I have needs that you cannot satisfy and I found someone who can.”Julie answered meaning it to be the final blow.
It really was the final blow and it broke away any shred of pride Sam had as a man. Sam tried to say something but his words got stuck in his throat and nothing came out as he kept looking at his former loving wife. Julie got up from the mat, put on her dress that she found lying in the corner of the hut and left to take bath in the river.
Sam cried in the hut cursing the god for everything that happened to him. After crying for a long time he left the hut and went to see Jack. He explained everything that happened to Jack.
Jack realized that Sam is a completely broken man now. He thought maybe it was for the better. If he had an unbreakable pride, he could have easily get killed while trying to confront chief. As the things are now, the best he could do was to keep Sam alive and keep him from going in to the poison forest in an attempt escape all this. And Jack was really surprised about Julie’s sudden change too. Then he remembered about an article about how people end up with dual personalities when they are subjected to a great mental shock. It was a defense mechanism to keep the person from going insane or preserve the personality before it suffer permanent damage. That theory would explain most of her behavior. As much as it pained to lose Julie that he was fond of, he was glad that she adapted and would be in a better position from now on.
“Try not to think much about it Sam. This is a different world from what we came from. The main thing is that both of you are alive. You have to let go of her. If you really love Julie, then you can be happy that she’s going to live a comfortable life in this cursed place. You’ll understand what I mean later. If you don’t do anything irrational, you’ll also survive this Sam. You have my full support from now on.” Jack put an arm of encouragement on Sam’s shoulder.
“Come; let’s go do some hunting till we forget all about this.” Jack said as he gathered his hunting tools.
Sam came back early from hunting. When he entered the hut Julie was preparing some food in the cooking fire. She didn’t even look at him and carried on her cooking. He took a seat in the corner of the hut and did nothing. When it was starting to get dark, he heard a noise in front of the hut. Julie quickly got up and went out to check the noise. After about two minutes, she entered the hut.
“Sam… I think you should leave the hut for some time.” Julie said with a hint of uneasiness without looking him in the eye.
Sam kept looking at Julie to comprehend the reason for that strange request.
Then suddenly the chief entered the hut through the entrance. His cock was already hard and looked at Sam with a hint of threat.
“Sam, you really should leave the hut for some time.” Julie said with a more stern voice looking straight in to him.
Sam thought if this was going to be his life from now on. Some stranger came to claim his wife in front of him and he was forced to leave them alone to fuck each other. Is he going to hand over his wife on a plate to this old man by acknowledging his authority and leaving? He remembered what Jack said. While looking down, he stood up and left the hut to walk in to the darkness.
After about fifteen minutes of walking around, his legs brought him back to the direction of the hut. He had to see or at least hear what was going on. When he neared the hut, he heard Julie’s giggles and chief’s deep laughs. He was curious and went in front of the hut. The cooking fire was still on and it illuminated the interior of the hut very well. He could see what was happening inside through the spaces between the straw curtains.
The chief was standing in the middle of the hut showing Sam his side. Julie was kneeling in front of him with her dress still on. She was sitting on her folded legs and was busy licking the underneath of the huge cock. With one hand she was holding the cock, and with other hand she was teasing his huge balls. The chief had his hands resting on his hips and kept looking in amazement as the pale woman did wonders to his cock using her mouth. She always kept eye contact with him with her blue eyes and giggled every time she managed to make him moan. His wife was teaching the old man new tricks. A trick that she never used on him.
After sometime, the whole cock was covered with Julie’s saliva and it was rock hard. Feeling too excited, the chief put a hand on Julie’s cheek, stopping her. She stood up laughing excitedly and started to peel away her dress like a professional stripper. After she threw away her dress in a dancing move, the chief positioned her to be on all fours on the mat. On the mat, Sam could only see the upper body of Julie. Her lower body and the chief were hidden behind the wall.
Julie put all her long hair on to one side showing the side of her face to Sam. And suddenly her body went stiff for a moment and she closed her eyes. Then her body rocked a bit and she moaned loud and opened her eyes. Sam guessed the chief must have pushed the huge head in to Julie. After that came the continuous rocking of her body and continuous moaning from her opened mouth. Sam could well imagine what the chief was doing to Julie’s lower body behind the wall. The rocking rocked her beautiful hanging breasts waving back and forth and sent wave down her long hanging hair. Suddenly her moans changed to squeals and right after her body jerked hard, her body became stiff and she bent her neck looking in to the roof and started shaking while screaming in pleasure. The rocking stopped and Sam could hear sound of water splashing. He knew Julie was orgasming and squirting on chief’s giant cock. When she came down from the orgasm, her body went limp and she fell on her hands. From the angle of her body, Sam could tell that she was still kneeling and her hips were at the same level as before. She was breathing hard and she had a satisfied smile on her face. Her body was starting to glisten with perspiration in the orange light. While she was still having post orgasm twitches, her body started to rock hard again bringing out more feminine moans.
Sam couldn’t take it anymore. He had confirmed what Julie said she needed and she looked the happiest while getting it from chief. He realized that he wouldn’t ever satisfy her need with the small organ he has. He turned away and lied down on the ground listening to his wife reach heaven again and again.
After sometime Sam woke up to the sound of flesh slapping with Julies grunts. The chief was balls deep in his wife with that giant cock. Sam turned to see that now there was a glaze in Julie’s eyes and she wasn’t seeing anything even thought her eyes were open. She was lost in the world of pleasure.
After some time and couple more orgasms, her body started to rock hard with screams and he heard chief’s groans. After one hard jerk, her body went still and her screams turned to soft moans and chief’s groans turned in to grunt with uniform intervals. The chief was breeding his wife. Sam could only imaging how deep he was squirting his sperm in Julie and how much sperm he was shooting in to her. This went for a while and Sam couldn’t believe his ears that a man could cum this long. Even though he had witnessed it before, it was still hard to believe. Julie let out a groan of disappointment and her body fell on to the mat like if was lifeless. She was covered in sweat and looked like she was passed out with a smile. The chief came out of the hut to see Sam on the ground. He laughed at the poor excuse of a man and walked in the direction of the village.
In the next morning there was heated discussion in chief’s hut. The hut was occupied with the five main elders and the chief in his throne. He had summoned them to discuss about bringing the outsider women in to his personal harem. If that had been the only concern, the elders might have agreed reluctantly to change the customs to allow that. But the chief desired to name her as the first mate; the highest rank a female could reach in the tribe. Male offsprings sired by first mates receive two bumps by default when they reach adulthood. This would give them a good shot at being the chief once they reached maturity. They didn’t want the chief blood line to be tainted from outside. Also the elders hated having to bow down to a lowly outsider.
After many arguments, the elders left the hut with unpleasant faces and the chief was sitting in his throne with a huge smile. The elders had to give in to the fear of chief’s wrath. Among the elders’ unpleasant faces, the most unpleasant one belonged to the medicinal woman. She was still ready to oppose the chief, but had to give in once the other four consented. Somehow, she managed to postpone the bonding ceremony by a week. She thought maybe he’ll get tired of pale woman after breeding her few times.
Julie was getting all she needed from the chief now. Early in the morning some village woman even brought water from river for her and even helped to prepare a meal. When she visited the village everyone was being super nice to her and some even gave her gifts. Some girls even put some flowers on her hair. When she came back to the hut with hand full of gifts, she was confused and curious at the same time about the sudden change. Little did she know that a little over a day ago, she became a high-cast in front of many witnesses while cumming on chief’s cock.
In the evening, Julie was weaving a basket the way an old lady in the village showed. She was singing to herself while doing this in the hut. She was a happy woman. She rarely thought about things in the outside world now. She had what she wanted in this small village. In the afternoon two women even boiled water for her to have a hot bath. She felt like a princess.
Julie heard Jack calling to her from outside the hut. She was still reluctant to face jack, but she had to answer his calling. She was surprised to find chief with Jack outside. Normally chief made a sound of clearing his throat from outside to inform her that he had come for some breeding. So this was something new for Julie.
“The chief has something important to announce.” Jack said trying to be formal about it.
“He wishes to claim you as his first mate. In other words, he wants to marry you Julie.”
Julie had a flashback of Sam for a second. Then she answered looking at chief, instead of looking at Jack. “Please tell him I accept the proposal.”
“I’m afraid this is not a proposal Julie. He just wanted to let you know of his decision… Still, are you really sure about this Julie? You would just happily leave Sam?” Jack said with a pleading tone.
“It’s none of your concerns Jack. I changed. I hope you understand” Julie answered looking at Jack.
“The ceremony will be in one week.”Jack said wanting to end the awkward discussion and informed the chief that he had delivered the message and she happily consented to the bonding.
The chief smiled looking at Julie and she smiled back to him. Then the chief looked at Jack as if to tell him get lost. Jack got the massage and walked away from the hut. After about thirty feet, he looked back to see Julie and chief entering the hut holding hands. He felt a deep sadness about Sam. On his way to his hut, Jack was glad to find Sam walking slowly towards the hut where his wife should be receiving chief’s big cock. He quickly called out to Sam and took him to Jack’s hut saying that he needed some help in sharpening some tools.
Life for Julie was getting better and better. She was treated like royalty in the village. As she anxiously waited for the bonding ceremony, chief visited the hut every day. He loved getting his cock licked by Julie before he buried it in to Julie. She was starting to get used to her beloved Six bumps too. Her stamina improved greatly so that she wasn’t near death tired after every breeding. And she was now stretched enough for chief to bury his entire monster cock in to Julie in four hard thrusts. So in some days, they fucked for 5 hours non-stop. Julie couldn’t get enough of Six bumps and Chief couldn’t get enough of Julie. More they fucked, more they desired each other. The medicine woman’s assumptions were dead wrong.

Day before the bonding ceremony, the hut was filled with Julie’s animal like groans again. She was kneeling and straddling the kneeling chief. She was facing him with her knees spread and her ass resting on his lap. She was hugging him close her body while he had his arms around her hips and grabbed her full round ass to lift her body a bit. Using the gap created, he was hammering his tool in to Julie while kneeling between her spread knees. They were completely drenched in sweat. Recent evidences of Julie’s orgasms were still dripping or splashing around their connected genitals as the chief pounded in to her with wet slaps. As the thrusts moved her body up and down, their bodies rubbed and glided against each other thanks to the thick layer of perspiration. His head slid between her sweaty full breasts as they rested on his shoulders on each side. Her wet strands of hair were hanging loosely behind her as she had her neck bent back facing roof in pleasure as the chief was pounding in to her core. The chief had taken the medicine again and for the delight of Julie, he was fucking right in to her womb again. She had missed the feeling of having her cervix stretched around Six bumps and was savoring every inch that slid through it.
The chief started to speed up his thrusting and Julie felt his cock start to swell. Her heart sped up even more as she waited for the feeling of chief exploding straight in her womb and fill it up. Right after he rooted his cock deep in to Julie’s womb, he groaned loud.
Julie’s heart skipped few beats. It was the first time chief had said her name. And he chose to say it for the first time while filling her womb with cum and potentially a child. Julie felt so happy; while crying, she put her face down and gave him a deep kiss. The chief was surprised by this sudden and new form of affection. The pale woman was always full of surprises when they bred. Even if it was strange to suck on another person’s mouth, he loved the feeling it gave him. It was like they were connected from bottom and up at the same time. As their tongues danced a love dance inside their connected mouths, the chief filled her womb with seed until it leaked out of their bond and dripped on to the floor.

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