A Wife and The Amazon Tribe Ch. 02

The sixth day of Sam and Julie’s stay in the tribe. A day before the fateful rape of Julie. Chief Magoya sent a message summoning Jack to his hut early in the morning. He had come up with an idea that might lead him to taste something exotic. He was so turned on by the images that got burned in to his eyes at the river yesterday, he had to have sex with his women two times just to subdue his erection.
Having to go back home with a monster erection hanging, reaffirmed his status in the village. It was rare for the chief to display a full hard on in public. Having the power to have any woman in the village and best tool for that, made sex kind of a boring everyday task for the chief. If he signaled, any woman was honored and followed him to his hut. There was even a completion among women to receive his seed.
He felt a long lost flame reignited in him after seeing the pale female in her natural beauty. That amazing creature made the fifty year old feel like a hormone raged teenager again. An insatiable fire of lust was spreading through him and he knew the best way to put it out.
Few hours after the sunrise, Jack entered the chief’s hut to heed the summoning. The chief expressed his desire to mate with pale female. Since he wasn’t used to or ever had to force a woman to mate with him, he preferred to have her consent for this coupling. Being the bridge between the outsiders and the villagers, it was Jake’s duty to formally announce this to Julie. He felt sorry for the pretty girl. Their efforts to avoid unwanted attentions have gone futile. Worst of all she had attracted the eyes that she should have avoided at all cost. Chief Mgoya’s will was the iron rule of the village. And he always got what he wanted. Most of the time he was happily given what he desired. But when he had to take something he wanted, he was ruthless.

Jake had grown fond of Julie in the past few days. She reminded him of his kid sister who used to pull pranks on him to no end. And she was a better conversation partner than Sam. After 10 years in this village, he almost started to cry with happiness when she described the branded handbag she lost at the plane. He missed those pointless girly talks his sister used to force him to listen at home.
As a last ditch effort to save Julie from a horrible incident, Jake started to explain the chief that the outsider’s customs were different. That they were very faithful and have a tight bond with their chosen one mate. Most importantly about how outsider females cannot take big penises without any damage. A fire of anger burned in chief’s eyes upon hearing this. He gave Jack a stern warning reminding him that it was none of his business and he needed to act according to his status and just follow orders.
While Jack held his head low accepting the chief’s commands, Magoya contemplated for sometime about what Jack said. He knew he might need a backup plan. Just to be sure he pulled out his valued blue gem out of his braided pubic hair and gave to Jack to use it as a present to sway the pale female. After sending Jack on his way to carry out his commands, the chief started to walk toward witchdoctor’s hut.
The moment the chief handed Jack the blue gem, he knew there will be no escape to Julie. If he was willing to part away from his blue gem to have Julie, nothing will prevent him from him claiming her. The happy couple will no longer have the sanction of tribe customs to protect them. After all, rulers made customs and they can break them too.
The chief’s sense of smell got overpowered when he entered the witch hut. The old medicinal women greeted him with proper respect. She was second in status only to the chief as she was the life line of the village. Villagers heavily depended on their medicinal experts. Even the bumps on penises that showed ones status had to be implanted by a doctor. The rocks had to be treated with medicine first to make tissue grow around it and firmly root it to the shaft. This enabled men to have rough sex without worrying about the rocks being ripped away.
So even the chief had to pay proper respect to her. After taking a seat, he explained the woman about what Jack told about outsider females having smaller passages. The woman was smiling knowing what the chief had in mind and knowing the newly arrived white female was in for a rough ride. She asked the chief when he wished to breed the white meat. He knew when it came to medicine; patience was the key to resolving problems easily. But patience wasn’t something he had in abundance when it came to pale woman. His reply was “as soon as possible.”
The old women thought for few minutes and started mixing a collection of oil and herbs in to a cup. After sometime, she was done. The cup was presented to him as she explained how it worked. “Since you are lack of patience, I’ll have to use matured medicines that already exist in your body. Specially the one that exist in your seed producing gland. If you drink this mix, it’ll be filtered and mixed with those medicines. And the desired medicine that we need will be generated as your precum. When that mixture touches the vaginal wall, the applied area will have greater stretching ability. It’ll take some time for the medicine to take effect even after application. Take great caution dear leader as this will only increase the stretching and prevent tears in the tissue. It’ll not dull or increase pain and pleasure.”
The chief took the cup without a word and drank in one gulp. It tasted horrible. But he was willing to do anything to quench his thirst for Julie.
Jack knew Sam had to go set the traps alone since he was summoned by the chief. He told Sam that he would meet up with him later. It was good since he wanted to talk to Julie alone about what chief said. When he got near to the couple’s hut, he saw Julie outside surrounded with children from the village. Even though the villagers avoided Julie and Sam, Julie was very popular among kids. She was kneeling on the ground drawing pictures of animals on the sand for kids. Three girls were standing behind her weaving few long thin braids with her smooth long hair. She had a beautiful smile on her as she played with these kids. Jack thought that she’ll be a good mother one day. Then he remembered what the chief said and wondered if he’ll ever see that smile again after this storm go through her.
Julie greeted Jack with a smile when she saw him coming. After standing up and wiping away the sand that stuck to her knees, she motioned the kids to go back to their homes.
“Jack, I thought you were with Sam.”Said Julie while readjusting the dress that easily rides up her smooth thighs.
“No he went alone today. I had to meet the chief today.” Jack said as he stopped near the door of the hut.
“Oh, ok. I’m sure Sam can manage alone. Hope everything alright with the chief” she was feeling a braid that girls did on her hair.
“As a matter of fact, I’m actually here to bring a message to you from him. And I would prefer to talk about it in the hut” Jack said he was entering the hut.
Julie’s happy face turned in to confusion and concern while following him inside.
When Julie came inside, Jack handed her the blue gem that chief gave and said “It’s a gift from the chief.”
“It’s beautiful. But I don’t think I should accept this Jack. I don’t understand why he gave me something like this.”She said while appreciating the beauty of the gem.
Jack sighed loud and started to talk.”Julie I don’t know how to put this to you. Bluntly saying, the chief has thing for you and wants to have sex with you”
Julie was frozen from his words while her eyes and mouth remained opened big.
“But. But. But. I’m married. And he’s as old as my father. Why would he think of such a vile thing?” Julie finally managed to put together some words.
“He said if you agree, he’ll help your family with food and other things. And even give you a higher status. I’m just saying what he asked me to tell you. The truth is I’m worried about you and Sam. The chief can be ruthless. And from the looks, I don’t think he has any idea of changing his mind.”
“Well I’m not a savage to prostitute myself for food. And I don’t have any idea about changing my mind too. Why don’t you give this piece of garbage back to that pervert and kindly ask him to go fuck himself.” Julie was furious. She threw the gem at jack.
“I understand your anger Julie. But this is not the outside world. It pains me to see you have to go through this. Chief is a dangerous man. I’ll go tell him you rejected the offer. Please don’t do anything irrational.” Jack said while picking up the gem from the clay floor.
“Please go Jack. I don’t want to talk to you now.”Julie said while holding few tears in her blue eyes.
Back at the main hut the chief was furious. No women had ever rejected him. He even offered his blue gem. Who was this woman to deny him his divine right? “I’ll take what I desire with or without her consent. Just like how I took this from that outsider.”He thought looking at the blue gem.
“Take the male outsider for hunting tomorrow and don’t return until evening.” The chief instructed Jack with a fire in his eye. He wasn’t sure if the flames he saw were of anger or lust. All Jack knew was Julie might not remain the same after tomorrow.
Julie was in a great turmoil. When Sam returned in the evening, he asked what was troubling her. She just replied that she’s having a headache. She didn’t want to drag Sam in to this mess too. She naively thought that things would get better if she remained unseen for few days.
Next day, Jack took Sam for hunting early in the morning. He caught a glimpse of Julie as she didn’t come out of the hut as usual. Jack knew the chief was planning to do something that day. He prayed to god to keep Julie safe as he led Sam away from the hut.
Julie intended to stay in the hut whole day and go to the river when Sam comes back. It was a hot day and the inside of the hut was getting hotter by noon. As she was falling asleep on the straw mat, a noise came from outside the hut. She got up and pushed her head through the straw curtain that covered the entrance to see what the noise was. Horror hit her when found the chief and two guards with spears in front of her.
The chief stepped in to the hut without any invitation, forcing Julie to move in to the hut to make way. The two guards stepped in front of the door facing away from the hut to stand guard. Julie was so scared she was shaking a bit. But she tried to look calm and composed.
The chief was saying something to in native language and his tone had a little bit of anger mixed in to it. When he stood his face was at her breast level. Even though his face showed the age, his body was ripped with muscles. And his genital was as monstrous as ever. Soft 8 inch penis with six bumps, a large scrotum that looked like it contained two tennis balls and braided long pubic hair decorated with colorful stones. Then she noticed the blue gem hanging on the top touching the base of his penis. It was the same gem he sent to her with Jack.
While looking at the gem she felt disgusted that she had actually touched that stone. She failed to notice that the talking had stopped some time ago. What she did notice was the rapidly growing penis. Suddenly it was around 10 inches and starting to stand proudly. With a shock she looked at his face to find a smirk and immediately felt that it was a mistake to keep looking at the gem. He must have thought she was looking at his penis.
She immediately tried to explain to chief that she’s not interested and he should forget about her. Even if he understood what she said, nothing would have changed. He walked up to her and suddenly grabbed one of those soft breasts through her top. Julie gasped at the sudden attack on her breast and got filled with anger and slapped his face hard. The chief couldn’t believe that she struck his body. It was the first time in his life that he had to go through the humiliation of being struck by a woman. While holding his cheek, he gave Julie a death stare.
Being fooled by his height, Julie actually thought she might be able to fend him off through physical power because she was larger. She made the mistake of trying to slap him again. Chief easily caught her arm with a vice grip. That changed the expression on Julie feeling that she had made a mistake in the heat of the moment.
Chief was now determined to humiliate and make her suffer for her mistake. He was planning on being gentle. Now she was going to face the wrath of his now 14 inch hard cock.
He suddenly tackled Julie to the ground with a swift move. The fall took her breath away for few second before realizing the chief was on her. She struggled hard trying to throw him off her. But she found that he was too strong for his size. After 15 minutes of continuous struggle, she was starting to lose both breath and strength. She was starting to feel that she was going to lose this battle. She was getting frustrated and screamed.
“Fuck you! As if I’ll let a monkey touch me.”
Julie renewed her struggle with her last reserve of energy. The chief was surprised by her tenacity and strength. But she wasn’t someone he couldn’t handle. After another 10 minutes of struggle Julie was starting lose steam. And was angry at the fact that he had pulled her top down to expose her breasts and all this time was happily groping her soft mounds. The struggling had ridden up the hem of the dress until her white panties showed. She didn’t have enough strength to even lift her hands up to grab his head when he lowered his mouth on to one of her pink nipple. With a frustration filled groan, she started sobbing announcing her surrender.
This was what the chief was waiting for. Now he wasn’t going to have resistance while conquering her innocence. Upon her capitulation, he sucked on her nipple hard pulling out a noise of uncomfort from her. Her breasts were unreal. He couldn’t believe something soft like that even existed in the world. He felt like a child who found a new toy. The chief was now happily playing with her breasts as he wished since she stopped fighting. Julie was breathing hard to catch up enough breath to start another struggle.
After 15 minutes of breast playing, Julie’s nipples were hard as diamonds and were surrounded with few hickies on the creamy skin. When he looked up to her eyes, they were filled with hate and disgust.
When he slid down towards her legs, she used her recovered strength to keep her legs together while pulling up her top to cover her breasts again. When he tried to separate her legs, he surprisingly found some resistance. The struggle and the heat had caused her body to create with a thin layer of sweat. It gave him some difficulty to get some grip to pry open her legs. This new layer of sweat did give those long legs an added sexiness. The chief did like challenges and this seemed like a fun game to play with. Smiling lightly, he straddled Julie’s legs while kneeling up.
Feeling the pressure on her body disappear, Julie lifted her head a bit to look above her heaving breasts to see what happened. That was when she had a good look at chief’s erected penis for the first time. It was almost as big as her hand, in both length and girth. The bumps on the shaft were neatly positioned 2 inches apart from each other from base to end. The shaft was covered with big and large veins that pulsated slightly in time with his heartbeat. And at the end of the shaft hanged something looked like a large purple plum fruit. It was almost as big as her clenched fist.
Julie started to panic. That pulsating angry looking thing looked like it had a mind of its own. “There’s no way a woman can take something like that.” she thought. The penis head was as big as her entire pussy. So she felt a hint of safety as it looked too big to even enter her.
The chief put his hands between her ankles and started applying pressure. The greater strength and added leverage thanks to her long legs worked in favor of him. He could hear her protest as he positioned his waist between those separated ankles. Keeping her ankles was a lost cause. So Julie redirected her remaining strength to keeping her knees closed as that was the last line of defense. If he get between her knees things would become much direr for Julie.
Little by little chief moved his waist up until her closed knees. From underneath he squeezed a hand between her thighs. Even if she had her knees tight, the sweat lubricated, soft thighs allowed the invading hand to get in between her legs. As his other hand followed, Julie knew she lost that battle too. With a war cry from chief and a loud “No” from Julie, those smooth thighs opened up offering her panty covered crotch.
The chief observed the strange flimsy cloth that stood between him and his price. With a quick tug and a painful gasp from Julie the underwear was in pieces. The chief was treated to an amazing sight. Her pussy reminded him a rare pink flower that grew in the forest. It looked like a pussy of a girl who didn’t have sex yet. Most of the women in village had pussies that looked like opened up and withering flowers by her age. And she had very little pubic hair since she clean shaved till they had the plane crash. The chief had to look close to even locate her tightly closed opening.
Julie tried to cover her shame with hands but he caught her arms. He was so strong; he had to use only his left hand to keep both her arms by the wrists. Using the right hand he opened up her pussy lips to admire it one more time, as by the end of the day he was going to reshape this beautiful thing.
He wasn’t planning to use foreplay as he originally intended. He wanted to punish her. So while kneeling he got closer to her pussy with his cock in hand. Satisfied with the amount of precum on the head, he placed it on the opening. Making sure he smeared some precum on the opening he got ready to spear head the attack.
Feeling something big placed against her sensitive opening, Julie went in to the fight or flight mode. She also most got free from the surprised chief as she thrashed and bucked like a mare. Even the strong chief had to hold on with all his strength and ride out this beautiful wild beast.
After few minutes, both were lying on the floor panting. Julie was panting as if she was taking her last dying breaths. That was the last ounce of strength she had used on that wild ride. Her breasts were out in the open again and she was now as good as a ragdoll. They were lying on their sides, Chief still in between her legs holding her narrow waist with both hands. After the last struggle chief was being cautious. He didn’t want to give up the position between her thighs. While staying like that, he placed his monster cock against her opening and applied pressure to feel it open up a little. This brought out a surprised moan from Julie and the chief knew the medicine was working.
While staying in the position, the chief started to batter her opening with micro thrusts. With every precum mixed thrust, her opening was widening around the big cock head in millimeters. It was slow progress, but it was progress. Both of them were shaking on the ground a bit due to these pecking like small fast thrusts. Julie closed her eyes and was trying to pretend that all these were a bad dream. Still she couldn’t help releasing a gasp or quick moan when chief delivered a little hard thrust and opened her up a bit more. She shed a tear every time he forced her to realize she wasn’t dreaming, with those hard thrusts. 

After about ten minutes, Julie was almost over his crown. She was breathing hard as she could feel that her opening was stretched unnaturally and wondered how it was possible. She had always been tight. She remembered her first boyfriend broke up with her because he couldn’t get inside her. It resulted in her being cold to guys and disinterest in sex.
Seeing the opportunity, the chief sent a very hard short jab to her vulnerable opening. Julie emitted a scream with a hint of pleasure and the stretched ring of her opening slid over the wide crown of the penis head and snapped closed tight behind it around the shaft.
A shudder went through her body and she felt something strange. She had something the size of a fist firmly lodged inside her and the opening was now closed around something the size of her hand. But there wasn’t much pain or bleeding she expected. Instead, a warm tingly feeling was starting to generate in her lower abdomen and it was starting to rise up her body.
After getting the head slipped inside her, the chief knew now there was no risk of the cock slipping out if she struggled. Julie’s tight opening locked herself to his cock. It’s not going to be easy to free his cock now even if he wanted. He had won the battle and now it was time to win the war.
Holding Julie’s thighs, he rolled both of them until he was on top of her as she was lying on her back. While moving his cock got pulled out a bit. Instead of coming out, the crown got trapped by her tight opening ring and it pulled her whole vaginal passage out a bit. She couldn’t help moaning out loud as that was the first time she felt something like that.
The chief once again looked down at the beauty underneath him. Her nipples were now erect without him having to suck on them. When he met her blue eyes, they weren’t filled with hatred as before and they had a look of fear and confusion. He leaned toward her while placing his hand besides her body and positioned his legs to carry out her punishment.
Then the chief began the short but hard thrusting. The sudden barrage of attacks against her sensitive depths made Julie see stars. She let out a deep moan arching her body up in an effort to ease the pounding her unstretched passage was receiving. Seeing the space created between her back and the floor when she arched up, chief wrapped his arms around her body tightly hugging her. This prevented her further efforts to ease the attack on the walls and put his face right between her breasts. With his cock battering gates to her womb and his face between her soft and full breasts, chief was a happy man.
Julie was overwhelmed by the suddenly load of inputs her brain was receiving from vagina. There was pain, but there was something sweet mixed in with it. Just like dark chocolate she was so fond of. They were bitter but delicious. Specially this one spot the large head was pressing and rubbing sent shocks in her reproductive organ. With each jab, her passage was opening up and surrendering little by little.
She had never experienced something like this during sex. She never knew her body was able to generate these sensations. Then she felt it. Something was hitting hard in her clitoris area with each thrust. Each hit sent electricity throughout her whole body. Now she was clearly grunting with each thrust. Her hands went to chief’s shoulders as if they were trying to limit the thrusting. She bent her knees and brought them up to plant her heels to the floor. All these happened involuntarily and even her breathing started to match the thrusting.
Chief felt his first bump made contact with her opening. She was tight beyond belief. Jack told truth about outsider women not being equipped to take big cocks. He thanked the medicine the witch doctor gave and his insightfulness to seek her counsel. He kept hitting her clit with the bump for a while and not pressing forward anymore. He wanted to make sure the walls that were next in line to be stretched were properly soaked with his medicinal precum before he press on for a big thrust in.
Julie’s all senses were now concentrated on the big cock that was defiling her. As much as she hated it for invading her innocence, she felt grateful for making her feel something she hadn’t felt in her whole life. Then she felt the thrusting pause for a moment and it was pulled out until the crown rested against her opening ring from inside. Then with a deep grunt from the chief, the cock speared in to her depths. While her unstretched wall experienced a sudden large cock head spear through them, a bump went past her opening flicking her clitoris. The sudden invasion stopped when another bump pressed firmly against her clit and the first bump that invaded her deliciously stopped pressing on her sweet spot.
Right then and there, Julie experienced her first ever orgasm. Fireworks flashed in front of her eyes and she got lost in this sensory overload she experienced for the first time with a shuddering body. When she came down from her orgasmic bliss, she realized the thrusting had stopped. Julie lifted her head and assessed the situation. He had invaded extra two inches of her innocence in one big thrust. During her orgasm, she had wrapped her long legs around chief’s waist and her hands were wrapped around his neck, pressing his head hard on to her breasts. Between her breasts, chief was looking at her with a smug smile. Disgusted by his face, she put her head down still breathing hard and started to loosen her arms and legs wrapped around him. When he felt Julie loosen up her limbs he started the thrusting again causing her to tighten up her long limbs around him again while moaning loud.
Now he was probing at her virgin territory. No man had ever tasted this part of her body. Even Sam hadn’t experienced this part of her. Julie felt like the chief was claiming her virginity all over again. Then she understood she’ll never be the same girl again. Because, now she was becoming a women. This monster cock was making her realize she had been a girl all this time. It was giving her what a woman should feel and what a girl never could. This beautiful cock was rearranging her plumbing and was rewiring her brain.
Then a sad feeling hit her when she thought about Sam. She loved him to death. She never expected sexual satisfaction when she loved him. Because until now she never knew something like sexual satisfaction existed in her world. She always looked down on women who went crazy over sex. In their relationship, in sex wise all she wanted was to satisfy Sam. But her pussy will not be able to please him if this cock goes through her. She would lose her ability to please her husband sexually if she becomes a woman. Even though at the moment she didn’t have a choice in the matter, in mind she was debating which one she should choose. A hard hit from a bump on her clitoris ended the debate. She tightened her legs around his waist, lifted her hips up, brought her pussy in to right angle and said aloud.
“Come on you big monster, ruin me for my husband. Make me a woman, six bumps you glorious cock.” Julie the girl couldn’t believe she said such vile words. But Julie the woman meant every word of it.
Chief knew he had conquered this exotic beauty. When she reached her peak, he felt like a god. He loved how her long limbs wrapped around him like a vine wrap around a tree. When she tightened her legs to bring up her hips and shouted something while looking at the roof, he knew he had won the war. It was time to taste the spoils of war and feel like a god many times over.
The chief increased the strength of his thrusting as her virgin territory was impossibly tight. But as Julie started to thrust back using her legs, his cock started to slowly crawl in. For another half an hour the small hut was filled Julie’s lustful moans and gasps. Once in a while a guttural shaky moan dictated as every bump that passed her opening pulled out an orgasm out of her. She was pouring sweat as the fire of lust burned inside her as the temperature inside the hut. The chief was also now heavily sweating while on his elbows and he was dripping on to Julie. Most of it dripped on to Julie’s shaking breasts before they run along her curves and dripped on to the clay floor beneath them. And some got absorbed by the bunched up dress that was around her waist.
A minute after Julie’s fourth orgasm, the cock head reached the end of her passage. When the cock head bumped her cervix for the first time, the usual moan turned in to a small squeal. The chief also stopped the thrusting when he felt her cervix at the point of his cock head.
Julie lifted her head to see how much of six bumps she was able to take. There were two more bumps still visible outside. She had accepted ten inches of her dear six bumps. “Six bumps” was what she used to identify the chief before. But as she experienced orgasm after orgasm, “six bumps” was the name she decided to give her new lover. The important thing was her new lover wasn’t the chief. To Julie his existence was insignificant. Her new lover was the monstrous cock. Chief was something that was attached to Six bumps like a tumor. She was happy that she was able to worship 10 inches of her lover before she reached her physical limit.
Julie was bit confused when chief knelt while holding the cock in position and pulled on the thighs as if he wanted her to release him. She loosened her legs and the chief unwrapped her legs and put them on his shoulders. Since he was short Julie was able to bend her knees around his shoulders and let her feet hang free. Then he wrapped his hands around her thighs and straightened his thighs while kneeling on the floor. This elevated both his torso and her lower body while pressing hard on her cervix bringing a very feminine moan from Julie. Then he tightened this grip around her thighs and started ramming her cervix with his battering ram.
He pulled his cock out until only the head was inside her and thrust until it hit hard on her cervix. This was a whole new level of sensation for Julie. She couldn’t tell what was more intense. The sharp sweet pain that came from her under-attack-cervix or the bumps that were going through her clit and g-spot fast like a saw. It was too intense that her blue eyes turn up to show white and started grunting like a wild animal while breathing hard. Her whole body rocked back and forth violently as the chief let loose a barrage of long hard thrusts in to her most sensitive organ. As her mind went off to a place of total bliss she faintly heard Sam calling for her like in a dream.
As the chief continued his battering on Julie’s cervix, his precum got soaked well in to the hard ring and started to loosen up. When the chief felt her cervix was starting to give, with one brutal thrust he was buried in Julie until he hit the back of her womb. Only one inch remained to the base. With a loud grunt his thrusting went in to over drive. He was thrusting in to her with inhuman speed as his hips became a blur.
Just as her cervix opened the head entered and hit the back of her womb accompanied by two bumps, she felt rest of the two bumps slid in through her vaginal opening. The collective sensation was too much for her brain. Her fists clenched until her knuckles turned white. Her jaws clenched together and her head was pulled back. Her toes curled up and legs straightened pointing at the roof. That’s when Julie felt like a fuse went off in her body. Her whole became rigid and started to shake violently as she experienced her first squirting orgasm. As she squirted, the chief kept on pounding her like a jackhammer. He could only pull out about four inches out as the large head got trapped inside her womb behind the cervix. This action pulled on her entire womb every time and the squirting intensified. The only sound in the hut during that was the slapping sound generated by his body slapping on to her thighs and watery sounds caused by the liquid splashing around and the squishing sound the large cock her soaked hole made. Then she let out a loud gurgling, unbridle scream like an animal to mark the end of that brain damaging orgasm.
Julie’s loud scream startled the chief enough to stop his brutal thrusting. Right under where they were joined together, laid a big puddle of Julie’s orgasm’s evidence. He heard the commotion outside before and knew it was about time he feed the whole cock in to this goddess of lust and breed her.
He leaned in to Julie by straightening knees while pushing her now limp long legs towards her. This lifted her whole back above the floor. The only part of chief that touched the ground was his toes. Julie was touching the floor only by her shoulders and she planted her hands on the floor in fear of losing balance of this position that left her privates so vulnerable. Then with a vicious tub from his hips, he pulled out the cock head from her womb. This tugged on her whole womb down before it went back into place. And in the same fluid motion he pulled out the whole from out from her depths pulling on her whole vaginal passage when the cock head got stuck behind her opening ring for a moment. For the first time since he popped in the massive head in to tight Julie, she was cock free. But this rough pull out, left her whole reproductive system jumping around in her body and she had to emit a painful grunt. Then using the great leverage from his straightened legs and using gravity as a multiplier, he mercilessly plunged the big cock back in to Julies sensitive depths. After the sudden loss of Six bumps her passage was trying to close up the emptiness. Just then it came back with a vengeance. Her opening and cervix stood no chance against the powerful thrust that had a whole body weight behind it. Just as the cock head touched the back of her womb, the chief flexed his hip and pushed hard. This pushed her womb in to her body and she felt the blue gem that he wore above the base of the penis push hard on to her clitoris. The heavy scrotum then swung in and slapped her ass softly.
Julie was now beyond weak after her mind shattering orgasm. But the brutal attack in to her most sacred place extracted a painful grunt from her coerced throat. There was so much pain in her lower abdomen, she shut her eyes closed and tried to cut off her senses.
Unconcerned of Julie or her pain, the chief continued to pull the cock out till the head and burry in to her till the blue gem pushed in her clitoris. He grunted at each thrust and couldn’t do anything by grunt painfully as her womb got tortured.
Coming down from the huge orgasm and the painful treatment her womb experiencing brought her down from her sexual height. When her thoughts got a bit clear, it hit her. She wasn’t on birth control. The chief was hammering straight in to her womb. It wasn’t her peak day but she wasn’t on period too. Remembering the large sack that hung beneath Six bumps, there’s a very good chance that she’ll get pregnant if he came in her. The last thing she wanted was to be impregnated by this old primitive man. The fear gave her enough energy to open her eyes and try to voice her concern even if she knew he wouldn’t understand.
“NO NO ungh!!!.PLEA ungh!!!.DON’T oooh!!! OUT SI..fuck!!!
The continuous hammering on her womb was impairing her ability to speak clearly. She checked if she had any strength in her body to stop him. Even if she had any strength, the stabbing on the womb was numbing her whole body. The chief now had a dreamy look in his eye and was thrusting like he was possessed. She felt so helpless. Not only he was raping her body, he was raping her soul too. As the last choice of hope, she started calling god to help her.
” OH GO..aieee!!! HELP!!!”
Just then as if a punishment for calling god, chief started to take out the whole cock out and drive in to her with twice more power making Julie almost loose a consciousness. Even her joints started to ache by absorbing those hard thrusts. But most of it got absorbed by her womb. She couldn’t believe her most sacred part in her body was being violated in this manner. And she couldn’t stop him breeding her like an animal.
As she felt the chief increased the speed, she was nearing the judgment time. She again made a futile attempt to plead the chief not to inseminate her but not a proper word came out from her lips.
Then she felt as if his whole lower body left her from a moment. Then came a brutal thrust straight in to her womb. She felt as if he jumped his whole body on to her. She felt the shock wave throughout her whole body. When her legs got close to her body due to the added force on them, the chief put his arms under her armpits and locked himself to her while his cock pushed her womb deep in to her body. Julie opened her eyes in shock and screamed painfully at the inhumane attack on her reproductive organ. In tune with Julie, the chief let out a loud animalistic howl. She even felt the vibrations on her cervix that travelled down through the cock.
They remain locked together like for a moment. All that could hear was the hard breathing of chief and Julie. She felt Six bumps start to get bigger inside her. Then the chief started to grunt, and with each grunt Six bumps started to pulsate in her. Julie felt as if hot lava started to fill her womb. Her heart sank when she realized that this vile man was breeding her. And he went an extra mile at that by pumping his hot seed straight in the womb of this white beauty. She was being thoroughly bred by an ugly, old, short, savage man.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….”Julie screamed while sobbing when she realized she was being thoroughly bred by an ugly, old, short, savage man.
As the chief’s grunts continued, Julie was being filled non-stop with his potent seed. She felt pressure start to rise in her womb. When she started to get uncomfortable with the pressure she felt the seed shoot down through passage around the cock and shoot out side with a squirting sound. Julie was amazed that a man could cum this long and this much. Now with each grunt, thick white cum squeezed out from the edges where their bodies started to merge. She felt some even poured down through the divide of her ass and flow down to her back.
Chief felt intoxicated with sense of achievement. He was now thoroughly breeding this white beauty. That was also in front of her mate as he watched frozen looking at their obscene union. The woman had been most disrespectful. But he put her in her place by breaking in to her most sacred place and thought her the role of a woman by breeding her with a river of seed in the womb. He had claimed a treasure from outsiders that was more precious than the blue gem that was pressing on her clitoris.
After feeling as if she was pumped with seed forever, Six bumps started to shrink and retreat from her body. Then the chief released her body and stood up. She immediately curled in to the fetal position and started sobbing. She felt like no amount of clothes would be enough to cover her shame. She had been violated in her most sacred place.
Julie got surprised when she felt Sam wrapped his hands around her crying. Right then for an unknown reason, her mind went back to Six bumps. That beautiful cock opened up a new path in her. It awakened another personality in her that resided sleeping in her sub conscious. But at what cost? Now that she had tasted the elixir called sexual bliss, she’ll crave for it more. After Six bumps had physically rearranged her femininity, Sam will not be able to get his sexual satisfaction from her. Most importantly he will not be able to satisfy her new found craving.
She loved Sam. Julie the girl loved him to death. She vowed to do so when they wed. She didn’t expect any physical satisfaction from Sam. What she craved for was the mental satisfaction of love.

Julie the woman was made of more primal feelings. She loved Six bumps. Specifically, she lusted for it. The woman in her was too wild to be married. She only had primal urges. She didn’t expect any love. What she craved for was sexual satisfaction of lust.
There was a battle raging in Julie’s mind. The old girl and the newcomer woman were fighting for dominance in her mind. The strongest would take up the throne as the dominant personality and the looser would have to hide in the darkness. The battle was close and a victor emerged. Julie stopped her sobbing. A woman opened her blue eyes.
She was happy. Even though it was painful, she had taken all the glory of Six bumps in to her depths. Reminiscence of the pleasures it gave were enough to prepare her for another climax. She loved the feeling of its gift of love dribble from her gaping opening. She didn’t mind getting pregnant if the seed came through Six bumps. In fact she viewed it as the ultimate way of showing her gratitude to it for the wonders it gave her. And she could even tolerate the chief as he was attached to Six bumps to keep it alive.
She heard Sam saying. “I’m sorry baby; I wasn’t strong enough to save you.”
Julie thought that he was saying the truth. He wasn’t strong enough. He wasn’t strong enough or equipped enough to give her what she wanted. And she knew who was strong and equipped enough.
“I’m sorry too honey.” Said the woman as the girl shed tears in darkness.

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