A Visit to the Tattooist

Richard has been going on at me to have a little tattoo done for years and until recently I had always managed to avoid his persuasion.

This year much to his delight however, I agreed to have one done. I don’t know what came over me to make this decision, possibly my more exhibitionistic attitude of late or just thinking this might put the tingle back into our relationship. Whatever it was I don’t think he or I could ever have anticipated any of the events that took place in the salon that day or of their everlasting pictorial reminders.

Having agreed to have a small tattoo done, Richard suggested that it might be better not to have it carried out too local to where we lived, as we didn’t want to keep bumping into the artist in the local pubs and have them suggesting we had additional work done in earshot of people we knew.

I thought this was a very sensible idea as I was not going to let any of my girlfriends know or see what I had done until I was happy with the results. I was also certain that I would not be going for any additional treatment, if you know what I mean.

On a Friday evening a few weeks later, Richard arrived home and seemed quite excited; having been working away all week I just thought he was delighted to see me and for us to have a relaxed weekend together.

Over the course of a few glasses of wine that evening he informed me that he had seen a nice salon close to were he had been working. He had also taken the opportunity one evening to call in and speak with the girl behind reception. She had explained the whole procedure to him and eventually he had made a booking and paid a £50 deposit.

When he informed me that we were going over their on Saturday (the following day,) for an early afternoon appointment I did start to have some reservations but as he had already paid, what could I do. 

Saturday arrived with beautiful sunshine and Richard was also beaming with excitement and anticipation. He had suggested as it was some distance from home we should make the best of the weather and take the whole day out. So to please him and also to make myself look good I put on a short thin red elasticated waist skirt and a white shoe string strap top. Underneath I wore a shear strapless bra and matching shear thong panties.

On the drive over the Pennines, Richard suggested we stop off for lunch at one of the local pub’s and said it might also be useful to get me some Dutch courage in the form of the odd Gin and tonic.

Sitting in the beer garden was delightful in the sunshine and Richard persuaded me to show off quite a lot of leg by pulling my skirt well up my thighs. He also suggested that I should drop the straps of my top from my shoulders so as not to get any tan marks.

By the time we left the pub my head was somewhat light. I’m not sure if it was due to the alcohol, the amount of bare flesh I was showing or the conversation about what motif to have carved into my body. Whatever the cause, my mind had started to race somewhat.

When we arrived outside the salon the local area did not seem to me to be that appealing with dirty old factories and a few run down shops on the main road. However the paintwork of the salon looked new and a smart sign with the words ‘Scared for Life’ was hanging over the plate glass window.

We entered the building just before 1.45 in the afternoon and were greeted by the beaming smile of a short blond girl with half her chest hanging out of her white top displaying a bright red dragon tattoo on her right boob. Now I knew why Richard had said this place was nice.

She showed us over to some seats in the window and then opened some books showing tattoo artwork of all kinds, suggesting we might like this or that. After a short while she left us and Richard and I eventually decided on a small red rose with a curved black stem, in all about 1 to 1 ½ inches in length.

At this point the girl returned wearing her outdoor coat, informed us that we would be seen in a minute, she then promptly turned dropped the latch on the front door before saying goodbye and closing the door behind her.

The time had just gone 2.00 and we now realised that we were the last clients of the week and wondered how fast the tattoo artist would want to get rid of us and go home for the weekend.

Just as I was about speak and give my reservations, the door to the treatment room opened and a tall, very muscular, bald man wearing only leather boots, tight black trousers and a leather waistcoat entered the reception area.

Stepping forward he shuck Richard’s hand (actually I think he shuck his whole body). Then without a word he turned and ushered us into the treatment room, without much ceremony he guided me across the room to a chair which looked like a cross between a barbers and a dentists.

Finally he spoke, suggesting we both sat, me on this contraption and Richard on an ordinary chair by the door we had just entered. He then asked Richard what design we had chosen and Richard handed the man the book and pointed to the Red rose with the curved stem, he smiled and saying it was a lovely choice as you could do so much with it, turning to me he then asked were I had decided to place it. 

Having gone through all the decisions on a design we had not actually had time to discuss were to have it. I wondered if Richard was thinking of somewhere like my ankle or wrist but as the man was not talking to him, he had made no comment, and my mind had gone completely blank.

The next thing I heard was my own voice, hesitantly suggesting my right breast would be quite nice. Where the thought came from I had know idea and could only surmise through my fuzzy brain that I must have seen Richard’s face looking at the tattoo of the girl in reception.

Giving no time to Richard or myself to further debate the subject he asked me to lay backward in the chair as the bus of a motor engaged and the chairs pitch altered causing my legs to go up and my head and shoulders to go back.

As the man busied himself at the worktop behind the chair, I took a sideways glance over to Richard, to see him still slightly open mouthed staring at me.

I faked a weak smile, and turned back just in time as the man leant over me, grasped the bottom edge of my top at both sides and pulled it up and off over my head and placed it on the worktop behind him.

The speed and smoothness at which he did it surprised me and I wondered how many times he had done that before. He seemed a little disappointed that I was wearing a bra underneath and immediately told me to remove it as he did not want to get ink on my underwear.

The commanding nature of the man’s voice made me react instantly to his instruction and I leaned forward and undid the clasp at the back. I had barely lain back when my beasts were freed from the cups as he whisked the bra away to again place it behind him on the worktop.

I was now naked from the waist up and starting to feel very vulnerable in deed. 

He then placed a quantity of liquid from a bottle on to a cloth and started to rub it into my left breast with the palm of his hand, after what seemed like an eternity to me, but was probably only two or three minutes he eventually closing his grip until finally he was squeezing my nipple between his forefinger and thumb.

The reaction of both my nipples was instant as was the shock impulse sent to my pussy. With a slightly croaky voice somewhere in the distance, I heard Richard say that he thought I had asked for the tattoo to be on my right breast.

The man looked up straight into my eyes and smiled at me saying ‘o yes your right my left as I face you’. At this point he had still not released the nipple from his grasp and was still rolling it between his finger and thumb.

I faintly said as smoothly as my voice would let me, ‘yes the right one please’.

At that he released my now very hard nipple, applied another large quantity of the liquid to his cloth and proceeded to massage my right breast.

Again after what felt like another eternity his grip tightened until he was squeezing and rolling my now very erect right nipple between his finger and thumb. All this time my pussy had been giving me spasms and was causing me to wriggle around somewhat in the chair.

Eventually he released me and started to mark out with a fine pen the pattern of the stem curling tightly around my areola this then opened away to the bud of the rose just above and to the left of the nipple.

Having completed his pen work he handed me a mirror to view my erect nipples and tingling breasts, but I think I was only supposed to be looking at the artwork.

Richard had wandered over trying to conceal an obvious bulge in his slacks and commented that it looked a bit larger than the one in the book, to which the man replied he could rub it off and start again if I wanted. The thought of going through the nipple squeezing episode again sent another spasm to my pussy. 

I declined saying that it looked beautiful just the way it was, and in a shaky breath asked him to carry on. Richard retreated to his seat at the back of the room as the man fixed a fine needle type head to what I can only describe as what looked like a Bevel hand etching machine.

With the spirit cloth in his left palm and the machine now in his right, he leaned over with his face very close to my right breast, he gave a deft flick with his thumb and the machine sprang into life like a dentists drill, The shock made me jump slightly and he immediately held my nipple tightly with his left thumb and forefinger to stop my breast from jiggling about.

He continued to constantly roll and squeeze the nipple as he worked away with the drill for what seemed to me like hours, causing me to shudder and pant every time he changed direction with his fingers. Eventually the drill stopped and he lifted his head saying that the stem and outline of the petals was complete.

I was surprised to find when I opened my eyes and looked at the large wall clock that we had only been going twenty minutes. He informed us that he would have to let the black ink dry before he could start the delicate job of infilling the petals with red so we would have to sit around for the next half hour.

That might have seemed normal for them, but I was naked to the waist and just sitting in front of two fully clothed men was not making me feel any less horny never mind all the manipulation he had put my nipples through.

After five minutes the man walked back over to my chair, put his face again within nine inches of my right breast and then bringing his hand up started to pull and squeeze my nipple again. My head shot backwards and a slow moan involuntarily came from my mouth, 

He informed us that if the flesh around my areola was tighter the ink would dry quicker, then without any further discussion he opened a drawer under the worktop behind him, pulled out a small nipple clamp and proceeded to fit it over my erect right nipple. 

As he released the trigger on the clamp the initial pain hit me, the tightness of the ring causing about ½ an inch of my nipple to poke through the top. He then informed Richard that we would probably be able to continue in about twenty minutes.

I was now in a heightened state of arousal and was only vaguely hearing the conversation in the background, the outline of it being that he was currently doing some kind of offer, a sort of two for one, and if Richard would like to look through the book again he would include another tattoo within the same fee.

Who was I to complain? It was only my chest! Actually I thought something to compliment the red rose might be quite nice and I was being kept incredibly aroused with all this attention being lavished on my boobs.

After about another ten minutes, my right nipple was starting to feel a bit tingly and slightly painful. I mentioned this to the man and he suggested that it could be the imbalance of tension on my breasts and he could resolve it if I liked. I just nodded an acknowledgement.

At this time Richard was completely engrossed in the book looking for an addition pattern and had not heard my conversation with the man, I had just looked over to him and was about to ask his opinion, when the man opened the drawer under the worktop behind him again, pulled out another clamp and placed it over my left nipple and released the trigger.

My pussy spasm immediately returned, the pain in my right nipple faded as the pain now in the left nipple took over. I opened my mouth to say something to Richard but not a word came out.

The man now informed me that as I was jiggling around in the seat a little too much so he would strap my arms to the chair as this would stop me from moving whilst he did the delicate work on the petals.

Without further discussion he wound a wide velcro band over my left lower arm and the chairs armrest, he then repeated this process on my right arm. I was now effectively locked to the top of the chair with just my wrists dangling from the front of the armrests.

He then produced a shoelace like object from the drawer, it had a small noose loop on each end, this he placed over my exposed left nipple end and pulled the loop tight, he then guided the cord up around my neck and the back of the chairs headrest and down to place the other loop over my right nipple and again pulled the loop tight. Finally from behind the headrest he shortened the centre section of the cord, this effectively pulled both my nipples and breasts upward.

Now if I even attempted to lift my head the cord tightened and my nipples would be painfully pulled upward.

With me now in this vulnerable state he turned on the drill again and started to apply the red ink to my right breast. I dare not move for fear of my nipples being tugged upward as he applied the ink.

Without looking up he called across to Richard, asking him if he had found anything interesting. Richard replied with the comment that there was a small caricature of a devil in red that looked nice. The tattooist suggested that there was a better one a few pages further on.

After a few further minutes the man looked up at me smiled and said it was finished. Taking a large gulp of air I started to breath normally again. At this point Richard wandered over to look at the results and was a bit shocked to see the bondage treatment of nipple clamps, cord ties and velcro straps, that had been applied to me.

He however did not suggest the possibility of these being removed by the man, and it would appear that the man had no intention of releasing me from them either.

Richard showed me the new caricature of a small devil sporting an erect phallus almost matching his own size. We both laughed at it, me a little sheepishly but agreed it looked good.

The man immediately said we should get started as time was now moving on and to speed things up, would Richard mind making us all some coffee and that the peculator and cups were out in reception.

The instant Richard had left the room the man started the motor up on the chair and it leveled out like a flat bed. He placing a hand on each side of my waistband and told me to lift, instinctively I raised my bottom an inch from the chair, with that he pulled both my skirt and thong down my legs and off in an instant, throwing the discarded items on the ever increasing pile on the worktop behind him.

As I worriedly asked him what he thought he was doing, he continued to place velcro straps around each of my ankles and fix them to the outer edges of the bottom of the chair. 

Looking at me straight in the eyes he said that there was only one place for this tattoo to go, and with that he pressed another button on the chairs side, the motor started to bus again and the lower section of the chair holding my ankles started to hinge apart from just below my bottom.

Richard had fallen completely into the mans trap and I was going to pay the consequence. The motor stopped when my legs were about three feet apart and my pulsing pussy was completely at his mercy to be treated however he wanted.

Appling a large amount of cream from a tube onto his fingers, he started to massage it into my neatly trimmed pussy hair. A further amount was then squeezed out onto my pussy lips and smeared right down between my legs to my anus, as his fingers returned upward they spread my fanny lips mixing the cream with my own ever increasing secretions.

I was delirious in an orgasmic haze as he manipulated his fingers around my now very excited fanny. Having brought me to the brink he now stopped, picked up a razor and started to remove my entire protective hairy mound.

It was at this moment that Richard re-entered the room holding two cups of coffee. He froze instantly, taking in the scene before him and you could actually hear the cups rattling on their saucers as he asked with a shaking voice what was going on.

As he walked up beside me with the man concentrating on his work of removing every piece of hair around my pussy, I informed him in a very stuttering voice that the man had said there was only one place for this tattoo to go, so as he had chosen it, it was all his fault.

At that moment the man looked up and stepped back having completed his work, he took one of the cups from Richard’s hand looked at it and then informed him that he only drank his black and would he mind going back into the reception to make him another.

Richard without saying another word turned and meekly walked out of the room with the one remaining cup still in his hand. Instantly the tattooist put the other cup down on the worktop picked up the tube of cream squeezed another large quantity onto his fingers and started to spread it above and around my pussy lips finishing down by my anus and again bringing his fingers up the middle spreading my pussy lips.

All pretence of modesty now gone, I raised my hips to meet his ministrations and was rewarded with two fingers being plunged deep into my fanny and his thumb being rubbed around my bulging clitoris. I moaned out loud as my first orgasm hit me and my fanny tightened on his fingers begging for more attention.

By the time Richard returned with the mans coffee, I had shuddered through two further orgasms and been shaved again to a baby smooth finish by the man, who was now marking out the shape of the tattoo right above my pussy lips.

What Richard also did not know, was that before he had started marking out the tattoo he had used his I phone to take a number of pictures of my shaven pussy and bound and clamped nipples, saying these were the before shots. 

Richard placed the coffee on the worktop and returned to his own seat by the door. What Richard had not noticed or couldn’t see as he passed by my exposed and exited body, was me, now rubbing and squeezing the sizable bulge in the front of the mans trousers as he pressed himself hard against the chair arm and my hand.

After a few minutes he put down the marker, picked up the drill and walked round the chair ready to carve out the pattern. He was now standing at the right side of my chair with his back to Richard and as he approached he opened his fly and extracted a sizable prick and hairy balls, dropping his manhood into my waiting hand he started the drill and commenced the tattoo.

As he worked away with the drill I squeezed and rubbed his ever increasing erection, not only must it have been nine inches in length, but also so large in its girth that I could not completely close my fingers around it.

As I slid my thumb over the slippery tip of his helmet, I could feel the secretions of his pre-cum as they oozed from his cock. Rewarding me for my work he brought his other hand up and started to slide his fingers up and down my now very wet pussy lips.

Parting my pussy lips again he brought his thumb and finger onto my clitoris and started to roll and squeeze it, I moaned out loud as I started on that journey toward another orgasm.

The drill was still buzzing away in his right hand as he manipulated my throbbing pussy with his left. He then inserted the remainder of his fingers deep into my fanny and started to ream me out as he continued to squeeze and pull my clitoris, my orgasm burst through and I started to scream and babble incoherently.

The man told Richard to shut me up before somebody turned up wondering what all the noise was all about. Richard stepped forward turned my head to the side and holding me still by my hair thrust his cock straight into my open mouth.

I nearly gagged at first as I had no means to stop the depth of his penetration, but eventually he built up a steady rhythm, only occasionally hitting the back of my throat as he too started to moan.

The buzz of the drill had now stopped and the man had now removed his hand from my gaping pussy, a surge of loss went through me as he also pulled his erect cock from my hand. 

I need not have worried, as I now felt the rough texture of his trousers rub on my inner thighs as he stepped between my splayed legs. His hands once again made contact with my pussy and pulling the lips apart he ramming his enormous erection straight into me. 

I was being fucked to oblivion at both ends and having multiple orgasms, being strapped down and restrained as I was, ensured I had no guilt, as they could do what ever they wanted with my body and I was powerless to stop them.

Richard now groaned loudly and ejaculated deep in the back of my throat ensuring I had to swallow all his cum, eventually he withdraw his shrinking member from my mouth leaving a sticky, salty trail across my lips and face.

The man between my legs was now holding my hips tightly as with every thrust he forced himself further into my gaping love tunnel, finally with a great roar he forced the end of his enormous erection to the neck of my womb and released what felt like a pint of spunk deep inside my body.

I’m not sure if I passed out at this point, but the next thing I can recall is Richard undoing the straps from around my ankles and arms. Then he released the loops of cord from around my nipples and helped me to sit up. Gingerly I stepped down from the chair and on shaky legs made my way to the wash room. 

Sitting on the pot to stop me from falling over, with a tissue I started to wipe away the sticky goop that had started to run down my thighs. Finally standing in front of the vanity basin I looked in the mirror to see my smudged lipstick and the mascara and eye makeup that had run down my face. I drank a hand full of water from the tap to remove the salty taste from my mouth and then started to wash my self.

As I walked back into the room Richard and the man were talking and looking at pictures on his I phone, they both immediately stopped and turned to look at me as I brazenly walked up to them making no attempt to cover my exposed body.

The man then picked up my skirt and top from the worktop and handed them to me, he then picked up my bra and thong, handing them to Richard saying I had not to wear any tight undergarments for at least the next forty eight hours.

Turning back to me he raised both his hands to my breasts and released the forgotten nipple clamps, a searing pain went straight to my nipples as the blood surged back to them, and the shock sent another spasm to my battered pussy.

As I struggled to put my skirt on and pull my top over my head, he ushered us through to the reception and out of the front door, bidding us goodbye he turned and dropping the door latch as he retreated into the building.

In silence Richard drove the car out of the town and started our return journey back across the Pennines. After a while he suggested that we stop off again at the pub we had used on our way, as he thought we both needed a stiff drink.

By the time we reached the pub car park I had repaired my makeup and was starting to feel a little better, as the pain in my nipples had reduced and my pussy no longer felt sore.

I walked to the back edge of the deserted beer garden as Richard went inside to get us some drinks, taking a seat with my back to the pub I looked straight into the evening sun. Looking down at my chest I could clearly see my areola and the outline of the rose tracing tightly round it. My nipples immediately hardened at the sight and my pussy gave that familiar spasm.

Taking a mirror from my purse, I tucked the hem of my skirt into my waistband, spread my legs and started to examine my new adornment. I had to laugh as I examined the little smiling devil with his erect penis just entering the top of my pussy lips, as this was such a thrilling reminder of what had just happened to me.

Having put my mirror away I was just about to pull my skirt out of my waistband when Richard arrived with the drinks, he asked me to leave it where it was as he would like to look at the tattoo. Sitting directly in front of me he asked me to pull down the front of my top to show him the rose.

Scooping my right breast out of my top my nipple immediately hardened in the fresh evening air, Richard just leaned forward and kissed the nipple and for a few seconds suckled and nipped it with his teeth.

He then sat back in his chair; smiled lovingly at me and said it was beautiful. At that point I knew everything would be all right between us. I was just about to put my boob away and pull my skirt down when he told me to leave it as it was and added that I should get the other boob out as well.

So I thought OK, what else can happen today, I just pulled the left side of my top down a bit and out it popped. So there I was again fully exposed for the second time in just a few hours.

As we sat talking about the events of the day Richard kept looking over my shoulder, every time I start to look round he told me to sit still and look at him. This way I had know idea what was happening behind me, or how much risk I was in, being fully uncovered.

During the conversation he said that the tattooist had only charged another £50 pounds to complete all the work, which I thought was an excellent result for three hours work, Richard did say however he thought he had too many perks, which I had to laugh at.

He then shocked me by saying that the man had also informed him that the web site would be updated with my photos in the next twenty four hours. I now realized that the man had also taken a number of pictures of me after completing the tattoo and them both ravishing me. So our secret would not be so secret after all.

Richard then decided to go and get us new drinks, telling me not to move from my position or adjust my clothing until he had retuned. My pussy did another spasm at the thought of having know idea how close any body would come to where I was seated until he returned.

After what seamed an eternity he returned with fresh drinks, by which time I was again in a very aroused state, my mind having played numerous fantasies to me, listening to the voices and guessing how close they were coming to me in the garden.

He said the pub was now getting quite full as two bus loads of football supporters had just arrived on there way home from some game. Just as he said it a group of lads came into the garden cheering and chanting.

I made to cover up again, but Richard told me to stop and get my mirror out and use that to see where they were going, he also said we should start to get down our drinks. 

I maneuvered the mirror in my left hand looking over my shoulder to see what was happening and at the same time held my glass in my right hand to have a drink. Suddenly realizing that if anybody did come our way I was helpless to cover up, another shudder of excitement went through me and I shut my eyes for a second to visualize the situation.

When I opened them again I nearly dropped my glass as a group of men were merely feet away and heading straight for me, I just managed to get my skirt onto my lap and pull my top out so my boobs dropped inside as they started sitting at the table next to us.

Richard said he now knew that there would always be a devil in me, which made me laugh loudly at the double meaning. This caused all the men at the next table to look my way, as I caught there eyes staring at me I realized that something was drawing their attention.

On looking down I could now see that my top must have stretched when I had forced my boobs over it earlier and now my nipples were just under the top edge but the top of my areola and my new rose were clearly on view.

Looking at Richard he smiled broadly, having known all the time that I was in this state of undress, he then said it was time for us to leave finished his drink and made to go. I also finished my drink and as I started to rise the men next to us started to boo Richard, saying we should stay or at least I should.

This made me blush, as the cheers and wolf whistles started from all the other football supporters as we weaved our way through all the chairs and tables toward the car park exit.

When we reached the car I was on a high again, knowing that all those men had nearly seen my assets and some had seen more than I intended. I told Richard to open the boot of the car, then taking a good look round to make sure nobody was there, stepped out of my skirt pulled my top off, dropped them in and slammed the lid, I then did a 360 degree spin with my arms out and calmly walked to the passenger side of the car opened the door and jumped in.

Richard climbed into the driver’s seat, saying that was amazing. I just smiled and said it was a pity no body saw me. Richard reversed the car out of the parking slop, pointed up to the CCTV camera mounted on a pole right beside the car, looked me in the eyes and said I think you should wave to your audience.

As we drove out of the car park he informed me that the pictures were being beamed live to TV sets mounted all over the pub so people could keep an eye on their own cars.

I don’t know where this little devil is taking me but I guess it was another case of me not being so secret after all again.!!

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