A Visit To The Gynaecologist

Helen sat in the waiting room at the gynaecologist’s office, waiting for her appointment with Dr Alice Sorensen. She was a quite worried lady and found herself reflecting how the hell she had come to be here.
She was 47 and married to Don. She was 5ft 2in with short black hair, dark brown eyes, 32b breasts, very pretty and a slim figure.
Helen was definitely what seemed to be called a milf nowadays, but she was one with a difference. Helen was not your usual hot, sexy, horny cougar type older woman that was the focus of so many horny thoughts, had by the male population of the world. She was desirable in a detached, demure, aloof sort of way, her appeal more of an untouchable, sultry remoteness that made you want her but not in an “I have to fuck her” sort of way.
Her allure was classy, not raunchy.
Helen wasn’t a woman you lusted after, she was a woman you fell in love with.
She found herself in this position because of an absolute aberration on her part. For 23 years she had been married to Don and had been faithful throughout.
Don was a lawyer. He earned the sort of money that gave her a very comfortable lifestyle and meant she didn’t have to work. For that Don expected her to devote a certain amount of her time to looking good for him and being the dutiful wife.
She didn’t disappoint.

However one fateful night after way too much to drink at a party that Don didn’t attend, she found herself in a situation with a man she had only met that night.
The reckless out of character action she took that night cost her plenty.
Her fidelity was thrown away for virtually nothing, as all it entailed for her, was kissing in the corner while he fumbled around in her panties. He then pulled them to one side, entered her a little too roughly. With Helen not being really ready for this, and her vagina not expanding in anticipation, he reached her cervix causing her pain. A few minutes of thrusting, a short grunted climax, a pulling up of trousers and he was gone.
“My proud record of fidelity gone – for THAT.”
That was only the start of Helen’s problems.
Her first concern was that her husband having had a vasectomy, had meant she had not used birth control for years. At her age she was having irregular periods and thought she probably couldn’t conceive anyway. That was irrelevant though, the fact is she had sex with a guy and it never crossed her mind about condoms, with a monogamous marriage to a man firing blanks, it was just something she had never had to consider.
In the ensuing period of weeks her menstrual cycle was due. This came and went with no period happening.
“Is this an irregular cycle or something far worse” she thought.
After a trip to her GP, and the subsequent tests, Helen had at least one problem solved, she wasn’t pregnant. However she was still sore at the top of her vagina and was now starting to fear a STD.
This would be a disaster, as she may be able to hide it from her husband if they hadn’t had sexual contact, but they had been quite active in that department over the last couple of weeks, and if she had it then…………..
Disease or no disease, if Don found out about her infidelity she would be finished. Money, lifestyle, everything. She was his and no one else’s.
Her GP recommended that she visit her gynaecologist to further investigate the problems she was having and said he would forward his report to Dr Sorensen at the clinic.
Helen needed the appointment as a matter of urgency, given the time that was passing. She pleaded with the appointments secretary to try fit her in somehow.
The secretary put Helen on hold and went to consult Dr Sorensen. When she returned she told Helen that there was a possibility, that if she could come in at the end of clinic hours the following day, Dr Sorensen would see her privately after closing hours.
“Oh thank you very much” said Helen.
“I will be there promptly at six o’clock.”
She arrived at the clinic at five fifty, checked in at reception and took her seat in the waiting room.
While she was waiting, Helen noticed a little commotion within the staff; she was still wondering what was going on when the receptionist told her the gynaecologist would see her now.
On entering the Doctors room Helen noticed that Dr Sorensen wasn’t at her desk, where she had been every single time before.
“Ah Mrs Miller” said the medical orderly.
“Please take a seat, Dr Sorensen has been called away to an emergency, as you probably heard out in the corridor, but don’t worry Dr Taylor is still on the premises and will take good care of you.”
Helen was waiting in the Doctors room when in walked Dr Matthew Taylor, one of her husbands golfing friends. Although he wasn’t a really good friend of Don’s, Helen was still well acquainted with Matthew through functions and parties etc.
She had known him long enough, and been in his company often enough, to know he was a gynaecologist, but had never heard which practice he was with.
Matthew wasn’t a particularly big man, he stood about 5ft 9in with a medium build. He had black wavy hair, was clean shaven and tanned. He was quite handsome without being a hunk type of guy, if fact the first thing you notice about him was his quite large hands.
Once while sitting round the pool drinking wine, Helen and her friends had once joked about his big hands.
“You know what they say, “Big hands, big……” they giggled.
“Oh Helen it’s you.” said Dr Taylor.
“It didn’t quite register in my mind when I saw the name on Dr Sorensen’s list, how are you and how is Don?”
“Oh Hi Matthew” said Helen suddenly a little flustered and panicky.
“We are both well, look I think there is no need for you to stay late on my account and I really don’t think it would be right if you conducted my examination, us being acquainted”
Helen started towards the door stooping to pick up her belongings.
Matthew had admired Helen from afar for a number of years; she was so seductive and captivating. Although there had been no encouragement and he knew she was ‘out of his league’ he thought of her often and in an instant he knew if he let her walk out of the door, without him having the chance to ‘examine’ her he would regret it for years.
As Helen’s hand grasped the doorknob Matthew did something he was not proud of.
“I see from your notes you have recently had a pregnancy test, and now want a STD test. I know from chats with Don that he has had a vasectomy, what does he think to all this?”
It was a subtle but still obvious threat, a mere suggestion that he could deny, if any trouble arose from this, yet still plain as day in it’s meaning to Helen.
Matthew took Helen by the arm and led her back into the room, stealthily locking the door behind him.
“Look Helen, if you have a problem, which you obviously have, I am a dedicated, conscientious, professional gynaecologist, so don’t be silly let me deal with your trouble and no one need ever know why you was here.”
Helen realised his meaning as obvious, and her options as zero.
She submitted to an examination.
“For Gods sake he’s a gynaecologist” she told herself, “He does this all day long, just get it done.”
“How long is it since your last full check up.” asked Matthew.
“It’s about a year.” answered Helen.
“We better do a full examination then, in addition to checking out your pain problem.” said Matthew.
“We can do the pelvic exam and Pap smear to check everything is still normal.”
Helen’s heart sank, she knew what the full annual check-up entailed, but at the same time she knew that IF he was going to do her examination it made sense to have a full medical at the time.
“Please take off your blouse Helen and we can get started.”
Helen took off her blouse and stood in her bra. She would have chosen one other then the lacy, black, half cup she was wearing now, if she had had any idea who she would be in this situation with.
Matthew tried to put her at ease by explaining what he was doing at each stage. He started by taking Helen’s blood pressure.
“110 over 75 that’s very good Helen, now let me listen to your heart.”
The Dr put the stethoscope high up on her left breast above her bra and listened, he then moved around behind her at listened to her lungs.
“Everything seems ok there, would you mind taking off your bra and sitting on the bed over there please.”
Helen didn’t hesitate, once she had decided to do this she thought it best to act normally.
She sat on the bed her small breasts, still hard and uplifted even at her age, her pink nipples jutting out as though they were just inviting attention.
The Dr put his hand over one breast and started to make circular motions with his finger tips, feeling for any lumps or abnormalities. He kneaded the breast thoroughly satisfying himself they were in perfect condition.
“Oh they were perfect alright.” he thought.
He did this on each breast and examined the nipple area also.
Helen’s nipples hardened involuntarily.
“My god I have Helen Millers breasts is my hand.” he thought.
Matthew quickly dispelled these thoughts, telling himself to remain professional; the memories of this day would stay with him forever as long as he did nothing stupid.
He found nothing untoward with her breasts.
“Can you please take off your skirt and your shoes and lie flat on the bed please.” was the next instruction.
Helen complied and lay back in just her panties. Panties that she would NOT have worn had she known Dr Sorensen was not to do the examination. They were black, lacy and VERY scanty.
“I will now examine your stomach area for any signs of trouble Helen, please tell me immediately if anything hurts.”
Matthew began at her ribcage and moved down her stomach, feeling all parts of her abdomen, pressing in with his fingers.
Matthew had deliberately let Helen keep her panties on, because that was standard practice and he didn’t want to alarm her by being in a rush to expose her.
He now said.
“I just need to ease your pants down slightly.”
He pulled them down only a few inches to bare her lower abdomen more. An action which made the top line of her pubic bush reveal itself.
The Dr continued his examination, hardly able to take his eyes off the neat tuft of hair that was exposed.
“Everything seems ok there, I now need you to remove your panties and lay back down please.”
Helen hooked her fingers into her panties and lowered them down her thighs. She raised her knees and drew them off her ankles. and dropped them on the stool next to the bed. She lowered her legs back down and lay still. Her tight, black, pubic hair on show to this man.
Matthew had examined hundreds if not thousands of women, and remained totally detached (but they were not Helen Miller were they) He usually saw the vast majority with perfectly smooth, either shaved or waxed pussies. Helen was different; it was so nice to see a woman with a nice manicured triangle of hair. Hair was making a comeback he had heard and was now becoming fashionable again.
He remembered boozy conversations with mates over the years, and remembered saying. “I don’t really care if a woman is smooth or natural, I’ll take it as it comes.”
He thought that was never as true as now, Helen could have an orange Mohican down there for all he cared, and he would still feel like he did about her.
“I now need to examine your external vulva and perform a bi-manual examination, would you please raise you knees to your bottom and open your legs.”
Matthew took his time; he took Helen’s outer labia between thumb and forefinger, checking for nodules or irregularities. He then examined her smooth perfect pink inner labia moving the lips from side to side to check in all the creases. He took her sensitive lips in his fingers and felt for anything out of the ordinary.
“Can she feel my hands shaking.” he wondered.
He was having to be careful; at this time his conduct had been what would be considered normal. Inside he was electrified, this was so exciting.
Helen tried to treat the manipulation of her private parts dispassionately, when she felt the Doctor ease back her clitoral hood to examine the small pink bud she cringed with embarrassment. If she had had a mirror, she could’ve seen her face was as crimson as her labia was becoming.
“If I couldn’t have Dr Sorensen, then a total stranger would be preferable to this.” She thought to herself.
She also knew, through nearly 30 years experience of gyno exams, that it was far from over.
Matthew put some lubrication onto his gloved hand and informed Helen “I now need to do the bi-manual part of the exam; I will insert two fingers into your vagina and feel your ovaries through the abdomen.”
He slowly worked his lubricated fingers into her vagina and placed his other hand on her lower stomach just above her pubic hair line.
Helen felt Matthew’s large fingers opening her inner lips. She squirmed as his fingers slowly slid inside her vagina. Once he had let Helen relax after the invasion, he moved his fingers around inside her, pushing up her ovaries and womb so, he could feel them with his other hand pushing inwards on her abdomen.
“This is what you get for screwing around like a drunken slut.” she admonished herself.
At this time, she was having a surprisingly successful time of controlling her emotions and keeping any excess arousal in check. A certain amount of arousal was quite normal; she had got quite turned on in the past when Dr Sorensen had done this, so she saw no particular danger signs now just because she was getting very wet.
“Can you please roll over onto all fours please Helen, I need to examine your anus and take a swab.”
Helen obeyed, Matthew flustered.
In the knees to chest position her vagina splayed open for him to see, Matthew changed his gloves, re-lubricated his fingers and pushed his index finger into her ass. He felt the walls of her rectum for nodules and growths, finding none he withdrew his finger and took a swab from just inside her puckered little hole.
Helen had never been into anal sex, but even so, it was mildly pleasant and a little erotic feeling his large finger in there.
She was very, very relieved at the Dr’s next statement. He was very very disappointed to have to make it, but he had to remain professional.
“I don’t think we need a transvaginal ultrasound at this time.”
“Thank God for that.” Helen thought,
“The last thing I need is this guy sticking what would just be like a glorified vibrator in my pussy and wiggling it around!”
Matthew asked Helen to stand up from the bed and to stand on the scales; he took her height 5ft 2in and her weight 51kgs.
“Could you please sit on the gyno chair for me and put you feet in the stirrups”
Were the words she knew was coming, but still didn’t want to hear them.
Helen climbed into the chair and raised her legs into the stirrups.
For all the indignities she was to suffer, both up to this point, and what was still to come, this very moment was the worst. This was the ‘whole shooting match’ to Helen. Laid back her legs spread wide apart, her vagina totally open and exposed in the most degrading and humiliating fashion, whilst a friend of her husband and her, stood between her legs in a dominant position gazing intently between her legs.
Matthew, re-gloved and re-lubricated pulled up his small mobile stool and sat himself at her vagina. His tray of instruments beside him.
“Now Helen lets get down to business and have a look at what actually brought you here.”
It was then that it happened.
The proximity of the nakedness this woman was all too much for a man who had longed for her so long, with hardly being aware of what he was doing, and having done it before he realised, Matthew leant forward and placed a very delicate and tender kiss on Helen’s smooth, pink, inner lips.
It was like an electric shock,
“What the hell do you think you are doing?”
Was the words Helen screamed, but only in her head. Outwardly she looked at him shocked but stayed silent. The kiss was a one-peck, three-second, very gentle and tender kiss, which took her back with its affectionate nature.
Matthew looked at Helen, the full realization of what he had just done hit him.
Helen looked at Matthew, the full realization of what he had just done hit her.
Neither spoke, the moment passed and it was as though an unspoken thought passed between them.
“That never happened.”
Almost telepathically they thought.
“We will never speak of that again – put it out of our minds as a one-off aberration neither of us can afford to make an issue of.”
Matthew was flustered, but regained composure.
“I need to examine your urethral opening and I am going to use a single blade speculum to open this to me.” He put gel on the metal object and inserted it into Helen’s vagina. He pulled the speculum downwards which exposed the little hole and then took a swab.
Helen was now distracted, she heard Matthew say something about a larger speculum to open the walls of her vagina.
“Oh that kiss.” she thought.
Matthew inserted the speculum then turned it from it’s inverted position to a normal position, opened the blades and locked them. He could see her innermost depths.
“I am now going to examine the vagina both to check it’s condition relating to your overall health and to check if there is any sign of infection or a STD.”
He turned on the light and leant forward. He looked into her vagina and carried out the usual checks. After a few minutes she was so pleased to hear him say,
“There is no sign of any pathological changes and no sign of any disease.”
“Oh that kiss.” she thought.
“It looks to me like the cervix is a little inflamed and sore, as though it has taken a bang of some sort.”
Helen felt very embarrassed, but still managed to bring herself to tell him that the intercourse she had with a man was quite forceful and done when she wasn’t really ready.
“That is the cause of the pain you are having, I would suggest, however I need to take a swab from your cervix for analysis, but I wouldn’t worry too much, I will just do the pap smear for analysis also.”
Helen felt so relieved, her indiscretion hadn’t got her pregnant, she had not contacted any disease, and all was well in her general health.
“Oh that kiss.”
“There is just one more examination to carry out then you are done.” said Matthew.
“I need to do a rectovaginal exam to check the septum has no irregularities.”
She watched him change gloves, lubricate then approach her again. He placed his middle finger at the entrance to her anus and his index finger at her vagina.
“When I push my fingers in, please bear down as this will relax the rectum.”
Helen felt the fingers entering her two holes at the same time, these fingers then manoeuvred around inside her causing a little discomfort (in more ways that one).
“Oh that gentle, tender kiss.”
When Matthew had finished the examination, he took of his gloves and told Helen she could get down from the chair and get dressed. It was at that point he looked her in the eyes, something he probably hadn’t done since immediately after kissing her labia.
Helen returned his gaze.
Somehow without a word being spoken, something subconsciously passed between them.
They both KNEW what the other felt.
Matthew moved in closer between Helen’s legs, he reached for the cord to his scrubs. He pulled the cord open and let the garment fall to the floor, quickly followed by his boxers.
Helen gazed at him and slowly lowered her eyes to his groin. He was large and uncircumcised.
Still without a word passing between them Matthew took his hard cock in his hand and put the head against Helen’s beautiful wet lips.
He entered her easily.

Helen felt the large cock opening her up, she felt the cock touching the places down the length of her vagina that Matthew’s fingers had touched moments ago.
With Helen’s legs still in the stirrups of the gynaecology chair, bent slightly back, spread open and wide, his pubic hair meshed with hers, he was in her up to the hilt.
“All those years of faithfulness, only to fall twice within weeks.” Helen thought.
Although she knew this was different than before. She had never had a man examine and do all the things to her that Matthew had done, his manipulation of her genital area and her intimate places had aroused her to a certain point, but
“Oh that kiss.”
Had changed everything completely.
“Now THIS was worth sacrificing my fidelity for.”
Matthew kept pulling all the way out of her; they were both loving the feeling of him, not just being inside her, but the act of entering her. It was like he was taking her for the first time over and over again.
Helen enjoyed the wonderful, full feeling of her pussy and felt the inevitable orgasm starting to rise.
Matthew would have given anything to last a long time. Never again would he be in this position with this gorgeous woman. He wanted to enter her again and again all day long but the laws of biology would not be denied.
They came together.
Helen shuddering wildly as the intense climax rocked her, and Matthew feeling his semen flooding her, covering her cervix, clinging to the walls of her pussy.
They both came down from their orgasm’s slowly. Helen’s breathing and heaving breasts slowly decreasing, and Matthew’s heart rate returning to normal.
Still not a word was spoken between them.
Helen looked down and watched as Matthew very reluctantly withdrew his diminishing cock from her. As the head left her, her vagina closed up and a very large amount of his semen flowed from her.
It was lucky she lay on a paper covering on the chair, as it ran down between the cheeks of her bum onto the bed.
Matthew picked up a roll of paper towel that patients used to clean themselves of lubricating gel and handed it to Helen.
She removed her legs from the stirrups and lowered herself from the chair. Helen stood legs slightly apart and knees slightly bent and used the paper towel to clean herself.
“Oh my God.” she thought.
“A man coming inside me was what got me here in the first place, I got away with that, and here I am again for God’s sake.”
The vision of Helen Miller wiping her pussy clean of HIS cum was as wonderful a sight as any other he had seen so far.
He watched her as she dressed; hating the fact she was covering her body from his gaze.
When she was dressed, they looked at each other and both spoke for the first time since they started to make out.
“Look Helen I……” “Matthew we mustn’t ever…….”
They spoke simultaneously, and then laughed nervously and slightly embarrassingly.
The two said no more, there was no need. This was to be a one-off happening, never to be repeated or spoken of again.
Matthew watched Helen longingly as she left the office, as she left the building she thought
“Oh that kiss.”
And started to think,
“Now a man had ejaculated in her again, she might have to return for another check up after all”. 

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