A Very Sexy Belly Dance Performance

I am a young woman who is married to a very successful young man who wants me to wear very sexy, revealing clothing all the time, no matter where we go, what we’re doing and no matter the weather conditions or time of year.

My husband loves me to show my bare female body in public. I am so lucky.

Since the time we made this decision about how I am to dress, I have had some incredible experiences by going out in public in some very daring outfits. If you have read any of my other stories, you know I am surprised by the fact that it seems girls who bare their bodies in public can get away with just about anything. I have rarely been thrown out of a place, nor had the police called because of my skimpy attire.

That includes wildly outrageous outings, including baring my nipples while wearing an underboob crop top inside Starbucks, Home Depot and other places.

I seem to get hassled the most when I am barefoot in stores or restaurants, but even then they end up letting me stay… at least most of the time. 

I love the feeling of being out in public while wearing very little clothing. It’s exhilarating to make eye contact with a guy who is staring at me because I’m wearing a see-through white short crop top with a micro-miniskirt and 5″ high heeled strappy sandals at the mall. I don’t wear a bra or panties, ever. I wear nothing but skirts or dresses, but many of my favorite outfits involve me baring my belly. I also only wear sandals or strappy high heeled sandals. And I go barefoot in public anytime my husband wants because that is something else he finds very sexy for me to do.

My husband has bought me several pretty and flashy belly button rings. I also have belly chains, anklets, toe rings, barefoot sandals, slave bracelets, upper arm bands, specially made thigh jewelry, dangly earrings, and sexy, sparkly necklaces. I like dangly jewelry so many of my belly button rings, belly chains, anklets and even some of my rings, toe rings and bracelets have dangles on them.

I enjoy going out in public and being a hot, scantily clad trophy wife on my husband’s arm. Eye candy to be stared at. Turning people on. Making men, women, my husband and myself horny. Everywhere I go I marvel at how I always have the least amount of clothing on. I get wet just thinking about how standing in the mall, I can raise an arm a little bit and my tiny little belly shirt is so short, that everyone gets to see a bare tit with naked, hard nipple uncovered. The feeling is wild and it can be orgasmic. 

Since we made this decision I quit my job as a secretary and have landed three part time jobs that allow me to dress the way my husband wants me to dress. One is at Twin Peaks as a server where the outfit consists of a short red plaid top that ties below my breasts and short shorts. I also work a few hours a week at a large store run by an Arab man that specializes in sexy clothing, clubwear, and lingerie. I am allowed to wear anything the store sells, to “model” the merchandise. My third and favorite job is at a Mediterranean restaurant run by the store owner’s brother.

I have become a decent belly dancer since I started taking lessons about six years ago. I had just started doing performance a little bit when the owner of the clothing store caught me belly dancing to some music that was playing one day. I was wearing a crop top with a micro-miniskirt and I was barefoot. He said his brother would love to have me dance in his restaurant, but I would have to be prepared to be very, very sexy… his words, not mine.

The thought was exciting and I told my husband. He loved the idea and he went with me to the tryout and interview. I have a sexy cabaret-type belly dancer’s outfit and the audition went without a hitch. He pays me a lot more than the other jobs and the tips are awesome. I work four nights a week.

My husband comes to almost all of my performances and he and the owner get along very well.

When I started doing crazy things like exposing my nipples in Starbucks, my husband and I went shopping for some very revealing belly dancer outfits for me to perform in. The restaurant owner said I could perform nude if I wanted. He would pay me substantially more if and when I performed nude. He also promised that I would earn bigger tips, the more revealing and erotic my performances become.

The owner of the restaurant called me and asked if I wanted to try something different one night. He asked if I would be willing to have my wrists tied above my head from ropes hanging from a beam in the center of the room. I told him I would talk to my husband. The owner told me he hoped to see a lot more of my hot, bare body than I had revealed before.

I called my husband and he already knew about it. He said he couldn’t wait to see his barely dressed wife tied up in front of a bunch of horny men.

The thought of being helplessly tied up in front of all of those men while wearing a skimpy, very revealing belly dancer outfit made my pussy instantly wet.

My husband told me he wanted me to do a dance where I bare my pussy and tits and have an orgasm.

I took a long, hot bath beginning at about 7 p.m. My first dance performance was around 9:30 p.m. I took great care to shave my pussy bald. I keep her shaved, but I just wanted to make certain since this was the first time I was going to be in public with my pussy exposed for an extended period of time.

You can imagine how I was feeling scared, worried and totally exhilarated all at the same time. It felt wonderful knowing that my husband thinks I’m pretty enough… sexy enough…hot enough to be nude in public in front of a lot of people.

I had a special costume made for this very occasion. I brought it with me. I wore a short crop top, micro miniskirt and high heeled strappy sandals to the restaurant.

I changed and dance the first couple of sets in sexy outfits that I keep at the restaurant. They were pretty and revealing. but nothing like what I intended to wear for the third set. I even wore belly dancer slippers just because I wanted the third set to have an incredible impact.

I had my husband check to make sure there were no young children in the audience because I was about to perform an erotic belly dance. He said it was clear of children and there was a large crowd of mostly men. 

The audience had seen a sexy girl that night during my first couple of performances, but they hadn’t seen anything yet. I was about to make them so horny, they wouldn’t be able to hide it.

My special outfit was white, very thin, wispy and see-through chiffon-type material. The top was what I call a cross-boob top. It wrapped around the neck, the material crossed over at the front of the neck and goes over opposite tits. The material covers only my tits and no other part of my upper body. The insides, outsides and undersides of my tits were exposed. The material then goes to the back to tie in a bow. The string is very thin as it wraps around the back, so it is virtually backless.

The material was so thin, I mean really thin, and it left my nipples and aureoles perfectly visible. This top is so hot that I wear it out to the mall and places like that. It is amazing the way it shows off my tits and nipples.

My skirt was made of the same wispy white see-through material. It’s basically two panels attached by a string that ties to two large gold rings. The panels hang down in front and in back. My pussy and ass were quite visible. The sides of my legs were totally bare. It sits so low on my hips that it comes to just about the top of my pussy. A hint of ass crack was seen in the back. That meant the expanse of bare skin basically went from my neck to the top of my pussy in this outfit.

I also changed all of my jewelry. I took my slippers off and put a pair of barefoot sandals on. These have a loop that goes around my center toe, and then a very sparkly white strand snaked up the top of my pretty bare foot and ended by wrapping around my ankle. There are dangles hanging off the sparkly anklet as well as the strand that rested on top of my foot.

I put on a long, dangly, white, sparkly belly button ring. I put on a white, sparkly belly chain with dangles hanging off of it. I had a dainty piece of sparkly white jewelry that hung down between my breasts from the crisscrossed material at the base of my neck. I also had an armband on my upper right arm and a specially made band high around my left thigh that matched the rest of my jewelry. I had long dangly earrings and I also put a slave bracelet on each hand. This had a ring around my middle finger and three strands that went up the top of my hand and ended in a bracelet around my wrist. I also had a jeweled tiara in my hair.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I took a deep breath. I was clearly nude underneath my wisp of an outfit. That was quite obvious. I wanted to look like I wanted to be fucked, and this belly dancer outfit overachieved in that department. I was about to perform a sex show in front of a lot of people. I was about to have an orgasm in front of a large audience in a restaurant. I’m a very lucky girl.

The music started and I was dancing slowly, methodically as I came out into view. There was really no stage as I danced around the restaurant. For this dance, there were ropes in the center area and tables and chairs had been moved.

The place came to a hush, except for the thrumming of the dance music.

The audience saw the pretty 22-year-old girl nude in a virginal white outfit that hid nothing. I flowed around the tables, pointing my toes, making sure everyone knew I had sexy, pretty little bare feet. I was showing off my body, letting my sexy body jewelry sparkle with the movement of my sexy shimmying and gyrating.

I was getting so turned on. I loved that everyone could see my naked body. The feeling was electrifying. I felt like a sensual sex slave and I was behaving like one.

My movements were provocative. My husband said later the ways I moved my belly, and moved my arms above my head, and showed my bare legs were erotic by themselves.

I absolutely love the idea of people staring at my bare body. It should make me embarrassed and scared. I do feel vulnerable but it only feeds the fire of power that I feel having men… and women look at me so lustfully.

There’s nothing like the feeling of knowing people can see my bare pussy, my tits and nipples. There’s nothing like the feeling I get when a strange man finds me so attractive that he wants to grab me and ram his hard cock in my sweet, hot pussy right then and there.

My husband says whatever it is I feel makes me an incredibly erotic belly dancer, and makes me look so hot whenever I bare my body in outfits when we do simple things like go out to dinner and a movie.

It was time. It was time for me to get tied to the ropes like what happens to any sex slave. I was so excited and wet, I hoped I wouldn’t cum before I completed my performance.

The owner put the rope around my wrists and kept them together, he pulled them straight over my head and tied the rope off on a hook on a nearby beam. He took the material covering my tits and twisted it into a thin strip between my breasts, which were now totally bare for all to see. He untied the string at my back and re-tied it to make the strip of material in front tight between my tits. My naked tits were perfectly framed by my non-existent top.

How I loved the crowd seeing my bare nipples, my naked 34C tits. My nipples were so hard. I kept moving like a sultry belly dancer would to the beat of the music. The men, some old, some middle-aged and some my age were throwing money at my bare feet. I bit my lower lip like girls do with a sexy grin. Then the owner did the unexpected. He took my legs, spread them and tied them at my ankles to a couple of nearby, perfectly placed posts. I wasn’t expecting that. I hoped I wouldn’t be gang-raped.

My husband then came up and smiled at me. He tweaked my bare nipples and I nearly came it felt so hot.

There was a hush over all those men again. The wait staff came to watch the show. This was the moment I had been waiting for. I was about to be turned into a nude, tied-up sex slave in front of all of those people.

My husband slowly, in an effort to build anticipation, began turning my skirt. The panels that covered my pussy and ass were slowly moving to cover the sides of my legs.

It wasn’t long and my bare shaved pussy was uncovered. My ass was bare, too, although anyone behind me had moved to the area in front of me.

The hot music continued.

I swayed and moved to the music in spite of being tied up. I was putting on a true, nude sex show for a bunch of strange men.

There was nothing I could do to cover up. I loved my situation. I was confident my husband would protect me from anything bad that might happen.

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. And then my husband laid down directly underneath my spread bare pussy.

He reached up with his fingers, and began running his fingers through my slit. I gasped and said, “Oooh,” as I continued to dance, swaying to the hot, thrumming beat. My naked pussy was being touched for all these people to see! God what an incredible turn on.

I was absolutely loving this. I was a nude belly dancer doing a real live sex show in front of a large crowd of strangers. It really was going to happen. I was going to cum in front of all these people. I was behaving as sensually, as sexually as I could.

My husband looked up at me and said, “You are so hot, so sexy, so unbelievably gorgeous. I hope you like this.”

He produced a black, shiny, long almost wand-like device. It had a semi large egg-shaped ball on the end and then a thin rod attached to a handle.

I gasped again as he touched it to my clit. It was vibrating. I wished I could touch my nipples but my wrists were bound over my head. I suddenly realized as he started to push that vibrator into my pussy that there was nothing I could do to stop any of this. Not that I wanted to as it went in and I practically screamed, “Oooh yes!”

My husband turned that thing in my pussy kind of like you would stir a drink with a spoon. My breathing quickened. I looked around at all the people watching me.

I shuddered and had one of the most intense, body-shaking orgasms of my life. “Ophh God!” I shouted. All of those people saw it happen and I felt spectacular. They saw my sexy little toes curl on my bare feet. There were men who had their cocks out, masturbating, all because of me. My husband stood up and gave me a deep, loving kiss. He then proceeded to pull and twist my naked nipples. Then he reached down and put two fingers in my pussy. I started moving up and down on them as best I could, since I was still bound, and I came again. This time I let everyone know… by shouting, “I’m cumming!” I was such a naughty slut and I knew it… and I loved it.

He said, “Lori, everyone here can see my fingers sliding in and out of your bare pussy. Now they’re going to see you get fucked.”

I felt like nothing except a helpless sex slave, about to be used however my man wanted to use me. I felt so excited, I couldn’t wait to be publicly impaled on his cock.

He started by putting his face at my pussy, and then used his tongue to rub up and down my slit. He sucked on my clit and I moved my bound upper body in as sultry and provocative ways as I could. I closed my eyes and bit my lower lip. My next orgasm was building. “Oohh,” I cooed. “Please don’t stop,” I whispered.

The hot Arabian music with its intensifying beat was perfect for what was about to happen to me. My husband untied my ankles and I swayed my hips and spread my legs to let all see my hot, luscious pussy.

My husband pulled out his hard, giant cock. He rubbed it up and down the outside of my naked pussy, and then rammed it inside of me fast and hard. “Oh My God, Oh My God” was all I could get out.

Everyone in the restaurant was watching as my husband pumped his cock in and out of my glistening pussy to the beat of the hot belly dancer’s music.

My wrists were still bound in the ropes and he picked my legs up so I could wrap them around him tight. I bounced up and down as best as I could like a hot girl in heat.

My husband was fucking me in front of a crowd of people in a restaurant.

My body was overcome with physical stimulation, my mind overcome with sexual pleasure. I had orgasm after orgasm while riding my husband’s cock in front of a crowd of by now, very horny, turned on people.

The public nature of my behavior gave me the most intensely sensual experience I had ever had up to that point in my life. My husband finally put me down and I got off of his cock, but not before he had cum inside me.

My husband untied my wrists. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply.

I told him I wanted to go change and get ready to go. I replaced the material over my tits and moved my skirt back into place.

I left to rousing applause, and shouts of thanks and I see piles of money where I had been tied up.

I sat down just for a second, and the owner came and thanked me for an amazingly sexual and hot performance.

He asked if I would stay for a while. I said, “OK, but only if I get to dress the way that I want to.” He said that was fine.

So, I adjusted my outfit and came out. I had removed my top and moved my skirt so that my pussy and ass were bare. All of my sparkly jewelry was still on my body. I remained in my barefoot sandals.

I so wanted to be bare in front of all of those people. I touched myself without hesitation. I pulled on my nipples. I spread my legs and masturbated to orgasm.

My husband finger fucked me and tweaked my naked nipples. The men, and the few women that were there touched themselves as well. They were very appreciative of me and I was loving my totally public sexual experience.

I spent the rest of the evening nude. I had that high that I get from exposing my body to large crowds of people.

I guess I had just taken my experiences, and what I was willing to do to wildly new levels.
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